Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 21

No Need For Regrets

It was quiet now in the house with even mom having gone to bed. When Colt decided to spend the night his mom had come over dropping off his usual overnight kit even though anymore both him and his older brother had some things in my dresser drawer like I had some stuff for when I stayed overnight at their house. Now as I lay in bed cuddled up with the eleven year old boy my mind drifted over recent events. A lot's happened over the last several months and weeks, but I focused on today, a small smile splitting my features when I thought about Julian. The boy had such a stunningly gorgeous body and I had gotten the opportunity to get to know it intimately. I knew the twelve year old boy wasn't gay like me, but he had definitely wanted to have a bit of sexual boy fun with me.

Even though Carter and I were together now, I knew he wouldn't have an issue with the fun Julian and I had together. I liked Julian and the younger boy seemed to need that sort of intimate interaction while I had needed some sexual release. There was no need for regrets and surprisingly enough I didn't feel bad with what happened between the two of us. Even now I could feel the tickly sensations flowing through me as I recalled the fun I had with the blond boy. It had been sexually rousing and explosive, with my own turgid erection detonating violently, spilling its precious seed all over the twelve year old boy.

Once again I felt the stirrings of how it felt when the sexy long haired boy had fisted my erection, working my jackhammer like a skilled construction worker. The sensation had built up slowly starting in my large testicles. They had felt a bit achy lately because I hadn't milked them dry for several long days, but hadn't really noticed until Julian came along urging them to finally liberate their contents.

With my eyes closed I exhaled contentedly with the memories flittering through my thoughts while my mind drifted in a dozing like state somewhere between the waking realm and dreamland as I drifted closer to falling asleep. My thoughts swirled around the wonderful sensation Julian's pumping fist had sent through my insides just before my body had erupted in orgasmic ecstasy. In my drowsy state it was difficult to tell the difference between reality and fantasy when my eyes suddenly snapped open just as I felt my body tightening up and my legs begin to twitch around in a spastic fit. I panicked for a split second thinking I was about to have another wet dream. Even the muscles in my stomach bunched up and I heard a loud groan of pleasure escaping my lips right when the realization of what was really happening slammed into my thoughts. It was too late to stop now, my eyes snapping downward and widening in stunned disbelief because Colt's small hand was fisting my stout erection as he masturbated me with efficient skill.

"Aaaaaaaaargh," I grunted with the entire world abruptly lurching and slowing down as I watched everything unfolding before my very eyes with singular clarity.

It was a strange sensation to see everything slow down and coalesce into a powerful moment as I watched in staggered bewilderment the foreskin on my fat tuber gradually skinning downwards exposing my ripened cherry while the meaty part expanded and erupted in sexual release. "Uuuuuuumph," I grunted in unbelievable rapturic ecstasy with a long stream of ejaculate blasting out the tip end of my crimson colored jewel.

The three inch long white gelatinous rope shot straight up into the air just when the base of Colt's hand slammed down against my tight scrotum sack making it bulge outwards for a fraction of a second before it bunched up tightly with my testicles leaping upwards towards my body cavity. He was holding my five inch barrel firmly in his small fist keeping it angled straight upwards forcing my frothy boy smoothie to blast up into the air. I watched the opaque glutinous substance arc upwards about three feet as the string coalesced together hanging momentarily suspended in mid-flight.

Colt's hand was in an upwards stroke now my plum disappearing protectively beneath its tight sleeve. Even though everything appeared to be in slow motion I knew in reality it was all happening very fast as things began to coalesce into a synchronized event. I could literally feel the second wave of spastic orgasmic climax building deep down inside of me. What followed next was Colton's excited single syllable three worded exclamation accompanying my grunts of explosive orgasmic pulsating rapturic pleasure.

The younger boy's fist reversed direction rolling my skin back and exposing my bell, the base of his hand slamming for a second time against my ball sack. "Uuuumph," I grunted followed by Colt's rasping "Whoa," as another long cord of creamy white molten lava came screaming out the nozzle of my pulsating erection. As this volley arched upwards I noticed the first ejaculate stream begin to tumble downwards, gravity taking hold. Colton's fingers reversed direction on my stout stump yet again stroking my drooling spigot in an upward direction the swollen bullet disappearing from view.

I could feel the boy's loose fingers rubbing lightly up against the ridge of my bulb arousing it further before I felt him adjusting his grip. It became firmer on his down stroke rubbing stimulatingly along the ridge of my glans as he pulled my foreskin back exposing my knob for a third time.

"Uuuumph," I grunted yet again, followed by Colt's voiced "way," as a third contraction gripped my insides forcing a powerful pulse to eject another round of firepower.

Just when my canon let loose for the third time I also felt the warm wetness of my sailors making landfall. It splattered resoundingly along my stomach and chest pooling and oozing all over the place looking like beach front property. It took me a split second to realize it was from my first orgasmic volley that had come screaming out of me in a fevered pitch before spiraling back down to splash along my torso.

Several emotions besides rapturic elation were now running through me at the moment, chief among them confusion, happiness, contentment, and a tinge of sadness from the awareness of how it was Colt jacking me off. He was like a little brother to me and this had simply happened out of the blue. It wasn't unusual for the younger boy to mess around, his natural curiosity over my pubes and foreskin usually getting the better of him. I always let him play around with my tenders never much bothered by it since I knew he enjoyed it. I've always managed to stop him before things got too carried away, but it had been a long eventful and exhausting day leaving me a tad out of sorts not to mention my medications making me drowsy and inattentive to what was happening. I suppose it was inevitable, and there was no need for any regrets, but at the same time there was a bit of sadness because I realized this was yet another stolen innocent moment for Colton.

"Uuuumph," I grunted feeling a fourth orgasmic pulse ripping through my insides accompanied by Colt's soft toned voiced "cool." My mind somehow managed to cobble his comment together into a 'whoa way cool,' remark. This was followed by another wet spattering of cum splashing along my torso just as another small amount of creaminess came spitting out of my penis. It was only a few drops with my thoughts now caving in on itself while the world managed to somehow abruptly lurch back into real time.

"Uuumph, aaaaah, oooomph," I grunted several more times feeling Colt's firm grip working my drooling spigot like a whirlwind, stroking my stout five inch tuber just as the rest of my warm boy seed began splattering all along my stomach and chest pooling together with my first volleys.

The rapturic climax probably lasted all of five seconds, the last of my orgasm rippling through my tightened body while my erection became extremely sensitive and softened in Colt's fingers. "S-stop," I rasped hoarsely reaching down and slapping his hand away.

My reaction came across a bit harshly and I immediately regretted it when I saw his elated features change to panic. "I-I…," The boy stuttered. "Pim, I didn't mean to…it just happened…please don't be mad," he squeaked, panic forming on his features.

"N-no…Colt…it-it's alright. I-I didn't m-mean it that way." I gasped trying desperately to inhale air while my body continued to twitch and jolt in the aftermath of my climax. "It's alright…really," I managed to get out in-between huge lungful wheezing gasps of air noticing the panicked look on the eleven year old boy's features dissipate a little, but shifting to one of a stricken kind of look.

"But you said," he began before I cut him off.

"Forget what I said Colt." I told him gently shaking my head. "Just forget it. There's no need for any regrets…really." I told him gently. "J-just give me a second." I told him wanting a few moments to recover while my body twitched a couple of more times.

We both sat there in our own thoughts with the silence stretching on for a long time, but in reality only lasting less than a minute. "Damn, I made a mess of things." I finally spoke up softly, but still making Colt flinch as he snapped out of his dazed state.

Glancing over at me he seemed to take note of my sweaty body glistening wetly with several large pools of my tacky boy snot splattered all over the place. Some of it was on my stomach and chest, some was running down the sides of my ribs, and some of it even managed to splatter over my sheets. It was a huge sloppy mess as I gathered my thoughts and sighed shaking my head while looking around for something to clean up with.

"Damn, I need something to wipe myself off." I snorted more to myself, but noticed Colton not hesitating as he leaned back, lifted up his hips, and tugged on his blue flimsy shorts he always wore to bed.

My eyes widened animatedly because he was still sporting an erection. It never ceased to amaze me how just like his older brother his little two plus inch gherkin bowed in a gentle curve. He wiggled his hips freeing his shorts, the movement forcing his rigid wisp to wave stiffly in the air while his loose ball sack shifted from side to side bumping up against his thighs. Freeing his shorts from his legs he sat back up holding out his shorts.

"Here," he offered giving me a shy nervous smile.

He was still cautious about what he had done and it made me feel bad because it really wasn't his fault as I gave him a gentle smile and reached out taking his shorts. "Thanks," I told him sincerely and began wiping myself clean noticing how the boy's two and a quarter inch banana pointed outwards from his body with a nice bowed curvature resembling the shape if not size of the yellow tropical fruit.

Colt had matured some since the first time I saw him and I was happy for the boy since he had been a bit worried about his size. It still amazed me just how much he looked like his older brother and if the changes happening between his legs was any indication before too much longer even the size of his penis and ball sack would be catching up to Carter's.

"I'm really sorry Pim." He whispered softly tears threatening to overwhelm him while I shook my head and reached over taking his right hand in mine and wiping it off as well since some of my splooge had oozed on it when I squirted all over the place.

"Don't Colt…it's not your fault…it's no one's fault." I assured him.

"But you said…," he began before I cut him off again.

"I know what I said, but there's no need for any regrets." I assured him finishing up with wiping away the mess as best I could and tossing his shorts over the side of my bed before reaching out and pulling the poor guy closer to me.

The brown eyed boy didn't resist and climbed over me managing to bump into my sensitive nards making me jerk and wince in pain. "Ouch…you little shit," I chuckled good-naturedly, hearing him giggling because he immediately knew what happened.

"Sorry, I just can't help it." He sniggered making me roll my eyes wondering how he always managed to find the target while he straddled my body and snuggled up closely his warmth somehow comforting.

"You really aren't mad at me?" He asked after a few moments.

Exhaling softly I shook my head even though he couldn't see the gesture. "No Colt…I told you it was just something that happened."

"I know, but you said you didn't want me to jack you off. I really am sorry, but I couldn't help it. I wanted to see you cum so badly and I just got all caught up with it even though you said it was too weird because we are like brothers. Pim, I-I really am sorry." He hiccupped as the realization of what had happened began to settle into his thoughts. "I mean it's really cool the way you squirt, but you were right…it's kind of weird too now that I think about it." He admitted, sniffling because he was feeling guilty about it now as he rambled on. "You were right in a way it sort of feels like as if I did this to my brother. I-I feel a little sick about it now." He admitted sadly.

"Don't…," I told him gently. "Really Colt…don't feel bad about it. I mean, was it fun for you…did you like making me feel good?" I asked the younger boy not wanting him to have a lingering feeling of guilt while he shifted and lifted his head off my shoulders.

"I-I…uh…yeah...sure." He admitted while I nodded my head.

"Then it wasn't wrong." I insisted.

"But you said…," he began.

"I know what I said Colt, but it wasn't just that…," I confessed sighing sadly because I suppose it was finally time to come clean with him on things I've been putting off.

"I-I don't understand." He admitted.

Biting my lower lip I shook my head, took a deep breather, and then exhaled softly. "I know," my voice sounded soft as I reached out and tenderly stroked his cheeks. "I love you so much Colton, but there are things I need to tell you now and I hope I don't muck it all up." I smiled gently at him seeing his face squirreling up a bit concerned. "It's not bad or anything." I assured him not wanting to alarm the younger boy. "I mean, not really, but it does make some things awkward." I admitted seeing him calm down while things got quiet for several long moments giving me the time to gather my thoughts.

There really was no good way to do this so I decided to take the direct approach. "I'm gay Colt…do you understand what that means?" I asked, with the boy's eyebrows dipping up and down in thought for a couple of seconds before he nodded his head.

"Yeah, it means you like having sex with other boys. What's wrong with that? I mean I guess that makes me gay too since I like to have sex with Julian." He admitted making me wince because that is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

"Well, I suppose sex is a part of it Colt, but not entirely. Just because you like having sex with boys right now doesn't mean you are gay." I tried to explain seeing his confusion. "Listen, right now you can't be sure about being gay because you are still kind of young to know. I mean…you know…if you like girls or not." I added seeing him wrinkling up his nose in disgust.

"Ewe, I hate girls…well not really hate them…just you know. I mean there's no way I'm going to do sex with them." He insisted making me snort and shake my head.

"Yeah, well Julian said he felt the same way you did about five or six months ago and now he thinks girls are sexy and wants to do things with them." I pointed out seeing the wheels turning in Colt's mind.

"So, you are saying in about five or six months I will start to like girls?" He asked not so sure about the whole idea and definitely a bit confused about the line of thought.

Shrugging my shoulders I really couldn't answer that for him since it wasn't something so black and white. "No, to be honest I can't say that at all. Everyone is different Colt, I'm just pointing out how many boys your age feel the same way. Most boys, like Julian, suddenly discover they like girls more than boys in that way, while a few like me, end up discovering they prefer boys. My point is that right now, for you, there isn't a real answer one way or the other." I insisted pausing and letting him digest this bit of information before I continued since I could tell he was working through my comments.

"Yeah, but Julian likes having sex with me." He pointed out making me roll my eyes.

"Um…yeah, well like I said this whole sex thing is different for everyone. I mean it's like puberty, and, well, actually I suppose it does have a lot to do with puberty too. My point is that like with puberty it is different for all boys. Some guys mature faster than others, some who were puny suddenly become really big while some maybe stay smaller, some get hairs sooner while with others it takes longer, some squirt a lot or even sooner with other boys taking longer. It's different for everyone and the way you feel about boys or girls is also different for you." I explained seeing him beginning to understand.

There was another short pause before I began explaining our twelve year old friend's situation to him. "Anyway, Julian is into girls, but doesn't mind fooling around with you even though you are a guy. That may change though once Julian really starts to date girls and do stuff with them so you have to be prepared for that too Colt." I added, seeing his eyes flare open for a second with a look of sadness and disappointment crossing his features for a moment or two before he came to terms with the idea.

Seeing that begin to click into place I continued. "Other boys once they discover they are into girls aren't into doing anything with boys anymore. Some even though they didn't know one way or the other how they felt about sex never wanted to have sex with another boy to begin with. It's different for everyone with several aspects to how boys feel about sex in general until they slowly begin to work things out along the way. Right now you like boys and enjoy having sex with Julian and…er…well…jacking me off." I smirked seeing him glancing at me and blush shyly. "But Colt being gay isn't all about having sex with boys." I now shifted the focus of the conversation a little seeing his eyebrows rising questioningly making me smile because I could tell he was paying attention.

"Listen, just because I'm gay doesn't mean I just want to have sex with boys, it also means I feel things for them, in a deeper kind of way." I tried to explain while he thought on it some.

"Oh, you mean like how my mom and dad feel about each other…the way they love each other, just like your parents do too. You mean like that?" He asked making me smile.

"Yeah, just like that." I responded knowing there was more to it than his simplistic view, but didn't want to confuse him more so just left it at that for now.

"Oh, alright." He nodded letting my words sink in as he snuggled back up to me.

"So, you are alright with me being gay then? It doesn't bother you?" I asked feeling the boy shrug.

"No, why should it bother me. I mean I still love you. Well…you know…not like as in love-love you." He giggled lifting his head and giving me a quirky look. "I mean…I do love you, but I guess not in the way you mean it…you know…as in love-love. Damn, this is kind of tricky…this whole love thing." He frowned with his eleven year old mind beginning to wrap around the little nuances of what we were talking about making me chuckle because I understood where he was coming from.

"Yeah, but I know what you mean…and I love you too." I sniggered leaning in and giving him a tender kiss on the lips which he returned without a second thought before we separated looking into one another's eyes adoringly, just appreciating the unique nature of our special relationship.

"Um…there's one more thing." I smiled nervously at him seeing the boy rolling his eyes.

"Now what." He giggled knowing from my expression it really wasn't anything bad.

"Well…uh…it's about Carter. I mean…well…there's just no other way to say it than simply…um…well you see…we…we…," I tried, but only managed to stumble all over myself with the eleven year old boy frowning before his eyes swiftly widened when what I was trying to say seemed to become crystal clear.

"What…," he squeaked in surprise. "You're in love with my older brother. I mean, like love-love as in like mom and dad. Oh my god, does Carter even know?" He asked and when I didn't respond his eyes widened even more. "N-no way…I mean you and Carter? I-I…oh…oh…the two of you…I-I…eww…you had sex with my brother." He scrunched up his face and I couldn't help but laugh because it was just so damn cute not to mention how he equated love with sex.

"Geeze Colt, it's not that bad. I mean we love each other so yeah, we've done some sex stuff together." I told him letting it sink in while he adjusted to the notion no longer so disgusted by the idea of me and his brother having sex together. "Are you alright…you know with me and your brother being together in that sort of way. I love him a lot Colton and he loves me. We haven't told a lot of people yet. Well, the ones who know sort of figured it out like you." I divulged seeing him looking at me questioningly.

"W-who all knows?" He asked looking a bit disappointed that others had known and he didn't while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, it's only been since after being in the hospital, but I told my friends back in Texas that I was gay and they figured out Carter was my boyfriend. Also, Julian knows I'm gay and about your older brother, and now you. Those are the only people who know about me and Carter, but my parents sort of found out about me being gay at the hospital, but not about me and Carter. So only a very few people know I'm gay and only my closest friends know about me and your brother." I told Colton who nodded his head.

"Oh, alright." He nodded still mulling things over. "So your parents still don't know about Carter, but know you are gay?" He wanted to make sure he got things right, digesting the information while I nodded letting him know he was correct.

"So, you are alright with me and your brother being…er…together?" I put it out there nervously with the younger boy looking up at me and then shrugging with a small smile spreading over his features before he nodded.

"Yeah, I mean it totally makes sense you know. I mean, it just seems right now that I think on it." He added giving me a nice tender hug. "But, it doesn't mean we can't still snuggle up together. That's still alright isn't it?" He asked looking a bit worried now while I leaned down giving him another tender kiss easing his concerns a bit.

"We can still snuggle up together and I don't even mind being in bed naked with you or anything, but Colt it does mean from now on we can't do anything sexual anymore. It just doesn't feel right. You know messing around sexually with the younger brother of the boy I love." I told him seriously my words working their way into his thoughts with the younger boy suddenly wrinkling his nose.

"Eww…oh…oh…yuck…oh my god Pim…eww…I-I…yuck…we…I mean…oh shoot…I j-just did sex stuff with you and-and…ewe…I-I. Oh crap, I don't feel so good now…I mean I just had sex with my older brother's boyfriend. T-that's almost like…you know…incest." He scrunched up his face looking disgusted by the word while I shook my head feeling bad for Colton now because I didn't want what happened with us to be a bad experience from him.

"No…stop Colton. It wasn't like that at all. We will just think of tonight like a freebie, something nice to remember." I insisted seeing the boy scrunch up his face in confusion.

"Freebie?" He wondered.

"Yes…I mean did you like jacking me off and seeing me squirt?" I asked noticing him thinking on it for a moment and blushing but nodding his head.

"Yeah, it was like totally wicked. I mean, seeing you squirming around and spewing stuff all over the place. I didn't think it would be like that, but it looked like it felt really good. I can't wait until I start to squirt. Is it normal for that much stuff to come flying out of a guy's pecker?" He wondered making me chuckle and roll my eyes.

"Again, that is different for everyone. I didn't start out really squirting at all. At first it was just some oozing out a bit and after a while I began to actually squirt stuff. Again, at first just a little and now more. Other guys I guess actually start out with their stuff squirting out, but not a lot to begin with. I suppose most all boys just start with only a little coming out before it builds up. It also starts out with the stuff being clear before it turns white." I explained smiling because the smaller boy was soaking up this valuable information making me realize no one really talked much about this stuff to him.

"Oh…cool." He grinned sheepishly at me, but thankful for my openness about it. "Still, I kind of feel bad about making you shoot your stuff now since you are with my older brother." He sighed regrettably while I gave him a gentle hug.

"Please don't feel bad about it Colt, I don't." I told him honestly. "I mean, you did a bang up job and it felt totally fantastic to boot." I smirked seeing him looking at me proudly because of my compliment. "Did you like what happened and was it fun?" I asked, again seeing him nodding his head.

"Then there is no reason for any regrets. I love you and you love me. That's the only thing that matters so there is no need for any regrets with anything that we've done together. It doesn't change how I feel about you." I insisted feeling the younger boy snuggling up and giving me a very firm hug his erection pocking me in the stomach making me smirk inwardly because to be honest he did turn me on sexually.

"Oh Pim I really do love you too. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me and I will always love you no matter what. You make everything special and I will never forget our special night together. I'm just so happy and I love you so much." He sniffled, but this time because he was happy.

He was overwhelmed and glad about the way everything's turned out and the same feeling of tender love for the younger boy swelled inside of me as well. It was a strange kind of feeling to love someone so wholeheartedly with every fiber of my being. It wasn't the same kind of love I had towards his older brother, but it was no less powerful as the two of us slowly settled down and drifted off to sleep with no need for any regrets towards the way we felt for one another. It was a cozy and comfortable type of slumber I had faded off into with the eleven year old boy's body literally draped on top of mine. I was discovering how I enjoyed feeling the warmth of another person's silky smooth body straddling on top of me while I slept. Even with Julian there was that sense of close body contact, naked skin on naked skin, feeling somehow comforting allowing me to sleep deeply. Colt, normally a small bundle of energy reminding me of the energizer bunny, managed to always sleep soundly. Somehow with him nestled up against me while we slept made me feel at ease with the world in general as I felt myself slipping into one of the deepest untroubled sleeps I've had in a very long time.

In some ways it was stimulatingly arousing the way his small stiff boy pickle felt pressing up against my stout cucumber while his soft satchel spread out and snuggled lightly over my slightly loose grapefruit. I suppose the sultry sensation contributed to the wild dreams I was currently having. My fantasies were running wild shifting between the sexiness of various boys including some of my friends back in Texas.

I've never done anything sexual with my friends back in Texas, but we did grow up together and I watched as they matured. We had all changed with adolescent puberty insinuating its will on to our developing bodies. Even in my slumbering state I had to admit to a person they had all matured into very healthy and sexy looking teens. As a group we were a typical representation of boys in general. Some of us were smaller and others bigger in stature, height, and what had matured between our legs.

My fantasies flittered from one moment to another recalling all those fun times growing up when we would wrestle around groping one another in pure boy like abandonment. At times it almost became sexual as we explored one another under the guise of playful banter. It wasn't lost on me even in my sleep how my friends back home to a person had turned me on at one time or another. I could feel the thrill of sexual arousal even now as my mind recalled specific moments when a grope would linger a bit longer, when our writhing bodies would press up against each other a bit firmer, or those quiet moments when we simply lay so close next to one another we could feel the heat of our bodies. They were innocent boy moments to be sure, but for me also sexually stimulating because I had those types of deeper feelings for boys in general including my best buddies back home. It was a strange kind of feeling because I loved them as my friends, but also for the potential of what could be in a sexual kind of way despite my reluctance to pursue those pleasurable possibilities.

My dreams weren't limited to just my friends back in Texas, but also to my new ones here in North Carolina where I now called home. My thoughts flittered towards Julian, Colton, and Carter taking in their unique naked sexuality making me shiver excitedly while I slept. I could feel my semi-erect penis become totally hard now as it rubbed up against Colt's firm tuber. There was something stimulatingly sensuous about the way it felt to have the younger eleven year old boy cuddled so tenderly in my arms while my fantasies ran wild on their sexual trajectory. I could feel the typical building up of pressure knowing that I could easily be sent over the top, climaxing in my sleep.

I've only had a wet dream once and that was when I had cuddled up with Carter only a month or two back. At the time it had confused me because it had never happened before, but now I understood it was because of the young budding love we were already experiencing towards one another at the time. If I wasn't careful it could happen yet again, making me realize just how fine a line there was between the way I felt for Colton versus his older brother. The younger boy was the spitting image of his older brother but in a smaller package. It wasn't only physically though, but in many other subtle ways so it didn't really surprise me I would feel this type of sexual closeness to him. Despite the love we felt towards one another we had set up boundaries, but in a subconscious state those borders tended to be blurred as I began to tamp down the feelings I was experiencing towards Colt while I slept.

It was a strange sensation because in many ways I was aware with what was going on even though it was happening in my subconscious sleeping state. Dreams were like that sometimes, where they were so crystal clear they lingered around even after waking up. This was almost like one of those vivid times as I slowly managed to push back the pressure of impending orgasmic climax settling back into a more comfortable slumbering state. I could still feel the pulsing sensations along the length and girth of my erection, but it was more rhythmic now than the throbbing pressure I normally attributed to an impending orgasm. It was erotically stimulating and despite my efforts to tamp down the electrical like currents shooting through my insides I could feel myself once again starting to become sexually aroused.

It made me squirm around in my sleep because I could actually feel the erotic like sensation of my erection somehow being stimulated. I couldn't wrap my slumbering thoughts around what was happening and I began to struggle with waking up because things were starting to become intense. Moans and excited squeaks were now insinuating itself into my thoughts as the fog of sleep started to dissipate. The pressure against my groin intensified sliding slickly along the length of my stout five inch vibrating erection making me moan softly. I could feel myself sliding back into the grips of euphoria and with a gasp my eyes snapped open while my mind struggled to fully wake up.

It was then I began to realize what was happening, but my mind simply couldn't coalesce around any coherent thoughts since I was still groggy with sleep. I could hear squeaks and grunts of pleasure accompanied by the stiff sliding sensations along the length of my portly erection. It was Colt thrusting his groin into me, his small curved erection sliding up and down along the length of my five inch baton. We were both coated in a sheen of sweat, the heat of our bodies grinding up against one another making everything erotically sensuous. The eleven year old boy's stiff bow felt small pressed up against my teenaged stoutly probe, but it was wondrously arousing my body stiffening while I groaned tamping down the erotic sensations building up deep down in my groin.

"Aaaaargh," I moaned in confusion not completely understanding what was going on because everything was happening too fast, my mind now snapping into some semblance of coherency while I tried to get my own emotions under control.

It was difficult though because the darker haired boy's agile body was literally thrusting into me from the top as he straddled my hips. His small two and a quarter inch boy boner was sliding along the length of my erection, the stimulation driving us both into an almost frenzied state. It was a strange sensation, and it took me a split second to realize how his erection literally bowed over the top of mine from one side to the other. Since he was straddling on top of me it began with the base of his shaft on the left side pressing along mine on the left side as well. His stiff bowed tendril crossed over the top of my stout trunk until the tip of his knob rubbed about halfway up my shaft along the right side. We were facing each other so it took me a second to work it out in my mind as I glanced down noticing the look of euphoria on the younger boy who to my amazement was still completely asleep.

I don't know why it would surprise me since he hardly ever woke up once he fell asleep, but the idea of him performing a sexual act on me while asleep seemed kind of incredulous. Yet here he was grinding his boyish dainty prong up against my portly stump, an elegant and graceful curved rapier against a stout and brutish like broad sword, his blade sliding up along my sleeved scabbard sending tingling sensations coursing up and down the length of our bodies.

With each thrusting motion I felt his sweaty erection sliding up along the length of my own, his sleek bullet shaped topknot running past my mushroom and continued even further until the base of his shaft pressed up against my sleeved crown. I could even feel his fleshy sweaty ball sack sliding up part of the way along my shaft before he reversed direction with his floppy truffles bouncing back over my heavy boulders. It was erotic, it was stimulating, it was fantastic, but it was so wrong in many ways that somehow on some subconscious level I wasn't even drooling any pre-cum yet. This resistance wouldn't last though since I was awake because even though this was so wrong, the feelings coursing through my insides were already almost too far gone to stop the inevitable if this kept up.

This was happening too fast and I couldn't figure out how to react with the forcefulness of the eleven year old boy's thrusting weight into my groin even making the mattress bounce around. It's only been a couple of seconds since I've managed to wake up, but already it seemed as if our swordplay had been going on for hours. Our bodies were coated in a sheen of sweat, glistening wetly and sliding against one another in an erotic dance. Even Colt's cute high pitched peeps turned me on as he squeaked with each grinding thrusts. It was sexually charging and I let out a few moans of my own, my right arm now wrapping around his lower back in an attempt to stop the inevitable. Just as I was about to hold him in place, it happened, with my eyes snapping wide in shock.

"Eeeeeeep," I heard the younger boy's sharp chirp with his dark eyes snapping open and his small body suddenly bunching up tightly.

The eleven year old boy arched his back pressing his sprightly sleek foil up against my loutish club and I could feel the pulsing contractions throbbing along the length of his conduit just when his climax slammed into his youthful body. I watched Colt's head loll backwards while his chest lifted slightly forcing his stomach and groin to press up firmly against me. I felt the muscles all along his torso bunching up and his entire body tightening stiffly. He was sprawled over on top of me, his legs spread outwards along my hips, the pressure of his knees and calves constricting into the side of my butt and thighs. Everything came to a stop for a split second before the energy which had been building inside the younger boy suddenly exploded outwards, the heat wave of his climax making me sweat even more.

"Yiiiiip, eeeeeeeey, iiiip, eeeeeeep, yip, yiiip," the dark haired boy yapped cutely with his body convulsing in an epileptic spastic fit for several long seconds.

If the situation hadn't been so serious or I hadn't been so shocked with the sudden explosive nature of Colt having an orgasm on top of me I probably would have busted up laughing because he sounded just like an excited playful yapping puppy dog. His little squeaky and yapping like sex sounds were so delightfully adorable and I couldn't help but smile for a few moments while his climax ran its course.

Thank goodness he wasn't squirting yet, because his penis pulsed vigorously several times forcing his body to jerk, jolt, and shake erratically. He was having a very powerful climax and even his eyes were glazed over making him sway groggily while his mouth hung open slackly with a bit of spittle dribbling out the corner of his lips. Even his tongue poking out slightly looked so damn cute making his euphoric like expression priceless and something I wouldn't soon forget.

This was a very pleasurable moment for Colton and I was happy for him, but at the same time it left me feeling a bit confused. Watching the eleven year old boy having a dry orgasm turned me on, and even though I didn't regret being a part of it I did feel a bid sad at the same time because this was never something we could experience together for real. Loving Colt the way he deserved to be loved would never become a reality between the two of us. We were like brothers, well perhaps something different and maybe more than simply siblings, but nothing would ever come of it sexually.

Shoving these thoughts to the back of my mind for now I focused back to Colt realizing my right hand was cupping his cute rounded pasty crescent shaped orbs caressing them tenderly. They were all slicked up and sweaty allowing my hand to glide over them effortlessly while he began the cycle of coming down from his high. I could feel his smooth soft sweaty ball sack nestled on top of mine with his two oval shaped cherry sized receptacles bouncing upwards a few more times from the aftermath of his orgasmic spasms. Even his sweaty erection continued to have a few more pulsating contractions, the fleshy part of his knob sliding along my pickle halfway up the length of my shaft.

The soft glow of satisfaction was evident on his features as I gazed into his soft brown eyes. They were still glazed over from the abruptness of waking up from his deep slumbering state along with the euphoric aftermath of his explosive orgasm. Colt rarely woke up in the middle of the night once he fell asleep, so waking up unexpectedly no doubt left him a bit disoriented, but add the abrupt explosive orgasm into the mix and I'm sure his mind was still a bit addled.

The younger boy's eyes slowly cleared up with a small frown of bewilderment crossing over his features. He gazed down at me and with a shuddering sigh his body slumped back down up against me, his head settling in the crook of my neck on the left side while small ripples made the boy's body shake slightly. It was accompanied by the whimpered sounds of sniffles making me furl my eyebrows with worry feeling him hugging me tightly as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Oh god Pim, we just had…," the boy's voice cracked with his body twitching when he hiccupped and then swallowed loudly before continuing. "Oh no-no-no-no I…I…please no. We just had sex…no-no-no. Please…I…I'm so sorry. I-I don't know how it happened…oh please Pim, I didn't mean to." He began to sniffle in earnest obviously feeling distressed and very confused by what just happened.

Even I began to get upset because I never wanted to make the younger boy feel guilty or regret having sex. That was never my intentions, and technically speaking if what just happened is what I thought it was about then we never really did have sex together. I felt really bad about ever bringing my relationship with Colt's older brother up now and trying to enforce some sort of boundaries making the little guy think if something happened, even by mistake, that it was somehow dirty and wrong.

Grunting and wincing since my arm was beginning to ache again now that I was awake, I managed to shift into a more upright reclining position holding on to Colt. Despite the seriousness of the moment I still couldn't help but enjoy the way it felt to have the other boy's nakedness cuddled up so cozily against my own body. He wasn't sporting a boy boner anymore, the aftermath of his orgasm allowing it to deflate rapidly, unlike Julian who tended to remain boned up for a while after he climaxed. Even though it had been excitingly stimulating to watch the other boy go through his orgasm I was surprised to note how my own erection had already deflated. I realized most of it was from suddenly not really feeling well making me wonder if perhaps it was time to take my medication. Glancing over at the clock I was shocked to see it was well after midnight already.

Sighing, I ran my hand gently up and down the dark haired boy's back before reaching up and running my fingers through his damp sweaty hair. "Shhhh-shhhh, it's alright Colt, you didn't do anything wrong and we didn't have sex together." I assured him because technically speaking we really didn't, not in the traditional sense.

"B-but I had an orgasm and-and I know we were having sex. It-it was fantastic and felt really good and-and…," he paused with his body shuddering when he sniffled some more. "Oh god Pim…we-we…it felt really good how your big hard pecker was smashed up against mine. I couldn't believe how big it felt trying to wrap my fingers around both yours and mine at the same time. Then the way it felt when you wrapped your hand around mine and we began to jack off together. It was…it was…oh god Pim, I'm so sorry. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help it because it felt so good. Please, it's all my fault because I started it." He began to sniffle again making me furl my eyebrows because I knew that isn't what happened and it only confirmed my suspicions.

Even though I realized what had happened I also knew it was confusing for the other boy because it seemed real to him. I felt really bad about how things had been set in motion and how I had kind of messed up because he was feeling a lot of regrets about our relationship together. I enjoyed having an open kind of rapport with the younger boy and liked how we weren't shy about messing around a little, but once I sort of set some boundaries down it had also created some issues.

Exhaling softly I kissed his cheek trying to calm him down with my mind now working rapidly trying to fix this mess. "It's alright Colt you were dreaming." I assured him.

The younger boy shook his head. "N-no it-it was real, it couldn't have been a dream." He insisted, but calming down some while I stroked his hair tenderly.

If this hadn't been so serious I would have laughed at his innocence. "I know it seemed real Colt, wet dreams usually are…well technically speaking you really didn't have a wet dream since you had a dry orgasm." I tried to explain recalling just how real my one and only wet dream had been a month or two back not to mention just now before I managed to wake up.

I'm sure if I hadn't managed to wake up there would have been at least one wet dream involved making me chuckle inwardly because it indeed would have created a sticky mess. The smaller boy turned me on, there was no denying it since he was a mini-me version of his older brother, but even though I didn't want him to have any regrets about anything, the idea of having real sex with him didn't appeal to me.

Sure, there was the sexual attraction because after all he had a sexy body for an eleven year old boy, but the urge to have sex with him wasn't something I yearned. I may be gay, but it didn't mean I wanted to have sex with every boy that came along. I appreciated Colt's firm sultry salacious body and the openness of our relationship, but he was also like a little brother to me. So even though his hot body was a turn on, the sexual need or gratification aspect of things wasn't there between the two of us. I could tell it was the same way for the younger boy. He was naturally curious about my body; especially, my pubic hairs and well endowed portly foreskin covered penis. Even seeing me squirt was something the boy enjoyed watching, but that's all it was for him, simple curiosity and the enjoyment of being able to be so carefree about our nakedness.

We both enjoyed the closeness, the simple human contact of cuddling up together and the way it felt when our naked bodies coiled around one another. There was something special, being able to hold another person's naked body in your arms and wake up in the morning with their warmth wrapping you up in a tender embrace. With Colt it was about the innocence of our relationship together and the unashamed display of brotherly like love. It was a type of relationship I had been missing out on without ever realizing before what I was missing. With Carter it was the warm glow of a poignant soulful love, a true partnership in every aspect of meaning. Both were amazing, but with the thirteen year old boy it was simply divine and something I would never tire of for as long as I lived.

"Wet dream?" the younger boy stirred in my arms leaning back to sit up straighter while straddling my hips with his dark eyebrows shifting questioningly.

"Yeah sure, it happens to guys sometimes. Usually when we get a little older…because of puberty." I added noticing the brown eyed boy's befuddled look.

"Oh," he retorted still trying to make sense of things. "I-I don't understand. I mean, what's a wet dream anyway." He wondered.

"Well…uh," I squirreled up my eyes pausing for a few seconds trying to sort it out in my mind so it made some sort of sense. "Well, it sort of has to do with dreaming about sex and stuff. I guess it's why it kind of doesn't happen until we get a little older. You know, since most little kids don't even think about sex and stuff. Well, for most guys we start thinking about that sort of stuff when puberty starts up making things cattywonkers and all inside our bodies." I tried to explain noticing the other boy listening intently.

"Anyway, sometimes we get worked up pretty good with this whole sex stuff and when we go to sleep we sort of…er…well, dream about doing sex stuff…you know with other guys…or…um…girls." I tried to explain.

"Oh," he whispered softly and I could tell he was slowly digesting some of this information. "But it seemed so real, the dream. It was like it really happened and it even felt…um…you know…fantastic. I mean it was so real I even…er…you know…got the tinglies." He blushed, referring to his orgasm and a little embarrassed about it happening in his sleep while I nodded empathetically.

"I know and that's the reason why some of us do have an orgasm while we sleep. The dream seems so real that it even makes us feel good, and well, it just sort of happens then, you know getting all those tingling feelings and all until we…er…climax." I smirked recalling the euphoric sensation when I was dreaming about Carter providing my first and only wet dream so far.

"Oh," he commented yet again making me realize he tended to say that when something began to click into place for him, yet he still had questions. "Uh…so…why exactly do they call it a wet dream? I mean I didn't wet the bed or anything and does this mean I might before too long. I don't think I'd like that. I mean the dreaming part might be cool, not to mention the nice feelings, but wetting myself…I don't know." He admitted making me snigger before holding up my hand apologetically because I saw the hurt look on his face that I might be laughing because he was asking stupid questions or something.

"Sorry, I know it isn't funny, but it is sort of too. I'm not laughing at you and your question wasn't stupid, I promise." I assured him seeing Colt relax again. "Anyway, like I said since it tends to happen when we are a little older…you know because of puberty and all." I explained pausing again because I had already mentioned that part. "So, as you know when a guy gets a little older he starts to squirt when he has an orgasm. That means if we have a very vivid sexual dream we might end up having an orgasm which means squirting our boy goo all over the place. That's why it's called a wet dream. Not to say that is any better than wetting the bed since it can be pretty messy too." I chuckled hearing him snort now as well with a little smirk crossing his features.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I mean you sure created a mess when you squirted earlier and it was all sticky and slimy. It was totally cool and all, but messy." He giggled recalling the naughty incident before another thought crossed his mind and he pursed his lips. "Does that mean I'm going through puberty now too? I mean, I don't see any of the changes you told me about when that happens…well…not really, and like you said I didn't squirt or anything." He wondered while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Don't know, maybe. I mean, it's not like you had a 'real' wet dream or anything where you squirted, but you did have an orgasm. I've never really heard about a boy having a sexual dream with an orgasm until they are a little older and have started squirting and all. I guess it is possible to have a 'drygasm' wet dream." I chuckled giving what happened a made up name; although, when I rolled it around in my mind it sort of made more sense. "Anyway, like I said this whole puberty thing is different for everyone, but it's nothing you really need to worry about if something is right or wrong in the way it happens. Just because you didn't squirt doesn't mean boys your age don't have those kinds of dreams." I explained not only for his benefit but mine as well.

"Oh, I see." He nodded his head, but not looking all that happy about my reasoning.

"What's wrong?" I wondered.

"Nothing really." He shook his head, but biting his lower lip nervously. "I mean, does it mean this is going to happen all the time to me now?" Which I thought was a really good question and a valid worry for the younger boy.

"No it doesn't. I mean I suppose like everything else it is different for everyone. It's only happened to me once, but I guess some guys never have a wet dream, others maybe once or twice. I imagine there might be guys out there where it happens more often, but not enough to create too many problems and I sure never heard of a guy having it night after night." I assured him.

"Oh, alright, but why do you think it happened to me tonight." He wondered more to himself than anything else.

Shrugging my shoulders I didn't have a real answer. "Um, who knows for sure, but maybe you got all worked up because of earlier, you know, when you…er…jacked me off and all." I suggested while he blushed with a small smirk forming along his features.

He giggled shyly recalling the event making me snort too and then wince because I felt a sudden wave of nausea reminding me of my throbbing arm. "What's wrong?" I heard Colt asking with alarm etched all over his features.

"Nothing, I'm just feeling a bit queasy." I smiled reassuringly at the younger boy.

"Um…maybe I should get your mom." He suggested.

Shaking my head I motioned towards the table. "No, it'll be alright. Just get me my meds." I asked realizing I had definitely overdone things between both Julian and Colt.

It was almost as if I could feel myself coming down with something as I watched the younger boy clamber off of me, his cute little boy ornaments brushing up along my arm. Despite feeling a bit under the weather I couldn't help but admire the sultriness of the eleven year old boy's movements and slight figure. He was so damn captivating with his pale perky buns bouncing around while he scrambled to my end table retrieving the bottles of medication and a bottle of water. Walking back he handed me my pills while I looked at the labels to make sure I got the one for the pain and nausea. Handing the correct one to Colt, he opened up the cap for me and looked at me questioningly.

"Two." I smiled watching while he shook out two pills, handed them over, and replaced the cap before opening up the bottle of water passing that over to me as well.

I swallowed down the pills and nodded my head. "Thanks," I smiled warmly at him handing the water back to him as well.

The younger boy put everything back and returned to my bedside placing his hand on my forehead. "You sure I shouldn't get your mom?" He asked anxiously.

Shaking my head I smiled at him and reached for his hand. "No, don't be such a worry wart. Just come back to bed I want to talk and look at you some more." I sighed unable to take my eyes off of his smooth salaciously sleek body noticing how seemingly overnight he had matured some.

The smaller boy blushed at my overt scrutiny, but didn't argue before clambering back into bed and once again straddling my hips. He leaned against my thighs and reclined back when I lifted them into place like the back of a chair. His fleshy boy bag spread out along my lower stomach with his soft penis pocking slightly outwards from his body. It was flaccid and a bit on the small side, but I could tell bigger than when I had first seen him only a couple of months back. It was long enough now where it just didn't poke straight outwards, but drooped slightly over the smooth leathery skin of his lambskin.

Unable to resist I reached out with my good hand and began to fondle his small fleshy boy penis. "Whoa, that looks and feels like totally wicked." I admitted seeing him glancing down and shrugging.

"It's not like you haven't seen or touched it before." He pointed out.

"Yeah I suppose, but usually its always all boned up. It feels totally different when it is all soft and rubbery like." I stated hearing him giggling and flashing me a smarmy smirk.

"I still wish it was bigger though." He sighed shaking his head with his cheeks flushing since it was a bit embarrassing while I shifted my grip over to his cherry sized testicles rolling them around in my fingers.

Shrugging my shoulders I glanced back up at him and smiled tenderly. "I wouldn't worry so much about your size. Besides, it's already bigger than the first time I got to see it a couple of months back." I added while I frowned at the sensation of his heavy cherry sized truffles rolling around in my fingers because I suddenly realized they had matured some now as well and hung down lower than usual, no longer the size of large pistachios.

"Yeah but…," he began to protest before I interrupted him.

"Holy shit! Dude for real, you've got like big guy boulders now instead of little boy BBs." I chirped eagerly just now realizing what I should have noticed earlier this evening since I've been sort of messing with his ball sack all night after he crawled into bed.

"What?" He asked looking down and smiling puckishly at me. "Whoa, when the heck did that happen?" He wondered watching while I rolled his marbles around before I once again focused on his soft fleshy tube.

"Dude, it looks like the whole puberty thing is knocking on your door." I chuckled playfully. "It won't be long before you start sprouting a few hairs and begin to squirt your sweet sticky honeydew all over the place." I teased seeing his adorable button like nose wrinkling up.

"I-I'm not so sure I even want to start squirting anymore. I mean, it's kind of messy and all." He giggled recalling the mess I had made earlier.

Sighing I shook my head. "Yeah, but believe me its well worth the mess because it feels too damn good when that stuff comes blasting out of your snub nosed pee shooter." I teased hearing him giggling not really upset about the idea of actually squirting.

His body shivered slightly and he leaned back some, the expression on his face changing to one of blissful contentment. It took me a second to realize the change, but once I felt his little worm begin to squirm around in my fingers as it slowly inflated it didn't take a rocket science to figure out he was beginning to enjoy my fondling strokes along his small noble wand. It was amazing to feel his flaccid penis firming up in my fingers as I slowly stroked it urging the thing along until it had completely stiffened up with the blood gushing into his shaft making it pulse around excitedly. Using my thumb and two fingers I continued to stroke his hardened wisp while curling my pinky and ring finger downward to play around with his weighty big boy boulders making him sigh and shiver.

The younger boy moaned softly and I continued to stroke him a few more times while also playing around with his truffles before sighing and releasing his royal scepter and bag of crown jewels. "N-no…don't stop now. It's not fair." He whimpered cutely while I smiled and reached out pulling the younger boy towards me.

I leaned upwards slightly and gave him a tender kiss feeling the boy's soft lips responding back making both of us moan quietly because it was a bit more intimate than merely a brotherly peck. It lingered for several seconds before we pulled apart and Colt cuddled up into my body. I was still in a sitting reclining position making it cozy and feeling the boy giving me a sincere hug, the love oozing out of his very pores.

"You know, there's more to sex than just jacking off Colt." I whispered softly in his ear while I nuzzled him affectionately.

"I…uh…for real?" He asked making me smile and nod my head.

"Yeah for real. I take it when you are with Julian that's all you guys do together…er, that is regarding sex?" I asked even though I already knew the answer.

"Um…yeah…I guess so, but what else is there?" He asked curiously while I exhaled softly not wanting to get into a lot of details.

"Maybe the next time you are with Julian you should ask him about it. I'm sure he's ready to do more stuff with you, but it will mean slowing down a little instead of rushing things." I pointed out trying to help Julian with this whole feeling rushed thing. "But it'll be worth it…trust me." I added when I didn't hear him respond back to my comment. "Anyway, kissing can be very nice so maybe the two of you can start there."

"Kissing?" The boy responded dubiously while I chuckled.

"Yeah, it can be a lot of fun and believe me there is more to kissing than just on the lips. Trust me on that one too,and don't worry I'm sure Julian will know what to do. Just follow his lead, but you will sort of have to let him know you want to try new things. Oh, and there's one more thing that could make things a lot of fun for both of you." I added cryptically waiting for him to take the bait.

"Um…alright, what's that?" I heard the boy ask curiously making me smile.

"Well, I don't want to spoil any of the fun for you, but I'm sure unless you ask, Julian probably won't do what I have in mind for you. Anyway, if you start to enjoy some of the new stuff with him like kissing, and it begins to feel good just whisper softly 'suck me,' in his ear, and see what happens." I sniggered naughtily.

"What will that do?" The smaller boy giggled curiously while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well now, that's the surprise. It will surprise him you asked and I'm sure you will love what happens as well. Just try it and trust me…you are going to be sent into another whole world and jacking off will be like nothing compared to how he will make you feel. You do trust me right?" I asked with Colt gazing up into my eyes his beautiful puppy dog expression giving me a look as if to say 'you really need to ask,' making me chuckle. "Alright-alright, I know you trust me." I smirked and yawned because my pills were kicking in.

"Pim?" The smaller boy yawned as well.

"Hmmmm?" I exhaled softly.

"Thanks for everything…you know…making it so what happened tonight was alright. I-I love you so much." He spoke softly giving me a hug and snuggling up closer while I stroked his back affectionately.

"I know buddy and there's no need for any regrets. What happened was special. I love you too." I responded just as softly feeling my eyes drooping closed with exhaustion.

I had definitely overdone things with Colt and Julian and I was exhausted. In a way it sort of felt the same like when I was starting to come down with something, but I pushed the thought to the back of my mind because right now I was feeling all cozy with the younger boy's body coiled around mine as I quietly drifted off to sleep.

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