Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

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Chapter Nine - Warmth in a Cold House:

The tip of my dick touched the small of his back. It was all slimy, foreskin pulled back just a little, so it gave him a kind of weird kiss. As soon as it touched him, it twitched hard, making a slimy trail against his naked skin so I quickly pulled my hips back. Strangely enough, he didn't react at all to that, so I got bolder. I stepped in again, my heart racing, dick pulsating, and again let it touch him. It twitched once more, but less violently this time. Then I did it yet again, and barely any movement at all from it; I had managed to control myself. I pushed the tip against his spine, letting it touch him fully, really 'kissing' him. Blood raged in my veins, I could clearly hear my own heartbeats. More slime leaked out of my dick, starting to make its way slowly down towards the tight cleft between his buttocks while I had my head over one of his shoulders like he'd done to me earlier in the day.

"Hmmm", I said as calmly as I could. "They're both kinda nice I think."

He turned just his head towards me quickly and flashed me a smile. "Yeah! I think so too." His mouth had been so close to mine, I could have kissed him right there! Wonder if he'd have let me... I pushed my hips a little harder against him, my dick twitched again and painted another trail of slime over his skin. I'd made him so slippery the tip wouldn't stay in contact with him any longer if I poked him; it just slid away in some random direction up or to the sides. I felt his anterior delts tense as he raised his arms with the red shirt. "This one's a bit cooler if it's warm outside, since it's cotton", he said absently, seemingly not aware of what I was doing with my penis. I pretended to look more closely at the shirt by leaning in more. Actually, I wanted a peek at his dickie, to see if he was getting hard already or not.

He wasn't. It poked out from his body sure, but only because that's the way it always looked when soft. The lower half of it curved towards the floor just like I was used to seeing it. I sighed mentally to myself. 'Too good to be true...', went my thoughts. 'He isn't gay. He CAN'T be gay!' "Like I said, it's nice...", I told him out loud just to have something to say. "It's not very warm now though. You can wear this one tomorrow if the weather's better." It was the truth, his aunt's house was rather chilly. She had a central air conditioning setup with ducts leading to every room and it felt like the air was like 55 degrees or something at most! Well, it probably wasn't that bad because we were both still a bit wet in places and buck naked of course. It didn't help that I was making him awfully slimy either I suppose, I could feel it. It was almost dripping out of me. He must have been able to smell my teen hormones, I was hornier beyond words to describe! His skin was so smooth even though it was a little goosebumpy, and deliciously tanned ever so slightly too.

"Yeah, you're right", he mused and picked up the other shirt, the graphite-grey one. He sure took his time choosing! I backed off my hips again and tried to aim my dick downwards. It hit his skin again and tried to slide upwards. I tried to relax my love muscle as much I could, and managed to reach a point of equilibrium. It went a little to the left and threatened to go up again. I raised myself up on my toes, that made the tip of my dick lower relative to myself. Yes, that was the way to do it. I inched closer to him and my dick went further down and a bit more to the left til it hit the entrance to the valley between his buttocks, then it centered itself there. I paused, waiting for any reaction. My dick pulsed, there can't have been any doubt in his mind what it was that was touching him down there, can't POSSIBLY have been any doubt whatsoever! Yet he did nothing! All I could hear was my own heartbeats, our breathing, his that was soft and regular and mine faster and more intense, and a very quiet whisper of the house's AC system. I inched closer still. I felt the warmth from his back caress my skin. My dick went a bit further down, the head starting to force its way in between his buttocks.

No reaction.

I inched closer still and the warmth in between us increased. My dickhead was so slimy it seemed to burrow its way in between his butt cheeks rather easily, it hurt a bit having it pointing in that angle but I didn't care. I was too horny!

Inched closer still. His mellow scent was totally, completely intoxicating. He sighed. I'm sure of it, he must have! Not with his vocal chords, just a heavy exhaling breath from his mouth. I let my hands slide down the back of his shoulders and around his chest, slowly, until my palms rested over his nipples. They were stiff. I took a final peek down his front side as I sniffed his scent again. His cute dickie was still soft, so it must have been the cold air that had made his nipples harden, his skin was all goosebumpy all over except where I touched him and still he did not react. I closed the last few fractions of an inch between us, trying to bury my dick in between his lovely, tight cheeks and as I let my stomach and chest touch the soft skin of his back he giggled again rather loudly and squirmed away, making my dick leave one last trail diagonally over his left butt cheek, a thick slimy trail.

"Stop tickling me!", he bubbled, close to laughter again. I backed away slowly, letting my dick drag across his hip, keeping contact with his skin as long as possible. When it bounced back up, it left a parabolic 'bridge' of slime hanging between us, one that stretched longer and longer until it broke. One half went down his left leg, the other my right. He twisted his torso and looked at me, right into my eyes, a friendly look, even an affectionate one, but it was one devoid of any erotic feelings. "Okay, I'll wear this one!", he said and proceeded to pull the lycra top over his head. Once it settled on his flimsily muscled torso I saw it was wet all around the collar; his braided hair was still soaked of course, as was mine. He turned his back towards me again and bent forwards slightly (which made my dick twitch hard), nabbing a new pair of briefs as I watched the knobs of his spine through the thin tight graphite-colored lycra, the ribs of his back, and his butt of course, those rounded cheeks that separated slightly as he leaned towards the clothes cupboard. The new set of briefs were small, green and a bit faded as well, and as I watched he wormed into them. They couldn't cover all of his buttocks, not by a long shot. They left a tantalizing glimpse of his cleft too at the top, and cupped his privates really snugly at the front as he turned around towards me. "Okay, you get dressed too and then we'll go watch some TV alright? My aunt won't mind as long we don't make a mess of her living room." Get dressed? T-shirt and underwear counted as being DRESSED? Yes Sir, right away Sir!

Somehow I got the idea Brazil's aunt wouldn't mind because she wouldn't even know we'd watched TV unless if we did make a mess, and that was the only reason she'd be okay with it; sheer ignorance. From what little I knew of the woman, it didn't strike me as likely she'd agree to let Brazil invite some unknown friend from school whom she did not know to watch TV in her fancy living room on her expensive leather couch, but there we were, both of us in nothing but T-shirts and underwear. Well, Brazil in a tank-top and barely any underwear at all actually! First thing he did was pulling up his legs onto the couch, and then he sat up on his knees and leaned over to the coffee table and grabbed the remote. Most of his right buttock and a majority of the left were completely exposed to me, the rest of the bikini briefs nestled in between them much like a wedgie. I could see some moisture at the waistband, my slime, soaked up by the fabric... He didn't mind the way his briefs sat on him, he never bothered to adjust his underwear, it was as if he was used to it bunching up like that constantly, and he just couldn't be bothered to try and fix it anymore. Then he plopped down in the couch again actually letting his left buttock lodge itself firmly against my naked thigh! I sat with my legs spread wide, hard-on poking straight out under the fabric. I thought, what the hell, he already knew I was stiff, what it looked like, what it FELT like...! I might just as well make the best I could of the situation.

I kept adjusting it so it would stick out as much as possible. It wanted to stand up flat along my tummy which didn't make it nearly as visible, and Brazil gave me glances as he channel-surfed, noticing what I was doing but he never said anything. I looked more at him than at the TV. I checked out his legs which were all exposed as he sat with them curled up on the sofa, his thighs parallel and knees bent with feet pointing off to the right. His left thigh touched my right along its entire length. His privates was a nice rounded little lump in his bikini briefs just begging for a hand to cup and caress and fondle it until things started to grow and rise up in under there. I checked out his slim arms and shoulders also, and his pretty cute face too of course!

We watched some program on the Discovery Channel about how we could execute a manned mission to Mars if we developed the right kind of technology, and when it was over I couldn't have told a thing of what they said in the show, I was so distracted by him! Me and Brazil started freezing, so he curled up next to me for warmth, holding his left arm over my shoulders and rested his head against me. Then he almost made me jump by putting his right hand on my right thigh. I thought that was total bliss, but Brazil squirmed uncomfortably and mumbled something. I didn't understand at first, but when he squirmed a second time a switch in my head closed and I understood what was wrong. I quickly put my right arm over his shoulders in return, and immediately he went, "Nnn-mmMMmm", and relaxed against me. It was great, I felt as if I was in heaven...!

My dick strained against my underwear and I feared I would slime up my new pair too, so I pulled up the right leg of my boxers and let my dick and balls spring out that way. When I pushed my stiffie down my leg it almost reached Brazil's hand that he held on my thigh... Couldn't have been more than a third of an inch separating us, I wished I was better equipped. Taking my boyhood in my left hand, I started massaging it softly as Brazil fell asleep leaning up against me. I didn't want to jerk off exactly because he'd probably notice that if I did, but I needed a little relief. I must have touched his hand somehow, because I barely felt startled as he gripped my hand in return just lightly, his fingers clasping around mine as I held onto my dick. I turned my head and looked at him, he snoozed so sweetly, his chest rising and falling slightly, his pretty face all relaxed and with eyes closed.

His hand reacted like that of a little baby's, gripping the first thing that touched it...

I felt my heart pounding as I slowly slowly withdrew my hand. He responded a few times by trying to grab me more firmly, but I just halted a few moments until he eased up on his grip. Thus, ever so slowly my dick rose up into his cupped hand, it was pleasure beyond words as I felt him touch my sensitive organ without him knowing what it was he held. In his sleeping dream, it was still my hand, and his fingers clasped around me, holding my boyhood in a light grip. Then my hand went around his briefly and curled his fingers all the way around my stiffie, I thought I would die as the pressure on my hard-on increased. It was a rush so intense it was difficult to describe, it felt like his hand was warmer than anything I'd ever experienced... Maybe it was the fact that most of the rest of me was very cold that caused it, I really don't know.

It felt so good to have my super-hard dick held by that beautiful, sleeping straight boy, it was actually too intense! A vast amount of heat and an itching, tingling sensation built up in my groin in almost no time at all and then my mind shorted out and I came like a freakin volcano, my teen jizz pumping out of a madly twitching dick that had reached titanium hardness like a torrent that seemed to never end! I usually don't shoot very much, but I must have felt at least eight or nine distinct bursts emanate from me, all of them sapping more and more of my already depleted strength, and then there was a slow continuous flow that seemed to last for several more seconds. I gasped, then moaned rather loudly as my juice poured out between his fingers, down the outside of my thigh and onto his as it pressed into mine, me feeling pleasure unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. Right then I didn't care I'd cum right into my best friend's hand, and probably messed up his aunt's sofa too... I was too darned tired. I just sat there grinning and panting like a dog, my poor heart racing like I'd taken another bike-ride to the gravel pit and back!

I didn't even worry if I'd woken him up or not, I was too high on feelgood emotions to be bothered with such small details. He'd given me the most intense orgasm I'd ever had in my life, and I felt so much in love with him my chest threatened to burst apart. Finally I could start breathing more normally. My pulse slowed down to a bit less uncomfortable 120 bpm instead of the breakneck 180 I'd reached during my climax, and I peeked at Brazil again. He still held his hand on my now soft and much smaller dick, his fingers were literally covered in my ooze, and he was sleeping still, a tiny hint of a smile on his cute lips... Thank goodness he hadn't woken up!

I wondered what the hell I would do with the mess I'd created... My salvation was the box of Kleenex I saw sitting not too far in front of me. I managed to lean over and nab it without disturbing him, then I used at least half of them to wipe us as clean I could without interfering with his rest. My dick came back to life while I was doing that and he grabbed onto it firmly. It felt damn good, but I wasn't about to ejaculate all over him again, not this time. I wondered what I'd do with the palm of his hand, if I tried to wipe that too he would wake up I knew it. In the end I decided to ruin my new set of underwear. I managed to untangle his fingers from my hard-on (which wasn't easy! He struggled in his sleep to keep a grip on it, making me shudder of pure pleasure and delight!), and instead placed his hand flat on the leg of my boxers. That took care of most of the yukkiness.

Just as I had put his hand safely back onto my own leg he stirred slightly, stretched, then yawned and slowly opened his eyes. On the TV was a show about the next generation of jumbo aircraft which I hadn't been watching at all.

"Hi", he said in a small voice, as if he was a bit awkward and embarrassed about falling asleep leaning up against me like that, it made me smile on the inside. If he noticed his hand was still a bit messy, or the big yucky palm-print on my briefs, or the small mountain of crumpled-up pink Kleenex tissues on the table he didn't say anything about it. He must have had a bit of my cum in between his fingers still, but all he did was grip my thigh a little tighter. "I am pretty tired, but it's too early for bed, don't you think? Maybe we should watch some more TV first."

My hard-on poked straight up in my underwear, and I thought, perhaps he'd been looking at it when he opened his eyes... The thought made it twitch. "Yeah, that's okay with me", I replied. "Maybe if you got us a blanket to, uh, sit under?" 'Snuggle under', my mouth almost blurted, because that's what I wanted to do.

He shook his cute head. "My aunt would kill me if I touched her cashmere goat hair blankets, I'll go get my duvet instead."

"Good idea!" I gave him a reassuring smile, which he returned and bounded off like an eager kid! His butt was SO sexy in those way too small briefs, I looked at him until he had disappeared completely from view. It didn't take long, and then he returned again. He covered me up with one half of the faded thing (so worn in places it almost frayed), then hopped down into the sofa really quick making him bounce a bit and went under the duvet himself too. He smiled at me before grabbing the remote once more and zapped through every channel in turn in an expert manner (needing no more than about half a second of viewing to decide if there was anything interesting on any of the other channels). We went through the entire assortment and ended up right back where we'd started. Still the same program about jumbo jets, though it would probably be over by the next commercial break. He gave me a 'isn't this really great!' kind of smile before returning his attention to the TV screen. Meanwhile, I was busy worming out of my underwear, hatching a plan as I did.

"Uh, Nate...", he started hesitantly just as I finished getting out of my boxers. "I'm... I'm still a bit cold, sort of..." I was just about to say the same thing when he literally took the words right out of my mouth!

"Come here", I told him, trying to keep my voice level. I inched back towards the rear of the sofa and patted the spot in front of me, still covered up by the duvet so he wouldn't know I was naked below my waist. He grinned and wormed his way over to my side. I felt his buttocks rub against my thigh as he slithered over it, and that of course made my hard-on twitch as usual. When he sat on the edge of the couch cushion I put my hands on his hips and carefully let my middle fingers slip in under the waistband of his underwear, then I started to guide him back towards myself. I made sure he didn't raise his butt off the couch, and as he backed up towards me I noticed the plan was working perfectly. His underwear was slipping off his full, dimpled buttocks to settle around the top of his thighs! He giggled as his naked skin touched the leather surface of the couch, but did nothing to try and stop me. I halted his approach a scant few inches from myself and took one hand off him just so I could press down my erection. It touched the base of his spine, leaving a fresh trail of mucus there on his lovely skin. The other hand I slipped onto his tummy, though keeping it on top of his lycra shirt. Seemed some areas of his body were more sensitive than others, though not necessarily those areas a regular person would expect. I didn't want him to start to giggle and pull away all of a sudden! With my hand, I made him scoot all the way in towards me, feeling my hard dick settle in right under his tight butt...

"You like to tickle me, don't you?", he said with another of his innocent, unknowing giggles. Yeah, I sure liked to 'tickle' him... I had both hands on his tummy, really pushing him back towards myself. Then when he was all parked up tight, I then relaxed my own hips and let myself get thrust forwards a bit when the backrest pillow expanded again, burying my dick as deep I could in under him. I nearly came again, but he just giggled! Oh yes, I liked to 'tickle' him. His torso fell back against mine, and all of a sudden I felt him raise up and shake his legs a little. I glimpsed his briefs tumble down on the floor. "You took off yours so I thought I might do the same as well", he explained, again innocently. I was a bit surprised he revealed he knew I was all naked below my waist, but that was it, I think. He didn't seem to understand the implications of my hard-on nestling in between his buttocks. "It feels kinda neat don't you think?", he then added with another giggle. "Weird in a way, but neat. My aunt would FREAK if she knew I sat in her couch without any pants on!" He giggled again and seemed to think we were simply pulling a boyish prank while the ol' dragon was out of her cave, not realizing what I was doing. "It's my first time I've tried this ever", he admitted solemnly.

Oh yes! It was REALLY neat! He smelled so good, and he was so close to me. We both had shirts on, so in his mind we weren't naked, and as long we weren't naked and touching too much it was alright. It was just me who was the gay one, the hard one...

My hands slipped down from his lycra-covered tummy and onto his super smooth, warm, hairless boy legs as I squeezed my thighs together on his to get as much naked skin contact as possible. He didn't stop me, all he did was breathe evenly and lean against me. I wasn't sure if I should try it or not, but really, there was no way I could stop myself. I had to check for myself for real... Without trying to hide what I was doing, my right hand went down in between his legs so my fingers came to a rest over his genitals. His penis wasn't hard, and the reaction did not take long either. It came in the form of a loud, clear laugh.

"Nate!", he said in a mock-accusing voice, pretending to sound really stern. "You're SO silly!" He jabbed me very softly in my side with an elbow and giggled. Reluctantly I returned the naughty hand to his thigh instead (though I did brush my fingers over his cute appendage, actually curling them in under it and lifting it up briefly), and that was enough to satisfy Brazil; he came to a rest against me, letting his hands touch my thighs as well. My attention returned to the TV and I felt my hands move over his skin, back to his tummy. They went in under the lycra top and touched him, caressing his skin. My dick pulsed with pleasure as I hugged Brazil close to me. His hands rubbed my thighs absently as we watched the show in silence. I had my nose in his hair, his mass of braids, sniffing his scent. He smelled so nice, male, yet not fully. Boy. It was definitely intoxicating, I felt so happy being there with him. Oh, if only I could kiss him too without having him squirm away and start to giggle!

Doesn't he understand what love is?

Doesn't he understand, that I love him...?

It felt so nice to have my dick sticking in under his cute hot teen butt, however, what I really wanted was to hold him and kiss him and love him PROPERLY. Not like this! Sure it was nice and all, but it was totally one-sided, he didn't seem to realize what I was doing to him, despite all the hints I tossed his way! It was rather frustrating in a way, so my dick slowly started to go soft even as I continued to caress his flat tummy. We were partway into our third Discovery show of the evening and then we yawned. Him first, and then me right after.

"Nate... Maybe we should go to bed now", he said and sounded really tired. It was totally dark outside, and it still rained like crazy. I could hear drops striking the big windows behind the TV when the wind came and blew the rain towards that side of the house.

"Yeah, you're right." It was pretty early still I suppose, but I couldn't really think of anything I wanted to do. I did feel tired, so his suggestion was a good one. I watched him toss the duvet aside and get up on his feet. His cute tanned rump was a bit slimy again in between his buttocks, but it wasn't anything that concerned him. I grabbed two more Kleenex napkins and quickly brushed away the spot I'd made on his aunt's couch. It went away without leaving any trace, the leather surface was treated in some way to repel stains. Lucky me! Then I would have been treated to the most magnificent sight ever as Brazil quickly bent forwards right in front of me and put down the TV remote, and then picked up his underwear, if I had actually looked that is. It took him maybe two seconds or so at most, but as soon as I understood what he was doing, I sub-consciously decided it would be wrong of me to check him out like that so I immediately squeezed my eyes shut. He really wasn't embarrassed about his body at all, or at least not around me, but I didn't want to take advantage of him like that. I kept my eyes closed until he turned around and looked at me.

"Nate? You awake man?", he asked softly, as if really expecting I'd fallen asleep in the short moments since we last spoke. He seemed a bit reluctant to wake me up in case I really was asleep, since he spoke so quietly.

I smiled without opening my eyes. "Yeah, sure I'm awake. Just resting a little." I was all exposed below my waist, sitting with my legs spread wide still, but my dick had wilted almost completely, it had barely enough strength to hover above the leather surface of the couch. There was a quiet giggle and then I felt him seize one of my wrists with a hand, pulling me up into a standing position. I refused to open my eyes. "I'm blind!", I said and giggled as well. "Help, I can't see!"

"Don't be scared, Nate. I'll help you!", he said dramatically, playing his part perfectly. "Just follow me, okay?" He lead me by the hand off to his small room (the smallest in the house without a doubt), and as I walked inside I stumbled on the woven rug lying there on the floor. Of course I managed to put my foot right in a big fold in it. It wasn't enough to make me fall of course, but Brazil was there at once and caught me anyway, my eyes snapped open out of reflex, but when I felt him grab me they closed again. It probably only took like half a second or something for him to react, maybe he had seen what was about to happen. Anyway, I stood there with my eyes closed, and then I just felt him get up next to me and then his arms slipped around me in a soft hug. "I'm so glad you're my friend... You don't know what it means to me to have you here...", he said as he put his head in against mine.

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