Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 16

Making Things Right

My eyes snapped open in alarm and I glanced at the clock sighing in relief. I had fallen asleep and for a moment had panicked thinking I may have overslept and was late for my shift at the school to help clean up. Now that Ms. Covington and I were at odds I didn't want to give her any excuse to come after me for something even as trivial as being late. It was only a little past noon so I still had plenty of time as I stared up at my ceiling with a small smile spreading over my features. The realization of what just happened between me and Carter sent a soft warm glow spreading through my insides. The thirteen year old boy was in love with me, he had said so, and just knowing another boy could love me in that sort of way made me all giddy and mushy inside. I was in love, we were in love, and that is the best feeling ever to know that such love could exist between two boys. Once the realization had finally sunk in a few years ago about the inevitability of being gay, it had left me feeling slightly lonely. Sure I had friends and family, but the idea that I might never be able to have a normal intimate life with a partner had been a bit unsettling.

Now though, not only was it possible, but had happened with one of the sexiest boys I've ever laid eyes on. The thirteen year old dark haired teen was beautiful, but he was also one of the most loving and caring boys I could ever hope to have for my very own. He had a gentle soul and kind demeanor. He was shy, but had a wonderful personality that blossomed right in front of your eyes once you got to know him. He was the type of boy anyone would be proud to fall in love with and he was all mine and I was all his. We had professed our love for one another and it had been genuine. Sex with him was fantastic, but it was the love we felt for one another which transcended everything.

Shifting on to my side I glanced over at the slumbering boy and beamed. He was strikingly beautiful; my eyes sliding down his naked exposed body. Carter was lying on his stomach with his head settled gently on one of my soft pillows, his arms tucked underneath propping his head up. The teen's adorable boyish face was turned towards me so I watched him while he slept. He looked peaceful and content with his thick and lustrous medium long soft black hair slightly disheveled over parts of his features. I loved how it felt when I ran my fingers through the boy's hues of sweet cola and dusted acorn brown highlighted thick strands of hair. Even now I was tempted to run them through his tresses, brushing the stray strands back into place over his brow so I could admire the charming features of his round smooth unblemished face, rounded nose, ash brown colored eyebrows, and rosy cheeks with the splattering of four or five light brown colored flat pinhead sized moles.

My eyes traveled down the backside of his body. The blanket was settled down along the back of his thighs, Carter probably having tugged the covers down since it was a little warm in the room now with the sun beating through the window. The light shimmered and dance along the smooth surface of his back making me shiver excitedly because he had such exquisite skin. He had a medium kind of build, which was almost borderline of being lanky; especially, since he had long arms and legs which belied a sense of strength. The workout he got while riding his bike made his legs and arms very strong, but you wouldn't know it by just looking at him.

I've seen him naked on a number of occasions now and even though I had always admired his cute butt I had never really gotten a good look at them as my eyes now settle on the sloping gentle rise of his two rounded hillocks. The smooth transition between a light tan to the paler shades of ivory bisque right before the curvature of his pillowy orbs made me shiver lustfully. I was drawn the mystery of those pale mounds and what lay hidden just between the pinched fissure. It made me wonder if maybe one of these times I might be able to fulfill another one of my fantasies. It was the ultimate gift a boy can give to his lover, and the thought of me plunging myself deep into the unsowed depths of his consecrated grounds made me quiver excitedly.

Lately, I've been exploring my own balloon knot and had found it oddly stimulating when I spread apart my butt cheeks and rubbed my finger along the puckered lips. I've even managed to plunge my finger a few times into the warm depths with the sensation making me shiver in excitement and helping speed along my orgasms while I was masturbating. It was a new sensation for me and something I had just begun to explore. I never knew a boy's bung hole could get me so worked up, but lately some of my fantasies had turned towards what lay hidden between a boy's pillowy cushions.

Unable to resist I reached out running my hand lightly down the middle of his back noticing goose bumps forming along the way. His skin was warm to the touch and erotically sensuous as my hand traveled down across his back, lower lumbar, and finally up across the smooth rising slope of his two crescent shaped moons. I massaged my hand lightly over them before continuing onwards down between his lightly spread legs. To my pleasant surprise I even found his nut sack and soft penis, which was somehow exposed. By the way his body was pressed up against the mattress I could tell they were being squished, but it was exciting as I ran my hand over the firmness of his mashed rounded ball sack. The way it was being crushed made it feel tight like mine as I ran my fingers along his tubular vine feeling it start to plump up and get hard. It didn't take long before his little worm was stiff as a curved steel blade making me wonder if it had become uncomfortable now by the way he was lying on the bed.

The thirteen year old boy shifting slightly, lifting his hips, and allowing his penis to adjust seemed to answer my question. He settled his weight back down rocking his hips slightly for one final adjustment pressing his weight on to the mattress effectively hiding his curved erection beneath him. Sighing I ran my hands back up over his smooth rounded orbs, once more focusing on the sexiness of his ass. I just loved the way it felt beneath my fingers. It was warm, smooth, firm yet soft, and plump in an almost fleshy rubbery kind of way.

Carter was dozing lightly when he felt a pleasant like sensation along his back that kept traveling downwards not even bothering to stop as it rose up along his butt cheeks. It was a nice feeling and his mind wandered over the past several weeks. He still couldn't believe how rapidly his life had changed in such a short period of time. The fifteen year old boy lying next to him had forevermore changed things. The day Pim had entered his small frightful world was the day everything changed, and for the better, his life finally becoming joyful and not so fraught with the pressures that had weighed him down for all these many years now.

It wasn't just the friendship, but his first time sexual experiences since puberty finally made its presence known in ways he hadn't really expected. It was like the older boy had suddenly opened the flood gates he's been hiding behind all these years. The accidental wet dream, the sexual release in Greensboro, and then the outright full blown sexual interaction the following night made him finally come out of his shell, exposing the real adolescent boy inside of him. It had all been mind numbingly sexually erotic and fantastically wonderful. It had been his first forays into the real teenaged world of blossoming adolescence, all of which had confused him. With Pim's guidance though, he had come to accept it and not feel too guilty about it. Carter even thought that he might be gay himself which had worried him, but with Pim around it hadn't seemed so bad with the older boy assuring him that what had happened and the way he was feeling had been perfectly normal. Of course the fifteen year old boy had already confided to him about being gay himself, but oddly enough Carter hadn't felt revolted by the thought of being friends with a boy who was gay.

Even though Carter had been assured by Pim that their sexual foray and play didn't indicate he was gay, the thirteen year old boy had been left feeling a bit out of sorts regarding his own sexual orientation. All of that had been sorted out soon enough when he was accepted as part of Mason's mountain biking team. He had been paired with the other thirteen year old boy and found himself attracted to the other teen. The other boy was obviously into girls and Carter was too shy to even try anything with the short haired boy so he had tried to ignore some of his feelings. What seemed to confuse him even more so though was that at times he found himself attracted to Mason's twin sister in the same way.

It all came to a head when Mason had snuck a girl into their room and began making out with her. It had left him in an awkward situation so he had left only to find himself yanked into Mason's twin sister's room. It had all happened frighteningly fast and before he knew it both him and the girl had lost their virginity. The encounter had been fantastic, but it was as if there was something missing. The passion and erotic excitement wasn't there for him. The sex had made him explode climactically and it had been intensely insane, but not the way it felt when Pim had given him his very first blowjob.

Returning back to his room a bit disoriented and out of sorts with his mind in total chaos he had been drawn towards Mason's nudity. He felt the familiar surge of excitement at seeing another boy naked and he had even fondled the thirteen year old boy while he slept getting him horny and excited. Even though Mason had a penis about the size of a ten year old boy Carter still thought he looked sexy. It hadn't really mattered to Carter and he knew despite the boy's small size he would have enjoyed messing around in a sexual way with the strikingly handsome boy.

It was then it finally sunk in how he truly was gay and at first it made him a bit worried over his feelings until he thought about Pim. He had been worried over his little brother too because of what had happened, but somehow knowing the fifteen year old boy was looking out for Colton had immediately set him at ease. There was something warm and fuzzy inside of him that seemed to blossom when his thoughts had shifted to the sandy haired older teen. He always felt safe at home when Pim was around, and there was something else that made him take pause as he went to bed that night. It suddenly dawned on him that he was in love. It took him a few moments to acknowledge it, but when he finally did there was an almost peaceful contentment which swelled inside of him as he allowed the love for another boy to take root and blossom inside of him. It was then he realized he would do anything to make things work between him and the love of his life, the boy who had swooped in and stolen his heart.

The pleasant feelings swelling inside of Carter now seemed to bring him back, insinuating itself into his drowsy state. He could feel the warm sensuous feeling of a hand massaging over his butt cheeks hovering there for several moments before he felt it traveling down between his legs. There was a pleasant tickling sensation along his testicles and penis which stiffened up becoming slightly uncomfortable. In his half dozing state he reacted, automatically lifting his hips and allowing his stiff erection to bounce upwards from its pinned confinement sending a sense of relief through his body.

Carter was aware of his surroundings, but on a more subconscious level since he was in that in-between state of sleep and wakefulness. Even in this frame of mind he knew from experience he couldn't simply settle back down on to the bed because of the way his penis curved pointing towards the mattress. Shifting his hip slightly to the left he lowered himself down feeling the tip of his curved prong pressing against the mattress as he applied just enough pressure to hold it in place for a second or two before sliding his hips back over to the right. It was then he settled his entire weight back down on to the bed. As always, it worked like a charm forcing his penis sideways as the curvature of his tendril pointed towards the left snuggled up firmly between his body and the mattress. Most other boys would simply allow their erection to point horizontally, but Carter was always forced to adjust his so it smashed up against the mattress and his pubic mound in a sideways angle.

Now that he was settled back down he sighed contentedly when he felt the familiar massaging sensation once again focus on his plump billowy orbs. He never knew being touched back there could feel so sensuous. Carter's been told by the older teen on a number of occasions how he loved the thirteen year old boy's ass. The younger teen kind of liked it when the older boy talked naughty to him even though it embarrassed him sometimes. Somehow being embarrassed about things like that didn't seem to matter when it was just Pim. Those embarrassing sexual moments in front of the older boy seemed to turn Carter on in some ways. At times he hated being so shy, but he could tell the older boy liked that about him, and in turn this made the thirteen year old boy feel good about himself.

The older sandy haired teen always seemed to know what to say and do to make him feel good about himself. It was something he adored about Pim. Every time Carter thought about the older boy a warm wonderful feeling always swelled inside of him. There was something about the fair haired blond boy that made Carter feel so wonderful and turned on. The fifteen year old was very handsome and sexy hot with drop dead gorgeous fair features. The older boy still had those soft boyish features with the hint of maturing adolescence that begin to insinuate itself once a boy reaches a certain age. Despite this Carter could tell the older teen would always maintain those fair features throughout his adult life giving him that youthful quality and appearance.

The fifteen year old kid's European Dutch heritage like features ranging from his pale smooth creamy peach like complexion, grey blue colored eyes, and ruddy colored cheeks all contributed to the teens striking youthful attractiveness. There was something inherently stunning about the older boy as Carter shivered slightly when the older teen's visage took a firm grip in his thoughts. The other boy had a thin willowy kind of build in a very fit kind of way with long arms, legs, and torso, all of which seemed to fit proportionally. It made him look taller than he really was, and thinner, even though he was still fairly solid. What was swinging between the boy's legs is what really turned Carter on as he felt his own penis twitching beneath the weight of his body.

The older kid had a very sexy package below the belt with his large balled up rounded pouch that snuggled up under his three and a half inch flaccid tube. Sometimes the sandy haired boy's ball sack would sag down, but Carter kind of liked how it looked on his friend, all tight and snug. Even the small patch of blonde like pubes looked sexy on the boy's wiry frame. At fifteen year's old the boy still didn't have a lot of hair, not like Mason, but Carter kind of preferred it that way, instinct letting him know Pim would never be really hairy. The teen's pubes weren't all that curly yet, but they would start to fill in more over the next year or two, but not in a way that would be gross.

Carter also loved the way Pim was still intact down there and enjoyed playing with the older boy's foreskin. Last night had been a very unique situation for both of them as they shared in the special moment when Pim's foreskin finally retracted for the very first time. The boy had a very nice sized erection usually topping out around five inches, but very thick. He loved how the plumpness of the older boy's erection felt in his hands, but last night being able to skin Pim's foreskin completely back exposing the vividly crimson colored shaft and bright pinkish colored plum made him feel excited in a way he never thought possible.

The sex between the two of them last night had been even better than the wondrous sensation he experienced with Mason's sister when they had both lost their virginity. Pim had forced them to slow down and it only heightened the intensity of the experience and feelings when the sandy haired boy lip fucked his stiff curved prong. It had been mind blowing, but no less so than when he was able to return the favor. The two of them had made sweet love together and it was an experience he would always cherish. For Carter, this was the ultimate moment when he knew without a doubt the two of them were lovers in every sense of the word.

He could still feel the way his body had reacted to every slight touch from the older teen including the way his insides had churned and squirmed around. Carter's furnace deep inside of him lit up to a boiling point when the sexy hot sandy haired teen had slipped his beautiful warm plump damp lips over his sultry torrid steaming fleshy four inch curved basilisk, rocking him to the core. The burning sensation of his molten hot lava as it spilled from inside its oval shaped receptacles to come bursting through the tight tubing of his conduit made him limp in the knees. It had resulted in an orgasm of epic proportion as he watched the older boy slurping on his wiring like a baby suckling his binky. Even seeing the way his curved four inch shaft pumped in and out of view forcing Pim's cheek to puff out one moment while caving in the next had been intense creating a tsunami of sensations all up and down the inside of his body. He suddenly detonated like never before, including when he had fucked Mason's sister, the climax sending him reeling while his mind exploded and fracture into a million pieces.

This moment only seemed to cement his love for the older boy and he returned the favor thrilled by the way he was able to pleasure the teen in a similar fashion. It hadn't taken long to bring the other boy over the edge; especially, considering the sensitivity Pim was experiencing from his foreskin pulling back completely exposing the entire length of his erection to the elements for the very first time. Even the simple act of blowing air on the boy's exposed knob sent his friend swooning and gasping as a small stream of ejaculate came spitting out of the teen's nodule. It had been exciting and very tasty as he got to work giving the older boy a proper blow job of epic proportions. The older teen not only had one orgasm, but two back to back ones, squirting his tasty boy seed inside Carter's gullet. He loved the way the fifteen year old boy tasted, kind of surprised by the sweet saltiness of his yogurt smoothie.

Now as the morning hours ticked away, the tingling sensations of the older boy massaging his fleshy orbs finally managed to wake him up completely. Carter sighed contentedly enjoying the satisfying moment opening his eyes as they flared open in pleasant surprise. He was staring downwards right at Pim's beautiful five inch erection and semi-tight ball sack with the membrane of the soft lambskin bulging from being squeezed between the older boy's thighs. He could even smell the older boy's heady teenaged sex scent, which made him slightly dizzy but also very turned on.

"Mmmmm, this is really nice, way better than messing with Mason while he slept or having sex with his sister." Carter admitted, his words shocking even himself because he hadn't meant to let that sort of thing slip out even if it was true.

The voice of Carter's soft beguiling tone brought me out of my trance like state and I pulled back slightly because my face had been hovering over his perky rosy colored apples. Moving back slightly I detected a swirling odor, the bouquet wafting up into my nose while I inhaled it deeply. It was similar to what I always detected between his legs, but this was tinged with a headier fragrance of musk. It was coming from between his butt crack and to my surprise it actually didn't smell bad at all, but rather was kind of erotic as I shook away the last remnants of my hypnotized dazed state.

"Huh…really?" I asked kind of surprised by Carter's comment since I figured actually having intercourse with a girl would have to be something that felt really good.

Carter's cheeks turned crimson at the admission, but a small smirk twitched at the corners of his lips becoming a bit coy. "Um…yeah…of course. I mean, being with you is nice…you know…like really nice. It's different with you…I don't know…sort of special I guess. Does that really surprise you?" He wondered while I shook my head.

"No, because being with you is the most wonderful feeling in the world." I admitted leaning in and pressing my lips softly against his while my fingers continued to roam over the smoothness of his mounded melons. "Gawd, you've got a sexy ass. It makes me wanna…," I sighed pulling back slightly and shivering excitedly because the thought of inserting my plunger deep inside the boy's drainage hole was simply divine.

"Makes you wanna do what?" Carter asked curiously while I hesitated a moment not sure if I should go that far and maybe scare him, but I loved him so much and I wanted to share everything with him.

"It makes me want to make love to you, to connect with you in the most intimate kind of way. I want to put myself inside of you…um…you know…uh…I…I…," sighing I shook my head because saying it made the act sound a bit vulgar as I watched his reaction.

At first Carter furled his eyebrows a bit confused with his eyes suddenly widening in a bit of a panic as he glanced down at my thick erection. "You want t-to…um…f-fuck me with that? I mean…like now?" He asked his voice squeaking and making me pause for a second, the sound of it coming out of his mouth suddenly making me giggle and shake my head.

"No you silly ninny. I mean, yes, but not like now. It would hurt way too much right now and wouldn't feel good for you and I'd probably freak out if I hurt you by trying. I mean have you ever even fingered yourself back there before?" I asked seeing his shocked expression as he shook his head back and forth slowly.

"N-no, I mean, I never really even thought about doing something like that." He admitted furling his eyebrows in thought for a moment. "H-have you?" He asked making me blush now because it is kind of an embarrassing thing to admit before I shrugged my shoulders in typical teen fashion.

"Um…yeah…sort of…I mean…you know. I…uh…I just sort of recently tried it." I admitted a bit coyly watching Carter's reaction noticing him furl his eyebrows.

"Doesn't it hurt?" He wondered.

"No, not if you start out slow. Besides a finger is way smaller than a guy's…uh…you know, and doing it actually feels kind of nice…sort of different and adds a little more excitement when I…uh…you know…jack off." I acknowledged a bit shamefully because a guy finger fucking himself while masturbating is not something he tended to admit.

After all confessing to jacking off is bad enough, but then to admit I also fingered my puckered ring is a tad more personal as I watched his reaction. "Oh…," he stated simply as he thought for a moment before a small grin spread on his features. "Does it really feel good?" He wondered while I smiled back nodding my head.

"Yeah, if you are careful about it." I replied hesitating for a moment before pressing him a little on it. "Um…if-if you want I can…uh…you know…show you. I mean, if you want." My voice cracked a little so I swallowed nervously while gazing into his eyes.

"I…it doesn't hurt?" He asked biting his lower lip while my eyes widened because it sounded like he was actually thinking of doing it.

Shaking my head my voice cracked. "N-no…I mean…not really…just weird at first." I tried to explain while he scrunched his face.

"But it feels good?" He contemplated while I nodded.

"Um…well, I think so. I mean, I like it." I admitted my face becoming flush because he was actually thinking about doing it while my penis jerked around excitedly with the idea of doing something new with Carter.

Several emotions flittered over the younger boy's face while I watched before he stuttered in consent. "I…uh…a-alright."

"Really!" I squeaked excitedly unable to believe he would actually be willing to try this with me as I saw him blush but nod his head.

"Uh…yeah sure…I-I trust you, but you'll stop if it hurts." He insisted while I emphatically nodded looking at him to make sure he was still alright with it.

He could see my hesitance, so flashed me one of his cute grins and then nodded. "Then yeah, I'd like to try if you are game." He giggled shyly while I immediately scrambled up behind him kneeling between his legs.

Scooting up closer I pressed his legs outward with my knees forcing him to hitch his perky little butt slightly upwards as I gazed down with wonderment. "Gawd, you have no idea how sexy hot this is." I hissed with Carter glancing over his shoulder at me and giggling when he saw my eyes glittering excitedly.

With trembling hands I reached out placing my fingers along his pillowy orbs pulling them apart, my eyes widening even more when I gazed at his brown eye which seemed to wink at me. I felt my penis twitch between my legs and suddenly jolt with my testicles bunching up slightly when the heady aroma assaulted my senses. It was potent and made me lightheaded. It was strong, a bit pungent, but not in a nasty kind of way. Carter had taken a shower before coming over and he was clean down there. His animalistic like pheromone fragrance acted like a lure drawing me in. Before I knew it my nose was buried between the damp warmth of his cushions inhaling deeply making me shiver with excitement. I heard Carter giggling and squirming around when my nose brushed up against his puckered grommet.

Without thinking I pressed my mouth against his brown lips slathering my wet tongue over it getting a taste of him. "Eeeeeeep," Carter chirped in surprise and jolting with his butt cheeks clamping along my cheeks while I shivered excitedly because to my astonishment it didn't taste bad at all as I sat back up.

"S-s-shit, what the hell was that about?" The thirteen year old boy croaked glancing over his shoulder with his brown eyes all glazed over while he slowly calmed back down. "Gawd, that felt fucking amazing." He admitted making me smile happily.

Glancing down I noticed my thick erection humming and vibrating, my slick pre-cum sliding down my shaft when it oozed out from the tip of my puckered foreskin. Reaching down I milked my drooling udder forcing the mixture of milky and clear slippery substance on to my fingers. Pressing Carter's creamy white cushions apart I rubbed my slime over his puckered grommet watching as it clamped down tightly making me giggle while the thirteen year old boy squirmed around and even moaned indicating it felt good.

"Mmmmm, that tickles but feels really good." The dark haired boy moaned softly, his tightly clenched eyelet beginning to relax.

I felt the time was ripe when the thirteen year old boy settled back down and his grommet loosened up once it got used to my finger running over it so applied pressure feeling my pointing digit slip inside the tight opening. "Eeeak." The other boy once again tightened up, his iris clamping firmly around the invasion of his unexplored territory.

The pressure around my finger, which was buried inside of him to the first knuckle, felt oddly strange. It was taut applying some resistance, but not really tight because I could feel a bit of wiggle room as I began to flick my finger around inside of him.

"Oh-oh…ooooh…mmmm," Carter moaned with his firmly clamped grommet now vibrating and contracting spastically around my finger obviously enjoying the sensation the intrusion made him feel around this new sensitive erogenous zone.

It made me smile recalling how it felt the first time I had actually inserted a finger inside of me. It had been an odd sensation, but in a nice kind of way, my eyes watching the younger boy closely. He trembled when I applied a little more pressure and I was kind of surprised at how easily it slipped along his tightly clamped orifice. I suppose some of my 'special' lube had helped the gliding process as I made a mental note for the future. If the two of us intended to take things further some sort of lube would be necessary when the time came for us to transition to the next phase of our relationship. I was fairly certain that would still be a while yet, if ever, because something like that was a very big deal in the realm of a relationship. Despite the love we felt for one another a lot of this right now was all still about sex play and pleasure. Sure it was more intimate because we had deep feelings for each other which heightened our sexual interaction, but going all the way and plucking Carter's cherry for real, and him doing the same to me, was on a totally different level of a relationship.

Carter was squirming around now when I finally bottomed out with my finger. It caught me by surprise bringing me out of my musings with my eyes widening in joyous wonderment. "H-holy crap your ass like totally sucked up my entire finger." I crooned excitedly feeling the younger boy's body quivering from the invading digit plunged deep into his warm cavern.

The sensation of the balmy stifling tightness engulfing my finger was kind of exciting. It felt different from when I fingered myself and I suppose maybe it had to do with the way I felt towards Carter along with this coming from a different perspective. Ever so slowly I reversed direction feeling his eyelet grabbing at my finger along with a slurping noise. Leaning in closer I puckered my lips taking aim and allowed a dollop of my spittle to drop down between his cushions watching as it pooled around my finger rising like a tower out of the slight indented opening of the boy's consecrated hollow. With my finger slowly slipping out through the tight opening it picked up some of the lubricating spittle along the way allowing for a more frictionless insertion when I plunged it back into him.

Carter moaned, quivering when I slowly impaled him a second time. "Oooh-oooh, that feels better than I expected." He gasped as I picked up the pace my eyes fixated on what I was doing and how it felt when I slid my finger in and out of his taut wrinkled eyelet.

The thirteen year old boy was really getting into it now and began to roll and rock his back side trying to capitalize on the intensity of the sensation he was experiencing with this newly discovered erotic zone. This was the most erotic and sexy encounter of my entire life as I watched the way my finger fucking was bringing the younger boy to the precipice of climax. Even my own penis was dripping pre-cum on the mattress between our spread out legs as I now slowed down so Carter wouldn't crest too soon. Plunging my right pointing finger all the way inside the boy I paused and wiggled it around some adjusting the type of stimulation watching the boy squirm around some more as he continued to moan and croon excitedly.

This was so damn erotically stimulating and I wanted in on the action now too, so reached out hooking my left hand around the dark haired boy's bent left knee. Making sure to apply enough pressure so that my finger didn't slip out, I pushed on his left leg forcing it to angle outwards slightly and then up, over, and across my body rolling Carter on to his back. My arm was now between the boy's legs with my finger still buried deep inside of him as his glazed over eyes stared at me in confusion. His curved spigot quivered in the air vibrating from the sensations coursing through his body, spewing pre-cum freely all over his bow as it pooled along his soft lambskin getting it all damp. Leaning in I slurped his heavy chestnut sized testes into my mouth hearing him hissing in surprise, his ringlet clamping tightly around my digit and his hips rising.

"Oh-oh, aaaarph, f-fuck m-me-eeep." He hiccupped as another sultry sensation was added to the one he was experiencing on his back side.

The zesty flavor of his soft warm skin along with the sweet tanginess of his slippery pre-cum exploded all over my tongue and inside my mouth when I slurped him up relishing this intense sexual moment. His body had tightened up and now began to unwind some so I let his truffles slide out from my mouth, and slightly adjusting the angle of my head, slipped the tip of his erection past my lips. The boy bucked again moaning excitedly and rolled into me forcing some of his weight on top.

My body was now angled on my side and slightly on my back as his left knee settled in the crook of my right neck while his inner thigh rubbed along my cheek. He pressed his groin into my face forcing his stiff curved bow all the way inside my mouth sending tingling sensations all along the length of my tongue. My eyes widened in lust focusing on his dark colored pubes and the spidery blue colored veins crisscrossing along the pale smooth surface of the still hairless parts of his pubic mound. It was amazing how creamy white his skin looked up close as my eyes fluttered when I let the emotion of the moment wash over me.

It was amazing the way his rigidness seemed to fit inside my mouth with the curvature providing the perfect angle to slide all the way inside without much effort. I didn't even have to force it to bend downwards because the way it was curved simply allowed it to slip in and out of my mouth freely as he began to hump his hips into my face. I could feel his pubes brushing up against my upper lip, nose, and cheeks while I slurped on his hardness sending a quivering sensation inside both of us. While he focused on face fucking me I began to focus on finger fucking him, plunging my finger in and out of his tepid depths. It made him pause for a split second and moan excitedly trying to match my motions by rocking his hips back and forth as well. When my finger plunged into the depths of his grotto his hips rocked backwards forcing his penis to slide outwards along my lips and tongue. We both then reversed direction with my finger sliding outwards along his suctioning eyelet while he purposefully clamped his sphincter around the offending digit before forcing his four inch plunger deep into my mouth trying to burry it in my gullet.

I could feel his hot clammy skin now all around me and even smell the boy's heady scent of sexed up sweat with our activity becoming wild. I could tell he was getting into it and very close now so plunged my finger deep down inside of him instead of pulling out. Without warning I curled my finger feeling it brush up against something spongy making the boy abruptly yelp in surprise and almost collapse on top of me.

"Oh fucking shit." He chirped in shock.

I felt something a little thicker oozing out from the tip of his nozzle realizing it wasn't pre-cum anymore, but rather the denser syrupy ejaculate like honeyed nectar. He hadn't climaxed, but come close making me realize I must have found his prostate glans. It's the magic button I had searched for when I curled my finger, surprised at how easy it had been to do. I've never managed to find my own yet, but by the way Carter had reacted just now I knew that's what it had to be. The teen once more started to pound away so I intentionally relaxed my mouth a bit while my tongue went into a frenzy slathering all around his bulb feeling it start to flare outwards in anticipation. I wanted this to be his best experience yet, so once again curled my finger inside of his grommet and began flicking it as if I was motioning with my finger for someone to come here. It continued to brush up against his spongy nut on the inside making him react immediately.

That was all it took because I felt his erection fatten up, vibrating violently inside my mouth before exploding and contracting several times within a fraction of a second. "Aaaargh, oooomph, uuuumph, oooomph, oooomph, oooooo oooomph, eeeeeeeieeeey." I heard him howl and screech when the intense orgasm slammed into his small body all at once.

The first explosion of his ejaculate blasted into the back of my throat forcing me to swallow quickly with the second forceful dollop splattering against my tongue because I was swallowing. Those were followed by several more powerful like spattering inside my mouth as his ejaculate pooled around my tongue. It felt like a whole pot full, but I knew a lot of it was also my own saliva intermingling with the substance because I was now salivating as well. It's strange how it always seems like a guy squirts a huge amount of cum when he has an orgasm, but in reality we are lucky if it is a fraction of a teaspoon full when we first start ejaculating. Carter was still relatively new to squirting, but I could tell it seemed to be getting thicker each time as I now began to swallow it all down relishing the taste. His body continued to remain stiff and shudder while his orgasm ran its course. His rapture didn't last long before I felt him collapsing on top of me completely spent, his bowed spire softening up rapidly inside my mouth.

This had been so damn sexy hot and I was horny as all fuck now too and could feel my own pre-cum making everything wet between my legs. With my finger still curled up inside of him I left it that way while pulling it out of him. There was a slurping noise with his slack grommet sucking along my finger before I heard a satisfying popping noise since it was still curled when it finally slid free.

Not wasting any time I eased Carter off of me, rolling the spent boy on to his back while he gasped for air trying to recuperate. My eyes were fixated on his bright red colored two and a half inch shriveled up worm that glistened wetly from a mixture of cum and spittle. His ball sack contracted a few times forcing his bullet to jolt around while one singular bead of transparent cum formed along the tip end as well. Even his pubes were glistening damply while his skin shimmered in a fine sheen of perspiration. My eyes took in his sexiness in all of a second while I quickly propped up his head with a pillow before straddling my knees along either side of his shoulders.

My own skin flute was vibrating excitedly pointing straight up into the air as I rolled the membrane all the way back, my eyes widening in wonderment at the novelty of it all. I still couldn't believe how my skinned cocklet looked all bright red and glistening in the lighting filtering through my window. This was still new for me to be able to see all of my bulb and bright pink colored smoothness of my skinned erection. I didn't reflect on it long; instead, angling my stiff shaft downwards and pressing it up against Carter's lips.

The thirteen year old boy was still in a foggy state, but didn't resist when I slipped the head of my cherry inside of his mouth feeling the tingling sensations all up and down my exposed cocklet. It was extremely sensitive and I just about busted my nut right there and then, but managed to ease myself forward. Carter was completely oblivious with what was going on because he was still dazed in the aftermath of his lingering euphoria. His orgasm had probably been his most intense one to date; especially, considering I had found that erotic zone deep inside of him rocking the boy to his very core.

Even though Carter was completely out of it he seemed to react instinctively wrapping his warm lips around my turgid pickle and suckling on it like a baby on a teat trying to get its milk. The sensations all along my erection made me jolt and I felt my testicles rolling upwards when I buried my full five inches deep inside Carter's mouth. When I felt my pubes brushing up against his upper lip and nose I reversed direction wasting no time because I was completely keyed up now wanting my udder to be milked. I could even feel my gonads churning inside their soft suede like casing.

To my surprise Carter was actually sliding his tongue around the length of my erection as he continued to breathe heavily and moan. I leaned my weight into him holding my left arm out against my headboard to support my weight while I slid my erection slightly out of his mouth allowing the tip of my bell end to remain gripped firmly by his lips. With my right hand I began to jack off the root of my exposed shaft sliding my loose skin up and down its length while feeling his lips and tongue working my glans, the heat rising up inside of me. I was so sensitive right now down there that I suddenly gasped feeling my erection fattening up and releasing the first sequence of my orgasmic explosion. I felt the hot white lava ripping through the entire five inch length of my turgid missile sending my body into a convulsive spastic epileptic fit as I jerked but retained enough of my senses to send my plunger deep into the back of the boy's throat.

"Aaaaarph, oooomph, uuuuumph, uuuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaaaah, oooomph," I grunted while my head rolled backwards and I allowed the orgasm to wash over my body.

My erection vibrated and recoiled sending back to back explosive detonations of my frothy white smoothie down Carter's gullet. I could feel his mouth suckling, slurping, and swallowing trying to keep up and doing a bang up job because not a single drop escaped. My body lurched one more time and I collapsed in exhaustion completely spent with the weight of my groin pressing up against his face. I shuddered several more times feeling my erection softening up inside of his mouth while I tried to recuperate. Somehow I managed to lift myself off of him feeling his soft warm lips along the length of my flaccid three inch worm before it slipped free from the nice warm confines of his sultry mouth.

Thank goodness my foreskin had slipped back into place because even this felt stimulating. The way my newly freed up nodule was sensitive at the moment, the cool air licking along the exposed bell end and shaft would have probably been too much. I settled down next to the still dazed thirteen year old boy and we cuddled tenderly in each other's embrace with our foreheads pressed up against one another. We remained that way for several long moments until I finally opened up my eyes looking at him. His eyes were still closed, but after a few more seconds they slowly opened up as well looking more focused and no longer hazy in a drunken like fashion.

"T-that was s-spectacular, definitely way better than messing around with Mason while he slept or even fucking his sister." He sighed pressing his mouth up against my lips as we kissed affectionately like real lovers for several long moments before separating.

Reaching up I ran my hand along his soft features and smiled happily at the boy who was also grinning contentedly when a thought made me frown with worry. "I…um…I'm glad you enjoyed it Carter and I don't want to spoil the mood or anything, but…uh…it's just, you know, aren't you worried about…I mean…it sounds like things just sort of happened. You know, real fast with Mason's sister…and well…I'm just worried about, you know…protection. I mean, sure you two are only thirteen, but I'm sure she already has, you know, her womanly things and well…you are squirting now too. I mean, what if she gets pregnant?"

It really wasn't something I wanted to think about, but I was a little worried now. It didn't sound like any sort of protection was used. I mean having sex with another guy is one thing because you can't get another guy pregnant, but at thirteen a boy and girl having sex together could be an issue. Carter was squirting already and I'm sure Mason's sister was also having her womanly cycles. It wasn't the only thing I was concerned about, but him getting a girl pregnant was foremost in my thoughts. The other issue involved sexually transmitted diseases. Now that we were all starting to become sexually active things could be passed around.

He seemed to pick up on not only the whole pregnancy thing, but my other thoughts as well and he sighed nodding. "Yeah, I was kind of worried about it too, but I got a chance to talk to her about it the next morning." He shrugged his shoulders. "It was really embarrassing too, but I was so worried by then. Thank goodness she used her own protection. She told me that about a year ago she had the big talk with her mom about things and the two of them felt it was important to go talk to her doctor about it. I guess they felt it was time she had some sort of protection against getting pregnant just in case. Mason's sister assured me that I had nothing to worry about. I'm not sure what sort of birth control she is using because I was too embarrassed to ask about it." He sighed still looking a bit pale about the incident because it had been a scary moment for him since sex with a girl had just happened out of the blue.

"It was her first time." Carter sighed shaking his head looking a bit sad about it. "I mean it was mine too…you know…with a girl." He added wincing and looking guilty about it which confused me.

Not wanting to press the issue I remained quiet, but I guess he wanted to talk about it some more. "It's just I feel bad about it…you know…with it being her first time and all. I mean, she told me it was incredible…you know…the sex and all. I feel bad about it because I realized it wasn't the same for me. She is into boys and her first time should have been special, with someone who was into girls and liked her. I liked it too, but it's not the same. I realized I was more into boys…I mean…into you. Even with Mason, sort of touching him was nice and turned me on even more so than with his sister." He tried to explain while I nodded hugging him to me.

We stayed that way for a few moments until he spoke up again. "Y-you aren't mad about it, are you?" He asked catching me by surprise.

"What…about Mason's sister?" I wondered. "I already told you I'm alright with it." I reassured him the boy biting his lower lip.

"I know, but it isn't just that…I mean about Mason. You know being turned on by him?" He wondered while I grinned and chuckled.

"Shit no, I mean he's cute and turns me on too. Damn, I can't believe you fucking got a chance to perv on him. I know you said he's got a small pecker, but still, he's cute and a guy's size doesn't matter to me." I giggled hearing him chuckling too.

"Well, I actually didn't really get a chance to touch him all that much. I mean he was so damn prickly down there that I barely touched him and thought he'd wake up." He admitted giggling shyly by the shift in the conversation.

"Really?" I asked kind of surprised. "I mean, you'd think after he fucked that girl his little worm would be spent and he wouldn't be so touchy down there." I wondered while Carter giggled again shaking his head.

"Yeah, well that is what he claimed the following day when I shook him awake and he got embarrassed about being naked and all boned up. I mean, neither one of us have seen the other naked and he was all boned up to boot so he blushed completely embarrassed by me seeing him all hard; especially since he's also small down there. Well he kept bragging all morning about the sex he had with the other girl even bragging at breakfast with our other teammates. I'm sure if his sister was there he wouldn't have been bragging." He chuckled reminding me of how Mason's sister had put him in his place that first day we met by teasing him about his size.

Carter looked at me and sniggered as if there was some secret he was about to reveal. "Well, after I finished I was throwing away my trash when I spotted the girl he was with the previous night talking and giggling with her friends. She was telling them about her time with Mason and how he had his hands up her skirt messing with her pussy so she reached down inside his shorts and that is when Mason suddenly exploded all over her hand. She told them he's got the puniest pecker she's ever felt on another guy his age and that she would know since she's had sex with six other boys already. Not only that but she thought it was hilarious how he has a quick trigger and not worth the effort because as soon as he exploded he fell asleep leaving her high and dry and completely unsatisfied." Carter finished and giggled before settling down and shaking his head.

"You know I kind of feel bad for Mason. I mean, sure it is kind of funny and all, but still, it's not something to tease about and then spread around." He told me softly while I tended to agree.

"Yeah, you're right. The girl shouldn't be spreading things like that and I'm sure they don't like guys spreading rumors about them too. I mean to me it sounds like this might have been Mason's first experience, you know doing anything sexual. It's kind of tough sometimes because it's intense for us and we simply…well…sometimes we sort of explode prematurely." I sighed, feeling bad for our other friend we had met the other day.

"Yeah, I guess." Carter agreed. "I guess that explains why he was naked and zonked out when I came back to the room. After the girl left he probably woke up enough to get undressed and wipe himself off and then probably fell asleep without even thinking anything of it. I mean that is pretty easy to do after having sex; especially, with someone like you." He sniggered leaning in and giving me a gentle kiss. "I'm glad you aren't upset about it." He added while I grinned at him coyly.

Now it was my turn to tell him about what all happened while he was gone. I'm sure Colton had told him about most everything, but had probably left out a lot of juicy stuff. So I told Carter what happened when his little brother was stripped naked and how I got him dressed and then later some of what happened at school not getting into a lot of details. After that I told him about Colton getting sick and how we convinced his mom to let him stay with me. Once at my house I got him undressed forgetting he wasn't wearing underwear, which got a sniggering laugh out of Carter. I then explained how we had cuddled with his little brother asking about jacking off and wanting me to teach him about it. That got Carter's attention as he coughed and choked.

"He what? I mean, you actually had sex with my little brother." He blurted out a little shocked by both his little brother asking about sex and stuff, and me having sex with the eleven year old boy.

"What…of course not you dweeb. He's only eleven and he's like my little brother. I mean, yeah, sure I think he's sexy and all, but I'd never be able to do something like that so of course I told him no." I explained wondering how he would react when I told him the rest of what all went on.

He wasn't comfortable about what happened in the shower, but seemed to agree it was probably good that I hadn't made a big deal over it. He could tell that even though there was plenty of touching going on that for me it wasn't about sex. Still, Carter was shy about that sort of stuff; especially, with his little brother so it did make him squirm a little when I told him about the more intimate moments between me and Colton. I told him about our trip and us meeting up with Julian. Colton had told him about the twelve year old boy and Carter now said it sounded like the two of them had become fast friends. I smiled letting him know they had become really close and it was good for his little brother because Julian was there for the eleven year old. It allowed Colton to talk to another boy closer to his own age about what happened.

When I got to the point when his little brother had a nightmare Carter got a little concerned about it. We talked about it some before I continued, telling him about Julian climbing into bed with us since it was too cold by the air conditioner getting a chuckle out of Carter who knew exactly how the other boy felt. It was then when the dark haired boy had another coughing fit when I told him about Julian wanting to have sex with me as well. Of course I had refused but hinted to the other boy maybe Colton would be up for some action, sort of diverting Julian to the eleven year old boy.

"No way…you didn't?" Carter asked in wide eyed shock. "Colton's like only eleven years old and too young. Besides, Julian is like a whole year older." He added while I shrugged.

"Well, I don't know about you, but that's when I started getting curious with stuff and learned about jacking off. Besides, Julian is only like six or seven months older and I'm like two years older than you." I pointed out with him grumbling how that was different.

Shrugging, I continued telling him how I found the two boys in the shower the following morning and how Julian and Colton were naked with the eleven year old completely enamored by how the older boy's foreskin moved back and forth. I could tell Carter was a little uncomfortable and wasn't all that happy when I explained how Colton finally learned all about jacking off.

"I can't believe you let that happen." He sighed a bit bothered by it.

"Why…I mean come on. Sure, it's probably a little freaky and all since it is your little brother, but damn Carter your little brother is sexy and so is Julian. I mean, I'm gay and all, so did enjoy messing with both of them a little too, but your little brother is growing up whether you like it or not and wants to learn more about sex, jacking off, and other stuff. I sure wasn't going to teach him about it, so I figured Julian was kind of perfect since he sort of wanted to do stuff too. You should be happy the two of them found each other and were cool doing stuff together. You should let them both have some fun. They are still young and starting to discover things about their bodies. Besides, Julian is a cool guy and wanted some fun too, so why not."

We both fell silent for a while before Carter finally sighed. "Yeah, I guess you are right, it's just…my little brother…you know…it's hard to think about him in that way." He admitted while I chuckled.

"Yeah, well believe me, your little brother is sexy hot and I only wish I had known you at that age. Shit for real dude I would have loved sucking on that little bent jalapeno. I mean, damn, that little dinger is hard as fuck." I teased, Carter elbowing me in the ribs.

"Hey, that's my little brother. That's like totally…ewe…that's sick." He scrunched up his face.

"What…I'm just saying. I mean you are the one who told me he looked exactly like you at that age including his little pecker and balls…and well…I have to admit knowing that is sort of a turn on for me because I love everything about you and I would have loved doing sex stuff with you at that age. I know it's different, still, there is no denying Colton is cute as a button." I admitted to Carter, leaning in and giving him a soft kiss. "Please don't be upset. I mean, you are the one I'm in love with, but I love Colton too. Not in the same way I do you, but still I can't help the way I feel about him. I love him, but I'm 'in' love with you. There is a difference you know?" I pointed out with Carter looking into my eyes and smiling affectionately.

"I know Pim and I'm in love with you too. It's just weird is all. Is Julian really that cute?" He smirked while I snorted.

"Dude you have no idea. He's like sooooo sexy hot-hot-hot, and you'd have a lot of fun with him I think." I chuckled while he furled his eyebrows.

"What…no way. I mean, he's younger than me."

"Not by that much…only a year or so. I mean, he is too young for me…I believe, but I don't think he'd be too young for you. I do know he's totally into girls and all, he pretty much admitted it, but seems to be happy messing with boys for now. If it happened I wouldn't mind you know." I told him thinking it would be kind of fun for the two boys. "Besides, I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it because it would be like an older version of Colton." I sniggered feeling Carter elbowing me yet again, the two of us falling silent looking at each other and giggling.

"Shit for real Pim, you are a friggen horn dog." He insisted while I shrugged my shoulder.

"Yeah, well I might have messed around a little, but I'm not the one going around getting laid." I teased getting yet another elbow in the ribs.

"That's not fair." He pouted while I leaned in and kissed him softly.

"I know Carter, but it doesn't bother me that you've had sex with a girl or find other boys sexy. I know you are in love with me and that is what really counts. I'm in love with you too, but let's face it we are still young so of course get turned on and stuff by others." I explained falling silent for a while, drifting into my own thoughts.

"Pim?" Carter's soft voice brought me out of my musings as I glanced into his eyes.

The thirteen year old boy bit his lower lip as if debating for a second. "Colton told me about the challenge coin and the importance of it. He also told me about your dad…and well…all the things like the General saluting him and stuff makes sense now. Why didn't you ever tell me? I mean your dad is a real hero, and the Medal of Honor, that is such an amazing thing." He added quietly while I untangled myself from his embrace and sat up draping my legs over the edge of the bed letting them dangle.

The other boy sat up too, settling in next to me and glancing over at me. "I don't understand, why do you get upset about it sometimes?" He wanted to know.

Sighing, I glanced over at him taking in his stunningly beautiful naked body which made me shiver. He was so handsome and I loved every square inch of him from the top of his head all the way down to his toes. It was a feeling that would never go away as he sat there waiting patiently for my response.

"Did you know that over sixty percent of the Medal of Honors are awarded posthumously?" I asked breaking the silence.

"What?" The other boy asked looking confused and unfamiliar with the odd word.

"Medal of Honors…over sixty percent are awarded to people who have died. They don't hand them out lightly and in most cases people who earn the honor are awarded the medal because they did something so dangerous it cost them their lives." I explained.

"Oh, I didn't know that, but your dad isn't dead." He pointed out and I nodded my head.

"No, you are right he isn't." I replied falling silent my memories wandering for a bit as tears began to spill down my cheeks.

"Oh god Pim, don't cry. I didn't mean to upset you." I heard him whispering as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder while I glanced over at him not bothering to wipe away my tears.

This was something I've never talked about because it was so upsetting, but Carter was my lover now and I trusted him. "You know I was a little younger than Colton when my mom woke me up really late one night saying she had to leave. It was all really very sudden as I got dressed in a panic and she drove me over to my grandparents. She told me my dad was in the hospital and hurt really bad. They had him over in the big hospital in Germany where they bring all the hurt soldiers to heal before flying them home here to the states." I sighed, the memories still fresh in my mind.

"We were told he wasn't going to live. It's the first time I realized my dad could actually be killed in a war. I mean, sure I've always known it, but I was just a little kid. At ten years old it is different though, you sort of really begin to understand the difference with a lot of things. My dad getting shot up and in the hospital with the doctors saying he won't live finally hit home for me. You have no idea what that feels like Carter. To know you won't get to see your dad again…ever." I spoke softly, my eyes suddenly welling over and I began to cry.

It started as little hiccups that evolved into huge sobs, the emotions rapidly taking over. I hadn't really thought about that time for a very long while now even though it's always been at the back of my mind. Carter held me and I slumped into him, my head settling in his naked lap. I heard him talking, but couldn't make out what he was saying. It really didn't matter because it was soothing and filled with love as he stroked his fingers through my hair with tender care. Slowly I began to recover sitting back up and wiping away my tears.

"S-sorry." I sighed apologetically while he shook his head.

"Nothing to be sorry about." He assured me, pursing his lips and stifling questions that were obviously on his mind because even though he understood how hard that moment was regarding my dad it still left a lot of things unanswered.

Inhaling deeply I felt my chest rattling while I gathered my composure and smiled at him. "My dad is Delta Special Forces, did you know that?" I asked seeing him shrug and nod.

"Yeah, it's on the challenge coin." He admitted while I nodded.

"They are a very elite group, like the SEAL teams you hear about. He was on a sensitive mission, the team protecting a group of political civilians and their families escorting them to safety, over fifty in all. It was all hush-hush, the mission, and only a small group with my dad trying to get everyone to safety. There were very important people in the group, but on the way out my dad found himself assaulted by the enemy as they closed in on their group. The enemy was a large force and since there were only a few men with my dad he knew they had to get out fast. The mission was to get these people to safety and there weren't enough of his men to fight off the enemy and protect the civilians at the same time. It was a pivotal moment." I explained falling silent as the image of a large armed force surrounding a small group of men formed in my mind.

Shivering I pressed forward. "He ordered his men to escort the civilians to the pick-up point and he stayed behind holding off the enemy in a strategic location. He held them off for over an hour all by himself and was shot several times. When they radioed him saying the civilians had arrived safely to the secured zone with a large force in place to protect everyone's retreat, my father hoofed it back with the enemy hot on his heals. When he did manage to get back everyone was surprised he had even made it because he was severely wounded and had lost a lot of blood. He had done it using sheer determination and grit, but they didn't even think he'd make it to the demilitarized zone much less the hospital. Even when he arrived at the hospital in Germany they didn't think he'd live." I told Carter the story that I had found out about afterwards.

The room fell silent all around us and I could feel Carter's fingers intertwined around mine realizing for the first time we were holding hands. Glancing over at the younger boy he gazed into my eyes and I could tell he was crying as well, feeling some of my pain and anguish when it finally seemed to sink in what I was trying to tell him.

"Oh my god Pim, the medal, he was awarded the medal for his heroics getting the civilians to safety while holding back the enemy. He almost died for it." The boy's voice shook as he leaned in closer holding me tightly in his arms. "I get it now. Every time you see the medal it is a reminder of the time you almost lost your dad forever. No wonder your dad doesn't talk about it much either. I can only imagine what it is like for him because he has to deal with it almost every day on Post. I-I didn't realize it, I'm sorry Pim, I didn't know." He sighed sadly.

Leaning down I kissed Carter on the top of his head before we separated. "I know." I sighed. "What's worse is I think he knew once he decided to stay behind and protect his men's retreat that he wasn't going to get out of it alive. He knew, but still did it." I hiccupped because I could never be so brave.

We both fell silent in our own thoughts until I finally exhaled softly. "Come-on, let's hop in the shower and get cleaned up. I've gotta get ready to head over to the school for my shift." I smiled timidly as we both got up making our way into the bathroom.

The shower ended up being a bit naughty and a lot of fun as we both helped get the other one cleaned up. It was a little sexual, but just more along the lines of light petting and flirting. By the time we walked back into my room the mood had shifted with the two of us once again happy and carefree as I stooped over picking up his underwear off the floor and holding it up. Carter watched in amusement when I pressed the crotch area of his underwear to my nose and inhaled. There was a clean scent about it mixed in with his adolescent fragrance making me shiver recalling I still had Colton's underwear wrapped up in a plastic bag. The thirteen year old boy held out his hand for me to pass over his underwear so he could get dressed, but I shook my head.

"No, I think I will hang on to it." I teased sticking my tongue out at him getting a chuckle out of him.

"What for?" He wondered.

"Just to have for when you aren't around and I need to jack off. I want to be able to smell you." I told him seriously while he cocked his head to the side looking at me critically.

"Whatever…pervert," he sniggered shrugging his shoulders while I wandered over to my dresser drawer opening it up and shoving it inside before pulling out a clean pair of my own underwear.

Carter was looking around on the ground. "What are you looking for?" I asked curiously.

"It's not fair; if you get to keep my underwear I should get to keep one of yours." He criticized good naturedly, but having no success since I tossed my dirty underwear in the laundry last night before going to bed.

Smiling I held up the fresh pair teasingly. "Hmmm, looks like you might have to try taking these for yourself, maybe later on after I get them all sweaty." I giggled while he eyed me critically his eyes dropping down to my cock which was at half mast.

"Agreed." He countered catching me by surprise because I hadn't intended it to be an exchange of one underwear for another, but it made me smile at the possibilities of what might happen later on in the day, getting me all excited and completely hard now while Carter grinned sheepishly.

"Who's the pervert now?" I chuckled as we both got dressed with Carter slipping into his shorts and going commando.

Carter decided to join me and help out at the school. He didn't have anything else to do as we took our time and made our way over to the school grounds. There was already a group of kids gathered around with the thirteen year old boy pausing for a moment. To my surprise I saw David with his buddy, Peter, there as well both chattering away with some of the older kids and joking around. He had been spreading rumors already trying cover up what really happened.

Things had changed some since Carter's been gone with more of the local kids interacting with me and making friends. There were plenty of rumors going around, but many had found out some about my dad's military background so were impressed by it. I guess David saw it as a threat so was trying to control it again by spreading more lies. Nudging Carter indicating for him not to worry about it we approached the group.

"Well-well-well, look at what we have here. If it isn't the two faggots showing their faces out in public. It's the only explanation why a new kid moving into town would want to hang out with such a loser." David sneered viciously, trying to spread rumors about me now.

I was going to say something back when Carter surprised me by stepping up to the older boy and poking his finger in the bigger teen's chest. "Go fuck yourself and stay away from my little brother. I won't let you do to him what you did to me. Besides, you are one to talk considering what I saw back then." He hissed back threateningly catching the other teen by surprise.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" The other boy managed to get out chuckling nervously and looking around anxiously now because Carter's never dared to speak out before and the thirteen year old boy's tone was threatening on many levels as he suddenly began to find out.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm not a ten year old kid anymore that you can strip naked and bully around because you are afraid of me telling everyone how I saw you and Peter sucking each other off." Carter hissed his face turning red because all the years of being bullied was finally coming to a head and he was stinking mad about it, no longer willing to take the bullshit from anyone anymore while I stared in stunned amazement because he never mentioned to me about the other two boys sucking each other off, only that they were messing around with each other.

"That's a lie." The older teen whined looking around nervously and glancing over towards Peter who was blushing looking a little guilty as he shifted his gaze down at his feet. "You only saw Peter sucking me off." He accused throwing his friend under the bus with it taking a second for him to realize he was attached at the hip so to speak.

At first I thought Carter had simply been stretching the truth about what he had seen regarding the two boys only fondling each other, but this simple confession by the older teen seemed to confirm it. The admission by the idiot also effectively tossed himself over the bridge as well because if Peter had given him a blow job he most definitely had done the same. Suddenly, the other teen spoke up angrily at having been thrown so casually under the bus by his so called friend.

"Fuck you David, you know it had been your idea. You begged me to suck you off and said you'd do me first. I never really liked it." Peter retorted with David now turning red and getting pissed off.

"Oh yeah, well you sure haven't been complaining about it any all these years." He snapped back his hand suddenly raising up to his mouth because he had just let slip in front of everyone how the two of them had been sucking each other off now for years.

It was one thing to sort of mess around discovering about such things when you are a younger pubescent with your raging hormones tossing your nuts around in a tin can and it kind of coming out, but when you are sixteen years old it was a completely different story. This was now more than simply being curious and experimenting. At this stage it was more about actual sex between two guys.

"I…I mean…that's not what happened. It was Carter…yeah…he's the one that started it all. Me and Peter we were…," he started to try twisting and turning things around when one of the senior year boys from school started busting up.

"Holy shit…I knew it, but just didn't put it all together. You and Peter, holy crap, I knew it. You guys are fucking gay…holy shit…it explains everything now. I mean you guys do everything together." He chuckled before busting up again while the other kids all around began laughing their asses off as well. "Yeah…and that means everything." He was laughing so hard with all the other kids catching on now and pointing at the other two older teens that were blushing and looking totally humiliated.

"Fuck all of you and I'm going to kick your ass Carter, you just wait and see." David threatened taking a step forward before suddenly stopping cold in his tracks when the senior school year boy grabbed his shirt from behind and tugged him backwards.

"You lay one stinking finger on Carter or his little brother and you will be answering to everyone here in town. I can't believe we've fucking bullied Carter all these years because of you. That was a rotten thing to do on our part, but a fucking asshole thing for you to do. To be honest I could care less if someone is gay, but what you two guys did was a lame ass move. If you and Peter want to get off together who gives a fuck, but spreading lies about Carter and the shit you've done is disgusting." The older boy shoved David, pushing him away from Carter.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" David hissed back threateningly, but flinched when the older boy stepped forward shoving a finger in his chest.

"Carter's right, go fuck yourself. People in town have already been talking about what you did to Colton and it is obviously true. You're fucking sick in the head taking videos of a naked eleven year old kid and trying to post it on the internet." He accused.

"That's a lie." David hissed back when suddenly Ricky showed up out of nowhere.

"No it's not and I was there. I feel sick about it because I didn't stop you. What the fuck is your problem David. You should be glad that Colton's folks aren't going to be pressing charges. We are getting off lightly and if the judge agrees all you have to do is just see some shrink for a while. Who gives a shit about that? Just do it and be glad we aren't going to have to face real charges." He piped up which only seemed to humiliate David.

"Fuck you Ricky, that's a lie…it's all a lie and I ought to kick your ass." He threatened when he found himself surrounded by everyone now with the older boy taking charge.

"Go to hell David. We've had enough of your shit and maybe seeing a shrink is what you do need. For real dude…stripping a little kid naked and taking videos of him. That's totally sick in the head so just get lost before I lose my cool and we all beat the shit out of you." The older boy threatened while David turned pale and suddenly hightailed it out of there with Peter in tow.

After David left the other kids gathered around patting Carter on the back letting him know they weren't going to put up with any more shit. After things settled down Ricky came over and we bumped knuckles. I thanked him for telling the truth to everyone with him saying it was the least he could do. It was then Carter began to realize that things had finally broken free and that from here on out it was going to be a whole new life in town for him and a very hard one for David as he would now have to confront his own demons that couldn't be blamed on anyone else but himself.

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