Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 2


It had warmed up even more now with the humidity making things a little sticky, but sitting there on the log with the river close by it was actually not too bad. It somehow seemed a little cooler down here and maybe it had to do with the nice cool waters of the river gurgling along close by to where we were sitting. The two of us had fallen silent, but it was nice being able to just sit here together. I was still in my wet underwear and I could feel the other boy's soft skin rubbing up against mine as he continued to lean into me. It was like he needed the physical contact and I kind of enjoyed it too noticing how he had really nice smooth warm skin.

Even his teenaged sweaty musky scent was kind of nice. At first I had wrinkled my nose because we had both managed to get pretty funky and sweaty during our ride, but then I began to get used to his natural teen like bouquet as it intermingled with my own stinky funk. It didn't appear to bother the other boy though and he continued to lean into me quietly. It was really nice and comfy, and I began to feel things stirring between my legs with my heart fluttering excitedly in my chest because of the close contact.

The boy's right arm was wrapped around my small waist with his left one sitting in his lap covering up his bulge while mine was still draped across his shoulders. His head was leaning on my chest and when I glanced down I could tell he was staring at my crotch. My underwear was still damp leaving very little to the imagination as to what I generally had tucked away down there. It wasn't like being completely naked, but it was still rather revealing. Even the skin coloration of my soft plump three and a half inch boy vine was detectible through the wet cottony material. I was pretty average down there for a teen my age length wise, but it was kind of a thick soft penis. In its flaccid state it was about as thick around like a roll of half dollars if not more and when I walked around naked at home tended to stick out from my body angling downwards at a forty five degree angle almost as if I had a semi-stiffie.

Just above the base of my shaft I had managed to grow in a small scrub of soft light almond brown colored pubic hairs. I was a late bloomer in regards to my pubes and it had taken a long time to start growing in. It really wasn't until recently where it began to fill in more forming a tight bush, the still immature fine long straight filaments just now starting to thicken and curl up along the base of my shaft. They felt kind of silky soft still, while my tight tennis ball sized scrotum sack remained mostly hairless and smooth like the rest of my body. The tightly balled purse of skin held in my ample sized testicles that were larger than walnuts and I figured maybe about the size of a ping pong ball.

Some of my friends had nice soft sagging knap sacks, but my scrotum tended to remain firm up against my body most of the time. It did loosen up a little when I hopped into a hot shower or under the toasty warm covers while sleeping. I loved the way it felt when they relaxed allowing me to fool around and tease my large testicles when I was spanking my monkey. I suppose the size of my scrotum and testicles were fairly typical for a boy my age too with some guys in my old school having a tight one like mine while others seemed to flop around between their thighs. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like if mine were loose like some of the other boys I saw. I've always enjoyed watching how some boys' little floppy bits wriggled and bounced around between their legs as they moved around.

My own thoughts and the realization that another boy was kind of staring at my goods were starting to stir things up between my legs so I tried to focus on something else. Back home I would have teased one of my buddies if they were staring at me, but I didn't want to upset Carter, beginning to realize he was a bit sensitive about some of this stuff. Besides, it wasn't as if he was really perving on me, but rather it seemed more like this was a normal type of boyish inquisitiveness or even maybe his thoughts were elsewhere. I got the impression he had never really seen other boys his own age or older naked before, so he was naturally curious about some things. As I gazed out watching the water of the river bubbling along, I left my new friend to his own musings.

"This is kinda…um…nice." I heard him finally stirring as I ran my left hand gently up and down the upper part of his left arm. "Thanks Pim." He sighed sitting up straighter and gazing out at the river like me.

"Yeah sure. I'm enjoying the company too. I miss my friends so it's nice to just sort of hang…you know." I responded feeling a twinge of loneliness as well because I really did miss being away from my Texas home.

The younger boy nodded his head as if understanding my loneliness. "Sorry about earlier…you know freaking out about…about…you know." He blushed turning his head away while I pulled him towards me in a soft quick hug.

"I told you before not to sweat it. These things happen to all of us and a real friend understands that." I reassured him with the smaller boy turning back towards me and looking into my eyes.

"You really mean it don't you? I mean, about being friends." He stated more than asked while I rolled my shoulders and nodded my head.

"Yeah, of course."

"But why?" He wondered curiously.

"I don't know. It isn't anything like specific." I proffered not sure how to put it into words. "I mean, it seems like you could use a friend, and I'm new here so could use one too, but it isn't just that." I sighed shaking my head trying to explain it.

Shifting my gaze out towards the water again I rolled my shoulders. "I mean…I like you too you know. You seem like a decent enough kind of guy. I don't care what others think about you or why, all I know is you were willing to help me out and that tells me you would have my back if I ever needed it. When I was messed up on the ground you were really concerned about me and then you offered to help me out with my bike. You've got heart and what more does another guy need to know when making a new friend." I offered up falling silent for a few seconds.

Shifting my gaze back over and looking at the other boy I pursed my lips for a second in thought. "My first impression of you is that you are a decent guy with a good heart. That's what I liked about my closest buddies back home and that friendship is what saw me through some tough times. We all have some sort of baggage Carter, and I have plenty of my own, but friends help one another out through them. It's worked well for me back home and I know it is what will see me through things here too." I admitted knowing very well how hard it is sometimes, having gone through some of my own crap regarding always being worried over my dad.

"Listen Carter, I'm not into the whole pissing contest type of thing with other guys my age. I've never cared about that whole popularity type of things. Don't get me wrong, I can be pretty cutthroat like in sports and stuff and love the competition aspect of things, but I could care less about this whole peer pressure crap." I assured him as I began to put things into perspective, even surprising myself at the way I was sounding so adult-like before continuing my explanation to him.

"Of course it doesn't mean I wasn't pretty popular in my school and with my classmates, but it never affected who I selected to be friends with. I suppose being a fairly good athlete in most generally any sport does help, but most of my friends were just sort of average types of guys who in a lot of ways are a lot like you. That is to say a decent enough type of guy with a good heart who cares about others and will be there when needed. I can't really explain it the right way, all I know is I like you for whatever reason and that's good enough for me." I finished off nodding my head firmly as if that was all there was to it.

I could feel the other boy staring at me intently, studying me as I continued to look at him and smiled giving him another quick reassuring pull into my body by way of support, the two of us falling silent once more. It was obvious something was eating at the younger boy and he appeared to chew on it some more while digesting my comments. I felt his body shiver for a second and he turned his head away as if trying to stifle some sniffles. Whatever was bothering him seemed to be something he was trying to work his way through as he once more leaned into me his arm having never strayed from my waist.

"Pim?" He whispered softly.

"Hmmm." I responded.

"It wasn't just…you know...," he shuddered as if him talking to me was a frightening prospect so I remained quiet allowing him time to work through it before he spoke up again stumbling his way forward. "It wasn't just me popping a hard-on when I saw your…uh…when…," he scrunched his face glancing up at me and biting his lower lip because he just let slip he had popped a boner while staring at my goods.

Shrugging my shoulders and giving him a reassuring squeeze I nodded my head indicating I understood and that he should try to continue. "It's just…I…my…," he stuttered taking a deep breath and finally let it out once and for all. "It's just I'm kind of puny down there…and…and…it's sort of different." He let out tears welling up in his eyes while his comment confused me.

From what I could tell he definitely didn't seem small down there at all. Of course I haven't seen him naked, but those tight elastic shorts he was wearing didn't leave much to the imagination and if anything he appeared pretty much average for a kid his age. As for being different, who the heck knew what he meant. I mean, if truth be told I was different than my friends down there too. I guess in the end when all was said and done we all had the same thing swinging between our legs, but we were also all very different.

"What?" I heard my voice come out of nowhere with it sounding just as confused as I felt before I recovered. "I mean…shit dude…from what I could tell you really don't have anything to feel ashamed about. What the hell makes you think you are puny down there? Whatever made you think that is a bunch of bullshit as far as I can tell."

The other boy suddenly burst out into tears, his body shuddering as he placed his face in his hands leaning forward catching me by complete surprise. "But it-it's true…it's all true." He hiccupped in-between large wracking sobs while I ran my hand up and down his bare back trying to soothe him before he finally let what was bothering all out in a rush as if afraid of what it would mean to our newly formed friendship.

While I sat there in bewildered silence he confessed to me some very intimate and personal things about himself. I knew he was worried about how his confession would turn me away, but if anything, it only reasserted my resolve towards us becoming friends. What he told me was totally startling as I listened silently to what he had to say trying to comfort him along the way.

Evidently, when he was ten years old he spied a couple of older kids messing around with their cocks, jacking off, and other stuff when they caught him staring at them. He had never seen anything like that before and had only been curious about it and not trying to be sneaky or anything. Besides, he just sort of stumbled across them by mistake. They got mad about it though and de-pant's him noticing his small little boy curved erection not only teasing him about its shape and size, but how he got hard looking at other boys.

At the time he really didn't know it was small or anything since he's never really seen other boys his age or older naked, not really, that is until at that moment. The other boys' penis' were big compared to his. He also had a very small boy bag that was nothing more than a little lump with small pistachio sized testicles. The two thirteen year old boys had held him down mocking him about his small curved penis and his small testicles saying he was nothing more than a little girl since he didn't have any balls and that his penis wasn't even a penis but a girl with a big clit. He didn't understand what they were talking about since he's never heard some of the words they were using until much later when he looked it up.

To make matters worse those older boys have been teasing him about it ever since in front of all the other kids saying how he had nothing but a girly clit. It was embarrassing and humiliating, not to mention all the other kids began to tease him about it too. Some of them even held him down when he was younger and actually forced his pants down to see his little pecker and balls teasing him about it. That hasn't happened for a while now, but it had happened often enough when he was like ten and eleven.

When the two older boys held him down they had forced his hard penis straight, which hurt really bad, but it just wouldn't go soft because he was petrified and no one had ever touched him down there before. They even squeezed his small marbles trying to smash them, but at the time his bag was still immature and tight so thankfully his marbles had hitched upwards inside his body and they couldn't grab them. Who knows how they would have hurt him if they had managed to get a hold of his little berries.

They still bully, push, and shove him all the time teasing him about his parents saying it is why he has a pussy instead of a cock. They told him it was because it took all his dad had to get it up and create him so there was nothing left over for Carter's manly parts.

At this point I had scrunched up my face a bit confused about what he meant because it didn't make any sense. I waited for the younger boy to elaborate on his whole parents' thing, but he never did pushing past it as if it hurt too much how they were talking about his folks. I let it slide for now letting him continue with his explanation, which was upsetting me more and more as he let everything out. It left me wanting to break those older kids' necks for the hell they were putting Carter through.

Even though the older boys teased him and hurt him he had been curious about what they were doing to themselves so he began to experiment around. That is when he found out about jacking off. He discovered how it sort of felt good when he played with his little dinger so he began to fiddle around with his two inch stiffie. The other two boys had big ones from what he saw, even when they got soft. When he went home it was the first time he measured himself finding out it was just one and a half inches long when soft and only two inches long when hard. Theirs had been straight too and not curved like his and since they said he was small he of course believed he was puny.

I shook my head sadly because that was probably a fairly typical size for a ten year old boy, but I suppose Carter didn't see it that way since he's been teased for years now about being small down there. Ever since then he's been afraid to show his penis even though he knew it had gotten bigger as he got older. He confessed to me that he just knew he was smaller than the other boys in his class, not to mention he was embarrassed by how it was curved like a banana and not straight like the other boys.

At some point I had pulled the younger boy into me holding him tenderly while I slowly rocked back and forth. He had his arms wrapped around my body with his head cradled on my chest crying the entire time. I could feel my anger just beneath the surface, but I held it in check not wanting to upset the broken hearted kid I was holding tenderly.

"Fucking assholes." I hissed shaking my head.

"H…huh?" He asked a bit bewildered.

"Those fucking guys are assholes for what they did to you. I mean shit dude, you were like only ten years old so yeah your pecker was smaller than theirs at the time. A two inch boner sounds pretty typical to me for a ten year old boy. Of course I never measured mine back then, but I'm fairly sure it was pretty much the same size. Hell, mine really didn't start getting bigger until I was around thirteen years old." I admitted, still rocking him in my arms.

"What those older kids did to you wasn't right. As for having a curved pecker…well who cares. I mean all boys pretty much have the same thing swinging between our legs, but each and every guy is different too. You're not the only kid with a curved penis though so I wouldn't worry about it. Like I said we are all different down there with some guys being long, short, fat, thin, or anywhere in-between. Some even have foreskin while others are cut. So what…who cares. Even a guy's ball sack is different or when we begin to grow pubes. Hell, I was a late bloomer, but who gives a shit." I confided. "All I know is that from what I could tell you don't have anything to be ashamed about size wise. It looks plenty big to me and if anything probably pretty typical for a guy your age. You're thirteen years old now…right?" I guessed as he sat up staring at me blankly for a second or two before nodding his head.

"Yeah, I kinda figured. I just turned fifteen last week." I smiled reaching over and wiping away some of the salty wetness from his cheeks. "Well, all I can tell you for sure is that for a thirteen year old boy you've got a decent enough bulge going on in your shorts and when you pitched a tent earlier it sure enough wasn't a little pup-tent, but a good manly sized command center." I chuckled good-naturedly, ruffling his hair, the other boy blushing and turning his head away gazing out at the river obviously embarrassed by my gentle tease and praise, yet also not so convinced.

"You don't have to humor me Pim. We both know I'm small down there." The other boy exhaled sadly while I shook my head.

"Bullshit. What those older guys did to you was wrong and what's worse is they have you doubting yourself. You have nothing to be ashamed about and they did what they did because they were ashamed about getting caught doing something that embarrassed them. It's humiliating enough to get caught by someone while you are jacking off or messing around, but to be seen doing it with another guy…well they probably panicked thinking you would squeal on them. So they did the only thing they could think of and made it about you. The problem is they ended up taking it too far, making them nothing more than a bunch of bullies and assholes since they've been torturing you about it for years now. I'm being honest when I say you aren't puny and if you were it wouldn't matter to me. I'd still want you to be my friend." I huffed getting upset by this whole thing so decided enough was enough.

"Anyway, I'm getting hot sitting here. It's scorching in many parts of Texas, but I'm not used to this humidity. I want to cool off before we head back." I grunted standing up and wading into the cool water enjoying how it felt on my sweltering legs.

A few moments later I heard the thirteen year old boy wading in as well to join me. He glanced over at me, his eyes dipping down at my mostly dry underwear now taking in the swelling of my boyhood before looking back up and blushing while I now looked down at his bulge and looked up at him as I chuckled shaking my head.

"You really do look nice down there for a thirteen year old kid." I assured, making him blush at my comment, his soft brown doe like eyes taking in my half naked body as well.

After that neither one of us said much about our state of undress, our eyes flittering back and forth as if committing each other's features to memory. We made idle chatter for about ten or fifteen minutes as we slowly walked through the water bending over every once in a while to pick up an object or two that had caught our attention. We even skipped a few rocks when we found some nice flat ones all the while casually keeping our eyes out for tell tale signs of snakes. Not that there was really much chance of it, but it was just something people in snake country tended to do out of habit.

It was really a nice day even though a bit on the humid side. The gentle flowing river did help though as we finally waded out of the water to get dressed. Picking up my golden colored jean shorts I shook it out managing to get most of the dirt off them doing the same to my shirt.

From the corner of my eye I spied the brown haired boy stepping lightly towards the edge of the trees knowing exactly what he was up and feeling the tell tale signs of pressure on my own bladder. Setting my clothes on top of my daypack I made my way towards the edge of the trees as well careful about my bare feet stepping on anything sharp. Staring at the boy from behind I could see Carter doing the typical shoving down the front of his shorts leg dip, butt poking outwards, and finally straightening back up move with his hips hitching slightly forward as he got things set to take a piss.

Without thinking anything of it I stepped up right alongside him noticing Carter flinch in surprise as I fished out my own soft bulky three and a half inch softie while tucking the waistband of my underwear beneath my tightly packed tennis ball sized scrotum. Back home in Texas I've done this a million times with my buddies and we never thought anything of it, but for a moment I had forgotten about the dark haired boy's shyness as he stood rooted in place all tensed up like he didn't know what to do. It wasn't as if he could walk away because a nice steady stream of urine was already exiting the tip end of his cut nozzle as I glanced down taking a peep at it.

Carter had flinched in surprise when the older boy had suddenly stepped up next to him without a thought and pulled out his own pecker to take a piss. After the casual stroll in the nice cool river water he had felt the typical pressure on his bladder letting him know he needed to empty out some of his fluids. So he had naturally made his way discreetly towards some trees to take care of his bladder and hadn't even heard the other boy approaching until it was too late.

The open casual nature of the older teen kept surprising the thirteen year old boy as he stood rooted in place unable to move at the moment since he was already in the middle of taking a piss. He knew from experience it was kind of difficult to stop the flow once it began and his eyes naturally dipped down as he curiously gazed at the older boy fumbling around with his own penis. His eyes flared open because this was the first time he's ever really been this close to someone else's nakedness other than family.

What he saw kind of surprised him as he scrutinized Pim's thick soft tubular tendril. At first glance it looked really huge, but he then realized it only seemed that way because of the thickness of the other boy's shaft. It was thinner at the base and slowly fattened up along the length towards the tip end making it look heavy. It was bigger than his in both length and thickness as he shifted his gaze to his own penis before once more flicking it over towards the other boy's biting his lower lip in thought. He began to realize what Pim said about him not being so small had been correct after all. His wasn't that much smaller than the lighter haired boy and he was younger to boot. At thirteen years old his would still grow some more and would probably be about the same size as the older boy in a year or two. Well, that is maybe length wise since Pim's penis seemed really thick compared to his.

His scrotum was also smaller than the older boy's, but his dangled loosely while Pim's seemed to ball up tightly against his body. He did notice that the other boy's ball sack was still smooth and hairless just like his as he shifted his gaze to the teen's little bush. The other boy had a nice patch of light colored pubes that was filled in nicely around the lower portion of Pim's pubic mound, but quickly thinned out as if the other boy was just now starting to fill in down there. Carter's was just beginning to fill out like that as well, but when he glanced at his own scrub of pubes he recognized his appeared to be more plush. His thick soft curly acorn brown colored filaments encircled the base of his shaft before quickly thinning out just like Pim's was doing. He realized both of them were still at the stage where their pubes were slowly growing in all over the rest of their blank slate.

Carter began to understand how Pim was right with what boys had between their legs. They were all basically the same with just subtle variations. He would have expected the most noticeable discrepancy would be their difference in size, but to his surprise that wasn't the case. Instead, what kind of grabbed his attention was how Pim was still intact down there with skin that extended slightly beyond the boy's wide bell end as his eyes suddenly flared open when the other boy pulled back that small pucker of skin. Suddenly he saw the purplish pink glistening tip end of the boy's crown before a yellowish like stream came spitting out the slit of the boy's glans. Seeing the way the older boy's tight sleeved skin pulled back just enough to reveal the tip of the shiny wet bulb made Carter shiver. It suddenly dawned on him how he was gaping at another boy's privates so he tore his gaze away and glanced up into Pim's face blushing when their eyes connected. He was totally mortified at being caught staring so he turned his head away knowing the older boy would tease him about it.

My curiosity finally got the better of me and I couldn't resist the natural temptation as I glanced down and took a peek at Carter's penis. The other boy had been so concerned with how small he was down there, but I knew better so it didn't surprise me when I saw it was fairly typical for a boy his age. The younger teen was holding his soft cut penis between his thumb and two fingers as I tried to gauge its size. It seemed to be slightly less than three inches with it having a sort of average thickness like a roll of quarters.

His scrotum appeared pretty typical too for a thirteen year old boy as it dangled loosely next to the boy's wrist that was currently holding down his biking shorts. At the moment I didn't notice a curved bend in his penis as he had indicated so figured it must happen when he got hard. He had a very nice bush going on down there, the soft curly brown filaments having filled in nicely just above the root of his shaft. For a thirteen year old boy I thought he was perfectly fine and felt bad for him thinking he was small all these years as I noticed him scrutinizing my own goods as if sizing himself up against me.

The younger boy seemed totally enthralled by my nakedness as I reached down and pulled some of my foreskin back revealing the tip of my slicked up glans. I could hear him gasp in surprise and noticed his penis jerking just as my own twitched right before a stream of urine began to blast out from the tip end. I shivered partially from the release and partially because of the other boy's scrutiny as a tingling sensation began to run all up and down my insides because I thought he looked really nice down there.

The younger boy's gaze shifted and he looked into my eyes and I smiled back at him. Suddenly the younger boy blushed looking completely mortified at having been caught staring at another boy. He turned away from me and a twinge of guilt made me feel bad about it now. He didn't do anything wrong because I had been doing the same thing and it was just kind of natural for guys to be discreetly checking each other out. Sighing, I tried to ease the awkwardness even though it was kind of embarrassing for me to admit I had been checking him out too.

"You look really nice down there." I divulged truthfully my voice sounding loud since we had gotten quiet during our few moments of checking one another out.

"Wh-wh…huh?" The other boy squeaked his voice turning an octave or two higher than usual as he tried to swallow down his embarrassment.

"I'm just saying. You've got a nice looking package going on down there. I still don't know what you are fretting over. I mean it looks like a decent sized one to me. You're a little smaller than me down there, but not by much. Besides, I'm a year or two older so it's about right." I explained thinking if maybe simply telling him what I thought on it and also admitting I had been staring at him too, that maybe he would relax about it some instead of making a big issue over it.

He turned his head towards me and scrunched up his eyes as I made a point of shifting my gaze back down at his soft penis. The stream of pee had already stopped flowing and I felt my own begin to peter out as it began to trickle before the flow came to a complete stop while I squeezed out the last of it. The other boy's gaze followed my own as he once more scrutinized himself before comparing it back to me. He gasped again when I shook off and let my skin slip back into place just over the tip of my fat bell end. I was smiling when he looked back up into my eyes noticing his cheeks turn crimson, but at least this time not turning away as I began to tuck myself away while he did the same.

Without a word I turned stepping towards my clothes to get dressed while he snatched up his own. We both began to slip into our shirts, socks, and shoes with everything having fallen silent. I could tell he was working some things out in his mind and I smiled when I finally heard him speaking up.

"You…um…do you really think I look good…you know…um…I mean, you don't think I'm small or anything?" He asked still not so sure despite having finally been able to compare himself to another teenaged boy for the very first time.

Pausing for a moment I looked at him seriously and rolled my shoulders as I sighed. "Yeah, I think you are just fine down there. I was pretty much the same like you when I was thirteen, maybe just a little thicker, but you've got way more pubes than I had at your age and I also had a small tighter nut sack. Like I said, we are all pretty much the same for the most part with just some differences. It's only natural, and yeah, I think you look really nice down there." I explained remaining casual so as not to make it such a big deal.

The other boy paused and I could feel his eyes on me while I tied my shoes. "I think you look nice too." The boy admitted his voice catching as if embarrassed by the confession.

"Thanks." I responded casually, but with my whole insides getting all tingly like at the idea of the other boy thinking I looked nice too.

For some reason it was important for me to know Carter thought I looked good too. There didn't seem to be any sexual connotation with the boy's statement, but for some reason him saying it made my whole insides feel alive as I began to feel myself chubbing up. Reaching down I adjusted myself trying to calm things down before standing back up just as Carter finished securing the bi-directional closure on his green and black colored mountain biking shoes.

After collecting my repaired bike and gear by the main trail, Carter led the way at an easy pace while we casually chatted about things in general. He wasn't into a lot of sports around here and I suppose it sort of made sense because of all the local kids bullying him, but he did like taking his bike down many of the local back trails. When I asked him about mountain biking competitions he shrugged his shoulders saying there weren't any around here he was aware of, but the region had plenty of them. There were a few he'd love to try entering, but it would mean having to travel and often stay overnight somewhere and he didn't want to trouble his folks about it. So other than around here he never rode down any of the other trails in the region or state.

The trail looped around and about thirty minutes later dropped us out into a flat open area just on the outskirts of town. "We can take the road or cut across through the field on the small trail." He pointed across the main road towards a small track while I shrugged my shoulders.

"What's the quickest way to your house?" I asked noticing the boy's eyebrows dipping inquisitively.

"Oh…I just assumed we were heading over to your place because you mentioned fixing the rim on my bike." I explained, quickly adding. "But we can do that later if you don't have time." I pointed out as the boy opened his mouth to say something before looking away from me sadly and shaking his head.

"Are…are you sure you want to do that?" He asked softly the question confusing me.

"Is something wrong?" I wondered aloud, leaning over my handlebar trying to catch a glimpse of his face.

The younger boy turned his head towards me looking a little concerned biting his lower lip shrugging his shoulders. "Um…no…I guess not…it's just…," he paused, his brown eyes flickering over towards me before flittering away. "Are you sure you really want to be seen with me. I mean, if other kids see you hanging out with me it could be pretty bad for you too. Everyone who used to be my friend sort of left because of everything…you know. I mean I can't really blame them; especially, with most of it coming from the older kids around here." He tried to explain while I pursed my lips.

"Fuck-em." I hissed getting disgusted by the whole mess. "I keep telling you we are friends and let them try fucking with me. I'm pretty easy going, but I'm also not a guy who puts up with a lot of bullshit either. If it means you will be my only friend here in town, then that will be that. I don't want to hear another word from you about not wanting to be friends because of some assholes. I'm done with it, so lead the way to your house." I told him forcefully waving my hand down the road and then towards the trail indicating I'll simply follow him.

The brown haired boy gaped at me for a second before a broad grin formed on his cute round face with his perky cheeks turning rosy and his whole demeanor changing. It was as if for the very first time in a very long while he was actually having a good day hanging around someone else that wasn't his own family. Seeing his whole face light up made me feel all giddy inside, and I committed the moment along with the cuteness of his features to memory for something to hold on to in the future. He really was a good looking kid and I loved his relatively open easy going yet shy nature. He reminded me of the way it felt to be with my friends back home in Texas, and I knew that couldn't be wrong. I made my choice and he was now my friend no matter if he was going to be my only one around here.

Twenty minutes later we were pedaling up a driveway in an older part of the town as I looked around trying to get my bearings. It took me a moment or two, but I realized we only lived a couple of blocks apart. Scrutinizing Carter's house it was kind of similar to ours with it looking deceivingly small. At first glance it looked like a small single level house with an attached garage, but if his was like ours they had a basement as well. Of course overall the house itself wasn't all that big, even with a basement, since it was probably just a two bedroom like ours, but he did have a pretty big yard and I didn't notice until the last moment an elderly woman tending to some flowers who waved at us from her kneeling position on the far side of the property.

The smaller boy waved back at the woman who glanced over her soft eyes looking me over critically with a bit of concern behind them. I smiled and waved as well before the garage door opening captured my attention. Carter didn't hesitate and wheeled his bike inside motioning for me to put my bike over by a bench with tools on them. As I looked around I could see all sorts of bike and skateboard parts scattered around the bench making me wonder if he skateboarded as well. He hadn't mentioned it to me, talking mostly about mountain biking and other things in general.

Flipping on the light switch the boy hit another button and I heard the grating sound of the garage door shutting behind us. "Are you thirsty?" He asked casually while I nodded my head because I felt extremely parched.

Taking off his shoes he motioned me to follow so I kicked off mine too not wanting to trek in any dirt and hustled behind him. The coolness inside the house was refreshingly welcoming as we made our way towards the combined kitchen dining room. I began to notice the floor plan of his house looked very similar to ours. If that were the case it meant besides the combination kitchen and dining room there would also be two bedrooms off towards the back and a living room by the front door entryway on the main floor. The master bedroom would have a small restroom with a shower stall while the larger bathroom in the hallway was for common use with a full sized bathtub.

There would also be a set of stairs leading down into the basement where it opened up into a big room that was about one and a half times larger than the upstairs living room. At the base of the steps and heading to the left was a short hallway leading to a small utility room for the washer and dryer. The basement didn't run the entire length of the house which I thought was kind of a stupid design flaw, but then again what would I know about such things.

"Do you want Gatorade, Juice, or water?" I heard the younger boy asking me, his head buried in the refrigerator while his cute tightly packed and rounded butt cheeks swayed around just a foot away making me chuckle a bit impishly for a second.

A naughty playful idea flittered through my thoughts with a huge grin forming on my mug. If this had been back home with one of my other friends I would have humped my groin into his butt, which would have resulted in the two of us rolling around on the floor in a fit of giggles while wrestling around. The younger boy wasn't like my other friends though and I don't think at the moment he'd appreciate that type of boyish playfulness. He was still a tad shy about things in general not to mention we were newly made friends so doing something like that probably wouldn't go over so well.

The moment and opportunity slipped away though when he glanced over his shoulders waiting for a reply. "Oh…um…water sounds good, but I think Gatorade would probably be better. I'm not used to this humidity and I've been sweating buckets so need the salt." I replied as the boy reached inside the fridge before straightening back up holding out two different flavors.

It didn't much matter to me so I chose one of them randomly and unscrewed the cap taking several swigs feeling the cool liquid sliding down my throat refreshingly. "Mmm, thanks." I nodded my appreciation while he took several swigs of his as well.

"Yeah, I needed this too. Um…do you mind if I slip away for a minute or two so I can…uh, get into a regular pair of shorts and shirt?" He wondered while I shrugged and nodded indicated it was cool by me.

The boy thanked me and slipped into the back hallway. As much as I enjoyed gazing at him while he wore that tight revealing outfit, I also totally understood why he'd want to slip into something a bit…well…less revealing. Besides, if we were at my house I'd be getting out of my dirty filthy clothes as well.

While he made his way towards his room I ambled over into the living room noticing the typical family pictures scattered in several key locations. All families tended to have pictures of their kids or whatnot on their walls, mantle, or other key locations. There were a few of Carter scattered around as I picked up a relatively recent one of him in his riding outfit and his mountain bike with a bow tied on the handle bar. It was probably a birthday gift as I set it down picking up another one. This one appeared to be when he was around ten or eleven years old wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt sitting astride a smaller bike. I smiled because the common thread seemed to be all about bikes as I continued to peruse through some of the other pictures in the groupings on this particular shelf. They were mostly of him between what appeared to be from about age ten to about now with only a couple from when he was even younger.

Glancing over to a different shelf I noticed more pictures of him with most of them looking to be from when he was like ten or eleven years old with a few at a younger age just like the first shelf. On this shelf though he was dressed casually and posing with a skateboard in most of them. There were also a few in a baseball and football outfit making me furl my eyes since he never talked about having played any types of sports.

The sound of feet padding into the living room warned me of his presence so I turned around holding one of the pictures up with him in his baseball uniform looking cute as the dickens. I had a thing for guys in those nice baseball uniforms, the only thing disappointing about them not being able to see their natural bulge since they were always covered up by a their jockstrap and cups. Still, a baseball uniform on a boy was always a cute thing to see.

"I thought you said you didn't play baseball and football." I reminded him holding up the picture. "What position do you play?" I asked while he furled his eyebrows at me and squinted at the picture I was holding up.

"Uh…I don't play any sports. I mean I'll toss around a baseball or football and kick around a soccer ball, but I've never been on a team before." He responded. "Those pictures are…," he began but I interjected.

"What are you talking about? Why would you have these team pictures and be wearing a football uniform and baseball outfit?" I asked noticing him chuckling and raising up his hand motioning for me to hold on for a second.

"That's my little brother Colton. The pictures on that shelf are all of him and the other shelf is all of me." He explained while I turned back around gazing at the two sets of pictures.

My head swiveled from one shelf to the other thinking he was now messing with me as I selected a close up image from the shelf he said belonged to his brother Colton. It was an image of a boy from the waist up and around eleven years old wearing a blue plaid shirt while sitting in a chair. I held it over towards one of the pictures on what was supposedly Carter's shelf of him around the same age. It was a head and shoulder's shot of him wearing a very thin pinstriped light blue gray suit jacket with a blue shirt and bowtie. Brothers tended to look the same, but comparing the two pictures I couldn't tell them apart so figured he had to be messing with me.

"Ha-ha, good one." I chuckled. "But I'm not falling for it. These are all of you." I smiled gazing over at him while he rolled his eyes.

"I know I know already. He looks exactly like me. To be honest it is like freaky weird to look at him and realize he looks exactly like me at the same age. It's been like that my whole life, but I'm telling you the truth, that's my little brother. He just turned eleven a few weeks back. If you look at my left cheek and his you will notice I've got a few small mole like freckles, where he doesn't. It's the only real way to tell the difference." He explained as I began picking up several different pictures before turning around and gaping at my new friend totally amazed.

"Holy crap dude, he's like a real life freakin mini-you." I chuckled shaking my head while he rolled his eyes.

"You have no idea just how much he looks like me from when I was that age. It's really scary you know because other than those small like freckles…his height, weight, and everything is like a perfect match; even his hands and feet. It's like way too freaky."

"Really?" I asked getting a little mischievous smirk on my features while he gave me one of those 'I don't think I'm going to like what you are thinking,' kinds of looks making me chuckle. "So, you looked exactly like him back then including…you know." I held up my curled pointing finger and slowly straightened it up resembling a boy popping a stiffie before rotating my hand around opening up my palm and moving it up and down as if I were cupping a boy's heavy ball sack in them.

I just about busted up when I saw his eyes bulging outwards when he realized what I was hinting at. "What…no...I mean…I don't know…ewe…that's sick," he blushed a bit mortified I would even suggest something like that evidently not having even thought on it himself.

It was understandable because siblings don't tend to look at one another in those kinds of terms. I'm sure both him and his brother have seen each other naked on plenty of occasions. It's kind of hard not too when you live in the same house and grow up together, not to mention share the same bedroom. Hell, growing up together even I've seen my closest friends completely naked so many times throughout the years that it wasn't even an issue for us. So I imagined it wouldn't be any different for both Carter and his little brother.

It was obvious my new friend was a bit shy about the direction of the conversation so I shifted it in a different direction. "So…um…is he around?" I asked, Carter shaking his head.

"Nah, unlike me he's got a ton of friends and actually has a life so is probably out on his skateboard with them right now. I'm glad for him, but he's always worried about me. To be honest I'm totally lucky to have him as a little brother because he really does care about me and we are pretty close unlike in some families. We hardly ever argue over anything, but he's always fretting over me saying I should get out more and make friends while I'm always worried that the bullying will spill over to him." He sighed, his lips trembling at the thought of his little brother getting hurt because of him while I walked over draping my arm over his shoulder for support.

The boy looked up and smiled at me; beginning to get used to the way I always seemed to drape my arm over him like a true friend as I whispered in his ear. "It sounds to me like he really is a mini-you. Not only does he look like you, but he's got the same big heart and compassion like his older brother. We are all just that much luckier because of it since there needs to be more of others in the world just like you."

His eyes welled up as he wrapped his arm around my waist and leaned into me for support. "I'm really worried about him Pim. He's popular and gets along so well with his friends, but the older he gets the more he begins to find out about things. Kids around here can be so mean. He really doesn't know too much about the way I'm getting bullied because I try to keep it from him, but I'm sure he is starting to figure things out." He told me anxiously while I listened trying to be supportive.

"Still, I thank god every day that for whatever reason he doesn't get teased because of me. I'm nervous though because lately some of those bullies have been eyeing Colton and I worry about what they are planning on doing. It's like until now my little brother was kind of young so flying under the radar, but he's pretty popular at his school and with the kids his own age. Those two older guys who keep picking on me have been sort of leering at me when they see my little brother like they are planning something." He admitted sounding a bit frantic about it.

Giving him a gentle squeeze I released him and looked into his eyes. "Well, it won't do any good to worry over something that hasn't happened. Besides, it sounds like he's pretty popular and a happy kid. If you worry over it he will know and it might upset him. I really do doubt those guys will mess with him since he's pretty young still and way younger than them. As for you, well, we are friends now and I don't think they will find me such an easy target. You're a few years younger than those jerks, and they may be a year older than me, but I can take care of myself. Their time of bullying an easy target is over, I'll see to it. Bullies tend to back off once they realize something's too much of a hassle. Let's not worry about it anymore because I'm having too much fun hanging out with you." I smiled softly while he thought on it for a moment and then nodded his head.

"Yeah, you're right." He smiled back appreciatively motioning for me to follow him back out into the garage thinking I might be right about not worrying too much anymore.

It was kind of fun helping him while he explained to me what needed to be done in case something happened again in the future. We were working on the rim when the elderly lady I had seen outside stuck her head inside to see how we were doing. She looked to be in her late fifties or early sixties, but she seemed very nice once she saw the two of us with our hands filled with tools while the bike sat on the table. I suppose she had probably seen Carter working on his own bike often enough, but somehow she seemed pleased that someone else was actually with him. I suppose she probably knew about some of the issues the other boy was having; although, I got the impression Carter hadn't revealed as much to her as he had to me. I was also fairly sure he hadn't said too much to his parents either.

After she left I gazed back over towards Carter noticing him focusing intently on my rim. "Your grandmother seems really nice. I'm guessing she sort of watches over you and Colton while your folks are at work. When I was younger my mom used to drop me off at my grandparents place too. It's been a while since I've had to have them watch over me, but now that I think back on it I suppose it was kind of nice." I admitted, the younger boy pausing and staring at me a bit hard before looking slightly embarrassed.

"What?" I queried but he didn't respond back and I sensed I must have said something to upset him. "Did I say something wrong?" I asked getting a little worried as he glanced over towards me again.

He must have sensed my worry because I saw his chest rise as he inhaled slowly before shrugging his shoulder. "Um…no…not really I guess. It's just, that was my mom." He admitted kind of stunning me for a second as I stood there not knowing exactly how to respond feeling a bit embarrassed now myself.

All sorts of things flittered through my mind at that moment as I tried to make sense of things wondering if he meant them as like in biological parents, adoptive parents, or any other numbers of scenarios. Once again he must have felt my unease so reached over placing his hand over mine.

"It just sort of happened I guess. I mean, they've always wanted kids and had tried for years. After a while they stopped trying and then suddenly I came along. It was a surprise for them and dangerous I suppose, but evidently the pregnancy went fine. If I was a surprise they were doubly surprised when Colton came along." He smirked and squeezed my hand hoping I wouldn't be too freaked out about the age of his parents.

Not knowing what else to say I just asked what was on my mind. "How old are they?" I wondered with the brown eyed boy releasing my hand and sighing.

"Dad's sixty three and mom is sixty one." He admitted as I did some quick calculations in my mind.

So his parents were kind of old, but not really. Of course there weren't many women in their late forties and early fifties having babies. Still, it was kind of freakish because they looked more like grandparents instead of just a mom and dad, but in a way it was kind of funny as I began to giggle noticing him looking at me curiously arching his eyebrows questionably as I held up my hand apologetically.

"Sorry, it's just…you know…damn…," I giggled with him still not understanding. "I mean your folks…um…well…they must be a pretty damn frisky kind of couple who can't keep their hands off each other." I couldn't hold it in any longer and began laughing my ass off while he gave me one of those taken aback kinds of looks.

"Ewe, god for real Pim, you've got a real gutter mind. I don't know what is worse this or when you suggested…you know…my brother's resemblance to my own…uh…when I was his age…being the same down…um…," He pursed his lips and shivered which only managed to bust me up even more.

"You have no idea just how naughty my mind can get, but hang around and you'll loosen up soon enough." I yucked it up while he shot me a meaningful look and I held up my hand settling down a little. "Awe hell dude, I don't mean anything by it. If anything I have to admire your folks. It takes a lot of guts to…you know…not just once, but twice to boot. You should try loosening up a little and don't be so serious all the time. Besides, my parents waited a while before having any kids as well. Of course not as old, but still they are older than my other friends' parents so I get how it can be a bit awkward sometimes, but hey, life's too short so you shouldn't sweat those sorts of things and try to relax a bit." I suggested.

The boy gave me a hard look for a second before his body heaved in a big sigh and he shook his head. "Colton tells me the same thing all the time, but you don't understand Pim. The other kids tease me about it all the time." He looked at me meaningfully noticing my hurt look because I had sort of forgotten for a second his issues before he added. "I mean, I know you didn't mean it that way, but the other kids…they are really mean about it saying things like I have a pussy or clit instead of a cock because it took all my dad had to get it up and create me so there was nothing left over in his feeble sperm for my manly parts." He explained, his earlier comments to me at the river about what the kids were saying regarding his parents finally making sense.

"I'm sorry Carter I shouldn't have teased you like that even if it was meant to be just a joke between two friends." I apologized as he bit his lower lip before giving me a soft smile and shaking his head.

"No…you're right." He stated.

"But…," I began spreading my hands apart not understanding.

"You're right…I shouldn't be so sensitive. We're friends now and you shouldn't have to be worried about every little thing you say to me. I don't want you to change because of me. I like the way you are…you know, so open and honest…and funny. It's what I like about you. If it wasn't for the other shit, it would be kind of funny." He looked at me while I gaped at him which made him chuckle as he made a snide remark of his own. "If you don't close your mouth you'll catch flies." He giggled sweetly batting his eyes at me teasingly while I continued to stare at him for a second before busting up, the two of us laughing so hard his mom looked in on us before smiling and leaving us alone again.

A cell phone ringing made both of us jump in surprise forcing me to scramble for my daypack. "Shit, I should have checked my phone to make sure I didn't break it during my tumble. Mom would have a fit if I broke another one. I tend to be a little rough on my stuff sometimes." I admitted managing to fish it out and turn it on just in time to prevent it from going to voice mail.

"Hello?" I almost yelled into the microphone. "Oh, sorry dad it's just my phone was in my bag and I had to rush." I explained as we began to talk.

Carter focused back on my bike sort of listening in on my conversation until I hung up and sighed. "You heard?" I asked with him nodding.

"Yeah, the movers are showing up a day early and you gotta get home in case they get there before your dad does." He smiled indicating he understood as he jerked his head towards my bike.

"Oh…yeah…um…well I only live a couple of blocks away. Would it be alright if I left the bike here overnight and I'll come by for it tomorrow? Maybe we can finish it up then and hang out or something?" I asked, his eyes flaring open with a big grin splitting his boyishly round features.

"Really…I mean…you really want to come over tomorrow and hang out with me some more?" He asked incredulously, the excitement bubbling up and making him all giddy.

Leaning over I gave him a friendly punch in the arm. "Of course, we're buds now. Besides, I don't think there's much of anything else going on in this small town." I chuckled gathering my things together while he walked me to the curb and waved.

My house was only about a five minute walk from Carter's and I was only about a half a block away from home when I noticed a kid making his way across one of the yards off to my right. It was obvious he was looking to intersect me so I slowed down curious to meet someone who appeared to live a few houses down from mine. As he approached I could tell he was around my age.

"Hey!" I nudged my head in greeting smiling friendly while the other boy stopped about a foot in front of me having a more serious expression, almost confrontational.

"Yeah, whatever." The other kid shrugged getting right to the point. "I saw you with that Carter dork. I wouldn't advise you to be hanging around him." He informed me coldly, the hairs on the back of my neck standing on edge.

"You advising or telling." I retorted just as coldly with the other kid pausing for a moment folding his arms across his chest and puffing up some as he sized me up.

He was slightly bigger than me, but it didn't intimidate me and if anything started to piss me off the way he was acting all smug as he unfolded his arm and shoved his finger into the center of my chest. "Alright, I'm telling you, stay away or you'll regret it." He emphasized poking his finger into my chest several more times while I casually glanced down at the offending digit before staring into his eyes.

Lowering my voice forcing him to lean in to hear what I was saying, I replied coldly. "I'd advice you to keep your hands to yourself."

"Or you'll do what?" The other boy retorted as he lifted his hand to shove his finger in my chest for emphasis, but never making it.

The other kid never stood a chance because I grabbed his wrist locking it up and placing an arm bar hold on him which flipped his feet out from under him and forced him into a face-plant as I directed it into his yard. The boy grunted as the rest of his body slammed into the ground. He immediately reacted and tried to get up, but I had a firm grip on his wrist and he wasn't going anywhere. With his sudden attempt to get up it only managed to apply more pressure on his contorted and locked wrist. The other boy howled in pain immediately forced back flat on the ground.

"You mother fucker." He snapped and then howled again before sputtering when I applied a good amount of pressure the pain forcing his face into the dirt before I eased up.

Pausing for a second I applied a slight amount of pressure again just for emphasis, hearing him gasp in pain before easing up again. "Are you finished?" I asked rhetorically noticing him grimace before nodding his head. "Good, now listen and listen good because I don't want us to have a repeat of this conversation again…agreed?" I asked, the other boy pausing for a moment as if thinking on it before nodding his head.

"Good, so I'm new around here and I think the two of us may have gotten off on the wrong foot so to speak. I can be a bit thick headed, but just for the record I don't respond well to threats so you might want to think on that some. I also don't like people telling me what I can and cannot do. I get enough of that at home from my folks and other places like at school and stuff, but I won't put up with from punk ass guys like you. As for whom I choose as my friends, no one, not even my parents will ever tell me who I can or cannot have as a friend…get me asshole." I hissed leaning in closer to him and applying pressure to his wrist for emphasis hearing him whimper.

"Yeah, I hear you, please stop…it hurts." The jerk whined.

"Good, then we understand one another, yes?" I asked smugly

"Yes-yes-yes, I understand." The teen whined, agreeing wholeheartedly before I released him and he scrambled away holding on to his sore wrist while I continued towards my own house not even bothering to look back.

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