From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 2

Dinner that night was prepared by William. While they were eating, it was a good chance to have a chat. "What sort of day have you had, Will?"

"All right, I s'pose."

"And your mates?"

"They just thought it was one of the latest fashions, which was great, but they're going to tumble it when I turn up in the same stuff for the next seven days."

"You won't. I've got an associate to meet tomorrow and you're coming with me."

"But I've got…" Noah just had to raise one eyebrow to stop William in his tracks. "Okay," he said in resignation. "I'm the slave and you're the master."

"This associate is another master and he'll be bringing his bondsman with him. You'll be company for each other while we're doing business. How have you got on in your punishment kit?"

"Weugh!" Even at sixteen William was still capable of the odd adolescent grunt. "When you're used to wearing decent, sexy clothes, and your mates expect you to, it's a bit of a comedown. It is soo uncomfortable, but the worst part is feeling my balls and padlock jiggling up and down all the time and my dick chafes against the sackcloth. I'm always conscious of them, they make me feel like wanting to do something about it and I can't. I don't pop any unwanted boners any more, but because of the state I'm in there's no such thing as an 'unwanted' boner. It's embarrassing when my mates go for slash and I have find somewhere to sit down… and not wet myself!"

"I'm sure you'll remember these moments the next time you are tempted to disregard my instructions, Will. Tell me. Why did you look so terrified this morning when you thought I was going to beat you?"

That's what my birth father used to do and that's why my mother took me away from him. He'd tell me my arrival on this planet had ruined his life. It certainly cost him a lot of money, and will continue to do so until I'm eighteen."

They got on with the rest of the day. Noah knew he was punishing myself as much as he was punishing William, but it had to be done. At least he could go and jerk off at will, if not with Will.

The next day William was woken at six o'clock, an hour earlier than usual while he was on punishment. He had been given his instructions. He was up early to do his laundry, clean and tidy his room. At seven he would bring Noah a cup of tea in bed and have his ballock unlocked. He then completed his personal hygiene period, came back into Noah's room naked so that after a period of personal lust he could fit the padlock and make sure it was secure. He would dress and return to him for inspection when he would ensure his outer garments were clean and pressed, properly arranged, particularly to display his collar, and also important, that he wasn't wearing any support underwear under his trunks. On Monday Noah told him that the designer stubble round his groin needed shaving and styling and that he would do it that evening. While Noah was attending to his personal ablutions, William would be getting their breakfast ready.

Eventually they got into the car to drive off into the next county for Noah's meeting. It was to take place in a hotel deep in the country. When they arrived, Noah found his associate in the lounge, drinking a cup of coffee with his bondsman. Noah ordered another round of coffee. When Eddy Timm looked up and saw him and a white clad William, his face showed no surprise whatsoever, though his own bondsman was obviously interested. Noah introduced William to Mr Timm and Jamie. They sat round talking socially. After a quarter of an hour Eddy said "Why don't you two pretty boys go and take a stroll in the grounds?"

"We'll be about an hour," Noah said.

"And don't get into any trouble, Jamie." Mr Timm's remark was heavily weighted. They walked up to the reception desk. "May I have the key to our room?" said Eddy.

"You look as if you're in trouble, William."

"Tell me about it."

"Well," said Jamie "I'm in chastity. That's why I have to go everywhere with my master on his business trips." He was dressed in a smart dark blue suit and shining black shoes. "It's been a week so far and it's killing me. Another week to go." Jamie's voice dropped to a whisper. "Hey, William, I don't suppose you'd like to help me out?"

"In normal circumstances I would, but these aren't normal circumstances. I'm in extended chastity and on punishment."

"You poor bugger. Do tell."

"Standing orders in our house, I'm not allowed to jerk myself off. Daddy has to do it or give me special permission. I was just coming to the end of the first chastity module in my apprenticeship when Daddy spotted wank stains on my bed. He came down on me like a ton of bricks. I've got to repeat the chastity module plus, as punishment, I have to dress like this until I complete my chastity."

At that point a gaggle of girls came past making comments. "Tradesmen are supposed to stay round the back."

"I fancy the suit."

"Don't even bother, girls," said Jamie. "Both of us, we only suck cock and shag butt. So don't wet your knickers over us."


"So what about you, Jamie?"

"My master can be really sweet and I love him to bits, but he got it into his head I was getting too horny and having too much sex. As if that's possible, I ask you. So he's put me on chastity until further notice. Okay, I'm absolutely dying for a bit, but he won't be able to last out much longer and what I will say, he is faithful."

"I'd love to be able to help you, Jamie, but I'm in big doo-doo already and I daren't chance my arm."

"Do you play snooker, William?"

"Yeah, do you?"

"Sure. There's a full size snooker table in the basement."

"Let's go."

Meanwhile, upstairs in the hotel, in their room, Eddy and Noah were lying naked under the duvet together, enjoying the afterglow. In the old films they would have been smoking a cigarette.

"Eddy, I'm getting hard again. Do you think we could…?"

"What about the boys?"

"They're slaves. They have to wait for us. Just roll over on your side, Eddy. That's it." Noah took another condom from the bedside table, rolled it over his dick and pulled Eddy's butt cheeks apart. The telltale rosebud tattoo became visible. He lined up his dick with it, gently pushed and easily slid in. He snuggled up to his back and kissed his neck. He turned his head so that their lips met. It was bliss. He wondered if Will would be as good when they got that far. Eddy and Noah went back a long way. Eddy stole Noah's front cherry; Noah stole Eddy's back cherry all that time ago. Their paths diverged, but from time to time they would meet and nostalgically repeat the pleasures of those days. Noah always played the top; Eddy remained the bottom. They never experimented. They knew what they liked. You never forget your first love. Noah liked to think that he was the one to introduce Eddy to the joys of young gentlemen, totally illegally, of course, and from then on Eddy always seemed ahead of him in his role as a slavemaster. He continued to thrust slowly and gently. He wanted to hit Eddy's P-spot again before he shot his load. His body spasmed and shook Noah out of his reverie. He completed the job by coming, leaving his cock inside him until nature took her course and it slipped out of its own accord.

"Come on," said Eddy. "No time to lie back and enjoy." He grabbed his smartphone and texted 'Jamie, see you both in the dining room in a quarter of an hour.'

They jumped into the shower together, first making sure they put shower caps on. They didn't want the boys asking why they had wet hair. Noah jerked Eddy off. They rinsed the debris away, got out and towelled each other down. When they arrived at the dining room, William and Jamie were innocently sitting in the lounge outside. They guiltily greeted them and asked if they had had a good morning.

Lunch was a pleasant affair and Noah was pleased to see that even within the short span of the morning William and Jamie had started to bond, something that continued during the meal.

Finally Sunday and William's period under chastity came to a close, along with his punishment. The alarm still rang at six o'clock. He had his 'prisoner's uniform' to put through the wash and dryer. Then it had to be ironed and put away neatly. His room still had to be cleaned and tidied. The task had become easier since he had to do it every day for there was less to catch up on. At eight o'clock – it was Sunday after all – he brought Noah in a cup of tea in bed and was about to go when Noah said "Well done, Will, on the way you carried out your punishment. I hope we never have to do anything like that again." William liked the 'we' and gave a wry smile. "Congratulations on the way you accepted it. I should think there's something you could do with now?" Noah didn't expect an answer. "Come here a minute." He dropped William's slip. Oh, what a relief it was for him to be allowed to wear supportive underwear again. "Turn round. Legs apart." He took the chain from around his neck and unlocked the padlock between William's legs. Will rubbed his tackle. Noah got back into bed, left the duvet folded back and patted the mattress. "Come on. I'll sort it out for you."

William hopped into bed and lay beside him. "Daddy, don't you want me to shower first?"

"No, Will. I adore the natural odour of your body. It always turns me on." Noah caressed the inside of his thigh. Immediately he was hard. "This won't take long after a fortnight's chastity." It didn't. Noah just let him shoot. He didn't count the spasms. His spunk flew everywhere, including giving Noah a facial. He didn't care. He gave him an odd look when Noah scooped some up and deposited it on the tip of his tongue.

"Daddy, may I do that too?" Noah was impressed that he had asked. He was learning the responsibilities of being a bondsman. He was a bit cautious at first, but then took another larger scoop and savoured it before swallowing.

They shifted over to the dry part of the bed. "Now you've got to jerk me off, Will." He put his hands between his master's legs and found that he already had a hot, throbbing boner. He was delighted to be holding some cock in his hand after so long.

It was ten o'clock before they got up. William had fallen back to sleep and Noah just held him without taking advantage of him. After all, why should he? He was all his for another eleven months. "We'd better get up, Will, or the day will be gone. To celebrate the end of your first chastity period I'm not going to fit your padlock today and if you feel the need to go off to your room to relieve yourself, you have my full permission to do so. A little treat."

"When do we start module four, Daddy?"

"This evening, Will."

"And what is it?"


"What's that?"

"Snogging to you, smooching."

"But boys don't do that, Daddy.

"They do when they get onto module four."

They made a leisurely day of it. It was late afternoon before they had their main meal, a roast prepared by William. Noah did notice him sneak off to his room and close the door at one point. He went and switched off the parental control on the Wi-Fi, just in case he wanted to seek some inspiration.

Over their meal they talked about what William had achieved so far. "I've had an e-mail from Mr Timm."

"Oh?" said William. "Was your business meeting with him successful?"

"Oh, very. We achieved what we wanted to achieve, and more."

"Are you going to meet him again, Daddy?"

"I expect so, but we haven't set any dates. Why are you so interested, Will?"

"No particular reason? It was such an enjoyable day out, you know, break from routine, especially as I was under chastity."

"So it's got nothing to do with meeting Jamie?"

"What makes you think that, Daddy?"

"It's something Mr Timm put in his e-mail."

"What was that?" said William, trying to sound cool and disinterested.

"He said that Jamie hasn't stopped talking about you since you met." At this William's heart started throbbing and, hidden by the tablecloth, his dick was chubbing up in his sweats. He put his left hand down in his lap and began stroking it.

"Both hands above the table, please, William." He'd been busted. "He asked his master if he could see you again."

"What did Mr Timm say?"

"No, not for the time being."

"Any particular reason, Daddy? We didn't do anything, if that's what he thinks."

"I'm sure you didn't, but Jamie is not serving his chastity satisfactorily. Mr Timm is a very strict disciplinarian, you see."

"Wot? He beats him?"

"No, no, nothing like that. He has very high standards. He's known for them in the BD sub-world, and while he is quite content with Jamie's progress in physical chastity, the boy is far from being mentally chaste, as shown by the way he talks about you. And so Mr Timm has given him another week's chastity until he learns true submission and that his master has to be the sole object of his affections."

"That's tight." William paused to think, then astutely said "Daddy, you're not trying to tell me something, are you?"

"Yes and no. Yes, I want you to know what's out there in the BD sub-world and no, for while I want to be the object of your affection, as you are of mine, I don't demand you to be the sole object. In fact, I'd like to see you, after you've been released from your apprenticeship, training an apprentice of your own one day or finding an ex-bondsman and settling down and marrying him. But that's years ahead. You've got to pass out y et."

William was beginning to become aware of his master's subtle use of the words slave and bondsman. 'Slave' was always negative; a 'bondsman', oddly, was always noble and positive.

"So what did you think of Jamie?"

"We got on very well together. I thought he was immensely good-looking, particularly dressed in that blue suit with the pink gingham shirt and pale blue silk tie. And his shoes, they were sparkling."

"You didn't miss much, Will. I bet you didn't know he was wearing a cock cage."

"A what?"

"A cock cage. It's a chastity device like your ballock. It's a plastic or metal tube you fit your penis into and it's locked round your scrotum. You can pee, but it won't let you get hard or insert it. Mr Timm says Jamie's now got to pass a successful week in chastity without any artificial aids."

"Daddy, may I e-mail Jamie?"

"No, that will just be a distraction for both of you and undermine what Mr Timm is trying to achieve with Jamie. Lemon meringue pie for pudding?"

After everything had been cleared away, William went to his room, lay on his bed and had a good wank, lusting over Jamie, imagining himself carefully divesting him of his smart clothes and discovering the treasure he kept between his legs, unfettered by a cock cage. He and Noah met again on the sofa early in the evening.

"Will, as you know, in your apprenticeship we are building up to full intercourse, but 'building' is the important word and it applies not only to the syllabus, but also to every time that you have coïtus."


"When two bodies join together in sexual intercourse. You don't go straight in, ramming your prick up someone's arse or having yours invaded in the same way. It can do physical damage, you lose out on the thrills leading up to it and both partners find the whole act thoroughly unsatisfying. Although your cock might tell you that you desire someone, that is only the beginning. You have to get the right juices running. That not only means the juices outside your body, such as precum, but the hormones in your bloodstream. Are you with me so far, Will?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"And the best way to start is with a kiss, that is a sexual kiss, not the affectionate kiss you are expected to give when your aunt comes to visit, and if you are like me, it is the best way to get rid of any sexual lust you may have felt. Now I always think actions speak louder than words and so I shall demonstrate. Did you ever kiss your boyfriend?"

"Ben? No. We used to grope each other and jerk off usually. I did lick his cock once, but that was only to lube it when I was wanking him off, but we never went the whole way like they do in the porno films."

"That's modules five and seven, anyway." Noah got up and drew the curtains. "Come and snuggle up to me. That's right." He took a long sniff. "Will, I absolutely adore the scent of your body. Just smelling you has made me hard. See what I mean about getting the juices flowing. That includes pheromones, scents that your nose might not register, but which still have an effect on your body."

He put my arm round Will, pulled him in and gently covered his lips with his own. For someone who had never had a sexual kiss before, nature and instinct must have taken over for his mouth fell open with Noah's and it was his tongue seeking his seducer's. Noah got to the point where he wanted more, a lot more, but his self-discipline told him to cool it.

"Daddy, you taste of mouthwash."

"I didn't want to put you off first time with smelly breath. Did you enjoy that?" He had already put his hand between William's legs and therefore already knew the answer to that question."

"Mmm." William looked up at him with that puppy dog expression. Noah lay along the length of the sofa and got him to lie on top of him so that they could continue. He ground his package against his Daddy's. Noah sensed that he had very little to teach William. Again his well developed self-discipline intervened.

"We'd better stop there, Will. It's always best leaving the punters wanting more." He gave Noah a resentful look, but was then hit with the triple concepts of obedience, chastity and punishment. Of the three it was chastity that made the deepest impression. He thought of his first period, extended; he thought of Jamie's period of chastity, also extended and enforced by a cock cage. He knew there were further periods of chastity to endure even if he behaved myself. They were set in the syllabus, an important part of turning a free man into a slave and a slave into a bondsman, for whom serving his master in itself became perfect freedom. The perfect bondsman served his master because he wanted to, not because he was forced to. He now realised how important the psychological process was.

"Take your top off, Will, and I'll jerk you off. Then you can do it to me."

Module four continued for the rest of the week. To begin with, it was refinement of the kiss. Then Noah had to discourage William from trying to frot himself to orgasm inside his trousers, and finally he introduced him to the joys of the nipple kiss, the licking out of the navel and the perils of the lovebite. For him, and consequently for William, there always had to be a reason for a lovebite, a sign of triumph, a sign of admonition, but it should never appear by accident. By the weekend that was one more box ticked in William's apprenticeship.

It was Monday of week six. Punishment had put them behind with the syllabus, not that it mattered because they had fifty-two weeks to cover fifteen modules. The title of this week's was Fellatio. "What on earth is that?" asked Will.

"You will know it as a blow job or cock-sucking."

"Is it really as good as it's made out to be, Daddy?"

"You will have to make your own mind up about that, but it is important, probably the most important part of the syllabus."

"I would have thought that was coïtus." Was William being facetious in using the word 'coïtus' or was he trying to be business-like?

"Okay, Will, think of the vanilla world, all the straight guys out there. When someone asks them what they think us gayboys do in bed together, what do you think the answer is?"

"Fuck butt," replied William eloquently.

"Is that what you think?"

"S'pose so. That's what my mates at school thought."

"When you get some experience behind you, you might change your mind."

"Why's that, Daddy?"

"I don't want to say too much ahead of module five, but one important thing you might learn is that while coïtus might be the ultimate sexual experience, it is very messy and, as you're beginning to learn, there is more to it than just stuffing your prick up some boy's hole, as there is when a straight kid sticks it up a vagina. That's the reason for the Foreplay module."

The intention was to take a whole week over module five. Noah received a text to ring Eddy Timm during his lunch break from a conference he was attending. He had spent the morning sucking William's balls and cock, edging him all the time to make the class last and not getting any relief himself. As you can imagine, he was feeling pretty frustrated and couldn't wait until he and William swapped roles. He told William to get the lunch and went off to his bedroom to call Eddy. He got straight through. «Bad signal here, Noah. I'm moving around.» Noah knew he was looking for somewhere private where he could speak confidentially.

"Problems?" Noah said.


"Jamie playing up still?"

«No, nothing like that. In fact, it's paid off. He's shaping up very well since he learnt who the master is. That's one of the things I want to talk to you about. I want to give him a treat, but not at this minute. You see, I'm the problem.»

"Explain. I'm all ears."

«I need you, Noah. I need you badly. All these years of discipline, self-discipline, self-denial, and I still find I can't live without you.»

"Okay, Eddy, we've obviously got a long term problem here and we're not going to solve it over the phone. This is what we're going to do…"

Ten minutes later they ended the call. William was calling Noah from the kitchen to tell him that lunch was ready. "You look worried, Daddy," William said.

"Not so much worried as thinking about what we're going to do."

"We? Us?"

"Yes, Will. This concerns you as well, but in a different way. While you were getting lunch, I had an important phone call from Mr Timm."

"Jamie's not on trouble again, is he?"

"No, no, no, no. He's come through his chastity and punishment period very well. Mr Timm has called an urgent business meeting for Thursday and he wants you to be there. It's a sort of treat for Jamie… and you, of course."

"I'm up for it."

"I'm pleased you are, but unfortunately it's yet another interruption in your training." We got on with our meal before it grew cold. Noah had been looking forward to that afternoon and teaching William how to suck him, especially as he needed it badly. Now all that had to go by the board.

They started eating their pudding. "We've got to go to Grace Bros's this afternoon, Will"

"What's that for, Daddy?"

"If you're coming on business trips with me, you are going to need a decent suit… unless you want to wear your punishment gear?"

"No way. It was so humiliating when those bitches started making remarks."

"Humiliation is part of the punishment. Also we'd better get you a couple of shirts with a neck size that will fit over your collar when wearing a tie. Early start on Thursday, too. We're due to meet at nine, break at twelve, and if we're not finished we'll need an afternoon session."

William found the afternoon interesting. It was the first time he had been fitted for a suit. It was a good job Noah was there, if only to help him with the question "Which side do you dress?" Even when he explained it, he was puzzled.

"In the centre, I think." It was also a good job that Noah was there to chaperone him because the sales assistant was trying his luck. He called out

"Mr Humphries, will you come and check my measurements, please?" As soon as he saw Mr Humphries emerge from behind a rack of suits, his gaydar sprang into action. It hadn't with the first assistant. He came with his tape measure hanging round his neck and took William's inside leg measurement. Will jumped as Mr Humphries accidently on purpose felt his balls. Noah's blood boiled, but he managed to resist saying anything. It was only when the fitting was over it dawned on him that they were working a scam between them. If a good looking young man came in, one would check the other assistant's measurements. Nice work, if you could get it. In the end William chose a light grey woollen suit and a light blue shirt and a pale pink one to go with it. We would have to come back next day to collect it after some alterations. Noah decided to accompany William in case Mr Humphries and his colleague decided on any more measurements or fittings.

Noah had to admit that William looked so handsome in the suit. Again, this was his talent for choosing the right clothes and looking good in them.

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