Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 7

What Happens In Vegas…

Time floated seamlessly, my slumbering state filled with the most pleasant dreams I've had in a very long time. There was a feeling of complete contentment and I didn't wake up once throughout the entire night as a whirring like noise finally began to insinuate itself into my thoughts. Ever so slowly I began waking up to my surroundings realizing the obnoxious noise was coming from the air-conditioner having kicked on. It was set on low, but kicked on and off by itself trying to keep a certain temperature level inside the small room. Opening up my eyes they drifted over towards the empty bed next to mine making me wonder where Carter had gotten off to when the memory of the small little impromptu escapade last night came flooding back making me wince. Everything had happened so fast, initiated by the other teen, but I knew it had probably been a mistake.

Not that I hadn't enjoyed the erotic sexual moment and the resulting intense orgasm, but I was gay and Carter wasn't so I should have tried to slow things down. We were friends and I didn't want things to become awkward between us. I was fifteen years old so knew enough to understand being gay made things a little different in regards to sexual exploration. Of course, in general some guys tended to mess around and experimented sexually with each other since it was part of growing up and coming to terms with our sexuality. Being gay though sort of changed the rules a little making something innocent into a somewhat more errant type of act. It was one thing for boys to fool around casually because of curiosity and sexual awakening, but I had deeper feelings for Carter and I didn't want him to feel obligated towards me in that sort of way because of us being friends.

Last night he had become horny, which was pretty typical for guys our age; initiating things on his own, but I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the fact he also knew I was gay and would want it. As teenagers sometimes the stirrings of our budding hormones and the smaller brain between our legs got the better of us breaking down barriers we would normally never cross. It was doubly so for Carter since he knew I was gay and wouldn't mind doing certain things. After all I had admitted I wanted to be more intimate with him and that he turned me on sexually, so it wasn't a stretch that when his pubescent raging hormones got the better of him he'd simply cave in to his urges.

Sighing, I turned over noticing the boy lying on his side facing the wall with his back to me and still fast asleep. Lifting up the covers I smiled as I gazed at the smooth curvature of his creamy skin, the ridges of his spine creating a bumpy line down the center of his back. My eyes traveled downwards noticing the smooth pale rounded orbs of his fleshy melons. I've looked at him from behind a number of times enjoying the curvature of his cute rounded firm apples, but this was the first time I really studied them in the flesh so to speak. I had to admit there was something sensuous about them, forcing my semi-hard tube to suddenly wake up as it bloated and stiffened up completely now.

The thirteen year old boy was completely naked and I began to wonder what it would be like to make love to him for real, not just the spur of the moment lustful teenaged hormonal sex. I liked him a lot for who he was as a person, but looking at him from behind reminded me he was also a very exquisitely erotic, intoxicating, and stunningly beautiful teenaged boy. To my surprise I began to wonder what it would actually feel like to make love to a boy in a more intimate kind of way; actually, not just any boy, but more specifically Carter, as I eyed him tenderly. Gazing at his pale creamy smooth melons, and the crease splitting them apart, a tingling sensation ran through my insides. I shivered excitedly, knowing how just on the inside of his narrow fissure was the small puckered pinkish brown lips of the younger teen's hidden virginal nirvana.

I've never truly thought things through before in what it actually meant for two gay boys to lose their virginity by the real act of making love in a carnal and intimate kind of way. I was only fifteen years old after all, which meant old enough to understand what boy on boy sex meant, but also young enough to never have thought it through in real terms. Now though, seeing him lying there naked, and so close, it made me feel something intense deep down. There was more to love than merely having sex because sharing such a cherished and special act was also the ultimate display of intimate kinds of feelings. The thought of making love to Carter made me shiver lustfully so I let the blanket settle back over his body as I glanced at the time before climbing out of bed heading for the bathroom. It was almost nine in the morning and breakfast would be over in forty minutes. I knew if we didn't show up soon my dad would be knocking on the door rousing us out of bed.

My body felt all sticky and funky from our unexpected pubescent lustful sex play last night and I needed a shower to wash it away. I still couldn't believe it actually happened. It was my first real sexual experience with someone else, so it was special and the memory of how warm and soft his skin felt as it rubbed sensuously up against my body was something I could still feel and sense. Not bothering with the toilet I started the warm water inside the small shower cubicle and slipped inside pointing my bloated penis towards the drain and let loose. The release felt almost euphoric, my clear yellowish stream of urine intermingling with the clean water before washing down the drain as my penis began to soften right up. Grabbing the small bar of soap that most hotels left for their customers, I began soaping up my body; especially, my pubes since they were all crusty and matted where my semen had intermingled with Carter's and dried before I had a chance to clean up.

The toilet flushing was the first indication the thirteen year old boy was up now too, probably waking when I turned on the shower. I slid the glass door open and stuck my head out smiling at his near naked state. Unlike me, he had slipped on his underwear before stepping into the bathroom. It was a little disappointing not to see him completely naked, but the way his tight boxer briefs looked on him didn't distract from the sexiness of his body. The white cottony material clung to the boy's nice rounded firm buttocks, even creating a nice crease showing off Carter's natural fissure. It made me shiver excitedly, wondering what it would feel like to slip my drill bit between those pillowy orbs plunging into the depths of his hallowed grounds. I felt myself boning up as I tried to shake away the naughty thoughts because last night may have been a wonderful experience, but I could tell the thirteen year old boy seemed nervous about what happened now.

Carter was staring at himself in the mirror and had his nose all wrinkled up with a disgusted look on his features. I couldn't help chuckling because I knew how he felt since my body was all sticky and smelled a bit scummy as well. He must have heard me sniggering because his soft brown eyes flicked upwards in the mirror noticing me staring at him through the reflection.

The dark haired boy blushed nervously because of his near naked state, once more reverting to that shy kid I had come to know and love. His hands instinctively crossed in front trying to keep the reflection in the mirror of his protruding lump in his boxer briefs hidden even though from my current line of site I couldn't really see anything. From behind I could only see the reflection of his face and nothing else that mattered much; except, maybe the nice plump rounded shape of his cute melons which I realized began to capture my attention more and more lately. His reaction struck me as a bit odd; especially, since I've seen what he's got down there on a few occasions already. Even though I hadn't actually seen him naked during the special moment we had shared together last night, it had still been very revealing. I suppose it was more habit and instinct on his part than anything else, mixed in with a healthy dose from the lingering remnants of being a bit more on the timid side about such things.

Nevertheless, despite what happened between the two of us last night I could tell Carter was still a little bashful about his nakedness, maybe even nervous which was understandable. To be honest I was kind of surprised he hadn't even bothered getting completely dressed all things considered. I could tell how on the one hand he had reservations about what happened between the two of us last night; yet, on the other hand he was trying not to be so bashful about things around me. It made me smirk a little thinking maybe despite his natural shy nature my naughty antics were starting to rub off on him some. I mean, at least it didn't seem he was so shy anymore about taking a piss or anything while I was in the same bathroom with him.

We both stared at each other for a couple of seconds through the reflection in the mirror before I smiled warmly. "Morning and I know how you feel. I just hopped in the shower trying to clean away some of the scummy funk from…um…," I paused seeing his cheeks flush even more in regards to last night's incident while he pursed his lips glancing away as if a little upset about what happened.

In a way I couldn't blame him. After all he wasn't gay like me and his burgeoning hormones had gotten the better of him last night. Puberty and all the changes that came with it was perplexing enough for a guy, but acting out on some of the sexual urges with another boy when you aren't gay could make things even more confusing. For that matter it was even a bit troubling for me and I knew that I was gay. I should have known better than to act out on my own salacious desires with a friend who was obviously not gay like me. It made me feel kind of bad now with what had happened last night.

Not wanting to push things further I dropped the line of thought in regards to last night's impromptu moment. "Anyway, if you feel all scummy you might as well just hop in the shower with me and get cleaned up real quick. I'm sure my dad will probably be knocking on the door wondering what is taking us so long. We only have about another thirty minutes or so before they close down the continental breakfast." I pointed out noticing the other boy hesitate a moment biting his lower lip nervously by my suggestion while I ducked my head back inside the door leaving it up to him.

Turning back towards the water I stuck my head under the warm spray getting my hair completely soaked. I was still all boned up from staring at his cute ass so the spraying small droplets of warm water splattering on my hard penis provided an almost sensual tickling sensation along its length sending another shivering reaction along my insides. Taking a step back I bumped into something soft and flinched in surprise, smiling when I realized Carter must have taken me up on my offer after all. It sent a relief coursing through my insides because it meant he wasn't mad about what happened between the two of us while also kind of surprising me because it did mean him getting naked again.

"Oh sorry, I didn't think you were going to…um…I-I…uh…I didn't realize you had stepped inside the shower booth." I apologized turning around to face him.

The other boy's eyes suddenly got big and round as I followed his gaze having forgotten all about being boned up. Even though last night he had felt my erection rubbing up against him I realized it was the first time he had actually seen me completely hard. It made me blush a little embarrassed about it, but I didn't want him to get all freaked out either since I understood how much guts it had taken him to do this even though we've both gone skinny dipping together. In a way this felt different though, maybe because we were in a more confined space and boxed in. I suppose it felt more intimate somehow being in the shower booth with him.

My eyes naturally flicked over towards his own boy goods for a second a slight sense of disappointment making me sigh because his hands were covering up anything of importance. Still, it was obvious he had boned up as well since I could see a little through some of his fingers that were slightly spread open. As a teenager he was big enough down there that his hands simply weren't large enough to keep all of his nut sack and hard pecker completely covered up. Seeing him in that kind of state sent a shiver up and down my spine, while at the same time I tried not to show any shyness for sporting my own erection. After all it was one thing for boys to see each other naked, something totally different when a guy gets all boned up when they are so close to one another.

"Um…I…uh…sorry, it sort of happens all the time when I…you know…take a shower." I tried to explain my erection away while he seemed to blush embarrassed now as well, probably because I had caught him staring at my stiffie.

It was awkward for a second or two as we sort of stood in front of each other in the tight cramped space our eyes locked together. We were literally inches apart now as I studied his soft boyish features. He was really cute and had such beautiful supple looking lips that I felt myself begin to lean forward. I was spellbound and he seemed to begin to lean forward as well. For a second I thought we might end up kissing, but the pounding on our door outside in the other room seemed to dispel the magical grip which had bound the two of us together as we both suddenly jerked in surprise. The bathroom door was open and I heard my dad's voice drifting through the other door in our room.

"Are you boys up yet?" I heard the muffled deep voice.

"Um…yeah." I hollered out loudly making Carter take a slight step back so my shouting wouldn't bust his eardrums while I looked at him and shrugged apologetically. "We are just getting cleaned up." I explained.

"Well, you better hurry up then if you don't want to miss out on breakfast. I've already eaten so when you boys are done getting cleaned up and finished up with breakfast just come get me so I can drop you guys off before heading over to my buddy's place." He instructed as Carter scooted past me and with his back to me stepped up under the shower head.

I watched him for a couple of seconds from behind as he reached for the bar of soap and began washing away the evidence of our last night's sexual tryst. My soft penis, which had deflated when my dad pounded on the door, once again stiffened up. I couldn't help myself as my fantasies began to take root while I stared at his sexy smooth pale rounded orbs with the splashes of red making it appear almost as if even his ass was blushing. Shaking my head to clear away my lustful thoughts I reached for the bottle of shampoo and lathered up my hair. After a few moments we shifted positions with the thirteen year old boy keeping his back to me and making sure to cover up his privates. I couldn't understand why he had gotten so shy again, considering I've already pretty much seen him naked as I tilted my head backwards under the flowing water of the shower head my hips automatically arching outwards.

The front of my body was facing the other boy, boner and all as I closed my eyes to rinse out my hair. I heard him gasp and when I opened up my eyes I noticed he was glancing over his shoulders staring at my erection before he quickly turned his head back around. Obviously, being in the shower really was the first time he was kind of seeing me all boned up as I began to realize I still haven't seen him with an erection either. Finishing up rinsing out my hair I straightened back up and saw Carter's body start to quiver hearing a small sob escape his lips. This was obviously a mistake, showering together, since what happened last night was eating at him and I began to feel bad about everything because I should have stopped things before they went too far.

Biting my lower lip I reached out to comfort him feeling Carter flinch slightly at my innocent contact on his shoulder. "I-I…um…about last night…," I began not really knowing what to say, but feeling another shudder and then hearing a little sob followed by some sniffles making the pit of my stomach begin to squirm around because this was obviously now starting to upset the darker haired boy.

"D-do we have to…," I heard Carter's small shaky voice respond in a barely audible whisper making me bite my lower lip waiting for him to conclude the rest of his thoughts even though I pretty much knew what the unsaid words were.

When he didn't finish it got a little awkward again so I tried where he left off. "You mean talk about it?" I started, pausing for a second. "I…uh…don't you think maybe we should? I mean…you know…," I paused not so sure what to say when he began to cry softly, his body beginning to shake from the small sobs.

It was awful watching how tore up he was about the whole incident; especially, since I had known better last night. Taking a step forward, I couldn't help myself and wrapped my arms tenderly around the front of his body gently pulling him into my chest and stomach.

Sighing I settle my chin in the crook of his neck and shoulder feeling bad about everything. "Oh god Carter…I…I'm so sorry about last night. It's all my fault." I admitted feeling him stiffen up slightly before once again relaxing and exhaling softly as I ran my hands up and down soothingly over his firm yet supple silky smooth skin.

It started getting a little awkward again so I started to step back when Carter whispered, sounding a little forlorn. "N-no it isn't your fault, but y-you won't s-say anything to l-like my brother or-or…you know…anyone…I-I mean it j-just sort of h-happ…," He seemed to plead with another hiccupping sob forcing the pause while I stood rooted in place for a split second kind of leaving me speechless for a moment.

"I…um…of course not…I mean…who would I tell? I'm definitely not saying anything to my folks about it or my friends back home, and there is no way I'm talking to your little brother about something like this. Besides…you know what they say?" I added in a teasing kind of voice trying to lighten the mood and set his mind at ease because I didn't want him to think this was his fault or that I'd somehow 'out' him about something like this to people.

It took him a second, but he seemed to take the bait as he craned his neck a little and looked over at me. "What's that?" He asked curiously.

"You know…about Vegas." I hinted with his eyebrows dipping questioningly.

Chuckling, I smiled a bit mischievously answering his questioning look. "What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas." I quoted the old adage.

Carter squirreled up his face. "But this isn't Vegas, it's Greensboro." He corrected while I grinned back a bit sheepishly.

"Well…maybe, but let's just say Greensboro is 'our' Las Vegas?" I chuckled seeing his eyes lighting up a little as he turned his head back around letting me settle my chin back in the crook of his neck with our cheeks rubbing together softly. "Carter last night, it was…special for me." I admitted.

"Me too." I heard him responding quickly, feeling the heat in his cheeks rise as a wave of embarrassment washed over him.

"Really…I mean…you don't feel bad about last night then?" I asked a bit stunned.

He shrugged his shoulders. "I…uh…of course it was special…we're friends." He pointed out making me furl my eyebrows a little confused now.

"But, I don't understand. Why were you so upset just now?" I wondered seeing him biting his lower lip and looking down his eyes welling up a little.

Craning my neck a little I automatically glanced down as well. His hands were firmly clamped around the front of his boy baubles trying to hide his obvious boner. I couldn't really see anything, but he definitely had an erection. It made me once again wonder what it looked like.

"It-it's just…," his voice brought me out of my musings with another short pause before he continued. "I don't know. It's just you…uh…you look really nice down there…you know…when you get hard and mine…it-it's just…I…you know…the way it curves…it's kind of embarrassing." He admitted while I sort of leaned into him and slightly over to the side so I could get a better angle to see over his shoulder.

Since I was a couple of inches taller I managed to get a decent angle glancing down noticing how he was still keeping himself covered up. Moving my hands downward along his arms I placed my hands over his fingers that were keeping him shielded. I felt Carter stiffening up a little so leaned in and spoke softly in his ear.

"You can trust me." I whispered tenderly seeing his eyes welling up slightly as several emotions washed over his features.

Pursing his lips as if debating, it was something he wanted to do, but also afraid about. "Y-you promise not to laugh?" He asked seriously while I looked back at him just as sincerely shaking my head.

"Of course not." I assured him as I gently eased his hands away and looked down.

The breathe caught in my chest as I stared in wild eyed wonderment at my very first glimpse of his curved erection. "Whoa, that is like wickedly cool." My voice rasped and rattled in my chest as I tried to swallow.

"W-what…you really think so?" He asked while I nodded dumbly.

In the flesh it looked a lot bigger than I had imagined with a nice plumpness to it. Of course as I scrutinized him I realized it was still like I had figured, about three and a half or four inches long. It was kind of difficult to accurately gauge it with that banana like curvature to it. His tendril at the base angled upwards just like my erection did, but then it began to curve like a banana, so instead of it stiffening up into a more upright position it sort of ended up sticking in an outwards horizontal like position from his body. When I boned up my penis actually stood practically straight up bobbing and pulsing around with a slight space separating it from my pubic mound, but the bend in Carter's penis made it so the tip end of his cap was actually pointing straight out. In a way it almost didn't look like a full blown erection but rather more like a semi-stiffie.

Unable to resist the urge, I wrapped my fingers around his nice shapely erection feeling him literally jumping out of his skin and hiss in shocked wonderment at the sensations coursing through his body. Even his rigid penis lurched in my fingers, pulsing and squirming around at the light contact, while his testicles leaped upwards in their soft casing making my eyes widen in amazement before I snatched my hand away.

"Oh shit, sorry I didn't mean to." I apologized feeling Carter's entire body trembling uncontrollably while he gasped and tried to suck in air as if I had literally squeezed every bit of it out of his lungs.

Clamping his hands over his boy bits he simply shook his head too rattled to say anything for the moment. I felt really bad about simply grabbing on to his pecker like that and hadn't planned on doing it, but something just came over me. Seeing him all boned up and the way his penis curved was a little different. I had been curious and without thinking was compelled to wrap my fingers around the curved appendage wondering what it felt like. Even though the contact had been a brief one it had felt strangely wonderful and nothing like when I touched myself. His penis had felt uniquely hard yet also silky and supple…kind of spongy like, rubbery, and even warm. Maybe it felt different simply because it belonged to someone else.

"Dude, really…I'm sorry." I apologized again with the dark haired boy turning around and giving me a big hug while shaking his head.

"It-it's alright…I mean…," he paused his body shivering again almost like I did sometimes after I jacked off with my body still twitching a bit from the tingling sensations coursing through my insides.

"Shit, that was close though." I heard him snort impishly as he took a step back and blushed. "I mean, it's just I wasn't expecting it and when you touched me I just about…um…," he turned beet red shrugging his shoulders and glancing away while my eyes widened at what he was hinting at.

"Really…you mean you just about…oh…um…sorry…again. I mean…I wasn't thinking about…you know. I mean…of course I know it is supposed to feel good…you know when someone else touches you down there…but I didn't think…um…you know." I began to blush because him popping his cork could have been a disastrous situation and awkward for both of us; especially him, since he was so shy about such things in general.

Carter glanced back over towards me shrugging his shoulders. "Um…it's cool. I mean, like I said, I wasn't expecting it so…," he replied, his cheeks still bright red as he glanced down at me now as if curious about my own erection.

The interest in my boyhood is something I was used to. Back home in Texas at school after gym class, football practice, or any of the other team sports I participated in, some of the guys would always glance my way sort of checking me out down there while we showered. Most guys back home were circumcised so naturally curious about my little pucker of skin. Of course my closest friends never really paid all that much attention to it anymore because they've known about it since we were really little.

"Y-you…um…you can take a closer look if you want." I suggested seeing his eyes flicking back up at me while his entire face flushed red because he got caught staring as he quickly looked away.

I could tell he was embarrassed. "Really it's fine," I mean most guys tend to wonder about it and all, "even back home at school when I took showers." I added trying to set him at ease. "Go ahead, you might as well get it over with. After all, what happens in Greensboro…," I sniggered, Carter's eyes flicking over towards mine studying me for a second before he grinned a bit sheepishly and chuckled.

Glancing back down at me he hesitated a moment before the curiosity finally got the better of him and he settled on one knee for a closer look. "Whoa, that's like wickedly cool. With you being hard I can almost see the tip of your cap just on the inside of your hole since it is sort of slightly open." He hissed excitedly while I nodded.

"Yeah, with some of us who are older when we get hard sometimes the tip of our peckers pop out. It's different for everyone. I'm thinking maybe in a year or two mine might start doing that when I bone up." I admitted looking down at him noticing how he had scooted a little closer for a better look.

I could tell he wanted to reach out and pull my foreskin back making me smile at his natural curiosity thinking there really wasn't anything wrong with it. "Um…if you want you can pull the skin down."

His eyes flicked upwards while he frowned as if wondering how I had known his deepest thoughts. Of course he's seen the tip of my exposed cap before and I could tell he really wanted to have a closer look, but hesitated because it would mean actually touching my erection. Once again his curiosity got the better of him as he reached out and placing his thumb and finger just below my foreskin covered ridge tugged it slightly downwards exposing the tip of my crown.

My insides immediately exploded and I felt my knees buckling as a huge tsunami like wave coursed through my veins while my brain became a bit addled. Even my large ping pong sized testicles lurched upwards in my still tight hairless ball sack. For some reason this morning it had remained balled up tightly against my body even in the warm shower.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry did I hurt you?" I heard Carter's concerned voice as he snatched his hand away while the intense tingling sensation immediately subsided.

Gasping for air I quickly shook my head ashamed about my reaction. "Uh…I…no. It's intense, just like you said…uh…when someone else touches you. No one's ever touched me down there and I didn't expect it to feel so…um…to be that powerful." I admitted seeing him scrunching up his face.

"Really, not even your friends back home. I mean, I would have thought they…you know, would have kind of…," he hinted hesitantly and becoming timid now about it.

"Um…yeah…I guess. I mean, I'm pretty sure they did." I added seeing his confused expression. "It's not like I've really been touched down there, not really. You know, of course I'm sure we sort of checked each other out when we were like really little and all. It's not something I really remember though, but it is probably just something that happened and when I was little it's not like my skin pulled back any at all. I'm sure you probably did the same thing with your little brother and don't even remember since you were really young." I suggested noticing him get a disgusted look for a second before sort of thinking on it for a moment as he began to realize I was right.

After all who the hell remembers when you were really that young checking out your closest friends who were more like family or even your little brother? When you are little you don't know anything about sex and naturally check things out without a second thought about it. For the life of me I couldn't even remember when my friends and I started seeing each other naked or anything. We've always simply known how one or the other of us looked down there. Of course at some point I started pulling my skin down when I took a piss and stuff and I'm sure they had noticed that as well, but I've been doing that for years now. I don't even recall when it started happening. It had to be around seven or eight years old and I never even thought much about it at that age.

Sighing, I continued. "Of course I've goofed around with my friends and all playing a little grab ass and shit, but it's not the same like when someone…uh…you know." I admitted, blushing a little embarrassed now as well since it was kind of an awkward thing to talk about.

The darker haired boy was nodding his head and I could tell he was about to stand back up. "Um…go ahead and try again." I suggested seeing him hesitating a moment not so confident.

"A-are you sure?" He wavered still uncertain while I nodded my head.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Go ahead." I pressed.

In some ways I was kind of turned on by the idea of him being curious about my body. The way he had reacted when he actually pulled my skin downwards exposing the tip of my crown had been just as exciting as the actual sensation of someone else actually touching my hard penis. The excitement was again building inside of me as I watched Carter debating it for a second before once again reaching out with his pointing finger and thumb lightly gripping my bulky piece of tube steak just below the outline of my ridge.

The familiar tingling sensations coursed through my veins, the heat rising inside of me as I held back the hurricane that threatened to overwhelm me. Despite my efforts I could still feel my knees buckling a little while my large testicles rolled upwards in an involuntary contraction. Even my erection lurched in his grip, the tip of my knob automatically popping out into the open when my penis twitched. I felt a little wobbly and reached out placing my hands on his shoulders for stability.

"Whoa, that was like wicked how your nuts rotated around inside your tight bag and pecker poked out into the open. I could actually see the outline of your marbles against the tight skin of your scrote as they rotated upwards." He hissed excitedly glancing upwards into my eyes.

"You alright?" He asked a bit concerned, but retaining his grip on my erection while I nodded my head and looked down into his beautiful warm brown eyes.

"Yeah, it's cool." I nodded swallowing the lump in my throat watching as he shifted his gaze back to my goods while I tried to calm down a little.

Things felt really intense at the moment between my legs because this really was the first time anyone's actually touched me down there. I've jacked off so many times I've become a pro athlete at it, but this was way more extreme sending familiar sensations coursing through my body that were like a thousand time more powerful than I've ever experienced before as I watched what he was doing.

Using his right finger and thumb he pulled my skin back over the tip of my exposed knob covering it back up before sliding it downwards and stopping when the skin began to tug and resist. He did it several more times making me feel all woozy because in a way it was almost like jacking me off. Closing my eyes I was starting to get lost in the moment as I placed my hands on his head running my fingers through his wet hair. I felt more fingers now as they began to grope my tight nut sack. Looking down I noticed Carter was cupping my smooth hairless boy bag with the fingers of his left hand as another wave of intensity gripped my insides because now he also wrapped all of the fingers on his right hand around my torrid fleshy bat.

"Whoa, this feels really different from the way mine feels when I fist it. Yours is way thicker and it feels kind of heavy. It's weird because it also feels a lot stiffer than mine and really warm in a fleshy kind of way." He gasped excitedly, his fisted hand now starting to slowly glide up and down my five inch length.

His eyes seemed to light up watching as the top of my knob would crown before disappearing from view. I could tell I was leaking and when I looked indeed the tip of my slit was oozing out some of its whitish clear honeyed nectar. I could tell Carter could see it too as he squeezed my erection slightly trying to force more of it outwards. His face was literally inches away from my erection as he pulled it slightly downwards in a more horizontal position towards him making me gasp not from pain but rather from the excitement of the moment.

His mouth was really close to my knob now and all it would take to slip it between those plump ruby colored lips was a slight tug of his head and small forward thrust of my hips. The image of my thick five inch erection parting his lips as they forced my foreskin back suddenly became too much for me. Without warning a large surge erupted inside of me as my testicles suddenly lurched upwards in rapid succession while my hard penis pulsed in perfect timing. Within a fraction of a second I felt my white hot lava erupting from the tip of my knob in several powerful bursts.

"Aaaaaaarph, uuuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, uuumph, uuumph, uuumph," I grunted in orgasmic ecstasy.

My eyes widened as I watched the first pulse eject my white snotty goop forcing it to spatter on Carter's nose, closed mouth, right cheek and chin. The second splattering of cum came screaming out right behind the first one as he tried to flinch away with it landing on his forehead and hair. A third one landed god knows where because at that point I lost all focus as several more contractions made my body arch backwards and jerk around like a puppet on strings. Within seconds it was all over leaving me completely spent and gasping for air.

"Oh shit…oh shit…oh fuck…I…I'm so sorry…oh shit…it-it just happened without warning." I managed to gasp out worried about his reaction to me getting off and busting my nut by what was supposed to be something innocent on his part.

His face was completely slimed with my white opaque boy goop. It looked like I had poured an entire cup of it over his face, but I knew it wasn't all that much. It was sort of deceiving because a guy normally ejects only about a teaspoon or so of our precious syrup and I knew I probably wasn't even squirting that much yet. Still, the slime was literally oozing all over his face where I had somehow managed to splatter it on almost every part of his features including his hair.

He had the weirdest expression on his face and I didn't know what to think as I continued to ramble on. "Oh shit, really I'm sooooo sorry Carter. I never expected this to happen and it just came out of nowhere. Oh god, please don't tell anyone." I blurted out, the reaction and words simply tumbling out of my mouth with the realization of my statement hitting home as I continued to stare at the thirteen year old boy noticing the complete surprised expression of Carter's face as he gazed back up at me and suddenly began cracking up literally holding his gut and bending over.

"Oh shit dude, that was like epic and like you said…what happens in Greensboro…," He continued to chuckle while I helped him up on his feet and began to laugh with him. "Besides, what am I going to say to someone?" He teased. "I mean…it's not like I can up and tell someone you creamed me all over my face because I was like jacking you off." He admitted while I shook my head knowing as soon as my remark had left my lips it had been a silly one.

"I know…," I giggled shaking my head. "The comment just sort of slipped out, but god, for real Carter…what happened…um…you know…with me…uh…well…it just sort of came out of nowhere." I admitted still chuckling while I reached over trying to wipe away some of my mess on his face.

"Shit…let's get you cleaned up here real quick. Now that I've busted my nut I'm hungry as all fuck and if we don't hurry we will lose out on breakfast." I teased seeing his eyes light up before he got a little shy again because what had happened was really naughty and a bit embarrassing.

Glancing down I noticed he was still hard as a rock while my own tendril had become limp as a noodle. I was tempted to help Carter out since I had just busted my own nut, but I could tell he had gotten a bit shy about things again now that the nasty deed was over with. I didn't know how he'd react if I actually returned the favor since what had happened to me was an accident and masturbating him would be more of a conscious decision on my part.

Even though he had gotten a little shy at the moment it didn't stop me from being the typical teenager and tease him a little about what had just happened. "Damn, for real dude." I chuckled shaking my head. "For a guy who isn't gay you sure do give a great hand job." I taunted, noticing his expression turn a little serious as he closed his eyes allowing me to rinse it off his face with water.

"What's wrong?" I asked the dark haired boy rolling his shoulders.

Shaking my head and sighing I knew I had probably gone a bit too far again in light of the situation. "Um…you know I didn't mean anything by it. I was just sort of teasing you is all."

"I know…," Carter sighed, his eyes opening back up and locking on to mine. "It's just…maybe I'm…you know…like gay too." He stated catching me by surprise, my shocked expression obvious on my features because he bit his lower lip nervously and his eyes began to well up.

"What? I mean…why would you think that?" I asked trying to regain my composure and calm down despite the excitement coursing through me at the idea of him being gay.

In the back of my mind though, I knew just because we had sort of been fooling around it in no way meant he was a homosexual. If anything, the way he tended to react at times hinted he wasn't gay at all. Reaching over I grabbed the bottle of shampoo squirting some of it in my hand before running my fingers through his hair so I could get the mess cleaned out of it.

There was a short pause while I let him digest things for a moment or two hearing him sigh in defeat finally answering my question. "I don't know. It's just the other night…you know when we woke up and…and…you know. I mean, it had felt nice even though it happened while we were asleep, and then last night…I-I liked it. Then today, when you touched me it was…you know…intense. I even enjoyed it just now…when I…uh…touching you…um…down there. I-I liked doing that…with you." He admitted while I listened and nodded my head.

"And you've never felt anything like that before?" I suggested while he turned his head away sniffling and nodding his head.

"What about girls?" I asked, the boy turning his head back towards me and scrunching his face questioningly.

"Huh?" He wondered.

"You know…do you ever think about girls or anything?" I asked seeing his expression turning blank for a moment as he tried to think on it some before he shrugged his shoulders.

"I…uh…not really. I mean, maybe," he scrunched up his face trying to sort it out in his mind. "I mean, you know the way things are for me in town and stuff I never really thought about girls in that way I guess." He admitted looking defeated to the idea he might actually be gay.

"And other boys?" I asked, catching him by surprise as he emphatically shook his head.

"N-no, of course not. That's even worse." He admitted while I smiled nodding my head.

"So basically nothing really sexual, that is until just recently." I pointed out seeing him nodding his head. "Dude, there's nothing wrong with you, not that there is anything wrong with being gay." I assured him.

"I-I'm confused." He admitted while I smiled nodding my head.

"Of course you are. I mean we all get confused with puberty, sex, boys, girls, straight, gay and all that other shit. It's only natural. Yeah, sure what's happened to you lately feels fantastic and all, but it doesn't make you gay. Most guys sort of have fantasies and stuff about all sorts of things between both guys and girls; especially, while we are asleep. We can't help it and it just happens all on its own. Right now it's all new for you since you've never really had any friends, boys or girls. It's fucked up because living in that crappy small town, with no one as a friend; you haven't been able to sort of think about sex in one way or the other. I mean, you know in regards to boys or girls. Don't worry about it so much. I'm pretty sure you aren't gay." I assured him.

"Really?" He looked at me his expression indicating he wasn't so sure. "I mean…you know…I kind of liked…um…some of the stuff…uh…lately…you know." He blushed timidly turning red because something like that was a difficult thing to admit.

"Well duh," I retorted chuckling and shoving his head under the water as he leaned back so I could rinse out his hair.

My eyes naturally dipped down as I swallowed the lump in my throat. His penis was still completely hard as he leaned back his hips thrusting outwards. The nice curvature of his banana pointing straight outwards from his body was such a sexy vision as I continued to scan him openly. His eyes were closed at the moment so I could perv on him a little without worrying about being caught. I loved the way his nut sack swayed loosely between his legs as I rubbed my fingers through his hair. His small patch of dark colored pubes looked kind of sparse now that they were splattered wetly along his mostly white colored bare slate.

With him all boned up and it curving as it pointed outwards from his body I could see the flap of skin on his soft scrotum sack where it was attached towards the base of his shaft along the bottom and side. It's odd how I've never paid much attention to something like that wondering if mine looked the same way. I had a feeling the flap of skin on either side was sort of visible like that because of how loose the skin was on him unlike my tightly packed ball sack. It was something I planned on maybe checking out for myself when I was alone one of these times.

Sighing, I tore my gaze away as he straightened back up wiping away the water from his face as we both stared at each other. "Listen Carter, of course what happened felt nice. It's kind of a naughty thing making this exciting and all, but jacking off feels good too and doing that doesn't make you gay." I pointed out seeing him blush again by the comment because guys simply didn't talk about burping their worm until their little cum gun began spraying everything in sight with their microscopic sperm pellets.

After all spanking your monkey, pulling your wire, choking your chicken, or whatever else you wanted to call it was something a guy did in private and never admitted to doing. We all knew everyone did it, but there was no way a guy would ever say he actually did it to others. Well, at least for the most part. It was a rule in general and not an absolute as the two of us have recently discovered since we've disclosed that sort of private deed to each other.

"Come-on, let's get dried off and get some breakfast before I decide to do something about that sexy hot curved banana and basket of truffles forcing us to get washed up again when you decide to pour some warm syrup over everything in the process." I teased reaching down and giving his curved vine a quick grope.

Carter literally jumped out of his skin catching about a foot of air in the cramped shower stall having been caught by surprise his expression funny as all get-out. "Oh fuck," he gasped as I felt his hard erection jolting in my grasp before I released it and slid open the shower door glancing over my shoulder and smiling. "Um…sorry, but I guess you will have to take care of your little spitting cobra later." I badgered him feeling a sting along my shoulder where he suddenly punched me and none too gently.

"Damn, you never give up do you; besides, the only thing exploding and spitting around here is that fat torpedo between your legs?" He sighed, rolling his eyes giving back as good as he got and shaking his head with a serious expression on his features.

Glancing down between my legs taking a good look at my thick erection pointing practically straight up I began to chuckle because damn if he was right. "Shit dude, I'm never going to look at myself the same way anymore…fat torpedo…good one." I began to bust up noticing him glancing at my stiff silo suddenly joining in and shaking his head.

Giving Carter a friendly shove we quickly scrambled out of the shower stall, dried off, and then got dressed so we could get something to eat real fast before they closed down. We made it over to the small conference room for breakfast with time to spare, noticing there were plenty of other people stumbling in for the last minute rush. Glancing around, we both looked at each other and smiled because it didn't look bad at all with plenty of options.

They had scrambled eggs, cubed fried potato, bacon, sausage links, various types of breads with a toaster available, different cereals, muffins, mixed fruit, milk, juice, coffee, tea, and the all important waffle batter and iron. Both of us zoomed right over to the iron fixing us up some huge waffles with plenty of butter and syrup before piling on the bacon and sausage along with a bit of scrambled eggs. We kept piling things on to our plate before settling down at a table and in a flash wolfing it all down. We were two very hungry pubescent boys despite having eaten our fill last night. After all we were still growing and with a couple of hollow legs it shouldn't have surprised anyone that despite our heaped up plates we'd manage to gobble it all down.

Breakfast literally only took up about ten minutes before we rushed back to our room so Carter could slip on his biking gear. I sat on the bed and watched him peeling out of his shorts and underwear replacing his green colored stretchy like lycra in its place. It sent a shiver through my insides because he really did have a sexy hot body. I don't even think he realized I was watching him change and it was kind of odd because it wasn't all that long ago he would have been totally mortified.

My eyes zoomed in on his two and three quarter's of an inch flaccid worm hanging slightly over the top of his soft bag which swayed around as he tried to put his feet into the leg openings of his tight shorts. His purse of skin swayed around loosely between his legs and sagged down kind of low. I once more noticed the stretched out flap of skin on either side of his soft tube down by the root end where his scrotum sack was attached to the base of his penis. I've never noticed that on me, but then again like I noted earlier mine tended to be balled up tightly most of the time.

The darker haired teen wobbled a little catching his balance sending his floppy bits waggling around comically. I couldn't help it and chuckle catching Carter's attention as he glanced over sort of realizing I was staring at him. His face turned red and he shifted slightly away from me even though we've both seen each other naked on enough occasions now that it shouldn't be embarrassing anymore. Still, it was a part of the other boy's shy timid nature so didn't really surprise me. Besides, the new angle gave me a delicious view of his cute ass. Damn, how I'd love to do a face plant between those soft billowy cushions. The thought once again sent a shudder through my body along with my penis twitching reminding me it too would love to be planted between those tepid globes.

Biting my lower lip I sighed, wrenching my eyes from his deliciously luscious body. It was one thing to sort of fool around a little, but my thoughts were a bit on the perverted side now and I felt a little ashamed about the way I was thinking of Carter. I liked him a lot and all I could think about at the moment is how I could have more sex with him. Getting up I quickly stepped into the bathroom and relieved myself leaving him alone to finish up in the other room. By the time I finished he was done as well with those silvery grey blue plaid shorts covering up his tight green pair of riding shorts. He was wearing a light colored polo style shirt as well and I knew once we got to the park he'd slip on his riding shirt and shuck his silvery gray plaid shorts. Stepping into the bathroom he quickly relieved himself as well before we made our way over to my dad's room.

We had been really quick once we managed to get out of the shower so were on the road heading towards the park a minute or two after nine thirty in the morning. The park was only about ten minutes away as my dad pulled onto the little road leading us back to the drop off point he had taken us to yesterday. The plan was to do Owl's Roost again and veer off trying out a few other trails. As we got closer we started noticing all sorts of activity with those bright orange cones set up and everything. There were people milling around in the small parking lot with several of those ten by ten canopies set up.

"What's going on?" I asked not expecting an answer, but simply talking aloud.

"Don't know, but we can find out." My dad replied as he found a spot to park and while Carter and I unloaded our bikes he set off to talk with someone.

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