Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 20

No More Lost Opportunities

My eyes snapped open and I panicked for a second looking around until I realized where I was before glancing at the clock and sighing in relief. I had only dozed off for about thirty minutes, but the small nap left me a bit more rested despite feeling disoriented, queasy, flushed, and slightly achy. The pleasant memory of my recent sexual encounter washed over me like a nice warm bath making my body shiver in delight. I was still lying in a propped up reclining position with Julian's body still snuggled up to me in the same position we were in before we both nodded off as he continued to doze contentedly. I had panicked for a split second because it wouldn't do to have my mom walk in with the two of us cuddled up and totally naked in a tender embrace. Mom had indicated she was fine about me being gay, but still, a guy doesn't want to be caught in bed naked with another girl or guy. Parents tended to frown on such behavior.

Mom would still be gone for at least another hour or two so I closed my eyes for a second and relaxed, a small grin splitting my features. I couldn't believe what Julian and I had just done together. I felt a little guilty about it not because he was younger or that I was gay and he wasn't, but rather because I was in love with Carter. It's strange, but I've never been intimate with anyone until Carter. The thirteen year old boy was the first person I've ever really gotten sexual with, other than using my own hand and maybe doing a bit of fondling and touching with Julian and Colton. Most other kids my age who I knew in school back in Texas have already been sexually active in some shape or form with girls while I had felt a little behind in that aspect of things. Now though I was glad I had waited for a while until I found the right person for my first time experiences.

Fooling around and having a bit of sex fun with Julian had been very nice. He had wanted it and I had needed it to relieve some of my pent up adolescent hormones. Even though I knew for a certainty I was in love with Carter it wasn't unusual for kids our age to experiment with others and see what all the fuss was about. It was a natural evolution for a boy growing up to test the waters and find his way through the emotional roller coaster ride of life and all the nuances. It's during this time when we began to figure out where our preferences lie in regards to the art of sexual pleasures, but in order to get there we had to figure it out for ourselves. Guys were naturally curious and adventurous, even when it came to sex, relying on the physical aspect of things and being more hands on when it came to figuring things out. There was no doubt I was in love with Carter, but when it came to sex I was still relatively new to it all trying to figure stuff out along the way and experience new things.

After my brush with death I began to realize I had already missed out on opportunities in my life and I wanted to live it to the fullest. I had a new found respect on how fragile we were in this world, and that we should embrace life and what it had to offer. It didn't mean I was going to go and fuck around sexually with just anyone that came along, but it did make me realize I shouldn't worry so much and enjoy what came along in life. Julian was one of those things. I loved and cared about him and I knew he felt the same way about me. There was no need for regrets because I didn't feel bad about what we had done together since no one was getting hurt by it. Not even Carter because we had discussed these sorts of situations realizing things might come up.

It was kind of strange though because we were boyfriends now so wanted to reserve certain things for just the two of us, but also understood that at our age we were still discovering exactly where we fit in the sexual world. For the moment we had both agreed to have an open relationship despite our obvious strong feelings for one another since we were both so young. There was time for us to make a full commitment to each other once we figured things out for sure, and I had a feeling that day was fast approaching. Until then there wasn't any need for regrets as we muddled our way through our emotions towards how we truly felt towards boys in general and each other.

I didn't want any of us to feel guilty about those joyous opportunities life tossed us when it came knocking on our doors. Having a bit of sex fun with Julian had felt wonderful, but also different from the way it felt when I was with Carter. In a way I sort of got it now with how the thirteen year old boy had felt after he had lost his virginity to Mason's sister. He had enjoyed the experience, but it just wasn't the same for him like when he was with me. Over the phone when talking with Carter he even told me a couple of times how exciting it was yet also very different when he fooled around with Mason. I suppose people would think it was odd how Carter and I were messing around sexually with others since we claimed to be in love with each other. In a way even I was a bit confused about it, but I began to realize we were both still new to this type of relationship so it was kind of natural for us to be curious about how it felt to be with others in that sort of way.

Even though we both seemed to enjoy the whole sex thing with other boys it also allowed us to realize how special it was when the two of us were intimate together versus with others. The sex with other boys felt wonderful because it was…well…sex after all, but when I was with Carter the sex transitioned into something incredibly distinctive taking root deep down inside of me, at the very core of my being as it blossomed and flowered into something uniquely beautiful. It was an incredible feeling and the only way to name it was 'love.' It's a word that was difficult for boys to say much less comprehend, but sure enough this is what I felt when I was with Carter. We no longer had 'sex' with each other, but rather we made beautiful love together in a way that made our bodies vibrate in the most exquisite kind of music known to man.

Taking in a deep breath, the scent of Julian's essence wafted up into my nose making me shiver. His warm sensuous slumbering body felt delicious cuddled up against my naked skin making me smile in delight because everything about the boy was silky soft and very cozy. I liked him, actually loved him, on a deep personal level. It was a different kind of love I felt for Carter and also different to what I felt for Colton. In a way it was sort of in-between somewhere, the boy's steady breathing sending a sense of comfort and bliss coursing through my veins. When I was with Julian he provided me a sense of easiness.

Opening up my eyes I gazed down at his naked body. Sometime while we slept the blanket had slipped down exposing the boy's naked backside as it settled across my thighs and the rounded sloping knoll of his pale butt cheeks. He had a sexy looking ass, a lot like Carter's, but smaller and not as full yet. Still, I thought it would be a very nice fuck indeed with my mind immediately turning to the gutter making me smirk because I just couldn't help it. I was a horny teenager after all and lately both Carter and I have been working our way towards that stage in our relationship. I looked forward to the day when we made the ultimate commitment of love, but I was also nervous about it.

We both wanted it, but hadn't wanted to rush it, realizing it could be a painful experience and scarring psychologically for both of us if we actually hurt one or the other. I'd never want to hurt anyone in that sort of way because I somehow got carried away with my hormonal lustful desires so we had taken things slowly. I wanted to fuck Carter, to make love to him in the worst of ways, and he wanted to do me just as badly, but there was no way I was going to do anything until the two of us were actually ready for that big step.

We were both content at the moment to restricting ourselves to the pleasurable sensations of fingering each other, slowly stretching our puckered ringed eyelets. It hadn't really taken long for us to get used to the stretching sensations and we actually enjoyed the feelings of our plunging fingers into this new erogenous zone. Along the way we discovered many hidden secrets about this type of activity. I would have thought playing around in that area would be nasty, but to my surprise it was actually a very pleasant experience and not dirty at all since both of us have been extra careful about cleaning ourselves back there making me look forward to the day I could fuck Carter for real.

At first the word 'fuck' sounded kind of degrading when Carter and I started discussing that sort of thing, but the more we talked about it when cuddled tenderly in one another's embrace the more it became about love and not just the sex part of the word's meaning. Of course we still teased one another using the word when talking naughty and stuff. After all we were teenagers and it was simply in our nature to have a bit of a dirty mouth when it came to sex. For the most part though, when we used the word 'fucking each other' it was in regards to not only having sex, but also in the context of making love.

We also made no bones about it to one another because we wanted to 'fuck' each other, so used the word for what it was, 'fucking each other's brains out until we exploded.' We both wanted it so who gave a fuck what other people thought when we used the word. Both Carter and I knew what the so called naughty word meant to us and that was all which mattered, not what others in our prudish society felt it meant. Besides, as I recently discovered, life was too short to be bothered by what others felt a relationship should be all about; especially, in regards to gay people. When it came to sex and love there really was no difference between guys who are gay versus guys who aren't; especially, when it came to teenagers. I knew what worked for me and Carter, and I knew it deep down inside of me so others could simply go 'fuck' themselves.

My thoughts on the issue made me smirk because even now when I looked down at Julian's cute ass my penis lurched wanting a piece of that action. I wanted to fuck him, my teenaged mind swirled around with the idea of fucking the other boy, and my body trembled excitedly at the prospect of fucking him to bust my nut inside of him. It was only natural. I was a teenager, I was gay, and I was horny as fuck despite feeling a little achy and queasy, so yes, I wanted him, but at the same time I wasn't ready to go that far with someone else. I wanted my first time to be with Carter and even then I didn't think I'd go so far as to merely fuck another boy so I could bust my nut simply for the sake of sex. Even my newfound perspective in life had its boundaries, and I realized it was about respecting myself afterwards. Enjoying a bit of sexual fun and pleasure is one thing, but actually fucking or making love, whatever someone wanted to refer to it, that sort of thing was a big issue; especially, when it was a boy's first time.

Still, it didn't mean I couldn't enjoy the pleasures of sexual discoveries with another boy or feel need to feel guilty about wanting it with someone I cared about. If Julian was alright with fooling around a bit sexually with me then I didn't mind having a bit of fun as well. Using my good hand I ran it down the length of the twelve year old boy's naked back and over the soft rise of his crescent moons sending not only a shiver up and down the length of his body but mine as well because it was seductively sensuous to be touching him so intimately while he dozed contentedly in my arms. I was leaning back in a propped up sitting position with Julian's legs straddling my hips while his chest and stomach snuggled up closely to my own.

It was a comfortable position and I could feel the warmth of his smooth body pressed into mine including his soft penis and ball sack as they nestled up along my pubic mound and lower stomach. There was something stimulating about feeling his soft silky nakedness nestled against me. It felt erotically sensuous and I could feel my stout pickle begin to plump up as the boy began to stir in my arms.

Moaning softly, Julian slowly sat up and yawned stretching out his arms and torso, my eyes glancing down at his beautiful skin covered soft penis. As he stretched I saw his three inch rubbery worm twitch and bloat up into a momentary erection the outline of his nodule plumping up and sliding upwards along the pinched puckered end of his long foreskin. Even his cherry sized testes rolled around inside their sheathed suede like sleeve which at the moment sagged loosely between his legs capturing my attention as they bunched upwards before settling back down.

Like me Julian tended to have a tight avocado, balled up closely to his body just beneath his nice sized twelve year old penis, but currently they hung floppily between his legs spreading outwards along my lower stomach now that he was sitting up. I've never seen his little ornaments hanging so slackly before and I thought it looked really nice with his penis once again deflating to settle lightly over his loose fleshy purse.

The younger boy looked stunningly beautiful with his tanned firm body as I watched him yawning for a second time. Julian reached up, running his fingers through his disheveled long strands of sandy blond hair that had spilled over the front of his features. It was a gesture I had become accustomed to as he shoved his hair back out of the way revealing his soft heart shaped features. I thought Julian looked very handsome for a twelve year old boy with his green blue eyes sparkling giddily in his features as they now scrutinized me closely. The younger boy looked deep into my eyes smiling impishly as the last vestiges of sleep dissipated from his features.

"Have a good nap?" I asked with a smirk teasing him a bit while he smiled back nodding his head.

"Yeah, especially after…uh…after…er…you know." He grinned impishly and blushing with his cheeks turning a little red now. "I mean, it feels great with Colt and all, but it always feels kind of…well…rushed…I don't know…like he's always in a hurry to get the two of us off. With you I was sort of able to take my time and it felt really good and all…you know…way more intense." He stated with his eyes suddenly widening slightly because he hadn't intended to reveal this much about the sex between him and his buddy Colton. It was kind of embarrassing to talk about those private moments as he glanced away a little shyly his cheeks blossoming as they burned crimson. "Um…anyway," he glanced back over towards me trying to shift the conversation. "What about you…how are you feeling?" He asked scrutinizing me closer and looking a tad concerned because he could tell I wasn't feeling up to snuff while I shrugged away his worries over me.

"I'm fine just feeling a little achy and woozy still; especially, my arm, but the nap helped a lot not to mention you jac…uh…what you did…er…well…you know…the way you helped me out made me feel a lot better and forget about how I was aching for a bit. The nap helped too." I admitted blushing because like him it was kind of embarrassing to talk about for some odd reason as I saw the other boy continue to blush about it. I began to chuckle inwardly thinking so much for shifting the conversation to another topic.

It's strange how difficult it was for us guys to talk about intimate kinds of things. It wasn't as if I was shy about sex stuff per se, but it was a bit awkward to talk about. I could even tell how the twelve year old boy wasn't shy about his body or sex either, but like me it didn't mean some things were still a bit embarrassing to say out loud; especially, after the actual deed was done. For guys it was simply awkward to discuss, unlike girls who lived for this type of gossip amongst themselves getting all emotional and mushy about it.

Lifting up my legs, bending them at the knees, and planting the soles of my feet against the mattress I felt my thighs bumping up against Julian's naked back watching as the simple gesture allowed him to lean back and scooch down into a more comfortable position. The boy tossed his head back shaking it gently from side to side allowing his hair to settle away from his face. My eyes naturally dipped down between his legs lighting upon his sexiness and noticing how his soft three inch penis had settled over his sprawled out scrotum sack. It's the first time I was really able to see it this close in a flaccid state as I unabashedly scrutinized it fixedly.

It was a beautiful looking uncut penis with a smooth sleeve keeping it all tidy and neat except for a few wrinkles and lumps adding to the character of his appendage. Now that his fruit basket had loosened up I could also make out a few wrinkles along the upper part where the skin attached to the base of his penis along with the faint traces of blue spidery like patterns of veins just beneath the surface of his membrane. Even his encased sausage had the same blue like veins meandering around its length and girth as I now took a closer look at his v-shaped blank slate. It was then I noticed the very fine blonde like filaments along the smooth surface of his pale skin just above his penis. I knew they weren't pubic hairs, but rather the typical fine hairs most boys have on their bodies in their younger years.

It kind of surprised me that he didn't actually have any pubic hairs yet; especially, since he was now officially squirting his goopy boy batter. It was then I noticed some fine hairs that seemed a tad thicker and longer than the other ones. Unable to resist I reached out running my fingers along the surface of his smooth skin. The unexpected soft contact made the boy react slightly by shivering while his penis lurched vaguely, elongating inside its scabbard and plumping up just a little before settling back down and curving over his floppy ball sack. It amazed me how his normally tight avocado now swung loosely between his thighs bumping up along the crease of his butt cheeks. When I touched him even his two cherry sized truffles had lurched inside their low hanging flesh purse bunching upwards for a second before sliding back to the bottom of their casing.

Watching him react to my slight touch made me shiver excitedly because the boy had such a damn sexy hot body. My focus once again shifted to those dainty translucent like hairs along his pubic mound, my eyes scrutinizing the few strands that appeared a bit longer and thicker. Like the other fine like flaxen colored hairs, the longer ones were a lighter shade yet slightly darker and more on the sandy blonde color range matching the hues of Julian's eyebrows. As I fingered the three or four longer strands just above the root of his penis a small smile spread across my features because these were definitely the beginnings of pubic hairs.

"Whoa, dude, you are like sprouting hairs." I exclaimed excitedly capturing the twelve year old boy's attention.

"Really," he chirped his eyes widening excitedly for a second before he leaned over looking down at himself where I was tugging on a couple of longer strands of hairs. "No way…you sure those are really hairs?" He asked reaching down with his right hand for a closer look while I beamed happily for him because I knew what it was like to finally get your hairs in when you've been waiting so long for them.

"Yup, it's just kind of hard to tell is all because they are kind of light, but mine were the same way. Once they get longer and thicker with more coming in it will show up better. You've sort of got the same hair color as me so I'm sure your bush will end up being a lot like mine…you know sort of a light sandy blonde color." I smiled elatedly because he seemed so happy and wasn't even embarrassed by the way I was looking at his nakedness so closely.

"Cool," he crooned ecstatically all hunched over and looking over his first real hairs which for guys meant a huge leap towards growing up. "It's been a fucking wickedly awesome day." He glanced up at me and beamed proudly. "I mean, you know, not only pubes but my first time squirting to boot…even though there wasn't much to brag about. I mean it was only a couple of measly little drops and not even that thick." He added sounding slightly disappointed about it now making me chuckle and shake my head.

"Dude, for real, don't beat yourself up over it. I mean shit, you at least managed to actually squirt. There wasn't much at all when it happened to me for the first time too. At least yours actually squirted out while mine just sort of beaded up on my tip end." I admitted blushing because something like that is kind of private, but since I had been there for Julian's first time felt it was only right he knew how it happened for me.

"Really, you think my first time was alright?" He asked still a bit unsure about it and looking at me to make sure I wasn't teasing him.

"Oh, hell yeah. I mean when it happened to me the first time I didn't even think it was cum since it just sort of oozed out of my knob making it slightly wet. At first I thought it was maybe just a little sweaty since I was going at it pretty good." I paused and blushed because this conversation was officially weird now because guys just didn't talk about this kind of stuff. I mean it was jacking off and all, so kind of a private thing.

"Um…anyway," I continued grinning shyly at Julian relieved that he seemed to be sincerely interested in my explanation and not freaked out about the conversation. "Uh…well…after I-I…um…well you know…er…climaxed, I noticed it had sort of beaded up on the tip of my pecker. When I reached down and wiped it off rubbing my finger and thumb together I could tell it was kind of slimy." I explained biting my lower lip nervously because I've never told anyone about it before. After all for most of us this was something that tended to happen in the safety of a private area.

"Whoa, that's like wickedly cool." Julian admitted and immediately blushing at the admission making me chuckle and shake my head.

"Yeah, well not as wickedly sexy hot like what happened with you. I mean, it took me a little while longer before I actually began squirting with my cum splattering on my body like you just did. For the longest of times it sort of just drooled out of my pecker. Not you though, and I think you are a fucking stud-muffin with the way yours actually shot out of you about an inch or two your first time out the gate, not to mention there were several little droplets. I'm so damn jealous of how much better you are at this whole sex thing than me." I admitted, my compliment making the boy blush shyly.

"Thanks Pim…you know…for everything. It means a lot to…um…you know…do stuff with you. I mean…uh…shit…it's just you are so damn sexy hot, you know." He giggled with his cheeks turning red yet again at the admission while I grinned shaking my head.

Unable to resist I reached down wrapping my fingers around his soft penis noticing how warm and heavy it felt. I've never really seen his penis this close all soft like that or touched it, but it felt really nice as I ran my finger and thumb around the outline of his nozzle just beneath his sausage wrapping. The skin was supple and it slid around easily since it wasn't attached as I tugged on the long puckered skin extending past his bell end. Mine wasn't as long and it felt weird being able to play with the boy's wrinkled flap of skin. Pinching it in my thumb and finger I slid it backwards trying to skin his soft rubbery peg watching his pink mushroom slip into the open.

"Man, that is so wickedly cool. I love your long foreskin.," I rasped sliding the skin forward over the glistening nub seeing it disappear before once again changing direction.

Julian was watching what I was doing closely and I felt the boy probe between his legs begin to firm up as it bobbed a few times before standing up at attention like an obedient soldier. It was weird how it felt in my hands, his soft penis slowly plumping up and stiffening in my fingers. It was totally different than when I fingered myself and I had to admit Julian's was such a beautiful twelve year old boy cocklet. Personally, I thought it was stunningly perfect on him and managed to add to his statuesque like looks. I had to swallow because Julian truly was strikingly alluring and I could easily find myself falling head over heals for a boy like him. It wasn't just his physical elegance, but also his inner wholesomeness and kindness which made me and others alike feel comfortable and good about ourselves when we were around him. I'm not even sure he knew he had such an affect on others, but he was one of those types of kids who seemed to draw others towards him because of his compassion and gentleness towards others.

My other arm was throbbing and a bit achy, but I ignored it because this was way more enjoyable at the moment. I even pushed the queasiness I was experience to the back of my mind as I released Julian's erection. I saw it bounce around from the blood pulsing inside of his body keeping the boy's sultry four inch flesh tower erect and pointing skywards. Placing my good hand on his stomach I ran it upwards towards his chest enjoying the smooth firmness of his torso feeling the boy tremble because of the sensuous like nature of my touch. Carter and I did this often having discovered the joys of exploring one another's body as my eyes shifted up towards his face noticing the blissful look on the twelve year old boy's features.

He really had a very cute and handsome type of face and I loved how his hair always looked a bit disheveled with the long stringy strands constantly managing to hang partially over his features. The boy had tossed his hair back just a short while ago, but when he had become curious about his pubic hair they had once again tumble over his features making me smile as I now reached up tucking several stray locks behind his ears.

"You are so beautiful," I admitted seeing the boy blush over my compliment while my fingers brushed up along the side of his left cheek making their way down the length of his jawbone.

He had a heart shaped face with a broad jaw line that angled gently towards a chin with the most adorable depression right in the middle. "I love the dimple in your chin…it's…er…well…cute." I whispered softly admiring it while my thumb ran lightly across the smooth hollow for a couple of seconds before I focused on his mouth which made me shiver because it was so invitingly plump and red, ready for suckling.

Glancing up into his eyes I smiled nervously because of the way I was scrutinizing him. I didn't want to freak him out, but his features were relaxed and he seemed to be enjoying the attention as I now ran my thumb across his mouth. He was showing off his typical smirk, which I loved, thinking it was very appealing on him. It forced his thinner upper lips to stretch out smoothly along his features into a sort of 'M' shape while his lower one remained plump and luscious as if just waiting to be plucked and tasted. It made me shiver and without even thinking I cupped my hand along the back of his smooth sleek neck tugging on the boy lightly.

It was subtle, but seemed to do the trick because Julian responded and leaned forward his hair tumbling over his features. I could feel the strands of the boy's hair sliding along the sides of my face tickling me as our lips connected and I could swear I felt a small spark, almost like we had been zapped. The twelve year old boy must have felt it too because he seemed to flinch for a second. I couldn't be sure though because he had admitted a short while ago that he's never really kissed anyone and as my lips suckled his mouth I was giving him a full fledged mouth on mouth erotically sensuous kiss. This wasn't just a friendly kind of kiss but rather sensuous. I've been getting plenty of practice with Carter lately so didn't hold back as I immersed myself into the sumptuous moment.

This kind of kissing was something very different from just two boys having sex because in many ways it was more intimate in an affectionate manner. I could feel Julian stiffen up when I began to kiss him lovingly since it was foreign and something he hasn't done yet in that sort of personal sexual kind of way. His hesitancy quickly dissipated though and I could feel him start to return my kiss with passion and determination. Our mouths were now locked in an artful aesthetic dance as I took it to the next level slipping my tongue inside of his mouth. I heard him grunt in surprise before the sounds shifted into moans of enjoyment as our tongues began to swirl around with our taste buds exploding from the wonderful and unique sensations and flavors. I'm not sure how long we remained that way, kissing one another with a passionate fevered pitch, but when my head began to spin I slowly eased my lips from his mouth and started to gasp for air.

"H-holy fuck," I heard Julian panting for air too with his sticky chest and stomach pressing into the front of my body.

The boy snuggled up closely to my body resting his head on my chest just beneath my chin. The scent of his soft hair wafted up into my nose adding to my dizziness and confusion for a few moments while I tried to calm back down. I could literally feel the heat of his damp body which had been sweating from our snogging session, and I could feel his heart thundering rapidly in his chest.

Almost as if on cue I heard Julian's soft chuckling voice quivering in his throat. "Damn, your heart is racing like a stampede of horses at the Kentucky Derby." He continued to giggle shifting slightly as he glanced up.

I could feel his hard erection vibrating and rubbing up along my lower stomach when he shifted. As I gazed down into Julian's eyes I could see his soft loving adoration for me splayed across his features. It was kind of cute, making me smile because I had made him happy.

The boy returned my smile with an adorable grin of his own before he furled his eyes in thought for a second. "I never knew kissing could be so…so…well…wonderful." He admitted looking a bit confused. "I mean I never knew what all the fuss was about until now. Do you think it will feel the same with a girl?" He asked nervously while I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know. I mean the only other person I've kissed like that is Carter." I admitted and then blushed because it had simply slipped out with Julian's eyes furling in thought while he digested this information.

It only took a few seconds for his expression to change when it finally clicked into place. "H-holy crap…you and Carter. I mean…the two of you…uh…I-I…oh crap, are you two like…um…together?" He asked while I watched several emotions wash over the other boy when he finally began to piece things together. "I mean…like as in boyfriends?" He squeaked out his face lighting up genuinely happy for me before it shifted yet again, concern now etching his features because he began to realize we just had sex together and what that may mean. "Oh shit Pim, please tell me I didn't screw things up because the two of us…uh-uh…you know…had sex together?" He asked genuinely worried now while I shook my head.

"No, you didn't screw anything up, it's not like that." I assured him running my hand up and down his back enjoying the close physical contact of his body pressed up against me.

The long haired boy looked perplexed now. "So, you two aren't like…together then?" He wondered out loud his comment making me frown since it just wasn't that simple.

"Um, no…I mean yes. Oh crap Julian," I chuckled shaking my head. "I mean yeah…I guess we are boyfriends so yeah…together, but it isn't that simple. This just sort of recently happened and it's not like either one of us has had a lot of experience with others you know. I mean Carter's the first boy I've done anything…you know…sexual with. Hell, for that matter he's the only one I've done anything with period; except, of course now you too." I tried to explain and blushing because admitting I've never had sex before was kind of embarrassing since I was already fifteen years old.

"Really?" Julian responded, his reaction not surprising in the least. "I mean you are like fifteen years old and you've never…you know…until just recently…I mean…like with no one?" He wondered aloud making me blush because it was kind of embarrassing.

"Nope," I replied softly shaking my head. "I'm gay Julian and I've known that for a while now so it's not like I can sort of go around hitting on other boys and stuff. I know some of my friends have messed around with each other and stuff, but I never felt comfortable doing that since I was gay and they didn't know about it." I tried to explain.

"Really?" He gasped looking surprised. "You never told any of your other friends?" He posited in disbelief. "But they're like…your friends." He expressed earnestly.

"Yeah I know and until recently I just always thought that's how it should be. I mean I was worried about trying stuff out with my friends because I thought it wasn't fair to them since they didn't know about me, but now I realize I kind of missed out on stuff because of it. Getting bitten by the copperhead and having a bad reaction to the medication sort of made me realize they deserved to know. It's why I had you bring my laptop to the hospital so I could tell them my big secret." I smiled fondly recalling the conversation with my buddies I've known practically my whole life.

"Oh…I see." Julian stared at me intently trying to gauge my mood. "How'd that go?" He asked genuinely worried while I shrugged my shoulders.

"They thought it was about time. I guess they sort of figured it out a few years back, but never said anything thinking it was up to me. I thought it would freak them out and here they knew all along. I'm such a bonehead." I sighed a bit sadly because I had missed out on so much with my friends back home, yet I didn't have anything to be worried about.

"Don't say that." The twelve year old boy admonished. "I mean hell; I don't think I'd have the balls to come out to my friends either if I was gay. That's kind of a scary thing you know. Not many of my friends would understand and I'm sure it would be bad for me in school too. I can take care of myself so I wouldn't be so worried about bullying and all per se, but still something like that could get nasty and I'm sure most of my friends would no longer hang out with me." He wondered out loud more to himself than anything as he sighed and looked at me with a soft smile spreading over his features.

"I'm glad your friends back home didn't give you a hard time over it and accepted you." He added while I grinned puckishly at him.

"Yeah, well I wouldn't say they didn't give me a hard time over it." I snorted and seeing his anxious expression flashed him an even bigger smile. "I mean they accepted it, but they didn't just simply let me slide on it either. If anything they ribbed me big time over it…you know…like they would with anything else. To be honest it was kind of fun because they didn't treat me any differently than any other time. We all sort of tease each other, but not in a mean kind of way or anything. Just…you know…having a bit of fun at each other's expense." I explained

"Oh cool." Julian smiled knowingly. "Sounds like you've got some really cool friends back home." He chuckled.

"Yeah, the best…like you, Carter, and Colt." I answered lightly. "Hey, how would you like to meet them?" I asked with the twelve year old boy looking at me curiously.

"Um…sure, but how…you mean like on skype?" He wondered while I shook my head.

"No, you dolt, like as in come with me, Carter, and Colt when we go to Texas. I mean, I don't see why you couldn't come either if it is alright with your folks. There's plenty of room at my grandparent's cabin, and I also want us to spend some time at my old place. It'd be almost like camping out with all my friends. You know…new and old. You'd get along really well with them and I'm sure Colt would like to have you along too since he's kind of the youngest." I offered up seeing him thinking on it.

"Yeah, I guess it would be fun, but I'd need to try convincing my folks. I don't think it would be too hard though since you, Carter, and Colt are all going together. My dad would be up for it right away, but it would take some convincing for my mom." He added while I shrugged my shoulders.

"No worries, I'm sure once my folks talk to her it will be all good." I nodded convinced it would end up working out.

"Alright, if your parents can convince mine I'm in. I just have one question though." He smiled playfully making me squirrel up my eyes wondering what he was up to now.

"Ummm, alright…what's the question?" I wondered hesitantly.

"Are there any cute girls over there or is it only going to be guys. I mean…I know for you having nothing but guys around is the bees-knees, but I'm a horny boy who is into girls. I mean messing around with guys is good and all up to a point, but meeting a few girls would be nice too you know." He giggled and blushed while I rolled my eyes.

"Geeze Louis, you are such a fucking horn-dog, but yeah, I think we can arrange something for you. After all, some of my friends back in Texas have girlfriends too." I retorted when a thought struck me and I gave the other boy a big roguish grin of my own seeing his eyes flaring open apprehensively when he caught my look.

"Uh oh…what now?" He asked a bit nervously.

"Nothing, I mean my friends having girlfriends just sort of reminded me about something." I giggled seeing his questioning look and when I didn't immediately reply he poked me in the ribs.

"Spill, or else." He pressed making me giggle.

"It's nothing really, just that I think I may know the perfect girl for you. She's the little sister of one of my buddy's girlfriend. She's really cute, but a real pistol and just perfect for you." I added getting a little serious not wanting to freak him out or anything.

"I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 'pistol,' and the look in your eyes is making me nervous. Maybe meeting girls isn't all that important." He retorted warily, quickly changing his mind.

"Suite yourself, but believe me she's very pretty and I think you two would get along really well." I told him seriously watching as he eyed me suspiciously.

The girl I was thinking about was really cute, a lot prettier than her older sister in my opinion. The more I thought on it the more I liked the idea of hooking them up. Boys here age and a year or two older have been chasing after her lately because she really was very pretty. Most just wanted to get up her skirt, but she wasn't that kind of girl. I could tell she was interested in boys and maybe doing stuff with them, but she was also smart and wasn't just going to spread her legs for anyone.

The girl was a spitfire to boot with a quick temper when the boys came calling wanting nothing more than to get a bit naughty with her. One boy had the misfortune of finding out just how irritated she could get when she had agreed to go out with him on a date. The next day he started bragging to all the guys how he had bagged her and it was the best fuck he's ever had. It only lasted until the first break period because she had walked right up to him, sashaying all sexy like and making him smirk lustfully before he suddenly found himself sitting flat on his ass in the grass nursing a very bruised cheek.

She had been so mad at him for spreading those lies that she had walked right up to him and without much effort wiped that egotistical smirk right off his face. She hadn't simply slapped him girlishly, but had put so much force behind it knocking the poor boy right on his butt before promptly informing him that next time she planned on beating the living crap out of him until he went crying to his mommy. Getting knocked on his ass by a girl was bad enough, but getting humiliated in front of everyone knowing perfectly well she was serious left him on the outs with most everyone in school for being such a prick.

I knew if the right boy came along she wouldn't mind getting a bit frisky, but so far none of the boys from back home seemed to pique her interests. Glancing down at Julian I realized the two of them were a perfect match for each other. Both were very popular with their peer group and both were drop dead gorgeous, but it was Julian's easy going nature which would attract her. I instantly knew they'd end up falling head over heels for one another just as soon as they laid eyes on each other and started chatting together. This could become very interesting to watch unfold as my mind began to formulate plans.

"Anyway," Julian sighed sitting up a little and bringing me out of my musings and planning. "You sure I didn't mess things up between you and Carter…you know, with the two of us sort of…er…you know." He wondered, concern etched over his features because he really did like Carter a whole bunch, not to mention Colton, so didn't want to botch up any friendships along the way. "I mean, Colt's like my best friend and it would make things awkward if I screwed things up like that." He added, kind of surprising me that he would consider the eleven year old boy his best friend since he seemed to have a lot of them on base.

"Really…I mean…Colt's your best friend?" I asked watching the long haired boy bite his lower lip and nodding his head.

"Yeah, I can't explain it. I mean, it just feels that way is all and I hate living so far away. He told me the same thing the other day. It's going to suck once school starts because then we will hardly ever see each other." He complained making me feel kind of bad for him as I reached out and pulled him towards me to give the little guy a comforting hug.

We snuggled up like that for several long moments until I suddenly thought about something. "Well, you know there's a bus that drops off some kids from base to my school. Maybe your mom and dad can get you enrolled over here. I mean most kids on base go to the school over there, but there's nothing that really says you have to go to that school. There might be some rules regarding going to the schools in a certain district where you live, but there are always ways around it. If not the public one over here maybe you can make it into the private one I go to. My dad's got some pull there now in making decisions as to scholarships and all." I suggested as I ran my hand up and down his smooth back feeling the boy shivering in my arms with his erection poking me in my stomach indicating he was still boned up and reminding me that perhaps it was time to milk him yet again.

While the younger boy mulled over my suggestion I couldn't help but admire his silken warm skin as I ran my hand downwards towards his cute perky rounded orbs. "Damn, you've got such a sexy hot body for a twelve year old boy." I sighed shivering as I dipped my fingers along the cleft of his fissure.

Even Julian moaned and quivered excitedly his stiff spicy jalapeno vibrating expectantly against my stomach. To my surprise the boy hitched up his hips slightly giving me even more access with his crescent moons spreading open slightly. I hadn't expected him to be so receptive of my probing curiosity, but I was beginning to discover just how much more open he was about the whole sex thing than I ever was at his age. He had mentioned wanting to do more things sexually, but really couldn't with Colt since the other boy wasn't ready for it yet.

Julian's body twitched when I ran my middle finger across the rim of his grommet, the tight brown puckered eyelet contracting making my own penis lurch excitedly. There was something erotically sensuous about touching another person in such an under utilized erogenous region. Ever since both Carter and I have begun exploring one another like this I've discovered there wasn't anything nasty about it. There's more of a pungent odor, but the two of us were very careful about keeping ourselves clean when we knew we were going to mess around. Even if we started something unexpectedly it was never really dirty or anything and actually very stimulating.

I could tell Julian had taken a bath earlier before coming over and fairly sure he was clean down there so I continued to probe him feeling my fingers sliding over the dampness of his nether region. "Mmmmm, that feels so good," the boy crooned rocking his hips slightly as if begging my finger for more. "Gawd, that feels way better than when I mess with myself back there." He gasped breathlessly, the admission surprising me, but I didn't have time to think on it further because he distracted me. "A-are you sure this is alright…you know…Carter." He moaned because my finger pressed lightly against his puckered opening. "Oh shit." He shivered, but somehow managed to lift his head looking into my eyes the conflicted emotions plain to see.

The boy wanted to continue, but he was worried about doing anything more sexual now that he knew Carter and I were something of an item together. "It'll be fine." I promised leaning forward and pressing my lips against the boy's warm mouth feeling him resist momentarily before returning my passionate kiss with fervor until we both separated gasping for air.

"Damn, kissing makes everything so much better." He admitted while I scrunched up my eyes questioningly.

"You and Colt really don't kiss?" I wondered even though he had said sex between him and the other boy always seemed to feel rushed as I watched him shaking his head. "But I know Colton likes to kiss and snuggle." I countered feeling the younger boy shivering because I was still teasing his balloon knot with my finger.

"I-I know…it's just he gets excited about us jacking off and stuff." He exhaled softy, leaning back slightly so he could look at me but not enough to affect what I was doing to him with my finger.

"Well, maybe you should just take the initiative and start kissing him. It could help with the two of you maybe doing other things together and at the very least manage to slow it down for the two of you so you can begin to enjoy being together." I offered pulling him towards me so I could kiss him again, feeling the younger boy melting against me because the sexual foreplay was becoming intense just the way he's been wanting.

For a boy whose never kissed before he was doing a bang up job because I could feel myself getting lost in the sensuous moment. Kissing Carter was absolutely way more intense because there was a closer connection between the two of us, but kissing the twelve year old boy was very erotically stimulating as well. I'm not sure how long we kissed, but the entire time I continued to stimulate his tight little iris. I began to contemplate shifting my focus to his erection, but he seemed to be enjoying it too much so for now continued to tease his organic aperture feeling it wink against my finger.

After another few minutes of intense snogging, which I was really enjoying, I felt the other boy ease away from our passionate but tender kiss separating and allowing us both to wheeze for much needed oxygen. "Oh gawd this feels so damn good Pim, please put your finger inside of me." He begged once again surprising me.

"What!" I squeaked shaking my head thinking it a bad idea because if I wasn't careful it could hurt him some.

"Please, I do it all the time, but this is different, it feels…better," he moaned with his eyes closing enjoying what I was doing to him, but his comment catching me off guard.

I paused with what I was doing and the long haired boy opened his eyes, his green blue orbs dancing around excitedly yet somehow managing to focus on me. "A-are you sure Julian. I mean…sticking my finger inside of you…I don't know." I admitted a little hesitantly. "Have you really been doing that sort of thing…you know…fingering yourself?" I wondered because I thought it was strange he'd be doing that sort of thing already when something like this hadn't even begun to register for me until recently.

"Yeah…sure. I-I've sort of been messing around like that for a while now. I mean at first I just sort of jacked off and stuff, but then kind of became curious about other things I've heard about so…well…er…it just sort of happened one time and it felt kind of nice." He admitted, a small nervous grin spreading over his features. "Please Pim, this is feeling really nice and it's the first time I've really gotten a chance to try new things with someone else." He sighed, his eyes softening in a pleading kind of look making me shake my head and smile at the younger boy amazed by how advanced he seemed with this whole sex stuff. Way more advanced than I ever was at his age not to mention even most of my other friends.

Without a word I lifted my hand up to my lips, the pungent scent of his butt still lingering on a couple of my fingers. The fragrance was very potent, but in a very familiar way. It didn't smell bad or anything, but it was from his butt so there was an odor as I slipped my middle finger inside my mouth getting it good and wet. Even the taste wasn't bad and I was used to the heady nature of it since I've been rimming Carter's bung hole now as well. If anything I enjoyed how it smelled and tasted which at first I thought was weird, but then again I loved everything about my sexy thirteen year old boyfriend. So not minding Julian's odor and flavor didn't even remotely surprise me as I now reached down and began running my wet finger around the younger boy's brown wrinkled eye.

The long haired boy's body shivered excitedly and his head slumped forward slightly, the long sandy blond tresses tumbling forward. I heard him moaning and enjoying the slippery like sensation that was knocking on his back door. At the moment it was locked up tightly and he seemed to notice because I felt him relax before he grunted slightly when the tip of my finger slipped inside of him to the first knuckle. It kind of surprised me just how easily it slid in. He was taut back there; way tighter than even Carter, yet his eyelet seemed to wink at my finger before sucking it up inside of him.

The boy's grommet contracted and vibrated firmly around my finger, but didn't resist the intrusion even allowing me to insert it deeper until I reached the second knuckle. I could tell it could easily gobble up the entire length of my digit despite the firmness of his enclosure, but since I was reaching around him I didn't have any more room to work with so began to reverse direction. I could feel the boy's moist sultry opening clamping down around my finger trying to prevent its departure, the friction making Julian moan and shiver eagerly because it felt really good as I reached the tip of my finger before plunging it again inside of him.

This seemed to excite the twelve year old boy and he began to gyrate his hips keeping in time with my finger fucking thrusting motions. The little shit was really getting into it making me giggle at the idea of just how much a slut he was turning out to be. My thoughts about it wasn't in a bad way, but rather I felt it amusing just how sexually open and worldly he seemed to be for a twelve year old boy. He was leaps and bounds ahead of things at this stage in life than I ever had been at his age, maybe even more so than I was even as a fifteen year old boy. I certainly knew his only real sexual interaction was limited to Colton so far, and of course the incident with me just a little while ago, but despite his limited experience he still came across as very advanced sexually in regards to knowledge and understanding of what it was all about.

Since he seemed to enjoy it I began to experiment rotating my finger around and rocking it from side to side. Every time I did something different he would 'coo' appreciatively his cute sexy noises a real turn on making it a lot of fun for me as well. The boy was simply amazing and some day when the right person came along he'd make them very happy indeed. Every move I made he shifted making subtle adjustments keeping his body rotating and gyrating in harmony and eeking out every bit of enjoyment. I would have probably climaxed long ago, another thing that seemed to impress me about the boy. We continued for a couple of minutes before I slowly eased my finger out of him feeling the blonde boy quiver and moan in slight disappointed.

He lifted up his head questioningly, but I wasn't finished and had more in mind so gave him a gentle tug urging him to lift up on to his knees while I scooted downwards. Julian played along lifting up off my stomach and straightening up on his knees while I now ogled his dangling ornaments. They hung slackly between his legs, which was unusual on him since like me his purse tended to hug protectively up against his body balling up snuggly below the base of his penis.

His sex scent washed over my consciousness making me dizzy for a second as I continued to study his voluptuously shapely ample sized bell and clappers that were swaying slightly from side to side just above my nose a few inches away. His cherry sized testicles hung low inside their soft suede skin armor with the left one hanging slightly lower than the right. I've seen the same thing on a few of my other friends when puberty took hold so I didn't find it to be unusual or odd.

His twelve year old four inch barb thrust straight up as an arrow lining up closely to his pubic mound with about an inch of his fleshy foreskin curving slightly past the tip of his bell end. My eyes widened when his penis pulsed and expanded, the crown of his penis sliding slightly upwards along the length of his foreskin while his two spongy truffles rolled upwards from the contraction before once again settling downwards.

Unable to resist the temptation I leaned forward and slurped up his left nut which sagged lower than the right one hearing Julian gasp. His erection pulsed again and I could feel his little marble squirming around in my mouth as it tried to slip free while the right one rolled upwards along the right corner of my mouth and cheek. I continued to slurp on his left nugget hearing the younger boy begin to moan. After rolling it around along my tongue I spread open my lips and took in the second one with both boulders, and their fleshy purse of skin, now filling up most of the empty space in my mouth. I took advantage of the rare opportunity his soft bag provided, since it was usually tight, rolling around his nuggets in their slack casing. Even Julian enjoyed the playful nature of his giggle berries bouncing around so freely.

"Mmmmm," I mumbled around the plump organ enjoying the way he tasted feeling Julian responding to the sensations I was sending coursing through his young body.

Glancing upwards I saw his erection pulsing and contracting as it bobbed and weaved around just above my nose. Even his testicles were squirming around inside of my mouth while his chest and stomach were heaving as he huffed for air. I could tell this was intense realizing this was probably the first time anyone's ever sucked off his balls. I knew from my experience with Carter just how wonderful it felt with someone else's warm damp mouth licking and suckling on my privates.

"Oh-oh shit," the younger boy cursed with his voice squeaking while his body trembled before sighing in disappointment when I let his two clappers slip free using my tongue to shove them past my lips. "N-no…don't s-stop now…s-shit." He croaked whimpering cutely making me smirk rebelliously while I licked my middle finger again before leaning in and running my tongue along the seam of his perineum, the line between his scrotum and rose bud. "Oooh," he peeped in disbelief, reaching out his hands to grab the backboard of my bed for stability as he leaned forward some allowing me more access.

He was still straddling me while I dipped my head towards the pungent odor of his backdoor licking along the seam of his perineum. I could feel the heat of his dangling fleshy avocado rubbing up along the bridge of my nose and eyes sending shivers of excitement through both of us. Flicking out my tongue I managed to lick around his rim getting it nice and wet before once again retreating. I slathered my damp lips along the line finding his ornaments giving them a slight nibble while I reached between his legs from below inserting my middle finger between the wet fissure. Finding his puckered grommet I fingered it for a moment or two waiting for the boy to relax before inserting my finger inside of him a second time. Since I was approaching it from a different angle my middle finger plunged deep inside of him until it bottomed out.

The long haired boy moaned excitedly, his sweltering furrowed opening sucking up the entire length of my digit. It amazed me how something so tight yielded easily to the invasion as I began to focus once again on manipulating my fingers around inside of him. I wiggled it about, hearing the moans of pleasure from the younger boy making me smirk knowingly because Carter and I have been enjoying the same sensations lately. I understood how the twelve year old boy was feeling with the finger sending ripples of pleasure from deep down inside of him.

Reversing directions I began to pull my finger back stopping just before the point where it would slip out of him. My mouth also continued to work on him as I leaned forward running my tongue and lips along the base of his shaft. With his erection forcing his penis to stand straight up I didn't have the right angle to give him a blowjob so focused on suckling around the base of his primed spigot twisting my head to the side. I could see his raphe, the same line that started at his rosebud before connecting to his fleshy bag with it continuing upwards splitting his pouch in two and making its way along the bottom of his skin flute all the way to the tip of his puckered foreskin. It was one continuous line, but the section running the length of the bottom part of his penis was called the raphe. I'm not sure why they had a different name for the same line at the various different points, but at the moment it didn't really matter because I was focused on pleasuring the younger boy in a way he had only dreamed about until now.

Adjusting the angle of my finger I pressed it up against the inside lining of his wall and worked my way upwards looking for that small little sponge like knob. Both Carter and I had discovered this magic button very quickly during our pleasurable moments together becoming masters at sending each other over the top by rubbing up against it. We discovered by applying pressure to the front wall of the colon and working our way up about two inches we would bump up against the prostrate. By manipulating our fingers and massaging this erogenous zone we inevitably sent one another into a fevered pitch, our orgasms blasting its way through our bodies in a very explosive fashion.

Easing my finger along the wall of his colon I found that little magic spot by the time I reached my second knuckle. When I bumped up against the walnut sized spongy prostate I quickly wiggled my finger getting a yelp of shock out of the younger boy that made him lurch forward up against the backboard of my bed. I could hear the thumping of his chest against my backboard as it slammed against my bedroom wall. If it hadn't been butted right up against the wall of my room he would have probably tumbled right over the edge because the intense sensations had caught him by complete surprise.

"Uuuumph," I heard the younger boy grunt just as his body slammed into my headboard noticing his marbles constricting tightly inside their loose pouch while his erection pulsed sending his crown upwards along the sleeve of his puckered foreskin.

"H-holy sh-shit." He grunted, quickly reaching back and tugging on my hand forcing me to stop what I was doing. "Fuck-fuck-fuck, stop," he moaned rasping for air. "Wh-what just h-happened," he stuttered spastically, his entire body still quivering forcing him to tamp back what surely was an impending orgasm.

Glancing upwards I grinned knowingly noticing his entire body sparkling in a fine sheen of glistening sweat that was soaking through his pores from the sheer intensity. "What, don't you like it?" I teased, the boy still trying to recuperate while shaking his head.

"What…no…I mean yes." He tried to push away his confusion. "Yes," he added inhaling deeply and glancing down at me his penis still twitching while his cherry sized testicles began to slowly settle back down. "It's just I-I," he sighed, shaking his head again. "I just want to take things slow Pim…you know. I mean, I want to enjoy this a little before…er…before…uh…you know…getting off." He admitted biting his lower lip while I nodded understanding what he was after since he had confided things always felt rushed between him and Colton.

Smiling I nodded my head and once again began to pump my finger back and forth inside of him, careful to avoid his walnut sized button for now seeing the boy's eyes fluttering as the sensations began to build up inside of him again. With only one hand in usable working order I was still at a disadvantage and unable to do anything about giving him a proper blowjob. Glancing upwards I could tell Julian was starting to zone out as he got into the intensity of the moment.

"Julian I can't use my left hand so you need to push your pecker downwards for me." I told the boy hoping he wasn't too far gone yet smiling when I saw him reaching between his legs with his right hand forcing his erection towards my lips.

I could see his rigid penis straining against the forced position so without waiting I slipped it inside my mouth while I looked upwards and nearly busted up laughing because his eyes suddenly snapped open in wide eyed astonishment. "H-holy shit," he squeaked making me wonder if those were the only words he knew how to use anymore. "Oh-oh gawd, what the fuck," I heard him grunting while I stifled my chuckles because evidently he did know more words than simply 'holy shit.'

The twelve year old boy glanced down at me totally mesmerized by my lips suckling up along the length of his shaft, foreskin and all. He was stunned motionless for a moment or two until he seemed to snap out of it. He was still holding on to the base of his erection so using his finger and thumb he began to ease his foreskin backwards allowing my lips and tongue to work on his exposed nozzle and shaft.

"Mmmmmm." He crooned enjoying the sensations of his very first blowjob as I began to work his bore tool in earnest.

My mouth and tongue slathered, swirled, and suckled along the sensitive length and girth of his four inch erection, but nothing seemed to work as he began to rock and gyrate his hips getting into the rhythm of things. Unlike me he seemed to have a lot more staying power as he really got into things now, face fucking me in earnest while I continued to finger fuck him. There was a lot of fucking of one form another happening between the two of us with the boy grunting and squeaking in pleasurable delight. We remained at it for several long minutes, the younger boy simply amazing me because of the way he was able to hold off his explosive orgasm. If things were reversed I would have creamed inside of his mouth long ago, but he was working my lips for all he was worth.

My mouth and tongue was actually getting tired and I'm sure I could have continued on for a smidge longer, but I was beginning to feel worn out with my left arm starting to throb while I felt a bit nauseous. I knew it wasn't because of what we were doing together, but rather because I was still feeling the effects of the snake bite and medications. At this point I realized I had most likely overdone things and should probably stop what I was doing, but I didn't want to leave Julian only half finished. I could tell he was really into it and all, but it was time to make things move along so without warning I shifted my finger and began to massage his prostrate.

The orgasmic pressure had been slowly building inside of the twelve year old boy so he immediately exploded when my finger bumped up against that walnut sized sponge catching him by surprise yet again. "Fuuuuuuuuu, uuuuumph, uuumph, uuumph," He chirped and grunted his penis fattening up and spitting out one droplet of cum while I felt his iris clamping down tightly around my offending digit holding it in place.

His penis contracted several more times, but sadly nothing else spilled out of his depleted oval shaped receptacles. At this relative undeveloped stage he wasn't replenishing his supply very rapidly, but the immature meager droplet was delicate sweetness on my palate as I rolled my tongue around enjoying the tastiness of his offering. Somehow, tapping this innocent wholesomeness directly from the source made it even more special.

Julian was still shoveling the length of his erection between my lips giving me a proper face fucking. His sexy four inch skinned flesh flute was sliding around inside my mouth as he continued to pump his hips and I could feel the younger boy's body jolting and bucking like some wild animal in rutting season. His orgasm was intense, rocking him to the very core with his penis pulsating in rapid successions inside my mouth, the spastic contractions making him grunt gutturally while his testicles bounced around along my chin and the side of my face. Even though he was wearing me out I enjoyed the sensation of the twelve year old boy going through his orgasmic climax because I liked the idea of pleasuring someone I cared about.

With one final heave the younger boy shoved his erection deep into the back of my throat making me gag slightly before he slumped down on top of me his body gasping and heaving for air. To my astonishment and delight Julian's penis was still rock hard despite the intensity of his orgasm. I continued to suckle on his hardness hearing the younger boy moaning in protest.

"S-stop…p-p-please…Pim…I-I…s-stop," he whined reaching down but unable to do anything because he was totally spent with his body wilted on top of me while his rigid flesh tower remained buried inside my mouth.

His soft plea wiggled its way into my thoughts and with a bit of effort I managed to let his erection slip from between my lips. Despite feeling a bit queasy and disoriented I somehow managed to wiggle myself back into a propped up sitting position allowing the young boy to cuddle his sweaty body up against me while he recuperated. Closing my eyes I tried to control the nausea I was experiencing, and the renewed pounding ache in my arm which had increased ten fold, by taking slow steady breathes. It seemed to help for now while the two of us remained that way for several long moments until Julian slowly began to stir in my arms.

"Man, I never knew getting a blow job could feel that intense or be so exhausting. I can't believe you actually fingered and sucked me off. That was the best orgasm ever…and it didn't feel rushed either…thanks Pim." The younger boy sighed slowly easing himself into a sitting position still straddling his legs across my hips. "I'm feeling a bit fuzzy and wobbly, but I think I can manage to return the favor since it's your turn now." I heard the boy chuckling with his features swimming in front of my eyes.

Things were a bit hazy though and I really wasn't feeling all that good. "Maybe later," I managed to croak out getting the other boy's attention.

"Pim? Oh shit…Pim…hey Pim look at me." I heard the boy as I forced myself to look at the younger boy managing to focus on his gentle soft features.

"Damn, you are so beautiful," I tried to smile at him reassuringly, but could tell he was truly worried right now.

The younger boy quickly scrambled off of me and snatched up some water and my medication holding up the bottle of fluids to my lips first. "Oh shit Pim, I'm really sorry I should have asked how you were doing, but I got totally lost in-in…," he didn't finish trailing off as I gulped down some water. "Whoa, slow Pim…not too fast." He cautioned too late because I began to choke and cough. It took me a few seconds to clear out my throat. "Here, take these." The boy offered up reading the label on the medication bottle first before handing me some of the pills that was for my nausea and pain.

Swallowing the medication I watched while the naked boy walked over to the tubs of water grabbing up one of the hand towels and dunking it inside before wringing it out. He quickly returned and placed it along my forehead, the coolness of the rag feeling nice along my sweaty brow. He looked so damn cute and I couldn't help smiling at him while he tended to me. Lifting the damp rag off my brow he began to dab it tenderly all around my face effectively wiping away my perspiration. I was already starting to feel better by the time he made his way back over to the wash basin for a second time rinsing the rag and wringing it out before returning back to me.

Smiling down tenderly at me he started to wash down my arms and body getting me cleaned up since I had worked up a sweat during our sexual play. He made several trips back and forth not even hesitating when it came time to clean between my legs. My own erection had long since disappeared while I noticed his was just now slowly deflating. He looked a bit disappointed about my flaccid state, but didn't say anything with his fingers delicately moving around my boy bits while he got me all cleaned up down there.

The boy was still at half mast, and unable to resist, I reached out and fingered his fleshy vine. "You are so beautiful," I whispered smiling at him shyly and seeing the boy blushing at my compliment.

His penis pulsed and began to harden again in my fingers so I slowly skinned his long puckered skin over his reddened acorn. There was something special when a boy's bejeweled crown slipped into view from its taut scabbard. It was odd watching in anticipation as the tight skin suddenly gave way to a wet juicy plum. In a way it always seemed to surprise me how a boy's skin covered bell end didn't seem so plump until it suddenly popped loose from its tight casing promptly fattening up and glistening wetly.

Feeling a bit weak my fingers began to shake so I released him and sighed dejectedly. "Sorry Julian," I apologized sadly because he seemed disappointed in not being able to play around some with me now.

I could tell he had been looking forward to doing the same thing to me and without me explaining further he seemed to read my mind as he shook his head. "N-no Pim. Don't feel bad about it. Like you said we can do more stuff later, when you aren't feeling so sick." He told me sincerely. "Besides, I should have realized this was probably too much for you so soon." He added sighing as well before standing up. "Anyway, I better get this stuff cleared up and then take a shower too since I'm feeling a bit raunchy with all the sexing. After all, you managed to give me one hell of a workout." He smirked naughtily before starting to gather up things making several trips to the bathroom so he could dump out the tubs of water.

On his third trip he stooped over collecting up his clothes, his adorable naked butt pointing right at me making me chuckle and shake my head. "Damn, that is so damn sexy hot. Next time I will need to give it a proper fucking with something a bit meatier." I teased, the younger boy immediately standing up and turning his butt away from me with his cheeks turning crimson while he glanced over at my nakedness.

His eyes lit up on my thick flaccid tube and he began to shake his head. "Oh hell no…not with that fat sausage. Your finger is one thing, but that…that…um…well that fat cock of yours…uh…no way." He stated emphatically ripping his gaze away from my stout tuber and looking me straight in the eyes with his own glittering green blue orbs dancing around mirthfully as he began to giggle and shake his head.

We both stared at each other for a couple of seconds before his chuckles turned into an outright belly laugh. "Shit dude, for real," he continued to crack up making his way over to my bed and sitting down on the mattress. "I can't believe you are still perving on me in your state. You look half dead." He teased shaking his head.

"What…me perving on you? I mean, you are the one still walking around with a hard-on after busting your nut." I teased back, giving his four inch firm boy probe a teasing grope while he flinched and began laughing again at the playful banter between the two of us.

"Yeah, well I can't help it because you are so fucking sexy hot and every time I look at you it reminds me of the best orgasm I've ever had." He sighed admittedly, his laughter slowly dying down as he got a bit more serious. "But for real Pim…you going to be alright while I take a shower?" He asked while I nodded.

"Yeah, and I really am sorry about kind of ruining things." I told him earnestly.

"Well, maybe later if you feel up to it." He reiterated hesitating for a moment before leaning down and giving me a very loving and sensuous kiss that seemed to linger for several long moments. Just when I started to get dizzy he slowly pulled away and got up heading towards the bathroom and a much anticipated shower to wash away the funk of sex that had built up on his body.

Now that I was alone my thoughts began to wander over what just happened between the two of us. In the past there would have been regrets of one form or another. I wasn't even concerned about what Carter would think knowing he would be happy for me just like I was thrilled for him to have a bit of fun with Mason. I loved Carter dearly, but Julian had been here to give me something I needed. It wasn't just the sexual release of pent up energy that had been building up inside of me for days now since I hadn't been in the mood to get off as usual, but also the sense of real life experiences. Having sex with someone was a big deal, and a wonderful experience to boot, but with Julian it allowed me to understand what I've been missing out on while also confirming just how much I truly was in love with Carter.

Julian was a lost opportunity that had somehow managed to come back into my life as a second chance and I didn't regret it one bit. Life was too short for regrets, so instead I had embraced it allowing the younger boy to let me recapture a bit of what I had been missing out on. There was no need to feel guilty about discovering life's pleasures; especially, not for a boy who was at the prime of adolescence. It was purely a natural progression of growth; a time in our lives for discovering who we are as we matured both physically and emotionally as I now smiled wondering what may be in store for me once the boy finishes up with his shower. We had both agreed that after I was rested then maybe later we might be able to have a bit of more fun together as I settled back closing my eyes to recuperate and smirked. 'No more lost opportunities,' I thought to myself with images of Julian's sexy body forming in my fantasies.

Later never materialized though because while Julian took a shower I had dozed off for a bit waking up feeling much better just when my mom came back home. Maybe it was a good thing because it could have been an easy enough thing for my mom to arrive right during the time we were getting naughty and catching us in bed together in a very compromising situation. That would have been totally humiliating.

A short while after mom showed up Colton finally came by looking all spruced up with a new haircut. His mom had decided it was time for a bit of a trim since it was starting to get too long on him. After that they went shopping for new school clothes along with some new outfits for the trip over to Texas. I was sure a trip to the barber and clothes shopping were waiting for Carter as well once he got home from his biking competition.

When Colton and his mom got back home the eleven year old boy had jumped in the shower for a quick bath before heading straight over. To my surprise I had been missing Colt's presence, finding comfort as he cuddled up in bed with me. Julian hung around for the rest of the day as the three of us watched some television and played some video games. Around dinner time his mom came over and picked him up taking him home.

Instead of going home like Julian, the eleven year old boy decided to spend the night. I could tell my mom was a bit hesitant about it and at first I thought it was because of the age difference, but then realized most of it was due to the recent revelations confirming I was gay. Of course the hesitancy had only lasted briefly, but it still upset me knowing how my mom had reacted to the situation. I didn't say anything to her about it, hiding my disappointment as I began to realize this is how it was probably going to be from now on.

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