Brian and Lanny Go to Europe

by Nick Brady

Chapter 8

Morning came and Brian and Lanny made good their promise of a good breakfast with their new friend Fredrick. They placed their packs in the trunk of the big black Mercedes and started back to Munich.

"This is a beautiful area," Brian remarked, "I have never seen mountains like this before."

"Yes it is. I should tell you that there are many places to hike and camp. I think you will like it," Fredrick told him.

"So tell us more about yourself," Lanny asked. "Do you have much family?"

"My father is Renke and he owns a nice business. I think he started with his father, my grandfather, and since he passed, my father runs the business that grandfather started. When he died, we moved into his nice house with my grandmother. We all live together."

"Do you have brothers and sisters?" Lanny wondered.

"I have two brothers. Karl is older and lives in Berlin. That is where my grandmother went for a visit. He has a nice family there – a wife and two little girls. My other brother is Deiter and he is fourteen. He is a good boy and a nice brother for me I think. Of course he is living at home with us. You will like him."

"What about your mother?"

"My mother's name is Emma and she was trained as a nurse but does not work at that. She looks after the house and helps father with the business. We are a nice family I think."

"My mother is a nurse," Lanny told him.

"Yes? Emma will find that interesting. She can be a little quiet, but when she knows you, you will find that she is very sweet. I think I am lucky to have such a good family. Many people complain about their family, but I have no complaints."

"Will they mind that you are bringing two strangers into the house?" Brian wondered.

"No, not at all. It is a big house and we have plenty of room. My friends are always welcome there. You will see."

"I can imagine that you have a lot of friends," Lanny said. "You have been very kind to us."

"And why not? It is how we are to be. I would like to be treated with kindness, so I must treat others in the same way. It is the golden rule is it not?"

Lanny smiled. "I think your family is much like mine. Not everyone is so fortunate."

They soon were in a quiet neighborhood and pulled into the drive of a large stone house of traditional German design. "Please bring your bags into the house and meet my family. I can assure you that you will be quite welcome," Fredrick told them with a smile.

The house was very attractive, furnished in a German way that was simple and sturdy. As soon as they were inside, Fredrick's mother greeted them warmly. "Yes? And who have we here? I do not know these boys."

"These are my friends Brian and Lanny from America," Fredrick introduced them. "We have been to the castle and now they wish to see our beautiful country."

"Oh good. Now you can stay with us for a little time. It is very nice to meet you. Please take them to the yellow room. I think they will like that."

"Yes of course," Fredrick replied. "Please come with me, Meine Freunde."

He led them to the top of the stairs to a bedroom painted yellow. Outside was a balcony with a view over the rooftops to the mountains beyond. On one side was a big comfortable looking bed, on the other side was a pair of padded chairs with a small table. In the corner was a large wardrobe which served as a closet. It was a nice room.

"It looks like your mother expects us to share a bed," Lanny smile.

"Yes, of course. It is not unusual for friends to share a bed. I think you will be comfortable here. Would you like to see my room?" he asked.

He led them across the hall to a smaller room with a single bed. On the desktop and walls were memorabilia that made it personal to Fredrick. There were some posters and a small collection of trophies and a soccer ball sat in the corner. "What are the trophies?" Brian wondered.

"I love futbol, like most German boys," Fredrick explained. "When I was in high school I played with a team and we won a few things. I think you call it soccer. I was not such a good player, but I enjoyed playing with my friends. Do you like the game?"

"It is becoming very popular in the States. I played on a team when I was younger, but then found that I enjoyed baseball even more," Brian told him.

"Yes. I know that game. I think it is like soccer for you. Baseball is a game that is new to us but becoming more popular now days. I have seen some games but have not played it. Do you play baseball too?" he asked Lanny.

"Just with friends," Lanny told him, "But I never played with a regular team. When I was in middle school I liked to wrestle."

"Ah. Then we are all sportsmen. Perhaps we can find a futbol game. I will look for that."

They went back downstairs and chatted with Emma and were introduced to Deiter who had come to meet his brother's friends. They talked while Fredrick busied himself with his cell phone to organize a hike.

Deiter was a very beautiful young man. Like Fredrick, he was very blond and fit looking, but more slender with broad shoulders and slim hips. His English was surprisingly good. "I want to go to America," he told them.

"You should talk your brother into a trip to the US like the one we are taking here," Lanny said to him. "There are a lot of things to see there."

Brian smiled, "I think we have seen more of Europe on this trip then we have seen of America. Maybe we should all do that sometime."

"Where do you live?" Deiter asked.

"We are from Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma," Brian told him. "Do you know where that is?"

"Yes of course. You have oil wells and cowboys and Indians, is that correct?"

"That's right," Brian smiled. "Does that sound interesting to you?"

"Yes, I think so. I have never met an American Indian. Do they live in tee-pees and wear feathers?"

Brian laughed, "No tee-pees except for tourists. My dad is Seminole Indian as are my two younger brothers."

"But you do not look like you are Indian. How is that?"

"I should explain, I suppose. I live with a gay couple. I am not related to them by blood, but they have become my family."

Deiter smiled, "There is a good story there, I think. So you and your friend Lanny, are you lovers?"

"Deiter! You should not ask such things," his mother scolded.

"That's alright," Lanny defended him, "It is true that we are more than just friends. I am not ashamed to admit that."

"Well, it is no matter to us. We are quite understanding," Emma assured him. "But it is not polite to be so direct." She gave Deiter a disapproving look.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I meant no disrespect. We know that my brother likes boys, not girls. We are OK with that. I was just curious about it."

"So do you play soccer? I should say futbol," Brian asked, changing the subject.

"Yes I do. I am on a good team. Maybe we will win our league this year. I am crazy for futbol," Deiter admitted.

Fredrick put down his cell phone and rejoined the conversation. "I have spoken to some friends. If you like we can do a little hike this afternoon. "Are you prepared for hiking?" he asked.

"Of course. We have been doing a lot of walking since we started our trip," Lanny assured him. "I think we can keep up with you."

"I want to go too," Deiter said. "May I join you? He asked his brother.

"Oh, if you like," Fredrick agreed. "I know you will be ready."

"Who is going with us?" Deiter asked. "I know most of your friends."

"I think Hahn and Marta will come, and maybe Roth."

"Oh, Roth is a crazy one. He will be fun" Roth laughed

"They are all fun," Fredrick said. "We will meet them at one o'clock for a little hike. But first we should have some lunch. Can we make sandwiches Mutter?"

"Yes of course. There are things for sandwiches in the kitchen. You are not helpless," she smiled.

Lanny and Brian followed Fredrick and Deiter to the kitchen to find sliced ham and cheese in the cooler and made some good sandwiches, then found a jug of orange juice to drink.

"Do you have clothes for hiking?" Fredrick asked. "You might want to bring a sweater. It will be cooler when we go to the mountains."

"Yes. We have some hoodies that will do fine. I am afraid that we have neglected our laundry. Can we do some washing while we are here?" Lanny asked.

"Of course. If you will give your dirty clothing to Mutter, she will wash them for you."

"We can do that ourselves if you can show us your washer," Lanny protested.

"That's OK. Mutter does washing almost every day. She will be happy to do that for you while we are on our little hike."

They protested again when they handed Emma their bundle of laundry. "No, no. I can do this for you. Please enjoy your time with us. I think you have better things to do than washing clothes," the lady insisted.

In about an hour they drove higher to a parking lot where thy found three people waiting for them. "I'm sorry. Are we late?" Frederick asked.

"No. We are early. It is a good day for a walk," The taller boy replied.

Frederick introduced him as Hahn, and his girlfriend as Marta. The other boy was a slender and wiry boy with bright orange hair sticking out from under a green stocking cap. "This is crazy Roth," Fredrick laughed.

"Why do you say that?" Roth asked, pretending to be insulted.

"I called you that," Deiter explained. "You are a little crazy, you know."

"I just like to have fun. That doesn't make me crazy."

"We will see if you live up to your reputation," Fredrick laughed. "Crazy or fun is all the same to me. Are we ready?

Brian and Lanny had their ever-present ruck sacks complete with freshly filled bottles of water. The rest had the same. Fredrick locked the Mercedes and they started up a trail paved with chat.

"Where are we going?" Brian asked.

"This is a nice scenic trail," Hahn told him. "It goes up to a good lookout. It will only take about an hour to walk up. Then we walk back down. Simple, eh?"

"We will not try to make you tired. This is just a short walk for us to get a little exercise and enjoy the scenery," Fredrick assured him.

"We should go to the other trail and camp for a night," Roth argued. "That will be more fun. This is too short."

"Maybe we can do that tomorrow," Fredrick suggested. "We are starting too late for that today. We just drove up from Fussen and only have time for a little hike today. This will be nice."

Roth smiled and led the way followed by Deiter. Except for Brian and Lanny, all carried long staffs to help them negotiate the trail.

"Those look useful," Brian observed. "We could use those."

"Yes, these are our wanderstucks. They are good for hiking," Hahn agreed.

Roth hurried ahead. "Slow down," Hahn called to him. "This is a walk, not a run."

Marta laughed. "Roth is always in a hurry. That is part of his craziness. He can outdo all of us and likes to hike long distances."

As they climbed up the steep trail, Brian and Lanny could feel themselves growing short of breath. They were used to walking on level terrain and began to see the wisdom of a shorter hike. There were several places where the trail went near the edge of the mountain, providing nice views of the dramatic landscape.

"This is beautiful up here," Brian exclaimed.

"The view from on top is even better," Hahn assured him.

They passed through tall pines and rocky spaces. When they finally came to a clearing they stopped to look out at the valley below.

"Wow, look at that," Lanny exclaimed. "There is nothing like this in Oklahoma."

They stopped for a time to drink from their water bottles. Hahn and Marta shared some granola bars from their pack as they sat side by side breathing in the cool fragrant air.

"From here the cliff face makes it difficult to lay out a trail," Hahn explained. "This is where we will turn back when we are ready to leave."

"The other trail is better, I think" Roth told them. "It goes up through the forest and there is a very nice clearing at the top where we can make a camp. I think we should do that tomorrow."

"Yes," Deiter agreed. "This is not much of a hike."

"It depends on what you would like to do," Fredrick said to Brian and Lanny. "This is your holiday. We can do whatever you like."

"A longer hike sounds great to me," Brian replied. "This is such a beautiful place. I like Roth's idea." Lanny agreed.

"I think we can do that," Fredrick told them. "We can get some things to eat and be better prepared for tomorrow."

"I am all about being prepared," Brian said. I was into Scouting when I was a little younger. I have done a lot of hiking and camping, but never in a place as beautiful as this."

"We have Boy Scouts here in Germany too," Hahn told him. "I did that when I was younger. We went skiing several times, and camped all over. We even went down to Italy for skiing one winter. In this place there are many nice places for such things."

"Man, I could really get into living in a place like this," Brian said with a touch of envy.

Fredrick laughed, "You should visit us more often."

"Yes," Roth agreed. "You should come and visit us again. We can do many fun things." Deiter sat by his side and agreed enthusiastically.

"Maybe we will. Who knows?" Lanny agreed. "This is the best part of our trip so far."

"We have seen some really neat places, but this is really the sort of thing I enjoy the most," Brian agreed.

"So it is agreed? We will do the longer hike tomorrow and camp for the night?" Roth asked eagerly.

"Yes. I think we would enjoy that," Lanny agreed. "I think that would be an adventure. I have not done as much of this as Brian has."

"Then that is what we will do," Fredrick said. "Are you all available?" he asked the others.

"Yes. I am always ready for a nice hike. That will be fun for us all," Hahn said. "We will need to get something to eat. Maybe we can go shopping when we get back. We will get what is needed and you can help pay for it later." Roth and Deiter grinned broadly.

They stuffed the granola wrappers into their pockets and started back down the trail.

"I keep looking for trash," Brian said. "Whenever the scouts hike, we try to pick up trash. I haven't seen any all day."

"Oh no. Not in Germany," Marta told them. "We are taught as little children, not to litter. You will not see trash on the roadsides either. We are a clean people."

Lanny nodded and smiled. "That's the way it should be. I like this place."

The steep trail was more difficult to negotiate going down than coming up. Despite her wanderstuck Marta stumbled and fell trying to step over some rocks.

"Be careful," Hahn called too late. "Are you OK?"

Marta frowned. "I think so, but I have twisted my ankle."

"Can you walk on it?"

"Let me try," she said and took a few steps. "Ah, it is rather painful. I'm sorry to be so clumsy, but I think it is a problem."

"May I have a look?" Brian asked.

"Brian is the first aid guy," Lanny informed them. "Let the apprentice doctor have a look."

Marta removed her shoe and stocking to reveal an ankle that was swelling rapidly.

"We need to get a wrap on that," Brian said. "Just a minute." He dug down into his ruck sack and produced an Ace bandage. "This will help."

"Where did you get that?" Lanny asked with surprise.

"Boy Scouts are always prepared, right?" Brian began to carefully wrap the ankle, then pulled on the sock and laced her boot as snugly as possible. "There now. That should slow down the swelling and give you some support. How does that feel?"

Marta tested her ankle and walked a few steps with a limp. "That's better," she agreed, "but I will slow us down, I'm afraid."

"We are in no hurry. We will get you down," Hahn assured her.

Marta put an arm around Hahn on one side and Brian on the other and began to gingerly make her way down the steep trail. Roth and Deiter led the way and Fredrick followed closely.

"You are doing fine," Brian said. "This will work."

It took longer to go down than to come up, but Marta was good natured about her situation and the descent was successful.

Once back at the car, she sat down to rest and laughed. "I'm sorry to make you carry me, but the ankle feels pretty good I think, thanks to Doctor Brian."

"You did fine Marta. I think the Ace bandage was helpful," Brian told her.

"Yes, thank you very much," she smiled. "I think you will make a fine doctor someday."

"Oh, I learned first aid in scouts. I am hardly a doctor," Brian replied. "I'm just glad it helped you down the mountain."

Lanny looked on all this with pride. His friend was resourceful and considerate. Just as Lanny would expect of him.

They said goodbye and Fredrick drove them back to his house, "I don't know what this will do to our plans for a longer hike tomorrow. I think Marta will not be able to join us and Hahn might not want to come without her."

"Roth and I will go. That is four of us. It is enough," Deiter reminded them.

"Are Hahn and Marta a couple?" Lanny asked.

"Yes, I would say so. They are living together and their plan is to marry after they finish their university studies."

"They are very nice people," Lanny remarked. "You have nice friends."

"Yes, I think so. You see, not all my friends are gay," Fredrick chuckled.

It was late in the afternoon when they got back and went in through the kitchen. Emma greeted them. "Hello. Here are the hikers. Can you tell me, what are your plans for dinner?"

"I don't think we have any plans," Fredrick replied.

"Very good. Then I have not made a nice pork roast for nothing. Come and introduce our friends to your father," she said to Fredrick.

"They went into the living room where they found Fredrick's father reading a newspaper. "Pater, I want to introduce you to Brian and Lanny, my friends from America. This is my father Renke."

They shook hands all around. "We are very pleased to meet you sir, and we appreciate your hospitality," Lanny spoke for both of them.

"Yes, you are most welcome," Renke said with a rather thick accent. "You will excuse my English, please. We old people do not learn so quickly as the young ones."

"Oh Pater, you are not so old," Deiter laughed. "Mutter says you are her oldest child."

Renke smiled, "Oh, your Mutter says many things."

"My friends will be joining us for dinner, and sleeping here tonight. We plan for a hike and overnight camp tomorrow on the long trail up the mountain."

"Yes, that will be very nice. That is very beautiful there."

"Will you join us for hiking Pater?" Fredrick asked.

"No, no. I am too old for such things. And I must work to pay for your play," he said in a good natured way.

They attempted a conversation in English but it was rather awkward. Deiter was the better English speaker and served as a translator. Renke was interested to know that part of Brian's family was Native American and had several questions about that.

"Everyone here thinks that American Indians are very exotic," Deiter said as an aside to them.

"Brian laughed, "It gives us something to talk about, I suppose. Really they are just like anyone else but with some different traditions. No tee-pees."

Deiter translated and Renke laughed heartily.

"Emma stuck her head in the living room and called, "Abendessenszeit!"

"Ah, dinner time," Deiter translated. "Let's go and eat. I am starved!"

They were ushered into the dining room where the table was nicely set with good china and cloth napkins. In the center was a big pork roast already neatly sliced with a bowl of roasted potatoes and a lovely salad. There were wine glasses at each place and a bottle of weisswein was wrapped in a towel. Brian and Lanny exchanged glasses and shrugged.

The dinner was delicious and the wine was nice although Brian and Lanny made their glasses last with no refills.

"That was wonderful," Lanny told her. "Fredrick took us to a nice restaurant for a fine dinner last night, but yours was better." While this was not strictly true, it was the politically correct thing to say as evidenced by Emma's smile.

"I am pleased that you enjoyed it," she said. "I hope you have saved some room for my blaubeerkuchen." A large blueberry tart was placed on the table and served with vanilla ice cream. It was wonderful.

"Brian leaned back and closed his eyes. "That was delicious, all of it. How do you people remain slender with that sort of food? I would weigh 500 pounds if I lived here."

"Oh, I don't know about me," Emma laughed as she patted her modest tummy.

"Du siehst schön aus," Renke smiled.

"Pater thinks she looks good to him," Deiter translated with a grin. "Now, we need to exercise so we do not get fat. Let's go to the park and kick the futbol," he suggested.

"That's probably a good idea, but I'm not sure I can move," Lanny murmured.

"Yes, let's go. It will be good for us all," Fredrick agreed. "Sometimes my brother has good ideas."

The four young men walked a few blocks to a tree lined park where Deiter tossed down a soccer ball onto a soccer field and kicked it to Brian. "You and I will play Lanny and Fredrick, OK?" The game was afoot.

Deiter was obviously the most skillful and maneuvered the ball around his faltering opponents to immediately score a goal.

"Wait, I was not ready for that," Fredrick complained.

"So it is your turn now," Deiter called and attempted to take the ball away from him. Fredrick kicked it to Lanny who proved to be quicker on his feet than expected. Brian tried to get it away from him and they began to get into the game. It turned into a contest between Lanny and Deiter with assistance from Brian and Fredrick. After about thirty minutes the sun had dropped low enough to convince them that the game was over. Score was not kept.

They walked back to the house, Deiter kicking the ball along in front of him as they walked.

"That was fun," Lanny declared. "It has been some time since I played any soccer."

"Really?" Deiter asked without looking up from the ball. "You are pretty good, actually."

"Thank you. Coming from you, that's a compliment."

Deiter smiled and kept the ball in front of him.

Back at the house they found Emma and Renke watching television. They were watching reruns of 'Bluebloods' with dubbed in German.

"I'm sorry," Emma apologized, "I think you cannot understand the speaking."

"That's OK," Lanny assured her, "We have seen these in English. We can get the idea."

After an hour of this they began to yawn. "I'm sorry," Brian said. "After the fine dinner and a little exercise, I think I need to call it a day."

"Do you have everything you need for the night?" Fredrick asked. "I want to check on Marta. You go on to bed and I will see you in the morning."

Upstairs they found the bathroom and took turns in the shower, then went into the yellow room and closed the door.

"This has been a really great day," Brian said.

"It has been. I can't believe we are so lucky to have met such nice people."

"We have been lucky the whole time we have been traveling," Lanny agreed. I keep waiting for a disaster to happen."

"Yeah. Well, we've been careful and managed to stay out of trouble so far. Maybe our luck will hold."

"If you stop and think about it, we had a couple of guys who were looking for trouble. That might have gone bad if you hadn't been quick on your feet," Lanny reminded him. "And today when Marta sprained her ankle. You kept that from being a mess. I think you are looking out for me, for all of us."

"Well, I guess. But you are the one who is working out all the details. I would be lost without you," Brian pointed out.

Lanny laughed. "Maybe we are good for each other. It's teamwork, you know."

Brian smiled, "I definitely think we are good for each other. Um, is that door closed?"

"It is, and it's pretty solid. I bet we have a little privacy here."

"Right. And Fredrick knows the score. I don't think he will interrupt us."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Lanny asked.

"I bet I am," Brian leaned in for a kiss. "We had a lodger in our bed last night, but I think we have this one for ourselves."

Lanny returned the kiss, visibly inspired. "Do you think it would be wicked to have sex in these nice people's house?"

"Probably. Want to?"

"Hmmm," Another kiss and the decision was made.

"I think we are golden as long as we don't make too much noise," Brian suggested.

"So who does what to whom? Lanny asked with a grin.

"Your option. I'm good either way."

"Is that called being versatile?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Actually," Lanny grinned, "Despite my initial reservations I thought what we did the other night was pretty interesting."

"Did you like that?"

"I'm not sure."

"Want to give it another try to see how it goes?"

Lanny arched his back and stretched. "I might. Providing that you will go easy on me."

"Always. I will never intentionally hurt you Lanny. I do love you, you know."

"Yeah, I know. I love you too."

"You ready for this?"

"I think so. I pooped and showered. You might have to help me relax though."

Brian grinned. "I think I can do that. Another kiss?"

They held each other tenderly and swapped tongues for several minutes before Lanny turned over on his stomach and raised his hips. "Do me like you did before," he whispered.

Brian took his position behind Lanny and spread his ass cheeks, wetting a finger and rubbing it over his hole.


"Like that?"

"Uh-huh. Do the tongue think, OK?"

Brian spread Lanny's cheeks apart and began to lick and nuzzle his hole, feeling Lanny relax and push back into his face. The tongue licked the length of his crack and tickled his hole, as if trying to enter inside.

"Um. Oh yeah, like that."

More licking and slurping followed, then a finger entered gently and twisted a little before going deeper. "You OK?"

"Uh-huh. That's nice."

More licking then the finger went deeper and twisted itself, rubbing Lanny's inner parts.

Lanny sighed. "I think I'm ready. Be careful, OK? Wait, do I need to get you ready?"

"No baby, I'm ready and willing. Are you?"

"Go slow, OK?"

Brian positioned himself between Lanny's spread legs and rubbed the head of his cock across the wet hole. The small tube of lube appeared as if by magic and was applied generously to both shaft and hole, then the rubbing resumed, followed by gentle pressure as Brian's eager cock knocked at Lanny's back door.

Lanny raised his hips and sighed, focusing on relaxing as he waited for the pain, the pleasure – he was not sure which would happen.

Brian pushed harder and Lanny opened up to let the tip inside, then the head popped in and Brian held still. "You OK?"

Lanny took several deep breaths. "I think so. It's better than last time."

"That's because you aren't scared. That's because you trust me more this time. I love you Lanny."

"Oh Brian. Fuck me Brian, but go slow."

Brian moved again, slowly, very slowly, sinking himself inside his lover, watching for any sign of pain or discomfort.

"Oh, ahh, easy – yes, oh yes," Lanny whispered. Then Brian was deep inside him."

"You OK baby?"

"Yeah. I think I'm good. Are you all the way in?"

"That's all I got baby."

Lanny gave a soft chuckle. "That's plenty – go ahead. I may learn to like this."

Brian withdrew slowly until he almost pulled out, then pushed back in, pressing his pubic hair against Lanny's ass cheeks.

"Oh yeah. Just like that Brian. Just like that," Lanny sighed.

The in and out movement continued, still slowly, still gently, but steady. A piston slowly pumping while Lanny relaxed and pushed back against him.

Brian was shivering with pleasure but resisted to urge to change his gentle pace until Lanny whispered in a husky voice, "Go a little faster. This is amazing."

Brian obliged, increasing his speed slowly until he was almost at the point of climax. Then he stopped.

"Turn over on your back, OK? I want to look at you. I want to see your beautiful face."

Lanny turned, pulled up his knees and spread his legs. Brian lifted his hips and slid a pillow under them then leaned forward to kiss him gently. "I love you Lanny. Oh my God, I love you so much."

Lanny took a deep breath and let it out. "I love you too, Brian. Now please, do that some more."

Reapplying a little lube to his cock, Brian lifted Lanny's knees until they were against his chest, repositioned himself at his hole and sought entry. Lanny closed his eyes, relaxed and pushed up to feel Brian inside him again. He opened his eyes to see Brian smiling.

"You OK baby?"

"Oh yeah. I am just fine. Just keep doing that thing you do."

Brian resumed his steady rhythm, sliding gently in and out, and in and out – watching Lanny's face and seeing a smile of pleasure come across his face.

"Oh yeah. Fuck me Brian. Fuck me nice and slow. Oh my God, this is so nice. It feels good – so good," he whispered almost inaudibly.

Lanny's erection was rock hard and waving up and down to the rhythm of Brian's even stroking. Brian took Lanny's cock in his fist and began to stroke it in time with his own movement. Lanny knitted his eyebrows together with a look of great intensity on his face. "Oh, oh, oh...." then he spewed long white strings of semen up and over his face and chest. He took a very deep breath, opened his mouth wide, and chanted breathlessly, "Ah, ah, ah.... Oh my God Brian, oh Brian!"

That was all it took for Brian to push deep inside and empty himself. He slumped forward, pressing his face onto Lanny's slippery chest. He felt the semen against his cheek and at the corner of his mouth as he rested there. Then he began to laugh as quietly as he could.

"Wow! I think we did it baby. That was amazing." He remained hard and deep inside, but looked up at Lanny's face with a smile. Lanny had several streaks of cum on his cheek, and a white gob of the stuff in one eye. He was dazed but smiling.

Lanny stifled a laugh, "Are we done yet?"

"You want more?"

"No. Any more of that would kill me. Not that I'm complaining. I just figured out why gay guys like to get fucked. That was.... That would be hard to describe."

"But you liked it, right? Did I hurt you?"

"No. You were really careful, thank you very much. It hurt a little at first and then.... It felt good Brian. It really felt good. And when I had that orgasm, it was like my whole body just exploded."

"So you liked it."

"Yeah. I liked it. Oh Brian, I love you so much," he whispered. "I could never do that with anybody else. You are so kind and gentle, and careful with me."

"That's because I love you. That was the most intense experience of my young life. Nobody but you Lanny. Nobody else but you. There is nobody else in the world but you, at least not in my world."

Lanny closed his eyes. "I'm sorry I made such a mess, but would you hold me some more. I want to feel your skin against mine."

Brian held him close and kissed his neck, licked the white sticky mess from his face and out of his eye. He held him until he lost his erection and came unplugged. Then he held him some more. The moment was too wonderful to end.

But finally it did end and Brian rolled over on his side to take Lanny's hand and hold it in his.

They slept that way until morning. Brian woke first, tried to ignore his urgent bladder while he took the damp towel from the night before and wiped himself and Lanny as best he could, dabbing at the crusty places on the sheets and hoping that they would go unnoticed by Emma. Finally his bladder insisted on his attention and he pulled on his shorts and went into the bathroom to answer its call. When he came back, Lanny was still sleeping, a gentle smile on his face.

When Brian lay back down on the bed, Lanny did not move but his eyes opened.

"Good morning. You OK?" Brian asked softly.

"Lanny smiled again then looked more serious. "I'm fine, but I really, really need to pee. Excuse me." He quickly found his boxer shorts and hustled out of the room, returning in a minute looking more relaxed. "Now. Where were we?"

"Did you know it's eight-thirty? They may send a search party after us if we don't get downstairs."

"Gee. Is it that late? Let's get dressed."

"We have a hike planned for today, remember? And a campout. It's another day in paradise."

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