From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 1

"My dear William

"First of all many happy returns for your birthday and congratulations on attaining the age of sixteen. You may be two years older than ideal, but at least you are now legal.

"Your formal education must naturally take precedence, but that apart you have undertaken to become my apprentice, perhaps more precisely my slave or bondsman for a year and a day from the day after your GCSEs finish. You may find your role difficult, but let me assure you that my intentions are honourable and I wish only to prepare you for the world which you are destined to encounter eventually.

"You know you are gay. In fact you have never had any difficulty with acknowledging it privately. At last you have done so publicly. Why should I be so convinced? I don't know what you know or understand by body language, which is how I came to discover your propensity. Gaydar might be another word, although it is not an exact synonym. Let me explain.

"I think it must have been in the summer when you were fifteen, that is last summer, the time when you finally experienced your growth spurt. You were always small for your age, but that can't be said now. You have metamorphosed from an extremely pretty boy into an extremely handsome young man. I know which I prefer and am sorry to see the pretty flower of puberty fade. I was privileged to watch the process. The gods were very kind to you. No zits, no gauche stage, no gawky body. Think how many girls' hearts you have broken and are yet to break, not to mention boys'. This was the first clue that you were batting for our side. At No 6 live a couple of girls who love cavorting around in their school uniform of black tights and short skirts. No full blooded, hormonal and adolescent straight boy could have walked past them as they display all for all to see, without turning his head. But you did.

"It is not uncommon for a boy to have a best mate, but the time you spent with yours, and again it was the body language that indicated a closer relationship. Do you remember the other day when a car stopped to let you pass? Politeness personified, you waved a thank you. Very worthy, but your hand action was so camp. Watching you walk through the close one morning on the way to school, adjusting your tackle as you went, made my day. Add to all this the attention you pay to your appearance – don't get me wrong, it is praiseworthy and admirable – but out of the ordinary. I adore your various hairstyles. Dare I suggest a similarity with the Britain Has Talent singer Ronan Parke? Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, consider that though he has not officially come out, he acts in such a camp manner, and I love him to bits for it. The age of eighteen will be time enough for that. Tom Daley awaited his majority before making his announcement. Finally on this tack there were the little games of looking at me and looking away. I did the same, I admit it. I loved it. It made you such a tart.

"So in the way that Noonoo and I finally had to make friends, so we too must make our peace. My part of the process is declaring my infatuation from the past few years; yours is declaring your sexuality and wanting, needing, thriving on my help in consummating it and educating you, all through your own free will. No force, no holds barred, for better and for worse. That applies to both of us.

"You may be surprised at the size of the cheque enclosed with this card. Consider it expenses rather than a birthday gift. It will cover a few trips to the hairdresser. Have an enjoyable and happy birthday. After your exams are over it will be a day of adventure for both of us.

With all my love.


X X X"

Public examinations blight social life in Year 11. Even the weekends can be taken up with revision and course work. William celebrated his sixteenth birthday. Some weeks later he trundled his suitcase along the street to Noah's house and moved in for a year and a day. Noah had had plenty of time to construct a training programme. The problem had been how to slow everything down and make it last a year.

His first objective was to get to know William properly. He had known him for some seven years and upwards. Yet he didn't know him. What had he gleaned? In junior school he was a neat boy, small as said, with straight fair, not blond hair. He was left handed. He had an attractive little snub nose – so sexy – and brown button eyes. He was an only child and lived with his mother. Father (presumably) appeared from time to time and took him out, although that seems to have ceased in latter years. Out of school he appeared on the street in fashionable clothes of the best quality. He even changed several times a day. He is one of those lucky people. Whatever he wears, he looks smart.

Noah wanted to get inside his mind. What did he think about? What did he think about school? He judged him a conformist and wanting to please. He left the house at five to eight, on the dot, and on the rare occasions he might be slightly late, he would hurry on his way to the bus stop. Noah loved to see him in his school uniform. He adored his boys in school uniform. He commanded him not to throw it away just because he had left school. It would become an important part of his fantasies.

And so on the 30 June their relationship officially began. He was Noah's ward, apprentice and bondsman until the 1 July the following year, a leap year which provided an extra day of requited lust and mutual sexual gratification, bordering, some might think, on depravity.

Noah showed William his room. For a year and a day this would be his retreat. He'd brought along his own laptop which we would soon set up for the house Wi-Fi, uncensored allowing him free access to download whatever took his fancy. "This is where you'll sleep in the early part of your training, unless…" and Noah took him along the landing to his own room. "Unless you're feeling lonely and you can come and join me. That is providing you're prepared to take me as you find me, if you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean," he grinned.

"Take your time settling in. Then come downstairs and we'll find something to eat and get to know one another.

Afterwards they cleared away the supper things. In preparation for William's arrival Noah had re-arranged the furniture in the sitting room so that there was only a sofa to sit on and it faced the large flat-screen TV fixed to the wall over the mantelshelf. It was one of those smart television sets and was set up to take data from his computer. He had got it ready for them to watch some vids off the net. Nothing over the top for his first night. The aim was to get him used to sexual activity in front of his master and for his master to examine the goods he had bought.

Noah dimmed the lights. The room was warm, the sofa comfortable. He pulled William into him. He was immediately compliant and snuggled up, melting into Noah's body. He wondered if that was what he had got up to with Ben, his boyfriend. The movies flickered onto the screen as they downloaded and went into full screen mode. Tonight it was only the solitary vice, two movies of single boys jerking themselves off and one of a couple of boys that did it to themselves, but not each other. That was the next module in the course. He explained to William how the vids would be connected to the new module and despite any temptation he should not work on ahead of what we were supposed to be doing.

Noah was the first to get a stiffie. He thought William still had to loosen up and discover that it was in order to expose himself, erect or flaccid. Indeed, it was what was required of him and in this respect it was as much a voyage of discovery for Noah as well as for William. He wanted to get to know every nook and cranny of that pristine body, soon to be despoiled through his lust.

The boy in the movie introduced himself as Dan aged fourteen. He was obviously at the peak of his adolescent beauty, one of the blessed ones who had been enhanced by puberty rather than marred. In his tight, well washed 501s which clung to his body back and front he immediately attracted their attention. Noah kept one eye on the screen and one on William's crotch. Despite being slim he did not display a bulge, something they would be working on. He had yet to discover the treasure between his legs, although he had already received a hint once when he met him cycling through the church gardens and the boy presented a clear and lustful outline of his bollocks hitched up on the saddle. How many years had Noah waited for such a vision of loveliness? Dan on the screen was feeling himself and about to unbutton his jeans when Noah noticed the first stirrings in William's sweats. His first reaction was, out of embarrassment, to reach for a cushion and place it on his lap, but Noah took it from him and tossed it over the back of the sofa. "Nothing to worry about, William. The same thing's happening to me. There would be something wrong if it didn't. It's getting warm in here." It wasn't, but it was excuse to remove his shirt and then William's tee shirt for him. Dan had reached the stage where he was well and truly hooked on. He had dropped his sweats and briefs and was writhing and groaning as his fist moved his foreskin back and forth over his pink glans. William's eyes were glued to the screen, his hands to his crotch. It was obvious what he wanted to do, but was not yet confident enough to do it, at least in front of Noah. It was time for him to lead him on. Noah removed his own trousers and slip, then copied Dan, keeping in time with his movements. It was important for this part of his apprenticeship that William shouldn't touch him, nor Noah touch him. He was sensitive enough to follow his lead. He removed his remaining clothes and at last Noah could behold that over which he had been lusting for years.

There are beautiful cocks and there are ugly cocks. There are beautiful balls and not so beautiful ones. For Noah the true beauty of the cluster is only seen when the penis is flaccid. He still had to bide his time until he could make a final judgement. After seeing the outline of William's bollocks in his sweats, he was in no way disappointed on seeing them in the flesh.

Meanwhile on screen Dan had shot his load and was scooping up the ejaculate with his index finger and savouring it on the tip of his tongue. The end of the vid dampened our ardour. Before starting the next one, Noah could take in the beauty of William's loins. He was average in size, his balls clearly separate in a loose scrotum. Unusual, however, was the shape of his cock. The glans was neatly half covered by his foreskin, but that end was noticeably thicker than at the base, which was topped by a neat tuft of pubic hair.

Noah quickly dismissed all thoughts of sucking it or imagining it glide on its way through his sphincter. He had a flat stomach, as expected, an innie and a natural sixpack, for as far as he knew he did not attend the gym. His nipples were two reddish brown ten pence pieces contrasted against his white skin, ' that whiter skin of his than snow and smooth as monumental alabaster', as Othello almost put it.

Bare as he was, Noah's own cock sat in judgement – or should it be 'stood' in judgement? – in awe of this one example of Nature's wonders of the world.

The second movie started. True epic in that the plot was already known, the interest was in the telling. The adolescent star was called Tom, thickset, but not an ounce of fat on his eventually revealed body. In the final vid two boys lay side by side on a bed, starring under the names of Ronan and Justin, uncut and cut respectively and it was this one that finally brought William and Noah off. The short ended and the TV automatically cut into a television programme, but they were oblivious to it as they first cleaned themselves up and then fell back into the settee in a thoroughly relaxed state.

Eventually Noah said "Time for bed, William. We have a lot to do tomorrow." He accompanied him to his room to say good night. William pulled back the duvet, expecting to find his night clothes, but instead a pair of boxing gloves.

"Where are my pyjamas?" he asked.

"I've packed them away. You won't be needing them for another year."

"And the boxing gloves?" He looked at Noah quizzically.

"When we were sitting watching the vids, that was the last time you will jerk yourself off during your apprenticeship, unless you have my express permission to do so. To help you resist any temptation you will wear these in bed until we've made other arrangements."

"Other arrangements?

"Don't worry your pretty head about that." After he'd taken his clothes off, Noah helped him put the gloves on and bound the wrists so that they could not come off during the night. He said good night and indulged himself with a chaste kiss on the boy's cheek.

Noah woke William at seven the next morning. He lay naked in his duvet, the boxing gloves still sitting tight on his hands. He took them off so that William could drink a mug of tea. Noah drew a deep breath. "William, today is going to be a special day in your life. A lot of things are going to change, but if you don't mind, I'd rather explain them as we go along. Some of them will seem strange to you. I want you think of it as a rebirth. You might even put the date down as your 'official' birthday in the way that the Queen has an official birthday. You might like to think of it in the way that a monk sheds his past life when he becomes a member of his order. I can't pretend that your life will not be different. It will be. Except that unlike a monk, you will regain your freedom at the end of a year. It will require discipline – self-discipline. It will require obedience to your slave master. Throughout, however, you will protected, cared for and loved, and while I cannot guarantee that you will not experience pain, physical and emotional, you will not feel it unnecessarily." William indicated that he understood. "When you've finished your tea, we are going to shave off your pubic hair. Think again of the monk when he has his tonsure shaved. A sacrifice because you such have neat and attractive pubes, but they will grow back. After that I want you to take a hot bath, not a shower, and pay particular attention to your private parts. Then it will be time for breakfast and after that the day begins.

By nine o'clock William was riding shot gun in Noah's black SUV. He was dressed in tee shirt and sweats. Noah drove through the backstreets of town and pulled up outside a corner shop that had had its frontage extended along both streets. It was painted mainly black, but the name of the shopped was boldly picked out in pink lettering. "The Gay Door," William read out aloud, "General Gay Emporium including Tattoo and Piercing Parlour. I had no idea this even existed," said William.

"Why should you?" Noah replied. "It's a specialist business in a part of town that you're probably not familiar with."

He parked nearby and they walked to the shop door. On it hung a sign: 'OPEN to those 16 and over'. "They're not particularly strict about that, but it does smooth the existence of the place among the neighbours and with the council." We went in and were greeted by a jolly black man who was dressed in white uniform trousers, a tunic buttoned up to his neck and a white cap similar to one worn by Royal Marines. "Good morning, Butch. This is William."

"Pleased to meet you, young sir," and he grabbed William's hand with own gargantuan hand that was black, even on the palms.

"We have an appointment for ten, but there are some things we need to do in the general store before then."

"Do what you have to do, Master Noah, and we may even be able to get you in early." He tapped something out on a computer screen. "Florian is free. You may as well go in now and shop afterwards." Butch opened a door for them leading into a stairwell and they climbed to the first floor and went through a door marked 'Parlour'.

Florian was waiting for them. After the introductions he told William to take everything off below the waist and lie on the couch. "I know you are not keen on piercings, William. Nor am I, but this is an important part of your apprenticeship and will be seen by very few people," Noah assured him.

"Noah, perhaps you would like to wait outside while I do this. I'll call down to Butch when we're finished."

Putting on his rubber gloves, Florian said "I have to touch your genitals to do this. I am not trying to interfere with you." Florian set to work very efficiently and before William even realised it, he had had a titanium ring inserted though his frenulum. "The next bit is not so easy because of getting you in the right position for me to work. Stand on this table with you legs apart. That's it. William couldn't see what was happening. With equal efficiency Florian inserted another ring though William's perineum. He cleaned the blood away with a moist tissue that smarted, but stopped the bleeding. "Stay standing there a moment. You see this padlock?" It was a small one like those used for suitcases. "I'm going put it through the rings," and had done so before he finished his sentence. "And the keys I'll give to your master. That'll will stop those unwanted erections and make sure you only use your penis for sex when your master gives you permission. You'll have to sit down to pee when the padlock's on." He then explained the hygiene rules. "I'll leave the padlock on. It'll help you to get used to it."

It felt strange to William, but he thought he could get used to it. He felt himself chub up and the rings pulled at the lock, but there was no erection. He was about to put his clothes back on when Florian said "Wait a minute, young man. We're not finished yet. Back onto the couch." He wiped over the right side of William's lower abdomen with antiseptic, drew his apparatus towards him and proceeded to draw a tattoo. It gave William more discomfort than the piercings. Finished, Florian cleaned the area and held a mirror up for William to see two entwined male symbols to the right of his cock. "They won't show when you're wearing your speedo," Florian re-assured him.

"Now I want you to kneel on the couch and support yourself on your elbows. Florian went through the same procedure and now William understood why he had to make sure he cleaned himself properly in the bath.

Florian cleaned the finished tattoo. You won't be able to see this. So I'll take a photo." He took a snap and showed it to him on his smartphone. "Give me your addy and I'll send it to you." William was amazed when he saw his anal rosebud embellished as a floral rosebud.

William got dressed and Florian took him downstairs where Noah was waiting, "All right, William?"

"I think so. I'm glad now you didn't tell what was going to happen." Noah said thank you to Florian for what he had performed, took the padlock keys from him and hung them about his neck. Butch was also standing by, with a bulge in his bright white cotton trousers that William hadn't noticed before. What he didn't know was that his whole procedure in Florian's room had been recorded on HD CCTV and relayed simultaneously – for security reasons! – to the computer on Butch's desk. He had enjoyed the whole show.

"Okay, William, we still have a bit of shopping to do."


"That's right, the most important thing being your collar."

"My collar?"

"While you're an apprentice, you are my bondsman and the outward sign of a bondsman is a collar, commonly known as a slave collar. Come and choose one you like. Any colour you like as long as it's black, as Henry Ford said, and choose a leather one. It'll be far more comfortable than plastic." After a few minutes Noah said "William, come and look at this one. I think you'll like it."

It was made of plain soft black leather, about an inch wide. "Try it on." He put it round his neck, loose enough to sit comfortably, tight enough to stay in position, discreet enough not to be seen under a shirt with a collar and tie. Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it somehow makes me look more macho."


"What's this dangly metal bit on the D-ring?"

"You unscrew it and put your name, address and telephone number on a small strip of paper in there."

"What? Like on a dog's collar?"

"Exactly," and Noah snapped the clasp to. There was no going back. The collar was locked on.

"Condoms, a butt plug, cock ring and we go to the check out. I've got plenty of lube at home and everything else we might need to begin with."

While Noah was going round collecting what was needed, an assistant took William aside. "My, do you look really butch in that collar, or do you look butch? You see, William, I still wear mine even though my master's been dead for some years." He pulled his hoodie off his shoulders and pulled down the neck of his tee shirt.

"Sweet," said William, "but how do you cope with pointed studs? Don't they snag on everything?"

"You learn to be careful. But let me tell you something. Every sub in the BDSM world has a s lave collar. Even those in the vanilla world…"

"Vanilla world?"

"Ordinary heterosexual people. Even they are familiar with the imagery and power of the slave collar, although often the actual purpose and meaning of the collars are misunderstood. Slave collars are a symbol of commitment similar to engagement and wedding rings, and are not even used for bondage in some scenes. Instead, they are the ultimate signal between partners of commitment and an eternal trust that can become permanent and binding. There is nothing masochistic about them, they are merely symbols of the love that grows between dominant and submissive partners in a truly committed bondage relationship." Noah went up to the pair and told William they were ready to leave.

They left the shop and returned to the car. It felt odd, but not unpleasant as William grew use to the piercings and the collar. The thought of them made him chub up, but his cock was restrained by the padlock.

"After the stress of this morning I think you deserve a good lunch." Noah drove to a pub called The Gay Hussar. You could tell from the name it was family friendly. He was greeted as they went through the door, but all eyes were on William. The fact that he was with Noah, wearing Noah's collar, was only sixteen and that they hadn't seen him before, all this was sufficient to attract everybody's attention. At lunchtime the clientele consisted mainly of old queens who had had their day and were harmless. William was safe enough. It got a bit livelier in the evenings, though. Noah made a few introductions which went over William's head and then the waiter took them though to the restaurant.

After lunch it was back to the car and off to the notary. "This is where we change your surname to mine. William Fourbois, how does that sound?"


"We can always change it back when you pass out at the end of your apprenticeship." A few more errands and it was back home for them.

"Okay, William, just a little more admin to do and then I suggest you go and rest up for the afternoon. First of all, let's see what they've done. Take your clothes off." William obeyed his master who inspected the ballock and the tattoo near his groin. "Bend over. Mmm, yes, Florian's made a perfect job of the rosebud. You haven't seen it yet, have you?"

"No, not properly. There should be a pic in my e-mails."

"Put your clothes back on. I'm hardening up. We'll take the padlock off first." I handed it to him. "Keep it open and then you can put it on when you need it. Wear it a lot over the next few days. You'll hardly know you've got it on, that is until you pop a boner."

"Can I have a key, please?"

"No, you always have to remember that I am the master and you are my bondsman. Speaking of which, I would like you to call me Daddy and I shall call you Will. I don't want anyone else calling you Will, but William. I know your mother won't call you Will. It's to mark our special relationship." William thought it an odd, but harmless request, and remembering his position as a bondsman, he had very little choice and so readily acquiesced.

"Finally let's talk about money. Here's an ATM card for you to sign. I'll tell you the PIN in a minute. Every Tuesday fifty pounds will go into the account. That's pocket money. How you use it is up to you. Anything you need for college or for your apprenticeship I pay for. If you need extra pocket money for anything, ask me in good time and the answer will be yes or no. Don't forget that I have a lot invested in you, not only financially, but emotionally, and remember that traditionally slaves never got paid."

"Oooh, thank you, Daddy. Fifty quid, that's very generous."

"I hope it will help you to budget, Will. In addition you've got what your mother gives you. By the way, I almost forgot. The account's in my name. With that card you can only withdraw cash at an ATM and check the balance. It's not a debit card." Even so, he saw that the name on the card was 'William Fourbois'. "Off you go. At six I'll teach you some elementary cooking."

"I can cook already. Mum taught me and I did it at school, as well."

"We'll see, and after supper we'll move on to module two."

In his room William booted up his computer, went through his e-mails and found the picture of his rosebud. He was amazed and impressed. He then dropped his sweats and his slip and made a close examination of his piercings and groin tattoo. After pulling up his sweats he went and lay on his bed and promptly fell asleep.

By eight o'clock they had washed up after supper and put everything away. They went and sat in the sitting room in front of the television set. "As with module one we start module two with a video." Noah pressed some buttons on the remote and the screen sprang to life. On it was a boy in his dressing gown. It was a large room, not in England, somewhere on the Continent, central or eastern Europe. The room was dominated by a Kachelofen and heavy wooden furniture. The volume is low; the interest lies in the visual. The boy goes out of the room and returns with a friend, another boy. They sit on an upholstered bench fitted into the corner of the room. You can tell from their facial expressions, their coy smiles, their body language, that they are more than friends. The first boy's white dressing gown falls open to reveal his flaccid cock and loose balls. The foreskin slides back to uncover his shining pink glans. The second boy draws his friend's attention to the fact. The first gives him an encouraging look. He puts his hand under the first's balls and plays with them. The cock stiffens to its full height and length. The host nods at his handsome visitor who slowly takes off his jacket, his top, his jeans and his slip. Meanwhile the white dressing gown has slipped onto the floor. Both boys sit together with full erections until the host takes hold of his guest's shaft and gently jerks it. The other reciprocates and they continue until the host shoots his ejaculate across his body and the guest dribbles his down his shaft and into his pubic hair. The scene fades and shows that the vid has lasted twenty-three minutes. It seemed like five.

"So that, Will, is the subject of the second module and is what we're going to practise before you go to bed. Would you like to do it in my room? It's more comfortable there." William followed into his room. After stripping their clothes off, they took the vid as their example and wanked each other off simultaneously. When they had shot their loads, and they did both shoot, no dribbling for them, they cleaned up and Noah made it clear to William they would be sleeping in our own beds. They put on bathrobes and while Noah was making cocoa, William took his stuff to his own room.

While drinking their cocoa, Noah explained that the next time they would jerk one another off one after the other and that he mustn't expect sex every night. A bondsman had to learn sexual continence and be prepared to work at his master's will. He might have to go for a week, or maybe more, if the Master was away or had other affairs to attend to. In other households the slave might have to compete for the Master's favours and yet keep himself unsullied in the meantime, for he would never know when he might be selected. Not that Noah had any intention of taking on another apprentice and he made that clear. "But what would happen, Will, if I needed sex badly in the middle of the night, came into your room and found that you couldn't perform because you'd just tossed yourself off?" He understood the point.

"What about the other way round?" he asked, not cheekily, but with a genuine sense of enquiry.

"You're the slave and I'm the master. Never forget that, Will. Time for bed. I'll be back in a minute to insert the padlock and say good night."

"No boxing gloves?"

"No boxing gloves. We have something more subtle, the ballock."

Some minutes late, not one, Noah knocked the open door of William's room and went in. He got him to stand on one leg, the other on a chair and handed him the padlock. "Do you think you can do it yourself?"

"I'll give it a go."

"Do the back ring first, then hook the padlock into the penis ring." He heard the lock snap to. Noah tested it to make sure it had gone through the two rings and had closed properly. He didn't need to, but it was an excuse to give William's cluster a good feel. Naturally it teased him for his prick wanted to stiffen up. All good discipline training. Noah looked at him lying naked on top of the duvet. He could feel the lust rising throughout his body. He too at one time in his life had to learn the discipline of a bondsman and for the moment he had to content himself with feeling his cock swell and his precum oozing into the towelling of his bathrobe. At least he could go and have another wank in the privacy of my own room, with perhaps the assistance of his butt plug. He kissed William on the cheek, said good night, went and closed the door behind him.

William had learnt the principles of the first two modules well. He was a bright and eager boy, but now they were three weeks in, it had all gone too smoothly. This was not good training. The moment was coming to put him to the test and see how he would cope with difficult times.

After supper Noah and William went and sat in the sitting room. "Will, we've now come to the third module of your apprenticeship. Chastity."

"What does that mean?"

"Basically zero sex – zero wanking, zero touching, zero orgasms. This is an important part of your training where you learn how to live without sex completely, if that is your master's wish, and it is now my wish."

"Daddy, how long does it last?"

"Until I say it's over."

William found this an extremely difficult time and he was bearing up well. He was spending more time on his computer than Noah would have liked, but otherwise he was quite stoical. He decided to end his chastity on the following Sunday. At nine he took William in a cup of tea when he noticed something. He was lying on his bed, looking so beautiful, angelic even. Noah wanted to forget the apprenticeship and take him there and then, but he too had been taught self-discipline. "What's that, Will?"

"Wot?" he replied somewhat aggressively.

"That mark on your bed sheet. It looks like a wank stain to me." William blushed. "It is a wank stain, isn't? What did I tell you after the first module?"

"That I would never wank myself off again unless I had your express permission."

"So you haven't forgotten?"

"I needed it. I needed it badly," William pleaded.

"How did you get the padlock off, Will?"

"You didn't shut it properly, Daddy, after my personal hygiene session last night."

"Then you should have closed it properly yourself or got me to do it. Your chastity is going to be extended by one week and you will be punished."

"You're not going to beat me?" His face showed utter terror.

"Look, Will, I am into bondage and domination, not sado-masochism. You will never be beaten by me."

Noah was not only fighting William, but himself at the same time. He was horrified that William even thought that he was capable of using violence against him. Trust, after spending three laborious weeks climbing ladders, had just slipped down a long snake to square one. Noah had identified a moment of weakness in himself. From his own training he knew he had to be strong. Although the first misdemeanour was relatively insignificant, it had to be dealt with severely in order to reinforce the slave-master relationship. Whatever his disposition might dictate, in a bondage relationship discipline was primary. Love must follow as a subordinate… or not.

"This is what's going to happen, William." He could see it jarred on him, his calling him William. "First you will change your bed and put the soiled bed linen into the washing machine. That's not punishment. That's making good the damage. Your chastity, due to finish today, will be extended by a week. Your allowance will not be paid into your account on Tuesday. Wait. There's more to come." He left William's room and went to the airing cupboard, returning with what he knew would be for William a much harsher punishment than any sentence of chastity. "While you're under chastity, this is what you'll wear. Two of each except the ball cap. One on and one in the wash, which you will do every day. Noah handed him an odd looking tee shirt in similar material, again loose, white ankle socks and finally a pair of plain white painter and decorator's overalls. "Get yourself showered and I want to see you put them on properly. The ball cap you will always wear outdoors so that no one can see your attractive hair. Also, while you are under chastity, I shall activate the parental control on your computer. I don't need to tell you that the padlock on your ballock will always be locked, apart from during your personal hygiene periods, which I shall supervise in case you decide to disobey me under the shower. Is everything understood?" William gave a reluctant nod. "Is everything understood?" Noah repeated vehemently.

"Yes, Daddy."

"That's better."

Personal hygiene complete, William returned to his room with Noah in tow, who replaced the padlock on the ballock and double checked that it was closed properly. William pulled on the trunks. There was absolutely nothing sexy about them, no outline of his cluster or butt. They just hung there limply. Next the tee shirt. Noah made sure his slave collar was fully visible. The socks, overalls and his least fashionable trainers. He adjusted the collar of William's overalls, again to make the black slave collar prominent for all to see. He adjusted the white plain ball cap for size and took it off again. He took some photographs. William folded the spare kit and put it away tidily in a drawer. "What are my mates going to think when they see me like this, Daddy?"

"I'm sure they will tell you. Probably that you are going off to do some house painting."

"I'll have zero street cred."

"That's up to you. Whether you pass the attitude test or not. You can either present the image of a slave being punished or of a bondsman proud to be doing his master's bidding. It'll be a test of your character."

"What are these undies made of? They're so itchy scratchy."

"Sackcloth." What William didn't know was that emblazoned across the back of the coveralls and the tee shirts in UV sensitive capital letters was printed 'I am in chastity'. If he went near a strobe or UV lights in a shop or disco, it would be there for the whole world to read. "Anyway, stop whingeing. It's happening and could always be extended to ten days."

"No, Daddy, not that, please."

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