Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 14


Reaching down, my bloated erection pulsed feeling extremely sensitive as I slid my foreskin back a bit. It tugged on the head of my penis since it was still attached making me wonder again just when it would finally slip free. It appeared as if it was a bit looser lately, but it was kind of difficult to tell for sure as I ran my thumb over the tip of my mushroom shivering in the process and feeling my legs getting a bit wobbly. The electrical current running through my groin made me hiss because I was so damn worked up. Between perving on Julian's sexy hot piston last night when I played around with his loose skin, pinkish colored nub, and smooth tight nut sack and just now witnessing the two younger boys playing at docking their elongated space crafts, I was all worked up and ripe for juicing. If that wasn't bad enough I also had to contend with how the two boys had snuggled up to me all naked, warm, and sexy like; their smooth silky youthful body parts rubbing up against me while their pre-pubescent scent wafted up into my nose.

My entire body shivered again as I continued to run my thumb over the purplish blue colored plum between my legs feeling the raw sensitivity pulsing from the tip all the way to my root getting me primed up and ready for the typical morning shower masturbatory session. I could still see how Julian's foreskin slid over Colton's small curved erection, feel the two younger boys' naked warmth snuggled up against me just a few minutes back, and even smell their most intimate essence. The heat rose in my face and my skin got tingly when all of a sudden my knees buckled and my body surged while my eyes snapped open in shock when I felt my testicles bunch up, my thick erection pulse, and the hot slimy splattering of ejaculate against the palm of my hand.

"Aaaarph, uuuumph, uuumph, aaaaah, oooomph, uuuumph, uuumph," I grunted in shock from my premature orgasmic detonation feeling my head explode and fragment into a million splintered flashes of colored lights.

My body heaved, threatening to force me to my knees as I leaned up against the wall allowing the typhoon of emotions to wash over me. It seemed to take forever, leaving me gasping for air and all wobbly as if I was running the Boston Marathon or had just finished racing Owl's Roost, but I knew it had only been a few seconds. With one final gasp and pulsating shudder it was all done, leaving me moaning softly and with my legs still feeling wobbly as I looked down at my erection. It continued to bob and weave about with each one of my pounding heartbeats as it slowly deflated in front of my eyes while I watched in wide eyed wonderment of what just happened.

It was like I had barely touched myself before exploding all over the place. I suddenly realized my orgasmic detonation was mostly due to how the two younger boys had turned me on with their unique sexiness. Even though I wasn't necessarily interested in actually having sex with the younger boys it did indicate how a gay boy could still be turned on by the sight, feel, and scent of another kid. I suppose the same was probably true for boys who liked girls. We all had our preferences in which boys or girls sort of made our hearts go pitter patter, but it didn't mean others couldn't turn us on.

Both Julian and Colton were sexy in their own ways. They were really too young for me to be interested in having a sexual relationship with them, but it didn't mean I wasn't turned on by their raw youthful nakedness. That was simply unavoidable as I came to terms with it and sighing stepped under the shower spray to rinse off feeling a bit drained at the moment while also totally invigorated and ready for the start to a great day.

Working quickly now, I soaped up my body making sure to get all my nooks and crannies; especially, between my legs and armpits before rinsing off and shampooing my hair. Finishing up, I dried off tossing the towel into the tub since we were leaving today and gathered up my shower kit before walking back out into the room. The two boys were leaning back against the headboard with their shoulders pressed together and their heads angled towards each other casually talking in soft whispered tones. They were holding hands with Julian's arm lying casually across the other boy's chest and stomach as his right hand intertwined between the fingers of Colton's left hand.

I had to chuckle because it was sweet, not to mention they hadn't even bothered getting dressed looking quite comfortable in their naked skin. It was a really cute sight with the soles of their feet planted flat on the mattress about a foot or so away from their bums. Both boys' knees were bent and splayed slightly outwards opening up their legs providing a perfect view of their crotch toys.

They were both so damn cute and it amazed me at how different they looked down there with their flaccid penis sloping casually over the soft membrane of their scrotum sack. Colton's penis was by far smaller than Julian's with an equally smaller sized purse, but his supple sack dangled much looser between his legs than the older boy's silky smooth compactly balled up one. The eleven year old boy was also circumcised, his pinkish brown bullet exposed to the elements; whereas, Julian's was completely covered over with a foreskin extending a good inch or so past the tip end. The skin fit snuggly over his glans providing a good view of his contoured bullet shaped crown.

Both of them looked sexy in their own unique way and just because Colton's playpen was smaller didn't detract from his exquisiteness any less. The way they were casually leaning back, with their bodies spread out, even their bung holes were open to scrutiny making me shiver. I took a good look between the open fissures while I casually made my way towards my bag of things sitting on the floor between the two beds. There was something thrilling about the pinkish brownish like puckered eyelet between the openings of both boys' pillowy orbs. It made me get all tingly inside as I wondered what it was really like for a boy to stick himself inside of another boy.

Because this type of sexual activity wasn't something I was able to talk about with my friends, much less my folks, it left me with only a few options to find out about it. Since I've sort of become curious about some of these things over the last year or so, I had turned to the internet doing some research on the computer. From what I've been discovering having sex with another boy in that type of way was supposed to be a very intense and intimate kind of sensation, an act similar to a boy sticking his penis inside of a girl's vagina. Of course I knew there were huge differences, but for boys who were gay this was the ultimate cherished kind of sexual relationship for us. Seeing the two younger boys in all their naked glory, their legs spread open exposing their princely treasures and virginal cherries, made me swallow the lump in my throat while sending a thrill along my insides.

It was a good thing I had just got done spanking my monkey and busting my nut in the shower or I'm sure I'd be put to the test with resisting the temptation of doing something extremely naughty with the two little sprites. "See, I told you he's got a fat one." I heard Colton giggling as I glanced up realizing both boys were openly gazing at my thick teenaged tube steak which was swaying around between my legs as I walked between the two beds and stooped over.

Of course Julian already knew I had a rather thick penis since he had a good look last night, but I'm sure this was the first time he was seeing me in a flaccid state. For some reason it always seemed important to see another guy both ways because everything about it was different. Some guys got a lot bigger while others not so much. For a fifteen year old boy I had a respectable size in both a flaccid and hardened state, but I had to admit I was a bit thicker down there than most teens my age.

Tossing my bath kit into my bag I rummaged through it glancing over at the two younger boys who were still watching me closely making me chuckle and shake my head. "Dudes, for real," I snorted standing up with a clean pair of underwear in my hands as I faced them. "I think I've created a couple of perverts." I teased sticking my tongue out at them hearing the boys giggling playfully as they watched in wide eyed curiosity while I slid into my white boy's briefs tucking everything into place before putting on my golden colored jean shorts and a yellow t-shirt.

Taking a seat on the edge of the mattress I looked at the two boys who were once again engaged in a casual discussion, and of all things about my boy kit making me blush a bit self-consciously now. I mean it was kind of flattering what they were saying and all, but also kind of embarrassing because a guy's privates was, well, kind of private. It's one thing to sort of check other guys out, but for two boys to be talking about another guy's stuff in such an open casual manner made it a little awkward. To be honest it kind of surprised me how these two scallywags had managed to open up so much to each other overnight. They had become fast friends and I suppose between last night with Colton confiding in Julian, and then this morning with the two of them performing an intimate sexual act together, it was a contributing factor at how the two of them had become so connected. In a way I felt a little jealous at how easy it had seemed for the two of them.

"Not to interrupt you discussing my…um…attributes…," I chuckled teasingly getting their attention, "but don't you think maybe it's time to get dressed?" I questioned noticing the boys had boned up while watching me get dressed which I suppose was a fairly natural reaction since they had been staring at my goods for sexual reasons.

"Do we have to?" Colton protested in that cute little kid kind of way. "I mean it's kind of nice to be able to walk around naked and stuff. I wish I could do that sort of thing at home." He admitted while I nodded my head understanding completely.

There was something about being able to walk around naked without any guilt or inhibitions. Even though I didn't walk around the house naked anymore I was able to do it when I was alone in my room at night or when I knew my folks wouldn't be barging in on me by mistake. For Colton it was different since he shared a room with his older brother. There was just something liberating about walking around without any clothes on and it felt kind of nice too. Even going to bed at night completely naked was nice.

"Besides…," Colton giggled bringing me out of my musings as I watched him reaching between Julian's legs wrapping his fingers around the twelve year old boy's hard erection which elicited a tittering tweet out of the long haired kid, "I like being able to touch Julian and see you both naked." He admitted while I shook my head at how unabashedly bold he had become with the other boy who didn't seem to mind in the least.

The blue green eyed boy glanced down between his legs and watched as his younger friend boldly eased the membrane of his skin over the top of his wet pinked up glans before rolling it down the rest of the way exposing the rosy tinged skin of his shaft. It made me shiver because even though I had gotten a good look at Julian's erection last night while he slept, it was a little different now that it was brighter in the room. I could actually see how red the skin of his shaft looked when his skin was rolled back upon itself. Both boys looked really hot all boned up with Colton's bluish like veins along his hard curved erection showing up more than the ones on the twelve year old boy. The two of them were very different in many ways yet also the same and it amazed me how beautiful they were in their own unique right.

Reaching over I grabbed Colton's right ankle and tugged him towards me watching as he released Julian's hard spike and giggled playfully at me gazing up into my features while he lay there on his back. His right leg dropped over the edge of the bed while his left one bumped up behind me leaving him completely spread open. Unable to resist the temptation I leaned over and planted my lips right over his belly button giving him a proper air fart which left him squirming around and squealing in delight.

"That tickles…," he chirped pushing on my head while I went to town on him blowing several air farts on his belly button feeling his hard erection pressing upwards into my upper chest just below my neck. "Stop, I'm gonna pee all over you." He teased while I gave him several more for good measure before straightening up.

Without a second thought I reached between his legs wrapping up his curved erection in my two fingers and thumb and gave it a couple of proper jerks laughing at him because he immediately bucked since it had caught him by complete surprise. I'm sure it sent off the proper tingling sensations since he knew all about jacking off now because even his eyes seemed to glaze over and roll back in his head. It was for all intense purposes a quick grope with several swift strokes of his tendril, but he was about to explode so I released him.

"Oooh, oh-oh, rrrrph, don't stop now," He grumbled in protest as he looked at me a little disappointed and pouted because things had just started getting good.

Chuckling, I leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the nose. "Serves you right you know. It'll teach you to not simply reach over and grope Julian like that unless you plan on finishing the job all proper like instead of teasing him." I taunted knowing if I had left it alone he probably would have ended up finishing off Julian.

Still, it wasn't the time for such things as I reached over for his bag and fished out some of his clothes motioning for him to stand up. He rolled his eyes at me, but didn't complain scooting off the bed and standing up with his cute little boner swaying in front of my nose. He giggled and intentionally thrust his hips, the little twerp's bullet brushing up against my cheek making me bust up and laugh as well.

"Dude, behave or there will be dire consequences." I teased holding up my hand and curling my fingers threateningly into a claw.

He knew I was just goofing around and we all laughed about it including Julian who was watching us and smiling enjoying the playful nature between me and Colton as I reached out and clawed at his small loose ball sack giving them a good groping. The dark haired boy yipped and squirmed around on his toes giggling because it tickled. I had to laugh because his hard curved erection almost straightened out when it pulsed excitedly from the playful grope. I released him and sighed looking up into his soft brown eyes as they flittered around mirthfully.

"You do know even though you are smaller than us right now it doesn't mean anything…right?" I asked. "I know you see me and Julian, but it doesn't mean you are puny or anything. Things will change for you down there too." I nodded at his boy kit. "Those bullies making fun of you and saying you are puny and stuff don't know their butt from a hole in the ground because you really are beautiful just the way you are. You know that right?" I pressed while he leaned in giving me a big hug.

"Don't worry Pim, I know that now. I don't care what those jerks said because if you and Julian like the way I look then it must be true. Besides, I like the way I look too. Like you said everyone is different because that's what makes us so special." He told me sincerely straightening back up while I smiled and held out his cartooned boy's briefs.

"Good, because if nothing else when you wear these tight fitting briefs you've got to be the cutest eleven year old boy ever. You are like eye candy in them…mmmm-mmmm delectably delicious." I chuckled shaking my head.

Julian snorted in agreement. "No doubt, damn for real dude, those things are just too damn cute." He admitted as Colton placed his hand on my shoulder for support while I slid them up his legs.

They were a tight fit on him, but the colorful cartooned briefs showed off his cute curved erection along with the outline of his snuggled up boy purse. He may have a small satchel that hasn't started to develop yet, but he really was a very handsome boy as I scrutinized him reminded once again how he literally was like a mini me version of his older brother. Next I helped him put on a pair of green colored shorts I've seen him wearing before along with a short sleeved sky blue colored polo style shirt with a moose logo on his left shoulder. He looked too adorably cute as he bent over picking out his sky blue and black knitted style stocking cap with little brim. It was warm out today, but he was getting in skater mode and I had to admit his outfit seemed to transform him.

"Gotta pee and get my stuff out of the bathroom." He explained making his way over.

Not wanting Julian to be left out I leaned over tugging on his ankle now hearing him yelp in surprise because he had been focused on the eleven year old boy. His semi soft ball sack didn't sag loosely like Colton's, but I saw his testicles jolting and his hard tuber twitch expectantly when I leaned down giving him several good air farts as well on his belly button. He laughed and squirmed around until I released him sitting up as he scooted off the edge of the bed to stand in front of me completely naked.

Holding out his arms and smiling, he cocked his head sideways his loose hair tumbling over the front of his face. "Well?" He asked making me chuckle and shake my head as I sighed and reaching back snatched up his orange shorts that was still lying piled up on the other side of the bed.

When I turned around I just about jerked out of my skin because he was waiting and at the right moment thrust his hips forward jamming it into my face. It caught me by surprise as he began busting up at what I imagine was a goofy look on my features.

"Hey…watch it or you'll poke someone's eye out with that nightstick you are twirling around." I teased. "Damn for real dude, I don't know whose worse you or Colton." I chuckled seeing his lopsided grin forming into a playful smirk.

"Aren't you going to tell me to behave or else?" He countered and unable to resist the temptation I complied as I snatched my hand outward without any warning and latched on to his firm rounded ball sack making him jump in surprise because even though he had suggested it he hadn't expected me to go through with it.

"Shit!" He barked out and jolted, my grip tugging on his nut sack forcing him to remain in place for fear of it getting torn off.

He looked at me and began to giggle making me chuckle too as I glanced back down shaking my head. "Dude, for real, that's pretty damn big for a kid your age. I love how you are still hairless though." I admitted releasing his ball sack and running my hand across his pale clean slate enjoying the silky smoothness of it. "I also love the way your hard piston actually is at peak performance." I teased, wrapping my fingers around his hard peg and slowly eased his foreskin back exposing his shapely plum.

I continued to roll his skin down exposing his bright pink shaft as a light scent drifted up into my nose and I inhaled deeply. He smelled delicious and I was caught up in the moment as I slid his skin back and forth a couple of times before forcing myself to release him. Of course I perved on him last night while he slept getting a good eyeful of what he had going on down there, but seeing him in daylight and up close and personal was even better as I sighed shaking my head.

"Dude, you are really sexy hot and believe me if the girls aren't fawning all over you already they will be here before too long." I told him honestly the twelve year old blushing at my compliment. "I don't think you will be a virgin for long." I teased as he gave me a friendly shove blushing even more because it was kind of embarrassing for him now.

Helping him with his orange shorts I slid them into place and unable to resist gave his nice plump budgie another good grope the silky like fabric giving me a different perspective of what he felt like down there. In a way that was kind of sultry too as he chuckled pushing away my hand and wagging his finger at me playfully.

"Behave, or else." He teased mimicking my earlier actions with both of us getting a good laugh out of it before he began scrounging around looking for his shirt.

It didn't take us long to get our stuff together before stepping out of the room to make our way over for breakfast. When we saw my dad putting things in the car we decided to grab our stuff as well. A few minutes later the car was loaded up and we followed my dad over for breakfast. As we sat around chatting I smiled softly at Julian because he was engaged with my dad. I could tell the twelve year old boy was over the moon being able to sit there with my father and discuss some of the places he had been sent to. My dad rarely talked about his missions to people not only because many of them were still classified, but also because he never felt comfortable about it.

With Julian he did seem to open up a little letting the boy in, but was also careful with what he said about some things. He didn't say anything he hadn't talked to me about some, but I was never really interested in hearing it either. For me it was too much of a reminder of how fragile life could be and how quickly everything could change within a heartbeat. I suppose my dad had picked up on it so we never talked much about that aspect of his life other than some of the basics.

While Julian chatted away my thoughts shifted to other things, in particular back home to Texas. I was missing my friends some, despite chatting with them often on skype. This was my new home now and I was settling in just fine enjoying my new friends and life, but I still missed riding out into the back country with my old friends too.

It was Colton who brought me out of my musings when he finished up eating and promptly sat in my lap while I wrapped my arms around his small frame. I had to chuckle at his cuddly like nature noticing my dad's gaze drifting over during his conversation with Julian and smiling approvingly. Sighing contentedly with the little bundle in my lap I hugged him to my chest giving him a quick peck on the cheek as we both sat there quietly, watching the exchange between my dad and Julian.

The long haired twelve year old boy was simply a chatter box this morning and seemed to be in his element admitting to my dad that he's been a big history buff now for several years. It actually started a while back when his dad gave him the book listing all Medal of Honor recipients. He started looking through the book and doing research on some of the people in there that captured his imagination. He would then look things up on the computer during that time frame which pretty much ended taking him through a lot of our American History. He had been surprised at just how much wasn't being taught in school. Our country was young, but we had a rich history and he loved reading about it. To Julian my dad represented a part of history, a more recent one, but still he had become a part of it through what he's done.

After breakfast we piled into the car making two more stops before heading home. The first one was a quick jaunt over to my dad's buddy staying just long enough for a good chat before once again piling into the car. It was Colton who now became animated when we stopped at the skate shop. The little guy was in his element making his way down some of the aisles looking at items and literally drooling. There wasn't much to a skateboard in regards to equipment and all, but there were plenty of small ramps, rails, and other things that could be bought and put together to help perform tricks at home.

It was Mr. Hammerstein who spotted us first making his way over and shaking my dad's hand. "Oh, it's so wonderful you made it to the shop again for a visit." He smiled happily glancing over at me and shaking my hand before doing the same with Julian.

After giving us a quick greeting he focused his attention on the younger boy noticing the deck Colton was holding in his hands. "So, you like it?" He asked nodding his head at the customized board while Colton nodded a bit shyly, but with a big grin on his mug.

"Y-yes sir, very much. I-I couldn't believe it when Carter and Pim handed it over to me. It's the best gift I've ever gotten, even way better than the Danny Way board." He admitted and blushed again while I observed Mr. Hammerstein eyes glittering happily by the comment.

"Well, now if that isn't one of the best compliments ever. I'm so glad you like it which makes it all worthwhile then. Actually, I hung up a few pictures of you on my 'hall of fame' board that your brother and Pim sent to me. I've even watched those videos they sent. Bro, you bust out some sick moves for a little guy. Even my staffers here have watched them giving you plenty of props." He admitted wrapping his arm casually over Colton's shoulder leading him up towards the counter pointing out some of the eight by ten images he posted on the board for people to see.

They were mixed in with several of the Hammer himself at some of the various competitions along with other famous boarders doing some gnarly moves. I had to admit though that Colton's pictures seemed to fit right in, with a couple of them that had nearly given me a heart attack when I saw him do them. I had to admit Colton had some chops as my eyes settled on the image of him when he had busted out an off the hook Japan Air move. It was one of the first serious trippy moves he had done where I nearly pissed myself thinking he was falling flat on his face.

The move itself was a bit daring and difficult, something which showed in the picture. In the image Colton was completely airborne grabbing the toe edge of the skateboard between the trucks with his front hand. During the move itself when he had reached down and grabbed the board with his front hand he had twisted his body so that his chest was facing away from the board. He then pulled the skateboard behind him while his free arm was flung out wide. It literally looked like he was going to do a belly flop or face plant on the cement since his body was practically horizontal in the air with his legs pulled back. It was this moment where we had captured him in the picture. At the last possible moment Colton had straightened back out and landed safely while I tried to recover from nearly fainting. It was a good thing Carter was taking the pictures because I probably would have missed snapping it at the right moment.

"Whoa, way cool, dude you really are good, like way crazy good." Julian whistled as some other kids gathered around now getting in on the conversation as well.

Several of them were hard core boarders and were giving Colton props admiring the images saying they thought the pictures were sick while also wanting to check out his deck. You could tell the dark haired eleven year old boy had already put the board through its paces with plenty of dings and scratches on it. Many of the regulars knew about the "Hammer" and his customized decks, so were duly impressed by Colton's, nodding their heads approvingly including how Colton's older brother had put together the trucks and wheels combination. After several minutes of the eleven year old boy turning bright red from all the attention Mr. Hammerstein chuckled shooing away the other kids telling them to leave poor Colton alone for now. The man even rough housed with a few of them indicating he knew many of them fairly well as they all goofed around for a few moments before clapping Colton on the back saying they'd chat later one of these times.

Motioning for us to follow him, Mr. Hammerstein led us into the back area where his workshop was located. Colton was in his element as he looked around in awe while the man showed us around. His cousin was working on a customized board back there and nodded his head in greeting.

"Sup?" He nodded to the eleven year old boy who came over taking a closer look at the deck while the other guy explained some of the process to him before we made our way to a back door.

When Mr. Hammerstein opened it up Colton immediately ran over to the street court all smiles looking around at the large sunken structure. It was an outdoor skate park, but with a roof covering it to protect it during bad weather while also providing shade from the scorching sun. It wasn't a dinky one either, but rather large for a personal skate park, not to mention most any. It was definitely bigger than the one back in our town.

"Oh man, this is so sick," Colton squealed looking over at Mr. Hammerstein who nodded his head giving permission.

Without worrying about any pads the eleven year old boy dropped into the court and started to get a feel for the place working his way around performing some simple tricks while Mr. Hammerstein disappeared back inside. A couple of moments later, to my dad's relief, the man stepped back out with his own skateboard along with some protective gear as he motioned for Colton to join us again.

"Here, put these on," the Hammer suggested as he put some on as well.

"You are going to skate?" Colton asked his face lighting up as he quickly made some adjustments on his helmet and pads before putting them on.

"Yup, let's see whatcha got kid." The man smiled as he dropped into the street court and began busting some tricks.

It was obvious why he was called the Hammer from back in the day because even though he was older he still had plenty of sick skills, which he demonstrated as he immediately launched into several back to back sick moves catching plenty of air in the process while landing his tricks. They definitely weren't sketchy as he showed off his talents. Colton dropped into the plaza busting out his own moves as the two of them began to jockey for position. It looked erratic, but you could tell both of them knew exactly what they were doing. Mr. Hammerstein seemed impressed and upped his game as he got into competition mode.

Glancing over at my dad I could see he was a little concerned at first, but after watching for a bit longer he seemed to notice the nuances of the sport. He instantly picked up on the fact that Mr. Hammerstein was probing Colton's skill and only ratcheted things up in stages. The eleven year old boy was holding his own as the Hammer put his name to good use busting out his moves landing difficult tricks trying to bury his competitor, but Colton only ratcheted things up as well weaving in and out forcing the Hammer to adjust in mid stride disrupting some of his tricks in the process. It was almost as if the way Colton was performing his own tricks he was able to neutralize some of his opponent's moves. He didn't do anything to interfere with the Hammer's tricks, but his timing was impeccable forcing his opponent to adjust things in mid-stride cutting the effectiveness of the Hammer's typical style.

The two of them jockeyed around for a good half an hour while we all watched totally amazed by it all. Even Mr. Hammerstein's cousin had joined us along with some of the other kids from inside the store who had been browsing. No one interrupted the challenge the Hammer had laid down on Colton as they watched and began to cheer after each move the two in the plaza performed. There was a lot of chatter going on with the other kids as I heard them really giving Colton a lot of props. It was obvious Mr. Hammerstein was way more talented, but for an eleven year old boy he was putting the man to the test. Every time the Hammer tried to lower the boom, Colton countered busting out moves of his own or effectively equalizing the combinations his competitor tried to perform. It was an intricate dance between the two and looked extremely dangerous, but to those who knew better it was perfectly safe as the two continued to outmaneuver one another.

When I glanced over I was kind of shocked to see about twenty other kids gathered around now as they all began to cheer Colton on. Some of them were filming the two of them going at it on their cell phones. You could feel the buzz of excitement and even Julian looked over at me his blue green eyes sparkling animatedly on his features.

"Dude for real, this is like totally awesome. Isn't Mr. Hammerstein supposed to be like this huge legend in the skateboarding world? I mean, like Colton is totally returning tit for tat. He's like totally amazing." He smiled giddily while one of the other kids who was standing close by answered Julian's question.

"Yeah, the Hammer is a cool customer and a for real legend. Most people don't really know it though, just those of us hard core skaters. You're right though, that kid is sick on his deck. Wonder why I haven't seen him around in some of the competitions?" The other kid speculated while we all watched some more.

After a few more moves Mr. Hammerstein finally bailed coming up the rail and stepping onto the platform with Colton following right behind. The kids who had come to watch all cheered crowding around the Hammer and Colton clapping the younger boy on the shoulder. The eleven year old boy was beaming, but blushing from all of the attention. After the initial chaos things settled down with Mr. Hammerstein holding out his fist and bumping knuckles with the younger boy.

"Bro, that was sick for sure." He chuckled. "You're like a wild stallion, like a young wild colt." He admitted as he smiled. "You know, I think that's what I'll name you because of your wild style not to mention the way you equalize your opponent. Actually, "Colt the equalizer' is a perfect nickname because it has a double meaning." He chuckled getting a weird look out of Colton making Mr. Hammerstein frown. "Come-on, don't tell me you've never heard that famous phrase by Samuel Colt, you know, the one who invented the colt revolver?" He asked a bit cryptically, my dad coming to Colton's rescue as he chuckled.

"Ah, don't be too hard on the kids now." He stated clapping Colton on the shoulders. "I'm sure he knows what you are talking about, but just hasn't put it together." My dad added ruffling Colton's hair. "But I think your right. It's a perfect nickname since it hits home on two fronts. First, this little hellion has got a young wild nature like a feisty horse or colt, and secondly because of Samuel Colt's invention of the colt pistol." He smiled at Colton who was still frowning while it suddenly snapped into place for me.

"Oh yeah, like those western movies with the six shooter." I added nodding my head. "You know what they said about the gun." I explained with it finally starting to sink in because we've all heard that famous phrase by Samuel Colt at one time or another.

"Yup, exactly, just like the saying says." Mr. Hammerstein spoke out again. "God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal." He smiled clapping the boy on the shoulder. "I'm making it official like, you are now Colt the equalizer." He chuckled with the gathered kids seeming to agree that it was a fitting nickname.

It could be used either alone or in conjunction. To all these kids Colton would be now called "Colt" or in certain instances "Colt the equalizer." Actually I was kind of surprised his friends back home had never thought of shortening his name and calling him Colt. It seemed obvious enough now after the fact as we all chatted some more while some of the kids looked at the videos they had shot on their cell phones. You could hear their comments of whoa, oooh, gnarly, and way sick as the kids gathered around in little groups to watch the videos.

We visited and chatted some more before saying our good-bye's with a promise of coming back for a visit. My dad also left an open invitation for Mr. Hammerstein to come visit us anytime. It's been years since the man's been on a base so my dad promised to give him the tour and show him around. The post was actually a great place to check out with all the different types of military equipment and training going on. In a way it was a city in its own right with anything and everything you need right there on base. It was the choppers, planes, and other military equipment though that tended to attract civilian's attention when visiting.

The drive back home seemed to go rather quickly with us stopping at a burger joint for some lunch. Both Julian and Colton were chatty and seemed really happy making me smile with some of their cute antics. Julian was about seven or eight months older and in a grade higher, but the two boys had become fast friends. Before we knew it we had arrived at Fort Bragg and after the usual stop at the front gate by the military guards we were puttering along through the housing area.

With Julian directing, my dad took us through the side streets towards the officer's section. As in the civilian world the homes seemed to reflect the status of the occupants. The housing on post was nice, even for the lower ranks in the military with manicured grounds and everything looking clean in all the neighborhoods. The military had regulations, and if the soldiers and their families let things get run down there were consequences. For those who were deployed there were services in place that could be utilized to take care of such things.

In this regard all the housing areas looked like a beautiful neighborhood, but Julian definitely lived in the nicer section with two and three bedroom houses turning into larger homes and in some cases almost like mansions. The rank of Julian's dad dictated they be allotted one of these types of houses or mansions. Of course housing wasn't free, but the costs were reflective per rank in regards to compensation.

Even though my father wasn't an officer he would have probably been assigned to one of these mansions befitting a Medal of Honor recipient. It probably would have been nice to live on post because there were a lot of advantages for us such as sports facilities, shopping, pools, and anything else you could think of close by. There was also a sense of community because everyone was in the same situation regarding spouses or a parent being deployed oversees and in general the civilian population not understanding some of the stresses families have to deal with in these types of situations. There was a support system within the community that helped deal with these stressful times.

Pulling off into a cul-de-sac I could see Colton's eyes bugging out because there were only three houses in this section and they were huge with a lot of property sprawling outwards providing plenty of privacy from neighbors. Julian directed us into the driveway at the very back end of the round about cul-de-sac which was by far the largest of the three houses as my dad put the car into park but left it running. We weren't planning on staying since we wanted to get home as well.

"Whoa, are you guys like rich?" Colton asked glancing over at his friend who blushed.

I could tell it kind of weirded out the twelve year old boy so I came to the rescue. "Well, I wouldn't say his dad was rich or anything. It's just the houses on base sort of reflect a person's rank and it's not like Julian's parents own the house or anything. You have to sort of think of it as renting the place because it belongs to the military. I doubt his folks would be able to afford something like this out in the civilian world. His dad does make a good living and all, but nowhere near to be able to afford something like this." I explained.

"Oh so if you lived on Post you'd live in some of the other areas we drove through, like some of the smaller or medium sized houses." Colton asked with Julian chuckling now and shaking his head.

"I doubt that very much. They'd probably be living a few blocks down where the general's house is located." He explained, making me blush now while Colton looked at his friend a bit confused.

"But his dad isn't an officer." He pointed out while Julian shrugged his shoulder.

"Yeah, but according to regulations housing would be reflective of those who have been awarded the Medal of Honor." He explained simply while I blushed and I noticed my dad's cheeks turning a bit red as well while Colton simply mouthed a big 'oh.'

"Anyway Julian," my dad interrupted flashing a big smile. "We enjoyed having you with us and I'm sure the boys will want to plan on getting together with you often over the summer break. I'll help with your bike." My dad offered up climbing out of the car and heading towards the back while Julian glanced over looking a bit shy and biting his lower lip nervously.

"Um…you've got my phone number right?" He asked while I nodded my head having entered it into my cell phone earlier. "I…uh…I hope we can get together again…if it's cool with you guys." He appeared to ask hopefully.

The eleven year old boy's response was quick and by way of leaning over and giving the other boy a big hug. "Of course we will be getting together. Pim's dad already promised this morning he'd be willing to drive me over and I'm sure your parents won't mind him picking you up sometimes and bringing you over to our place. Maybe we can even spend the night over at each other's place sometime." He suggested, Julian immediately brightening up.

"That'd be so cool. I'll talk to my folks and maybe see when we can do that." He beamed while I smiled and fist bumped his hand. "Thanks Pim…you know…for everything…um…especially…you know…," he nodded his head suggestively towards the younger boy as he glanced down at Colton's crotch making me chuckle and nod my head knowingly.

"Yeah…well…I'm glad that worked out…for both of you." I teased wrapping my arm around Colton's shoulder tugging the smaller boy into me and ruffling his hair as Julian stepped out of the car.

Clicking the button for the window it rolled down so I could yell out my goodbyes again when we pulled out. We watched as the long haired boy walked over towards my dad who had set it over by the garage door.

"Thanks Mr. Merckx for everything. I had a total blast hanging out with Pim and Colton. Are you sure it won't be a problem bringing them over to visit sometime or take me over there?" He asked politely, my dad smiling softly at the younger boy.

"Nah, that'll be perfectly fine. I'm sure the boys will be missing you before too long so we will have to plan on you coming over real soon." He insisted reaching out as the two of them shook hands.

Julian's expression swiftly changed as he looked down at his hand curiously. It went from confusion to sheer delight as he gawked at the round coin sitting in his palm that had just shaken my dad's hand. In traditional fashion my dad had handed off one of his prized challenge coins. Just then the front door opened and Julian's parents stepped out walking over towards them. Julian let out a big squeal making his parents pause for a moment watching as he ran up to them giving his mom a big hug and then one to his dad before holding out his hand.

"Look what Command Sergeant Major Merckx just gave me. My very first challenge coin from someone else other than yours dad, and not just any challenge coin, but his personal Medal of Honor one. Holy cow, the guys at school are going to be so jealous. None of them have one of these." He tittered excitedly his voice having gone up several octaves in his excitement as he looked it over closely while his parents huddled over him smiling happily for their son.

The twelve year old boy's excitement made me smile happily for him. I knew he had a bit of hero worship over my dad and this was a small way of having that sort of connection to a person he looked up to. It was a little unsettling for me and I know my dad was uncomfortable about it at times because like most Medal of Honor recipients they never feel deserving. Over the years my father has lost friends and those are who he felt deserve such an honor.

"I never knew Carter's challenge coin was such a big deal." I heard Colton say softly.

"It isn't…not really." I sighed shaking my head glancing over at the younger boy who was studying my features with his eyes squirreled up.

"But I heard…you know…at school when we were sitting outside of Ms. Covington's office. Your dad is a hero, Principle Moore said so. He was awarded the Medal of Honor and everything. That's a big deal and he even gets to have his very own special challenge coin made because of it." He insisted while I stared out the window looking over at Julian and smiled fondly at the long haired boy because of his excitement.

It got quiet in the car for a couple of seconds before Colton spoke up again. "Is it because Julian thinks your dad is a hero? I mean…I don't get it. Every time it comes up you sort of get quiet about it. Don't you think your dad is a hero, or is it that you just don't believe in heroes?" He asked while I shifted my gaze towards him noticing the concern on his features as I smiled softly and wrapped my arm around his shoulder comfortingly because he seemed a bit upset by my reaction to what was going on.

"No, my dad really is a hero Colton. He's my hero too, but not because of any award. In my book he doesn't need something like that to be a hero." I sighed, glancing back over to Julian and smiled because his dad was now teasing him a little.

"Whoa, that sure is a very prized possession. We'll have to go to the craft shop and get a special case made for it so you can display it properly. With something like that I guess you won't need to have this signed." He looked at his son seriously while lifting up the book with all the Medal of Honor recipients listed in them.

It must be the one he had told us about where his father had managed to get a few Medal of Honor recipients to sign it. "What…no…I mean…," the sandy haired boy looked over at my dad and blushed. "I mean, if it isn't a bother it'd be so cool." He added looking hopefully at my dad who chuckled and walked over shaking the Colonel's hand who introduced his wife in the process.

She was a very elegant looking woman with fair features and beautiful long sandy blond hair. I could see where Julian had gotten his very fair European features and handsome looks. Julian's mom smiled warmly at my dad in greeting and her Dutch accent reminded me that the boy had explained they were originally from the Netherlands.

Shifting my gaze back to Colton I noticed he was watching me closely. "What?" I asked flashing him one of my quirky grins which made him look away and blush as if he was debating something. "What is it Colt…," I used his newly given nickname getting a small smirk out of him as I nudged him with my shoulder. "Whatever's on your mind won't upset me." I assured him as he gazed at me for a moment and reached out taking my hand into his smaller one setting it on top of his lap.

I could feel the warmth radiating through his shorts as his soft bulge rubbed up against the back of my hand innocently. This wasn't anything sexual, but the way he was gently holding my hand in his lap forced the back of it up against his small budgie. I don't even think he was consciously aware of it as he gazed into my eyes intently.

"You really have beautiful blue eyes." He whispered softly making me blush, but I could tell there wasn't anything to his comment other than him simply making note of it as he continued to study them closely as if just now becoming aware of them.

"Thanks, and I love yours too. I like how they are so soft and tender at times and then turn all bright and sparkly like." I admitted because they reminded me a lot of Carter.

"I'm glad you believe in heroes too." He added making me smile and nod my head in thought.

"Yeah, I guess it is important to have those in your life. Just remember it's who the person is on the inside that makes them a hero, not because of some award or because of anything else like them being famous or something. The important heroes are the ones who never get recognized, but who should because of who they are as a person." I tried to explain as I thought on my words as well because until just now I never really reflected on those types of things before.

It took someone like Colton to make me realize what truly mattered in these things. Of course my dad had done something amazing with what would be considered 'heroic' to be awarded such an honor, but I began to realize for me that isn't why he was my hero. It was all the little things he did in life that made him matter to me and my mom. It was his unwavering love for us and his steadfast support when it counted that mattered to us. He was a very kind and loving man, never afraid to show that side of him towards us. It's the million things he did for us as a family and went mostly unnoticed that made him my hero. It was because he was a loving husband and father, a family man at his core.

"Cool…," Colton's voice brought me back as I looked down at him while he grinned back. "I'm glad you believe in heroes because I've got one too." He seemed to beam happily now as I nodded my head in understanding because he had such a great day today over at the skate shop.

"Yeah, the Hammer is a cool guy. I'm glad you two hit it off so well. He never let fame get to his head and he's got a very kind heart towards others." I admitted thinking Colton could do worse for a hero.

"What…the Hammer? I mean, yeah sure he's a cool guy and all, but he's not like my hero." He shook his head while I smiled shrugging my shoulder watching as he pursed his lip cutely. "I…um…it's you…I mean…you're my hero." He whispered softly and blushed looking away a bit embarrassed while I gaped in surprise.

"Me…but…I…but why?" I asked totally stunned by his comment feeling the boy lean in closer to me and place his head on my shoulder holding on to my arm.

"Because…I…because you stood up and protected me from those bullies even though you got beat up, but that's not the only reason. It's all the other things you do like being Carter's friend despite all the other kids hating and bullying him. It didn't even seem to matter to you that you'd be hated too because of him. It's because…I don't know…just because of who you are…you know…not a fake. You are the best friend anyone could ever hope to have." He admitted while I gazed down at him and sighed.

The little guy never ceased to amaze me and there was no doubt I loved him. He made me a better person, and I was thankful to him for it. I didn't regret having Carter as my friend one bit, and his little brother had truly been a bonus.

"I love you Pim." The smaller boy exhaled softly; snuggling up to me, making my heart swell with such adoring emotions.

It wasn't anything sexual, but no less meaningful. "I luv you too buddy." I leaned over kissing the top of his head glancing back over to Julian and his parents. "Come-on, we should at least say our hellos to Julian's folks." I suggested, Colton agreeing as we climbed out of the car making our way over while my dad was busy signing the book for the twelve year old boy who saw us and beamed happily introducing us to his mom.

After my dad signed the book for Julian we chatted for another couple of minutes before saying goodbye with the promise of getting together after the fourth of July weekend. Twenty minutes later we were pulling up into Colton's driveway noticing a police car out front. Glancing down at him I draped my arm over his shoulders comfortingly as we all piled out of the car with his parents meeting us outside. His dad had come home as well while Carter was still with Mason and the mountain biking crew competing. After a warm welcoming greeting by the Chasson's we were introduced to the Chief. Evidently, Principle Moore had contacted the authorities like he was required to do handing over the confiscated cell phone as evidence.

This wasn't a large community so it had a small police force of only five officers including the chief. There was no need really for a larger presence because the crime rate in town was really non-existent other than some petty stuff. The Chief was personally handling the case and wanted our side so questioned Colton extensively. It was a little scary not to mention embarrassing. The poor guy was even asked whether or not he was currently sexually active. My dad had some choice words in this regard saying that was a totally inappropriate thing to ask of an eleven year old boy. I got the sense David had probably made some accusations and I could tell my dad figured the same thing.

By this time poor Colton was in tears over everything as I sat there trying to calm him down. I could tell the Chief felt bad about asking some of these things saying he's talked to David's parents who are beside themselves over what their son has been doing. They hadn't known anything about it, but did say they wanted to make sure the right thing was done. Understandably, they wanted to take care of this quietly, but had assured the Chief they would abide by any court rulings in this regard. Their son had been livid over it feeling betrayed, but his dad had laid into his son letting the teenager know he wasn't going to allow any more of this nonsense.

The Chief assured us that David's parents were sincere and very upset about what had been done not only to Colton but Carter as well. They were thankful the video hadn't made it on the internet not because of how much their son could have been in trouble for it, but rather because they wouldn't want to wish something like that on any innocent kid. They had already agreed to a psychiatric evaluation for their son who had become livid over the idea and wanted to work with us in getting this resolved. Personally, I was alright with it so long as there were some consequences for David and the others because I could see how this was affecting Colton. My dad and the Chasson's agreed to meet up with David's parents along with the other two boys' parents to see what we could do that was fair, but insisted the courts be involved on some level.

"You alright?" I asked Colton after the Chief left.

The younger boy sniffled, but nodded his head. "How about we head over to the skate park so you can blow off some steam? That always cheers you up and will help you clear your head." I suggested glancing over at his parents who nodded their approval.

"Yeah, sounds cool." He smiled looking up at me. "Thanks for being here and for making me feel a little better. I thought I was going to throw up when he made me talk about-about…," He hiccupped collapsing into my arms and crying while I held on to him letting him get it out of his system.

"Come-on buddy, let's get your deck and head out. Maybe some of your other friends are hanging out as well." I suggested as he wiped away the tears and smiled at me timidly glancing over at my dad.

"Thanks Mr. Merckx for the weekend. It was fun." He smiled getting up and giving my dad a big hug.

"No worries buddy. I'm glad you had a good time. Besides, looks like you made a good friend in the process." He told the younger boy ruffling his hair.

"Would it be alright if Pim spends the night with me? Pleeeaaasssse." He begged my dad and his folks looking like he was about to break down again.

It was obvious this whole thing had affected him more than we had thought. I mean, the trip had taken his mind off of things, but now that we were back it was all hitting home for him again. The police questioning him hadn't helped matters any and if last night was any indication he was liable to have another nightmare.

My dad looked over towards me and I nodded indicating it was alright with me. Colton's parents also looked a little worried pursing their lips, but seemed alright with the idea.

"Well, I don't see any harm in it, but are you sure you are alright Colton?" My dad wondered aloud. "You don't need to feel ashamed about talking with a doctor who might be able to help you work through some things." He added looking over at Colton's parents before settling his gaze back on the younger boy.

"You mean like a head doctor?" He squeaked looking at his parents nervously briskly shaking his head no. "I'm not nuts or anything." He insisted while my dad reached out gently taking Colton by the hand and steering him back to the couch sitting down patting the spot next to him as he sighed and looked him square in the eyes.

"Seeing a professional for help doesn't make you crazy or anything Colton. They are there to help you work through some things. We all need help now and then, and most times your family or friends are perfect, but every now and then something big happens and we need help from a professional so we can work through some of our problems. I've seen many men coming home from battle and they have a hard time to adjust so need help. Even I've asked for help after I…um…," my dad paused clearing his throat and glancing towards me sighed.

"Colton even I asked for help from a professional doctor after I got hurt really bad a few years back. Like you, I didn't think I needed it, but things happen in our lives that can change us."

"Really, you asked for help, but you are so brave. Nothing scares you." He replied totally surprised how even my dad had needed help after he almost died that one time.

"Yes, even the bravest of people need help sometimes. It doesn't mean you are crazy or anything, just that something sort of derailed you for a bit and now you need someone to help you get back on track. I'm sure your parents can find someone you can talk to who will be able to help." He smiled warmly at the younger boy as he leaned in and gave him a quick reassuring hug before getting up. "Just think on it some." He told the dark haired boy before giving me a wink and quick hug.

Turning towards the Chasson's he gave them a reassuring smile as well. "Thanks for everything." Colton's mom said warmly giving him a hug before Mr. Chasson shook my dad's hand in thanks as well and then walked him out.

Turning towards Colton I smiled and sighed. "Come-on, go grab your board." I suggested seeing him smiling at me timidly as he gathered up his deck promising his mom to be back in an hour or two in time for dinner.

While I rode my bike Colton used his skateboard as we made our way down a few streets heading towards the cement skate park. He was quiet grabbing on to the back of my seat every once in a while to gather up some speed. I left him to his thoughts until we got to the park with several of his friends waving at him wondering where he had been.

Before he could answer one of his friends, who was taking a break and checking out some of his messages on the cell phone, suddenly motioned towards the others. "Hey guys, check this youtube link out that Jake sent me. This kid looks just like Colton and has some mad skills." He told the others everyone gathered around.

"Whoa, for real, I think that really is Colton. Is that you?" Another kid spoke up looking over towards the eleven year old boy before looking back down at the small screen his buddy was holding up with the video playing. "What's it called and where is this?" He wondered.

The boy with the cell phone glanced down at the screen. "I think that's over in Greensboro and its titled 'Colt the equalizer versus the Hammer' and shit, that really is you Colton." The first boy stated excitedly standing. "Holy crap you and the Hammer, when the hell did this happen? Dude, you are like kick ass and totally famous now." He insisted excitedly with all the kids getting caught up in the moment as they watched the video again noticing a few more had been posted with different angles.

Smiling I took a seat off to the side keeping a close eye on the younger boy while leaving Colton alone with his buddies as they all let off some steam taking turns performing tricks. I was glad he had something to take his mind off of the rough questioning from the police Chief that had brought out horrible memories of him getting beat up and stripped naked the other day by those bullies. He had some decent friends who were the perfect ticket and distraction, and by the time we got back home he was his old self again. Still, I wasn't an idiot and knew my dad was right about him needing some help to get him through this rough patch.

After dinner we disappeared downstairs into the basement as we cuddled together popping in a movie to watch. It had been a long day and it didn't take much before Colton began drowsing in my arms. Sighing, I half carried and half walked the eleven year old boy up to his room as I sat on Carter's bed steadying the younger boy who was already half asleep.

It amazed me how he was able to nod off at the drop of a hat and once out never once appeared to wake up. "Come-on buddy let's get you out of these clothes before you nod off." I chuckled helping him with his shirt before tugging down his shorts leaving him in those cute cartooned tight fitting bikini style boy's briefs.

Normally he wore those loose fitting blue shorts, but I didn't want to go rummaging through his bag so tugging the blanket off to the side I sat the smaller boy down and eased his feet onto the mattress taking a moment to get his socks off. He gazed at me through droopy eyes watching as I picked up his left foot and rubbed it in my hand.

"Mmmmm, that feels really nice," he sighed while I smiled working his tired foot for a few moments before doing the same to the other one. "Can I sleep naked in bed?" He asked drowsily while I looked at him a bit stunned. "I hate wearing anything tight while I sleep." He yawned while I hesitated not sure this would be a good idea. "It's not like you haven't seen me naked before." He added while I glanced down at the small bulge between his legs realizing he had popped a stiffie.

At first I was going to say no because of it, but then realized he was probably boned up because I was massaging his feet. "You sure?" I asked noticing him nodding before lifting up his hips.

Chuckling and shaking my head I reached over removing his cute briefs holding them up and admiring just how small they were, making me realize he was still a little kid. He reached down and gave his marbles a quick tug before pinching the tip of his knob pulling on it. I've done something similar a million times trying to get my own goods adjusted or taking care of an itch. Still, it looked kind of sexy seeing him do it without even being bothered by me watching.

Standing up I started taking my own clothes off noticing how the darker haired boy was watching me through heavily lidded eyes. I paused once I got to my underwear and glancing over at his door to make sure it was closed decided I might as well crawl under the covers naked as well. I hated wearing anything at night and since he didn't seem to mind why should I. Dropping my white briefs on top of my other clothes I walked naked over to the light switch and turned it off before crawling under the covers with Colton.

"Mmmmm, this feels kind of nice sleeping naked with you." He admitted exhaling softly while cuddling up against me.

He draped his leg over my thighs and to no one's surprise managed to bump my nards making me flinch. "Shit dude, you've got to stop doing that to me." I stated seriously hearing him chuckling.

"Sorry, it just kind of happens." He whispered softly nuzzling up to me and draping his arm over my chest.

The little guy's erection rubbed up against my hip and I couldn't help myself as I began to giggle. "What?" He asked looking up at me as he fought off falling asleep.

"Nothing, it's just your little hard dinger is poking me in the side." I teased feeling him grinding into me making me look down and furl my eyes.

The little twerp was actually smirking and I could tell he was enjoying the stimulating feelings his pecker was getting as it rubbed up against me. Now that he actually knew what jacking off was all about, and what those intense tingling sensations meant, he seemed to be enjoying what he was doing.

"Stop it Colt," I told him gently, running my hand softly over his back amazed by how smooth his skin felt at the moment. "We can't be doing this…it's not right." I shifted on to my side creating a small space between us as we gazed into one another's eyes.

He shifted closer again, this time pressing his stomach and chest into mine as a jolt of electricity suddenly coursed through my five inch erection which had come alive on its own once it felt Colton's curved two inch conduit rubbing against it. "Oh fuck, stop," I hissed rolling on top of him and pressing my weight into him so he couldn't do anything more while I tried to get my heavy breathing under control because I had just about popped my cork.

My face settled in the crook of his neck as I inhaled deeply breathing him in and feeling my body quivering lustfully. The small brain between my legs was screaming for action, but thank goodness the one above my neck was staying in control.

I felt Colton wrapping his arms around my back holding me tightly in place as if not wanting to let go. "Why is doing something with you so wrong?" He sniffled. "I still don't understand why we can't jack off or do some sex stuff together." He cried softly in my arms as I propped myself up on my elbows looking down into his cute features feeling my heart melting for the little guy as I shook my head.

"Because I love you too much to do anything that could hurt you. I know you love me too Colt, but it isn't the kind of love two people share in a sexual way. It's no less powerful, but we can't do something like that together. It's not right because you are Carter's little brother and he's my friend. I'd never do anything to hurt him or you. I love you both too much." I tried to explain sliding off from on top of him before pulling the little guy into me spooning behind him and planting a soft kiss on his cheek.

The eleven year old boy seemed to melt in my arms as I nuzzled my cheek up against his, running my hand up and down his chest and stomach. "Holding and touching you like this feels fantastic and I love doing that. I even like the way your penis and soft boy bag feels in my hands when I hold them." I admitted dipping my hand between his legs feeling the boy quivering when I cupped his immature eleven year old gaming system as we both fell silent for a few moments while I simply held on to him.

Sighing, I gave him another gentle kiss on the cheek. "I love everything about you from your head to your toes…every square inch of your silky smooth skin and sexy hot boy bits." I emphasized giving them a gentle squeeze feeling his penis twitch and testicles squirming around before I let go running my hand up and down his smooth stomach and chest once again.

"I know you feel comfortable being naked with me and all, but sex is a big deal and I'm not ready for something like that, not with you. Believe me it isn't because you don't turn me on…because you really do Colt…I mean…it's only natural, but even though I would enjoy doing sex stuff with you it just wouldn't feel right at the same time." I finished hoping my words wouldn't hurt his feelings as I felt his chest rising when he inhaled deeply before slowly exhaling the room falling silent for several long moments until I couldn't take his silence anymore.

"Are-are we alright…you know…the two of us. I-I just couldn't take it if I hurt you because of this. Please don't be mad." I whispered softly worried now.

The younger boy craned his neck and smiled softly at me shaking his head. "I could never be mad at you Pim. I-I love you, but it's just I wish things could be different…you know." He sighed, settling back down as he hugged my arms tighter to his body. "It's just not fair."

"I know buddy, but remember you have Julian and he seems to like doing things with you. He likes you a lot and I know you care about him too. Sex is a great thing and you are just now starting to learn about it. Both you and Julian are still young so just enjoy learning about it together. That's part of the fun, being able to do something with someone closer to your own age who feels about a lot of things the same way you do. Actually, you are very lucky to have that because even though I had close friends the sex stuff was something I never had." I whispered in his ear seeing him nodding his head.

"Yeah, Julian's so cool and you're right. I really am lucky. Thanks Pim for doing that for us." He yawned, things getting quiet in the room while we fell into our own thoughts.

It felt comfortable in Carter's bed all cuddled up with his little brother. I was hard as a rock in the basement department, but it wasn't as if I felt the need to have sex with the dark haired boy. It was a strange sensation to feel turned on by the younger boy while also not having that urge to actually have sex with him. The last thing I remembered before nodding off to sleep was thinking how really cute Julian and Colton looked together back at the hotel room when they were lying on the bed totally naked. I had to admit they seemed to fit together and I instinctively knew they were destined to become the closest of friends; the type which lasted a lifetime.

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