Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 17

Sometimes Life Bites

The weeks of July began to tumble away with the school year fast approaching at the end of August, but for us it was still the height of summer with a lot going on for boys our age. It seemed as if every weekend this month Carter was off at some competition as the shelf in his room began filling up with trophy after trophy. He had talent, surpassing that of even Mason, with the team winning event after event. The dark haired boy was a strong mountain biker and only got better as he immersed himself into the sport.

When the competitions were close by we'd show up for at least one day to show our support even though for a spectator there wasn't much for us since the competition always took place in the back trails somewhere. At one event they had cameras set up along the way so we could watch which was exciting. We would normally stay for part of the day and then go home while Carter spent the night to compete the following day. Colton would then spend the weekend over at my place or I'd find myself spending the nights over at the Chasson's. I suppose we both missed Carter when he was gone, but at least he was home for the rest of the week.

Now as I dozed lightly in the early morning hours I sighed contentedly snuggled up with Colton yet once again in his older brother's bed on the bottom of the bunk beds in their room. Carter was on a two week long trip this time around since they had to travel out of state for a big competition catching a smaller one along the way. My dad was gone as well, catching a flight back to Texas to help my mom finish up with the last of our stuff. The plan was for them to rent a U-haul trailer and hook it up to the truck driving it back with the last of our stuff. My dad had gotten permission to have a few days off, planning on it taking a whole five days to get it all done. It was like an eighteen or twenty hour drive from our place in Texas back here so it would take them two whole days just to drive back. Since my dad was going to use the weekend for a part of this he had taken Thursday, Friday, and Monday off from work. It was something the brass could accept since it was only a few days and also broken up with a weekend.

My dad made arrangements for me to stay with the Chasson's even though I had begged to go since I wanted to visit with my friends and I was also missing my grandparents. He had seriously thought about it, but after talking things over with my mom they had decided it wouldn't be a fun trip for me and too short of a time to spend with my old friends. I was a bit bummed out about it until they told me what they had decided to do instead was to let me fly back home and stay with my grandparents for two whole weeks before the start of the school year. I would be leaving here in a couple of weeks since school started at the end of August. This news suited me just fine because it would give me plenty of time to hang out with my old buddies. Even though I was enjoying my metal horse; especially, when hanging around with Carter, I was sorely missing riding in the back country on real horses with my friends.

What was really cool though is that I had managed to talk my folks into letting Carter and Colton come along as well. Once Carter got back from his latest competition he'd be home for a few days before we took off for Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Chasson were cool with the idea saying it was about time they allowed their boys to spread their wings some. They saw the effect it was already having on Carter with his biking tours. The boy's confidence level had soared as he became more outgoing and sociable. It also helped now that word had gotten around with what truly happened regarding David and his friend Peter.

Things went from bad to worse for the two sixteen year old boys because the courts also had weighed in on the matter after their evaluations. The two sixteen year old boys were put on probation until their twenty first birthdays. Their parents were also responsible to see about getting them each psychiatric help to last for as long as the court deemed necessary during their probation period. The two boys had to present themselves in front of the judge four times a year for the first year so he could review their progress, and then after that twice a year unless the judge felt it necessary to keep a tighter leash on them.

The other boy, Ricky, faired much better because we had spoken up on his behalf explaining how he had immediately come over afterwards apologizing and saying he would make things right. It was obvious the fifteen year old boy really felt bad about what happened and had tried to prevent it to some extent, so the judge gave him some community work hours and let him off with a warning to the relief of the boy and his parents. He apologized again to us and thanked me and Colton for sticking up for him even though he hadn't deserved it. To me that said everything I needed because to come up and actually apologize again saying he didn't deserve our kindness indicated a lot about his character.

As for David and his friend Peter neither one of them even seemed contrite about it giving us a cold stare and afterwards still accusing us saying this was our fault. I think the judge heard the exchange because I saw him making a notation in the files and I was sure it was for future references. This wasn't going to be easy for David, but it was his own fault for being so stubborn about what happened. It really didn't matter anymore because Carter was immediately accepted by the kids again while David and Peter were now ignored. At least David had Peter, but I could already see their friendship starting to crack because David had thrown his friend under the bus so to speak.

It was Friday and I was counting the days now until mom arrived because I really was missing her. We've never been apart for this long, not since my dad was in the hospital in Germany, and then it had only been for two weeks and I was with my grandparents so it wasn't as bad. My mom wasn't like a lot of other mothers these days who hovered over their kids' every move, allowing me plenty of freedom. There was just something about having a mom around though that made things feel, well, as if all was right in the world.

The familiar morning pressure in the basement department signaling it was time to wake up and take care of my bladder was starting to rouse me out of my half slumbering state. It was accompanied by another more pleasant sensation as I inhaled softly knowing that Colton was once more taking a closer look at my endowment. Ever since he discovered my foreskin pulled back he was constantly curious about it. I suppose some of it had to do with him also enjoying messing around a little sexually with my ever maturing manhood. He not only enjoyed sliding my foreskin back and forth appreciating the way my erection and ball sack felt in his hands, but he also loved running his fingers through my thin patch of light sandy colored pubes. He was always curious about my genitals discovering I didn't mind him actually messing around with me a bit. It's strange, but I really didn't mind all that much knowing it was mostly pre-pubescent curiosity on his part. Sometimes he'd get carried away trying to jack me off because he still wanted to see someone actually cum, but I always stopped him before things got carried away. It was one thing to be open about things with one another, but a different story to actually get caught up with becoming sexually engaged.

Our relationship had become so open with one another that when we spent the night alone I'd always crawl into bed naked while he continued to slip into his flimsy shorts. It was something he was used to, but it really didn't much matter because when we cuddled it wasn't unusual for me to slip my hand beneath his shorts messing about some with his little sausage treat. He always loved it when I ran my hands gently across his body caressing him tenderly and didn't mind when my hands would wander between his legs. I loved the way his little curved banana felt in my fingers when it stiffened up. It always amazed me just how hard it got when I stroked and squeezed it in my fingers. Even his small purse of skin dangling freely below his curved vine was such a contradiction. He had the hardest pecker ever, yet his small avocado shaped danglies were silky soft with spongy like hazelnut sized testes. It was actually fun messing around a little with his pre-pubescence boyhood, but I always stopped shy of actually transitioning into a sexual moment even when he begged me to jack him off.

The little guy was just too cute. If he wasn't pleading to allow him to get me off he was begging me to grab his hard bean sprout and give him a good jacking. Now that he's discovered the joys of masturbation he was constantly trying to get off. It made me wonder how awkward things might be getting between him and his older brother. Carter had confided in me that lately the little guy's been going at it every night when they crawled into bed. I suggested to Carter he talk to his little brother and tell Colton to take a shower before going to bed and take care of it at that time.

The tingling sensations were now starting to get more intense because Colton had wrapped his fingers around my thick erection as I slowly opened my eyes and gazed down. His hands looked small as they tried to encircle the entirety of my stout tubing, but unable to do so and only managing to surround about two thirds of it. He had the same issue with my length, his hand only managing to cover up a little over half of it leaving about two plus inches exposed along my shaft. Colton was slowly moving his hand up and down sliding my skin over the tip of my bell end, exposing my purplish red cherry before reversing directions covering it back up when the turtle neck slipped over the ridge and into place. Even after all these weeks my bell end was still a bit on the sensitive side, but not like it had been when first exposed to the elements.

Sighing I reached down and stopped Colton's hand from sort of jacking me off as he glanced up looking slightly disappointed. "Come here you little bugger before you make me have an accident." I chuckled as I plumped up my pillow getting into a more reclining position before reaching down and pulling him up allowing the little guy to settle on top of my body.

Colton clambered up and in the process managed to knee me in the groin making me wince. The little twerp always seemed to find the target, somehow managing to smash my tenders as I grunted hearing him giggle because he knew exactly what had happened. The eleven year old boy straddle his legs on either side of my body settling his head on top of my chest with his hair tickling along my neck. He had his own little boy erection going on which squished up against my stomach, the sensation of his curved tendril making its presence known despite his shorts. Like his older brother it was twisted on its side as it started out angling towards our upper body before curving towards the left. It twitched around when I ran my hand gingerly up and down his back.

Tugging on his arm I pulled him up higher, the silky smooth skin of our right cheeks pressing up warmly against one another allowing me to give him a quick kiss. My hands ran up and down the seam of his back dipping beneath the gummy band of his loose shorts. I marveled at the smooth sensation of his cute ass, my fingers gliding over the small rounded rise giving the firm pillowy orbs a gentle massage. Unable to resist I dipped down between his legs tucking them beneath his body. The younger boy squirmed a little lifting up his hips slightly allowing the palm of my hand to cup his silky soft danglies while my fingers stroked along his firm rigidness. I could feel the younger boy quivering and enjoying the sensation of being fondled as I gave his ornaments a gentle squeeze before retreating and removing my hand from beneath his shorts.

It was strange because even though I wasn't really attracted to him in the way of actually wanting to have sex with the younger boy, I did love touching and feeling him as I now ran my fingers lightly over his back again. Colton definitely loved being touched as well and I could feel the goose bumps forming on his skin as he sighed contentedly. Even his rigid tuber vibrated against the upper part of my stomach making me chuckle lightly while he moaned in complete blissful contentment.

"Mmmm, this feels really good." He murmured softly soaking it all up for several moments before grunting and flipping over on to his back wanting me to rub his chest and tummy.

Of course he once again managed to nudge into my nut sack making me hiss because it caught me just right and actually hurt. "Shit, dude for real you need to be a bit more careful." I admonished, but not too harshly.

"Um…sorry. Just can't help it you know. I mean, the damn thing keeps getting in the way and it's not my fault you got big nards." He giggled and then yipped when he felt my fingers suddenly plunge beneath his shorts and give his own todger and bell clappers a firm grip and tug.

"Ouch…Hey! Not so rough." His higher pitched voice complained as he winced because it had obviously hurt a little.

"Serves you right you little twerp." I chuckled teasingly, but easing up on my grip his slightly deflated penis once again hardening completely when I stroked it gently feeling him quivering excitedly in my arms.

"That's not fair," he finally replied. "It's not like I do it on purpose." He giggled spreading apart his legs slightly wanting me to stroke his hardness some more.

Sighing, I stroked his little curved gherkin with my finger and thumb feeling it twitch around excitedly while I reached down with my left hand cupping his soft danglies and messing about some with his hazelnuts. It's odd but I don't even know how we had even gotten to this point where the two of us openly fondled one another. In a way it was kind of sexual even though it never really got past the point of just touching one another. It wasn't as if we were jacking each other off or anything, but I still knew in many ways this was kind of sexual. Of course I thought Colton was a sexy eleven year old boy and he turned me on. I was gay after all, but somehow there had also been a line drawn which I wouldn't allow us to go beyond as I continued to fondle him. My finger and thumb slowly slid up and down his firm sleek erection when I suddenly realized he seemed a tad bigger down there from the last time.

It's been a week or so since I've actually fondled him and I could tell there had been a slight change making me giggle. Removing my hand from beneath his shorts I leaned in and gave the younger boy a soft tender kiss on the cheek. I inhaled deeply taking in his scent enjoying everything about the younger boy.

"Mmmmm, you smell delicious." I admitted hearing him giggling because he's heard this many times from me now. "I really do love holding and cuddling with you." I added, Colton twisting his head around and giving me a kiss on the cheek as well.

"I know and I love cuddling with you too." He sighed. "I wish you'd jack me off though…I mean I'm kind of horny this morning you know." He tittered kind of girlishly making me chuckle and shake my head.

"Yeah, well from what your brother has told me you've been jerking on that little pickle of yours quite regularly." I admonished seeing him blushing now as he craned his neck staring at me.

"H-how…I mean…eww…why'd he say something like that to you?" He wondered.

"Dude, it's not like he doesn't know about it when your bunk bed begins to rock around and you start squeaking when you bust a nut. I mean for real Colt, you should be a bit more careful about it because that is definitely not something your brother wants to know or hear you doing." I snorted.

"B-but…but…oh god…I really didn't realize. Oh my god…that-that's like…eww…well, embarrassing. Why didn't he say anything?" He wondered looking a bit mortified and green around the gills at the idea of his brother knowing he was jacking off and stuff.

"Dude, like he is really going to do that. I mean, you know how embarrassed he gets about that sort of thing. Besides, you look kind of embarrassed about it too, but for real, you really shouldn't be doing that, not when you are right up there in the top bunk with the whole thing rocking around." I teased giving his baubles a squeeze for emphasis, the little guy yelping and jerking from the gentle grope as it got quiet for a few moments.

After a few seconds he spoke up softly. "I can't help it. I mean, ever since Julian showed me about jacking off I can't stop. I mean, it feels fantastic and I'm so horny anymore at night that I just can't fall asleep until I…you know…," he sniggered shaking his head because he was in a real dilemma now. "I mean just because I'm puny down there doesn't mean I don't get horny like everyone else." He added while I shook my head.

"Dude, all guys once they find out about this stuff get horny. If you can't get to sleep, then instead of jacking off in bed just take a shower before turning in for the night and doing it then. One more thing, you aren't puny down there. I already told you that and besides, I actually think you've gotten a bit bigger down there since the last time I messed with your bowed crank shaft." I chuckled, the boy twisting his neck and looking at me to make sure I wasn't teasing him about his size.

"Really, I've gotten bigger?" He asked while I shrugged.

"I think so." I admitted, Colton suddenly squirming around as he tossed aside the covers and wriggled out of his shorts dropping them over the side of the bed leaving his curled erection sticking out from his body.

The younger boy was still snuggled up with me his back propped up against my chest and stomach as we both stared down at his penis which jerked around excitedly. As I studied him it indeed seemed as if he was somewhat bigger and a little thicker down there as he glanced back up at me and beamed proudly.

"Whoa, when did this happen." He giggled making me chuckle and shake my head.

"I told you sometimes things change fast for guys down there. I mean, it's not like a huge change or anything, but definitely bigger." I admitted, guessing length wise he was only about a quarter of an inch or so longer than the last time I saw him, but definitely stouter down there.

Colton reached down slowly running three fingers and a thumb over his bloated appendage while I watched in wide eyed wonderment. It was so damn sexy hot watching him slowly stroking himself as he began to quicken his pace. It took me a second or two to realize he was jacking himself off, my eyes glued to the flurry of moving fingers as it rubbed up and down the length of his curved erection. Even his small ball sack began to bounce around with the eleven year old boy beginning to breathe heavily. His shaft had turned red already with his small little plum turning purple while his testicles bounced around between his thighs. I found myself running my right hand up and down his stomach while my left one dipped down between his legs cupping his 'bouncing betty' giving them a gentle clutch feeling his hazelnut sized marbles suddenly contract.

"Eeeeep," the boy chirped, his body suddenly stiffening up while his hips lifted into the air when his orgasm slammed into his body.

It had happened so quickly and I'm sure groping his avocado shaped lamp skin had sent him over the edge as he now began to grunt and squirm with his small bright red curved eleven year old boy pecker twitching wildly while his little truffles bounced around in my fingers. "Eeeep, ooooh, eeeak, eeeep, mmmmmph, mmmmmmph, eeeeeeey, eeeeeeep." He peeped cutely, his body contracting one final time before he collapsed back into my arms and slumping as his euphoria ran its course.

"H-holy shit," I gasped in stunned surprise because this was the first time I had seen him having an orgasm and it fucking turned me on making me shiver gleefully as I released his squirming testes from my grip.

The excitement I was feeling immediately began to war with the guilt of how I was turned on by Colton getting off like that since in many ways he was like a little brother to me. Still, I was gay and watching another boy get off was just too steamy leaving me gasping for air as I tried to stifle some of the erotic feelings I was having towards the eleven year old boy. He had a very sultry body, reminding me yet again he was a mini-me version of a boy who I was totally in love with, so it was certainly a turn on as my eyes continued to wash over his nakedness.

The smaller boy had creamy smooth skin with his dark tan features standing in stark contrast to the velvety pale ivory hues of his midriff where even now his bowed erection continued to twitch around as it jutted outwards from his blank pubic mound. Colton's hands lost its grip on his rigid worm dropping to his side while his chest heaved in and out sucking for air. I could see the channel like network of his pale blue veins just beneath the surface of his pale almost translucent pubic mound as they wound their way in all directions with no real rhyme or reason. Slowly his erection deflated and his breathing evened out. The entire event lasted all of a minute or two as he now slumped in my arms completely spent and satiated slowly spiraling into a deep contented like slumbering state. Before long he was soundly asleep leaving me feeling very confused by the event as I eased him off to the side and crawled out of Carter's bed.

Glancing down at myself I noticed the slimy slickness along the entire surface of my shaft as it waved around stiffly in the air. I was leaking like a sieve and feeling extremely horny at the moment as I quickly made my way to the bedroom door opening it up a crack and listening for any tell tale signs of noise. It was still early in the morning, but late enough where I was sure Colton's dad had already left for work. Mrs. Chasson was probably already in her garden making use of the cooler mornings and messing around as usual with her plants and flowers. She loved gardening and the fruits of her tender care and labor showed with all the blooming flowers outside in their yard.

Slipping into the bathroom I closed the door behind me and hopped into the shower. I was horny as fuck and turning on the warm water it didn't take much urging for me to get right to it as I wrapped my fingers around my thick cucumber. Ever since my foreskin detached itself from the head of my glans it didn't take much for me to bust a nut. As it was I never had much problems getting off, but with a loose membrane now gliding easily over the head of my sensitive glans it became even easier. My fantasies fed into the frenzy as I began stroking my stout wood with eyes glued to the bright red shaft and flared purple colored nozzle. Watching Colton getting off was almost too much as I felt my butt cheeks squeezing tight with the familiar churning sensation inside my testicles providing me with just a split second of warning before a huge orgasm washed over my body.

Thrusting my hips outwards a long stream of white goo erupted from my exposed knob splashing up against the shower tiles, the slimy mess oozing downwards. "Oooomph, uh, ooomph, uuuumph, uuumph," I grunted with a couple more thick wads ejecting from my snub nosed cannon before nothing but drooling splooge began to ooze out from my spastic contractions. With one final shuddering heave I grunted and then began wheezing for air as the euphoric aftermath of a resounding orgasm began to wash over my body just like the cascading droplets from the shower head.

Holding my hand out against the tiled wall I leaned my weight against it allowing the warm water to splash over my body while I slowly recuperated. I was already missing Carter and he had just left the other day. Ever since the two of us had finally succumbed to our feelings the tight bond between us had only blossomed into something much deeper and precious. The sex was fantastic too, and we both enjoyed that part, but it was the love we felt for one another that seemed to wrap us tightly in its tender embrace. We've been messing around a lot with each other lately, that is to say sexually, but more often than not when we were alone we would simply cuddle together enjoying the closeness understanding that sex wasn't everything in a relationship. Still, it was nice to know the sex part was available as well when we felt the urge.

Watching Colton jacking off only reminded me that with his older brother gone I was missing not only the company, but the sex as well. Seeing the little guy bust his nut had been exciting and I began to realize if I wasn't careful things could get carried away between the two of us. I loved the little guy and he was sexy hot just like his older brother. Having sex with the eleven year old boy was not something I wanted to have happen, but sometimes he was just too damn cute for his own good and that stunt he just pulled was enough to make me lose all my sensibilities in the matter. After all I was a horny teenager, and gay to boot, so enticements like that could make a guy lose any common sense. It was something I would need to talk to Colton about letting him know he can't be doing that sort of thing anymore. Besides, jerking off should be done in private.

Of course I wasn't an idiot or anything and knew he's been messing around with Julian. My dad's been dropping him off on post at times allowing the boys to spend the day together, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to know the two boys were jacking each other off and stuff. After all, the genie was out of the bottle now and the two of them had enjoyed it the first time. I was pretty sure Julian was into girls, but at twelve years old he wasn't about to object getting a bit of action from a friend that was a boy and willing to mess around sexually in that sort of way.

Sighing, I straightened up rinsing myself off and then quickly washed away any telltale signs of my naughty deed on the tiled walls and tub. It wouldn't do to have Colton pop in and discover I had squirted all over the place. It might get him going again if he woke up and decided to hop in the shower with me. It wouldn't be an unusual thing for him since we've taken plenty of showers together.

After waking up Colton, letting him get cleaned up and dressed, Mrs. Chasson fixed us some French Toast and bacon for breakfast. Sipping on some orange juice we made our plans for the rest of the day deciding to hit the back trails on our bikes since it was cooler first thing in the morning before heading back home because Julian was going to spend the weekend with Colton. After that the plan was to head over to the skate park so the two boys could have some fun with Colt's buddies. Packing some snacks and a sack lunch we grabbed our bikes for some fun. As usual once we clambered on to our metal beasts we tore through the streets hitting the back trails and ripping down them like a bunch of wild maniacs. It made for a thrilling ride as I pulled us to a stop at the spot where I had crashed all those many weeks back.

"What's wrong?" Colton asked pulling up next to me in an area we should have simply kept going on since it was sort of downhill.

"Nothing, just that this is where my stupid metal horse decided to have a fit and sent me head over heals." I chuckled seeing Colton smile recalling the story of how I had crashed that first day. "This is where I met your brother and my life changed for the better." I smiled fondly at the younger boy who beamed and nodded his head.

"Yeah, that was the best thing ever for us too Pim. I mean it you know." He sighed shaking his head. "Sure, I was doing alright, but I really never knew how bad it was for Carter and if it wasn't for you I'd probably be an outcast right now too with the kids in town. I have a lot of cool friends, but they wouldn't stand a chance against those older bullies." He admitted with the mood sort of getting a tad dark.

Smiling, I motioned for him to follow me and we pushed our bikes off the trail steering them through the trees for about ten minutes until we broke free. Colton's eyes lit up as he looked around at the open beach area with the small river flowing through it. Without any urging from me he immediately kicked off his socks and shoes wading into the river enjoying the coolness of the water as he giggled and splashed around. In many ways he was so much like his older brother, but totally different too as I watched him for a few moments before wading in as well. The two of us began splashing around and having a blast before taking a break and deciding to have some lunch. Spreading out a small thin blanket we sat down enjoying our sandwiches and admiring the scenery. It really was a nice spot and special because this is where my real friendship with Carter took root.

"You know this is where your brother told me his secret…you know about the bullies. I told him I wanted us to be friends and I could tell he wanted it too, but he was also worried. You know, with me being his friend I'd be the target of the bullies. I suppose it is why he told me about it because he liked me and had such a kind heart he didn't want me to get caught up in the mess he was in. It was a brave thing on his part and I knew right there and then we would be the best of friends." I sighed with Colton looking at me tears welling up in his eyes.

The mood had turned somber once more and it was too nice of a day for that so I tried to lighten it up again. "Well, maybe not right there and then. It could have been like a little later on when I…," smiling I left it hanging knowing he would take the bait as it got quiet and sure enough when I didn't add anything to it he piped up.

"Later on when?" He asked shoving the last of his sandwich in his mouth and licking his fingers because some ketchup had oozed out.

"Huh," I feigned convincingly as if I had sort of forgotten.

"You said you knew for sure you and Carter were going to be best of buds later when…, but you didn't say when." He pointed out.

"Oh yeah…uh…well actually, I knew for sure here at the river." I admitted shoving the last mouthful of my own sandwich into my hair and ruffling the boy's hair before continuing as I chewed. "But, I also knew I had made the right decision when I came over the next morning and I saw the two of you cuddled up on the couch in the basement. You two looked so cute together all snuggled up and with your older brother showing such tender affection towards you. I could see he just loved and adored you unlike some older siblings who don't want anything to do with their little brothers or sisters. I could tell you loved him too." I smiled sort of wondering if he would take the bait yet again and sure enough he did.

"Yeah, he's a cool brother, but how could you tell I loved him too?" He asked innocently.

"Well, your little boy boner trying to bore a hole through your shorts gave it away." I teased immediately pouncing on the little twerp and snatching at his crotch latching on to his boy baubles.

The little guy immediately screeched jerking in surprise, but laughing too because it was a playful moment, the somber atmosphere erupting into a jovial spontaneous wrestling match. The eleven year old boy really was a strong little guy and I could see how he had given those older bullies a run for their money as we grappled around in the dirt and rocks. Of course he didn't stand a chance against me, but I allowed him to get the upper hand every once in a while before once again going on the offensive making him howl and giggle when I groped his goods or began tickling him mercilessly. He never gave up though always wriggling free and launching his own attack against me. It was all good fun as we grappled for superiority. The younger boy rolled on to his knees and hands and I pounced draping my weight over his back and wrapping my right arm under his stomach with my left hand holding on to his upper left arm feeling his firm muscle once again letting me know about the boy's strength.

I was getting ready to reach down between his legs with my right hand to give his little boy ornaments another good squeeze when I suddenly froze holding him tightly in place instead so he wouldn't move as I hissed in fear. "Colt, don't move." I commanded with the boy immediately remaining completely still because of my serious tone.

"W-what's wr…," he began to ask when I felt his whole body begin to shake in fear.

His eyes were now riveted on the same copperhead snake I was staring at not more than a foot and a half away all coiled up in the striking position and I could swear I heard it hissing. The snake's forked tongue kept flickering out as if tasting the air for any danger that we may pose and it was poised to strike right at Colton's neck. It had a thick body and I could tell it was a full grown adult because it was a big one. Even though it was coiled up I figured when stretched out it was probably about three feet long, if not bigger, and about as big as they get. The head was somewhat flattened and roughly triangular shaped, capped with a solid copper color. On each side of the face, between the nostril and the eye, the copperhead, like other pit vipers, had two special heat-sensing pit-like organs while its eyes were vertical with elliptical shaped pupils. It had a reddish brown coppery body, chestnut brown crossbands that were wide along the sides narrowing along the back, and spots on its back between the bands.

"Oh god…oh god…Pim…it-it's going to bite me." Colton sniffled, the fear palpable with his body trembling when I detected something else, an odor and then something wet as I realized the eleven year old boy was so scared he had just wet himself.

His hands were firmly planted over a couple of rocks on the ground keeping himself propped up, but he was slightly stooped in a downward angle on all fours. Once his bladder emptied out from fear his pee began trickling down his stomach on to my hand, but I didn't say anything not wanting to upset him further. Things were precarious enough as it was and if nothing else he could wash off in the small river afterwards.

Trying to calm him down I whispered softly. "Shhhh, just hold still I won't let anything happen to you…I promise Colt. I'll protect you, but just hold still and it will go away. It's more scared of us because we are too big for it, so if anything the snake just wants to protect itself. Don't move." I tried to reassure him when some of the rocks suddenly shifted beneath his hand forcing the boy to jerk in order to stay upright while struggling to stay still at the same time.

My eyes widened in fear when the snake struck out. I reacted instinctively to protect Colton as we both scrambled and I felt my arm slamming into the side of the eleven year old boy's neck while an excruciating pain jolted my entire body like I had just grabbed hold of an electrical bare wire. We both scrambled out of the way and I bellowed out in pain because my arm felt like it was being stabbed repeatedly by a knife while Colton immediately stood up jumping around and holding his hand up to his neck sobbing.

"Oh crap it bit me…oh no…Pim…I'm bit." He began to bounce around while I clamped my right hand over my forearm wincing in pain.

The pain was excruciating now, feeling similar to a thumb being hit by a hammer as my entire arm began to throb. My eyes remained riveted on the snake while it retreated before once again stopping about ten yards away. Leaning back against a log I tried to stifle the sobs and tears, my eyes welling up as I tried to look at my arm while Colton kept bouncing around. I knew he wasn't bitten because somehow I had managed to shove my arm protectively over his neck. It had happened quickly with the copperhead's strike lightening fast. It was so swift that I was surprised I had even been able to move fast enough to intercept the hit that would have landed right on the eleven year old boy's neck. Copperheads are venomous, but in almost all cases aren't fatal, but a strike to the neck may have in all likelihood killed Colton.

Wincing in pain, I tried to remain calm because I was already starting to sweat and feel nauseous. Even my breathing was becoming difficult because once bitten symptoms were almost immediate with a copperhead's venom beginning to work right away at destroying red blood cells and triggering rapid hemorrhaging. My arm was already swollen, bleeding, and starting to turn purple around the bite mark. It was the least toxic venom of all venomous snakes in the United States, but still dangerous causing a lot of damage to the surrounding tissue if not treated in a timely manner.

"Colt," my voice cracked, the pain thrumming along the entirety of my arm now with it throbbing as if being wrenched.

The other boy was still sobbing thinking he was dying so I tried to get his attention again. "Stop crying already." I snapped at the boy before wincing because it was a bit harsh while I tried to remain calm gazing up into Colton's shocked expression. "You weren't bitten Colton, it will be alright. You only felt my arm slamming into your neck when the snake bit me." I tried to assure him, my words beginning to sink in with the smaller boy's eyes suddenly widening as he immediately crouched down next to me grabbing my arm to inspect the damage.

"Oh crap…how…," he looked up into my eyes with his own welling up.

"I told you I'd protect you Colt and I always keep my promises." I smiled weakly, the boy looking at me with concern etched all over his features because I was sweating and in obvious pain so I tried to take his mind off of things because we had to hurry now.

"Listen Colt…a copperhead snake's bite won't usually kill someone so I'll be alright, but we need to hurry now. Go get my phone and quickly take a picture of the copperhead for the hospital so they don't have to waste time with giving me the anti-venom by doing tests, but stay far enough away from the snake and use the zoom feature. Then call 911 immediately." I instructed shoving him towards my pack and pointing where the snake had curled up about ten yards away.

It took a second or two, but once Colton managed to snap out of it he immediately did what he was told scrambling towards my pack to retrieve my phone. When he got to our stuff he paused and looked down at himself swearing as if realizing for the first time he had wet himself.

"Shit, I pissed myself." The little guy squeaked in surprise making me wince because I hardly ever heard him curse as he glanced over while I tried to smile back reassuringly.

"Yeah, well if getting bit didn't hurt so much I suppose I'd have pissed myself too from being scared shitless. Don't worry about it." I winced because another wave of nausea washed over me and I tried to hold still since the pain and queasiness was getting worse.

Holding still didn't work because I abruptly vomited turning my head off to the side emptying the contents from my stomach. After that everything got a little blurry and hazy while I tried to stay focused. I could tell Colton was on the phone with 911 as they walked him through what to do. Unlike what is shown on TV, you don't cut the wound and suck out the poison, my eyes finally managing to center on Colt's features. Setting the phone down next to us and putting it on speaker he listened to the woman on the other end.

Patting me on the shoulder he tried to smile. "Help's on the way Pim, just hang on." He sniffled trying to make me as comfortable as possible holding the bottle of water to my lips because I was thirsty while I tried to swallow some down.

"Tell them to call your mom Colt because she needs to contact my folks." I rasped trying to remain relaxed.

"Don't worry Pim, that's one of the first things I had the lady do after I told her you were bitten by a copperhead. Mom will meet us at the hospital." He assured me as I nodded my head and gritted my teeth because the motion made me sick to my stomach.

My body felt weak and weariness washed over me despite the pain as I struggled to remain awake. I could hear a woman's voice over the phone and she gave Colton a quick run down of the basic first aid for a snake bite. We've all learned about these things in school and I'm sure the eleven year old boy was familiar with it as well, but to have an adult walking him through it seemed to help.

The woman's voice was steady while Colton continued to cry and sniffle, his voice sounding small when he spoke. "He protected me, oh god, it's my fault. If it wasn't for Pim I'd be dead already." The younger boy began to lose it while the other woman tried to calm him down and once more explained the process to him so it would take his mind off of what 'was' and on to what 'is' at the moment.

"It's alright sweetie, we know it was a brave thing for him to do and it was also the right thing, but we have to help Pim now and it is your turn to protect him. Can you do that for us sweetie?" The other woman's soothing voice seemed to calm him down.

"Y-yes ma'am. W-what should I do?" He asked, once again coming to his senses.

After that things became a bit hazy because I began to doze on and off. I wasn't even sure how long it had taken for help to arrive because one moment I was still at the river and the next moment I could hear the fluttering noise of rotor blades on a helicopter. When I looked around I was inside the small cramped space with tubes running from my arms as fluids were pumped into me. My head began to spin and I became disoriented forcing me to once more throw up.

From then on I was in and out of consciousness until we arrived at the hospital. Both Mr. and Mrs. Chasson were there to greet me, but as I looked around for the younger boy I didn't see him and I began to panic wondering what happened to him because he was my responsibility. I was the older one and was supposed to look out for him to make sure he was safe.

"Colton…where's Colt?" I croaked out hoarsely with one of the medics from the helicopter placing a hand on my shoulder to calm me down.

"Sorry, we couldn't bring him with us on the chopper, it's against the rules. Don't worry my partner stayed behind with him and they will arrive here shortly once they make their way out to the main road. The police are there waiting for them with a car. " He assured me, a flood of relief sweeping over my insides because I'd simply die if something happened to him.

The relief lasted only for a second because another wave of pain slammed into me while the nausea caught up at the same time forcing me to heave and throw up. I had been feeling a little better and I suspected it was due to whatever the medics had given me on the way over, but it seemed to be wearing off, my eyes welling up and tears beginning to slide down the sides of my cheeks. I was sicker than I've ever felt before and I was coated in a thick sheen of sweat as I began to shiver. That wasn't even the worst of it because my whole arm felt like it was being jabbed with a red hot branding iron. I began to sob because I didn't know what to do to make this all go away and Mrs. Chasson instantly came over holding my right hand in hers running her fingers through my hair with tender care and love in a way only a mother can convey.

Several doctors were now there as well working on me addressing the Chasson's because they had been informed about the power of attorney giving them the right to medical decisions when my parents weren't there. They were getting my wound cleaned up and keeping an eye on the effects of the snake bite. My entire arm was swollen now and it had large splotches of black and blue hues from the toxic nature of the bite. Conferring with the medic one doctor made some notations nodding his head before addressing me and the Chasson's as I began to calm down some because they must have given me some more medication.

"Alright, so the good news is you boys did everything right Pim." The doctor addressed me even though I was feeling a bit woozy and out of it.

"Since we were able to identify the snake immediately the medics were able to bring along the CroFab anti-venom serum and give you a dose right away once they got to you. That was a big help and the nurses are giving you another dose now that we have an idea of the copperhead size that bit you." He explained looking at the Chasson's who nodded their heads listening intently.

"Even though Copperhead bites usually aren't fatal they can cause damage along the joints nearest the bite, but I'm confident with some rehab Pim will be back to one hundred percent in no time. I know you don't feel so good right now son, but I promise you will probably be going home in a day or two. After that it might take a little while longer until you are feeling up to snuff for good." He assured me while I nodded and tried to give him a smile back, but still feeling pretty awful at the moment.

The elderly man smiled kindly at me. "So, how are you feeling right now on a scale of one to ten with ten being awful?" He asked.

"Ten." I croaked out without a second thought.

For me to immediately go to the highest level made me panic for a moment. I wasn't one to whine about getting hurt and whatnot, but this is the worst I've ever felt in my life. The doctor must have noticed because he nodded in understanding.

"Yes, like I said even though Copperhead bites normally aren't fatal they are painful and make you feel sick as a dog. The meds should be kicking in here rather fast and we will try to work out something for the pain. Do you know if you are allergic to any medication?" He asked me with Mr. Chasson speaking up now.

"Well according to his father, no. His medical records are over at Fort Bragg and you can access them to get more information if you have to." Mr. Chasson informed the man who nodded putting down more notations in the chart.

"Alright good then. We will try to manage his pain with something a tad stronger here in a bit after the current one begins to wear off and it should also help with his nausea. We already gave him something for now, but in about thirty minutes we can go ahead and start him on a new regimen to get him through the first day and evening." He instructed pointing out the information he jotted down on a chart to one of the nurses who nodded she understood.

"In the meantime, we will be transferring him over to his room." He added. "Any questions?" He asked looking at us while we shook our heads with my eyes feeling a bit droopy and I began to doze since the medications were starting to kick in.

There was some jostling around and I kept fading in and out of consciousness when I felt my body being lifted up before once again settling onto a mattress as I opened up my eyes realizing I was now in a different room. The nurses were stripping me out of my clothes and into one of those hospital gowns. I was so sick that it didn't even embarrass me, not even when I saw the Chasson's watching nearby. I never really was embarrassed by my modesty per se, but didn't make a point of exposing myself and this was the first time I was naked in front of them. It really didn't matter though because in a way they were like my second parents. It's amazing how quickly the Chasson's had become a part of my extended family as a blanket was draped over me with the nurse who was addressed by the doctor earlier checking my vitals.

Smiling down at me the nurse patted my right hand, the one that wasn't swollen. "How are you feeling?" She asked while I nodded my head indicating I was doing better, but I could tell the original meds were wearing off and she seemed to notice as well. "Don't worry sweetie I'm going to get your new meds here right now and will be back in a minute now that we've got you settled in, alright?" She asked while I smiled and nodded my thanks watching as she disappeared through the door with Mrs. Chasson stepping up next to me holding her phone in her hand.

Leaning over she kissed my sweaty forehead and smiled running her hand along my brow and cheek. "I've got your mom on the phone…you up to talking a bit?" She asked hitting the speaker button and holding it in front for me while I nodded noticing the nurse returning and stepping up to my I.V. bag with a vial and needle in her hand.

It was the medication she had promised and I knew she would administer it through the I.V. line so it could work through my system in a more rapid and controlled manner. "Hi mom." I croaked hearing her crying on the other end despite the loud rumbling noises in the background. "Please don't cry mom, everything is fine. Colt took really good care of me. The medics did a bang up job too and the people at the hospital are really nice so don't be such a worrywart." I tried to calm her down kind of surprised to hear her crying like that on the other end.

My mom was always the strong one in these sorts of situations. I've been hurt plenty of times over the years and even landed in the hospital a time or two. She had never cried before even though concern had etched her features. Of course after the initial shock from getting hurt wore off she always managed to lay into me about my recklessness which got me hurt in the first place. Even though her admonishments were meant to punish me I could tell they were always kind of half hearted because she knew it was simply in my nature to be a bit bold and reckless. Back home at our ranch in Texas it was just part of everyday living.

"I know sweetie and I'm glad the Chasson's are there with you. I'm very proud of how you protected your little friend, but I feel so awful that we aren't there for you now when you need us the most. We will be there soon though, I promise, because we are just now getting ready to hop on a plane. We couldn't catch a commercial flight on such short notice unless we caught a later flight so your father called in plenty of favors and we are hopping on a military flight as I am speaking. We will be there in a few hours sweetie, I promise." I heard her saying over the noise on the other end along with plenty of shouting now too.

My mom started talking to me again, but suddenly I wasn't feeling all that good again. "Mom!" I croaked out starting to panic because I just knew something was wrong as my entire body began to feel awful. "I-I don't feel so good." I whimpered with my body suddenly jerking around and my eyes rolling back into my head.

It was obvious I was having a bad reaction to the new medication with my entire body seizing and beginning to convulse. I was aware of everything for several moments and could even feel my bladder emptying out as I wet the bed. Just then from the corner of my vision I saw Colton entering the room with Julian and the Colonel in tow. The younger boy must have gone home first to get cleaned up and changed. I had almost forgotten Julian was going to be showing up so they must have met at the house.

"Pim!" I heard Colton's high pitched voice squealing in alarm, the smaller boy lurching forward wanting to help, but was immediately wrapped up in Julian's arms and held back.

My entire body began jerking around lifting me up off the mattress with the nurse instantly jumping into action pressing the button and shouting for help and the crash cart. My body convulsed several more times before I became completely limp slumping into the mattress with everything going dark all around me while the sensation of peace and calm settled over me. There was no longer any pain or queasiness, just pure serene bliss as the sensation of slowly rising upward washed over me like I were light as a feather. It was an odd sensation because it was a feeling of weightlessness.

My eyes were closed and when I finally opened them I was surprised to see myself hovering over my bed looking down while the doctors worked feverishly over my body. This was a really weird dream I was having while at the same time felt so real. Mrs. Chasson was crying, held closely by her husband as she held the phone up to her ear telling my mom what was happening. Off to the side Colton was struggling to get free from Julian before finally giving in and collapsing into a heap on the floor with the twelve year old boy holding him tenderly trying to soothe the sobbing boy while also crying. Watching the two boys huddled together on the floor was such a tender moment and I could see the love they had for one another as they both cried softly now in each other's soft embrace while the Colonel wrapped his strong arms around the boys.

Suddenly I felt something tugging at me and within a blink of an eye I was transported to the airport in Texas. It kind of surprised me because I found myself hovering over my mom and dad stepping on board a large four-engine turboprop military transport plane. My mom was on the phone yelling into it trying to find out what was going on while an officer stepped up to my dad snapping a courtesy salute, but not looking pleased.

He began chewing my father a new one while my dad simply stood there taking it, but looking a bit perturbed now as well. "Listen Sergeant I don't care if you are a Medal of Honor recipient, but using your credentials in this manner is way out of line." The man snapped none too pleased. "Diverting my mission so you can catch a hop over to Fort Bragg is not a privilege that is owed, even for an MOH. You get bumped to the top of the list, that's all. No one has the right to bump a mission, not even you." He snapped when my mom's shouting grabbed everyone's attention as she now addressed the officer.

"I don't give a fucking flying leap what the protocols are, get this plane in the air right now or I will fly it myself." My mom snapped none too politely shocking me because I've never heard her cursing in front of me while she was listening with one ear and literally shoving the officer towards the front of the plane while my dad intervened.

"For god's sake stop this already." He snapped at my mom who looked at my dad the expression on her features alarming him.

"What's wrong?" He yelled over the props of the plane while the officer was about to yell something at my mom before clamping his mouth shut when my dad gave him one of those looks that indicated he better be careful or else.

"It's Pim." My mom suddenly began to cry. "Our boy…he's dying while you two are arguing over semantics. He's dying on the table right now in the hospital because he's had a bad reaction to the pain medication. He's dying…don't you understand…our boy is dying." She screamed my dad's features becoming rigid for a moment as fear almost took over.

It was the first time I've ever seen actual fear crossing over my dad's face before it suddenly disappeared and he turned to the officer. "Get the plane in the air right now or I swear to god you will never fly again." My dad snapped threateningly, the officer looking back and forth between my folks the seriousness of the situation finally sinking in.

"Sorry, they didn't tell me…I mean…right away Command Sergeant Major and we will get you there in record time if I have to break every rule in the book." He promised yelling out commands and literally running towards the cockpit.

To my surprise, the plane was filled with soldiers who immediately made room for my parents helping get my mom buckled into her seat with the plane abruptly lurching forward. The pilot came over the speakers at that same moment.

"Hold on everyone we don't have clearance for the runway yet, but I told them to fuck off and get out of the way so here we go and hang on to your britches because I'm going to push the engines on this trip. We are in for a bumpy ride because I'm going to red line all the gauges. She's a sturdy ship though, so don't worry if it begins to rattle around on us, she will hold, that much I can promise." He stated as the plane lifted off the ground just as I was once again yanked in a different direction.

Looking around I found myself back home in Texas in the back country of our ranch. My eyes took in the surrounding area spotting a string of four horses making their way through a familiar winding trail. It was a steep path on the way to the small pond where I always went swimming with my friends. I had to smile because indeed it was them evidently deciding on taking the ride over today in my dream to go swimming. As my floating form approached I saw the lead horse suddenly stopping on the steep rise, noticing it was Stevie, the youngest of our group forcing everyone else behind him to stop as well. They were on the switch back section of the very narrow trail.

"What's wrong?" I heard one of my other friends asking while Stevie quickly reached up to his chest fingering a small bag and shaking his head.

The dark haired thirteen year old boy swiveled around in his saddle looking at everyone else behind him. "I-I don't know." He replied looking around while everyone else also began to shift in their saddles while looking all around them.

Over the years we had all come to trust Stevie's instincts. He had a second sense about things making us wonder if some of it had to do with his heritage. The boy was part Comanche and even though he didn't live on a reservation or anything he did spend a lot of time with his grandfather in the backcountry learning about things he never talked to us about. The kid simply knew things we couldn't understand. He was a regular kid just like the rest of us, but he was also very different when it came to certain stuff like the outdoors, animals, plants, and any number of things.

The boy fingered the small leather bag around his neck again. I had asked him about it, but he had simply shrugged it off saying it was his medicine bag. When I had pressed him about what was inside he had shrugged again and stated, 'stuff,' leaving it at that. I had enough sense not to push it understanding some of these things were sacred because of his culture.

"We have to go back." Stevie told the others who looked at him a bit stunned.

"But why, there's nothing wrong and I was looking forward to a nice cool refreshing dip." Another one of my friends spoke up.

"Something's wrong, we have to go back." Stevie insisted.

"What's wrong and go back where?" My friend asked getting a bit alarmed now.

Stevie shook his head as if unsure while he continued to finger his medicine bag his face turning from side to side and then stopping as if staring right at me before he unexpectedly gasped. "It's Pim, something is wrong with Pim. We go to his grandparents…now." He stated abruptly and without waiting urged his horse off the trail.

The section they were on was too narrow to turn around, but they had just hit one of the switchback section. Even though the hill was steep, Stevie ignored the danger and eased his horse over the edge of the trail. With steady feet his mare picked its way carefully to the open trail about fifteen feet down the side of the steep hill. One by one the others followed not even questioning Stevie and once they made it safely to the trail down below them spurred their horses riding recklessly along the path leading to my grandparents' house.

The look on all of my friends' faces made my heart melt. It was strange, but I could see the aura of love, affection, and concern for me surrounding them. I hadn't really paid much attention to it before realizing it had also been there with Julian, Colton, my parents, and everyone else in this weird dream I was having. It kind of stunned me as I began to understand just how much I was truly loved by all of them. It made all my worries seem trivial at the moment. I had always been so worried about what my friends would think of me once they found out I was gay, but in this moment of time I understood without a doubt it wouldn't even bother them one bit. Like Carter, when I had told him, they would simply accept it.

I even began to realize that some of my reluctance to respond back in an intimate way towards some of my friends over the years may have also been misplaced. Just because I was gay didn't mean I couldn't have had some fun with them since they at some point or other had obviously interacted sexually with one another. They weren't gay, that much I was sure of, but I knew they had messed around with one another at one point or other. I had always avoided it feeling that since I was gay it wasn't appropriate. I had even done that with Colton and Julian.

With the eleven year old boy it was understandable because he was more like a little brother, but Julian was a beautiful sexy looking boy. Sure he was only twelve years old, but he was sexually active and knew what he was doing to the extent of his age. He wasn't even gay, that much I was certain of as well, but it was obvious he didn't mind having a bit of playful fun. It wasn't unusual for boys to want that sort of thing until they actually became involved with girls. I was always trying to make excuses because I was gay. Even Carter had pointed it out to me ever since we became sexually involved with one another.

The thirteen year old boy might be a bit on the shy side when it came to these sorts of things, but as I thought on it now I suddenly realized even he was more experienced than me when it came to sex. He actually had sex already with a girl and even messed around some with Mason. I've touched both Colton and Julian of course, but somehow that had seemed different because it was like I was holding back where at least Carter had gone for it. We are boys and young, so of course were still trying to find our way as we muddled our way through adolescence, and sex was just one aspect of the process.

A wailing sound suddenly propelled me in a different direction yet again and I found myself hovering over Carter who was crumpled on the floor of his hotel room sobbing with a phone held to his ear. He was crying and I could see Mason trying to console him with a stunned expression on his features trying to figure out what was going on. Carter was sobbing and I immediately knew he was talking to his mom. It broke my heart to see the love of my life so heartbroken. I wanted to reach out and comfort him, to let him know everything was alright. Something was preventing me from doing that though and I couldn't understand why. I struggled because I needed him just as much as he needed me. I was in love with him, and when he hurt, I hurt. I began to panic because I couldn't be there for him and soothe his heartache. I began to struggle and fight the bonds that were preventing me from reaching out to him.

It was just too much for me to see Carter all broken up so I fought even harder, but abruptly found myself being propelled once more in a different direction, away from Carter stretching out my hand yearning to stay in place, but it was useless now with everything fading into nothingness including my senses. This had to be one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had despite it feeling so real. It no longer mattered now because I felt myself settling into a deep restful sleep as my eyes drooped closed and a peaceful contentment settled over me once more, my dreamlike struggles fading off into the background.

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