From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 3

Thursday dawned. Noah had to rouse William for their meeting was at nine and they had to allow for rush hour traffic. After he showered, Noah checked that the padlock on his ballock was properly closed before he got dressed. Noah put the key safely round his neck under his shirt. In the car he explained to William that although this was an important business meeting for Mr Timm and himself, he also wanted it to be a day out for Jamie, a reward for the way he had overcome his difficulties with subservience and chastity. They would have to leave the two boys to their own devices and so he gave William permission to practise anything from his apprenticeship up to module four. With him safely in his ballock and Jamie wearing a cock cage, he didn't think they could get up to much mischief and if they did, it would just leave them feeling frustrated and William would be that more ready for him when they got home.

They met in the dining room where Mr Timm and Jamie were finishing their breakfast. Noah and William had had theirs at home, but were more than ready for a cup of coffee. Noah shook hands with Mr Timm, as did William, but Jamie quickly stood up and took William into a bear hug. William confided in me afterwards that when their crotches touched he felt nothing. After we talked socially for a quarter of an hour or so, Mr Timm stood up and said "We've got a lot to do. We'd better get on with it or we'll run out of time." We made our way to the reception desk. "Good morning. My name is Timm. I've reserved a room for these two boys."

"Ah, yes, sir. Would you sign the register, please, young gentlemen?" He handed a key card to Jamie. "Do you need one as well, sir?" he enquired, looking at William. William felt proud. It was the first time anybody had called him 'sir'.

"Lunch at twelve fifteen, boys," said Mr Timm and they disappeared up the stairs. "And there is a room reserved for us," he said turning back to the receptionist.

"Yes, sir. We've put you in the west wing, away from your sons in the east wing, as per instructions." They took the lift to their room.

Jamie unlocked the door and he and William went in to find a large double-bedded room. "Alone and unsupervised at last, William," and Jamie took him into an embrace, kissed him and sucked his tongue into his own mouth. "I must say, you look outstanding in that suit. Better than white overalls, eh?" They both giggled as they thought back to their last meeting. "I bet those rude bitches that made the remarks would change their tune if they could see you now."

"And I would smile sweetly at them and say 'Sorry, lasses, but I only snog boys."

They took their jackets and ties off and hung them in the wardrobe. They wouldn't have done that before starting their apprenticeships. William had selected the pale pink shirt with the deep pink silk tie, Jamie a mid blue shirt with a lavender tie. Jamie looked straight into William's eyes and said "I've been waiting weeks for this. Put your arms round my waist. That's it. Now place your hands on my butt cheeks and pull me in." William was chubbing up, but the ballock permitted no more than that. He expected to feel Jamie's cock cage, but nothing. They broke, looked at each other and smiled. There was a knock at the door.

"Oh, no," groaned William.

"Stay cool," said Jamie and answered the door.

"Special delivery for Mr Jamie." William couldn't see the page boy. He took the large jiffy bag from the boy. "Here's a tip," he said, at which he gave the page boy's crotch a long and gentle feel which visibly moved the young lad who smiled and said

"May I bring you room service later, sir?"

"Thank you, but my friend and I will cope between us for the time being." Jamie took the 'Do not disturb' card and hung it on the exterior doorknob. He couldn't help giggling at the Spanish 'No molestar' printed on it. He threw the packet onto the bed and said "Shit, that's rather ruined the mood."

"Not for long," giggled William.

"That's your slave collar, is it?" William was undoing the buttons on his shirt.

"Yes. You saw it when I was wearing the coveralls. Daddy insisted it had to be seen at all times, and black when I was wearing nothing else but white made it stand out. Where's yours, Jamie? Don't you have to wear one? I thought all slaves and bondsmen did."

"Slow down." He lifted his foot onto the coffee table, pulled up his trouser leg and there round his left ankle was a chunky gold chain. "That's my slave collar. That's real gold, you know, and I'd have to take it to a jeweller or a goldsmith if I wanted to remove, but my master has a key."

"Wow! Now, that is class."

"And can you see steel ring? That's there to restrain me and if you look carefully, you'll see there's an unbreakable steel ring threaded through the gold links because a hard tug could break one of the them."

"Let's get undressed," said William.

"Okay," said Jamie, "but there's no hurry. We've got two and a half hours left still and I don't think a game of snooker will take that long."

"You know when we hugged? I couldn't feel your cock cage."

"That's because I'm not wearing one."

"So you're free?"

"Wait and see. William, I want to feel and see your body. It's been hell over the past few weeks. I've had this big thing with chastity and then punishment. My master demands not only absolute obedience, but also absolute fidelity and affection. Then he introduced you to me and I haven't been able to get you out of my head since. The only good thing is that your Daddy seems the only person he will listen to, and from listening to their phone conversations he's made my master realise that you can demand obedience and get it, but you cannot demand affection and get it, no matter how much you punish or put the pressure on through things like chastity. Has your Daddy said anything of this to you?"

"No, Jamie. All he's said is that I made a big impression on you and I told him that you'd made an impression on me, but I said no more because I was trying to serve out my punishment and complete the chastity test. Then when I finished it all, he said that as a reward I could have a whole day of solo sex. He took the padlock off my ballock and three times that day I had a wank just thinking of you. It's funny wanking with a ring through your frenulum."

"Are you ballocked today?"

Yeah. Daddy double-checked this morning. He said I could practise up to module four with you."

"What's that?"

"French kissing and snogging. C'mon, Jamie, we're wasting time. I want to see that hunky body of yours, feel it, stick my tongue down your throat."

"Oooh, you know how to make a girl feel good."

"No, I don't! A boy, yes, but that's a different matter, and I want to make you feel good. Now."

William pushed Jamie against the wall, pressed into him and gave him a long French kiss, but something was wrong. Jamie wasn't getting hard. 'How do I deal with this situation?' wondered William. He removed first Jamie's, then his own shirt. Jamie's nipples were to die for, dark brown 10p pieces against white hairless flesh on hard pecs. They were erect and so he must be having some effect on him. He guided Jamie over to the bed and laid him down. He lay next to him. His own attempted erection was giving him gyp as it tried to pull away from his perineum, pain that hurt, but which was giving him pleasure at the same time. He kissed him fervently – lips, tongue, earlobes, nipples, belly button. He nearly fell into the trap of inflicting a lovebite, but that was the worst thing he could do from Jamie's point of view. Jamie was enjoying it all. He could tell from the groans and little whimpers. Finally, out of frustration, he unclasped the top of Jamie's trousers, pulled the zip down and slid them down underneath his butt cheeks and over his legs, taking his briefs with them in one slick movement.

"OMG!" exclaimed William. He understood instantly. There was indeed no cock cage. "You didn't tell about this, Jamie."

"I thought I'd surprise you."

"You've done that all right. When did you have it done?"

"The Saturday after we first met. My master thought it was such a good idea, he took me to the tattoo shop and had it done there and then. 'Much better than a cock cage,' he said."

"And is it?"

"Yes, I think it is."

"And did you have that done at the same time?" said William, pointing at the double male symbols, but his were to the left of his cock.

"Yes, my master said it was a job lot, whatever a job lot is."

"But why on the left when mine is on the right?" pondered William aloud.

"He said it shows that I'm a bottom."

"Then I must be a top," William inferred. "But we haven't got anywhere near the coïtus module. Are you a bottom?"

"I don't think so," said Jamie. My master likes to think I'm one just because he is."

"Do you have to call him 'master'?"

"Yes, I'm used to it now, but it can be embarrassing in public… for him, but he doesn't seem to see it."

The shock formed a little interlude in their making out. The sexual arousal had been ousted by emotional and mental excitement. Now, however, he could look at Jamie in all his glory. Because of the ballock, he presumed, he could not fully appreciate his equipment. He was uncut, his dick must have been of reasonable length or the two rings of the ballock wouldn't have met. As it tucked underneath his scrotum, it parted his testicles neatly and, under the circumstances, showed them off at their best. His groin was completely shaven. He was beginning to think that this was yet another esoteric sign of being a bondsman.

They made out the best they could on the bed. Attempts at erections caused each pain, arousal caused building physical frustration similar to and more frustrating as each boy strove to come off through feeling and emotion, but their fettered loins couldn't achieve it. William knelt on the floor between Jamie's legs which were dangling over the edge of the bed, as was his cluster. He started by licking Jamie's balls, followed by his chubbed up, but prone cock. The little sounds encouraged William by telling him he was doing the right thing. Imagine his surprise when Jamie suddenly drew in a sharp breath and white gold started to trickle out of his glans. Together they had thwarted their masters' best plans to prevent their reaching orgasm. Now it was William's turn.

They dressed and went down to the restaurant and had a coffee break. No sign of their masters. They must be continuing their business discussions. They were reticent in asking what sort of business they were engaged in. They believed it would be impertinent of a slave or a bondsman, and while in the olden days such unwanted enquiries might have led to a thrashing, now the consequences were subtler with periods of chastity and of punishment. Nothing more persuasive than creating and encouraging a powerful desire and need for sex, and then denying the means of satisfying it.

Afterwards they took a walk in the grounds. They walked about, little fingers entwined, but soon pulled away at the sight or sound of anyone approaching. They came across the gaggle of girls they had met on the previous occasion. They must be employed on the estate. They were visibly impressed with William in his new suit and made flattering personal remarks until one blurted out

"Ain't them those gayboys we saw? Remember 'im in the white overalls?"

"Cor, yeah," said another. "Cocksuckers."

"Lesbians!" shouted Jamie and pulled William away. "Let's get back to our room. I haven't opened that envelope yet."

"You know what's in it?"

"I know what's in it, okay. It's something my master would never allow me to have. That's why I have had to be a bit devious." William's curiosity had been aroused.

"Porno mags?" he said.

"Do you know how to keep an idiot in suspense?"


"I'll tell you when we get back to our room."

"Jamie Timm, why don't you just piss off?"

"Because I am so infatuated with your body," and he gave William a peck on the cheek, not worrying about who might be looking.

Jamie opened the door and William ensured that the 'Do Not Disturb' sign was hanging on the outside door handle. Jamie carefully undid the large envelope, put in his hand and pulled out a brand new butt plug, still sealed in its plastic wrapping. "Ta daa! Have you ever tried one of these, William?"

"No, I haven't reached that module."

"Stuff the module. Neither have I. Your master has made you too compliant."

"But I love my master."

"I love mine too, but there's no harm in a little initiative, experimentation and rebellion. That's why I have the bondage name of Spartacus. What's yours, by the way?"

"Chunky, because of the shape of my dick."

"Like it. Can I call you Chunky?"

"Nah. It's my slave name, trade name, as it were. I love you too much for you to call me that. Carry on calling me William."

"Okay, William. Now get 'em off." Meanwhile Jamie got the plastic off and fiddled around with some more stuff he took out of the jiffy bag. "Watch this, William. It's important." He took a rubber out of its foil and swiftly rolled over the head and down the shaft of the plug. "It's only a four-incher and so I guess it won't go in as far as you or me would." He squirted some lube out of a soft plastic tube and smoothed it all over the condom. "Kneel on the bed doggy fashion." He squirted some more K-Y onto William's crack and proceeded to finger it in, even inside his sphincter. William jumped at the coldness of the gel. "Now, as this is your first time, it might hurt for a couple of seconds, but it's worth it. Trust me."

Jamie probed William's hole with the tip of the plug. It was already feeling good. He just wished he could get a proper erection. "Ow!" The plug was in. Jamie moved it slowly back and forth. William was in seventh heaven. He grunted and groaned.

"I take it you're enjoying this?" said Jamie with a grin.

"Keep on doing it, Jamie, a little faster and a little farther in. Aaah! That's nice. Back a bit and just rub it there. That's good. Keep it there and turn it backwards and forwards. That's right." Without warning William's body convulsed and he let out a yell. "OMG, my dick's dribbling spunk." When the spasms had stopped, Jamie left the plug inside until William had completely calmed down.

"Now I want you flex your muscles gently as if you're taking a dump. Gently!" On doing so, the plug just slipped out. "Here's a towel. Clean yourself up."

Meanwhile Jamie took the rubber off and disposed of it (not down the toilet), and washed and dried the plug. "Okay, it's my turn now. You saw what I did, didn't you?"

"Jamie, you wuzzock, how could I? I haven't got eyes up my arse."

"You'll work it out."

"Or work it in," grinned William. Jamie quickly stripped his clothes off and knelt on the bed. William put a fresh condom over the butt plug and lubed it.

"I'm coming in with the lube." William pulled Jamie's butt cheeks apart. Imagine his surprise when he saw the rose tattooed round the rosebud. This one was red, William's more a pink rose. "So he tattooed your rosebud at the same time?"

"Yeah. Another one of these slave things. Marked for life. You can't get away from it once you've been a slave. The tats will still be there the day you die."

"I've got one there too."

"I know. I saw it. It's pinker than mine, but then so's your rosebud. We'll talk about it later. Get that butt plug up my arse. I'm dying for it."

With a little instruction and guidance from Jamie, William quickly developed the skill for an enjoyable experience. He didn't think he would find Jamie's P-spot, but suddenly and quite by accident he hit it and within seconds spunk was trickling out of Jamie's confined cock.

"No time to enjoy it, William. We're due in the dining room in twenty minutes. I don't know about your master, but I daren't be a second late. Otherwise it'll be chastity or punishment, or both even." William took off the rubber and disinfected the butt plug. They quickly showered together – the first time the ballocks had been a help rather than a hindrance – and not forgetting the complimentary shower caps so that they didn't appear at lunch with wet hair. There was no time for any hanky-panky in the shower.

At twelve fifteen William and Jamie were sitting in the lounge outside the dining room, when Noah and Eddy appeared.

Eddy and Noah had hoped to have our business finished by midday, but it had not turned out that way. Just after nine they got their bondsmen signed in and sent them up to their room. The masters were confident that they wouldn't be able to get up to much with their ballocks locked, but they would appreciate being let off the lead for a couple of hours. They made sure that they had disappeared before they asked the receptionist for the key to their room. They didn't want to be disturbed and if there was an emergency, the boys would have to go through reception.

As soon as they had hung the 'Do Not Disturb' sign outside our room and locked the door, they threw off their jackets, embraced and kissed. Eddy needed Noah more than Noah needed him, but Noah was still grateful to be able to fulfil his own needs as well as Eddy's. He was very fond of him. They might even have been married by now if their little business interests had not come between them. Eddy was unquestionably a bottom and while Noah was happy to top him, he would like to have felt him inside him more frequently than birthdays and at Christmas and Easter, as it were. He had an admirably large cock, wasted because he didn't use it more, and if Eddy did for once penetrate him, it was impossible to deny he was in there. He had admired it ever since puberty had converted it from average for a small boy to XXL within the space of school summer holidays. It was a beautiful penis which hung neatly over protruding balls, showing a smidgen of acorn. To Noah it looked better in a speedo, bright red or light blue, than au naturel and felt better in his mouth than in his hand. He was every bit a show-er. He had no need to be a grower.

Noah didn't know where the morning had gone. They made slow, satisfying love, they slept, they woke naked in each other's arms. Then a little déjà vu . "Just roll over on your side, Eddy. That's it." Noah took a fresh condom from the bedside table, rolled it over his dripping cock and pulled Eddy's butt cheeks apart, which brought the telltale rosebud tattoo to view. He lined his dick up with it, gently pushed and easily slid in. His penetration was deep. He snuggled up to his back and kissed his neck. Sheer bliss, but after orgasm they still wanted more, something a little different to finish off their session together.

Going downstairs, Eddy was concerned that the boys might notice their hair was damp from the shower and start asking questions. "Don't forget that they are our bondsmen. It is not their place to ask questions," Noah said. They were obediently waiting for them outside the dining room.

They ordered, allowing our bondsmen the freedom to choose their own dishes, but denying them alcohol.

Lunch was an urbane affair. They scarcely touched the subjects of domination or sex. Had their business negotiations gone well? They assured the boys they had, but would need another hour or so to complete them. Jamie looked relieved, but only William noticed it. They took their coffee in the lounge and then excused themselves. "I suppose you boys are going to be in the snooker room?" said Mr Timm.

"Something like that," mumbled Jamie and was ordered to speak up. "May we use the swimming pool next time we come, master?" Mr Timm looked at his watch.

"Ready to motor at three fifteen, Jamie," he said in a peremptory manner and without answering the question. William looked at Noah.

"We'll be in the lounge." The boys went off after thanking them for lunch.

Noah and Eddy went back up to their room. Noah shut the door. Eddy looked at his watch again. "I guess we have about an hour for fun and a quarter of an hour to clean up afterwards," he said.

"So you're still up for it?" Noah asked. He nodded, went and picked up the house phone and dialled reception.

"This is room 302. Special room service, please. We'll take the Caribbean menu."

Within five minutes there was a knock at the door. "Special room service," said the voice outside.

"Come in," said Eddy. "The door's not locked." It opened and in came a young negro in page's uniform. "My, you're a good looking young man. How old are you, son?"

"Nineteen, sir."

"How long have you been doing this job?"

"I took an apprenticeship when I left school at sixteen and started this job when I finished training."

"Do you enjoy your work?"

"Very much, sir."

"What's your name, lad?"

"Caspar, sir."

"I'm Eddy and this is my friend and colleague Noah. We prefer you to use our names rather than call us 'sir'. This is what we want you to do. We want to do a threesome and my friend wants you to fuck him."

"And I like it hard and rough," Noah added.

"We've got to be finished by a quarter to three because we have to take our sons off for another appointment."

"We use protection, by the way." Caspar produced a white condom which contrasted amazingly and erotically with his jet black skin.

Noah had to admit that Caspar was very professional and he really enjoyed having him roger him. It was just what he missed from Eddy and was hoping William would eventually be able to give him. It was all finished by twenty to three.

"Before you get dressed, Caspar, let's take a good look at you," Noah said. He was a well put together young man. He had nicely developed pecs and abs and a ring through his left nipple. His black cock, which they had both got to suck, had a pink glans and his tongue, which they had both got to suck, was pink as well.

"I want to check one thing," said Eddy. "Bend over the bed." He pulled Caspar's butt cheeks apart. "Aaah, I thought so. Come and look at this, Noah." With Eddy still prising Caspar's butt cheeks apart, he peered into the black chasm. Tattooed round his anal rosebud he saw the budding flower of a white rose.

Caspar got dressed and before Noah and Eddy took their third shower of the day, they each tucked a £50 note into the breast pocket of his page's uniform.

While they were in the shower, Eddy said "How did you enjoy the Caribbean menu?"

"Great. Do they do other foreign cuisine?"

"Oh, yes. They do a very good Chinese. The only trouble is that half an hour after being shagged you want another one." Noah laughed involuntarily and got a mouth full of water from the shower. "There's an Indian menu. Bit of a specialist bill of fare. Too hot for me. If you choose badly, it will burn your arse."

"Is there a vegetarian alternative, Eddy?"

"There certainly is, and second only to the Caribbean menu. It's a six foot blond Swede, and is he packed! They turned the shower off, got out, towelled each other down and dressed.

Jamie unlocked the door of their room. "Just one little job to do before we have some more fun, William." He took his butt plug and carefully resealed it in the large jiffy bag, stuck a label on it and placed a £20 note conspicuously on top. "This would be worth a week's chastity if my master knew I had this much money on me." He picked up the phone and said "Room service, please." After putting the phone down, he said "This is being sent to my mother's place." There was a knock at the door. Jamie shouted "Come in, if you're good looking." It was the little page who had delivered the packet. "I want you to post this packet for me. Did you enjoy that little grope we gave you this morning?" The page boy grinned and said

"It's my break in five minutes. I'm up for another one if you are."

"What's your name?"


"Okay, Jason, we're going to give you a blow job and I promise you, it will be the best blow job you've ever had in your life. After you, William."

William took Jason's trousers down and found he was going commando. No wonder he had been such a good feel. He got him to sit on the bed before kneeling between his knees. They took turns at sucking his cock and giving him French kisses until the young page could take no more and he came in Jamie's mouth. Jamie swallowed and cleaned Jason up, more with his tongue than with tissues. "Do you always go commando, Jason?" William asked.

"No, not always. You see, it's a sort of code." He produced some underwear from his uniform pocket. Because my dick will now be resting for a couple of hours, I'll put this jockstrap on which will show anyone who gropes me that my dick is not available, but my hole is ready for a shag. After that I'd put on these boxer briefs as a sign I'm not available. All my regulars know that. But before we get dressed, I want to show you something."

He knelt on the bed as if he were mooning, pulled his butt cheeks apart and said "Look at that, guys." The way his hole presented itself, open and ready for business, Will and Jamie could see that his arse was well used to taking cock, but that was not the point of interest. There for all to see was the tattooed emblem of a rose. Will and Jamie were stunned. They climbed onto the bed and allowed Jason to inspect theirs.

While they were dressing, Jamie said "Jason, did we keep our promise?"

"You most certainly did."

"Don't be late finishing break." He handed him the padded envelope and the twenty pound note for postage. "And you may keep the change."

William and Jamie made sure that they were in the lounge ahead of the their masters. It was a quick goodbye with a hug, into their respective cars and off in opposite directions.

"Did you have a good day, Will?" Noah asked.

"Fantastic. I love the facilities at this hotel. Just wish you and Mr Timm had unlocked our ballocks."

"I'll probably unlock yours next time. Depends on how well you pass your trade tests. Can't speak for Mr Timm, though."

"At least I'd be able to give Jamie a proper seeing to."

"Will, I'll pretend I didn't hear that."

"Daddy, I found out Jamie's bondage name today."

"Oh, yes?"

"It's Spartacus. He adopted it because thinks of himself as a rebellious slave."

"He can be that at times, but he certainly suffers for it."

"I know. I told him mine."

"I didn't know you had one."

"I have now."

"Are you going to tell me what it is?"

"Only if you promise not to stop me from having it and promise not to use it."

"William, who's the master and who's the slave?" William blushed.

"Sorry, Daddy."

"You'll just have to trust me now." William knew that was moral blackmail because he had to show that he trusted his Daddy.

"It's Chunky."

"Why did you choose that?"

"Because of the shape of my dick, so thick at the tip and tapered to where it joins my body."

"I like that name, Will. You have my retrospective permission to keep it."

"What does 'retrospective' mean?"

"It means you should have asked my permission before adopting it, not after."

"Daddy, have you got a bondage name?"

"Yes, it's Noah."

"What, you use your bondage name?"

"That's right."

"And your proper name?"


"Is Noah after the man in the Bible who built the ark?"

"No, after a guy in an Ozzie soap I used to have the hots for."


Noah let William rest up that evening. It had been quite a stressful day for Noah. He wondered what he had been up to with Jamie, but didn't ask. It was just that he looked tired. The early start, he supposed. "Okay, Will, back to training tomorrow. Module five, fellatio. I reckon it'll last all next week."

William was fast asleep. Suddenly he felt himself being shaken. It was still dark. All he could see was the silhouette of a semi-erect penis against the light from the landing. Even in his sleepy state he recognised it as his master's, except that it looked larger than usual. "Will, I need you. Urgently. Now! In my bed." William was now fully awake. He was not best pleased to be disturbed in the middle of the night. It had never happened before. He had never seen his master so wound up. He was about to protest when a vision of a week in white overalls came into his mind's eye. He got out of his bed and walked along the landing with Noah following him.

"What's the matter, Daddy?"

"Didn't you hear me, boy? I need you. I need to fuck that pert little butt of yours."

"But we haven't got to that module, Daddy." Noah ignored him in a manner that made him feel stupid for even saying so.

"Lie on the bed. That's right. Now legs apart, feet in the air." Noah took the key from around his neck and unlocked the ballock. "Now go and have a pee and wash your cock afterwards."

William did as he was told and returned to Noah's bed. He dragged the duvet over both of them and pulled William into a cuddle. "Will, I've been wanting to do this all night, all day in fact, no since we returned from our last business meeting. You are driving me mad, Will, with your cute face and snub nose, your svelte body, your almost non-existent butt, your awesome cock. I could gaze at it for hours. And now I can no longer control myself. I am going to take you in a way you have never been taken before. I just want you to enjoy it more than I do."

William lay there, waiting for something to happen. Various thoughts were surging through his brain. 'Am I being raped? But I am a slave. I gave myself to my master so that I could do his will and to be done by as his will commands. Am I going to like this? This is what I have been waiting for, watching all those vids and wishing it were me – with Jamie, with Daddy, with Ben, I don't mind who. Does that make me a slut? Am I a wanton whore? It's happening to me now. I'm going to lose my cherry. I can't wait.'

To William these thoughts had gone through his head in five minutes; in reality they had flashed through his mind in five seconds. He lay there, waiting for something to happen. Then something did happen. William found his mouth covered with Noah's lips, their two tongues waging war for supremacy. What followed took place in textbook fashion. Noah could have been reading the modules from an autocue, but he wasn't. Everything proceeded in the most exquisite manner, keeping the youngster on edge. In his limited experience this was the best sex he had ever had, and when it was over, he knew he would want more, want it again. Could Jamie do better? Could Ben have done better? It proceeded until Noah had taken William's cock into his mouth and just as William thought it couldn't get better, it simply did, and yet the word on the street dictated that the first time was never good. It could only get better, but in this instance the word on the street was wrong.

William could hold back no longer. He climaxed in Noah's mouth, and again in true textbook manner Noah shared William's seed in a long, deep and satisfying French kiss. William thought it was all over, in the way it was all over once he had shot his load in a wank. But in a simple wank he would be by himself, alone, not with a person he loved, honoured and respected, there to continue the stimulation. The quest for full sexual and emotional satisfaction drove him on. William no longer felt sleepy. His body was fine tuned and on course for further satisfaction.

"Now, Will, I am going to fuck you." William knew the topic was not up for discussion. He also thought 'why should it be?' In his present state of arousal he wanted exactly what his Daddy wanted. He was in a perfect state of submission to his master's whims, desires and needs. "Kneel on the bed. That's right, doggy position." William looked at his master's cock, semi-erect as it had been when he woke him from his slumbers, except for globule of precum on the glans. Why did it look larger than he had ever seen it before? He had put it down to an optical illusion, a chimera, a mirage, but there was no mistaking now. This was the real thing. It reminded him of a stallion in a state of arousal with no mare there to give it satisfaction. He thought back to the time in the hotel room with Jamie. Frustrating as that was, he was grateful Jamie had inserted that butt plug into his rectum. He had found that the experience was nothing like the one he had previously imagined from his chats with Ben and other mates at school. He was better prepared to take his Daddy's cock. Indeed, he was looking forward to it. The plug had been cold, neutral. A real cock would feel warm, hot even, and vibrant, alive. He felt Noah pull his arse cheeks apart, drizzle the K-Y gel along his cleavage. Once Noah started to knead it into his crack, it soon warmed up to body temperature. His anticipation did not have to wait long before his master introduced the gel to and then through his sphincter.

"Lie on your back, Will." Noah's voice had adopted a hoarse tone. Was this caused by arousal? He did as he was bid. "Legs apart and feet in the air as before. That's right. You wait until I'm in and then you can rest your legs on my shoulders, lie back and enjoy. As it's your first time, I'll do all the work." Noah pulled his foreskin back. His cock immediately went from semi-erect to erect. He dribbled some K-Y on it and spread it with his forefinger.

"Daddy, aren't you going to use a condom?"

"As long as you and I are together, we will never use condoms. I want nothing, absolutely nothing, to come between us." Noah took his time getting into position and lining his cock up with William's rosebud. After a seeming age he was in. Painlessly William's butt took his master's cock. As it pierced his rosebud, he closed his eyes and visually imagined the petals of his tattooed rose falling off as the bud was destroyed.

William felt on a greater high with Noah shagging him, enjoying every stroke. His own body juddered when his master found and exploited William's P-spot and to his surprise he ejaculated, for he had only shot his load half an hour previously. Finally Noah was ready to come inside William. He really rammed Will hard and when his spasms had finished, he left his dick inside. William couldn't see it, only feel it as his Daddy's spunk dribbled out of his hole, ran along his crevice and down the inside of his leg, growing cold and sticky as it did.

William felt Noah's dick soften and flop out of his hole, then felt his tongue as it attempted to stem the copious flow. For a second time that night he shared the produce with his bondsman. Finally they parted and fell asleep.

It was eight o'clock when they woke. The sun was already high in the sky, shining through the closed curtains. "I don't have to go to work today and we need a chat, Will. Our relationship has subtly changed." Noah snuggled up to William's back, kissed his ear and he cupped his hand round his cluster. Feeling this and his Daddy's stiff cock along his crack immediately made William hard. Within a couple of minutes Noah's cock had inveigled its way into William's inner sanctum and they were enjoying their second shag of that day. Since this was a quickie, Noah just let his ejaculate drip onto the bed sheet.

"How do you feel, Will?"

"Funny. Nothing bad. Quite the opposite, in fact. I've never felt this way before, but it's great."

"But then you have never had proper sex before. Let's get up slowly, have a leisurely breakfast and pretend this our honeymoon." William thought that was a strange thing to say. "By the way, from now on you are sleeping in my bed… our bed. You keep your room for your personal use, but unless there's anything special, such as one of us having a cold for example, you're sleeping with me at night from now on." Noah paused to let William take that piece of information in. He was somewhere between shocked and surprised. "By the way, Will, here's your padlock and key. You keep them now. I advise you to keep your ballock closed when you're out and about in public or next term at college. You're a well set up boy, a lush if you a want a technical term. There are plenty of gays with one hundred percent gaydar out there who wouldn't think twice about accosting you or interfering with you. It used to happen to me and in those days I had no ballock to protect me."


"Make perverted suggestions to you." William wondered when a sexual suggestion became a perverted sexual suggestion. A moment of contemplative silence followed. Then William said

"Daddy, I want to thank you. You have been so kind to me, so gentle."

"There'll be plenty of opportunity for that, my darling Will, especially now we are sleeping together. I mustn't let you get tired. That would be selfish. And don't think it'll be all one way traffic. I shall expect you to make love to me when the mood is right."

They got out of bed. The duvet fell onto the floor. William looked down at the bed with its black bed linen that emphasised the copious semen stains, some his, some his Daddy's. Just a few weeks ago he would have been severely punished for soiling his bed. Now the ethos had radically changed. "We'll change the bed after breakfast. We'll have to do that every day from now on."

They showered and dressed. William put on translucent lycra shorts and a body-hugging dark blue Coq Sportif athletic vest, long enough to cover his crotch when he stood still, short enough, when he moved, to give provocative and teasing glimpses of his cluster, in some detail now that it had been liberated from the restraints of the ballock. He knew how to dress.

Noah and William sat at the breakfast bar, eating their porridge. "What we did last night, or more exactly, how we did it last night, could legitimately be described as a trade test and part of gaining a pass in your apprenticeship. Indeed, it was and it will count, but I would be fooling myself, and in no way fooling you, if I pretended it was intended to be a trade test. Will, what we did last night was, at least on my part, driven by unbounded lust. For weeks now I have spent sleepless night thinking of you and of making love to you in my head. Last night my self-discipline broke down and I want to apologise to you for that." Will looked Noah straight in the eyes, a look of wonderment, awe, admiration, respect and even love.

"Daddy, you have nothing to apologise for. To start with, you had every right to make those demands. You are the master; I am the slave. But you made me feel so good, so worthwhile because I had made someone I love happy. And now I'm going have more opportunities to make you happy. At one stage I feared that becoming a slave would make me worthless, put me at the bottom of the heap, but it's had the opposite effect. Daddy, I am proud to be your slave. I am proud to wear your collar. I am proud to carry your tattoos."

"Will, I have something else to tell you. My business trips. Yes, they were business trips. Mr Timm and I have financial interests in the world of bondage. Does that surprise you?"

"Nothing surprises me after my experiences as a slave."

"We could have completed most of our business at a motorway service station, over the phone, by skype and without you and Jamie, but Mr Timm and I are lovers. We have been for years, ever since he was a thirteen year old boy at school. I was a sixth former when I stole his cherry." Will's face remained impassive, but his eyes were sparkling with interest. "In the theoretical side of your apprenticeship you will hear that gay men have the reputation of being promiscuous."


"Regularly having sex with different partners. Whether that reputation is true or not, you will have to decide for yourself, but I can tell you for sure that Mr Timm and I are promiscuous, and we suspect that Jamie could be too."

"And me?"

"Too early to say. Not enough evidence one way or the other. What I am trying to tell you is that our business trips are more than business trips. They are catch-up time, time when we get the business over and done with as quickly as possible and then make love."

"Daddy, the thought of you and Mr Timm getting your rocks off together has made me go hard. He's a stunning looker. Have you ever studied his trousers? I have."

"I don't have to, Will. I see everything in the flesh when we strip off," Noah said drily. "So you see why we go to a hotel, and why we go to that hotel in particular. It's family friendly."

"I didn't see many families there."

"You misunderstand me, Will. 'Family' is what we homosexual guys refer to our fellow homosexuals as. Perhaps you noticed that there are a lot of male staff there and they are all family. 'So that's why Jason let us blow him,' William nearly blurted out, but was able to bite his lip in time. "I am at present encouraging Mr Timm to let Jamie and you to get together, but sometimes it's like swimming in treacle. He is so possessive."

"I'd like that, Daddy."

"One important thing, Will. Do you remember this morning when I said 'As long as you and I are together, we will never use condoms,' and I meant it? We won't, but that means that you must never… not ever… have unprotected coïtus with anyone else. Mr Timm and I use rubbers every time. And so I am giving you my permission to have whatever sex you want or can with Jamie."

"Daddy, that is so fantastic. Thank you," and he stretched across the breakfast bar and planted a kiss on Noah's cheek. "A lover, and a boyfriend. How lucky I am. When is your next business trip?"

"Nothing planned at the moment, Will."

The following day it was business as usual, but the nights were firmly under the new régime, causing a strain on their natural resources and reservoirs. William calculated that after completing module five he also had behind him seven weeks of his apprenticeship, not that he was in a hurry. Having passed the obedience, punishment and chastity tests, though not necessarily in that order, he was free, when Noah didn't require him, to visit his mother, take Noo Noo for walks and see his mates, including Ben. During the last of these he took Noah's advice and wore his ballock locked. It would not have taken much for him to drop his trousers and have his wicked way with Ben. There was still more than a glimmer of passion there on both sides. By now it was the middle of August, late summer. Not long now until William had to bear the combined responsibilities of his academic studies and a social life at sixth form college with the demands of his apprenticeship.

"Will, we have started module six, if a little prematurely. So I don't think we'll repeat the first part. We'll carry on from where we left off. We have talked about the implications of coïtus, especially personal hygiene. We need to do a lot of work on the practical part of the module, which will necessarily happen at night. We must use the days to build ourselves up for winter. We must get out during the day, either together or you with your friends. We can take your mother out on a treat. I'm sure she would appreciate that and I know she misses having you at home."

The days flowed into one another. The nights were a different kettle of fish. Having lost his virginity to the missionary position, William was schooled and practised in the doggy position, and almost incidentally in the side by side. Most nights the main feature was in the position that William was supposed to be learning, but the middle of the night or early morning were times for casual sex which usually led to Noah snuggling up to William's back and slipping his cock into his butt and through his ever receptive sphincter. After the second night the discipline of changing the bed linen went by the board and for both Noah and William the resulting semen stains took on the role of trophies for what they had achieved. The only difficulty the couple experienced was the cowboy position, which neither of them really enjoyed, but which they had to go through for the sake of completing the module conscientiously.

William was growing noticeably more tired as the module progressed. His master was depriving him of sleep and although he was enjoying his twice, or sometimes even thrice nightly coïtus, it took it out of him. Fortunately Noah noticed and encouraged Will to rest up during the day. "Only the weekend to go, Will, and you will have passed the module six."

"Well, Will, now that you have module six behind you, what do you think module seven is going to be?"


"No, you're wrong. That's module eight. In a way seven is a surprise, in another it's a treat, a way of rewarding you for successfully completing the first six. In yet another way it is a test of trust, to see if you can be trusted as a slave, no, as a bondsman in the unsupervised world. It's called an 'exeat'. In the services it would be called leave. Coincidentally, I am having some alterations done to the house. It'll be better if I can give them my full attention."

"What are you having done?" Then William bit his lip as he remembered it wasn't a slave's place to question his master.

"Some alterations to the basement. I want it for business use. It's a big job for a week, but the builders reckon it will be finished by the time you get back. It has worked out well. So, Will, you have to be ready to leave here after breakfast tomorrow with your suitcase packed for a week's holiday. Here is a list of your minimum requirements. You can add to it what else you think you'll need." William said thank you and took the list off to his room. It included the normal requirements for going away. He read speedo and sunhat. No mention of passport and so it must be in this country, then at the bottom 'pube shave, hairdresser'. If he had needed his butt hole shaved, that would have been there too.

He could not wait to get going. Therefore time dragged enormously. Since they would be parted for a week Noah suggested they had an early night and because Will was so excited, he had difficulty getting to sleep and he discovered the true cost of gratitude that night. Noah rogered him three times and each time was better than the last. How were they each going to survive for a week without this?

Noah made William get up at seven. "Do what you have to do and get yourself showered, Will. And I want to see you before you get dressed." He carried out his orders dutifully. "Have you got your ballock there?" His face sank. He wanted to say 'not a week of that!', but his slave training made him remain silent. "Foot on the table. That's right." Noah fed the open padlock through the rings, snapped it shut, then tested it. "That's okay," and he hung the key round William's neck. "I don't want you being molested on the journey and make sure you wear it on the way home too."

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