Foreskin Restoration: My Goal

Every project should have a goal. And goals should be clear to see, and publicly stated.

All the way through this process I have an ideal goal in mind. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to influence the final outcome, because it depends so much on the way the skin grows as I stretch it, but I have this picture in mind.

I had a long search for these near perfect pictures. The net is over full of cut guys. Uncut is so rare. It makes me want to start a campaign for uncut porn stars!

Target foreskin

Almost Ideal:

almost perfect coverage, neat 'pen nib' pucker, light tracery of veins. The owner seems to shave the shaft skin at the base, so marginally better would be a natural lack of shaft bushy hair.

Better target


This is how I was. Neat and petite! This is what I want. Self explanatory picture.