Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 6

Fun & Games

Closing my eyes I sighed happily before opening them back up and looking over into Carter's face. He was wide awake and not dozing at all, his eyes also staring downwards as I followed his gaze. It made me blush because I realized while I was checking him out he had been doing the same with me. For some reason, the thought of the other boy taking such an interest in me like that made me start to bone up. I pretty much knew the only reason why he was staring at my penis is because I still had my foreskin and was different down there from most other boys. Back home a lot of my friends had been curious about it when we were younger, but now it wasn't such a big deal since they knew what it was all about. I'm sure for the younger teen seeing someone else naked like this had more to do with curiosity since it really was his first time not to mention totally different looking from his own or his brother's. Even though he was shy about being naked I'm sure the two brothers had seen one another a time or two. It was only natural.

I began to feel a little bad about this now because I was definitely checking him out for more personal sexual reasons that made my heart pound wildly in my chest. I could tell for Carter it was a bit different. For a long time now he had been teased and bullied by other boys saying he was puny down there. For the first time he could finally kind of compare himself to someone else. Even though mine was a little bigger than his I was also older so he was finally able to realize he wasn't so small after all. He was also staring at me because I was different down there from him. Like most boys his age many already had health class in school so he knew what my foreskin was all about, but he also understood most guys around here were circumcised like him. So while he was checking me out in an innocent way I had been doing the same for more perverted reasons. It wasn't as if I hadn't seen other guys or friends naked before, but with Carter it was a little different. I had real feelings for him and what I was doing didn't seem right somehow.

Sighing, I sat up pulling my legs up to my chest and wrapping my arms around my knees seeing the thirteen year old boy suddenly blush guiltily as he sat up too covering up his nakedness a bit shyly with his arms crossing over the top of his lap. It once more reminded me of the other teen's innocence. My own perverted thoughts towards a boy who was supposed to be a friend of mine now made me feel guilty.

"I…um…sorry." I heard him apologize which made what I had been doing seem even worse as I sensed him looking at me curiously now. "I…um…are you alright?" He asked. "I mean…I…uh…sorry…it's just…you know…I…I've never seen anyone…you know." He paused biting his lower lip.

"I mean, not that I…uh…you being naked…it's just…I…I…was just sort of curious about your…uh…skin…that is…um…you know…foreskin." He blushed while I nodded my head understanding knowing there was nothing wrong with being curious while I was the one who should be ashamed since I was gawking at him for sexual gratification.

"It's not you Carter." I sighed glancing over at him and pursing my lip knowing it had taken a lot of guts for him to even get naked in front of me, but he didn't even know I was gay and that wasn't right.

Being gay changed everything because it wasn't any longer something innocent. It had a lot to do with sex now and it wasn't right for him to be in such a sensitive situation not knowing something like that about me. Sure, I've been naked around my friends back in Texas plenty of times, but we grew up together having seen each other since before we had really anything to brag about down there. It was just a natural thing that had been normal for us growing up together, and I never had any real sexual feelings for any of them. With Carter it was different as I exhaled softly seeing him get a little worried.

"It's not you." I repeated seeing the confused look on his features.

"I…I don't understand. I mean, you said back in Texas you and your friends went skinny dipping all the time." He added while I nodded my head.

"We did…all the time." I admitted my gaze shifting towards the river because for some reason I couldn't face Carter. "Back home it wasn't really a big deal because we've known each other practically all our lives. It's just now…I mean…it's just not fair…to you." I winced, the guilt really starting to eat at me because I knew in a way I had sort of manipulated him so he'd get naked with me.

Deep down I began to realize going skinny dipping had everything to do with Carter. It may not have been a conscious idea, but now I understood subconsciously this had all been an attempt to, at the very least, get him in the water even if he was only wearing underwear. I knew whatever he had on would cling to him feeding into my fantasies. Carter actually getting naked had been a bonus for my perverted sexual indulgence.

From the corner of my eyes I could see the thirteen year old boy scrunching up his face glancing down between his legs as if trying to figure out what I was saying. "You mean because…uh…because…I'm smaller down there?" He asked catching me by surprise because how could he even think it was something like that when he could plainly see he wasn't really all that small down there like he had been told.

"What!" I jerked, swiveling my head towards him feeling awful that I would even make him think he was puny. "No…definitely not that. Geeze, there's nothing wrong with you down there. If anything I think you are really sexy…um…I mean…," I winced at the inadvertent disclosure, the heat in my face rising due to the slight confession regarding my true feelings.

"I…I don't understand. I mean yeah…I was a little nervous about getting naked, but you were right. It's just the two of us and I trust you. It really wasn't bad at all and I actually feel good about it. I mean...uh…it's still a little embarrassing, but also kind of naughty in a fun way." He laughed nervously. "I mean, you make it kind of easy and all…you know…making it kind of a normal thing to do." He acknowledged once more making me feel guilty because he trusted me yet didn't even know I was gay and I had gotten him naked for my own lustful desires over his intoxicatingly beautiful sensuous body.

"Oh gawd, I think I'm going to be sick." I admitted feeling him immediately reach out and place his warm silky hand on my back rubbing it up and down making me shiver because it felt so sensuously seductive.

Even though I was only fifteen years old even I knew a simple gesture could be sexually erotic as Carter expressed his concern now. "Oh crap, did we take things too hard on the ride?" He asked while I suddenly began to sniffle shaking my head the guilt I felt inside bubbling up to the surface.

"Shit, I feel awful and you are just going to hate me." I wiped away some stray tears holding back the salty waterworks seeing the concern on his face since he wasn't used to seeing me like this. "You don't get it…I mean…there's some things you don't know about me and you are going to hate me when you find out." I hiccupped while he shook his head, the roles suddenly having shifted between the two of us.

"I…I…no…you're my friend Pim. I could never hate you no matter what…it's just…please…I…I don't understand…what's bothering you. Nothing ever bothers you and it's freaking me out." He admitted while I looked away and sighed.

"I…I…you just don't understand." I insisted whispering softly with things falling silent for several long moments while I felt Carter shifting his hand and wrapping his arm around my shoulder in support which only added to the shame I was experiencing.

My chin was resting on my knees as I slowly turned towards him biting my lower lip because he deserved to know about my secret. "I feel really bad about us going skinny dipping and all because you didn't know. I mean, how could you since I've never said anything? It's just I know how much guts it took for you to get naked and go skinny dipping and all. I'm sure you wouldn't have if you had known I was gay." I finally admitted to him holding my breath seeing his eyebrows scrunching up and his eyes begin to shift around with different emotions while my words slowly sank in.

"You mean…like you're having sex with other boys?" He asked shocking me yet again because I wasn't expecting that kind of response as I shifted feeling uncomfortably as his arm fell from my shoulder and he instinctively placed it in his lap to cover himself up proving my point about how things change once the whole gay thing is out there.

"What! N-no of course not…I mean…I…uh…," I shook my head while a nervous pause settled over us and I became totally embarrassed now because I was still for all practical purposes a virgin never even having had sex before, not really.

"So, you've never had sex with another boy before? I mean, you just said you were gay." He pointed out looking confused by the whole sex thing as if getting naked in front of another boy who was gay didn't even matter to him.

"What? No of course not…," I snapped defensively before calming down a little knowing he didn't mean anything by it. "I mean unless you want to count what happened to us the other night…when…uh…," I blushed seeing him getting nervous about what had happened making me kick myself for even bringing it up as I tried to change directions.

"That is…uh…just because I'm gay doesn't mean I've had sex with another boy yet. Geeze for real Carter, I mean there are a lot of guys out there who aren't gay that haven't had sex with a girl yet." I added seeing him scrunch up his face in thought nodding his head as it got quiet again for several long moments until I glanced back over and sighed.

"I'm sorry about…about…all of this. I mean…I know how shy you are and all about…uh…things and I should have told you. It wasn't right for me to keep something like that from you when it took a lot of guts for you to go skinny dipping like that." I exhaled softly not knowing what to say and still wondering how he felt about me.

The other boy looked away towards the water for several long moments before finally shrugging his shoulders. "It's cool. I mean…if it didn't bother your other friends then why should it bother me." He stated more than asked making me wince again.

"Gawd, I'm a real fucking prick." I sniffled looking away again because I didn't deserve to have him as a friend.

"What…of course not. I mean, so what, so you're gay. It doesn't change who you were five minutes ago. You're still the same guy who became my friend even though you knew how everyone else felt about me." He tried to make me feel better, but I shook my head somberly still feeling ashamed about how I had manipulated him and other things.

"You don't understand." I tried to hold back the tears because of how devious I had been about everything glancing over at him seeing the boy furling his eyes questioningly prompting me to speak up and tell him what was bothering me.

Shaking my head I took a deep breath trying to calm down watching as he reached out placing his hand on my knee. "Really Pim, I don't care if you are gay. We are friends. Besides, like I said if it was alright with your other friends then I shouldn't be bothered by it either." He pointed out again once more forcing me to wince.

"I…uh…oh god, you are just going to hate me. I…I've never told anyone before…I mean…you know…about being gay." I admitted, biting my lower lip seeing the confusion running its course once more on his soft boyish features.

"You mean…not even your folks?" He asked a bit stunned while I blushed and shrugged my shoulders.

"I…um…," I hesitated shaking my head. "I mean…it's kind of a tough thing to talk about with a guy's mom and dad…you know. I mean, even if I wasn't gay I wouldn't be talking about…about…you know…sex…uh…I mean my personal life like that." I admitted feeling awful how I had been keeping this a secret to everyone.

It wasn't that I felt terrible about keeping it a secret from my parents because what teenager really talked to their folks about their sex life. I felt bad because I had kept this from my friends back in Texas and it wasn't fair to them because of how close we were. I mean, we talked about sex stuff all the time together. After all we were boys so it was just the normal thing to do. We learned all about sex things from one another like kissing, jacking off, and all sorts of other stuff. It was just kind of the normal thing to do, but that isn't what really bothered me now. I mean we were always getting naked in front of one another and stuff without them realizing I was gay.

Not that I had any of those kinds of feelings for them because they were more like family to me than anything else, but still, all these years of them getting naked, boning up, and us simply groping, snatching, and wrestling around touching one another innocently with our bodies rubbing, bumping and grinding into each other. They probably would never have done those types of things with me had they known. Not that they still wouldn't be friends with me, but I think things would have been different between us.

All of these thoughts flittered through my mind in a flash when I suddenly felt myself rocking sideways in stunned silence. At first I didn't realize what happened, but then felt Carter's naked warm body pressing into mine briefly in a big hug that lingered for a second or two while I automatically embraced him back before he released me and sat back his cheeks turning several shades of red.

"I…um…what was that for?" I asked a bit shocked with my mind going a little numb as I tried to figure out why he would hug me after what I had just told him, not to mention while we were both sitting here totally starkers with our boy bits hanging out clearly visible in the breeze.

The thirteen year old boy glanced at me a bit shyly and shrugged his shoulders. "I…it's just…I don't know. I mean, I'm the first person you trusted to tell your secret to. It means I'm your friend for real." He emphasized, his gaze shifting away and his cheeks flushing as he crossed his arms over in front covering himself back up.

My initial reaction to the subtle move was that he felt self conscious because I was gay, but the way he was behaving immediately set me at ease. Carter was such an easy going kind of guy once you got to know him that I sometimes forgot he was actually a reserved kind of boy too. Part of his shyness had to do with the way he was treated for years now by the other kids in town, but I was also discovering some of it was an inherent part of who he was as a person. His natural bashfulness was a quality I found appealing and enjoyed about him because it was genuine, even around those he knew really well. He was more outgoing with his parents and brother, but his quiet shy nature was always there at the edges even with those closest to him.

"So…like you aren't…um…all weirded out about me being gay or…uh…you know us going skinny dipping and all…and…um…you know…being naked and all?" I asked a bit nervously bringing it out in the open.

"What!...no of course not…I mean yeah I guess sort of." He admitted while I hung my head down and nodded understanding things would be different between us from now on.

I was feeling a little bad again by how he was sitting there kind of exposed and vulnerable when he surprised me yet again. "I mean, not about you being gay or anything, but…you know…about…about…uh…being all naked and stuff. I mean we are like out here in the open and it is kind of naughty in a fun way, but hell, no one's seen me this naked before, well at least not in a long time. Not since…well…not since me and my brother used to take baths together when I was like six or seven years old and he was like four or five. I suppose it's just I'm nervous about the way…you know…about what other people…um…about the way I look." He admitted smiling a little modestly and glancing at me sideways nervously our eyes locking together for several long moments.

He was blushing bashfully again, but his gaze held mine firmly as if he was trying to let me know he really didn't care if I was gay or not. I could tell he was sincere about the whole being naked thing. He was definitely embarrassed about being naked and it had nothing to do with me being gay, but rather because even at home he was shy about his body. Again, some of it was natural while a big part of it was because of how he had been teased by those jerks all these years.

Shaking my head I snorted a bit upset by what those pricks have been doing to Carter all these years. "Shit, for real, you definitely don't have anything to be embarrassed about." I assured him as he lifted up his arms slightly scrutinizing his exposed boy parts.

"Really, you don't think I'm kind of small for my age?" He asked still unsure about himself since the years of mental abuse by a bunch of bullies was keeping a firm grip on the way he saw himself.

"You need to stop that already." I told him a little heatedly, but not in a way that made him withdraw.

"For real Carter those fucking assholes had no right doing what they did when you were like only ten years old and they have no right doing what they've been doing all these years. They are a bunch of assholes that did it because you caught them doing something they were embarrassed about and afraid you'd tell on them. What they've been doing to you is totally fucked up, but you have to stop believing their lies. You've got to start believing in yourself and stand up to them because you're a cool guy." I told him firmly, grunting as I stood up and brushed myself off while he gazed at my nakedness not in the least bit shy about getting caught staring at my boy bits anymore.

Sighing, I held out my hand to help him up as he hesitated for a moment before reaching out and taking it in his own. Giving him a firm tug he stood up without bothering to hide his nakedness from me as it was now my turn to take a good look at him before I gazed back into his face.

"For real Carter, you are going to make some girl really happy and I don't just mean because of what you have swinging between your legs." I stated seriously hearing him snigger because of the whole swinging between his legs comment sounded kind of corny.

Shaking my head I chuckled as well, the two of us grinning now as I reached out and wrapped my arm around his shoulder giving him a slight friendly hug. "You are a real friend Carter with a good heart. Girls love a guy who is gentle and kind. You also have a great personality and once the girls begin to discover that they won't be able to keep their hands off of you, and that includes what you've got below the belt. When that happens they won't be disappointed by that either so stop worrying about it so much." I chuckled seeing him blush as we both gazed at his soft noodle which wiggled around a little when I pulled him towards me.

"Gawd, you have no idea how difficult it is for me not to jump all over you." I sighed seeing him look up and squirreling his eyes curiously. "Hey, I'm gay after all and whether or not you believe it you've got a sexy body." I admitted taking a step back and admiring his beauty while he blushed, but fought the urge to cover himself up making me smile because it was a nice gesture on his part. "For real Carter, we are friends, but I've got other deeper types of feelings for you too." I confessed seeing the other boy scrunch up his face, but not in disgust the way I had expected.

The look he returned was one of confusion, which is a lot like the way I felt at the moment regarding this entire incident and situation as I motioned for us to gather up our things. It was getting late and we needed to be heading back so we could meet up with my dad on time. We got dressed into our sweaty clothes kind of regretting having to put them back on before slowly making our way back to the main trail.

Scrunching up my face I turned towards him as we made our way through the trees. "You really aren't weirded out by what just happened? You know about us going skinny dipping and me being gay?" I asked biting my lower lip a bit nervously, pausing when he stopped and looked at me.

"Now who's the one that needs to stop putting himself down. I already told you that I don't care. Besides, at least I know there is one person out there who thinks I look sexy." He stated seriously his face turning into a bit of a frown.

"Geeze, for Pete's sake already Carter stop it. How many times do I have to tell you that you've got a nice looking body and a nice sized pecker for your age, not to mention being cute as a button?" I huffed getting a bit upset that he constantly brought things back around to his supposedly small size in the basement department.

I was about to say more when I heard him begin to bust up and saw him bending over as his laughter belted out of him. It took me a second to realize he had played me as I scowled at him thinking it wasn't funny at all. The thought lasted only a split second because it really had been a good joke as I began to bust up too. We continued to chuckle for several long moments even as we wove our way back towards the trail while I shook my head.

"For real, I'm beginning to wonder if becoming your friend was such a good idea after all." I sighed with an impish grin while he stuck his tongue out at me.

"Hah…I knew it. You were only in it for my sexy body." He teased uncharacteristically while I rolled my eyes realizing that maybe it had truly been a mistake admitting I was attracted to him not only for who he was as a person but for his body too.

"Gawd, I'm never going to hear the end of this, am I?" I croaked out hoarsely my throat catching while he once again began to crack up because of the way my voice squeaked made it even more hilarious. "Oh, just shut up." I snapped, but it didn't faze him as he continued to chuckle at my expense.

It was cooler riding beneath the shade of the trees, but it still didn't prevent our bodies from becoming soaked with sweat again since it was now getting really hot out. It didn't take us too long to reach the end of the trail though, meeting up with my dad on the corner of Church Street and Plainfield Road.

The watershed trails had been a good ride with Carter having uncharacteristically become boisterous, chatting away with my dad reminding me now of his little brother. Moments like this made me smile because he came completely out of his shell and comfort zone, becoming all boy, as he described every little detail to my dad about the trail. Well most everything, opting to leave out our little side trip as he paused at that point and blushed slightly pressing forward past it. He did glance at me though, his gaze dipping down between my legs briefly and smiling a bit impishly as he placed his hand on my thigh his fingers dipping beneath the opening of my shorts. The move made me jerk a little in surprise not to mention because his fingers actually brushed up close to where my nut sack was before he retrieved his hand. The result was I immediately boned up creating a nice sized tent in my shorts which got another leering grin out of him.

Damn, at times he really could be a bit on the bold side when the opportunity arose. I got the feeling he was a lot like this with his little brother; shy most of the time while at other times a bit of impish playful rebelliousness popping out to make things interesting. I kind of enjoyed how he could loosen up at times and simply become playful with those he knew best. In a way I was beginning to realize that even though he was being ostracized and shunned by the kids in town he still had a fairly rounded personality. For the most part he was kind of shy and introverted, but when the occasion called for it he was able to climb out of his shell and become wistful in a very playful kind of way. I was really beginning to enjoy the various layers of his personality.

A short while later my dad pulled up to the hotel where he had made reservations through Fort Bragg's travel and lodging department. There was an extensive program on post that allowed families to utilize discounts at various places including hotels and resort destinations. Usually the hotels weren't lavish or anything, but not bad either, and with a military discount very affordable. As expected this place wasn't anything fancy, but did have an outdoor pool, a small recreation room, along with a free buffet style breakfast in the morning. The rooms were on two levels, all of which were accessed from the outside.

While we sat in the car with the doors open my dad went inside and got us checked in walking out about five minutes later handing each of us one of those magnetic key cards for the door. "Alright, I booked you boys into room number 132 with two queen sized beds." He told us glancing around at the room numbers on the bottom floor and pointing it out to us. "I'm a couple of doors down evidently in room number 135 so not far away if you guys need me. Try not to trash the place." He added chuckling playfully and kind of catching me by surprise that he actually booked two rooms instead of one.

I thought it was really cool of him to be giving us space like this. In the past when my dad was home and we went somewhere like this with a friend of mine he always booked one room so he could keep an eye on us. I guess he must have figured I'm getting a little older and deserved to have a bit of privacy. Gathering our stuff, including our bikes we opened up the door setting everything inside with my dad handing over plenty of snacks and drinks as he pointed towards a small refrigerator which we thought was great.

It was also nice and cool inside the room and when I looked around I discovered it had one of those long horizontal air-conditioner units just beneath the large window along the wall by the door. It was set on low at the moment, but seemed cool enough inside the room as the vents blew out nice cold air into the small space. The room wasn't fancy and kind of old, but spotless and very clean throughout making me realize the owners took pride in their small business and had a good staff working for them. The main room had two queen sized beds with headboards on the left side wall, a small table between the beds, and a small lamp. One bed was closer to the air-conditioner with the other one closer to the back wall. Both beds had enough space on either side so people could crawl under the covers on whichever side they wanted.

Along the right side across from the foot end of the beds was a small table with a couple of chairs and a decent sized flat screen television set up higher on the wall where we could watch stretched out on the mattresses. Right next to the small table was one of those wooden wardrobes for our clothes. Heading past the beds on the left and the little work space and wardrobe on the right; towards the back of the room was the bathroom just on the other side of the wall on the left where the back bed was located. There was a small vanity mirror in the open cubby area on the right side with a hairdryer and on the left was a door leading into the bathroom. Again, nothing fancy, but very clean with a sink, toilet, and small step-in shower that closed up using a small glass sliding door.

"Any particular bed you prefer?" I asked yawning because the excitement and hard ride was catching up to me noticing Carter shrugging his shoulder indicating it really didn't matter to him one way or the other.

"Nah, not really." He replied as he yawned now too before tossing his small bag on to the bed closest to the door while I walked over to the one by the bathroom wall letting my bag drop on the floor.

Kicking off my shoes I lay down on the bed and clicked on the television set noticing the thirteen year old boy doing the same as we settled down and relaxed. Flipping through the channels I left it on some lame comedy show setting the remote on the end table. Before I knew it I was fast asleep and dead to the world. It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when I heard a knocking on our door.

My eyes snapped open and I sat up looking around noticing Carter slowly sitting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. It was still light outside and when I looked at my watch I realized we must have dozed off for about an hour or so. Another light knock reminded me why I just woke up as I padded over to the door and looked through the peep hole just to be safe. It was my dad so I opened up the door with him looking at me a bit closely.

"You boys fall asleep?" He chuckled as I yawned nodding my head. "Kind of figured with getting up early and then the good workout on the bikes. Anyway, just thought you boys might want to get cleaned up so we can grab a bite to eat. That is if you guys are hungry?" He asked, my stomach immediately responding by growling which got a chuckle from both my dad and Carter.

"Guess that sort of answers your question." I giggled; actually feeling a bit famished at the moment. "Where are we going?" I asked curiously while he smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't worry; I picked out a nice spot that would meet with the approval of any growing teen's hollow legs." He chuckled shaking his head knowing we were probably starving and ready to eat something nice and greasy. "Anyway, you boys hurry up and get cleaned up. Geeze, you guys haven't even bothered getting changed out of your biking gear." He sighed shaking his head as I glanced over towards Carter realizing he hadn't even bothered slipping his other shorts over the tight fitting biking gear he had worn for our ride through the watershed park trails.

"Um…yeah…give us a few minutes to hop in the shower and to get changed." I told him knowing he had probably expected the little delay; therefore, the reason why he had woken us up so we had some time to take a shower.

"No worries, just knock on my door when you guys are ready." He offered up as I closed the door and walked over towards my bed noticing Carter had already pulled out some clean clothes to get changed into after his shower as he looked over towards me dipping his eyebrows questioningly.

"Um…yeah go ahead. I'll wait until you are finished and then take mine." I offered up as he stood up and quickly made his way to the bathroom.

It didn't really take us long to get cleaned up with both of us quickly washing our hair and soaping up before getting toweled off. I had boned up as my thoughts wandered over seeing Carter naked by the lake, but I didn't have time to do anything about it knowing if I did it would be obvious what I had been up to. It was one thing to sort of talk about sex and stuff, but another thing to get caught jacking off even if it was just simply the other guy knowing it had happened. I was pretty sure Carter jacked off and all, but he had been quick enough with his own shower so I knew he hadn't done it either.

Now as we drove down the streets it was Carter whose stomach suddenly growled setting us all off on a fit of laughter. "Maybe next time you guys won't fall asleep so soon and we can grab a bite before your stomachs cave in on themselves." My dad teased pointing out a big building we were heading towards.

"Whoa, what's that?" I asked as he pulled into the parking lot and glanced in the mirror smiling at us.

"It's called Spare Time." He replied as I saw some people walking around in the parking lot with what looked like bowling bags.

"A bowling alley?" I asked curiously while he chuckled.

"Yeah, something like that. You'll see, he offered up as we piled out of the car and followed him towards the big building.

It was hot outside, so when we opened up the door and entered the huge structure the cool blast of air was a welcoming relief. We stepped inside and I stopped rooted in place while I gaped looking all around in wonderment noticing Carter gawking as well. The place was huge and there were families with tons of kids running around looking like they were having a good time. It was a bowling alley alright, but a hell of a lot more. It was almost like a theme park in a way with a lot seemingly going on as we stepped up to the welcome counter and I picked up a brochure scanning over it quickly not believing what I was seeing.

"Holy cow, there are like 32 bowling lanes with another 9 in a VIP area, a laser tag arena, Arcade room, air hockey, not to mention restaurants. This place looks totally ridiculous. Are we going to get to play some?" I asked noticing Carter looking over at my dad as well biting his lower lip a bit nervously.

The question had simply slipped out and I could have kicked myself because I suddenly realized Carter probably didn't have the money for it. "Of course," my dad spoke out. "I bought a package deal on post real cheap and it includes things for both of you."

"I…um…I just brought enough money to go out and eat." Carter admitted blushing in embarrassment looking down at his feet because he didn't have the money to pay for the tickets even if they were cheap.

My dad reached over placing his hand under Carter's chin gently forcing it upwards while he smiled gently at the teen. "Listen, you are our guest and I wouldn't expect you to pay for any of your meals or for the games. It's our treat. You are a good friend to Pim here and there's been plenty of times where his friends' parents took him out and paid as well. I don't want you to worry any about it. This is supposed to be a fun time for you boys. Besides, it's amazing the kinds of deals military can get at the recreation center on base so don't worry and promise me you will have fun. It'll hurt my feelings if you don't." My dad pointed out while Carter looked at me and I smiled nodding my head.

"For real dude, the base gets all sorts of deals, and well, dad sort of knows people who have the best stuff stashed away. So if he said he got it cheap, then I say let's have some fun." I added giddily seeing him grinning from ear to ear as he looked around as if to see what we should do first.

Chuckling I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "First things first, I'm starving." I added just as my stomach growled again hearing my dad and the employee behind the welcoming counter bust up laughing.

The guy behind the booth was actually amazed by the package deal my dad had gotten saying he's never seen anything like it before, but confirmed it all checked out just fine. He handed us all of our tickets for the arcade room, bowling sessions, not to mention our laser tag sessions asking what times we wanted to set aside for it because they tended to fill up sometimes. We each had three laser tag tickets so my dad took charge spreading the sessions out for us so that we could sort of rotate around with other activities as well.

The sports grill was actually pretty good with a wide selection of stuff which my dad had a discount for as well. Carter was a little reluctant about ordering, afraid of the costs so I snatched away his menu and ordered for all of us with my dad nodding encouragingly. I started us all out on something I thought sounded interesting and different. I was always bold like that willing to try things so ordered the fried pickles which were thick slices battered and deep fried. Just in case Carter didn't like pickles I also ordered the fully loaded fries which was deep fried then topped with cheddar jack cheese, bacon pieces, tomatoes and jalapenos before being baked. After that scallions were added and it was served with chipotle lime sauce. I also ordered bison sliders since I loved bison meat.

For our main course I ordered something kind of regular just in case some of the other stuff didn't appeal to our guest. I ordered the Carnivore Flatbread Pizza loaded with cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and bacon. As a second dish I ordered the BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza figuring it should compliment the other one rather well. Drinks were from the soda fountain machine so we all got what we wanted ourselves and could have as many refills all night long that we could handle.

As our food started coming out I had to admit it was really tasty and I enjoyed watching how Carter seemed to agree inhaling everything without any complaints. The pizza flatbread wasn't anywhere near as good as what his mom made, but it was tasty. There was still plenty left over, but we were going to be there for several hours and I was fairly certain by the end of the night we would end up putting a pretty good dent in what was left over not to mention we still had desert coming.

Just as we sat back feeling totally full my dad pointed to the time and we quickly hustled over towards the game room and where the laser tag place was located. After a short five minute instruction we all grabbed our gear, separated into teams based on our weaponry colors and was ushered into this huge room that actually had two levels and was completely dark until they suddenly turned on all the laser lights. Everything glowed and got hectic in a heartbeat as we all tore into the room spreading out so we could start the game for real.

Suddenly the signal was given that our lasers were live and we began hunting and shooting one another. The object was to find the opponents home base and shoot it while not getting shot ourselves. While some hunted others protected their home base. If a person gets shot he couldn't shoot his laser gun for either five or ten seconds depending on where he got shot on the vest he wore or on his weapon. If you did get shot it was a good idea to hightail out of there and duck behind cover because people could continue to shoot at you wracking up points while you were locked out of your laser gun.

It was wild and heart pumping because the place was dark, hectic, and noisy, with glowing laser lights and objects lighting up all over the place. It was loud and boisterous with bombs and laser fire going on all around you through these huge deafening speakers. By the time the game ended my heart must have been racing like a hundred miles an hour and I was on a total sugar and adrenalin rush with my body all sweaty despite it being air-conditioned in the place. Carter and I hooked back up having been separated inside the large room with plenty of maze like structures having gotten players disoriented quickly.

"Man, that was like totally awesome." He beamed happily as we removed our gear in the other room and checking the scores.

To my surprise Carter had attained the highest points from everyone with me coming in fourth. I was duly impressed as he gathered up his prize tickets. Any games we played inside the building allowed us to wrack up points for tickets and at the end of the night we could cash them in for a prize. I knew it was a gimmick, but it was all in good fun and there really were some decent prizes if you made enough points. We caught up with my dad and decided to keep him some company and play a few rounds of bowling. I was pretty good at it actually bowling a 174 which is pretty damn good catching a lot of strikes and spares. My dad and Carter didn't fare so well, but it was a lot of fun.

The time seemed to tick by with two hours slipping away as we rotated around hitting the game room along with the laser tag and bowling in-between. My dad left us to the games as he kicked back in the sports bar getting to know some people and watching some of the games that were on. Every once in a while we'd all hook up and bowl a little together. It was a lot of fun and just when I thought the night was over, my dad surprised us, saying there was one more thing as people were slowly ushered out of the building while some got to stay inside.

We took our seats in one of the bowling lanes while I looked at my dad questioningly. There were thirty two lanes in all so a really big place with the walls all painted and huge white panels up above making it look really open and bright. Suddenly all the lights went dark and the entire bowling alley lit up with these crazy colors as a huge laser show began with heart thumping music. It was totally awesome and wild as the bowling competition started. Everyone inside the room was having a blast and in a good mood. It was actually a bit dizzying trying to bowl with all of the flashing lights and excitement. It lasted for two and a half hours and by the time we finally made it back to the hotel room I was ready for bed and I could tell so was Carter.

"Thanks dad that was totally awesome." I yawned, giving him a big hug and kiss feeling him hugging me back. "I had a total blast with Carter on the trails and then you treating us to dinner, bowling, laser tag, and all the games…that was the bomb, not to mention that wicked laser show." I admitted pulling back letting Carter give my dad a hug as well.

Just due to his shy nature it had taken a while for Carter to warm up to my dad, but lately he's been a lot more open with him when we hung around together. "Thanks Mr. Merckx, I really had a lot of fun today. It's like one of the best days and nights of my entire life. Thanks for letting me tag along with Pim so I could go riding on some new trails. Oh…and thanks for dinner and everything else tonight. It was a total blast." He told my dad sincerely giving him a big hug before stepping back and wiping away the tears because it was the first time he's had so much fun in a very long time.

My dad glanced towards me a little concerned but I motioned it was alright and would explain later. "You are very welcome Carter and I am enjoying having you with us. Seeing Pim happy when you are around makes me happy too. You are a joy to have along on our trip and I'm glad you are having fun with us as well. Now scoot, both of you. It's after midnight and I'm sure you are both tired. If you don't get enough sleep you won't be able to enjoy your bike ride tomorrow. At least we won't have to get up as early, but it is late and you boys had a long day. I'm sure you are both ready for bed." He smiled giving us each another hug and ruffling our hair wishing us a good night.

It was hot outside so when we stepped into our room it felt a little chilly as we both grabbed our kits making our way into the bathroom. We were so tired I didn't even think anything of it as I set my stuff on the counter by the sink and followed Carter to the toilet bowl. He had already pulled down the front of his shorts tucking the waist band under his nut sack and was just starting to piss when I pressed into the tight space forcing him too scoot over.

"Hey, what the…watch it." He grumbled blushing because he was sporting a semi-wood, but couldn't do anything because he was pissing at the moment.

It was the first time I had seen him somewhat boned up and sure enough there was the beginnings of a slight curve to his penis. He was still mostly soft, but I could tell if he got totally hard it would have a downward curve similar to a banana. Pulling down the front of my own shorts I didn't waste any time sliding my foreskin back to expose the tip of my slicked up bell, and sighed when my own stream blasted out the slit of my penis.

"Shit, I'm about to bust already. Too much soda pop." I shivered, holding my foreskin back so I didn't spray all over the place.

"Damn, that looks so wicked the way your skin pulls back." The thirteen year old boy croaked hoarsely catching me by surprise as I glanced over at him noticing the way he was staring at what I was doing.

"Oh…um…yeah I guess." I responded looking down at myself.

"What does it feel like…you know to have skin covering up your knob? I mean…is it like warm and damp under there or something. In health class they say a guy is supposed to pull it back and wash it. Is that true?" He asked kind of curiously.

It was natural for him to be kind of fascinated about this sort of thing, but I never really knew how to describe this part of my wand when someone asked. "Um…well…yeah, I guess it is kind of warm and all, but I suppose not any different from a guy who doesn't have their skin. It does seem to keep my nozzle soft like and when I pull it back some it is kind of slicked up and all. As for washing, well with most kids the skin doesn't slide all the way back and you aren't supposed to force anything. To be honest there is a lot of information about that sort of stuff that is totally wrong. A guy really doesn't need to begin washing until he is older because the skin is a natural thing." I shrugged.

"Oh, I thought everyone's skin pulls back." He added tucking his spent spigot back inside his shorts while my strong stream began to slow down.

Chuckling I shook my head because a lot of people didn't know a thing about foreskin. "No, just like puberty and anything else it happens a little differently for all boys who have foreskin. Some boys the skin detaches when they are really little while with other kids like me it doesn't happen until we are older. Even if the foreskin does detach from a guys cock head it doesn't mean it necessarily pulls back yet because it can still be a little tight. For most guys the skin detaches and is able to slide back by the time they hit puberty. I'm fifteen and even though my opening isn't tight or anything and I can slide it back a little it is still attached." I told him showing what I meant by pulling my skin back as far as it would go without hurting me noticing his eyes bugging out.

"Holy shit." He squeaked. "That looks like totally…um…," he blushed realizing he was sort of perving on me while I sniggered and shrugged my shoulders.

"Don't worry; a lot of my other friends were kind of fascinated about it too. It's alright to be curious and it doesn't bother me when it is coming from close friends." I told him feeling a lot better now that I had pretty much emptied out my bladder.

"I don't get it though. I mean, you are like fifteen and it still doesn't retract. I know you said it is like puberty, but still I would think most kids your age can already pull it completely back." He wondered out loud while I shook my head.

"Yeah, I told you already most kids my age are already detached and can pull it back. There are a few studies out there, but the older researches are totally bogus. More recent ones show that it is perfectly fine for kids my age and even a little older to have attached foreskin or unable to retract completely because it is still tight. The newer studies show that a little over sixty percent of fifteen year old boys can retract their foreskin and just under forty percent of us still can't. Like I said it is different for everyone and when it happens it happens. Even though it doesn't seem like it, guys who are fifteen years old are still going through puberty, so it shouldn't be a surprise that with some guys their foreskin still doesn't retract." I pointed out as he scrunched up his face in thought digesting the new information.

"So if it doesn't pull back how do you…um…you know…," he paused and blushed totally embarrassed but too intrigued to stop now as he held up his fist and gave the universal jack-off sign.

"That's kind of personal don't you think? I mean…I don't ask if you do it and how often or how…you know." I responded a little defensively seeing the hurt expression on his features making me wince now because it really had been an innocent question.

"I…uh…I mean…I…I didn't mean anything by it." He turned his head away slightly totally mortified now while I sighed.

"Shit…no I'm sorry dude. I mean we are close friends and I shouldn't be so defensive. Of course I jack off, don't we all? It's really not all that much different I suppose from how you go about it. I mean, sure I guess we all have a certain way and preferences on how we tend to do it, but I just basically fist and stroke myself, you know kind of what I guess is in a normal way. It's just I have to be careful not to pull back on my skin too forcefully. Since mine does retract a little it sort of still slides around making everything feel kind of nice." I blushed a little embarrassed noticing him giving me a sort of impish look with his face splitting wide open in a big mischievous grin.

"Fuck you." I chuckled seeing his sly look as I shook my head and tucked myself away because it was now a little awkward. "So how do you go about jacking off? I mean, you told me yours curves like a banana when it gets hard." I turned the tables on him seeing his eyes suddenly bug out and his entire face turning red as he started to walk away.

"Hey, no fair, I told you, so now it's your turn to spill." I chuckled watching him walk over to the sink grabbing his toothbrush and toothpaste while I stepped next to him doing the same. "Well?" I asked not letting him off the hook so easy seeing his shoulders slump forward in defeat as he exhaled softly.

"Um…I guess sort of the same. I mean I don't…uh…I mean most of the time I sort of use like my three finger and thumb…you know…" He shrugged while I looked at him curiously.

"Really, does it like feel better just using a few fingers instead of your whole fist?" I asked, his gaze shifting towards me as if to gauge my seriousness before he blushed again and shrugged.

"Um…maybe…I don't know. I mean for the most part my hands are kind of big and it doesn't feel right when I try to fist my bent cock. I guess I'm still not big enough for it to feel right doing it that way." He responded honestly seeing my concerned look as he chuckled shaking his head. "No, I'm not saying I'm puny. It's just you asked why it feels better for me to do it with only three fingers and my thumb. Just because I don't fist mine like you do doesn't mean I think I'm puny, not anymore." He leaned his shoulder into me in a gentle shove while I smiled and nodded.

"I guess whatever gets a guy off." I responded glancing over towards him while he looked at me for a second or two before busting up.

"Gawd, I've only known you for a couple of weeks and you've turned me into this pervert." He laughed shaking his head while I casually rolled my shoulders.

"Nah, you were always a pervert, just a pervert hiding in the closet." I giggled teasingly feeling a sharp pain in my arm. "Ouch! Hey, what was that for?" I asked rubbing my arm where he punched me and none too gently.

"You know perfectly well why, and if I'm not mistaking you are the one hiding in the closet." He added teasingly making me stiffen up for a second until I realized he didn't mean it in a bad way, but rather a playful one to get back at me for my comment.

"Yeah, well like I said whatever works and allows me to bust my nut at least four or five times a day." I chuckled, Carter glancing at me playfully and giggling.

"Well, it's a relief to know I'm not the only one who spit shines their fat muscle at least four or five times a day." He retorted admitting like me he can't seem to keep his hands off of himself making me bust up and shake my head.

"Geeze dude for real. Where the hell did that nice shy boy go that I met a couple of weeks back?" I taunted putting some toothpaste on my toothbrush.

He snorted. "Hah, that's what happens when you drag someone out of the closet."

Rolling my eyes I shook my head while he got a little more serious. "You know I understand why you don't want people to know you are gay, but maybe coming out of the closet a little letting your parents know might not be such a bad thing. Your dad seems really cool and all…I mean, do you think he'd be mad at you or disappointed if he found out?" He asked earnestly while I sighed and shrugged my shoulders.

Pausing for a few seconds, I frowned, thinking on it for a moment. "Just like the way you've told your parents about being bullied?" I countered.

It was Carter's turn to pause and scowl. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean anything by it." He told me a bit shyly turning slightly away from me.

Shaking my head I leaned over so I could look him in the eyes. "For what?" I asked.

"Huh?" He turned back towards me puzzled by my question.

"You said you are sorry and I'm wondering for what?"

"I don't know…I mean, because what I said upset you. I didn't mean anything by it and don't want you to feel bad because of what I said." The thirteen year old boy winced feeling bad about it now.

"So, did my response back upset or hurt you?" I asked, the other boy gazing at me a little shocked by my question.

"What? Of course not; we are friends and I know you didn't mean anything by it." He responded quickly.

"Exactly, and I wasn't upset by your comment either because like you said we are friends. In a lot of ways I feel a lot closer to you than my friends back in Texas even though I've known them all my life. I don't know why, but it's just, you know, I feel like I can talk with you and tell you certain things that are kind of private. I never really felt comfortable revealing my biggest secrets to my other friends and I don't ever want you to feel like you can't tell me how you feel about something. I like being able to talk to you about stuff I can't bring myself to discuss with other people, including my parents. Maybe some day I'll be able to tell them about being gay, but right now I'm not ready for that with anyone except you. Promise me you won't ever feel bad about anything we talk about." I pushed, watching the thirteen year old boy nodding his head while his eyes welled up not because he was upset, but rather because he appreciated how I trusted him.

Draping my arm over his shoulders affectionately, I pulled him closer into my body feeling his arm wrapping around my waist. "I don't want it to be like that between us, you know, feeling guilty and all. I would rather have it so we could talk about anything without feeling bad about it or worrying if we hurt each other's feelings. I'm glad now that I told you about being gay. It's kind of nice to know my best friend isn't bothered by it, but it's still kind of tough for me to come out to my folks. I'm sure they wouldn't be upset about it, but still, it's just kind of weird for me to talk about. It's kind of private and it is different talking to you about it, but way too creepy with my folks."

We both fell silent for a few moments looking in the mirror with my arm draped over his shoulder while his was wrapped around my waist his smaller frame leaning into me. "We cool?" I asked feeling the other boy shift, turning towards me and wrapping both of his arms around my waist snuggling up into my body.

It felt kind of nice holding each other like this as I felt him inhaling softly, his head nodding against my chest. "Yeah, we're cool, more than cool. You getting bucked off that metal beast of yours is probably one of the best things that has ever happened for me." He chuckled while I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, unruly beast. Good for you, but I smarted for days with the raspberry on my hip and ass lasting over a week." I chuckled stepping back motioning we should finish up.

The bed was nice and cozy as I huddled up under the covers. It was a little chilly in the room, but we didn't want to turn off the air-conditioner knowing it would get hot and humid in no time. I was so tired I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow all tucked in safe and sound, a feeling of well being settling over my body. I was a little sore from my tumble, but nothing I wasn't used to as I continued the downward spiral into blissful slumber. I was just about ready to nod off for good when I got the sense of some movement inside of our room. It was coming from over by Carter so I didn't think much of it until I felt his presence over on the side of my bed where the wall was located instead of the space between our two beds.

Rolling over I opened up my eyes noticing the thirteen year old boy standing next to my bed in his white boxer briefs shivering as I glanced at my watch. "It's fr-freezing over by my b-bed, c-can I crawl in with you?" He stuttered standing there with his arms wrapped around his body and shivering while I quickly scooted over some and held up the edge of my blanket indicating it was alright. "That d-damn fan is blowing right over my b-bed and I can't change the direction." He continued to stutter crawling into bed and allowing me to wrap my arms around his chilled body.

"Crap, your skin is cold like an ice cube. Why did you wait so long?" I asked realizing it had been like thirty minutes already since we crawled under the covers which kind of surprised me at how quickly time had slipped away.

"I…I didn't want to wake you up." He sighed snuggling up closer as we spooned together and I rubbed his arms, chest, and stomach while draping my leg over his trying to get him warmed up as quickly as possible.

We squirmed around a little trying to get into a comfortable position when he shifted just enough for my hand to brush up over the front of his underwear. It was an accident and unintentional, but the problem was I had also been rubbing my hand over his stomach a bit firmly to get him warmed up. So when he moved my fingers actually wrapped around his curved elongated erection making me freeze in shock at what just happened.

It wasn't just the idea of actually grabbing him like that, but also the realization of how he was all boned up. I guess it really shouldn't have been such a surprise he'd pop a stiffie since I was running my hands all over him trying to get him warmed up. Anyone would sort of bone up from that sort of stimulating contact. My mind wrapped around this all within a fraction of a second, but it took me another second or two to respond and only because Carter's body jolted and he gasped from the inadvertent contact. I even felt his stiff penis twitch in my grip just before I managed to release him.

"Oh shit…I…I'm sorry. It was an accident." I immediately apologized feeling him squirm about some more in my arms twisting his body around and facing me.

He was still a little chilled as he pressed his chest and stomach into mine draping his left leg over my right one our groins rubbing up together. When I had accidentally grabbed his erection my own penis had twitched a bit immediately forcing it to wake up, but now with his hard erection rubbing up against mine I instantly got hard. My whole body jerked as an intense sensation exploded along my groin spreading throughout my insides with our two hard steel blades pressing up like this reminding me of what happened just the other day when we both had wet dreams while rubbing up against one another in our sleep. For a second I thought I was going to bust my nut, another reminder that it's been over twenty four hours now since I last juiced my tanks.

"Oh-oh fuck." I croaked feeling Carter pressing his body into mine forcing me to roll on my back while he rolled on top of me our scimitars rubbing up sensuously against one another despite our underwear being in the way.

This too reminded me of the other night and how both of us had such intense orgasms we literally managed to cream each other through the cottony fabric of our briefs. It had been the most intense orgasm ever and if we weren't careful I'd be blowing a huge sticky wad through my underwear yet again. Wrapping my arms around him to try controlling the situation I heard Carter's soft moan as his body settled on top of mine. He hooked his knees between my legs sliding them up on either side of butt cheeks forcing me to spread apart my own knees and legs to accommodate him. With his knees pressed up against my butt it gave him leverage as he began to hump into me catching me off guard as another warm wave detonated inside my body threatening to send me over the top.

My body jerked and shuddered as this new euphoric wave slammed into me sending a heat wave radiating outwards immediately warming up the other boy. He must have experienced the same sensation because his skin suddenly felt like it was on fire, both of us moaning as I threw my head back while he pressed his face into the crook of my neck.

"Oh-oh fuck…you've gotta stop before I…uhhhngh," I hissed not wanting the feeling to end, but also not wanting to do something the two of us might regret later.

His groin pressed into mine sturdily when he arched his back looking down into my face; the pressure and weight of his body forcing itself into my groin making me hiss excitedly barely registering his comment for a second. "W…what's wrong…don't you like this?" Carter asked startling me because it sounded like he sort of wanted to do this.

"What…no…I mean…yes. Shit…this is intense…but…aaaaaarph," I moaned and shivered because he rotated his groin into me both of our erections sliding up against each other and twitching wildly because it felt extremely intense. "Oh…oh gawd Carter. Shit…fuck that's intense." I hissed as he once more rotated his hips around making my head spin. "Sh-shit…s-stop, oh fuck…I…I…we…," I moaned the intensity making me woozy as I panted for air. "If…uuumph…if we don't stop I'm going to blow my cork.

The younger teen was winded as well and swallowed with difficulty while I stared at the sweat beginning to bead up along his forehead. "Isn't that the point?" He managed to croak out while I shook my head.

Trying to swallow the lump in my own throat it felt like my body was on fire, the room suddenly seeming a bit too warm almost like the air-conditioner had suddenly cut out on us. "I…I…this isn't a good idea. I mean, fuck it feels intense, but are you sure…you know…about this. I mean, you don't have to do this just because I-I'm you know, gay."

"God this feels so good." I heard Carter gasp as he continued to stare into my eyes. "I'm horny as all fuck and haven't jacked off since Thursday night." He admitted, moaning with his eyes glazing over while mine flared open in shock at his suggestion.

He settled his entire weight back on top of me and I felt him begin to wriggle and shift around making me wince because of how he was lifting up his hips and lowering them in a way that didn't make any sense. "Ouch, fuck…what are you doing?" I grunted when he bumped into my groin again.

A couple of seconds later he once more began to grind into me his erection rubbing along my penis threatening to send me over the edge. My mind screamed at me to stop, but my body was too far gone now. I wrapped my legs around the back of his thighs pulling him into me as my hand ran along the back of his shoulder blades and then downwards over his soft fleshy orbs.

It was then when my eyes flared open in surprise. "Oh fuck, you're naked." I hissed in surprise realizing that's what all the weird squirming around had been about when he suddenly shifted again rolling off to the side pulling me along beneath the covers. He rolled over towards the other side of the bed on to his back pulling me on top of him. Carter's eyes looked hungry and I felt his fingers snatching at my underwear now, tugging them downwards. I automatically lifted my hips feeling the waistband of my briefs catching behind my stiff rod so reached down and freed the drooling spigot feeling my erection slapping up against my pubic mound. The thirteen year old boy lifted up into my body, his face bumping into my chest as he continued to pull my underwear downwards past my knees before settling back into the mattress while I began to wiggle around my legs feeling the briefs wrapping around my ankles. I kicked them off and yelped in surprise when he once more rolled us to the other side settling his body back on top of mine.

His eyes flared open and so did mine because for the first time in my life I felt someone else's raw naked fleshy penis as it pressed up against my own torrid piece of steely tissue. The sensation was wicked and totally wild, all hot and slippery. I didn't know if it was from sweat or our pre-cum, but it didn't matter because it felt better this way since our erections could slide around easily now. Even his pubes brushing along my skin was erotically sensuous as we both began to pant heavily from the exertion and stimulation.

Wrapping my legs around the back of the younger teen's thighs I felt the other boy settling his face into the crook of my neck his hot breath tickling along my sensitive skin. He wrapped his hand up under my arm pit grabbing on to my shoulders from below for leverage and began to hump into me in a downwards motion while I reciprocated in an upwardly direction. The sensation of our steel spikes sliding around one another sent waves of exhilaration and excitement through my firm youthful body. I've never felt anything so tingly alive as we continued to hump and grind into one another all timidity and cautiousness set aside for the moment. This was now full blown outright sexual gratification. I had feelings for Carter and I loved how it felt to be close to him like this, but there was no denying a big part of this had now evolved into something sexual. This was happening really fast making my head spin as I ran my fingers lightly up and down the middle of his back allowing them to dip down and cup his firm rounded sweaty butt cheeks for leverage. I was close to busting my nut, our breathing becoming ragged.

Carter's curved erection seemed to almost swathe itself around my thick steely hardness feeling a lot like a finger wrapping around my shaft, but way more intense and sensuous. It was smaller and thinner than mine, but his baggy scrotum sack rubbing along mine felt a lot bigger. I knew my boy bag was larger too, but the way my pouch was tightly balled up it only felt smaller than his at the moment. I could even feel his heavy chestnut sized testicles as they rolled around against my tight skin bag.

Suddenly without warning I felt Carter's penis unexpectedly become extremely hot before it abruptly thickened, his glans flaring out, and finally jerk in a spastic fit. "Uuuuugh…," Carter mumbled in a dazed gasp as if it had happened unexpectedly before he was ready.

Carter couldn't believe what was happening. He had slipped into bed with Pim to warm up and before he knew it he had become so damn horny things had simply gotten out of control. Pressing up against the older boy had emboldened him and he couldn't stop himself from acting out on the raging pubescent hormones bubbling up inside of him. This had never happened before and he didn't know what to make of it as he lost all control unable to keep his horny fervor in check. It happened too fast as he managed to pull his underwear off followed quickly by getting the older teen naked as well. After that the overwhelming tingling sensations coursing through his veins began to boil over.

Feeling his naked flesh rubbing up against Pim's was the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced. He never knew how erotically sensuous flesh could feel as his hard yet spongy vine ground and rubbed up against the older teen's slightly larger plump tendril. He could even feel their testicles rubbing up against one another sending another wave of intensity coursing through his flesh. Then without warning, he suddenly erupted, feeling the scorching heat inside his curved three and a half inch plus tube pulse. It began spitting out its molten lava catching him by surprise followed quickly by several more when he felt the erupting pulsing sensations from another source now spitting out its own sweet sticky nectar. It was Pim now who joined in with both of them moaning in euphoric blissfulness as their orgasms ripped through their bodies.

My eyes widened in surprise when I heard the familiar unmistakable orgasmic grunt escaping Carter's lips as the first spastic throb of his erection pulsed along the length of my sturdy erection. A split second later I felt the hot molten lava of the thirteen year old boy's immature runny cum splattering into my pubes. The initial pulse was followed quickly by several more within a fraction of a second setting me off as well because this was just too sensuously erotic as my own tsunami slammed into my body.

My grunts of pleasure suddenly joined his as a powerful blast erupted from my erection adding to the slickness of our sweaty bodies. "Aaaaaaaaargh, uuuumph, uuuuumph, aaaaaaaah, uuumph, uuumph, uumph." I moaned the ecstasy of rapture making my body jolt upwards slamming into Carter's sweltering body.

My testicles contracted several times in rapid succession spilling my precious royal honey all over his groin and between our legs. It was rapidly become a slicked up snotty mess between our bodies as the two of us continued to writhe around in orgasmic elation. Oddly enough I could feel my cum filled boulders dancing around with the other younger teen's truffles as all four oval shaped nuggets continued to contract and writhe about in their lambskin casings expelling their precious youthful treasure.

Pulse after pulse my hard erection kept jerking around in a spastic fit actually becoming painful in such a wonderful kind of way. I thought it would never end because just when I began to subside I'd feel Carter's royal scepter pulse forcing the two large princely jewels in his soft leathery purse to rattle around as well which set me off again. In return, it appeared as if my own renewed throbbing fits would then feed into his sensitive state creating a vicious cycle. It was like we were feeding off one another until with one final heave and grunt I collapsed on to the mattress completely spent and gasping for air unable to continue with intermittent little twitches making my body jerk now and then as I tried to expel the last of the electrical currents from inside my body.

I heard Carter moan as well his body slumped on top of mine as it slowly slid towards the side pulling our collectively pooled slime along. The younger boy literally flopped off of me and settled down next to my body as he wheezed for air also twitching now in then in the aftermath of our intense orgasmic explosions. I could feel our slimy goop sliding down between my legs and along my hips. I knew it was dripping on to the side of his body that was pressed up against me on the left side.

We were both a complete oily mess, but I couldn't think of that as I closed my eyes focusing on recuperating. My mind was a jumbled clutter of chaos and I could have sworn I had seen stars when my orgasm slammed into me. Carter was cuddled up against my side as I wrapped my left arm under his neck feeling his head slide into the crook of my arm and shoulder. He shifted slightly letting his face settle on my chest and without realizing it he slipped off to sleep.

Inhaling deeply I yawned knowing I needed to get us cleaned up, but just needed to rest my eyes for a moment first and catch my breath. I could smell Carter's very familiar musky scent, but now it was thickly laced with something else that took me a moment to identify as a small little smirk split my features. It was the unmistakable scent of sex that was uniquely his. We all had our own unique bouquet after having sex, but it was different for everyone. The thirteen year old boy's fragrance actually smelled kind of sweet, like vanilla and lavender as I savored it wondering how something like the way a boy smelled could turn me on. One second my thoughts were on the Carter's scent and the next moment I had drifted off to sleep feeling completely spent in the most amazing way I've ever known in my entire life. There was a calm tranquil peacefulness that wrapped both of us up in its gentle embrace and I slipped into the deepest kinds of restful slumbers I've ever experienced.

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