Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

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Chapter Seven - A Trip to the Racetrack:

I could barely remember the rest of the evening, the walk back to the car, ride home or dad tucking me in. Next thing I knew, alarm went off, it was 8 AM and I had to hurry to eat breakfast and make myself ready to get over to Brazil's place! I shoveled in my cornflakes and milk, showered and washed myself carefully, put on some nice comfortable shorts that sat fairly snugly on me and a lycra tank top. I was hoping Brazil would touch me, and I wanted to really feel it! Then I checked my overnight bag, that I had everything I might need for a rainy day, then cursed at myself as I'd forgotten toothpaste. He had that I'm sure, but I don't like the taste of most brands, I have my own special favorite. Don't know what I'd do if they stopped making it!

I checked the rest of the contents one last time. A change of underwear, socks and T-shirt, another pair of shorts, a pair of pants, in case I'd need it for some reason (bad weather, whatever). Swimming trunks, of course! I had selected a more loose-fitting pair of Speedos in a light color. I wanted to show myself to him, and just holding them in my hands briefly was enough to make me start to stiffen. I shook my head hard to clear it, stuffed my trunks back into the bag and slung it over my shoulder.

"Daaa-aad! I'm leaving!", I shouted just as I was about to head out the door.

"Whoah, whoah!", his voice came back from inside the house. "Aren't you at least gonna give me a goodbye hug?", he asked and came hurrying up to my side. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight. "Mmmm... My dear boy, I will miss you!", he said.

"Geez, dad!", I replied with a grin. "It's just one night."

He smiled back, softly. "Yeah, I know sweetie. It's just you've never been away from me before..."

I felt a huge warmth spread throughout my chest and I hugged my dad back really hard! "Me neither", I whispered as we held each other tight. "Dad... I love you very much."

"Me too, Nathan, me too."

I pecked my dad's cheek again and we hugged tight again briefly. "Bye dad", I told him and then dashed off, fearing I'd never gather the courage needed. It felt a bit weird, my first taste of freedom so to speak and I found it was a bit scary. Then, as I sat up on my bike, I remembered who I was going to visit...! That immediately perked me up again, and he had hinted at something special today!

Chapter Seven - A Trip to the Racetrack:

It wasn't difficult to find Brazil's house, through I was a bit confused. His mostly rather worn clothes spoke of his aunt being a fairly poor woman, but the house she lived in was even bigger than the one my dad had bought! It was just a single-storey structure, but it was extensive. It was white, had a large double garage, and a big garden with a hedge all around it and it looked extremely neat and trimmed with colorful flowerbeds and a well-cut lawn.

It was a quarter to ten, and as I turned my bike into the driveway, Brazil came running around the far corner of the house, his golden mass of braids dangling as he moved! His face was all happiness and anticipation, and it was incredibly contagious!

"Heeeyyy!", he screamed out as soon as he laid eyes on me! "Wow, you came!" Then his arms went around my neck and we almost crashed together. I wrapped my arms around his chest and leaned backwards so his feet left the ground. He giggled and gripped me tighter, bending his knees and letting me spin him around in a clumsy circle. I kinda stumbled because he seemed to weigh as much as I do and that was pretty heavy for me, but I still made it!

"Hi Brazil, I'm so glad to be here", I whispered softly into his braided hair and he hugged me tighter, pushing his cheek against mine.

We didn't really want to let go of each other once I'd put him down on the ground again, but the closeness of him, his heat, his enticing fragrance was making me stiff in a real hurry! I didn't want to poke him, so I had to release him. It was like tearing him off me, I somehow sensed he wanted to hold and be held just as much as I did, if for a different reason than me. I was super stiff of course once we stood apart again, yet standing at no more than a foot's distance. He looked me up and down once, checking out what I was wearing, and I suppose he should have noticed what was going on in my shorts, but he gave no outward reaction. I did the same for him, and he didn't have a boner like me of course, but when my eyes touched his face once more he giggled and seized my naked arm. "Come. I'll show you my room first and then we have to get going."

He was such a bundle of joy the whole time. His aunt had a very impressive house I thought, loads of old oil paintings and family antiques set in a modern house with very clean architecture with mostly pale wooden floors and white walls. Then I came to his room, and there was like, NOTHING in it. An old bed, an old dresser, an old desk, some cupboards along one wall, a bookcase that was sparsely populated with old beat-up paperbacks and comics. Nothing else!

No TV and VCR, no stereo or CD player, no games console, no computer... Not even a phone of his own!

The bedclothes were washed-out and looked as worn as most of Brazil's other stuff, and I understood. Brazil's aunt wasn't poor, she simply didn't spend any money on HIM. I felt a bit angry, even if she didn't like men - or boys - surely she had to understand they have needs too! Especially growing teens! There was only one decoration hanging on the wall above his bed. A poster of a pretty-looking Aaron Carter, and that was it. I grinned a little to myself as I saw it.

"Just toss your bag on the bed, it's okay", he said.

"Sure", I replied, complying with his suggestion. I then looked at the seductively smiling Aaron up on the poster and grinned again. Damn, the kid's SO blonde! I don't really think he's all that hot, not my type I guess, and he's probably straight too. Damn, all the good looking ones are... Well, Ali... He'd been REEALLY cute, not that he'd appreciated it very much as all it got him was more abuse from the other kids, them calling him fairy, pretty-boy and stuff that was even less complementary than that actually... Oh Ali, I miss you SO MUCH!

I had to push my beloved aside for the moment or else I would have started crying all of a sudden. Brazil never noticed what went on in my head I think, he gave no sign of it anyway as I looked at the large poster again. "So you like Aaron Carter huh?", I said teasingly, in an attempt to try and hide my emotions.

"Don't know if I really like him", Brazil defended himself. "I found it in a dumpster the other day and thought it would be a shame if it would go to waste."

"Aaah, you FOUND it huh?" I said even more teasingly and winked at him. "Like, 'found' it, in a poster store perhaps?"

He didn't react well to that joke. "I didn't STEAL it you know!", he yelled back at me and glowered angrily at me. "You just think I go around and pilfer stuff all the time, well I'm NOT."

I felt awful. "Jesus Brazil, I'm really sorry!", I blurted and for some reason I reached for him and suddenly he was in my arms. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. Forgive me, please. Forgive me..." I held him close and our cheeks were touching again. Then his arms came sneaking in around me too.

"It's okay...", he mumbled. "I... I should have known you only meant it as a jest."

"Brazil, it was a very coarse jest. I was stupid and I'm SORRY." I felt TERRIBLE. I'd only meant to hide my momentary weakness, I hadn't intended to insult sweet Brazil!

He held me as tight as I did. Tighter maybe and I was all hard again, poking him just a little but I didn't care. It felt so good to have him hold me, and he didn't notice. "Nate, I was over-sensitive and I'm sorry too."

"Don't worry, it's okay with me also", I said, and he just 'mm-hammed' in reply. We were cool again, great friends once more. We didn't break contact though, we held on to each other for some reason and I didn't quite know what came over me... Suddenly I just felt this tremendous urge to kiss him. I'd felt that many times before of course but never that strongly. It was simply irresistible, he was too lovely, too sexy. Too close. Without breaking contact with his cheek, I turned my head and let my moist lips touch his skin...

The reaction was immediate! He started to giggle and quickly squirmed away from me. I didn't feel scared though because he was giggling, just embarrassed. Really-really embarrassed!

"You're so silly!", he said and smiled as I blushed and then he actually poked me in my tummy with a finger as my boy bone was sticking out from my body big and proud under my shorts, yet he still didn't see it! "Come on now, we gotta get going!" He put a hand on the naked skin of my arm and tugged, taking me outside again, and I breathed a quiet sigh of relief that was the extent of his reaction. He must have believed I was simply joking around yet again it seemed, and the thought felt rather comforting. I don't know what I'd done if he'd taken it badly. Dammit, I almost screwed up for real there! I couldn't help myself smiling despite feeling that slight hint of dread; Brazil's skin had been wonderfully soft to my touch, I had felt the downy, nearly invisible peach fuzz that covered his cheeks and his scent had been quite intoxicating too up close! It had been worth it, at least since he took it so well, but I vowed to myself not to let it happen again if I could help it. Maybe his patience for my 'silliness' wasn't infinite.

Brazil continued to be in a 101% good mood, grinning and giggling as he made me sit back up on my bike. He took me through the residential area and through an industrial district I had never been to, only seen from afar. The huge thermoelectric power plant running a large portion of the city was suitably impressive up close of course, as were the tall smoke stacks attached to it. Steam rose from a series of exhausts covering a small section of the enormous structure, and I gazed with wonder at the jumble of tubes and pipes running almost all over its surface.

We biked for over half an hour, and I was getting rather tired, the wind was blowing right at us making it harder going and Brazil kept urging me to hurry up. As it turned out, we arrived with half an hour to spare at the gravel pit at the very edge of the industrial district. Huge signs proclaimed: 'Regional RC Pro-Am Championships', and I could see tons of cars parked with lots of people working around them, both young and old, checking out their radio-controlled cars and giving them a last-minute tuning and adjustment, making sure everything was bolted down tight and the right tires for the surface attached. The track had been constructed out of sand and fine gravel with turns and hills and bumps to make it challenging and exciting both for drivers and spectators, and there must have been a hundred or more competitors!

They even had an airstrip built up off to the side, made of plywood laid down on the ground where planes and helicopters would take off and do an air demonstration after the electric tournament was completed and the gas-powered cars were to compete. Those were so big and powerful they'd completely rip up the track, so the electricals went first.

It was quite a circus, they even had a hotdog stand, another doing gyros and falafels and a third guy selling balloons, ice cream and cotton candy. All of them had soft drinks too of course, and it would be needed; it seemed like it would be a hot day. I felt like a little kid again!

Brazil secured a good spot for us to watch the races while I bought us some pink cotton candy. He'd secured a place right at the portable chest-high railing separating the track from the fairly large crowd. We were on a small rise so we could easily see all of the track too, that was great. We waited patiently for the start of the race (since we were early), listening to people talk as we ate our cotton candy, looking at all the competitors as they did some test driving to check their equipment. We weren't bored at all, it was really great! The throttle on one guy's car hung and it sped off into the distance until it struck a rock lying there and tipped over, me and Brazil laughed lots seeing that!

As for me, I'd never seen RC cars of that caliber, just those stupid toys people give their little kids that barely reach running speed with good batteries. These were tiny little demons on four wheels, they zipped about at a totally crazy pace!

Then the field was lined up and ready, all the drivers standing on a raised platform, tense and on edge. Some were young, some quite old with beards and stuff, yet somehow seemed to still be juvenile kids anyway somehow. There was something a bit geeky about them, grown men playing with toys one might say (though I don't mean it in a bad way!)... Two, the youngest ones, weren't even in their teens yet, but they seemed as determined as everyone else. Most were men or boys, only three girls, and none of those seemed even in their twenties. Fathers of all kids stood proudly nearby, ready to handle mechanical failures or such I suppose.

The start went off, the cars accelerated away with high-pitched, almost angry buzzing sounds from their small yet powerful electrical motors, sand spraying from their wheels! It was so funny, the cars seemed almost like they were alive, small living creatures... They jumped through the air over the top of the hills, slid around corners, zoomed along the straights, it was amazing! If a car crashed and tumbled over a guy quickly ran up to it and turned it back onto its wheels again and even before it had touched ground its wheels started spinning eagerly and it went off again to try and make up for the lost time! A few times cars collided and there was a pile-up, if it had been real cars people would definitely have been killed, but these small ones weren't even damaged!

It was wonderful, I had Brazil standing right behind me, his head over my shoulder so we could talk easily. I had my hands held wide on the rail as I leaned on it, and Brazil had his arms in under mine, holding his hands on the rail too, but closer together. Soon he too came in even closer, closer and closer in fact. It wasn't because he craved physical contact, it was just the excitement of the race, the wish for him to get closer to the action. Couple that with his general lack of respect for personal space, and that meant I soon felt his groin resting gently against my butt!

I tensed up, but I could hear on his excited voice he as usual had no real idea what he was doing. He kept chatting and laughing and whooping and yelling just like me as cars overtook each other and crashed into each other and jumped over each other and tumbled and rolled and raced...

I felt him touching my butt lightly and then I thought, maybe he'd think I was being silly again, even though it was him doing it. I thought, better put some space in between us, for his sake. I pushed back with my bum. Maybe I should have pushed with my back instead, his chest was almost resting against me as well, but it was just a rash decision and it was just a reaction, pushing out my butt like that. He immediately noticed what I was doing, but as usual he didn't see the situation quite the way I did.

He thought I was playing!

Brazil's such a kid in some ways, he really did think I was playing with him it seemed! In his eyes I teased him by pushing him away, and that was his cue to get in close again. I heard it on his laugh, and I felt him lean up against me again, even more firmly. My dick went through its transformation from a limp, shriveled little thing to crowbar stiffness in record time.

"You can't get rid of me", he giggled playfully. "So don't even try!"

I tried. I pushed back harder with my butt. He was ready for it, he followed with the motion which made me a bit disappointed. I was hoping to feel his little dickie squeezed up tight against my buttocks, but there was only a slight, tantalizing hint of it! I pushed and retracted, and he retracted too, leaning up against me fully this time though not very hard.

Neither of us were really aware at that point the race was over and cars were hurriedly being removed and new ones put in place for the next round. The guy on the PA system announced the results of the previous round, and introduced the new competitors. Mechanics and daddies and daddy mechanics helped the first round of drivers, spraying out dust and grime with canned air, changing run-down batteries etc. I pushed again, and once more he followed. This time I got smart though, I stayed with my bum in the pushed-out position, making him press into me when he expected us both to return to an upright position! I felt him clearly this time, his dickie and ball pouch, all soft and sexy and bundled up into a tight lump in his underwear. He giggled as he noticed me changing the rules, not aware of my motive. In his eyes I had merely tricked him in a clever manner. He changed the grip on the rail with his hands so he could press back at me more strongly, forcing me back upright again. I struggled to fight him, though not too much! It was easier for me to stick out my bum than it was for him to counter, so I let him win. To say I was horny as hell was probably understating the matter!

We continued to fight against one another for a short while and suddenly he just put his arms around my body instead and held me close. His head ended up right next to mine, his chin resting on my shoulder. He had re-claimed me as his own, he just held me like that, pressing himself in tight against me and resting, giggling softly to himself. I could feel his package resting against my butt cheeks even as he was oblivious to it. I was just something to hold to him, it felt so weird and so good. He breathed heavily for a short moment from exertion, and then calmed down, continuing to lean up against me as I leaned forward and put my chest to the railing. His arms reached around my stomach instead of my chest so they wouldn't get crushed against the metal bar and his hands were so close to my erection!

I kept analyzing the sensory impressions I got from him, somehow it felt as if he was boning up too, at least in a semi-stiffie, maybe...! I tried to feel him, but each time I thought I felt something stir down in his groin I became insecure again. No, it couldn't be... I still couldn't resist though, I had to feel for myself. Very lightly I pushed back at him with my bum, rubbing it against him. No reaction from him, except an increasing sensation of his privates against me. I pushed again, just a little... Involuntarily, he humped me back, really leaning up against me and holding me tight. He wasn't aware of it himself, he just sighed softly and giggled, even though all his concentration was on the race. How I could tell? Well, his body movements. He tensed up and leaned slightly this way and that with the action going on on the race track. When something exciting happened he'd whoop and yell out just like before. I couldn't concentrate on anything but him. Again, I pushed and some part of Brazil responded, dry-humping me oh so little. No huge movement, just a push in return and a slow motion of his hips, and a soft sigh of air through his nose.

It was not difficult to read him like an open book. To him, I was the girl he himself was too scared to approach... Too scared to get close to and touch, something he probably had been ever since after the accident when all his friends had drifted away from him. In his sub-conscious, I wasn't a boy, I had hips and boobs and full, pouty lips. I was the girl he dreamt of at night, and he could hold me because I was gay and liked his touches. He didn't care for ME, just the image I represented in his mind. However, I didn't mind. I didn't care either, as long as he touched me. I could be the girl he wanted, that was okay...

Was his little dickie any bigger? I honestly couldn't tell! I thought I felt more of him down there, but it was probably just my wishful thinking. I just stood there and grinned to myself like a fool until the race was all over and the winner was proclaimed. It was too awesome for words, and then it ended. Just as the final race finished he released me and I suddenly felt so alone.

He stepped away from me, turning towards the airstrip, which the PA system had announced would soon spring into action. I looked at the front of his shorts, my heart fluttered wildly as I thought I could see a bigger than normal bulge down there. Then his eyes followed my line of sight. "Have I got a spot on me or something?", he asked and brushed himself off. The fabric was smoothed out and showed that of course, there was nothing above the ordinary going on in there... Just me being silly. As usual!

He took me by the hand though and dragged me off. My heart started doing back flips all over again... I loved it when he held my hand! He had such a firm grip, yet his hand and fingers were really soft and gentle and he actually interlaced his fingers with my own! First we checked out the planes but they were still preparing, so we quickly went for hotdogs and soft drinks before the queue lines became too darn long. I tried to buy Brazil's, but he refused. He fished out a brown leather wallet from a back pocket and handed over some worn dollar notes and got a bit of change in return. The dogs weren't all that good, but hey, it's all part of the show. One mustn't complain!

The air show however was spectacular! There were fifteen airplanes of varying types, one rather big one was even powered by a miniature gas turbine which made a horrendous high-pitched whining screech of a sound (the other three jets used ducted fans driven by ordinary piston engines). It was fantastic, me and Brazil watched the planes do loops and rolls and all sorts of tricks. Then there were the helicopters... One guy amused the audience by using a hook on a long thin wire to snatch baseball caps from several kids (and one grownup too) and fly off with them! Me and Brazil had lots of fun watching the helicopters do formation flying and replicate the tricks the fixed-wing aircraft had performed. There was even some drama as one of the small copters ran out of fuel and had to land using auto-rotation. The landing gear got a bit bent from the rough impact, but the craft was otherwise unharmed and everybody cheered as the proud owner ran over to his aircraft and then triumphantly held it high! Brazil hugged me really tight from behind the entire time as the spectacle played itself out. I was worried people would see I was having the hardest hard-on of my life, but soon just stopped to worry. In a hundred years, who's gonna care?

After the air show (which included a special prize for best performance), we hurried back to "our" spot to watch the gas-powered race. The track had been resurfaced and prepared for the rougher treatment it would be subjected to, and soon the air was filled with the characteristic buzzing tinny hum of multiple small gas engines idling.

I stood next to Brazil on purpose because I wanted some distance between us, I thought it was certain he'd start to get bothered by the closeness, but as the start of the race went off, we both found it was rather hard to talk with the angry loud buzzing from all those engines and the loud voice from the PA system following the action. He kept inching nearer and nearer to me so we wouldn't have to shout so loud when we talked, and it almost seemed as if he felt some relief when his arm sneaked up around my shoulders like a snake, allowing him to draw himself in behind me and put his chin back over my shoulder just like before. He held his hands on my chest, the palms of his hands right over my nipples, leaning up against me, giggling and babbling to me about everything he could see taking place on the track. Often he'd take one hand off me and point at something in an excited manner and every time he did, his hands seemed to go further and further down my body once he put them back onto me. Soon they were on the top half of my stomach. Then right over my navel. Then... I twitched and took a deep breath as his fingers inched just south in under the waistband of my shorts. They pulled up my shirt and crept inside to touch my bare skin, all without Brazil really knowing what he was doing. He held his hands flat on my bare stomach, beneath my navel, fingers reaching in under the waistband. Totally flat on my stomach! I was breathing deep and fast, totally aware that if his fingers went just a little more south they'd touch the tip of my stiffie! It didn't get any easier from feeling his sexy scent all the time, especially if the wind changed direction to blow from behind, and of course, he stayed so close to me too. He pushed back with his hips every time I stuck out my bum at him, I had to stifle several deep, guttural moans of pleasure or else he'd start to wonder what the heck I was doing...!

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