by Rafael Henry

Chapter 3

'Do they feel ok'

'Uhuh……they're fine thanks. Do they look ok?'

'Perfect. Come on, we've got work to do.'

Bryn wouldn't tell me where he got them from, and they were a perfect fit……navy blue which is the colour I would have chosen.

Despite it being the school holidays, the pool wasn't busy, which meant that we could do lengths more or less unobstructed by other bodies generally getting in the way. We selected our lanes….next to a couple of other boys who I recognized and appeared to be doing the same as us. I wanted to impress Bryn. I have an economic freestyle stroke and set off at a good pace well short of my top speed. I knew I could keep that pace up almost indefinitely. Bryn kept pace with me, breathing on my side so I could see him. I decided I would test him, and increased my pace. As I tumble turned, so did he. By the time I was three quarters of the way down the next length, Bryn had touched, and was waiting for me. He smiled at me. He didn't need to say anything. He'd taught me bit of a lesson.

'I'll copy your pace ok? Fifty more? You count…..race you for the last two lengths?'

I kept to a speed I knew I could manage, saving myself for the sprint. I gave it everything I had in those last two lengths. Ten metres from the end he pulled away effortlessly to beat me by a comfortable metre. We were both breathing hard…

'Cool down for five minutes?'

'Yeah, ok.'

I hadn't noticed that the two boys in the lanes next to us had left the pool. We headed straight for the showers and found the two boys in there. Rather naughtily they were both nude as they stood together under the same generous cascade of warm water, and generally larking about. Nudity in the shower area is not against the rules except for adults. When the boys saw us with our trunks on, they collapsed into a fit of the giggles and scuttled off to the cubicles. Judging by their height and their titchy male anatomy, they looked about nine or ten. During normal swimming hours, swimmers showering should keep their trunks on. The only exceptions are unwritten, and are to be seen before seven thirty in the morning. I had often used that time for some serious lane swimming, and then showered nude which is perfectly acceptable, sometimes in the company of an adult. I often saw the same person who always seemed to contrive to get out of the pool shortly after I did.

My view was that if he enjoyed seeing me naked, I might as well give him a proper look, so I always soaped up and rinsed off facing him but being careful not to make eye contact. I rather enjoyed it. I never had any bother with anyone, at least not so far, although I agree, it's not a very good idea really. I know I have an attractive body to some people and I admit that I enjoy people looking at it. It's usually a case of 'look but don't touch'.

I have decided that I want Bryn to touch me, but he strikes me as a very moral character, and even if his flesh is weak so to speak, his principles will almost certainly tell him not to.

As we headed for the lockers to retrieve our clothes, we could hear Thing One and Thing Two making a fair rumpus in the changing area. It consists of a row of small cubicles on one side of the room, and a long bench with a row of hooks above.

'Who the hell are those two idiots Jon? Do you know them? They gave you a bit of a look.'

'Oh, they're the twins…….they're Club members. They're known as Thing One and Thing two………after the Dr Seuss 'Cat in the Hat' books. They go around creating mayhem generally…….just ignore them, everybody else does. They think it's funny to tease people. They're a bloody nuisance.'

The boys were sitting on the bench. One of them was leaning back against the wall having got nowhere with getting dressed, head down and fiddling with his penis with both hands. I thought there was a chance that Bryn and I could both nip into the same cubicle together, but there was no chance with those two there. Thing Two had managed to get into his knickers, just about, and was wrestling with getting a sock onto a damp foot which is always an irritating task. By now, Thing One had managed to coax his penis into a state of excitement and was busy massaging the tip of it, oblivious to anything else going on. We hung our stuff up on the hooks. Bryn had decided not to use a cubicle, so I followed suit and parked myself between him and the twins. Meanwhile, Thing One, having successfully got his willy fully in the 'up' position, leant back to admire himself. As I pulled my trunks down, I had time to have a good look at him. For a ten year old, it was a quite an impressive example considering how small its starting point was. I'm a bit the same. No wonder he was full of admiration for it. Meanwhile, his brother paid not the slightest attention, busy arranging his tee shirt and jumper which he removed in one piece and was attempting to put back on in one piece. I had my back to Bryn as I was anxious not to see him fully undressed. It wasn't the time or place, what with the Things in close proximity and thus a distraction. I didn't want any such distractions when the time comes, if it ever does come. Neither could he see me as I kept my back to him, but I made sure he got a full view of my bottom as I bent down to dry my feet. I'm just assuming he was looking. I had the confirmation in the car going back to mine that he had looked.

Oh yes…..he definitely had.

'Was that for my benefit then Jon?'


'Most people would have dried their feet sitting on the bench wouldn't they?'

I just kept looking forwards as we made our way up Crown Road.

'…..and you've gone a rich shade of red Jon. Did you know?'

I wasn't impressed.

'Well you shouldn't have been looking should you.'

'Oh I don't know. It's not an unpleasant task to look at lovely things from time to time isn't it? After all, you were weren't you? You were , were you not?'

I knew he was referring to the Things. Touche!

'Anyway, I don't blame you…….they were rather beautiful were they not Jon…..all dark and handsome.'


'There you are then.'

'They've been going there for ages, soon after I joined the swimming club. I was about six when I joined. My mother wanted to make sure I could swim well as we spent so much time on the beach. I've been going ever since. Those twins are good. Did you notice them in the water?'

'Not really.'

'Well they are. They win practically all of their class races…..and all the inter club stuff too. They'll be back again tonight probably for the serious stuff. The coaches tolerate them because they're so bloody good. Otherwise they'd have been kicked out years ago. In the summer, they're on the beach annoying people. Were you ever a member of a club?'

'No, but like you, we were encouraged to be strong swimmers. Would you like me to look after your trunks for you…..until next time? It'll save mum from wondering where they came from.'

'Yes, that's a good idea. Thanks. Do you want to come in?'

We'd stopped outside the house. There must have been something in my expression that Bryn had noticed…….

'Yes, ok. I've nothing much to do today so……yes I'd like to. Is that ok Jon?'

I showed Bryn the front bedroom that my sisters used before they went to seek their fortunes.

'So why don't you use this one then, rather than the small one you're in?'

'Because the students have this one.'


'Yeah…..we have them every summer from about June onwards……Mum needs the income. It pays pretty well. If we have two girls they share this room, or two boys. If they offer us a boy and a girl, then I move in here with the boy and the girl goes in my room.'

'What if you don't get on with the boy?'

'I have to. Anyway, I always do. It can be fun because I take them around…… the beach and stuff at weekends. They're kept busy in the week visiting places and doing classwork. That's part of the deal. They prefer to place the kids in homes where there are other children to look after them. This town can be a bit iffy for kids that don't know the place….you know….wandering around on their own. We're supposed to be with them if they go out anywhere. Do you know what I'm talking about? Some of them are quite naïve, and they know they are.'


'Yes, them .'

We stood in the bay window looking out across the road to the entrance of the allotments with their neatly arranged rectangular parcels of ground, some well looked after, others quite shambolic and overgrown and with dilapidated little huts covered in ivy.

There was a silence for a minute or so, then Bryn asked quietly…..

'Does that mean me then? I'm twenty one and you're thirteen….sorry…… nearly fourteen. That makes me one of them doesn't it? You know…….an adult going around with a kid?'

'Of course it doesn't! You're my friend….I think……I hope? Those people aren't their friends……they just want…well, whatever they want from them. You know.'

'Do you know?'

'Yes I do.'

'How do you? Have you ever……..'


'Oh dear. Did you tell anyone about it?'

'No….no one……not until now. I've never said anything to anyone about it……ever.'

I didn't give him the choice this time. I took a step to my left and leant my face on his chest and put my arms around his middle, and held on and waited. I didn't have to wait long. I felt him enclose me, powerfully, making me feel safe. Gerald had done the same on the School Field and made me feel exactly the same. Gerald has gone, but Bryn hasn't, and Bryn is here now with me.

'You would tell me about it if it helps wouldn't you?'


I did tell him. An eight year old on a bike ride up onto the Downs….a boy who has parked his bike on the grass verge and is sitting in the long grass nearby…..and a man has seen him from his car window and stopped, parked the car on the grass and got out. The man walks towards the boy who looks up at him, squinting in the bright light. The shadow of the man covers him.

'I just remember him getting onto his knees next to me and getting this big thing out of his trousers. It looked massive. He got me to kneel and then he took my shorts and pants down and looked at mine. He said…….'oh you're too young to cum aren't you. I'll show you.' He took my hand and put it on his penis and told me to squeeze it hard…as hard as I could….and to start rubbing it up and down. He told me to do it harder….as hard and fast as I could. I think he must have been so worked up already because within a few seconds this jet of white stuff shot out of the end of it……and then again, two or three times. I thought it was wee but not until I realised ages later, it wasn't. I had actually made him cum which is the shocking part of it all. I hadn't just watched it, I had actually caused it. I certainly hadn't started to masturbate by then so I didn't know what I was doing….not even that I shouldn't be doing it. I can remember this gooey stuff hanging down from the end of it, and all mixed in with the bits of long grass. I had no idea what it was. Then he just got up and went. That was it. The whole thing lasted less than five minutes I would think. He seemed reasonably nice, and I wasn't aware that he'd done anything wrong. I suppose I was lucky in a way, looking back at it. I might have got murdered if it happened to be the wrong person….or raped or something.'

'Huh…..he had a boy on a plate there…..and were you lucky? Yes and no.'

'So, you see, that's why you're nothing like him…….or like all those people that are in the news these days.'

So there it is….I've said it for the first time in my life…..what happened. It seems like there's some new allegation almost every day now…….teachers in schools, clerics, even bishops and politicians. I can't see it happening in the future…….but the youngsters are so savvy about it all now, like they're on some sort of emergency footing with their phones at the ready, all set to report some bloke for just looking at them.

Bryn held me and I felt safe, that's all I know. He held me in a loving way, and I want that from him for as long as he will give it. Whatever he wants from me, I will try to give it to him…..whatever that is.

'Do you mind me holding you like this Jon?'

'Of course not. I feel safe and warm with you.'

'Can I ask you about Gerald?'


'Not if you don't want to?'

'No, it's fine. That was the next time I saw it… that day on the Downs. It was with Gerald.'

'Well…'s what happens. It'll happen to you at some stage.'

'It has Bryn….a bit. That's all……just a bit.'

I looked up into his face and smiled. He responded by pulling my head hard into his chest. I felt his mouth on my head. It wasn't a kiss….no, not really……but almost.

'So Jon……what would you do if another Gerald came along?'

'He has.'

We went into my mother's room at the back which overlooked the garden. Our dog was sleeping on the bed. He barely stirred as we sat either side of him. I put my hand on his warm fur.

'He's nice isn't he.'

'Yes he is.'

'Can I see you tomorrow please?'

'I'm not sure Jon……I'm not sure that it's a good idea……not for either of us.'

I think it was a test…..just for him to see how much I wanted our friendship to be maintained. I did want….badly. I got very upset, ran into my bedroom, threw myself onto the bed and cried….my face buried into my pillow. I felt his weight on the edge of the bed, and his hand on my back. Then there was a change. Before, whenever there was any physical contact between us, his hand was still. Not this time. This was a different feeling entirely. It started on the back of my head and moved down my back in an up and down soothing motion. I knew the whole thing was beginning at this point. I felt his hand on the top of my jeans. I knew he wouldn't go any further. I was partly on my right side so my left hand was free. I took hold of his hand and moved it lower, pressing his fingers hard against the back pocket of my jeans. Still there was no movement until I whispered, almost inaudibly……..

'Please Bryn……….please will you?'

He just kept to that particular part of me, in wonderfully gentle circular movements.

'Are you feeling better now Jon?'

I turned my head towards his and smiled……

'Yes thanks…….much better.'

'Good…….do you like how it feels?'


I can quite see why he left five minutes later, but he had a good excuse for leaving. Our friendship had moved on to another level…….to the beginnings of something tangibly physical. I think we had already made a kind of love in our heads already. There….I've said it………a kind of loving. The old movie of that name reminded me of something Bryn had said earlier.

He asked me if I would go and see a film with him. There was loads of stuff in the media about the BAFTA awards and the upcoming Oscar presentations and who would win and so on. I wanted to see 'Boyhood'. I'd seen the advert for it on the side of a bus. It showed the boy lying on the ground looking up towards the sky. I thought he looked so beautiful, and I wanted to see it. I think Bryn had had the same idea.

I saw Bryn out and made him promise to text me the times the film was showing. I went back upstairs and lay on my bed. It's was about four o'clock. I undid the front of my jeans, lifted my bottom so I could get them down far enough to reveal my pants plus their contents.

The cotton material felt soft and inviting as I played with my balls, knees up and wide apart. I ran my fingers along my perineum and gently stimulated the nerves around the opening in my bottom, and then back to my balls which had remained nicely loose and tactile. Now I'm imagining that it's Bryn doing it. I know you might think it weird, but I want to keep my pants on as far as I can. I like the feel of them, and of course the feel of what's inside them. Bryn said he likes them and I was so pleased he said that. I think it's to do with the very few boys I've masturbated with at school…….it's that ultimately exciting 'get inside their pants while you can' situation. The boy is so responsive……..feel him……he's hard already and you know it won't take long. Sweet little Bobby. Opportunities are scarce there, and it often has to take place quickly and in odd corners somewhere, and fully dressed of course.

This one I want to be slow and thoughtful. Bryn's here and he's desperate to do me, but at the end……right at the end, it was the twins that appeared in my imagination. It was Thing One. The image of him……..his lithe body and those sparkling eyes that did it…….pleading with me to play with him. I felt him everywhere as he did me.

I lay on my bed recovering slowly. It had been quite a deep one and much needed, and it has taken it out of me somewhat. I held back from the brink several times but finally I gave in and let it come. I feel guilty because it wasn't Bryn.

He's left me something that I can feel in my pocket. I felt him put something in there at the time. It's a tiny digital storage device. I plug it into USB socket in the black box that Bryn left me. I click on 'my computer' and up comes the Local Disk letter 'G'. There's one Word file named 'Boy on a Plate'. I click on it and it opens. There appears to be seven separate files there. I open the first one.

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