Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 4

Pizza & Cream Smoothies

With the general plan made Colton disappeared back into the house to get changed while his older brother put on his helmet and pads. He noticed me arching my eyebrows questioningly because he wasn't changing into his biking jersey or shorts. He chuckled explaining today he planned on showing me around a little and then we'd check out some of the trails in the area that weren't so…"challenging." Evidently, he wanted a more casual kind of ride this morning noting I still looked a bit banged up and sore. I really hadn't thought on it, but was glad he was thinking of my sore achy beat up body. I thought that was cool of him as I made a mental note of putting another check mark in the "cool" column for the other teen chuckling at the private joke between me and the younger brother who had already left.

Hopping on my own bike we pedaled out on to the driveway waving to Carter's mom as I swung on to the main roadway leading to my house. The dark haired boy pulled alongside and I told him we'd drop by my house first so I could grab my own helmet and pads. Riding on bike took only a minute before we rounded the corner of the street leading towards my house. I could see Carter hesitating as his eyes flittered around cautiously. Apparently this was a street he tended to avoid and I noticed his expression change and followed his gaze.

Working in his yard was that Ricky kid who had tried to intimidate me yesterday. He looked up and started to say something when he saw Carter, but then immediately turned around acting as if he was busy with work once he noticed me too. I smiled smugly making a mental note and placing a tick mark in the "win" column for me, mentally continuing my game with Colton even though I knew the two of us weren't really keeping tabs.

Ricky was the first of many I planned on teaching a few lesson to. There was no doubt I'd be having more confrontations, but if there was one thing I knew about bullies they tended to leave you alone once they discovered you were more trouble for them than worth the effort. Not only that, but the bullying usually occurred in packs. Once you confront a bully one on one they begin to realize you mean business and that they can't be surrounded at all times with their buddies making it dangerous for them as well if caught alone.

Pulling into my driveway Carter removed his helmet and glanced over towards me. "What was that all about?" He asked screwing up his face when I shrugged my shoulders.

"Let's just say we had a conversation yesterday after I left your place. Seems as if he thought I didn't know what was what around this place, and when he threatened me I politely pointed out it wasn't a nice thing to do. In the end, he agreed with my point of view." I told the other boy smugly getting out my key and unlocking the door.

When I stepped inside I had to turn around because the other teen was just standing there in the doorway with his mouth hanging open slackly in stunned disbelief. "You coming in or just gonna stand there catching flies with your open mouth?" I giggled seeing him snap out of it and jerk.

"I…um…yeah." He spoke softly blushing as he followed me inside with a big grin and glanced around. "Sorry about the mess, but we are still getting things squared away." I explained motioning for him to follow me into my room.

As we stepped inside he looked around while I apologized again for the state of my bedroom. I had already begun the process of organizing my room so it wasn't too bad. It was shaping up to be a typical type of teen's theme with several sports posters hung up here and there on the walls along with some of my team trophies and knickknacks from my school back home. He looked around idly while I headed over towards my clothes cabinet pulling out a pair of white briefs and a red colored Under Armour athletic moisture wicking shirt setting them down on top of the dresser drawer. It was going to be hot out there so I wanted something that was going to keep me cooler. Reaching down I grabbed the bottom of the shirt I was wearing and pulled it over my head letting it drop to the floor before tugging my red silky gym shorts down.

When I got dressed this morning I hadn't bothered with underwear, but now we were going to be heading out on our bikes and I figured having something holding my boy bits in place might be a good idea. Usually my scrotum was a tightly balled up sack snuggled up safely to my body, but now that I was older it wasn't unusual for them to loosen up when they warmed up. It was kind of awkward riding around in a loose pair of shorts with my kit flopping or bouncing around. That's a sure fire way of them getting knocked around or pinched doing some hurtful damage to a guy's tenders.

Bending over I removed the shorts from my ankles before standing up having forgotten all about Carter standing there in my room. I was so used to getting changed back home in front of my friends I didn't even think twice about it, but when I glanced over I saw how his eyes had bugged out in surprise firmly locked on my boy goods. My own eyes flicked down between his legs noticing he had popped a stiffie as I tried to stifle a giggle.

Back home that would have launched me into an immediate tease fest, but with Carter things were different, at least for now. I was sure once he became more comfortable hanging around with other friends his own age he might begin to loosen up a bit. I felt kind of bad about it, knowing I should probably have slipped into the bathroom or something, but I couldn't change it now so just sort of went with it trying to act casual as I set my red shorts on the dresser picking up my underwear.

His mouth was gaping and he abruptly appeared to snap out of it realizing he was staring at me. The teen's eyes flicked up towards mine suddenly keenly aware he was pitching tent. His hands immediately shifted in front of his crotch and he blushed completely mortified at being caught popping an erection while staring at another naked boy. I felt kind of bad for him so quickly slipped on my white boy's briefs getting things tucked away safely before putting my red shorts back on and then the fresh shirt.

"I…um…," Carter's tongue seemed to get in the way and I saw his eyes begin to well up because he was feeling completely humiliated by the incident.

"Dude, don't get so bent out of shape all the time. It happens. Hell, it just happened to me too when I was all cuddled up with your little brother. It doesn't mean I was like perving on him or anything…it just happened. You need to stop worrying or get so stiff about stuff." I finished as he stared at me for a moment while my words slowly sunk in.

Things got quiet for a couple of seconds and then I heard him begin to giggle. It was sort of a surprise at first as it just came out in a little few snorts before it began to get stronger without him able to hold it in. At first I was confused, but then it suddenly dawned on me what I had said and I immediately double over in a full blown out belly laugh. That's all it took for the two of us to begin laughing our asses off. It actually ended up being a good tension release as we slowly calmed down and took a seat on my bed.

Glancing over at him our eyes connected and he blushed looking away shyly while I shook my head. "Man, maybe in light of what just happened using the phrase 'bent out of shape' and the word 'stiff' might not have been the best way to put things, but still, for real Carter it's not something friends should be so worried over. Back home I would have teased the others about boning up while I got changed, but it would have been all in good fun." I assured him as he glanced back over towards me biting his lower lip timidly.

"I…I'm sorry." He mumbled his cheeks still burning red while I rolled my eyes and draped my arm over his shoulder.

"Yeah, that's another thing. I wish you'd stop apologizing for things you don't need to feel sorry about. It gets old real fast you know." I gave him a squeeze, the boy still gazing at me and nodding as he exhaled slowly.

"Have you and your friends really boned up in front of each other before?" He asked while I shrugged my shoulders thinking on it since we've seen one another naked so often over the years teasing each other I couldn't come up with any specific one time.

"I've known my friends practically my whole life and we've always seen each other naked so I really can't pinpoint any specific one time or other Carter, but yeah, over the years there's been tons of times we've teased each other about boning up. I forget it is a little different with you so I'll try to be more careful about that sort of thing." I tried to reassure him, the other boy thinking on it for a moment before shrugging his shoulders.

"Nah, don't Pim. I'll get over it and I'll try not to be so…stiff or…bent out of shape over things." He retorted, his giggles beginning to bubble up to the surface while I chuckled along. "Pim?" He queried looking over at me with a serious expression.


"Did…uh…did you and Ricky really get into it yesterday? I mean, I don't want you to get hurt or anything. I'd feel awful if something like that happened because of me." He told me earnestly while I pulled him towards me in a quick friend like hug before relaxing again.

"You have to understand something Carter," I began as I tried to explain things the way I saw it. "You see, anything those bullies do to me isn't because of you it is because of them. You aren't to blame for anything they choose to do." I replied, realizing I sounded just like my dad at the moment when he told me something similar a few years back. "So yeah, I got into it with Ricky, but I'm sure he will be passing it along that I might not be such an easy target."

I made clear as I added to it with how my dad had explained to me all about bullying years ago and me having seen it in other shapes and forms. "It's been my experience anytime there is any bullying going on it tends to be a group effort. Well, if that happens to me I intend to teach them how they can't always be hanging together in a pack. I may not win all the time, but they will soon learn that when I catch them alone afterwards there will be hell to pay even if I end up losing the fight." I assured him.

"But…fighting…losing and getting hurt…," He began becoming alarmed while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sometimes losing the battle is the first step in winning a war." I explained having been taught that lesson by my dad as well. "Trust me Carter; those guys will learn soon enough it isn't worth their effort even if they are bigger and stronger than me. In war the guys who win in the end are the ones who have the most to fight for and the ones who understand which strategies are necessary. You are worth the fight; our friendship is worth the fight. I wouldn't worry about it so much; besides, I'm a glutton for punishment when there's a good cause." I explained seeing the other boy not looking too pleased by my logic.

Standing up I grabbed his wrist pulling him up off of my bed. "Come-on, let's not worry over something that probably won't even happen. I don't want something stupid like this to spoil what is turning out to be a great day." I laughed light heartedly wrapping my arm around his shoulders noticing he no longer flinched by my affectionate display of friendship.

It made me feel good inside seeing how he was slowly coming out of his shell a bit. I even felt his arm slide around my waist as the thirteen year old boy gave me a shy smile. He really was a decent kind of guy and I liked his personality when he was able to leave behind some of his troubles. He had a pretty cool little brother too, and I could tell we would all be getting along just fine despite some of the hassles others were attempting to shove on to us. Giving him a quick squeeze, I released him and rummaged through my closet retrieving my small back pack before heading to the kitchen and shoving some water and a few snacks inside.

Carter followed his new friend into the kitchen and then back outside. He stared at the other boy from behind, a small grin forming on his lips as he checked him out. The guy was such an enigma at times despite his open and outward going nature. There was a lot of depth and maturity hidden beneath the surface of the older boy's exterior mischievous and playful nature. On the surface and open for all to see he had that typical teenaged youthful, roguish, and impish kind of personality. Pim was naturally playful and outgoing, but he had a very deep, insightful, serious, and gentle side as well.

He still couldn't believe how the older boy had stripped naked in front of him without a care in the world that someone else was in the room with him. Carter was self conscious about doing that sort of thing even when it was only his little brother around. Of course he knew Colton's seen him naked a few times because he's seen his little brother too. After all they did share a room together and sometimes it was unavoidable, but he was always careful about it trying to avoid those situations. Pim seemed the total opposite not even bothered by any of it.

He had to admit though that he did like what he had seen. The older boy did have a very nice looking body despite that ugly red raspberry on his hips, and he was also starting to become curious about the other boy's uncut penis. He wondered what it would be like to have skin over his knob and if it made things more sensitive down there. Carter shivered at the recollection of the other boy getting changed and seeing him completely naked. The boy's soft penis looked to be about three quarters of an inch or so bigger than his own with that loose puckered skin extending about another quarter of an inch past the shape of his hidden glans. It was strange how he could see the outline of the older boy's nozzle just beneath the sheath of tight skin. Even though the shape and size of the older boy's glans was obvious, the skin covering it also made it a little mysterious and exciting.

The older boy had a pretty big scrotum, but unlike his it always seemed to be tightly balled up. He wondered if it ever got soft and dangled. Carter's wasn't as big as the other boy's, but it always seemed to bounce around loosely between his legs. It rarely balled up like the other boy's with the skin of his scrotum pulling taut. He loved how his felt all soft like allowing him to play with his chestnut sized truffles. This thought made him wonder if the other boy also jacked off all the time. He was pretty sure Pim did mess around like that since most boys got horny by the time puberty reared it's head. He tried to visualize what it must be like for the older boy having skin over his penis and a tight ball sack. It made him shiver as he now tried to shove those thoughts away focusing on the boy ahead of him.

That didn't do much good either because as he walked behind the other boy he couldn't help himself as he giggled noticing how the silky fabric shifted around on the other boy's perky little orbs. With his thoughts now having shifted in another direction he began to wonder what his own ass looked like. Until now he had never really thought on it before as the two of them finally stepped outside. Shaking his head to clear his naughty thoughts, he walked over to his own bike and hopped on motioning for Pim to follow.

It was turning out to be another great day as I followed Carter around on the outskirts of the small town. Evidently, in the surrounding areas it was a sort of resort area with expensive houses positioned around some of the local lakes. I could understand that because it was kind of a beautiful area with plenty of combined open countryside butting up into forested areas surrounding the lakes. I'm was pretty sure the local vacationing homes brought in some revenue into the small town keeping keep the community businesses alive while also allowing it to maintain that nostalgic small town Americana life style. I could see why my folks would want to make a home in a place like this versus on post.

There were advantages to living on base because it was a tight knit community with lots of support from families who were all in a similar position. It was tough for military brats who had a parent deployed in a war zone never knowing from one day to the next if something dreadful would happen to them while the rest of the country simply went on about their business. People didn't understand, and often as families with loved ones serving in the military we didn't understand how we could live in a country anymore where civilians in general didn't have any pride in their own country. Military families were feeling abandoned by the people in our own country and realized for the most part we were on our own because even our government didn't seem to give a crap with their heads buried in the sand worrying more over politics than what was the right thing to do.

The sad part about it was how our fathers and mothers couldn't say a damn thing about it. They joined to serve a bigger cause, but as a military brat I was beginning to loath what our country stood for anymore in general. I was getting old enough to understand what was what, and I didn't like what I was learning. We were becoming a nation of self-righteousness without any real common sense allowing a small whiny group of individuals to destroy our values as a whole. In my view as a fifteen year old boy, a big part of the blame lay with our politicians, but it didn't stop there as I was also learning just how skewed our education system had become.

Back home in Texas it wasn't so bad because most schools were still relatively conservative with home grown values; except, in the more populated areas like some of the major cities. However, it was becoming increasingly noticeable to me how our school system no longer tried to instill values in their students, but catered to a whiny bunch of brats and sissified helicopter parents constantly giving in to values that were slowly eroding away our Constitution and what our country was founded on. I was discovering our school system was very biased anymore trying to mold and brainwash young lives into not being free thinkers, but rather drones lining up with a party line.

It's one thing to believe differently, but not to respect another's point of view or perspective was totally wrong and in our education system I was beginning to discover how someone's beliefs and values could affect one's grade and it was mostly coming from a side that claimed to be liberal and respectful of everyone. That is until they found out you didn't believe the same way they did. I had a run in with a teacher in my last school, but my mom straightened her out in a heartbeat calling her to the mat. That was in a rural community though, and I'm sure in the bigger cities my mom would have had a bigger fight on her hands getting ganged up on from all sides. Like I said, there were bullies in all forms and manners in life.

My parents over the years taught me to have an open mind and not to believe everything I heard, but rather listen to all sides of a story and come to my own conclusions. In school they were brainwashing a lot of kids with their dribble by the way they taught their subjects. The bottom line for me was that because of the complacent attitude of our country as a whole it was making it even more dangerous for my dad who had to serve overseas in a combat zone with politicians who didn't give a crap about him because they were only worried about their political career. Attitudes like that were getting a lot of people like my dad killed and in my mind I was viewing politicians as murderers.

It was why I couldn't understand the reasoning behind my parents' insistence of moving off post. Back in Texas I could understand because the small community there still had the traditional pride in what America stood for, with the few typical exceptions, but the rest of our country in general viewed things very differently. I had asked my dad about it and he simply shrugged and said I couldn't bury my head in the sand forever because at the end of the day I still had to interact with others who had other views from my own. Evidently, he wasn't too concerned of me getting brainwashed by a school system designed to do just that and had even insisted I go to the small private school here in town; instead, of the public one next to it. I wasn't sure which one was worse and how he managed to get me enrolled into the private one come the start of next school year was beyond me, but like all things I trusted my folks accepting it once they made the decision. Some things I had a say in, and some things I didn't. It was all part of growing up.

Shoving these serious types of thoughts aside I began to enjoy the freedom of the day not letting these other silly things ruin what being a boy was meant to be: simply put, unfettered freedom away from the trials and tribulations of adulthood. That was where things tended to go horribly wrong, so just being a kid and enjoying life to the fullest was simply loads of fun.

It was a beautiful day and as Carter casually led the way along some of the back trails it had become a fun filled one as well. I complimented the thirteen year old boy over my bike because it rode like a dream with the gears transitioning with ease. He blushed a little embarrassed, but seemed pleased as we put my bike through some casual paces.

We joked and carried on like we've known one another our entire lives. There was something about the thirteen year old boy that made my insides flutter and my heart sing joyously. It was kind of a silly way and thing to think about since I was only fifteen years old, but I couldn't help myself. I was really beginning to enjoy hanging out with Carter a lot, and began to realize it not only felt right but was right. We both clicked together and were comfortable enough to open up on some of our deepest issues.

It was nice to see Carter loosening up a bit and confide in me what's been going on for the past several years. It happened casually, with things being revealed in little snippets here and there as I shared some of my own confidences with the other boy as well. It included some of my own dark experiences such as the times I felt insecure when my father left for deployment which started when he had almost died. I could see the thirteen year old boy's eyes welling up when I told him about my dad's grave injuries with him admitting he never even thought twice about how so many people were still in danger. He felt bad about it saying now that he understood it would always be in his thoughts.

Even though we had some somber moments like that together it didn't deflect from the overall easy going kind of day we had. Our confessions to one another were more along the lines of sharing a bit of something intimate and personal about ourselves indicating the trust we now had with one another. With Carter this was truly a major step because for years now he didn't have anyone he could really confide in. His family knew some of what was going on, but he was afraid to tell them everything. I felt really bad for him and I knew that for now the best thing I could do was lend a supportive ear.

These little snippets came in small stages while most of the rest of our time together was simple boyish like fun. We even stopped for a snack along the way sitting by the river having taken a different easier route this time as we let our feet dangle in the cool channel. The chilled water was inviting and for a split second I had thought of stripping out of my clothes and going skinny dipping. It was only a fleeting urge on my part thinking it wouldn't be such a good idea at the moment, but maybe something we'd be able to do down the line when Carter became more used to my wilder and impulsive side.

Instead, I sat there with the other boy enjoying his company as I eyed his delicious body. He really did look totally cute in his plaid grayish blue shorts and blue colored t-shirt. My eyes would flicker over, checking him out and I noticed at times he seemed to be doing the same thing as he would stare at me for several long moments before shyly blushing and turning away when he seemed to snap out of it. I thought the whole thing was kind of cute, but I had to be careful because with him I knew it was simple curiosity about a new friend, while mine tended to have undertones of something quite different.

Being gay tended to make things a bit awkward at times; especially, when I had to struggle with my internal feelings. There was a fine line between friendship and something more. I've never really struggled with those feelings before because my friends had always been just that, friends, but with Carter I was discovering my feelings for the thirteen year old boy was beginning to run deeper. At times, like now, my thoughts would begin to wander. As we sat there our conversation having died down some, my thoughts wandered down a different track because I was confused about my feelings. I suppose everyone became bewildered about certain things as they matured, and I was no different wondering what this truly meant for me.

It was Carter who brought me out of my musings when he casually kicked his foot splashing water on my legs. We both chuckled at the playful nature of it and didn't say anything about the way I had become lost in my own thoughts. It was another thing I liked about the thirteen year old boy. He seemed to know when to leave things alone. Some people were just like that I suppose, sort of having a sense about things. It was another sign of how tight our friendship was becoming even though we had just met.

We casually cruised around some more before making our way back to town and the ice cream shop so we could meet up with Colton. It really wasn't an ice cream shop, but rather a small sort of parlor with treats inside of the general store. It was located towards the back corner next to a few old style pinball machines and some other games. It sort of reminded me of those old soda fountain places with a small counter area where you could order root beer floats, ice cream shakes, or just plain ice cream along with a few other food items and treats. There were a couple of tables as well for people who wanted to sit and enjoy their treats.

The place wasn't air-conditioned, but it was still nice and cool inside making it comfortable as I followed the thirteen year old boy down some tight aisles. We saw Colton browsing with his skateboard in tow, and he smiled when he saw us. True to his promise the thirteen year old boy treated us all to an ice cream while I noticed a couple of kids making faces as they glanced our way. Ignoring them we grabbed our icy treats and made our way back outside with the two brothers leading me to the shaded side of the building were there were a couple of chairs set up.

We chatted casually with the younger boy saying everything was set up with his folks regarding the sleepover. It was lunchtime so I decided to give my dad a buzz figuring he probably had some free time. I let him know about the sleepover and he indicated it was fine with him, but wanted to talk to Carter's folks. Rolling my eyes at the brothers knowingly I gave him the appropriate information and he promised to text me here in a few minutes.

As we relaxed the younger boy asked where all we had gone and explored. While Carter told him about our morning excursion I glanced at the younger brother and studied him some. He was cute like his older brother and had gotten dressed into a short sleeved polo style shirt and a blue pair of regular shorts with pockets. The three button collar shirt was dark teal blue on the bottom with the color sort of bleeding and transitioning into a fern green and emerald green color on the upper half. He looked really nice as he rolled his skateboard back and forth with his feet while he sat in the chair. I noticed he was wearing ankle socks and a pair of low cut converse sneaks that look pretty beat up. They weren't really old; just beat up and I figured it was from all of his skateboarding.

In turn Colton told us about his time with his buddies. They had gone over to the cement skateboard park and had a fun time as they whooped it up performing their typical tricks. He noted how his friend Michael was getting a lot better lately with Carter thinking his little brother was still way better.

Finishing up we began to work our way back home. Colton hopped on his skateboard and dragged along behind us shifting from one bike to the other as he hung on catching some momentum before letting go to kick up against the curb or grind his board before catching up with us and grabbing on for some more speed. I had to admit he was really good on the board making it look easy.

When we approached the corner leading to my house I told them to go on ahead and I'll be over shortly. I needed to grab a shower and some clothes since I had received a text from my dad telling me to have a good time over at the Chasson's, but to be on my best behavior. Yeah, like I already didn't now that having rolled my eyes over it. Sometimes parents could be so anal about things, but hey, I couldn't complain because mine for the most part were really laid back concerning me and didn't have a lot of restrictions.

Thirty minutes later I was all cleaned up and dressed in a pair of blue silky gym shorts and a matching blue colored airy jersey knocking on the door at Carter's house. Mrs. Chasson greeted me pleasantly, letting me know her son was in his room and for me to go on back. Knocking on the open bedroom door the thirteen year old boy looked up and smiled motioning me to enter. It was the same sized room as mine, but he shared it with his younger brother. There was a wooden honey colored bunk bed on the same wall where I had put my bed at home and it looked kind of cool. The lower bed was larger than the top one with a full sized mattress on the bottom and a twin on top. The four wooden stairs leading to the top bunk had drawers built into them along with two larger drawers beneath the full sized bed on the bottom.

The room itself was just clean enough to pass muster with the folks, but cluttered enough to show it was kids who lived here. There were some of the typical toys and knickknacks cluttering up the room on the shelves against one of the walls along with some sports and skateboarding trophies that I figured belonged to Colton. All in all it was a typical type of boy's room shared by two brothers.

Taking a seat on the lower bunk which belonged to Carter he began to tell me that his folks had picked up the Jurassic Park series of movies and that we would be having pizza for dinner and then snacks later on. There was movement at the door and when I glanced up it was Colton coming in from his shower with a towel slung over his left shoulder and body glistening damply. He looked adorably cute in his snug fitting cartooned boy's briefs that had the slightest of little bumps creating the tiniest of boy bulges in the front making me smile and my penis twitch. I wasn't attracted to Colton in a sexual manner, but it didn't mean I was blind either. He was a cute looking eleven year old boy, well; after all he was the spitting image of his older brother, so of course I would react to his delightfully delicious and charming physique.

"Hey Pim," the eleven year old 'mini-me Carter' version greeted tossing aside his towel and walking over towards the dresser drawer not even self conscious about his near naked state making me realize he was completely different from his older brother in this regard.

Even though Carter seemed pretty self conscious about his own nudity, he didn't seem fazed by his younger brother's near naked state. It wasn't as if the eleven year old was completely naked since he was wearing underwear, but still it was close enough. I suppose this was something fairly typical for them to be walking around in their underwear which made sense because at my house it wasn't unusual for me to do the same. I would even walk around my room naked or pop across the hall into the bathroom naked when getting ready for a shower.

We made idle chatter while the younger boy slipped into a regular pair of green colored shorts with a zipper, button clasp, and pockets before sliding his arms into a short sleeved blue plaid button up shirt. The smaller boy giggled and carried on making both me and Carter chuckle at his appealing charming nature as he finished getting dressed. Suddenly, he lunged towards us knocking me and Carter over backwards on to the bed. Of course that instigated a prompt wrestling match which found the poor younger antagonist beset by us older boys as we began to tickle him merciless while he giggled and squealed his body trying to squirm away to no avail. The kid didn't stand a chance begging for mercy.

Naturally the poor little guy popped a stiffie, the small rigid curved bulge not going unnoticed by me or his older brother. To my surprise I even saw Carter reaching down giving the little twig a playful tweak, which made the younger boy chirp playfully in protest, but it was obvious this wasn't something new between the two brothers. There wasn't anything sexual about it, but it did surprise me that Carter would even do something like that considering how shy he was about certain things. I suppose the rules were a tad different regarding siblings as we all continued to roll around having a blast thanks to the younger boy's little mischievous nature.

"Stop, I'm gonna pee," Colton finally squealed giggling uncontrollably while we finally relented and I rolled on to my back sucking in a huge lungful of air noticing the thirteen year old boy do the same while we all continued to snigger over the fun we just had.

To my surprise the smaller boy rolled on top of me snuggling his warm body into mine his stiff little tendril grinding into my stomach. It had been an impromptu playful event and I could tell Colton had thoroughly enjoyed the attention he was getting from us older boys. The little tyke had such an appealing personality and for me it was a joy to have him hanging around with us. I felt something melting in my heart as I began to understand for the first time in my life what it was like to have a little sibling. In that one brief moment it dawned on me I'd do anything to protect the little guy as my body shuddered and I gave in to my impulse wrapping my arms around the smaller boy hugging him tightly to me while he did the same.

"I love you Pim," I heard him whispering softly in my ear noticing Carter turning his head towards me by the spontaneous comment, a friendly smile forming on his features.

At first I thought the thirteen year old boy would be freaked out by such a remark, but he seemed to understand what his little brother meant and I responded without even realizing. "Luv you too buddy." I sighed enjoying the affectionate moment as I watched the thirteen year old boy reach out and tenderly rub his little brother's back, the fondness for his sibling apparent in not only the gesture but his demeanor.

It was obvious the two brothers loved each other deeply and Colton in his innocent like nature had now drawn me in as well. It was a sweet tender moment as he insinuated his brotherly like fondness and love towards me as if to indicate I now belonged to them as well. It was a special moment for me and I hugged the smaller boy even tighter, my head spinning a little as I inhaled his innocent boyish scent. It was a subtle type of cologne mixed in with soft lavender soap and his youthful boyish musk. He had a sweet bouquet since it hadn't matured yet to the earthier like muskiness fragrance of older boys.

The smaller boy was firmly snuggled up against me with his head resting lightly on my chest as it rose slightly when I inhaled softly before I leaned down and kissed the top of his head feeling his soft hair tickling my lips. "Thanks Colton." I whispered softly unable to control my emotion with a small tear welling up in the corner of my eye that didn't go unnoticed by the thirteen year old boy lying quietly next to us.

"For what?" The eleven year old boy replied casually enjoying the soft moment as well.

"For making me feel like a part of your family." I sighed as Colton lifted up his head and looked into my eyes smiling innocently.

"Does that really make you feel happy?" He asked casually while I sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, I think it does you know. I mean, I've always had friends and stuff, but sort of wondered what it would be like to have a little brother or sister. With you it sort of feels like I have a little brother. Carter's so lucky to have you." I admitted, the younger boy's grin spreading even wider for a second or two before getting serious and snuggling his face back up against my chest.

"No, I'm the lucky one. I've actually got an older brother who cares about me. Some of my friends have an older sister or brother and get treated like crap. Carter never does that to me." He admitted making the thirteen year old boy blush and respond back.

"Well, that's because you are just too cool." He teased ruffling his little brother's hair as the younger boy squirmed his way over to the older boy giving him a quick hug as well.

We all sat back up and blushed now a bit embarrassed by all the mushiness as we let the moment slide by distracting ourselves with something different. We were boys after all and didn't talk about such things. The moment had been revealing to all of us, but it wasn't something boys dragged on about. I'm sure if we were a group of girls we would have sat around tittering and giggling carrying on and making a big deal over it as we micro analyzed it all. That wasn't in a boy's nature because we merely accepted the fact and didn't bring it up again.

We goofed around for the rest of the afternoon and even watched one of the Jurassic movies kicking back and having the typical kind of fun only boys were capable of achieving. To my surprise when it came around to dinner time it wasn't a pizza delivered to the house, but rather home made and cooked in their special outdoor brick oven. Mrs. Chasson made the dough and sauce from scratch and allowed us to pile on our own toppings before shoving it into their brick oven outside using a big wooden paddle. I rolled my eyes as if it were heaven when she pulled it out and we began munching on it sitting around the table beneath the shaded trees.

It was warm outside, but there was a gentle breeze keeping things comfortable. By this time we were all running around shirtless working on our tans in a way only boys could manage. Despite the heat of the day it was pleasant enough lounging around the table sipping on ice cold soda and munching on the most delicious pizza I've ever had in my entire life. Even the sauce Mrs. Chasson had made from scratch tasted delectably delicious, my mouth exploding with so many different tastes vying for attention.

"OH…MY…GAWD!" I exclaimed. "This is like the best pizza ever." I sighed taking a second bite, Mrs. Chasson smiling pleasantly at me while both brothers began giggling and rolling their eyes at my expression as sheer delight lit up my entire face.

"I'm glad you are enjoying it Pim." She responded sounding pleased and placing a second pizza in the oven handing a slice to her husband who had joined us asking me the typical parental type of inquisition.

The questions weren't too prying and casual enough making it for a fun time as we joked around some. Mrs. Chasson joined us as well while the second pizza was cooking up. Carter's parents seemed pleased to have me around, and I could tell there was a sense of relief that their eldest boy finally had made a friend. Mr. Chasson was interested in hearing more about my life in Texas and what it was like to be a military brat. Of course he asked if it was permissible to say 'military brat,' not wanting to offend me, but I informed him that unlike the rest of the PC civilian world, within the military community it was an endearing term and almost like a badge of honor for us kids.

They were all interested about my life as I explained for me things were a bit different than most military families because I had a home in Texas where mom and I stayed when my dad was deployed. Most families lived on post while a father or mother was sent oversees in a combat zone, but mom had a family ranch in Texas where we had stayed and I had friends I grew up with. Now that my dad was stationed permanently stateside we would be staying close to the base though until he retired.

When Mrs. Chasson observed it must be difficult for me to leave behind my friends I had shrugged saying I've had to leave them behind before, but yes, it was a little different this time around because it would be more permanent. Still, I'd be going to visit often enough because of my grandparents. It was a little tough, but I always enjoyed making new friends like Carter and Colton. At that comment I saw Mrs. Chasson blinking away some tears as she got up and made a fuss over the other pizza in the oven. Mr. Chasson smiled sadly and diverted our attention back since he was curious as to the nature of my dad's job, which I tactfully avoided not wanting to get into specifics. I had a fairly good idea about my dad and what he did, but there was a lot I also didn't know about.

After helping with cleaning up, the two brothers grabbed some stuff to cart down into the basement while I grabbed my own little day pack of stuff. It was decided we'd watch the movies there since it was cooler and then spread out some sleeping bags and sack out downstairs. The two brothers began to head down while a made a quick pit-stop to relieve the pressure of my bladder. I tended to be one of those guys who moved around like a cat so they didn't hear me making my way down the stairs and were chatting while they got things laid out for when we decided to bunk down later on.

"Car?" I heard Colton using the familial nickname.

"Hmmm," his older brother responded sounding distracted.

"I really like Pim…he's pretty cool, huh?"

"Yeah, I think so." Carter responded.

"I'm glad you two are friends…you know. Most of the other older boys around here are a bunch of jerks." The younger boy sounded disgusted as it got quiet and I could tell Carter was now looking at his younger brother seriously even though I couldn't see it because I had stopped further up on the stairs.

It wasn't as if I had intended to eavesdrop, but I also didn't want to interrupt the two boys since it sounded kind of important to Colton as I heard his older brother speaking up. "They aren't bothering you are they?" He asked with concern in his voice.

"What…no, it's you I'm worried about."

"What do you mean," I heard the older boy asking as it got quiet again.

"I'm not stupid you know. I see what's going on. I don't understand it all Car, but I do know you don't deserve to be picked on like that since you didn't do anything wrong. Sometimes I wish we didn't live in such a small town like this because of jerks like that, but at least now you've got Pim. He knows everything too, and he is still your friend. I heard about Ricky, and Pim is no chicken shit like some of your old friends." The smaller boy retorted a bit heatedly.

"Colton stop. Don't…don't do that. Promise me to stay out of it. Things are bad enough that I have to go through this crap, but I'd just die if it started happening to you. I already feel bad at how it is affecting Pim. You're right, he's a good guy, but…," he sighed and even though I couldn't see it I knew the younger boy was hugging his older brother for comfort. "Colton, you have to promise to stay out of it. Yes, I told Pim what is going on because I didn't want him finding out later and dumping me like my other friends, but for some reason he didn't. I feel bad that he's getting mixed up in all of this. It's not fair." I heard Carter admit.

"I promise Car, but you have to promise not to push Pim away." He insisted with the older boy sort of snorting.

"Yeah, well you see how he is. I don't think I'd be able to do that even if I hit him over the head with a two by four." The other boy sighed loudly while Colton giggled.

"Like I said, he's a good friend and don't kid yourself Car, you deserve to have a good friend too. Besides, he's getting a good friend with you too. If nothing else things are about to get interesting around this boring town." He giggled while I tried to stifle my own laughter because the smaller boy was right.

Biting my lower lip there was no way I was going to leave Carter hanging out to dry. The younger brother was right; everyone deserved to have friends and not be bullied about. It would take more than a two by four to scare me off. I haven't met the main bullies yet, and I was going to try to avoid a confrontation. If they left us alone then it would all be cool, but if they decided to make things ugly, well, I was up for that too. Walking silently back up towards the top landing I made a show of walking down a tad more noisily entering the basement noticing how they had rearranged things.

"Whoa, this is going to be way cool." I smiled making my way into the den as we sorted out a seating arrangement without much fuss.

It really was pretty cool. We kicked back watching the movies with Mrs. Chasson quietly interrupting us when she brought down some trays of snacks. We had crackers, cheese, and salami on one tray, homemade chocolate chip cookies on another one, and popcorn with more soda pop. At some point Colton slipped away coming back down wearing those shorts I had seen him wearing earlier this morning. I could tell they were what he wore to bed at night and by the way the loose material swayed and clung to his legs and boy bits when he moved around it was also obvious he didn't wear any underwear beneath them.

We were pretty much left on our own as we even got into another wrestling match with the two brothers ganging up on me this time. There were half naked bodies rubbing up against one another with me boning up because of the sensuous like feelings it caused, not to mention catching brief previews of Colton's bits when his oversized leg openings flared open. They were just quick glimpses, but he had a cute little one and a half inch softie no thicker than my pinkie finger. He didn't have much of a scrotum with it being nothing more than a dark brown wrinkled hump with two small pistachio sized lumps in the soft skin casing.

Colton noticed my wood causing him to bust a gut.

"Dude, there's no need for you to pitch a tent, not since we are sleeping inside." He joked getting a disbelieving glare from his older brother while an approving belly ache laugh from me because it was a hilarious snipe.

The two of us rolled in laughter with Carter finally joining in. "Geeze for real guys, I'm not so sure about this whole camping out thing after all, not with a bunch of perverts." He teased sending us all in another fit of laughter before we finally calmed down enough for me to adjust my boner.

After that things began to settle down. Both Carter and his little brother were snuggled up on the couch while I was kicked back in the lazy chair with the foot rest extended. It was cozy as I watched the younger boy untangling from his older brother grabbing a blanket before crawling into my lap. It was starting to cool down and he snuggled his back into my chest while we watched the last of the movies. It had gotten really quiet and there was about another thirty or forty minutes left to the last movie as the smaller boy snuggled up and I draped my arms around his slight frame. Glancing over I noticed Carter smiling warmly at me before he focused back on the movie.

A short while later the younger boy turned over, straddled his legs over my hips, and snuggled his naked chest and stomach into mine. With me leaning back in the lazy chair with the foot rest raised, he was able to cuddle up comfortably laying his head in the crook of my neck and shoulder drifting off to sleep, his little eleven year old boy boner digging into my stomach. He felt soft and cozy dozing in my arms and I didn't want the feeling to end. It was a strange sensation that made me feel all tingly inside. It wasn't anything sexual, but it still felt really nice and I couldn't help springing my own stiffie as the movie slowly came to an end.

When Carter looked over his shoulder at me his eyes automatically drifted to the bulge between my legs. The blanket was draped over Colton's body, but it was just one of those small soft Sherpa throws leaving my lower half exposed. The thirteen year old boy's eyes drifted up to mine and it twinkled knowingly while I shrugged and whispered.

"I can't help it. This feels cozy and kind of…nice." I apologized while he shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, he's kind of cuddly and it happens to me all the time. Um…not that it is…uh…you know…," he blushed not bothering with keeping his voice down while I nodded indicating I knew he meant it wasn't anything sexual between them.

"I know," I whispered back with Colton dead to the world and sleeping soundly in my arms.

"He's totally zonked out for the night and won't be waking up any time soon so you don't have to whisper." The thirteen year old informed me smiling and shaking his head. "He's almost getting too old for this sort of thing…you know…getting all cuddly and all, but still, I hope he stays like that for a little while longer." He admitted while I nodded understanding exactly what he meant.

The smaller boy was sort of right at that stage where most boys didn't do those types of things with their parents much less their older brother. It was like Colton was hanging on to being that little kid, but obviously old enough to begin shying away from the Lovey Dovey kinds of things with his parents and brother. He was also at that age where he was beginning to understand about the whole sexual stuff, yet it was also obvious in many ways he was still uncertain about it. This was only natural since boys sort of discovered things at different stages and ages of their development. With Colton he knew enough about such things while also still being totally innocent at this stage. I knew the simplicity of boyish innocence in this regard wouldn't last much longer and now as I gazed over at Carter the expression on the thirteen year old brother's face indicated he knew those days were also numbered.

Without a word I climbed out of the chair and carried the smaller boy over to our makeshift bed laying him down and covering him up with a blanket while Carter made his way upstairs. I knew he was probably taking a piss and brushing his teeth as I finished up with Colton and made my way upstairs as well waiting my turn. Mr. and Mrs. Chasson had already gone to bed and as the other teen stepped out of the bathroom he smiled at me and I took my turn. A few minutes later I was making my way down noticing the other boy just finishing up and putting things away.

Without hesitating I walked over to our makeshift bed pulling down my shorts leaving me in my underwear and settled down on my back next to the younger boy on my left pulling a soft blanket over my body. I saw Carter gawking at me for a second and hesitating before making his way over. I didn't know how he went to bed at night, but I either slept naked or in my underwear. I could tell he was debating as he glanced over towards me before blushing and slipping out of his own shorts leaving him in his red colored boxer briefs. He seemed self conscious about it as he covered his arms in front of him before scooting over towards the stairs flipping the switch and plunging us temporarily into darkness.

The light upstairs in the hallway began spilling into the den as Carter closed the basement door leaving it open a crack to allow enough illumination to spill into the room in case one of us needed to get up in the middle of the night. I watched the boy making his way over towards us smiling at the nice sized bulge in his underwear, but not saying anything knowing how he felt about such things. Even in this lighting the boy's body was exquisite, my penis twitching around excitedly. Carter noticed me watching him and even in this soft light I could see him blushing before he settled down next to me on the other side. Neither of us said anything, each in our own thoughts, and before I knew it sleep carried me away.

It was quiet downstairs and comfortable with my mind drifting off into wonderful dreams. They were filled with boyish like fun and I found myself cruising along the trails on my bike in hot pursuit of my newfound friend. My dreams flittered from one thing to another, the time slipping away from me. At times they were comical, amusing, and fun, while at other times kind of serious and tender.

Then they began to shift into something much different. My dream began to get more erotic in nature and it all revolved around Carter, our two bodies spooned together and intertwined with my left arm draped over his torso. His skin felt soft and warm in my dreams and I moaned softly enjoying the sensation of his closeness. I could even smell his earthy kind of heady scent with his hair tickling my nose. His fragrance made my penis twitch as I pressed forward humping into his soft rounded melons. It felt erotic in my slumbering state and I could feel my hard penis react as it began to throb, pressing into the other boy. It wasn't skin on skin, but no less sensuous with the friction of my hard erection pressing up against the fabric of my underwear almost making me lose it.

In my dreams I heard myself moan, the other boy in my arms responding with his own sexual desires, almost whimpering as he dealt with his own sensations washing over his near naked body. I began to hump the other boy hearing him moan in more pleasure as he slowly rolled over on to his side facing me. Our two bodies were so close I could feel his stiff penis through the fabric of our underwear. It was intensely insane and wild feeling that curved rigid phallus rubbing against my thick straight basilisk, both of us moaning together now as our hormones raged inside of our bodies.

My dreams have never been this intense and I struggled to wake up with the realization that I was on the verge of having my very first wet dream ever. It was nagging me at the edges of my consciousness while I struggled. It was the strangest feeling because even though I was completely asleep I was also keenly cognizant of my thoughts. While I continued to try breaking free from the grips of my erotic dreams my body began to burn from a deep seated desire to have sex with this seductively sultry boy as I began to hump him from the front.

I could feel the younger teen's warm breath tickling my face as he began to grunt and return my thrusts with our erections grinding against one another. His arms wrapped around my waist and cupped my fleshy orbs pulling my body into him while I did the same. It was intense; it was so real, and I even felt his hard erection abruptly pulse, the force so intense that his watery boy syrup blasted past the cottony barriers of our underwear to slather warmly up against my own erection. I felt it immediately pulse a second time with it suddenly setting me off as well our mutual grunts intermingling together in my dreams that were now extremely vivid and lifelike.

My thick five inch Anaconda pulsed and writhed against Carter's three and a half inch curved neck and flared head spitting cobra as our two spires writhed around in a mating ritual. I could feel the hot slimy boy snot spitting from the tip of my penis realizing that somehow my foreskin had slipped back a little, slightly exposing my sensitive knob as it rubbed against the coarse fabric of my underwear. The friction along my sensitive glans felt insane. My erection was spitting and writhing right along with Carter's curved steel rapier as we both grunted in my dreams.

It was intense and happening so abruptly that I felt my eyes suddenly snap open from my very first ever wet dream. To my surprise I saw Carter's eyes snapping open as well and widen in shock while the rapture of the moment carried him away. He was too far gone to do anything about it, his body thrusting into mine with our legs intertwined and locked together in the throes of mutual ecstasy.

"Aaaaaaaaargh, ooouuumph, umph, umph, umph." I heard the other boy's guttural grunts, his hands cupped over my butt pulling me into his body as his head slumped into the crook of my neck while he began to wheeze in the midst of his rising orgasm.

All this happened while I struggled right along with my own orgasm feeling every strong pulse and contraction from his erection which seemed to feed my own spasms. With each pulse of his curved shaft my own thick erection spat and writhed, my testicles bunching up in rapid succession. It seemed to go on forever, but I knew it had only been a few seconds as I pulled him tightly into my body and with one final thrust and heave collapsed into a heap feeling him doing the same thing next to me. It was as if we began and ended at the same time leaving both of us feeling totally spent, our bodies heaving from the exertion, sucking in air.

Never in my life leading all the way up to my tender pubescent years had I felt anything so intense and confusing. For the life of me I didn't know what the hell just happened. It was as if the two of us just had the same wet dream and my head began to spin a little now from the aftermath of what just happened. The younger boy stirred in my arms and I saw a few tears and a wild look of fear in his eyes. I was going to utter something, but didn't really know what to say since I was totally confused with my mind still addled. It didn't matter though because Carter tossed off the blanket we had somehow snuggled under and shared during our sleep scrambling to his feet. I could see the small bulge in his underwear and the slimy wet spot where our combined cream smoothies had smeared together.

It felt as if I had spewed a whole bunch and the large damp area in front of his boxer briefs indicated as much, but I knew this was deceiving. It may seem like we squirted a lot, but in reality it was only like a teaspoon or so, even less at this stage in our development. I watched as the other boy quickly hustled out of the den heading back upstairs. Sighing I glanced worriedly over towards Colton thinking with the amount of noise we had just created it had to have woken him up.

To my surprise, just like Carter had indicated, once the smaller boy was asleep there was practically no waking him up. The front of my underwear felt totally soaked and slimy. When I looked down there was a large wet area covering my rounded bulge, over the top of my pubic area, and all the way up to the gummy waistband of my white boy's briefs. Lifting up my hips I pulled them off leaving me completely naked. I wasn't worried about the younger boy waking up and seeing me, or of Carter returning right away because I could hear the water running in the bathroom upstairs and knew the thirteen year old boy was getting cleaned up.

If I was confused about what happened I figured it must be worse for Carter. He was so shy about this sort of thing. Hell, even I was embarrassed by what happened. I could only imagine the emotional turmoil of what the dark haired boy must be going through. When he left I could tell he was crying a little as he struggled with what just transpired between the two of us. I mean, what happened was sort of like sex for all practical purposes, while at the same not really.

For my part, I've never had sex with anyone else or even done anything remotely sexual with another person, so the emotional rollercoaster I was feeling puzzled me. On the one hand I felt giddy about sort of having my fist real sexual encounter be with Carter, but at the same time I felt a little guilty because it hadn't been consensual, not in the traditional manner. It kind of muddied up the waters so to speak with both of us getting off together while asleep. The intensity and way it had felt definitely was sex, but the way it happened while we were asleep couldn't count as it being a sexual act in my opinion. I was already confused about how I felt towards Carter, but this complicated it even more.

These thoughts flashed through my mind at lightning speed with the sensation of cum sliding along my tight ball sack bringing me back to the moment. I reached down scooping some of it on my finger wondering if any of this belonged to Carter. Holding up my underwear I smiled realizing at least some of it had to be his as I hesitated for a moment before sticking the front of it in my mouth and sucking some of it off. It tasted a lot like mine, kind of thick and salty, but it seemed as if I also detected a difference in it as well. At least in my mind it seemed like it, as I ran my tongue around inside my mouth thinking I detected a lighter kind of flavor that seemed almost sweet.

The corners of my mouth twitched upwards a bit mischievously as the weirdest thought entered my mind. Pizza and a cream smoothie…a teen couldn't ask for a better treat on a sleepover. I giggled to myself silently at the impish joke while I smacked my lips appreciatively because of the nice flavors exploding inside my mouth and tongue.

I felt some more slimy cum beginning to trickle down along my lower ball sack realizing it was about to drip. Using my underwear I quickly wiped myself clean and got up scrounging around for the shorts I had tossed to the side before climbing into bed earlier. Slipping them on, I padded over to my pack balling up the cum soaked underwear shoving them inside one of the side pockets before crawling back under the covers. A couple of minutes later I heard Carter walking back down the stairs pausing at the doorway as if debating whether or not he should join us.

After a couple of seconds I heard him walking over and to my surprise he lifted up the corner of the blanket I was under as if to crawl next to me. There was another hesitation and it dawned on me he realized I had also gotten cleaned up and changed while he was upstairs. I opened up my eyes and gazed over at him seeing he had simply slipped into another pair of boxer briefs, which surprised me considering the situation. I was going to utter something, but still didn't know what to say, so I didn't as he crawled under the blanket with his back turned towards me.

The room plunged into a deathly silence again and I could literally hear the other boy thinking. I didn't know what he was thinking, but like me I knew his thoughts were spinning. Suddenly, I saw his body quivering a little as if he were crying. It broke my heart to think I had done something to make him feel so unsure about things. This was a totally fucked up situation and embarrassing all the way around. It took balls for Carter to come back downstairs after what happened as I fretted over what he would think of me because of this incident. He was crying though and I could feel the confusion he was feeling. I didn't know what to do, so I began reaching out to him, but paused for a moment. His body shuddered again, a small sniffle escaped from him leaving me feeling horrible so I extended my hand up against his bare shoulder feeling him flinch in surprise for a split second.

Sighing I gently rubbed his shoulder biting my lower lip feeling ashamed about what happened even though I knew it had been totally innocent and out of my control. "Carter…I…I'm sorry." I whispered apologetically feeling his hand reaching up and gently covering up mine as I continued, touched by his tender response. "I…I was asleep and I didn't realize…I mean…I don't know how it happened." I began, Carter suddenly turning over wrapping his arms around my waist and neck catching me by surprise.

He let out a small sob burying his face into my shoulder. I didn't know what to do at first so I held him feeling the boy scooting closer, our naked torsos pressing together gently. His body felt soft and warm just like Colton's, but it was different since I was attracted to the thirteen year old boy. I enjoyed the intimate contact not only in a tender way like I did with his younger brother, but also in a sexual kind of way. Even though I felt the electrical currents charging my body I didn't act on it because it wasn't the right moment or time for these types of feelings. I don't know if there was ever going to be a right time with Carter, but I wasn't going to do something when he was obviously vulnerable. Besides, sex was the last thing the thirteen year old boy needed at this time, and I realized it wasn't something I wanted right now either.

I could feel one of Carter's hands draped around my waist and the other one below my neck wrapping me up in his soft embrace while I did the same. Neither of us said anything, no words were necessary and would only make things awkward. So instead, we both held one another and left it at that for now. In a way it felt comfortable to be cuddled up with the brown haired boy as I softly inhaled, his sweaty teenaged musky sex scent filling my senses and making me shiver. I'd recognize him anywhere just by the way he smelled. It appeared that everything about Carter was imprinting on me as I gave my heart over to him even if he couldn't ever do the same for me. It was at this very moment I knew with a certainty I was in love with another boy, with Carter.

The thought frightened me, but at the same time made my heart swell with joy and contentment. I held the other boy and ran my hand softly up and down his back. It was gentle and tender, a moment we shared together in silence as we slowly drifted off to sleep with the realization that neither one of us held this incident against the other.

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