Love - My Philosophy

There are many, many people in this life, all of whom need to love and to be loved

Based on my own experience, I am certain that loving and being loved is fundamental to human wellbeing.  Sometimes that will include a sexual component and sometimes not.  Sometimes we love a person of the same and sometimes the opposite sex.

People label others as "gay", "straight", or "bi", which is wrong.  Wrong because labels stick. And when you have a label, you are expected by society to behave in a particular way.

Love, given freely, without label, without requiring love to be given in return, is the most perfect gift that we can give to another person.  The return of that love, freely returned, is doubly welcome.

Should love lead to sex?  If (and only if) both parties want to.  If both parties are of an age to understand what is taking place, and only with love in both directions.  Coercion, force or blackmail has no place here, nor does the molestation of a child under the evil pretence of love.

I have an absolute belief in FIDELITY.  While you can love a second person without being unfaithful, you cannot express physical, sexual love without being unfaithful.

Love is unselfish, generous, and pure.

It was given by God, and is in His gift.