From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 4

At nine o'clock William was riding shotgun in Noah's black SUV. They stopped outside the station. Noah handed him a manilla DL envelope. "That's your ticket, return, and train times. Don't throw it away." He opened the envelope.

"Brighton. Wow!"

"Brighton vies with London and Manchester to be the gay capital of the Kingdom. Here's a second envelope. You can open that on the train. It's a tenner to cover your cab fare from the station to the hotel and, more important, a voucher which you hand to the receptionist. It shows your booking and proves that it's paid for so that you don't have a bill at the end of your stay. Any questions?"

"No, Daddy."

"Have a good time."

"I will, and thank you very much." William moved to get out of the car.

"Don't I get a goodbye kiss, Will?"

"Of course, Daddy." One onlooker gave them a disapproving look until he heard William say 'Daddy'.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Noah reached behind and produced a black shoulder bag. "This contains your lunch and one or two things you might need to help your stay go better. No need to look at them until you get to the hotel." William got out, closed the car door and blew a kiss. Another disapproving look from the stranger that had been staring at them. Round the straps of the bag were two rainbow wristbands.

The train had few passengers and so William was able to choose a window seat and sitting by himself he could look out of the window, enjoy the scenery and think. It was the first time he had travelled by train by himself and he checked the train times and the changes he had to make. His obedience training as a bondsman served him well for he was not even tempted to see what was in the shoulder bag his Daddy had given him. He checked his pockets to make sure the various envelopes he was carrying were safe. He thought about the week ahead, something he hadn't done up till now. He hadn't been given any instructions or recommendations. How was he going to survive without any company or people to speak to? What was there for a sixteen year old gayboy to do in Brighton? He could sun himself on the beach during the day and he assumed his room would have a television. He had been forbidden from taking his laptop. It was to be a holiday away from his computer, as well; a week alone and no porn to look at. Would his left wrist survive the strain and stress?

Passengers alighted and boarded at the various stations and after a few stops he was joined by a young man, in his mid-twenties William guessed. He sat opposite him, even though there were plenty of empty seats in the carriage. After he had shown his ticket to the train manager, the young man struck up a conversation. "So where do you get off?"

"I'm travelling to Brighton."

"Wicked. I'd like to have gone to Brighton at your age. It's a very friendly city."

"Where are you going?" asked William, more out of politeness than genuine interest. William caught the young man checking out his crotch. Just to make sure he wasn't mistaken, William put his hand in his trouser pocket and re-arranged himself. The young man didn't look away. He didn't answer William's question. William picked up his hoodie from the adjacent seat, fiddled around in a pocket and laid it across his lap, obviously not having found what he was looking for. The young man leaned across and in a whisper he said "It's nothing to worry about."

"What's nothing to worry about?"

"Popping a boner. It happens to everybody, especially boys your age."

"I haven't popped a boner." William omitted to mention that the rings piercing his frenulum and perineum were tugging at the padlock. Noah had been right.

"I have," said the young man. "Do you want to feel it?"

"I'll manage to pass on that, thank you." William was beginning to feel uncomfortable, still in control, but able to look after himself. "You shouldn't be looking at my crotch."

"Has anyone ever told you how good looking you are? Apart from your mother. She doesn't count." William gave the stranger a look without answering his question. "You see, a lad as cute and pretty as you has got to expect people to check him out. Get over it." The train was slowing. "This is where I get off. Do you travel on this train often?"

"No." said William in a peremptory manner.

"Pity," the stranger said with a smile. "Think of me when you sort that boner out."

"I told you, I haven't got a boner," he said at one of those moments when adolescents lose control of their voices. It came out louder than he intended. Other people in the carriage turned round. William blushed. The young man pushed the button to open the doors and with a wicked grin said

"See you later, my love."

William got out at Brighton and as per instructions took a cab to his hotel. It wasn't far, but since he had no idea how to get to it, it was the best solution. Trundling his luggage up and down those steep hills wouldn't have helped. He had enough money left from the tenner Noah gave him to take him back to the station at the end of his stay.

He made his way up the steps and a flunky opened the door for him. At reception he said "I have a room reserved in the name of William Fourbois." It surprised him to be called 'sir', not the customary form of address for a slave or bondsman, let alone a sixteen year old boy. He handed over the voucher that Noah had given him and was given a key card in return. Mealtimes were explained and that the services available would go onto an account and would be covered by Mr Fourbois senior's credit card, details of which they had already. As he went to the lift and searched for his room, he thought 'Hmm, this seems to be a town version of the hotel in the country that Daddy takes me to for his assignments.' He was so overwhelmed by what was going on around him that he completely ignored one piece of information the receptionist had given him. So imagine his surprise when, after convincing the key card to work finally, he walked into the room to find Jamie Timm stretched out on the bed in tighty-whities and reading GY magazine.

"OMG!" William squealed with delight. "I wasn't expecting to see you here."

"I wasn't expecting to see you, William, until the receptionist said Mr Fourbois would be arriving later, and even then I thought it would be your Daddy."

"That explains it. When I checked in, the receptionist said something about Mr Timm has already arrived. I just didn't take it in."

"Aren't you going to give me a hug then?" William felt Jamie's crotch swelling as the hug became more intense. His own remained restrained by the ballock. "You're not still wearing your ballock, are you, William?" said Jamie with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"I am at the moment, but Daddy said I had to wear it on the train because you never knew what pervy types you might meet. And he was right. There was this bloke got hard just checking me out, and he told me so. But Daddy's given me the key."

"So why are you here?" asked Jamie.

"Daddy's having some alterations done to his house and he said I had reached the 'exeat' module in my apprenticeship."

"I bet my master's staying with him this week."

"Oh, he is. The alterations are to the basement and Daddy said it had something to with developing the bondage side of the business. I almost forgot. Daddy gave me permission to have sex as long as I use a condom."

"That's a coincidence. My master gave me exactly the same permission, the bit about rubbers and all."

"I'm going to get showered and changed," said William "and we can have a snog. Then after that I'll unpack and we'll talk about what we're going to do."

William came out of the shower dressed in his tighty-whities. He and Jamie were going to start off on equal terms. William immediately climbed onto the bed, more precisely climbed on top of Jamie and buried his tongue in his mouth. How long that lasted, neither of them knew or cared, but they both ended up asleep in a sticky mess with their tighty-whities on the floor. "That'll get the excess water off our bellies before the main feature tonight," said William, when wide awake again.

"You know, " said Jamie "you give a better suck than my master."

"Jamie, let's try not to think of our masters, at least for today, and just think of the two of us."

"It'll be a hard job when they have taken over our lives. We'd better shower again. We're in a bit of a state."

"Then I ought to get unpacked."

"I must too. I felt too horny to, while I was waiting for you and only took my ballock off while you were in the shower so I didn't waste my load."

"Yes," said William. "It felt funny sucking a dick with a ring through it." In their unabated arousal they did not realise that they had put each other's slip on.

William took the black shoulder bag with the wristbands round the straps. "My master gave me one of those, too," said Jamie.

"Oh? What's in it?"

"Dunno. Haven't looked yet." They got on with unpacking. William started with the mysterious shoulder bag. First he pulled out a third manilla envelope and opened it.

"Bloody hell!"

"What's up?" said Jamie, holding up the envelope. "I've got one of those."

"There's two hundred quid in five pound notes. 'Extra expenses' it's got written on the envelope. What else have we got in here?" A dozen pack of Durex Avanti®, a dozen fruit flavoured condoms, a tube of K-Y gel, another lube, scented, a cock ring, OMG, a butt plug," and he waved it in the air for Jamie to see, and finally… fuck me, a packet of Tampax? What are they for?"

"Haven't you done that in the personal hygiene module? Basically they're for people with leaky bottoms, or if you make someone bleed…"

"That's just bad workmanship."

"Or if you don't want your spunk to leak out of your partner's butt."

"I never realised."

"While you've been unpacking, William, I've discovered that I've got identical articles in my bag, down to the tampons."

"They must have got together to plan all this."

Unpacking completed, Jamie asked "What side of the bed do you want to sleep on?"

"Noah makes me sleep on the left. He says it's because he's right-handed and I'm left-handed. It makes it easier for him to jerk me off while he's slipping one up my jacksy."

"You've goy that way with words again, William. I'll sleep on the right, then, on both qualifications," and Jamie giggled. He looked at his watch. "We'd better get ready for dinner."

"Any dress code?"

"No shorts in the dining room after six, or bare tops anytime, otherwise anything goes."

"And let's go for a walk along the seafront afterwards. And then I think I shall be ready for an early night."

"Oooh, you randy little ferret, William, but I love you all the same. Hush my mouth. What did I just say?" William kissed him on the lips. "Mmm, fresh toothpaste. Yummy."

William was really rather quiet over dinner. He and Jamie looked around. About a fifty-fifty split between hetero and homo couples. Most of the latter were men, not that the dykes interested them in the least. "A penny for them," said Jamie.

"For what?"

"For your thoughts."

"You don't want to know."

"I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to know, would I, dodo?"

"Okay. Two things I was thinking about. One, your fantastically tight body, and two, how much I was looking forward to taking your back cherry tonight." A man on a neighbouring table leaned over, placed his hand on William's arm and said

"Treat him gently tonight, son." William blushed. Jamie guffawed.

"He never does. He treats me like his slave." William thought that was rather bold.

"You're not on honeymoon by any chance?"

After dinner William and Jamie went out for a walk. It didn't get dark until after nine. They figured that if they kept going downhill they would eventually reach the beach. There were still a lot of people about. The boys couldn't help checking out the guys that passed them by, often forgetting to whisper their comments to each another. That just made them feel even more randy and gave them a twinge of conscience because they really ought to have put on their ballocks before they came out, but their tackle was positively enjoying the new found freedom, constrained by the other's tighty-whities which they still hadn't discovered they were wearing. They took some re-assurance from the fact that, not only were they boywatching, but were reciprocally being boywatched. "I think tomorrow," said William "we should take care in choosing what we wear. I'm going to wear my lycra shorts."

"Wot? The black ones?"

"No way, José. The white ones. They're a bit see through and white always shows off your equipment better."

"You'd better put your ballock on as well to protect yourself."

"We've only got one week of freedom," said William "and I intend to make the most of it, and if I do, I've always got you to protect me."

"And four dozen condoms between us in our room."

"More," said William. "I brought some of my own with me… just in case."

"Just in case of what?"

"In case I met an irresistible stranger on holiday."

"And instead you met me."

"Don't forget we didn't know the other was coming, Jamie."

"Yeah, I almost forgot that. Us two being together seems so right, so normal." While chatting, they didn't realise that they were walking along the promenade holding hands, but it didn't matter."

Of course, it was a double event that night. Not only would William be losing his front cherry, but Jamie would be losing his back one, really a consequence of neglect by their masters, but the boys didn't think of it in those terms. For them in was a giant step forward in their personal sex-life and a huge experience they wouldn't forget, especially if they were ever to have a slave apprenticed to them.

When they got back to the hotel, they were both ready for fun time, chubbed up as they were. They kicked off their trainers and took off their socks, put everything they thought they might need on the bedside table, went and had a pee and then lay on the bed together looking into each other's eyes. "Jamie, are you sure you're ready for this?" He nodded without losing eye contact. "You've done module eight. I haven't. You might have to give me a little help."

"I've only done module six in theory. You know what my master's like. Take it, but won't give it. You will be gentle with me, William, won't you?" William nodded without taking his eyes off Jamie's.

"If I'm hurting you, tell me to stop. I'll do everything I can to make it easy for you to take me. It's all in the preparation. Don't get impatient, even if it takes till half past three in the morning." William rolled over and gave Jamie a long and deep French kiss. He slowly slid his hand up between Jamie's legs and immediately discovered that the kiss was doing its job.

"William, don't pull out yet. I still need it in there."

"I'll try, Jamie, but it's already starting to go soft." The next thing Jamie knew, it was three in the morning. Even so there was a glimmer from the east. They had forgotten to draw the curtains. He'd woken up because he was cold from consummating their relationship on top of the bed rather in it. He got up, re- arranged the duvet, making sure the sleeping William was warm and comfortable before climbing under the duvet himself. Both boys came to at twenty to seven. As if he had swapped roles with his master, Noah, William was snuggled up against Jamie's back, his semi-stiff prick aligned with crack in Jamie's arse.

"Hey, William, you were superb last night. Do you think you could do it again for me?"

"I'll think about it while I'm having a slash." On his return he said "We'll have to start from the beginning, Jamie."

"I'm sure I can give you a hand to get you going again. Ooh! You're all cold." William was soon ready to go.

"Pass me a jonnie," he said.

"Let me put it on for you. And afterwards, if I haven't shot my load, I want you to suck me."

When they went downstairs and entered the dining room, they really did look like newly weds. "Well, what's on the programme today, William?"

"I thought we might do a bit of shopping first. We need to buy you a pair of lycra shorts."

"I want white ones like yours."

"Don't forget that you'll need something to go underneath."

"I've got a jockstrap with me."

"No, Jamie, the lines will show."

"What about a thong?"

"Okay, but I've got a better idea."

"A dance belt."

"What's that?"

"It's a thing ballet dancers wear under their tights, like a thong, but with a modified design for minimal show of lines underneath their tights and to lift their bits for maximum show."

"Oooh, I just thought they wore ordinary thongs."

"And while we're at it, I'm going to buy myself one too."

"What are we going to do then?"

"By that time our breakfast should have gone down. So I thought a session in the gym. I want to have a sixpack like yours, Jamie."

"You won't get that in a week."

"I know, but you have to start somewhere."

"But we haven't got membership in Brighton."

"Oh, yes we have. There's a gym in the basement of the hotel for the use of the residents, and… a personal trainer free as part of our holiday package."

"How do you know?"

"I read the paperwork. Then I thought we'd go swimming in the sea in the afternoon when it's warmed up a bit."

"Sounds good to me."

They finished their breakfast. "I'm going upstairs to change into my lycras. You can wear my black ones, Jamie, until we get yours."

They had no sooner stepped out into the street and the eyes of passers by, male and female, were on them. It made them feel good. They spotted a shop called Guys and Guys. It sold sportswear and had a little rainbow sticker on the inside of the door. They attracted the eye of the salesman immediately. After choosing a pair of shorts for Jamie, William asked if they sold dance belts. "If you go down the street for about a hundred yards, you'll spot a specialist dance shop on the same side as us. You'll see the leotards in the window."

"Thanks," said the boys.

"If you don't mind my asking," the assistant said, looking at William, "is that a slave collar you're wearing?"

"That's right," answered William proudly. "We're both bondsmen and our masters have sent us on holiday for a week."

"I spent a year a slave, a year and a day, actually. It was hard, but great fun. I still wear my collar." He pulled the neck of his tee shirt down to reveal it. He had a metal one. His voice dropped to a whisper. "Have you got any tattoos?"

"Two," replied Jamie, quite uninhibitedly, "and so's he, a double male symbol on our bodies to show we're gay, and a rosebud round our rosebuds to show we're indentured apprentices."

"Is that what your masters told you? I'm not going to ask to see them, but you've described them well enough. You get ten percent discount on all your purchases. I'll give you a card and you can use it as a discount card in Brighton in shops where you see the rainbow sticker on the door." They each took a card and put it away safely. They said goodbye and walked down the street, soon found the dance shop and noticed the rainbow sticker on the door.

Armed with their new purchases, they returned to the hotel and got ready for the gym. When they went down to the basement, they were surprised to find that they had the it to themselves. The personal trainer came across and introduced himself as Sven. The boys caught their breath and could hardly look him in the face for their eyes were drawn to his light turquoise one piece athletic suit, or nearer the truth to the huge package he was carrying between his legs. "Pleased to meet you guys," he said in a slight Scandinavian accent. "You new here?"

"Yes," replied Jamie. "We arrived yesterday. I'm Jamie and this is my friend William." They shook hands. Sven's hand was remarkably soft. "William wants a sixpack like mine."

"How long are you staying for, William?"

"Till next Monday."

"It will take a bit longer than that, but we can start you on a régime and tell you how to continue it when you get home."

When the boys could finally tear their gaze away from Sven's… "You like it, do you?"

"Not half," said William.

"I can't help you to develop one of those, I'm afraid." When the boys could finally tear their gaze away from Sven's package, they noticed a couple of other things about his lycra running suit. Embroidered above his left nipple, clearly seen under the tight lycra, was a pale yellow rosebud, what was becoming the ubiquitous rosebud. The other interesting motif, however, and you had to catch the light just right to see it, was embroidered in only a slightly different shade of blue, the entwined double male symbol. The boys knew what they were dealing with.

Sven took some details and put the boys through a circuit which lasted about an hour. They were dripping with sweat and looking forward to a shower. There was still no one else using the gym. "So, this collar you're wearing, William, and the chain round your ankle, Jamie, I take it you're in bondage?" William and Jamie explained their situation. When they'd finished, Sven exclaimed "You two really are interested in my crotch. Do you want to see the real thing? You can try it out, if you want." The lads couldn't refuse such an offer. "You'd better come into the office." They followed Sven into a room that doubled as an office and a first aid centre. There was a defibrillator on the wall, a medical couch against the wall and various cupboards with green crosses. He hung the 'Gone to Lunch' sign on the door and locked it, then lowered the blind over the window.

"Are you two guys ready for this? It's not really licensed for sixteen year olds."

"What isn't?" asked William.

"My cock."

"We're ready for anything," boasted Jamie. Sven pulled the straps down over his shoulders and tugged the one piece down and stepped out of it. As the boys suspected, he was wearing nothing underneath. They were amazed when they saw his dick spring into life.

"You can touch it, if you like. It's not a snake. It doesn't bite."

"It could be," answered William cheekily. William looked at Jamie and then went and held it. It was hot. He gave it a couple of tugs and pushed the foreskin back. He really did want to take it into his mouth, but didn't dare. "Your turn, Jamie." They were both amazed at the size of Sven's balls. William weighed them in his hand. "Okay, guys, I've shown you mine. Now you show me yours." They didn't need asking twice. They dropped their lycras and took them off completely. They were, after all, being trained to present their bodies. "Mmm, nice," but Sven's attention was drawn away from their tackle and taken by the double male signs they each had tattooed alongside their dicks. "Didn't you notice this?" He pointed at his own shaved groin and there were two tattooed entwined male signs, quite clear now they had been pointed out.

"We saw them on your one piece, Sven," said Jamie.

"Yees, and what else did you notice?" he asked with a wicked grin on his face.

"Your nipples," said William.

"And what else?"

"The rosebud," the boys answered in unison.

"Didn't mean anything to you?"

"It didn't then," said Jamie.

"But it's beginning to now," said William. Sven leant over the couch.

"Pull my butt cheeks apart and tell me what you see." William pulled Sven's hairless cheeks apart and there it was, a rosebud tattooed round his rosebud.

"We've got those, too," said William. "You can see them if you want."

"Bend over the couch." Sven inspected the boys' crevices. "I knew you would, as soon as I saw the tattoos on your bellies." Jamie made to stand up. "Stay down. I've got a little present for you."

Seconds later William and Jamie felt the cold application of lube being kneaded into their crevices. "William, roll this rubber over my cock. My hands are too slippery. I just want you to know that you're protected." Then first Jamie and then William felt their butts being penetrated as Sven took his pleasure with one, then the other in rotation until he finally came in William's inner sanctum.

The dirty deed completed, all three got dressed. Sven pulled up the blind, unlocked and opened the door and took the sign down just as a couple of hotel guests were coming into the gym.

"Would you like a one piece running suit like mine?"

"Wouldn't we?" said Jamie.

"How much do they cost?" asked the more cautious William.

"About thirty pounds," said Sven, "but let's call it a gratuity for services rendered. I'll take a few measurements." Sven took advantage of measuring them to give them a good feel. The boys were disappointed when he stopped. "Okay, you'll find them delivered to your room later today. Any particular colour for the rose?" The boys settled for pink. "I'd better go and see how I can help these two gentlemen. Same time tomorrow?" William and Jamie agreed and went off into the communal sho wer. It was only when they went to towel off that they noticed that the other two gym users had been on a voyeur kick, watching them.

William and Jamie went up to their room to put some fresh clothes on. They put their speedos on underneath and stowed towels in William's shoulder bag. They locked their valuables in the room safe and took some cash each to get a snack on the way. After eating their snacks on the beach, they stripped down to their speedos. "Hey, William, will you rub some sunscreen into me?" and Jamie handed him a tube from the bag.

"Swiss Navy Anal Lube," William read out from the label. "Might stop you getting friction burns on your todger, Jamie, but I don't think this'll prevent sunburn." There was a loud guffaw from the blokes sunning themselves a couple of yards away.

"Shit, I packed the wrong stuff in a hurry."

"S'okay. I've got a new bottle of the proper stuff. I'll rub your back and anywhere else you want me to."

They stretched out their towels and lay down to let the sun do its work. "Hey, Florian tells fibs."

"Who the hell is Florian?" said Jamie.

"He's the tattoo artist that did my piercings. He said the tattoo would be covered up by my speedo."

"Mine shows, but I don't care."

"Let's have a look," said one of the guffawing lads near them.

"You only want to check out my package," said William.

"That's true."

"Go ahead then, but we want to check out yours." The lads lying on rainbow towels peered a cross and had a good look. "Okay, our turn now," and William rolled over towards them, had a good look too, put his hands up between one lad's legs and gave his balls a good feel. Bearing in mind that there were four of them and two of William and Jamie, they soon got up on their feet and legged it into the sea hotly pursued by two of the quartet. They caught up with them in the sea and they started splashing each other, wrestling, trying to dunk one of the others. There were no sides; just grab who and what you could. There was a lot of laughter and fun and when it came to a natural conclusion, the four made their way up the beach to where they had left their towels. The remaining two were oblivious to their return as they were in the middle of a deep snog. Suddenly there were some loud groans and orgasmic shaking of the bodies, and they got up and ran for the water.

"What's got into those two?"

"Don't worry about Pete and Phil. They were frotting and came off in their boardies. So rather than get embarrassed with a big wet patch on them, they run into the sea and get them completely wet." The boys busied themselves applying more sun screen.

"So are Pete and Phil an item?"

"Not really," said Steve. "I'm Steve, by the way, and this is Gareth." William and Jamie told them their names. "And Gareth and me aren't an item, either, but we'll tell you all about that after you tell us why you are wearing a dog's collar."

"William's training to be a vicar," answered Jamie facetiously.

"Hush your mouth, Jamie," said William. "That's a dog collar, not a dog's collar."

"We're both in bondage for a year and a day," said Jamie.

"What does that mean?" asked Gareth.

"We'll try to tell you without going into detail," continued Jamie. "We're both gay…"

"Obviously," said Steve. William went on.

"We have been taken away from our families to take an apprenticeship in homosexual practices and leading on to bondage and domination. My slave master's not into S & M."

"S & M?" enquired Gareth.

"Sadism and masochism."

"As in BDSM?" said Gareth. "Now I've got you."

"We're in the first part where we are taught the basic sexual moves," said Jamie, "but more important, because we are slaves, we have to learn absolute obedience and discipline towards our masters and ultimately love them."

"Do you remember Winston in Nineteen Eighty-Four who had to love Big Brother?" interjected William.

"For instance, William was given the instruction that he was not to jerk himself off."

"One morning my master saw wank stains on my bedsheet and so he gave me a week's chastity concurrently with a week's punishment."

"What did that mean?" said Steve.

"Chastity means no sex whatsoever."

"Okay, obviously," said Steve, "but what did it mean in practical terms?"

"On the first day of your apprenticeship," said Jamie, "your master takes you to a tattoo parlour. When you're there, you're taken to the technician and the first thing he does is pierce your frenulum…"

"Frenulum?" asked Gareth.

"That line of skin under your cockhead. And he puts in a ring. Then he pierces your perineum…


"The bit from the back of your balls to your arsehole. Then he inserts another ring and locks them together with a padlock and gives the keys to your master."

"Naa-stee," said Gareth. "What happens if you haven't got a frenulum?"

"Everybody's got a frenulum."

"No, they haven't. I haven't got a frenulum. My mother's a Jew and so I'm a Jew and so when I was eight days old, without being consulted, may I say, I was circumcised and so became a Jew. Not that we're religious. And I had the really severe circumcision where they cut everything away."

"Presumably they would put the ring through your acorn," said William.

"How do you pee then?"

"Stop asking so many questions, Gazza, and listen," said Steve impatiently.

"Okay," said William, "we're getting a bit off topic, but to answer your question, you have to sit down like a girlie. The horrible thing is that the apprenticeship aims to increase your sexual desire and function because if your master wants sex you have to be there instantly and give him what he wants. And so to go a week without getting any, and remember you're wearing your ballock 24/7, it's highly frustrating. You can't even pop a boner. My master even activated the parental control on the internet."

"That's the chastity bit," said Jamie. "Now tell them about the punishment, William."

"It's like boot camp. You've probably seen it on television. Up at six, bed at nine and you have to clean your room everyday, do your laundry and any chores your master wants done. Mind you, he doesn't get any sex either, unless he goes out or tosses himself off, hee hee. On the other hand, that was more than I got. But the worst bit is to come. I had to wear special shorts and a vest made of sackcloth like the old monk's shirts, with white, extremely unsexy overalls on top. I took the overalls off for sleeping, but wasn't allowed to sleep naked. Then I had a clean set for the morning and had to wash and press the other set. At least my master allowed me to use the washing machine and dryer. I don't want to go through that again."

"Still we haven't answered the original question," said Jamie. Meanwhile the frotteurs, Pete and Phil, had returned. "When you're a slave, you have to wear a slave collar."

"Where's yours, Jamie?" said Gareth. Jamie showed him his ankle. "My slave collar is virtually impossible to take off. It would be easier to amputate my foot."

"And mine's got a special clasp which only my master can undo," said William.

"And will you wear them for the rest of your lives?" asked Phil.

"Possibly," said William.

"Probably," said Jamie.

"You can take it off when you've completed your year and a day's bondage. You ought to when you become a slave master yourself."

"And if you are slaves," said Pete, "why are you here?"

"Our masters have given us an exeat," said William.

"We have exeats at school," said Gareth, "but what does that mean here?"

"It means a week off from our apprenticeships," said William. "Our masters have paid for us to come here for a week and given us permission to have sex."

"Protected sex only," added Jamie, "even with each other. The official reason is that they have to supervise building works, but they're lovers and want a week's nookie without us around." William gave him a look.

"Fine," said William, "we've told you our life story. Now tell us what you're doing here." The lads looked at each other. The lot fell on Steve.

"Like you, we're homos and out. We all go to the same school which is why we're together. I'm not telling the name of the school and in a minute it will become obvious why. Phil's dad owns a house in Brighton and very generously he let us use it for ten days rent free. I say generously because it could be rented to holiday makers for a thousand pounds high season."

"At least," said Phil, "a week."

Like your masters, he has set some simple, but strict rules and if any one of us breaks them we all get evicted immediately, never to return including Phil unless with his dad, and we don't get our bond money back."

"How much is that?" asked Jamie.

"Two hundred pounds each, which is nothing because we are going to get the money back. Also anyone caught breaking the rules has to pay the innocent parties out. So you can see there's quite a bit at stake," said Steve.

"So what are these rules?" asked Jamie.

"No parties, no wanton damage, no smoking, no booze and no drugs."

"But we're easy with that," said Pete. "If he'd added no sex, we wouldn't be here."

"Does your dad know about the sex bit, Phil?"

"Of course. As Steve said, we're all out and my mother divorced Dad because she came home one day and found him in the marriage bed with his boyfriend. Don't worry, guys. It's common knowledge, thanks to the local newspaper whose reporter was a friend of Mum's. And because I'm gay, I went with Dad."

"You were going to tell us something about the reason you didn't want to name your school," said Jamie.

Again Steve took up the narrative. He appeared to be the alpha male of the group. "We are lucky enough to attend a gay friendly school. Those of us here are members of HomSoc."

"HomSoc?" asked Jamie.

"The Homosexual Society."

"You mean the Headmaster allows you to have a Gay Club?" said William.

"Not exactly," said Steve. "That's why we don't want you know where we come from."

"And it's not an LGTB Soc?" said Jamie.

"No way," Steve answered emphatically. "First and foremost we are in an all boys school."

"That narrows it down a bit," said William.

"And we are full blooded males whose sexual preference is for full blooded males who like full blooded males and so we have nothing in common with the LTB part." Our two boys easily detected the vehemence expressed in the explanation and were both in tune with it.

"So how do you recruit your members?" asked William.

"Any boys who fulfil the membership qualifications."

"And they are?"

"Any boy Year 8 to Upper Sixth whose voice has broken and is capable of growing pubic hair and producing spunk and, most importantly, is out as gay."

"So no closet gays?"

"No," said Steve, "though we do give advice to boys who are undecided or curious, or who are having difficulty coming to terms with their sexuality.

"Also… all right if I tell 'em this bit, lads?" There was no dissent and the rest obviously knew what was coming. "We've got a couple of masters who are members. I'm not telling you any more, but you can understand our reticence now. We don't want to see them end up in prison. We share something very special and we don't want it busted. I think we can trust you."

"Of course," said William.

"Naturally," said Jamie.

The sun was noticeably in the west, if still high in the sky. People were gathering their belongings together and heading for the promenade. "Great to meet you guys," said William.

"We're here most afternoons," said Steve. "Might find different personnel. We're an itinerant population, but I'm here for all ten days."

"Are you all items?"

"No way," said Gareth. 'Welsh Jew?' pondered Jamie. "We specialise in wife-swapping when we're on holiday."

"You're welcome to join us," said Steve. "You can come round to the flat in the evening, if you want to, but you'll have to take us as you find us." There was an outburst of guffaws and giggles when Steve said that. "Have you got pen and paper in that handbag of yours, William?" He fiddled around and produced a pad and a pencil. They exchanged mobile numbers. "Give us a ring first if you want to come round."

They said 'cheers' and 'see you later' and the two groups went their separate ways. "You know, William, we didn't mention our rosebuds."

"'Sorright, Jamie. Something we can keep up our sleeves for when we see them again. Well, perhaps not up our sleeves," and William burst into giggles at his own joke.

On arriving back at their hotel room, they immediately saw that Sven had been as good as his word. On the bed were two cellophane packets containing one piece athletic suits. William chubbed up immediately on seeing them. There was a note on top. Jamie picked it up and read it out. "'William and Jamie, here are your running suits. Enjoy. You will notice your names embroidered under the rosebuds.

'It will not have escaped you that these are not just practical garments, but are designed to enhance your assets. So for everyday use you do not need to wear anything under them. Nobody worries about a few specks of precum these days. However, if you actually do use them for running, or weightlifting, you will need additional support. I advise a thong, or if you want to show off your bulges better, a dance belt. (I believe you have both just bought one.) Tuck the back of your suit into your crack to show off your butts. You can, of course, wear a jockstrap, which will show clearly underneath and certainly draw people's attention to your butts. Over to you.

'I have changed your daily session to eight o'clock. You can eat breakfast afterwards, which is healthier for you, and it doesn't break up your day. Bring your speedos as your circuit will finish with a swim each day.

'See you tomorrow morning in your new kit. If you need my personal attention again, just ask.

'Yours, Sven X' For a foreigner his colloquial English is very good," said Jamie.

"There's also this brown envelope come by snail mail and addressed to us both," said William.

"Go on then, open it."

"It's from your master. Two tickets for Saturday evening… the ballet. What does this note say? 'Two seats for Swan Lake , that production that only uses male ballet dancers. I managed to get front stalls for you. So you'll have the best view in the house, if you know what I mean.'"

"We know what he means," interjected Jamie.

"There's a PS. 'Best suits and ties.' Now I know why Daddy put suit and tie on my packing list," said William. "And PPS. 'Wear your ballocks.'"

"Stuff that," said Jamie. Visions of sackcloth underwear and white overalls came into William's head. "We'll take that as a suggestion rather than a command from our masters," said Jamie.

"How long until dinner?" said William.

"Two hours yet."

"Long enough for fun time, then."

"If my balls ever drop down again after swimming. What do you want to do, William?"

"Let's start with a snog and see where it takes us. Even after what happened in Sven's office today, my butt is open for business as usual." One thing they did, which they hadn't experienced before, was licking the salt off each other's skin.

After dinner they decided to take another walk along the promenade. This time they had no compunction about walking hand in hand. One old queen even stopped them and complimented them for doing so, saying he wished he could have done that so openly when he was their age. When they got back to the hotel, they watched a gay porno video off the net, then went to bed, where William gave Jamie a jolly good rogering.

The boys were easily up in time on Wednesday morning for their gym session, but vanity nearly caused them to be late as they posed in front of the mirrors in their room, admiring each other and themselves. The suits were skin tight and yet so comfortable. The dilemma was how to wear their dicks – left, right, up or down – and eventually settled for up, bearing in mind that once the straps were over their shoulders it was difficult to make any adjustment, particularly through the material, and after five minutes the wisdom of the old adage dawned on them when they finally accepted that penises had a mind of their own and rarely conformed to the desires of the owner.

Again, they had the gym to themselves and Sven gave them his undivided attention. At the end of the circuit Sven said "That was great, lads. Go and get changed into your speedos. I notice you're not already wearing them. Then I'll see you poolside." There were still no other people around. William and Jamie were standing by the pool in 'wrestling' colours, one in a bright red speedo the other in a light blue one. "Twenty lengths will be sufficient for the first day," said Sven. "We'll increase it each day. Remember this is endurance, not a speed test." William and Jamie paced one another, while Sven kept a count of the number of lengths. After a circuit and swimming, they were feeling physically, but healthily knackered. Climbing out of the pool, they noticed a dozen or so people waiting to jump in. They gave the boys a round of applause and waited until they had towelled themselves down, before jumping, diving or gingerly settling themselves in the pool. The pair went into the changing room, which was now quite busy, rinsed the chlorinated water off, drying themselves again, this time with wet towels, getting dressed with sweats and a tee shirt over their one pieces. They went off to breakfast without further ado.

During breakfast they sat staring through the window. The weather had changed since the previous day. The high winds were making the rain lash against the panes. "So, Will…" William gave Jamie a look.

"The only person that calls me Will is my Daddy. Not even my mother. So my name's William." Jamie blushed.

"Sorry, William," and from the tone of his voice you could tell he truly was. "What are we going to do today?"

"The beach is out, for sure. Let's go and see the Pavilion and then we can look for the Lanes."

"What's that?"

"The Lanes? A trendy shopping area, but a lot of gay people get to go there. Find somewhere for a snack and decide what to do this afternoon."

"I must give Steve a ring," said Jamie. "I take it we're on for Saturday?"

"No, bozo, Saturday's Swan Lake night. Friday." Jamie wandered out of the breakfast room. When he came back, he said

"All sorted. Eight o'clock Friday, it's not far from here and it's just him and Gazza at home."

"Wicked. I want to see that cut dick of Gazza's."

"And suck it, I bet." William nodded his head from side to side and pouted.

"That would be the cherry on the cake, but one thing at a time."

When they came out of the Pavilion, the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to break through. They looked at a map, grasped each other's hand and marched off to the Lanes. For the first time they were wearing their rainbow wrist bands. They each bought a tee shirt, the same design to show their togetherness. They popped into a Costa coffee house for their lunchtime snack and just before they were ready to leave, the clouds had closed in again and it had come on to rain. "That puts the kibosh on the afternoon," said William.

"I think not," said Jamie. "Do you remember the last time we were together and we asked for room service and that dishy Chinese page arrived?"


"Well, I don't know about you, but I fancy Chinese this afternoon."

"Now why didn't I think of that?" said William.

"Because you can only think of one thing at a time and that getting your hand inside Gazza's shorts…"

"Steve's… Ooh, what a give away!" laughed William. "And I want to see Gazza's cut dick. That goes without saying."

"But you've already said it."


"That you want to see Gazza's cock."


"Just now."

"So what?"

"So it doesn't go without saying then, does it, bozo?"

"Jamie Timm, why don't just go and stuff your head up your own arse?"

"Because yours is already there."

"Just you wait until I get you back to the hotel. I'll give you the hardest rogering you've ever had in your life, or ever will have." The old queen on the next table leant over, put his hand on William's forearm and said

"You tell him, son. Can I buy tickets?" It was then that William and Jamie realised that everyone in the café had stopped eating and were listening to their conversation. They buried their heads in their Danish pastry.

Of course, when they got back William didn't give Jamie the hardest rogering he'd ever had in his life, or ever will have. That lovers' tiff had already been forgotten. When they'd changed out of their wet things and had settled down, Jamie picked up the phone and pushed the button for reception. "Room service, please. Can we have the special Chinese menu, please?"

«Certainly, sir. I'm just checking the staff rota. Yes, special room service will be with you in about ten minutes.»

It was less than ten minutes before there was a knock at the door and they heard "Special room service." William opened the door and saw standing there the most beautiful Chinese boy he had even seen in his life with silver tray in one hand, a menu in the other hand and dressed in traditional page boys' uniform complete with pill box hat. On the tray was a small paper carrier bag decorated with Chinese words and drawings.

"Come in."

"Thank you, sir. My name is Charlie."

"That's not a very Chinese name," remarked Jamie.

"My full name is Wun Hung Lo Charlie. My family name is Wun and many Chinese give their children a western name as well. May I call you by your western names?"

"Sure. My name is William and my friend is Jamie."

Charlie handed them each a menu. He stood inconspicuously in the background while the boys made their choice. "We'll both take No 5 for starters and No 10 for main."

"Very good." He wrote the order on a pad and asked the boys to sign and write in their room number. He took an oriental table cloth out of the carrier, spread it over the coffee table and placed various articles on it. "For the next hour I am at your disposal, but then I must carry out other duties. You must tell me what to do."

"Just stand there for a moment," said Jamie. "You are so handsome that we just want to look at you." William then gave him a French kiss and found Charlie very compliant. Jamie helped him remove his page's jacket and they found him bare chested underneath. As Jamie kissed him, William went to remove his trousers, but had difficulty at first until he realised that traditional page's trousers had a flap at the front and he had to find the buttons at the side, which revealed his package, and then the buttons that held the waistband together. Jamie took his shoes and socks off and then slid his trousers off. William lowered his tighty-whities and they both held their breath at what they saw, firstly at the size of his equipment, but secondly at what was becoming familiar to them, the shaved pubes and the double male symbol tattoo. They each held his balls in their hand in admiration.

"I know what you are thinking, William and Jamie, that all Chinese men are small, but you must not forget that there are three billion Chinese and that they are not all going to be small."

William started fingering Charlie's dick, then he knelt down and started exploring his foreskin with his tongue. It did not take long until it was fully rigid and both boys took turns to turns to enjoy their No 5. They edged Charlie as much as they could, but Jamie lost control, not only in making him come, but in getting a full facial, whereas normally he would take all the ejaculate in his mouth and either share or swallow.

The three cleaned themselves in anticipation of No 10 being served. As a 'sorbet' they had a snogging session on the bed with Charlie gradually undressing them. When William and Jamie were at last naked, Charlie pointed at the goodies on the table and explained that it was special Chinese lube that not only lubed, but also kept your dick hard for longer, but naturally it had to be applied before rolling on the condom. Jamie got Charlie to bend over the bed doggy style while he lubed up his crack, sphincter and through the sphincter.

"Come and look at this, William," said Jamie as he pulled Charlie's butt cheeks apart. There, clearly to be seen was the not unexpected tattoo of a rosebud in yellow and red, a Peace rose.

"You've discovered my rosebud?" said Charlie.

"We've got rosebud tattoos too," said William.

"I knew you would, as soon as I saw the male symbol tattoos. They always go together."

William rolled a rubber over Jamie's cock, and then his own, and then got on with the job of fucking Charlie. Jamie went first. Watching the two was sufficient to keep William hard and when Jamie had come, he finished off the job. "It's like ordering one milkshake and two straws," remarked Jamie and William nearly suffered premature ejaculation, which would have pissed him off. But he saved the day.

After the three had achieved satisfaction, they lay together on the bed and indulged in three way petting. Finally they showered together and got dressed. William and Jamie took a good look at Charlie's bulge, enhanced as it was by the design of the traditional uniform trousers. However, tempus fugit , and it was time for Charlie to go on to his next duty, but not before William and Jamie each tucked a five pound note into the lining of Charlie's pill box hat. He had been jolly good company. They would dearly have loved to discover how he had come by his tattoos; similarly Charlie was puzzled by the boys' piercings. He left the lube and the rubbers behind as he said goodbye. "Would you like another one of those, William?"

"Do you think the others are as good as that?"

"Let's look at the menu. Mmm, Indian, don't fancy that. Thai?"

"That'll be a lady boy."

"Naa, don't fancy that. I like my men to be men," said William. "Caribbean?"

"Now that sounds promising, especially if he's got a big juicy liquorice stick."

"Liquorice stick?"

"Rhyming slang," said Jamie. "Liquorice stick – dick. Just imagine it, white spunk on jet black skin. I'm getting hard again just thinking about it."

Wednesday concluded with a walk after dinner to the Lanes to see the nightlife. On Thursday the weather changed drastically for the better and our boys decided to follow the tourist trail in the morning. They took a ride on the Volks electric railway and played mini-golf. The afternoon was spent on the beach, sunbathing and swimming. They searched in vain for Steve and Gareth, but the fact that they didn't find them didn't matter as they soon attracted the attention of those around them on the pebble beach, including some girls who started chatting, but lost interest when one of them noticed the tattoos just above their speedos. It saved the boys the embarrassment of having to explain their lack of interest. "We should have got one of those tee shirts that says 'Sorry, girls, I only suck boys'," said Jamie.

"Kiss," contradicted William.


"It said 'Sorry, girls, I only kiss boys'"

"Whatever," said Jamie. "It is Brighton. They need to be more streetwise."

On return to the hotel they indulged in a little petting before dinner. After dinner they went for their customary walk. For some reason they felt drawn to the sea each day. Then they made passionate love when they went to bed and again before they got up for their pre-breakfast gym session.

On Friday neither boy could deny being excited at the prospect of meeting Steve and Gareth again. They occupied themselves throughout the day, went into dinner sharp on six o'clock and equally sharply turned up at Steve and Gareth's holiday home at eight o'clock. Anticipating what might be awaiting them, they dressed simply, tee shirt, sweats and sandals. It was Gareth who opened the door. He was dressed in PE shorts and nothing else, not even footwear, and the PE shorts were unambiguous in confirming that he really was wearing nothing else. They were shown into the living room where Steve was putting the last minute touches to a low table of munchies and cans of drink, sweating as they had just been taken out of the fridge. The furnishings consisted of two small sofas facing a large television screen. Steve said 'hi' and hugged them, but not before William and Jamie noticed that he was similarly attired, but with a slight difference. He was wearing boxer shorts and his dick was poking out of the fly slit, bouncing around as he moved, and it was indeed a very nice dick. After the hug it still poked out, but it wasn't bouncing around any longer. "Take your clothes off, guys, and make yourselves at home." William and Jamie did not argue and stripped down to their tighty-whities.

They chatted about what they had been doing over the last couple of days. The hosts had sat down on different sofas, making it clear that they aimed to split up William and Jamie, and who they wanted to pair up with. "We've something to show you," said Steve and at that they pulled their shorts down to just above their dicks. The immediate thing that became obvious was that their pubic hair had been shaved off, which was sufficient to arouse William and his curiosity, but Jamie still had this burning desire to see Gareth's cut dick. It was then that Steve pointed out that they had been tattooed with the double male symbol.

"Hey, that is impressive, man," said William, wondering if they had the other tatt that went with it.

"Jamie, you look underwhelmed," said Gareth.

"I thought you were going to show us your dicks…"

"… and your balls," added William.

"Don't be so hasty," said Steve. "That comes later."

"We've got a video to watch first."

"We haven't seen it yet, but it looks quite good," said Steve.

"What's it called?" asked William. Steve explained while they munched away.

"It's called Summer Camp and it's one of those coming-of-age movies. In black and white to give it that fifties feel, but it's quite a recent film. Two fourteen year old kids who don't know one another at the beginning are into their first girlfriends." William pulled a face, but no one commented. "Their parents send them off on a two month summer camp, as Americans do, so that they can go on vacation. The girls dump the boys because they didn't see the point of continuing if they weren't there for the summer break. Naturally the boys aren't happy bunnies. One is cut up emotionally, the other is pissed off at the ignominy of being dumped. He feels that if there was any dumping to do, he should have done it.

"Anyway, they are billeted together in the same room. At first they strop, but quickly realise that summer camp is bigger than them and they slowly come round. They're the only ones being hurt. Then one moonlit night Cody wakes up and hears some creaking. 'Hey, Ethan, are you beating off?' 'Yeah.' 'Thinking of ya girlfriend still?' 'Na, thinking of you and your dick.' 'Do you want for me to come across there and do it for you?' 'Yeah.'

"The camp goes on and the highlight is when they have to go on a trek that means camping out for two nights. Gets a bit like Stand by Me here, except they're told there's a crashed plane they're searching for, not a dead body. The first night they sleep in the same tent, naturally, and play around. The second night they sleep in the same sleeping bag and Cody fucks Ethan. After that the story goes on and there are problems when the camp comes towards the end. But they solve them and the film ends with the boys going home and one of the girls in tears because she's sorry, had a miserable summer with no new boyfriend, and wants to make up, but Ethan tells her to get lost because he now has a boyfriend who won't let him down."

"Well, thanks for ruining the plot," said Jamie, half jokingly.

"It's not the plot we're watching it for, dumbo," said Gareth.

"I don't think we'll be disappointed," said Steve as he started the DVD.

During it the two couples smooched during the boring bits. At the end they agreed they had enjoyed the movie, by which they meant the sex scenes.

"Okay," said Steve, "you said you wanted to see our cocks, but we want to see yours, as well." There was no hesitation at dropping their undergear and no one was disappointed, though William's and Jamie's eyes were glued to Gazza's circumcision. They had never seen anything like it, well, not close up and in the flesh. After that Gareth took Jamie off to one of the bedrooms, while William and Steve made out on the sofa. Steve was just pulling the used condom off his dick when there was a yell of pain from the bedroom.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" shouted Gazza.

It was just before going home when the four were drinking cocoa in the kitchen that William and Steve heard what had been going on. Jamie had just come inside Gazza's butt and was about to pull out. Gazza had dug his sharp fingernails into Jamie's butt cheeks and forced him to thrust back up his butthole and stay there until nature took its course and his softening dick flopped out. All four rolled around with laughter now, but neither Jamie nor Gareth had found it very funny at the time.

It was gone twelve when our boys eventually returned to their hotel.

They felt tired still when they woke up the next morning. They forced themselves out of bed for their gym session. Afterwards they had breakfast, returned to their room and went back to bed. Jamie woke at just after eleven and gave William a shake. His first words were "Jamie, I've got this massive boner. I need you to do something about it."

"My butt is at your service, but you ought to try and have piss first to save unnecessary pressure on your bladder and clack valve."

"I feel better for that sleep. I don't want to fall asleep during the ballet this evening."

"I suggest that after your dick has sorted my butt out, we go for a stroll, find somewhere to eat and finish up on the beach for a sunbathe and a swim. We then come back here, make love and slowly get showered and changed before dinner and making our way to the theatre. What time does it start, William?"

"Eight o'clock."

They were indeed lucky. They found themselves in the front row of the stalls. "These tickets must have cost a bomb," said William.

"I don't think either of our masters is hard up for a penny or two."

"I'm glad we decided to wear our suits. We'd been a bit out of place in our Levi's."

The theatre was filling up quickly. With five minutes to go till curtain up the two seats next to William were still empty. The boys looked up to see a boy about their age turn up, ironically dressed in 501s and a white granddad shirt. They didn't know where to look first, at his tousled light brown curly hair, his svelte figure, the nipples poking through the white material from an absolutely flat chest, his almost non-existent butt or the comfortable, well rounded package his jeans so admirably displayed. He gave them a diffident smile as he took his seat. The lights dimmed, the orchestra struck up, Jamie took hold of William's hand, remembering that they were not in the back of a cinema, and the ballet began.

During the interval our boys noticed that the vacant seat was still vacant. "What a waste of a ticket," remarked William.

"I was supposed to meet my mother here, but she urgently needed to go and look after my aunt who's had a fall. I've come down from London for this. The train was late. Didn't have time to get changed. I'm surprised they let me in. Ooh, how rude of me. I haven't introduced myself. I'm Tarquin." William and Jamie hardly had time to say their names and shake hands before Tarquin started speaking again. "Those swans, weren't they just gorgeous? Or were they übergorgeous? I love this production. You know it was choreographed just for danseurs , don't you?" He put such an emphasis on '- seurs ' as if to ensure that his audience comprehended that they were masculine. "Cobs rather than pens." He placed the nail of his left forefinger between his lips and pouted. This was the first time he had stopped speaking since the lights went up.

"That's why we particularly wanted to see this production," said Jamie.

Tarquin had had a moment to gather his thoughts. He put his right hand on William's right forearm. "This might sound terribly forward, but I wonder if you chaps could help a chap with some information. I was supposed to be staying with my mother, but now she's out of town and hasn't left me a key. You don't know of a budget hotel by any chance?" William and Jamie looked at each other. "I'm just off to get something on a stick to suck. Can I get you boys anything?"

"We'll have something to suck as well, please, Tarquin."

"Well, what do you think, Jamie?"

"He is so camp that we'd be fools to let him go elsewhere."

"I think we could even get a shag out of him," said William.

"Or something on a stick to suck at the very least." Tarquin returned, armed with three ice-lollies.

"My friend and I would be delighted to invite you to spend the night at our hotel as our guests," said William.

"Would you mind? I wouldn't be an inconvenience, would I?"

"Not in the least," said Jamie. "Though I warn you that we must be up for our gym session at eight."

"But you can sleep in," said William. "How much do we owe you for the ice-lollies?"

"My treat," said Tarquin. "You deserve them for helping a homeless stranger."

The three were enraptured by the ballet. Any thoughts William and Jamie might have had about a romantic evening went out of the window. William even unconsciously held Tarquin's hand at one point. The performance ended with enthusiastic applause.

The three boys did not linger on the way back to the hotel. Tarquin was carrying a small backpack hung on one shoulder, which he'd picked up from the cloakroom. William and Jamie took him to the reception desk and asked if they could book Tarquin into their room and for breakfast. "Would you sign the register, please, sir?" the man behind the desk said. "In a few minutes fresh towels will be delivered to your room. May I wish you an enjoyable stay." The boys climbed the stairs to their room. Within five minutes there was a knock at the door and a call of "Fresh towels." William opened the door and was bowled over to see a pretty oriental pageboy, holding a pillow and a pile of pristine white towels. William took them in and closed the door. On top of the pile was a cellophane packet marked 'With the Management's Compliments'. It contained a white face flannel, grooming products, toothpaste and toothbrush, a packet of four Uranus condoms and tube of K-Y jelly.

"They've obviously had unexpected guests before," said Jamie.

It had been a tiring day for all three boys and so they did not sit around chatting, but decided to get ready, for bed. "Where am I sleeping?" enquired Tarquin, but rather naïvely the boys thought. As they got to know him, they learnt that it was just his polite and well bred manner. William pointed to the middle of the king size bed.

"There, Tarquin."

"I hope you two chaps don't mind, but my pyjamas are at Mummy's house."

"That's okay," said Jamie. We forgot to pack ours and haven't had a minute to go out and buy any." Was there a slight tone of camp in his voice?

"Don't get undressed yet," said William. "We want to enjoy your beauty. Turn sideways on. Fantastic." William and Jamie must have spent at least five minutes admiring, lusting and drooling over Tarquin's body, particularly his profile. Even in their loose suit trousers they showed a boner. Jamie took off Tarquin's granddad shirt, kissing his nipples. William made a pig's ear of unbuttoning his 501s and when he had, Tarquin's tackle flopped out. He wasn't wearing anything underneath. William took his balls in his hand, licked them and his tongue carried on up his stiffening shaft. Jamie was still addressing his nipples. Suddenly William stopped and commanded "Time for bed, I think." They all discarded their clothes and climbed into bed, Tarquin in the middle.

"I hope you two meaty boys are not going to rape me," Tarquin said in a camp voice, more in hope than protest.

"No way," said William. "Before we get anywhere near starting with you, you'll be begging us to stick it in."

"And then, if you feel like doing us in the morning, our buttholes will have a great big 'Open for business' sign on them," said Jamie. "One of us before gym and the other after breakfast."

"You're not in a hurry, tomorrow, are you, Tarquin?"

"Ooh, how could I be in such a hurry after such wonderful hospitality? All I've got to do tomorrow is make arrangements for getting a key to Mummy's house. But, boys, I mustn't talk so much. Mummy's always telling me that, and I do feel rather receptive tonight."

"And my mother always said I mustn't talk with my mouth full," said William, settling down to finish off the blowjob he'd started.

"If you shift over slightly, Tarquin," said Jamie "I can rim you then, and when you've come off, we can get down to the main item of business."

To Tarquin's surprise, he really was begging them to get on and shag him.

They did not need an alarm clock to rouse them in the morning. The boys had been aroused all night and had hardly got any sleep. Tarquin took a piss in order to prepare himself for what he was about to do. Jamie went to freshen himself up for he wanted Tarquin to have a pleasant experience. When Tarquin had taken his pleasure, William and Jamie left him to sleep in while they went through their gym session. Astonishingly, despite the lack of sleep, they felt amazingly fresh and put it down to the sea air. If it was good enough for Prinny, it was good enough for them.

Sven was pleased with their progress. The work which had taken them an hour at the beginning of the week was now taking less than fifty-five minutes. He said that he could feel that William's abs were beginning to tone up. William couldn't see any difference and dismissed it as an opportunity for Sven to feel his body.

The boys went up to their room and woke Tarquin. They did not get dressed properly as they had a little business to settle after breakfast. They lent him some sweats and a tee shirt. Tarquin had one of those cocks that never went completely soft and our boys were rather distracted as it swung to and fro in the loose sweats as they tripped down the stairs to breakfast, or brunch since it was on Sunday, because it went on till two o'clock. Afterwards it was William's turn to go and freshen up. Tarquin was extremely gentle, gentle to that devastating point where William had to ask "Is it in yet?"

The shower conveniently served two, but three was a demand it was unable accede to. So while Tarquin and William were enjoying each other, Jamie got showered and dressed, wearing the same tee shirt he had lent to Tarquin.

Finally Tarquin had to take his leave, with emotional hugs in the hotel foyer. "If you can't get the key," said William "call this number, ask for Steve and tell him our names. I'm sure he'd be able to help."

After Tarquin had left, in the same clothes, but looking hotter than when they first set eyes on him, because his boxer briefs were supporting his tackle inside his 501s better than when he was going commando. William and Jamie went and sat in the lounge to discuss what they were going to do on their last full day, not that there was much of the morning left. They made up their minds to stroll around Brighton, find some lunch, seek out place on the beach and go swimming in the sea for the last time, with the added possibility they might see some hot boys there. After dinner they would have an early night, because they did not know when they would be meeting again since it would be at the whim of their masters. During the week their relationship had developed and a strong bond had formed between them, not only based on their love-making, but also as fellow slaves.

Monday morning, August Bank Holiday, William and Jamie went down to the gym for their last session. Their train did not leave until midday. "Morning, guys," said Sven. "As this is your last day, get through your circuit and swimming as quickly as possible. I've got a little treat for you." The boys cut their exercise régime down to fifty minutes even though their swimming was up to thirty lengths. "Come into the office." Sven pulled down the blinds, put the 'Gone to Breakfast' sign on the door and locked it. William and Jamie looked at one another and grinned. They could guess what was coming. "I've had to re-arrange a couple of appointments for this. I hope my boss doesn't find out. Okay, what we're going to do, with your permission, naturally, is this."

"We're slaves. Slaves don't give permission," said Jamie, but their smiles were enough to convey that they were up for whatever it was.

"I'm going to give one of you a rogering and the other one is going to fuck me. I was going to say 'a good rogering', but we're on a time limit. Choose which way round it's going to be."

"We're slaves," said William. "Slaves don't get given a choice."

"Okay, then," said Sven, "in that case you're the bottom, Jamie, and you're the top, William. Agreed? I'll take you first, Jamie. I don't want a premature ejaculation to spoil things."

The three put their clothing back on, said their goodbyes and left the office after hugs. Fortunately there was no one else in the gym to see them. William and Jamie went up to their room, showered and dressed for travelling. "How cool was that?" said William. "We never said goodbye to our gym master like that when I left school."

"Was he good or was he good?" said Jamie.

"I would say excellent," said William, even though it was a quickie.

"Are you wearing your ballock?"

"For the journey, yes, but I'm not putting the padlock on until just before we leave."

The boys were travelling on the same train for the first part of the journey, but then had to change and travel off in different directions. After breakfast they went upstairs and packed. "We've still got a couple of hours," said Jamie. "I reckon we've got time for a snog and I've got the strength and enough juice in the tank as I was the bottom in the gym, to give that gorgeous little almost non- existent little arse such a good pounding that you'll still be feeling it this time next week." Did Jamie know something he didn't, wondered William. The thought went out of his head immediately.

"Oh, Jamie, do wait until I've just done my hair, won't you?" sighed William in mock exasperation.

Freshly showered, groomed and dressed – again, William and Jamie took their luggage down to reception and ask the receptionist to call a taxi. William had first asked Jamie to lock his ballock and he did the same for Jamie. For them it was a sign that they were about to return to normality, or should that be reality? They were silent in the cab, both boys being contemplative and counting their blessings. Over the past few weeks William had grown used to, even fond of wearing his ballock in public. It gave him an air of security, of confidence, of freedom from worrying that he could pop a boner at the most inconvenient moment. He wished he had had one at school for that very reason, but against that, wasn't the fact that he would get a boner in the showers an aid to his coming out and being accepted as gay. He was by no means alone. Wasn't it the huge erection in the French lesson that brought him and Ben together as boyfriends. Wasn't it the unwanted stiffie that convinced him he should be wearing a slip rather than boxer shorts, and so enhanced the bulge in his trousers that he won himself one or two friends during his coming out period? William and Jamie arrived at the station with twenty minutes to spare.

Once they were seated in the train, they found their tongues again. They were waiting impatiently for the snacks trolley to come round. As the train sped through the countryside, Jamie said "William, what were the highlights of the holiday for you?"

"So many. Getting shagged by Sven, the start of a sixpack…" Jamie burst out laughing.

"William! I've told you a million time before not to exaggerate." William ignored him and carried on with his list.

"The ballet. If I'd known ballet was like that, I'd have done it as a kid." He paused. "And every time we made love. Still don't like the cowboy position. What about you?"

"Most of yours, but I would add swimming in the sea and Gazza's uncut cock… and what he could he could do with it." William looked surprised. "You weren't in the room to see it."

"Then there's our one pieces, of course."

"Something I heard this morning," said Jamie. "Sven's not Swedish at all. It's all an act he puts on as part as his job, and he was born and brought up in south London."

"Still, I don't care," said William. "He was very good to us."

The train was slowing. The train manager announced the next 'station stop' over the intercom. William stood up, gathering his luggage together, as he had to change. Jamie was staying on the train. As they said goodbye, William gave him a kiss on the lips. He didn't care who was watching. That was one of the great things about being out. "I'll give you a ring tomorrow, Jamie. Love you." Was there a tear in Jamie's eye as he waved William goodbye through the moving train's window?

Noah was at the station to meet William. They hugged and Noah helped him put his luggage into the black SUV. William could not stop talking about all the wonderful things that had happened during the week.

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