Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 15


It was still relatively early in the morning and I was sort of drowsing in that kind of in-between state where I was sleeping but not really. It had been a hectic week not to mention a very busy and tension packed Fourth of July weekend. The beginning of the week had started off casually enough with me hanging out quite a bit with Colton as he seemed to become more himself. At first he was sort of reluctant to venture out on his own still wary about David and his buddy, but before long he was out and about once again hanging with his friends at the skate park or just wherever in general.

It helped that one of his original tormentors, Ricky, had actually apologized soon after the incident and since then had been cordial towards us. He even went out of his way bringing his parents over so he could personally thank us for being willing to work things out with the police and the courts, which I thought truly reflected how bad he felt about what he had done. I also noticed other kids in town starting to be friendlier towards me ever since the incident at school where my dad had shown up and literally tore Ms. Covington a new one in front of everyone. It didn't take long for the ROTC cadets from our neighboring school to inform everyone about my dad's military accomplishments and why it was so important to have shown the respect towards him when they saluted. Even though none of the other kids knew exactly what happened behind closed doors afterwards, other than some rumors David was trying to spread, they could tell something major had happened with me coming out of the situation on top. Even the rumors David was trying to spread didn't seem to take hold because it went against what they had been told by the other students regarding my dad's military combat history and his stature and standing at Fort Bragg.

Another positive sign indicating things were beginning to settle down for Colton was that he started seeing a professional to help him get through some of his issues. After the first session I could already see a remarkable difference. Part of it was because he was rebounding back on his own and another part was having a neutral person to confide in that he knew was there for just him and keeping his confidences private.

When Colton wasn't hanging with his buddies he was either over at my house or I was over there with him. He was way younger than me and I considered him a friend, but first and foremost, he was like a little brother to me and we sort of treated each other that way. I could tell he was missing Carter, but with me around it sort of eased the loneliness he was feeling from his brother's absence. It's strange how siblings don't realize just how much of their lives revolved around each other until one or the other wasn't around for a while. Even I was missing my friend, feeling the ache of loneliness; especially, at night when my thoughts would turn to him in more than just a friendship kind of way. It was then my mind would wander recalling our intimate time together in Greensboro.

That was another thing, lately my fantasies have not only turned towards Carter, but towards his younger brother and Julian as well. With the eleven year old boy it had more to do because he was the younger version of his brother allowing my fantasies to run wild making me think how wonderful it could have been to become intimate with Carter at that age. With Julian, it was purely because the twelve year old boy was so damn sexy hot. I had enjoyed looking at and touching his beautiful body during our innocent playful interaction together. Sure we didn't have sex together or anything, even though he had been up for it, but there had been plenty of touching and ogling allowing my desires to run wild, the boy weighing prominently in my fantasies lately.

The two younger boys, intermingled with my fantasies of Carter, only fueled my lustful urges lately to the point where I was persistently boned up and primed for action. I found myself constantly jacking off to release the sexual tensions, more so than usual, and my orgasms had become very intense leaving me with a penis that felt kind of sensitive and extremely tender. Rubbing myself raw a time or two left me cringing from the stinging like sensation that resulted, but there was also the tenderness issue which was making me wince and shudder in rapturic blissfulness. It was almost as if the extra stimulation was making my shaft raw with pain and my bell end super sensitive to the touch. One fed into the other I suppose, resulting in some very explosive detonations that left me gasping for air, limp in the knees, and a tad sensitive in regards to pain and pleasurable delight. Not only was I warring with the conflicting sensations between my legs, but also the idea of including the two younger boys in my sexual fantasies.

Even though I felt strongly about both Julian and Colton being too young for me to mess around with in that sort of physical way didn't mean I wasn't turned on by their beautiful bodies. I was gay after all, so seeing them naked in all their glory was also thrilling for me. They were too young for me to feel comfortable about actually having sex with them, but they were also at an age where I could begin appreciating their blossoming beauty as they both began their journey of budding adolescence. There was enough of an age difference between us where I knew it was wrong to engage in any actual sexual activities, but both Colton and Julian were also old enough where it wasn't unheard of for a boy my age to actually act upon those lustful urges with boys their age.

At times when the eleven year old boy would cuddle up with me it was difficult not to act on my self-indulgent urges. He was adorably cute, reminding me so much of his older brother that it was difficult to remember at times that he wasn't Carter. My hands would caress his silky smooth body tenderly and it wasn't unusual for me to even give him a nice grope or two in the process, which he seemed to relish. I loved cuddling, touching, kissing, and nuzzling with him when we were secluded together. It sent a thrill through me to be alone with him. Touching him really wasn't about sex, but rather the intimacy of the contact. I was glad he didn't mind me actually groping his immature boyhood at times and he'd do the same to me every once in a while as he explored my nakedness with wide eyed fascination. He especially loved running his fingers through my sparse patch of downy hairs. It felt amazing to be so open and uninhibited with the younger boy, but it also made me horny for his older brother.

As the week wore on we continued to become closer to one another. Not in a sexual way per se, but rather more in the way of siblings yet somehow also something more. It was difficult for me to understand, and all I knew is that I had fallen in love with the eleven year old boy. Again, it was a different kind of love than what I felt for his older brother, but it was still a deep and intense kind of feeling I had for him. When the beginning of the Fourth of July weekend rolled around, I wasn't able to spend that much time with the younger boy and it left me feeling a bit empty on the inside. I was missing both him and his older brother now, but I knew it was just for a short bit because I had gotten busy with our school and the festivities that we were hosting.

The weekend had been a lot of fun, but also fraught with a lot of tensions. Ms. Covington fired the first shot when she sent out a notice to all parents about the upcoming weekend and the responsibilities of the school for setting up the various booths and what it is to be a proper host. Sprinkled throughout the letter were subtle hints to military parents of students in both schools that it was important not to confuse young vulnerable minds with all the glitz and glamour of a uniform. There were veiled threats throughout the memo indicating she would not tolerate anything that would violate her so called rules. When my dad received the note he read it with a quiet expression on his face, but there was a determination in his features I recognized and knew wouldn't bode well.

My dad hadn't disappointed because on the very first day there was a flurry of activity when big military equipment came rolling into town in the early morning hours before anyone was even up. All the booths for various clubs, programs, food, and everything else were already in place in preparation for the event. The school made money by setting up booths of their own to sell various trinkets and goods. Each school club had their own booth representing their cause as they sold whatever types of food or trinket items which would add to their budget. The local organizations also set up booths selling things to make some money and paid for their space on school grounds. Any money collected by school club booths went directly to their cause, any collected through space fees where divided up between the two schools at the end of the weekend.

So when my dad came rolling in with a whole slew of military equipment from Fort Bragg such as the transport trucks, artillery weaponry, tanks, jeeps, and even a few helicopters it created a near nuclear explosion on the part of Ms. Covington who had worked diligently to have everything all prim and proper. Before she had even been notified my dad had everything set up in short order. By the time she showed up the entire sports ground had field tents and military equipment spread throughout in strategic places, which set her off on a tirade and a shouting fit accusing my dad of underhanded behavior and something she wouldn't tolerate. She pointed out that first and foremost over the years the military was denied any promotional efforts of any sort at the events the town hosted. Secondly, he hadn't even paid any of the fees that were required not to mention he hadn't gone through proper channels for any permits.

What she didn't know was my dad had gotten permission at the last possible moment from the school board themselves to come in and set up some booths along with various military gadgetry in conjunction with the ROTC program at the other school. Ms. Covington was furious stating as a private school by law they were allowed to refuse any military promotions such as the ROTC program. My dad pointed out that their neighboring school was federally funded and as such had an ROTC program and according to federal law could not be refused a place to promote their programs at various events and functions. She of course dismissed it saying my dad hadn't gone through the proper procedures to get permission or the permits. My dad in turn handed her all the proper paperwork letting her know that the school board had approved everything and had provided all the proper permits for the coordinated efforts between Fort Bragg and this Fourth of July Event.

To say Ms. Covington was furious was an understatement, but as the weekend wore on he continued to nail her coffin shut. She had started the war, but my dad was going to finish it in short order by using tactical nukes at the appropriate moments. It started with the military presence of tents, uniformed personnel, and cool equipment like the all terrain Humvee, mortars, cannons, tanks, AH-64 Apaches and UH-60 Black Hawks helicopters, trucks, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even the military police dogs performing various tactical functions such as sniffing out mines, locating people, and attacking the enemy.

The second nail came when he participated in the parade with the ROTC. When he announced he would be marching in the parade all the military parents at both schools stepped up and put on their dress uniform and marched with my father. Afterwards, they remained in uniform each and every day throughout the weekend. After all, who would dare not march when a Medal of Honor recipient was marching in support of their school. It wasn't just the military parents marching, but also the various military vehicles stepping in line accompanying all the police vehicles, Fire Engines, and cool antique cars. The parade itself was three times as large this year because of all the cool military vehicles attaching themselves to the convoy. It was an instant success and a crowd pleaser, not to mention my dad had even made arrangements for the military band to participate with the school band, but leading the ROTC cadets.

Of course Fort Bragg was holding their own Fourth of July Celebration, but the base was always a mad house so coming to this lazy town for a small taste was a fantastic second choice for many in the communities surrounding the town. As the weekend progressed the small town exploded with activity when word got out about all the cool military stuff and activities going on at the celebration this year.

The biggest blow of all to Ms. Covington's resistance came when two large C-130 planes flew over the town and out dropped all the paratroopers in full gear to the wide eyed wonderment off all the onlookers. It was a sight to behold as the parachutes popped open and the men landed in a nearby field. By this time the small field hosting the event was swelled to capacity with people creating a fun atmosphere. It was such a successful weekend that the two school boards had convened an impromptu meeting appointing my dad as the military liaison between Fort Bragg and their community. They wanted a repeat next year and begged my dad to head that committee to the chagrin and opposition of Ms. Covington's lone voice.

It was the final nail in the coffin as Ms. Covington argued and failed miserably in trying to convince the board they shouldn't allow any military presence whatsoever. My father stated he would accept, but only under several stipulations which he laid out for them all to look over. One of them was that all military parents whose children attended the academy could wear their uniform on school grounds without any hassles, prejudices, and so called repercussions. He laid out several other stipulations, but stated he wanted to sit down in the near future to make everything official in writing because there were other issues as well. From what he was asking the board felt everything was very reasonable and stated in a couple of weeks time they would all convene and a proper contract drawn up, but they saw no issues in his requests so far and didn't think there would be any later on. After all, this little impromptu coordinated effort had brought in a lot of money for both schools and they speculated what it could mean for future years once word got out.

In one weekend my dad had effectively won the war forcing Ms. Covington to come to terms with her own prejudices. When he left the impromptu meeting convened by the board members he could see a very contrite headmistress as the door was shut behind him and she had to face the music of the board members. She had tried to keep this whole situation low key, but the weekend had brought out several of her underhanded dealings and her prejudices which the board hadn't known. They were about to deal with it expeditiously and with a firm hand. My father in that one weekend had brought to light for everyone to see how she had been going around the board's influence imposing her own rules that were not in the tradition and keeping of this institution. The board over the years had always been supportive of their neighboring military facility and to find out Ms. Covington had been spreading ill will went against all their hard core beliefs. They welcomed the military presence and even went out of their way to provide scholarships to the military families so to say they were a bit cross with her would be an understatement.

While all of this had been going on it didn't mean I hadn't been kept busy either. All the students had to pitch in and were assigned time slots to help during the weekend. I found myself helping out at various booths and other mundane tasks like cleaning up. Of course all the students rotated on a schedule so I could still enjoy the festivities, but once the event was over with we all had to help pitch in and break everything down.

It was late by the time I got home last night after helping break everything down. Since I had the late shift I didn't have to get up early today so was happily drowsing in bed letting it become a lazy morning. I still had to go in today and help clean up on the last shift, which wasn't until two in the afternoon, so as morning arrived I continued to slumber while my dad got dressed and made his way to work. I knew he had a busy weekend as well so was probably tired, but it was the start of a new week and unlike me he had to report for duty first thing in the morning as always.

The doorbell ringing roused me out of my half drowsing state as I moaned and looked at the time noting it wasn't even nine in the morning yet. I had planned on sleeping in really late because I was all tuckered out so rolling on to my stomach I grumbled while placing the pillow over my head. It didn't help any because the doorbell rang yet again, this time followed by someone rapping resoundingly on the front door.

"Alright already, I'm coming." I shouted unsure if anyone could actually hear me at the front door since I was all the way in the back section of the house in my room.

Since I was naked I quickly slipped on a pair of old dirty gym shorts lying on the floor near my bed and padded barefoot towards the front door. The doorbell rang yet again making me cringe because it sounded loud in my ears this early in the morning.

"Alright already don't get your knickers in a bunch and hold your horses already." I drawled out in my deepest Texan voice as I opened up the door.

I didn't even have time to react when I was rocked backwards and engulfed in a big tight bear hug. It took me a second to clear the cobwebs out of my foggy brain, but it finally dawned on me it was Carter. I hadn't expected him so early in the morning since the last time we talked he indicated the Baylin's wouldn't be dropping him off until sometime later this afternoon. I literally melted in his embrace and before I could say anything he released me, grabbed me by the wrist, and closing the door behind him tugged me down the hall and into my room. I was stunned and couldn't even talk as we stepped into my room with the other boy once more wrapping his arms around me in a gentle embrace.

Just as my addled brain finally cleared itself from the cobwebs I was once again rocked back in stunned disbelief. Before I could react I felt the dark haired thirteen year old boy pressing his lips right up against my mouth giving me a passionate kiss and sucking the air right out of my lungs. This was my very first real kiss ever and not merely a quick peck or some such thing. I felt my knees buckling because this was unexpected with my mind exploding and fracturing into a million pieces. I felt Carter's strong arms helping to support me as we stumbled to the bed our bodies tumbling into the plush mattress our lips never slipping free.

My body quivered when I felt his weight settling on top of me and I finally recovered enough to respond back leaning into his kiss enjoying the tingling sensations coursing all along the inside of my body. Rolling my weight now on top of the younger boy I felt revived in a way I've never known before as if my whole skin was tingling with a live current. Having sex with him had been the most mind blowing experience ever, but this, my very first real kiss, from the boy I was in love with nevertheless, was above and beyond even the sex as I felt my hardness rubbing up against his. The familiar sensation of our erections pressing up against each other was intense, but nothing compared to the passion I felt behind those luscious lips pressing against my mouth. Maybe it was because this wasn't just about busting my nut, but rather the raw emotions of love I felt coming from him through that singular kiss. This above all else somehow transcended everything as I closed my eyes enjoying the moment with it seemingly lasting a lifetime.

Despite the feeling of this tender kiss seeming to last forever, everything was happening fast. It left me totally confused because I could feel the passion behind Carter's kiss. We've had sex together in our safe zone, our own Las Vegas, but it had been nothing more than the lustful urges of two adolescent hormonal teenaged boys. It was a way for us to enjoy each other's company on an intimate level while benefiting from the raw pleasures of sex. This though was something new and powerful, which cut to the very core of my desires and feelings for the younger boy. It was as if he felt it now too making me wonder what had changed so drastically for the other teen.

It was then something else began to insinuate itself into my thoughts and in a way I couldn't ignore. I felt my bloated erection straining against the fabric of my shorts seeking out some desperate form of release. It was a friendly reminder of how yesterday I hadn't even bothered with a shower collapsing into my bed and immediately falling asleep since I was so tired. It also meant I hadn't taken care of my typical teenaged needs, yet the strain I currently felt down there wasn't just the sexual release I craved with a boy I was in love with, but rather also the pressure of my bladder increased by tenfold. The sexual tension only managed to increase my urgent need to take a piss, and quickly, before I exploded creating a golden mess all over us and my bed.

Just as things were becoming heatedly passionate between the two of us I had to pull off because I could already feel the beginning trickling release of urine as it started to dribble out the tip end of my nodule. "Oh fuck," I moaned, abruptly scooting away and standing up all hunched over clamping my hand over my thick slightly damp erection.

From the corner of my eye I could see the shocked and confused expression on Carter's features, but I was a heartbeat away from literally pissing all over us unable to even speak for fear of it releasing the dam. I quickly hustled out the door completely hunched over my fingers clamped tightly over my bloated erection. I could even feel the back door of my puckered balloon knot quivering as it began to spasm between keeping my bladder closed off and simply releasing the flood gates. The sensation of some liquid spilling through my fat tube made me shiver. My fingers clamped tightly around my bloated erection was the only thing really holding the golden flow at bay.

Bursting through the bathroom door I felt the familiar burning sensation inside my penis as I released the firm grip around my erection and quickly fumbled with the waistband of my shorts shoving them downwards while I hastily sped towards the toilet bowl. I never really made it in time as a stream burst from the tip of my sleeve covered cap, blasting its way past the small pucker of skin. My erection was pointing practically straight up and I watched in horror as a yellow stream vaulted upwards like a yellow rainbow. The golden arch wobbled around in mid-air because I was still moving quickly as I wrapped my fingers around my bloated tube redirecting it towards the toilet bowl. The little mishap lasted only a split second, but left enough of a mess on the bathroom floor that I would need to wipe it off just as soon as I finished. Pulling the small pucker of skin back exposing the very tip of my nozzle while I continued to piss I once again shivered because it felt really good. I rolled the skin back just enough and stopped automatically knowing exactly how far to go before it tugged since I've done this a million times already, but lately I've been working extra hard on my firm tubing that things have been extremely tender down there. Even now it was so sensitive it felt like I might have an orgasm just by taking a piss.

Standing in front of the toilet bowl I felt the familiar relief times ten and sighed almost euphorically as I emptied out my bladder being careful not to touch my delicate crown just in case I had another accident of a different kind. This has never happened to me before where I couldn't make it in time to take a piss. Sure, there's been plenty of times where I had to go really bad, but never like this. I suppose between having to take a morning piss with it building up, my extremely sensitive bejeweled crown, and now the intensity of my first ever passionate kiss, it had sort of been a bit too much for my bladder to handle.

A small smirk split my features while I watched my thick five inch erection twitch around as it slowly deflated and softened up now that there wasn't so much pressure keeping it all bloated. By the time I finished it had softened up in my fingers like a plump worm measuring in at a good three and a half plus inches if I were to include my small extended turtle neck sweater sheathing my bell end. Shaking off, I tucked my fat blood sausage and tightly balled spuds away before setting about to quickly wipe up the floor and getting myself a bit cleaned up as well since I was in the bathroom already.

Brushing my teeth and taking a damp rag to my body I was feeling a bit more refreshed as I gazed at my naked body in the mirror. I rarely studied myself that closely in the mirror, but I had to admit what I saw in the reflection pleased me. I had a thin willowy kind of a build, but my body was firm and fit with defined musculature. I was a teenager with a body indicating my age as I transitioned from softer tones to the more distinct and refined features of adolescence. I could see why girls at my old school had been attracted to me, often flirting around to get my attention and checking out my body, but I also had to admit I had a cute face which seemed to draw them to me first.

Even though I was fifteen years old with a nice physique, my face still tended to have that cute youthful quality about them. They weren't chiseled or hard, but rather soft and endearing; especially my eyes, which sparkled brightly at times, the blue hues glittering while at other times softened up with the gray tones becoming inviting. Unlike many kids my age I had a rather clear complexion adding to the endearing soft quality of my features. Even I would be attracted to what stared back in the reflection of the mirror as I pulled down the front of my shorts so I could run the damp cloth between my legs. What I had swinging down there wasn't disappointing either. I didn't have a big bush or anything, but was kind of glad about that taking note that I didn't think I would ever be really hairy and in a way I kind of liked that idea.

My penis was a respectable size for a boy my age in regards to length, but I was kind of proud how it was thicker than most. I liked how it looked on me and even my tight ball bag didn't bother me much. Lately they've seemed to sag down and loosen up more often, but I thought overall I liked what I saw as I finished up tucking them away once again beneath the silky soft fabric of my shorts.

It's been a long while since I've actually checked myself out like this, but I had to admit for a fifteen year old teenager I was turning out to be quite handsome looking and holding my own on several fronts as I rinsed out the rag, hung it up in the shower, and made my way back to my room. I was only gone for about five or ten minutes, but when I opened up my bedroom door I saw Carter's worried expression as his eyes lifted up glancing over at me. He stood up looking a bit nervous, and unable to hold my gaze his eyes shifted away while his face turned red like he was embarrassed.

"I-I didn't mean to freak you out by kissing you like that. I-I…uh…I just wasn't thinking and I've never done anything like that…with anyone…you know…kissed someone for real. It-it's just I missed you and-and I'm really sorry because I didn't mean to freak you out like that it's just…," his eyes welled up as he trailed off looking down nervously at his feet.

"What?" I asked a bit stunned because this was coming out of nowhere.

It seemed like there was more he wanted to say, but just didn't know how as I stood there for a second a bit perplexed. It was confusing because when he kissed me I figured he liked it too, but it now made me wonder what had changed. Sure, not long ago we had sex together, but I got the feeling at the time it had been just that, sex and the adolescent need to bust a nut. We had both enjoyed it and while I had deeper feelings for him I had the sense he had done it more out of friendship and the typical pubescent sexual urges. After we left Greensboro we had left all of that behind us and just maintained the status of friendship. I thought it was what he wanted even though I yearned for more.

"The kiss…I-I…," he winced rolling his shoulders trying to explain while my mind tried to catch up with what he was trying to say. "It's just I've missed you and then with what happened to Colton. I got so worried, but knew he was alright because you were there looking out for him. Then with what happened to me while I was gone and-and I-I just sort of realized I missed you and it wasn't until I sort of…with-with Mason's…uh…I mean I-I…I'm so sorry Pim I shouldn't have just…you know…kissed you like that. I'm sure it wasn't that great anyway. I mean, I've never kissed anyone before." He managed to get out only confusing me even more, but his last comment finally loosening up my tongue from its locked up shocked state.

"No, don't say that…it was great. I mean, the kiss…it was like…totally awesome. I mean, it was my first one too you know and I liked it…I mean…really liked it a lot. It's just I-I don't understand." I told him honestly walking up to him and embracing the thirteen year old boy feeling him shivering in my arms as if relief had flooded over him.

We stood there for a moment or two with our arms wrapped around one another as things got quiet and slowly settled down. After a bit longer I stepped back releasing our embrace, and guiding him towards my bed, we sat down next to each other. Draping my arm over his shoulder Carter leaned into me and it felt natural, so very wonderful, as his soft scent wafted up into my nose. I could tell he had just taken a bath before he came over because there was that nice clean smell about him intermingled with that youthful adolescent bouquet. It was a mixture of sweetness infused with the earthy muskiness typical in most boys who have just transitioned into adolescence.

Looking down at him I sighed softly because I felt fond of him. "You know I've got feelings for you…more than just being friends, but you're not like that so I don't understand." I admitted. "D-did something happen while you were gone?" I wondered.

It got quiet for a few seconds and the younger boy hugged me tighter shrugging his shoulders. "I-I…it's just…," he sighed glancing up before snuggling up in my arms even closer as if he was afraid to let go. "I'm not sure…I mean…yeah I guess. It's just when Colton got beat up and I heard how you protected him, even getting beat up yourself, there was just something inside of me that sort of changed. It was like I knew it would be alright and that the way I felt about you was special." He tried to explain pushing forward when he sensed I was about to tell him this was only natural.

"It's not just that, but I-I…during the trip when I-I…towards the end I sort of realized I had special feelings for you too. I finally realized after I-I…," he paused glancing up into my face noticing my confused look as he bit his lower lip. "Something happened Pim, I mean, kind of personal, and it just made me finally realize I was gay too. Please don't be mad…," he added nervously as if he was trying to hide something afraid I'd be mad once I found out while I shook my head.

"I'd never be mad at you Carter and you don't have to tell me what may or may not have happened on your trip. I don't care about anything except for you. I don't want you to feel guilty about anything; especially, not the way you feel about me. It's just I don't want us to do anything that might make you feel bad later on when you discover that what you are feeling for me is just because of Colton. He's like my little brother so of course I want to protect him, just like I would do the same for any of my family including you." I suggested thinking that maybe he was sort of feeling an obligation towards me for protecting his little brother while for me it wasn't like that at all.

"N-no it's not like that…y-you don't understand." I heard him whispering softly. "It-it's more than that…I know that now…," he insisted as we both fell quiet for several long moments until I felt him sitting up straighter and reaching for my hand taking it in his own as he looked deeply into my eyes. "I-I don't really know how to explain it, but I've fallen in love with you. The past week or so…what happened to me…it just sort of finally sank in. Yeah, sure at first it was just the two of us being friends, and then with what happened to Colton I sort of began to realize it might be more, but now it-it's more. I know that now and it isn't just what happened to my little brother, but what happened while I was gone. It made me realize just how much I miss you when we are apart, and there's a lot more to it." He whispered softly holding the back of my hand up to his soft lips and kissing it ever so tenderly his gaze looking deeply into my eyes making me blush a little self-consciously.

He lowered my hand back down to his lap and with a soft voice began telling me what happened while he was gone. He was hesitant at first, almost like he was afraid how I'd react to what happened. I could tell he was afraid I wouldn't like him or something afterwards, but deep down I knew no matter what he ever told me I'd never think badly of him because I knew his true nature and who he was as a person deep down. He was the most kind and caring friend I've ever known. My friends back in Texas where the best sort anyone could ever hope for, but there was a gentle and caring nature about Carter that went deeper than anything I've ever experienced before and it was something I adored about him.

As I sat there, I listened to how during the trip he was paired up with Mason at the different hotels. There were five of them in the group with Mason and his sister, two other boys their age, and Carter comprising their team. Mason's sister being the only girl always got her own room while the other two boys bunked together and he was paired with Mason. Of course, Mason being Mason was always flirting with the girls as they traveled. It was mostly all talk, but one night a girl snuck into their room and things started getting hot and heavy between Mason and this chick. It was kind of awkward for Carter since Mason had his hand under the girl's blouse and then even up her skirt.

Carter felt kind of weird about it so he let himself out leaving Mason and the girl alone so they could make out. He hadn't even bothered with putting on a shirt since it was hot out slipping away in only his shorts. As he was walking past some of the rooms Mason's sister suddenly opened the door to hers and pulled him inside closing it shut behind them. She was wearing a very sheer almost translucent nightgown which did very little to hide her beautiful body. He was so stunned he didn't even realize what was going on and suddenly found himself on top of her on the bed with her nightgown pulled up as he fondled and suckled on her perky breasts. It was exciting and exhilarating all at once and he nearly went ballistic when he felt her reaching down wrapping her fingers around his hard erection guiding it inside of her.

He hadn't even realized his shorts had been pulled down past his knees and he felt totally disoriented. It was kind of embarrassing because he didn't even know what to do and she had to reach down between them and guide his curved erection to the proper spot. After that instinct took over and he did what came naturally to all guys. At first there was some resistance, but it didn't take much before he found himself plunging deep inside of her.

"I-I fucked her Pim and-and I liked it…I guess." He finished falling silent and glancing at me nervously to see my reaction while I looked at him in wide eyed disbelief.

"Holy crap dude, that's like totally awesome. You're no longer a virgin." I praised.

"Y-you aren't mad or upset about it?" He asked curiously while I gaped at him.

"What, why would I be mad?" I wondered.

"B-because you and me…I mean, you like me and all, and we've sort of…you know…done things together." He replied while I shrugged.

"So, we are friends and even though I like you in a different more deeper kind of way it doesn't make you mine…you know…as in us being a couple or anything. Shit dude, guys our age sort of mess around with more people…you know, kind of figuring things out and trying to find out who we like and all. So of course I can't hold you having sex with someone else against you. I mean, would you be mad if I had sex with another boy?" I asked seeing him furl his eye thinking on it for a second but shaking his head no. "Then why are you so upset about it? I mean, didn't you like it?" I asked.

"What…um…yeah sure…I guess. I mean, I didn't even know what I was doing, or if I even wanted to do it in the first place or how it happened…but it did." He admitted while I scrunched up my face curious about it now.

"Soooo…," I paused spreading out my hand and pursing my lips not sure if this was appropriate or not. "Um…what did it feel like? I mean, did it feel good at all?" I wondered seeing him blush while glancing away.

Shrugging his shoulders he gave me a sort of shy smirk. "Uh…yeah…it was kind of weird. I mean it felt really good and all. Nothing like I thought it would be like. Sort of warm and velvety like. It felt good, but different from like when you and me sort of…um…you know…uh…did stuff like…uh…sucking each other off. I mean it was amazing when you and me…uh…anyway, with Mason's sister it felt really good and all, but different and not as intense for some reason. Not like the way it felt when you and me…uh…you know." He rolled his shoulders while I furled my eyebrows.

"Really, I mean…you know…fucking a girl is supposed to feel like the best ever." I pointed out seeing him pursing his lips and glancing up at me his voice becoming soft.

"With you when we…uh…did stuff it felt really sexy and hot, it wasn't like that with her. I don't know how to describe it. I mean she kept squeaking for me to go 'harder and faster' and I began to…you know really get into it, banging her hard like she wanted. The sex felt good, but the more forceful I got the more I wanted to laugh because her titties would jiggle and bounce all over the place while my balls kept smacking up against her thighs. I couldn't help thinking about that and how funny it had to look. It's also kind of weird how it took a while for me to…uh…you know, finally get off inside of her." He blushed while I smiled because girls were supposed to like it when a guy was able to hold off.

"Dude, that's like a good thing. I mean guys always sort of…you know…blow their gasket too soon. It only means you are a true stud muffin." I teased seeing his cheeks turning even more crimson, but getting a cute coy smile out of him.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, she seemed to like it too because she did…uh…you know climax first, which is what finally set me off too. While I was doing her she kept squirming around and squeaking. If she wasn't squeaking she was moaning how she couldn't believe it actually felt so good because she's always been told most guys sort of get off first before a girl can have an orgasm. I guess it means that was her first time too, being with another boy in that way. Thank goodness she fell asleep right after we climaxed because once it was all done I felt embarrassed about what happened. I was definitely glad she wasn't looking when I finally did pull out of her and quickly yanked my shorts over myself. That's when I noticed a little blood and remembered how at first when I entered her there was some resistance. I felt even worse now because I had fucked a girl who was still a virgin and I began to realize I wasn't into her in that sort of way. I mean at first I thought maybe I'd be interested in becoming intimate with her, but now after we had…you know…I knew it just didn't feel right." He grimaced and I could see some of the guilt on his features.

"Dude, don't feel so bad about it. I mean that happens all the time to guys. Sometimes things just don't work out with a girl or doesn't feel right, but it doesn't mean there isn't a girl out there for you. I mean, like you said you weren't expecting it or even knew how it had even really happened. She's the one who initiated things." I assured him as he shook his head.

"That's just it, afterwards when I got back to my room I finally figured out I really was gay and that I…uh…that it is you who I really like as in like-like…you know…like the way you feel about me." He exhaled noisily looking at me and blushing.

Shaking my head I was about to tell him that he was just feeling guilty about doing something with a girl that he wasn't ready for, but he quickly cut me off. What he told me next kind of floored me, but also made me feel horny. Evidently, when he got back to the room he discovered he hadn't been the only one that must have had a bit of fun because he found Mason fast asleep and completely unclothed on top of his bed. It was just too much for Carter because up until then he had never seen Mason naked before and it turned him on. Even though he just had sex with Mason's sister he found himself all boned up as he gawked at the other boy's nudity. The other teen was lying on his back all tuckered out with his soft deflated penis practically buried in his thick dark brown colored downy pubes.

Mason's sister had been correct because the other thirteen year old boy had a short wiry penis with a slim bullet like shaped nozzle that seemed even thinner than the boy's shaft. The teen's penis was much smaller than Carter would have expected, but he had to admit the dark haired boy still looked stunningly sexy and seeing him naked for the first time sent a thrill through his body. As he studied the naked boy he began to realize just how he was turned on by Mason, more so than he had been by the boy's sister and he found himself having to admit he wouldn't mind having sex with his teammate. Despite a thin stubby penis the other teen did have a very large nut sack that was tightly balled up and looking out of place compared to the boy's small penis.

Unable to resist the urge, and with Mason sleeping so heavily after what appeared to be a very engaging evening for the other boy, Carter sat down on the bed next to his friend and did something bold. He actually reached out and sort of molested his friend while he slept. It wasn't anything really all that bad, but he was too fascinated and curious so had run his fingers lightly along the other boy's small penis while cupping his large sack getting a good feel of his friend's nakedness. It really didn't take much for his friend to get all boned up because he barely ran his finger along the sleeping boy's soft penis before it suddenly lurched and became hard. It was still amazing to watch the dark haired teen's soft penis stab upwards from his hairy pubic mound and become completely erect.

To Carter's amazement it was only about a quarter of an inch bigger in its boned up state from when he was soft and didn't even appear to get any thicker. The boy's nail was rock solid though from what he could tell because now that Mason was all boned up the damn thing literally lurched when Carter tried to touch it with the sleeping boy groaning in his sleep as if he was about ready to explode. Still it was a very sexy hot spectacle for Carter as he looked it over carefully while it stood up proudly topping out at about two and a quarter inches long.

"Damn, you have no idea how much I wanted to jack him off or even give him a blow job. I was so turned on by Mason's naked body and I really wanted to have sex with him, more so than having sex with his sister. This was when I figured out it was boys who attracted me more so than girls, but it was even more than just having sex with other boys like Mason. It suddenly dawned on me just how much I missed you and needed us to be together. All I could think about was coming home and running over to kiss you. I've never felt that way about anyone, but actually kissing you was-was so unlike anything I could have imagined…it was better." He grinned bashfully at me, looking away embarrassed by his behavior lately while I frowned trying to take in what he just told me.

He must have seen my stunned expression because ever so softly, he said the words I have always wanted to hear from another boy. "I'm in love with you Pim." His gentle tone, barely a whisper, rocked me to my core while a warm sensation spread through my insides along with his gentle kiss on my lips.

What started out gentle almost immediately became passionate and I nearly got lost in the moment. Feeling Carter's hand shoving down the front of my shorts and curling around my erection made me jump in shock and nearly blow my nut as I pulled off from our lip lock. Hissing in surprise I clamped my hand over his trying to keep him from making me spaff too prematurely spoiling what was shaping up to be something very special.

"C-Carter s-stop," my voice squeaked with phlegm catching in my throat forcing me to turn my head and hack slightly to clear it out getting the thirteen year old boy's attention.

"I thought you were…," he began.

"I am." I cut him off knowing what he was confused about. "I am Carter…really." I repeated. "I'm totally attracted to you and completely in love with you, but I don't want it to be like this. It's too fast and we need to slow down. I don't want this to be about sex, not like in Greensboro…you know. I mean it was fantastic and I loved every moment of it, but I care about you a lot and I want our relationship to be more than just sex…than busting a nut to feel good for a minute or two. I want it to be about us making love together." I admitted with tears running down my cheeks because I loved him so much it hurt and to find out he felt the same way about me was almost unbearable.

This was too important to mess up. Having sex was fun and it felt fantastic, but I loved and cared about him too much for our relationship to be based on sex alone. Our friendship was too significant, the respect for each other was too essential, and the love we had for one another was too vital. All of it was too important to mess up. We both wanted and yearned for the intimate contact, but to simply rush through it like we've been doing somehow now felt totally wrong. I wanted us to be able to become intimate with one another and not have any regrets, so I wanted us to take things slow and enjoy being together.

Reaching out I brushed his hair off to the side admiring his soft features. "You are so beautiful." I whispered softly. "You make me feel alive in a way I can't describe." I added just as softly leaning in now and softly pressing my lips up against his delicate mouth.

Everything inside of me exploded and came alive as we both kissed each other tenderly, like real lovers. Today was our first time kissing, but it didn't take a rocket science to figure out with instinct guiding us along the way. Our kiss was passionate, but not in a way that was out of control making this a very sensuous moment. This was a kiss between two lovers who have finally discovered their soul mate. It was intimate, soft, tender, and above all loving as we became immersed with one another connecting on a very personal and intimate level. It was divine in a way I would always treasure and strive to hang on to every single day with him. He was mine and I was his in the most intimate way possible as the invisible wispy tendrils of our soulful essences intermingled and became one; the two of us barely realizing it was happening other than the warm glowing sensation it left us feeling deep inside of our bodies. It wasn't a physical type of warmth, but rather one that transcended the corporal and became almost spiritual.

Our hands roamed freely as we touched each other tenderly as if getting to know one another truly for the first time. I felt his hands dipping down between my legs rubbing up against my bloated erection in a tender loving way making me shiver excitedly. He wasn't groping me lustfully, but rather keeping his touch light and sensuous. I moaned softly in his mouth because it felt extraordinarily superb as I pulled our lips apart briefly whispering ever so softly a warning to him.

"Oh shit, that feels so wonderful but be careful. Lately, I-I've been a bit sensitive down there." I couldn't help but giggle pressing my forehead up against his and looking deep into his eyes. "I guess I've been missing you a lot too because lately I think I've been getting a bit aggressive with my hands and have sort of…um…been rubbing myself a bit raw at times." I sighed shivering again when I felt his fingers lightly squeezing my thick phallus with only the flimsy material of my shorts acting as a barrier.

Carter smiled noticing my reaction and leaned in pressing his soft lips against my mouth again, the two of us once more becoming immersed in the artful game of lip-lock. He pressed his tongue into my mouth and I suckled on it enjoying the way it felt and tasted. Everything about the other boy was stimulating and I could feel the furnace inside my body burning fiercely now, but in a steady manner instead of the typical wild lustful way I've experienced with the thirteen year old boy in the past. This was extremely sensuous and I was enjoying sharing this with the other boy as I wrapped my hands around his waist and back, pulling him towards me. Reaching down with my right hand I wrapped it around the back of his left thigh down by his knee pulling it towards my lap. It didn't take much for him to get the hint as he shifted from sitting next to me, to rotating his body slightly and lifting up until he was sitting on my lap facing me.

Our lips remained connected the entire time as I felt his arms casually draping around my neck and over my shoulders while my arms wrapped gently around his waist and back. We continued to kiss lovingly, the taste of his mouth setting me on fire as our chest and stomach pressed gently into each other for the physical contact. I could even feel his hard erection pressing up against my abdomen as it was now my turn to reach down and run my fingers lightly over his burgeoning curved blade. He was wearing those silvery grey plaid shorts I've often seen him in, making me smile because I liked how he looked in them. They weren't really all that revealing, but sometimes when he'd bone up it left enough of an outline to make me shiver excitedly.

It's odd, but there was always something exciting about a boy wearing clothing that sort of hid things while also revealed just enough to keep the imagination running wild. Even now I could feel the outline of his curved erection pressing up against the cottony material. The fabric was thick enough to make things a bit of a mystery, but also very revealing as my fingers traced its features until I reached his bloated bell end. The boy shivered in my arms moaning just like I had earlier, enjoying the sensation of being touched so intimately in such a sacred personal place. Feeling him melting like this in my arms sent a thrill coursing through my body because knowing I had such an affect on someone special like Carter was something to be cherished.

He was moaning loudly now in my mouth and I felt his penis begin to twitch around and contract realizing he was close to blowing his cork. Even though we weren't tossing around wildly, in many ways this was even more sensuously erotic bringing him quickly to the edge as I released his royal scepter reaching up now to his shirt. He had slipped into a button up short sleeved shirt that I haven't seen him wearing before making me wonder if he picked it up on his trip. The shirt was a two-toned color blocking mottled pattern with the top two thirds sporting a medium gray tone while the lower third a grayish blue color. The pocket on his left chest was also the same gray blue tone as the lower third part of his shirt.

Wanting to feel his skin on mine I reached up and with shaking fingers slowly began to unbutton his shirt. Carter pulled his lips off of my mouth pressing his forehead up against mine as we both looked down gasping for air and watching while I slowly unfastened his shirt. The last button was situated above his hard bulge and I brushed the back of my hand against it purposefully hearing him groan when my fingers fiddled with the button on his shirt. We both stared into each other's eyes smiling tenderly.

"I like this," He whispered softly, his warm breath tickling along my lips and nose. "This is way better than…before…you know…sexier…going slow like this. It makes this…special." He sighed, my fingers finally managing to free his shirt while his features spread into a soft endearing grin.

With his shirt opened up in front now, I ran my hand lightly over his chest and stomach, the sleek smoothness making me shiver excitedly. There was a soft silky like quality to his unblemished skin, but just beneath the surface I could feel the rippling of youthful muscles. For a thirteen year old boy he was truly fit, more so than many kids his age, and I could even feel the beginnings of a six pack along his abs. It was unusual for a thirteen year old boy to have abs, but his were starting to form and I'm sure it had a lot to do with being so active outside.

With our foreheads pressed together looking down between our bodies we watched as my hands now traveled upwards across his stomach and chest. My fingers brushed up along his neck line and then along the top of his shoulders easing outwards towards his arms forcing the fabric of his shirt to finally slip off his shoulders. The short sleeves of his shirt traveled along Carters arm which were hanging loosely along his side as it tumbled free from his body. We were both shirtless now, hands continuing to travel down his mostly smooth hairless arms. It was something I thought was very sensuous because he didn't have a lot of hair on his creamy smooth body.

Tucking my hand under his arms and around his back I pulled the boy's body into me. Lowering my head into the crook of his neck I began suckling along the base where his shoulder connected hearing him giggling and moaning since the light touch of my damp lips tickled. The scent of his recent bath mixed with his personal scent made me swoon.

"Oh gawd you are so sexy," I breathed softly, the warm air of my mouth tickling along his neckline. "You smell so damn good." I admitted, once again allowing my lips to suckle on his soft skin feeling him squirm around a little because it tickled.

As he wiggled around I could feel his warm soft skin brushing up against my chest and stomach. There was something sumptuously sultry about this type of physical contact as my hands ran along his naked back dipping downwards across his lower back and cupping his firm rounded apples. I tugged on them forcing his groin into my stomach shivering when I felt his hard erection sliding along my naked skin. Not even the fabric of his shorts could hide his excitement as I felt his hard flesh tower twitching against me.

This was hot and seductively erotic as I continued to suckle along his supple neck hearing him moan while he began to slowly thrust his hips pressing his groin into my stomach. Things were heating up again and I could feel his erection begin to pulse and vibrate indicating he was once again getting close, so releasing my firm grip on his cushioned orbs, I placed them on his hips and gently pushed him off my lap forcing him to stand up.

Staring at his crotch my eyes lit up, the unmistakable bulge of his erection pressing firmly against the fabric of his shorts. Carter giggled at my expression and I looked up into his eyes and smiled back giddily. This was hot, very spicy as I reached out running my hand along his firm abs. Even though he got out a lot he really didn't have much of a tan since he usually kept his shirt on. He wasn't pale or anything, sporting a slight tan which created a sort of creamy like bisque tone along his upper torso. He had a smooth complexion and I could see the light blue veins just beneath the surface of his skin as my hand traveled downwards rubbing against his hard bulge.

Carter flinched, hissing softly while his body quivered excitedly. "I love touching you down here." I admitted and breathed softly with my gaze taking him in.

Carter's covered bulge wavered only inches in front of my face since I was sitting on the bed while he was standing up. I could even detect his sex scent, which seemed to exude through the fabric of his shorts as I reached out and with shaky fingers unbuttoned his shorts. With a sly grin I glanced up into his face noticing he was keenly watching what I was doing. Glancing back down I eased his zipper down and let his shorts fall down to his ankles.

The thirteen year old boy was still wearing his shoes so he kicked them off and stepped out of his shorts standing there now in nothing but his underwear and socks. Smiling, I once again reached out running my fingers over the outline of his curved erection as it strained against his white boxer briefs. There was a silver dollar sized damp spot where the tip of his penis pressed up against the fabric making me smile as I ran the tip of my finger over it now making him once more flinch and hiss while his entire body shivered. His knees buckled and he had to reach out placing his hand on my shoulder for stability.

The damp spot felt slippery and I knew he was leaking pre-cum as I stuck my finger inside my mouth getting a taste of his clear adolescent nectar. It tasted sweet, not so tarnished yet by age as I reached out, hooked my thumbs in his waistband, and tugged down his boxer briefs exposing his royal princely treasure trove. His white briefs dropped to his ankles and he kicked those away as well making me giggle because the jostling made his stiff curved erection sway around in front of him while his sagging avocado bag bounced around between his thighs.

He was stunningly beautiful with his hard three and a half or four inch vine bowing up and outwards from his small patch of curly dark colored pubes. There was a sudden onslaught of his sex scent making me lightheaded as it exuded from between his legs. It was potent, but divine as I closed my eyes for a second or two and breathed it in, my own tendril squirming excitedly between my legs. Opening up my eyes a big grin spread over my face when I saw a large bead of splooge forming at the tip of his tulip bulb. Unable to resist I swiped it up with the tip of my finger making him hiss again and his penis lurch because of the sensitivity. I wasted no time licking up his pre-cum by shoving my finger inside my mouth and enjoying the explosion of sweetness along the surface of my tongue. He was tasty and I planned on tapping more at the source here in short order like a bee to a tulip's nectar.

My hands now began to run lightly along the surface of his naked skin as I traced some of the light spidery like webbed veins along parts of his pale pubic mound that was still hairless before running my fingers through his downy curls. My hands wandered outwards and then along his thighs traveling to the inner part and running upwards. The back of my fingers brushed along his fleshy danglies and I watched in amazement as his giggle berries rolled around in their supple suede like sheathed casing while his penis twitched forcing another bead of pre-cum to form at the tip of his crown. I watched as the bead swelled and finally dripped off the tip end of his penis, held there momentarily by a short strand before finally separating and falling on to the floor between his slightly spread feet. I cupped his fleshy pouch rolling around his truffles shivering because this was extremely sultry as my eyes widened in amazement when another bead quickly formed and dripped off of his bulb. I felt this one splattering damply on my wrist, but ignored it as I tilted my head and leaned in towards his crotch.

The heady scent of sex was powerful making me lightheaded as I opened up my lips and suckled up his pouch into my mouth. The thirteen year old boy's knees bowed and I heard him squeak before his little chirps turned to moans of pleasure. He didn't have a big purse, but it was soft and fleshy, the feel of his chestnut sized boulders rolling around on my tongue making for a sexy experience. His hot fleshy scepter was rubbing up along my cheek and I could feel it dribbling pre-cum giving my rosy cheeks a nice wet slimy coating. His club was pulsing and his knockers were squirming and I knew it wouldn't take much to finish him off.

He was close now and anything could send him over the edge of the cliff. I wanted to make sure when he did I didn't miss out on the best part of him. I've had him before and liked the way he tasted so let his soft bag slip free from my lips and replaced it with his curved scimitar. It's strange how easily his stiff arched erection slipped inside my mouth to slide along my tongue. Most other boys have an erection that pretty much stands straight up, but the way his curved it ended angling straight towards my lips so all I had to do was lean in and slurp it up.

"Oh-oh, shiiiitttt," Carter hissed his breathing coming heavily as he tried to valiantly stave off the inevitable. "Oh gawd your lips and tongue feel so damn awesome." He swallowed slowly rocking his hips forward to bury more of himself into my mouth while I cupped his butt cheeks with my hands guiding him along.

It was amazing, feeling his length and girth slowly sliding between my lips and along the surface of my tongue. His spigot was now almost an open tap as his pre-cum dribbled freely inside my mouth. He continued to feed himself into my damp cavern until I felt his pubes tickling my nose, his steel blade a perfect fit, the curvature of his scimitar nestled lightly along my tongue as if sliding into its scabbard. In this position with any other boy I would have had to force their erections downwards with my hand guiding it inside my mouth, but Carter's penis curved into a perfect position allowing me to give him a blowjob without making any adjustments. He began rocking his hips back and forth while I applied some suction using my tongue to help provide him with intense erotic like sensations along his very sexy hot spire.

My own head began to bob around in tune with his thrusts that were starting to become more forceful. I began rotating my mouth and lips around, his butt cheeks clenching because it felt good, while I continued to suckle on his pacifier feeling it begin to vibrate. My tongue became a whirlwind slathering and darting all around his erection making the thirteen year old boy moan.

"Oh-oh, yes, harder Pim, faster. Oh-oh…I-I'm gonna…," he squeaked out when his entire body stiffened up and his butt cheeks clenched tightly.

"Eeeeeeep…," he chirped cutely just as I felt the first blast of his scatter gun letting loose.

His slick smoothie splattered against the back of my mouth followed by two more powerful spurts which I managed to divert with my tongue while I began to swallow for everything I was worth. From health class and my own research I knew guys didn't spill all that much, but this felt like a lot with his penis pulsing and writhing around inside my mouth. My hand cupping his soft fleshy sweaty skin bag squeezed his boy udder for more of that tasty warm creamy boy chowder. I could feel the teen's milk containers contracting and jolting around trying to free themselves from my fingers, which only managed to churn his tanks making for a thicker, creamier, and frothy like discharge.

"Aaaaaarph, uuuuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, oooomph, oooomph, oomph, oh fuckin shiiiiiiiii, ooomph, ooomph." I heard Carter's guttural thrashings feeling his hips leap into overdrive face fucking me like a chipmunk in heat with quick short thrusts.

It even surprised me as I felt his penis being plunged deep into my mouth like ten times within a two second span before he made one final heaving lunge and literally collapsed his weight into me barely able to stand upright while I supported him with my hands. His skin felt clammy with sweat and even his groin pressed up into my face was damp, the boy's curly pubes tickling my nose. I felt his hard scimitar shrivel up and turn into a wet wilted spittle and cum covered noodle inside of my mouth. I continued to suckle on it, but lightly, knowing he was extremely sensitive now, feeling the boy stirring and standing up his two and three quarter inch flaccid blood worm slipping free from my mouth tugging slightly on his cocklet ridge when I gave it one final lip smacking suckle.

His slimed penis glistened with a fine glossy like mixture of spittle and sweet syrupy ejaculate as it drooped softly over his fleshy dangling bean pods. A long thin strand of cum was hanging about three inches past the tip of his penis from when he had removed it from my mouth and I watched as more of the slimy stuff pooled towards the lower end of the strand weighing it down until the string finally fell free from the tip of his nodule. I slowly ran my tongue around inside my mouth, the taste of his sowed oats still present as I lapped it up and swallowed it down.

His sex scent was even more potent now and I couldn't resist running my hands along his slicked up naked skin. He was completely damp with sweat, the orgasmic explosion of the sexual workout drenching him a fine luster like coating. He turned me on and I wanted to please him and looking up there was a glow of euphoria surrounding his features as he continued to shiver from the aftermath of the rapturic episode. His soft brown eyes gazed down at me and there was nothing but unreserved love and affection behind them as he ran his fingers tenderly through my sandy colored hair making me close my eyes, shiver, and sigh in contentment.

"I love you." I heard him whisper tenderly before feeling his soft lips pressing up against my mouth, his kiss making me melt and float backwards on to the mattress.

The twelve year old boy's silky smooth damp body pressed into mine as he kissed me passionately running his hands over my body. His fleshy probe slithered out from between his lips insinuating itself into my mouth as our tongues danced around for several moments until our kiss separated leaving both of us panting. It was his turn now to suckle along my neck his damp lips tickling me as I squirmed around because it felt so damn wonderful. I've dreamed about these sorts of things and of course I've fantasized about having sex with other boys, but this wasn't just sex, it was about making love. It was something I thought would never happen, but things had suddenly changed as it began to sink in that another boy really loved me, and not just in a familial kind of sense, but rather in the intimate kind of way.

My skin tingled and burned all over because I could feel Carter's lips and hands all over my chest and stomach as he explored me in a very intense and intimate kind of manner. His lips were suckling on my right teat and I felt his left hand dipping between my thighs running lightly across my burgeoning boyhood. My legs were still draped over the edge of the bed with the thirteen year old boy's body wedged between them. I felt his fingers wrapping around the material of my shorts and my rock hard erection giving it a slight squeeze making me jolt and buck.

"Oh shit, careful, I'm so damn touchy down there." I hissed feeling him easing up as he slithered downwards between my thighs bending over on top of me running his mouth and tongue around my belly button.

"Oh-oh gawd, I love how that feels." I crooned propping up on my elbows and looking down at what he was doing.

I could see my tented erection pressing up against his chest while he leaned over slathering his tongue along the inside of my innie making me shiver and coo. He lifted up off my stomach kneeling on his haunches between my legs and reached for my shorts tugging them downwards. I lifted up my hips watching his expression lighting up as my own princely scepter and treasure chest popped into view. The waistband caught on my erection for a split moment, but a slight tug freed it forcing my thick five inch flute skin to slap up against my small patch of sandy colored pubes. He slipped my shorts off my legs and dropped them on the floor and growing pile of clothes.

Carter glanced up at me and smiled, his shy coy nature about sex and nudity dissipating, at least where it concerned the two of us. Even the moments leading up to this I saw the natural shyness of the boy as he had blushed and almost talked hesitantly about what happened to him while he was gone and the way he finally came to terms with possibly being gay. It was a brave thing to do, come out and admit you were attracted to other boys and with one person in particular, but I guess he was comfortable in confiding in me. A trust had been built between the two of us that blossomed quickly as I watched him leaning in towards my crotch and inhaling deeply, his nose brushing up against my thick torpedo making me sigh when a tingling sensation spread through my body.

It made me grin as I watched his eyes glaze over momentarily from my heady scent and he shivered before recovering. His gaze shifted towards my primed pulsing missile silo, and even my two oval shaped fuel tanks bunched up slightly and roiled inside their skin covered housing, while I recalled how I had quivered as well when I inhaled his scent. There was just something special about another boy's sex scent.

"Gawd, I never get tired of seeing that nice thick hooded frankfurter." He sighed glancing up and blushing slightly at the admission, his reserved shyness once more insinuating itself for a couple of seconds while I smiled encouragingly.

His pretty brown eyes bounced around lively as he reached out and wrapped his fingers around my thick sausage, my body immediately jolting and bucking because the feeling was intense, more than it had been even in Greensboro when he sucked me off. My mind exploded and sparkled with a throated groan rumbling from my chest. Even my testicles contracted and for a second I thought I was going to squirt my juices prematurely before Carter would even be able to get started. I was so damn keyed and sexed up, but this was really intense and somehow seemed off. Sure, we were getting sexual, but I didn't want to explode prematurely either, spoiling things as I gazed down watching his fist wrapping firmly around my erection.

The thirteen year old boy glanced up, his beaded sweaty brow furling while his eyebrows dipped questioningly. "A-are you alright." He asked while I nodded gasping for air.

"Y-yeah, it-it's just lately I've been kind of…um…sensitive…down there…you know." I sighed grateful he was giving me a second or two to recuperate. "I guess I've been sort of putting my thick bobber to task." I chuckled noticing Carter blush about my masturbatory admission making me shake my head because of how shy he could still be about something like that when he was currently holding on to my hard blue steel blade.

Settling back down, I watched him focusing back on my erection as he eased my hoodie back exposing the tip of my bell end. The cool air licked at the exposed top end of my nodule as he continued to pull my skin back waiting for it to tug indicating he had reached the point where it was still attached to my glans. I always loved how it felt when my turtleneck was pulled back and I continued to watch the pucker of skin sliding backwards. I felt the familiar slight tug with a shiver exploding along my insides because instead of stopping my foreskin suddenly slipped past the ridge of my crown making me gasp in surprise as the most intense sensation I've ever experienced made me arch my hips upwards and groan loudly.

"Aaaaaaaaargh, grrrrr, oooooooh, mmmm," I rumbled throatily the noises coming from deep down inside my chest.

My eyes widened in complete shock and amazement while I quivered like a bowl of jelly because my entire nozzle was exposed to the elements for the very first time ever. I could literally feel the cool air lapping at my bare delicate skin, the intensity almost too much to tolerate. I began to squirm around a little because instead of stopping Carter was so engrossed that he continued to skin my entire flesh tower. It was like a million massaging pinpricks all up and down my skyscraper while I watched in wide eyed wonderment the flexible membrane rolling completely back exposing a very bright pink colored erection all up and down my skin. This was the first time most of my erection was completely exposed to the elements and it was very intense with my body not exactly knowing how to react.

Fortunately for me Carter reversed direction slipping my skin back in place while he gawked in wide eyed fascination. "H-holy shit that's fucking awesome." He crooned glancing up at me noticing for the first time my drunken state. "A-are you alright?" He asked. "I mean shit, why didn't you tell me it pulls back now?" He wondered while I swallowed shaking my head and trying to clear away my hazy state.

"I…I…uh…," I swallowed again, my throat suddenly feeling extremely dry. "It's never happened until now." I admitted, Carter's eyes lighting up as he skinned me again making me yelp because it was intense.

He jerked in surprise and then paused looking at me as if understanding and became a bit restrained, gently easing the skin completely back now. "Holy shit that's so fucking wicked. Look at how bright red your skin is…even your knob." He gloated leaning in for a closer look chuckling because of how my penis was jerking around all over the place.

Glancing back up at me he got a bit of a wicked grin as he pursed his lips and blew a steady stream of warm air on the tip of my exposed bulb. That's all it took as I yelped in surprise at the intensity of his warm breath washing over my slicked up crown. I watched in complete astonishment as my portly bright pink five inch erection abruptly jolted while my testicles bunched up and a single spurt blasted out of the tip end of my nodule, splattering up against Carter's lips. It was just one little contraction forcing a singular hefty stream of warm milky white ejaculate, which caught both of us by surprise as he jerked back looking completely shocked while I simply gawked.

His tongue automatically shot outwards quickly lapping up along his mouth scooping up the precious cargo. Even I was stunned at this mini like orgasm, which made me quiver like a bowl of jelly, but still left me feeling unsatisfied with balls that were now aching feeling very heavy and full. I watched while he stared back at me and began to lap up my creamy yogurt making me giggle because it was kind of funny when I thought about it.

"Shit dude, what the hell was that about?" He asked while I shrugged trying to recover.

"Fuck, you have no idea how sensitive I am right now. You have to remember this is the first time my pecker's been exposed like this. I-I'm not sure what's going to happen, but I'm sure it won't take long for me to…uh…you know…sorry." I apologized while he looked down at my rigid bright pink spike and soft boy tonsil that had suddenly become very slack between my thighs.

Without hesitating he swooped in slurping up my soft skin purse working my walnut sized testicles with his tongue and rolling them around in his mouth. "Oh gawd that feels good." I crooned while his hand began to pump my thick torpedo the sensation of my skin sliding completely back and forth feeling extraordinarily incredible.

"Mmmmmm," I sighed as a shiver ran up and down the entire length of my body. "Gawd I never knew it could feel so awesome." I admitted still propped up on my elbow watching as my testicles disappeared into his mouth while my foreskin flowed smoothly back and forth over my broad five inch stiff vine.

Just watching was getting me horny and all worked up, and I was close to losing it when he slid my foreskin back into place and released my avocado from his mouth as it dropped heavily between my thighs sagging lower than ever before. With his hand firmly wrapped around my shaft he bent it downwards forcefully trying to get a better angle and shifted his head slightly nipping his soft lips around my pucker of foreskin suckling on it a bit making me sigh contentedly. He began working his lips around the casing of my erection using his tongue to flicker inside the hood every once in a while. Ever so slowly he peeled my skin back over my tulip bulb with his mouth, the sensation of his soft lips completely covering my crown making me arch my back while my testicles began to roil around. I was about to explode and he knew it so swooped in taking all of my erection inside of his mouth while skinning me at the same time. The feeling of my hood rolling back was totally amazing not to mention the sensation of his damp lips along the bright red skin of my flesh tube, but I didn't have time to reflect on it because everything suddenly became insanely intense.

"Aaaaarph, oooomph, oooomph, aaaahhh, uuuumph, uuuumph, uuumph," I groaned loudly feeling my orgasm slamming into me with an intensity I've never experienced.

He's given me a blowjob before, but this was way more insane, now that my penis was able to be completely skinned back. My orgasm lasted all of five seconds as I felt my penis pulse several times blasting my boy seed deep inside of his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head pulling it downwards while I thrust my hips upwards forcing him to deep throat me and swallow at the same time so the contents of my juices didn't spill from his mouth. His arms were wrapped firmly around my waist holding me tightly while my convulsions ran their course.

He kept suckling on my penis while my rapturic orgasm ran its course and I began to settle down feeling my shank begin to soften up. The way it felt to have his damp mouth applying a vacuuming suction along the length of my exposed instrument felt euphoric and to my surprise I began to feel my penis begin to harden up again.

"Oh shit, keep sucking, hurry…faster…harder." I hissed the other boy hesitating for a second in complete shock before I felt his renewed effort.

Without warning I began to hump my hips up into his face just like he had done to me as I once again forced his head downwards by wrapping my fingers around his locks and tugged forcefully. "Uuumph, uuumph, uuumph…," I moaned softly, pumping my groin into his face while the distinct slurping noises of my shaft sliding back and forth between his suctioning lips intertwined with the squeaky sounds I was making.

Within seconds I had face fucked the thirteen year old boy with a burst of ten quick short strokes feeling my sagging purse bouncing around wildly between my thighs and his chin. My floppy testicles suddenly bunched up and leaped upwards forcing the other muscles in my body to also contract. My bloated penis was vibrating and I could swear it even hummed as all five stout inches of it went into a spastic fit when a second explosive orgasm crashed into my body.

The feeling was intense even though I didn't think I was actually spiting anything into his mouth, all my ammunition probably already spent during my first climactic eruption. It was still intense and in some ways felt even better than my first one as the rapturic ecstasy coursed through my body. Maybe it was better because this time my torpedo didn't detonate due to the rawness of a newly exposed shaft and bell as my penis finally succumbed to the surrounding elements of air, lips, tongue, and suctioning mouth. It was still a bit delicate and touchy, but no longer insanely sensitive as I slowly got used to the newness of it.

Even my brain seemed to explode and fracture as lights flashed in front of my eyes. With one final gasping heave I finally collapsed on to the mattress. My proud stout five inch soldier immediately deflated and shriveled up feeling much smaller than my usual flaccid state of three and a half inches. Carter was still suckling on my tube as it deflated forcing me to push him off my gummy worm watching as it slipped free from between his lips to hang limply over my sagging bag.

"Holy shit that was insanely intense and wickedly fun." Carter tittered crawling up to me while I sucked in air my body completely drenched in sweat and totally spent.

I hadn't even realized I was sweating until I began to shiver from the cold now. Carter climbed further up on my bed and reaching down pulled on my arm helping me crawl over next to him. I was totally done in and barely made it before collapsing next to his warm body sighing contentedly while he reached down to remove his socks. It was kind of sexy watching him twist around with his legs squishing his ball sack one moment and the next moment spreading out slightly allowing his boy purse to flop free. Despite my spent state I couldn't help but admire the sultry sexiness of the thirteen year old boy's fit body. Tossing his socks aside he settled back down wrapping me up in his arms cuddling close our naked bodies pressing together with legs intertwining. I could feel his soft bits pressing up against my own spent weaponry as I gazed deeply into his warm brown eyes.

"Oh gawd," I wheezed still breathing hard and slowly recuperating. "That was so damn intense and in some ways it hurt. It felt good…I mean really good…but it hurt too because I was so tender. Still, I never wanted it to end." I giggled blushing at the admission. "Shit, I can't believe I had two orgasms." I sighed seeing his eyes glittering.

"Yeah, and it tasted fantastic both times. After the first one I didn't think you had anything left, but damn, that sure was a pleasant surprise." He admitted giddily while the revelation of two back to back 'squirting' ejaculations kind of surprised me as he leaned in pressing his lips against my mouth making me forget about it for the moment.

The kiss was amazing and still turned me on as I immersed myself into it allowing the warm glow deep down inside of me to radiate outwards. I was feeling a bit worn out and chilled, but there was an inner glow warming me up from the inside out. It felt kind of nice to simply cuddle up with the sexy dark haired thirteen year old boy and the kissing felt natural as well. Until now I never knew why people would just want to cuddle and kiss, but the feeling of contentment that spread through my insides for this sort of intimacy made me realize just how wonderful it was to connect with someone you truly loved in this manner. This was something I definitely planned on doing a lot of with the other boy, if he was willing, which seemed to be the case if his passionate returning kiss was any indication. I don't know how long we continued to cuddle and lock lips as a sense of euphoric drowsy drunkenness began to insinuate itself into my spent body. One moment we were kissing with my mind drifting in a carefree manner over nothing in particular and the next moment I was gone with a feeling of contentment spreading over me sensing Carter's warm body pressing against me while he slumbered as well.

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