Public Schools - A definition

Quite naturally a PRIVATE SCHOOL.  The English Public School is an institution dating from the days of Rugby, Eton and Winchester, where boys who "deserved education" were given often a charitable education.  Tom Brown's Schooldays was a great description of life at Rugby, but a long time ago.

A Public School is expensive, but has great quality of education. Mine was in the first division, then, and is still just about OK today. It is a community of (then) boys, (often now boys and girls).

Despite the popular image, it isn't a hotbed of homosexual activity, nor is a place where boys were or are repressed. The schools are very much "run" by the pupils, with the staff available for the more difficult matters of discipline. While, in my time, it was normal for a boy to inflict corporal punishment on another boy, my generation stopped all that by refusing to beat. Legislation was never required when free will had spoken.

The age range is 13 (after Prep School) to 18, just before University.