From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 5

When they got home, Noah made a cup of tea. They would eat later. "Will, I'm so pleased you enjoyed your holiday, or exeat as I should call it. Slaves are not entitled to any holidays. However, you're back home now, back to the reality of your situation as a bondsman. I shall talk to you about that over dinner." William thought that could not herald anything good and that Noah was softening him up for something unpleasant, but it was not a slave's place to question his master, and thoughts of white overalls and sackcloth underwear came into his head. "When you've cleared away the tea things, I'll take you on a guided tour and show you what's be happening here while you've been away."

Noah opened the door under the stairs, flicked a switch and a bright light shone up the stairs. William saw stone steps leading down to the basement. "I've never shown you the cellar before, Will, have I? No point really because that was all it was, a coal cellar, with a pile of coal left over from the time before central heating when we had real fires in an open grate. Not even any forgotten bottles of wine. As you know, Mr Timm and I share certain business interests and after a lot of hard work they are beginning to come to fruition. When we've finished here and start to get an income from the place we shall be doing a similar upgrade at his house. Fortunately we can both live from our day jobs and invest in our little hobby."

"Daddy, what exactly is your little hobby? Besides training slaves?"

"Not besides, Will, it's all inclusive. BondageRUs®."

Noah moved on down the steps and William could follow. There was a passageway. On the left was a door marked 'Gym', on the right an emergency exit. At the end another door and let into the passage floor a trapdoor. They went into the gym. His eyes opened wide at what he saw. The room was brightly lit, but Noah went to a switch panel and suddenly the cellar was in darkness apart from red light from a single bulb. He worked some sliders and the bright lights gradually came up again. William continued to look around. "So what do you think it is, Will?" William took time to consider his answer, which pleased Noah.

"Well, it's not a gymnasium as we know it. The couch, office desk, sink and draining board, defibrillator make it look like a first aid room," said William. He paused. "Then there's a couch. Hmm. Okay. The floor is tiled, and therefore waterproof, and slopes towards one corner of the room towards a shower… with no shower cabinet. Sound should echo and resound, but your voice is unusually muffled, which it shouldn't be with a tiled floor."

"I'm impressed, Will, with your power of deduction. Certainly more Sherlock Holmes than Dr Watson."

"Watson always saw things, but came to the wrong conclusion, Daddy. I haven't come to my conclusion yet. I might be a Watson and get it wrong." Another silence ensued. "That emergency door in the passage is new."

"Right, Will, the door is, but the doorway isn't. You wouldn't have seen the steps leading down outside the house. After all, the coalman wouldn't have toted his dirty loads through the house. The outdoor steps were covered with brambles and stinging nettles and I thought that ideal for security and so I left them. Now it's an emergency exit and the steps are clear."

"There are hefty steel rings attached to the walls, floor and to a brand new roof beam, and a lot of storage space, cupboards, drawers, shelves and clothes hooks."

"All empty at the moment. Unpacking and stowing away is one job I have lined up for you on Thursday."

"That's two jobs."

"William." Noah just had to call him William and give him a look for the youth to be reminded of his status in society.

"Would I be correct in venturing an opinion that this might be a bondage parlour?"

"You're a bright boy, Will. Correct."

"But why the high powered hose?"

"It has other uses besides swilling down the floor after a scene. But there's a bit more to it." Noah led William back outside to the trapdoor. "I'll tell you a bit more about that over dinner." He opened the door at the end of the corridor and took William into a small, but adequate en suite bedroom for two.

"Wow! And I simply had no idea. Respect."

"You haven't given me your final answer, but I suspect it's going to be right."

"It's a bondage studio or parlour."

"Spot on. I think it's your turn to cook, Will. I've been doing it all week, and trying to teach Mr Timm at the same time. Get yourself scrubbed up and I'll show you what we've got."

William ended up by not cooking at all. In the fridge was a selection of cold meats and various types of salad. "Okay, Daddy, tell me about that trap door in the basement."

"I think I'd better tell you about what you saw first. Mr Timm and I have not really involved you and Jamie in our business affairs. You both had the opportunity of getting to know one another, getting to know each other particularly well over the last week, if I'm reading between the lines correctly. You have acknowledged the generosity of the exeat, but here I have to confess that we were not entirely altruistic in giving you both a good time. It was also a business investment." William looked puzzled.

"You are two months into a twelve month apprenticeship. You're still on basic training, which I can't see lasting longer than three. So what do we do during the remaining nine? You have heard that I am interested in bondage, and your time will come to cover that part of the syllabus."

"Ow!" squealed William.

"What's the matter, Will?"

"I suddenly boned up at the bondage idea and I've still got my ballock on."

"You'll get used to it. It does get better. I think you also know that I have no interest in the SM part of BDSM. That probably sounds daft, but think of that television series Doc Martin , about the doctor who couldn't stand blood. Having no interest is not quite true. I have no sexual or personal interest in sado-masochism, but I… perhaps I should say 'we', because this includes Mr Timm and our company… have a financial interest, as we do in putting you and Jamie through a thorough an apprenticeship. There will be no pressure, but we hope that you both might be interested in working with us one day, not as slaves, but as partners. Have you thought what you might want to do after A-Levels?"

"Not really, Daddy. And I certainly hadn't considered a career in the sex industry."

"I realise that you still have a year after your apprenticeship until you take your A-levels, and you may want to go to university. If it suited the firm, you might be spared the burden of a student loan. What do you think of that, Will?"

"Good, Daddy, but I would need to give it some thought. For instance, I might be thoroughly sick to death of bondage by next July."

"Well done for entertaining that possibility."

"Jamie might have dumped me or I might have dumped him. On the other hand, by then we might have fallen head over heels in love."

There was a moment of silence while they got on with their meal.

"Will, you probably didn't think about it at the time – no reason why you should – but do you remember your visit to the The Gay Door? That shop is own by our company."

"What's the name of your company?"

"Rosebud Enterprises, but that's a legal and financial umbrella. You'll only see that name in official documents. It's the parent company of Rosebud Skincare which owns The Gay Door, Rosebud Hospitality, which franchises hotels such as the one in Brighton and the one in the country where we meet Mr Timm and Jamie."

"What does 'franchise' mean?"

"Have you heard of Best Western Hotels?" William nodded. "They don't actually own the hotels. They created a brand, a method of training the staff, a way of managing the hotels and they lease the brand name to the proprietors, and guests know that they are going to find certain things they like at a Best Western hotel. We saw early on the possibilities offered by more tolerance towards gays, civil partnerships and later gay marriage and we exploited them. We created the Rosebud brand. Rosebud Hospitality specialises in male gay accommodation."

"But I saw straight couples there in Brighton."

"Of course, and lesbians as well probably, but I wouldn't expect a full blooded homosexual youth to pay much attention to them. It would be illegal to exclude them and anyway, the vanilla pound is worth just as much as the pink pound. I gather from your hotel account that you met Sven and Wun Hung Lo Charlie. I trained Eric…"

"Oh, Sven the Swede, born and bred in south London," William laughed.

"Did you notice anything about them, Will?"

"Oh, they had the tatts, the double male symbol and the rosebuds."

"That's right. They both went through the apprenticeship scheme at the age of sixteen like you and Jamie." William remained silent for a few seconds, while taking all this in.

"Daddy, why do you have all these different companies instead of one big one?"

"Two main reasons. We want to keep the management structures separate. The only thing the subsidiaries have in common are homosexuality and the two logos or trade marks."

"The double male symbol and the rosebud?"

"That's right, Will. And tax purposes. We transfer money from the wealthier subsidiaries to the poorer ones. Rosebud Training, for instance, makes no money whatsoever. It never will do because we never invoice for training our own staff. Occasionally we train outsiders and charge for that. In fact, since it's educational, we're looking at ways of converting Rosebud Training into a charitable trust, and if it becomes a charity that offers new tax-efficient possibilities."

William had up to this point no idea of what went on behind the scenes and believed that his apprenticeship was nothing more than a favour from a friendly neighbour.

"So, Daddy, where does the trapdoor come in?"

"Next week we complete Phase I of our business plan for Rosebud Discipline, another subsidiary company. It's a bondage studio, sex only, which I am quite happy to manage. We already have plans to establish a Phase I studio at Mr Timm's house and they're going well. Jamie will be finding out all about that over the next couple of days.

"Now we come on to Phase II which will happen in a year's time when we've proved the commercial viability of Phase I, and now I'll answer your question. The trap door leads down to a second cellar or basement room. We cleared all the rubbish out of it this week and we'll keep it clean over the next twelve months. The only communication is through that trap door at present, but I think that because of 'elf 'n' safety we'll have to have an emergency exit and ventilation, certainly heating, probably aircon, because if we don't maintain the temperature at 22° - 25°, the naked body won't react as we want it to. That will require a great deal of thought, but I have an architect friend working on it.

"What we intend doing is setting up an extreme S&M dungeon. You could scream to your heart's content down there and with the trap door closed nobody outside would hear you. We're planning an open prison cell, like the ones a sheriff has in the westerns, and some extreme furniture. As I said, I wouldn't be able to take part myself and so we came up with rather a good wheeze. Rough estimates show we need to charge £100 an hour to run the place, pay our creditors and have a little left for ourselves. The last bit is a luxury because Mr Timm and I can live off our day jobs. The wheeze is that we do not pay the dom. There are doms out there who would willingly pay £100 a session to satisfy their passions while the subs would pay as well. Believe it or not, we already have the planning permission. That's down to another old school chum of ours who bats for the same team, works for the council and owes a favour. The least said about that the better. But that's been granted on condition that this house is not given a commercial name, nor must there be any indication, such as notice boards or fascias, that a business is being carried on here. All bookings would be made through The Gay Door."

William cleared away the plates and produced a bowl of ice cream dressed with squirty cream. 'Squirty cream," he thought. 'Now why didn't I think of this before? It'll add to fun time.'

"Daddy, how did Mr Timm and you meet?"

"Haven't I told you? We were at school together. He started in Year 7, as you do, when I was in Year 11 doing my GCSEs. I was out at school. That's another story I must tell you sometime. I used to do a lot of what I call boywatching. Some boys went trainspotting or bird watching. I spotted boys. I could get away with it because I was out and as such an accepted part of the furniture. 'You know, it's only Fourbois drooling over pretty boys.' He's harmless enough. Anyway, I spotted this fantastic boy and I found out his name – Eddy Timm – and chatted him up. What I used to do as well was to find some excuse to go into the boys' changing room, usually to look for a mythical lost sock in the lost property cupboard. That worked quite well and I saw young Master Timm coming out of the showers. Typical pre-adolescent, thin undeveloped body, well formed, significant prepubescent genitals, no hair yet, but you don't expect that with the average Year 7 boy. Over the year we saw each other about the school and would chat. Or at least I would chat him up and he would play the tart. I wasn't really interested, not sexually. Too young and I was getting plenty anyway, but even then I was the young entrepreneur with an eye to the future and an eye for a pretty boy.

"Move on a year and the following September came along. The first day of term was taken up with eyeballing the newbies. The second day of term I saw Eddy Timm. Now he was in Year 8, me in the lower sixth. He had grown, his voice had broken, bass, coarse and rasping, and so butch, and a significant prick was outlined in his loose school trousers, so much so I thought he was carrying a stiffie. I went to take a look at the school timetable and found out when he had PE. Same trick, lost property, and my luck was in. This same handsome youth emerging from the shower had a sixpack, pubic hair and the cock I'd only seen outlined in his trousers was certainly no stiffie. It took me as long as a fortnight to get my hand inside his trousers, but I must have done a good job because we've been in touch ever since, even when we were apart, if you understand what I mean.

"Will, we still have to discuss your work programme for the next couple of weeks and I warn you now, you're not going to like it one bit." William's face was aghast.

Having finished their ice cream, Noah and William took their coffee into the living room and made themselves comfortable.

"Will, you have by your own admission had a fantastic week in Brighton. I'm pleased for you, but you must never forget that you are a slave, my bondsman, and so you are going have to relearn how a slave is treated." William's face showed fearful anticipation. He wanted to protest, but didn't dare, knowing that whatever was going to happen to him would only be made worse, if he did. "This is part of your apprenticeship and before you start to feel hard done by, Jamie will be undergoing the same régime this week." William was anxious to know what fate awaited him. "From six o'clock tomorrow morning until nine o'clock next Tuesday morning you are under chastity…" The breath stuck in his throat and he was fighting back the tears, "… and at the same time you are under discipline."

"What does 'under discipline' mean, Daddy?"

"The same as 'under punishment', except that you haven't done anything wrong." The great loathing of the sackcloth underwear and white overalls released a stream of tears. Noah ignored them. "Bring me your ballock key and phone." William just sat there. "I mean now," said Noah quietly. William obeyed while struggling to love his Daddy.

He came back from his room and handed over the demanded articles. Since your chastity doesn't begin until tomorrow morning I want you in my bed tonight, and I want you thoroughly clean."

"What does that mean, Daddy?"

"You're going to get a lesson in rimming and felching and so I'm going to give you an enema. Try and take a dump first. When did you last have a shave?"

My face or my pubes?"

"Pubic hair."

"Just before I went to Brighton."

"We'll do that at the same time, and your pits if they need doing."

William went off to his room, lay on his bed and cried himself asleep.

He woke up and remembered he had a job to perform. After that he rejoined Noah in the living room, still trying his hardest to love his Daddy. "You know I've got to go to college on Wednesday to enrol?"

"Yes, Will."

"In white coveralls?"

"In white coveralls. For goodness' sake, Will, stop whingeing. I expect better of my bondsman. Take a shower and in five minutes I'll be in to give you your enema."

The enema was a new experience for William. Under different circumstances he might well have enjoyed it.

In bed that night Noah was extremely gentle with him. He soothed away the cares of the late evening and by the time he went to sleep he really did love his Daddy. The experience was enhanced by having his butt eaten before coïtus and his rosebud cleaned out by Noah's tongue as the fresh and warm semen trickled from his sphincter and was transferred by Noah's tongue to his own. William slept curled up to his Daddy throughout the night until the cruel and relentless beeping of the alarm clock signalled the start of a week's discipline and chastity. He went to his room to find two sets of white overalls, one grey set, two sets of sackcloth drawers and tee shirt, a white and a navy blue ball cap and two pairs of white socks, all neatly laid out on his bed.

William remembered the routine only too well. Shower, Daddy would make sure the padlock was securely applied to the ballock, make bed, clean and tidy bedroom. He had to prepare breakfast for the two of them. This was followed by free time during which he was encouraged, but not forced to read, be it the newspaper or a book. The confiscation of his phone also meant no personal music. His computer he deemed a waste of time since the parental control was activated. He did have time to reflect and the first realisation was how different life under discipline was to life before bondage. William was never any trouble to his mother. He was not rebellious, for he had learnt that he never needed to be. He got his own way more through conforming than by kicking against the traces.

"Will!" He heard the command of his master's voice. "We're going to make a start on cleaning the sub-basement today. So change into your grey overalls and blue cap. As I told you, we cleared it out last week, but even so, it's not going to be a pleasant job. Until the contractors come in, the only power is by extension lead. We can run lights and a fan, or a light and a vacuum cleaner. So we're limited on power tools. Water will have to be carried down the steps. Apart from that, it's an easy, but tedious and slow job and the sooner we get on with it, the sooner it'll be finished."

Noah was as good as his word when he said 'we'. He and William worked together and William forgot the time. They broke for coffee; they broke for lunch. William was given an hour's recreation. He so badly wanted a wank, but could do nothing about it. How he missed Jamie. At least they could sneak a kiss if he were there. He sat in his room wondering if he had to work throughout his period of discipline as well. He tried to imagine him in his white overalls and ball cap and how he was coping with the sackcloth undies. There was absolutely nothing sexy about overalls. 'Now, dungarees, they're a completely different kettle of fish,' thought William. Jamie had had more practice wearing coveralls. What bastard had thought up such a simple, but effective form of torture? Was it not St Thomas à Beckett? But at least it was his own choice.

Under chastity William had to sleep in is own room and alone. Under discipline he had to sleep in his sackcloth underwear. Naked was not an option. In the morning he had to put the previous day's clothes through the washing machine and dryer, and then iron them. 'I never iron my undies,' he thought. Over breakfast Noah asked "What time do you have to enrol at college, Will?"

"Anytime between nine and four. We get to meet our tutors as well. So there's a bit of induction."

"I think you'd better go straight after breakfast so as not to waste the whole day." William groaned, for in anticipation of work he had put his grey overalls on. Noah gave him a look.

"Sorry, Daddy." Noah continued to look at him, but this was a different look, one that vainly concealed lust. 'I wish I'd bought him dungarees. Dungarees are far sexier, but would have undermined the week's chastity and might have led to indiscipline.' At that moment Noah was beginning to realise that he was also being disciplined by putting William under discipline and chastity, but on the other hand he was free to walk into his room, shut the door and jack off. He would probably do that while William was out. He could even walk down to the local cottage and pull a youth who needed a bit of cash for his next fix. Noah was disgusted with himself. In truth there were only two men in Noah's life, Eddy and Will, three if you included Jamie, but Jamie was more eye candy than trade.

With breakfast cleared away, William changed into his white overalls and white ball cap. One advantage of going early, he thought, was that he was unlikely to meet any of his old schoolmates. Noah wouldn't let him wear a hoodie over or under his overalls, but he couldn't stop him wearing sunglasses. So as he went out of the door he donned his shades, ones where the lenses were one way mirrors, pulled his collar up and the peak of his ball cap down. How uncool having to wear the peak at the front rather than sideways, but at least he was virtually unrecognisable. He decided to cycle to college. He didn't want people to stare on the bus and he could make a quick get away. He checked he had all the paperwork in his backpack, blew Daddy a kiss and disappeared down the road. The day, however, was not to go as planned.

When he arrived, William locked up his cycle. The first thing he needed to do was to take a slash. He soon found the loo and because of the locked ballock, he needed to use a cubicle. He finished peeing and, unable to shake off, soaked up the remaining dribbles with a piece of loo paper, flushed and pulled his coveralls back up. Just as he was going to wash his hands, he was confronted by two men in blue dungarees, safety goggles and hard hats. They were each carrying a grip bag of assorted carpenter's power and hand tools. "Hi, mate, are you the bloke from the LGTB Soc?" William, surprised at first and trying to work out what an Algie TV sock was, hesitated. This bloke's mate didn't wait for an answer and said

"Where d'you wannit then?" Again they didn't wait and the first bloke said

"It says 'ere on the chitty the partition between the wall end cubicle and the second cubicle." William had become superfluous. The second bloke went and stuck a 'Closed for Cleaning – Slippery Floor – Use Disabled Toilet' notice on the outside of the door. The second bloke said

"Come 'ere a minute, mate. Wassya name?"


"Come 'ere, Willy," he repeated. William winced. "You're about average 'eight, ain't cha? Stand against this partition." He made some marks on it with his carpenter's pencil, level with William's crotch. "That's aw-wight for 'eight, Kev. Wad'ya reckon for lengff?"

"Come and stand 'ere again, Willy." Kev got out his rule and made some more pencil marks.

"That'll be okay, Darra." Darren picked up a gimlet and made a small hole. Kev took a brace and bit and drilled a hole through about the size of fifty pence piece.

"Now comes the 'ard bit," said Darren.

"Look, guys," said William, "I've really got to go."

"'Sorright," said Kev. "Now you've shown us where it's got to go, we'll finish the job off and be gone in no time."

William departed, went through the process of enrolment and met his tutors and future classmates, who didn't worry that he was dressed as he was. He did meet one boy from his own school.

"Hi, William. What are you dressed like that for?" said Murray.

"Oh, I've got a holiday job doing interior decoration. I've just had to take the morning out to enrol. Then it's back to work." That wasn't too far from the truth, he thought.

William was finished by noon. He needed another pee before cycling home and so out of curiosity he thought he would use the same male students' lavatory as before. He went and saw that the cubicle he used was free. Perhaps Kev and Darra were putting up a new loo roll holder. The fact that the next door cubicle was engaged didn't impinge on William's consciousness. He sat down, peed, cursed the ballock, wiped off the dribbles and was about stand up when he noticed what had been done. A hole now about six inches across, a very neat and well finished hole at that, had been drilled in the partition. In his innocence he didn't grasp what it was or what it was for. Therefore imagine his surprise when through the hole came a piece of paper that fell onto the floor, followed by an erect penis that didn't. He picked up the paper and read 'Suck me'.

William was bemused by the (w)hole situation. In the comfort of his room he would have recognised it, were it a pic on his computer, as a glory hole in use. However, this was real life and he was having difficulty making the intellectual link. Finally he pulled himself together and reality dawned. He was in a cubicle, an erect penis had appeared with a note, the said penis had a globule of precum glistening on the tip, he was feeling the painful tug of his own penis as it chubbed up and attempted to pull away against his ballock, he was desperate for sex, but set against all this was the fact that he was both in chastity and under discipline. Okay, he was physically in a position to jerk it or to suck it. It looked clean and healthy, yet he had no idea who was attached to it at the other end. The likelihood of Noah's finding out was negligible. After a few moments' hesitation he finished buttoning up his overalls, silently pulled back the bolt on the door and disappeared into the corridor as quickly as possible. William, despite all temptation, had done the right thing.

Over lunch he could tell his master about his little adventure openly and without any pangs of conscience. He received his Daddy's approbation, but, unknowingly at the time, he could not tell the full story.

Because there was work to be done and William had no time to sit around and be miserable, the week passed quickly. The weather had been wet and cool and so he had not missed out on much outdoor activity. During that week the sub-basement had been thoroughly cleaned, the walls, floor and ceiling sealed against damp and left for the builders to move in perhaps twelve months later. No one pretended it was pleasant work with the lack of natural light and ventilation, but as it progressed, Noah was able to extend the electricity supply and thus increase the lighting and use power tools and a fan at the same time.

At long last Tuesday arrived. Rising at six, William made his bed, cleaned and tidied his room and made breakfast for himself and Noah. At nine o'clock Noah ceremoniously undid William's ballock and gave him the key back, returned his phone, allowed him to change into normal clothes and deactivated the parental control on the house's Wi-Fi system. William put the overalls, ball cap and sackcloth underclothes into the washing machine and later ironed and put them away, for the last time, as far as he knew, unless he were to commit a misdemeanour or there was another period of discipline in his apprenticeship which he knew nothing about. To celebrate he chose to wander round the house naked, which proved utter relief to his dick and bollocks and won the full approval of Noah.

William waited until ten to phone Jamie, but found his phone was turned off.

"Daddy, may I have your permission to have a wank?"

"No, Will, but if you'd like to come along to my room, I'll give you a blowjob." It didn't end there for once Noah was aroused, he proceeded to give William a good rogering and it was noon before they realised it was time to get showered and dressed and get on with the rest of the day. "You've done very well this week. We'll go out to lunch as a treat."

William still couldn't get through to Jamie.

Noah drove William out to a hotel in the country where they could seat themselves by a window and enjoy the view. "Daddy, is this one of your hotels?"

"No, not this one, Will. Although we are looking at its potential. And no. This is the whole point of the argument. The hotels are never ours. We lease them a franchise, a brand that demands certain standards of both them and us. That way we earn money without the liabilities of ownership and maintenance and most important of all, because of what we aim for, we provide and train the staff without employing them. It does mean that the present staff either have retrain or look elsewhere for work."

"How can you retrain straight staff to be gay, Daddy?"

"We don't. That's an impossibility. A lot of workers in the hospitality industry are gay. It suits their personality and their disposition makes them good at their work. When we take over, staff inevitably come out of the closet. We offer diversity training, which basically teaches tolerance and has a heavy male orientated bias. It sounds tough, but if you fail that course, you can't continue at a franchised establishment. However, they are not out on their ear. We do have heterosexual interests where we can offer alternative employment, just for that reason.

"Still, we're not here to talk about business. As far as I know, the staff here don't know who I am and I want it to remain that way. I want to see how the place runs. We're here for me to thank you for the way you tackled last week. These things are all a test of merit and you have adopted the right attitude. We're here to thank you for all the hard work you did in the lower basement. That will save a couple of days when we finally get the workmen in. I have arranged for an extra one hundred pounds to be transferred to your bank account as a bonus payment for the work you put in renovating the lower cellar over the past week."

"Cor, thanks, Daddy. That's great." The main course arrived.

"What we really need to discuss, Will, is the next few weeks of your apprenticeship. Up till now you have been on school holidays. From tomorrow we have to fit everything round school. Your education comes first. That probably means that a week's module will now probably take a fortnight. You've got ten weeks behind you and your next module is 'top coïtus', though if I am to believe what I heard, you already did some pre-school preparation in that while you were in Brighton." William blushed. "Don't get embarrassed. I'd have done the same at your and in your position… probably did… and the important thing is that neither you nor Jamie were under discipline or chastity."

"Daddy, am I under discipline and chastity at college?"

"In theory no. I'd prefer you to keep your ballock locked, but you have the key. People from your old school will know you and know that you're gay, and that will spread round the school like wildfire. I don't want you becoming a slut or the school bike."

"School bike, Daddy?"

"Everyone rides you. You also need to think deeply about your relationship with Jamie which, by the way, both Mr Timm and I approve of, and how that's going to develop. Also you have certain slave duties to carry out."

"That's not what I'm thinking about. My trouble is I can't get that cock out of my head that came through the glory hole last week. I didn't touch it, but it was so tempting."

"I think that's something you ought to experience. The glory hole should be part of your apprenticeship, but it isn't. I offer you the following advice, particularly as most of the time you don't know whose horn you're blowing. If it doesn't look clean, don't touch it. If it tastes foul, it is foul. Stop immediately. Don't swallow and carry some antiseptic mouthwash in your schoolbag and use it straight afterwards. Do it, get it out of your system and then use a different cubicle. Once people know it's there, there'll be a queue at break times.

"So have you got everything you need for tomorrow, Will?"

"So far as I know. There's a shop on campus and it's not far to the town centre anyway."

"Are you going in by bus?"

"Nah, I'll cycle. I'll prolly go by bus when the dark mornings and evenings start."

"Tell me, how are things between you and Jamie?"


"Good in bed?"

"Superb in bed."

"Better than me?"

"I'm not going to answer that question, Daddy."

"I'll take that as a yes."

"I'll tell you one thing. It's something else taking a cock with a ring through it in your mouth or up your butt."

"Lower your voice, Will. We don't want the other diners earwigging. Are you an item?"

"In Brighton I would have said yes, but it's damned difficult being an item when you live miles apart." William gave Noah one of his sweetest smiles. "Daddy, when can we start doing it bareback?"

"Not before you finish your apprenticeships and you're free men again, and not before you commit."


"Commit to one another, actually become an item, become a significant pair."

"Do you mean become engaged?"

"Not necessarily, but when you've come to the stage when you're not sleeping around, just with one another."

"Sleeping around? Chance would be a fine thing. You and Mr Timm keep such close tabs on us."

"What about Steve, Gazza and Tarquin? Not to mention room service?"

"That wasn't sleeping around. Jamie and me were there together."

"Tell the STD man that."

"We did use jonnies, Daddy. Every time."

"It's all right, Will. We've all been there. I just wanted to get the idea of commitment across to you."

"Daddy, are you and Mr Timm and item?" It was Noah's time to blush. "I'll take that as a yes."

"What makes you ask?" Noah enquired sternly, trying to regain the high ground.

"It was just that when I was doing the chores last week and I took your washing out of the machine to put it into the dryer, a washed and shrivelled condom fell out of your undies."

"Waiter!" Noah called out. "I think it's time, Will, we got back home and did some work. Your turn to prepare supper."

That night William was just about to climb into Noah's bed, when his Daddy said "I had a phone call from Mr Timm earlier. Jamie is under extended chastity and discipline until he goes back to school. He found a way to make himself come off with his ballock locked, and his master caught him. I hope you've got a clean butt, Will."

"You know the sun shines out of mine, Daddy."

William arrived home just after four. While he was putting his cycle away, he noticed for the first time how neat and tidy the outside steps down to the cellar were. Noah's SUV was parked on the drive. William let himself in. He saw that the door under the stairs was open. He called down "Daddy, I'm home."

"Okay, Will, I'll be up in a couple of minutes."

"I'll make a pot of tea."


Sitting in the kitchen, Noah said "How did your first day go?"

"Fine, Daddy. Different from school. We went straight into classes. When we don't have classes, it's up to us what we do – library, common room, cafeteria. We're marked in a register for each lesson."

"Did you make any new friends?"

"It's a bit early for that. We tended to keep with the people we knew from our old schools. But I did do some boywatching. Quite a few B grade boys, but didn't spot any A grades."

"A and B grades?"

"Don't you know the scale, Daddy?" Noah shook his head. "Grade A – I want to get him into bed, grade B – I wouldn't kick him out of bed. Grade C doesn't count at college and grade D – pass the puke bucket. Not everyone gets awarded a grade, you understand, Daddy."

"What does the non-applicable grade C stand for?"

"Grade A potential, but jailbait."

"Was your ex-, Ben, there?"

"No. He decided to go to the sixth form at one of the other local schools. We're still in touch and we still send each other jokes. He said he's looking for a new boyfriend. He also said he has to be careful because his new school's a bit anti-gay."

"I've been in touch with Mr Timm."

"Oh, how's Jamie?"

"Not a happy bunny. He's coping with the discipline part well, but having great difficulty with the chastity bit. His term starts on Friday and so he's got another day."

"I can't see how you can separate them," said William.

"Not our problem. Any road up, I've been thinking ahead. This and next week we shall be dealing with topping. The following week will be revision and trade tests and if you pass them all, that will be your basic training successfully completed. I said that would happen about the end of September. That takes us into October. That's when your specialist training begins. As a slave, you theoretically have no choice in the matter. In practice it's a waste of time, money, effort and good will to try to fit a square peg into a round hole. I think you will like the trade I have selected for you, and while I'm not ready to confirm it, you're a bright enough boy to work it out for yourself. We'll do a couple of weeks or so on subsidiaries and then an introductory trade course. By then it will be half term.

"Now, I don't want you to wet your knickers, Will, especially as it depends on one or two crucial things such as successfully passing out after basic training…

"Daddy, you make this sound so military."

"It is in a way with the discipline and learning discipline, but you can't have bondage without discipline. That's the essence of it. However, the plan for half term is for Mr Timm and Jamie to spend it here. And I'm going to stress now that it is not a holiday, not 'Brighton at home'. It's not even intended as a working holiday. It is work. That is when we shall be working up to Phase I downstairs with the official opening and afterwards Mr Timm will be returning home with Jamie to supervise the structural alterations to his house for his Phase I."

William was already wriggling around in his seat and looking interested.

"Anything further about the glory hole, Will?"

"Yes. I didn't go and inspect it, but…"

As a 16+ educational establishment the college could be more relaxed about certain 'issues', one of those being sex or personal relationships as it was euphemised. The Principal was tolerant of relationships, straight and gay, but could not be seen to support sexual activity on the premises. He turned a blind eye as a modus vivendi . In such vein he turned down a request to form an LGTB Society, but was fully aware of the existence of an underground cell. This was the background to how the glory hole came to be cut into the partition.

"… the 'G' branch of the LGTB cell, realising that they could never gain official sanction for a glory hole, commissioned two sympathetic chums, who for the sake of argument we'll call Kev and Darra, to carry out the work. They arrived on the scene, tooled and kitted up to do the job. The chance outside of term that two blokes dressed in overalls, goggles and hard hats with plastic ID cards dangling round their necks would ever be stopped and questioned is minimal."

The anonymous William, similarly dressed to hide his identity, but for a different reason, had been a bystander who innocently became involved. To add the final touch, the carpenters' names weren't even Kevin and Darren. William became the first pupil, or student as we'd better say for a sixth form college, to have a glory hole tailored to his own stature.

"When we've drunk our tea, I'll show you what's been going on today." William cleared the tea things away. "We'll walk round the house and you'll see that in every room there is now a smart TV monitor on the wall."

"Is there one in the loos?"

"No, you have to have at least one Graham Norton free area in the house. The monitors not only show programmes, but you can tune in to the HD CCTV system and watch what's happening in the gym and the guest bedroom. Rest assured, Will. There are no cameras in your room or mine, in fact in none of the inhabited rooms, apart of course from the guest room in the basement. Being security cameras, they record any activity during the day or the night and after a day's work, we can sit down and watch the scenes showing our clients. We also know who has been to the front door or the basement door. If anyone wants attention, he has to show his face to the camera."

"Is that smart or is that smart?" said Will, full of admiration for the new technology.

He and Noah went down to the 'gym'. William looked around. His first impression was that it looked like Sven's office in the gym in the Brighton hotel. But then he noticed things hanging from hooks: a flail and a riding crop, light chains, handcuffs. He opened drawers: wrist and ankle cuffs, mittens, carabiners, stout pieces of dowelling with rings screwed into the end. With some things William hadn't the slightest idea what they were for. "All will be explained," said Noah. William hadn't seen half of it.

"No ropes?"

"No. I'm not into rope work. I prefer chains and nylon or leather straps. Good supply of condoms and lube, butt plugs, but this is my new toy and I can't wait to try it out. So be prepared, Will."

He looked at it. It looked like a motor mechanic's grease gun, a large syringe. Out of it came a thin stainless steel tube, hollow, formed in a slight hook. "With this you insert a cartridge of K-Y, feed the tube up the back passage and squeeze out the gel. It reaches places your fingers can't, but your dick can." William was overawed, a little out of his depth.

William was impressed. He remembered that there was a special feature on beginners' bondage for teens in GY mag. He must read it and put it away somewhere safely. It dawned on him that, having been removed from the care of their mothers, he and Jamie need have no worries about hiding 'contraband' and consequently no fear of its being found under their mattresses because there was no reason to put it there in the first place.

The next couple of weeks passed in a flash. Noah taught the four basic positions of male-male coïtus and their variations, the strengths and weaknesses of each. William was in contact again with Jamie and progress in their apprenticeships strengthened their motivation for that was the way they were going to be re-united. Both boys were astute enough to understand that their masters were using this as a mental and emotional form of edging. They allowed the boys' relationship to flourish, but not to be consummated, except that despite this, it had on certain occasions to be consummated or the strategy would lose its effectiveness.

William had little time to himself. During the day he concentrated on his college work, getting as much of his homework done in the library and so leaving the evenings, nights and weekends free for his apprenticeship. Again the psychology behind this was obvious; he had no time to form any liaisons with his college mates. That's what they remained. Although it was common knowledge that he was gay, he was rarely singled out as such. He was just one of the boys. He was oblivious to the fact that he broke one or two of the girls' hearts. Also, if he slackened off with either of his responsibilities, the sackcloth undies and white coveralls awaited him, with or without chastity, and could he really turn up at college dressed as a workman?

At the end of September William successfully passed out of basic training and to celebrate Noah took him out to dinner on Saturday night and granted him an absolutely free Sunday. Noah even cooked the lunch.

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