Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 3

The Younger Brother

The rest of the day and evening flew by rapidly, maybe because I had been kept busy. So when it was finally time to hit the sack I was more than ready as I stripped down to my underwear, eased my aching body under the sheets, and finally sighed in relief as I lay on my back. After I got home the movers showed up about fifteen minutes later with my dad pulling into the driveway not long afterwards. It took most of the rest of the afternoon to get everything unloaded and into the house. We put things in some semblance of order, but knew once mom arrived in a month or two everything would be changed around, if nothing else just for the principle of the matter. Oh well, it's just the way women were I suppose.

I'm pretty sure dad figured the same thing so we didn't put much emphasis on getting it right, but rather simply getting it done. We made quick work of it with dad ordering us some Chinese food for dinner as we began to unpack the last of the boxes figuring by the time we finished up our meals should be arriving.

While we waited for it to arrive I had jumped into the bathroom to take a quick shower. The warm water had felt wonderful on my battered body as the sweat and grime of the day flushed down the drain. I inspected myself while bathing noticing the big raspberry along my left side which sort of stung as I used soap to clean up. It wasn't the only thing making me wince as I got washed up because I could already feel the aches and pains from my bumps and bruises, not to mention my sore muscles starting to protest. I was a young fit teenager, but between the hard bumpy bike ride along the back trails, hauling boxes and furniture from the moving truck, and getting the house put in order, it had me a bit exhausted and sore.

As the warm water eased my aching body I contemplated for a split second of maybe taking care of my typical teenaged hormonal needs. I could even feel myself begin to chub up which immediately deflated as my body jerked in surprise when I heard my dad pounding on the door telling me that dinner should be arriving any minute now. I'm sure my dad knew all about how I've been gaming my playstation and joystick for years now when I got the itch. After all it was only natural for boys my age to be messing about like that, but still no teenager wanted to get caught by their parents while actively spanking their monkey. That would just be way too awkward and humiliating.

Both of my parents were very good at giving me my space and privacy, but it didn't prevent me from jumping at things like my dad pounding on the bathroom door. Especially, not just when I was getting ready to do something a bit naughty like the five finger knuckle chuckle with my stiff bloated five inch cockle. Sighing, I finished rinsing off and after getting dressed in gym shorts and a shirt rejoined my dad just as the doorbell rang for the Chinese food delivery guy.

As we ate there was the typical exchange of how each other's day went. He had sighed and rolled his eyes informing me that coming up here real soon was going to be that typical parading around thing in dress uniform. I guess there was going to be a ceremony officially welcoming him in as the base's new Sergeant Major, which also provided an opportunity to pass out awards and honors in general to some service members. Of course I had to chuckle because I knew how he hated being paraded around; especially, for that one itsy bitsy blue ribbon on his chest that made even Generals pause, salute, and fawn all over him.

He began asking how my day went and I told him about my tumble while he nodded his head not surprised having seen my bruises while unloading the truck. He did tell me to be a bit more cautious knowing very well my idea of careful was different than most other kids these days. Shaking his head when I shrugged my shoulders he chuckled and ruffled my hair letting me know he did appreciate the help though despite me being a bit banged up and sore. He didn't seem too concerned about my spill since both of my folks weren't those typical helicopter parents who fretted over every little thing.

The thought of having to grow up like that with my mom or dad hovering over me all the time sent a shiver up my spine. Parents like that didn't do their kids any favors; especially, not where boys were concerned. It was simply in our DNA to be bold and inquisitive flexing our muscles as we grew older. This wasn't the first time I came home all banged up and bruised, and it wouldn't be the last time either with both of my parents having accepted it a long time ago. In fact a few years back mom had begun referring to me and my friends as 'wild boys.' Back home in Texas when people stated things like 'you won't believe what those wild boys are up to now,' they were generally talking about me and my buddies.

As we both sat at the table slurping up some stir fry and yakisoba noodles with chopsticks while dad sipped on beer and I chugged down some juice, I also told him about my rescuer. He smiled nodding his head seeing my enthusiasm and was happy I had found a friend so soon. I left out the part about Carter being bullied and the encounter with the other boy up the street. I'm sure he wouldn't have said too much about it, but would have frowned at how I had put the kibosh on another boy even if it was self defense, well at least sort of. He knew sometimes a guy had to do what needed to be done, but it didn't mean he wanted me to go around getting into confrontations. Beside, there usually tended to be consequences later on for those types of actions. He always reminded me that if it ever came to a fight I was to do what needed doing, but I'd have to be prepared to man up later on and face the music when the boom was finally lowered as to the consequences of going down that sort of road.

Exhaling softly all snuggled up now under the warm covers of my bed, a small grin spread over my features because my thoughts shifted to the thirteen year old boy who had come to my rescue. He really was cute with a nice build and very cute features. I shivered recalling the way his clothes had fit snuggly up against his body revealing a nice sized bulge between his legs. My own penis immediately woke up and twitched because those thoughts were now getting me horny.

Lifting up my hips I tugged down my white boy's briefs freeing up my thick five inch erect skin flute. I let my briefs slide down to my ankles and spread apart my knees. Using my right hand I slowly eased back my foreskin a little, feeling it tug slightly on the ridge of my glans exposing the top part of my nozzle. Running my thumb over the sensitive crown I shivered as the typical tingling sensation made my legs twitch.

Using my thumb and finger I worked my foreskin a little, lifting up the covers and glancing down at my own erection. At fifteen years old my turtleneck still didn't retract all the way down yet, which wasn't necessarily unusual for a boy my age. There were still a good percentage of guys my age who's foreskin didn't retract just like mine and I knew it was only a matter of time before it would. During my last physical the doctor had offered to give me a type of hormone cream designed to help the separation process of the skin from my glans, but I had shrugged saying it would happen all on its own at some point. He even offered up instructions on how to manipulate and stretch the skin, obviously surprised I wouldn't be interested in it happening sooner versus later.

It really didn't bother me that it didn't pull back all the way yet, but it didn't affect my hand action or consequent orgasms so I didn't see the point. After all, it was rather apparent to me these past few years that I was just a bit of a late bloomer on some fronts regarding my sexual maturity. It hadn't affected me in any major way like jacking off or anything, so I wasn't worried about it. Besides, I could tell it wouldn't be too long now where one day it will simply happen on its own. To say I wasn't looking forward to that day would be stupid, but I also didn't need to use a hormone cream on my pecker for something that would work itself out in the time frame and way nature intended.

The idea of placing something with hormones in it on my foreskin brought up strange ideas in my head. Images of hair growing on the tip of my pecker because of the cream made me giggle at the foolish type of thoughts knowing full well that would never happen. Shoving those silly notions aside I focused on the task at hand.

The image of Carter popped back into my thoughts making my insides flutter excitedly as I began to run the fisted fingers of my right hand up and down my sweltering tuber while my left hand began to squeeze my scrotum. My shaft felt thick in my fingers, almost like holding a roll of silver dollars, but my length was longer giving me more to play with. My toes curled up at the sultry nature of the sensation I was experiencing due to the way I was working my erection. I was doing it slowly, trying to savor the good feelings along the surface of my shaft. Even my ping pong sized testicles began to squirm around in their firm rounded packaging. The tingling sensations radiated from the root of my erection connecting to my nuggets like an electrical conduit sending sensuous tickling pulses which made those nice ripe berries dance around. At the moment my testicles felt like a pair of dice being rattled around in a cup at the craps table.

My mind wrapped firmly around the thirteen year old boy I had met today as I realized he had now firmly insinuated himself into my sexual fantasy. At first I tried to steer it away from him because he was a couple of years younger than me, but I just couldn't help myself as I relented realizing that despite the age difference he was an erotically sexy sultry looking boy. Carter was kind of lanky with long sleek arms and legs, a solid medium build, and a smooth unblemished ivory bisque colored complexion.

My body twitched with my testicles jolting from the sweet soft alluringly hot imagery of the thirteen year old boy as I felt some pre-cum oozing from between my meaty boy slit. The slick clear like substance slid along my skin when my pumping fist ran over the slimy like substance. It created a slippery like sensation along the tight skin of my erection making things even more electrifying as my thoughts once more turned to the cute vision of the sweet thirteen year old boy feeding into my deepest sexual desires.

Not only did Carter have a nice build, but he had such delicate charming features with a full round face and nice perky cheeks. His big broad grin with pearly white straight teeth was infectious. My cheeks flushed with excitement at the way his smile had made me feel when he flashed it towards me. Even his simple average kind of nose with a rounded end and slightly flaring nostrils looked nice on him. I could hear myself sigh when my thoughts turned to the idea of running my fingers through his thick lustrous medium length soft brownish black hair. The coloration of his silky smooth straight tresses resembled the shades of sweet cola with a hint and dusting of acorn brown highlights.

The younger boy wore his mane kind of long over the ears and down the back of his neck. After removing his biking helmet I could see how it appeared as if he tended to part it on the right side allowing it to sweep slightly over to the left as his hair draped lightly over his ash brown colored eyebrows. The way his straight lustrous hair framed his features emphasized his round face, rosy cheeks, and crescent moon shaped eyes. The boy's creamy brown colored eyes were warm and inviting like hot cocoa on a cold blistery day. My memories drifted over his soft features recalling the splattering of four of five light brown colored flat pinhead sized moles resembling freckles on his left cheek that added character to his youthful boyish features.

Time seemed to have slowed down for me as I tossed aside my covers exposing my thick firm nakedness to the coolness of my air-conditioned room. Only a minute or two had gone by and I was already beginning to crest feeling my impending orgasm begin to rise with it roiling and raging deep down inside of me as my thoughts shifted once more.

This time it was to the moment I had stepped up next to the younger teen just off to his left side while he was taking a leak seeing for the very first time what he had been fretting over. I gasped as my erection suddenly lurched forcing me to clamp my left hand firmly around my taut rounded scrotum sack squeezing my testicles as I winced from the slight twinge of pain. It did the trick and I managed to stave off a premature ejaculation. The incident created a steady stream of secreting pre-cum that began to ooze at a steady pace now with me once more picking up the tempo on my pumping fist.

Squeezing shut my eyes I shuddered recalling how I looked downwards noticing the boy's right thumb and two fingers holding on to his soft two and three quarter inch long penis about the thickness of a roll of quarters. It seemed pretty average in length and thickness to me with a standard shaped penis head that was both curved and a bit pointed. It was fairly typical for most boys to have a penis where their glans was larger at the base than at the tip with their underside curving smoothly. The size of the crown on his deep pinkish colored cap itself was fairly normal with it being slightly thicker than the shaft, also typical for most boys his age.

My recollection shifted again to when he let his soft penis slip from his fingers with it curving slightly over his scrotum sack. Mine pretty much did the same thing when it was soft; although, not quite as pliant, so it seemed natural enough. There wasn't anything unusual like a major kind of bend he had described getting teased over. The breathing in my chest began to rattle as I panted feeling my balls begin to burn as the pressure became unbearable reminding me of his chestnut sized testicles which seemed to hang low inside his billiard sized scrotum. Unlike mine his satchel was supple; the loose purse of skin dangling slightly below the base of his shaft and jiggling around between his firm thighs when he shifted about. He even had a good scrub of pubes with thick soft slightly curly acorn brown colored filaments encircling the base of his shaft, but thinned out quickly along the outer edges. Like me, it was slowly growing in over the rest of his blank slate.

Recalling the vision of the boy's naked beauty became too powerful and I felt myself being swept over the edge. The final thoughts of my fantasy were firmly locked on his sculpted brownish pink shapely glans as my own knob suddenly flared outwards ejecting a stream of milky like honeyed syrup. I watched it come screaming out of the tip end of my nub as the small slit spread open and the tiny hole expanded accommodating the gelatinous warm substance as it arched upwards, some of it landing on my headboard, hair, and face.

"Aaaaarph, uuuumph, uuumph, uuuumph," I grunted, my hips hitching up off the mattress while my body seized and began to lurch uncontrollably.

My fist was a blurring sensation continuing to stroke my tube steak furiously in short strokes as I felt my testicles contracting for a second time. My erection seemed to hum and vibrate going into a spastic fit. I watched as a second stream came spitting out of my wet glistening purplish tinged crown within a fraction of second after the first one feeling the warm slime splatter along my neck and chest. It was followed in rapid succession by several other spasms, all producing miniscule amounts of small like droplets on different parts of my body. Within moments it ended just as abruptly like it began with my sweaty body crashing back on to the mattress glistening wetly in the dim light of my room.

The orgasm had been intense leaving me breathless, but also providing a sense of euphoric wellness and blissful contentment in the aftermath of such an epic event. I couldn't believe I had jacked off to fantasies of a boy I just met, but it had been deliciously delightful and something I didn't really regret. It suddenly dawned on me that I might be falling for the younger boy in a deeper kind of way. Even though I knew I was gay I've never had these types of feelings for anyone before in that kind of special way. I wasn't exactly sure what I was feeling towards Carter, but I did know he made me feel special without even trying.

The boy was definitely cute making my heart skip a beat, but he was also a year or two younger than me so having these types of feelings for him sort of confused me. Just because I was gay didn't mean every boy I came across turned me on, and I never figured I'd fall for another boy who was a couple of years younger than me. Having these types of feelings for him didn't seem quiet right, but I knew it wasn't totally wrong either. Still, just because I was having these feelings towards the other boy didn't mean he felt the same way about me. If anything I'm sure that with everything he's been dealing with, thoughts about me in that way wouldn't really enter his mind so it truly didn't matter since a more intimate kind of relationship wasn't in the cards. Sometimes being gay just wasn't fair and totally sucked.

Sighing, I sat up and removed my briefs from around my ankle and used it to wipe myself clean tossing it on to the floor next to my bed. Our house, like most in this neighborhood was older, but at least we had air-conditioning as I shivered slightly from the cool air so snuggled back under the covers. Jacking off with the focal point of Carter as my fantasy had been a wonderful experience, but my feelings towards the other boy wouldn't be fair to him so I would have to be careful it didn't get in the way of our friendship.

After all, the younger boy had his own problems to deal with and didn't need this heaped on top as well. Life wasn't fair, but there was no reason for me to create more issues for my new friend since I was fairly certain he wasn't gay. More than likely he would never have feelings or thoughts about me in the same way so it didn't make sense for me to push it on him. As I slowly drifted to sleep, I didn't know just how wrong I could have been because a few blocks away was another boy lying awake in the room he shared with his younger brother having similar concerns and doubts.

Carter was still wide awake unable to sleep cuddled up in bed with his thoughts racing and bouncing around in his head. When Pim left to go home he had felt a little bit lost while also kind of giddy and happy. When he started out for his bike ride this morning he never thought in a million years he'd end up with a for real friend. It's been a long time since he's had one. At first he had been very cautious because he knew as soon as the older teen found out about him that he'd stop being friends just like everyone else. Since he didn't want the disappointment he decided to confide in the older boy and to his surprise Pim seemed adamant about remaining friends. He really liked the fair haired teen and was happy to finally have a friend, but after Pim went home it left Carter alone to think on things.

Suddenly, he became aware of feelings he's never experienced before as he recalled watching the boy down by the river wearing nothing but his white boy's briefs. He shivered excitedly remembering how the boy's wet underwear suddenly became rather translucent and revealing. The white cottony material once it got wet didn't leave much to the imagination as he had gawked at the teen. He liked what he had seen, his penis beginning to stir between his legs like it had done at the river once more making him feel uncomfortable and confused about his naughty thoughts. He had popped a stiffie down by the river and the older boy had noticed. He had felt ashamed at how he had reacted, yet for some reason it hadn't mattered to the blue eyed fair haired blonde boy.

Sighing with all these thoughts stirring around in his mind Carter glanced down noticing he had popped a stiffie just like down by the river with the curvature of his shaft clearly outlined against the thin fabric of his blanket. Between what happened today with the older boy and his naughty thoughts, he was getting very horny. He was no stranger to the arts of masturbation, and his little brother sleeping in the top bunk never stopped him before. He shared the room with Colton, and since the space was kind of limited they had bunk beds. His younger brother slept on top while he was on the bottom.

When he first started to jack off while in bed it had made him nervous, but now not so much because over the years he's discovered Colton had a tendency to be a very deep sleeper. Once his younger brother fell asleep he rarely woke up in the middle of the night. Carter on the other hand always had trouble sleeping and woke up several times a night. He wondered if Colton sleeping so soundly had something to do with his innocent carefree, worriless, and untroubled life without the hassles or fears that plagued his own.

Listening to the steady rhythmic breathing of his little brother on the top bunk he knew the boy was dead to the waking world. He could probably pull the smaller boy off the top bunk and the guy would tumble on to the floor, roll over, and continue to sleep. With this in mind he reached below the covers and pulled the front of his boxer briefs down slipping the waistband beneath his nut sack. He slowly began to finger his hard banana shaped penis enjoying the tingling sensation along the smooth surface. Lifting up the covers he gazed at his curved erection and smiled. This was the first time since the bullying began that he wasn't ashamed about what he had down there as he wrapped his small hand around his stiff fleshy three and a half to four inch long princely scepter. It made him wonder just how big Pim's got when he popped a stiffie.

This thought sent his mind racing to when he first saw the older boy lying in a heap on the ground. His penis lurched excitedly because he thought the older boy was cute with his light colored hair and fair complexion. His penis jolting captured his attention again and he smiled as he began to slowly stroke himself enjoying the way it felt. He was circumcised, but Pim still had his foreskin and he wondered what that would feel like shivering as he gently tightened his grip along the curvature of his shaft. Reaching down with his left hand he began to fiddle around with his chestnut sized testicles in their soft sheath of dangling skin. Now that he thought on it, the way his scrotum dangled loosely between his legs sort of reminded him of tonsils making him giggle for a moment before once more focusing on the task at hand.

Carter was pretty worked up so he knew it wouldn't take long as he continued to stroke and throttle his banana, slowly rotating his fist around when it slid over the ridge of his knob sending more electrical like currents through his testicles and insides. He closed his eyes, licking his lips as he continued to relish what he was doing, his thoughts and fantasies once more shifting to his very handsome new friend.

That was a new one for him; thinking of another boy as handsome. Any other time it would have made him take pause and think on it some, but right now it was only a fleeting moment of curiousness. Instead, he immersed himself into the tingling like sensations beginning to pulse through his body like an electrical current allowing his mind to focus on the sexiness of the older teen.

The older boy was a couple of inches taller than him and slightly heavier. He was really striking with long strong wiry arms and legs that matched his thin willowy kind of build. The boy was in no way like a thin weakling, but rather lean in a very strong and fit kind of way. His lanky physique made him look thinner and taller than he really was even though he was still fairly solid.

It was obvious the boy had a European background with his milky white almost creamy peach kind of skin coloration and lively blue gray eyes. Most boys his age were pockmarked with acne, but Pim had a very smooth pale complexion with ruddy cheeks and very few blemishes other than a couple of pin sized moles here or there on his face.

At first glance Pim's face sort of looked long, but that was only because he had a long neck and a thin lanky kind of frame with long arms and legs. It was really more of a round kind of shape which became even more obvious when the teen smiled. He had a very nice infectious smile with thin lips that curve up slightly. Just below his broad grin the boy's smooth curved chin had one of those small little pinhead sized moles off to the right side of the dimple located right in the center, but barely noticeable unless you were studying his features. His deep set almond shaped eyes had a very pretty shade of blue-gray that gave the impression of being welcoming and lively. For Carter though it was the boy's very Romanesque flawless like nose with a soft curvy tip that added the most to his charming features.

The teen was fifteen years old, but he had soft features that gave him a very endearing kind of look. Carter got the impression that the obviously popular boy probably had girls fawning all over him back in Texas because he was noticeably cute with his smooth flawless like complexion and few pinhead sized moles which added character. There was just a hint of rugged manliness underlying Pim's soft boyish features which certainly attracted people to him. Even his short blonde butternut colored hair with darker shades of beige blonde reminiscent of almond cream that had a slight upward flip at the front accentuated his youthful qualities. It was a short to medium kind of style cut which was clean on the back of the neck, up around the ears, and off the forehead with it slightly fuller and longer on the top. In a word he epitomized what people would think of when describing a handsome teenaged boy.

Carter felt the familiar pressure building up as if he needed to take a piss, but knew he was edging towards the precipice and it wouldn't take much more before his orgasm washed over him. He tightened his grip along his circumcised erection heightening the sensuously sultry like tingling feelings, the muscles in his legs stiffening up as he now focused his attention to that very special moment when he got to see Pim in all his naked glory.

The incident had caught him by surprise with the older boy stepping next to him while he was relieving himself. He hadn't been able to help himself, his gaze drawn towards the other boy's sexy kit when Pim slipped his very plump soft penis out from beneath his underwear while also exposing a very tight but large scrotum. Carter shivered excitedly as he recalled the scene.

Pim's soft penis was not much longer than his own and looked to be about three and a half inches long. The younger teen soon found out this was a rather typical size for a boy Pim's age, and since it wasn't much bigger than his own it also revealed how Carter was also fairly average for boy his age despite what he had been told all these years by those awful bullies. This knowledge once more sent a thrill inside the boy as he glanced down at his fist stroking his curved erection, pleased by the way it looked now for the first time in a very long while.

Carter's eyes fluttered closed with his chestnut sized testicles squirming around in their loose pouch of skin as his fantasies once more drifted to the older teen's beautiful nakedness. At three and a half inches long it was about average in length for a recently turned fifteen year old boy, but it was also very plump, more so than most boys Pim's age. To Carter, the older teen's soft penis appeared to be about the thickness of a roll of half dollars. It didn't really curve over his scrotum sack like his soft penis did, but rather kind of stuck out from his body in a downward slant at about a forty five degree angle. It started out kind of thinner at the base and got thicker towards the bell end of Pim's shaft. With it angling downwards it almost appeared as if it was weighted down on the end.

It was the foreskin though which had truly captured Carter's attention. The tight skin extended a tad past the tip end as it tightened and closed up keeping Pim's glans completely hidden from view. It was only when the older teen slid a part of it back that the true prize was revealed. The older boy hadn't pulled the jacketed skin back all the way, but what had been exposed sent a thrill coursing through the younger boy's body as he felt himself begin to crest, the impending orgasm threatening to send his body into an epileptic like fit.

Carter focused his thoughts on that single revealing moment even as he began to surge. The older boy's exposed slippery and smooth plum colored nozzle looked kind of long and shaped like a bullet. The shape of what was exposed on Pim's penis head appeared like it was stretched out making it longer than his own with the tip end also being more rounded. When the older boy had shook off Carter noticed how the underside was very smoothly rounded as well, making the whole head look like a bullet even though the back part was still covered by the skin. Just beneath Pim's foreskin he could tell that the ridge of his bullet was about the same thickness of his own shaft maybe slightly wider.

Even Pim's pubes were fair in coloration. The small scrub of soft light almond brown colored hairs formed a sparse tight bush along the base of his shaft looking silky soft leaving his tight tennis ball sized scrotum sack mostly hairless and smooth like the rest of his body. His testicles were larger than walnuts, about the size of ping pong balls while his large scrotum, the size of a tennis ball, was tightly snuggled up against his body. On Pim's long lanky kind of physique his penis and scrotum actually looked kind of huge.

Carter's orgasm suddenly slammed into his small frame as he grunted. "Oooh-uh-uh-oh, sh-shit…uuuumph, uuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, uuumph," he grunted trying to keep the noise level down while the entire bunk bed shook and swayed around when his body contracted and he bucked wildly.

His curved hard three and a half inch penis suddenly fattened up and his clear cream smoothie came screaming out from the tip end of his knob. Since his penis was curved like a banana and he was laying on his back his ejaculate arched more at an upwards angle before it lost steam and splattered back on to his stomach, arm, and wrist. Several more contractions occurring in rapid succession left his dark pubes and hand coated in the almost translucent like syrupy slime. With one final spastic contraction Carter crumpled back on to the mattress amazed by the intensity of his climactic experience.

He's been having orgasms since he was around eleven and a half years old, but never this intense. He began squirting just around the time he turned twelve, but it had for the most part always been little droplets of translucent sweetness until recently. Even though what he produced was still kind of clear, it was beginning to create a bigger mess. Now, as he glanced down at himself he realized this time around he had spurt about twice as much than usual, creating a wet slippery and also sticky kind of mess as he stuck his finger in his mouth licking it clean and savoring the sweet nectar of his drippings.

He liked the way his cum tasted and it never disgusted him as he looked down at himself realizing he needed something to wipe himself off with. Crawling out of bed he removed his splattered boxer briefs wiping himself off before tossing them in the hamper. Walking over towards the standup dresser he opened up a drawer and slipped on a clean pair before glancing over towards the bed with Colton still fast asleep, none the wiser to what had just happened in the bed just below him.

The older boy sighed because soon enough his little brother would finally discover his own body and what he can do with it. When that happened some things may become a bit awkward between the two of them as they tried to figure out some common ground. The thought of his little brother jacking off didn't sit well with Carter for some reason even though he knew it was a natural process in a kid's development. Still, it was his little brother so kind of weird to think of him in that way.

Stepping across the hall Carter took a quick piss before pulling down his underwear and washing off the stickiness on his skin and pubes. Satisfied he slithered back into his room and sighed feeling a lot better now that he managed to take care of his urgent boyish needs. His mind no longer felt all cluttered even though he was confused about the feelings he was having towards the older boy. He enjoyed looking at Pim, thinking the older teen had a very beautiful body, but he especially enjoyed seeing the boy naked which made him a bit nervous and self conscious. He wanted to work this out in his mind, but before he knew it he had dozed off, the soft rhythmic sound of his breathing joining in with the one belonging to his little brother.

It was shaping up to be another warm sunny day as I began my short walk towards Carter's house. It was still relatively early so not really too hot yet, but I could tell the temperature was already starting to climb. It was after nine in the morning and I didn't know what time Carter and his family got up. With school being out for the summer months most teenagers stayed up later at night and slept in during the morning hours. I was going to call, but never got around to getting his phone number yesterday.

With my mom still back home in Texas wrapping things up with her job and dad already at work having left a couple of hours earlier, it had left me all alone again at the house. I was used to fending for myself, so when I woke up I had crawled out of bed and since I was all alone, ambled naked to the bathroom, took a piss, brushed my teeth, and cleaned up before padding into the kitchen butt naked fixing myself a bowl of cold cereal and sitting down at the dinning room table idly diddling my flaccid tube feeling it bone up while eating. I always enjoyed being able to walk around at home naked when no one was around. It felt kind of cathartic and when I was little it wasn't unusual for me to do that all the time even in front of my parents. Around ten years old I became more self aware about my nakedness so kind of stopped doing that in front of my folks.

Even though I stopped casually walking around completely naked when someone was home I wasn't shy about my body, not even in front of my mom. It wasn't unusual for me to get undressed and walk indifferently naked over to the bathroom to take a shower or something. From time to time my mom or dad would catch a glimpse of me naked as I went from my room and into the bathroom or if I was in my room getting undressed and they popped their head in on me. They never barged in on me or anything always politely knocking, but it wasn't unusual for me to have my door open even if stripping out of my clothes or changing. They were family after all and I've seen them a time or two naked as well growing up. My parents never made an issue over nudity so it never became one of those "shameful" things.

It was different with most of my other friends though. It was kind of strange because even though it wasn't such a big thing between us seeing each other naked while going skinny dipping or whatever, they seemed to totally freak out at home about the whole family nudity thing. I never understood it myself since it was their mom and dad who wiped their asses clean when they were little, but I never said anything to them over it because in the end it really didn't matter with all families being different.

After eating I let my boner lead the way back into the bathroom where I hopped in the tub for a nice refreshing morning shower. My muscles were protesting this morning and my body was hurting from the abuse the prior day, so a nice warm, but not hot, shower managed to ease my aches and pains. I had taken a shower last night, but as a teenager it wasn't unusual for me to take two or three a day depending on the situation. Just because my body was sore didn't prevent me from getting a bit of playful boyish pleasure out of the opportunity as my hand had snaked down between my legs and I got down to business. It didn't take long for me to bust my nut as I sprayed the eggshell colored tiles with my milky white smoothie. After recuperating I washed the evidence away and dried off feeling much better and perky, ready for what the day had to offer. It's strange how a good wanking can rejuvenate a guy.

After getting dressed I left the house stepping across the street hoping this would avoid another confrontation with the boy I had run into yesterday. I casually walked past his house on the other side of the road before cutting back across heading down the street that would take me to Carter's house. As I walked up his family's driveway I smiled because a woman in her early sixties was kneeling on the ground rooting in the dirt that surrounded one of their trees and greeted me pleasantly. I recognized her from yesterday and knew it was Carter's mom.

"Good morning Pim," she greetedwith it taking me a moment to realize Carter must have told her my name after I left.

"Good morning Mrs. Chasson," I greeted back cheerfully while she smiled pleasantly looking pleased by my manners.

"The boys are in the basement; no need to knock just go on in, but ask Carter when he gets a chance to come out and help me with something." She nudged her head towards the house indicating I had permission to go inside.

"Oh….um…cool, I mean alright, but I can help you real quick if you need." I offered up, Mrs. Chasson straightening up slightly and banging her gloved hands together clearing off the dirt.

"That's sweet of you to offer Pim, but there's no need or rush. Besides Carr knows what I need from the shed and it will only take him a minute or two so you go ahead and scoot now." She smiled as I pondered the nickname she used for Carter and immediately coming to the conclusion it wouldn't be one I was using because it seemed a bit intimate. "I'm sure the boys will be happy to see you." She continued, waving her hand gently dismissing me and urging me to go inside to join the others.

Waving pleasantly to Carter's mom I stepped inside the house making my way to the set of stairs leading down into the basement. I could hear the stereo blasting away even before I reached the entryway leading down and smiled because Carter was probably relaxing downstairs. Making my way down the flight of stairs I paused and smiled because I saw Carter lounging on a cozy couch sprawled out lengthwise along the cushions. He had a few large pillows plumped up on one end against the armrest propping him up, but it was the other eleven year old boy who caught my attention. I immediately knew he was Carter's younger brother and was the spitting image of the older boy, but in a smaller package. I had to smile because what I witnessed was just too adorably cute.

The older boy was relaxed and stretched out on the sofa with his little brother snuggled up in his arms. Both boys were shirtless and barefoot and wearing only shorts from what I could tell. The radio was blasting away and they were focused on some cartoon program on their television set with the volume muted. I could tell I had stepped into a very affectionate moment between the two brothers because the younger boy had such a relaxed and contented look on his features enjoying the tender administrations from his older brother. Carter had his left arm draped over the smaller boy's shoulder running his hand gently up and down the smooth chest while his right fingers stroked Colton's dark brown shiny hair.

There was nothing but complete tender affectionate brotherly love being exhibited between the two boys and I could tell right away it was something they did together often. Both of them were completely relaxed as if this was the most natural of things with Colton's head nestled in the crook of his older brother's shoulder. I watched as Carter leaned down kissing his little brother on the side of his cheek while still watching the cartoon program. It was just a caring act of affectionate tenderness which seemed to occur naturally between the two boys and it was apparent the kiss didn't mean anything more or less than what it was, natural brotherly kind of fondness between two siblings. The way it simply happened without much fanfare indicated this was something inherent between the two boys; so much so, that it went mostly unnoticed because it had more to do with it becoming an every day kind of interaction between family.

Carter looked so cute at the moment, his features totally relaxed and not so guarded making me wonder if it was because he could be himself around his little brother without the cares of the outside world. My heart skipped a beat as I gazed into his face and studied him for a moment or two. Even though most of his body was covered over because of his little brother snuggled up with his back leaning into the front of the teen's torso, I still shivered since he was really beautiful.

My eyes shifted to the younger boy, the pictures I had looked at yesterday having done him little justice. He was totally cute as a button, a definite "mini-me" version of his older brother. With the two brothers sprawled out on the sofa together I gauged Colton's size compared to his brother and estimated him to be several inches under five feet, but not able to come up with a proper guess until I actually saw him standing up. It was easier though to estimate his weight and I figured he probably came in at around seventy five to eighty pounds.

He had the same kind of lanky medium build like his older brother not to mention similar smooth, soft, and unblemished features and matching ivory bisque coloration. The only real difference was the lighter brown coloration of his hair like the hues of an acorn with darker brown shades of sweet cola. I imagine Carter's was lighter too when he was younger with it darkening up as he got older. It happened to a lot of kids with their hair taking on darker tones during their teen years. Colton also didn't have those flat freckled like moles on his left cheek. However, like his older brother he did have that cute full round face with nice perky cheeks and a big broad smile revealing the same pearly white straight teeth.

It truly was very uncanny the undeniable similarities as I continued to study him trying to find any major differences noting he had the same average kind of nose with a rounded end and slightly flaring nostrils like his older brother. So far only his thick and lustrous medium long soft acorn brown hair with brownish black shades of sweet cola was the most notable difference in addition to not having those mole flakes on his left cheek. He even had a similar hair style like his brother wearing it kind of long over the ears and down the back of his neck parting it on the right side allowing them to sweep slightly over to the left as they draped lightly over his ash brown colored eyebrows. The hair style framed his face emphasizing his round face, rosy cheeks, and crescent moon shaped eyes. Also like Carter's, the younger brother's creamy brown colored eyes were warm and inviting reminding me once more of hot cocoa on a cold blistery day.

At the moment he was for all practical purposes naked wearing only an old pair of light blue colored worn out shorts. It was obviously a hand me down from his older brother and a size or two too big. I could tell the younger boy used them to sleep in because they were probably cozy and comfortable. The soft flimsy worn out material did very little to hide anything of importance though as I realized the little guy was currently sporting a little 'mini-me' erection.

Smiling, I noticed Colton was using the fingers on his right hand to fiddle with his little diddle and I immediately sprung an erection because I could see everything despite the fabric of his shorts covering him up. Evidently, he must have the same kind of bend in his penis like his older brother, which I now realized was noticeable only when the boys boned up. It was small though, like Carter had indicated his was at around the same age. I shivered because of the way the smaller boy had the fabric of his shorts twisted around the length of his erection while his fingers deftly manipulated his little wand.

My eyes widened in wonderment as I watched the smaller boy release himself for a moment before covering his right hand over both the fabric and hard penis while tugging downwards, forcibly wrapping the material snuggly around his shapely knob and the stem of his sprightly curved tuber. Reaching over with his left hand he wrapped his thumb and finger around the base of his shaft holding in place the fabric while the fingers of his right hand now twirled around the obvious outline and shape of his nozzle making me shiver again. I could see everything from the length of his erection, the sleekness of it, the shape of his glans, and even the banana like curvature of his shaft.

Even though I didn't feel that sexual like attraction to the younger boy it still didn't prevent me from appreciating the beauty of what I was seeing. My own penis lurched excitedly because of it and I knew this was something sort of special. He was too young for me to be attracted to him or even have sexual fantasies about, but his banana bowed two inch erection which was sleek like a roll of dimes, looked very adorably cute on him making me wonder what it would look like for real. It also made me wonder if he had a small nut sack like Carter had indicated about himself when he was that age.

It was obvious the younger boy was enjoying diddling himself while I was happy watching him, making me wonder if he was jacking off yet. Carter said his little brother just turned eleven so it wouldn't be unusual if the boy had begun those sorts of things, but it wouldn't surprise me either if he didn't know about those sexual urges yet. At any rate I didn't want to barge in on them like this and embarrass the two brothers in this sort of uncompromising situation so I eased back up the stairs halfway before hollering down at them.

"What's with all the noisy racket going on down here?" I bellowed, reversing direction stomping back down into the den noticing Carter using the remote to mute the stereo.

Colton instantly sat up kneeing his older brother in the crotch forcing the thirteen year old boy to immediately wince and grunt in pain while I almost busted up because sure enough he was pitching a pretty good tent as well. I knew it wasn't due to anything sexual between him and his little brother. It had become very clear yesterday how that sort of interaction revolted him. Still, it was kind of nice seeing the older boy all boned up like that before he scrambled and covered up as well by sitting up and blushing because he was wearing only in a pair of flimsy shorts. The younger boy was now leaning forward up against the back of the sofa with a broad grin on his features.

"Pim, you came just like you promised Carter." He beamed happily, his cute smile infectious as I returned it, but also frowned a bit confused.

"Oh, after you left he couldn't stop talking about you. He told us all about you." He giggled while I nodded understanding now while Carter blushed at the way his little brother had outted him.

"Well you know how it is; I had to come back so I could pick up my bike." I teased the little tyke a little, but winked at him so he knew I was only joshing.

"Yeah, makes sense." The little guy giggled playing along while Carter rolled his eyes.

Making a big show of things, I exaggerated my sigh drawing it out and presenting them with my theatrical air of aloofness playing the part. "Well…I suppose he was alright to hang out with yesterday so figured to give it another go today as well." I flipped my head looking down my nose with an air of superiority hearing Colton belt out laughing his high pitched voice becoming infectious.

Unable to resist I laughed with him while Carter rolled his eyes at me yet again, but was still grinning from ear to ear. "Geeze, please-please-please tell me the two of you aren't going to be ganging up on me like this all the time?" He quipped while I glanced towards the younger boy and winked at him the two of us belting out again.

Carter groaned and shook his head while I tried to control my giggles. "Oh, your mom wanted me to tell you she needs you to get some stuff for her out of the shed when you get the chance." I told him settling down as he stood up without complaining.

"Yeah, thanks. I guess it's time to get dressed anyway. Will you give me a couple of minutes?" He asked while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sure, it will give me a chance to hang out with your crazy little brother. I'm getting the impression we will get along just fine." I grinned at the thirteen year old boy a bit impishly making him furl his eyebrows and groan shaking his head.

"Oh god this might have been a mistake. I should have realized the two of you are too much alike. You both have too much nervous energy and a very sneaky wicked side that will land us all in trouble sooner or later. I'm sure of it." He smiled not protesting about it too much while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah, well that's what friends are for. Me to light a fire under your ass, and you to make sure I don't set the entire place on fire." I added hearing him chuckle.

"Huh, that works fine if it is only one of you, but two against one is almost too much to handle." He snorted waving his hand around as he added. "Just hang tight. I'll be back in a few." He promised heading up the stairs taking them two at a time while I watched him for a second or two.

Turning back around intending to head over towards the couch for a seat I was suddenly rocked backwards when I was beset upon by the eleven year old boy. The suddenness of it startled me as he threw his weight into my body forcing me to stager back a step. He threw his arms around me clasping his hand behind my back and squeezing me firmly.

Colton was giving me a humongous warm heartfelt hug catching me by complete surprise and leaving me speechless for a couple of seconds as I hesitated for a moment before wrapping my arms around his shoulders. "I…um…what's this for?" I asked a bit confused feeling the smaller boy tremble emotionally with a little sniffle as he shrugged his shoulders.

"J…just because," he managed to get out pausing for a second or two before continuing. "You made Carter really happy yesterday and it's been a long time since he's 'really' been happy." He emphasized and sniffling with his comment touching at my heartstrings because he was showing his appreciation to me for a simple act of kindness I was showing towards his older brother.

"I don't know why you are thanking me. After all, your brother is the one who came to my rescue." I sighed shaking my head.

"Maybe, but you are giving Carter a chance." He sniffled releasing me with tears streaking down his adorable round face breaking my heart because it suddenly became apparent he probably knew a lot more than his older brother thought.

"Oh Colton," I sighed shaking my head and giving him another quick hug before separating, and using my thumbs, wiped away the wetness from his cheeks. "How much do you know?" I asked catching the other boy by surprise.

"I…um…Carter told you about…you know?" He asked sounding surprised as I nodded my head.

"Yeah, he told me, but I don't think he realizes how much you know which is exactly what?" I asked, the boy once more throwing his arms around me.

"Oh Pim, you must really be special if you know about the way he's being bullied and still want to be friends with him." He hiccupped, the emotions bubbling out of him almost as if he was relieved to be able to finally confide in someone.

The smaller boy released me and grabbed my arm pulling me over to the sofa as we both took a seat together. "I heard about yesterday." He told me cryptically.

Frowning, I shook my head not understanding. "Um…alright. I mean, I took a spill and Carter found me and helped. After that we sort of hit it off. I feel really bad about how he's being treated by those bullies." I added arching my eyebrows questioningly thinking this is what he was referring to.

"No, not that…I'm talking about what happened with Ricky." He retorted while I scrunched my face and held out my hands apologetically because I still didn't understand. "Yesterday on your way home you stuck up for Carter and didn't back down when Ricky threatened you. He's one of David and Peter's friends, the main guys picking on Carter. I heard you gave him the what for when he tried to bully you." He explained while I arched my eyebrows.

"And you know this how?" I asked.

"Well duh…I've got friends you know. I mean at least so far because I've been sort of running under the radar. I mean those are like sixteen year old guys and they don't have much to do with guys my age. Not that I think my friends would really abandon me like Carter's did unless they started getting beat up which I wouldn't blame them then. I mean a ten or eleven year old guy doesn't stand much chance against a sixteen year old you know. I don't really know the real reason why Carter's getting bullied, but he's a really good big brother and I…I love him. It's just not fair because no one is giving him a chance and he really is a cool guy." He began sniffling again and once more leaned in wrapping his arms around me wanting some comforting.

Sighing I wrapped my arm around his near naked body shifting to get into a more comfortable position. Colton felt me altering my position and released his grip while steering me up against the pillows so he could cuddle with me. Before I knew it I was stretched out on the couch with the smaller boy lying on top of me, his legs straddling my hips and the front part of his body plastered across my chest and stomach.

He was turning out to be a real cuddle bug and I wasn't used to this since I didn't have any brothers or sisters of my own. Hesitating for a moment I finally sighed and wrapped him up in my arms because he was sniffling again. It was kind of awkward because he was practically naked and I could feel his soft warm skin all over me as I gently stroked his back trying to comfort him. We both fell silent and I felt him slowly calming back down no longer sniffling as I began to realize just how much this little guy cared about his older brother. His head was lying on my chest as his breathing evened out and it began to feel really cozy with his warm body snuggled up to me. Inhaling softly I detected the faint aroma of sweet, not earthy, boy musk making me shiver for a moment as I ran my hand lightly through his hair truly starting to fall for the younger boy.

I began to realize what I was missing out on if this is what it felt like to have a younger sibling. "Pim?" The smaller boy whispered softly.


"If Carter told you about what's going on and you stuck up for him afterwards, does this mean you really are his friend?" He asked lifting up his head and gazing at me hopeful with his soft brown eyes looking at me intently.

"Yes Colton, your brother and I are friends. I don't care about what others think. I agree with you. He's a nice guy with a good heart. As for the 'cool' part that is still to be seen." I teased poking him and getting a chuckle out of the smaller boy.

"Yeah, I guess that is fair enough." He exhaled softy as the tension relaxed, his little body once more settling on top of me refusing to let this tender moment pass as I gave in also enjoying this kind of innocent sibling type of snuggling. "You won't tell him that I know…um…about him getting bullied? He's always worried about me and it would just crush him if he thought I sort of knew about him or if I started getting bullied too because of him. It wouldn't matter to me if I lost all my friends too, so long as I don't lose him." He sighed sadly while I gave him a brief hug.

"No, it will be just between the two of us. Besides, that should be up to you and I know when you are ready you will tell him yourself, but you have to promise me if those guys start to bully you then you will let me know so I can put a stop to it." I insisted seeing him nodding his head.

"Thanks Pim, you are the coolest older boy I know." He asserted making me chuckle.

"I thought you said your brother is cool." I sniggered teasingly, the boy responding back a little smugly.

"He is, but he's my cool brother and you are my brother's cool older friend. It's different." He insisted with a smirk forcing me to accept his logic for now while the two of us fell silent once more each deep in our own thoughts.

The boy had such warm and smooth skin with silky soft hair as I let my hands wander over him gently, familiarizing myself with some of his little nuances. I loved how it felt nice and cozy to have him settled warmly in my embrace with his subtle boyish like scent drifting up into my nose when I nuzzled his hair. Without realizing it I kissed the side of his temple like I had seen his older brother do earlier on the cheek as we both settled into one another enjoying each other company.

It was so cozy I almost drifted off to sleep feeling the other boy doing the same when I began to detect something poking me in the stomach. The smaller boy shifted and I realized he had popped a boner as he tried to get it into a more comfortable position. He squirmed around a little and I didn't say anything about him popping a little boy stiffie not wanting to embarrass him. Suddenly he scooted slightly downwards his stiff erection rubbing against my flaccid tube, which didn't remain soft for long once it detected something sexual like this. I felt myself immediately bloating up between my legs and blushed because now I didn't know what to do as I contemplated just simply separating from him and sitting up.

The boy suddenly giggled and lifted up his head. "You've popped a bone." He sniggered in a typical eleven year old boy kind of naughty way.

"Um…yeah well, you popped one first." I pointed out noticing the smaller boy shrug as if it were no biggie.

"It happens to me all the time." He admitted grinding his groin into my crotch making me gasp in surprise because it felt kind of nice.

It also confused me for a moment wondering if he was making this into something sexual when he giggled again. "You've got big nards. Carter has big ones too." He stated it as if this was a normal kind of conversation.

"Um…uh…yeah I guess. I suppose you probably see him naked all the time so would kind of know." I chuckled as he lifted up his head for a moment shrugging his shoulders.

"No…not really. He's kind of shy about that sort of thing. I mean sure, I sort of catch a glimpse of him naked now and then, but he's pretty careful about not being seen, but he doesn't freak out about it when it does happen by mistake. At home being naked doesn't bother me so much, but mine's still kind of small so a little embarrassing to let anyone else see it. I can't wait until mine gets big like Carter's." He admitted making me giggle because he was kind of more easy going about things than his older brother.

"What makes you think yours is going to get like your older brother's?" I asked teasingly while he lifted his head again and smirked at me.

"Are you kidding, just look at me. I mean everything about me is exactly the same like him when he was only eleven years old. It's been like that my entire life. I look exactly like him; I'm the same weight and height like him when he was only eleven. There's even one of those plasters he made of his hand print when he was eleven and it is a perfect fit for mine. Of course that means my pecker and marbles are going to be like his when I turn thirteen. At least I hope so because the way things are looking for me I've got a lot of growing to do down there." He giggled making me bust up shaking my head.

"Damn, for real Colton. You are nothing like your older brother." I retorted noticing him giving me a glaring look while I tried to clarify. "No, I mean you look like him, and have a good heart like him, but that is where the similarities end." I chuckled while he arched his eyes for me to continue. "Well, I think you have a very naughty side to you, more like me." I smiled seeing him beam proudly and settle back down.

"Anyway, I wouldn't worry so much about what you've got between your legs. Most boys your age are still relatively small compared to a teenager. There's still plenty of time for you and believe me when things begin to change it will happen almost overnight. As for your friends don't worry, they probably aren't all that different from you down there." I sighed shaking my head wondering why we always thought our peckers were smaller than other boys.

Reaching down I pulled him back up further where he had been before because I didn't feel comfortable with the two of us grinding our cocklets together even if it was innocent. I wasn't attracted to the younger boy in a sexual kind of way, but I couldn't help how it still felt stimulating when he rubbed his little stiff erection up against mine. Some things were just uncontrollable, and feeling another boy's erection grinding against my bloated tendril was a bit sexually charging with my body naturally reacting to that kind of stimulation. Colton didn't seem to mind and settled back down with his erection pressed into my stomach as I once more began to gently run my hand up and down his back.

It became quiet once more, the two of us kind of dozing again. His erection didn't go away and neither did mine and I could feel it straining against my red silky gym shorts and knew I was probably pitching a decent sized tent. I wasn't bothered by it, my mind wandering over what I had learned from Colton as we continued to snuggle up together.

Movement caught my attention from the corner of my eyes and I glanced over noticing how Carter was staring at us, or more specifically at my crotch. I knew he could tell I was sporting an erection as he stood there rooted in place. When I glanced down between his legs I noticed he was pitching a good sized tent as well in the pair of light gray colored plaid shorts he had gotten changed into. As I stared at his crotch I could finally detect that banana like curvature to his erection, but it definitely wasn't small like the way he thought. To me it looked like it was probably around three and a half or four inches long which I figured was a fairly typical sized boner for a thirteen year old boy.

Suddenly, he seemed to snap out of it as he licked his lips and chuckled at us all snuggled up together. "Geeze for real guys. I'm gone for all of ten minutes and my little brother jumps ship on me." He sniggered while Colton sat up kneeing me in the process and making me wince in pain.

"Damn, careful of my family jewels already. They've still got work to do before someone kills them off." I teased while Colton rolled his eyes and giggled at my snide sexual reference while Carter unable to help himself belted out laughing.

"Yeah, now you know how it feels. The damn twerp is always crushing my balls like one of those nutcrackers." He teased while Colton protested.

"Hey, I'm not that bad." He retorted.

"Nah, you are worse." His older brother taunted as he focused his attention to me. "If you two guys are finished getting all touchy feely with one another I thought you might like to check out your bike." He pointed out, the younger boy immediately perking up as he jumped off the sofa and began pulling on my arm while I blushed at Carter's comment because me and Colton all snuggled up on the couch must have appeared kind of intimate to the thirteen year old teen.

My eyes shifted over towards Carter for a second or two noticing it didn't appear he meant anything by the comment. My eyes lingered for a moment and I couldn't help myself as I checked him out. The teen had slipped into a blue colored short sleeved t-shirt with some sort of lame cartoon on it of an elephant with a bear riding it wearing red sunglasses and an Indian headdress giving the peace sign as if acting cool. It was kind of a lame childish like image making me sort of chuckle despite it looking nice on his sleek build. His light gray almost silvery blue plaid shorts fit him nicely the leggings stopping just above his knee. His boner, like mine, had gone away leaving behind the typical teen bulge. All in all, the boy looked really charmingly adorable.

Colton's excited higher pitched voice brought me back to the moment. "Oh yes, wait until you see." He began bouncing around excitedly making me roll my eyes because my bike was just an old beat up one, but I decided to humor him.

When we stepped inside the garage and I noticed my bike sitting next to the work bench I just about gagged in surprise. "Holy crap, is that my bike?" I asked in total shock.

"Yup," the younger brother piped up. "Carter worked on it all night and I helped. He's a real genius when it comes to fixing up bikes and skateboards. He's got it working in tip top shape and cleaned it all up almost like new. He replaced a whole bunch of parts on it too and put on a brand new tire. He said he's got so many parts it's a shame to let it go to waste when he can fix yours up with the extras he's got laying around." Colton beamed proudly for his older brother while I shook my head.

"I don't know what to say. I mean…thanks for real." I couldn't help myself as I draped my arm over Carter's shoulder and stood next to him simply admiring my bike which looked almost spanking brand new.

"Well, you did indicate you wanted to learn how to tame that metal beast of yours and I figured the first step is to get it working right. If we do that it doesn't matter how wild the boy is riding it." He teased making me chuckle and nod my head.

"Way cool." I smiled as I glanced over at Colton and winked knowingly while he held up his finger and pretended to tick off a mark in the win column regarding his brother being a cool guy making me chuckle because it was now a personal joke between the two of us.

"So, should we take it out for a test ride?" I asked, the younger teen suddenly beaming and nodding his head.

"Yeah, that would be so cool. I'd love that. Wanna join us?" Carter asked his little brother who thought on it for a second before shaking his head as if understanding it was important for his older brother to be able to hang out with his own friend.

"Nah, you go ahead. I've already got plans with Michael and some of the others. We are planning on heading over to the outside skate park for a while before it gets too hot. Besides, you know skating is more my thing than mountain biking."

"Yeah, I know, but hey, how about we meet up at the ice cream shop, my treat." He offered up, his little brother beaming.

"Heck yeah, way cool. Oh hey Pim…maybe you could spend the night over here if it is alright with your folks. It's pizza and movie night so it would be a lot of fun." He prompted hopefully, thinking maybe he was pushing things while I shrugged.

I was a typical teenager and never passed up the offer of pizza and a chance to spend the night over at a friend's house. "Yeah, I don't think it would be a problem. Mom's still back home in Texas finishing up a big work project so it would be up to my dad, but he usually doesn't object to me spending the night over at a friend's house so long as it is alright with their folks." I agreed seeing Carter's eyes flaring wide in surprise that I'd be willing to spend the night with him.

Colton grinned broadly. "Cool, yeah, you guys go ahead and take off. I need to get dressed and I'll square it up with mom and dad. When we meet up at what…one o'clock," he hinted with his older brother nodding as he continued, "good, when we meet up at the ice cream shop you can give the details to your dad and he can call up my mom or dad." He planned it out while I shrugged indicating the arrangement was cool with me.

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