by Rafael Henry

Chapter 4

I was about five minutes into the story and was captivated by what I was reading. Just then my phone beeped, and it was a message from Bryn.

'answer your land line'

I kept reading, but half a minute later, I heard the phone go downstairs. I ran down to get it.

'Hi Jon. This afternoon at one thirty…..for the film?'

'Yeah ok………Where's it on?'

'Cineworld….down at the Marina.'

'Ok Shall I meet you there?'

'No, I'll pick you up.Can I come about twelve? I'm a bit bored here.'

'Sooner if you want to. Soon as you can?'

'Ok In about half an hour then…..bit less if I can.'

By the time Bryn got here, I'd read the first five chapters of 'Boy on a plate'. It's a very erotic piece and had me engrossed and quite excited throughout. The weird thing is that I have written something vaguely similar myself, although on a far smaller scale.

My 'thing' with Gerald started in the summer term of my first year at boarding school, so we were writing to each other that summer holiday. An emotional attachment with someone outside my family was a completely new thing for me, and as you might imagine, very intense, especially as it had a strong sexual element. I think my body was at that pre-pubescent stage when it had just realised what an orgasm was, and could'nt get enough of them. Life was about waiting for an opportunity to have the next one. Gerald wrote once a week and I replied straight away. I had modelled my handwriting style on his, and I can remember my mother saying 'Oh, another letter to Jon…….from Jon.' I remember going very red when she said that. Anyway, I started to write in a notebook about my feelings generally, which in places was quite explicit, as well as debating my sexuality on paper. I hid the notebook at the back of my toy cupboard. The next holiday, things were still going very nicely with Gerald, and I looked for the book to add to what I had already written, but it had disappeared……it just wasn't where I had definitely l eft it. I have never found it and I assume my mother did. She must have been shocked by the contents. There was nothing I could do apart from ignoring the whole thing. She has never mentioned it.

The story about the boy was still on the screen when Bryn arrived. I'd had some warning of his arrival by his phone call, so I was prepared.

The boy's name was Darren and he'd got out of school and decided to sit to the side of a grassy path in some semi-rural spot. This guy happens along the path and Darren sees him and thinks he looks interesting…….rather handsome and all that. Darren is a randy little toe rag of about eleven, resplendent in his school uniform, and decides to test out the man's interests. Luckily for both of them, otherwise there would be no story of course, they have similar interests. Darren knows that if he sits in a certain deliberately provocative way, and if the man is so minded, something might well transpire between them. Boys, and girls for that matter, are quite unaware of how they sit, and have no idea that their knickers are plainly visible for any passing voyeur to see up the trouser legs or skirt all the way up their thighs, or in Darren's case… knickers, just bare skin. Umm. Darren knows just how to arrange himself so that the man has a perfect view as he approaches him. Of course the man does notice, he can't help noticing, and the two of them get to talking, which leads to matters coming to a head very nicely in Darren's secret hideout that he has discreetly constructed nearby. If I had been the man I would have done the same, but Darren might not have been interested in me. Although sex is fun with boys roughly my age, someone quite a bit older is a different thing altogether. Gerald is much more interesting to be with as he is so much more mature, and Bryn is that much further on than Gerald is. Physically, I doubt if they'll be much difference, but I don't know that for a fact yet as I haven't 'seen' Bryn. I know there's something there because he was quite excited in the car the other day. He did his best to hide it though, but he couldn't. I saw it.

When I say I was prepared for Bryn's arrival, it was a little game I was playing rather inspired by Darren's bit of exhibitionism. When he sees me like this, he's bound to see the joke, only for me it isn't a joke. Bryn will know exactly what I'm doing and he'll either react like the man in the story………..or he won't. We'll see.

I'd texted him a few minutes ago……

'door on latch……just reading a nice story!!!!!!!'

…… the hopes that he would get it and read it before he left home. My phone beeped……

'ok……keep reading!'

I went to the chest of drawers and found my summer shorts. They were still a reasonable fit, that's to say, loose enough to allow Bryn an unfettered view right up my inner thigh to the very top, should he be in just the right place to notice.

I leave the monitor screen brightly lit with the story visible on an 'interesting' page…..the bit when the man exposes the boy, and I arrange myself on my bed as Darren had in the story, but unlike him, it's knickers on for me because that's very much part of it, and I'm sure Bryn will prefer it this way. From the odd comments he's made, he'll like me like this.

I don't hear his car arrive, but I do hear the front door open and then close again. I hear him on the stairs and I'm sure by now he's made up his mind. I feel nervous because I want something badly. My eyes are fixed on my bedroom door…….it opens slowly……..and Bryn's head appears around the door. He comes in and stands by my bed.

'Hi…….can I sit down?'

Bryn sits a little way down the bed where he can see me. He looks like he's got the joke.

'So what's your name then……..Darren?'

We both chuckle, and then I say…..

'Would you like me to be?'

'Umm, but only if you want to be. Do you?'


'Are you sure?'


He sat on the bed looking, but not touching. He looked pensive, and after a couple of minutes had passed……

'I need to tell you something though…….something very important. Can you think what that might be?'

'I need to tell you something as well.'

'Ok. I think I should go first….as I'm the oldest.'

'Go on then……..'

'Well…… don't hurt things that you love do you……I mean you wouldn't hurt your dog would you, because you love him and you would never hurt him?'

'No, of course I wouldn't.'

'And……..that applies to people too…..and you're a person aren't you.'

'And so are you.'

I moved to one side and patted the bed. Bryn accepted the invitation and lay down next to me.

I knew what he meant. He said we could both be in terrible trouble if we allowed our bodies to get control over our minds, but nothing we talked about in the next fifteen minutes changed my mind. I know he will never hurt me, and nor I him I hope. We talked about the dangers both physical and psychological, but both at the same moment came to the same conclusion……….we had become, in a very short time, very fond of each other….and fond enough of each other to risk a physical expression of how we felt, but I had a question….

'What do people do if they love each other?'

'They do what we are doing…….they want to feel close to each other… we are now.'

'What else?'

'They touch……like we are now.'


'In all sorts of ways.'

'Will you show me please Bryn? I like you a lot……in fact I know I do.'

That was me being my emotional little self, but I know I meant it.

I had kissed Gerald, but never as deeply as I had kissed Olaf…….dear sweet Olaf…….my beautiful friend who I know I shall never see again.

I wouldn't let Bryn go. I held his head to mine and I began to cry. It was one of those happy cries of relief and joy that Bryn was my friend…and I know he will love me like I love him. Bryn let me go on my merry tearful way until the moment had passed.

'You wear your heart on your sleeve don't you, sweet one?'

'Umm, a bit.'

'More than a bit I'd say……but I love you for that. May I dry your tears for you?'


'Like this.'

He didn't use a tissue or his hand……..just his face, so tenderly resting on mine. I feel his breath on me, and in my ears and in my mouth. I love those feelings. He must love me. I know I love him. I tell him I love him, and he's my beautiful man! Please will you kiss me, my beautiful man?

Of course he does, gently, and with a tenderness that makes me feel that I'm part of him. I'm wet from him as he is from me.

'You're heavy Jon.'

Somehow I have found myself on top of Bryn.

'Do you mind?'

'No……stay like this please.'



'I can feel you too…..just like Darren did.'

'I'm not sure you feel quite like Darren though….not just here you don't'

Bryn had both of his hands on my bottom….one each side. It's the best feeling ever. I said….

'Darren wasn't wearing anything underneath his shorts was he?'

'No he wasn't…but you are aren't you.'

'Umm…..can you feel?'

'Yes I can… bottom.'

Bryn traced lines with the tips of his fingers all along the seams….up and along, and down….all the way from my hips down as far as he could get. I opened my legs wider so he could get further.

'Naughty boy… you like that?'

'Umm……it's lovely. It's making me feel…….'


'You know….like that .'

'Really? You had better turn over then.'

I did.

'Oh dear, that looks rather uncomfortable. Shall I go out of the room then? How long will you need? Ten minutes….fifteen?'

I laughed at that suggestion.

'No! Thirty seconds.'

'Really….that's a bit quick isn't it?'

'Will you do it for me?'

'No. Remember what we talked about?'

'Ok, but will you stay please. I can't do it if you're not here with me. It won't work. It's cruelty to boys.'

'No it isn't, and yes you can.'

'I can't. Stay……please?'

The whole experience was utterly exquisite. I lay on my back while he undid my shorts and pulled the zip down, opened them wide so my pants were exposed. I was as hard as I've ever been in my life and a hairs breadth from a glorious cum, and with him actually watching as it happens! I looked down and the tip was stuck under the elastic waistband.

'So, now I get to see it then?'

'Umm…..I hope it's ok?' I said, more in hope than expectation.

'I'm sure it will be.'

Bryn lifted the top of my pants up and over, and eased then down a little so that my penis was free. It seemed to have a life of its own, involuntarily twitching and then flopping very slightly before jumping up again for reasons best known to itself.

He stroked my chest and tummy with one hand, and held my head up with the other while I did it. I watched my hand doing it. Watching seems to make it all happen faster. I've started to make tiny amounts of cum now….well, usually I can. I wondered if I would this time. I really wanted to for Bryn. Soon the good feelings rose in my tummy….and through my bowels higher and higher……….

'I think it's coming Bryn……'

I don't know how many times I said that before I finally came. Anyway I remember being totally overwhelmed by that wonderful force of nature.

'Oh…..who's a clever boy then……you didn't tell me?'

I always played with it afterwards, like all the boys in the dorm do in the warm summer nights with our bedclothes back so we can all see each other performing, and the results when it's over. All the boys play with it. The ones that can't for obvious reasons are invited to play with those that can, and they can look forward to the day when they will for the first time, for surely they will soon enough. I was one that couldn't then , but Ralph let me feel his spunk…….the owner of the biggest cock and balls, and by far the most productive of all the boys who were capable, and the first by some distance in the dorm to arrive at that milestone.

We all gathered round Ralph's bed that night for confirmation of his achievement. Little curious fingers in, and around and around on Ralph's soft tummy….a delve into a wet tummy button, and then retreating to let another boy have his turn……..fingertips slippery to the touch…..not to be wiped off on any account….….tested on lips perhaps…..its taste hitherto unknown to the boy……..and quite unlike anything else.

Bryn sat with me as I recovered, and helped put me put myself back together. He stroked my forehead just afterwards which was nice. I had a little flood of guilt which I think is quite usual just afterwards.


'Why be sorry? Are you ok?'

'Yes I am thanks, but is it ok?'

He laughed quietly…….

'Yes, it is ok, very ok as a matter of fact. Are you sure it all over? It doesn't look like it is.'


'Right. You're not going to spring that on me in the cinema are you? If you are, I'm not going to take you.'

The film was brilliant. We sat right at the back and in the corner where no one would notice us, and anyway there weren't many people in there. It was on just before Christmas so I suppose most people had already seen it. Bryn had. He kept his arm around me for quite a bit of the time. We both had tears in some parts of the film, me more than him needless to say. It's really beautifully done. I love the boy Ethan. Bryn paid for me. The woman on the door looked at me a bit, presumably because I don't look like I'm fifteen, but she didn't say anything.

The drive back through the town was slow and irritating. I was thinking about Jem.

'Bryn, do you know how Jem and Elly are getting on?'

From Bryn's guarded answer, I guessed that things were not progressing as fast as Jem would like.

'I think you must have spoiled him Jon.'


'I don't know exactly what you two got up to, but I suspect that Elly, quite rightly, is in no hurry to please Jem in a physical way. Typical boy. He's probably thinking he should have stuck with you. She's only thirteen…….she's a sensible girl and knows enough not to take any chances. Jem will just have to make alternative arrangements when it comes to sexual fulfilment won't he.'

We went through two or three more sets of traffic lights before he spoke again.

'Well, you could always carry on reinventing yourself as a girl couldn't you? He could practice on you until such time.'

'Practice what?'

Bryn didn't say exactly 'what' in so many words, but I got the gist.

'I'm not sure I'd like that. It would hurt wouldn't it? Did you then, with Giles?'

'That's rather a personal question isn't it?'

'Yes, sorry. Did you?'

He said he didn't mind telling me about it……all useful information according to him. I had never got close to that with Gerald, let alone the other boys. I knew what you did and I thought of Jem……I thought of Darren in the story. He wasn't at all sure about it to start with, but he did it ok. Darren had a nice bum…it sounds like that's half the battle, so to speak. I decided to test Bryn out a bit…..

'You like it don't you?'

'What? Your bottom?'


He was very kind about it. He reminded me of earlier in the day when I 'found' myself lying on top of him. Olaf, and Gerald would do exactly what Bryn did. I love being felt like that, but I've never gone any further, but I want to now. Bryn had an idea….

'Would you like me to talk to Jem? He and Elly just watch TV most of the time in the evening. Mum and Dad won't let them stay in her room all night until he has to go home, so he'll probably be pleased to talk to me for a bit. We get on quite well. Would you like me to then?'


'Oh, yes please.'

Jem's round at Elly's every single night apparently, and last night Bryn showed Jem his latest bit of games software. He's got quite a nice setup in his room so Jem said… and what have you. Right out of the blue, I got a text from Jem this morning….

'Cum round ha ha. Got sumthing 4 u.'

I got quite excited when I read that, and even more excited when I saw what Jem had procured from Elly for my amusement. About eleven, after I had left Jem's place, I had one from Bryn.

'R u in now?'

I was about five minutes from my door.

'Yes in 5 mins'

I ran upstairs and unwrapped the plastic bag that Jem had given me. I took off the jeans I had on and selected a pair of light stone coloured chinos from the cupboard. They were a summer weight from Gap and had no pockets at the back. There were five different pairs in the bag…..patterned and plain. I felt them……all beautifully soft and silky. I was almost hard as I stepped into a very brief plain white pair. By the time I had adjusted them carefully, I was completely erect and very upright which created an interesting gap between my tummy and the elastic of the waistband. I had barely got the chinos and a plain white tee shirt on before I heard the doorbell go. Bryn looked me up and down.

'Oh, those are nice Jon. Where are they from?'

'Do you like them?'


I turned and started up the stairs, and half way up, stopped to look back at Bryn who was following me. I smiled at him…..

'Yes Jon, it's ok, I have noticed.'

I gave him a grin and carried on. My room was warm, which made a change. I'd set the heating to the 'on' position which my mother always told me to do if I was spending time in the house, but I was reluctant to do that for obvious reasons. I stood with my back to the window as Bryn came in. He stopped a few feet away from me…….

'Arms round?'

'Oh, yes please.'

We met in the middle of the room. His arms went around my back immediately as mine did around his. Bryn is about a foot taller than me, but that isn't a problem with us…….I just have to look up and he has to look down. Simple, as they say. I took my hands away from his back and moved his lower. He took the rather obvious hint and placed the palms of his hands on each of my buttocks. When he does that, his hands are never still.

'What have we here then?'

I giggled…..

'Can you guess?'

'I don't have to guess Jon, I can feel.'

'Are you tempted then?'

'I am sorely tempted, but I'm not into girls as you know Jon.'

'Not even this one?'

'Age before beauty Jon.'

'What does that mean?'

'It means that you should pick on someone your own age.'

'You mean Jem?'

'Uhuh…….you could see it as preparation for bigger things to come couldn't you. I mean, you haven't fallen out with him have you? You're still friends, and what are friends for. Think how Darren started in the story.'

'Yes, but……'

'It takes a bit of practice Jon, and it didn't work for Darren straight away. Anyway, you might not like the feel of it. Not everybody does.'

I thought about that for a couple of minutes.

'But it didn't take him long did it?'

'No, but it will take you longer, believe me.'

'Ok, but can we try now please….just a bit? Please? Then I'll ask Jem if he wants to play with his other girlfriend shall I?'

We laughed at that.

'Yes, the two-timing so and so. Elly will be thrilled I'm sure. He's a bit of a frustrated boy at the moment. He and Elly have been kissing and cuddling but that's as far as she'll let him go. He's desperate for more. He needs to have you back.'

'I'm a bit nervous of what he might want to do with me. Please will you help me Bryn….please?'

'Yes of course I will, but are you ok to be used in this way?''


'Yes. He wants you for sex Jon, not to continue your old relationship. Do you really understand that? He's desperate to put his penis in Elly but she isn't going to let him. She's thirteen Jon……..there's no way she can do that at her age…..even if she wanted to.'

'I want to. I want to for Jem. I want his penis in me like Darren did in the story.'

There, I've said it. Of course, like most boys, I've played with it from time to time, especially when I'm making myself come. I've even put my finger inside a bit.

'Ok, if you're sure. Shall we make a start then? I'll need to take a look at you and start things off. Take those off, but leave your pants on.'

I lay on my bed waiting. He said that there were several different ways to do it, on my side, on my back, on my front, or what he called doggy style. I had seen pictures of three of those at least. I knew what to expect.

He sat on the edge of my bed looking at me. I had my knees up and a little bit apart.

'Put your hands by your sides please……that's it…….and keep your eyes on mine, I want to see you… you're feeling.'

Elly's knickers are quite loose around me…….they don't fit tightly so there are gaps between my legs, especially as I have them quite wide apart now. I can feel Bryn's fingers touching me so gently. It tickles. He's doing it in little circles around my anus, and now and then he presses against it….right in the middle and it's making me get stiff. He put a pillow under my hips.

I've come right up now, and Bryn says I can hold it.

'Can I do it a bit please?'

'Yes, ok, but very slowly.'

I've got my hand inside.

'I'm going to use some jelly…'ll feel nice.'

He was really careful with it, putting it just inside me with one finger in several goes. He went on with the circular movements for a bit and then I felt his finger come inside me, not very far to start with, and then right in as far as he could get it I think. That's what it felt like.

'Does that feel ok Jon…….not hurting?'

I can hardly speak, so I nod. I want Jem.

Everything is moving inside me now, all slippery……he's so deep in me now……..

I started to rub myself harder……I had to…….the feelings were so strong…….then I stopped. I shut my eyes, but Bryn's inside me still, rubbing my insides…..he's rubbing and rubbing……I can't think straight……..

Five minutes later.

'What happened?'

Bryn's holding my hand and smiling down at me.

'Was that nice Jon?'

'Oh yes, I think so. What happened?'

'Just about everything.'

'Was it me then, or…?'

'Mainly you, and then me right at the end. You've come Jon….and your penis has found a new friend for him to enjoy.'


'Not who Jon…….. what . It's called your prostate gland. All boys have one if they did but know it, but only a very few know exactly where it is and how to stimulate it. I think yours has just worked quite nicely.'

I knew something had.

He slipped Elly's knickers off my legs. I was still stiff.

'Go on, try again…….but go quickly this time.'

He went inside me again……with two fingers this time and right in like before. I did it as fast as I could. I could feel it coming almost as soon as I had started. It felt different this time…more like it usually does. When the feeling came nothing came out. It did the first time, so Bryn said, but not this time. Of course I looked, but there was nothing.

'It's ok, I'll take those.'

He went to my clothes drawer and found me some fresh pants and put them on me while I lay there.

'There, that's more my style. By the way, is Jem bigger than you?'

I knew what he meant.

'Yes, but not by much.'

'Ok. I think you'll be fine Jon. You will let me know won't you?'

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