Brian and Lanny Go to Europe

by Nick Brady

Chapter 10

Brian woke up in the morning with Lanny pressed against him. Stretching and yawning, he thought of Roth. His red-headed friend had been with them when they fell asleep. What had become of him? The wind had died down and it was very quiet except for the sound of a crackling fire in the fire pit. He looked at his wrist watch then jostled Lanny awake. "It's after seven o'clock, and I hear someone outside."

Lanny roused and looked around. "Where's Roth? He was with us last night."

Brian unzipped the tent enough to look outside. "He's building a nice fire out there. Maybe we should go help him."

Brian and Lanny dressed themselves and slipped quietly out of their tent to see about Roth and his fire. "Nice fire," Brian remarked. "You snuck out of our tent without waking us. We could have helped you."

Roth grinned. "You were sleeping so nicely I did not want to wake you. I can build a fire alone."

"You were very quiet. Did you sneak into Fredrick's tent to fetch your clothes without waking them?" Brian asked. "As I recall, you were not wearing much when you joined us last night."

"I was naked just like you two," Roth laughed. "When the wind stopped it was not so cold. I found my clothing and dressed outside, then started our fire. Do you like it?"

"Of course. It's a fire worthy of a good scout. Can we help?"

"No, no. It will be nice to warm ourselves while we have our breakfast. Then we must put it out before we leave. It would not be good to start a forest fire."

"Should we wake Fredrick and Deiter?" Lanny asked.

"They are sleeping. It will not take so long to hike back down today. Maybe we can let them sleep a little longer. Then we can enjoy the fire and have a nice chat. Do you think so?"

Brian and Lanny saw the wisdom in his suggestion. They sat down near the fire and enjoyed its bright crackle.

"You're an interesting guy," Brian said. "I took you for a clown when we first met, but I think there is more to you than that. Tell us about yourself."

Roth smiled. "So maybe I am not just a crazy guy like Marta told you? After last night maybe you think I am very crazy."

"We could have kicked you out in the cold," Lanny smiled, "but your visit was enjoyable."

Roth sat and smiled. "Very well, then. You ask me for my story, is that right? Everyone has a story I think, I think. I live with my father and with two brothers: Andreas is two years older than me, and Carl is three years younger – we are 21, 19, and 16. I am a middle son. My mother is gone from us. She died with a cancer when I was eight so we are a family of all males. Maybe that makes me lack good manners. My father is a civil engineer and has always liked to do things outside. We have many times gone hiking and camping, sometimes for weeks at a time. We are not really nudists, but our attitude about clothing is very casual, do you understand? If there are no other people near us, then if someone is naked it is not important. Is that strange to you?"

Brian smiled. "I think most Americans are sort of uptight about that kind of thing. Actually, it sounds very sensible to me. Do you have friends who share your attitude?"

"Yes, a few," Roth nodded. "We have friends who are true nudists. They go to special places where no one wears any clothes. We have not gone to such places, but when we are camping in a private place, sometimes it is nice to be naked and feel the breezes on the body. Usually it is after we swim. It is nice to swim naked, then when out of the water it is nice to just stay that way for a little while. We are all brothers. We have no secrets about each other. Does that sound evil?"

"No. Not at all. It sounds pretty healthy to me," Lanny said. "I might be shy if there were girls around, but not so much with a bunch of guys. I think I might like that."

"I think that's right," Brian agreed. "Being naked is only nasty if you think it is. If nobody makes a big deal out of it, then it's really no big deal."

Lanny laughed. "That reminds me of a story. Brian was in scouts for a long time and I guess that's where he learned to swim. I learned to swim at a YMCA with a group of about a dozen boys when I was nine. I remember one day we showed up and the instructor told us they were working on the filters in the pool and asked us not to wear any swim suits so we wouldn't get any lint in the system. Most of us thought that was cool and we swam naked. We call it skinny dipping. But there was one boy, his name was Jacky, who was horrified. He said if his mother ever found out that he was naked in front of a bunch of other kids, she would kill him. I don't guess she would really have killed him, but he waited in the lobby rather than skinny dip with the rest of us."

"Oh, that's sad," Roth frowned. "That must teach him to be ashamed of his body."

"Yeah, I think that was the message. He was even afraid that if his mom found out that the rest of us swam naked, she wouldn't let him stay in the class."

Roth shook his head. "His mother was teaching him some bad things. It is so natural for boys to see each other without shame. I feel sorry for him."

"We did too," Lanny agreed. "His mother belonged to some church that thought everything was sinful. Jacky had a hard time fitting in with the other kids. He was painfully shy and I can understand why."

"I think that is not so common in Germany. We have a more healthy attitude about such things."

"So, what are you doing now? Are you working or going to college?" Brian asked. "I'm curious about you."

"Ah, but perhaps I should be a mystery for you. If you know me well, I might not be so interesting." Roth smiled and tossed some more sticks into the fire.

"No, really. Now I'm curious too," Lanny said. "Are you training to be a circus clown?"

Roth laughed. "Maybe that is a good idea. Do you know that to be a circus performer is a respected profession in Europe? But no, I am a student at TUM like my friend Fredrick. I wish to be a civil engineer like my father. Maybe I will start in his business then become independent from him."

"What does a civil engineer do?" Lanny wondered.

"He will design and build roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Almost everything is outside. I think that is what I like about it. And when I finish something it is there for everybody to see. I can say, 'There. I did that'."

"Are you a full time student, or do you work as well?" Brian asked.

"I do," Roth answered. "I am a musician, although it does not pay so much money."

"Oh really? What kind of a musician?"

Roth smiled. "You will laugh if I tell you."

"Now I am curious. What do you play?"

"I am a cellist. I play the cello in the Bavarian State Orchestra, and in a small string quartet," Roth laughed. "The orchestra pays a small salary and sometimes the quartet can play for money at events and weddings. The orchestra gives some performances and plays for the Bavarian State Opera. The principal performers can make a living at this, although I am not so talented. But I like it."

"Wow! So you are a classical musician. I'm impressed," Brian admitted.

"I don't think you should be too impressed. Maybe you will like to know that I play electric guitar in a rock band with some friends too. We play for some parties and dances. It is fun and we make a little money. I will never be famous for that." Roth shrugged. "All together it is enough for me. My father helps with my university."

"It sounds like you keep very busy."

"Yes. I am busy with things. If I have some extra time, I like to get out for hikes like this one. My father and brothers and I go for holidays when we can. I enjoy that."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Lanny asked.

Roth laughed. "No girlfriend. I have friends who are girls, but no girlfriend. I don't have time for that. Besides, girlfriends are too expensive."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Brian smiled.

"No. I have many friends, but nothing like that."

"Now I think we're asking too many personal questions," Lanny said. "But I think we have a better understanding of you. You're an interesting guy. Maybe not so crazy at all."

Roth smiled. "Thank you. I am happy to have some American friends. Maybe we can - how do you say it – keep in touch?"

"I would like that," Brian told him. "There is email, and Facebook. We should exchange our information with you."

"Hello. You are all up so early," Fredrick appeared behind them. "You let us sleep too late."

"I was going to wake you," Roth laughed. "You have our food."

"Yes, but it is only rolls and butter. Maybe Hahn packed some eggs for us. Are you cooking? I am not so good at cooking."

Roth looked at Brian. "Can we cook for these lazy people?"

"Sure. Is there anything besides rolls and eggs? Do you have anything for an omelet?" Brian asked.

"I don't know," Fredrick said. "I will look and see."

Come with me," Brian told Roth," I think I saw some wild onions near the trees. If we have some leftover cheese we can make a good omelet."

Roth followed Brian to the edge of the meadow. "I don't know about wild onions. Did you see them?"

Brian searched through a moist area near the trees. "Yes, here they are. I thought I saw some. Let me make sure." He pulled up some slender green plants and rubbed one between his fingers. "Smell this. What do you think?"

Roth sniffed and smiled. "It smells like onion. Will it kill us to eat it?"

"No. I don't think so. I bet there is a lot of edible stuff around here. These onions will be enough. Let's pull up a handful and see what Hahn has sent us."

They went back to the fire to find that Fredrick had discovered a carton of eggs and the cooking pot from the night before. "I have eggs, butter and a little cheese. Will this be helpful?"

"Perfect. If you will cut up the onions I will get this started," he told Roth.

Brian leveled out the coals in the fire and set the pot to one side, cutting a piece of butter and letting it melt inside. "Toss in the onions and let them cook a little."

When the diced onion began to smell good, Brian added the eggs and gently scrambled them with a fork, adding a few more until he had used them all. "Slice up the rest of the cheese," he told Roth. "As soon as the eggs begin to set you can add it and stir it a little more."

"Oh, that smells good," Fredrick sniffed eagerly.

"Where is your lazy brother?" Roth asked. "Go wake up Deiter or he will go hungry."

Brian looked at Lanny who was sitting to one side with a smile on his face. "What are you doing to help?"

"I'm staying out of the way. You know what they say about too many cooks. I don't want to screw up breakfast."

In a minute Fredrick returned with a handful of paper plates and their forks. Behind him was a sleepy looking Deiter.

"Here is our dish washer," Roth called. "Good morning Deiter." Deiter did not look happy.

"What do you think?" Roth asked. "Is it ready?"

"I think so," Brian answered, and spooned out the contents of the cook pot onto five plates. "Try it and see."

"Hey. This is good," Lanny said. "Where are those rolls?"

All conversation stopped as they fell to their breakfast. "Brian found the onions in the meadow," Roth told them. "We have a real boy scout here." There were muffled compliments to the chef."

"We are in the presence of genius!" Fredrick exclaimed.

They sat back and drank from their water bottles and chatted for a few minutes.

"Should we start back?" Brian asked.

"We are ready as soon as the pot is clean," Roth told them and handed it to Deiter. "Now, sleepyhead. This is your part." Deiter shrugged and did as he was told.

Brian and Lanny took down their tent and rolled up the borrowed sleeping bags while Roth helped Fredrick with theirs. By the time all the gear was stowed in their packs, Deiter had cleaned up the breakfast mess and they tossed the paper plates on the fire to be burned. The ashes were stirred and water was poured over the remains of the fire until Roth was satisfied that they would not leave any live coals to catch the woods on fire.

They refilled their water bottles from the spring and looked around to be sure that no trash was left behind. "I think we are ready," Roth said.

They shouldered their packs and started back the way they came. Fredrick and Deiter took the lead while Brian, Lanny and Roth followed behind. With a full stomach and a night's sleep, their spirits were high and they talked and laughed as they made their way down the trail.

"I wish you were going to be here longer," Roth said. "We have only just met and already I will miss you. Can you stay longer? When will you leave us?"

"We don't have any real schedule," Lanny admitted. "I suppose we will stay with Fredrick tonight and then go from there tomorrow."

"So where will you go next?" Roth wondered.

Brian laughed, "I don't know. We haven't planned that far ahead. We eventually want to go to Holland I think. I guess we need to talk about that."

"We are sort of making this up as we go along," Lanny said. "We came here because we wanted to see the castle, and met Fredrick at the airport. We didn't plan to hike and camp but this has been great. We haven't really planned what to do next. I love being out in the country though."

Roth smiled, "Maybe I have some suggestions for you if you wish to see more of the countryside."

"I think I would like that," Brian said and looked at Lanny. "What about you?"

"Sure. This is all sort of a new experience for me. I would like to see more of this beautiful area."

Brian grinned. "I guess we are up for more of this. What did you have in mind?"

"Ah, good!" Roth clapped his hands together. "I think we can enjoy the Goldsteig trail. It is not far from here and very beautiful."

"How long is it?" Brian asked.

"The total length is 600 kilometers. What is that in miles? I think a little over 400 miles. I would like to hike all of it someday, but only in pieces. There is no time to do it all at once."

"That's like the Appalachian Trail in America. I guess some people have hiked it end to end all at one time, but most people do just parts of it, or all of it over a long time."

"Yes. I have heard of it. I think I would like to see it someday. Here we have many trails but the Goldsteig is not so far away and very nice."

"So how would we do this?" Lanny asked.

"If you would like, maybe we can hike a part of the trail which is near to Munich. I am thinking four or five days. Is that too much for you?"

"Not for me," Brian assured him. "What about you, Lanny?"

"It might be kind of a stretch for me, but I'm game. This is a once in a lifetime sort of thing. We can't pass it up. Besides, it's a lot cheaper than staying in hotels."

"Wonderful!" Roth clapped his hands and laughed. "I have some maps and when we return I will do some planning. I think Fredrick can drive us to a starting point and pick us up at our finish. If we have a big problem we have our cell phones."

"I have never hiked in country like this," Brian admitted, "but I don't think we can build fires, even just for cooking. Do you have a little gas stove and some things for us to use on the trail?"

"Yes, yes. Of course. I have everything for us. Leave this to me. I will be your tour guide."

"This is great," Lanny said. "I'm not sure why you are being so kind to us. Not that I don't appreciate it."

"Roth shrugged and laughed, "Because I like you. We will have some nice times and good talks. Besides, it is an excuse for me to go hiking."

"OK. So what are you thinking? Where will we go?" Brian was getting excited.

"If I remember, there are good access points at Mauth and at Passau. Fredrick can get us there and back. It will take us five days if everything goes well. When we finish we will have hiked only a small part of the Goldsteig, but a very nice part."

"Have you hiked that part yourself?" Lanny asked.

"Yes, with my father and brothers. It was when I was in high school. Carl was only thirteen and he had no problem. I think you will like it and it will not be too difficult for you."

"I'm trying to remember the names of your family," Lanny said. "Your older brother is Andreas, you are Roth and the younger is Carl, right?"

"Yes, yes. Actually, I am Berthold. Roth is only what my friends call me."

"Why 'Roth'?"

"It means 'red'. When a boy has red hair sometimes he is called Roth. It suits me, don't you think?"

"It does."

They made good time hiking down the trail. When Fredrick and Deiter dropped back a little they talked with them, but most of the time Deiter wanted to be in the lead and his brother walked with him. They had eaten the last of their rolls and cheese for breakfast so there was nothing for lunch. They stopped at the spring to rest and fill their water bottles and eat the last of the granola bars, then soon walked on.

It was early afternoon when they reached the parking lot and Fredrick's car. The packs went into the trunk and the hikers sank into the comfortable seats.

Once back at Fredrick's house, they said goodbye to Roth after exchanging their contact information, and went in for a warm shower. After the shower they stretched out on the bed in the yellow guest room to relax.

"Wow. That was great," Lanny said. "I'm tired, but it's a good tired, you know?"

"I know what you mean. We have done quite a bit of walking in the cities, but that's different than a long hike over a steep trail. I like the way it makes me feel."

"Roth sounds like he has a real adventure planned for us."

"He does. I like Roth. He turns out to be a really neat guy. He's not really crazy at all, just sort of fun loving."

"You and Roth have a lot in common. I can see why you like him."

"Well, you liked him too."

"Yeah, but you really clicked with him."

Brian hesitated, "Are you a little jealous? You shouldn't be."

"No, not jealous really. I don't know. You and I are just getting really close. Maybe I'm not sure where we are."

Brian rolled over and put his arms around Lanny. "Don't be jealous. I like you best. You can be sure of that. It's just that Roth is sort of different. Everything is different here – the people, the food, the beautiful countryside. I'm having a great time. Aren't you?"

"I admit that I am," Lanny kissed Brian on the cheek. "Roth is sort of hot."

"Maybe it's just his red hair that turns you on."

"That little threesome in the sleeping bag was kind of wild."

Brian laughed, "He said we would remember that forever. I think he was right. I guess that was OK."

"It seemed right at the time, didn't it?"

"I think so. We were just goofing off. I don't think we should take that too seriously. I didn't."

"I wonder how it will work out for the three of us to be together for a long hike."

"You mean will it end up being an orgy or something?"

"Not really. But I wonder if we're going to be sleeping three in a tent again. That would mean it would be hard for you and I to do anything together. I think maybe I'm more selfish than jealous," Lanny admitted.

"Hmm. I hadn't thought about that. We were just discovering the joy of sex, weren't we?"

"I was thinking along those lines."

"Do we have time to pursue that thought?" Brian nibbled on Lanny's ear.

Emma's voice came up from downstairs, "Hello hikers. Would you like some lunch?"

Brian's stomach responded with a low growl. "Romance may have to wait. I think Emma just made us a better offer."

"That does sound pretty good. I wonder what she has for lunch."

"There is only one way to find out. Let's get something to eat. We can play later."

They dressed quickly and went downstairs to find a smiling Emma ladling steaming bowls of soup for them as Fredrick and Deiter sat waiting. "Here is good bread and some butter. Would you like fresh coffee?"

They would. The soup was a creamy mixture of potato, onion and thin sliced ham. The bread was fresh with a crisp crust and chewy soft interior. They had seconds and thanked her profusely. "This is wonderful. You are very kind," Lanny told her.

"That is no matter. It is my pleasure to feed hungry boys," Emma replied. "Now you will excuse me. I have to go to the market for our supper."

After Emma left with a shopping basket on her arm, Lanny asked Fredrick, "Is she getting something special for dinner?"

"No. I don't think so. She goes to get what she will prepare for tonight. Is this not the custom in America?

"I think back home women only go grocery shopping a couple of days a week."

"What will they have for the cooking?" Fredrick asked.

"Usually they get what they need for the week and put it in the refrigerator or in the freezer for when they need it."

"I think we do not have such big appliances here. And our women want everything to be very fresh, so they go to the market every day for only what they need for that evening," Fredrick shrugged. "It is our custom."

"Nothing wrong with that," Brian agreed.

"If you are rested from our hike, I think I know something you will enjoy this evening," Fredrick said with a smile.

"What's that? Brian asked.

"There is a futbol game between Munich and Ingolstadt. Would you like to go see it?"

"Sure. That sounds great!" they both agreed.

"Good, good. Roth will come to be with us and of course Deiter. The game begins at five thirty and when we return, Mutter will have our dinner. Do you like this idea?"

It was a great idea. Roth arrived soon wearing a red team jersey and they were off for the match. The stadium looked like a great red doughnut and already becoming crowded. Once inside, they stopped at a refreshment stall and Fredrick bought a cup of beer for each of them. The attendant glanced at young Deiter but gave him a beer without comment. Brian and Lanny started to protest then decided that this was part of the experience, and took their beverage with a grateful smile.

The teams took the field for their warm-up exercises and the crowd roared as each player was introduced. There seemed to be plenty of fans for the opposing team and excitement was in the air.

"This is a very popular event here. The games are always well attended," Fredrick told them.

After some ceremony, the game began. Brian and Lanny had never attended a big soccer game before and were very impressed by the quality of the play. The ball changed hands often and the crowd cheered loudly when the ball was cleverly stolen or when a shot at the goal was made. When near the end of the first period Munich scored a goal there was great celebration. The scorer slid across the turf on his knees, pulled his shirt over his head and was pummeled by his teammates.

After some time, a vendor came through the stands with more beer for sale. Deiter looked hopeful but Fredrick silenced him with a frown. Now Roth bought a cup for the others and it tasted good, even to Brian and Lanny.

"At the end of an exciting game, the score was two to nil in favor of Munich and the local fans were well satisfied. On the way out of the stadium they observed a scuffle between several fans of the opposing teams. Security men in yellow vests put a quick stop to it but some loud shouts continued in coarse German. "Ach, too much beer for them," Fredrick laughed. Clearly this was part of the game.

Roth stayed at Fredrick's house to talk about his plans for their longer hike. When Emma asked him to stay for dinner he accepted eagerly. "We have not such a good cook where I live," he grinned.

Fredrick agreed to provide transportation to their starting point and would pick them up at the end. Roth agreed to call him on his cell phone to let him know when they expected to arrive. Deiter wanted to be included, but since Fredrick had to work and would not be along to keep an eye on him, Deiter was refused. Disgusted, he left in a huff.

"You see, I think he is not ready to join you. He is our baby and a little spoiled," Fredrick explained.

"I will be busy keeping these Americans out of trouble," Roth teased. "Maybe Deiter can come another time."

"We need to plan our menus," Brian said. "Maybe Roth and I can do that together since we will probably do most of the cooking."

Lanny chuckled, "That tells me who will be the dish washer. I will help with what I can."

"We can share all the chores. This should be fun for us all," Roth assured him.

Brian began to fall into planning mode from his scouting days. "When we decide on the menus we need to convert that into a list of supplies and figure out the cost. Lanny and I will expect to pay our share. We are already in your debt for your hospitality."

Fredrick shook his head, "No, please let me do that for you. It will not be such an expense and I wish to do that. Perhaps I will come to visit you in America and you can be my host at that time."

"No. I would rather that we pay our own way on this. You have done too much for us already," Lanny insisted. "We would not feel right about that."

Roth agreed. "Yes, I think Lanny is right. When we decide on what we need to purchase we can split that three ways. I think that is fair."

And so it was decided. The three hikers went through the planning process and agreed to shop together and share the expense. When they parted, their plans were in place. Brian and Lanny said goodnight to Roth and would meet with him in the morning for the shopping and preparation. They would agree on everything that would be needed and leave the following morning.

By this time it was rather late and time for bed. When in their bedroom, they discussed what had been planned and felt that nothing had been forgotten.

"Roth has a lot of experience and so do you," Lanny said. "I think we'll be OK."

"I think so," Brian agreed. "I'm really looking forward to this. It should be exciting. I can only imagine what beautiful country we'll see."

Lanny yawned, "I'm tired. I think we should get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow will pass quickly and the next day we will be off on our next adventure."

"For two guys who had no fixed plans, this is working out very well."

"No kidding. We couldn't have planned this any better if we tried. It's like somebody is looking out for us."

"Maybe somebody is. I hope we don't have any unplanned disaster."

"Well, if we do, you will be there for us, just like you were for Marta."

"I have a decent first aid kit in my pack, and I bet Roth is prepared too. We'll be fine."

They were undressing as they talked and sat next to each other on the bed. Lanny put his hand on Brian's thigh. "I guess tonight and tomorrow night will be our last opportunity for privacy for the next week."

"Hmm. That's right. Do you suppose we should take advantage of it?"

"Well I was thinking that."

"We need to be quiet."

"I can do that," Brian whispered.

Lanny put his hand on Brian's crotch. "Kiss me, you fool."

"That's a line from some old movie."

"It worked for her."

"Hmm. I guess it did." Brian turned and kissed Lanny with enthusiasm. "We are a little overdue."

"Does the door have a latch on it?"

"I don't know. The grownups are downstairs and Fredrick and Deiter know not to interrupt. Let's go for it."

The underwear was tossed on the floor and they got into some serious necking. "I've missed this," Lanny whispered. "I got in the habit of you pretty quick. I want to feel you against me."

Brian laughed and tried to sound serious, "I wish I could quit you."

"That's a line from another movie," Lanny chuckled. "How 'bout you and me get close, cowboy."

Brian obliged by spreading his legs and pressing himself against Lanny's erection. "Hmm. Didn't take you long to get hard."

"You either. Swap ends with me."

They lay head to foot and started to do a vigorous sixty-nine punctuated by soft moans.

"What was that thing we did the other night? Want to do that again?" Brian asked.

"That sounds good. Who gets to do the honors?"

"When you were the bottom it kind of scared you. Do you want to do me?"

"Yeah. That'd be OK. Want to?"

"Sure. Just a sec." Brian dug in his little pack and found his lube. "Here, use this."

Once properly lubricated, Brian lay back and pulled up his knees. "Fuck me, you fool," he giggled quietly.

"Shit, I could get used to this," Lanny positioned himself at Brian's ass and pushed himself inside. He slipped in easily. "Hey. You must be ready."

"Oh yeah. You got that right. Go slow and deep, OK?"

"I'll do my best. Is this good for you baby?"

"Geez, we're sort of corny. But I like it."

Lanny leaned forward and kissed his lover while he pumped with determination. "Damn, I'm getting close already!"

Brian pushed Lanny's hands down to his cock, "Stroke me."

Lanny pulled out and climaxed at the same time as Brian, mingling their semen together on Brian's belly. They gasped and tried not to cry out.

"Damn. That was too quick. I wanted that to last longer." Lanny complained.

"Too horny, I guess. But it was intense."

"It was. I need something to wipe us up with."

"Here. Use my socks. They're still on my feet," Brian suggested.

Lanny did as Brian suggested and cleaned up the mess as best he could before they soiled Emma's sheets. He rolled over on his back and stifled a laugh. "If that were on a video it would be the silliest porn film ever shot."

"I know. So much for romance. Just get on and get off. It was good, though."

Lanny took Brian's hand and gripped it tight. "I love you, you big doofus."

"I love you too. Next time we need to take this more seriously. We have one more chance before Roth chaperones us."

"Do you suppose he will give us some conjugal time together?"

"Brian laughed, "More likely he will want to join in and hand us the towel."

"It will be what it will be. I guess we'll have to wait and see."

They rolled together and held each other close. Brian pulled up the covers and they drifted off to sleep.

This would definitely be an adventure.

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