Brian and Lanny Go to Europe

by Nick Brady

Chapter 9

Brian and Lanny went downstairs with contented smiles on their faces to find Fredrick and his family sitting at the dining table with the remains of breakfast in front of them.

"Hello sleepy heads. I have saved something for you," Emma greeted them.

"I'm sorry that we slept so late," Lanny apologized, "We must have been tired from the hike we took yesterday."

"Hurry and eat," Deiter told them, "We have plans for a better hike today.'

"Guten Morgen. I am sorry that I must leave. I hope you have a good day," Renke said pleasantly. "Someone must work here."

"Thank you for your hospitality," Brian said. "I hope we will see you again when we get back."

Renke left the table and Emma brought a small plate of hard rolls to set before them. "There is butter and jam on the table. This is our usual breakfast. Will you have coffee?"

"Oh yes, please," Lanny smiled.

"I have spoken with Hahn this morning," Fredrick announced, "Marta is not able to join us but he bought some things for us to eat in spite of that. He has already come and left that with us. I think we are ready to go as soon as you finish your breakfast. Do you have what you need?"

"I think so," Lanny told him. "We have a little tent and will leave extra things behind. Our packs will be lighter that way."

"It might get cold on the mountain tonight. Do you have sleeping bags?"

"Well, we have the sleep sheets but not anything warmer than those."

"That is no problem. We have some you can borrow."

Brian and Lanny went back to their room and returned in a few minutes with their packs. With the borrowed sleeping bags, they were ready.

"Roth will join us here. With Deiter, that makes five of us. That will be a nice group for hiking, don't you think?"

"I'm ready," Deiter said. "So shall we go?"

Roth drove up a few minutes later and the group was ready for the day's adventure. The packs were stowed in the trunk of the big Mercedes and they took their seats. Lanny sat in front with Fredrick, and Brian, Deiter and Roth filled the back seat. Roth took the middle and seemed to be very excited about the hike.

"You will like the trail we are taking today," Roth assured them. "It is nicer than yesterday, and we will camp in a beautiful place."

It took only thirty minutes for them to arrive at the trail-head. There was a parking lot there and Fredrick left the Mercedes at a spot at the far end, although only three other cars were in the lot. He locked it after the packs were unloaded and everyone was ready.

"Aren't you afraid that someone will steal the car if it's here overnight?" Lanny asked.

"No. It is quite safe." he explained. "The security system is such that it is not possible to drive unless the thief has a proper key, and that is in my pocket."

Roth and Deiter impatiently led the way up the trail with the rest following.

"Will they go off and leave us?" Brian wondered.

"I don't think so," Fredrick laughed. "They just want us to hurry so they set a fast pace. When we do not follow closely, they will wait for us and make jokes about us. Besides, I know the way and the trail is well marked. It is part of their craziness. Deiter likes Roth very much and wants to be with his older friend. You will see, they will not leave us behind."

Sure enough, a half hour up the trail they came under an outcropping and found themselves showered with pebbles, accompanied by shouts and laughter. "Your money or your life," Roth called out to them.

"Fredrick laughed and shouted back up at their attackers, "We have no money but we do have most of the food. Retreat or starve tonight."

There was another shower of pebbles, then they heard Roth shout down, "We surrender. Go on and we will catch up to you."

"Expect more pranks before we return. Those two are both crazy. That is why we bring them."

Within a few minutes they were showered with more pebbles from behind, and they turned to see Deiter and Roth laughing and hurrying to catch up. "Did we frighten you?" Deiter wanted to know.

"No, of course not," Fredrick replied. "There are only two idiots in this forest and we knew it was you. Behave yourselves or there will be only crumbs for your supper."

Deiter and Roth laughed with delight, enjoying their little joke more than the others.

Brian was amused by the horseplay. It reminded him of similar shenanigans from his time in scouting. "Be careful," he warned playfully. "I have a few tricks of my own. You might wake in the morning to find yourselves tied to a tree."

"Oh no, never. We are too clever for you," Roth responded. Deiter looked at his friend and grinned. They were enjoying themselves.

The trail climbed steeply along the cliff face then turned into the tall forest. Here it was quieter. The wind was lost in the dense forest and the sounds of their footsteps were muffled by the soft bed of leaves and pine needles underfoot. Although the sun was shining brightly, it was darker here, and a little cooler.

"This is really nice in here," Lanny said. "These trees are so tall. There are no limbs on the trees until near the top. It's like being in a cathedral. It's hard to see the sky here.

"Yes," Roth agreed. "I love being in this forest. It is like some old story of Hansel and Gretel. Do you know that?"

"Of course we do," Brian replied. "But you're right. It does look like the setting for that story. Should we sprinkle bread crumbs behind ourselves?"

"No, no. we know the way back," Deiter laughed. They were all in fine spirits.

The woods were filled with birds whose songs could be heard above them. The trail was narrower here, but still clearly marked. Small animals scurried into hiding as they approached.

"Are there large animals here?" Lanny asked. "I mean, are there bears and things?"

"Yes, I think so," Roth said with a smile. "Maybe one will eat you."

"Don't worry," Fredrick reassured him. "We are safe here. The smell of Roth and Deiter will drive them away."

They hiked for several hours then came to a small clearing where the light was greater. On one side were logs set into the ground and a trash container. "Here is a good place to rest and have some lunch," Fredrick suggested. "None for the naughty boys, however."

They sat down on the logs and relieved themselves of their packs. Fredrick pulled out a bag of sandwiches that Emma had packed for them and he passed them around, including the mischief makers with no more comment. The sandwiches were followed by some nice apples and they all drank from their water bottles.

"Drink as much as you like," Roth told them. "There is a good spring up ahead."

"Are you familiar with this place?" Brian asked him.

"Yes, yes. I have been here many times. I love these woods."

Brian saw that for all his joking, Roth was a lover of nature and felt kindly towards him. "Back home I did a lot of camping with the Boy Scouts. Have you been in scouting?"

"Yes, of course. Really, there are several organizations for scouting here," he explained. "I think in America there is only one. Scouting started in Germany at the same time as in other countries. Maybe the Wander Vogel was the first. Then later, the Deutsche Jungenschaft. But here politics made too many problems. Scouting was banned when Hitler was in power and there were state organizations that made a substitute. After the war, it started to come back, but mostly for Allied military. It spread again, and now there are many groups. Some are connected and some are not. I was in the Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg because our family is Catholic. I don't care about any of that. I just like to go camping."

"So is it like Boy Scouts in America?"

"Yes, I think so, but in some groups there are girls as well as boys. I don't like that so much."

"Why not?" Lanny asked with a smile. "It sounds like that could be interesting."

"Not if you think about it," Roth said. "Remember we were just little kids. At that age, boys like to be with other boys. When there are girls too, we have to be careful not to say bad words, and it is not possible to piss when you like. I found a group that was all boys. I liked that better."

Brian laughed. "I can understand that. In America boy and girls have their own organizations. Although older kids can be in Explorers. Those groups are mostly coeducational, that is, both boys and girls. I never did that. I think I agree with you. It's just simpler to have all boys."

"But you are homosexual. Maybe that is why you wanted only boys." Fredrick smiled.

"No. When I was younger I didn't think of myself that way," Brian argued. "It was like Roth said. It was just more fun to be a group of goofy boys, hiking and camping without worrying about making nice for a bunch of girls - just having fun."

"I understand," Fredrick told him. "I was only teasing you."

"Not everything is about sex," Brian was a little annoyed.

"Let's go on," Lanny suggested. "My legs are getting stiff. I think I want to start walking again."

Their quarrel forgotten, the little band of hikers shouldered their packs and started off again. Now Roth and Deiter stayed with the others.

"So where did you go for your camping in America?" Roth asked Brian. "What is it like in Oklahoma?"

Brian laughed, "Very different than here. Oklahoma has no mountains and great forests like you have. There are such places in America but they are far away from where we live. But there are nice places near us. The mountains are old and worn down, but still very nice. We are not far from the Ozarks and there are a lot of nice places for camping there. It is drier where we live, and the forests are not so tall."

"But you still had fun, right?" Roth suggested.

"Yes of course. We had a lot of fun. Out in search of adventure with no parents to correct us, no girls to be wary of? Of course we had fun."

Roth laughed, "It is the same, I think." He asked Lanny, "Were you also a Boy Scout?"

"No. I was in Cub Scouts when I was a little boy, but didn't go on when I was older. I'm sorry now that I didn't," Lanny admitted. "I think I missed out on a lot. Maybe Brian is enough scout for both of us."

"Yes, perhaps. We were all impressed when Marta hurt her ankle. Brian knew just what to do," Roth smiled.

Brian shrugged with his usual modesty.

Soon they came to a lovely spring which gurgled down a rocky outcropping. "Here is some nice water, very cold and sweet," Roth told them. "We should refill our bottles."

They drank their fill of the cold water then filled their water bottles and set out again. By now, it was growing a little darker in the forest. "It is not so far now, Roth told them. "Maybe another hour, and we can camp for the night."

The trail grew steeper and they went in and out of the trees. A final climb brought them to a small plateau where they came into a wide clearing. There were more logs set in a small circle around a fire pit. To one side was a trash barrel, and a standpipe of spring water. Although this place was very remote, someone must come here to maintain the campsite. The ground was covered with grass and surrounded by tall pine trees. The air was cool and sweet.

"Here is where we will stop," Roth said. "There is a trail that goes higher, but it grows rocky and steep. This is the place for camping."

"Yes, this is good," Deiter agreed. "There is a place just off to the left where we can see a very long way."

"Let us set up our tents before it gets dark," Fredrick suggested. "After we have our dinner we can go to the lookout."

Brian and Lanny set up their little tent for the first time. "I'm glad we finally got a chance to use this," Brian said. "I would feel stupid carrying this all over Europe and never taking it out of the bag."

The tent was easy to set up, but rather small. "Is this big enough for both of us?" Lanny asked.

"It is, but it will help that we are friends," Brian smiled.

Fredrick had a somewhat larger tent in which the other three planned to sleep. He set it a little way from Brian's. While they worked at that, Brian walked through the forest's edge and gathered an armload of deadwood for a fire in the ring that was at the center. The remains of old fires was proof that others had been here before. By the time Fredrick, Roth and Deiter joined them, Brian had a nice cooking fire blazing.

"Ah, very good," Roth exclaimed. "You are a true scout. I was going to help with that."

"No problem. Lanny helped me. We're ready for our dinner. What did you bring, Fredrick?"

"I'm not sure," He replied. "Hahn bought the food and I put it in my pack without inspecting it. This will be a surprise to us all."

Fredrick pulled out a plastic bag which he laid out on a ground cloth for their inspection. There were potatoes, onions, a small package of baby carrots and some beef cut into cubes. There was a can of diced tomatoes and a pair of little salt and pepper shakers. Much of this was stuffed into a small aluminum cooking pot. In another small bag were apples and a package of cinnamon candy. Next to that was a quantity of neatly folded aluminum foil.

"Oh, here is Fleischeintopf," Roth said. "I know what to do with this."

"If that means beef stew, then we are on the same track," Brian grinned.

"Yes we have the same idea," Roth agreed. "Will we be the cooks tonight?"

"My pleasure. Toss that meat in the pot and we will have this ready in no time."

Three stones were placed over the coals and the pot was secured. Roth stirred the beef to brown it without burning. Brian cut the small potatoes into sections and diced up the onion, then tossed that and the little carrots in with the meat. When that began to smell good, they opened the can of tomatoes and poured it inside, adding enough water to let it begin to simmer. While that was cooking, Brian cored five apples with his pocket knife and stuffed the cinnamon candies inside, wrapped each in foil and set them on the edge of the coals. It began to smell really good.

Lanny watched with admiration. "I'm glad you guys are here. I would be eating raw beef and potatoes."

"Oh, you could do this Lanny. It's simple, really."

"Maybe next time," Lanny grinned. "You're doing fine."

While their dinner was cooking, the sleeping bags were extracted and placed in the tents. Lanny and Brian took the bags that Fredrick had loaned them and discovered that they would zip together to make a double bag. "Not exactly a king size beg, but we should be comfortable," Brian grinned.

By the time everything was arranged in the tents, Roth tested the potatoes and found them tender. He tasted the broth and added a little salt and pepper, then tasted again. "I think we are ready."

A final item provided by Hahn was paper bowls and plastic spoons. They dished up the stew and sat in a circle to eat. "This is quite good," Fredrick declared. "We are in the presence of genius."

Deiter sat close to Roth and smiled, "Roth can do anything."

Their appetites were good and they refilled their bowls until the pot was empty. Roth filled it with more water and set it next to the fire to soak while Brian extracted the apples and carefully peeled back the foil. "These are ready. The apples are soft now and nothing is scorched."

They found them delicious. When these were gone, Lanny and Deiter placed the paper bowls in the bag which had contained the apples and disposed of the trash.

"Now we should go exploring a little," Roth suggested. "It is getting rather dark, but I think there is enough light to see the trail. I want you to see the view from up here."

Roth led the way to a wide ledge that overlooked the valley below. From there they could see in the distance tall mountains, back-lit by the setting sun. In multiple places they could see clusters of lights that belonged to small villages and farms far below. The wind was blowing now that they were out of the trees and it was growing cooler. They sat as Roth pointed to some of the little groups of light, naming some places and speaking almost with reverence about the beauty of this country. After an hour or so, it became quite chilly and they started back to their camp.

Brian built the fire back up and they stood around warming themselves. Jackets and hoodies were pulled out and they became more comfortable.

"If I lived in this place, I think I would go camping all the time," Brian declared. "This is so beautiful."

"Yes, I should go more often," Fredrick acknowledged. "Roth, Deiter and I have done some nice things, but usually, they go without me. I get too busy with other things."

"Your hobby is drinking beer with your friends," Roth chided him. "There are better things to do."

Roth shrugged. "I'm afraid that is true. I'm glad for our new friends from America. I am reminded of how beautiful this is. I resolve to do this more often."

They sat and talked about many things, but soon found themselves yawning. "I do not hike so much now. I think I am tired," Fredrick admitted. "Would you excuse me if I go to the tent?"

"I think we're tired too," Lanny said. "I'm ready to sleep. How about you, Brian?"

"That sounds good to me. I'm ready for bed, or what passes for it."

"You will sleep well," Roth predicted. "The ground here is soft with grass and pine needles. It makes a good mattress. I am ready too. Shall we say good night?"

Brian and Lanny went to their tent and Brian turned on a little electric lantern for light. The others crawled into Fredrick's tent. There was a murmur of quiet conversation.

"Oh man, I'm beat," Lanny admitted. "That was quite a climb for me. I'm not used to this."

"Don't feel like the Lone Ranger," Brian said. "My legs are stiff too. It has been too long since I did a hike like this."

"You know, Roth turns out to be a pretty cool guy. I pegged him for a goof-off, but I think he's OK."

"He is," Brian agreed. "There is more to that guy than meets the eye. I have enjoyed him. I don't know if I would call him crazy, but he can be a lot of fun. He knows his camping too."

Deiter is a pretty good kid. He's kind of young, but I guess he's OK too. He sure likes Roth."

"Yeah, I think maybe he has a crush on him."

"Maybe. He obviously looks up to him."

"Fredrick has been great to us. I wish there was some way we could thank him."

"I know," Lanny agreed. "I don't know what we could get as a thank you present. His family is very well off. I imagine he has everything he could ask for.

They turned back the bag and considered their sleeping attire. "It might get cold tonight," Lanny guessed. "Should we sleep in our clothes to stay warmer?"

"Actually, that's not a great idea. If you sleep in your clothes they will get damp from perspiration. Then in the morning you will get really chilled. It is best to take them off and just sleep in your underwear."

"Hmm. What if I take off my shorts too? I don't want to get them damp."

"Let your conscience be your guide," Brian grinned. "I don't mind going commando."

They slipped into the double bag and snuggled close, leaving the little lantern on for a little while and talked about the events of the day. They were just about to turn off the lantern and drift off to sleep when they heard the sound of their tent's zipper being opened. They looked up to see a shock of red-orange hair poke through.

"Can I come inside?" Roth asked with a frown.

Surprised, Lanny told him to enter.

Roth opened the tent and crawled inside. "It's Deiter," he told them. "I cannot share a tent with him."

"What's the matter?" Brian asked as Roth sat cross-legged at the foot of their sleeping bags and shivered.

"He has been smoking and I don't like that."

"Smoking? Smoking what, tobacco or pot?" Brian asked.

"He smokes marijuana then wants to play with me. I don't like that."

"Really? I thought Deiter was straight," Lanny said.

"I don't know what he is, but I don't like it. Not with his brother in the tent with us."

Brian wondered if Fredrick's presence was the only problem. "I guess that would be kind of awkward."

Roth smiled and shivered. "I can be a little crazy sometimes, but not like that. I am Fredrick's friend and we have sort of an understanding. I don't want to play with his little brother while he is watching. Besides, Deiter is only fourteen."

"I see," Lanny hesitated. "How can we help with this? I don't understand."

"Well, I have no tent for myself. Where can I go?"

Lanny and Brian looked at each other, then shrugged and moved to each side of the double bag. "Come on in," Brian told him.

"Thank you. I am sorry to make you crowded," Roth said, and stood up as best he could in the small tent. He placed himself between them, slipping inside the bag and shivered visibly. As he did so they saw that he was naked, and very beautiful.

"Oh, thank you. I am so cold."

"How long have you been outside?" Lanny asked.

"I don't know. I was angry because I told Deiter to stop and he would not. I walked to the lookout, then was too cold, so I came to you."

"You are not really dressed for that," Brian chuckled.

"No, no. I should have put back on my clothes but I was impatient. I just wanted to get away from him."

"Is he always like this?"

"No. He likes me a lot I think, but when he is smoking, he gets like this. I like him too, but not with his brother. Can you understand me?"

"I think so. It is warmer here in the tent. You should stop shivering pretty soon. With three in a bag, we will all be warm."

It was not possible to be so crowded and not touch each other. They could feel Roth's cold skin against their sides and felt sorry for him. At the same time they couldn't help but be amused.

"So what did he do? Is Fredrick asleep already?" Brian was curious.

"He might be, but maybe he was only pretending. Deiter wanted to kiss me and put his hand down in my bag to touch me. I must confess that I have let him do that before one time, but not with Fredrick present. He is too young so I don't like to do that." Roth took a deep breath and stopped shivering. "You must think I am a stupid guy."

"Not really. Lanny and I have already decided that you are a pretty cool guy. I think you can sleep here tonight," Brian told him, "But we are wearing the same thing as you. Will that make you nervous?"

Roth laughed, "No, I don't think so. But you must not try to kiss me."

Lanny laughed, "We only have kisses for each other. I think you're safe with us."

"Thank you for that. I must admit that I like both of you very much. You are the first Americans that I have come to know so well. I think you are cool too. We can be good friends I think."

"Are you warmer now?" Lanny asked.

"Yes. The heat from your bodies feels very nice. Better than alone in my bag. I think you do not have to be afraid that our bodies are touching. It is close in this bag and it feels nice." They all began to relax.

"It is nice," Brian admitted. "If you were not here, Lanny and I would be warming each other."

"Hmm. I think if you like, you can help me be warmer," Roth said slyly.

"I thought you didn't like that."

"Yes. No. I mean, sometimes it is nice when friends help each other to stay warm. Maybe I would like that. Fredrick is not here."

Brian and Lanny turned on their sides facing Roth and put their hands on his chest. "So why does it matter that Fredrick was with you. He's gay. Probably he would not care."

"How can I make you understand?" Roth struggled for words. "I have been friends with Fredrick since we were young boys. He wanted to play with me before I was ready for such things and I scolded him. I told him I was straight and would never want to do such things. I made him feel very bad, but we remained friends in spite of this. When I got older, I found that I like girls very much, but sometimes I like to play with a boy too. Maybe I like both, but I don't want to play with Fredrick."

"So you are bisexual?" Brian asked.

"Yes, I think so. I think I will find a nice girl and get married someday, but at this time I can still like some guys. Not like lovers really, but only to have a little fun together." Roth put his hands over both of theirs and snuggled himself between them. "Oh, you are so nice and warm."

Their bodies were touching and Brian and Lanny had both found themselves very erect with the beautiful redheaded German so close between them.

"Yes, it is nice to be so close together," Brian admitted. "I have never been naked with two guys at one time before. But I think Lanny and I really love each other. I don't know how comfortable we would be doing something with someone else."

Lanny said quietly, "I have never been with anyone else before until I met Brian. I have very little experience with such things."

"So, are you married with each other?" Roth asked.

"Well, no. At least not yet," Lanny admitted. "I don't know what the future holds."

Roth took in a deep breath then let it out. "I have to admit that Deiter made me, how do you say it? He made me horny. I did not come to you for sex, but that might be nice since I am here."

"What did you have in mind?" Brian laughed softly.

"I don't mean I want to do fucking. I don't mean that at all. But sometimes it is nice to play a little. Maybe I am curious about American guys. It was not right for Deiter to touch me with his brother there, but if you like it? Maybe I don't care."

Roth let his hands drop on his companions' hips and rubbed them slowly. "I really don't care about it so much. Do you?"

The conversation and the warmth of their bodies was having an effect on them. Lanny let his hand drop to feel Roth's bush of pubic hair and found that Brian's hand was already there.

Brian went lower to find Roth's erection. The German boy was uncircumcised. Brian had never felt a boy who still had his foreskin and he found that interesting. He ran his hand over Roth's firm stomach and chest. Although quite slender, he was very muscular. Lanny's hand replaced Brian's on Roth's hard cock.

"Hmm, that is very nice. Do you mind if I do the same?" Without waiting for an answer he took both boy's cocks in each of his hands, and then played with their balls. "Um, that is nice. I like it."

While they had no idea what games Roth might have played before, this was a new experience for both of them, and they could not say that it was unpleasant. In fact, it was very erotic.

"Your hands feel much nicer than my own. Do you like for me to touch you too?" he began to stroke both of them as they pressed against him. "Yes, I like to feel your skin against me. I think that is very nice. I like it very much," he whispered.

Roth turned towards Lanny and took him in his arms so that their erections were pressed against each other. Brian found Roth's firm buttocks against his erection and he pushed against his crack. Roth squirmed so that he was rubbing against both of them. They were very warm now.

Roth pressed his face in the crook of Lanny's neck and licked it with his tongue. Lanny was unsure how to respond, but the feel of Roth's cock against his own felt exciting. He held Roth close and enjoyed the sensation.

After a few minutes, Roth turned over to face Brian and pushed against him, running his hands over Brian's muscular back. Lanny felt Roth's butt cheeks against his erection and hunched him up and down. After a few minutes of this, all three were quite worked up.

Roth turned over on his back again and placed his hands on their cocks and began to stroke them. Brian and Lanny took turns working on Roth's hard cock and his loose balls. There seemed to be no need for further conversation, and the stroking grew faster. It probably occurred to each of them that oral sex would be nice, but there was no room in the sleeping bag for such maneuvering. They concentrated on stroking each other.

"If we keep this up we will make a mess in Fredrick's sleeping bags," Brian whispered.

Roth chuckled, "It is surely not the first time for his bags to be stained. But do you have something we can use for that?"

Brian reached behind himself and found the undershorts he had recently removed, and handed them to Roth. Roth turned towards Lanny and began to jack him off, caressing his balls as he did so.

It only took Lanny another minute to empty himself into Brian's shorts. "Oh shit, here I come," he tried to say quietly."

"So you like it?" Roth laughed. "It is nice to give pleasure to a friend."

Roth wiped Lanny's wet cock then turned towards Brian, who laid on his back and submitted himself to Roth's expert touch. "Oh damn, that feels good," Brian whispered. Roth moved his face to Brian's chest and sucked on his nipple as he stroked him. Very soon, Brian's sperm joined Lanny's.

Brian exhaled sharply. "Damn Roth. You do good work."

Roth laughed and turned on his back. "Now me. I am so very ready."

They both turned towards Roth as he wrapped his arms around their shoulders. Brian took his cock and began to stroke the loose skin over the hard shaft, as Lanny rubbed his balls. They both pressed their faces against his firm chest and licked at his nipples as they worked on him. Roth bucked his hips and pulled them close to him. "Oh mein Gott. Ich glaube, ich sterbe!" he gasped, and added his semen to their own. Brian's undershorts were a soggy mess.

There was an intermission of heavy breathing. After a minute, Roth laughed. "It is good to play with friends, don't you think so? That was very much fun. I think so."

"I can't argue with that," Brian laughed. "Do German guys play like this all the time?"

"I don't know," Roth admitted. "But it is true that we Europeans are not so reserved about sex as you, I think. We did no harm, only gave some pleasure to each other. I would not do this with many, but with you I think it is a good thing. We will all remember this night. I hope you will not think bad things about me."

"No bad things," Brian assured him. "I will remember this and laugh about it many times. I still think you're cool."

Lanny chuckled softly. "I have to admit this was a stretch for me, but I still think you're cool too. It was fun, I admit that. I agree that this will be a night to remember."

"So we are still friends?" Roth asked.

"Yes, we are still friends," Brian laughed, "but I don't think I will ever wear these shorts again without getting a hard-on."

"Maybe you should keep them for a souvenir," Roth suggested.

"Yeah, I think I'll keep them."

Lanny yawned. "I'm ready to go to sleep if you sex maniacs can settle down for the night."

"That works for me," Brian agreed.

"Yes, me too. I am ready for sleep. Maybe I will have nice dreams tonight. Goodnight my friends," Roth sighed sleepily.

They arranged themselves as best they could in the cramped quarters and listened to the sounds of the forest and the wind in the trees above them.

Tomorrow would be another day.

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