Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

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Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

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Chapter Eight - Lost, and Found:

Only his constant chatter about the race made me feel convinced he wasn't coming on to me in the most totally obvious manner possible. Then it happened... One of the radio-controlled cars hit a bump at an awkward angle, it was tossed up in the air and came down heavily on one of the front wheels. The wheel went one way, the car the other! It crashed spectacularly, sand and dirt spraying everywhere as it rolled over and over and came to rest upside down at the side of the track. Then it caught fire! A guy with a CO2 extinguisher came running, but it was pretty far and the small flames were expanding fast. The fuel tank's plastic and it must have melted or something. Black smoke poured up into the sky and we felt the acrid, artificial stench of it from where we stood. Brazil held me so tight, both of us totally mesmerized by what was happening! All of the audience had been captivated by the accident. Then in his excitement, Brazil's left hand suddenly slipped down in under the edge of my shorts, touching the skin of my right hip, the other went further up my stomach, pulling my shirt along with it. It was impossible to prevent it... I came right there on the spot without him even brushing my dick! I turned all rigid for several seconds as the orgasm gripped me, then my dick pulsed and throbbed as my mind was all pleasure and panic in a confusing, horrible, wonderful mixture. Then I started panting deeply afterwards, my mind spinning either from lack of oxygen or too much of it, it was hard to tell. I just leaned forwards in a way to stabilize myself and Brazil followed with the motion, placing even more of his weight right onto my butt. He held me so nicely, so comfortingly, and I heard him go, "Mmmmmm..." softly right into my ear just as the fire was quenched in a big cloud of white smoke and tiny flakes of frozen carbon dioxide. Almost seemed he had enjoyed my ecstatic moment as much as I had. "Did you see that?", he asked quietly in my ear, obviously meaning the now smoldering, soot-black wreck of a car. "Exc iting, huh?"

I was still breathing pretty deeply, my heart refusing to wind down its pace due to the way he held me. "Yeah...", I sighed back to him, feeling utterly, terribly content and confused all at once. I was pretty sure Brazil had a hard-on too, but I couldn't be completely sure. He simply snuggled me tight, putting his head in right next to my own, brushing his cheek against mine. It felt SO good I didn't care I'd just ruined my underwear. Oh what the heck. I'd brought a spare pair in my overnight bag!

After a little while when I felt a bit more recovered I managed to righten my back again, taking off a little of his weight from my butt, although he still held me close throughout the rest of the event. I noticed that if I tensed my buns, he'd giggle and push his hips back at me teasingly. I popped another boner instantly. The hand he held on my hip was there still, the other that he kept on my stomach wouldn't keep still. It was caressing me... Toying with my skin, tickling the tiny, almost invisible hairs growing there. It was the most amazing, sexiest thing I'd ever experienced in my life. Brazil couldn't have made me one bit more horny than I already was even if he actually TRIED to excite me, and I think that's what made it so darn enticing. The fact he actually wasn't trying at all... I felt a finger absently tickle my navel. It was okay for him to do it, because I was just a guy. It didn't matter. I wasn't what he wanted, not really...

I sighed to myself and smiled. I had even gone soft by the time he let go of me, when the competition was all over and the crowd was starting to disperse. I now knew he hadn't been hard himself, not even for a second. It had all been in my mind, and in his, there hadn't been anything erotic at all about the way he touched me. He just wanted to keep me close as a friend, and I actually felt I was okay with that.

I knew I could never have him as my lover, because it wasn't what he desired. I shouldn't love him, but I did. I was in love, so much it actually hurt, and every time he touched me it just got worse... Yet, I was okay with that too somehow. It was safe to be in love with Brazil, he wasn't as fragile as Ali had been. I wouldn't have to worry about him hurting himself again and again... As we reached our bikes I reached for him, and he took my hand. I pulled him closer and we hugged once more. "Thanks, Brazil... Today has been wonderful", I told him, and found I really meant it. "We had such a great time, right?!"

His hands gripped me, one of them moved a little as if slipping down on my butt, though it didn't. It stopped just where my buns started to rise from my hip. The other he held firmly on my waist, and when he heard me speak, he first went 'mmmm' and almost tried to snuggle in to me. "Yeah, it was fun...", he said, and then for a second I almost thought he was actually loving me back! Then he did his patented giggle and released me, again smiling. He hopped up on his bike and prepared to roll off. "Come on! Let's go grab some food, okay? My treat this time, it's time to pay you back for real!"

We took off on our bikes, standing up to accelerate quicker. Brazil's tight butt looked awesome as he pushed himself hard, tearing off through the gravel towards the road back to the center. Of course the wind had turned so it blew on our faces again all the way back to the city, once we reached that same Burger King place we were both so tired we could barely stand. Sweat rolled down our backs and we were so out of breath we had to let several people ahead in the line just so we could get air to speak, leaning on each other.

"What do you want-", he started but halted himself as his hand landed on his back pocket where he kept his wallet and felt it was empty! His facial expression took on a look of panic as he patted himself down, checking all his pockets even though he knew it wasn't in any of them. "Oh my god!", he moaned. "Nnnnoooo..."

"Come, Brazil!", I said and pulled him back towards the doors to the outside. "It must have fallen out on the way. We'll find it." I wasn't too sure of that, but I had to believe it anyway, for his sake. I tried to keep him distracted, keep his hopes up, telling him we'd find it soon.

It felt as if it was really far to go all the way back again, and it took even longer this time since we had to scan the roadway and the shoulders on either side to see if we could spot the wallet. It was getting colder too, the warm, nice weather giving way for a sky that was busy clouding over, and the wind was in our face yet again. Reaching the makeshift racetrack, we found some people still there dismantling everything and loading it onto a small truck. All the spectators and competitors had left already, as had the vendors, taking their carts with them in tow behind their cars. I saw the guy who had spoken on the loudspeakers and hurried up to him.

"Excuse me", I said quietly as he was talking to some other guy.

"Yeah?" He was a tall man and pretty big with a black-bearded face, with a very man-like voice. "What is it?"

I became a little nervous under his intense glare and felt a bit awkward and embarrassed we had disturbed him. "I'm sorry, but my friend's lost his wallet today, we were wondering if maybe somebody had found it...?"

He looked at me sharply and I knew he'd seen the way Brazil had held me, probably figuring we were quite a bit more than just 'friends'. He shook his head. "If somebody found it they didn't turn it in to any of us", he said gruffly. "Now get outta here kid, the show's over." His hard, staring eyes made me want to leave as quickly as possible so I grabbed Brazil by hooking my arm around his and began leading him back to our bikes again. Right then, a light shower of raindrops decided to start falling.

"Come on man... Let's go, alright?", I told him quietly as we walked slowly through the light drizzle.

"What did he say? Had they found it?", he asked desperately despite having stayed right at my side the whole time, and having heard every word the man had said. It was clear he'd been so worried he hadn't understood anything. He seemed so upset, so distraught I had to put my arms around him right then and there.

"No man, they hadn't found it." Just as I held him he lost the hold on his emotions, he started to weep softly.

"It was all the money I got!", he sniffled. "My... My aunt gave me some for food, and... And my pay for delivering the papers!" There was an edge of desperation in his voice. "Nate, I swear... I was gonna treat you today, I really was!" He paused. "You saw I h-had money when we bought lunch, right? You have to believe me!"

I stood there holding Brazil stroking his back and rocked him slowly as he sobbed heavily, me seeing the bearded man glaring at us angrily. "I believe you", I whispered to him and held him closer, letting my lips graze his skin. He didn't pull away, he held me tighter too. Poor Brazil! It had been such a great day and then something like that had to happen. We must have stood in the increasing rain for like five minutes until we were both so wet I couldn't tell his tears from the water falling from the sky. He was crying so hard he was shaking, and all I could do was hold him. "Come on man", I told him. "We have to go back again... Tomorrow we'll get our butts down to dad's store and pick out a new wallet for you, okay?"

"O-okay...", he said and swallowed down one final sob. I touched one of his rain-and-tears-wet cheeks, and he tried to smile back at me even though he didn't succeed completely.

We rode back to the restaurant in slow silence, me leading the way. Brazil would have followed me faithfully if I'd started pedaling off towards Alaska, he seemed so depressed right then, his head all empty of thoughts. It rained and rained and rained, big fat drops that smacked against our bodies with force enough for us to feel every single impact distinctly. When we got inside we were dripping with moisture, it was like we'd taken a bath with our clothes on, even our shoes were completely soaked through!

"Brazil, I will have to buy you dinner again", I said, a hand on his shoulder this time. "Is that okay? You can get whatever you want, don't worry. Dad gave me some cash too for food so you wouldn't be using any of my money. Don't feel bad about it, and don't hold back, alright? Just get anything you want."

He nodded slowly, his lower lip trembling. "I-I'll have... Whatever you're ha-having...", he mumbled, struggling not to start crying again. I rubbed his shoulder a bit and lead him off to a pimply blonde teen working behind a cash register. I decided we needed some regular junk food to cheer us up, besides we had biked so much we'd depleted our energy stores completely and needed a good recharge. We both got a double whopper with cheese and bacon and we both wanted extra onion and pickles, and super sized fries and a large coke each. Yum! By the time we sat down at a table, Brazil wasn't on the verge of crying anymore; his mouth was watering at the thought of foooood! Grinning to each other, we sat opposite one another as we sunk our chompers into those big, fat burgers and started gobbling them up! We had SO much to eat we couldn't get it all down. We both managed about three quarters of the burgers and most of the fries and about half of our drinks, then we were so full our stomachs threatened to explode! We'd been so busy eating our feet hadn't even done their usual wrestling under the table...!

"You feeling better now?", I asked and leaned across the table and brushed the knuckles of my right hand across his left cheek (I had wiped myself clean on a napkin first of course!).

He nodded and even smiled as my hand touched him again, first with fingers and then palm too. I rubbed his cheek slowly and I could see him relaxing. He leaned his head against my hand and his eyes closed. "Yeah, I am", he said in what sounded like a deep sigh. He waited a few short moments before speaking again. "Why are you so good to me?", he asked, his eyes still closed as I caressed his cheek, a cheek that was so soft and smooth. "You're the best friend I've ever had."

I blushed. "Uh... I dunno", I said. "I... Uh, I kinda like you...I think", I added quietly, so quietly it was doubtful he could even hear it.

All he said in return was a sigh, and then moved his head against my hand as I caressed him. It looked as if he was about to fall asleep. "Your hand... It smells like hamburger", he said quietly. Suddenly I got the impression he was about to start sucking on my fingers! I don't know why I felt that way, and I was SURE he would actually do it. The thought scared me something awful so I quickly pulled my hand away! Brazil's straight! Maybe he felt he had to do something for me for all the things I'd done for him, the food and the clothes, and I absolutely didn't want him feeling that way! I didn't want to abuse him and his friendship in any way.

He noticed immediately when I removed myself, he jerked and his eyes popped open in a flash. He seemed genuinely confused, even disappointed perhaps. "Why-", he started.

"I didn't want to get any burger grease on you, sorry", I stated quickly.

"You aren't greasy", he assured me in an honest, almost wounded voice!

"Uh, well... We gotta get going anyway, mmkay? Should I call dad to come pick us up? He'd do it, if I asked."

I saw his eyes dart out a nearby window, seeing sheets of grey rain pouring down like some disaster of biblical proportions. He shook his head. "No, it's okay, we'll make it."

Sure, we'd make it alright, but it wouldn't be pleasant. It wasn't warm rain coming down, it was chilly, and pouring from the sky in bucketfuls every second. We had dried up some inside the warm fast food restaurant, but it only took us about five seconds to get dripping wet all over again after leaving that safe haven. "Lead the way!", I ordered Brazil, and we went off going as quickly as we could. It wasn't very fast at all, we were still pretty much pooped from all that biking we'd done earlier, and the big dinner sat like a heavy stone in our stomachs weighing us down. I felt a tummy-cramp building as both muscles and guts competed for the flow of oxygen-rich blood, and I had to slow down even more so the cramp would subside. Brazil seemed to be fighting a similar problem, he also slacked off the pace. The only consolation was watching Brazil. Considering his outgrown, worn clothes were already hugging his slim frame closely under usual circumstances, when they were totally wet they sat even tighter on him, and his cute teen butt was outlined so clearly beneath his shorts I didn't have to use much imagination at all figuring out what it looked like when completely naked!

It was a fairly small consolation though, the wind and the rain and the cold kept me from getting hard, and about twenty agonizing, freezing minutes later we made it home to his place. We were shivering badly and our teeth chattered and our abused muscles kept cramping up, but finally we made it indoors and collapsed down on his aunt's pale wooden floor in the hallway, big pools of water collecting where we sat as we tried to get our sneakers off our feet.

The laces had swollen up by the wetness and it was almost impossible to get the knots undone! I tried just wrenching them off, but the entire shoe seemed as if glued to my foot and it refused to come off. Finally the laces on one foot gave up the struggle, and then the other. I was free from my footwear at last. Brazil had also liberated himself and he got up on his feet and took about three steps before stopping, having heard the squishing sounds his totally soaked socks were making. He grinned sheepishly at me like a little kid would do in the same situation and pulled off his socks, water constantly dropping off his body in a light rain as he did so. Then he patted himself and noted ALL of him was just as sopping wet as his socks had been!

My heart skipped a beat as I saw him pull up his T-shirt and tug it over his head. He let it drop to the floor with a wet plop, exposing his slender torso, colored that really light amber brown color that was his all-over tan. Shorts dropped in short order too, revealing his too-small deep-blue bikini briefs which due to the bike ride and the thorough soaking in the rain had slid up almost completely in between his shapely buttocks. Brazil wasn't body-conscious at all, he stood with his cute bum all but uncovered, dripping wet and deliciously goosebumpy as he stepped out of his shorts. Then the briefs dropped too...

His dickie and ball sack were so small and SO cute from the chill they'd been exposed to, and had such a lovely color! My heart was pounding again, though not because of the bike ride, and I had a raging hard-on that was just unbelievable!

"Well, come on! Get out of your clothes man!", he instructed me. I started mumbling and fidgeted, still sitting down on the floor. "Dude, I'd hate to take the blame for you getting pneumonia and your dad forbidding you to come visiting me again. Get out of those wet clothes, now!" He giggled at my hesitation, and therefore I got back up on my feet, though only slowly. First thing I did was taking off my socks, hoping my stiffie would go down as I did so. Fat chance! Brazil put his hands on his slender waist and looked at me, I could see his sweet little dickie dangle as he moved. My own dick twitched, pushing itself into my stomach as I bent forwards to get off my other sock. Then I pulled down my shorts. My boxers got trapped at the same time and started following, so I grabbed them both and pulled them down. As I did that my hard dick popped out when it was freed and snapped back up again due to its stiffness, thus reaching outside the safety of my shirt. I quickly covered myself up again as best I could, checking if Brazil had noticed. Seemed he hadn't. The wet, heavy shirt bulged outwards as it hung down, covering only about half of my stiff shaft because the shirt seemed to have shrunk up a bit after getting wet, but it would have to do. "Okay, grab your clothes and follow me alright?", he said, as if somehow sensing my need to cover myself. He started reaching for his stuff but I was quicker.

"No no! Let me get that for you!", I said and got down on my knees. He grinned, shifting his bodyweight all onto one foot, raising the other heel off the floor. Seeing him stand like that ALL NAKED, just one hand on a hip and the other dangling much like his mass of beaded braids... I almost gasped out loud, it was so sexy! I quickly gathered up his stuff, picking up those bikini briefs first of all, almost reverently in fact. They had touched him! Touched his most private body areas... I felt a thrilling sensation shoot through my body down to my dick as I held his soaking wet underwear in my hands. It wasn't as if I wanted to wear the thing over my face, I'm not a pervert! No, it just was a really nice feeling knowing it had been so close to him, close in a way I wished I could be. I didn't stop to savor the feeling though, I quickly gathered up all the pieces of his clothing as well as my own stuff and let him lead me off to the laundry room where he wanted me to put everything in the dryer so he could get it started.

"I better hang on to these", I said, holding my semen-decorated boxers. They were too wet for the spot to be visible, but I didn't want to mess up his clothes with my yucky underwear. He shrugged and let me keep them, so I held them tight in my hand. However, I had to give up my shirt of course, and when I did, my erection was plain for him to see, and he DID see it!

He giggled! He stared, and giggled and stared, and giggled more! In fact, he couldn't stop! He held a hand covering his mouth as if that would somehow hide his giggles from me while I stood there and blushed like a fool, my boy bone throbbing of excitement by just having him stare at it!

"Yeah Nate, you're gay alright!", he said, barely managing to suppress a big laugh, and then he confused the hell out of me by slipping his arm around my waist and pulling me off in the direction of his room. He went straight for his wardrobes and started rifling through stuff to find something casual to wear. I opened my overnight bag and got out my spare set of undies and T-shirt and shorts, glad I'd brought them, then stuffed my yucky boxers back inside but kept the bag unzipped so my underwear could dry. I didn't get dressed immediately though, I was going to take advantage of my chance to be naked and hard as much as possible around him now that I had the opportunity. I held my spare boxers in my hand as I stood there, giving him a full-frontal nude view of myself had he been turned in my direction. He wasn't of course since he still had his nose in the closet, but that hardly mattered to me. My free hand strayed slowly towards my hard-on, one second wanting to rub it, the next to cover it from his sight. Before I knew it, I was toying with it, bending it down or to the sides, making it bounce back! Brazil turned around to ask me a question and saw what I was doing. He gave me a huge grin. "Oh grow up!", he said and rolled his eyes in a teasing fashion, pretending to be annoyed with me. "Come here instead and help me choose." He winked at me and then turned back to the wardrobe. I snuck up right behind him and saw he'd picked out two nice shirts, one of his old, worn short-sleeved ones that he must have liked a lot, it was of cotton and a faded red in color with a big white flower print on the front, or rather the red was the print; the white flower was just plain cotton white, though the white had turned just slightly pink from picking up some of the red dye from all the washings it had had over the years. The other shirt was the graphite lycra tank-top I'd given him. "Which one do you like best?", he asked, giving me a quick look over his shoulder. I stepped closer, putting my hands right on his smoothly rounded shoulder joints, feeling his tiny boy delts stiffen at my touch.

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