Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 5: Enemies & Friends

Slowly my eyes flutter open and I look around in the dimly lit room a little disoriented until I remembered where I was. My gaze settles on the small eleven year old boy sleeping in the same position I had seen him a few hours ago before I fell asleep. The little nightlight on his end of the room casts a faint glowing light across his peaceful slumbering form with my gaze drifting across his soft almost feminine like features.

Of course the boy wasn't girlish by any means having a wiry strong body from the chores he does around the farm, but it is his soft smooth almost baby like facial features and long hair that give him that bit of feminine like looks. This really wasn't a bad thing in my opinion, and if anything it added an overall quality of handsomeness.

My gaze meandered downwards settling on the tented blanket once more reminding me that the boy always seemed to be in a state of hardness between his legs. Slipping out from beneath the covers I padded my way towards the slumbering boy mysteriously drawn towards him. The telltale signs of his even rhythmic breathing and the darting movements beneath his closed eyes indicating he was dreaming left no doubt he was deep asleep. For some reason this struck me as odd, but then again why wouldn't he dream. After all everyone has to dream or they'd die. That was a scientific fact I had read somewhere while my gaze once more settled on that large tented blanket. I felt that familiar tug of being drawn and fixated on him, or rather specifically his obvious erection, in a way that left me curious about what he had between his legs despite already knowing full well what lay beneath the blanket.

No longer able to help myself I slowly pull down Jamie's blanket exposing his hard four inch erection with it slowly swaying around jerking every once in a while like it was having spasms. Kneeling down next to the boy so I could get a closer look I notice that his normally tight egg sized purse was actually sagging a bit this evening with his cherry sized testicles helping to weigh it down actually forming two shapely sized lumps along the bottom part of the sack. Jamie shifted slightly in his sleep from the coolness of the air that tickled along the surface of his warm skin, but he immediately settled back down. It was then that I detected a sort of sweet musky odor wafting up to my nose from between the boy's legs.

The scent was almost intoxicating and before I knew it I had actually slipped my damp lips over the tip of his bullet shaped knob surprising even me for a moment. I immediately froze and remained completely still not knowing how Jamie would react. The boy moaned softly in his sleep but didn't stir surprising me since he didn't like to be touched. Slowly I allowed myself to slide my mouth over the rest of his hardened tube amazed by the lack of any taste. It was sort of similar to licking off your finger yet different with an odd sort of texture and feel to it. Jamie's erection felt hard inside my mouth while at the same time also soft and spongy. It was a strange feeling having something that big inside my mouth that was hard yet also yieldingly elastic as I began to bob my head up and down immersing myself into the sexual act I was performing on the innocent boy.

In the back of my mind I knew I should stop, but I couldn't help myself. I continued to work my mouth over his smooth tightly stretched tube running my tongue along his small bullet shaped knob. I could feel Jamie's breathing increasing as the sensual feelings began to course through his body getting his juices all worked up. Even I was beginning to breathe hard and I suddenly realized that while I was sucking off the sexy eleven year old boy my right fist was pumping along my own hardened three and a half inch swizzle stick.

I've never felt so hard in my life, not even the other day when my orgasm had knocked me on my ass. I could feel myself reaching the precipice of my climax and knew I should stop before Jamie woke up, but I was too far gone. Then all of a sudden something seemed to scream inside my head sounding vaguely familiar to when the boy had his meltdown the other day and I instinctively knew the boy must have awakened. I knew I should be worried, but it was too late because I now slipped off the edge of the pinnacle beginning my own phase of orgasmic delightfulness. I could feel my penis begin to swell in my fist with my testicles tightening up getting ready to jolt upwards.

My eyes snapped open and I jolted upright in bed drenched in sweat looking around a bit dazed and confused feeling my hard erection twitching around beneath the fabric of my blanket. Gazing over to the other side of the room Jamie was still sleeping with his covers tucked under his chin, and indeed a decent sized tent down further between his legs. It had been a dream, but one that felt so real, unlike any I've ever had before as I moaned softly slumping backwards allowing my body to flop limply back into the mattress. Looking down I groaned shaking my head at the colossal sized tent that had formed between my legs due to my hard pole pressing up against the heavy blanket.

I was horny as hell, and I even ached from the sexual tension I was feeling between my legs. My penis wasn't used to being neglected in this way. For the last year or so I've been taking care of my sexual urges in a fairly consistent and regular fashion. Since I've arrived at the Weilers I've only managed to jack off once, and the resulting intense orgasm had knocked me on my ass. I wasn't sure if it was due to it being so long in-between climaxes, or if it had anything to do with seeing my very first ever naked body for real. Who knows, maybe it was a combination of both.

All I knew at the moment was that ever since I began my journey through the rituals of jacking off it had been a normal progression for me. When I initially started to masturbate about a year ago nothing really happened at first other than nearly rubbing myself raw. I tried enthusiastically to get those tingly feelings other kids at school were talking about in hushed voices with one another until one day I basically kept at it without stopping allowing my fingers to fly across my small hardened tube. My pecker was much smaller at the time having grown a little since then, but on that particular day I had been determined to see what all the fuss was about. It had taken a long time, but finally I began to feel something deep down inside of me at the root of my penis, and even around my small hazelnut sized testicles. Those had also been pretty small only a year or so ago. Thinking about it I now realized I had sort of matured since then, much more than I had given myself credit.

That first time for me seemed so long ago now as I recalled how wonderful it had felt to finally get my very first orgasm. After that it was a bit easier, but still took a long time to climax when I jacked off. Then about six months ago I began to fantasize about some of the sexy girls I'd see around school which seemed to help speed things along. It still took some effort, but the mental visualization seemed to help stimulate me along. Even with me fantasizing about boys lately seemed to help speed things along. These days it didn't take much for me to get my rocks off, but my fantasies have also become much more powerful and stimulating; especially, in regards to the new boy in school along with the imagery of Jamie's beautiful hard erection and tight boy pouch. Perhaps it was being able to visualize something for real that was helping me along in this regard as I once more glance over towards the other side of the room.

The eleven year old boy was breathing in an even uninhibited kind of way inhaling before exhaling rhythmically. He most definitely was fast asleep while my nether region seemed to call out to me. Coming to a decision I lowered my blanket letting it settle across my thighs and hooked the waistband of my pajama bottoms beneath my low sagging swelled up boy satchel. Chuckling and shaking my head I had to admit that the warmth of the bed covers had helped them loosen up and drop down. I began to slowly run my fingers over the length of my rigid erection, already feeling the tingling sensations building up instinctively knowing that it wouldn't be long now for sure.

Evidently I no longer had to worry about it taking too long, but I was building up fast now so it made me wonder if I would have to begin worrying about exploding too soon as I gazed over towards Jamie recalling that splendid dream of me swallowing down that sweet luscious hardened spike. That was all it took because my hose swelled in my fist while my chestnut sized testicles leaped upward providing the release I've been searching for. Stifling my groans of pleasure I allowed my dry orgasm to run its course with my body arching upwards before settling back down onto the mattress. It had been a powerful orgasm, but this time I had been prepared for the intensity of it not wanting a repeat of the other day where I had literally become light headed falling on my ass. Of course with me lying on my back in bed there was no chance of this happening, but still I had to stifle my grunts of pleasure because in the stillness of the night such an outburst would be sure to wake up the entire house. So clamping my left hand over my mouth I managed to keep my moans of pleasure in check while my body was rocked with the intensity of my indulgent bestial like rut.

Slowly my body recuperated so I unhooked the waistband from beneath my ball sack settling it back over my now satiated boyhood. Glancing over towards Jamie I noticed the boy hadn't stirred once in his sleep, the even rhythmic breathing letting me know he was still fast asleep. This had been a dangerous course of action for me, and a bit on the naughty side which was so unlike me. I had been desperate though to take care of my boyish sexual urges, but I realized I'd have to find another solution soon. If I didn't sooner or later I'd get caught for sure. That would be mortifying to no end. There was no way I'd want to get caught by anyone while I was going at it, not even Jamie because I had a sneaky suspicion the boy understood way more than people gave him credit for.

Sighing in relief, both that I hadn't been caught and also for the sexual release, I rolled over on to my side covering myself back up with the thick blanket. I was facing towards Jamie my gaze settling on his lonely erection. In a way it kind of made me sad because how could a boy like him be able to take care of his own needs. I mean if he could pop a boner then most definitely he must have some sexual urges, but the way things were I suspected he simply couldn't cope with handling such a situation. It also made me wonder if perhaps he could be taught how to masturbate to alleviate those boyhood urges. It was just an idea, a thought I immediately dismissed because there were so many different ramifications to such a course of action. I mean just look at Jamie's morning ritual. Showing him how to jack off could most definitely create problems because who knew when or how he'd start into a routine with doing this sort of thing. Hell, it could end up with him dropping his shorts in the middle of the street because maybe he did that sort of thing at a specific time just like it seemed he did with getting dressed first thing in the morning. That would be disastrous for sure I thought to myself as I closed my eyes fading back to sleep quickly now that the naughty deed was done.

All my worries seemed to disappear in my slumbering state as I had pleasant dreams with me being back home goofing around with some of my friends. Even the new blond haired and blue eyed kid was part of those dreams joining us like he'd been there all along. He wasn't a stranger anymore, but rather a part of our group now as we sat around playing video games. The boy was so cute in his tight fitting school outfit that showed off his cute ass and other decently endowed assets. So it was understandable that I groaned in protest when I felt someone gently shaking my shoulders whispering softly for me to wake up.

Slowly I opened up my eyes noticing Uncle Walt standing over me. "Hey Sam…I'm sorry to be waking you up so early, but you need to get dressed because I'm taking you to visit your mom. Harriet managed to find out which hospital she's staying at, and we talked about it after we went to bed. Anyway, we figured it would be a good thing for you to go visit her." He whispered softly while I lifted myself up on my elbows craning my neck to gaze at Uncle Walt.

"Really, dad said it was alright for me to visit?" I asked sitting up now while keeping the covers draped over my lap since I had a bit of a stiffie going on.

"Well no, not exactly, but we'll deal with that issue later. I know it's still early Sam, but we have a long drive and day ahead of us so I wanted to get an early start. That is if you still want to see your mom." He added with me nodding my head in the affirmative glancing towards Jamie's bed noticing the other boy was still fast asleep.

"Good…then go get cleaned up and dressed. I'll wait for you downstairs." The man stated getting up and quietly making his way towards the stairs disappearing from sight.

Grabbing a pair of fresh underwear, socks, and a metallic blue polo style shirt with a collar and chest pocket, along with a pair of jeans, I made my way into the bathroom with my morning stiffie leading the way. I quickly got cleaned up slipping into my clean clothes. My hair was a mess so I shoved my head under the sink, got my hair wet, and quickly washed it out with some soft soap before rinsing it out. Rubbing the towel over my hair I got most of the dampness out of it before getting combed. I knew it would dry quick enough because I always let it air dry not bothering with a hair dryer. Stepping out the door I was confronted with Jamie going through his morning ritual as he slowly turned around exposing his hard erection.

"Shit Jamie, you look so damn sexy hot." I sighed more to myself than the boy stepping towards him with the boy simply pausing and shivering in the coolness of the morning air inside the bedroom.

The room was already warming up with the Weilers shoving some wood into the large wooden stove in the living room. I knew within ten to fifteen minutes the entire house would be toasty warm again. At night they let the stove burn down keeping the thermostat on about sixty eight so the house cooled down overnight which didn't bother me all that much. I was used to it being cold night snuggling up under thick blankets to warm up.

Boxey was lying on the floor next to Jamie's bed with his tail wagging excitedly as I walked over sighing. "Not today boy. I've got some things to do, but I'm sure Jamie will take good care of you for me. You're a good boy." I told the dog petting him noticing Jamie squatting down next to Boxey as well his legs spreading apart exposing himself even more to me with his hard boy tube pointing straight up the tip of his knob rubbing against his tummy and his tight boy satchel snuggled up against his body.

"Good doggy." Jamie whispered squatting down only a foot in front of me petting the dog as well.

My gaze was fixated on that hard sexy tool he had thrusting up out of that sleek ivory pale mound. My body shivered lustfully and I noticed the boy shivering as well not from lust but rather from the chillness inside the room.

"Come-on Jamie, you need to get up and dressed." I motioned for him to stand up as he obeyed and then seemed to look around a little bewildered.

My interruption had him a bit confused since he couldn't go through his normal routine. I could tell he was starting to get agitated, and I began to panic as well wondering what the Weilers would think of me getting the boy all worked up while he stood completely naked in front of me. Looking around I spotted Jamie's clothes and picked up the boy's underwear. My body shivered at actually touching something that was in a way so intimate, but I shoved those thoughts out of my mind and held them out to the boy.

"Jamie…here's your underwear. Put them on, and then put on the rest of your clothes." I told him pointing to the chair where his clothes were sitting.

The boy hesitated for a moment before taking the underwear from me and slipping his feet into the leg openings sliding the cottony material over his sleek legs. I watched him dipping his butt downwards before sliding his boy's briefs over his hard erection tucking away his boy baubles in the process. The boy paused for a moment swaying around before he scooted over to the chair picking up his shirt. I knew he was good to go now, and with Boxey keeping him company the boy was set as I made my way downstairs.

"What took so long?" Uncle Walt asked setting down his piece of toast and taking a sip of coffee.

"Um…nothing, it's just I had to get cleaned up and wash my hair. Then there was the problem with Jamie." I added kicking myself because I hadn't wanted to bring up that issue not knowing how much the Weilers knew about the boy's naked morning ritual.

"Oh…we're so sorry about that Sam. We meant to tell you about Jamie's…well…unique morning habit." Mrs. Weiler stated apologetically. "We didn't want you to…oh…how do you youngsters say it these days…oh yes…um…we didn't want you to freak out about it so were going to warn you, but then other things sort of came up and we forgot all about it." She stated reminding me of the friction I had created when I first showed up.

"Anyway Sam…," Uncle Walt jumped in at this point. "We hope the whole thing regarding Jamie didn't embarrass you or anything." He added looking at me apologetically while Aunt Harriet nodded her head.

"Yes, we know how sensitive boys can be about such things at your age." Mrs. Weiler added making me blush even more since it was so out in the open now about the whole nudity thing and Jamie's routine first thing in the open.

"Um…no…it's…uh…it's all good." I managed to get out. "I mean sure the other day when I woke up and saw him…well…you know…it sort of shocked me. That's when I sort of…used that bad language." I admitted to them gazing down at my feet and blushing with the conversation we were having when I felt Aunt Harriet's hand on mine making me flinch for a second in surprise before I settled back down looking up at her.

"Oh…now I'm really sorry about what I said and did when I accused you of using bad language around Jamie. I should have known that's what it was all about. It's just I suppose I assumed you had already seen him going through that ritual." She sighed apologetically.

"Well I was kind of wiped out the first couple of days, but to be honest I was more shocked at finding out Jamie was a boy and not a girl. I mean before I came I thought Jamie was a boy, but when I got here he looked like a girl which kind of baffled me. So when I woke up and saw her standing there with…um…well you know…boy parts it had shocked the hel…I mean the heck out of me." I stated amending the 'hell' with a heck.

Both of the elderly Weilers were staring at me in stunned silence before all of a sudden Uncle Walt began to roar out in the deepest kinds of laughter. "Oh hell Sam, you are just too much. Hell, I'm sure my reaction would have even been more expletive in nature than yours had been." The man stated getting a scowling look from his wife.

"Oh please Harriet, don't look at me like that. You've heard me spouting off a time or two before, and you have to admit if what happened to Sam happened to me I'd have spouted off a few choice words for sure." The man chuckled ruffling my hair good naturedly. "Anyway Sam, hurry up with breakfast so we can get underway. If Jamie is dressed I suppose Harriet can bring him down here after we leave so he isn't sitting up there with nothing to do."

"Don't worry he's got Boxey with him. He spoke to the dog again and was even petting him so I'm sure the two of them will keep each other company today." I noted glancing over towards Aunt Harriet. "Um…if you can tell Jamie to take Boxey for a long walk today I'd appreciate it. Boxey is really beginning to enjoy the open space on this farm, and I know he would enjoy a nice long walk to stretch out his legs. He can run loose without his leash. Maybe Boxey will get frisky and playful with Jamie…you know knocking him over and stuff. It'd be good for both of them."

"That sounds like a good idea." Aunt Harriet stated handing me a plate of home fries with crumbled bacon mixed in along with another bowl of freshly cut fruit which I literally inhaled under her happy watchful gaze.

It took close to three hours of driving before we arrived at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines. In a way it was nice being back in familiar surroundings, but it was also a bit gut wrenching as we walked down the sterile corridors of the huge hospital trying to find the visitor's help desk. It didn't take long to locate one with us stepping up to a nice looking lady who actually greeted us with a pleasant smile asking if she could help us with something. My uncle explained the situation, and the woman immediately got on her keyboard typing in the appropriate information.

"Yes Mr. Weiler I see her listed here, but evidently there's been a request for no visitors other than a Mr. Jim Burke which I'm assuming is her husband." The lady offered up apologetically.

"What…no…please maam I want to visit my mom…Pleeeeease." I begged her while she pursed her lip shaking her head sadly looking truly sympathetic about the situation.

"I'm so sorry sweetie, but I just can't let you go up since there are specific instructions in place." She sighed apologetically.

"But…," I began to protest again when Uncle Walt stepped in.

"I'm so sorry Sam, but since we are here maybe we can send her up some flowers or something." He stated with my heart sinking because any hope of seeing my mom now evaporated since I didn't have Uncle Walt's support.

All I could do was simply nod my head and sniffle a bit in disappointment. I couldn't really say anything because at least Uncle Walt had been kind enough to drive me over. It had been a long drive, and we still had to do it again since we were now going home. It was like a six hour round trip drive, which was a lot to ask of someone.

"Yeah…I suppose." I sighed my eyes beginning to well up with dampness while I tried to hide my disappointment.

"Good, you do have a gift shop around here that sells flowers and things?" Mr. Weiler inquired with the lady nodding her head explaining how to get there. "Thanks for the information maam." He thanked the kind lady and began to move away before pausing. "Oh shoot, I almost forgot, which room do I send them up to?" He asked stopping and turning around.

Without hesitating the woman grabbed her sticky pad and wrote down the information with my Uncle once more thanking her and moving off in the direction she had indicated. With my head hanging down in disappointment I followed him not paying any attention to where we were going until he stopped after we had been walking for about five minutes. When I looked up I glanced around looking for the gift shop before gazing up at my Uncle questioningly.

"Are we lost?" I asked him while he simply chuckled.

"Of course not." He replied pointing to the elevator doors while I stared at them blankly.

The man's chest rumbled with a low deep laughter once more shaking his head. "Listen Sam in life there are more ways than one to skin a cat, and as my own pappy used to always tell me: you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar." He stated waving around the sticky note in his hand. "Since the kind lady was nice enough to give us your mom's room number I figured we might as well go up and visit." He added winking his eye conspiratorially making me smile realizing this ancient goat still had a few good tricks left in his old bones.

"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle you sly son of a gun." I chuckled with him joining me as we stepped into the elevator.

Five minutes later we were walking down the ward belonging to my mom. We didn't ask for any assistance afraid we might be turned away so simply walked down the hall like we knew where we were going looking at the room numbers above the doorway as we continued along our way. Soon enough we were standing outside of my mom's door with Uncle Walt encouraging me to go in. Hesitating for a moment I knocked on the door hearing my mom's voice on the other end saying it's alright to come in before I stepped over the threshold.

The woman lying in the bed looked a little worn out, but still beautiful. "Sam, oh Sam I didn't know you were coming to visit me today. Is your father waiting for you outside?" She asked motioning me forward and seeing my hesitation as I took in the I.V. lines in her wrist.

She followed my gaze and chuckled. "Don't worry Sam, everyone here get these. It helps with keeping fluids in our system, not to mention a good way to give us our medicine. It doesn't hurt, really." She stated patting the bed urging me to come and sit with her.

"Oh mom…I was so worried. Dad called me yesterday morning and told me about the news, but didn't really tell me much of anything else. I'm really worried…what's really going on?" I asked her leaning in and wrapping my arms around her my whole body shaking as I let loose the floodgates I had been so valiantly holding in check.

"Oh Sam I'm so sorry we worried you. I don't understand though…I mean who brought you here?" She asked with me telling her about Uncle Walt who was waiting outside the door while she scrunched up her eyebrows a bit confused.

"Oh lord, what did your father do now?" She asked rolling her eyes exasperated, but I wasn't sure if the question was really directed at me or what.

When I opened my mouth to reply I all of a sudden heard an outburst on the other side of the doorway. "What on earth are you doing here Walt?" I heard my father's familiar shocked voice. "Is Sam here with you? I left specific orders that no one is allowed to visit with Claire; she needs to keep her strength up. I also specifically told Sam not to come and visit so what on earth are you doing here?" My dad asked sounding a bit upset.

"For Pete's sake Jim. For an educated man you must be the dumbest person in the world. It's like the porch light's on, but no ones home in that thick skull of yours." Uncle Walt retorted not allowing my dad to get a word in edgewise.

"Your son is sick with worry, and I know Claire would never approve of something like that if she's in her right mind and not all drugged up. So I have to assume you didn't tell her about it and made that decision on your own. What were you thinking Jim? Don't you ever consider what's best for Sam? Keeping him from his mom like this is the most selfish thing I've ever heard; especially, in light of how you went about telling him. I swear I'm tempted to knock you on your silly ass where we stand, but with medical treatment so close by what's the use in that since you wouldn't suffer for long." Mr. Weiler reprimanded my father with it suddenly getting very silent on the other side of the door.

"Well?" Mr. Weiler finally asked.

"Well what?" My father replied.

"Oh for the love of God, you truly are a jerk. I know deep down you have good intentions, but you sure do know how to screw things up royally. For real…calling up a twelve year old boy on the phone first thing in the morning to let him know his mother has cancer, and then telling him not to worry about it or to visit to boot. Come-on lets go get a bite to eat. We have some things to hash out you and me, and I have a feeling it might just take a while since I'm obviously talking to a man who's two sandwiches shy of a picnic." Uncle Walt stated with my father beginning to protest before getting cut off the elderly man telling my father it would either be on his own two feet or in a gurney.

I suppose my father must have chosen the first option because I didn't hear a scuffle or anything as I glanced over to my mom whose mouth was pursed tightly. "Oh Sam I'm so sorry that your father chose to tell you in the way he did. I wanted to tell you that I was going in for some tests before you left because lately I had been feeling a bit sluggish. That was the main reason why we sent you away, the whole school thing was your father's excuse. I suppose I should have stuck to my guns, but I've been so tired lately trying to keep the peace between the two of you. Now I truly regret it considering how things worked out." She sighed apologizing to me as I leaned in giving her a big hug letting her know not to worry.

"Sam, I know you think the worst of your father, but he's doing the best he can. There's more we need to talk about, but it can wait until after the holidays. Once all of this is over with, the three of us need to sit down for a chat. There's more we need to talk about." My mom stated beginning to worry me.

I suppose she must have seen my concern because she patted my cheek affectionately and smiled at me. "Listen Sam it's nothing bad…really. I promise you. It's just maybe it is time we let you in on a lot more things now that you are getting older. Up until now your father…and me…sort of felt some things weren't necessary for you to know, but you are getting older and since we are still a family then we should include you in some of these decisions. Yes, your father and I are separated Sam, but it doesn't mean we still aren't a family…it's just a different kind of family is all…alright?" She smiled reassuringly while I smiled back trusting her.

"Alright mom…if you say so…but you promise…it's nothing bad?"

My mom laughed, her pure melodic voice lifting up my spirits as I smiled back having missed that sound for a while now. "Yes sweetie, besides you are the one whose been complaining about being in the dark with everything. There's nothing bad Sam, but it is important that you keep an open mind, and please try not to be so hard on your father. He can be a bit thick headed, but he truly does care about us, but don't worry I have a few choice words for him regarding today. I'm sure Walt is just getting him set up for me to finish off, but that's for later; right now tell me how things are going at the Weilers." She continued to chuckle encouraging me to relax and tell her everything.

We sat together for a long time while she explained what's going on with her as well. The hospital had opted to do radiation and chemotherapy treatments to try controlling the slow growing tumor and hopefully get it to shrink. She assured me they had a great success rate in the treatment of this particular type of cancer, but it would leave her a bit on the frail side for a while.

It was also going to take longer than they anticipated so I might have to stay with the Weilers a little longer. She asked me how things were going over there, and I had to admit that it really wasn't all that bad. I told her pretty much what all had happened; excluding some of the more private naughty things such as Jamie's whole nudity routine, and of course my little naughty thoughts and all. I did tell her that when I had arrived I thought Jamie was a girl for the first several days because of the long hair, and was shocked that 'she' was actually a 'he.' My mom got a good chuckle out of that one.

After a while both Uncle Walt and my dad finally showed up joining in on the conversation. I could tell my father was a bit nervous glancing furtively from time to time towards my mother. I don't know what my Uncle had said to my dad, but when he glanced towards me he seemed to be studying me at times like he was trying to read something inside of me. It was as if he were trying to see something he hadn't noticed before. I got the distinct feeling he indeed did like what he saw, but it was simply too difficult for him to come to terms with as he tried to draw me into a conversation with him. For my mom's sake I kept things neutral, but I was still a bit upset at my dad for a lot of things, and simply couldn't bring myself to trust him just yet.

We stayed for a couple of hours before my dad had to play the bad guy again and say maybe we should call it a day. I could tell he felt bad about it, and looked towards me apologetically, but I could see my mom was a bit worn out so I couldn't really blame him. I even said as much getting a relieved sigh from him while he walked us out. Before we left he hesitated a moment before leaning over and giving me a quick hug apologizing to me for the way he had handled some things. It kind of caught me off guard, but I did manage to stutter out that it was alright and I'm just glad mom is doing fine.

When we jumped into the truck I had thought about maybe paying a visit to my friend Steve because I actually had to talk to him about some things, but then realized it was still a long drive back for Mr. Weiler. It wouldn't be fair to keep him tied up any longer. Besides, it would be late afternoon by the time we got back, and from the sounds of the forecast on the radio a weather front was coming in threatening to dump some snow on the region some time in the early evening hours. I most certainly didn't want to take a chance of getting caught out in a snow storm at night. That could be dangerous on some of the back roads we would be driving on.

The trip back seemed to be upbeat with us chatting about things in general. I had even talked to Uncle Walt about my latest scrape at school with how it happened. I hadn't intended on telling him about it with the story just sort of tumbling out of me. He asked if I had explained it to my dad, but I shrugged my shoulders telling him dad hadn't even wanted to hear my side of the story. Of course the elderly man seemed a bit annoyed about it, but tried to encourage me to continue to try being more open with my dad. He pointed out that sometimes people sort of got a set impression, and it was difficult to break them out of it. Even the school in his opinion truly hadn't given me a chance since it sounded like they hadn't even questioned everyone involved. He felt if they had then things might have been a bit different despite all of my past troubles. In the end though it felt kind of good having an adult in my corner so to speak as he took me for my word on how things had progressed.

We made good time with Uncle Walt veering off at the intersection heading in a different direction from the road which led to the farm. When I looked at him questioningly he merely shrugged his shoulders letting me know he needed to run a quick errand. On the outskirts of the town boundary we pulled up to a type of car garage. It was actually the only building around with the town just up the road about a mile or two, so I hadn't seen it before.

"Is something wrong with the truck?" I asked Uncle Walt who looked at me furling his eyebrows at my question a bit puzzled.

"Why would you think that?" He asked while I looked towards the building spreading out my hands gesturing towards the building while giving him that 'duh' kind of expression.

"Well, this is a car garage…for repairs…isn't it?" I asked with him chuckling.

"Yeah, just that I thought we told you is all?"

"Told me what?" I asked my turn to be confused now looking to the garage before glancing back towards him.

"You know the extra source of income we talked about the other day. You were concerned about the extra costs for having you stay with us, and also how it must cost a lot because of some of the issues regarding Jamie." He chuckled as I furled my eyebrows.

"I don't understand. Aunt Harriet mentioned something about the orchard not being the only income, but what does a garage have to do with it?"

"Oh…so I guess we really didn't tell you…I thought we had." The man chuckled shaking his head. "See what happens when you get old." He teased ruffling my hair getting out of the truck indicating I should do the same.

Thirty minutes later we were back on the road for home which was only another ten minutes away. Mr. Weiler had wanted to check up on his buddy who managed the garage. Evidently the Weilers owned the business, and Uncle Walt used to actually run it doing the repairs on all the big equipment in the area along with the usual car maintenance. He had purchased the garage many years back, but once he had to start taking care of my mom's orchard along with his own he couldn't really do it anymore.

One of his friends, a large powerful towering man by the name of Mr. Tom Thompson, had a small farm where he planted corn just on the outskirts of the county. Evidently, Iowa was the number one state in corn and soy production in the entire United States with plenty of equipment always needing repair. About eighteen years ago the Thompson's had a son even though they were told they couldn't have kids. They were already getting up there in years when they were surprised with a baby boy. The small farm provided them with enough income to get by, but when his son was born he wanted to supplement his income to help finance the boy's college education when it came time.

The man had a lot of experience having worked in the big city for a firm that repaired big trucks and rigs so my father had offered him the opportunity to work at the garage to supplement his income. The good thing about this place was that it had a two bedroom apartment attached to it in the back part of the property with its own separate driveway and everything off on a side road instead of the main one that had access to the garage.

This was nice because it gave a sense of being a totally separate property from the main business. It was actually a decent sized place that was plenty big enough for a family of three. The man had to alternate his time between his small farm and the garage, but it really worked out relatively well for him. During the summer months he kept busy with emergency repairs as big farm equipment broke down so he usually moved into the apartment at the garage full time. His wife and son ran the small farm and he'd go over on the weekends to help out with any of the major things. It became easier as his son got older.

During the off season he only stayed at the garage four days out of the week going home on the other three days. He kept busy during this period with just about the entire time booked up overhauling all the major farm equipment in the region. For farmers this was the time to get all their equipment in working order while it wasn't critical to have them in operation so they booked their times during the winter months. There were also always the local cars needing repairs as well. Having the apartment made things easy because his family would often stay with him as they alternated their time between their farm house and the garage apartment.

Their son was now a senior in the local school, and had managed to get a full scholarship to several colleges of his choice. This meant that Walt's friend was now thinking about retiring from the garage, which left the Weilers contemplating on what to do about it. The man said he'd work up through the summer months helping with transitioning anyone Uncle Walt decided to work the place. Of course Uncle Walt could take over as well, but he was also getting a bit too old to do that sort of thing anymore so decided he would try to find a qualified person to take over.

It was actually a pretty good deal for someone because not only would they have an apartment they could use, but also because Uncle Walt split the profits with whoever managed the place. Evidently the garage actually made a pretty good profit since it was the only one of its kind in the region. The business had an excellent reputation, and Uncle Walt intended to keep it that way so wanted to be careful with who he hired. It couldn't simply be a regular mechanic who took over. It had to be someone who knew their way around big equipment because that was the major income of the facility.

When we got home Mrs. Weiler greeted us warmly sitting us down for some dinner. Then it occurred to me that we could have done a bit of shopping at one of the stores I typically get some of my food from. When I mentioned it even Mr. Weiler chuckled saying he hadn't thought about it either, but promised next time we wouldn't miss out on that little excursion. It really didn't matter though because Aunt Harriet had prepared something really delicious. She made pot roast with potatoes and carrots. Of course there was fresh baked bread and pie to go along. I couldn't eat those things, but I wasn't about to begrudge the others for enjoying themselves. Besides the pot roast with potatoes and carrots was just fine with me; especially, since the meat came from a graze fed cattle which meant hormone free.

When Mrs. Weiler brought out the pie she smiled at me before surprising me with my own dessert. While Uncle Walt cut up the pie, Mrs. Weiler put a plate in front of me with sliced oranges topped with cinnamon surrounding a small little glass type bowl filled with strawberry sorbet. It truly was a nice gesture on her part and I had to admit the treat was delicious even getting glances from Uncle Walt like he wouldn't have minded something like that as well.

As we finished up dessert Uncle Walt looked over towards his wife raising his eyebrows with her nodding like they were sort of communicating something in private. "Well Sam, while we were out today it seems as if my lovely wife here had been quite the busy beaver." Mr. Walt stated smiling conspiratorially.

"I'd say. That was really delicious Aunt Harriet…thanks." I sighed leaning back and gazing towards Jamie who was scratching Boxey behind the ears.

After giving me a happy greeting the dog had hovered next to Jamie the entire time. It didn't bother me in the least making me happy that the eleven year old boy was becoming comfortable with having the dog around him. Several times during dinner the big Lab had brushed up against the boy begging for attention. Now he had his big head in Jamie's lap his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth relishing the attention the younger boy was lavishing on him. Evidently the boy no longer seemed to shy away from that sort of contact which in and of itself was a big breakthrough. Even the Weilers followed my glance shaking their head at Jamie's obvious comfort level with being touched by the dog. It truly was a giant step forward for the boy.

"Yes indeed Harriet…a fine meal as always." Mr. Weiler complimented his wife leaning over to give her a quick peck on the cheek making me blush at the affectionate display.

"Anyway Sam, that isn't exactly what I meant; although, you are right." The man commented while I smiled a bit bewildered wondering what he was getting at with being so cryptic.

"Walt maybe we should just let Sam go upstairs and get changed into his pajamas. Then he can come downstairs and help us with the Christmas decorations." Aunt Harriet commented making me smile knowing she must have dug them out and waited wanting to include me with decorating the house.

"Would you like to help us out with getting things decorated Sam? I mean we can work on the inside tonight and then get the outside done tomorrow. I don't want to go out with that snow front coming in." Mr. Weiler commented as I nodded my head getting up to help clear the dishes before running upstairs.

Jamie followed me up chased closely by Boxey making me smile because I was beginning to enjoy having the boy around. Even though he didn't really speak to me or anything there was sort of a bond beginning to form between the two of us. I was beginning to understand some of his body language, and to be honest it really wasn't all that difficult to figure him out. In a way I used similar cues from Boxey. Just by being around the dog I sort of got to the point where I understood his needs, habits, and personality.

Cresting the top of the stairs I stopped dead in my tracks. Some of my things had been moved around with a table and chair up against the wall by my bed. Sitting on top of it was my laptop. As I approached I noticed it was all hooked up and was currently on a web page. In addition there was a television set with the remote control sitting next to the laptop. Picking up the remote I clicked on the television set and searched through the channels.

"No way." I yelled in shocked surprise as both Mr. and Mrs. Weiler crested the stairs.

"Yes way Sam. We decided it was time to get cable and while we were at it we got you an internet connection. I hope you don't mind me letting the guy hook up your laptop. I thought it would be complicated, but it seemed to only take him all of five minutes. I was there the whole time to make sure he didn't go through any of your personal information or anything." Aunt Harriet offered up as I walked over to her and gave her a big hug.

"We thought since you had to do your report and all that it was only fair you had the proper tools. Since you are going to be with us for Christmas we thought maybe giving you an early Christmas gift was appropriate." Uncle Walt stated as he was rocked on his heels when I threw my weight into him giving him a big bear like kind of hug.

"Oh…thanks sooooo much guys. This means a lot to me, but…," I sighed stepping back.

"Oh my." Aunt Harriet clicked her tongue. "I hope we got the internetty thingy all correct and all." She commented arching her eyebrows making me laugh.

"Yeah you did Aunt Harriet." I assured her.

"Then what's the matter?" She asked while I glanced towards Uncle Walt who also looked confused.

"Um…I guess with all the excitement and all we forgot to tell you." I sighed getting an arched eyebrow from Mr. Weiler this time.

"Tell us what?" He inquired.

"Well, mom says the treatment is going to last longer than they expected. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go home." I told them noticing them both sighing in relief.

"Oh Sam…we don't mind." Mrs. Weiler chuckled.

"Yeah…but what about school. I mean it might take several weeks or even a month or two after the holidays." I observed. "Not that I'm in any hurry to get back to school or anything." I chuckled shaking my head. "But if I don't I'm not sure what will happen regarding moving on to the next grade next year." I added pointing out the down side.

"Oh…well…I see your point." Mrs. Weiler stated looking concerned now as well.

"I guess we will have to call the school up over here and get you enrolled until you can go back home then." Uncle Walt offered up the solution.

"What?" I asked a bit shocked. "Go to school here. Can we even do that?" I asked not sure how something like that worked.

"I don't see why not." The man stated confidently. "I mean most of the state is supposed to be on the same page regarding educational requirements for each grade level. I'm sure for the most part your school probably covers the same topics as ours. There might be some differences, but it really shouldn't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. The important thing is that you don't miss out on any more days."

The weekend seemed to slip by quickly with me helping the Weilers decorate the house for Christmas. They had some really cool decorations that they've had for years. It was fun listening to them talking about the ornaments letting me know how they got them. Some of their things had been in their respective families for generations. They even had some ornaments that had belonged to their son, Trevor. They got a bit somber when they got them out, but they were also happy to tell me about him. He sounded like the type of kid I would have enjoyed having as a friend. In many ways he was a lot like most of my own friends. The more they told me about the boy the more I began to interact feeling safe enough to ask questions about their late son. It seemed to make them happy that I had taken an interest in him as they opened up even more. The weekend seemed to bring us all even closer together.

I also began keeping notes on Jamie and his habits putting together a sort of crude database. It wasn't anything fancy, but did the job for now until I could find a way of getting something better. I kept track of the boy noting down everything, but kept it in more general terms not wanting to get into some of the more embarrassing situations. For example when Jamie got up in the mornings he had his routine where he actually fiddled around with his extremely hard erection. I left out that sort of detail only indicating that he had a routine of getting up and dressed. The finer details about such things I left to my private journal.

After I had set up the database I had also decided at the time to start keeping a personal journal as well. This is where I included the detailed private description of Jamie including his sexy nakedness in all its glory. Every time I watched him getting up in the morning or getting ready for bed it brought such a thrilling excitement for me. In a way I knew these feelings were perverted due to the circumstances, but I simply couldn't help myself as I continued to watch him and fantasize about possibilities that simply could never be.

My journal became the source of personal confessions as I began to describe in detail my feelings and activities including my personal needs regarding masturbating and everything else affecting a typical twelve year old boy. I hadn't intended on the journal becoming such a private and intimate accounting of my most innermost feelings and activities, but as I went along I felt the invigorating release which my writings brought me so my thoughts and feelings seemed to flow onto the pages. I kept this file locked up with an encrypted password making sure that no prying eyes ever stumbled upon my innermost private thoughts and observations. As I continued to write I began to come to the sinking conclusion that perhaps I was indeed gay. At times I still fantasized about girls and all, but it was Jamie and the new boy at school that occupied the majority of my innermost sexual thoughts. Of course I knew boys in general went through different phases, but the intensity of my feelings towards Jamie was beginning to overwhelm my daily thoughts.

Now as Monday rolled around I began to get excited about heading into the small town of Blue Meadows. Hopefully Earl would have most of our grocery items together which would help Aunt Harriet cope with some of my food issues. She had done a masterful job with providing me meals I could tolerate, but not having simple things like gluten free flour hindered some things, not to mention with trying to exclude other things such as sugar, corn, soy, peanuts, dairy, and eggs. Of course there were all sorts of substitutes for most of these things, and hopefully Aunt Harriet would be able to adapt using them instead of the traditional items. It could be a bit tricky at times substituting some of these staples with other things, but she had taken the initiative with consulting my mom and seemed confident that it would all work out.

As I sat in the general store talking with Earl I truly began to like him more and more. He had gone out of his way to provide us with all the items on our grocery list saying it would be easier from here on out now that he knew where he could get specific items. When I apologized noting that it probably took him going to several places he assured me that he had found an excellent health food grocery store that had just about everything I needed. There were only one or two items he couldn't find, but found them in another location. Of course some of these substitute items were more costly than their counterparts, but I already knew they would be. He felt it wasn't right for some things to be more expensive noting that these days there were more and more people having similar requirements like me. He hoped that one day there would be enough of a need to create a sort of balance between supply and demand in a way that would decrease some of the costs for people in my situation. I couldn't agree any more as I watched him setting out a lollipop on the counter for Jamie.

The boy was kneeling off to the side focused on Boxey interacting with the dog seemingly oblivious to what we were doing or talking about. "I've never ever seen the boy behaving like this." Earl stated scratching his scruffy chin obviously in need of a shave.

"I know Aunt Harriet and Uncle Walt say the same thing. Boxey seems to have somehow managed to bring him a little bit out of his shell. He still really doesn't interact with anyone else though. I mean, the other day when I was sad he sort of knew and actually patted me on the shoulder, but nothing since." I added getting a shocked look by the other man who furled his eyebrows.

"No shit," the man blurted out before he cleared his throat apologetically looking over towards his brother. "Er…I mean no kidding." He amended making me laugh.

"Don't worry I won't tell anyone." I told the man who laughed while ruffling my hair.

"You're a good kid Sam…but for real…Jamie really reached out to you? I've been coming in here for years and haven't managed to get a single reaction out of him." The guy sighed shaking his head.

"Don't take it personal Earl. I know he enjoys the little treats you give him when you visit." I assured him while he looked over towards me.

"How can you tell?" He asked with me shrugging my shoulders.

"It's kind of hard to explain. I mean it's like with Boxey. I sort of know what the dog is thinking sometimes or how he's feeling. It's sort of the same with Jamie. It's just he can't tell someone how he is feeling so you have to sort of watch his body language. For example when we talked about coming in to see you this morning he seemed to get a bit fidgety, almost like he was excited about coming to town."

"Really…you can tell that?" Earl asked with me shrugging my shoulders.

"Yeah, like I said it is kind of hard to explain, but for some reason I can sort of tell about some things regarding Jamie. Maybe it is because I've been watching how he is interacting with Boxey. He sort of changes when he's around the dog…I mean his body language, and well it sort of happens the same way in other situations too. So I'm sort of taking cues with how I pay attention to Boxey all the time and now do the same thing with Jamie. I know Jamie isn't a dog or anything, but since he can't speak up on his own then we have to find a different way to understand him." I pointed out getting curious glances from both Earl and his brother Henry.

"Geeze Sam, you really are a good friend to Jamie. I don't think anyone other than Walt and Harriet have really looked out for the boy in this way. You should really be proud of yourself." Henry pointed out with his brother Earl nodding in agreement making me blush as I recalled how I had initially treated the long haired boy.

"Anyway, the specialty item you ordered is in this box over here." Earl pointed out to me noticing how I was beginning to get embarrassed with all the compliments. "That's some fancy gadget." The man added as I nodded my head while Henry sort of raised his eyebrow at the cryptic nature of our conversation but didn't butt in knowing that sometimes people wanted to keep quiet about some things.

"Thanks Earl. Did you have problems finding the place?" I asked as he shook his head.

"Naw, but I understand you will need me to make another run over there here soon?" He added raising an eyebrow pointedly while I nodded my head.

"Yeah, soon as everything can be arranged. It might not be on Thursday, but it has to be by Monday or it'll be too late." I added with the man giving a curt nod mentally calculating the dates.

"Alright, just let me know."

"I'll do that. Henry is it alright if we keep these things on the counter for now. I'm going to head on over to the bank to check up on Uncle Walt." I stated noticing Jamie getting up as well holding on to Boxey's leash. "Um…it looks like Jamie wants to tag along. Is it alright if I tie up Boxey over in the corner? I'm sure the bank would sort of frown on having a dog come barging in. As it is I'm kind of surprised you let him in your store." I commented getting a chuckle from Henry.

"Sure, no problem, but I'm sure Mr. Fowler wouldn't have an issue with your dog since he would be accompanying Jamie. Most folks sort of have taken to the little guy and know about his issues. Most of them wouldn't have a problem with anything that would be seen as a help to the boy, but maybe you should ask first. In the meantime I'd be happy to look after Boxey. I'll even dig out a treat for him." The man replied as I eased the leash from Jamie's hand before tying off Boxey letting the dog know to stay put.

Exiting the store I walked down the sidewalk making my way towards the bank only a few buildings down from the general store. As I stepped off the curb to cross the alleyway where the bank was located I all of a sudden felt strong arms encircling my body along with a burlap sack sliding over the top of my head effectively tying me up. Through the gaps of the bag I could see three boys standing in front of me with the fourth one having my arms pinned behind my back. I began to struggle, but felt the air in my lungs evaporate while at the same time a powerful pain radiated outwards from my stomach.

My eyes watered up and I collapsed to my knees, but not before I made out the form of that sixteen year old boy, Damian, from the other day. I was still gasping for air when he wrenched the burlap bag from my head and leered at me. I was starting to panic because I was afraid more for Jamie than I was for myself as I tried to look around to see what had happened to the boy. In the process I saw Damian's two younger step brother's standing a few paces away looking around nervously like they wanted to be anywhere but here at the moment.

"Not so tough now…are you city boy." Damian spat raising his fist and slamming it into the side of my jaw.

My head was wrenched sideways by the impact, and I could taste the blood pooling up in my mouth. I immediately knew he had split my lip open right at about the same spot it had been torn a few days ago stinging even worse now than it had back then, but I didn't let on how much it hurt. I didn't want this asshole to have the satisfaction when he followed up his punch with a swift kick in the gut that left me wheezing for air while the fourth asshole finally let go of me as I curled up in pain on the ground. Through tear filled eyes I could make out this other kids features. He must have been about the same age as Damian, maybe a little younger and smaller as he too began to look around nervously.

"Come-on Damian, that's enough. I'm sure you got your point across." The one boy I hadn't met yet commented looking over towards the older bully.

"I'll say when enough is enough." Damian retorted proving his point by once more kicking me in the gut making me cough up a little blood that trickled from my mouth.

"Now that I'm done with this pathetic weak ass city kid, maybe it is time to take care of this here little retard." Damian commented with me now spotting Jamie standing on the corner of the sidewalk his back up against the corner of the building.

The poor boy's face was contorted with confusion as he swayed back and forth frantically and noticeably agitated. He seemed to understand that something bad was happening, but the autistic side didn't know how to handle the situation. I could tell he was frantically close to having a meltdown so I tried to get up earning a resounding slap on the face when the older boy noticed me trying to intervene. My head once more snapped around with my ears ringing with the viciousness of the cuff.

"No Damian stop." I heard the smaller boy speaking up stepping in front of Jamie shaking his head. "You didn't say anything about Jamie. Well be in deep shit for sure, besides, it wouldn't be right." The smaller boy pleaded with his older brother now stepping up as well in support.

"He's right Damian. Wailing on the new kid is one thing…but Jamie." He stated with Damian now becoming furious taking a step forward and his face turning red with anger.

"You better…," he began when I heard a new voice interrupting the older boy.

"Now I wouldn't be goin an doin somethin stupid like Damian." I heard a deep drawl as I glanced up noticing another lanky boy staring over towards Damian. "Now I weren't goin to interrupt an all with yer issues regardin the new kid cause it aint none of my concern and all, but I be drawin the line here with Jamie." The boy with loose fitting coveralls stated as he spit out a chunk of tobacco sauce from his mouth watching it spatter up against the curb in a black goopy mess.

"See here David you stick to your own business." Damian countered as he watched the other boy rolling up his sleeves.

"Well, I reckon I'm makin Jamie my business. Side's he ain't doin no one any harm. Never has…never will." He stated sizing up the four boys. "I'm also a reconin I kin take all fours of ya on at once. Don't be forgettin the last time I had put a hurtin on you Damian. Most of the other kids may be afraid of you, but not me. I'll bury you this time if'n you want." He added smugly as Damian sort of looked around to his band of scared thugs finally opting to high tail it out of there and go on his own way.

As the other boys hurried away David crouched in front of me shaking his head. "Hmmm, it sure do be looking as if'n them there boys got the drop on yer. I reckon it won't be happenin again, well if'n you got any brains left." The kid added looking me over critically while I winced in pain when I sat up and sucked in air.

"You saw the whole thing?" I asked surprised with the boy nodding his head.

"Yup, that thar Damian is an asshole through and through alright. Got the drop on yer kinda good like."

"If you knew why didn't you do something?" I asked him with the boy shrugging his shoulders.

"Well now, good question I am supposin." He replied scratching his head. "I'm supposin maybe it weren't any of my concern. After all I dohne reckon I know you is all so none of my business like." He replied as if that explained it all.

"What the hell happened here?" I heard Uncle Walt asking as he knelt down looking me over.

It was David who told him what occurred with Uncle Walt's face getting a serious look when he heard how everything went down. Then when he heard that Damian had actually intended to do something to Jamie as well his face blanched white with fury.

"That fucking bastard." He hissed not in the least bit concerned about cursing. "We better have a chat with him and his father right now to clear up the air." He insisted.

"No," I told him emphatically slowly getting up and gasping for air when my stomach muscles constricted from the bruising I had gotten.

From what I've been hearing simply talking would only make things worse. Where I came from we had to answer such a beat down, or it could come and bite us back in the ass later on as a sign of weakness.

"What do you mean 'no' Sam? Don't do anything stupid." Uncle Walt added watching me run a hand over my face tenderly before I spat out some blood noticing it splatter on the curb about a foot away from David's tobacco swill he had spit out moments earlier.

David looked at me appraisingly as he watched me move around loosening up some of my aches, pains, and muscles. "Don't worry Uncle Walt I plan on taking care of this right now. If I don't it will only get worse later."

"Sam, it isn't worth it. To be honest I'm worried about Jamie as well." He told me when I shot him a hard glance.

"Believe me when I'm through with him he'll think twice before ever trying anything again…him and the rest of his thugs. If I don't do this now he will be gunning not only for me, but Jamie as well." I stated making my way back over towards the general store.

By this time both Earl and Henry had stepped outside because evidently Boxey had been going ballistic inside the store. Earl was hanging on for all he was worth on to Boxey's leash while the dog frantically tried to claw his way towards me. The canine was furious, and his hackles were raised along his entire back.

"Down," I barked out the command making everyone flinch and the dog immediately settle down.

Grabbing the leash I tied him back up making sure it was firmly secured. "Stay put," I barked out again pointing at him forcing the dog to lie down knowing I meant what I was saying as he placed his head on his paws and began to whine.

Everyone was now looking at me nervously as I rummaged through Henry's scrap bin finding something that seemed to fit the bill. The bin was laden with all sorts of bolts, sawed off pipes, and in general just odds and ends types of scrap material which could be used around on farms.

"If you don't mind I'd like to borrow this for a few minutes?" I asked Henry, but didn't even wait for his response hearing his concent as I made my way down the sidewalk.

"Jamie, stay with Boxey." Uncle Walt told the boy before hustling after me.

"Sam are you sure about this?" Uncle Walt asked me as I nodded my head.

"Are you planning on taking on all four of them?" He asked me as I nodded again.

"Then the least I can do is make sure it is a fair fight. I'll make sure it is only one at a time." He added shaking his head.

"Suit yourself. One at a time or all four…don't really much matter. By the time I'm through with them they'll get the message." I answered confidently

"Now this'n I have to be seein. He aint no more'n knee high to a Billy goat, and proud as a peacock." David pointed out to Earl who nodded his head tagging along to see how things played out. "I reckon I'd like to be seein how he plans on gettin that done." David added clucking his tongue figuring I had bitten off more than I could chew.

In my mind it really didn't matter if I won or lost because the most important thing was to send a message that if Damian tried something like this again there'd be a cost to doing it. Most kids no matter how tough never reckon that someone smaller than them would put up a struggle. If someone did then in most cases it simply wasn't worth the effort.

Making my way towards the direction I had seen Damian heading for I crossed the street towards the common greens across from the court house figuring that was as good a place as any to find them. I detected some movement by the large gazebo and pushed forward. It was them, well at least Damian and his two step brothers as I quickened my pace. I was about ten feet away when the older boy turned around spotting me cracking the biggest smile.

"Well lookie here boys. It looks like the city boy has come back for more." He stated turning his head towards his two younger step brothers.

Without slowing my pace I closed the gap while he was gloating and just when he turned back towards me I rammed right into him catching the older boy by surprise. Allowing my momentum to carry me forward I kneed Damian right in the crotch as hard as I could literally lifting him off his feet before he crumpled to the ground his eyes fluttering into the back of his head in the process since I hadn't held anything back.

"Holy shit." I heard David exclaim as I leaned over grabbing a groaning Damian by the collar raising my fist and cold cocking him within moments of him crumbling to the ground.

My fist landed across his left temple ceasing his moaning because I was sure I had knocked him out. When he woke up it would be to a splitting headache and aching balls. For a moment there was a fleeting moment when I thought I might have actually done his teenage boy bits some damage. I had kneed him so hard I could very well have ruptured one of his testicles, but at the moment this was the last thing on my mind because I heard the boy who was my age yelling out to stop when he saw me tugging on Damian's collar for a second time.

"No…please…that's enough." The brown eyed blond haired boy protested stepping forward to stop me.

I noticed the movement from the corner of my eye and rounded on him catching him just under the chin on the corner of his mouth with an upper cut literally lifting him off his feet. The twelve year old boy hit the ground on his back groaning from both the force of my fist and the impact of the ground. My knuckles stung from that blow and I released the small steel tube from my right hand holding it now in my left one while I shook the stinging sensation out my right hand.

Glancing sideways I spotted the eleven year old boy taking a step towards his brother who I had just knocked on his ass like he was going to help him before stopping and glancing up at me. Stepping forward I closed the gap noticing the younger boy simply standing up taller, even proudly, not bothering to defend himself. He knew what was coming and braced himself for it as I closed my empty fist and let loose. The way he held himself with so much pride, but in such an unassuming kind of way seemed to speak volumes about the boy. The image of him standing up for Jamie in defiance of his older step brother impressed me. I had gotten the distinct feeling that maybe he and his brother really hadn't a choice in this matter regarding me, but when it came to Jamie something had seemed to prompt the younger boy to take a stand. Even his older brother had stepped in at the time. Something about it screamed inside of me so at the last moment I held back most of my force, but it was still powerful enough to knock the eleven year old on his butt, if nothing else to prove my point as I tried to control my rage. Looking down at the younger boy sympathetically I noticed him sitting there rubbing his chin not in the least bit protesting against me and what I had just done to him or his brothers.

Just then I spotted another kid heading in our direction before stopping dead in his tracks surveying the scene in front of him. He began to back pedal when I recognized him as being the one who had grabbed me from behind. My rage once more boiled over slipping the steel tube back into my right hand moving forward. The older kid began to panic and nearly tripped over his feet before bumping into the gazebo's railing.

"Please don't hurt me. It was all Damian's idea. I had no choice." He protested just before his head snapped backwards from my forceful jab, followed quickly with him doubling over when I struck him for a second time in the gut. He was moaning when I landed a third blow across his left eye that finally forced him spinning on to the ground.

Pausing for a moment to make sure he was through I relaxed and stepped away from him glancing over my shoulder. The eleven year old boy was still sitting on his butt watching me cautiously when I stepped over to him extending my hand towards him.

"You aren't going to hit me again?" He asked with me shaking my head no.

"Nope, as far as I'm concerned the issue between the two of us is done…that is if you want it to be?" I told him as he nodded his head. "No hard feelings?" I asked him pulling the boy up to his feet reaching out and holding him upright for a second when his legs wobbled a bit from under him.

The boy steadied himself before nodding his head that he was alright now so I released him. "No…no hard feelings. Besides, we deserved it." He sighed while I nodded my head curtly accepting his apology of sorts.

"By the way I'm Sam." I offered up extending my hand with him hesitating for a moment before holding out his as well shaking it while grinning.

"I'm Jake, and that's my brother Austin over there." He offered up accepting my friendship while I walked over towards his older brother holding out my hand to him.

The older boy was running his finger on the underside of his lips when I noticed he was wearing braces. "Oh shit dude, I'm sorry I didn't know you wore braces. I hope I didn't mess up your mouth too badly." I added extending my hand as he looked at it for a moment before sighing allowing me to pull him up on his feet.

"No, I suppose it'll be alright. Damn, your fist kicks like a damn mule." He commented making me laugh.

"Yeah, well those braces of yours bite back." I told him chuckling holding up my fist showing him the cuts on my knuckles from his braces. "Anyway, I just got done telling your little brother if he's cool with everything I'm cool as well."

"Yeah I heard and I'm totally cool with it too, but I'm not sure Damian will be. He might not do something right away, but you better keep your eyes peeled." The boy offered up apologetically.

"Well, this was only a friendly education. Maybe when he wakes up and recuperates from having his marbles smashed in you might want to pass on my friendly advice to him. Tell him if he so much as lays a finger on me or Jamie I won't be so nice next time around. In my neck of the woods we fight to win, not out of any sense of honor." I told the other boy who nodded his head.

Just then I heard another commotion when Mr. Rippner showed up demanding to know what the hell was going on around here when he spotted his son lying on the ground coming back around moaning and balling his eyes out. "Who the hell did this to my son?" He demanded his eyes landing on me when he saw my bruised up face and knuckles getting up and making a grab for me.

It was Uncle Walt who came to the rescue stepping between me and Damian's father. "Roy you better cool your jets here. Your boy started something with someone he thought he could bully, but hadn't counted on Sam finishing things up."

"That's a bunch of bullshit and you know it. If anything it was probably those two brats who started things as usual." The obnoxious oaf pointed towards Austin and Jake who bowed their heads. "Just wait until later." He added getting my uncle to bristle.

"If I so much as hear you've laid a finger on those boys Roy I swear I'll give it back to you ten fold. Those kids were roped in by that thick headed lug you call a son, and if you'd ever get your act together you'd straighten him out. We've got witnesses that it was Damian who instigated this whole mess. They jumped Sam from behind like a bunch of cowards and wailed on him…four to one. When he got back on his feet, he came looking for payback on equal terms. Hell he didn't even take them one on one, but faced them all at once." Uncle Walt stated while Roy seemed to bristle.

"You mind your own business you fucking old goat." Mr. Rippner challenged my uncle who stared back at the man calmly.

"Your son made it my business when he threatened Jamie. Roy this much I will swear to you, if your son so much as lays a hand on Jamie, or even Sam here, it's you I'm coming after. There won't be a hole you can climb in deep enough to hide from me and you better pray I never do catch you because there will be no stopping me. That much you can count on. I may be an old man, but I work the farm and in the past I only tanned your britches when you misbehaved, but when it comes to Jamie or Sam there will be hell to pay so you better have a chat with that brat of yours." Uncle Walt spoke out not with heated words, but so calmly that it made my skin crawl with fear at the surety of his blunt statement.

Roy seemed to bristle at being humiliated like this in front of so many people. He tried to act brave, but I could see the fear in his eyes as he simply huffed trying to dismiss Uncle Walt in an offhanded way.

"I'm not some little kid you can put over your knees anymore old man." He blustered making his way over towards his son who was curled up in a ball moaning in great pain.

"Yes that much I know so it won't be over a bent knee next time around. As for now maybe you better take Damian to the doctor to check out if he will ever be able to give you any grandkids. If nothing else he won't be threatening to rape little girls anytime soon." Mr. Weiler stated getting a shocked murmur from many in the crowd at such an accusation, but with no one protesting because most people in these parts knew of Damian's threats and bullying.

Mr. Rippner's mouth twitched angrily, but as he looked around he could see the hard gazes of most everyone in the crowd. Clicking his tongue he lifted up his son and stumbled towards a small building on the other side of the street making me think it was probably the local doctor's office.

Wrapping his arm around my shoulder Uncle Walt sighed and gazed at me. "Well I suppose that's enough excitement for one day don't you think?" He asked me chuckling and giving my shoulder a friendly squeeze.

"Yeah tell me about it. My folks send me out to the country to get away from all the thugs, and come to find out there are more in this little town than in my entire neighborhood with a population ten times bigger." I laughed getting several chuckles from the folks who had gathered around during the scuffle.

"Well, how about we head home?" Uncle Walt offered up getting no complaints from me.

"Yeah, good idea."

Turning his attention to Jake and Austin my Uncle smiled warmly at them. "Boy's you might as well come with us. I'm sure your stepfather won't be even bothered with you two, and more than willing to let you guys find your own way home as a way to punish you. When we get to our place I'll call your mom to let her know what happened and that you boys will be spending the night so your step dad can cool his jets. I know your mom wouldn't let him actually wail on you, but why give her that headache." Mr. Weiler offered up catching all of us boys by surprise.

"Um…I'm not sure that's such a good idea Mr. Weiler. I mean we have chores and stuff, and Roy would have a fit about it. Damian always gets away without having to do any work around the place, but not us." Austin stated fidgeting a bit afraid of what was going to happen to them when they finally got home.

"Don't worry about it boys. I'll talk to your mom and she will straighten out your step dad. Believe me, no matter how much he acts like he's not afraid, my threat is enough to keep him from laying a hand on you guys. Besides, I think it is time Sam gets to meet some of the kids his own age from around here. I already see how you guys have let bygones be bygones, which makes me very proud of all three of you. I also appreciate you two stepping up for Jamie against your step brother. That was very brave of you guys. So no more arguments, you guys are coming home with us." Uncle Walt stated emphatically forcing a smile out of the two Lorenz brothers who looked towards me and giggled shaking their heads.

"Well if Sam is game so are we." Jake laughed out loud breaking the tension stepping up next to me sticking close while I looked down into his pretty blue green eyes which danced around impishly making me shiver at the implications.

As we walked back towards the general store I got all tingly inside when Jake's arm brushed up against me. Then all of a sudden I found Austin walking on my other side his arms brushing up against me as well. By the time we reached the store I was all boned up feeling tingly inside from having the two sexy brothers so close to me. I felt a bit self conscious about my hardened state, but when Austin reached out to take one of the packages that Earl had brought to us I noticed the large bulge in his jeans outlining a fairly thick hard erection. The boy shifted discretely effectively hiding the outline of his large troglodyte, but not before I had seen it. Even Jake had to reach down to adjust his small bulge making me giggle as I glanced towards him from the corner of my eye. He noticed me looking and simply smiled at me knowingly while he reached down again a bit more obvious about his modification making me chuckle with his overt nature.

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