Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 22

Love's Unending Promise

The days began to tick by fairly uneventfully as evening and bedtime approached on Wednesday, the fifth day since that fateful day when I was been bitten and almost died. When I woke up on Monday I had the sniffles and was a bit run down so mom had put the kibosh on any more overnight stays limiting visits from everyone, which of course had Colt pouting. I'm sure a part of the whole spending the night thing had to do with mom not being comfortable anymore about boys sleeping alone in my room with me, now that she knew I was gay. It was something I would need to have a talk about here soon because even though I was gay didn't mean I was going to have sex with all the boys who would stay overnight. I mean sure she wasn't that far off in her thinking, but I didn't want her to know that, and I definitely didn't want it to affect the way things were between me and friends with us all being able to spend the night at each other places.

The whole sex situation was just a recent development with me wanting to expand my horizons a bit so to speak, and I was sure even that aspect of things would begin to slow down for me. Of course it didn't mean there wouldn't be times when I got a little horny and fooled around a bit with others. After all what happened between me and Julian was a lot of fun, but still it did reinforce the idea of me being truly in love with Carter. This whole sex thing really was getting confusing because my hormones running amuck inside my body simply couldn't resist the urges I was experiencing lately, not now that the whole sex genie was out of the bottle. Sure, the dark haired thirteen year old boy was the one who I really wanted to be intimately involved with, but I'm not sure how this was all going to work out once my parents found out how we felt about one another.

There were several uncertainties, confusion, and worries bouncing around in my mind lately making it difficult for me to get any decent sleep these past few nights; especially, since I couldn't even cuddle with Colton. Almost dying had me not so concerned about most things because I realized life was simply too short, but it didn't mean I wouldn't still worry at times and right now with the way things were for me, life definitely was uncertain in some aspects.

There was my dad and not really knowing how he felt about this whole gay thing. I was a little worried he didn't love me as a son anymore, even though my mom had assured me it wasn't that way at all. Then of course there was mom, and how she was acting all weird and watching me like a hawk now when any of my friends were over. She even got all nosy when Ricky dropped by to visit some, which I thought was really nice of the teen. We weren't exactly friends, but I could see he was trying to make an effort to be at least a casual one if not a real one and he was around my age too. It would be nice to start getting some friends my own age to hang around with at times. I respected the guy for stepping up and taking responsibility for his role in what happened to Colt and to some extent also Carter. So even though we weren't friends per se, I didn't see anything in the future of us not becoming friends. We may never become close, but I could see us becoming friends; if nothing else, in a casual kind of way.

Even Carter had me anxious lately. I could tell he wasn't happy to be away right now because he was worried for his little brother and me. The snake bite incident had shaken him up a lot and he was really worried about his little brother. To Carter it seemed like every time he was gone anymore something always happened to his little brother and he was feeling guilty about it. For a long time now Colt had been the stabilizing pillar of his older brother's life. Having come so close to losing his little brother had Carter feeling uneasy to say the least. It might be a little different had he been able to be there for his little brother afterwards, but being away he couldn't resolve this issue and it was affecting him a lot. I could hear it in his voice when he called to chat with me on the phone, which was several times a day. I suppose it had shaken his confidence some.

Carter wasn't just feeling guilty about his little brother, but me as well. I had been the one to take the hit on his little brother's behalf, twice now. The first time rewarded me with a beat down and this last time had almost cost me my life. It was eating at Carter and often simply out of the blue he would begin to cry on the other end of the phone apologizing over and over again for not being there when I and his little brother needed him. Of course it was a silly thing to feel guilty about since it had been no ones fault and I even told him this several times.

The incident had rattled him so much that he didn't do so well over the weekend coming in third behind Mason who took second place and this other kid who took first. From what I understood there was a slight incident there as well with the kid who took first place boasting to everyone how Carter wasn't all that great and how he was going down at the big event coming up next weekend in Virginia. I suppose this other kid took offense to the hype Carter's been getting lately because of his quick rise in the sport and having simply come out of nowhere. Evidently, this kid's dad was a very well known Motocross competitor in the racing circuit and his son was also starting to compete some on motorcycles so the other kid thought he was all that and bragging how Carter was all hype and no action. From what Mason told me afterwards when he called me up to see how I was doing this other kid has always been a prick.

Their paths rarely crossed though because they were from different regions, but this coming up event was one of the biggest of the year and would be televised since the big Motocross race would be taking place after the Mountain biking races for the younger age groups. All the races up to this point culminated in the outdoor arena with the best mountain biking crews who qualified in points participating. This other kid had tossed the glove down in challenge, but Carter being Carter simply shrugged it off since he had bigger concerns to worry about. He wanted to come home, but I had insisted he continue on because it wouldn't be fair to the rest of his teammates. It was an individual sport, but he was a member of a team so it would affect the morale of everyone if he up and left.

Holding up my left arm and inspecting it in the muted pale light spilling in through my window from the street light across the street I squeezed my hand together testing it out some. My arm was looking a lot better and not so swollen anymore, but remained splotchy. The joint at my elbow and wrist still ached a little and I had lost some strength because the venom had eaten away at my tissues and tendons destroying some of them. The doctor told me I would need to do some therapy, but should pretty much be up to a hundred percent in most ways. I might lose some strength that I used to have and it would take work to perhaps gain most of that back.

Making a fist and opening my hand back up, doing it several times, I could tell just how pathetic it felt. My fingertips tingled and I had lost some feelings in them, but the doctor assured me this would only be temporary. I rotated my wrist around working it some trying to keep it loosened up. The doctor was going to schedule me for some physical therapy when I got back from my excursion to Texas. My mom had wanted to cancel the trip, but the doctor seemed to indicate it would be fine and gave me some exercises to work my arm and wrist while I was gone until I could begin my therapy. He said my situation was relatively minor since they had been able to administer the Crofab anti-venom quickly so there was no big need for any concern regarding the therapy.

My arm felt pathetic, but at least I was able to use it now. Sometimes it was kind of odd because it didn't even feel like my arm or hand and I had to actually look at it and watch while I reached out and tried to grab things with it. Still, I did have some feelings in my fingers even though they tingled at times, and despite being weak, I was able to do things with my hand. Moving around my arm, elbow, wrist, hand, and fingers I could feel everything loosening up and start working in a more coordinated manner. It seemed to stiffen up if I didn't move it around or use my hand, but the more I worked it the better it seemed to function. Overall though, I was feeling much better.

Monday I had woken up with the sniffles, but by Tuesday I was already on the upswing with how I was feeling. By the time today had rolled around I was up and about puttering around and dying of boredom. With my mom restricting visits it had me roaming around the house and going out of my mind with nothing really to do. It was driving me crazy and I suppose it in turn was driving my mom nuts too until she finally relented and allowed me to at least sit outside in the back yard for a while today so I could enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

That's when Ricky had dropped by keeping me company for about an hour until mom said I had to go back inside because she didn't want me to overdo things. I had rolled my eyes in frustration, which didn't go unnoticed by Ricky who had chuckled under his breathe giving me a sympathetic look.

Shrugged his shoulders and giving me a friendly pat on the back he leaned in, "It's your mom…what can a guy do." He had whispered quietly so my mom wouldn't hear pointing out the obvious. "She's worried is all." He added as we walked back into the house with my mom announcing perhaps it was best we didn't overdo things with the visit, which got another eye roll out of me and a determined look that if she wasn't careful and kept this up we would be having a serious chat.

The other boy had taken the hint though and didn't want to get involved knowing it would be resolved before too long. Giving me a sympathetic look he said his goodbye's and left me all alone and brooding with my mom clucking her tongue and shaking her head, but neither one of us saying anything else about it. I was determined come morning that I would get out of the house some no matter what she insisted. I had been cooped up inside the hospital, my room, and now the house for over five days and I was just about to freak out realizing I had never been cooped up this long for as long as I could remember.

Before slipping into bed I had taken a shower, enjoying the cleansing water cascading over my body. It was refreshing and the first real bath I've had since the incident. It was amazing just how much I had missed bathing as I washed myself clean from head to toe. I was feeling much better, but it still wore me out because I had taken my time as I inspected the bruising on my body. I had winced and taken a closer look when I came across the two red burn marks still visible from where they had put the paddles and shocked me after I had flat-lined. My body still ached some from when they had worked on me, but anymore it only felt along the lines like when I overdid things working my muscles too hard with sports or some such thing. Even the burn marks looked uglier than the way they felt because there really wasn't all that much pain. I suppose the gel they put on first sort of helps with the skin not frying when they shock you, not to mention I had other worse aches, pain, and nausea occupying most of my thoughts at the time.

While I was in the shower my mom had changed my bedding, which made up some for how she's been acting lately, so now all cuddled up under the blanket everything felt fresh and clean. Sighing, I lowered my arm because despite feeling much better I was still all tuckered out. The shower had been refreshing, but now that I was snuggled up all comfy under the covers of my bed I was feeling the effects of a long day along with my medication kicking in making me a bit drowsy. My right hand traveled down my chest and stomach sliding over my groin as I fiddled around with my piddle, knowing as of late junior's been neglected again. Sunday had been a very explosive and playful day for my little guy, but when Monday rolled around I just wasn't in the mood again. Even Tuesday, once I began to feel better, the opportunity really hadn't presented itself by way of getting those typical horny types of feelings. I've felt it on and off all day today and there was a time or two I had thought about releasing the Kraken, but alas it hadn't happened for one reason or another.

Fondling the fat squid, my Kraken, I felt things beginning to get stirred up a bit so closed my eyes enjoying the familiar sensation. I also fiddled around a bit with my bulging nut sack, which was balled up tightly below my rapidly rising tentacle. I cupped both my fat tendril and plump tennis sized cocoon giving them a bit of a squeeze feeling my legs stiffening up while my toes curled with the nice tingling sensations coursing through my insides. Even my two ping pong sized boulders squirmed around a bit excitedly with my mind starting to wander a bit as I relaxed all safe and snug under the covers while I continued to fondle myself.

A warm glow of peace and contentment washed over me as my mind wandered. It was the first time in over five days where I felt anywhere's near to normal without any real aches or the churning sensation of nausea gripping my insides. It's strange how we all take feeling normal for granted as I inhaled softly my chest rising as it filled up with air while I allowed the warm gentle sensation of well being to hold me protectively in its tender care.

Without realizing it I simply drifted off to sleep my hand cupped lightly over my tenders as pleasant dreams drifted into my subconscious state. I was tired so thankful they weren't filled with sexual images of boys in wild abandonment. Instead, my mind drifted to quieter moments, to some of the times Carter and I spent on lazy days meandering under the canopy of trees along the nearby trails. Anymore it seemed as if I've ridden these trails a million times, often the two of us tearing down the bumpy tracks recklessly, but there were plenty of times when we would simply take our time, chatting away genially about everything and nothing in particular. Our conversations were always light and airy, filled with laughter and casual teasing. The woods were our sanctuary and when we left behind the small town we also left behind our worries enjoying the relative peace and safety of the backcountry along with the company of being together.

Even Colt would join us from time to time, his carefree nature always making us both smile as we kept a watchful eye over the younger boy without him knowing it. The little guy was a free spirit filled with exuberant energy that simply bubbled up through his tiny body touching everyone in his immediate vicinity and making them smile. At times he was still clingy and always seemed to enjoy cuddling up, but it wasn't out of any need for self assurance. Rather, it had more to do with the genuine love and affection he felt towards us than any real need for us to reassure him since he was in essence a very independent kind of kid.

I suppose it was simply in his nature to walk through life nonchalantly without much effort, shrugging off little bumps in the road like shucking a cloak casually on the bed after a long night out. Even the encounter with the bullies and what had been done to him not all that long ago had been left behind, tossed on the ground like nothing more than dirty laundry. It had affected him in the beginning, but after a couple of sessions with a professional he seemed to have bounced right back to his old self. The snake bite incident had rattled him, but again he seemed to chalk it up to life's experience moving on from it as he coddled me during his visits trying to keep his own excited nature in check while he was around because he could tell I was feeling all cooped up.

Sighing contentedly over the pleasant casual dreams I was actually feeling refreshed as a sense of well being descended over me. It's the first time since Friday that I was actually feeling good and it allowed me to sleep comfortably for the first time in days. It was a wonderful kind of feeling to slumber so soundly, but the sensation of warmth pressing softly against my lips started to goad me awake. It was a mellow kind of feeling, filled with caring and passion, my mind slowly stirring awake in a very gentle and tender way. It felt a lot like when my mom would wake me up in the mornings sometimes, but the kiss wasn't a motherly gentle little quick peck because there was more passion behind it, which lingered making me moan softly in my half waking state.

It was confusing because in the back of my thoughts I understood that I had gone to bed alone. Colt wasn't spending the night, and even if he had, the kisses between the two of us weren't anything like this. Of course Julian's had been similar when we got all sexed up together, but even his didn't feel the same like what I was currently experiencing. The lips pressing up against my mouth was oddly familiar in the way with how it truly made me feel all giddy and mushy on the inside. There was only one person who had ever made me feel this way as my eyes suddenly snapped open and I rolled into the warm embrace of Carter's welcoming arms.

Our smooth firm bodies pressed into one another my skin tingling from head to toe as we continued to kiss sucking the air out of each other's lungs. My head was all foggy and I couldn't think straight, but it didn't matter at the moment because all I wanted to do was feel the thirteen year old boy in my arms. We rolled back and forth our legs intertwining and writhing around like a couple of snakes in a mating ritual trying to wrap one another up. Our bodies ground up against one another, the heat of our passion rising up to the occasion as our skin began to glisten with sweat. I always loved how it felt to have Carter's naked skin pressed up against mine as we both groaned excitedly with our torrid erections sliding and bumping around.

Rolling my weight into the dark haired boy I gently overpowered him forcing the thirteen year old boy on to his back. His knees bent and spread outwards accommodating my weight as I settled on top of him realizing like me he was completely naked. I could feel my groin pressing into his body with my thick erection grinding up against his curved saber. Like me he was completely hard as we both groaned when I began to hump into him feeling my tightly bound tennis sized bag rolling across the top of his loose purse.

His erection curled over the bottom side of my shaft since I was currently at full mast, oddly familiar in how it felt when Colt and I had ground our erections together. It was erotically exciting and I could feel the electrical currents already beginning to tingle all along my insides. The brown haired boy wrapped his legs around my waist, his ankles crossing and his feet pressing into my butt firmly forcing our bodies together. I was seconds away from climaxing realizing I still hadn't taken care of my usual masturbatory obligations for the last several days. I had started before falling asleep so now it wouldn't take much to bring me over the top as I began to struggle with tamping down those feelings.

It was difficult to stop because I loved everything about the thirteen year old boy including his mouth and tongue which had worked its way between my lips developing into a very heated French Kiss. My body began to melt in his arms and I felt myself begin to shake at the beginning stages of my orgasm. My body jolted like I had been zapped, a small spark keeping our lips connected even as I pulled off, my chest heaving as I inhaled feverishly.

"Mmmmmph-mmmmmph," I whimpered just barely staving off an orgasm, my head slumping forward into the crook of Carter's neck while we both gasped for air with our bodies heaving.

My head was spinning and I was totally confused with what was going on unable to clear the cobwebs from my sluggish mind. We were both coated in a fine sheen of perspiration and I could feel Carter quivering beneath the weight of my body, but neither one of us were in a rush to separate. There was something special with how it felt to be snuggled up on top of the younger boy. Unable to resist, I nibbled on his ear running my lips and tongue along the smooth skin of his neck while I tried to make sense of things.

"Oh-oh, I love it when you do that," Carter's unsteady rasping voice brought me back to the moment.

Lifting my head up, I furled my eyes and looked down at the sexy boy. "Carter?" I managed to get out swallowing and shaking my head swiftly, the last fringes of cobwebs dissipating from my foggy state. "Geeze, wh-what are you doing home? I mean…what about the team…the big competition?" I wondered out loud seeing the younger boy biting his lip while his eyes welled up slightly.

"N-nothing…j-just…I couldn't take it. I was missing Colton…I-I was missing you. Nothing was going right, I totally screwed up in the last competition, and I just couldn't handle being away from everyone. . I-I just can't think straight. Besides, that other kid who won is way better than me." He sighed shaking his head reaching up with his right hand and wiping the back of it across his eyes to clear away the wetness of tears.

"So, just because you may not be the best you are going to up and quit?" I scolded, but only lightly not putting a lot of venom behind my rebuke because I really wasn't upset.

Sighing I rolled off his body and settled on my back feeling Carter shifting on to his side gazing at me looking a little worried. "Pim, please don't be mad at me. I-I just needed to be with you. I missed you…being with you…and I was worried about you and Colt.

He paused and leaned in running his mouth over my chest making me shiver excitedly. His warm breathe washed over my body with his lips and tongue nipping around my teat, the skin tightening and perking up. It was sensuous as he continued to run his mouth and tongue over my chest and stomach working his way swiftly down to my groin. There was no uncertainty with his mission as he engulfed my turgid erection, the intensity of the situation forcing my hips to lift up slightly while the familiar sensation of his mouth working my fat sausage bubbled up inside of me.

We've been intimate together several times now and knew what made the other coo with contentment as he suckled on my flesh tower like a baby on a binky. It didn't take much effort for him to skin my instrument, licking my glans like a five year old slurping on a cherry flavored lollipop. It was hot…it was sexy…and my legs tightened while my toes curled.

"Oh…oh shit Carter," I mumbled looking down with his cheeks puffing outwards as he took in my entire length and girth his brown eyes dancing around giddily while a small smirk spread over his features.

The thirteen year old boy eased off my twitching hot poker and I whimpered because now my balls were really beginning to ache. "Still mad at me?" He asked with a slight smarmy smile making me snort and shake my head.

"I wasn't mad at you." I rolled my eyes returning his smile.

Reaching down I pulled him up to me and kissed him noticing the slight tinge of pre-cum inside his mouth when I slipped my tongue between his lips. We both loved cuddling and kissing each other, often getting lost in one another's tender embrace. We stayed like that for several long moments and I felt him returning my display of affection before we once again pulled apart with him cuddling up closely.

"So, are we good?" He wondered in-between a yawn since it was late.

Glancing at the clock I was surprised to see it wasn't like really late since it wasn't even midnight yet as I sighed. Looking down at the younger boy I could see he was still a little nervous about what I might say about him abandoning his friends.

"Well?" He asked, unable to take my silence.

"Geeze Carter I don't know. I mean I get it you know, but still your teammates are also counting on you and all. How'd you get home anyway?" I wondered, reaching down between my legs to give my cookies and cream filled Twinkie a quick squeeze because I was horny, all boned up, and in desperate need of having junior milked to relieve the backflow of the pressure that's been building up in my reserve tanks.

The other boy rolled his shoulders. "I begged mom and dad to let me come home so Mason's dad drove me over to the airport saying on the way home he'd drop off the rest of my gear. He didn't seem too upset and told me it was perfectly fine. It was actually a pretty quick flight over with mom and dad picking me up at the airport."

"Oh…I see. Did you at least say hello to Colton or did you just sneak over, which reminds me, how the hell did you get in the house without ringing the doorbell and waking up my mom?" I wondered hearing him giggling.

"Well, it's not like I don't know where you guys keep the extra key hidden, and yes I talked with Colton. I'm not that much of a jerk." He sighed shaking his head. "Once I got home I took a quick shower and crawled into bed. Colt was excited to see me and was snuggling with me, but when he fell asleep I snuck out of the house and came over to see you." He explained with everything falling quiet for several long moments.

"So you just figured you could crawl into bed naked with me and everything will be fine?" I asked seeing him frown even in the darkened room.

"But…," he started to say something and not getting far because I pressed forward.

"Carter…don't get me wrong…I'm glad you are here and all. I missed you too, but we can't ignore the fact how you left your other friends behind and in a bit of a bind. You can't tell me after everything you've been through that you are scared of that kid who beat you. What's there to be afraid of anyway. So, he's blowing hot air and bragging, who gives a shit. Even if he beats you again does it really matter so long as you do your best and have fun in the process?" I interjected gazing down into his face noticing how my words seemed to cut into him making me start regretting even bringing it up.

"So, you're disappointed in me?" He wondered.

"No Carter…I'd never be disappointed in 'YOU,' the real you." I emphasized shaking my head. "I'm just disappointed you'd allow yourself to be bullied again after everything you've done to get over that sort of thing. I'm proud of what you've done and I-I love you. Don't ever doubt that for a second, but you are better than someone who leaves their friends hanging." I exhaled softly letting my words sink in for a couple of seconds. "Carter…do you still even like Mountain Biking…I mean just mountain biking?" I asked.

"Wh-what…y-yeah of course. What kind of question is that?" He quipped a bit irritated.

"What about competing? Does it scare you? You know, that maybe someone might crash into you or something or that you would get hurt by competing against others." I wanted to know seeing the thirteen year old boy frown and shake his head no.

"Of course not, that's just silly to worry about something that isn't likely to happen." He retorted. "I mean even if a guy does crash or something, with all the protective gear you might just get a little bruised and sore, but that's about it." He pointed out.

"Well, then what's to worry about? If you get beat by someone better on that day then you lose. So what? I mean…you can't tell me getting to ride on a professionally designed and groomed track won't be a blast. Sure, riding on a natural trail is a lot of fun, but this is the big event where they will be hauling in tons of dirt to build an actual race track with bumps, ruts, hills, and plenty of jumps. Not to mention afterwards you will get to watch the motorcycles tearing it up with all the other kids who were in the competition. Geeze, how lucky can you get." I pointed out hearing Carter groaning when my words began to sink in.

"Oh man, I really messed up, huh?" He asked making me chuckle.

"Dweeb!" I teased, giggling when he flashed me one of his looks. "Hey, don't look at me like that. You're the one who screwed the pooch." I quipped hearing him moan again.

"Oh man, what am I going to do now and how am I going to fix this?" He wondered.

"Well, first thing tomorrow morning you are getting your butt back on the plane and fly back. Then when you get there you will beg all your teammates to take you back. You are such a boob." I teased while ruffling his hair.

"Yeah, but…," he paused for a second. "I-I can't ask my parents to spend the money to fly me back out. This totally bites." He admitted while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, nothing you can do about it tonight." I sighed sympathetically for him. "But since you are here let me get a good look at you." I stated turning my body towards my end table and reaching over to click on my little lamp with soft light filling the room. "I've missed you so much and if nothing else I really am glad you showed up." I added.

Turning back towards Carter a soft smile began to form on my features but quickly dissipated when I saw the stricken look on the boy's face. "Sssssss…," I heard him hiss in shock with tears welling up in his eyes. "Oh P-Pim…I-I…oh P-Pim…," he hiccupped and began to sniffle.

He was obviously still upset, which confused me because I thought we had talked it all out. "Wh-what's wrong?" I asked hesitantly watching while Carter reached out with tentative fingers that shook before stopping a few inches away from my chest. "Carter?" I asked getting worried, the other boy finally shifting his gaze up into my eyes.

"I-I didn't know…," he whispered softly making me frown. "D-does it hurt?" He asked focusing his eyes back on my chest and then the side along my rib cage.

"Huh?" I asked really confused following his gaze and finally realizing he was looking at the reddened rectangular shaped marks that had been left behind when the doctors had zapped my body bringing me back from death. "Oh…um…no…not really. I guess they probably did hurt some, but I was sick as a dog and my arm was hurting more so I never really noticed them all that much." I admitted holding up my arm and hearing him gasp in surprise because my arm was still black and blue from the swelling and bite mark.

"Oh god, I never knew it was that bad. Ar-are you sure you are going to be alright?" He asked with tears tumbling down his cheeks.

"What…of course you silly ninny. I'm already feeling a lot better." I told him honestly since today was my first day I was really feeling anywhere's near to normal.

"You sure?" He insisted.

"Would I do this if I wasn't feeling better?" I asked before pouncing on the younger boy rolling my weight on top of his and pinning his arm against the mattress above his head while I leaned down and began kissing him all over his face.

The younger teen began to giggle and squirm around a little. My left arm and hand was still frail and if he wanted he could have easily gotten away from my loose grip, but he didn't struggle; instead, allowing me to have my way with him. My lips washed over his face, neck, and ears before ending up on his mouth with a soft gentle kiss which rapidly began to turn passionate. The kiss lingered like it always seemed to do lately and I started to get lost in it. I didn't even realize until too late when Carter suddenly shifted his weight rolling me on to the mattress with his body straddling on top of mine. Now it was his turn to run his lips all over my face making me giggle and squirm.

It was fun and a bit naughty at the same time because I could feel his hands all over my body while his groin pressed into me with thrusting hips. Our erections pulsed and vibrated against one another's heated missile silos threatening a misfire from the heat alone. It was sensuous, erotic, and friggen fantastic with my juices beginning to flow freely making everything damp and slimy between our bodies.

Just when things started to get extremely passionate he stopped and sat up straight straddling over my hips. I was slightly disappointed until I felt my torpedo sliding into the slotted sleeve of his butt cheeks as they clamped decisively along my length and girth.

"Aaaarph…fuck-fuck-fuck…this feels good." I crooned gazing at his sexy body and feeling my erection vibrating excitedly inside the warm damp crease of his fleshy orbs.

His stiff erection was jerking around as well in a small spastic fit with his chestnut sized testicle jolting around like the ball bearings in a pinball machine. It was fascinating to watch the outline of his testes sliding upwards with each of his little spastic contractions making me realize he was probably just as horny like me right now. Even his bowed penis seemed to strain with pressure my eyes glued to the tip of his knob watching as a single bead of pre-cum formed at the tip of his meaty part getting bigger and bigger until gravity took hold forcing it to drip away. It hung there for a split second, suspended by a spider like thin strand before the weight became too much and the bead separated to tumble down into my small patch of downy pubes. It glistened there for a second before getting absorbed.

Unable to resist the urge I reached out and fisted his firm banana in my right hand wondering what it would be like if he had foreskin so I could peel his firm tropical fruit before eating it up. It was only a fleeting thought though as I ran my fingers along the length of his stalk watching in amazement as it seemed to grow even fatter at my urging.

Even his undercarriage with his two nice sized steel ball-bearings squirmed around and although my left fingers still tingled some having lost some of their feelings I couldn't resist the temptation of cupping his nice fleshy bag in my hand. It took a little focus on my part, but I managed to give his plump purse a nice gentle squeeze smiling when he rewarded me with his marbles rolling around excitedly while his erection pulsed in my other hand. There was something exciting about being able to pleasure another boy.

"Mmmmm, fuck," I heard Carter hissing, his body trembling on top of my hips making his butt cheeks vibrate.

"Oh shit…," I mumbled back because it felt good when his fleshy mounds clamped down along my rigid plumbing.

The younger boy leaned slightly forward placing his hands on my shoulder for support and began to rock his hips around a little sending a shock wave of sensations all along my erection with my eyes closing enjoying the tingling like feelings inside of my body. "Oh-oh…mmmmmm…oooooh…," I crooned excitedly my eyes fluttering open as I gazed into his soft brown orbs and gentle face which had such a serene look about them.

"You have no idea just how much I missed you and being able to gaze into those soft brown eyes. I could get lost in them without a care in the world." I whispered softly and smiled at him adoringly, watching as he blushed and furled his eyebrows in thought.

"I wish mine were blue like yours Pim. They are so pretty…like a sparkling gemstone and I think you are…you are so beautiful and I missed you too." He admitted his chest rising upwards when he inhaled deeply both of us getting lost gazing into each other's eyes.

I'm not exactly sure how long we stayed that way with my thoughts evaporating into thin air simply mesmerized by his hypnotic gaze until his soft voice brought me back. "Pim?"

"Huh…oh…uh…yeah?" I whispered just as softly.

"I-I want us to…," he paused and swallowed nervously. "I-I mean I want you to…uh…you know…what we've been talking about." He stuttered.

It took me a few seconds to understand what he was asking with the blood draining from my face. He wanted us to take that final step in our relationship, but that was a big commitment and it frightened me. Not the actual commitment part, but the sexual aspect of wanting us to make love in the most intimate way two people can share with one another. I started to shift wanting to pull away shaking my head, but he pressed weight into his arms keeping my shoulders pinned in place.

"Please Pim…I-I really want this. We've been talking about this and-and I'm ready." He insisted while I shook my head.

"Carter…I-I'm not sure I'm ready." I told him truthfully. "I-I mean…what if I hurt you. Not that I'm like really huge or anything down there, but still, I am pretty thick and all…and…and…well our bodies…I mean…you are still kind of small…I mean…you know what I mean. You are only thirteen and your body is still small. I-I'd hate myself if I hurt you somehow and I just don't mean it being painful, but what if I rip something on you back there." I worried.

"Please Pim. I really want us to try this and we've been careful about it all along. I mean being with Mason sort of made me realize I really love you and want to be with you…er…you know like really-really love you in that way and I want to feel you inside of me for real, not just messing around, b-but…you know…like for real." He pleaded, his face getting serious forming into a pinched look making me smile slightly because I had to admit he looked so damn adorable at the moment.

"Don't get me wrong it's been a blast with Mason and he's way better now than a few days back…er…you know with his premature orgasms, but it's you I really want." He added leaning down and giving me a gentle kiss before sitting back up. "Even you said the same thing when we talked on the phone after you messed around with Julian. I know he's sexy hot, but you said it was me who you wanted to be with for the 'special' moment. You still want that…right?" He asked not so sure now from my reaction.

"What!" I exclaimed a tad hurt he'd think I wouldn't want my first time to be with him. "Of course I love you and yeah, it was fun with Julian and all, but it's not like when I'm with you. It's different somehow. I feel more…well…I don't know…love I suppose. It's different with you because I'm in love with you, but Carter I'm a little scared about us trying something so…so…intimate." I frowned looking up into his eyes seeing the yearning in them and the utter devotion he had for me. "It's kind of dangerous Carter. I mean at our age it can be a bit scary and dangerous because we really don't know what we are doing." I admitted.

"It's alright, trust me. We'll be careful and take it slow. Besides, I made sure to get extra clean when I took a shower." He smirked, his pretty brown eyes gazing down at me with tender softness. "We will take it slow, but I want to feel you inside of me tonight, before I go back and compete. I want to have that, to know how it felt to be so…so…intimate. I've wanted this for a while and-and…I just want to." He pleaded while I scrunched up my face.

Like Julian, the thirteen year old boy seemed so much further along with this whole sex thing. I was the older one, but he seemed way more mature about these things than me. It made me wonder if all those years worrying about being gay kind of messed things up for me. After almost dying I've opened up a lot about things and did want to do this with Carter, but at the same time didn't want to hurt him. I suppose when I thought about it I was just as ready as him, but again, what was holding me back is knowing how risky doing something like this could be. I mean sure from everything I read it isn't like it was really dangerous as in perilous or anything, but at our age more stuff could go wrong because our bodies weren't totally mature yet. Of course this meant between our legs too and I was older than Carter so there was that to consider, not to mention I also had a rather thick erection, maybe even thicker than some teens who have already matured completely.

Biting my lower lip my eyes traveled over his sexy body and I shivered because he was exquisite. Even my penis twitched inside the warm fissure of Carter's crescent moons, drooling a bit of pre-cum at the possibility of burying itself for real deep down inside of him. It left me wondering if making real love really was what people made it out to be. So far the sex with Carter was nothing shy of phenomenal and I didn't want to disappoint him if I didn't perform well or if I somehow hurt him in the process.

"Please Pim?" He begged, slowly breaking through my resolve.

"I-I…," shaking my head I exhaled slowly wanting to make a more rational decision with the head above my neckline and not the one below the waist. "If-if we do this you have to promise we won't rush it and…," I began, hearing him squeak excitedly and cutting me off.

"Yes-yes, of course." He leaned down giving me a quick kiss.

"And…," I continued when he sat back up. "I…uh…well…er…I'm thinking it might be best of you are on top. You know…like now with me on the bottom so you can kind of…er…well control how it goes. I-I'm afraid I might get carried away or something and do something stupid to hurt you and ruin things." I pointed out seeing him thinking on it and nodding in agreement.

Ever since we started thinking about actually fucking and making love to each other we've done some research on the internet. We wanted to be prepared for 'if' and 'when' we decided to do this and had talked about the possible different positions they showed on the internet. If he was on top then he could control the pace of things reducing the chances of me hurting him when I tried to force my erection inside of his tight opening. I've been fingering him a lot lately, both of us enjoying the sensation of that type of sex play when we finger fucked each other, so he had been getting used to having something stretching him out. Still, it was totally different from actually sticking something a lot thicker past that tightly puckered virginal opening.

The thirteen year old boy began to squirm around and I flinched when I felt him reaching down and grabbing on to my erection getting right down to the issue at hand making me panic for a second. "What the…s-stop…," I croaked with Carter pausing and stopping what he was doing looking at me a bit confused. "Shit…for real…we said we were going to take this slow." I admonished slightly while quivering because him holding on to my rigid tuber was very stimulating.

"B-but…I…er…I know…but we still have to…uh…you know…sort of get it in position and all." He explained with a shy smile and blush because we were actually talking about, and starting to do, like sex for real.

"Yeah…I know…but aren't you sort of forgetting something. I mean…there's no way I'm going to try dry fucking you…at least not our first time." I sniggered because of the trashy filthy mouth talk, but still blushed as well because even though we've talked about this stuff it was still kind of embarrassing; especially now, since we were going to do this for real.

"Oh…oh shit…I almost forgot. Oh god, that could have been a disaster; especially, with that fat monster of yours." He giggled, quickly climbing off and opening up the drawer on my end table before fishing out a small bottle of baby oil we had set there just in case.

When we started talking about doing this for real we had both decided to have some sort of lubrication on hand just in case. I had found a couple of small empty bottles that held about an ounce or two worth of stuff and filled them up with some baby oil from the big bottle in my bathroom. We've had it for years and I don't even recall why we kept something like that around. When we moved it came along with all the other toiletries, again kind of odd in my opinion.

The dark haired boy quickly scrambled back into bed making me giggle because of the way his slack ball sack bounced around between his thighs while his curved crank shaft waved around stiffly in front of him. He handed me the small bottle and climbed back on top of me straddling his legs across my hips but facing away from me this time. He got up on all fours and waved his butt in front of my face craning his neck around and giggling naughtily at me while I rolled my eyes.

"Hurry up, I'm horny as fuck." He sniggered pushing his hips out towards me, his butt cheeks flaring out slightly with a pungent odor swirling around us now making me a bit lightheaded.

The way he was acting made me snigger because not all that long ago he had been this shy kid at the cusp of adolescent puberty and afraid of what others thought about his naked body. Now he had become a more confident teenager, proud of his young manliness, and willing to be bold at times when it came to his sex. He was still shy around those he didn't know as well, but when it came to his closest friends he willing to let down his guard some and relax, able to become a bit more playful and boy-like.

"I mean messing around with Mason was fun and all, but most times he sort of fell asleep afterwards without…uh…without hardly ever…er…," Carter paused with his cheeks turning red while I gaped at him.

"Shit dude, that's like totally wrong. It had to like…suck big time to just leave you sort of hanging like that. I mean shit, for real Carter you should have made him do you first then." I sniggered knowing that would have been unlikely considering Mason was only doing it because of his situation and not because he was into boys. "Well, at least every once in a while." I sighed shaking my head as I began to focus on applying some baby oil between his butt crack.

I felt kind of bad for Carter since it sounded like most times after having sex with Mason he had to probably finish himself off later since the other boy tended to fall asleep once he had been satisfied. "I know and it wasn't really all that bad. It wasn't like he fell asleep all the time and he did…er…you know…do stuff for me too. I guess it's just having sex with him made me hornier for you. Does that make any sense-eeeep?" He wondered letting out a cute squeak right at the end because I inserted my baby oil slicked up finger inside of him to my first knuckle.

"Eeeep." He chirped again when I plunged it deep down inside of him wiggling it around and brushing up against his spongy magic box. "Sh-shit…I-I'm about ready to bust my nut and we haven't even started." He moaned softly. "God, I'm already leaking all over the place." He cooed my eyes shifting upwards and locking on to his soft pouch and drooling spigot.

Since I was lying on my back I had a unique angle looking up from the bottom side and the rear. His nut sack dangled low between his thighs making me wish mine were a bit on the loose side instead of most times being balled up tightly. I loved being able to play with his marbles inside their soft baggy casing. My eyes shifted towards the top half of his shaft since from my angle his ball sack was blocking some of my view. He wasn't lying about drooling because I could see some of the clear slimy stuff dribbling off the tip end of his mushroom to splatter little droplets on my body.

Removing my finger from his tight grommet I pressed the tip of the bottle against it and tried to force some of it to squirt inside. I wasn't sure if any got in or not as it began to slide downwards along the line just below his rose bud. Reaching in with my finger I forced the liquid back upwards running it around the rim and once again slipping my digit inside his taut ringlet. The boy shivered excitedly by the intrusion as I lubed him up really good before removing my finger. I ran my hand around between the folds of his butt cheeks making sure to get the oil all over him back there before I reached down and began pouring some on to my erection.

The stuff was all slippery and it made me quiver like a bowl of jelly because it felt really good as I slowly pumped my fist along my stiff cucumber. Other than when I showered, I never put anything on when jacking off. Using soap got things all slicked up making for a smooth jacking, but somehow putting baby oil on my skin flute felt more stimulating as I watched the younger boy swiveling back around to face me his eyes glued on to my turgid erection licking his lips eagerly in the process. The look on his face was priceless, because even though there was lust displayed all over his features, there was also the glow of love for me about him as well.

His face was split with a wide grin as he gazed into my eyes hungrily. "Ready?" He asked forcing me to swallow the big lump in my throat and nod apprehensively.

He could see the nervousness in my eyes so leaned down and gave me a soft kiss, the fluttering in my stomach settling down some. "It'll be fine, I promise." He whispered gently in my ear lifting up a bit straighter. "Really Pim, I-I am ready and want this." He added lifting off of me slightly and looking down at my erection which hovered horizontally above my small patch of curly sandy blond colored pubes.

Reaching down I straightened out my stiff pickle so it pointed straight up feeling the strain of resistance along the base of my shaft since it usually angled closer to my body. The flared tip of my crimson crown was just visible as it stretched the opening of my foreskin. Carter shifted into position and reaching back spread his butt cheeks before slowly easing down on to my erection. He moved around some trying to line things up and I felt the tip of my nodule bumping up against the opening of his ringlet. I sensed the warmth of his shutter contracting, closing tightly when he applied more pressure forcing my erection to bend slightly before he eased up a little allowing my strained appendage to straighten back up.

We were all properly lined up now my eyes automatically shifting over to his erection which curved stiffly while his loose ball sack dangled freely between his thighs. I could see the boy's pre-cum beginning to dribble out the tip end of his sleek bullet in anticipation with a few droplets dripping off to pool around my small patch of pubes. I felt his weight settling downwards again, his tight grommet pressing against the tip of my bell end which was just barely poking past my foreskin. He was too tight, even all lubed up and I could tell my shaft would bend again from the pressure. I was going to tell him to relax when my eyes suddenly bulged in surprise because I felt his tight ringlet abruptly loosen and swallow up the bullet of my swollen glans peeling my foreskin back in the process.

It happened so unexpectedly leaving both of us speechless and gasping for a split second when the ring immediately clamped shut constricting tightly around my shaft just past the ridge of my fat tulip bulb. I was even surprised by how it had rolled my foreskin downwards taking in only my exposed nodule with my body jolting because a big shockwave of euphoria slammed into me. I released the grip around the base of my shaft looking for something to hang on to so I wouldn't end up skewering Carter by mistake with the lustful emotions now coursing through my veins and erection like an electric current through a conduit.

"Aaaaaarrrrph," I groaned loudly feeling Carter's body quivering excitedly making me grit my teeth since they sent additional jolts of currents down into my fat erection.

It was difficult to think straight because the feelings bubbling up inside of me were too intense so I reached out instinctively placing my hands on his hips sliding them around to his lower back. I could feel the heat of his sex not only on his insides but also on the surface from the heat of his skin on my hands.

"Oh fuck…oh fuck…Carter…oh fucking shit…," I grunted hearing him mumbling something as well, but when I looked up I could tell he was totally out of it with his eyes completely glazed over. "Oh shit Carter…we-we've gotta slow down before I-I…aaaaaaaarph, uuuumph, uuumph, uuuumph…," I started to caution but too late because without warning the twelve year old boy simply slid all the way down the length of my portly erection swallowing every last millimeter I had to offer up with an orgasm of epic proportion slamming into my body out of nowhere.

Never in a million years would I have thought on our first try he would simply take all of me in without much effort. It was a complete surprise that his ass could take all of my stout erection with relative ease as I felt the huge wave of sensations engulfing my entire being. When his tight opening engulfed my erection I could literally feel my foreskin being skinned back exposing my raw skin to the tightness and heat of his insides. It was too intense for me to handle with my legs stiffening up and twitching outwards while my toes curled and my mind abruptly blasted into a million bright shards of light, the roaring in my ears sounding like the thunder claps of a stormy weather. I had lost complete control over my body and what was happening with the most powerful climax washing over me like a tsunami, the tidal wave throwing me about like dirty laundry in a washer.

My thick five inch erection pulsed, exploding inside the boy's warm damp tightness and it was a gusher the likes I've never experienced before blowing me completely away. "Aaaaaaaaargh, uuuumph, uuumph, uuuumph," I heard the guttural grunts of ecstasy, which also seemed to echo like a bellow in a canyon, escaping my lips while my erection continued to pulse. I began to thrash around while instinctively thrusting my hips trying to fuck him deeply stealing away the last vestiges of his youthful innocence and virginity as I impaled him with self-indulgent abandonment.

The thirteen year old boy wasn't the only one losing his virginity because in part I was losing mine as well with his tightly puckered boy pussy sucking up every last drop of my creamy white sweet nectar that's been building up now for days now like a maple tree when tapped for its syrup. It felt almost like I was being milked with a million tiny fingers the way his ringlet vibrated rhythmically, cinching tightly around the girth of my thick shaft as it sucked snugly along the length of my pole from my quick forceful plunging thrusts. It wasn't anything I would have expected and about a million times more intense than a blowjob as my penis continued to throb and pound even when there was nothing more to give.

My climax continued to roll through my body like an electrical current and I began to whimper because it was actually starting to hurt with my balls aching now since they had been completely drained almost instantaneously. It was so intense it felt like we've been sexing for hours, but I knew it was probably like all of five or ten seconds at the most since the rollercoaster ride began.

"Mmmmmph," I whimpered, tears welling up in my eyes while my body jolted several more times before I stiffened one last time. "Aaaaaaaaargh, uuuuumph," I croaked everything finally coming to a close with my body slumping into the mattress while I abruptly inhaled a huge lungful of air.

"Hhhhhheeeeeuuuuuuhhhhhh," I gasped my chest lifting up into the air with me suddenly realizing I hadn't been breathing. "Nnnnnhhhh, nnnngh," I felt my body jolting a couple of more times when my penis softened up accompanied by a muffled popping sound as it slipped out of Carter with reality once again setting in and the realization of what had just happened slamming into my mind and thoughts.

My body was completely soaked in sweat as I shook my head and glanced up feeling totally ashamed. I hadn't even lasted two seconds before I had my orgasm leaving poor Carter completely unsatisfied. I couldn't believe how my orgasm had simply come out of nowhere leaving me feeling completely drained and wondering if this is what it was like for poor Mason.

"I…oh…oh shit…I-I…Carter….shit…I-I feel so bad. I'm sorry, but it just sort of happened." I managed to get out while gasping for air.

"H-huh?" I heard the other boy's soft reply while he shook his head as if to clear his own foggy state while I recalled how his eyes had glazed over right before I had my orgasm.

"I-I…uh…I said I'm sorry because I-I…shit, I can't believe I had a premature ejaculation." I apologized, my comment sounding weird coming from a teenager while I began to feel bad for Carter with how our first time had worked out.

"Wh-what…are you kidding…that was epic. Shit, you aren't the only one who had an orgasm. Fuck, now I know how Mason must feel about it kind of coming out of the blue like that. Shit…for real Pim…it was fantastic though." The dark haired boy sighed, his comment catching me off guard while I watched his chest heaving as he gasped for air.

Glancing down at me he suddenly barked out laughing making me furl my eyes questioningly. "Shit dude the look on your face is too much, but for real, it's a good thing I've got a curved pecker or who knows what kind of mess I would have made. Damn, I slimed your chest and stomach but good. Shit, that's gotta be like a record for me." He was laughing and giggling while I glanced down with my eyes widening in amazement because I was literally splattered in boy sauce from the neck down.

At first I stared at myself in a bit of shock, but it didn't take long for me to start chuckling and shaking my head because he really did slime me good. It reminded me of shows where kids would compete and get a bucket of green slime dumped over them if they messed up. It was funny, but I also sighed in a bit of disappointment thinking it such a waste of good boy syrup as my mouth began to water at the thought of the salty sweet treat of the thirteen year old boy's cum.

Lifting up his hips, Carter shifted and settled down on top of me unconcerned about the slimy mess as our bodies intertwined with satiated soft spent worms slithering around against each other. "Damn, for real Pim that went way better than I expected. Well other than the premature ejaculation part." He sniggered like I had when I made the same type of comment because words like 'premature ejaculation' really didn't sound right coming from teenaged boys. "It's definitely something I plan on doing with you again, and sooner versus later." He quipped, another small snort escaping his lips.

"Yeah, way better than I thought too, but next time you get to do me." I chuckled giving him a quick kiss. "Damn for real though Carter, didn't it hurt. I mean, you just came down on me hard and I would never have thought my…er…you know…dick would fit inside of you right away." I wondered seeing him shrug.

"Um…well…it kind of hurt for a second or two, but right after the top part of your…uh…you know…knob slipped inside of me…well I just knew I could handle it." He blushed cutely making me smile and shake my head.

"Yeah, well, you might be able to take it in without too much problems, but I have a feeling this might take some work for both of us because that really was way intense, more than I expected that's for sure. It's kind of scary because I lost total control right away, but God, for real though Carter, you are so damn sexy hot and I won't ever get tired of loving you. Trust me when I say what I feel for you is forever and unending, that's a promise." I sighed sincerely, seeing him nod.

It was a serious moment, maybe too serious as I smiled impishly. "For real though, if this is what it's like for Mason, no wonder he explodes right from the get go. In a way I'm almost envious with how it's always that intense for him." I teased hearing Carter's cute bark of laughter as if agreeing with me. "So, is he really a lot of fun…you know to mess around with?" I asked with Carter stirring in my arms and leaning back to look at me.

A small smile spread over his features. "Yeah, it's kind of amazing the way he just goes off most times. It's a lot better now, but if you want to find out for yourself it wouldn't bother me you know." He added making me smile, but also furling my eyebrows because it was kind of weird how we were both open with allowing the other to experiment around sexually with more partners since we seemed so in love with one another.

Shrugging away the slight sense of guilt since I didn't feel bad about those sorts of things anymore I returned Carter's smile with one of my own impish ones. "Yeah, well you should try having a bit of fun with Julian. God, to be honest Carter you have no idea just how sexy hot he is in the sack. Shit, for a fucking twelve year old he puts me to shame." I chuckled. "I mean if I wasn't so in love with you I wouldn't mind hooking up with him for real; although, the whole age thing would have me a bit worried, not to mention he is into girls. Could be a bit of a damper on things." I snorted. "Still, even though he's got a sexy hot body no one turns me on like you and no one can come close to the way I really feel about you." I told him sincerely with the other boy giving me a tender kiss.

"I know Pim and I feel the same way about you too." He smiled pausing for a second. Love's unending promise…I like that." He sighed settling his head in the crook of my neck while I furled my eyebrows.

"Love's unending promise?" I asked curiously because it sort of sounded so…well grown up and all. It's weird how sex can do that to a guy.

"Sure, you know…like you promised, the love we have for each other is forever." He explained making me chuckle listening as he continued. "I love you so much and tonight was really special. I still can't believe we actually did it and I can't wait until we do that again." He smiled running his hand over my slicked up chest. "Ewe, I really did slime you but good." He smirked making me chuckle.

"Yeah, but remember, next time you get to do me. I can't wait either, but right now I'm too exhausted and don't think I could get junior to rise to the occasion. Your boy pussy done plum wore the little guy out." I giggled naughtily with the younger boy barking at my taunting banter.

"Yeah, well mine isn't ready for action right now either, so yeah, maybe a bit later." He yawned as I closed my eyes breathing in his scent noticing it had a slightly more tinge of maturity to it making me wonder if having real sex changed the way a boy smelled.

"Damn, we better get ourselves cleaned up." I whined because I could feel not only the sweat between our bodies but also the sticky kind of sliminess from sex fluids as I sighed unable to move right now or unwilling to open my eyes which seemed to be just the way Carter felt too.

"Sure, but in a minute…I just need to rest my eyes for a second first." He replied softly confirming my thoughts while I nodded in agreement because it just felt too cozy with him in my arms as it got quiet inside my room.

My eyes suddenly snapped open and I panicked realizing I must have dozed off as I looked around in the softly lit bedroom. I glanced at the clock noticing it was almost midnight before gazing down at the slumbering boy in my arms. To my surprise our skin still felt wet and slimy as I sighed in relief realizing I had probably just dozed off for a second or two. Yawning I gazed down at the younger boy and smiled because he looked so damn cute with his face glowing from the aftermath of our love making. He was totally zonked out so I gently rolled him on to his back getting us untangled and climbed out of bed.

Making my way to the closet I picked up the towel I had wrapped around my waist after I had taken a shower. It was all crumpled up beneath some of my other clothes and when I picked it up I was surprised to find it still a bit damp. In a way that was kind of good as I quickly began to wipe myself clean. Finishing up I walked over to Carter and began to wipe down his body as well. It was then that I noticed the big wet spot where we had cuddled together realizing my special boy sauce must have leaked out of his backside after he had fallen asleep and relaxed his sphincter muscles. I wiped off the slimy soggy area on my sheet as best as I could before focusing back on the younger boy.

Gently rolling Carter on to his stomach, with the boy stirring awake slightly before falling back to sleep, I spread apart his butt cheeks running the damp towel between the folds of his cute pale dimpled orbs. I took extra care to be gentle because even though I had easily slipped inside of him I didn't want to take the chance of opening up any tears that might of happened without us knowing.

It was a good thing I had decided to get us cleaned up because we would have ended up in a big sticky mess when we woke up. It surprised me just how slimy his butt had gotten with my cum oozing out of him. Dabbing the towel a couple of more times making sure he was all wiped off I leaned in and took a closer look at his brown grommet sighing in relief when I didn't notice any rips or tearing.

"Mmmmm, what are you doing?" I heard Carter mumbling in his half dozing state.

"Nothing, I just cleaned you up a bit and checked for any bruising or ripping. Just go back to sleep…are you thirsty?" I asked as an afterthought, but he was already asleep.

Chuckling, I walked back over to the mound of dirty clothes by my closet door and bent over picking up a pair of shorts and shirt while tossing the scummy towel back on the pile. Slipping my shorts on along with the t-shirt I stepped out of my room heading for the kitchen. As soon as I walked out my door I could feel the cool fresh air realizing it was probably stuffy in my room. Most of it had to do with me being cooped up inside for a while now, but I'm sure the sexing that just happened in there between me and Carter added to the funky stuffiness. I'd have to remember to open up a window when I climbed back into bed.

Making my way into the kitchen I opened up the refrigerator door closing my eyes in the process so I wouldn't mess up my night vision before feeling around and fishing out a bottle of water. Closing the door I opened up my eyes and unscrewed the cap before literally slugging it all down, surprised by how thirsty I had become from the passionate workout. At least I wasn't feeling nauseous or sick from exertion like I did after having a bit of fun with Julian. Setting the empty bottle on the counter I opened up the door, again keeping my eyes closed, and reached in grabbing another bottle figuring Carter might want some if he woke up later in the night. If I was this parched he might be as well so it wouldn't hurt to set this on the end table next to the bed for him.

Closing the refrigerator door I turned and walked toward the living room and the hallway leading into my room. As I stepped past the dining room table I paused at the edge of the living room, my heart fluttering anxiously as I furled my eyes for a moment.


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