Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 8

Guilty Indulgences

There was a buzz activity all around us as we finished unloading our bikes waiting for my dad to come back. A few minutes later he came walking over with a big grin on his features. "Well, it seems as if there is a Mountain biking competition getting ready to kick off. I signed up both of you, but you need to hurry up because the rules say you need to show up for the meeting that takes place one hour before the start." He offered up catching us by surprise.

"But, don't they need parental permission?" Carter asked looking really nervous now about the idea of actually competing.

It was something he's talked to me about before, but had never done. I thought he'd be excited, but now I could tell the idea kind of frightened him. With things being what they are back in the small town where he lived the younger teen hasn't participated in sports or competed now for a long time. I could tell he was really nervous about it.

"Well actually you do, but with your parents giving me power of attorney over both you and your brother when they aren't around I'm now considered your legal guardian while we are on this trip. When Pim is with you guys your parents are legal guardians over him. Once I explained it to the officials and they confirmed it with your folks they agreed to allow you to compete." He explained while the dark hair boy gaped at my dad.

"M-my parents said it was alright? I mean, isn't there a sign up fee involved or anything?" He breathed nervously while my dad chuckled ruffling his hair.

"Don't be such a worrywart. I took care of the cost for both you and Pim. It's only a small amount and nothing to fret over. Most of these kinds of events have similar fees and it is just to take care of the basic costs involved in setting something like this up. This competition is a local sponsored one so not a real big competition. You will do just fine Carter so don't be nervous. This is more about having fun and the thrill of competing against others who have the same passion as you. I know you haven't competed before, but this is the perfect place to get your feet wet. Just go and have fun." My dad reassured the boy draping his arm over his shoulders and giving him a quick fatherly like hug.

"That's like way cool dad." I beamed getting excited about the competition.

This wasn't my thing, but I loved to compete just for the fun of it. In a way it always made me kick things up a notch and I tended to do better when there was some sort of pressure. Of course there was always those familiar butterflies fluttering around in my stomach before the start of any competition or game, but those only seemed to fuel my energy and key me up.

"Come-on already dude, this is like going to be so much fun." I added, grinning from ear to ear and nodding my head at the thirteen year old boy reassuringly. "Dad's right, it's a good place to get your feet wet since it is a smaller event and it will give you a chance to see if you really like it or not. Go out and show everyone what you've got. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, just that you do your best and have fun while doing it." I gave the boy a friendly shove seeing his face lighting up as he nodded knowing I was right.

"Good, then it's settled." My dad smiled giving me a quick hug. "I wish I could stay, but I've made some arrangements with a group of veterans around here in Greensboro so we could build a ramp for my buddy who is stuck in a wheelchair. He can't get in and out of the house unless his wife hauls up his chair and it is a real hassle." He explained while I nodded my head feeling a bit awful now.

"You should have said something dad. I would have loved to help out with doing something important for someone who needs it." I admitted knowing how tough things were sometimes for returning vets.

It was simple things like this that the VA system was supposed to help out and provide support for, but like everything else it was a big bureaucracy and extremely slow to help if ever. A guy could die at the ripe old age of a hundred and fifty before those bureaucrats ever got around to doing anything. Veterans coming home from the battlefield all messed up were thrust into another war upon their arrival with a civilian run operation that didn't know their butt from a hole in the ground.

Veterans found themselves in an even tougher battle for just the simple support typical whiny spoiled civilians got at the drop of a hat for nothing more than stubbing their toe or having an ingrown toenail. I mean, how often have I seen a car parking in a handicap spot with the occupants hopping out and literally running into the store to go shopping. I've even seen these idiots with trucks that have these huge tires, where you literally have to be a mountain climber to get in and out of the vehicle, parking with their handicap stickers in a handicap spot. It never ceased to amaze me how they would climb in and out of their truck looking perfectly healthy to me.

It was things like that which often made me wonder how those stubbed toe or ingrown toenail jerks could get away with it by simply whining to their overstuffed care provider about not being able to park close to the store forcing them to walk. I'm sure many doctors just didn't want to listen to all the moaning and groaning so simply signed the forms. It made me sick to my stomach how we've got a bunch of whiny brats in our society anymore with their so called entitlements when we have veterans coming home with limbs blown off, their brains all addled because of those improvised explosive devices, and bodies that didn't function right who can't even get help for the simple things to make their lives just a tad easier. Civilians in our country were a bunch of lecherous leaches sucking away the lifeblood of those who needed help the most. It made me want to puke, or at the very least throttle someone.

At only fifteen years old even I could see how people like that in our country were destroying us from the inside out. I may only be a teenager, but living the life of a military brat I could actually see the way our veterans were being treated. In the civilian life what our veterans were doing wasn't even an afterthought in most of their minds. For the selfish civilians, whatever didn't take away from their entitlements didn't mean anything so they simply ignored everything else. Indeed, I was learning how the people in our country were becoming very shallow in regards to taking care of our own first and foremost.

My dad ruffling my hair brought me out of my musings as he smiled at me proudly. "I know you would have come over to help," he smiled proudly, "but you boys deserve to have a bit of fun too." He prompted patting my shoulder and giving me a hug for being so thoughtful. "Anyway, since I have to go I've made arrangements for one of the other parents to sort of keep an eye out over you boys. Evidently, he takes his son to a lot of these events so said he would be more than happy to be there and help out. From what I understand it isn't unusual for a bike to break down and need some extra parts or something. He's got a trailer set up for that sort of thing." My dad explained motioning for us to follow him.

My dad introduced us to Mr. Baylin and his son Mason who was the same age as Carter. There was also a sister who looked about the same age as her brother and after chatting for a few minutes I discovered the siblings were twins, which now made sense because they did look a lot alike as I began to study Mason's features more closely while I noticed Carter checking out the boy's sister. It made me smirk as I took note of Carter's scrutiny setting it aside for now so I could tease him about it later.

My attention was drawn towards the other thirteen year old boy thinking he looked kind of cute. He was about the same height, build, and weight like Carter with brown hair, brown eyes, and an earring in his left ear which I thought looked kind of nice on him. Even though the kid sort of came off as a bit cocky I got the sense he was pretty cool overall. I could tell he was officially in competition mode, which often came off in a testosterone egotistical stoked up manner. Mason was definitely confident and self assured about his abilities, and even though he came off as a tad boastful I could also tell it wasn't in an overt braggart kind of fashion. It was simply self assured confidence he presented knowing his abilities in this sport.

Shifting my attention back to Carter I just about busted up because he was now checking out Mason. Yup, it was like puberty had finally woken up my friend as he continued to shift his attention between brother and sister as if not knowing who he liked better. Well, if nothing else I could tell the girl seemed interested in Carter because her gaze was simply fixated on the dark haired boy. Her eyes suddenly flicked downwards as they widened for a split second when she took in his decent sized bulge. I'm sure she would have probably swooned if Carter was in his tight fitting biking gear instead of his polo style shirt and silvery-gray plaid shorts. I mean those biking shorts were really revealing; especially, since Carter didn't wear underwear beneath them. It sure left little to the imagination if his penis was angled in a certain position.

After the brief introductions my dad said his goodbye's promising he'd pick us up around three or four in the afternoon after the race. I thought this seemed a little late, but he explained how this was a two stage race. I didn't know all that much about Mountain Biking competitions so shrugged my shoulders figuring I'd find out more at the meeting.

Mason led us into the staging area for the meeting and it was there I found out how this race was going to be conducted. This particular competition would consist of riders racing one at a time, against the clock. A starting list was handed out and I noticed the order appeared randomly selected because out of the fifteen or so riders I was slated in the sixth slot, noticing Carter was two positions behind me. This competition was a very small one in comparison to some of the bigger events and set up for kids between the ages of twelve and seventeen years old. In a way it wasn't fair to the younger kids in the lineup since they were competing against much older and experienced boys, but it was a small venue and if nothing else more of a way for them to compete against the clock and their personal times despite prizes and trophies being handed out afterwards.

We were informed riders would be sent off in one minute intervals and each rider was to report to the starting area at least three minutes before our scheduled time. Several more rules in regards to procedures and penalties were doled out along with the information that there were two stages to this competition. In the first phase, assigned positions were given out randomly, but for the second stage it would be according to our finish times from the first leg of the competition.

After finishing the first run there would be an hour break before the second one was to begin. This would allow everyone to completely clear the course and have time to eat lunch and do any repairs to their bikes. At the end of the day the winner would be the one who turned in the fastest time. I was really kind of surprised at how well organized such an event was with proper rules of conduct and everything. Just like any sport such as football, baseball, basketball, or any number of individual sports this one had a set of firm rules.

The course had things like markings with directional arrows or course tape to notify rider of course direction or hazards and referees stationed in key locations to assure rules are being followed in regards to allowing competitors to pass someone by using vocals like "track" along with a slew of other rules and regulations. Of course this was a competition so there were gray areas, like riders attempting to pass an opponent doesn't automatically mean that person has to move over even if you do shout out "track." It became a gray area because technically the other person could say they were trying to jockey for position and it simply wasn't a safe place to move over and let someone pass. All in all a lot of it came down to integrity and self reporting, which in many ways sort of reminded me of golfing in that regard.

After the meeting broke up with everyone heading out to get ready and gear up, I noticed Mason sighing and shaking his head as he looked at the sheet with the line-up positioning. "What's up?" I wondered aloud.

He shrugged tucking away the sheet and gave me a big toothy smile as if to say it was all good. "Not much, I was just looking over the starting line-up." He commented casually.

"Oh, anything wrong with it?" I pushed a bit because even though he had brushed it off I got the sense there was something more to it.

"Nah, not really. Nothing I haven't dealt with before. Looks like you and Carter are in good positions without anyone that will really try to screw you over in front or immediately behind you guys. I don't know how fast you two are, but several riders in front and behind are pretty cool so nothing really to worry about." He pointed out letting us know his experienced opinion.

"What about you?" I asked getting the sense his was a bit trickier.

He smiled toothily again and despite his cockiness I was really beginning to like his easy going manner as well. It seemed to balance things out a little where he was concerned. The other kid was simply very confident in this type of sport and even though he came off as a bit cocky because of his competitive side I could also tell he was fairly laid back and not like a total jerk and braggart about it.

"Like I said, nothing I haven't dealt with before. I'm towards the back of the pack and a few riders behind two brothers who can be a couple of pricks. They are pretty fast riders overall, at least on a short course, but both of them don't play fair and tend to hold people up if they are trying to pass. People have also complained about the brothers forcing them off the trail when they do get a lane to pass safely. So basically they are both a couple of jerks and also dangerous for new guys like you and your buddy." He sighed, shaking his head obviously a little concerned over me and Carter which I thought was kind of cool of him since this was a competition and we were kind of strangers.

Motioning us to follow him towards his dad's trailer we stepped up alongside of him while he continued to explain things to us. "I'm sure I'll get to a point towards the end of the course where I'll pass at least one of them so won't have to deal with him on the second leg. The other brother is faster though so I might have to deal with him in the second portion of the course. If I don't catch him in the first leg I will during the second one since he's only strong and fast in short courses. By the second leg he will be tiring and I will catch him at some point. Depending on your times though, it might be a problem for you in the second stage if you end up behind one or both." He answered indicating we shouldn't worry about it until after the first stage of the competition.

After that things happened fast as I lined up when it came time and taking off when I heard the horn blowing. I set a fast pace for myself, familiar with the route since both Carter and I rode it yesterday. The first mile and a half was innocent enough and a fast track as I surprised myself by blowing past the rider that had started ahead of me. After that things got a little tricky with all the technical challenges popping up along the way as gnarly roots threatened to send me tumbling off at any moment if I miscalculated; especially, on the downhill portions which I ripped down with abandonment.

It was reckless on my part since I wasn't as experienced, but I was caught up in the moment, the wild boy inside of me taking over. There was something raw and invigorating about pushing the envelope and challenging myself like this. I've always been that way, pressing the limits, but this was a bit too dangerous at times and I knew if Carter saw me he'd have a few choice words about my wild abandonment.

It was a blistering pace I was setting so when I heard a familiar voice shouting "track" just behind me about at the halfway mark it caught me by complete surprise. We were just finishing up the rooty uphill patch and I knew not far up ahead would be the big downhill dip into the gully. I didn't want either one of us to get caught up in that section where it would simply slow Carter up, so with my legs burning I kept churning making it up the last hill just about the time he was right up behind me. I was sweating and huffing because I had exerted a lot of energy trying to speed up so I wouldn't slow him down until I could move over safely. With a last burst of pumping legs I crested the hill to a flat area just in time to ease over providing him with enough space to pass without loosing any steam.

Damn, Carter was fast and even though I tried to keep up with him he went flying over the crest of the big dip plunging down into the gully without missing a beat. For most, instinct dictated a rider should slow down at this point, but he knew better keeping his speed so he could burn through it on the up-leg portion of the hill. Carter was already pumping his pedals near the top part of the rooty hill when I finally went zooming down the opposite side slamming into the bottom of the gully which sent a bone chilling shudder up my wrists and arms. I nearly lost it, but somehow managed to hang on, glad of the speed now as I began to pump my legs feeling them burn with exertion on the uphill portion. By the time I crested the top Carter was already way ahead in the distance making me shake my head wondering who the wild boy was now riding a metal beast.

Still, even though Carter was setting a blistering pace I knew he had way more control on his bike than I did on mine. He's been pedaling along the wild trails for years now and I was still only a beginner for all practical purposes. All in all though, I wasn't doing too bad as the day wore on and I finally crossed the finish line. Carter was already waiting for me and beamed proudly when he saw my time.

"H-how'd I do?" I asked panting and wheezing for air as I tried to climb off my bike and literally keeled over on to a patchy part of the grass totally spent with my legs all wobbly and burning like they were on fire.

Rolling over on my back looking straight up into the blue cloudless sky I continued to wheeze sensing the other thirteen year old boy sitting down next to me.

Something cool pressed up against my cheek and when I glanced over I noticed it was a bottle of Gatorade the other boy was offering me. With a little grunt I sat up and accepted the proffered drink thanking him in the process.

"Damn, just how fast are you?" I finally managed to ask after catching my breathe and settling down. "Man, I'm going to be smarting all over tomorrow." I chuckled. "I've got muscles burning I never knew existed." I admitted wincing as I shifted while he seemed to nod in agreement.

"Yeah, I can imagine." The thirteen year old boy agreed. "I mean, for a guy who just recently started riding you held your own, that's for sure.

"Thanks," I replied nodding my head at the compliment while taking another swig of Gatorade before offering some to Carter who took a swig as well before handing it back. "It's nothing compared to how fast you are though and I'm two years older. Damn, for real dude, you passed me up like it was nothing." I admitted seeing him shrugging his shoulders.

"Maybe, but remember I've got a better bike and all. It makes a big difference you know." He tried to shrug it off humbly looking a little embarrassed so I let it drop.

After chatting for another couple of minutes we both got up and made our way over to the Baylin's trailer to check over our bikes. Carter busied himself with looking over his bike first making a few adjustments before getting to mine. Mr. Baylin watched for a few minutes nodding his head approvingly at the work before leaving us alone. It wasn't long afterwards that Mason joined us removing his helmet and smiling happily.

"Man, I love that trail. It's fast at times, but very challenging." He beamed the sweat glistening wetly on his round shaped brow.

The thirteen year old boy's hair was cut really short leaving his brow uncovered in a way which made the top part of his forehead look rounded. It wasn't a crew cut by any means, but still short enough so that at first glance it appeared like he had a round shaped face instead of oval. With this style of cut it opened up Mason's soft boyish features including his grinning smirk making me wonder if that had more to do with him having braces. I thought his lopsided grin looked cute on him; especially, with that nice studded earring in his left lobe. All in all though, he really was a handsome looking thirteen year old kid. I was a little disappointed he hadn't put on any riding gear like Carter's, thinking it kind of odd because it was a race after all. I suppose since it was a casual one for him he didn't see the need and simply had on a regular pair of loose shorts and a sports shirt.

Just then his sister showed up and I saw her pausing when she saw Carter, her eyes flaring open as she gawked at the thirteen year old boy in his tight fitting riding gear. My suspicions were right noticing how she appeared to be smitten by the boy. It didn't surprise me in the least, but when Carter noticed her gawking at him he blushed, keenly aware now of how his gear tended to be a bit revealing. Now that he's cooled off, and in light of how exposed he felt in his tight gear, he reached inside his bag and slipped on his other shorts doing the same with his polo shirt.

Mason seemed to notice and chuckled giving his sister a knowing look as he shook his head. "Um…what do the times look like Sis?" He asked bringing her back to the realm of reality as she blinked and then glanced at her brother's knowing look before blushing.

"Oh…it seems as if all of you have done really good with your times; especially Carter." She stated nodding her head. "He's currently sitting in third, which is like, really good if you ask me. I mean, he's beating out older kids and it's also his first time in a competition. I don't think there's much chance of beating the leader because he's got too much time on Carter, but the sixteen year old kid in second place is like only a few seconds faster at this point. Of course it comes down to stamina now and how fast you are on the second half after our short break. That's where many riders begin to slow down a lot." She observed nodding her head while I glanced over at Carter who didn't seem too tired making me wonder just how good he really was at this sport.

"Anyway, Pim you are in fifth position and Mason you are in seventh, but only by a few seconds. I'm sure getting held up by one of the jerk brothers affected your time." She added glancing at her twin while I snorted at the slight of words she imposed on the two siblings who were obviously long time rivals against her and her brother.

"Anyway," she continued focusing her attention on Mason. "You tend to have a bit more steam and are faster than most later on in a race. If you can pass the other jerk brother, who is currently in fourth position, without too much of a hassle you might be able to make up for lost time and place on the podium at the end of the day. To be honest, the times have all bunched up between the fourth place rider through to the eighth place rider so still anyone's match-up for third depending on who sort of burns out on the second part of the course." She informed us.

"So you seem to think I'll be battling it out for third with Carter?" He asked her looking at both me and Carter shrugging apologetically simply assuming he'd pass me up as par the course.

"What, no." She chimed back shaking her head. "Carter's got way too much time on you guys and from what I can tell he's fast and strong, not likely to poop out like most others. The guy currently in second place tends to lose a bit of steam during the second leg of a competition so will be dropping quickly. No, I think Carter will slip into second and it will be a battle for third between you and the jerk brother, no offense Pim." She offered up while I shrugged not in the least bit offended while her brother nodded taking in the new set of information making me wonder just how much she knew about the sport.

Her brother seemed to notice and chuckled. "She's pretty good on a bike as well and knows the strengths and weaknesses of most that compete. You can trust her about these types of stats." He spoke up answering my suspicions while he continued his train of thought. "Sis took a bit of a tumble a couple of months ago tweaking her back so the doctors ordered her to take it easy for a bit. She's itching to get back on the trails though and I suspect she will be giving it a go at next week's tournament. That's a pretty big one and I know she doesn't want to miss out on it." He explained while I nodded my head.

Carter seemed lost in his own thoughts and suddenly spoke up. "What about first place?" He asked catching us by surprise that he'd even be thinking about beating out a seventeen year old who seemed to be a die hard mountain biker.

Mason's sister grinned openly, enjoying how Carter seemed to be so into the competition now as she shrugged her shoulders. "He's too far ahead time wise I think and he's no slouch on the home stretch. You'll be hard pressed to beat him out." She added with her brother interjecting now diverting our attention to something more important.

"Are you guys hungry?" He asked just as my stomach growled making all of us bust up. "Um…I guess that's a yes." Mason giggled shaking his head. "Did you guys bring anything to eat? I'm sure we've got plenty." He offered up as I pulled out a sack lunch my dad had packed for us while we were getting ready earlier this morning.

"Nah, we're good, but thanks." I replied as we found a shady spot under some trees enjoying the gentle breeze which helped keep us cooled down.

It was nice chatting with some newly made friends and even Carter seemed to enjoy himself letting down some of his apprehensive guardedness. It was obvious how the thirteen year old boy seemed to open up more now that he was away from the small town and all the kids who constantly picked on him. He was still shy at times, becoming quiet while listening to us chattering away, but not in a way that seemed odd. He was naturally more on the quiet side and it came off that way as we all sat around chattering and enjoying each other's company. I could tell Mason's sister was smitten with Carter and he'd shoot side glances towards her too making me smile happily for him.

The person I got a big kick out of was Mason who would be chattering away one moment only to be interrupted by a girl here or there around the same ages as us waving and saying hello. It was obviously some of them were flirting with him and he didn't make any bones about flirting right back. He even got up a time or two and ambled over making some small talk while his sister rolled her eyes at his antics shaking her head.

"He's such a damn flirt and horn-dog," she blurted out on one of those occasions making me cough and spray some juice all over the place because I had been in the process of taking a big swig when she made the comment.

Evidently Mason had picked up a following over the years of competing and his travels. "Ha, you're one to talk," he had snorted right back laughing at how I had spit up my juice all over the place winking at us. "I noticed a lot of boys perving on you lately too if I'm not mistaken, and don't think I haven't seen you getting all gussied up too a time or two afterwards batting your eyelashes at them and plumping up your titties to tease them." He ribbed back making me once again cough at the way he was talking realizing only a brother who is a twin could get away with talking to a sister like that.

At the mention of titties, Carter's eyes automatically flashed towards her chest, the reaction not going unnoticed by any of us. Of course he realized everyone had caught him red handed, and he naturally turned crimson totally mortified now. It got quiet for a second or two before Mason started busting a gut and pointing at his sister.

"Shit Sis, you just met the guy and he's already drooling all over you." He teased with poor Carter just wanting to bury his head in the sand.

Mason's sister harrumphed as she cupped her small perky breasts plumping them up just for the principle of the matter before standing up and sticking her tongue out at her brother. "Well, at least I have something to show off unlike a particular brother of mine that I know. If those girls only knew what you…um…let's just say…lack below the belt…they wouldn't give you the time of day." She retorted, once again plumping up those perky little breasts before flicking her hair and walking away gracefully while the rest of us simply stared in stunned disbelief.

It was as if the entire air had been sucked away in the immediate area by the brazen exchange between the two siblings. I was trying desperately to hold it in, but I've never seen or heard anything like that between a brother and sister. It was simply too hilarious and as much as I tried to hold it in I just couldn't as first a small snort escaped from me, followed by a second one, before I totally lost it and began cracking up. Even Carter started laughing, the incident of getting caught staring at a girl's boob all but forgotten now since it was Mason who looked totally mortified because of his sister's comment.

From his reaction I got the sense she probably wasn't that far off the mark. I'm sure with them being twins they've seen each other naked on plenty of occasions so she would know what's what in that regard. I kind of felt bad for Mason having been outted by his sister to us in that way as I tried to soothe his manly ego by allowing him to save some face.

"Dude, you of all people should know by now never to get on the bad side of the female persuasion. So tell me, just how many times have you ever won a spitting competition with your sister? I bet hardly ever." I chuckled shaking my head noticing Mason get some semblance of dignity back as he giggled too and sighed.

"Shit, you have no idea how infuriating it can be to have a twin sister. I love her to death, but she always finds a way to embarrass the hell out of me. I can't help it if all the girls find me irresistible." He retorted puffing out his chest in what obviously wasn't boasting but rather in a playful mocking kind of way where he made himself the butt of the joke.

Carter and I glanced at each other and then busted a gut at Mason's antics. I was really getting to like the guy as I eyed him some more. To me it really didn't matter if he had a small pecker or not, but it was obvious he was totally into the girls so pretty much off limits in the sex games department. I let out a small sigh of disappointment, which Carter picked up on and patted me sympathetically on the shoulder before we all decided it was about time to get ready for the race again.

As we gathered up our stuff Mason paused for a second biting his lower lip. "Uh…thanks guys for not…you know…making a big deal out of what my sister said…um…you know…about…uh…you know…," he looked at us nervously while I nodded my head draping my right arm over his shoulder and left one over Carter's.

"No worries Mace," I chuckled giving him an impromptu nickname while he smiled at me toothily. "It's all part of the game and nothing to be ashamed about." I stated getting all serious. "We won't focus on what you are lacking, but rather on what you have to offer." I stated sincerely as he nodded his head agreeing whole heartedly until it suddenly sunk in and only because Carter suddenly snorted having come to know my weird sense of humor.

"Hey, no fair!" Mason whined elbowing me in the ribs making me wince.

"What?" I asked innocently before the giggles once again set me off hearing Mason chuckling as well shaking his head at his own expense which I thought was pretty cool of the guy being able to laugh about himself..

"Fine friends you guys turned out to be." He retorted huffing noisily, but not in the least bit upset by my light playful taunting as we hurried now since it was getting to be about that time to start the second section of the competition.

The start went without a hitch as one by one we lined up taking off at the sound of the horn. At first I figured they'd start us at the exact amount of time we were behind someone else, but found out even for the second leg they started in one minute intervals. It would still work out in the end because they simply took our total times for both legs of the route and added them together for the final result time.

Now as I pedaled along the trail I knew exactly what Mason's sister was talking about. I could feel the burn and fatigue in my legs as I tried to keep up the pace I had set the first time around. This was different from yesterday because even though we set a good pace we weren't racing, and trying to keep up a good clip the entire time was extremely difficult. It was also tough on the rest of my body as I now began to feel every jarring jolt from my ankles up through my legs and body and also from my hands, wrists and arms. I would feel it for the next several days that's for sure as I remained focused on the trail so I wouldn't crash and burn from a stupid mistake. It didn't mean I held back though as I rode my metal horse like a wild banshee on a mission. I was reckless and I knew it, but I didn't want to make it easy for Mason either to simply pass me up early on the trail.

To my surprise it was me passing the second place rider early on as I smiled recalling what Mason's sister had said regarding how he would end up quickly fading. It was the jerk brother I was concerned about as we began to approach the halfway mark and I saw him just up ahead. In a way it kind of surprised me that I'd be catching up to him as I tried to gauge the route and how I would pass him up. Just as we approached that gully area I could here someone not far behind me wondering if it was that guy I had passed up somehow catching back up to me. Taking a chance I took a quick glance back and realized it was Mason and boy was he fast. I'd be hard pressed to figure out who was faster, Carter or Mason, but they were both quick and had a lot of stamina, that was for certain.

This now became an issue because I didn't want to hold him up any and as I punched down the gully hitting the bottom and cranking the pedals so I wouldn't stall on the upward rooty hill I managed to clear the obstacle just as Mason took the plunge down. It flattened out slightly up top for a short distance as I found myself on the heels of jerk brother, the thought suddenly occurring to me I didn't even know the guy's name.

"Track," I hollered out noticing him trying to block me instead of moving over which was infuriating.

Mason was just about on my rear end as well when I saw the bend up ahead recalling it was a wide turn to the left with plenty of space to pass someone. I veered towards the right and yelled out "track" again not at all surprised when the other boy shifted towards the right to block me off. I was ready for it though and when he veered towards the right to block me just as we headed into the bend I immediately shifted sharply to the left and zoomed next to him on the inside turn. I had put on a burst of energy into my pedals sending me forward at a fast clip and felt my bike sliding towards the right. It was then the jerk brother tried to cut me off and force me into the ditch. I was ready for it though knowing it would be the typical lame move of a prick so actually leaned to the right as my bike continued to slide sideways ramming into him. It caught the older boy by surprise as he yelped and was forced off the trail. I could hear him cussing when he slammed into the side of the hill which stopped him dead in his tracks.

From behind me I heard Mason yelling out as he immediately slipped past the older boy too. "Fuckin serves you right lamo."

The trail straightened out and I could feel Mason on my back wheels now, but there was nothing I could do since it also narrowed with trees hugging it on both sides. He knew it was too constricted to pass safely and the split in the trail up ahead for one of those obstacle wasn't an option for him either since it would slow him down instead of giving him the opportunity to pass. It would be like this for a ways now, but I didn't want to hold him off feeling it wasn't fair to the guy. Taking the hit for the sake of sportsmanship I opted to take the narrow split and veered to the right over the obstacle giving him a clear shot to pass.

"Thanks," I heard him yell out as he continued down the path with me taking the jump over the log and popping back on to the trail several feet behind him now. Within moments he had opened the gap and before long with all the twists and turns he disappeared from site.

A short while later I crossed the finish line with both Carter and Mason waiting for me as I came to a stop by the open patch of grassy area. With my legs a bit wobbly I somehow managed to climb off as Carter gave me a big hug picking me up off my feet while Mason beamed giving my helmet a few playful slaps of congratulations.

"That was totally wicked what you did to the jerk brother not to mention the cool move that allowed me to push past you without loosing a beat. That was totally cool of you; especially, since I know it slowed down your pace a little." Mason beamed happily wrapping his arms around Carter lifting him up in the air which meant me as well since I was still being held up by my thirteen year old friend.

It was an awkward move which he managed to hold on to for all of three seconds before we all toppled over into a heap on the grass laughing our asses off. "Oh god, who in the world says doing something like that is fun." I chuckled, wincing as I rolled off to the side still gasping for air and trying to recover from a fast and wild ride. "Damn, both of you guys are fast for a bunch of thirteen year olds." I admitted with Mason propping himself up on his elbow.

"Of course we are fast, we have to be in order to get away from all you older douchebags constantly pounding on us." The other thirteen year old boy taunted. "But don't kid yourself. Carter told me how you are new to the whole mountain biking thing and I'd say you held your own and wouldn't be surprised if you at least ended up in fifth place if not fourth. According to the time Carter was barely beat out by that seventeen year old guy over there so that's pretty damn good too for his first competition. I've never come that close when riding against him, so I'd say that's pretty damn fast." He admitted as I lay back to recuperate.

Dad arrived just in time for the awards ceremony as we watched Carter proudly stepping up to the podium for second place with Mason on the slightly lower one for third while I had managed to stay in fourth. Of course the jerk brothers had submitted a protest for my passing move, but since there weren't any witnesses other than Mason who indicated it had been a clean pass, it was pretty much dismissed. Actually, with giving a blow by blow account of what happened it was the jerk brother who received a formal reprimand for intentionally blocking and then trying to force me off the trail in a safe passing area.

A trophy and a small medal on a ribbon which hung around the neck were awarded to the winners. To our surprise even a check, for a small sum of money, were passed out to the place winners. For first it was a hundred dollars, second place seventy five dollars, and third fifty dollars.

The thirteen year old dark haired teen was all jazzed up about the competition as my dad handed him the cell phone so he could call up his folks and brother with the good news. The trophies were actually pretty cool, even for second place; Carter's standing about a foot and a half tall with the top displaying a mountain biker hunched over his handlebars while the event information was inscribed on the front. We chatted a while with the Baylin's and was kind of sad to hear they were heading home instead of staying like we were. They were used to heading back after events that were close to home since they always had to stay in hotels if they were held further away. It was just a part of the way things were for them, but Mr. Baylin promised to have a chat with Carter's parents to see if he would like to join in for one of those summer mountain biking sports camps which I thought was cool hoping it would work out. It was just another way for Carter to finally break free from some of the stigma that's had a firm grip on him for years now.

It was around ten in the evening by the time we slipped back into the hotel room for the evening. My dad had treated us to Kentucky Fried Chicken which was perfectly crisp and greasy for two teenaged boys before surprising us with lessons at one of those indoor climbing facilities. Even though we had a rough day it didn't stop the excitement as we put our bodies to the test climbing up those steep inclines inside the building. It was totally cool with a million different obstacles and options which we put to good use. It was a lot of fun, not to mention totally sexy seeing Carter in a tight harness around his crotch area. He knew I was checking him out and when no one was looking he leaned over and whispered, "Pervert," before sticking his tongue out at me with the two of us laughing our asses off.

Like last night it was a bit chilly in our room as we made our way into the bathroom peeling out of our sweaty clothes and climbing into the shower together. It kind of surprised me at how he wasn't so shy anymore as I admired his totally tight looking build. The more I got to see him like this the more I was falling for him. He seemed to sense it and blushed slightly but didn't shy away allowing me to scrutinize him openly while he did the same to me. By the time we finished up in the shower we were both boned up as I tossed the damp towel on the rack and headed back into the room butt naked. Carter hesitated a moment and did the same making his way over to his small bag to fish out something to put on.

Walking over to the bed by the back wall I didn't even bother with my underwear, slipping under the covers totally naked. "Y-you aren't going to…uh…you know…s-sleep naked are you?" Carter asked swallowing the lump in his throat because it was kind of a naughty thing to do.

"I'm too bushed to even bother." I chuckled, sighing as I leaned back into the pillow. "Besides at home I tend to sleep naked anyway." I admitted.

"Really…I mean…I never…uh…thought about doing something like that." He divulged while I yawned nodding my head.

"Doesn't surprise me." I sighed contentedly before clarifying my comment. "Um…that is, not because of you being shy and all, but because you do share a room with your brother. I don't think I'd be sleeping naked like that either. I mean, not that it would bother me if he saw me naked and stuff. Well, at least if I had a brother." I chuckled shaking my head at the roundabout kind of thoughts indicating how tired I was. "It's just sleeping naked would be a bit awkward I think if I shared a room with a brother like you do." I explained while Carter nodded his head.

"Yeah, I know." He laughed.

"Um…you know…since it is just us maybe you should give it a try…you know…sleeping naked. It's kind of nice without having anything on to get all twisted up around you while you sleep." I offered up seeing him biting his lower lip a bit dubious while I added what I thought might be the tipping point. "After all what happens in Greensboro…," I sniggered impishly hearing him suddenly giggling as he set his bag back down and to my surprise slipped into bed next to me completely naked settling down on his back.

We both glanced at each other and blushed. I could feel the heat of his body next to mine and it felt kind of nice having him lying naked next to me like this. Of course my penis which had softened up once more twitched and woke up. I watched as the rounded little budgie creating a knoll on the top of the blanket suddenly stirred and began pushing upwards creating a pitched tent.

"What the fuck?" I heard Carter giggling as he watched the blanket rising slightly upwards in my crotch area.

"What?" I snorted. "I can't help it, besides, it's not like I'm the only one." I pointed out noticing he had pitched a tent as well, but with a curved penis it wasn't as tall.

We both glanced at each other and giggled. "Shit for real Pim. I feel so damn slutty." Carter admitted sighing and shaking his head. "You've officially corrupted me." He stated seriously looking at me sideways and abruptly sniggered setting both of us off.

"Yeah, well speaking of slutty, what the hell was that whole thing about with you and Mason's sister? Dude, for a guy who thinks he's gay you sure were perving on that cute girl with her really nice titties." I teased seeing him blushing as he rolled on to his side facing away from me and towards the back wall.

I could tell it made him uncomfortable to talk about it, but I wasn't going to let it go that easy. Besides, I figured it was about time he felt and dealt with some of the typical teenaged like feelings most boys his age experience. There was nothing wrong with ogling girls and flirting with them at his age or to be a little confused about it.

Sighing, I shifted and scooted closer spooning up to him enjoying his soft warm body pressing into my chest and stomach. He wiggled around a little, but didn't pull away which I thought was a good sign. I draped my right arm over the front of him pulling the thirteen year old boy closer settling my chin in the crook of his neck with our warm cheeks pressing up together. He was so soft and his scent really turned me on as my penis twitched around excitedly while I tried to control my sexual urges.

"You think she's cute don't you?" I asked feeling him shrug. "Dude, there's nothing wrong with feeling that way." I pressed wondering why he was getting all shy about it now after he had been so open the last couple of days about a lot of things.

"I know, it's just…," he paused making me frown.

"Just what?" I nudged gently.

"I don't know…I mean…," I heard him inhaling deeply letting the air back out of his lungs slowly before he craned his neck looking at me.

"What?" I asked softly, gently urging him to talk to me.

"It's just, I thought Mason was kind of cute too and well, I also have feelings for you. I mean, I know this morning you said there was nothing wrong with it, but I'm not so sure. I mean, I-I…you know…I…uh…," he paused biting his lower lip as he turned his head forward again settling it back on the pillow before sighing softly.

It got quiet for a couple of seconds and exhaling softly he spoke in a low voice. "I think I like you Pim…you know as in like-like you. I don't know…it's just too confusing is all because when I looked at Mason's sister and the way her breasts showed off in that tank top she was wearing, well, I…uh…it sort of turned me on and…," he paused again getting a little nervous before pressing forward to get it off his chest. "Well, it made me bone up and all." He admitted while I tried not to laugh my ass off because it was too funny, but also serious for him.

Somehow I managed to hold back as I took a few moments to gather my composure. "Yeah, puberty sort of does that to guys. It's why I told you earlier this morning that what we had done together doesn't make you gay. For real, don't let this kind of stuff worry you so much. Let whatever happens simply happen. We all sort of go through being all confused and stuff; especially, where it concerns girls. Even I went through it until I finally realized I was gay. I hear some guys know from the get-go while others sort of figure it out along the way. That's sort of how it happened for me I guess. I mean there were plenty of moments growing up when I sort of knew things were different for me, but I also had sexual feelings for girls too at times. It's the same for guys who are straight, so don't worry about it and just go with the flow for now." I leaned in giving him a soft kiss on the cheek hugging him to my body.

Carter craned his neck and looked at me again, biting his lower lip before giving me a small lopsided grin. "Did you just kiss me?" He ragged on me, chuckling as I leaned in giving him another one on the cheek for good measure actually enjoying being able to do that without any guilt.

There was just something about being able to give him an innocent kiss that sent a tingling sensation all up and down my spine. "Like I said, what happens in Greensboro…," I retorted both of us giggling and settling down as I slowly ran my hand up and down his firm chest and smooth stomach. "I think we should go with my dad tomorrow morning and help out with finishing off that ramp him and a few guys are building for his friend." I added switching the subject helping to set him more at ease.

"Yeah, he's been really cool the entire weekend and I'd like to help out with something that's important even though no one ever says anything about those types of things. I've never thought how tough it must be for these guys coming back from places like Afghanistan and Iraq. I don't know how you did it when your dad had to go through all of that. I mean, I'd have been scared out of my mind if my dad was oversees fighting in dangerous countries. I feel like a total dork never having even thought about things like that before." He sniffled obviously upset with what I must have gone through.

"Sometimes it took all I had to get through the day without going out of my mind with worry; especially, when I heard things on the news. It's like I told you before though, without my friends I would have been totally lost. It's why I don't ever take my friendship with someone for granted. My friends back home in Texas are very important to me and so are you now, which includes your little brother too." I insisted, hugging him tightly to me and holding on for a long time unable to let go because I needed the comfort of simple human contact right now.

We both fell silent with Carter leaving me be for now. It's something I really appreciated about the younger teen. He was shy and timid, but also a lot of fun to be around opening up at times and in ways that you wouldn't expect. He was thoughtful and guarded, but also spontaneous, once again when you least expected it. Above all he seemed to know how to be supportive in a way that wasn't intrusive. I was glad we had become friends and it was the best thing that could have happened since I've moved away from my home in Texas as I thought about my friends I had left behind. I began to realize how in many ways Carter had a lot in common with them. All of them were different, yet also similar in many ways as to whom they were as a person. I respected them and I felt the same way about Carter, my newest friend.

My thoughts were wandering around now as I snuggled up to Carter not even realizing how I had been slowly running my hand over the front of his body. It wasn't until I felt my fingers running through his small curly patch of pubes that my mind snapped back into place making me blush at the realization of what I was doing.

"Oh shit…I-I'm sorry," I whispered feeling the boy shuddering in my arms at the gentle contact so close to his tenders. "I…um…maybe we should get some sleep." I sighed a bit regretful because if I was being honest I loved touching him like this as I began to pull away from him.

"N-no…please don't. I mean…I…I…kind of like it…you know…it feels nice…please don't stop." Carter breathed heavily his voice nothing but a soft pleading.

"I-I'm not sure this is a good idea." I admitted to the darker haired boy.

"Please don't stop…I-I like how it makes me feel." He confessed while I hesitated a moment before I slowly began to run my hand lightly over the front of his stomach and chest a bit frightened about trying to do anything more.

Besides, we were spooned together, our bodies curled into a natural position making it a bit difficult of doing anything further down. The thought of my hand dipping down between his legs sent a shiver up and down my insides as I swallowed the lump in my throat at the mere idea of doing something more. Just when I thought things were safe enough I felt Carter shifting in my arms as he leaned into me and lifted his right leg draping it back and over my thigh effectively opening himself up to me. He was now slightly on his back his body snuggled up into me as he settled his head in the crook of my arm and shoulder. When he shifted it forced me to adjust my left arm tucking it under Carter's neck supporting his head.

The thirteen year old boy opened his eyes, his soft doe brown gaze looking up at me in such a pleasant and gentle manner. He was so damn adorably cute and I was tempted to lean down and kiss him for real on the lips, but I didn't want to freak him out as my right hand continued to run lightly over his chest my finger tracing a circle over his left nipple just under the blanket which he was holding just below his neck. My hand drifted downwards across his stomach pausing slightly before I made a detour running it lightly along his right leg. My hands shifted slightly so that I was now tracing along the inside part of his thigh up closer to his knees. My hand softly caressed his inner thigh up and down about half a foot back and forth just below the bend of his knee. I didn't dare dip down any further afraid of what it might mean as I continued to gaze down into his soft features.

The dark haired boy shivered, letting out a soft sigh and closing his eyes for a moment as he reached under the covers placing his hand gently over mine along his leg. As I slowly ran it downwards I began to stop and reverse direction when I felt him tugging my hand down even further until it was just along the thicker part of his inner thigh. His eyes opened slowly gazing at me softly while both of us shuddered at the closeness of my fingers now to the most intimate part of his body.

"Are-are you sure about this…I-I mean, really sure," I whispered ever so softly not so sure myself even though I desperately wanted to do something like this with him.

In a way this now felt somehow different from what happened in our sleep not all that long ago or even what happened last night as we rubbed our underwear covered erections together purposefully. It was even different from what happened earlier today when we both sort of touched each other in innocent exploration during our shower. This felt more personal and intimate done with intent and purpose. This wasn't just innocent curiosity and exploration, this was more like sex for real and it started to hit home for me. It was something I wanted to happen, but I didn't want to do anything we might regret later as I looked down tenderly into the soft features of a boy I was falling for in the most precious and intimate kinds of ways. A small tear formed at the corners of my eyes because now as I gazed down into his beautiful face I couldn't help but admit I was in love with Carter in a way that felt so wonderfully pure.

"Are you sure?" I asked again ever so softly the boy's gentle gaze looking into my eyes intently.

"Yes, this feels so wonderful…," he sighed softly. "What happens in Greensboro…," he whispered a phrase we've now both become to accept as mutual permission.

The excitement built inside my body as tingling sensations coursed all throughout my veins. Ever so slowly my hands ran along his inner thigh all the way to the crease as I felt the back of my fingers brushing along something warm and soft realizing it was his fleshy purse that held in his oval shaped chestnut sized testicles. Carter flinched at the light contact, the sensitivity of being touched in any way down there by someone else obviously sending an electrical current along his body. Shifting my hand I reached out and for the first time ever truly cupped another boy's fleshy sack.

The other boy hissed and squirmed a little, his hips hitching slightly upwards from the contact before slowly settling back down. I began to lightly squeeze and take a good feel of the way his soft fleshy pouch felt in my fingers surprised by the warm supple sensation of the smooth membrane. To my amazement they felt kind of heavy in my cupped hand and nothing like I would have expected. I've messed around with mine too many times to recall, but they stayed pretty firm most times. Still, even when they finally loosened up and sagged between my legs it felt nothing like how his felt at the moment. I got the sense this had more to do with me touching someone else's boyhood so I was getting it now from a different perspective.

Carter sighed, obviously enjoying the intimate contact as I continued to gaze down into his soft features before releasing his tenders and slowly wrapping my fingers around his hard curved spud. Once again he hissed, squirmed, and bucked slightly as I watched his eyes flaring open wide for a moment not from surprise but from the intensity of the feelings coursing through his sexy fit body. I didn't dare do anything more for now, so just held on to his pulsing twitching conduit, allowing him settle down first. I knew from experience it wouldn't take much for him to explode from just the simple act of someone else's hand touching him pretty much for the very first time on the most intimate fleshy part of his body. It had happened to me earlier this morning with my orgasm ripping through my body out of the blue and without any warning. Of course I had touched him too, but it had been only for a split second before I had removed my hand when he reacted so strongly from the brief contact. This was now different because for the first time I was truly touching him for real.

It felt oddly weird actually holding on to someone else's erection. I had often dreamed about a moment like this, but it was now for real and extremely thrilling as my own body trembled with excitement. His rigid curved penis was long enough for me to wrap my entire hand around with his glans pocking out from the other side of my fisted finger and thumb. Once again it felt unlike the way my own erection did when I gripped it like this. It's strange how a different perspective can shift the way things felt. I could feel the vibrating pulses deep inside his fleshy tube as it twitched about a couple of more times before slowly subsiding as Carter got used to someone else's hand holding his fleshy hot tendril. It was odd how hard he felt in my fingers yet also very fleshy and rubbery like. It was the heat which really captured my attention because it felt sweltering and sweaty.

His penis definitely had an obvious bend and curvature to it and for some odd reason this made me lust for the damn thing even more as I continued to gaze down into his soft features. The thirteen year old dark haired teen had closed his eyes with such a serene look on his features making me swoon and tempted to once again lean down and kiss his soft damp lips.

"Oh god I can't believe we are doing this…," I gasped as I leaned my forehead downwards into the crook of his shoulders nibbling lightly on the soft warm skin of his neck unable to stay away from him.

I needed at least some form of intimate contact besides just perving with my hands as I breathed in his heady scent noticing how it had shifted slightly. I recognized the fragrance of sex now, interlaced with the clean soapy scent from our recent shower together as my fingers continued to explore the most intimate part of his body. I don't know what it was about the way his erection curved, but it was a total turn on for me as I slowly allowed my fingers to explore his extremely firm torrid peg.

At first the tight skin covering his erection felt smooth, but then I began to detect all the little indentations, creases, and lumps as I traced my finger lightly across what was obviously a vein protruding slightly outwards along the top part of his penis. Carter shivered; the sensuous feelings making him squirm around as my fingers continued their exploration discovering his damp knob making me realize he might be oozing a bit of pre-cum.

Even his nozzle felt oddly different as I ran my finger around the boy's ridge. It was slightly thicker than his shaft so fairly typical, yet still seemed uniquely special. There was something even more personal about exploring another person's glans since it seemed more intimate. It was also something that's been out of my reach until this very moment. There was a small pulsing quivering of his bent stalk along with another slippery like sensation along the tip of his knob as it got slicker. It was obvious he was drooling more of his pre-cum making him hypersensitive and threatening to send him over the edge as I lifted my head from the crook of his neck.

Releasing his drooling spigot, Carter moaned in protest his puppy dog brown eyes fluttering open with a soft pleading look behind them making me smile as I lifted my hand out from beneath the blanket leaving his penis to twitch around feeling abandoned. "Do you trust me?" I asked swallowing the lump in my throat as my heart pounded loudly in my chest.

The boy nodded his head. "Yes," I heard him breathing softly as I reached for the blanket he was holding tightly to his chest.

He held on to it steadfastly, almost afraid of allowing me to pull them down. Our room was still lit up from the small table lamp between the two beds providing a soft glow in the small space.

"Trust me," I breathed softly feeling him releasing the covers as I slowly pulled them down exposing his statuesque nakedness.

It's not like I haven't seem him naked now or even all boned up, but this was somehow more intimate and personal as I scooted downwards so I could get a better look. I could even smell the heady sex scent exuding its intoxicating bouquet from between his legs as I leaned in getting a very close up and personal view of his curved banana and fruit bin.

"Oh god, that's like so friggin sexy hot," I breathed out lustily glancing up noticing how Carter was watching my every move.

"Y-you mean that for real?" He asked, his breathing having become very heavy with excitement while I nodded dumbly and focused back on to my prize while Carter settled back on the mattress.

His hips once more hitched upwards when I wrapped my fingers around his twitching curved conduit. The way it was bent made it difficult to gauge his size, but it had a decent girth to it with some weight. As to the length, he had to be at least three and a half inches long maybe four as I gave his erection a couple of strokes while also giving it a firm squeeze feeling the teen begin to squirm around. Sure enough there was that little pulsing sensation in my fisted hand as I noticed a small clear bead forming at the tip of his knob while at the same time his testicles rolled upwards in their soft sagging casing.

"Damn, that's wickedly cool, the way your balls roll around like that." I hissed unable to control myself as I leaned forward and flicked the tip of my tongue barely touching the apex of his crown feeling the small bead of his pre-cum rolling on to my tongue.

Carter yelped in surprise, his penis lurching in my grip while his ball sack slapped up against the bottom of my chin when his testes contracted upwards. "Oh shit," the other boy hissed his body shuttering before he supported his weight with his elbows looking down at me through eyes that were slightly glazed over.

"What the fuck…I mean, did you just…uh…you know…?" He managed to croak between his heavy breathing while I nodded impishly rolling my tongue around inside my mouth as a unique flavor exploded all along my taste buds.

"I-I can't believe you actually did that…," he swallowed hard his gaze fixated on me as it got quiet for a second or two. "H-how does it taste?" He wondered inquisitively, the curiosity of such an act getting the better of him now.

"What…your pre-cum or pecker?" I asked not exactly sure which one he meant noticing his eyes bugging out providing me with the answer I needed as I chuckled.

"Um…I don't know. I guess it isn't any different than licking your finger and before you ask about your pre-cum…well…it sort of tastes sweet, just like you." I grinned seeing his eyes widen for a split second before a huge smile spread over his goofy mug.

Without any warning I leaned forward and abruptly slurped up his soft baggy pouch into my mouth hearing him gasp as he collapsed on to the mattress. "Oh god that is…it's so…I…oh god…it sort of tickles," he crooned as I rolled his chestnut sized testicles around inside of my mouth completely surprised I was even doing something like this as I felt him beginning to squirm around some more.

Even this could set him off, and if that was going to happen I wanted to enjoy the real experience of having him the way I've always fantasized about doing it with other boys. I let his soft truffles slip from between my damp lips feeling him once again relax as I shifted my body between his legs forcing his knees outward. With him spread open like this another heavy blast of his sex scent emanated from deep down between his legs slamming into me and making me woozy. My eyes were fixated on the soft satchel hanging heavily between his legs. It never ceased to amaze me how sexy his ball sack looked on him as I scrutinized it closely. Once again I noticed how there was a flap of skin attached between his soft boy bag to the base of his erect curved vine on both sides as I watched how his boner began to sway and bob around excitedly as if in anticipation.

It was pointing straight at me and I simply couldn't resist anymore as I wrapped my thumb and finger around the base of his shaft clearing away any stray pubes before leaning in and letting the tip end of his curved penis slip between my lips. "Ssss-ssss," I heard Carter hissing as his hips instinctively bucked upwards shoving more of himself into my warm damp mouth.

I also felt his hands on my head as his fingers grabbed onto tufts of my hair forcing me downwards even more. My intention had been to take in only a small part of his penis but I quickly found myself almost gagging reflexively as I felt the entire length of his hard tuber slipping towards the back of my mouth. It was strange, but the way his penis curved actually seemed to work to his benefit now with it slipping inside of my mouth effortlessly almost as if the bend was a natural fit over my tongue.

"Oh god Pim…," I heard Carter yip in a higher pitched tone and I knew he was just about to lose it.

This was something I've wanted for a long time as I began to bob my head up and down while I slurped and suctioned on his conduit realizing I was actually giving another boy a blow job for the very first time. This was a first for Carter and a first for me too. I wanted this just as badly as him now and I could feel how the younger teen was fighting valiantly to hold off the inevitable. His body was twitching and so was his penis. Even his testicles were bouncing around beneath my chin.

It was wickedly wild because I could actually feel the heat of the skin on his penis, feel the way it vibrated and undulated, taste the subtle saltiness of his sultry tuber, and even smell the sexy youthful fragrance of a boy in the full throes of pubescent sexual gratification as my tongue began to run along the ridge of his glans before flicking inside the meaty part of his slit.

"Pim, I'm gonna…," was all the warning he managed to eek out, but I was ready for it as I felt his body suddenly stiffening up and the first hot blast ripping through the tubing inside of his curved shaft.

What I wasn't expecting was him once again slamming his groin into my face while suddenly yanking the hair on my head downwards forcing me to comply as his penis slid all the way inside of my mouth and to the very back of my throat.

"Uuuuumph, uuuuuuh, uuuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaaaaahhhhhh, oooomph, uuumph, uuumph," I heard his high pitched grunts of euphoric ecstasy as the brunt of his orgasm slammed into his tightly bunched up body.

I didn't have time to react or even gag because I suddenly felt the first hot blast of his ejaculate splattering along the back of my throat as it oozed down my gullet forcing me to automatically swallow. It was followed a fraction of a second later with a second powerful pulse when to my amazement I actually felt him begin to hump his groin into me as he furiously face fucked me for real while his body pulsed and jolted with each powerful orgasmic shudder. It was exciting and amazing, everything I had ever dreamed about and more as his spigot stopped firing off its rounds and instead began to ooze its sweet honeyed nectar sliming the inside of my mouth and tongue with each pulsing thrust and pull. I greedily lapped up all of his offerings with my tongue enjoying the sweet syrupy like flavors that exploded inside my mouth.

This was everything I had ever fantasized about and more, feeling as if it was lasting forever as I got lost in the moment. Sadly though, I knew this was only a fleeting snippet of time and had probably lasted all of five seconds at best as I felt his erection begin to deflate in my mouth and soften up. It now felt all spongy like and extremely small leaving a sense of void inside of my mouth as I continued to suckle on that little soft sprig begging it to come back to life.

"Uuuuhngh…s-stop…P-Pim s-stop and pull off…it-it hurts…," Carter pleaded bringing me back from the voracious lustful appetite of my own desires as I sighed and pulled off allowing his small little soft spigot to slip free from between my greedy lips.

Smiling at how I had managed to please the other boy in such a rapturic kind of way I slowly crawled next to him and cuddled up close holding him tenderly in my arms as I gazed into his sweaty face. His eyes were closed and he was still breathing rapidly, but there was such a sweet pleasant smile on his features as he slowly opened his eyes focusing them on me for a moment.

"T-that was amazing. I-I just need a minute to rest and get my energy back. It feels like you drained me dry." He giggled at the play on his words as he closed his eyes for a second.

His comment made me smile as I ran my fingers across his sweaty brow flicking aside some of his stray dark hair. It was sometime during this moment where he simply faded off to sleep, making me shake my head and smile knowing full well something like this tended to have that sort of an affect on a guy. Still, I was hoping maybe he'd return the favor since he was in the mood to sort of fool around like this. To my surprise I didn't feel bad about the guilty sexual indulgence that just happened between the two of us. I did feel a little disappointed though because I hadn't been able to bust my own nut.

For a second I thought about taking care of my own keyed up needs, but I suddenly felt exhausted from the competition and excitement of what I had just done with Carter; everything finally catching up to me. Reaching down I pulled the covers over us and snuggled next to the boy feeling a bit achy all over now. The pounding of the trail on my body was also beginning to catch up, not to mention the typical achy blue balls that had now set in as I closed my eyes and without realizing it also slipped away from the waking world.

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