Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 6: Plenty of Action

Once we finish loading up the truck we stick around for a few minutes chatting with Earl and Henry. I introduce Austin and Jake to Boxey who paces around a bit annoyed so I roll my eyes kneeling down next to the dog while he licked my face.

"It's alright now boy. I'm so sorry I yelled at you, but I had to take care of something." I whispered to my Lab glancing towards the two Lorenz brothers who were looking on and chuckling. "Anyway, I didn't want you to get in the way." I spoke to the dog like he could understand while the two brothers glanced at each other wondering if I seriously thought the dog could understand what I was saying.

Jamie was rocking back and forth nervously focused on his twirling fingers. "Hey Jamie, I'm so sorry that you got so frightened." I whispered to the boy stepping in front of him trying to look the boy in his eyes.

He seemed to pause for a moment while I calmly continued. "I'm glad you've been taking such good care of Boxey." I continued looking at the long haired boy before he suddenly moved stepping around me and kneeling in front of the dog giving him a hug getting an exclamation from the two Lorenz brothers.

It also drew Henry, Earl, and Uncle Walt's attention with them gawking at this display of affection in stunned silence. "Good doggy…good Boxey." The boy whispered releasing the dog before reaching into his pouch and offering up a treat.

"Holy crap when did Jamie start talking?" Jake asked looking towards Uncle Walt who stepped up next to him shaking his head.

"Jake, Jamie's always been able to talk…well sort of, but it is very rare and normally not around people. What's amazing though is the way he is interacting with Boxey and even Sam. This is the first time he's actually given out a hug though. Well at least that I know of." Uncle Walt asserted.

"Way cool." Austin declared. "Do you think he knows we are around? I mean, is he getting better and all?" Austin wondered out loud while Mr. Weiler shrugged his shoulders.

"Honestly…," He paused looking at Jamie. "I'm not so sure just how much he understands or doesn't understand. I do think though that for whatever reason Boxey has a connection with Jamie on some level. Even Sam seems to be able to get Jamie to react in ways that isn't part of his normal routine." He offered up a bit baffled while we all continued to watch the long haired boy who was smiling and giggling in that pure innocent kind of way when the dog licked his face.

When we get to the farm Aunt Harriet was pleasantly surprised welcoming the Lorenz boys inside, but a bit worried when she saw my banged up face. We quickly filled her in with what happened while she clucked her tongue admonishingly and shaking her head. She told the Lorenz boys that they needed to stick together and start thinking about their actions where their step brother was concerned. She didn't scold them or anything, simply talked openly with the boys providing encouragement letting the brothers know that they were better than others gave them credit, and that she had faith in them.

Then while Uncle Walt went into the other room to call up the boys' mom we helped put away some of the groceries Ernie had brought for me. Opening up one of the boxes I excused myself for a moment heading upstairs before coming back down to finish up. Mrs. Weiler seemed to recognize some items smiling over towards me saying that my mom had given her some recipes I was very fond of to try out.

The two brothers seemed a little confused by some of the things like coconut milk, gluten free bread, and some of the strange snacking items like chips and things that were made from beans. They looked at me questioningly with me moaning realizing an explanation was in order. So while we continued to put some of the items away I began to tell them about my diet and why it was important for me not to eat certain foods. They didn't seem to think anything too strange about it explaining how they had an aunt who was a diabetic so was kind of used to specialized meals and monitoring of sugar levels. They knew it wasn't exactly the same with me, but it seemed to help them cope with how I had to watch what types of foods I ate.

Aunt Harriet was in her element preparing snacks and catering to the boys. She made some treats that my mom had told her about with the brothers sampling them hesitantly at first before diving right in saying that it really wasn't all that bad. Aunt Harriet smiled very pleased when the boys complimented her first attempt at preparing gluten free snacks. She most definitely was very upbeat enjoying having the boys in her home along with the usual rowdiness that came along with hosting young boys. She was all bubbly and cheerful interacting with the brothers getting them to open up while making them feel at home.

At first it kind of surprised me seeing this side of her considering how she tended to be a bit rough on the edges until you got to truly know her nature. I knew she was really a softie at heart, but her gruff nature tended to keep others off balance unless you really knew her. Then it sort of hit me when I realized it was probably the sort of thing she had done on numerous occasions when Trevor, her son, used to have his friends over before he died. In a way it was something she was familiar with, and having boys over again sort of brought back those happy times for her. Of course with Jamie's situation he really didn't have any friends that came over on a regular basis.

After some snacks Aunt Harriet dragged us boys into the bathroom so she could take a look at our cuts and bruises. She commented on my scraped knuckles wondering how those happened when I joked that it was Austin's steel jaw which was to blame. She blinked in confusion until the blond haired boy smiled showing off his braces. Of course she clucked her tongue commenting how all boys were silly with fighting like a bunch of heathens one moment before becoming fast friends the next moment. She wagged her finger informing us that we needed to pay more attention to girls with how they tended to sit down and air out their differences verbally making me roll my eyes because I knew how girls could be more vicious than us boys. Well at least in my school.

Of course I made the mistake of rolling my eyes and commenting how all girls tended to be a bunch of gossips when they did that sort of thing. For my efforts I ended up getting reproachful looks from the Lorenz brothers because Aunt Harriet launched into a lecture on how that simply wasn't true and very stereotypical. Of course when I began to point out the same thing in regards to how women tended to stereotype boys as well I earned another rebuke, but this time in the form of getting discretely kicked in the shin by Jake making me yelp and lose my train of thought while Aunt Harriet bored holes in us with that scathing look like we were crazy and wondering what had gotten into me.

In short order she had cleaned out all of our scrapes before ushering the other boys out of the bathroom while ordering me to get cleaned up. She left me with no choice other than to climb the stairs and gather up some clean clothes before coming back down to hop in the shower. Now as I stood under the shower head turning my body around beneath the water I had to marvel at the size of the tub. It wasn't the typical kind of tub, but rather a combination tub and Jacuzzi. I guess at one point the Weilers had installed a bigger bath area for some reason. The Jacuzzi bathtub was actually rather large. Not so big like a regular sized Jacuzzi that held like five or six people, but it seemed big enough to easily support two or three adult sized people. It was fairly easy to climb into because it wasn't actually sitting up high, nor was it sunk down into the floor that deeply. It was like if they had made a compromise where they left it so you had to step into it like a regular bath tub sinking the rest of it down into the ground level. Not only was it a functioning Jacuzzi tub, but it also had a shower head where you could take a regular shower.

By the time I finished I had to admit that I was feeling much better. I had become all boned up when I lathered myself up with soap and had briefly contemplated doing the nasty to my hard tube, but then I heard a loud raucous laughter out in the main room making me a bit too shy to do that while there were so many people so close by. I know it was silly since the bathroom door was locked and all, but I simply couldn't do it. I began to wonder if Austin and maybe even Jake did that sort of thing at home too, and if so how they were able to find any privacy. From the sounds of things the two brothers shared a room together so it most definitely would create some issues regarding privacy.

When I had finally finished up and joined the group the boys' mom was there dropping off a small gym bag with some fresh clothes and their toothbrushes. After I reappeared Mrs. Weiler swiftly ushered Austin towards the tub commanding him to get cleaned up even reminding him to make sure to wash himself clean everywhere prompting the fair complexioned boy to blush the deepest color of red while his mom simply chuckled knowingly.

"Harriet." Uncle Walt interjected admonishingly.

"What?" She replied truly oblivious to what the problem was with him sighing and shaking his head like it was useless for him to even explain.

"We all know how boys tend to forget to wash their…," she paused realizing what she had just about begun to say with it now being her turn to blush while she tried to salvage the situation. "Well…um…anyway Austin…you go on ahead now and be sure to wash off the dirt from your scuffle today." She told the boy looking towards him apologetically while his little brother began to laugh his silly head off.

"I don't see what you are laughing at." Aunt Harriet laid into the younger boy. "You are next you know, and since you are still a little scrapper I might just have to fill up the tub and scrub you clean myself. At your age we all know how you boys tend to sprinkle a little water on your face thinking you are now all squeaky clean." Aunt Harriet scolded the boy seriously getting his immediate attention while we all watched his eyes bulge out that a woman he hardly knew would be giving him a bath while he was all naked.

"What…no way. Mom tell Mrs. H I do a good job all on my own." The boy seemed to blanch looking for help from his mom who simply shrugged her shoulders while no one paid much attention to how Jake had just referred to Mrs. Weiler as Mrs. H, a sort of nickname which would sort of stick from here on out with the boys.

"You know it does seem like lately you've been slipping a bit on the whole bathing thing. I'm not even sure you took one yesterday so maybe Mrs. Weiler will have to take a good look and let me know." His mom pointed out with Jake literally beginning to freak out until his older brother couldn't hold it in any longer busting up at his brother's expense.

It took a moment or two for Jake to realize he had been played, but he got the point with how it felt to be embarrassed like that in front of others. Once he found out that Mrs. Weiler really wasn't going to strip him naked and scrub him clean he seemed to bounce right back chatting away telling his mom all about the fight we had gotten into.

Of course she wasn't too happy with how things got started, but seemed genuinely pleased to hear how they had stuck up for Jamie in the end, and how they had set aside their differences with me. She told Jake not to worry about Roy or Damian. This was one time she was going to put her foot down in regards to any punishment for the boys. As for Damian the boy was now at home recuperating from the incident. His left testicle had ballooned up to the size of a tennis ball getting a giggle from Jake when he heard about it.

Of course his mom glared at him saying it was no laughing matter and it could have been a lot more serious for the older teen. As it was he would simply have to take things easy until the swelling went down. Even though she had admonished Jake, I did notice how she turned her head to the side letting out a little giggle of her own when she had mentioned the tennis ball sized swelling of Damian's left testicle. It had been all I could do to keep from laughing as well imagining something like that all swelled up on one side of a boy's leathery purse. It must have made his lunch bag look very lopsided.

I got the distinct impression that the older boy really didn't have all that much to brag about. Most boys who tended to boast like he did towards girls the first time I saw him in the general store were more inclined to have a bit of a complex regarding their size or rather the lack thereof. I wondered if Austin or Jake would know more about that, and if somehow I could get them to confide in me. It wasn't like the older boy turned me on in that way or anything, but I was still curious. Sure he was handsome enough, but frankly everything about him had the opposite affect on me as I quivered with that sort of yucky feeling when I thought of him being naked. I suppose in reality my curiosity was more in line with trying to figure out what made him so evil.

Once both Austin and Jake were finished with their showers I took them upstairs to show off the room I was sharing with Jamie. The boys looked around appreciating the layout of the room even admitting it was pretty cool and wishing they had one like it. Damian, with no surprise to me, had the largest bedroom all to himself while the two brothers shared the smaller one. When I asked how come, they simply stated that when Roy married their mom the two of them were still so young so it only made since Damian got the bigger room while they shared one together since they were brothers. I did understand the whole sharing a room since they were brothers, but if nothing else they should have at least gotten the bigger one. They explained that initially it had been decided all the boys would switch rooms once Austin and Jake got older, but for some reason it never happened, which once more didn't seem to surprise me.

While the boys turned on the television set I jumped on to my computer to answer some of my emails. Now that we had internet connections it was easier for me to stay in contact with my friends. Of course I've also been texting and chatting with them on my phone when I found an area which had reception, but I also now checked my emails on a regular basis. It didn't take long for me to finish and join the two brothers hopping on to my bed so I could stretch out. Sitting back and taking in the two brothers I had to admit they looked kind of sexy hot now that they were all cleaned up.

Austin had slipped on a pair of yellow jeans and a green short sleeved polo style shirt with a three button up collared front. The colors seemed to suit him as I scrutinized the older boy closely. The yellow jeans hugged his frame comfortably, and I couldn't help but notice that he truly did have a nice sized bulge between his legs when he pulled his limbs up to his chest accentuating them even more since the material pressed up tightly against his boy package. I could actually make out the two oval shaped testicles not to mention the soft thick outline of his penis. Of course I couldn't make out his exact size or even if he was cut or not, but still the large outlined shapes of his testicles and penis sent a shiver all up and down my spine while I tried not to outright gawk at it.

When Jake fidgeted in his chair it got my attention with my gaze shifting towards his direction. The younger boy squirmed around trying to find a comfortable positing scooting down low in the seat practically arching his back with his legs dangling over the edge. In this position his khaki colored cargo shorts were stretched flat across the top of his legs revealing a small little bulge. I could sort of make out his small sleek like tube about an inch long running sideways with a smaller lump just beneath it. From the looks of things Jake still hadn't matured much between his legs yet. It was an annoying reminder that I too didn't have all that much to brag about a year ago with my penis only recently beginning to grow in length and girth. Even now there didn't seem to be all that much there in my opinion, but again it was kind of difficult to know since I really didn't have much experience to base that on. At eleven years old I suppose most boys were still on the small side of things with a few exceptions, but it still had been irritating. If I were to guess I'd say Jamie was one of those eleven year old boys who were the exception to the rule.

Jake's fingers pinched the tip of his thin tube briefly rolling it around between his thumb and finger as if to take care of an inch before he released it remaining focused on the cartoon he was watching. The simple act of him rolling around his boy tube had my own hose twitching between my legs with excitement while I watched him subconsciously fiddling around with one of the buttons on his broad striped blue and white colored polo shirt. I could tell it was a hand me down, but it was still in good shape.

After a while we got a little bored so we jumped on the computer and I turned on skype to see if we could chat with some of my friends. This kept us occupied for a while as I glanced over noticing that Jamie was sitting by himself with Boxey lying next to him on the floor. I felt kind of bad with the boy sort of being excluded so while Austin and Jake chatted with my best buddy Steve I dug out my ipad and made my way towards Jamie sitting next to him. The boy shied away a little, but didn't seem all that upset.

Turning on my ipad I switched it over to a game that I thought was fairly simple and began to play it allowing Jamie to watch. I started talking to him explaining how the game was played before asking if he wanted to try it. The boy seemed to hesitate for a moment until I assured him that it was easy and he could most definitely do this. Before long the smaller long haired boy seemed engrossed in the game as both Austin and Jake glanced over arching their eyebrows.

"Wow, way cool Sam. I didn't think Jamie could actually play any games like that." Austin admitted while Steve on the other end of Skype wanted us to turn the camera on to us so he could see what we were up to.

Turning the laptop towards us so Steve could see Jamie, I waived to my friend who waved back before I got up and joined the two Lorenz brothers so we could chat some more. As we whittled away the time Jamie kept on playing the video game completely enthralled with it. I was really surprised that he had managed to figure it out even if it was a simple game. It made me hopeful for what I had in mind later for him.

By the time dinner rolled around we were all starving. Mrs. Weiler had decided to make hamburgers and fries with all the fixings. As we munched away the two brothers rolled their eyes letting her know how much they liked the hamburger. It tasted different than theirs and they wondered how she had spiced it up. When she told them nothing but a little salt and pepper they couldn't believe it insisting it most definitely had a richer flavor.

Stifling a laughter behind my hand I had to finally let them in on the fact that they were actually eating ground bison meat. It tasted better because bison meat was leaner and free range which meant no artificial fillers or hormones. It was how meat was really intended to be eaten, not with cattle that were injected full of hormones. The boys gawked at me for a moment looking at their hamburgers before shrugging their shoulders finishing it up and asking for seconds. They didn't seem much bothered that it was bison meat versus beef.

"I don't care what it is. All I know is that I want more, if that's alright Mrs. H." Jake had piped up once more using the nickname he had come up with for Mrs. Weiler the name simply rolling off his tongue easily with everyone simply accepting it

The boy reached over for his second burger this time not bothering with a bun; instead, simply putting the patty on his plate and eating it just the way it was. Mrs. Weiler chuckled appreciating the smaller boy's appetite while also admitting she rather enjoyed the taste of bison meat.

After dinner we helped clear off the table, get the dishes cleaned up, and then put away in the cupboards. Aunt Harriet thanked us for helping out before she excused herself with Jamie in tow. It was bath time with the two brothers looking on questioningly. I had to explain to them that this was part of Jamie's routine. I was about to explain his bathing habits regarding leaving on his clothes, but was interrupted with Jamie's blood curdling scream with him having one of his major meltdowns. I'm not exactly sure what had set him off, but it made both Jake and Austin jump out of their skins so I motioned for them to follow me out to the barn.

We headed up into the loft area with me opening up the wooden panel revealing the clear evening sky lit up with stars noticing the brothers fidgeting around nervously. It was chilly in the barn, but I passed around some blankets and we huddled up beneath them completely content with staring out into the darkness which wasn't all that dark because of the bright stars.

"What the hell was that about?" Jake finally broke the awkwardness of Jamie's meltdown with me shrugging my shoulders.

I told them about Jamie's bath routine regarding the clothes and all with us sitting around talking about it in general trying to make sense of things. Jake finally seemed to hit on something when he flat out stated he'd be embarrassed as hell if his mom still bathed him. Hell, he'd be inclined to wear his clothes too if it came to that with him recalling the little joke played on him earlier when Mrs. Weiler had hinted at giving him a bath. I suppose it was this that had given him the insight as to what might be bothering Jamie. He even pointed out that it would be doubly humiliating with friends being over making us all wonder if Jamie had the perception of becoming embarrassed because of what others might think. It was something I would most definitely be thinking about and jotting down in my notes later when I was alone.

It wasn't long afterwards that we decided to call it an evening as well. By the time we crawled under the covers Jamie was already asleep in bed. I let the two Lorenz brothers share my bed while I pulled out the rollout bed from underneath sleeping on that. It made me wonder if this was what Trevor had done when he had friends sleeping over. We continued to talk for a while with the boys gazing up into the star filled evening commenting on how it was kind of cool having that big skylight overhead. The three of us continued to chat for a while longer before finally drifting off to sleep as well.

I was sleeping comfortably when the sounds of snickering began to pull me out of my slumbering state. I was lying on my back so when I slowly opened my eyes I could see the two brothers staring down at me giggling. Jamie's small night light spilled across to our side of the room providing us with a soft glowing light. Their giggling made me chuckle too, but I couldn't understand what was so funny until Jake jerked his head a couple of times like he was trying to give me a hint before he looked away from my eyes focusing on something else. I followed his gaze and to my horror my blanket was tightly wrapped around my hard erection leaving very little to the imagination of what exactly was down there between my legs. The soft material even revealed the contoured shape of my cut knob showing the ridge line and everything, not to mention the outline and form of my so called normal sized shaft and testicles.

It was totally crushing in the most humiliating kinds of ways. I immediately covered up the source of my shame with my hands rolling over on to my stomach. "Oh shit…oh fucking shit I can't believe it." I sniffled in my pillow totally mortified and trying to bury my head in the downy cushion.

"Geeze don't be so dramatic. So who cares if you popped one in your sleep? It isn't like we don't either." Jake chided me while he prodded me with his hand urging me to move. "I need to pee so move already." The boy stated urgently as I sat up bundling the blanket on top of my erection trying to hide it while I watched the smaller eleven year old boy crawl out of bed rolling his eyes at me like it was no big deal to have seen me like that.

As he swung his legs over the edge the leg opening on his underwear parted slightly momentarily revealing a small pale little satchel before it close up and he stepped down on top of the rollout bed. My penis lurched excitedly at the brief teasing glimpse of Jake's sexy little boy baubles. He was in nothing but his white boy's briefs with his soft skin glowing palely. He stepped lightly on top of my mattress not even bothering to hide his own hard small erection that was currently tenting out the white cottony material of his briefs. My jaw dropped when he grabbed his erection through his underwear pressing the material up against his sleek erection revealing the thin petite outline of his fleshy hose.

"See, even I pop one and you don't hear me whining about you seeing it. Geeze, I don't know what you are crying about. From what I can tell it's a nice one." He added before hustling towards the bathroom door shutting it behind him while I glared after him.

Austin's laughing brought me back to my senses as I got up sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for Jake to return my face turning flush with embarrassment looking anywhere but towards the sexy brown eyed blond haired boy. "He's right you know. I mean for real Sam, you act like no one's ever seen you naked or something." The older boy teased with me glancing towards him incredulously. "No way…really?" He asked noticing me shivering now that I was out from beneath my covers other than what was covering up my privates.

"Shit Sam, your cold. Here climb in and get warmed up." He comments holding up the blanket invitingly for me to crawl under.

Like his younger brother Austin was wearing nothing except his underwear, but instead of white boy's briefs he was wearing a pair of red boxers with a white waistband and the word "Rockets" in block letters across it. The loose material was settled around his midriff and even though they were boxers it was immediately evident that he too was sporting a boner. The outline of his thick erection couldn't be denied as I hesitated a moment before crawling under the covers noticing the small gap where a single button tried to hold his fly closed. For the briefest of moments I saw a glimpse from a small part of his fleshy pink tube making me yearn to see more.

"Shit, your skin is ice cold." Austin offered up wrapping his arms and legs around me while running his hands up and down my body.

With his warm torso pressed up against my body I could feel his hard erection up against my lower back when he clasped me tightly to him. His soft warm hands running up and down my arms felt magical my body quivering now not only from the cold, but also from the tingling sensations his soft gentle touch sent coursing along the surface of my skin. I finally began to warm up again rolling on to my back tucking my hands under the back of my head. Austin does the same thing and sighs looking up through the skylight. From the corner of my eye I could see the tenting from his erection knowing mine was doing the same thing. I didn't want to appear like a little chicken shit about it so simply didn't say anything more or try to hide it. After all if Jake could be so blatant about it without a care in the world with his small one, then what did I have to be worried about?

I suppose Austin must have sensed my discomfort so began to strike up a conversation with me chuckling about how we finally ended up spending the night together. I heard the toilet flush and then the sound of the sink being turned on presumably with Jake washing his hands. Austin continued to talk laughing at how he still couldn't believe how we managed to become friends after they had jumped me, and I came looking for them afterwards to beat the snot out of them. He was wondering how the hell something like that happens when Jake finally exits the bathroom making his way back to the bed.

When I start to get up he merely waves me off. "It's alright Sam, you can stay there. I'll sleep down here. It's too warm in bed with Austin because he gets way too hot making me sweat when we cuddle up together sometimes. Besides by the look of your hard boner maybe you'd rather stay put and have a bit of fun with him." Jake giggles and winks at me teasingly while tugging on his own erection once more shocking the hell out of me with how he didn't appear in the least bit shy about it.

Austin doesn't seem to appreciate his little brother's innuendo so snatches at the smaller boy pulling him on top of us prompting an all out wrestling match with our boners bumping up against one another. After a few minutes of this impromptu tussle we all finally collapse into a heap with our chests heaving for air.

All of a sudden Austin rolls over on to his side looking at me. "Hey you want to see something funny?" He asks me looking at his younger brother who smiles and shrugs his shoulders indicating it was alright while I frown a bit cautiously wondering what these two characters were up to now.

Once more I'm shocked when Austin suddenly tugs down the front of his little brother's white briefs exposing Jake's small thin hard two and a half inch penis. That was only a part of the surprise because as my mind began to process the rest of what I was seeing I began to realize that about one inch of my initial assessment was actually a long thin foreskin covering his tube. So basically his erection was one and a half inches long with about an inch of loose foreskin extending past the tip of his knob.

His hard penis has a slight bend to it, but it is the long foreskin that truly fascinates me. When I ask about how he goes pee with such a long piece of skin getting in the way they show me that it does pull back revealing a slicked up knob. Jamie adds though that it wouldn't matter anyway because the pee would come out from the end of his foreskin even if he didn't pull it back. My gaze settles on his exposed short round knob that is like one big curve from the base all the way to the top. The tip end of his glans isn't pointed at all, and is shaped more like a doorknob. The underside of the knob head is round just like the top. His glans is short with a small normal sized head that is slightly wider than his shaft looking like an undersized flower bulb on top of a thin stem.

"So what about you? I mean do you still have your foreskin too?" I ask Austin with the older boy shaking his head.

"No, I'm cut like most of us kids around here." He says shoving down his red boxers revealing a nice sized three and a half inch fairly long thick heavy looking hard cut penis.

As I stare at it I realize it's basically the same as his little brother only a lot bigger, way thicker, and without the foreskin. Other than that he had the same kind of shaped knob that was like one big curve from the base all the way to the tip. Like his little brother the tip wasn't pointed at all, rather more like a doorknob with the underside of the button head rounded just like the top. His glans was short, but still a large head significantly wider than the shaft almost like his little brother. The only difference here is that it looked like a much larger bulb on top of a thick stem versus his brother's thin stem with his glans being wider than the shaft.

"Wow, to be honest both of your guys' peckers are really pretty much the same. I mean sure Jake has his foreskin and all, but when he pulls it back the shape and all is pretty much the same, well like I said other than the whole foreskin thing and also the size issue. I mean…um…yours is like way thicker and longer." I declare to Austin not intending to hurt Jake's feelings.

"Hey," the younger boy pouted prompting me to speak up.

"I'm…shit Jake I don't mean anything by it…really. I mean for real yours sort of suits you and looks really nice. I just thought that despite the whole foreskin issue the two of you would still sort of be the same size down there and all. After all you guys are brothers so I figured things like looks, build, and well…your um…peckers would be kind of the same." I tried to explain with Jake giggling before punching me in the arm.

"Geeze Sam, lighten up already. I don't care if mine's kind of small or not. Besides it hasn't stopped me from playing with it." He winked at me knowingly making me a bit nervous by his admission.

"Yeah Sam, besides mine only recently seemed to start…um…," Austin paused blushing as I looked at him screwing up my eyes questioningly before the older boy continued.

"Well, that's to say just recently I've sort of…um…you know…matured down there if you know what I mean. Hell, about a year ago I really wasn't all that much different size wise between my legs than Jake is now." He admitted making me gape in shock at how something so small like Jake's penis could mature and fatten up that much in a year's time. Austin continued to stare at me as if reading my mind because he shrugged his shoulders at me when I arched my eyes questioningly.

"Wow, really Austin." Jake now stared at his older brother digesting this bit of new information. "I mean I really never looked all that much when the two of us have been naked and all. I mean, not until recently when I started to become curious about that sort of thing." The younger boy admitted shocking me once more that he would be willing to admit that lately he's been checking out his own brother's package.

"So, do you think mine will get big and fat like yours too?" He asked curiously, his older brother shrugging his shoulders.

"I imagine so. I mean of course I can't be sure, but if nothing else it most definitely will get bigger at some point." He added making his little brother happy about that tidbit of information.

"Well that's all good, but why the hell are you…uh…you know…cut and Jake isn't?" I wanted to know.

They explain that their father had died shortly before Jake was born, and it was their dad who wanted Austin to be circumcised. When Jake was born their mom decided to leave him intact. Besides, at the time having Jake get circumcised was the last thing on their mom's mind since she was dealing with the death of her husband.

"So, do you think we can see yours?" Jake asks sitting up on his knees looking at me excitedly not in the least bit shy about the question while I blush and hesitate.

When I didn't respond right away Jake reaches out as if to tug down my pajama bottoms. When I jerk away from the younger boy reflexively it prompts Austin to scold his little brother for being pushy about it.

"Stop it Jake that's not right. Besides Sam doesn't have to show us his if he doesn't want to." He stated pulling Jake's hand away from me.

Pursing my lips I come to a quick decision. I push myself up into a sitting position and I pull down my pajama bottoms over my hips and extremely hard erection before kicking them off to the side. Getting up on my knees I blush while both brothers stare at my three and a half inch erection as it bobs around excitedly due to the nervous thundering heartbeat in my chest.

What we were doing was very naughty I think to myself as I watch Austin get up on his knees as well settling between me and his little brother forming a little circle in front of one another. Looking towards Austin I realize my erection is about the same length as his, but no where's near as thick. Jake's small thin erection looks tiny compared to ours, but he doesn't even seem disturbed by it with me getting the impression that his would be maturing soon enough.

The Lorenz brothers appear to like what they see with the younger boy reaching out taking my stiffie into his fingers. The unexpectedness of it shocks me, but is quickly replaced with a sharp gasp because something inside of me immediately jolts with electricity from the tender soft contact of another boy grabbing on to my most intimate and private parts.

"Oh fuck me." I gasp out with the expletive forcing Jake to pause for a moment while Austin's mouth spreads open knowingly in a big wide grin that spreads over his features.

"Way intense…huh." Austin chuckled with me nodding my head stupidly while trying to swallow the large lump that had suddenly gone completely dry inside of my throat.

"Yeah." I manage to gasp out trying to control the jolts of intense currents coursing through my body making me tremble animatedly.

No one's ever seen me naked for years, and no one's most definitely ever wrapped their fingers around my hard little fleshy, so the experience was a bit overwhelming for me. Glancing over towards the older boy, I hesitantly reach out taking his fat erection in my left hand while reaching out taking Jake's into my right one. Both boys seem to react the same way I had with the initial contact, but it was Austin who seemed to have the biggest reaction compared to his little brother. The older boy actually gasped like I had while Jake moaned quietly.

"Oh shit that feels good." Austin managed to get out with him swallowing hard like I had making me smile feeling a bit better about how I had reacted to the same situation.

It felt strange fingering another boy's erection. Austin's felt bulky and heavy when I rolled it around in my finger and thumb before closing my fist around it getting a sense of its thickness. I could feel the heat of his fleshy tube rising in my hand making me quiver with excitement. It felt odd yet somehow strangely familiar. Of course he was hard as a nail, but the warm fleshy tube also felt soft and pliable when I fiddled around with it allowing my tactile fingers to get a good feel of the boy's fat worm.

Jake's was much smaller, but no less exciting especially when I slowly peeled back his long thin loose skin feeling how easily it slid over his shaft and knob. My eyes got big and round when his pinkish red slicked up glans slipped into view from beneath the confinement of its hooded jacket. I shivered excitedly slowly pulling the loose membrane up and down wondering what it must feel like to have foreskin. Austin and Jake were taking turns fingering my own erection alternating between my hard tube and fleshy satchel. The groping of my slightly sagging purse and chestnut sized testicles reminds me to do the same with the brothers as I now focus on their leathery baubles.

Austin's sack is about the size of a racquetball and feels soft and pliable. Everything about his boyhood seems bulky even his heavy chestnut sized testicles. On the other hand Jakes small brownish pink pouch seems to have a firmer tightness about it holding lightweight cherry sized testicles. His foreskin covered penis and ruddy colored satchel seem to oddly fit him. As I think about it most boys wouldn't be able to pull off having a package that Jake has and still look sexy hot. It wasn't that it looked ugly or anything, actually quiet the opposite. It was only that his sleek small size would probably make others shrug it off as perhaps somehow being too immature. Yet somehow Jake appeared to have that sexy quality about him actually pulling it off with me really getting turned on by the younger boy not viewing his diminutive size as being undeveloped or immature.

Austin was now actively masturbating me running his fist up and down the length of my hardened shaft. I could feel my heart begin to race with my chest quickening because I was panting so hard. It was thrilling, but also a bit scary with me automatically looking around to make sure no one was watching. To my horror I realize Jamie was now awake evidently having been awakened by our movement and activity. The feelings inside of me threatened to boil over and I hear myself start to moan realizing if I didn't stop things now it would be too late.

"Oooh…oh…oh fuck…y…you guys ha…have to stop." I finally manage to get out shoving away Austin's pumping fist from my now very sensitive tube a whimpering gasp escaping my lips despite having stopped the stimulating action.

Jake looks disappointed asking why I wanted to stop watching me intently while I slowly recover pointing out Jamie to him and explaining the boy must have woken up due to our rowdy behavior. We all looked towards the long haired boy who was staring off in space like he always did not even gazing at us seemingly completely in his own world. Still for me I felt a bit self conscious now about what we were doing.

"Geeze Sam it isn't like he understands or knows what's going on anyway, so what's the big deal." Jake argues.

"I'm not so sure about that Jake. I mean look how he's been talking to Boxey, and even the other day when I felt sad he actually walked over and patted me on the shoulder caringly pointing out how I was sad. I think he might understand more than what people think." I breathed out softly shoving Jake off the bed and giggling when I hear the boy yelp in surprise with him flipping on to the soft mattress from the rollout bed.

"Hey…no fair." Jake protested unconvincingly sitting up and giggled good naturedly looking all cute and cuddly with that hard thin tube of his rubbing up against his bare pubic mound.

"Sorry." I giggled back unconvincingly as well. "Maybe we should get some sleep." I point out looking for the edge of the covers so I could crawl back under them.

"Yeah right." The smaller boy clucked at my apology while he crawled up under his covers too and shifted around to get in a comfortable position.

Glancing over towards Jamie I notice the boy had closed his eyes as well and seemed fast asleep once more reminding me of something else.

"Hey…um…listen guys about Jamie." I begin pausing for a moment. "Uh…I just want you guys to know that he sort of has a…well let's just say unique morning ritual so don't freak out about it or go crazy. I don't know how he'd react with so many of us watching him; especially, if we made weird noises and all, so just stay quiet and don't say or do anything to upset him." I warn the Lorenz brothers who look at me curiously while I motioned for them not to worry about it since I sort of wanted it to be a surprise for them.

I suppose it was sort of perverted at Jamie's expense, but I was curious to see what their reactions would be to the sexy eleven year olds' routine come morning. Not bothering with putting back on my pajama bottoms I snuggle up under the covers trying to warm up with it getting quiet while I lay there spooned up against Austin's toasty hot body with his arm draped over me. It was a nice feeling being cuddled up like this, and I enjoyed his body heat as I listen to Jake slowly fading off to sleep snoring lightly making me chuckle. I could tell that Austin wasn't asleep yet and felt his right hand slowly dip between my legs fondling my extremely hard erection. It felt wonderful so I shift allowing him more access enjoying the sensation of having someone holding me in such an intimate manner. I could feel the heat rising up inside my body from the sexual closeness of the moment with my breath catching in my throat while my chest heaved in and out deeply enjoying the newfound sensations spreading through my insides. I was getting close now so I reached down stopping Austin from slowly running his fingers up and down my hardened three and a half inch spike.

"S…stop…please Austin." I moaned softly my voice catching in my throat, my body quivering with lustful desire, and my mind screaming how I wasn't ready for something of this magnitude.

My body was saying yes, but for some reason it didn't feel right. It was like somewhere deep down I knew that I wasn't ready to take this next step. Now that I could think about things more clearly I was surprised I had even let the two boys see me naked; especially, all boned up like the way I had been. Not to mention that I had actually allowed them to touch me in such a sexual manner. No one's seen me since I was like seven or eight years old. I had gotten caught up in the moment, and I was even surprised that I had simply curled up with Austin afterwards without even bothering to put back on my pajama bottoms. Currently we were both lying spooned together and completely naked.

"Please Austin…it…it's just that I've never…I mean…I don't think I'm ready for something like this." I stutter still enjoying feeling his fingers curled around my boned up erection, but with him not actively masturbating me.

The older boy hesitates a moment before releasing my hard fleshy tube leaning over me looking down into my eyes. "You mean you've never…I mean…never?" The baffled look on his face making me blush a bit self-consciously because of the intimate nature of our exchange with me shrugging my shoulders and shaking my head no.

"Have you?" I ask him getting the distinct feeling he must have considering the way he just reacted to my admission along with what he's been doing to me.

Plus there was the way he behaved when he showed me his brother's little pecker; not to mention how easily he had slipped off his own underwear to show me his fat hard sausage like he's done that sort of thing often enough. I didn't want to jump to any conclusions though because his willingness to shuck off his underwear could simply be because of the situation with his little brother. I suppose in their close quarters it wouldn't be unusual for them to see each other naked.

"Um…well sort of." Austin admits while I roll on my back so I could see his expression not really fully understanding his reply.

"What does that mean?" I ask curious now noticing how it was his turn to blush and shrug his shoulders. "Come-on, it's your turn. I mean I told you about me not having any experience so now it is your turn." I stress reminding him that he's the one who started all of this.

"Nothing…it's just me and…I mean…promise you won't say anything to anyone." He asks getting serious and also very nervous making me curious for sure now. "For real Sam…you have to promise not to say anything. If Damian ever found out I'd be totally fucked." The boy pleaded with me his face getting a bit pale at the mention of his step brother making me realize this was something very sensitive.

"Fuck no…of course I wouldn't say anything to anyone; especially not your asshole of a stepbrother. Hell, I mean just look at what you, me, and Jake just did, not to mention just now with you…um…you know…touching me down there, and me sort of encouraging it until…well you know…until I decided I wasn't ready to do more." I blush whispering to him softly letting him know I'd never say anything to anyone which causes him to pause for a few seconds while he decided what to do. "So spill already." I prompted with him pursing his lips a bit nervously.

"Well, like I said…I've really not done anything with anyone per se." He begins before pausing again looking at me nervously before pressing on. "I mean…um…well…me and Jake may have…uh…well…sort of did some stuff together…um…you know…sex. I mean only helping each other out and all." He somehow manages to get out in some sort of coherent manner blushing when he sees my eyes bugging out of my head in surprise.

"You've had…um…I mean…uh…sex with your own brother?" I question truly stunned trying to let that sort of information sink into my mind because I really didn't know how to react to this kind of information.

Hell it was one thing to do sexual kinds of things with another boy to help get your rocks off, and even that had me all confused. Sure I've learned in health class that boys experimenting with other boys didn't necessarily mean a guy was gay or anything, but everyone knew that doing something with your own brother was incest and, well, kind of weird. I had to admit that Jake, even though he was younger than me and kind of small between his legs, sort of turned me on. Of course Austin turned me on too, but for some reason I felt more attracted to the younger brother than Austin who was about the same age like me.

"No…it's not like that…I mean…yeah I guess sort of…but it's different. I mean it isn't like we are giving each other blow jobs or anything, just sort of helping each other out. It feels a lot better when someone else…you know…uh…touches you down there." He added with me having to agree wholeheartedly on that point.

"Yeah but Austin…it's…it's like…incest…and…um…kind of weird…don't you think. I mean I guess I can understand it feeling better with someone else doing it to you…but your own brother?" I counter, but quickly speaking up further so he didn't feel like I was somehow judging him.

"I'm not saying it's wrong or anything even though others might look at it that way. I'm just trying to figure out why you would do something like that. I mean of course I've learned in my health class and all that guys sort of mess around and experiment and all with sex stuff even with other boys, but doing something with a brother or sister is kind of taboo. Do you even like Jake…you know in that way?" I ask him wondering if he had that sort of loving kind of feeling for his little brother.

"What…of course not. I mean sure I love my little brother…but not in that sort of way. Yes, it feels good when he jacks me off and stuff, but it felt no ways so near as good like when you touched me. I'm no pervert, and I'm not gay you know." He insisted apparently hurt by my comments.

"Austin…I didn't mean anything by it, and of course I know your not gay or anything." I tell him as he purses his lips not sure whether he could believe me or not.

"Come-on Austin for real. I mean I've seen how you looked at that girl in the General Store the other day. Hell, you couldn't hide that fat chubby of yours when you looked at her." I teased him getting a shocked look from Austin.

"You…um…fuck…you saw that?" He blushed completely mortified at having been caught popping a stiffie while gawking at a girl.

"Yeah of course I saw it. Let's face it that thick chubby of yours is kind of hard to hide, so don't worry I don't think what you've been doing makes you gay or anything. But for real do you think it would matter to me one way or the other? It's not like I don't have friends back home who are gay." I point out while he simply gawks at me.

"What…really. You've got friends who are gay? I mean…did they like spend the night sometimes with nothing ever happening?" He marvels with his brown eyes bulging out in disbelief while I roll my shoulders wondering why he thought it a big deal.

"Well…it's not like they've actually come out and said it out loud. I mean they know I know they are gay and all, but it doesn't bother me. And no…I've never done anything with anyone before. Hell, until tonight no one's ever seen me naked since I was like seven or eight years old." I admitted to him getting a sly smile out of him before he reaches down slowly stroking my erection making it jerk spastically.

"Shit…stop." I hiss at him chuckling and shaking my head.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist knowing that hard tube of yours is still a virgin and all." He teased making me huff.

"Yeah…well…are you sure you aren't gay." I tease back getting an admonishing look from the older boy before he giggled shaking his head.

"Geeze Sam…for a guy who isn't ready for this sort of shit you don't seem to mind if someone is gay or anything. I still can't believe you've never…um…you know." He chuckles making me blush again because it was kind of embarrassing to admit something so private to someone else.

"It doesn't mean that what you've been doing doesn't make me horny or anything. Believe me I'd love to…you know." I tell him seriously.

"Even if it's with me?" Austin asks getting a shocked look from me.

"Of course. I mean it isn't like I don't enjoy what I see…you know…down there." I nod to his nether regions. "I mean when you touch me it feels totally awesome, and I don't know why I don't feel ready yet, just that something…hell Austin I don't know how to explain it is all." I sigh shaking my head seeing the boy nodding his head considerately.

"It's cool Sam. If you aren't ready then you aren't ready. I'm just glad you aren't freaked out about me and Jake. You aren't are you?" He adds nervously while I once more shrug my shoulders.

"No…not really I suppose. Besides, I probably didn't really have a right to ask about something so private. Just be careful though Austin. You know…because if people find out they wouldn't understand. I mean I know the two of you are just messing around helping each other out and all." I assure him the boy smiling appreciatively back at me.

"Shit Sam…you have no idea. That little brother of mine has a way about him. I mean it's like his hands are magic. Hell…if he weren't my brother what he can do with his hands would rock my world. Even though it feels great it's still different though having a brother jacking you off." The older boy rolled his eyes chuckling and shaking his head making me wonder just how good Jake is at jacking off another boy with the two of us falling silent in our own thoughts.

I was just about to nod off when I hear Austin's voice once more. "Sam, if I tell you something else you promise you won't say anything to anyone. I mean…you really have to promise. I could live if you said something about the other stuff, but this I would die if it ever gets out." He states making me scrunch up my face looking back at him noticing how this particular secret was eating at him like he needed to talk about it with someone.

"Austin if it is really something so secret maybe you shouldn't tell anyone." I offer up. "I mean sure I promise I wouldn't say anything to anyone if it's that important, but still…," I shrug my shoulders trying to offer him support, while also letting him know maybe some things were simply meant to be kept a secret.

"I know Sam, but I just don't know what to do. I mean…I'm so afraid for my little brother…and I don't want him to get hurt. I've been trying to protect him, but some things are a little hard to do." He stated his eyes welling up a bit with the obvious concern he had for his little brother.

There was obviously something going on that Austin was really concerned about. I racked my brain for anything that would hint at it, but I came up totally blank. I mean sure there was the whole sixteen year old jerk to think about, and I'm sure there was a lot more going on there as well, but nothing seemed to pop into mind. Jake was like only eleven years old so what could be so damn drastic I wondered to myself when Austin's quivering voice brought me out of my reflections.

"I know I can trust you Sam. I mean we've only become friends today, but still it's like we've been friends for a long time. I know I can trust you just by the way you accept me and Jake without making any judgments. Hell, just everything that's happened tonight would have most other boys freaking out, but you didn't seem to mind even when you admitted you weren't ready to do more…you know…sexual kinds of things with us. Then some of the other things you've said about your friends and stuff makes me realize I could trust you." He whispers with a trembling voice shaking his head while I reach out to pat his arm.

"I promise Austin I won't say anything to anyone no matter what. I mean if it's something to do with Jake just how bad could it be. I mean for Pete's sake, he's like only eleven you know." I try to assure the older boy who smiles at my optimism.

"Well…he may be only eleven, but he's gay you know." Austin whispers it softly to me looking around to make sure no one else was listening.

Hell, who'd be listening like at one in the morning. It's not like there was a baby monitor in here or something. Well, at least not anymore. Both Jamie and Jake were fast asleep, so they couldn't hear our conversation either.

"That's it?" I ask a stunned Austin.

"What do you mean…is that it?" The boy responds back to me while I gaze at him.

"Well shit Austin…he's like only eleven years old. What the hell does he know about being gay or not? Hell, I'm not even sure if I'm gay, straight, or bi." I respond getting a shocked look from Austin's face.

"What the hell do you mean you don't know?" He counters while I stair into his eyes.

"Just what I said. I mean hell Austin when you and Jake touched me down there I just about went ballistic. I also know I get a hard on when I see a good looking girl. But girls aren't the only thing making that snake of mine writhe around inside my pants. Boys have that affect on me too. I mean shit Austin; I'm just not sure is all." I tell him honestly as he lies down on his back next to me glancing my way hesitantly.

"Shit, all of this really is all so damn confusing and fucked up…huh?" He asks me with both of us chuckling and me having to agree with him.

"Yeah, but for real Austin. I don't care if Jake is gay or not. If he's happy then that's all what matters, but you are right though that he has to be careful. Where I come from other kids would kick his ass if they knew." I pointed out.

"I know. It's the same way over here." Austin winced cautiously shaking his head sadly.

We both fall silent to ponder over our conversation. I could tell Austin was relieved about everything because he started to nod off to sleep. Looking over towards the older boy I had to admit he really was a very handsome looking boy that I most definitely wouldn't have any problems messing around with in a sexual kind of way, but for some reason something was holding me back. Sighing I look up through the skylight noticing the overcast dark grayness of the clouds slowly moving along in one big mass. As I watch my eyes slowly droop closed with me nodding off quickly the stillness in the room lulling me to sleep.

It was like I had just drifted off when the coolness along my back and the gentle rhythmic rocking motion in bed bring me out of my slumbering state. It's a strange sensation yet oddly familiar other than the coolness along my back as I realize the covers were thrown off of me. There was a sort of rasping breathing noise next to me so I cautiously open up my eyes. I was lying on my stomach with my head turned on the pillow in the direction of where Austin was lying about a foot next to me on my left side.

Opening my eyes I stared in stunned amazement at Austin's large fat erection being slowly pumped in his right fist. He was squeezing the length of his shaft forcing the knob of his fat penis to bloat obscenely in the process making it turn a purplish kind of coloration. He had a rhythmic pace going, and I could hear the breath in his lungs rasp with each intake of air while he masturbated himself with enthusiasm. From the sounds of his breathing, and the way his legs began to twitch around with his toes curling and uncurling, I could tell he was getting close.

The naughtiness of the moment made my own penis lurch beneath my weight because this was the first time I've ever witnessed anyone jacking off. Austin had such a thick sausage that it was so damn sexily intoxicating and fascinating to watch what he was doing with it as his fingers ran all up and down the length including over the tip of his knob every once in a while adjusting his stroke length in the process.

"Oh fuck yeah Sam…you've got such a sexy ass." I hear Austin rasp sort of catching me by surprise making me wonder for a split second if he knew I was awake and watching him as he continued to talk his voice catching in his chest while he gasped for air.

"Shit yeah Sam…show me that sweet hard cock of yours. Mmmmm, yeah that's it pull down your pajama bottoms let me see it. Oh fuck yeah….sweet…it's so fucking hot and juicy." The boy exclaims excitedly in a hushed tone trying desperately not to become too loud and take the chance of waking anyone up.

Then it struck me that he wasn't actually talking to me, but rather fantasizing about me while he jacked off. It sort of shocked me at first that I'd be the topic of someone's jack off session, but then again I knew at some point both him and his brother would be the visions of my own fantasies when I jacked off to their different but equally sexy little boy baubles and hard erections.

"Oh such a sweet looking ass." The boy rasped making me realize he was staring at my naked exposed ass at the moment since I hadn't bothered pulling back on my pajama bottoms before going back to sleep. In a way it was flattering having someone else fantasizing and jacking off to me.

Then I heard the familiar grunting sound when Austin finally crested his orgasm ripping through his body. Damn, seeing someone bust a nut for the first time with their body writhing around, and their penis all inflated twitching around wildly was totally hot. Even Austin's chestnut sized testicles that were confined inside his racquet ball shaped supple wrinkled boy pouch jumped upwards my eyes bulging out watching his sexy boy bits and erection contract, writhe, and squirm around in joyous delight. His body continued to twitch and jerk around a few times before finally settling down with Austin releasing his fat erection from his fingers. His hard tube continued to spasm a time or two because the blood continued to pump through the large blue like webbed veins along the length of his shaft.

His slightly hanging tonsil ticklers continued to contract upwards a few more times as well forcing his already fat erection to balloon up even more when that happened. My gaze was drawn towards the tip of his short round thick shaped knob. Just then I noticed one little droplet clinging to the tip of his little boy slit that ran along the top of his knob. It was only a single globule, but there was no mistaking what it was my eyes riveted on the single bead completely mesmerized. It's the first time I've ever seen semen for real, even if it was just a single drop making me realize that Austin was able to squirt. Well, I suppose you could say he squirts even though he was only able to manage to squeeze out a little drop, but still I thought that was totally awesome as I watched the other boy running the tip of his finger across his pee slit wiping it off.

"Fuck me that was intense…the best ever." I hear Austin rasping out as he continued to gasp for air recuperating from his resounding orgasm while his penis still remained fat and hard, but not so long anymore almost as if it were in a state of semi-erectness since it had just been completely satiated.

When I climaxed my penis immediately deflated completely shriveling up even smaller than its usual calm state. It was way sensitive too, and I usually had to wait a moment or two until I could actually touch it again. That really was only a second or two nothing more, but still it made me wonder if other boys got this sensitive and if mine shriveling up so quickly was odd. I suppose for everyone it was slightly different with some taking a while to settle down while others simply shriveled up immediately after being satisfied.

"Damn, the best ever. You're so fucking sexy hot." Austin repeated with me surprised when I notice his semi-erection getting completely hard again.

Oddly enough his comment made me smile because I realized it was the fantasy of me that had him so worked up. My gaze was still intently locked on the finger that had swiped away that little droplet of cum. My mouth began to water confusing me for a moment until I realized that I was actually lusting after it wanting to get a taste. My mind seemed to fracture at this thought with my jumbled feelings welling up inside of me going to war with one another.

This was totally crazy wanting to lap that cum off of Austin's finger, but I couldn't deny that this thought had crossed my mind making me truly begin to wonder about myself with how lately I've been feeling towards boys in general. Sure Austin was very sexy and handsome, but I'm not sure I was ready for this sort of thing regarding the whole sex scene, not to mention regarding my feelings towards boys. It was confusing and I began to wonder not for the first time if there was something wrong with me and if this meant I might be gay for real. Of course when Austin told me about his little brother being gay it hadn't bothered me, but for some reason the possibility of me being the same way was a bit frightening.

I scrutinized the older boy closely watching him wipe the little droplet of cum on his thigh making me think how that was such a waste. After rubbing the substance into his leg the boy's hands wander over tugging on his now completely flaccid penis. Even in his softened state he had a very nice looking fatty. Like in his erect state the fleshy appendage had a thick girth starting at the base only slightly tapering off at the ridge of his glans before it once more thickened up with his short rounded shaped knob. The fatness of his tube and thick shortness of his knob actually made it look a lot stubbier than it was, but in retrospect it was about three inches long in his softened state so a very respectable size for a twelve year old boy in my limited knowledge of such things.

Austin shifts releasing his fat soft floppy, so I quickly close my eyes trying to breathe in and out in a smooth rhythmic kind of way like I were asleep. I could feel him pulling the covers back over us. My body begins to tremble because I'm cold threatening to give away that I'm awake so I decide to simply make things look like I'm just now waking up. So with this in mind I slowly prop myself up on my elbows and look around fuzzily pretending like I was just waking up from sleep.

"What's wrong?" I hear Austin trying to ask innocently while I continue the pretense of waking up disoriented gazing over into his eyes.

"Um…it's just…cold…for some reason I'm cold." I state snuggling up against his body throwing my weight across his chest and allowing my left leg to drape over his groin while I shiver with the coolness on my skin from when I was uncovered.

Austin's body radiates his heat and begins to warm me up. I feel his hands sliding up and down my back gently with him trying to help get me warmed back up and it feeling extremely good to the point of making my penis twitch around. Without even thinking about it I shift my weight completely on top of him trying to absorb his body heat my erection sliding up and down the length of his soft fleshy tube which he had recently managed to relieve of its hardness.

Without thinking Austin reaches down to adjust my stiff erection since it must have been poking him making me jerk in response at his light touch.

"Shit," I gasp the sensation of his touch coursing through my body like a bolt of lightning starting at the base of my shaft all the way to the tips of my hair, toes, and fingers.

My body reacting in a sexual way must now be turning Austin on as well because I feel his own softness begin to chub up while my hard penis continues to rub along the length of his fattened tube. We were both breathing hard now, and I continued to gasp trying to calm myself down.

"Fuck Austin you've got to stop doing that sort of thing to me or one of these times I'll blow my cork." I sigh admonishing the older boy for having touched me even though I knew it had been an innocent reaction on his part.

"Shit, sorry Sam, but it's not like I did it on purpose or anything. I mean you were poking me. Besides, I'm not the one all boned up or anything running my cock up against someone else's." He teased continuing to run his hands up and down my spine making my body quiver and my rigid penis jerk around spastically.

"Well, I'm not the only one all boned up you know. If I'm not mistaken you've gotten pretty hard too. Are you sure you aren't gay?" I taunt right back getting rewarded with a light smack on my naked ass making me shiver again because it was more stimulating than painful.

"Shit, stop already." I tell him seriously hearing him chuckle.

"Damn, for real Sam. For a guy who isn't into it or isn't ready you sure act like you are." Austin sighs, but stops running his hands up and down my spine allowing me to warm up while I lay my head down on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

Things get quiet once more and I enjoy feeling Austin so close up against my body. If you would have told me yesterday that I'd be lying completely undressed on top of another naked boy I'd have sworn up and down this wasn't possible. How the hell did this all happen, I wondered to myself not believing that I was sleeping naked next to another naked boy no matter how sexy hot looking. Once more Austin was the one who broke the silence.

"Um…Sam?" He begins as I lift my head looking at him questioningly.

"Can I ask you something personal like?" He inquires looking at me with that sort of serious look he had when he told me about his little brother.

Pausing for a moment I finally shrug my shoulders thinking why not. "Sure…I suppose. I mean with everything else going on tonight I don't think there is all that much private stuff left anyway." I chuckle setting my head back down on his chest. "Damn, I love your body heat. I'm always cold at night." I admit to him getting a chuckle out of the older boy.

"Yeah, like I didn't notice." He teased back. "Seriously though I was sort of wondering about…well…um…do you like jack off and stuff?" He asks me curiously catching me by surprise with me blushing again wondering if I'd always be so shy about such things.

"Geeze, that's kind of personal you know." I respond with him continuing to look at me waiting for an answer. "I…um…well we all know guys tend to do that sort of thing. I mean…why would you even ask something like that? " I reply in a way that also deflected the answer because for some reason it seemed a bit embarrassing while he continued to stare at me expectantly before finally responding back.

"Well…I was just wondering is all. Shit Sam…I mean I'm not sure one way or the other. After all you've been telling me you aren't ready for something like…well…you know." He states getting a rise out of me, but not in a way that made me angry, but rather simply because of the nature of the discussion and his assumptions.

"Shit Austin…that doesn't mean I don't have…you know…feelings like that and all. For real I already told you how I get turned on and all. So, if you really don't know then yes…I do jack off and shit. Happy now?" I added the last part feeling a bit let down by the way he was questioning me.

"Please Sam, I didn't mean anything by it. I was only curious is all because after all I told you about some private shit regarding me and Jake." He countered while I gawked at him not really angry, but also wanting to remind him how that had been his choice.

"Well, I didn't go asking you about it or anything either now did I?" I retorted pointedly with him wincing, but nodding his head.

"Yeah…I suppose, but I like you a lot Sam and I feel safe talking with you about things. It's so hard because I really don't have anyone to talk to about this sort of stuff…you know sex and all. Then there's Jake, he's always asking me questions and stuff. Half the time I'm not sure what to say because I'm going through the same kind of shit as he is. It isn't like I can talk to my step dad or Damian. Hell that would be a disaster for sure. So I just thought with you…well…you know?" He mumbled the last part as I look at him seeing the hurt and confusion in his eyes with this whole sex stuff.

Hell, he looked like how I felt reminding me that at our age we were all still trying to muddle our way through our hormonal changing bodies. He might be a bit more mature between his legs with the few strands of hairs already on his pubic mound and the ability to squirt, well at least ooze his cum, but he was still confused about a lot of things just like me. He became quiet now like he was afraid to talk about it anymore, which sort of made me feel bad now with how I had been a bit short with him so I decided to see what had been eating on his mind now.

"I get it Austin, believe me I do. Sometimes I just don't understand what's happening to me. I mean yeah I jack off and shit, but I still don't squirt yet or anything. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to get any hair like you or if I will ever squirt. It always feels good…you know…when I play with myself and all. I mean I…you know…orgasm and everything, but I still don't squirt yet. You'd think if a guy climaxes that something would come out." I sigh a bit frustrated feeling Austin running his fingers over my back sympathetically.

"Well if it's any consolation I've only just begun to squirt too. I mean it isn't like the stuff you hear about or anything. It's only like a drop really, and sometimes nothing at all to be honest. As for my pubes, well they just sort of appeared about a month ago or so. I was so happy when they came in thinking I'd be spraying all over the place." He chuckled making me giggle too at the sight of his fat hose spraying cum everywhere.

"Damn, with that fat sausage of yours it'd make a mess for sure." I chuckled getting a bigger laugh out of him.

"What are you trying to say, that my pecker's got to go on a diet?" He mocked with both of us giggling at the ridiculousness of it all.

"Geeze Austin this is sort of silly…don't you think?" I asked him getting a blank stare out of him. "I mean our conversation. It's kind of silly and all." I chuckle. "Don't get me wrong it's kind of nice like you said to be able to talk to someone, but for real the whole pecker going on a diet thing because you've got a fat chubby and all." I continue to chuckle not able to get it out of my system.

"I know, but what else should we talk about. It's kind of cool not having to worry about what I say and do about this whole thing with you." He admits to me while I smiled back at him sort of agreeing.

"You're the one who brought it all up so you tell me. I mean, what do you really want to ask?"

The older boy simply gaped at me now that I've brought the whole thing to the foreground. "Nothing…I…just…well I don't know." He stuttered blushing like I had earlier a bit embarrassed about actually bringing out what was really on his mind while I remained quiet letting him work through the question.

Austin looked over towards me noticing that I was waiting as he bit his lower lip trying to get his thoughts in order. "Well…uh…I was just wondering…you know…when you…um…jack off do you sort of…you know?" He begins seeing the confusion on my face so tries again.

"Um…I was just wondering what you think about when you…um…you know?" He adds raising his fist in that jacking off motion.

"Oh…you mean do I fantasize about…um…others." I state wanting to keep it more neutral afraid of letting him know what I fantasize about while he nods his head.

"Yeah…exactly. I mean I do, but I was just wondering what you think…um…I mean if you do too?" He asks blushing because he had almost slipped about something entirely different, which to be honest didn't matter because I now began to realize what he really was trying to get at since he had just got done fantasizing about me, a boy.

"Well yeah of course I fantasize and all. It helps…you know…get me off. If I didn't it'd probably take forever before I busted a nut because I don't squirt yet. It seems like it takes forever to go over the edge if you don't squirt yet, well that's what I've heard and it seems true…um…at least with me. What I mean is in regards to fantasizing and all. If I don't think of something sexy then it takes forever to get off is all." I point out noticing him nod, but also scrunching up his face because he was looking for more out of me.

"Yeah, I've noticed that ever since I began to squirt I can get off a lot quicker. Sometimes it actually happens too fast." He admits to me blushing realizing he just revealed that sometimes he cum's before he wants to.

He sees my smile. "No fair," he chuckles knowingly. "Just wait and see, it'll happen to you too." He adds.

"I know, but anyway, so now you now I fantasize too." I tell him not feeling so embarrassed now about it, and actually kind of surprised I was talking to another boy about this type of thing.

Just when I thought he was done he surprised me with the next question. "Do you ever fantasize about other boys?" He hurls the curve ball making me react with a surprised twitch my mouth opening and shutting not knowing what to say.

"Do I what?" I ask still stunned.

"You know, fantasize about boys." He reiterates looking at me seeing the conflict playing across my features while his own face seemed to contort knowing he had somehow crossed the line again.

This time he decided it was his turn to speak out about something very private so in a soft voice got the ball rolling. "I do…sometimes. I mean I just did tonight not all that long ago while you were asleep." He admits to me blushing and turning his face away to me while I smiled knowingly.

"No way…really. I mean you actually jacked off with me sleeping right next to you? Shit Austin that takes some balls." I tell him getting first a shocked look from him at my response before he cracks a proud smile at my compliment.

"Really…you think so?" He beams while I nod my head.

"Shit yeah. I'd be way too scared to do something like that. Hell, I'm surprised I actually dropped my pajama bottoms earlier showing you my pecker much less laying in bed naked with you talking about sex." I admit to him getting a cheeky smile out of him.

"I don't see why Sam. I mean you've got a really sexy hot body." He adds making me smile somehow his words making me feel better about body.

"You really think so?" I wonder because I'm still a bit unsure about such things.

"Fuck yeah."

"Are you sure you aren't gay?" I tease earning a light shove from him while he shakes his head and chuckles.

"Yeah, I'm sure." He tries to reassure me.

"Hmmm, well who were you fantasizing about then when you were jacking off?" I ask him making it his turn to stare at me in shock with his jaws opening and closing while I simply waited for an answer.


"You heard me, who were you fantasizing about while you jacked off in bed with me lying right next to you?"

"I…um…shit…I think you already know." Austin blushed while groaning before turning away from me now that the cat was out of the bag.

"I think I do, but I want to hear it from you. After all you are the one who brought it up." I tell him soothingly reaching over turning his face to me noticing how red his cheeks were at the moment.

"Well if you really need to know it was you." He admits to me making me chuckle. "And before you ask, no I'm not gay." He harrumphed looking me square in the eye with it once more getting quiet for a moment before we both begin to bust up laughing.

"I hope you don't mind." Austin retorts after we both settled down a bit.

"Well it's not like I can really stop you or anything, but no I don't mind. Actually it's kind of sexy if you ask me. I never thought I'd be the topic of anyone's fantasies. Besides, I'm sure both you and Jake will be part of my fantasies as well, if that's alright with you?" I ask in return getting a punch in the arm from him before he giggled.

"Damn, your right…just the idea of you jacking off that sexy hot throbber of yours because of me is kind of a turn on, but my little brother…for real?" He asks seriously.

"Yeah sure…he's sexy hot too you know, but at least it's a good sign that you are surprised. It kind of shows that the whole sex thing between the two of you is simply getting your rocks off and nothing else." I tell him honestly as he smiles back at me.

"Well, we better not let him know that you find him hot or else he's liable to sexually assault you. Believe me Sam when I tell you my little brother is such a horn dog. At least with me I stop when you ask. He'd stop too, but he'd hound you until you caved. That's what he did with me. I don't really regret it though, but still, just so you know." He offers up, which was good to know so I thank him for that information.

"We better get some sleep." I point out yawning and sliding off of his warm body before turning on my side so we could spoon together.

I could feel his hard fat erection bumping up against my butt cheeks making me giggle when he began to wriggle around trying to insert it between my warm groove. Austin knew exactly what I was chuckling about, but doesn't say anything wrapping himself around me so that his body heat could keep me warm.

"Shit, I'm going to have to find a secluded spot somewhere tomorrow and take care of my personal business." I giggle mischievously until I yelp which gets a chuckle out of Austin because he had just teasingly tugged on my erection briefly before releasing it.

"Yeah, I suppose so; especially, with how hard that thing's been all night long. Are you sure you don't want me to help you out with it?" He asks already knowing my answer when I emphatically shake my head indicating I most definitely didn't want him to do that sort of thing to me. "Well if you ever do just let me know." He replies seriously chuckling nervously making me laugh with my unsaid thoughts. "It still doesn't mean I'm gay though. Damn, for real Sam…I mean it." He asserts still chuckling before we both fall silent finally fading off to sleep.

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