Foreskin Restoration Diary Award Winners

Foreskin Restoration Diary Awards
Foreskin Restoration Diary Awards

These sites have been granted excellence awards for the quality and usefulness to others of their restoration diaries. If any of the links are incorrect, or if you are an award winner and want to change your details Please email me here.

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It's Only Me From Across the Sea

Details of and links to resources used and pictures of progress, plus a daily commentary on progress and feelings. Restorationn of a foreskin on a twice circumcised penis which has also undergone a urethraplasty. Includes a log of "tugging hours" and a "sensitivity index". (Ring Member)

Jere's Foreskin Restoration Site

Monthly diary of foreskin restoration, together with an awsome list of the resources researched, some of which are being used. (Ring Member)

Ian Thornton's Restoration Diary
Gentle and informative diary about a personal restoration journey.
Restoring withy a Power Jelq (Faster Restoration/My Method)

The site explains the complete procedure, the devices and the results. Included on the site are links to other pertinet sites, as well as, links to the owners notes, stories from others, progress pix and more. (Ring Member)

Nuéve's Resoration pages

it offers something not currently available. an extremely comprehensive and pictorial journal, in addition to a blend of introductory information that bridges the gap from newbie to informed-restorer. (Ring Member)

Nuéve was kind enough to resdesign the award logo for me, too.

In this site you will see what and how I use the DTR along with result photos which are one of the best monthly records of someone restoring you will see on the web.