Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 19

Growing Pains

Pain and more nausea accompanied the morning hours when I slowly woke up and immediately tried to throw up. I was feeling awful with the nurse assuring me I'd start to feel a little better here real soon administering some more medication for me. She was the same one who had helped the others strip me out of my clothes yesterday and slip the hospital gown over my body. Now when she pulled down my gown and the blanket just beneath my stomach exposing part of my pubic hairs the memory of her seeing me naked made me blush a bit embarrassed. At least I wasn't boned up, the small rounded mound just beneath the blanket hinting at my endowment. I was feeling too sick for that sort of thing as I watched her work feeling a bit week and tired while the nurse checked over some of the bruising on my body along with my vitals.

My body was glistening with sweat and I could feel the beads forming on my brow. The nurse noticed and smiled softly at me disappearing into my bathroom for a moment. I heard the water running and a minute or so later she returned with a small plastic pan in her hands. Pulling one of those trays on wheels over, she set the pan of water on top and squeezed out a rag before gently wiping it along my face. It felt wonderful and soothing and before I knew it she had given me a sponge bath being mindful not to expose anything that would embarrass me; although, she winked knowingly making me blush.

"See, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" She chuckled dropping the damp rag into the plastic pan while I shrugged. "Feeling better?" She wondered just for conversation while I nodded.

"Yeah, thanks." I sighed noticing that indeed I was feeling much better now that the meds were kicking in and I was cleaned up a bit.

"Alright, let's get you presentable here." She added reaching down and slipping the gown back into place. "After all you don't want to be flashing any of my nurses. You are just too handsome and it is likely to get them all worked up forcing them to get a bit naughty with you. They'd be a total wreck the rest of the day and completely useless." She teased while I gaped at her in stunned disbelief at the way she was talking, but she just laughed, the sound somehow lightening my mood.

Reaching over she placed her hand under my chin forcing my mouth shut making me blush again by my reaction as she patted my cheek affectionately. "Don't look so shocked." She continued to smile and chuckle. "I've got two sons of my own so know what goes on in a teenaged boy's mind." She teased lightheartedly. "Just don't tell the doctor or I'm likely to get fired." She winked at me while I instinctively knew that was unlikely since good nurses were hard to come by and the way she was behaving with me was obviously just the way she was in general.

"N-no ma'am." I responded back flashing her one of my own smiles.

The nurse smiled at me and sighed shaking her head. "If only my kids were so polite like you young man. Are you always like this or are you just flirting." She teased making me actually chuckle now.

"It depends." I grinned back sheepishly. "Mom's been trying to gentrify me for years now and every once in a while it takes hold. That is…when it suits me." I teased back making her laugh whole heartedly while she reached over grabbing up the plastic pale.

"So, you really are flirting with me, an old woman old enough to be your mother." She taunted while I shrugged.

"You aren't old and besides, you are very pretty. You are nice too so if your kids don't behave send them my way and I will teach them what's what." I teased back a bit seriously though because the nurse really was a very nice lady and seemed to know what to say making her patients feel better.

My comments did seem to make the nurse beam happily though and she leaned over patting my cheek affectionately. "You just made my day young Pim, if not my year. You really are a sweet boy." She let me know sincerely making her way to the bathroom putting the plastic pan away and then left saying she'd be back to check up on me in a bit.

It's amazing how something as simple as a sponge bath and a light conversation could help improve the way someone felt when they were sick. I had been sweating all night and even though it wasn't a shower, the sponge bath had done wonders with how I felt not to mention her teasing banter improving my demeanor. My arm still throbbed in pain something fiercely, my body ached, and my stomach was queasy the churning and squirming making me feel unsettled, but despite it all I somehow felt a bit more steady and invigorated as my thoughts shifted to Carter.

A small puckish grin split my features wondering if he was getting any action. Normally thinking about Carter this way would have me all boned up and ready for action, but even though the thought of him and Mason having a bit of fun in bed was intriguing I still wasn't feeling up to snuff. The door to my room abruptly opening up distracted my thoughts. It was Colton and I watched him dart towards the bed before scrambling up and cuddling right up to me not even hesitating to scoot under the covers managing to knee me yet again in the nards.

It made me wince in pain, but it quickly disappeared because he leaned in giving me such a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Love you," he sniffled, hugging me tightly.

It even helped with my throbbing arm and nausea; all my aches disappearing with my chest constricting while I tried to hold back my own tears because I truly loved him too. It was comforting to feel his warmth snuggled up next to me and I could care less if someone saw it. Leaning over I kissed his brow lovingly and inhaled deeply, his soft scent making my eyes flutter when I leaned back into my pillows.

"I love you too buddy." I whispered back quietly enjoying the tenderness of the moment for a minute or two.

"Where's everyone else?" I wondered after a bit feeling him shrug.

"Julian said you wanted your laptop…something about chatting with your friends over in Texas so we came with your folks. My parents will drop by later. They said something about not having too many people all at once to crowd you." He explained answering a part of my question.

"Alright, so where'd the others get off to?" I was still wondering feeling Colton squirming around a little now.

"Uh…well when we pulled into the parking lot we got stuck behind a couple of old fogies, and…um…I was so worried about you that I hopped out telling your parents I'll meet them inside." He replied making me roll my eyes knowing my folks would be a tad put out at him simply taking off like that and I was about to tell him as much when my door opened up yet again.

It was Julian carrying my laptop with my folks right on his heels. "Dude, that was like so un-cool." The twelve year old boy admonished while my parents looked over at Colton with a stern look.

"I-I couldn't help it. I was so worried about Pim." I heard him reply, the boy clutching me closer not really afraid of my folks, but more out of concern for me. "Am I in trouble?" He wondered softly while my parents' faces relaxed a bit because they could see the younger boy literally latched on to me at the hip.

"No," my dad sighed with my mom coming over giving me a kiss before leaning over and giving one to Colton as well.

"No sweetie," my mom smiled softly at the little imp brushing her fingers through his hair. "You do need to be more careful though. Even though we were in the parking lot you could have still gotten hit by a car or even gotten lost or hurt in the hospital. There are a lot of strangers around and we wouldn't want anyone to steal our favorite little cowpoke now would we?" She teased poking her fingers under the boy's armpits and tickling him which made Colton jolt and jostle me around.

It was too much movement and I immediately hurled, but thank goodness I still hadn't eaten yet so nothing came out. Still, it amplified the pain I was experiencing and made me feel even more nauseous. My fingers clutched at the blanket and I tried to hold still while everything around me started to settle down yet again. Slowly, my world stopped spinning around and I opened up my eyes again seeing everyone gathered around with concern etched over their features.

"Sorry sweetie," my mom's features swam in front of me while I tried to give her a reassuring smile.

I was sweating again with the pain slowly subsiding some until it became manageable. I could feel Colton's warm body pressed up next to me with his face nuzzled up in the crook of my neck while his small hand slowly ran back and forth over my chest soothingly.

"Maybe you shouldn't crowd him Colt?" The twelve year old boy suggested, Colton instantly holding on even tighter and my parents concurring nodding their heads.

"It's alright," I exhaled softly feeling much better already. "To be honest it kind of helps having him close like this." I assured my folks everyone relaxing some and starting to chat a bit about nothing much in particular, but just basically passing the time.

Not long after my parents showed up breakfast arrived, but I mostly picked at it not very hungry. Still, I managed to get a little of the food down at my mom's insistence. Every once in a while the nurses came in to check up on me and then the doctor showed up giving me the once over nodding his head. He informed my parents that it was typical for a copperhead snake bite victim to be in pain and feel nauseous for a couple of days or even a week or two. Everyone was different, but despite it he felt I'd be able to go home later on this afternoon. They would monitor me for a bit longer and if I didn't get any worse they would let me go home to recover.

This was good news actually and when noon rolled around my folks took the boys with them to go grab some lunch and then take them home saying they'd be back in an hour or two. After nibbling some more on my lunch I reached over for my laptop and opened it up connecting to the hospital's WiFi system. I had asked Julian if he could phone up one of my buddies back in Texas to let them know what was going on. Evidently when my mom had called up my grandparents yesterday all of my friends were over there. It made me remember the weird dream I had while I was supposedly dead. I didn't know if the experience had been real or not, but life really was strange I suppose.

Logging on to skype I noticed Stevie was currently on so I clicked on video chat and smiled when I saw all of my friends on the other end. They were worried sick over me and after a few tense moments of explanation we all settled in and it became the usual fare of teasing and taunting one another. They were happy to see I was doing better, but of course mentioned a time or two I looked like shit That always elicited another response from one of my other friends commenting how that wasn't unusual for me since I looked like shit most of the time.

It was good to chat with them and the time flew by quickly making me forget for a little while all about how awful I was feeling. The conversations revolved around the typical raunchy teenaged boy stuff. Of course this included all sorts of things, but mostly about sex in a roundabout kind of fashion. The raunchier it got the more I had to laugh making me wince in pain. At one point things got a little quiet and I smiled nervously at my buddies on the other end trying to find the courage for what I had promised myself to finally do. They were my closest friends and after my recent life and death situation I felt compelled to finally confront some of my fears.

The experience of almost dying had given me a different perspective on life. I was more emboldened than ever before feeling the need to embrace life to the fullest, but this was still something very private and personal. Coming out to my friends was a huge step for me and very nerve-racking despite my new outlook on life in general. Gathering up my courage I finally blurted it out with my comment coming out of nowhere leaving everyone speechless for several long moments.

"I'm gay." I stated simply with everything getting quiet for the longest of times making me start to feel really sick on the inside about it now.

It was my friend Stevie who finally broke the silence and I watched him shrug his shoulders. "Well it's about time you moron." He replied in a straight forward manner catching me by surprise and leaving me a bit confused because I wasn't expecting that sort of simplistic response; especially, not from the youngest in our group.

"Yeah, we were wondering when you were finally going to say something." Another one of my friends piped up.

"W-what…how…I mean…," I tried to make sense of it all, my medication not helping much because it was hard to think.

There was another pause so Stevie spoke out again. "Geeze dude, we've known each other for like…forever, so of course we knew. We sort of figured it out a couple of years ago and talked about it wondering when you would finally say something to us."

"So who's the lucky boy?" Another one of my friends spoke up now. "I bet its Carter. He's cute and I bet totally hot in the sack." He teased getting a few playful punches in the arm by my other friends for pressing the issue when that sort of thing should be private, but they were all still smiling knowingly.

At one point or other I knew my friends had all messed around sexually with each other. We were all close friends and well, once puberty set in it was difficult to resist some sexual urges at times. I was fairly certain they weren't gay since they've dated some and seemed to prefer girls. Even though I knew they had messed around a bit with each other I never had because it was different for me. I was gay and would've enjoyed it on a much deeper and personal level, which in turn would have made things very awkward between us. At least that is what I had always believed, but now I wasn't so sure because in many ways I had lost out because of the way I had handled things with my friends.

"Wait, so you've known all along that I was gay? Why didn't you guys ever say anything?" I finally managed to croak out with conflicting emotions bubbling up to the surface. "I mean, you guys d-don't hate me or are like…freaked out about it?" I asked feeling a little queasy now.

"What…of course not you dork." Stevie snapped at me shocked I'd even think such things. "Why would we hate you? I mean sure, at first it kind of wigged us out a bit, but you are still…well…you. I mean, you are still the same Pim…the same friend we've always known. We didn't say anything because…well…that sort of thing is kind of personal you know." Stevie shrugged as if that explained everything. "I mean, we sort of figured when you were ready then you'd let us know and if you never did then it wasn't any of our business."

My other friends all nodded and concurred making me smile in relief. "Gawd, you have no idea how much better I feel. Thanks guys, you are the best," I sighed closing my eyes totally exhausted because we had been chatting for hours now.

When I opened my eyes back up they were looking at me with concern and I could tell they were worried we may be overdoing things a bit. Just then I detected some movement from the corner of my eyes and when I looked up I could see my mom gazing over while my dad was walking away. My heart suddenly lurched in my chest with my eyes starting to well up.

"Um…guys…I-I gotta go but I'll give you guys a call in a day or two…alright." I sniffled softly and even though my friends could see I was upset they didn't argue and we signed off.

Closing the lid on my laptop I looked up with tears freely spilling from my eyes. "H-how long…what…," I began, but the look on my mom's face told me all I needed to know.

"Long enough." My mom replied back softly and I started to cry when my stomach lurched forcing me to lean over throwing up the meager contents inside my stomach.

My mom ignored it and came over to comfort me while I croaked out. "Please don't hate me." I hiccupped with my mom holding me gently in her arms.

"Of course not…don't be silly. It's not like your father and I haven't suspected, you know." She sighed softly, once again confusing me and wondering exactly how obvious I was about my gayness.

"I…how…I mean…is it that obvious." I managed to get out trying to stifle the queasiness I was feeling from the combination of being bitten and my folks knowing I was gay.

"Of course it isn't obvious; except, to those who know you best. It's not like you act all girlish or anything. This is just something parents kind of suspect or know is all."

"Dad hates me now." I sniffled because I saw him walking away.

"Don't be silly. You're father loves you." My mom insisted while I shook my head crying softly in her arms because I had seen him walking away once he heard me talking to my friends and confessing I was gay.

"No…he hates me." I insisted crying hard now because knowing my dad hated me felt like a knife being twisted in my gut. "I saw him walking away when he heard." I insisted the gut wrenching shame making me heave again, this time nothing coming out while on the inside pain went coursing through my arm and body.

"Stop it Pim, you are going to hurt yourself and make things worse. Your father doesn't hate you and he was simply going to check on getting you signed out so we can take you home. Yes, he might be a little confused about it because you are his son, but I promise you Pim, your father doesn't hate you. I've talked to him about the possibility and he knew it was likely. Just give him a little to digest it though. After all, you are his only child…his only son. He adores and loves you, and this…this…being gay isn't going to change the fact he loves you." She insisted while I slowly calmed down and felt her easing me back on to the mattress.

Her words were comforting, but I was still worried what this all meant and how it would affect my relationship with my father. I was too exhausted though at the moment so closed my eyes feeling my mom's fingers brushing through my hair.

"Don't worry sweetie, you will see, everything will work out. Just go to sleep for now because it will take a bit before your father can get you checked out of the hospital. Then we will take you home and get you all better." She cooed softly her lips brushing along my brow and cheeks while I drifted off to sleep.

It was Sunday now with my parents managing to get me checked out of the hospital the previous day. It had been early evening by the time I had finally made it home with the medications making me drowsy. I was still in a bit of pain and not feeling too hot, but somehow managed to stay up on Saturday just long enough so I could chat with Carter. He was still worried about me and hadn't done as well as usual in the race, but felt he'd do better on Sunday. When I asked him about Mason, he paused and I could literally visualize him blushing.

Evidently Mason had taken Carter up on his offer and the two of them had messed around a bit. Mason still had a hair trigger and within moments had spewed his goo all over the place before falling asleep. Of course this left Carter high and dry without busting his own nut, which he promptly did on his own. It made me chuckle and I teased Carter how he had his work cut out for him.

When I had asked if he told Mason about me knowing he had gotten quiet before telling me he did. Of course the other teen had been upset at first, but after calming down Carter was finally able to explain he only said something because he wasn't sure if he had done the right thing with offering to do sex stuff. They talked about it some more and Mason admitted to Carter he trusted me so everything was cool. It was then Mason did say he wanted to at least try out Carter's suggestion because he didn't know what else to do.

Carter and I chatted for about an hour until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. It was still rather early, but I was completely exhausted. Carter understood and said it was cool because he had to wake up Mason so the other boy could hop in the shower and get cleaned up.

"Damn, he has real intense orgasms." Carter sniggered on the other end making me chuckle and shake my head.

"Yeah, well no wonder he falls asleep right away. Next time after he explodes like that do him again right away to see what happens." I suggested with Carter sounding a bit stunned on the other end.

"No way, I mean, what would that accomplish?" He asked while I shrugged even though he couldn't see me.

"Well, maybe he won't have another orgasm right away. It might help him get used to feeling someone else manhandling his willie." I chuckled naughtily. "Just try it and see if you can get him to have a second orgasm. It won't happen right away after he explodes the first time, but it will sort of give him an idea of what it is supposed to be like and if he can get off in a more natural way a few times it just might do the trick overall. Give it a try and see what happens." I suggested, yawning. "Dude, I really have to go because I can barely keep my eyes open." I yawned again.

"Alright, love you Pim, and you really don't mind…you know me and Mason?" He asked sounding a bit conflicted.

Shaking my head even though he couldn't see me I sighed. "No, it's cool Carter. I love you too and I like Mason so if you can have a bit of fun with him why not. After all you might not get another chance with a guy like that because he is into girls and all. Just have fun with it and don't be such a worrywart. I know you love me and I love you too. That's what really matters. I miss you." I sighed truly wishing he were here with me.

"I miss you too…bye." He replied on the other end both of us hanging up and before I knew it I had fallen asleep.

Now as Sunday dawned I was sleeping comfortably enough considering I had tossed and turned all night. My arm still ached and I felt hot all night waking up several times with my body all slicked up with sweat. Even though I wasn't feeling so nauseous anymore I still didn't sleep well at all, the throbbing in my arm forcing me awake throughout the evening. Throughout the night my mom kept checking up on me. At one point she made me swallow some medication, which seemed to help allowing me to finally fall asleep.

It was early when I felt cool hands pressing up against my brow and cheeks. My eyes fluttered open drowsily focusing on mom's gentle features. She was a beautiful woman despite the harsh ranch life. Most women living on the ranch tended to age quickly, but like my dad, my mom always radiated that youthful quality somehow managing to retain her beauty.

"How are you doing sweetie?" She asked, smiling fondly at me with the love in her sparkling blue eyes for me very obvious which made me feel better.

"Tired, but I feel a bit better." I mumbled, closing my eyes because I was still half asleep.

"Here sweetie, you need to take your meds and then you can sleep as long as you want. Your father is at work already, but he's trying to see if he can catch a military hop back to Texas because we need to bring our stuff back. Everything is all loaded up and waiting for us so he called the U-haul place and explained the situation to them. They were kind enough to extend the contract for a couple of days, but we still need to get it back so your father is going to try getting that squared away." She explained to me while I nodded my head taking my pills before she got up, leaned down giving me a tender kiss on the cheek, and quietly left so I could go back to sleep.

Sniffling, a salty tear trickled down my cheek because my dad hadn't even come in to say goodbye to me. I felt a little sick to my stomach, which had nothing to do with the nausea from the snake bite because I knew my dad must really hate me now that he knew I was gay despite my mom's assurances. In a way I was relieved that my parents knew about it because the close brush with death had given me a different perspective on life. I realized there would always be challenges because I was gay, but they now seemed insignificant in the bigger scheme of things. Even though I understood this, the one thing that still made a difference to me was my father and how he felt about me. I loved him and would simply die if he hated me for real because I was gay.

The medications began to work their magic and before I knew it my worries simply faded off into the background and I slipped back to sleep. This time I slept a bit more restfully, the throbbing in my arm receding into the background with the medication dulling the ache. My forearm was all puffy with splotches of black and blue looking pretty bad, but it was already getting better thanks to the CroFab the medics and doctors administered.

It was actually a peaceful restful kind of sleep and when I felt myself being shaken awake I was feeling much better. Taking in a deep breath my eyes slowly fluttered open and I grinned because Julian was sitting on the edge of my bed gazing down at me. He really had beautiful eyes that swam around brightly in his cute features. I loved the way his long sandy colored hair always shifted to flow in front of his face covering some of his fair features and providing a sense of mystery. He also had the cutest of dimples right in the center of his chin.

"Hey," I yawned shaking away some of my sleepiness even though the medications made me a bit drowsy.

"Hey Pim, how are you feeling?" He asked, reaching down and placing a hand on my brow, which had beaded up with perspiration while I slept.

"Not bad actually…just tired and kind of wobbly more than anything else. I don't feel so queasy anymore and my arm doesn't ache as much." I expressed holding up my swollen blotchy arm seeing him wince because it looked kind of nasty.

"You're all sweaty." He voiced a bit concerned while I shrugged.

"Yeah, probably the medication." I speculated. "And I feel all grimy and nasty like, not to mention I smell a bit ripe." I added wrinkling my nose at my own teenaged funk. "Um…so where's Colt?" I wondered.

"Not sure," he responded back. "I went back home yesterday, but I wanted to visit with you so my dad brought me over."

"Oh, didn't realize you had gone home after spending the night with Colton. It was cool of your dad to drive you all the way out here." I grunted when I scooted back so I could sit in a more propped up position with Julian plumping up my pillows for me. "Thanks," I nodded leaning back into a more comfortable position.

"Yeah, my dad wanted to check up on your mom too since your dad caught a military hop back over to Texas. It sort of worked out because your mom asked my dad to drop her off on post so she could pick up the car and then do some grocery shopping at the commissary. She wasn't going to go, but since I was here she asked if I could keep an eye on you while she was gone. She called up the Chasson's, but no one was home." He explained while I chuckled shaking my head.

"So she roped you into babysitting." I teased seeing Julian's grin split his features with his eyes dancing around a bit impishly.

"Yeah, my first babysitting gig and what a handsome little guy you are…coochi-coo," he retorted in baby speak while teasingly reaching over and tickling my cheek.

We both busted up shaking our heads while I looked over and smiled fondly at the twelve year old boy. "Thanks again Julian for being such a good friend and helping out; especially, with Colt. He's such a great kid, but really sensitive…you know?" I sighed knowing this had been rough on the eleven year old boy.

"Yeah, it's something I really like about him. I mean, he's really popular with his friends and tough as nails when he has to be, but like you said he's got a real soft side to him."

"That's for sure," I agreed once again wrinkling my nose because I really did smell a bit on the pungent side.

That was one of the drawbacks with being a teenager. Once puberty set in our bodies changed dramatically not only in the basement department, but in other ways as well. As a kid even though we'd sweat it really wasn't that funky, but once adolescence set in and our bodies changed it didn't take much for a guy to become a bit rank and rancid.

"Dude, for real I need a shower because I smell pretty nasty and my skin feels all icky." I asserted scrunching up my face.

The more I thought about it the more I wanted to get cleaned up. Also, it occurred to me that there was no way I'd be asking my mom to help me with a shower or even a sponge bath. That would be embarrassing as hell. Not that I was uncomfortable with her seeing me naked, but that was usually casually and from a distance, not so up close and personal like. It was different with Julian since it didn't bother me so much if he saw me naked. After all he had gotten an eyeful that first time in the hotel room when we were in Greensboro not all that long ago, not to mention getting a good feel of me as well when he checked me out. It's kind of strange what bothers a guy and what doesn't where his nakedness is concerned.

"Here, help me out of the bed and into the bathroom so I can hop in the shower. I need to take a piss now too." I added since I hadn't gone since last night before falling asleep.

"What…no way dude. Your mom said you are to stay put in bed because the meds are making you all wobbly. What if you can't stand up and I can't support your weight. It's not like you are huge or anything, but I don't think I'd be able to carry you; especially, if you fall in the bathtub." He resisted while I scrunched up my face because I really did need to piss.

Julian must have noticed because he frowned a bit concerned over my predicament. "Um…what did you do about taking a piss before you got home?" He asked curiously while I pointed to the edge of the bed and he leaned over looking down at the floor.

"The hospital provided us with that hard plastic urinal thing that fits between my legs so I can slide my dick inside and take a pee." I admitted hearing him sniggering as he picked it up carefully by the handle and holding it out to me.

"Here, you go ahead and take care of your business and I'll be right back." He snorted shaking his head handing off the plastic urinal for me to use while he quickly slipped out the door before I could even ask where he was off to.

Shrugging my shoulders I unscrewed the lid that was attached to the bottle and released it so I could focus on pulling out my penis. The screw cap had a plastic strap attached to the bottle so it wouldn't get lost and also making it easier to screw it back on once a guy finished up with his business. Pulling my blanket off to the side I tucked the waistband of my underwear beneath my ball sack before sliding the container between my legs. Normally I slept naked, but when my folks checked me out of the hospital they had a change of clothes for me and I had slipped on my boy's briefs, shorts, and a t-shirt. Once I got home my folks had taken off my shirt and shorts leaving me in my underwear before tucking me into bed. At that point I had been exhausted and when I finally did go to sleep had been too tired to notice or even care.

Tugging my foreskin back I shoved my exposed cock head inside the wide opening of the plastic container. Dipping my eyebrows I suddenly realized my worm was a very limp noodle not even boned up like it normally would be when I woke up needing to take a piss. As I thought on it I hadn't been boned up since after I've been bitten. It's probably the first time in years that I haven't popped an erection for a whole day much less two plus days. Hell, as a teenager I'd bone up so often in a day I couldn't even count. It was only a fleeting thought as I shivered in relief once I released the floodgates. It kind of surprised me just how much fluid came bursting out of me before it trickled to a stop and I squeezed my sphincter muscle forcing out a couple of more spurts. Finishing up I pulled my exposed nodule from the opening, let my foreskin slide back over my glans, and then slipped my underwear back into place tucking everything away.

It's amazing just how much better a guy can feel after taking a piss I thought to myself while screwing the cap back into place so nothing would spill. I thought it was a good idea how the plastic screw on cap was actually attached by a plastic strap to the bottle so it wouldn't get lost. Tightening the cap into place I realized the hard plastic bottle actually felt warm to the touch which I thought was kind of weird. It wasn't as if it surprised me because I instinctively knew that's the way it was supposed to be, but I guess I never realized just how warm a guy's piss was right after it exited the body.

Just then the long haired boy walked back into my bedroom carrying a plastic tub and a few towels grinning from ear to ear. "Looks like your mom must have known you'd want to get cleaned up. I went searching for a container to put some clean water in for you and I found two of these plastic tubs on the counter next to the sink. I guess she had planned on giving you a sponge bath herself." He explained setting it on the folding tray my mom had placed next to my bed.

"Yeah, like that was going to happen. No way am I going to let her give me a sponge bath. That's like…I don't know…freaky weird. I mean, it was bad enough I got a sponge bath from the nurse who had stripped me naked when I first came into the hospital, but letting mom wash me down like a little baby is way too embarrassing." I scrunched up my face at the idea wondering what my mom was thinking.

"Hmmm, sounds very interesting." Julian flashed me a quirky smile while I looked at him a bit confused. "You know, about the nurse. Was she cute and did she wash your balls." He teased while I stuck my tongue out at him for asking such a thing.

"No, but maybe I'll let you wash them if you behave." I teased seeing his eyes lighting up at the prospect while I chuckled shaking my head at how he was looking at my crotch and the bulge I had there beneath my underwear now that the blanket had been pulled aside. "Hey pervert, stop staring already and go empty this for me." I laughed when he looked up noticing me holding out the plastic bottle and screwed up his face in disgust.

"Oooh yuck," he responded, but didn't hesitate taking the bottle from me and shrugging. "Only because I need to go get the other tub anyway." He offered up while I rolled my eyes knowing he wasn't too disgusted with it as he retreated back out the room while I yearningly eyeballed the tub of water he had set down.

A few moments later he came back into my room carrying another tub that had suds of soapy water in it along with a couple of more towels and the clean empty plastic urinal bottle. I could tell not only had he dumped my urine, but also rinsed the container out so it wouldn't stink. He had also left the cap unscrewed so the bottle could air dry on the inside. I thought that was cool of him since it was kind of icky to stick my penis inside the opening of a bottle that was still wet. I watched the twelve year old boy set the rectangular shaped tub of soapy water next to the clean tub of water before placing the plastic urinal bottle on the floor next to my bed. Straightening up he held the towels in his hand and looked at me kind of nervously not knowing what to do now.

"I…uh…I'm not sure how you want to do this…I mean…," he paused while I smiled and nodded my head reaching out with my good arm.

"Just help me sit up for now and we can wash out my hair first." I suggested with Julian setting the towels in his hand down on top of the other ones before helping me to sit up on the edge of the bed.

My head suddenly began to spin around and I gasped because even my arm began to ache some more and I became a bit disoriented. "Shit…Pim you alright?" Julian asked in concern, his face swimming in front of my eyes for a few moments until it stopped moving around and I could focus on him.

After a minute or two everything settled down and I smiled at him. "Yeah, just dizzy there for a sec. I think you were right not to let me try taking a shower. The meds are kicking my ass." I admitted. "Just give me another second or two until everything stops spinning."

We both stared into each other's eyes for a few moments and I had to admit Julian's were really beautiful and he must have thought the same thing because he whispered softly. "I love how deep blue your eyes are." He declared making me chuckle.

"Yeah, well I was just thinking you've got really pretty green blue eyes. I've never seen anything like them before and I think they look really nice. I also love your long hair." I confessed both of us blushing now.

Without another word Julian got up and carefully dragged the small foldout table in front of me and arranged the bins. Removing a small cup from the soapy water he set it down before reaching back inside to remove the hand towel wringing it out and setting it next to the cup for later. He helped ease me forward and picking up the small cup scooped out some warm soapy water and slowly emptied it out over my head and hair. He did this several times to get it all good and wet.

"Don't move I'll be right back." He instructed leaving me sitting there with my wet hair dripping into the pan, but he wasn't gone long before I heard him coming back into the room.

Pouring some more warm soapy water over my head before setting the cup down I glanced up and noticed he must have gone and grabbed the shampoo as he put a dollop in the palm of his hand and began lathering up my hair. His fingers ran through my short locks before they began to massage my scalp making me shiver because it felt really nice. There was something about clean hair that always made a guy feel much better, but feeling someone else's fingers massaging your scalp simply felt divine.

The twelve year old boy did this for several long wonderful moments sending tingling sensations up and down my skin. It was a simple thing but heavenly for me after a couple of harrowing days. He finally stopped and rinsed out his hands in the clean tub of water before moving the table over so my head was lined up with the plain warm water. He began to rinse out my hair and was almost done when my body began to tremble.

"I…I'm not feeling…I'm going to be sick." I hissed hastily with my head starting to spin.

"What…oh…um…hold on." Julian uttered urgently, quickly finishing up with my hair and wrapping a towel around it.

He then grabbed another towel and spread it out on my bed for me to lie down on before moving the small foldout table out of the way. I had been hanging on to the edge of the table and when he moved it I slumped over just about falling out of bed. He noticed at the last moment and wrapped his arms around me leaning his body into mine and gently easing me back into bed. Grabbing my legs he lifted them back on to the mattress and by this time my eyes were squeezed shut because everything was spinning around. I could feel the twelve year old boy's fingers gently rubbing my brow and temples. It felt really nice with everything slowly beginning to settle down. Opening up my eyes I focused on the younger boy's features which hovered over me his face filled with concern.

The way his long hair hung down around his face looked cute, my eyes shifting to focus on his ruby red colored straight angling lips. His upper lip was thin with it flowing easily stretching into an "m" type of shape while his lower lip was plump and luscious, looking good enough to devour. Reaching up with my right hand I cupped it on his left cheek and ran my thumb over his tasty looking lips. He was truly beautiful as I ran my thumb back and forth over the softness of his pouty like lips trying to remain focused on a single point to help steady my spinning world. With everything starting to settle down I shifted my hand running it through his long stringy like hair enjoying how soft it felt when his locks twisted around my fingers. My eyes flittered up into his and we looked at each other for several long moments until I finally sighed and smiled at him.

"Thanks, I feel much better now. A shower would have definitely been a disaster." I smirked trying to lighten the mood a bit.

"You think?" He teased grinning back, but still looking worried.

"Yeah, I think…," I retorted back. "Don't be such a worrywart. I am feeling much better it's just these stupid pills are throwing everything out of whack. Since I had a bad reaction to the regular medication they had to give me something different. I'll have mom call up the doctor and see if it is alright to cut back on it some. My arm still aches, but I don't think it is as bad anymore and the queasiness in my stomach is pretty much gone now." I explained watching while he straightened back up.

"I guess," he tried to smile, but still not looking all that convinced. "Um…anyway…," he sighed glancing over at the tubs of water while I scooted into a more propped up position. "Maybe we should call it quits for now." He suggested while I shook my head.

"No, let's finish up. I already feel better with my clean hair and I'll feel even better once I get the sweaty grime cleaned off my body." I told him looking at him a bit pleadingly because I hated feeling so scummy and nasty.

The other boy hesitated a moment before nodding his head, but instead of pulling the table over he got up and walked over to my dresser picking up my comb. Coming back he removed the towel from my hair and began getting it combed. I suppose he was stalling a bit just to be sure I was up for the sponge bath. It wasn't as if I would be exerting myself since I was lying down now, but I left it up to him now with how he was going to help get me cleaned up.

After brushing my hair into place he set the comb down and dragged over the table. Without a word he began to wash me down. He started with my swollen arm being very careful and gentle, running the soapy rag over it lightly. I could tell that the way it looked all swollen and blotchy upset him.

"I-I'm not hurting you am I?" He asked cautiously while I shook my head no. "It feels really hot." He mentioned after a bit.

"Yeah, I guess it's the poison still doing some damage, but it isn't so bad anymore. It's still a little numb and achy, but I can tell it is getting better already." I explained, the younger boy nodding and focusing again on the task at hand.

He worked swiftly and methodically and I closed my eyes resting because I was starting to feel a lot better now. He cleaned up my face, neck, arms, chest, and stomach before moving to my legs and feet. I was really feeling good when I noticed he had stopped. Opening up my eyes he was finishing up with rinsing and twisting the excess water out of the rag setting it down on the table.

Turning towards me the boy smiled. "Better?" He asked and I nodded my head.

"Yeah, much better, but you missed a spot." I grinned back sheepishly his eyes widening in surprise as they dipped down towards my underwear covered crotch.

"I…uh…you want me to…," he squeaked nervously forcing him to clear his throat with his cheeks turning all rosy.

"I…um…yeah…that is if you are cool with it." I intoned, my own voice cracking nervously. "I mean, I guess I could do it myself, but it's not like you haven't seen or touched me down there before not to mention that's the one place the nurse never got to." I chuckled blushing now because it sounded kind of lame.

"Yeah, but…," he began to protest.

Not wanting him to think on it anymore I lifted up my hips and started to tug on my underwear. "Here, help me get these off." I instructed while he hesitated a moment watching me struggle for a second before he sighed and reached out tugging my briefs off my hips. Settling my butt back down I smirked watching him pull my boy's briefs down my legs and off my feet before straightening back up. His eyes automatically shifted to my plump foreskin covered flaccid penis. Even I gazed down at myself noticing that it seemed a little bigger than I recalled. It's been months since I've actually measured myself. I've been doing that from time to time kind of curious about how I was developing down there and my flaccid teen sausage has been about three and a half inches long down there for a while now.

Somehow, it looked a little bigger now, not a lot bigger, but still enough for me to notice. Even my ball sack looked larger, but that could be because it was currently hanging down loosely between my legs. Normally my scrotum sack snuggled up tightly against my body, but as I stared at myself my large testicles sagged down low inside my sack. Even my truffles looked larger than their typical walnut size, looking more about the size of a Robin's eggs making me wonder if I was entering another stage of adolescent growth. At fifteen years old a lot of changes were still going on inside of my body, which affected my looks on the outside. My folks always referred to these things as growing pains, even though most changes didn't really hurt. One year my legs hurt when I hit a growth spurt and I guess that's when my parents started calling those stages as growing pains.

Gazing down at myself I realized my balls were hanging lower than I've ever seen as they sagged between my legs spreading outwards slightly against the mattress. I heard the twelve year old boy swallowing the lump in his throat before I gazed up into his face. His eyes were flared out widely with his cheeks burning brightly red while he gawked at my endowment, which had seemingly grown a tad bigger since he last saw and messed around with them. I didn't say anything letting him take in my nakedness for a few moments. In a way I was kind of proud at the way I looked down there between my legs. I've never been ashamed at the way my body looked, and I even liked these recent changes. I had gotten a little bigger now length wise not to mention my balls plumping up some more, but it wasn't in a way I felt was too big for me.

Most guys never really got huge like they bragged on about with their friends, seemingly embellishing their endowments, but I was never like that, preferring not to be so big. Many of my school friends back in Texas always tried to talk smack and brag about how big they were and I knew many of them actually wished they had huge cocks and balls, but I always felt that kind of bragging was silly. I mean most of us know guys typically aren't like huge down there. Not that I was small or anything, but rather I always had the sense my penis tended to match my body type. Ever since I became aware of my body in that sort of way I had always liked the way I looked. I had a thin wiry look in an athletic sort of way with a firm body, and when I looked at my nakedness in the mirror I always thought I looked good including what I had swinging between my legs.

Julian swallowing noisily yet again caught my attention. "I…uh…you…," his voice cracked slightly forcing him to clear it out. "You've gotten a little bigger since the last time we…uh…you know…," he turned even redder his eyes flittering over to mine.

Chuckling I rolled my shoulders. "Well you know…," I grinned timidly. "Growing pains." I finished seeing his confused look. "You know…we all have those growth spurts, but that usually means our height and weight. Sometimes when we get taller our legs ache because they are growing seemingly overnight. Well, that's not the only thing that grows at times…so growing pains." I teased while he rolled his eyes.

"Yeah…um…well…my growing pecker never hurt." He added impishly just as he shifted and then winced because his boner was pressing up against the confinement of his underwear and shorts making me bust up laughing at his own joke backfiring on him.

"You sure about that?" I teased rhetorically in-between my laughter nodding my head towards his crotch. "I mean something just grew inside your shorts and it looked a bit painful." I teased while he rolled his eyes giving me a very gentle playful shove.

"Dork," he chuckled because it was one of those gotcha moments.

"Well don't just sit there get busy already." I taunted wriggling around forcing my soft pecker to wobble around over my baggy nut sack.

"Alright…alright already. Geeze, you are so damn pushy when you are sick." He sniggered shaking his head.

Grabbing up the rag he reached over and hesitated a moment glancing up at me to make sure it was still alright or if I preferred to do it for myself. "Yeah, it-it's cool. I mean, if it is with you." I added, the younger boy looking at me apprehensively with his eyes flittering briefly over at my crotch before returning his gaze towards me.

Julian's cheeks turned red again and he bit his lower lip before shrugging his shoulders and focusing on the task at hand. He ran the damp rag over my small scrub of pubes, which oddly enough hadn't gotten thicker with my latest round of growing pains, and then along the porcelain like pale hairless slate area normally covered by my boy's briefs. Rinsing out the rag he ran it between the creases along my thighs before using his other hand to cup my sagging ball sack in the palm of his hand. I could tell he was sort of weighing my testicles before he began to run the rag around my bag. Getting my scrotum cleaned up became a bit of a challenge for him because the membrane of the fleshy pouch had become very pliable as he worked the rag over the soft skin.

The long haired boy managed well enough dipping the rag in the soapy water again and wringing it out slightly before focusing on my soft penis using his fingers and thumb to lift it up. Normally, I'd be all boned up by now, but it was only slightly plumped up when he began to run the rag over the length of skin on the outside. I felt myself firming up a bit more when he finished up and this time dipped the rag into the tub with the plain warm water in it making sure to rinse out all the soap before wringing it out.

By this time I was at half mast, my penis finally starting to wake up from its long nap. The twelve year old boy once again held my penis lightly, cautiously skinning back my tight foreskin. When it suddenly slipped over my bullet shaped nozzle he gasped in surprise his eyes opening in wide eyed shock. It didn't dawn on me that he didn't know my foreskin had finally detached, figuring Colton would have mentioned it to his friend. I guess the younger eleven year old boy had figured this was private and not something he should go around blabbing about, even to his close twelve year old friend.

"H-holy shit." Julian squeaked excitedly. "W-when did this happen?" He wondered, scooting his face closer and scrutinizing my exposed cock-head. "That's like wickedly awesome." He crooned appreciatively, glancing over at me and then blushing. "I mean…er…you know."

Chuckling I shrugged my shoulder. "It's cool." I assured him not wanting to make him feel awkward. "I just figured you knew already…you know from Colt."

The younger boy shook his head. "Why that little shit…," he grumbled flashing me a smirk not really upset about it because this wasn't something guys typically talked about.

Guys weren't like girls where they gossiped about these sorts of things with another guy. Sure, guys tended to brag about their so called conquests of girls and stuff not to mention their manly endowment, but when it really came to things like talking about other guys we never did that sort of thing. Girls were different because they lived for gossip, talking about other girls all the time, but guys never really talked about another guy's privates unless they were just joking around in general because that would be way too awkward, not to mention seem a bit gay.

Now that my sensitive bullet was exposed to the elements I had firmed up completely, watching him carefully wiping it clean with the wet rag. It made me flinch because of the sensitivity sending tingling sensations all up and down the length of my twitching vine. He giggled when he felt my penis pulse and noticed my testicles lurching upwards. This was a natural reaction, but I imagine for him it was kind of fun to feel and see.

Looking down I watched him carefully getting me cleaned up down there. I was feeling a lot better now and sitting propped up against my pillows was comfortable. It really only took Julian a minute or so to get me all wiped clean between my legs. I looked on while he cupped my sagging flesh purse in the palm of his hand so he could run the rag one final time between my legs. The long haired boy was stooped over, his long hair flowing in front of his face while he ran the rag along the crease on first my left thigh and then the right one. It felt nice and my penis pulsed while my weighty testicles rolled slightly upwards in their skin sheath. Finishing up, the twelve year old boy straightened up slightly setting the damp rag on top of my small patch of pubes.

I could tell he was still curious as he rolled my testicles around in his cupped hand with his fingers. "Damn, they feel really heavy," He commented offhandedly.

Reaching out with his right hand he placed two fingers and his thumb along my pulsing erection just below the outline of my ridge and once again slowly eased my foreskin downwards. It was interesting to watch the thin sheath eased over the ridge of my flared glans. He didn't stop there; both of us watching the skin begin to roll back over itself and exposing the bright pinkish red color of my flesh tower.

"That's so wicked." Julian intoned. "I mean…I see mine doing that all the time, but it's just different seeing it on someone else. I like the way it feels." He admitted sliding my skin back over my nodule before wrapping all of his fingers around my pulsating erection. "It's so hard, but soft too and really warm." He voiced to no one in particular completely drawn to what he was doing. "It feels different from Colt's, a lot bigger. I mean…I like touching Colton and yours feels the same…sort of, but different too." He pointed out.

He had wrapped his fingers all the way around my thick erection including my extended foreskin and crown barely managing to encompass all of my girth. He slid his fist downwards now along the rest of my length until he bottomed out managing to expose my crown with his thumb and pointing finger slipping just past the ridge of my bloated seal making me shiver because it felt really good having someone else's hand on my royal scepter. It's been days since I've milked my flesh tower, and I sighed, feeling goose bumps form all up and down my body. Even my toes curled slightly because the sensation of Julian's soft hands all over my endowment felt glorious. I knew I should probably stop him, but I was feeling too good and I really didn't want him to stop.

The boy heard me sigh and glanced up at me while his firm grip reversed direction sliding my foreskin back into place over my bulbous tulip sending another shiver up and down my spine. I could feel my testicles rolling around inside my sagging ball sack. It felt odd because usually they didn't have a lot of room to move around, but now that I was so baggy down there the twins had plenty of space to play around.

Hearing no objection, Julian reversed direction and before I knew it was masturbating me for real forcing me to squirm around on the mattress my fingers grasping at the sheets. I could feel the heat rising inside of me and my milk tanks start to churn converting its milky substance into a thicker creamier concoction inside its inner workings. I was going to tell him to stop before it was too late, but it felt too good and we were past that stage already. With the recent events this no longer seemed out of bounds to me.

Dying and then being brought back to life changes a guy's perspective and I began to moan feeling my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I realized in the grand scheme of things what Julian was doing to me was something special and to be enjoyed and treasured. After all I was only fifteen years old and at my age that is what boys did when it came to sex. We were young and designed to fool around muddling our way through the trials and tribulations of adolescent growth figuring things out along the way. For me this was nothing short of simply having sex and enjoying the pleasure. It's been days since I've worked my stout churn handle converting my boy milk into butter and I desperately needed this even if it was coming from a twelve year old boy. I liked Julian and he liked me, and we both knew what this was really all about neither one of us feeling bad about it.

Once Julian realized I wasn't going to object he renewed his efforts working my boy flesh with a fevered pitch. Within seconds I felt the pressure building up inside of me and without warning my orgasm erupted, my eyes widened when a thick string ejected from the tip end of my nodule on one of Julian's downward stroked that exposed my bell end. The thick rope came pulsing out from the small hole at the tip of my exposed glans arching upwards towards my head. It zipped a foot or two higher past my head splattering up against my wall. A second volley had also been ejected within a fraction of a second after the first one, Julian's fist never even making it to the base of my shaft before yet a third one came blasting out as well.

"Aaaaaarph, uuuuumph, uuuuumph, uuuuumph, aaaaaaaah, shiiiiiiiii, ooomph, oomph," I grunted gutturally feeling my body contract with my stomach and chest clenching tightly.

Even my sphincter clamped tightly shut, vibrating with several contractions contributing to the powerful volleys I was spitting out from the tip end of my nodule. It was intense, it felt wonderful, and it felt painful all mixed into one. It lasted several long moments with Julian's right fist continuing to fly along my pulsating erection churning my butter handle for all he was worth while his left one squeezed my testicles eeking them for more of my nut butter. My entire body was in the throes of orgasmic contractions, which lasted for about ten seconds before I lurched one last time feeling my erection immediately going limp in the long haired boy's fist. I collapsed back on the mattress wheezing for air, my spinning world slowly coming to a stop so I could focus again.

When I finally opened up my eyes I could see the twelve year old boy staring at me in stunned disbelief with a crooked grin splayed across his features. "H-holy shit, do you always squirt so much?" He asked while I furled my beaded brow looking down at my cum splattered body recalling how the first volley had zipped past my head to splatter along the wall.

The warm frothy milk splattered along my chest and stomach looked thicker than usual not to mention much more copious than usual. It seemed like a lot, but in reality I knew a guy typically squirts only about a teaspoon full, sometimes a little more maybe two teaspoon full depending on the situation. Considering I hadn't juiced myself in days I was certain this was one of those situations where I squirted more than the typical amount. It wasn't just the volume, but also the thickness of my yogurt as I reached down scooping some of it up and shoving my finger along with the goopy butter jam inside my mouth.

It wasn't as sweet as usual tasting a bit saltier, but actually not bad when I rolled it around my tongue. "Ewe, you actually eat that stuff." I heard Julian exclaim before the curiosity got the better of him when he watched me roll my finger around one of the pooled up areas. "What's it taste like?" He wondered now while I shrugged scooping up some with my fingers and shoving it inside his mouth before he knew what I was doing.

The boy flinched in surprise when I swiped my cream smoothie on his tongue, feeling his lips wrap around my fingers and sucking it off. At first his nose wrinkled up in disgust, the unusual tackiness and pungent nature of the substance feeling and tasting foreign to him. Pulling my finger out of his mouth I watched the boy roll my special sauce around with his tongue, the boy's expression slowly changing before he shrugged his shoulders.

"Kind of salty, but…," he dipped his eyebrows in thought. "Sweet too. Weird." He added while I smiled nodding my head.

"Yeah, it starts out kind of like a clear color and on the sweet side, but as we get older it gets more potent thickening up and tasting saltier. Some guys…and, er, girls like it and some don't. I kind of like it." I admitted.

Looking down at myself I groaned. "Shit, I've created a big mess, but I guess it's been building for days now. I've never gone this long without jacking off. Hell, I go at it like four or five times a day and this was intense. I usually don't squirt this much and it's never been that thick before either." I told him answering his earlier question about me squirting so much. "Thanks Julian…I needed this." I admitted, seeing the boy's eyes light up when he heard he had done something nice for me.

Reaching for the damp rag he began to wipe me clean before it got all sticky. To my amazement none of it had managed to get into my hair. If it had I would have probably needed to sit up and get it washed out again and I wasn't sure if I had the strength for it. I was completely wiped out, but in a good way. I watched Julian kneeling on my mattress, and leaning his body over my head, he began to wash down the wall behind my head. After splattering against the wall my thick creamy boy goo had run down the length of it forcing the boy to scoot his body closer. His loose fitting shirt fluttered open at the hem allowing me to gaze up at his firm stomach and smooth chest. He had a sexy body and even though I just busted my nut I felt my penis stirring a bit excitedly.

My eyes flittered to his crotch and I could tell he was all boned up from the excitement of what he had done to me. He was wearing the dark blue soccer style shorts I had seen him sporting on the trail when we met the first time in Greensboro, the ones with the white stripes down the sides and as usual I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear. It made sense because I knew his shorts had that netting on the inside. Still the webbed material did little to hide the outline of his nice sized four inch erection when the silky material settled up against his kit. Even the shape of his tightly balled up boy sack was noticeable with two cherry sized oval lumps creating small rounded mounds. Unable to resist I reached out with my right hand and cupped his boy goods feeling Julian flinch in surprise before he began to giggle and look down at what I was doing.

It was so cute with his hair hanging over his face and his green blue eyes sparkling lively in his soft features. "Get undressed," my voice quivered seeing him smirk and give me a quizzical gaze. "I-I want to see you naked." I admitted his crooked grin forming into a curious smile while I ran my fingers along his twitching erection making him shiver.

The long haired boy moaned softly while I fondled him for a few moments longer before I pulled back my hand. "Please," I exhaled softly. "I-I would love to see you naked." I stressed imploringly. "I-I mean, if it doesn't weird you out or anything. It-it's just, I think you've got a really nice body…you know."

The twelve year old boy squirreled up his eyebrows for a second or two before climbing off my bed and dumping the rag into the bucket while I silently watched him. I didn't want to get him weirded out about it so didn't say anything further when the boy rinsed out the rag and then pushed the small table and tubs of water off to the side. I figured he was probably too uncomfortable about it so decided not to press him watching him with yearning when he turned back towards me with a soft smile on his features.

"Feeling better?" He asked while I smiled. "Yeah, that was the ticket." I admitted nodding my head.

"What…the sponge bath or…er…you know…," he sniggered, fisting his hand and giving me the universal jerk off motion with it making me bark out in laughter and wincing a little because I was still sore.

"Yeah, well, I'll let you figure that one out on your own." I retorted sticking my tongue out at him ignoring my slight discomfort of pain, our eyes connecting while he blushed slightly.

Then to my astonishment and without warning he reached down and tugged his shirt over his head dropping it to the floor while my gaze widened in pleasant surprise. Like me he had a wiry kind of build with a flat firm stomach and a tight chest. For a twelve year old boy he had a very fine looking body as he bent over slightly while lifting up his left leg removing his sock before doing the same with his right one. The boy stooped over like that made me shiver excitedly because he really was drop dead gorgeous.

Straightening back up Julian hooked his thumbs into his shorts and cocked his head slightly to the right looking at me with a teasing smirk on his features while I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. Pulling slightly outwards at the waistband of his shorts he shoved them down around his thigh before letting them drop to the floor. I tried to swallow and realized I had stopped breathing forcing myself to suck in air gasping at the sight of his beauty.

The twelve year old boy's four inch erection angled slightly outwards from his body in a straight upwards direction while his ball sack snuggled up tightly just below the root of his shaft. He had a very long foreskin and while his erection pointed stiffly his soft pucker of skin drooped limply when it extended past the slight bulbous tip end of his covered glans. It's been a while since I've seen him naked, but not much has changed, not even the fact he was still completely hairless. My eyes scanned his body with hunger taking in the nice firmness of his stalk as it twitched slightly from the boy's excitement of providing me with a strip show.

Glancing up into his face I saw him blushing, slightly embarrassed by just standing there while another boy scrutinized his nakedness. "Damn, you really do have a hot body. The girls are definitely going to love playing around with you, that's for sure. I mean that is…uh…you know…um…you are into girls, right?" I asked seeing his cheeks turn even redder because it was kind of embarrassing to talk about that kind of stuff while he was standing there in front of me completely exposed.

"Uh…yeah…I mean…I think." He paused for a second. "I mean…lately all I can ever think about are girls and I'm always boning up when I see a cute one. Don't get me wrong I love messing around with Colton and doing that stuff feels great, but yeah, messing around with a girl sounds like a lot of fun. I know Colt isn't into girls right now, but I wasn't either about six months ago. I've sort of changed my mind on that now though and when I see a hot chick walking by I-I…you know…get horny." He giggled while I smiled happy for him that he was finding his way while also enjoying having a bit of fun and not be so weirded out about it.

"Yeah, way cool, but believe me with a sexy body and handsome features you won't be waiting here long before things begin to happen for you on the whole girl front." I told him honestly seeing him get a little shy at the way I was complimenting him and staring at his nakedness.

"Cool," he muttered with his voice shaking a bit nervously while he glanced over at me before allowing his eyes to wander over my nakedness trying to ignore the nasty bruises.

"I-I think you are sexy hot too. Your body…it-it's really nice. Everything about you is really nice." He added making me smile while it now got a bit awkward because he was still standing there completely naked.

Reaching my right arm across my body holding out my hand towards Julian I watched the boy hesitate and then step closer reaching out with his left hand taking hold of mine. I pulled him closer to the bed forcing him to climb up and crawl towards me. I continued to tug on his arm until he straddled my body settling his knees on either side of my hips with his legs straddling alongside my butt cheeks, and his feet by my thighs when he sat down on top of my lower stomach facing me. He wasn't that heavy and it felt kind of cozy as I pulled up my knees letting him lean back supporting his weight on my legs. My eyes continued to wander over his smooth body dipping down and focusing on his rock hard spike and tight nut sack.

I could see several thin blue veins along the surface of his shaft creating a maze like webbing similar to what he had crisscrossing all along his pale porcelain like hairless slate. I was drawn to the length of his shaft, scrutinizing it closely and noticing the smoothness of his taught skin all snuggled up around the slight flaring crown of his bullet shaped nozzle. It was fascinating to see such a long foreskin, the supple pucker of skin slightly drooping over the tip end of his nozzle with a trifling twist to the boy's right.

"Pim?" I heard Julian's soft voice bringing me out of my hypnotic state. I gazed up into his eyes arching my eyebrows indicating he should continue. "Um…I…uh…well I'm kind of horny. Do you think you could…um…you know…er…that is…if you want." He asked sheepishly blushing while I glanced back down at his erection wanting nothing more than to reach out and touch him.

My thoughts began to war with itself. In the past it was always about the guilt of doing something kind of wrong in a sexual way with a boy who I thought was too young for me, but my conflicted debate wasn't even about that this time around. I no longer felt guilty about the sex aspect of things knowing in many ways it wasn't wrong. No, what I was debating now is doing something with the boy since I was gay. It was obvious he was into girls, and me jacking him off was more about the typical pubescent hormonal sexual release. Of course he messed around in a sexual way with Colton and enjoyed that kind of thing, but I was gay and even though he may be into it now he might be weirded out about this later.

Sighing, I shook my head and gazed back up into his eyes. "Julian, you have no idea how much I'd love to touch that sexy hot pistol of yours and make you scream like a wild banshee in heat. In a way I even owe you for what you did for me and the right thing is I should return the favor, but I don't think that would be such a good idea." I admitted seeing the confusion on his face.

"B-but I don't understand. I mean, you didn't mind it just now…you know…when I did you. I mean, in Greensboro you thought I was just too young, but what happened just now sort of…I don't know…sort of makes things different. Is it because I'm only twelve?" He asked seriously while I shook my head.

"No, not really. I mean things have changed for me. Before I used to worry all the time about that sort of thing, but ever since…ever since…," I sighed looking away and shaking my head. "Ever since I died, even if it was for only a few moments, things have changed. I don't care about your age because I realize you are old enough. I'd never do something like this with Colt, because that is still different, but I could see doing stuff with you though. I like you a lot, but it's just…I don't know…I mean I know, but it's just personal." I tried to explain seeing the hurt expression play across his features.

"I don't understand," he pressed, "please Pim…I-I want this…I've always wanted this with you. I don't understand." He told me with hurt in his voice making me sigh.

"Julian, I'm gay and it just wouldn't be right. I know you are into girls but I'm into boys and doing something like this with you makes it a little different because I'm gay." I told him shaking my head sadly not wanting him to feel bad about things later.

The twelve year old boy cocked his head to the side and looked at me seriously. "Is that all?" He asked catching me by surprise.

"What do you mean is that all…yeah…and it's a big deal you know." I insisted.

"Why…I mean you told me about it in the hospital, but it doesn't matter to me or change the way I feel about messing around with you." He asserted just as firmly.

Rolling my eyes I shook my head to clear it gazing up into his soft tender eyes. "You really aren't weirded out about me being gay?" I asked curiously while he bit his lower lip thinking on it for a couple of seconds before shaking his head no his hair waiving around in front of his face.

"No…not really. All I know is you are a really nice guy, a cool friend, and right now I'm horny as fuck after getting to run my hands over that sexy body of yours." He tittered giddily, his eyes flashing brightly while his face became a bit impish with naughty playful delight when he looked down at his erection trying to send me a hint.

If that wasn't enough Julian made his erection bounce around when he pinched his sphincter muscle as if he were squeezing out the last droplets of piss making me chuckle. He looked back into my eyes with a playful gaze and reached out for my right hand taking it in his own. Pulling my hand towards his body he placed it between his legs using his hand to wrap my fingers around his drill bit, his eyes glittering mirthfully when I gently squeezed his erection feeling the boy quivering in delight.

"You sure about this?" I asked, watching the boy gaze down into my eyes smiling softly at me and nodding his head.

"Y-Yes, please Pim." The boy exhaled softly. "I-I like you a lot and…and I'm so fucking horny. It's fun messing around with Colt, but I've been wanting to do something with you ever since that first night at the hotel room in Greensboro." He admitted while I sighed nodding my head before adjusting my grip and slowly easing his long foreskin over the slim bulb of his tulip.

The long haired boy really did have a tight turtle neck, but it slipped over with ease my eyes widening when I saw the glistening wetness of his purplish red colored cherry. It was beautiful as I continued to roll back his skin flute noticing the skin along his exposed stalk didn't seem so crimson like mine. It made me wonder if it was because mine just recently became detached. Julian's probably been rolling his skin back for years now when he washed himself, among other things, so his shaft's been exposed to the elements more often than mine. Still, it glistened softly in the late morning light shining through my window as I slowly began to pump my fist back and forth enjoying the way his erection felt in my hand.

Other than Carter, he's the only other boy I've done something like this with. I've touched Julian before, and Colton, but never like this, the boy moaning softly when I began to increase the tempo of my hand. I could tell it was having an affect on the Julian because his breathing started becoming erratic and his testicles began to squirm around. I really wished my other hand wasn't so useless at the moment because I would have loved to run it up and down his body before using it to play around with his twin's playpen. My eyes were riveted now on those cherry sized little fruit morsels, just begging to be squeezed or nibbled to check for their ripeness.

The twelve year old boy began to moan softly in earnest now, his head rolling back enjoying the sensations I was providing him while I continued to pump along the length of his shaft. It was about an inch shorter than mine so my strokes weren't as long, but I thought for a twelve year old kid it was a rather nice sized erection. Watching him squirming around was a turn on, his stunningly statuesque body undulating, writhing, twitching, and shivering with goose bumps forming all along his skin. It was fun to watch someone getting off, but I began to realize it was actually taking quiet a bit of time.

"Harder…faster…yes…yes…that's it…oh fuck yeah…that feels a-awesome…oh fuck…shit your hands feel way better than Colt's. Yours are bigger." He moaned gazing down at what I was doing when I began to twist my hand around providing additional stimulation in a different kind of way making him chirp and croon in delight. I even began to swipe my thumb along the tip of his exposed sleek bullet shaped glans making him shiver and yelp in surprise, but still it didn't do the trick, the boy holding back the tidal wave making me wonder if it always took this long for him.

To be honest I was impressed by his stamina and even a bit envious because at only twelve years old he was already displaying more sexual control than me and I was already fifteen. I could tell what I was doing made him feel really good and was sexually gratifying, yet he managed to have more control over his sexual release than I could ever hope to accomplish. It made me more determined than ever and I increased the tempo while clamping my fingers more firmly around his tendril. After working him hard like this for several long moments it seemed to finally do the trick because he suddenly yelped out yapping like a little puppy dog.

"Yiiiiip, iiiiiiiip, iiiip, eeeeeeey, eeeep," He hiccupped making my eyes flare open wide when I felt his erection fatten up in my firm grip.

I watched in fascination when his lean glossy bullet suddenly plumped up and to my amazement I saw a clear droplet of his nectar spurt out from the tip end. It didn't travel far only about an inch before dropping to my stomach, followed by two more small beads barely ejecting past the tip of his nozzle to puddle next to the first one. Julian's body continued to spasm on top of me his body jerking around with his chest heaving and his stomach muscles contracting with each spastic convulsion. It was amazing to watch him go through the motions of an orgasmic explosion and I squeezed his still rock hard tuber trying to milk more of his honeyed syrup. I could see a clear bead form at the tip of his bell end before it slid on to the side of my finger.

With one final heave and shudder the boy gasped leaning forward and reaching out to stabilize himself. He placed his hands on my shoulders with his head drooping forward his hair tumbling all around and in front of his face. His pretty green blue eyes were staring right into mine while he continued to suck in air his chest rattling in the process with a drunken like smile etched all over his features. In-between gasps his body twitched every once in a while from the aftereffects of his ecliptic orgasmic explosion.

"H-holy crap that was awesome." He wheezed. "Way better than with Colt." He admitted. "I mean…its fun with him, but more extreme with you. Damn, that was intense." He sighed his body shuddering when he straightened up leaning back against my legs and closing his eyes to recuperate while I chuckled because he was still shaking.

Looking down between his legs I realized I was still holding his non-venomous snake firmly in my hand and to my surprise it was still hard. "Dude, does that thing ever go down afterwards not to mention take that long for you to bust your nut?" I teased lightly seeing him smile and shrug his shoulders.

"Yeah, but it takes a little while to go soft." He confirmed nodding his head in blissful contentment. "Do you really think it takes a long time for me to have an orgasm?" He asked, the word 'orgasm' sounding strange coming from a twelve year old boy. "I mean, Colt usually has one pretty quick and yours didn't take too long either, but I figured that was because you hadn't done it for several days." He became curious now opening his eyes and frowning at me.

"Yeah, well I guess it depends on the situation. Sometimes I can hold out longer, but not like you." I admitted seeing him become a bit concerned that maybe this wasn't normal for him making me snigger. "Dude, don't sweat it because actually the longer it takes for you the better it is for the girls. Guys almost always spray their fertilizer before a girl's pasture is ready for it and she can get off. A win for us, but a disappointment for them." I teased seeing him smile and blush at my playful jab. "Anyway, I see I'm not the only one who's going through some growing pains." I chuckled seeing his confused expression when I released his hot moist torpedo holding my hand up in front of his face showing off the singular clear bead on my finger.

"What's that?" He asked curiously while I snorted playfully.

"It's you…dork," I teased. "You know…your man juice." I added playfully when something suddenly occurred to me and I smiled broadly. "Dude, is this like the first time you've…um…you know… spritzed…as in…like squirted?" I asked.

"Wh-what…I-I…I squirted…for real?" He replied looking down noticing the few droplets and beaming proudly before looking a bit disappointed when I stuck my finger in my mouth tasting another boy's virginal seed for the very first time.

"Mmmmm, that is so damn tasty. Way sweeter than mine?" I admitted, swirling my finger in another small droplet scooping it up and getting ready to stick it in my mouth.

"Hey, no fair, don't hog it all. I mean there isn't like a lot of it." Julian protested, immediately swiping up the two remaining dollops placing his finger in his mouth and furling his eyebrows while the flavor began to register on his taste buds.

Sticking my own finger inside my mouth I watched his reaction while he worked his tongue around the small amount inside his mouth nodding his head. "Yeah, sweeter, but I hardly squirted anything. Something isn't right and must be broken." He became a bit concerned while I barked out laughing, once again wincing from the twinge of pain.

"Hey, it's not funny. I mean, what's wrong with my balls and pecker?" He asked me seriously looking hurt that I'd be laughing at his favorite toy which now appeared to be broken.

Trying to stifle my giggles since I didn't want to bruise his feelings and also because it kind of hurt, I held up my hand apologetically. "Dude, nothings broken just relax. I mean it was your first time spaffing so yeah, not much at all. My first time was just one little beaded drop on the tip of my pecker and that was only because I squeezed it out of my tube when I saw just the tiniest little wet dab figuring it had to be some of my cum. So you did pretty good your first time out of the gate." I assured him seeing the boy perk up smiling happily before leaning down and wrapping his arm around me cuddling up.

To my surprise he was still hard down there, his peen hammer rubbing up against my semi-hard gummy worm. The twelve year old boy's body was damp with sweat from the sexing and he shivered slightly so I pulled the covers over us enjoying the closeness of his naked body against mine. Running my hand up and down his back his skin felt soft and warm.

"That was so wickedly awesome and felt spectacular. Way more intense than usual. I can't believe I squirted. I can't believe I actually tasted a guy's…uh…cum." He giggled at the oddity of the word since he wasn't used to saying it out loud. "I think I like it, but mine's way sweeter than yours." He giggled shifting into a more comfortable position his cheek nuzzling up against the crook of my shoulder.

I could feel his soft breath against my neck when he cuddled up closer to me, his soft body rubbing gently against mine and it actually felt cozy as I ran my hand all up and down his warm back. "Yeah, well you are a sweet kid so maybe that has something to do with it." I added in a serious voice pausing for just the right amount of time before insinuating my little jab. "Or it could be you still aren't man enough to have spermies in your cream frothy." I giggled teasingly.

"Hey, not cool." He retorted, but giggled knowing I was only teasing.

"I know, but in a way it's the truth. You probably just don't have any swimmers yet…you know…sperm, but don't worry you will soon enough along with hair and other changes. I have a feeling you are about to have some more growing pains here real soon with your pecker getting a tad bigger before too much longer." I smirked teasingly.

"Yeah, well if squirting is any indication of so called growing pains with how it made me feel, not to mention how it tasted, then I wouldn't mind having it happen more often." He chirped contentedly while I exhaled softly closing my eyes for a second because I was suddenly very tired from not only still recuperating with the snake bite and almost dying, but also the blissful intensity of the orgasm Julian provided me a few minutes earlier. I felt the younger boy also begin to relax in my arms, the two of us content to rest in each other's embrace while I smirked because Julian's erection had finally deflated.

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