Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 18

Unfettered Emotions

The sleep I had fallen into was like an empty blackness, not the scary kind, but rather more like a deep pause, devoid of any emotions or thought. It was as if I had simply entered a state of rest and was unwilling to do anything that would upset the balance within my own body. The void kept me away from the outside world as my body and mind began the healing process of the recent traumatic event. I've been hurt on a number of occasions, but what I just went through was something I've never experienced before and shook me to the core. The recesses of my mind began to wake up now and the darkness started to recede, the realization of how close I had come to dying flittering through my thoughts.

With the darkness slowly withdrawing into the background I could feel the odd tingling sensation in my arm along with the dull throbbing pain reminding me of the real dangers out in the back country if one didn't pay attention to their surroundings. The snake wasn't at fault since it was only doing what came natural to its very survival. Now there was another sensation, an ache all along my body as if someone had wrung me around their hands like a wet towel before opening it up and flapping it around in the air. My entire body felt as if I was bruised and battered with my chest and ribs aching fiercely as I tried to breath slowly so it wouldn't hurt so much.

Just beyond my hazy state I began to detect another soft sound breathing steadily with the familiar sensation of a small bundle of warmth snuggled up closely to me. I instinctively knew it was Colton and somehow it was comforting to have him so close to me. There was a tender softness about it that seemed to soothe away some of the achiness I was experiencing as my eyes slowly fluttered open and I tried to take in the confusing surroundings. It took me a second to realize I was still in the hospital as the memories of recent events began to flood my thoughts.

My gaze settled upon the small boy curled up on a cushioned arm chair inside my private room. He looked all cozy as our eyes connected quietly for several long moments. There was tender love and concern etched all over the twelve year old boy's soft features as he uncoiled effortlessly and rose up out of the chair making his way stealthily over towards me with tears welling up in his beautiful green blue eyes.

"Hey," Julian whispered softly reaching out and hesitating for a moment not so sure if he should be touching me before finally running his fingers through my damp matted hair.

The simple gesture was all I needed with my own eyes welling up while I sighed contentedly. Julian was such a good friend, just like Colton and Carter, and I began to cry softly in relief because I was still alive. My body ached and I was in pain, but I was alive and I tingled from the inside out with the knowledge of how fortunate I was and how good I really had it with the family and friends in my life.

"Shhhh-shhhh, please don't cry Pim, everything is going to be just fine." Julian tried to assure me wiping his own tears away. "You gave us all a big scare, but you pulled through like a real champ even surprising the doctors. You were flat-lined for several minutes and even after shocking you and giving you adrenalin nothing helped. The doctor and nurses worked on you for a long while before actually pronouncing you dead. The doctor started to leave when Colton went totally berserk tearing loose from me and jumping into bed with you. He was sobbing and saying you can't die and it wasn't fair because it should have been him and not you. Just as the doctor was going to pull him away, your heart suddenly started up again. You're a fighter Pim, just like your dad." Julian sniffled, the emotions overwhelming him as he began to sob silently.

"Oh god Pim, I thought we had lost you and Colton nearly went out of his mind until you started breathing on your own again. He wouldn't let you go no matter what the doctors tried to tell him or do. He's been holding on to you ever since and won't let you go." He sighed softly as I glanced down at the slumbering boy snuggled up next to me and began to stroke his back tenderly.

It amazed me how soundly someone could sleep and in many ways I was envious of him. Sometimes I wished I could fall asleep so deeply without the troubles of the world nagging at me. Colton was always a deep sleeper, never waking once he dozed off. I loved the little guy and knew he was probably blaming himself for what happened. It was comforting to have him snuggled up with me as I continued to run my good hand up and down his warm body. The love I felt coming from him was palpable and wholesome. The little boy had a gentle and kind heart with a love that was pure and pristine. This was something to be treasured and nurtured since it was such a rare quality these days.

Sighing, I glanced back over towards Julian and smiled trying to set the twelve year old boy at ease. He had been there to comfort his younger friend yet again, and one can't ask for more than this. Both Colton and Julian have been spending time together on a regular basis and their friendship has blossomed and grown. They had become tight and in many ways their friendship was closer than what Colton had with his best friend Michael who he had known all his life. This is just how it was in life I suppose. Sometimes someone comes along and there is just something there that can't be explained. It didn't have anything to do with the two boys having sex together; but rather, it was they connected in a way that their friendship would always stand the test of time. A real true friend was a rare thing indeed in this world. Often friendships come and go as life goes on, but every once in a while a bond is formed that cannot be torn apart.

This is the type of bond the two younger boys had already forged as I gazed at Julian taking in his handsome young features. It never ceased to amaze me how stunningly beautiful the boy was as he now bit his lower lip glancing away from me for a second and wiping away the wetness from his cheeks. My body ached all over, inside and out, yet he managed to make me feel good and so very much alive. I've been told that people who have come close to dying change in a lot of ways and I began to understand what they meant because even though I was feeling awful I also felt invigorated and alive. Things I used to worry about seemed petty now as I allowed my eyes to wander over Julian taking in his sleek, fit, and trim body.

He was dressed in plain clothes, but still managed to look strikingly attractive and I realized he truly was transitioning into a stage of his life where he exuded a sense of youthful confidence and sexiness. His plain white t-shirt hung slackly along his fit upper torso teasingly with the material fluttering around his tight chest and firm stomach giving people a glimpse of his wiry but athletic form. He was wearing a pair of worn jeans that fit a bit loosely on his long legs, but also snug enough so it showed off his perky little butt, not to mention the nice rounded flattering mound between his legs. It wasn't like huge or anything, but still rather large for a twelve year old boy letting people get a glimpse of what lay hidden just beneath the stiff material.

It was quiet in the room and my gaze shifted upwards to the boy's pleasant features. His blue green eyes where always captivating and sparkled lively drawing a person into his steady gaze. Julian's long hair hung a bit disheveled over the front of his countenance and he must have felt my scrutiny because he subconsciously ran his hand through his sandy colored stringy strands forcing them off his heart shaped face revealing the rest of his features. He had a wonderful complexion, mostly unblemished with a wide forehead, prominent cheek bones, and a chin that narrowed slightly with the cutest dimple right in the middle.

Our eyes connected yet again, and if I wasn't feeling a bit sick or hurting so much, I would have chuckled because his rosy colored cheeks turned bright red while his pouty like lips formed into a nice soft expression as they straighten out into an almost smarmy kind of smirk that was too adorably cute on his features. The boy wrinkled his nose and reached up rubbing the back of his hand along the side of it probably getting rid of an itch. He even had a cute nose with a slightly broad bridge, nostrils that flared out a tad, and a nice rounded button like tip.

My scrutiny was outwardly overt and palpable making the other boy feel a little uncomfortable now as I sighed and tried to speak since I hadn't said anything yet. "W-where…," my voice croaked hoarsely so I tried to clear it wincing since it felt really dry and crusty, actually hurting, not to mention my entire body felt sore and raw.

"Hold on, don't try to talk yet." Julian started in surprise when he heard me try to speak.

The twelve year old boy stepped over to a small cart on wheels and poured some water into a cup before placing a lid on top and large straw inside. "The doctor said when you wake up your throat might feel like sandpaper and that you should drink some water slowly since they had shoved a tube down it when you crashed before removing it when you began breathing on your own." The sandy haired boy instructed stepping closer and holding the straw up to my lips. "Slow," he cautioned while I nodded indicating I understood.

The cool liquid sliding down my throat felt refreshing, but also wore me out warning me of just how frail I was at the moment. Nodding my head that I had enough he stepped back over to the cart setting the cup down while I closed my eyes and tried to breath with tears trickling down the side of my cheeks because I felt so helpless.

"Please don't cry Pim, the doctor said you were going to be just fine despite what happened. My dad took Mrs. Chasson with him to Fort Bragg to pick up your folks at the airport. Evidently your dad managed to divert a military C-130 to a civilian airport in Texas. That takes a lot of pull you know. I guess the pilot wasn't too happy about it either since the C-130 was full of military personnel and gear with your dad getting chewed a new one once the plane landed. I guess they were in the middle of some training mission when the pilot was ordered to divert over to the airport. Medal of Honor or not this is simply not done and that sort of behavior is a bit frowned upon because it mucks things up royally." Julian sighed shaking his head while I frowned hoping my dad didn't get into trouble.

"Anyway," Julian smiled seeing my concerned look, "Mrs. Chasson was on the phone with your mom while the pilot was dressing down your dad, but when you…um…when you coded your mom practically hijacked the plane and threatened the pilot. That seemed to do the trick because the guy took off and just about broke every rule in the book to get here in a hurry. I think I'm going to really like your mom." Julian flashed me one of his cute smiles making me nod my head knowing just how formidable my mom could be and heaven help anyone getting in her way when she meant business.

"With your folks coming, Mr. Chasson decided to hunt down the doctor to let him know. I guess he figured it would be important for your parents to talk with the doctor as soon as possible regarding your condition since you gave everyone a pretty big scare." The twelve year old boy exhaled softly, tears beginning to well up into his eyes spilling down along his cheeks making me feel bad at how I managed to upset so many people.

"It's alright Julian, I'll be just fine." My voice rasped and rattled around while I winced from the chafing feeling in my throat while the boy began to nod his head wiping away his tears embarrassed at how he was behaving.

It got quiet in the room with Julian standing there shifting from one foot to another and staring at me and then glancing away self consciously before once again staring at me watching me closely. A couple of times he started to speak up and would then blush looking away biting his lower lip. After the silence stretched on for a couple of minutes he finally spoke up hesitantly, his gentle voice barely audible.

"P-Pim?" He began softly, his eyes drifting over towards mine the fear and concern etched all over his features while I tried to smile at him reassuringly nodding for him to continue his thought.

"Well…I…uh…was wondering if I could…um…if it would be alright to…well…hug you. I mean, if it isn't too weird or anything. It's just…I-I…," he bit his lower lip nervously and looked away with his cheeks flushing red because it was a strange request for a boy to ask another boy if he could hug him.

It wasn't as if we hadn't hugged before, but it had always been in the typical type of casual way between friends. Sometimes it was one of those quick hugs where you'd clasp the other guy's hand wrapping your fingers around their thumb and bumping your right shoulder into one another while giving the usual couple of slaps on the back. Other times it was a quick draping of arm over the shoulder and a quick pull into your body before releasing again. They were all displays of friendship and usually spontaneous.

To actually ask made it a little awkward, but I could tell he seemed to need it. For that matter I needed it too. Coming close to dying sort of changed a person and I began to realize the boundaries and walls we put up between those we care about no longer really mattered so much anymore.

Exhaling softly I flashed Julian a smile of my own and nodded my head. "I'd like that a lot Julian. I could sure use one now myself." I admitted, the younger boy looking at me nervously and hesitating a moment before stepping closer and then pausing again not so sure what to do.

He eyed my black and blue colored swollen arm that was propped up on some pillows along the side of my body. The discoloration wasn't only around the area where the snake bit me, but all up and down the length of my arm since the venom didn't just break down the tissue around the bite area. The joints in my elbow and wrist ached a bit as I tried to keep from moving my arm too much. It looked awful and very painful not to mention my bruised and battered body seemed to smart everywhere making me wonder what had been done to me in order to get my heart beating again.

The twelve year old boy leaned up against the frame of the bed along my left side being careful of my left arm. Tucking his right arm under my neck and draping his left one over my chest he slipped it under my right arm pit carefully so as not to wake up Colton who still slept soundly cuddled up along my right side. Sniffling, he leaned over settling his head on to my chest as a soft sob escaped his lips. Lifting up my right arm I patted his head gently and let him cry to get it out of his system.

It broke my heart that I had upset so many people, but it also made me feel good to know just how much I was loved in this world. Julian was a great kid and even though we had just become friends I felt a strange closeness to him, just like I did with Carter and his little brother. Some of it had to do with surviving death's door and feeling strangely more alive than ever before, while another part was because of the tight friendship and bond that had formed between our small group. It was difficult to describe, but it really didn't matter because the twelve year old boy was genuinely concerned about me as he now tried to stifle his tears not wanting to come across as some blubbering baby.

Sighing, I ran my fingers through his hair. "It's alright to cry Julian. I understand." I assured him, the boy suddenly allowing his emotions to bubble up to the surface and hugging me tighter which forced me to grit my teeth because it was a little painful.

My body ached despite the medication; especially, my chest and ribs, but the hug also felt really nice dulling the pain and making it manageable. "Oh god Pim…," the boy sniffled and hiccupped sobs racking his body when the emotions finally became too much for him. "I was so scared you know…," he hiccupped again and swallowed shaking his head on my chest with his long hair tickling my neck just below my chin. "I wanted to cry and scream, but there was Colton to think about. I had to be strong for him, but I was so scared." He admitted while I ran my good hand through his hair tenderly letting him get this off his chest.

The boy continued to sniffle for another minute or two, hiccupping in the process, until he began to calm down. Slowly, he lifted his head up slightly and let out a nervous chuckle.

"Um…sorry about that." He sighed gazing up into my features with teary red rimmed eyes peering through his tangled messy hair that hung over his face. "I'm getting you all wet." He added scrunching up his face while I brushed his blond tresses with my right hand tucking the strands behind his ears with my fingers.

"It's alright, I don't mind." I smiled at him with our faces only inches apart as our eyes connected.

There was a rush of excitement coursing through my body and without realizing it I leaned in slightly pressing my lips lightly up against his mouth giving the boy a gentle kiss. I could see his eyes opening wide in shock, but he didn't pull away. Our kiss lingered for a couple of seconds before I pulled away settling my head back on the pillow noticing how the other boy was blushing with his cheeks turning several shades of red. Julian gazed into my eyes not saying a word for several long moments as if stunned by what just happened.

I began to feel a little guilty about taking advantage of the situation. "I-I…um…sorry I wasn't thinking." I stammered out apologetically before my eyes suddenly bulged outwards because he abruptly leaned in planting a soft kiss of his own right on my lips that was a bit more passionate than the one I had given him.

It felt like he was sucking the air out of me and the room began to spin around. Just when I thought I was going to pass out he lifted away while I blinked rapidly trying to get my bearings. I was staring into a pool of sparkling blue green swirling colors of his orbs before I managed to shift my gaze noticing a quirky smile lighting up Julian's features. I felt a bit woozy and it took me a second to make out what he was saying.

"Whoa, th-that was l-like…um…nice." He sighed, the spinning inside my head finally stopping as I was able to make out more of his features.

"Yeah…nice," I whispered in reply.

"I-I've never kissed anyone before…I mean, not really." He admitted his face lighting up as he grinned broadly taking a step back from the bed.

Julian's knees buckled slightly from feeling so giddy forcing him to hang on to the metal bed frame for support. My eyes widened while I grinned broadly because that wasn't the only thing the kiss had affected. The sandy haired boy noticed my lopsided grin and followed my gawking gaze. Looking down he chirped in surprise immediately letting go of the bed and covering up the large bulge in front of his pants. He had popped a nice sized boy wood, the outline of his four inch rigid penis pressing up against the firm material of his jeans leaving very little doubt as to what had happened.

"I…uh…I…," he continued to blush mortified by the way his body had betrayed him reacting to the sensuous kiss while I smiled gently understanding how he felt because if I wasn't feeling so awful I would have probably boned up as well. "Uh…sorry," he managed to get out nervously standing there rooted in place and not knowing what to do.

Shaking my head I exhaled softly feeling bad that I had made him feel uncomfortable about the situation. "Nothing to be sorry about." I smiled at him reassuringly. "I mean, in a way it's kind of flattering to know I can get you excited that way." I teased chuckling and wincing because my ribs hurt so much.

The other boy stepped forward, concern etched over his features and reached out running his hands through my hair while my gaze settled on the prominent lump between his legs since he was still firmly boned up. "Stop already." He sniggered drawing my attention away from his boy bulge while I smiled up into his features.

"Can't help it." I admitted. "I mean, if I wasn't feeling so awful I'd like nothing more than to give that lollipop of yours a good polishing." I added seeing his surprised expression as he gawked at me totally speechless for several long moments.

"I-I…um…really." He finally managed to speak up, his voice squeaking before he cleared his throat. "I mean…I thought…you know…that first night when I…uh…you know…wanted to do stuff…with you." He swallowed the lump in his throat. "Y-you said I was too young…you know…to…uh…with you." He stuttered not sure if I really meant what I had just admitted while I sighed gazing up at the ceiling shaking my head.

"No…I mean…yeah, that's what I said, but it wasn't just that." I acknowledged glancing at the younger boy while he scrunched up his face.

"I…I don't understand." The younger boy pursed his lips in thought stepping even closer and shaking his head. "I mean, I really like you Pim." The boy divulged innocently.

"I know, but…," I paused pursing my lips. "You like girls."

Julian looked at me kind of funny and shrugged his shoulders. "So what? I mean, yeah sure, but what does that have to do with anything? It doesn't stop me from having fun with Colton." He reasoned while I smiled because he just didn't understand.

It was obvious the long haired boy was trying to make sense of things with the thoughts swirling around inside his skull like a million miles an hour. "A-are you saying…uh…t-that first night at the hotel. You wouldn't have minded…um…you know…doing sex stuff with me?" He asked, staring at me intently while I didn't know how to respond, but my expression telling him everything he needed to know.

The boy furled his eyebrows. "I don't understand Pim." He repeated yet again shaking his head. "I mean…I wanted to do stuff with you, but you told me…," he paused in mid-sentence with his eyes unexpectedly widening like something just occurred to him. "Oh," he breathed pausing for a second his gaze firmly locking on my eyes while the rest of his thoughts began to gel inside of his mind. "Oooohhhh," he repeated with everything starting to snap into place, but still not totally making sense. "You're gay." He stated without judgment while I looked away biting my lip nervously wondering if he would hate me now.

Even though we didn't have sex together I had still touched him in an intimate kind of way back at the hotel after he had taken a shower with Colton. Of course I had also groped and fondled him the night before while he slept, but thankfully he didn't know about it. I'm sure now that he knew I was gay, if he found out what I had done the previous evening while he slept, he'd be upset.

"But…I don't understand." The boy insisted yet again. "I mean if you are gay why wouldn't you want to do stuff with me?" He wondered still trying to sort it out in his mind. "It doesn't make sense." He added.

Turning my head back towards him I could see the hurt expression on his face that I would refuse him for some reason making me feel bad as I tried to explain. "It's not you Julian. Don't you see?" I asked the bewildered boy who shook his head. "It's not that I didn't want to do stuff with you…it-it's just I'm gay and you aren't." I insisted while he shook his head.

"So? What's that got to do with anything? I mean it isn't like I'm involved with any girls. Besides, I kind of like doing sex stuff with boys like Colton. It's kind of fun and it makes me feel really good." He declared suddenly blushing because it was kind of embarrassing to let someone know you enjoyed having sex with another boy.

The boy pressed forward pushing past the awkwardness. "Just because I'm into chicks doesn't mean I can't have a bit of fun with other boys until I can do stuff with a girl for real. I-I really do like you Pim." He smiled, no longer concerned by how corny he may sound. "I-I'm having a lot of fun with Colton, but there are other things I'd like to do, but just really can't since I don't think he's ready for some stuff. I'd really like it if…that is…you know…if the two of us…you know?" He looked at me hopefully while I stared at him in disbelief shaking my head.

This isn't how I had expected him react to my sexual preferences. "Y-you really aren't…uh…you know…like freaked out about me…um…you know…being gay and all?" I asked while he furled his eyes for a second before shrugging his shoulders.

"Um…no…not really. I mean, you're like my friend and I…um…you know…love you." Julian confessed looking down and blushing because even though boys may feel really close to their friends they never admitted to actually loving them.

It got quiet in the room with both of us dwelling on our thoughts. I knew the love Julian felt for me wasn't the kind of love Carter and I shared with one another, but it was also deeper than a simple friendship. Yes, we were friends, but also more. Sometimes, the different kinds of feelings we had was difficult to describe since nothing was ever one way or the other as in black or white, but rather somewhere in-between like shades of gray.

"Sooo…," The twelve year old boy's soft voice broke the trance, my eyes flickering over to him. "Do…uh…Colton and Carter know about…um…you know?" He asked curiously.

Shrugging my shoulders I looked down at the slumbering eleven year old boy under the covers amazed how he still slept soundly all cuddled up warmly next to my body. "Carter knows but not Colt." I replied seeing the long haired boy nodding his head.

There was another short stretch of silence before Julian spoke up again. "You know Colton loves you and it wouldn't matter to him one bit." He assured me. "I mean, about you being gay and all. He wouldn't care."

"I know, it's just…," I shrugged my shoulders pausing to gather my thoughts. "I just don't want to confuse him is all." I explained seeing the puzzled expression on the twelve year old boy's features.

My reasoning might seem a little silly to some, but puberty was perplexing enough without me adding any more confusion in the mix as I tried to clarify more for Julian. "It's just Colt is only now starting to discover sex and what this is all about between boys and girls. Right now he enjoys the sex with you and he isn't into girls. If he finds out I'm gay he might think he is too because the idea about girls just hasn't hit him yet. I don't want him to worry about things like being gay or anything since puberty will be confusing enough for him as it is. I don't want anything to influence the way he is supposed to turn out. He needs to figure who he is on his own without me influencing things one way or the other." I tried to explain. "Does that make any sense?" I asked.

Julian shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, I guess. I still don't think it would matter one way or the other. I mean even if he did think he was gay at first that wouldn't last once he discovered girls. I thought about it some too until one day I suddenly realized I really was into girls more than guys." He pointed out making me think on it some since it made sense.

The twelve year old boy was studying me closely now and started to shuffle his feet around nervously as if contemplating something before speaking up again. "Pim?"

"Hmmm," I responded gazing down again at Colton who was still fast asleep, his warm body snuggled up next to me somehow feeling very comforting.

"About us…uh…you know…do you think…that is when you feel better…um…maybe we could sort of…you know…," he wondered nervously while I furled my eyebrows because even though I wouldn't mind doing sexual stuff with Julian I was in love with Carter and we actually had a relationship together.

Of course Carter and I had talked about sex and stuff with others. The thirteen year old boy had fretted about having sexual feelings for Mason and also about having sex with our friend's sister. It really hadn't bothered me that Carter would be turned on by other boys or even have sex with someone else, but I had never really thought about what it would mean if I had sex with someone other than Carter. He had indicated he would be fine with me experimenting around since we were still so young and just now beginning to muddle our way through adolescence. At the time I had shrugged it off feeling it wouldn't be right for me. Now though things had changed because I was finding out life was too short to pass up on missed opportunities. Julian was one of those instances of 'what if,' and here we were yet again with the promise of another chance to be with the sexy boy.

Things were never simple and as always I felt confused by my conflicted feelings. Death had come knocking on the door and it had changed my outlook on life. I felt alive on the inside and didn't want to live my life with any regrets, but I also didn't want to mess something up that felt so very right in my world. In the end all I could do is simply go with the flow and see how things worked out.

The twelve year old boy was still studying me closely, nervously waiting for my reply as I finally smiled and exhaled softly. "We'll see…maybe." I gave him my best and honest reply because right now the way I was feeling it really wasn't something I was into one way or the other.

That seemed good enough for Julian though, the younger boy perking right up and flashing me a big smarmy grin. "Way cool." He chuckled making me shake my head.

"Dude, for a twelve year old you are such a pervert." I teased with the other boy shrugging his shoulders.

"I can't help it…after all I'm a growing boy with special needs." He sniped back reaching down and grabbing on to his bulge giving it a meaningful squeeze while I rolled my eyes and sighed at his easy going manner.

I really liked the kid a lot as I got serious for a second. "Julian?"

"What's up?" The boy asked seeing my sober expression.

"I need you to do me a big favor." I began with the long haired boy frowning and nodding his head before I told him what I needed him to do.

Just as I finished, the door opened up to my room and my parents came hustling inside with the Chasson's and the doctor in tow their features looking worried and gaunt. I'm sure the last few hours had been harrowing for both of them. At the same time I felt Colton slowly stirring awake when he heard his parents' voices as they chattered away with my folks explaining what happened while the doctor interjected at the appropriate moments. When my mom saw me she immediately broke away heading straight for me while at the same time Colton nearly squeezed me to death in a firm hug making me gasp in pain.

Unknown to me in the next state over Carter was slowly stirring awake as well from his own ordeal. The day for the thirteen year old boy had started out normally enough as the team relaxed in their respective hotel rooms in preparation for their competition coming up the following day. As usual, Carter was sharing a room with Mason, which was perfectly fine with both boys since they got along well together and had actually become really good friends.

Of course Carter secretly had a crush on his roommate, but never acted on it since he knew the other boy was into girls. He was in love with Pim, but couldn't help feeling sexually attracted to the short haired teammate who roomed with him. There was something about the other thirteen year old boy that made Carter's heart thump loudly in his chest sometimes. Of course Pim knew all about it and didn't seem to mind even encouraging Carter to embrace the feelings he had towards the other dark haired boy. The fifteen year old boy knew Mason and even liked the thirteen year old boy. Mason was actually good for Carter since he was a very outgoing kind of guy managing to get the shy withdrawn boy to open up and be more carefree.

It was nice and cozy in the bed when Carter inhaled deeply his eyes slowly fluttering open before looking around a little confused. He was drawn to the warmth of another body partially draped over his and cuddled up closely as his gaze now shifted to the other slumbering boy under the covers of the bed. He scrunched up his face noticing it was Mason and tried to make sense of things. Everything was kind of hazy at the moment while he tried to recall what happened.

Lifting up the covers he blushed realizing he was completely naked and so was Mason as his eyes wandered over the pale sloping ascent of the other boy's thirteen year old naked butt. It was smooth and creamy white, sort of pear shaped. Carter's eyes naturally wandered over the other boy curiously noticing how the short haired teen's left leg was draped heavily over his thighs. That isn't what captured his attention now as he felt his eyes widening because he could see a part of Mason's soft penis pressed into his hip along with the large bulging outline of the boy's left chestnut sized testicle. He could feel the weight of the other boy pressing into his side since he was leaning up against Carter's body effectively mashing the other thirteen year old boy's package into his side. He could even see the lush darker colored curly pubes as Carter finally began to piece things together.

It had happened suddenly and without warning, the phone ringing in the room which he thought odd as he picked up the receiver. His life had unexpectedly changed as he listened to the frantic voice of his mother on the other end. It was obvious she was very upset and at first he couldn't understand what she was saying because he could hear the frenzied noises in the background with people shouting all sorts of orders. He heard his mom say something about Colton and a copperhead snake bite. At first he thought his little brother had been bitten by the poisonous snake, but then found out Pim had once again come to his little brother's rescue and been bitten instead.

There were more shouts now in the background and he suddenly found out things were really bad because Pim had a seizure from a bad reaction to pain medication, wasn't breathing, and his heart had stopped beating. His mom had been on the phone with Pim's mom when they had been cut off, and had then decided to call him. Carter's world came crashing down all around him and he heard a large wailing sound echoing loudly in his ears. Everything went hazy and dark all around him and in the back of his fractured mind he realized the strangled screeching noise was actually coming from him as he collapsed on the floor in a heap when he heard someone in the background saying Pim was gone.

That wasn't the only thing gone because at that moment Carter had become lost to the world, his mind fracturing into a million pieces while he began sobbing uncontrollably. He was vaguely aware of Mason's presence; the other thirteen year old teen frantically wrapping his strong arms around the broken boy slumped on the floor as he wrenched the phone from Carter's grasp. Mason didn't know what was going on when he heard the strangled higher pitched screams on the other end sounding very similar to what he had just heard with his thirteen year old friend realizing it had to be Carter's little brother.

The teen was screaming in the phone now trying to find out what happened since all he knew was that his friend had simply collapsed to the floor and was wailing. It was awful and it scared the crap out of Mason as he tried to comfort his friend while also trying to get to the bottom of what was going on. Carter was vaguely aware of his other friend, his mind no longer in the waking world as he struggled to survive without going completely insane. He could hear his friend's shaken expression as he spoke into the phone, the other thirteen year old boy crying now too.

"Oh god…oh god…no-no-no-no." The short haired boy's voice flittered vaguely through the back of Carter's splintered mind.

"What…, he's what. Oh god, Carter he's still alive. Did you hear me…," Mason's voice penetrated Carter's shattered mind as the seed was planted, but at this point the thirteen year old boy was still in shock only faintly making any sense of what he was told.

"Pim's alive Carter. He's in an awful state, but he's alive." He heard his friend telling him, but everything had become hazy. "Mrs. Chasson I better let you go. Carter is still upset, but he will be fine. Just see to Pim and I'll have Carter give you a call later on tonight once everything is settled down." He told Mrs. Chasson with worry etched all over his features because his friend wasn't responding.

Hanging up the phone Carter could feel his friend holding him tightly and rocking back and forth. "Please Carter; everything's going to be fine. Pim is in a bad way, but he's a fighter and alive." The other boy sniffled crying softly too while holding Carter close and rocking back and forth.

There was a banging on their door which made Mason flinch, but Carter didn't even respond feeling the other boy letting him go while he slumped back into the side of the bed with the hazy fog weighing heavily on him. He could hear Mason talking to his dad explaining what happened.

"Really dad, he'll be alright. You guys go ahead out to dinner. I'm not much hungry anyway right now. Maybe we will grab a bite a little later." He told his dad who seemed to hesitate.

"Are you sure Mason? I can stay for a bit if you want?" He told his son who nodded. "Alright, but are you sure you're alright? I mean, Pim's your friend too and I can see it upset you." He added with Mason smiling at his dad and nodding again.

"I'll be alright dad and I'll see to Carter. He's just in a rough place right now and it seems like he could use a friend to lean on here for a bit." He suggested.

"Yeah, maybe you are right." Mr. Baylin smiled at his son giving the boy a big hug and kiss on the top of his head before leaving.

Carter could feel his friend's presence again and then felt himself being helped up to his feet. "Come-on Carter. Everything is fine now." He heard the other boy assuring him and then felt Mason giving him a firm hug before stepping back.

Sighing, the other thirteen year old boy was at his wits end, so taking Carter's hand in his own he led the boy into the bathroom leaning into the shower booth and turning on the warm water. "Here, why don't you get undressed and take a nice hot shower. I'm sure that'll help you. I'll step out for a couple of minutes and then check in on you after a bit." He heard the other boy tell him before he was left alone in the bathroom.

It was quiet now and Carter gazed into empty space unable to move. Parts of his mind seemed to understand what was going on while other parts were totally blank. It was a strange feeling to be sort of there, but not really. He wasn't sure how long he was standing there when he heard the soft knock on the bathroom door with Mason's voice asking if it was alright to come in. When he didn't reply he could hear the bathroom door opening with his friend once more wrapping him up in his arms.

"Oh Carter you are scaring me now." The other boy whispered softly not sure what to do.

The other boy stepped back and looked into Carter's unblinking eye before sighing. "I…uh…don't freak out or anything but I'm going to get you undressed and in the shower. It'll help, I promise." The other boy hesitated because this was kind of awkward.

A few moments later Carter felt his shirt being tugged off over his head, followed by first one sock and then the other when Mason kneeled down in front of him lifting his feet one at a time. Then there was another pause and then he could feel fingers in the front of his shorts as they were being unbuttoned. He was wearing his silver gray plaid shorts and there was another short pause before he felt both his underwear and shorts being tugged downwards along his legs.

There was a gasp of surprise from Mason, briefly capturing Carter's attention as he slowly gazed down at the boy kneeling in front of him. The short haired boy's brown eyes were spread open widely with his cheeks burning hotly while he stared straight ahead. Carter followed the other boy's gaze and he could feel the heat rising in his own cheeks. Not only was he naked, but he had a full blown erection, his hard four inch bone curving like a banana and his swollen nozzle pointing right at Mason's ruby colored lips.

This was the first time Carter was naked like this in front of the other boy and he felt mortified, but still totally frozen and unable to move. A part of his mind knew this was an embarrassing moment, but the majority of his thoughts were swirling around in a hazy fog where nothing much mattered including standing naked in front of another boy.

"H-holy shit," Mason managed to croak out shaking his head as if to clear out his own cloudy mist. "I…uh…shit…sorry Carter I didn't mean to…um…stare. It's just…um…actually you're the first boy I've really seen naked before." He admitted with Carter once again getting lost in his own murky thoughts no longer concerned about his naked state, boner and all.

"Actually, um, you look really nice down there. I mean your curved boner is kind of weird, but…uh…you know…in like a wickedly cool way. Um…anyway…," he stood back up and hesitated once again before guiding Carter into the shower booth.

Mason stood there looking at his friend from behind, but Carter still wasn't moving despite the soothing warm water cascading over his body. "You have to snap out of it." He heard Mason's gentle voice. "I mean, you can't just stand there like that." He added before sighing and shaking his head.

A few moments later he heard the glass door sliding open yet again and then felt another presence realizing his friend must have gotten undressed and hopped inside the shower now. He felt himself being gently pushed further into the booth, Mason shoving his head under the water to get his hair wet. A few moments later he could feel the shampoo lathering up his medium length hair before Mason rinsed it out under the water. Feeling a light pressure on his shoulders Carter slowly rotated around facing his friend who was completely naked his eyes gazing downwards noticing the other boy's hard two and a quarter inch long penis bobbing around stiffly.

Mason blushed when his friend gazed down at his boner and it made things a little awkward, but it wasn't as if Carter hadn't seen him naked before. It had happened that one time when he had snuck the girl into his room and had fallen asleep afterwards forgetting to get dressed again. When Carter had shaken him awake the following morning he was completely starkers the tip of his soft modest sized two incher barely poking past his thick patch of dark pubes.

That wasn't the awful part because he had immediately boned up, not that it got all that much bigger, but still he hadn't been able to cover up his nakedness fast enough before Carter had noticed. It was embarrassing, but his friend had never teased him about it or his size. He liked that about Carter, how the other teen had never made fun of his puny pecker even though there had been plenty of opportunities to do so.

Ever since then they had always gotten changed in front of each other stripping down to their underwear without being so self conscious, but they had never seen one another naked except for that one time when Carter saw Mason completely starkers. Mason would sneak glances every once in a while when Carter was in his underwear noticing the nice sized bulge indicating the boy had a fairly decent sized package. He had been naturally curious about it, but never in a lustful kind of way since he was more interested in girls already.

Still, it hadn't prepared him for what popped into view when he had stripped his friend out of his shorts. Not only was it a nice sized penis, but his friend had boned up with the damn thing curving like a hard banana. He had never thought about a guy's penis curving like that, since his own stuck outwards straight as an arrow. His friend's erection looked kind of sexy though and he had felt a sort of excitement coursing through his insides which was kind of weird since he knew he was into girls. It confused him the way he had felt seeing his friend naked and with an erection. Even the way the other boy's loose nut sack drooped between his thighs had sent a thrill up his spine.

Now as Mason gazed down he could see just how much bigger his friend's erection was compared to his own. Even though it was curved it still looked about twice as long not to mention twice as thick. Mason also had a tight ball sack where Carter's hung slackly between his legs as he now compared the difference in size. At least he had bigger balls than Carter not to mention he had a full patch of pubes, which despite being totally wet still looked thick, while the other thirteen year old boy's dark little scrub of wet filaments were still developing and just now filling in.

In his hazy state Carter gazed at his naked friend noticing how the other boy was sporting an erection as well, which for some reason sent a tingling sensation coursing through his body as he tried to make sense of what he was experiencing. His mind still couldn't wrap around anything in a firm way and he continued to stare at the other boy's erection. Even though there was a sensation of excitement coursing through his youthful body and curved prong there was also a feeling of humiliation at being naked in front of his friend. He had seen Mason naked before and even though the other boy had a small penis he always thought the teen still looked very cute. He had always wondered what it would be like to mess around with his friend, but he never did knowing the other boy was really into girls and he was too shy to try anything.

With the two of them standing naked in front of each other now he began to realize just how much bigger his penis was compared to the other boy despite his foggy state. Even though his erection arched downwards he was still about twice as long and thick compared to his friend. Like Pim, the other short haired boy had a tight nut sack making Carter frown as his thoughts now shifted to his other friend who was lying in a cold hospital bed.

"Pim," Carter managed to croak before huge sobs began to wrack his body.

He began to cry, the emotions running wild inside of his small body, almost too much to take. Just when he thought he couldn't handle it any more he felt Mason wrapping his arms around him pulling their bodies together. It felt comforting, but was short lived when he felt the other boy's rigid two and a quarter inch erection rubbing against his much larger stiff spire.

Carter felt his friend's body abruptly stiffen up, the boy's grip tightening around his torso. It was swiftly followed by grunts of pleasure when the boy's body began to shudder and jolt around in a convulsive orgasmic fit.

"Oh…uh…oomph…oomph…aaaahhh," Mason groaned in pleasure the jerking spasms keeping in time with the short haired boy's deep throated grunts.

He felt Mason reaching down cupping his butt cheeks and pulling him in tighter while thrusting his hip along his curved erection. Carter instinctively reached down too clasping at his friend's pear shaped ass pulling the boy firmly into him as well allowing the young teen's climax to run its course.

A fraction of a second later Carter felt a warm slippery substance splattering forcefully against his groin, spreading outwards as it oozed over his hard penis, slack ball sack, and between his legs. The warm sensation expanded even further along his small patch of pubes, feeling oddly familiar as he realized even in his hazy state that Mason just had squirted his boy sauce all over the both of them. Within moments it was over the other boy rasping and wheezing for oxygen in the steamy small cubicle. Carter had to hang on to Mason now because the boy's leg's had gotten all rubbery and he slumped limply in his arms. It was like Mason was in a foggy state now too as Carter somehow managed to recall how the other teen had fallen asleep after that girl had messed with him sexually.

"F-fuck me." Mason's soft voice sounded loud in the tiny space while he clung to his friend his own mind fracturing into a million pieces when his body was rocked to its core.

This was so embarrassing to have exploded this way, drenching his friend in a hot sticky mess. This was only the second time he had experienced that sexual rush with another person. The first time had been when that girl had slipped her hand inside his shorts. It hadn't really surprised him since he was feeling her up and things were getting hot and heavy between the two of them, but what had been a shock was when his body suddenly stiffened up just as she wrapped her fingers around his small stiff pickle.

He wasn't a stranger to orgasms, jacking off several times a day, but that was the very first time he's ever been touched down there by anyone else. His body had immediately reacted sending a tsunami like orgasmic wave through his thirteen year old body. He had heard about guys having premature ejaculations, but when it had happened to him he felt completely mortified. The worst part was he had fallen asleep right after it happened waking up a few moments later completely soaked in his own cum and very disoriented with the girl having left him there passed out. He had managed to clean himself up before a heavy weariness had settled over his body and he once again fell asleep. It was why he woke up the next morning completely naked when his friend shook him awake, but thank goodness Carter had been cool about it and hadn't teased him.

Now it had happened yet again, the hair trigger on his little pistol reacting abruptly and sending him over the edge when their naked bodies had rubbed together. He had doused his friend in a warm coating of frothy milk and he now tried desperately to at least not nod off in the shower, his head lolling about for several long moments until he finally managed to stand on his own. Taking a step back he looked down noticing the spilt sticky mess of his cream smoothie. Carter was still all boned up while Mason's own little spike had shriveled up, barely visible poking out of his wet slimy pubes.

"S-shit, sorry about that. It…uh…it just sort of happens and I can't help it." Mason winced and exhaled softly before reaching for the bar of soap to clean himself up.

Carter watched the other boy quickly running soaped up fingers over the slimy mess on his body, using his hands to rub the suds all over before rinsing off. Leaning over, the boy cupped his taut ball sack lifting them up and inspected himself nodding in satisfaction before glancing back over holding out the bar of soap. Carter gazed at it still in a state of shock even though parts of him knew what was going on. When he didn't reach for it the other boy hesitated a moment screwing up his face and then blushed because he knew it was up to him now to get Carter cleaned up.

"I…uh…shit Carter, this is like freaky weird but don't wig out on me." Mason scrunched his face a bit worried before getting on one knee, soaped up his hands, and then reached out tentatively carefully watching his friend's reaction.

Carter's body twitched when he felt his friend's soaped up fingers wiping along his stomach, but he didn't say anything and stood there not even bothered by his own erection. In a way it was embarrassing, but it was just too difficult at the moment for it to register in the murky waters of his thoughts. Emboldened, Mason got to work, quickly washing away the sticky mess from his friend's body and legs.

The other boy's gentle hands felt wonderful on Carter's skin and he watched Mason finally reach over cupping his fleshy ball sack. The massaging fingers felt wonderful and closing his eyes he swallowed enjoying the familiar tingling sensations washing over his entire body giving him goose bumps all along the surface of his skin.

"Whoa, fuck Carter that feels so damn weird, way different than when I touch my own balls. It's like way more…I don't know…loose, fleshy, and heavy." The other boy acknowledged now switching the focus to his friend's extremely swollen bowed tendril.

Hesitating for a second he glanced up, but his friend seemed oblivious at the moment so he wrapped his fingers around the teen's bloated shaft. "H-holy shit you feel so fucking hard, but kind of soft too. The way it curves feels weird." Mason asserted as he slowly ran his soaped up fingers up and down the other boy's curved length.

He gave Carter's erection a firm squeeze fisting the boy's pole in his hand. Carter heard himself moaning because it felt really nice, his head lolling forward before he opened up his eyes. Mason's fingers were all slicked up with soap and he watched mesmerized while it slid easily up and down the length of his shaft. Mason flicked his thumb over Carter's sensitive knob rubbing it along the ridge before pressing it up firmly against the slit. That's all it took, Carter feeling the familiar rush inside his body with it suddenly jolting. It felt like he had just been zapped and he watched as a long string of his mostly translucent boy snot came blasting out the tip end of his curved stiffness.

The slimy substance zipped through the empty space within a fraction of a second splattering resoundingly up along Mason's right cheek and nose. "What the fuck," Mason squeaked jerking away with another volley barely missing, zipping past his head.

"Uuuumph, uuumph, uuumph," Carter grunted, his own orgasm tearing through his body.

His penis jerked several times while his testicles rolled up inside his body cavity. Only two shots of his cream smoothie came blasting past the tip of his nodule with the rest of his boy slime oozing out with each wrenching contraction. Mason was standing up now his gaze fixated on his friend's spastic erection in wide eyed bewilderment.

"H-holy fuck…oh s-shit…I…I…oh shit. Carter I didn't know…I mean…it was an accident." He croaked out once he realized what he had done. "Oh shit dude…I-I, for real dude I've never done anything like that before. I mean, you know to someone else. Fuck." He seemed upset he had done that to his friend as he quickly washed away the slime off his face where it had splattered and also his hand where some of it had oozed.

"Oh gross, you got me dude and all over my face." He complained before he suddenly began to giggle shaking his head gazing over at Carter. "Serves me right for jerking off a friend who didn't ask for it." He exhaled contritely. "You alright?" He asked, Carter's glassy eyes focusing for a second before nodding sending a sigh of relief over Mason.

"Come-on then, let's get dried off and maybe a little nap which will do you some good." He suggested, Carter not resisting as he was guided out of the shower booth and dried off.

Carter was led into the other room and Mason pulled back the covers sitting him down on the bed and then tucking him in. "D-don't leave me alone." Carter spoke up, his first really coherent words since he had collapsed. "P-please h-hold me. I-I need someone to hold me." Carter began to cry softly as he felt his friend climb into bed with him and cuddle up closely.

He could feel the other teen wrapping his arms around his shivering body. Carter sniffled crying softly in Mason's embrace snuggling even closer and inhaling the other boy's soft scent. Closing his eyes he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Now as Carter slowly woke back up things began to fall into place. It seemed late, but it was still bright in the room and he glanced over at the clock realizing it had only been an hour and a half since the phone call. Inhaling deeply he looked down at the dozing boy next to him lifting up the covers realizing they were both naked in the bed. Lowering the blanket he felt the heat in his cheeks and blushed totally mortified by his nudity.

It had been a horrible sensation to be so lost and unable to make his mind work properly when he found out his soul mate had suddenly died, no less while saving his little brother's life. Panic rose up inside of him for a split second until he recalled Mason telling him Pim was still alive. It was then a deep sense of relief flooded his insides just as he felt his friend slowly stirring awake.

Glancing down he watched the other teen open his eyes and gaze up at him, the other boy's cheeks flushing once what happened also began to sink in. "I…uh…sorry…I must have dozed off…are you alright?" He heard the short haired boy asking, Carter nodding his head and exhaling.

"Yeah, much better. Thanks…you know for…um…everything." Carter blushed glancing away for a second recalling what had happened in the shower as it got quiet in the room.

"Carter?" The short haired boy spoke softly after a few moments.

Carter shifted his gaze to the other teen who bit his lower lip nervously. "Y-you won't say anything to anyone. You know…about the shower. I-I mean…its so embarrassing and all." He asked nervously, obviously troubled by the intimacy with another boy making Carter wince feeling a little hurt by the comment even though it was innocent because he liked Mason.

Even though Carter had been in a hazy fog he had still enjoyed the hug, their erections rubbing against each other, and Mason sort of jacking him off. "No, I won't tell anyone." He sighed sadly wondering how Mason would react if he found out he was gay.

"It's just so embarrassing…you know." The other teen sighed still looking troubled. "I-if I tell you something…promise you won't say anything to anyone?" He asked.

Carter gazed at his friend furling his eyebrows, but nodded. "Of course not…you're my friend Mason and I wouldn't do anything to hurt you."

"I-I know, it's just with what happened in the shower and all…I-I think something may be wrong with me…you know…w-with my…uh…you know…pecker." He pursed his lips nervously while Carter stared at him a bit confused.

"I-I don't understand. I mean, it seemed perfectly fine to me…uh…you know. I mean, shit for real dude, you may have a little pistol, but that damn thing fires off a huge load." Carter teased trying to lighten up the mood, but for whatever reason it seemed to upset his friend even more. "Mason, you know it really doesn't matter if you've got a smaller pecker than some of us other guys." Carter tried to assure his friend because he really liked Mason and thought he looked perfectly fine down there.

"I-I know, but that's not what's so embarrassing…I mean it is…sort of, but it's something else." The other teen looked troubled. "Shit dude, I'm really into girls, but I'm afraid to have sex with them. I mean the last time…I…uh…," he paused looking up at Carter debating if he should actually tell his friend what was bothering him.

Carter knew his friend was struggling with something personal so he didn't pressure the teen, but let the boy work it out in his mind. "Remember last month when I snuck that girl into our room?" Mason asked while Carter nodded his head.

"Yeah, it was getting hot and heavy with you two making things a bit prickly for me so I had to leave." Carter chuckled shaking his head.

"Um…yeah sorry about that," the other teen frowned feeling bad at how he had behaved. "To be honest though if you would have stuck around for another minute or two you would have seen how quickly it all ended. That's what's so embarrassing. She's the first girl…uh…you know…she's the first girl I've ever been with and as soon as she reached down inside my shorts I…um…you know…," he blushed looking away totally mortified. "I know I told everyone the two of us had…uh…that I…fucked her, but nothing really happened. I mean, she barely touched me and I sprayed all over inside my shorts and then fell asleep. I-I never fucked her like I said." He blushed totally mortified.

"I know." Carter scrunched his face recalling how the girl had blabbed to all her friends how small Mason was down there and how bad the sex was since the teen had premature ejaculations. Thinking back, Carter recalled how she had been really mean about it.

"R-really, I mean, h-how…shit…this is so humiliating. I mean, I'm really into girls and I thought maybe since I've never been with a girl, you know, sexually, that what happened was a fluke, but now, in the shower with you, when my…when I…when…," he paused for a second gazing up and really torn with the direction the conversation had taken since it was kind of embarrassing, but he had come this far already so decided to press forward.

"Shit Carter I'm really into girls, but I even exploded all over the place when your hard pecker rubbed up against mine. That's not normal and I don't know what to do. I mean shit, how am I supposed to have sex with a girl if I am just going to explode as soon as she touches me. This sucks…royally." He began to sniffle because it was horrible to think you couldn't ever be intimate with someone or have sex with them. "What's wrong with me?" The teen asked his lower lip trembling while he struggled to hold back the tears as he rolled over on his side facing away from Carter so he wouldn't be seen crying.

Carter felt really bad for his friend and cuddled up against the other boy pressing his naked body into the teens back. Wrapping his arms around the short haired boy he tried to comfort his friend like the teen had done for him earlier. The short haired boy flinched at first because they were both naked, his body shuddering as he let out a soft sob, but then seemed to calm down some exhaling softly his chest rattling in the process.

"What am I going to do? I mean it isn't like that happens when I…um…you know, jack off and stuff. I mean I do…uh…you know…get off…but not like right away…not like with what happened last month when that girl touched me or just now in the shower." He sighed shaking his head looking confused and defeated. "This is so fucked up. What's wrong with me?" He asked seriously.

"Um…I…shit dude…nothing's really wrong. I mean it just sounds to me like you need some practice." Carter suggested.

"Practice, what's that supposed to…oh…you mean…oh…," the other teen seemed to understand shrugging his shoulders and getting nervous. "Yeah maybe, but it's not like I've got a girlfriend or anything so that's not going to happen. Besides, what girl would want to stick around once they found out I can't even control myself and that I'm puny down there to boot?" He wondered out loud getting upset again.

Carter was only trying to help his friend and was feeling bad again because no matter what he said it seemed to make things even worse. "Well, it doesn't have to be a girl." He blurted out surprising even himself because it had just slipped out when the thought entered his head.

"Of course it does, how else is a guy supposed to…oh…I…oh…you mean…shit no way dude it's not like I'm…like we are gay." The other boy insisted and blushed while Carter bit his lip nervously because of what he had proposed, but then again he didn't know how else to help out his friend so got braver about it and pressed things a bit.

"So, who cares? You didn't seem to mind how it felt when you busted your nut in the shower. You also seemed to enjoy it when you touched me too. Just because someone isn't gay doesn't mean it can't feel good. Besides, it's not like we haven't seen each other naked now…or…um…you know sort of touched each other." Carter pointed out with the other teen getting really quiet for a few moments before shaking his head.

"I…I don't know. It's just kind of weird…you know…to sort of do stuff with another guy. I mean, yeah it was kind of nice…you know…with you and I trust you, but what if someone finds out and how exactly are we supposed to go about getting together to do anything?" He wondered almost like he was actually considering it emboldening Carter now.

"Dude, whose going to find out because I'm sure not going to be blabbing about it. As for getting together, well…um…it seems like we get plenty of that in the hotel room." Carter chuckled because of the irony of having sex in a hotel room is classic as the ages.

He could tell his friend wasn't too keen on the idea so he didn't press it any further. "Come-on, I'm getting a little hungry so let's get dressed and see if we can find something to eat." He sighed tossing off the covers giving the other teen a gentle prod as they both scooted butt naked to the edge of the bed. "Just think on it some and just so you know it might be a little awkward but you are my friend so I wouldn't mind helping you out that way. Besides, I did enjoy it when you touched me too so it wouldn't be as if you weren't doing something for me either…uh…just saying." Carter added glancing over at his friend.

Carter noticed the other teen checking him out and he blushed because he wasn't used to being naked in front of other boys. A month or two back he would have been totally mortified, but he liked Mason and oddly enough it didn't seem to bother him so much anymore. He had Pim to thank for that as he realized in a way it kind of turned him on how the other teen was looking at him. If it would have been anyone else other than Mason he would have been scrambling to keep his nakedness covered up. Well, anyone else except for Pim too of course. Thinking of Pim reminded Carter once again of his fifteen year old friend and how he still didn't know exactly what was going on.

"Is Pim really alright?" He asked the other teen, forcing his friend to rend his gaze away from his package.

Mason snapped out of it and blushed because he had been caught staring at another boy's dick, but he could see the concern etched all over his friend's features. "He's alive and I told your mom something about you calling up later tonight once they knew more. Let's grab a bite to eat first and then try giving them a call. My dad's cell phone has your parents' contact information on it." The other teen offered up while reaching over and taking his friend's hand in his own before standing up and giving Carter a tug to get him moving.

In the meantime everything in the hospital room had suddenly exploded with activity when Pim's parents entered the room.

Colton had woken up at the same time and nearly crushed me with a huge hug making me wince because I was hurting all over. I also threw up again making him feel bad about it, but it really wasn't his fault because it was just part of the side effects of getting bitten. At least the medications they gave me were helping some with the nausea and the pain. Now it was quiet again in the room after all the fuss and I tried to get some sleep staring up at the ceiling.

It had been a hectic few hours after my parents had shown up and once things settled down a bit the doctors discussed my situation. With a copperhead snake bite they would normally give some antibiotics along with some other medications holding back on administering the CroFab anti-venom because the side effects could be just as dangerous. Copperhead bites weren't usually fatal, but with kids the doctors were usually more cautious. I was a teenager, but still small enough that the doctor had instructed the medics to administer the serum to be safe.

Normally, a patient would be monitored in the hospital for a bit with the bite area inspected and sometimes sent home with some medications and instructions to return if things got worse. At other times they may stay overnight for monitoring and then sent home. Recovery times depended on the person, but the doctor didn't mince words saying it was always painful for the patient along with them getting very nauseous to the point of throwing up. The bite areas would usually swell up and turn purple like with what was happening to my own arm.

With kids they typically kept them in the hospital for a night or two to monitor the situation and since I had an almost fatal reaction to the pain medication they most certainly weren't letting me go home yet. After explaining that part of the situation to my parents the doctor pulled down my gown to inspect my torso. I winced and Colton hissed in shock and hiccupped with tears rolling down his cheeks because my body was black and blue from where they had worked on me when I died. I also had a couple of elongated burn marks on my chest and side where they had shocked me to try getting my heart to beat again.

The doctor explained that when I had arrested they inserted a tube down my throat so they could bag me for air and had performed chest compression for my heart. It was part of the reason why I felt so sore, in addition to the affects of the snake venom, but he assured us they hadn't broken or cracked any ribs. They had really worked hard on me, but in the end it hadn't helped, actually pronouncing me dead. When I had surprised them and began breathing on my own they removed the tube and it is why my throat had felt raw and dry when I woke up.

After the doctor examined me he left us alone. It was nice to have everyone there; especially, my mom as they all chatted for a long while even though I wasn't feeling so well. I could tell my condition really upset my mom, not to mention Colton who would burst out into tears at times saying everything was his fault. It broke my heart to see him that way and one time when he began to sob yet again I pulled him close and whispered softly in his ear that it wasn't anyone's fault and that I'd take twenty snake bites for him because I loved him that much. I had whispered it softly, but everyone in the room heard it and they began to wipe away their own tears trying to give us some space and not eavesdrop. It was a small room though, but I didn't care who heard or saw me as I hugged Colton to me giving the boy a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Colton sniffled some more and then lifted his head kissing me full on the lips letting it linger for a few seconds. It was a bit of an awkward moment with everyone standing there and watching, but there wasn't anything behind it other than pure love between the two of us in a brotherly kind of way.

"I love you Pim and I'd die if anything happened to you. Don't ever scare me like that ever again…promise." He sniffled while I reached out with my good hand wiping away his tears, the sincerity in his features making me sigh.

"I promise, but only if you stop blaming yourself and stop crying." I countered, the smaller boy giving me a meek smile before nodding his head.

It was a tender moment between the two of us, our brotherly like bond cementing even further. I couldn't help but love the smaller boy as I cradled him in my arms affectionately with my mom leaning over running her fingers through my hair, giving me a kiss on the lips as well, and then smiling at me affectionately. She reached out with her other hand and stroked the younger boy's cheek softly before leaning in and giving him a motherly kiss as well sighing affectionately at both of us.

Everyone stayed for a couple of hours even though I really wasn't feeling so good with my body twisting around now, and then when I heaved trying to empty out my stomach, the dry heaves making me feel worse. It also made me wince in pain because my whole body was aching, not to mention my throbbing arm because of the snake bite. When my parents announced maybe it was time to let me get some rest Colton refused to leave with his parents trying to coax him into letting me get some rest. He insisted on staying until I pointed out it wouldn't be fair to Julian since he was spending the night with the boy. It took some more cajoling, but he finally caved with his twelve year old friend draping his arm affectionately over the younger boy's shoulder.

Julian's dad then offered to take everyone out to dinner, which I thought was really nice of the Colonel. The man was really kind and I liked him a lot thinking it was nice how he had called in to the office saying he needed the day off for a family emergency. He knew that Julian needed him and he was also there for us as well making sure to pick up my folks at the military base airport when they landed. He was always there in the background stepping in when needed and when I thanked him for everything he blushed saying he hadn't done anything, but I shook my head letting him know how much Julian meant to me and how much I appreciated both of them being there for me and Colton when we needed the support. The man puffed up proudly when I praised Julian giving his stepson a gentle hug and kiss.

I also thanked the Chasson's letting them know how safe they had made me feel when this all happened. I got a kiss and hug from Colton's mom and a gentle hug from his dad. I was also relieved my parents were back now as well with my mom giving me a kiss and hug before my dad did the same as he whispered in my ear of how proud he was of me for my bravery and how much he loved me. Just as everyone started to leave Mrs. Chasson's phone rang. It was Carter asking after me and very upset. After calming her son down explaining to him about the situation she got the phone number from the nurse to my room relaying it to her son saying he could ring me since they were getting ready to head out for dinner.

As my door closed with everyone leaving, my phone in the room rang. Picking it up I could hear Carter crying on the other end and Mason trying to calm him down. Carter was so torn up that it was Mason who chatted with me a few minutes until the other thirteen year old boy could calm down. After Carter finally settled down Mason told me he was really glad I was doing much better and that he was going to head over to his parents' room for a while so we could chat in private and he could tell his folks what was going on with me.

It was so nice to hear Carter's voice as I explained everything to him. He was torn up about how I had almost died while saving his little brother's life. He sobbed on the other end saying he'd simply die if anything happened to his little brother, but that he'd also die if anything ever happened to me. We chatted for the longest time and he even managed to make me laugh when he told me about what happened in the shower between him and Mason. Of course it had concerned me how he had simply zoned out, but I couldn't help laughing when he told me how the other thirteen year old boy had sprayed his sticky wad all over the two of them and then how the other boy had jacked him off afterwards, even though it had been unintentional on Mason's part.

I barked so hard that I gasped in pain the sting shooting through my entire body forcing me to hold the phone away when I began to heave trying yet again to clear out an empty stomach. Carter could hear it on the other end and it worried him until I recovered explaining that was just part of the side effects from the snake bite and that I would be sick for a few days. He wasn't going to tell me any more, but I wanted to know everything so he reluctantly told me what happened between him and Mason while I chuckled accusing him of being such a slut. Of course he took offense to it, but I assured him I was alright with him having a bit of fun with Mason if the other thirteen year old boy was alright with it too.

We both knew Mason was into girls, but if the two of them could have a bit of fun I didn't see any harm in it. I did suggest he let Mason know he told me about what happened. At first Carter was adamant about it, but I pointed out he had promised Mason not to tell anyone and since he had it was only right the other boy knew. It would be awkward, but I pointed out we were all friends and I didn't want us to lie to each other about something so important. It wouldn't be fair to Mason, besides I wanted the short haired boy to know I felt bad for how rough it must be for him to react so strongly in that sort of situation. It would make anyone lose confidence in themselves, and I didn't want Mason to feel that way, so was supportive of Carter's suggestion.

After Carter confessed to me about what happened between him and Mason I confided in him the conversation I had with Julian. Now it was the thirteen year old boy's turn to bust a gut saying I was such a pervert always going after younger boys. It made me blush realizing in a way he was right because I was sort of jonesin on all the younger boys around me like Carter, Mason, and now Julian. I even had a bit of a crush on Colton, but I intuitively knew nothing would ever come of that situation since I cared too much for the little guy in a brotherly kind of way and these instincts I had towards him would always win out in the end.

We talked for a good hour or so until I heard Mason return and we all decided to call it a night. Now as I lay in bed staring up at the ceiling I smiled and shook my head. Even feeling as sick as I was, all that I could think about was sex. It amazed me how Carter was slowly opening up with others and felt comfortable enough now with some of his closer friends to be seen naked. In a way I kind of hoped something would happen between him and Mason because it would draw him out even further from being so shy about his body. The two thirteen year old boys were cute and deserved to have a bit of fun to release some of the tensions they were experiencing with all of the races they were competing in. Besides, it sounded like both of them could use that sort of camaraderie. For Mason it would hopefully help him have more control over his explosive episodes and for Carter it would allow him to be more open with others and not so closed off.

My thoughts now turned to Julian and I sighed wondering if I should really pursue my own lustful desires towards a boy that young. Coming this close to dying left me feeling exhilarated with a different perspective on life in general. Many of my usual inhibitions seemed trivial now and I had to remind myself how at times I had even felt a bit guilty with the sex I was having with Carter who was thirteen. Two years seemed like a lot at my age and three years seemed even worse, but I couldn't help feeling drawn to the long haired fair complexioned boy.

Even though I was in love with Carter I still had feelings towards boys in general, but what I felt for Julian was also different. There was a sexual attraction for the boy, and I felt the pull, sensing the other younger boy also felt it. Julian knew he was into girls, but he also knew there was a mutual desire for me that was strong enough he wanted to pursue it. The normal conflicted emotions I'd normally feel in this situation seemed to have evaporated into thin air as I finally began to accept the feelings I was experiencing. Sighing, I watched as a nurse came into my room administering some medication into my I.V. line which seemed to help with my nausea and pain. A few moments later I had drifted off to sleep, feeling completely at ease with myself and the way I felt.

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