This is a weird page to write. Everything I can say about this boy I have already said in all the menu picks on the left. Everything I can say in public, I mean. What I need to say here is why. Why I created what appears to be a love letter, a love poem, to him.

It's here to show you. You are not alone. Unrequited love hits hard, and with an appalling permanence. Let it, and it can take over your life.

Only that is a lie.

You have the choice to react to unrequited love in any way you want. The best way? Discard it, firmly and without thinking. The worst way? Walk the road I walked, loving John

The truth of the matter is, he was lovely. Or he was in my eyes. But he was a perfectly ordinary boy in a perfectly ordinary school. And I never saw him since 1970, but obsessed over him almost to the point of breakdown.

The only tangible thing he gave me was the despair I needed to be able to write stories

Read the saga. But walk a different road.