I Had a Foreskin Once

I can remember what it was like to have one. I remember the sensitive glans. I know the goal I am searching for. Let me try to explain, if I can. Anyone cut at birth will simply not know.

The glans was the most amazingly sensitive thing. It was pink, moist and looked almost like a ripe cherry with the texture. And if I tried to rub it with my finger instead of the foreskin it actually hurt. It was as untouchable as the glans of any of us is after orgasm. As a side issue I read on a medical messagbebaord someone asking why it hurt when he rubbed his glans with his fingers. In the correspondence it was clear that he was intact. We discussed the fact that the glans is an internal organ and is not designed to be rubbed by anything except another mucous membrane. Fingers are a no-no. Clothing is a no-no. Foreskin is fine, a vagina is fine, a mouth or tongue is fine, and (preferably with a condom to prevent other infections) anal sex is fine. He reported back. "Why yes, I was right, and thank you!"

Sometimes, when I walked home from school the mile walk from the station I would pull the foreskin back to expose the glans (inside the clothes, dummy!) and let it rub as much as I could stand on the inside of my trousers by poking my dick down the leg of my underpants. After three quarters of a mile I was in sexual torment and almost had orgasms just from that rubbing, except the sensation was so strong that it wiped the orgasm out and stopped it.

When I was cut at 23 the first weeks had the same unbearable sensation however carefully I padded the glans inside my clothing. Going anywhere without an erection was almost impossible, but it wasn't pleasant. It hurt.

As I became able to tolerate clothing better because of decreasing glans sensitivity and hardening of the mucous membrane orgasms became less spectacular. Still very enjoyable, but they lost their edge.

The inside of the foreskin itself had been exquisitely sensitive too. I could reach a luxurious orgasm just by sliding wet fingers over the inner foreskin, especially near the frenulum. That was making love to myself, not "having a wank". I could spend hours doing it long and gentle, always on the edge.

There it is. The target. I don't expect to get more than 50% of the way because of my own surgical circumstances. I have no inner foreskin and no frenulum. Anyone with an intact frenulum and enough inner foreskin to stretch to make a true inner foreskin should surely hit 80-90%. Anyone with only one of those missing should hit 60-80%. To me 50% is a great goal. I'm envious of anyone who has the equipment left to aspire to more.