Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 13

Revealing Moments

It was dark inside the room when I was abruptly awakened. I was disoriented for a second or two and winced in pain when I was smacked in my ribs, the sharp sting immediately bringing my addled brain into focus. I could hear Colton whimpering in his sleep and he squirmed around with his hands jolting outwards as if he was trying to hold off some invisible attacker.

"No!" He shouted in his sleep. "Don't…," Came the sharp command with some more whimpers as the boy struggled with his invisible enemy the blanket getting tossed off to the side in the process.

"Oh shit…," I hissed reaching out towards him only to have my hands shoved away. "Colton, it's just me, everything will be just fine." I tried to speak out gently, my voice quivering just as the room lit up with a soft light.

"Don't! Stop! Leave me alone." The poor little guy whimpered in his sleep.

The eleven year old boy's nightmare must have awakened Julian who was sleeping in the other bed with the long haired boy turning on the small lamp between our two beds. I was worried about Colton at the moment so didn't pay any attention to the twelve year old boy. Right now all my focus was directed at Colton who was in the grips of a nightmare. The smaller boy was a deep sleeper and difficult to rouse so I wasn't sure what to do, but I had to do something so reached out again trying to calm him down.

"Colton, it's alright…," I whispered soothingly placing my hand on his shoulder and arm rubbing it gently.

The younger boy flinched in his sleep when I touched him and whimpered, but didn't fight me away. "It's alright…that's it…just relax." I crooned gently running my hand along his chest now and scooting closer. "There you go, it's only a nightmare and I'm right here. I won't go anywhere." I promised hoping he could make sense of what I was saying in his slumbering state as I wrapped my arms around the boy cuddling up to him.

The little tyke whimpered and sniffled in his sleep, but nestled in closer as he now let out a gentle sigh settling down. I ran my hands up and down his naked skin with only his blue flimsy worn shorts covering up his modesty. It hid the smaller boy's little budgie, the small swelling now starting to move around beneath the thin worn cottony fabric. It was just a normal reaction to my soft caressing touch as it developed into a little pitched tent because he had boned up. I ignored it though; just happy he seemed to have calmed down with his nightmare evaporating into thin air.

"Is he alright…you think?" I heard another very concerned soft voice standing just behind me by the edge of my bed reminding me about Julian as I nodded my head.

"Yeah," I replied softly while running my hand compassionately across Colton's chest and stomach, his breathing once more coming in an even rhythm.

"He's really cute," I heard Julian remark as the boy quickly amended, "I mean…uh…it's just…you know…when he's asleep like that," he tried to cover up his admission while I nodded my head and smiled because the eleven year old boy really was too adorably cute all boned up and pitching a tent like that as I glanced back over my shoulder.

The twelve year old boy's eyes were fixated on the other younger boy; in particular the small pup tent the little guy had erected. I smirked, noticing Colton wasn't the only one whose boyhood was forming a firm steeple. Julian wasn't wearing a shirt with his shorts leaving little to the imagination and I don't even think he realized he had popped a stiffie of his own. Now it was me gawking because it looked like he really did have something pretty decent going on for him in the basement department. The twelve year old boy must have loosened up the string on his orange colored shorts when he slipped into bed because they hung down low along his thin frame exposing quite a bit of something which he probably wanted to remain tucked away and out of sight.

The only thing really holding up Julian's shorts at the moment was his erection, which angled slightly outwards and then straight up from his body. If I had to guess I'd say it was at least just as long as Carter's maybe even longer in a hardened state. Even though the orange fabric was very revealing it was kind of hard to tell just how big his erection was since his penis was still mostly hidden beneath the silky like material. The loose gummy waistband had settled along the base of the boy's shaft effectively exposing his porcelain milky pale pubic mound which I noticed was completely void of any hairs including those that may just be starting to form. It made me speculate if maybe he had just turned twelve recently so still a bit on the young side or if puberty was simply taking its time on him like it had on me.

The fabric of the shorts was being pushed away from the boy's body by his erection exposing a good half an inch or so of the base on his shaft which also appeared to be at least as thick as Carter's erection. Not bad at all for a kid who hadn't even begun to mature down there indicating he might just end up being rather large once puberty began the inevitable process of change for the boy. I could even just make out the top part of his pale smooth ball sack, all of which made me shiver as I realized this was like the biggest tease of all. I mean I was so close to seeing all of his hidden treasures with the kid flashing just enough to make me wanna reach out and do something naughty.

My lustful desires bubbled to the surface and I felt my own penis bloating up, hidden securely beneath my underwear. It was a good thing I was lying on my side curled up and facing away from Julian or he might have seen me boning up because of staring at his boyhood. Everything seemed to happen within seconds as I somehow managed to rip my gaze away from the erotic and sultry vision turning my head back around. My movement must have dispelled Julian's own hypnotic fixation on Colton because from the corner of my eye I saw him shifting slightly.

"Um…do you…uh…would it still be alright for me to climb into bed with you guys. I mean, you were right about the air conditioner and now that I'm awake I don't want to try falling asleep with it blowing on me like that." The other boy wondered as I reached over for the blanket, covering up Colton before turning my body around.

Facing the other boy I noticed how he was slightly hunched over his arms crossed in front while his hands shielded his modesty which was obviously still stiff as a rail. Smiling, I shifted making room and lifted up the blanket watching as he quickly climbed into bed his hands no longer able to shield that rather large command center style tent between his legs. As he slid under the covers his arm settled over on top of the blanket tucking it up against his body effectively hiding any evidence of his burgeoning boyhood.

To my surprise he scooted right over to me draping his leg over my hip to snuggle up making me wince when his knee bumped into my ball sack. "Watch it," I hissed. "Damn, you're just as bad as Colton always jamming my nuts." I grunted feeling the other boy's body quivering not because he was cold, but rather because he was giggling about the incident.

"Well, maybe if you wouldn't be lying there with a huge boner you wouldn't be such a big target." He taunted as I glanced over noticing his pretty blue green eyes sparkling playfully before he settled his head on my chest.

Julian's hair spilled along my lower chest and stomach with it kind of tickling as he squirmed around some more trying to suck up some of my body heat to warm up while I snorted derisively. "What's getting kneed in the nuts got to do with my boner? Besides, you're one to talk. Don't think I didn't notice that nice big dagger of yours trying to cut a hole in those orange shorts you are wearing, which is another thing…for real dude, what's up with those shorts?" I chuckled, my chest rattling with mirth. "I mean for real, they are just about to fall off and believe me don't think I wouldn't look either. I mean shit, by the looks of things you've got it going on down there." I teased, the other boy simply lifting his head and gawking at me while his cheeks burned red with mortification.

"I…uh…I-I…shit, I can't help it. I mean, the damn thing is always getting hard lately and besides the shorts are all I had with me in my dad's car. It's not like I was planning on staying overnight." He retorted. "Besides, why are you looking at that anyway?" He sniggered punching me lightly on my shoulder while I shrugged.

"What do you expect? I mean, after all you were perving on Colton and popped a stiffie first so it was kind of hard to miss." I stressed the word 'hard' mirthfully, my chuckling rattling in my chest. "Besides, from what I can tell you sure don't have anything to be embarrassed about down there for a twelve year old." I added while he settled back down getting cozy again surprising me how we were cuddling together like this considering we just met.

"You really think so?" He asked softly while I nodded my head.

"Yeah, of course. I mean, it's not like I actually saw it or anything, but it's also not like those shorts hide that much either." I sniggered. "So yeah, from what I can tell you've got it going on and I'm sure once puberty kicks in you will find a lot of changes down there including how big it gets." I noted, the other boy shifting his head slightly and looking up into my face with those beautiful eyes making my heart go pitter patter because he was so damn studly handsome at the moment.

"Way cool." He smiled easily, but his cheeks burning red while things became quiet.

Its weird how these types of conversations can simply pop up between guys. I mean, I hadn't planned on it, and I don't think he had either, but it happened innocently enough. I guess joking around about things sort of keeps it from becoming too embarrassing.

"Pim?" The other boy's soft voice cut into my thoughts.

"Yeah." I responded glancing down watching as the boy ran his hand innocently along my chest.

"Colton told me…you know…about what happened." He confided in me while I nodded my head.

"I know." I admitted, the boy glancing up at me and his eyebrows dipping in thought.

"Really?" He sounded surprised.

"Yeah, when you and Colton didn't show up after the laser tag game dad and I got worried so went looking for you guys. We saw him crying and assumed he was telling you about what happened. My dad figured he needed a friend about his own age to confide in and I think he was right." I explained.

"Oh…but," Julian paused, shaking his head on my chest which kind of tickled when his hair shifted around lightly on my skin.

There was a short pause and for a second I didn't think he was going to finish his thoughts. "Doesn't he have friends…you know…back home that he can trust?" He finally asked while I shrugged.

"Sure, he's got tons of friends, but it's a small town and he has to go to school with those kids and everything. You know how it can be with gossip and all. What happened was embarrassing and I'm sure he probably doesn't want certain things to get out…you know…um…about being stripped naked and all. Those guys sort of teased him about…things. I mean, not that there is anything wrong with him down there…just he's still…you know…kind of young and all." I tried to explain as it got quiet again.

The other boy could tell how things had sort of gotten awkward about certain parts of the conversation so he changed it up a little, but still stayed on topic. "I think it's cool what you did for Colton. He told me how you got beat up because of it, but didn't back down standing up to those bullies protecting him. Then later how you stayed with him when he needed to feel safe, and about how this trip was your idea. He told me a little about Carter and how you are his only friend despite all the other kids in town being mean to him and those bullies making problems. I think it takes a lot of guts to do something like that; especially, when you are the new guy in town. I don't think I'd be as brave." He admitted sounding a bit disappointed in himself while I sighed shaking my head.

"Don't kid yourself, it was a good thing you did for Colton. He needed a friend to lean on earlier tonight and you were there for him. That's good enough in my book and even dad thinks so. Don't beat yourself over 'what ifs' and even though we just met I know you are the type of guy who would be there for a friend when the chips are down. Some guys are just like that and I can tell you are one of them, my dad even said so." I admitted recalling the conversation we had when we went back to our table after we had seen the two boys huddled together.

My chest rose as I took in a deep breath feeling the boy's hair swirling around from the movement tickling my skin. Julian shifted his leg rubbing up against my erection making me wince slightly while eliciting a little giggle from him. I suppose the curiosity got the better of him because he lifted up the blanket looking beneath it to take a peep.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I chuckled looking down noticing my own boner creating a fairly good sized bulge in my white boy's briefs.

"Nothing, just you saw mine so I was curious about yours." He stated a little nervously while I chuckled shaking my head.

"Yeah, well when I saw you it was by accident and sort of unavoidable you know." I teased as he let the blanket settle back into place his cheeks turning red because he knew I was right and what he was doing sort of came off as perving.

I didn't want him to feel bad about it though and I really didn't mind so much. After all, most guys around his age start becoming really curious about such things. Even Colton was sort of getting to that stage asking me about jacking off and stuff.

"Dude, it's cool, I don't mind and I suppose it's only fair since I did see yours too." I assured him the boy glancing up at me and flashing a smile since I had sort of given him permission and was good with it.

"Cool," his broad grin split his features with his eyes lighting up that an older boy would be willing to sort of talk to him about these sorts of things and wasn't all wigged out.


"Yeah?" I chuckled shaking my head.

"Have you ever…um…you know messed around and stuff with someone else or…uh…jacked off?" He asked biting his lip nervously, the blue green coloration of his eyes sparkling even in this soft lighting. "I have…I mean…I haven't messed around before…that is with others. I've just sort of…you know…messed with myself." He quickly divulged when I had hesitated and he noticed the conflicted look on my features.

Some things were kind of private and tough to talk about even with your closest friends. I could tell he was just kind of curious about things, probably because he was an only child, at least from what I had gathered so far. He had mentioned there weren't a lot of kids his own age where he lived on Post and with it being summer vacation I suppose he got a little lonely missing some of his buddies from school.

"Um…yeah sure…I mean most all guys sort of jack off and stuff." I admitted answering only half his question not wanting to go further than that because it might end up veering to what's happened between me and Carter.

The answer seemed to satisfy Julian though as his smile broadened and he cuddled up closer his boyish scent from his hair wafting up to my nose. I was beginning to discover there was just something about a boy's scent that always made me woozy. It was intoxicating and a total turn on as I felt my penis twitch because of the sexual undertones from our discussion mingled in with that addictive boyish scent. My thoughts were interrupted when I suddenly jolted in shock because he had reached down and wrapped his fingers around my hard missile silo.

"What the…," I hissed in surprise hearing him giggle.

"Damn, you're pretty big," he snorted glancing up while I tried not to bust my nut and he got an excited look on his features from my reaction.

"Shit Julian, what the hell?" I swallowed trying to calm down feeling his hand slipping beneath the gummy part of my underwear.

"Oh way cool…you've got like pubes. I wish mine would hurry up and grow in already. I mean, they should have started by now since I turned twelve a few weeks back." He sounded disappointed as I calmed down trying to figure out if I should stop this or not.

"Just because you just turned twelve doesn't really mean anything Julian. My pubes didn't start coming in until I was around thirteen or so. Don't worry about it so much, besides you've got other things going on for you down there." I chuckled setting him at ease about where he stood in the whole puberty department while I still struggled a little with what we were doing.

In a way, it just seemed like he was curious about what I had going on down there. It was strange though how he simply did it out of the blue, but as I gazed down into his features I saw him blushing and realized it had been something he hadn't expected to do either.

"I…um…I-I…," he stuttered, gazing up at me trying to gauge my reaction as I sighed deeply and then shrugged my shoulders.

"It cool dude. What's done is done; it just sort of caught me by surprise is all. Just be careful because I'm pretty sensitive down there and don't want to bust my nut by accident." I chuckled his face lighting up once again while my eyes abruptly bugged out because he went right to it wrapping his fingers around my erection without any warning.

"Shit…," I hissed hearing him giggle before he spoke up excitedly.

"Whoa, you still have your skin just like me. Most kids don't have their skin down there." He admitted making me furl my eyes curiously.

"You're not cut either?" I asked a bit surprised seeing him shaking his head and smiling.

He could see the typical questions playing across my features so told me how he was actually born in the Netherlands, which explained the whole foreskin issue. Evidently his mom was Dutch and The Colonel had met her when he had an assignment in the Netherlands at Shinnen. He was just a toddler back then and his real dad was never really in the picture. His mom and the Colonel fell in love and got married. When Julian was a little older and could understand about such things the Colonel had come to him and asked if he could become his dad officially by adopting him. He thought that was really cool of the Colonel to actually ask him first and by that time he already thought of him as dad so he was really happy about it.

Even though his mom had married the Colonel it had created some issues regarding his own status, but adoption would clear up such things as U.S. citizenship and all. To Julian that was only a side issue because for him to officially become the Colonel's son was the most important factor for him. If Julian wouldn't have said anything to me I would never even have realized he was adopted because I could tell the two of them loved each other as father and son.

Throughout his explanation I hadn't even realized he was still sort of messing with me as I felt him beginning to tug my foreskin back. "Um…careful." I cautioned. "My skin still doesn't roll back all the way." I explained as he nodded his head.

"Oh…yeah, that happens with some guys. Mine's always been able to roll back for as long as I can remember and I've got a really long foreskin too." He admitted, these little tidbit types of information simply coming out here and there as he looked up at me nervously again.

"Um…can I…uh…if you want I can…you know…jack you off." He offered hopefully making me flush red now completely embarrassed by the proposal for some reason and leaving me a bit speechless for a moment.

"Y-you'd actually do that?" I squeaked, still a bit surprised feeling the excitement building up inside of me at the possibilities.

"Yeah, and you can do me too…if you want." He added sheepishly, but also with a hopeful kind of look on his features.

His offer was a big struggle for me. I was gay and I really liked the kid, but like Colton he was still pretty young for what I felt was appropriate. Sure, Carter was only a year older, but somehow that seemed to make a big difference in the way I saw things. Julian turned me on, there was no doubt about it, but it just didn't feel right.

It was one thing to sort of goof around a bit, curiously checking each other out, but I was fifteen years old and he just now turned twelve. That's a huge difference for guys our age. The long haired boy seemed like he was really into it and I could tell he'd probably enjoy the experience, but it would be his first time and something like that should always be special. Even though I wanted to have sex with him in the worst of ways, it wasn't right because his first time experience should be with someone closer to his own age.

His body was still halfway draped over mine as I sighed and reached downwards pulling him on top of me. Julian wasn't exactly sure what was going on as he settled his entire body on top of mine his legs bending at the knees along either side of my hips. I could feel his erection rubbing up along my stomach and it felt pretty big for a twelve year old boy, once again making me wonder what exactly was down there. He was offering me a chance to actually find out, but I didn't feel right about having sex with him as I ran my hand gently up and down his back simply enjoying the human contact.

"God, you have no idea how much I'd enjoy having a bit of fun with you, but I just can't Julian. I mean for real, you're kind of young still and I'm like fifteen." I tried to rationalize knowing it most likely didn't make sense to him because right now he was probably horny and the brain between his legs was vying with the one above his neckline.

"I'm twelve," He craned his neck pouting a little and batting his eyes at me cutely making me chuckle and shake my head.

"God, you are just too damn sexy, but it's not going to work." I teased lightly shaking my head. "It just wouldn't be right…you know. Shit, even now feeling your boner pressing up against my stomach has me all turned on dude. God, you're so fucking sexy hot, but for real, we might end up feeling bad about it later. Besides, you're Colton's new friend and I wouldn't want to screw that up because of doing something with you when I've already had to tell him no to the same thing." I pointed out, the other boy lifting up his head and furling his eyebrows at me.

"He wanted to do stuff with you?" He wondered curiously while I winced because I hadn't wanted to let something like that out, but now needed to sort of explain it off.

"Yeah, I mean, he's just now getting curious about that sort of thing and wanted me to teach him about jacking off and stuff. Actually, I'm sure it might be something you may want to think about…you know…with him. I mean, back home in a small town it is kind of tough to sort of learn about that stuff with your friends because it would get out for sure. His best friend is also kind of…well…let's just say a bit of a prude in regards to these things." I pointed out with Julian looking over towards the slumbering boy.

"So he's never…you know…jacked off or anything?" He asked curiously while I shrugged my shoulder.

"No, I don't think so. I mean it's not like that is so unusual. I don't know about you, but I didn't discover jacking off until I was around his age, so…," I shrugged again.

"Yeah, me too. It's only been about six months or so." He acknowledged, blushing while I smiled and nodded my head.

"So…maybe the two of you could…you know…the next time you get a chance. He's kind of curious about that sort of thing and I'm sure he'd want to play around a little with you." I hinted seeing Julian blush and shrug his shoulders.

"Maybe…," he replied not wanting to sound too eager making me smile as I eased him off to my left side between me and Colton.

"Let's get some sleep, its kind of late." I suggested yawning as I snuggled up to the twelve year old boy getting a bit naughty myself as I reached down and gave his twelve year old packet a nice squeeze and was rewarded for my efforts with a nice squeak and jolt of surprise by the other boy.

"Hey, I thought you said messing around wouldn't be right." He stated indignantly unable to hold on to his pretense for long before giggling playfully making me smile.

"No, what I really was saying is it wouldn't be right to do real sexual stuff with you. I didn't say we can't fool around like friends do and tease each other a bit. Besides, I can't help it because you are just too cute, and for a twelve year old kid you've got it going on down there." I snorted giving him another good grope kind of surprised at how he didn't even bother with struggling.

I suppose it might have been because he had just spent several minutes with his hands all over my boy junk so felt it was only right to let me have a good feel of him too. My earlier assessment from what I've been able to gather from the bulge in his shorts only seemed to be confirmed because his extremely hard pecker felt fairly big for a twelve year old boy. Getting a feel of him made me shiver excitedly as I groped him for several seconds before releasing him.

"Damn, for real dude, definitely nothing to be ashamed of down there." I chuckled shaking my head hearing him sniggering as he settled on his back looking up at the ceiling before glancing over towards me and smiling for a moment.

The quietness of night settled around us as my mind began to wander over everything's that's happened since I've moved here. Meeting Carter had been the best thing that's ever happened for me despite any issues that surrounded the thirteen year old boy. My first real sexual experience was with him and it was something I would always treasure. He wasn't gay like me, but he had been willing to share that type of intimacy with me.

Colton was such a sweet kid and the best kind of sibling anyone could ask for which meant for me he was also a pretty cool little brother kind of friend. We were close now as well, almost like brothers, which I thought was really awesome because he made me feel good about it and also provided me with something I've never felt before until now. There was a sense and feeling inside of me that translated to love, but in a brotherly kind of way, something which was new for me. Like Carter, he was always in the back of my thoughts and I was discovering how fiercely protective I had become towards the younger boy, always having his best interests at heart. Even when it came to Julian one of my first reactions was that the two boys were new friends but tight now, and how having sex with the twelve year old boy might impact Colton.

Of course there was the whole age difference thing as well when it came to having sex with a twelve year old boy, but Julian was kind of at that stage where he seemed to understand what was what. It still surprised me how he'd want to do something sexual with me since we only just met today. He didn't come off as being gay or anything, simply curious and naturally horny since puberty was probably knocking on his door.

It was interesting how quickly guys could become good friends in such a short period of time. It happened a lot though with military brats because we were always thrust into new surroundings and making friends quickly so needed to learn how to make quick judgments about others. In a way it almost became second nature for us, so it really wasn't strange how right from the beginning I had sort of felt a kinship with the sandy long haired boy. Being a military brat himself, I suppose he had sensed it as well. It was this shared commonality which allowed us to quickly open up to one another and become comfortable with chatting and interacting in ways that wouldn't normally happen so quickly in others.

My mind was churning with all sorts of thoughts as I continued to run over things that's taken place since I've arrived to our new home. So much has happened in such a short time, much of which was simply too good to be true. Despite the little hiccups, I was happy about things and those I had surrounded myself with as I smiled recalling several special moments I never ever thought I'd experience. Being gay made certain matters difficult and a bit scary as well, but a lot of good things have been happening for me lately which has enriched my life and outlook in general. I was always a fairly happy go lucky kind of guy, but being gay had put a damper on things at times. Until now I hadn't really understood or realized it had been happening, but being able to open up to Carter about my sexuality had been very liberating in many ways. I still wasn't open to the idea of coming out in general because I firmly believed it was something personal so needless, but I had to admit exposing that private part of me to my newest bestest friend was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I'm not sure how long I had simply lain there with my mind wandering, but when I glanced over I noticed Julian was asleep and lying on his back. His eyes were moving around beneath his eyelids and I knew he was probably dreaming so oblivious to the waking world. He was so damn cute with his long hair falling over a part of his face making me smile. I noticed how he preferred to keep it looking a little messy where it would tumble over the front of his face forcing the boy to use his hands to brush them away. It was charming the way he'd do it, along with the flick of his head as I reached out and brushed them away so I could get a better look of his features. He was a very handsome boy as I lifted up the blanket and smiled at the soft rounded bulge just beneath the fabric of his orange shorts. He wasn't boned up anymore, but I could still see the outline of his penis as it angled off towards the left.

His right leg was bent at the knee and tucked up under his other leg leaving him in an open like position. Glancing back up into his face I could tell he was fast asleep, and unable to resist the urge to actually see what he had down there I lowered the blanket letting it settle across his thighs before boldly reaching out and lifting up the loose waistband of his shorts. I could actually feel the heat from between his legs come billowing out from his shorts when I lifted up the fabric followed by the familiar sexual like fragrance always tucked away between a boy's legs. It made me shiver excitedly, but not as much as actually getting to see his nice soft penis nestled sideways along a part of his porcelain like pubic mound. I could even see his tan line separating where his shorts hugged his waist from where he would walk around without a shirt on.

My throat felt dry all of a sudden as I swallowed because he really looked sexy down there. One of the first things I noticed was his really long foreskin, which hung limply about three quarters of an inch past the tight snugness of his rounded bell end. The pliable membrane snuggled tightly around his actual penis leaving very little to the imagination as to the shape and size of his nozzle, which seemed fairly typical with most boys and kind of looked to me like the tip part of a bullet. From what I could tell it looked like he might actually be a little longer than Carter, but not as thick. From the root to the actual tip end outlined just beneath his tight foreskin I'd say his penis was about three inches long in its flaccid state. It made me wonder if he was maybe longer than my thirteen year old friend when he popped a stiffie.

My eyes wandered over the slight pale rise of his smooth mound scrutinizing it closely for any pubes noticing it was completely void of any hairs except maybe those thin silky like blond ones that some younger boys have along their arms and legs. They were really small and very fine, almost invisible so not really pubes. His skin was creamy smooth in this area and completely pale; almost translucent like a baby's skin with thin blue spidery like branches of veins just beneath the membrane of his skin. This area rarely saw the light of day so seemed almost barren, all those thin sky blue veins just beneath the surface adding to that fountain of youth quality.

Everything about Julian exuded a youthful sultry quality of a boy heading into the prime of his exquisiteness. He was absolutely stunningly beautiful in every sense of the word and I almost felt jealous because I had a feeling it was Colton who was going to receive a wonderfully precious gift at some point. I had a feeling Julian would actually follow through on my suggestion since he seemed to get along with the eleven year old boy, which despite the jealousy I now felt, made me smile happily for both boys.

My eyes settled on the twelve year old boy's satchel and I chuckled. Like me he had a tight nut sack, which was firmly balled up between his legs and slightly smaller than mine appearing to be about the size of a billiard ball. His two cherry sized testicles sort of hung low in the smooth taut silky like membrane as they suddenly lurched upwards with his penis also lifting up slightly from its lazy position.

It made me flinch and look up into his face a bit startled, but I realized it had probably been something in his sleep that made him react that way as I smiled gazing back down at his exquisiteness. Tugging his shorts downwards, the loose material didn't resist as it settled just beneath his ball sack allowing me to reach down and cup his ample sized skin purse. There was plenty of room for me since his right leg was bent at the knee and tucked under his other leg creating an of openness to his position.

The skin down there felt soft, warm, and oddly supple despite it being all balled up as I began feeling around for his cherry sized truffles. They jolted upwards because of the stimulating contact, making me smile because I was enjoying how his boyhood felt cupped in the palm of my hand. Releasing it I ran my hand along his bare slate, this part of his skin also feeling warm and silky smooth. Touching the boy's hairless mound felt oddly electrifying, but not as much as when his penis unexpectedly brushed up against the back of my fingers.

I had been so focused on his blank slate I hadn't noticed it plumping up as the warmth of his erection brushed along my knuckles making me shiver. It had elongated to about four inches now, maybe about the same size as Carter's erection if not slightly bigger. It didn't thicken up much from its flaccid state, but oddly enough his foreskin seemed tighter. I noticed he didn't have that loose skin along the base of his shaft on both sides like Carter did where it connected to his ball sack and the other day I had noted I didn't either making me wonder if maybe it had to do with us having a tight scrote.

It was a fleeting thought because without any guilty feeling about what I was doing at this point I wrapped my fingers around his erection with an electrical kind of current abruptly coursing through my arm and body. He must have felt the same thing in his sleep since I felt his penis pulse and saw the outline of his testicles rolling up inside his tightly packed purse. Feeling how his erection reacted in my fingers was totally awesome as I slowly rolled back his long foreskin completely amazed by how easily it slid over his glans.

My eyes widened in wonderment and I gasped in pleasant surprise when his plum plopped into view. A thrilling excitement coursed through my body because I haven't been able to see all of my own glans yet since my skin was still attached. In a way this somehow gave me a bit of insight into what mine was going to be like as well. Julian's bell end was moist and looked soft, the bullet shaped nozzle slightly thicker than his shaft along the edge of his ridge. It was absolutely beautiful and it was the first time I got a sense of why others was curious about my foreskin as I slid it back over his nodule and played around a bit with the loose pucker of skin rolling it around in my fingers.

A shiver of exhilaration ran through my body as I once again skinned him watching how his foreskin rolled back over itself along his shaft. His skin was bright pink where it skinned back as I gazed at his exposed glans and hard rosy red colored erection with wide eyed wonderment. I slid his foreskin back and forth totally amazed by that loose piece of flesh now making me wish for mine to detach already. For a twelve year old boy he really was seductively sultry down there as I now fisted him and slowly jacked him off to get a sense of what it was like to masturbate when your foreskin slipped around freely. It felt totally amazing how I could use the long stroke as his glistening button poked in and out of view. Even that was erotic, the way his bell end slowly became a deep purple color as it popped in and out of view when I skinned back his turtle neck.

The long haired boy moaning in his sleep brought me back to reality as I sighed and finally released him feeling a bit ashamed at what I was doing. At first it had been simple curiosity, but at some point it had turned into something lustful and naughty. I didn't want this to become a jack off session with the boy actually having an orgasm while he slept. I wasn't sure if he'd wake up if that happened, but still what I was doing had become a bit perverted as I tucked everything away and covered us back up.

Julian sighed in his sleep and rolled over towards me cuddling closer. He draped his arm across my chest and his leg over my thighs bumping into my nuts in the process making me wince. Even in his sleep the damn kid managed to smash my nards, but it served me right for perving on him. He settled down in his sleep exhaling softly with his breathing once again steadying into an even rhythm while I began to chuckle because his boner was pocking me in my hips. Sighing, I squirmed around a little forcing him to shift around as well until we both settled into a comfortable position and I wrapped him up in my arms totally happy to snuggle up with him. A few moments later I had drifted off to sleep as well, not even bothering to turn off the small table lamp.

It was cozy in the bed with us all snuggled up and I slept heavily, barely aware of the soft voices that finally stirred me awake in the early morning hours. I didn't have to look at my watch because I instinctively knew it was early as I turned my head looking over my shoulder noticing Julian spooned up against his eleven year old friend as the two boys whispered softly. At some point in the night I must have shifted in my sleep turning to face towards the other bed instead of the wall allowing the twelve year old boy to snuggle up with his new friend. I could hear the two boys talking about Colton's nightmare as I settled down drifting back off to sleep.

When I woke up again it was to a quiet room as I rolled over on to my back noticing the boys were gone. Sitting up, I glanced over to the empty spot on the bed and a small smile spread over my features because I spotted Julian's orange shorts sitting there as if tossed on to the mattress. A foot or two away was another pair of worn out blue shorts, also looking as if it had been tossed aside. It was then I realized the shower inside the bathroom was running accompanied by the familiar sounds of giggles spilling out of the bathroom door which was ajar.

Even though Julian had hinted at wanting to mess around I was still surprised about the two boys showering together. Not that Colton was shy or anything about his body, unlike his older brother, but still I was pretty sure he's never gotten naked and showered with another boy before until recently with me. I was fairly certain the same was true for Julian because even when guys go to the pool or whatnot no one ever takes off their bathing suits in public showers.

The pressure against my bladder was a friendly reminder I needed to relieve myself as I scooted off the edge of the bed and padded towards the bathroom with my willie at half mast. I was always boned up or half hard first thing in the morning until I took a piss as I paused by the slightly open door noticing the two boys standing facing one another in the shower booth with the sliding door open. It kind of confused me as to why it would be open until I noticed them glancing into the mirror every once in a while to get a different angle with what they were doing as I heard Colton giggling.

"Whoa, so that's what it feels like to still have skin over my pecker. It feels really weird in a cool way. It's kind of warm, mushy, soft, and wet like. What did you say this was called?" He wondered aloud looking down in wide eyed wonderment.

"It's called docking." The long haired twelve year old boy replied. "I read about it and since I've got a long foreskin and yours isn't so big it sort of fits really neat stretching over most your curved pecker. I wonder why yours curves like that. I think it's really cool how it does that though." Julian acknowledged while I watched in wide eyed disbelief at the scene unfolding in front of my eyes as the older boy slid his long foreskin back and forth over the younger boy's small curved erection.

Evidently Colton must have been wondering what it was like to have skin over his exposed knob so the other boy had decided to show him. The two boys had their hips thrust forward with the tips of their bell ends butted up against one another allowing Julian to ease his foreskin back over both their glans. Since he had a pretty long foreskin it easily slipped into place over the eleven year old boy's knob. Julian's foreskin was also very supple so he was able to stretch it out even further effectively covering up the entire length of Colton's curved boner sliding it back and forth so the younger boy could feel what it was like to have loose skin covering his penis.

The scene made me shiver because it was kind of erotically sexy as I stared in wide eyed astonishment, wishing my own skin slid around like that so I could maybe play around with someone else in the same way. What really amazed me though was just how much bigger down there Julian appeared to be compared to the eleven year old boy. The long sandy haired boy was only a couple of inches taller and maybe ten or so pounds heavier, but the seven or eight months difference in age seemed to have a big impact in the basement department. It wasn't just the age difference though because I suppose a part of it was also just that the twelve year old boy was naturally big down there for a boy his age. Not that he was like huge or anything, but I had to admit he was probably on the larger end of the average spectrum for a boy his age regarding the size of his boyhood.

It didn't seem to bother Colton though as the two boys continued to stare at their boners connected together by that loose pucker of stretched out skin that extended past Julian's glans. Even the twelve year old boy's ball sack looked large compared to the little ornament swinging casually between the younger boy's legs. At least Julian's purse had loosened up a little in the warm shower, no longer so tightly balled up allowing it to sag slightly. Nothing like the way the smaller satchel did below Colton's curved hard penis, but still looking rather sexy on the twelve year old boy.

"Too bad Pim's doesn't slide around like yours does." The eleven year old boy added almost sadly as if feeling bad about it for me while Julian shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, well everyone is a little different. Most guys Pim's age have foreskin that's already detached, but there are still plenty whose aren't yet. I'm sure it won't be long before his is able to slide around too. Still, it's not as long like mine and when he bones up it will probably expose his knob by that time." Julian explained casually while I watched him rolling his skin all the way back exposing both of their damp pinkish colored nubs before slipping it back over into place.

My bloated erection twitched excitedly and I winced because now not only did I have to take a pee, but I had become hard as a rock because that was so damn fucking salaciously hot to watch. Glancing down at myself I noticed a slight circular dampness where the tip of my hard penis pressed up against the fabric of my white boy's briefs. I must have dribbled a little when the damn thing had pulsed excitedly over the two younger boys and what they were doing together in the shower. Sighing, I stepped into the bathroom padding my way over to the toilet to take care of my issues.

From the corner of my eye I noticed the twelve year old boy flinch in surprise, his natural reaction of pulling back forcing his foreskin to slip free from Colton's erection to the eleven year olds' disappointment. Even though Julian had wanted to mess around some with me last night it was still awkward for him to get caught standing there completely naked and all boned up. Somehow, it seemed a little different when we were all cuddled up under the blanket while he had fondled and ogled my kit. I suppose being caught with another boy and out in the open like that was probably a bit embarrassing for Julian with his face becoming flush. He turned slightly away from me, his hands crossing over the front of his modesty. I just about busted up because even his ass cheeks had splotches of red as if he was blushing there as well.

"Hey Pim, did you know Julian has his skin too just like you?" Colton spoke up flippantly in his usual playful manner not even fazed by the fact he was standing there in the shower stall all boned up and completely naked with another boy in the same situation. "His isn't attached like yours though." He added watching me intently while I turned my back to them pulling down the front of my briefs and releasing the floodgates.

My body shivered from the euphoric like sensation of release while I nodded my head in acknowledgement turning my body slightly and glancing over at the boys. "Yeah, I think that's pretty cool. At least you get to sort of see what it is like for us who still have our skin." I pointed out turning back around being mindful of my own erection making sure I didn't piddle all over the place.

Shaking off the last of my dribbles I snapped my underwear back into place and washed my hands. "Um…don't let me interrupt your guys' fun." I chuckled glancing their way while making my way towards the door. "I wouldn't have barged in like that, but I had to take a piss before I wet myself." I admitted hearing Colton giggling with Julian seemingly relaxing a bit as our eyes connected. "I won't interrupt you guys again so take your time. I'm sure the two of you can manage to have a bit of fun, if you know what I mean." I teased, giving the twelve year old a wink and the universal jacking off sign with my hand while his pretty blue green eyes bugged out at my suggestion which hinted to our discussion last night about him teaching the eleven year old boy about it.

Stepping out of the bathroom I settled back on to my bed leaving the door slightly ajar as I turned on the television set to see what was on at this time in the morning. Glancing at my watch it really was early yet as I heard Colton's voice drifting through the open door.

"Um…do you think we could do that docking thing again? I like how it makes me feel all tingly on the inside. It's kind of weird how my legs get kind of rubbery because it feels really nice." The eleven year old boy spoke excitedly while Julian giggled.

"Yeah…um…sure." I heard long haired boy responding back with a snort as it got quiet for a couple of seconds, probably with them getting all lined up for the docking process.

"Oooh, that tickles." Colton sniggered making me wonder if the twelve year old boy was perhaps doing a bit more than simply docking.

"Um…so Pim tells me you were curious about…you know…jacking off and stuff." Julian appeared to put out some feelers to see how the eleven year old boy would react.

"What…he told you about that?" The younger boy's voice got slightly higher and I wasn't sure if it was excitement or the fact I had outted him like that.

"I…um…maybe I shouldn't have said anything." Julian backed off a little.

"What…no…I mean…I'm not really mad or anything…it's just I was curious about it and all since a lot of kids talk about it at school. I really don't know what it's all about…I mean I sort of do…but don't. I was hoping maybe Pim would teach me about it, but when he said no I felt a little left out…you know…like no one wanted to tell me what it is all about." He admitted making me feel a little bad now because of how he felt about me not telling or showing him.

To my relief though, Julian seemed to understand as he tried to explain it to his younger friend. "Um…yeah…well can you blame him? I mean, he's like fifteen you know and you are only eleven. That's a pretty big age difference to be doing sex stuff with another boy whose way younger. I think he also is kind of weirded out about doing something like that because you aren't just his friend, but also like his little brother. I mean, would you want to do sex stuff with Carter?" He asked, Colton immediately piping up.

"What…ooooh…yuck…of course not. That's kind of sick. Isn't it like…what do they call that when brothers and sisters have sex?" He asked, sounding disgusted by the idea.

"Incest." Came the reply.

"Yeah, that's kind of a no-no isn't it?" Colton wondered.

"Exactly, and I guess that's how Pim thinks about doing something like that with you. After all jacking off is…um…you know…sex…and…uh…he…you know…doesn't feel right about it since he's like fifteen and all, and because he really cares about you like a little brother. If it makes you feel any better he said no to me too when I wanted to do some sex stuff with him." Julian admitted, I suppose in order to try making Colton feel better about the rejection.

"Really?" Colton reacted sounding a bit surprised. "But, you're already big down there and you are twelve too." He pointed out.

"Dude, size doesn't have anything to do with it." Julian chuckled with the eleven year old boy suddenly yelping in surprise and I imagine it was probably due to the older boy giving the younger guy a friendly little grope which was sort of confirmed by his next comment. "There's nothing wrong with your size down there and it's plenty big for your age." I heard him sighing. "Besides, I like how your pecker curves like that and how it feels. It's kind of sexy on you not to mention your cute little danglies." He seemed to tease giggling satisfactorily when Colton yipped again while I chuckled as well assuming the eleven year old boy's truffles had just received a good probing this time to complement the one his bowed penis had gotten.

"That tickled," Colton giggled. "Still, you are twelve and know about these things." The younger boy pressed.

"Yeah I guess, but still he is fifteen you know so like three years older. Most guys his age are already thinking about girls and stuff, so messing around with younger guys like me isn't his thing anymore I suppose."

"Oooh, gross, why'd he want to mess around with a girl? That's kind of…I don't know…icky." Colton responded, once more indicating just how young he was in regards to sex and being ready for some things.

"I don't know…I…uh…I guess when you get a little older things sort of change. I mean, I think it would be kind of fun to mess around with you a little…you know…like showing you about jacking off and stuff, but it might also be fun doing stuff with girls too." Julian admitted, making me realize the twelve year old boy was typical like most boys his age where he wanted to mess around sexually, feeling more comfortable experimenting with other boys, but also thinking about doing things with girls.

It got a little quiet now and I could tell Colton was sort of thinking on what his new friend had just told him. The eleven year old boy was at that age where he was becoming curious about sex, but still wasn't all that much into the whole girl thing. His mind was more in tune with his friends who were guys and I could tell he had probably thought about maybe doing some things with some of them back home.

The problem was that, like with his close friend Michael, it was a sticky situation. His best friend was raised in a strict house regarding those types of things and kind of shy about the whole nudity and sex thing. Colton had even told me how at the sleepover his friend slept in his pajamas and got changed in the bathroom. He's never seen any of his buddies naked before and they haven't seen him that way either. It was also a bit of a frightening prospect in a small town to do sex stuff with your other friends because it could come out the wrong way and gossip flew off the handle in a small community.

"Uh…were you serious...um…about you know?" I heard Colton's soft voice rattling a bit nervously as he paused for a second before continuing. "Uh…you know…about showing me…um…how it works…uh…the jacking off thing." He asked nervously.

"Really!" I heard Julian responding immediately. "I mean heck yeah. You are going to love it and I will too. I mean…it feels totally awesome when you do that sort of thing on your own, but doing it with someone else is supposed to be way better." The twelve year old boy admitted.

"Alone…with someone else?" Colton sounded confused while Julian laughed, not in a way to put the younger boy down, but simply because he was excited.

"Yeah, a guy can jack off by himself or someone can do it for him. This is going to be awesome for you since your first time will be with someone else and not alone." He explained.

"I'm not sure what you mean?" Colton confessed.

"Don't worry, there isn't much to this and you will know what to do about it when you are alone. It's sort of self-explanatory." Julian chuckled with the smaller boy yelping when the older boy appeared to immediately get to work.

"Oh-oh crap, what the heck?" I heard Colton squeaking in surprise without Julian saying anything in return for several long moments until the younger boy once again spoke out his voice raising several octaves. "Oooh…I-I gotta pee, stop before I piddle all over your hand…oh-oh," Colton squeaked.

"It's supposed to feel like that so just let it happen. You will see in a couple of seconds so don't pull away. It'll be fine, besides we are in the shower." Julian explained with it getting quiet for another minute or so before I heard Colton abruptly squeal in shock.

"Eeeep, eeeeeeey, eeeeeeeey, eeeeeeep," His high pitched voice made me suddenly bust up and to my surprise I was hard as a rock just by the noises Colton was making as he was getting his first orgasm that would change his life forever more.

To my surprise it actually lasted like a long time with the seconds ticking away before I finally heard the younger boy speaking up. "Owe-owe s-stop it-it's starting to hurt. Oh-oh ouch." I heard the eleven year old boy chirp until he sighed audibly making me wonder how it went for the little guy.

My curiosity didn't have to wait long. "Oh crap…t-that was friggen incredible. I-I can't believe kids don't do that sort of thing all the time." His small voice rasped while Julian giggled.

"Yeah, well many kids do once we figure it out. I do it like three or four times a day when I can find somewhere private. You absolutely don't want to get caught by anyone yanking on your chain if you know what I mean, but damn, you had a great orgasm." Julian admitted. "It was like of epic proportions. Even mine don't last that long." The twelve year old boy confessed in an admiring kind of tone.

"Really…I was good…orgasm?" Colton asked both amazed and confused.

"Heck yeah…and……um…an orgasm is that good feeling you got. Um…do you think you can do me now? I mean, it's basically the same thing, but also a little different because of my skin. I'll show you how I like it though and we can go from there." Julian's voice sounded hopeful when he suddenly squeaked. "Oh crap," He hissed in surprise.

"Oh…uh…d-did I do it wrong?" Colton asked.

"Um…what…oh…I…uh…no. It-it's just having someone actually touching me is a lot more intense than I thought." The twelve year old boy divulged.

"I know…huh?" Colton confirmed. "It's like friggen wild. I hadn't expected it either, but yours is so cool. I like playing with it; especially, your skin because of how your knob pokes in and out of the hole like that." He confessed with things getting quiet for all of about a minute before I heard the explosive orgasmic sounds coming from Julian now, which lasted only a couple of seconds before he had to tell Colton to stop.

It's kind of funny how quickly guys tend to get off with their climax lasting only a few seconds most times. Leaning against the headboard I smiled broadly, happy for the two boys that they had found one another. It was clear the two of them had enjoyed the playful interaction and sexual exploration. I was glad Colton was able to find someone closer to his own age who could help him discover this phase of growing up. I'm sure Carter wasn't ready for this to happen to his little brother and it would change things from here on out with the two of them having to find a way to get through some of this embarrassing stuff. They slept together in the same room so it was bound to create some issues, but nothing they wouldn't be able to muddle through no matter how awkward.

As for Julian, he had sounded very happy about his very first real sexual experience with someone else and not just his own hand. It's not that he was all that experienced having admitted he only started jacking off five or six months ago, but he had also been ready to move into the next stage of things. I could understand his excitement because until recently I haven't had that sort of experience either and it was unquestionably more satisfying sharing such intimacy with another person. It did sound like he would be into girls, but right now he was happy to simply be able to bust a nut with someone else, even a boy, setting up the groundwork for his sexual development and maturation in the future.

I could hear the boys talking softly now about other sexual stuff while they cleaned up. Colton was curious and full of questions with the blue green eyed twelve year old boy doing his best to answer what he could. I'm sure Julian had plenty of questions about stuff too, but did seem to manage answering most of the ones Colton had about sex as I closed my eyes snoozing a bit until the sound of movement captured my attention.

Opening my eyes I smiled when Colton rounded the corner with a towel wrapped around his waist and his body glistening wetly. His face brightened up when he saw me lying there on the bed and without any embarrassment tossed his towel on the edge of the bed exposing his delightful nakedness to me. He was too adorably cute with his small but fleshy little boy bag swinging between his legs while his shriveled one inch soft pecker snuggled up against his body. Only his little bullet was visible, his shaft completely hidden looking as if his sprig sprouted right from out of the top part of his soft nut bag.

Giggling naughtily the smaller boy leaped on to the bed his momentum propelling him into me as he snuggled right into my body while I winced in pain.

"Dude, for real." I grunted hearing him giggling again because he knew exactly what happened. "Damn, one of these times you are going to crack my eggs for good leaving them all scrambled." I grumbled, the boy sniggering and shrugging his shoulders.

"Sorry." He apologized while I sighed and chuckled.

Leaning over I kissed his forehead as Colton got comfy not even bothered by lying next to me completely naked. My eyes wandered over his youthful beauty which reminded once again of how he looked exactly like his older brother. This is what Carter looked like when he was only eleven years old. It made me wonder if this had been an eleven year old Carter instead of Colton and me instead of Julian in the shower, if the two of us could have had the same kind of fun together. I would have been thirteen while he was only eleven, but at that time I already knew I was gay and I could have easily found myself having sex with an eleven year old Carter, if he had wanted it.

"So what's up with Julian?" I wondered.

"He's gotta wash his hair still. He's got really beautiful long hair don't you think and his eyes. I can't tell if they are blue or green." He chuckled, glancing up into my face and beaming. "That was like so much fun…in the shower. I…uh…thought it would be a little embarrassing, but with him it was like really cool. You know?" He sighed while I smiled knowingly.

"I bet." I chuckled, "and yeah gotta love his long hair the way it hangs over the front of his face sometimes and how he sort of pushes it back with his hand or the way he flicks his head. His eyes are really cool too." I admitted as it got quiet with Colton pressing his body into me along my right side.

He was simply adorably sweet and even though I was all boned up I could feel his spongy fleshy worm as pressed softly into my hip. Julian must have done a bang up job for Colton to remain soft like that because there was no doubt his little bolt would have been stiff as a rail poking me gleefully in the side. Glancing up I smiled as Julian stepped into view with a towel wrapped around his waist as well while another smaller one was being used to squeegee dry his hair. Looking over at the two of us all snuggled up Julian smiled cutely as he tossed the smaller towel aside before reaching down and tossing that one off as well.

My eyes widened in admiration because the twelve year old boy was exquisitely gorgeous with his tightly balled up sack firmly snuggled up to his body with them sagging slightly. Unlike Colton, the long haired boy's penis actually looked somewhat longer than what I had seen last night and it definitely was longer than Carter's if just barely. It wasn't as thick I don't think, but he certainly was stunningly handsome standing there completely naked with his three inch softie draping casually over his rounded bag. His foreskin also seemed longer looking about an inch now, the loose pucker of skin extending past the bottom part of the boy's nuggets.

He was a vision of splendor at the stage where he was probably at the height of statuesque like splendor. Even though I could imagine him with fine pale colored downy pubic hairs adding to his character and beauty as he got a little older, it somehow seemed fitting that at this point in time he was absolute perfection standing there unabashedly showing off his nakedness to us. In a way I felt privileged that he would share this intimate part of himself to us in such a carefree manner. His pubic mound was completely hairless with a nice pale porcelain slate contrasting the buttery hues of his tan line making me shiver and almost wishing I had caved in last night to my lustful urges.

Making his way between the bed and the wall, Julian climbed in next to me along my left side and snuggled up just like Colton. My body shivered despite the cozy warmth of the two boys' soft silky like skin up against mine on either side of me. At least Julian hadn't kneed me in the nuts this time, unlike his counterpart had, the twelve year old boy snuggling in close his soft penis and semi tight ball sack pressing up against my left hip. Glancing down I could see his flaccid tube angling horizontally between us and along the side of my skin with his large elliptical knap sack bulging outwards. Since his rounded ball was sandwiched up tightly between the two of us I could clearly see the outline of his left testicle within the confines of the smooth pouched membrane. As he shifted around his boyish scent wafted up into my nose the fragrant mixture of clean soap, pubescent adolescence, and a subtle hint of sexy youthfulness making me a bit lightheaded.

Indeed, the boy was at the height of perfection heading into the initial stages of adolescent teen-hood. There was a short window of peek perfection and he was just at the beginning stages of it as I realized just what an exquisite looking boy he was truly destined to become. There was no doubt the girls would be swooning all over him here in the near future if they weren't already. He was currently a virgin, he had admitted as much, but I predicted before the end of the year; especially once school started up, he'd lose it for sure and never look back with regret. Glancing down at his soft penis I had to smirk because that was one piece of equipment that would be getting a very good workout before long. It's already begun, but there was much more to come before year's end, that much I was certain of.

To my surprise Julian turned his head looking up at me before leaning in and planting a soft kiss on my cheek. "What was that for?" I chuckled while he blushed smiling sheepishly.

"For hooking me up with Colton. I think you were right last night about it being better to have my first real experience with someone closer to my own age like Colton. He sure didn't disappoint that's for sure." He giggled with the eleven year old boy lifting his head off of my chest.

"What? This was your idea?" The younger boy asked abruptly, kind of puzzling me that he'd be surprised I'd suggest something like that which he must have picked up on. "It's just I-I…um…I thought you didn't want to do stuff with me because I wasn't ready and you didn't want me to know about it." He added while I shook my head.

"Don't be silly. Of course I wouldn't mind if you learned about that kind of stuff. Just not from me you silly dolt. Geeze for real Colton, I want you to be happy too you know and I was your age not all that long ago, so of course I get it. I'm not going to make it so you shouldn't know about this stuff, but for real you're almost like my little brother and I'd hate myself if I did that kind of stuff with you. Not to mention your brother would probably be upset over it. I mean, he's like my best friend and all, and to betray him by messing with his little brother, that would be a little sick, don't you think?" I asked, the boy settling his head back on to my chest and snuggling closer as he shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know. I mean I think it would be kind of fun…you know to mess around with you a little like I did with Julian." He sighed confessing. "But yeah I get it. I mean you are like another older brother to me too and I think you are right. It might be fun at first, but we'd probably feel bad about it later." He appeared to agree, nodding his head on my chest. "Then there is Carter. He'd be mad too at both of us I think. I'd hate for me to be the one who breaks up your guys' friendship. You're the best thing that's ever happened for him." He declared while I smiled and leaned down giving him a gentle kiss as I hugged both boys to me, the feel of their skin on mine getting me a bit worked up as my penis twitched inside my underwear.

Just when I was about to untangle myself from the boys so I could grab my own shower Colton surprised me when he lifted his head and planted a kiss right on my lips. It's the first time we really kissed like that. I mean, I did give him a kiss that one time while he was asleep, but this was a little different and I had to admit I liked it as I looked at him questioningly.

"That's just for being the bestest friend and adopted brother ever, and for telling Julian to teach me about sex and stuff. That was like the wickedest thing ever and totally wild. I want to do it some more." He giggled while Julian blushed.

"Well, I'm sure there will be times the two of you can connect and have some more fun. I mean my dad takes me on post all the time and I'm sure he can drop us off over at Julian's sometimes. The base has a great pool and also a couple of outdoor skate parks. Maybe Julian can come and visit us sometimes too. My dad could pick him up and bring him over easy enough." I suggested with both boys getting a bit excited about the prospect of the two of them getting together sometimes to have some regular kind of fun along with maybe a bit of the other kind of fun. "I mean after all once the genie is out of the bottle it's kind of hard to get it back inside." I teased as we settled down again and I glanced down smiling at the two boys.

"Geeze, what more can a guy ask than to be sandwiched between two naked sexy boys." I began to laugh while the two of them blushed since they normally didn't snuggle up with another boy naked like this.

"Um…maybe being sandwiched between two naked girls." Julian snapped back easily making me absolutely certain this was one boy who wasn't gay.

"Oooh, yuck," Colton responded sounding truly despondent about the idea making both me and Julian look at each other before we started to bust up.

Ruffling the little guy's hair I shook my head. "Dude, just wait, before long I'm pretty sure you will have totally different feelings about girls." I told him sincerely.

Julian nodded wholeheartedly in agreement. "Oh yeah…you bet," the twelve year old giggled. "My mind's sort of changed on that topic here in just the last three or four months. All I can think about anymore is sex-sex-sex, and then sex with girls, and sometimes guys if they are cute like Colton, but most times about girls." He sniggered sheepishly lifting his head and looking over at the eleven year old boy with his eyes drifting down to the smaller boy's soft penis. "And damn for a small pecker that was one crazy animal that came to life in the shower." He admitted, his easy going mannerism hitting home as the realization of just how effortlessly this conversation had become for us kind of amazing me since we had just become friends.

Running my hands down both boys' naked backs, Colton on my right and Julian on my left, I cupped their rosy firm butt cheeks with my hands noting how in many ways they were the same yet also different. Each of them had nice soft supple skin that was silky smooth and warm to the touch. Julian had a tad more for me to grab on to since he was a little bigger than Colton, but both of them had cute little rounded melons. I heard the boys sigh at my tender touch before suddenly yelping in surprise, Colton's voice a little more shriller than Julian's making me giggle naughtily as I released them scooting for the edge of the bed.

"Hey," the boys grumbled protesting in unison looking at each other and giggling realizing I had goosed both of them at the same time. "Where are you going?" Colton asked sounding a bit disappointed evidently enjoying the bit of snuggle time with me.

"Gotta go get a shower already and I need to take care of…uh…," I paused standing up and glancing at the boys blushing a little because I let a bit too much slip, but it was too late now so I sighed and finished up, well sort of. "You know…personal business." I chuckled noticing Colton start to slide of the bed too as if to follow me.

"Um…and where do you think you are going?" I asked hesitantly rolling my eyes at his response.

"With you. I wanna watch because Julian says older guys when they jack off and do sex things squirt some stuff out of their peckers that isn't pee. I was curious about it." He stated in his typical straight forward fashion.

My eyes must have bugged out of my skull at his suggestion because there was no way I was going to let him watch me bust my nut. That was like super embarrassing. I mean it is sort of different when a guy is doing stuff with someone, but just jacking off was kind of really private like and sort of embarrassing to have someone else watching. I'm not sure I would even be able to have an orgasm jacking off if someone was just watching like the way Colton was suggesting. Recovering, I quickly pounced on the younger boy while he squealed and laughed before I dumped him unceremoniously into the twelve year old boy's lap seeing Julian wince when he got kneed in the balls making me bust up at his expense.

Getting my chuckles under control I waggled my finger at Colton. "You behave and there's no way I'm letting you watch me doing something like that." I admonished. "Besides, I'm sure you will be seeing plenty of that soon enough. Either when you get a little older or maybe when messing around with Julian and he starts to…um…you know, empty his milk tanks." I chuckled seeing Colton pouting a little as he glanced over at the long sandy haired boy who was blushing from my insinuation.

"Well, exactly when is that supposed to happen?" Colton asked innocently while I chuckled because he really was too adorable at times as I sighed looking at him seriously.

"Geeze dude," I snorted at his persistence. "You've been told before that no one really knows exactly when for these types of things. It's different for everyone. I didn't start squirting until I was around thirteen years old while some of my other friends started around twelve. I'm sure some kids start even earlier than that while some others later. It just depends, but I'm sure with Julian it won't be too much longer. Anyway, for real guys, I'll be out in a few." I chuckled shaking my head when I stepped into the bathroom, and just to be safe actually locked the door so there wouldn't be any prying eyes watching me as I turned on the shower, slipped off my underwear, and stepped under the warm soothing and refreshing water.

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