Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 7: Christmas: A Time of Peace and Joy

A jingling noise finally drew me out of my sleep with me slowly opening up my eyes gazing towards the Lab/Boxer mixed breed. Trying to locate the source of the sound I realize it was Boxey's tags around his collar making the noise when he moved around. He was curled up on Jamie's side of the room intently keeping an eye on the long haired boy who was currently curled up in a ball on the floor. I was lying on my side at the edge of the bed and no longer felt Austin's warm body heat so swiveled my head around noticing the boy had rolled over on to his back so I shifted around scooting closer to him.

Leaning on my elbow I studied his features noticing the softness of them with just a hint of maturity lying below the surface. Reaching out I brushed some stray strands of hair over to the side exposing his round almost heart shaped face with a soft square chin because of his more curved features. He had a straight edged nose with a slight downward curve at the tip which flared out slightly on the side. His soft and supple mouth with a full lower lip and a thin upper one had that perfect Cupid's bow forming a nice smooth wavy "M" shaped mouth. Last night I noticed how he had an easy going smile not even concerned about exposing the wiry braces on his teeth. Truthfully, I didn't even feel they distracted from his clean smooth like facial features one bit. When the boy looked at you his almond shaped brown eyes held your gaze with a sense of easiness and empathy. His full, but not overly bushy eyebrows that were a shade darker than his light colored hair, arched gracefully over the shape of his eyes blending in nicely with their soft brown coloration. When awake the boy kept his hair parted on the right side with its medium length covering his ears and slanting over his forehead neatly stopping just shy of hanging over his calm brown eyes, almost, but not quiet managing to conceal his eyebrows.

Reaching out I tenderly ran my fingers over his soft lips before leaning in and whispering in his ear for him to wake up. Austin's eyes slowly fluttered open and he took in a deep breath slowly stirring to life. The movement of his hand sliding downwards and over the top of the tented material between his legs before pressing down on his hard erection caught my attention. Smiling I watched him slowly run his fingers along the hard outline of his thick erection. His body quivered with what I knew was the tingling sensations boys get first thing in the morning when they squeeze their hard tubes. Smiling I rolled back over on to my side allowing Austin to wake up the rest of the way on his own knowing full well he'd be fiddling around with that fat sausage of his for a moment or two.

My attention now focused on the peaceful slumbering features of Jake lying on his back as well on the low rollout bed with a slight snoring sound escaping his lips. It wasn't loud or anything, rather simply a low rumbling kind of sound stemming from his slow steady intake and exhale of his breathing. I watched his supple bright colored lips quivering a little while he slept making me smile because in a way it was simply too cute.

Looking down I studied his face truly enjoying his boyish looks scrutinizing him closely like I had just done with Austin. For some reason studying the two brother's features while they slept seemed very pleasing to me as I reached down running my fingers across the younger boy's cheeks seeing his eyes twitch from the light contact. Removing my hand I smiled at the innocent youthfulness of the eleven year old boy.

He had an oval shaped face with a strong noticeable square chin and cute little dimples along his ruby colored cheeks. In many ways he had similar facial features like his older brother, Austin, but he also had enough differences to set him apart from the older boy. They both had the same kind of nose that curved at the tip and flared a little outwards at the nostril. Even the shape of his eyes was the same, the only difference being their coloration. Austin's was a soft inviting brown color that made you feel calm and at ease, and Jakes had a deep greenish blue tint to them that danced around animatedly hinting at his playful exuberance. He even had the same soft ruby colored mouth, the upper lip having the perfect cupid shape easing into that familiar wavy "M" shape when he wasn't smiling while the lower half having the same fullness to them. His eyebrows with the same arched fullness like his older brother were similar yet also different because they matched his light brown hair coloration and had reddish blond highlights. He even parted his hair on the same side like his brother allowing his hair to slant across his forehead the same way, but it was slightly shorter and cut over the top of his rounded ears. Although his hair only covered up a part of his forehead, unlike his older brother's where it covered up most of his, it seemed to suit him better this way.

At the moment the other thing that was the same as his brother was the nice little tent his hard one and a half inch erection was creating beneath the blanket. Of course it was much smaller than his older brother's, but still it made me giggle because now it was my turn to gaze down at his full erection. It made me realize now just how funny the situation must have been for the two brothers last night when things were reversed and they were looking at my tented erection. I suppose I couldn't blame the two boys having taken a good look at me last night when I was lying on my back where Jake currently was at the moment sporting my own erection while I slept.

Reaching down I ran my fingers along the outline of the boy's small erection giggling when it twitched around making him moan with excitement. It was strange how one night could change someone forever. Before last night I'd never have thought myself capable of doing such a blatant act with another boy. It was exciting, exhilarating, and naughty all rolled into one as I gave the boy's sleek hard one and a half inch plus an extra inch of elongated soft fleshy asparagus sized and shaped hardness a firmer squeeze resulting in the eleven year old reaching down to snatch at his tender parts instinctively. I could see Jake's mouth twitch spreading into a cute little smile with his intense pretty blue/green eyes gazing up into my sapphire blue orbs.

"Good morning," I whispered ever so softly not wanting to disturb the stillness of the morning while I nodded my head in Jamie's direction.

Still squeezing his own erection the eleven year old boy's head turned sideways glancing at Jamie all curled up on the floor completely naked. I could hear Jake's breath catch in his chest at the unexpected sight of seeing the other eleven year old boy completely naked all coiled up on the floor. I felt Austin spooning up against me now his body molding around mine. He planted his face up against my cheek resting his chin on my shoulder while wrapping his arm and legs over my body. He also began to watch Jamie slowly going through his morning routine his warm breath brushing up against my neck.

All three of us monitored Jamie in silence while the boy slowly gets up shivering in the cold stillness of the morning hours running his hands up and down his naked body with his back turned towards us. When he finally turns around I hear Jake gasp in surprise making me smile at his reaction recalling the first time I had seen the eleven year old boy's large pickle. It truly was a work of art on his sculpted statuesque like body. I never got tired of watching the sleek pale lanky built youngster running his delicate fingers along his hardness slowly stroking the four inch long flange for a moment before focusing his attention on his clothes. It never ceased to amaze me that Jamie was always in a state of rigidity.

I've heard how some people have maintained an erection for several hours, but after a while it became quiet painful to constantly be in that sort of condition. I was sure that Jamie must have times where he wasn't hard, but I haven't noticed it yet. In a way it sort of made me wonder what his eleven year old softie would look like. Now as I thought about it I began to wonder the same thing about the Lorenz brothers with me focusing on my own erection noticing it was currently being methodically masturbated by Austin.

Being so caught up with what Jamie was doing I hadn't realized the brown eyed boy had been doing that to me. I could feel myself breathing more deeply now, reacting to how my body was being sexually aroused. With the way Jamie's routine had captivated me I was fairly certain Austin probably didn't even realize what he was doing to me. I felt him slowly rocking his hips into me with his thick penis snaking between my butt cheeks while he moaned softly from the sensuous stimulation of his fat erection.

The methodical hyper massaging motion of Austin's soft fingers stroking my erection was making me lightheaded and disoriented making me realize that somehow I needed him to stop before things went too far. With the constant pushing of my limits both of the Lorenz brothers had managed to slowly erode my resolve because at the moment I was too far gone to protest. The dryness in my throat constricted my vocal cords as the stimulating feeling from the older boy's stroking fingers threatened to force my juices to boil over deep down inside of me while I struggled to maintain some semblance of balance.

It was Jake who finally came to the rescue standing up turning towards us and letting the blanket fall around his ankles which revealed his sumptuous sexy nakedness. The vision of the young boy's pale seductively sultry body brought some brightness in the dull darkness of the early morning hours. His animated blue green tinted eyes were bugged out big and round gazing at us in utter shocked amazement. He was naked as a jaybird not in the least bit shy about his thin turtle neck covered erection standing practically straight up pointing slightly outwards from his body with a subtle curve. Last night he had slipped back to bed without pulling back on his underwear after we all had sort of taken a good look at each other. As a matter of fact all of us had gone to bed completely undressed with Jake now opening and closing his mouth in utter shock trying to find his voice.

"Sh…sh…shit, did you see that? Jamie's stiffie is way bigger than mine. Hell, it's way bigger than all of us." He stutters gawking at us his eyes slowly wandering downwards when he notices his brother's arms around me along with the movement beneath the blanket where my boy baubles were located and currently being manipulated. It didn't take much for the younger boy to realize that his older brother was jacking me off.

He continued to gawk at us for another moment or two instinctively stroking his own sleek one and a half inch erection while sliding his one inch long thin fleshy flange lithely over the tip of his small knob revealing the damp pinkish colored glans. He glances up into my eyes and smirked noticing how my normally vibrant sapphire blue orbs were beginning to glaze over with me becoming dangerously close to approaching my climax.

Jake's interruption was enough for me to finally react as I ran my hand down the length of Austin's arms feeling his forearm muscles wriggling around from the well practiced activity. It was the first time I notice the smooth practically hairless skin along his arms with only a few fine strands of the lightly tinted filaments barely even noticeable to someone's scrutiny. I didn't have time to reflect on that now because I curled my fingers over his hand stopping what he was doing to me. It took a moment for Austin to realize what he had been doing and another few seconds for him to stop grinding his juicy ripe cucumber between my butt cheeks.

"Shit I'm sorry." Austin hisses slipping his fat tube from between my warm crevice beneath the warm covers while Jake begins to giggle.

The younger boy was still jacking himself off not stopping even though we had. I knew if he continued he'd blow his cork for sure. From the corner of my eye I noticed Jamie squeezing his jean covered hard erection between his legs. I didn't want the innocent long haired boy to get caught up in all of this sexual activity not knowing how it would affect things down the line so I wrapped my arm around Jake pulling him on top of us. The move caught the smaller boy by surprise and he yelped before gathering his wits about him and attacking me. It was a free for all with balls and hard peckers jerking around spastically while our naked bodies writhed around sexually on the bed. This lasted several minutes until Austin finally called a halt.

"Shit guys for real. Maybe we should just call it quits and try to get some more shut eye. I don't know about you, but I'm still wiped out from last night. I'm not sure what time we finally got to sleep, but I do know it was late." He pointed out shifting and pulling me backwards with him to give Jake room to climb under the covers with us.

Jake glances towards his brother for a moment rolling his eyes before shrugging his shoulder not bothering to argue the point. He wriggles his hips around forcing his legs apart and tugs on the blanket giving me another unique angle of his extremely sexy boy bits. My body shivers excitedly with this new perspective before he finally manages to slip beneath the covers snuggling up against me. I instinctively wrap my arm around his small frame with all three of us now spooning together. I hear Jake giggling because this time it was my turn to burry my spike into the warm crevice of Jake's butt cheeks.

My body shivered eagerly with the warm unique stimulation I was receiving from the smaller boy's jiggling body with him craning his neck glancing at me while he continued to giggle. It was almost like a catch twenty two where he would giggle making his body wriggle around which in turn excited me forcing my erection to jolt around which in turn tickled him again eliciting another giggle from the boy. It was like a vicious circle, but in this case it wasn't brutal at all but rather more excitingly stimulating.

Reaching down between Jake's legs I cupped his entire pouch and erection in the palm of my hand pulling the boy tighter into me our two bodies pressed up tightly together so I could try to calm him down. He seemed to get the hint with both of us finally settling down and relaxing.

It was still early so completely dark outside with Jamie's small night light providing a soft glowing light in the room. The boy was sitting on the floor next to Boxey in his own world once more as the dog settled his large head in the boy's lap while he rocked back and forth. It really upset me seeing the eleven year old boy locked away in the deep recesses of his own mind and thoughts. I begin to drowse, but reflect on some of my research wondering if he would ever be able to climb out of that deep hole he had so unceremoniously been dumped into.

Behind me I could hear Austin's soft snore, which his steady breathing created, similar to the way Jake slept. The two boys were so alike in many ways yet also very different. The smaller boy wrapped up in my arms wasn't nearly quiet so warm as an oven like his older brother, but I did enjoy the toasty warmness of him in my arms. I breathed inwards catching a whiff of his boy odor making me tremble breathlessly. I've never noticed something like that before so I took another deep breath my body quivering with pleasure from his soapy boy musk kind of scent. It sort of reminded me of dirt and sugar cookies all mixed up together. Nuzzling my face up against the nape of his neck there was a distinct earthy undertone to his scent sprinkled with a sort of sweetness.

Without realizing it my hands once more dipped down between Jake's legs taking that small hose of his in my pointing finger and thumb rolling it around. Of course his penis was still hard like a wooden plank so I ran my fingers upwards towards his soft one inch foreskin. It was strange fiddling around with that piece of elastic flexible like nub. It was a foreign entity to me, something I wasn't used to. I ran my finger up towards the tip end actually inserting it inside feeling the flexible membrane stretching out to accommodate my digit. It made me wonder if we'd be able to slip it over my own erection giving me a sense of what it might feel like to have a foreskin.

Slipping my finger inside of the stretchy membrane just past the edge of my fingernail about half of an inch it most definitely felt like it would be long enough to give me a good idea of what it would feel like to have skin over my erection if I ever slid mine inside of it. Jake had remained silent the whole time his eyes flittering around every once in a while before always settling down towards Jamie making me wonder if he was taking in the other boy and recalling his little nudist exhibitionism. I could tell that Jamie's nakedness had been a turn on for Jake, hell who could blame him because it most definitely was a turn on for me.

Slipping the tip of my finger out of his foreskin I slowly pulled it down past his slicked up knob running my thumb over the smooth surface of his damp glans before sliding my finger between his small pee slit. Jake seemed to respond now to my gentle manipulations craning his neck and frowning at me for a moment before cracking a big warm smile. Rolling on to his back and spreading apart his legs to give me a bit more access I lifted up the blanket taking a good look at what my fingers were doing. Seeing him spread out like that for me was an exciting kind of feeling as I slowly slipped his foreskin up and down over his knob and shaft.

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be so intimate with another boy. In the back of my mind I've always pictured myself as an adult having a family of my own. It was the typical wife and children of my own type of scenario. The thought wasn't in a sexual kind of context per se, but of course I knew that with marriage and kids there was the whole issue of having sex. So it had never really crossed my mind about doing sexual things with other boys. I suppose lately the idea had been just beneath the surface of my thoughts, with me even fantasizing about it when I jacked off, but now looking into Jake's eyes while he gazed intently back into mine I realize the actual physical nature of the act had never really crossed my mind before.

My body was aching now for the physical contact with this boy, my intense gaze watching him slowly lifting up his head towards me feeling our lips connect. Even though I had seen the approach it still caught me off guard, and I was frozen in place unable to pull away. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks and knew I was blushing when Jake continued forward rolling me on my back and slithering his body on top of me. His legs straddled my hips on either side, and I could feel him pressing his groin into me with our two writhing snakes performing the dance of life together. Feeling his hard erection sliding across mine was thrilling to say the least, but no where near so effective of that kiss which was still lingering on my lips with both of us slowly passionately suckling on each others' lips. I would have thought kissing another boy would be somehow yucky, but the taste of Jake's mouth left my mind spinning wildly as he forced my lips apart with his tongue pressing it up against mine.

The boy sucked the air right out of me, and I became lightheaded thinking I would faint before he finally released my lips from his vivacious maw making me gasp for air while he continued to run his mouth along the side of my neck. His body was now rocking into me both of us starting to sweat between our legs providing our erections with a bit of lubrications. This only managed to intensify the feelings we were both having with our bodies heaving and gasping for air.

My hands ran up and down Jake's spine before diving downwards cupping his very pliable and supple little melons. I squeezed them testing for their ripeness getting a shuddering moan from Jake in reward when I began to knead them like pizza dough. My fingers squeezed his two molded mounds pulling him up against me tighter while he arched his back like he were trying to fuck my penis with little stiffie. Our two inflated spikes smashed up against each other sending a shivering response up both of our spines. This was starting to become intense, and I knew I had crossed the line, but it had to stop before it went any further.

Once again I couldn't provide a clear answer as to why I simply wasn't ready to proceed any further. Everything inside of me screamed for sexual release with this luscious sultry boy, but I simply couldn't commit myself to pulling the trigger. So instead, I wrapped my left arm around Jake's waist while pressing the back of his head into the nape of my neck with my right hand.

"Oh shit Jake…I'm so sorry but we have to stop." I whispered to him feeling the boy shudder and moaned in protest.

"No Sam…please…I…I need this so bad." He began to sniffle trying to pick up where we had left off.

"Jake…please…I said no." I whimpered truly enjoying the feel of his one and a half inch erection slathering across my sweaty damp wet three and a half inch hardness.

The eleven year old boy relented slumping in my arms while his body began to quiver and he cried softly in my arms. "I'm so sorry Jake, but I'm just not ready for this. I don't know why because I want to do this with you more than anything else. I'm sorry…really." I sighed, my own body quivering with the built up sexual tension while I simply held on to the boy in my arms.

"But why? I mean I thought you liked me…you know…in that way. Is it because I'm small…you know down there?" He sniffled trying to stifle his tears.

"What…don't be silly…of course not. I mean even with your brother last night I wanted it, but simply couldn't bring myself to do it. Your size doesn't have anything to do with it, besides I think I'd prefer doing it to you more than I would your brother. Don't get me wrong your brother turns me on too, but you…um…well you sort of turn me on even more. Truthfully, I love that little hard pecker of yours, but…" I sighed running my fingers through his silky damp sweaty hair falling silent in my own thoughts.

"But what?" Jake asked when it was obvious I wasn't going to say more lifting his head up and looking at me with his eyes damp around the edges from when he had cried.

"That's just it Jake. I don't know how to explain it, only that I'm not ready and I don't know why. I want it…and I mean I want it in the worst way, but I simply can't bring myself to do it."

"Is it because you think it may be gay. I mean I'm pretty sure Austin's told you that he's done this sort of thing too, and I know for a fact he isn't gay or anything. I mean he likes this girl and told me he'd like to be her boyfriend and all. He told me he fantasizes about her all the time, even dreams about her in a…well you know…," he pauses and glances around as if to make sure no one was listening before finishing up his statement.

"He's told me he's fantasized about her in a sexual way. You know sticking it up inside of her until he cums." The boy whispered making me want to laugh because of the cryptic way he kept some things like not mentioning the part about the boy Austin had sex with was actually him, and then being so open and out there regarding Austin fantasizing about fucking girls.

"I know Jake. I talked with your brother about some things last night. I knew he wasn't gay because of the way he was looking at that one girl the day I first met you guys in the General Store. I also know he sort of fools around a little with…um…guys…you know for the whole getting off sort of thing. He did say it was only a mutual jacking off thing and nothing more. Jake, just so you know, there are a lot more boys doing that sort of thing who aren't willing to admit it. I suppose many of us sort of have to go through that phase at some point."

"Yeah I suppose." He admitted laying his head back down on my chest.


"Yeah Jake."

"You know you are the first boy I've ever…uh…where I've ever felt like this…you know…sexual like. I mean wanting to actually have sex for real with and not just sort of goofing around." The boy admitted with me glancing down at him.

"Wow…that sort of makes me feel really special like Jake. Thanks."

"No thank you for letting me know that I turn you on more than Austin. I would have thought since you two were the same age and me being much smaller that you'd prefer him. It's nice to know that I turn you on." He chuckled seriously with a hint of tease just beneath the surface of his words reminding me that the boy had a quirky sense of humor.

That humor now rewarded Jake with a hard squeeze of his ass along with a firm pinch prompting the sexy boy to bark out a surprised yelped.

"Hey, no fair." He complained although not so convincingly with both of us falling silent again in our own thoughts.

This time it was me who broke the silence. "Jake."

"Yeah." Came the reply.

"Where the hell did you learn to kiss like that?" I asked seriously recalling how he had simply taken charge kissing me in a way I never thought possible.

Pausing he lifted up his head gazing into my eyes and studying me. "Did you like it?"

"Shit yeah…it was…it was incredible." I admitted noticing his mouth twitch and spread out in a big goofy smile.

"Well to be honest, that was my first official kiss. I mean…you know…I've kissed my mom and relatives like my aunt and all, but never a real life…you know…special kind of person type of kiss." He explained making me shake my head. "If it's any consolation you've got a really sexy mouth." The boy added, this time making me crack a big goofy smile.

"You think so?"

"Oh Sam, you have no idea. That mouth of yours is steamy hot, not to mention…you know…like some of the other aspects about you. Shit Sam, for real everything about you turns me on." The boy admitted making me blush and roll on to my side effectively sliding him off my body.

We were both facing one another when this time I took the initiative by leaning over and gently placing my lip up against his, the two of us slowly and passionately kissing. It lasted several moments before we both separated.

"Wow!" We both exclaimed at the same time looking at each other and giggling.

"Shit Jake…thanks for letting me know about the kiss and all. You know…how you feel about me. I mean you turn me on too, and so does your brother, but I hope us not doing anything for real won't come between us being friends. I'd hate for that to happen." I pursed my lips hoping that he wouldn't have hard feelings if we didn't do anything sexual together; other, than what just happened.

Of course what we had done was sexual in nature, but we hadn't actually gone over the line of actually having sex in the way that brought us over the edge with us climaxing. I know it was a trivial distinction, but for me it was still an important difference in the big scheme of things.

"Why would you think that. Of course we can still be friends. I mean it will be hard to keep my hands off of you, not to mention my lips." He stated proving his point by leaning in giving me a kiss and sliding his tongue between my lips making me blush with embarrassment because I truly liked it and didn't resist before he finally broke it off leaving both of us panting for a moment.

The boy looked at me and blushed as well at what he had just done again before lightly punching me in the arm to release the tension of the moment. We both stared at each other while I rubbed my arm before I suddenly burst out in a chuckle. Clamping my hand over my mouth at the sudden outburst I craned my head noticing that Austin was still fast asleep.

"Don't worry, Austin isn't much of a morning person. He'll sleep through just about anything." Jake pointed out while I sniggered remembering how the younger boy had slept through last night while Austin and I made a bit of racket as well. "Anyway, I just wanted to say that even with these feelings I have it doesn't mean we can't still be friends. I'm just kind of sad you won't be here for all that long." The younger boy stated with us falling silent while he turned over so we could spoon together again.

In the stillness of the moment it got really tranquil so I began to run my hand down Jake's right arm noticing the smooth texture of his skin that was mostly hairless. My own arms had a light dusting of the fine downy strands of filaments. Although my arm was covered in them you couldn't even tell because they were so thin and very blond in coloration simply blending in. Sometimes when the sun hit my arms in just right the right angle my hairs would almost shine.

Taking Jake's hand into mine I marveled at the smallness of them with such delicate fingers while the boy watched what I was doing attentively not saying a word. I suppose he was curious about what I was up to, but didn't say anything when I held our two palms together comparing sizes. I knew my hands were kind of small for my age, but Jake's was slightly smaller with thin little digits just like the one between his legs making me chuckle silently for a moment about the way I had made the comparison.

Releasing his hand I ran my fingers back up his arm and across his chest before allowing them to glide smoothly over his skin. My fingers brushed ever so lightly up, down, and all around his chest and stomach hearing him sigh in contentment the sensations of my affectionate caressing sending shivers across his smooth skin. The smaller boy shifted on to his back closing his eyes allowing me to continue lightly massaging him. Slowly my fingers dipped down even further sliding my hand across his smooth pale hairless pubic mound. I could feel his warm erection slithering across the back of my hand. It made me shiver excitedly because the odd sensation of a hard penis brushing up against the skin on the back of my hand was a new one for me. It was somehow different feeling that kind of heat and silky smooth rigidness on that part of my hand.

I didn't want this moment to become something sexual so I moved my hand back upwards to continue my slow circular motions across the boy's tight stomach and chest. He wasn't ripped or anything, but I could tell he was fit with signs of little boy muscles beneath the surface of his skin. I wouldn't necessarily call them abs or anything because I'm not so sure kids could develop such things yet at our age, but I suppose they were muscles of sorts. I expect most kids on farms and such who were fairly active with chores tended to be a bit more on the fit side of things.

"This feels really nice…I like it." Jake exhales drowsily making me smile while I continued to run my hands up and down his front side avoiding the sensitive area between his legs.

A few moments later the boy was fast asleep matching the breathing pattern of his older brother so I snuggled up further under the covers. The younger boy shifted slightly in his sleep, but remained on his side facing away from me so I cuddled up closer our bodies spooning up tighter. He didn't even wake up when I wrapped my arm firmly around him with my head lying on the pillow at the nape of his neck. His boy scent wafted into my nose, and I breathed him in enjoying the light heady scent. He smelled so light and earthy making me wonder if all boys smelled this way. Of course I pretty much knew we all had our unique scent, but I suppose there were probably underlying similarities as well. The scent of earthy sweetness finally sent me off into dreamland my consciousness slowly drifting away.

It was light outside when I woke up to some movement next to me. My eyes slowly cracked open and I noticed that Austin was stretching his body. The covers were pulled down exposing his smooth torso the small stomach muscles contracting a little just beneath the surface of his skin when he stretched. Like his little brother he didn't have abs per se, but he most definitely was fit.

Giggling to myself softy I noted that wasn't the only thing fit on him by a long shot because his thick erection was creating a good sized tent out of the blankets even more so now that he was stretching his body out. "Good morning." I heard Jake's sweet little voice as he unwound himself from my arms tossing the covers off of him so he could get up out of bed.

His fingers were clamped over the tip of his knob as if to prevent him from having an accident making me giggle knowingly. "Shit, I've gotta pee." The boy stated rushing towards the bathroom while his older brother got up as well on the other side of the bed with his own morning hard-on swaying heavily between his legs.

"Morning Sam." Austin stated standing in front of me and running his right hand across his stomach and pubic mound before allowing it to dip between his legs when he stretched his body accentuating his fat erectness even further.

His left hand moved over as well cupping his now low hanging soft bag. It hung a lot lower than I had seen it do last night so I expect the heat from our bodies under the cover had allowed it to drop more than usual. I noticed that even my own usually slightly sagging balls sack now hung down lower with me huddled up snugly beneath the toasty warm blankets while I continued to gawk at the boy's sexy nakedness.

Seeing him all stretched out and boned up made my own penis twitch, but when he ran his hands across his stomach and pale pubic mound before wrapping his fingers around that thick stalk of his I just about exploded and I wasn't even doing anything to myself. Austin released his hard tube not even noticing my gawking fixation on his hard member before he stooped over looking through the small gym bag his mother had dropped off for them yesterday.

When he squatted down with his knees bent outwards I noticed his hard tube brushing up against his mostly bare pubic mound, the few strands of hair on either side at the base of his thick shaft barely visible while his now low hanging satchel swayed freely below. Then when he shifted his weight the loose fleshy bag bumped up against his thighs looking almost comical. It continued to sway around before coming to a halt while the naked boy rummaged around the gym bag. He seemed to find what he was looking for because he pulled out a couple of toothbrushes and the toothpaste before standing back up and following his little brother into the bathroom.

Sitting up I kept my own boy baubles covered up feeling a bit self conscious about my state of undress now. Glancing over towards Jamie, I don't know why I was feeling so awkward again after everything that's happened last night, but I was and just thinking about it made me blush again. The long haired boy was sitting cross legged on his bed facing the stairs with his back turned towards me playing with something in his hands twirling it around and fixated on it.

Looking around in the bed I could hear Jake and Austin relieving themselves in the toilet the splashing noise from their urine stream drifting through the closed doors making that familiar gurgling sound. The brothers were giggling and I imagined they were jostling around with one another which seemed to be fairly typical of brothers. Locating my pajama bottoms I hurriedly slipped them on keeping the covers over my privates despite no one else being in the room and Jamie's back turned towards me.

Feeling a bit better now that I was covered up I made my way to my dresser drawer pulling out a fresh pair of white boy's briefs, black fleece sweatpants, and a long sleeved sky blue sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was a warm one with thin dark navy blue twin half inch wide stripes that ran across the shirt horizontally. It sort of made a design where you had a wide space of a four inch band in the sky blue color and then the first half inch navy blue stripe followed by a half inch space of sky blue ending with the second navy blue stripe. Then you once more had a wide sky blue space before starting the pattern all over again. The Circo boy's sweatshirt wasn't necessarily a fancy brand name or anything, but it was warm and looked nice on me.

Glancing over my shoulders to make sure Jamie wasn't looking in my direction I quickly pulled down my pajama bottoms kicking them off to the side before hurriedly pulling up my white Hanes boy's briefs my erection shoving up against the tightness of the fabric. I was still hard as a rock, and needed to take a piss in the worst way. I adjusted my penis so it laid flat up against my bare pubic mound slipping the elastic waistband across my swollen knob. I discovered a while back if my boner was positioned upwards like this the waistband of my underwear could hold my penis in place effectively hiding my erection. With my hard tube properly secured I slid into my fleece sweatpants before pulling the sweatshirt over my head once more reaching down to adjust myself before glancing back over my shoulders to make sure Jamie wasn't peeking or anything.

I don't know why I was so concerned about it. Hell with everything that's happened last night it wasn't like the guys didn't know what I had swinging between my legs. Even Jamie had seen me naked last night. Sitting back down on the bed I noticed Jake's and Austin's underwear lying close by where I had found my pajama bottoms. Leaning over I picked up the small white boys briefs holding them up hearing the toilet flushing in the bathroom.

Holding up the briefs I noticed that they too were Hanes like mine making me smile at the coincidence. It's not like Hanes wasn't a popular underwear brand, but still it sort of turned me on knowing that Jake wore the same kind of boy's briefs like me. I could make out a slight discoloration and small bulging area low down in the front of Jake's underwear. It was where they snuggled up tightly around the boy's little baubles making me giggle realizing not only just how small the briefs looked when I held them up, but also just how small the bulge was as well. Not able to resist I turned his underwear inside out and held the little discolored spot up to my nose inhaling deeply.

The unmistakable scented essence of Jake burst into my smelling senses nearly overpowering me with its overwhelming headiness. It most definitely was all Jake, but there was also something just beneath the surface of the earthy sweetness. I couldn't explain it at first until I realized there was sort of a sexiness component to the odor. I'm not sure if I could really describe it properly other than to say there was a subtleness of the scent conveying a sense of the boy's sexual essence. It was most assuredly this that had truly knocked me for a loop, and not merely his normal Jake scent. Grinning and turning his briefs right side out I tossed it where I had found it once I realized that even though the sex scent had been subtle it nevertheless was very potent.

Reaching over I grabbed Austin's red pair of boxers holding them up as well. They looked kind of baggy, but about the size I would wear. Even though they hung down loosely I could still make out the larger bulge where the flimsy material would settle around the older boy's much larger boy bits. Turning them inside out I once more took a deep whiff the intensity of the scent making my head spin. Austin most definitely had a very similar odor to his brother but a bit mustier and way more potent. There was even that sort of underlying sex scent similar to his younger brother, but that too was much more pungent, almost like there was a sort of maturity to it. Whatever it was made my penis twitch eagerly as I breathed it in deeply once more enjoying how Austin smelled between his legs. The image of his fat penis popped into my mind and I imagined slurping it up into my mouth when Austin's voice brought me back to the moment.

"Shit Jake why the hell are you still all boned up?" Austin asked making me frown before realizing that normally after I took my morning piss that I tended to deflate.

"Why do you think butthead? Hell, I'm still worked up from last night with Sam. Shit, he's fucking sexy hot don't you think?" The younger boy asked.

"Yeah, that's no lie. Fuck, at first I didn't think we'd get to see him…you know naked and all."

"Well that's true." Jake replied. "It's just I wish he would have been willing to do more you know. As it is he's got me all hot and bothered. For a moment I thought the two of us would be able to…you know…get our rocks off." The younger boy giggled with his older brother joining in.

"Yeah, well we are lucky he opened up like he did. I get the feeling he isn't into doing anything like that." Austin pointed out.

"What I don't understand is why the hell aren't you all boned up?" I heard Jake asking his older brother.

"Well…um…I sort of already took care of that."

"What…when did you do that?" Jake asked sounding a bit stunned.

"Er…uh…last night in bed."

"Shit…no way…you mean right next to us?" Jake asked a bit surprised.

"Yeah sure…I mean…you were still on the rollout bed, but Sam was in bed with me asleep." Austin explained with a short pause making things a bit awkward until Jake finally spoke up again.

"Shit Austin that took some balls. What if Sam woke up or something?" He asked.

"So what if he did. I mean it isn't like we all don't know we are doing that sort of thing. I talked to Sam for quiet a bit last night and he admitted he did that sort of thing too. He's never done anything with anyone else, but does jack off and all even fantasizing about girls and boys like me." Austin admitted getting a giggle out of Jake.

"Do you think he will be fantasizing about us when he…you know…jacks off and all." Jake wondered out loud.

"Well I'm pretty sure he will. He sort of admitted he probably would." Austin confided with his brother. "Anyway, let me help you out with that." Austin bellowed getting a shushing sound from his brother.

"Quiet or he'll hear." The smaller boy hissed with another short pause.

"Oh shit." I heard the smaller boy squeak realizing he had just climaxed getting a surprised exclamation from Austin.

"Don't stop now!" I heard the smaller boy squeaking again with him grunting and moaning making me realize even though he had popped his cork in record fashion his orgasm was anything but done yet.

The sound of him groaning seemed to go on forever until it finally subsided getting a surprised exclamation from the older boy. "F…Fuck Jake that must be like a world record or something even for you. I hardly even t…touched you before you burst your bubble. Damn that seemed pretty intense though. I've never felt your cock get so damn…uh…I don't know…um…hard…yeah that's it hard or explosive." Austin stammered still a bit shocked at the whole suddenness of it all. "Man…I still haven't figured out though how come your orgasms seem to last like forever. I wish mine were that long." He admitted.

"Oh shit Austin." I heard Jake panting in reply. "That was way intense for sure. I didn't realize just how much Sam had me all worked up. Damn, he's so fucking sexy hot and I want him so bad that I can't stand it." The smaller boy admitted while his older brother chuckled.

"Whoa big boy, just hold on to your marbles and don't do anything stupid Jake. I like Sam, and we don't want this sort of thing screwing up a good friendship. He's nice, and I like him as a friend and all." I hear Austin telling his little brother somehow making me feel oddly nice all over.

"I know Austin, but don't worry. Sam and I already talked about this. He knows I'm sort of…you know…into him, but we both admitted we still want to be friends no matter what."

The older boy seemed to sigh in relief. "That's good to know. Come-on we better brush our teeth before Sam begins to wonder what we are up to, as if he probably doesn't already know." I heard Austin teasing his little brother with both of them giggling knowingly.

Turning Austin's boxers back right side out I tossed them to the side looking around realizing it would seem a bit awkward if I was simply sitting here when they walked out of the bathroom. The noise of running water trickled through the doorway making me sure about one thing. If nothing else there most definitely wasn't that much privacy behind the bathroom door. It barely muffled any noise whatsoever, so it most definitely was one place I would never jack off behind again. The way I was aching I'd need to be taking care of my own personal needs in short order, but I had to find a more secluded and secured location before I did.

Getting up I moved over to my laptop firing it up so I could check my emails. Just when my email managed to pop up I heard the bathroom door open with the boys walking out chatting away. I swiveled my chair around facing the brothers momentarily bewildered at their nakedness before remembering they hadn't taken any clothes into the bathroom. I continued to gawk at them my gaze fixated on their boy baubles.

At first I couldn't understand why I was so fascinated with their nakedness until I realized it's the first time I've ever seen a boy's flaccid penis. So standing there a few feet away were two very sexy and handsome boys, one eleven and the other twelve almost thirteen, completely naked in their natural softened state. Staring at Jake's flaccid tube it was almost comical in a way because the outline of his penis hidden beneath his foreskin looked to be all of about one inch long with his fleshy casing being longer now than his tube coming in at around one and a half inches.

What struck me as odd was that the two different parts were now the opposite from his hardened state. I mean when Jake was hard his penis was one and a half inches long with his foreskin extending only one inch past his knob. Now in his softened state his foreskin extended past his knob one and a half inches the same length of his erection, and his soft penis was now only one inch long the same length of his foreskin when he had a hard penis. Shifting my gaze over towards Austin I somehow found this an odd contradiction.

The older boy's ball sack still hung down low on him this morning; whereas, his younger brothers had sort of tightened up again maybe because of the extra attention he had just received. His pale pubic mound looked devoid of any hairs from this angle, but I knew at closer scrutiny there would be a few strands on either side at the root end of the boy's flaccid tube. It was Austin's fleshy tube now that caught my attention. His cut penis looked to be about three inches long slightly bigger than my own softie. It still looked thick, but only slightly thicker than my limp state tended to be. My penis didn't really fatten up all that much more when I got an erection so I suppose once Austin's deflated into a softened state it didn't seem that much thicker than mine.

"What's wrong?" Austin wondered looking down at himself trying to figure out what I was staring at before looking back up and locking eyes with me again.

"Um…nothing…just that…well…I've never seen a boy's…uh…I've never seen a soft boy's penis before is all." I admit to the brothers blushing because I had been caught staring at their privates like that noticing them instinctively looking down at themselves before looking up and gawking at me.

"Geeze for real Sam? I mean don't you city kids get around at all. You'd think with that many other kids around you'd have seen something. Hell, what about Jamie. Surely you've seen him soft when he walks around naked and all?" Austin pointed out looking over towards the smaller long haired boy who was still sitting on his bed waiting to be led downstairs.

When I didn't say anything he looked back towards me for an answer, but I really didn't have one that could explain it properly. "Um…that's just it. Every time I've seen Jamie naked it's been like this morning…you know all boned up; just as hard and big like one of those medium sized railroad spikes." I state honestly recalling those spikes at a museum I had been in last year getting a raised eyebrow from Austin before he all of a sudden busts out laughing.

"Shit, that's a good one. I'll have to remember that one for sure. I've never heard it described that way." The brown eyed boy admitted still chuckling.

"I don't get it?" Jake replied looking at us questioningly his brother trying to explain.

"Well railroad spikes are like these big nails that help hold down those wooden beams on the railroad tracks. The large ones that I've seen are actually about five or six inches long and the medium sized ones about four inches long almost the same size as Jamie's stiffie." He tells the younger boy raising his hands in front of him and holding his two pointing fingers about four inches apart indicating the length. "They are also about this thick." He states making a circle with his thumb and finger creating a diameter about a half inch wide. "And well…since Jamie is pretty much on the big side of things for his age, it sort of fits in regards to length, but he's thicker than a railroad spike that's for sure, but still it sort of fits in describing what he's got down there. Not only that railroad spikes are very hard, and to be honest from what I've seen this morning Jamie's looks pretty damn solid to me" Austin explains to Jake both boys now giggling at the description nodding their heads in agreement.

Getting up while the boys retrieve their underwear I paused long enough to watch them sit down on the edge of the bed sliding their limbs inside the leg openings. I smiled when Austin lifted up his left leg his boy package getting squashed between his thighs. The membrane of his balls sack stretched around his left chestnut sized testicle making it puff out obscenely, but in a sexy kind of way. Even his soft tube angled across his legs rubbing up against his skin making me shiver wishing it was my skin it was rubbing up against.

Taking a quick glance over towards Jake I noticed that he was also in the process of sliding his legs into his tighter fitting underwear. His thighs pressed against his boy baubles hiding his nut sack while squeezing his fleshy tube. He leaned backward lifting his hips releasing his squished up boy bits allowing them to wriggle around in the open for a brief moment before disappearing beneath the fabric of his white Hanes boys briefs. Sighing I stepped into the bathroom to take care of my own needs.

Leaning my weight up against the back wall I slanted my body forward trying to angle my hard erection towards the toilet bowl without having to bend it downwards too much. Relaxing my sphincter it seemed to work because my urine began to gush out of me. I could feel the initial power of the yellowy liquid substance squeezing through the small tube along the inside length of my tube before it exited forcefully from the tip of my pee slit. My body shivered at the initial euphoric feeling of relief, and in short order I shook away the last drops from the tip of my penis before tucking away my now softened elastic pipe. Sliding over to the sink I washed off my hands, brushed my teeth, and tried to comb my unruly morning time hair.

Stepping out of the bathroom I notice the Lorenz brothers chatting together on the bed having gotten dressed in the clothes from the night before making me smile appreciatively at their seductive sexiness. I liked how Austin looked in his yellow pants because they seemed to accentuate his curves and bulges rather nicely. Jake looked super hot too in his light colored khaki pair of cargo shorts. Even though he had a smaller bulge down below, he still looked sexy sitting there in his blue and white broad stripped polo style shirt his eyes glittering mirthfully when he gazed up at me and smiled warmly.

There was already movement downstairs with the smell of breakfast wafting up into our room. "Come-on guys let's see what Aunt Harriet is cooking up for us. I'm starving." I state the boys getting up making their way to the stairs while Jamie simply sat on his bed.

Pausing for a moment I walked over to the boy kneeling in front of him. "Hey sport, it's breakfast time. Let's go down and eat." I whisper softly to the boy who pauses with his rocking motion, but didn't move when I stood back up.

"Let's go Boxey." I motion, the dog getting up and following me to the stairs.

Looking over my shoulder I noticed the younger boy get up off his bed and follow us downstairs making me smile. Aunt Harriet had put out a pretty good spread for us making gluten free pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon. I spread some ghee on top of my pancakes, a substitute I use for butter, and put fruit on top of mine while everyone else used syrup. I also took a small amount of eggs since they were range free, but only a bite or two worth's. The bacon was crunchy and a tasty treat as well. Now that I had my ketchup that didn't have all the sugar and some other things I couldn't have, I put that on my hash browns and scrambled eggs. We all dove in like a pack of ravenous wolves making Aunt Harriet happy that her cooking was so well appreciated.

"So did you boys have fun last night?" She asked almost making me choke on my sugar free juice I was in the process of drinking while Jake glanced towards me and chuckled.

Looking over towards Aunt Harriet I could see it had been an innocent question without any insinuation regarding our night time boyish activity with our hard Willies. "Um…yeah. The guys thought the skylight was way cool." I answered diving back into my meal.

"That's good. I'm sorry about yesterday though, you know with Jamie and all at bath time. I hope it didn't upset your time with us boys because I'm sure Sam would love for you guys to continue visiting while he's staying with us." Aunt Harriet pursed her lips apologetically while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Nah, I sort of let them know about Jamie's meltdowns at times Aunt Harriet and we talked about it. As a matter of fact Jake kind of came up with something we thought was interesting about the whole situation." I added seeing Mrs. Weiler Arching her eyebrows questioningly while I looked towards the eleven year old boy encouraging him to speak.

"Well…um…yeah. It sort of came to me because of what happened yesterday. You know when you teased me Mrs. H." The boy began pausing nervously.

"I don't understand." Aunt Harriet asked not exactly sure what Jake meant.

"You know when you threatened to strip me out of my clothes and wash my…um…well you know…wash me when I'm all naked like." He stammered blushing recalling how he had felt about the idea.

"Oh I'm sorry Jake. You know I was only teasing. I wouldn't embarrass you like that. I know as you boys get older you need more privacy and all, so I'd never actually do that to you." Aunt Harriet pointed out apologetically.

"I know that Mrs. H." The boy stated. "But that's what got me to thinking about Jamie." He rushed forward seeing Aunt Harriet's confusion.

"I'm not explaining this right." He scrunched his eyes a bit frustrated.

Aunt Harriet leaned forward patting his hand. "Well, just take a deep breath and take your time. I'd like to hear what you have to say."

"Um, well it's like this. When you were teasing me I felt humiliated and I even began to panic a little. I mean, even my mom hasn't bathed me since I was like…well in like forever. She hasn't even seen me…well you know…naked for a…um…while now you know. Anyway, just the thought of you seeing me naked in the tub like some little toddler or something was…was…uh…well awful. I'm sorry, but that's how I felt. I mean nothing against you or anything, but it's just the idea you know." He apologized to Aunt Harriet who clucked her tongue and dismissed his apology with a wave of her hand.

"Don't be silly Jake. Of course it would have been embarrassing. That's simply how it is for most boys once they reach a certain age. It's only natural so don't feel bad about it." She assured the boy encouraging him to continue.

"Anyway it got me to thinking when Jamie had his meltdown. I mean Sam tells me that he believes Jamie knows a lot more about what is going on around him than people think. If that's the case I'm sure having you give him a bath must be really embarrassing for him. He's eleven after all. Then having to do that when me and Austin were over…well maybe it set him off. I mean if my mom gave me a bath if say like Sam was over I'd simply die for sure. I'm also wondering if maybe Jamie staying in his clothes has something to do with it too. Like I said having mom give me a bath and seeing me all naked like would creep me out big time." The boy finished off looking down at his feet blushing before glancing up at Aunt Harriet and then towards me to see if he got it right.

Giving Jake an encouraging wink I focused on Aunt Harriet and picked up where Jake left off. "Um…Aunt Harriet I'm thinking Jake might be right about this. I mean sorry, but it's kind of creepy that you are giving Jamie a bath and all." I told her honestly noticing her glancing over towards Uncle Walt who hadn't said a word the entire time.

Mr. Weiler leaned back in his chair stroking his chin in thought. "Well now that you boys mention it this all sort of makes sense. I'm not sure why we haven't thought of it before, but Sam I'm just not exactly sure what to do about the situation even though we now know what's up with Jamie wearing clothes during bath time." He stated looking at Aunt Harriet who seemed a bit perplexed as well.

"Yes Sam, I mean Jamie has these routines and I'm not sure I like the idea of him in a tub full of water on his own." She counters seriously with me nodding my head getting what she means because it's scary leaving Jamie in a tub full of water.

"Yeah I hear you, but I've been doing a lot of research lately on Autism. It states that kids who have extreme autism can be taught simple routine tasks. All we have to do is retrain him so he takes a shower instead of a bath, and show him how to get undressed. From what I've read sometimes it takes several tries, but we have to have patience and be persistent just like Boxey was when we first came here. The trick is to be consistent and encourage him letting Jamie know he can do this." I thought more out loud trying to convince myself than anything else leaning back into my chair and nodding my head in thought.

"Sounds good Sam, but how do you propose we do this?" Uncle Walt wanted to know.

"Well, someone has to show him is all. You know get undressed and hop in the shower, and once he's inside teach him how to clean himself." I pointed out nodding my head knowing this was basically the only way and it was sound reasoning.

"I see." Uncle Walt stated pausing for a moment looking towards his wife. "That sounds practical, but I'm sure Harriet would feel uncomfortable doing that with Jamie, and to be honest I'm not so sure me doing the same thing is all that appropriate either." Uncle Walt stresses shaking his head with everyone falling silent for a few moments.

It was Aunt Harriet who kept the conversation going by trying to clarify some more what her husband was driving at. "Sam these days things are a bit different with these sorts of situations. An adult in a shower with another boy is a bit sketchy, not to mention I'm not so sure Walt would even be comfortable in this role. It's one thing with a toddler or something, and completely different with a boy who is…well…let's face it starting puberty here real soon. Besides, Walt was even shy being undressed in front of Trevor, our own son, so I'm sure it'd be a very difficult situation for him with Jamie. Not only this there are adults around here who would view this sort of thing as somehow being perverted and maybe even call the police to investigate. This is a small town and a thing like this getting out is a good possibility."

"Oh…I hadn't really thought about that." I admitted scrunching up my eyebrows in thought. "What about me? I mean it's not like I haven't seen Jamie…you know," I paused blushing because even though they knew about Jamie's morning habits it was still kind of creepy talking about it not to mention letting others know I watched him.

Aunt Harriet seemed to pick up on it and patted my hand sympathetically. "Don't worry Sam we know all about Jamie's habits first thing in the morning."

"Are you sure about this Sam? I mean boys tend to be shy about undressing in front of others at a certain age, even if it is in front of their friends." Uncle Walt reasoned glancing towards Austin and Jake making me and the two Lorenz brothers blush and wondering if he knew what may have gone on last night between us.

Looking at my two friends I didn't see how, but still it made me consider the possibility as I felt Uncle Walt's gaze boring through me. Now that he actually mentioned it I began to get a little nervous about the suggestion looking over towards Jamie who sat in his chair running the fork in circles around his food totally engrossed in the activity and oblivious to everything else around him. It broke my heart to see him like this, not to mention seeing him so tortured at times because of not being able to communicate leaving having a meltdown his only recourse to try getting his point across to us. He's been enduring the shame of this bath time ritual for years now, so if nothing else I would be willing to take the humiliation of stripping in front of the innocent boy if it would mean he could finally find some dignity with this situation. Everyone sat in their chairs waiting silently to see how I would respond. Sitting back I shoved the plate away from me totally full.

"Well I really sort of boxed myself in with this one didn't I?" I groan chuckling nervously breaking the tension while Jake leaned over and punched me in the arm like he already knew my answer.

"Sometimes a good friend has to take a hit for his buddy Sam. We've only been friends since yesterday, but I already know the type of pal you are. Jamie's lucky to have you as a buddy too. Most people wouldn't even bother to take the time with him at all, but I hope I can be friends with Jamie too…if that's cool with you Mrs. H?" Jake added getting an appreciative smile from Aunt Harriet.

"Yeah me too Mrs. H. I'm not exactly sure what we can all do with Jamie, but maybe it is time we found out." Austin added picking up on the nickname Jake had began while nodding his head in agreement with his little brother.

"That's sweet boys and I'm sure Jamie would love it. Where there's a will there's a way." She emphasized looking towards me while I rolled my eyes and nodded my head.

"Yeah you're right Aunt Harriet, and since it is for Jamie then I suppose I can find a way too." I nodded committing myself to the experiment.

Uncle Walt smiled arching his eyebrow looking at Aunt Harriet. "Well?"

Mrs. Weiler shrugged her shoulders. "I suppose we could give it a try. There's really nothing to loose. Besides, I feel kind of bad for Jamie…I mean all these years now and I didn't know. I kind of feel responsible now not realizing how uncomfortable it must have been for him. It might have been easier to change things when he was a few years younger." She sighed shaking her head.

"Harriet don't beat yourself up for it, I'm partly to blame as well. Besides, we can't really be sure if this was us or simply Jamie getting into that sort of routine, and if this works it will at least be another positive step for all of us." Uncle Walt asserted empathizing with his wife's plight and second guessing herself now.

"Yes…yes of course Walt. Sam if you are game so are we, but boys…," Aunt Harriet got serious looking sternly at the Lorenz brothers. "We'd appreciate it if you didn't say anything to anyone about this. We don't want other kids teasing Sam about this if you know what I mean. This means your mother as well. We don't think she'd say anything, but still the less people know the better. We don't want Sam having a hard time with some of the other kids around here because we just found out he will be staying with us for a while longer, which means going to school for a month or two." She emphasized the boys pausing for a moment before agreeing and understanding completely.

After breakfast the boys reluctantly mentioned they had better be heading home, but promised me they'd come over to visit since they only live about ten minutes up the main road by bike. Uncle Walt loaded up the boys and I waved goodbye a funny feeling gripping me when I realized I had some real friends around here for good. Glancing over at the barn I made my way over climbing up the ladder into the loft opening up the window before smiling and nodding my head.

Looking around I noted that this most definitely was a safe and secluded spot. Giggling to myself I shoved down my sweatpants and underwear allowing them to fall and wrap around my ankles. Enveloping my swollen member with my right hand I got right to it no longer able to contain myself allowing my fingers to begin working their magic. I was horny like a goat in the heat of rutting season when I sat down on one of the hay bales spreading apart my knees opening myself up further feeling naughty in the process. My left hand cupped my swollen chestnut sized testicles, and my body shivered not from the coldness in the air, but rather the excitement of the moment. Somehow being out in the open like this doing the nasty was a most seductively stimulating experience. Ever so slowly I ran my fingers across my smooth knob, the memories of last night flashing through my mind recalling how both brothers had rubbed their hard nakedness up against mine. Jake's small foreskin covered erection was complimented by his older brother's fat one while I imagined Jake maturing becoming more and more like his older brother Austin. I could literally feel the weight, size, and heat of both boys in my fingers compared to my own erection I was currently pumping furiously.

I've been at it for only about twenty seconds now when I felt the heat rising inside of me with my testicles beginning to squirm around. Suddenly my body seized with my erection swelling and my testicles bouncing around in my fingers. I could hear a roaring noise buzzing around in my head like the pounding of surf against a solid reef. It was deafening with my mind exploding into a myriad of rainbow like colors. My chest seized up and my stomach muscles constricted with the rush of my climactic release coursing like a flooding river cresting over its banks no longer able to contain the onslaught of overflow. My body heaved, contracted, and simply bucked like some wild animal in rut season and no longer in control.

"Uuuumph, uuuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, uuumph, umph, umph," I gasped my lungs starting to ache while I tried in vain to suck in air.

My body finally collapsed backwards slumping against the hay bale my breathe creating a steamy cloud of multiple puffs while I continued to wheeze. Slowly my body started to settle down and I groaned sitting up straighter. Looking down at myself I could see my hardness slowly shriveling up the cool air actually feeling good now brushing around my boy baubles. Allowing my hands to slump alongside my body I continued to stare down at my now shriveled up soft penis and low hanging testicles. My balls continued to jerk spastically every once in a while forcing my soft penis to twitch making me giggle because the oddity of it.

The entire episode had lasted maybe a minute at most, but it felt more like hours. It was kind of funny with me giggling uncontrollably looking around noticing that I had found the perfect spot for my secret naughty deed. From up here I could tell if anyone entered the barn because they would have to pull open the large doors first, while the window opened towards the side of the barn that was completely secluded. The other day I had walked around outside and because of the trees there wasn't a good vantage point to see into the open window which meant I didn't have to worry about being seen. The ladder and trap door in the floor added more security giving me enough time to straighten myself out if anyone decided to get nosey. In addition I've been using this spot to get away and think which would give me the perfect excuse in case someone should ask why I was here.

Reaching down I pulled on my underwear and sweats standing up and brushing myself off smiling quite pleased with myself. Things have been too stressful lately not being able to take care of my needs on a regular basis. Making my way back to the house I decided from here on out I would be more consistent in this regard.

I was very perky and upbeat the entire day before evening approached and we finished up with our dinner. Helping Aunt Harriet clear away the tables it was finally time for Jamie's bath. I was nervous when we walked towards the bathroom with Aunt Harriet following us inside the small room. I looked around nervously and blushed when she sort of hung around.

"Um…Aunt Harriet…I…uh…," I stutter when she suddenly seemed to realize the issue.

"Oh…um…yes…I'm sorry Sam. I know…I know, and I'm leaving now. It's just I'm a little…you know…nervous." She sighs while I nod my head understanding how she felt.

"Me too, but for…um…different reasons." I chuckled with her smiling encouragingly before closing the door behind her.

Even though I've had my little fun time last night being naked and all with the Lorenz brothers I'm still a bit nervous about stripping out of my clothes with Jamie standing so close in the bathroom. It's not like I hadn't been naked last night with him seemingly watching me, but somehow this felt a bit more embarrassing now that the two of us were all alone together. After hesitating I finally tug my sweater over my head before pausing for a moment tugging down my underwear and sweats at the same time stripping out of my clothes. At first my penis is soft, but suddenly it inflates when I look towards Jamie who seems to be rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet with an obvious erection between his legs while he runs his fingers over the outline of his rigid tube.

There was no turning back now as I make my way to the large Jacuzzi tub, turn on the shower head adjusting the temperature, and hop inside beginning to wash myself clean. Holding open the curtains I notice Jamie was still standing there so I urge him to hop inside with me."

"This is something you can do Jamie. It's easy…do what I did. Just take off your clothes and then come inside. It's like taking a bath but you are standing up." I point out watching while he hesitates a moment sort of tugging on his shirt like he was actually going to undress before he walks over and steps inside the shower but remains completely dressed.

He stays on the opposite side of the tub as far away as possible, and I am careful not to touch him not wanting this to become a meltdown by mistake. This is the first time the boy has actually taken the initiative of trying something this new and foreign like a shower so I didn't want to push my luck. Besides him actually taking a shower and not a bath was progress, and I was sure both Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet would agree. After all we knew it would probably take several tries. In the meantime I began showing Jamie how to wash himself by demonstrating on myself.

There is a close bond and friendship that forms between me and the Lorenz brothers as they ride their bikes over to the farm almost every day from their place. They have some cool mountain bikes, and tell me that even during the winter months they ride them around into town at times. It was only about a twenty minute bike ride using the side trails so not really all that bad. When I thought about it, I would have enjoyed going on bike rides with them; especially, to the lake. Maybe if I came to visit during the summer months we might just do that. As it was, I didn't own a bike though because in our neighborhood it would probably get stolen in a heartbeat. Besides it wasn't like there were open spaces to ride a bike in the city unlike over here in the country.

During their visit they informed me that their step brother was still hobbling around whining like a little baby. When they had gotten home they both had snuck a peek at the boy's swollen nut sack when he was all doped up and sleeping. Both their step dad and mom weren't inside so they had snuck into his room while he slept snoring loudly sneaking a peek announcing his left nut had actually swollen way bigger than the tennis ball size their mom had describe.

"It's about the size of a grapefruit." Jake had snidely commented making us all chuckle until I raised an eyebrow not believing him. "Well maybe not that big, but most definitely bigger than a baseball, maybe smaller than a softball…sort of in-between I guess, and that's the truth." He amended his older brother agreeing which still sounded huge to me as I imagined how weird it must look.

They said it looked hilarious considering his testicles were normally puny maybe the size of a small seedless grape or something. They confided that their step brother was pretty much small between his legs. He was hairy as hell, with a soft pecker only about two inches long and an erection of about three inches. Way small for a kid his age, and his hairy crotch made everything about him butt ugly.

"Which by the way, he has a hairy ass to boot." Jake added shivering disgustedly that he had actually seen something like that.

None of his friends ever tease him about his small size or hairy ass openly, but behind his back they called him mini-me boy or baby Sasquatch. The mini-me was a reference to that mini-me character in the Austin Powers movie because evidently the little person really has a small pecker in real life. The baby Sasquatch referred to his hairy ass, and the size of a penis that one of their babies would probably have.

On Thursday and Monday I met up with Earl in town again gathering up some more groceries and other items I had requested.

The days just seemed to fly by now that both Jake and Austin came over on a regular basis. We had decided it was best for them to visit me here considering the whole issue regarding their step brother. As the days flew by Christmas finally arrives. It is a sort of mix bag for me because I miss my mom, even my dad in some ways, but I do call up the hospital just about every day chatting with her. She seemed to be doing fine, and told me she received the angel pendant I had sent her for Christmas and was wearing it. Our chat lifted my spirits as I now sat around the Christmas tree in the living room while the Weilers handed out gifts. They even handed some out to me which were mostly warm clothes, but I appreciated them because they were given to me with love. I had to admit though that the outfits they gave me were pretty snazzy and stylish. They handed me another package which made me chuckle. It was an electric blanket with them telling me they noticed I tended to get cold at night in bed. Of course I didn't tell them I'd rather have a warm boy's body curled up next to me.

"Wow this is really nice." I exclaim truly touched and surprised. "I really wasn't expecting much." I told them honestly.

"Well Sam, it's nice seeing how much you enjoyed the gifts." Uncle Walt sighed as both him and Aunt Harriet glanced towards Jamie with all of his gifts piled up around him while the boy rocked back and forth in his own world.

Uncle Walt got up and walked towards the kitchen while I continued to watch Jamie. Again it was a reminder of how much others took for granted. Holidays and birthdays must really be tough for the Weilers in regards to Jamie. I was hoping that what I was about to do might help out at some point. I was about to get up when Uncle Walt came walking out with one final gift for me.

"No way." I yelped getting up and walking hesitantly towards Uncle Walt to inspect the electric blue colored mountain bike he was hanging on to.

"It isn't a new bike Sam, but we hope you don't mind because it used to belong to Trevor." Aunt Harriet's remarks a bit nervous since I might not approve.

"Are you kidding I love it. She's beautiful; especially, since she belonged to Trevor. Are you sure it's alright?" I asked amazed that they would be willing to part with such a gift that had belonged personally to their son.

The Weilers gaze at me and smile shaking their head. "What's wrong?" I ask them.

"Nothing, it's just that Trevor referred to the bike exactly the same way. He'd yell out to us sometimes that he was taking his girl out for a ride in the fresh air." Uncle Walt chuckled while Aunt Harriet wiped away the wetness from the corners of her eyes.

I almost belted out with laughter at the terminology because that statement could be construed in a couple of different ways. This was a special moment though, and I didn't want them to think I was making light of this wonderful gift, but somehow I wondered if Trevor sort of had a quirky sense of humor because he must have known what 'taking my girl out for a ride' meant in our boy world. The more I thought about it the more I felt their son was having a play on words making it a sort of inside joke only he was privy to, or maybe some of his friends too.

"We wanted to buy you a new bike Sam, but by the time we found out about you having an interest in joining the Lorenz boys on their bike rides it was sort of too late. Are you sure you don't mind getting a used one? Trevor took good care of his bike. It was one of his favorite things that he owned, but we understand if you'd prefer to have new one." Aunt Harriet asked again still nervous about the gift.

Getting up I leaned over giving her a big warm hug. "I really…really love it Aunt Harriet. Now that I know it belonged to Trevor I'll take good care of her. It's probably one of the nicest gifts I've ever received from anyone." I told her honestly as I began looking over the mountain bike.

The electric blue colored outreach mountain bike had the typical large wheels with duel suspension and a twenty one speed Index derailleur, Shimano grip shifting and front and rear V brakes. It was dated, but still had some of the state of the art features popular today. I could tell that Trevor had taken excellent care of his prized possession. It most definitely was used with the normal wear and tear such an item would receive by an active young boy, but it was in absolute fantastic shape. It was obvious that Uncle Walt had cleaned it up a bit, but that was mostly typical maintenance type of things from it having sat around for a few years. He did things like oiling the chain, pumping up the tires, wiping away the dust from the spokes and rims along with the dirt and cobwebs. Other than those simple things not much else was required since their son had taken so good care of the bike.

"It's my turn now." I tell them mysteriously before running upstairs while the Weilers remain behind watching me.

Returning back with a couple of packages held in my arms I walked over to Jamie and kneel down in front of him. The long haired boy was rocking back and forth completely in his own world gazing at the object in his hands. His fingers were fiddling around with a small toy completely fixated on its design.

"Hey buddy I've got something for you. In a way it is sort of an apology for the way I treated you so badly when I first got here. I hope you like it." I tell the boy holding it out waiting patiently for him to respond.

I've been noticing that at times you sort of have to be patient allowing him to process what you were saying. Sometimes simply holding something out to him and then giving up wasn't enough time for him. This time my patience pays off though because he reaches out and actually takes it from me.

"You have to tear off the wrapping paper like I did with some of my gifts Jamie. I know this is something you can do. Remember I said it is something you will like, but you have to take off the paper first." I prodded him gently trying to put it in a way he could understand.

At first nothing happened with all of us sitting there quietly, then slowly Jamie actually began taking off the wrapper paper. Once he had it all unwrapped he looked at the device in his hands.

"It's an ipad Jamie, just like mine when I first got here. I'm sorry that it's a used one, but it is still newer than mine with an updated version. I bought it from my friend Steve because I couldn't afford a new one, but I had him install all sorts of games and things designed for kids just like you. I know you will love them. My friend is sort of a geek, athlete, and all around kind of popular kid rolled up in one bundle." I chuckle. "I know, weird huh, but since he's such a cool computer geek I made sure he installed all the best stuff for you. This way you can always play whenever you want." I tell the boy not knowing just how much he does or doesn't understand what I was saying.

Turning towards Uncle Walt and Aunt Harriet I hand over their gift. "Sam you really didn't have to give us anything." Aunt Harriet admonishes me. "You shouldn't be spending your hard earned money on us old folks who pretty much have everything we need anyway."

"Well I'm pretty sure you might find this useful." I tell them as they look at each other and then unwrap their gift exclaiming in surprise.

"Sam, I don't know what to say. I mean it is nice, but I'm not sure how we are going to use something like this." Uncle Walt comments furling his eyebrows looking down at the laptop in his hands.

"Well I know you guys don't use computers all that much, but there really is a lot you can do with it. The internet is full of good information for all sorts of things; especially, Jamie's autism." I assure the couple with them nodding their head understanding this sort of thing.

"We know all of that Sam, but still…," Aunt Harriet points out. "I hope you didn't spend a lot of money for this. We appreciate the gesture Sam, but I'm not sure I'd want you to spend so much money." She stated genuinely concerned about how much I had spent.

"No, it wasn't really all that much…really. I mean it belonged to Steve, my friend. He's always getting new computers, but this laptop is a really good one. But it's not just the internet and stuff. You see I've been taking notes on Jamie and tracking his progress setting up a crude data base, but I needed more so I had Steve design this way cool program. This way you can track Jamie's progress with a few clicks of the button. It is set up in a way so you can have graphs and charts on all sorts of things regarding Jamie. Things like what he eats and how he reacts later to eating certain kinds of foods. It's just about anything you can think of. It's an important tool, and I already added all the stuff I've been jotting down. The best part is that we access all the information through the internet; instead, of it being a stand alone system on one laptop or the other. This way both you guys and me can add the information at any time." I tell them motioning for them to hold tight for a moment until I could get Jamie squared away.

I wanted to get Jamie started on some of the interactive programs on his ipad that was specifically designed for Autistic kids before I got started with the Weilers regarding the database program and other features on their laptop. Making my way to Jamie I show him how to turn on his ipad and get into the games features. The first game I get him started on was an interactive program that teaches autistic kids some of the basic chores they could do around the house like making their beds, putting away their toys, and a number of other things. The game was set up in a way with all sorts of swirling designs and colors to keep an autistic kid interested.

While Jamie played on the ipad I hooked up the Weilers' laptop showing them some of the basic features. They weren't total lug-nuts when it comes to technology having utilized some computer programs in the library when they were over there with Jamie. Glancing over towards the long haired boy, and taking a peek at where he was in his program I noticed he was at a point that showed the kids about brushing their teeth, going to the bathroom, and even taking a bath or shower. I smiled realizing that these programs actually did seem to put a lot of thought into them covering just about any problems families may encounter with an Autistic child.

Focusing back on the Weilers we spend a good hour or so on the laptop, and by the time I'm finished they truly are amazed at how easily they can keep track of Jamie's progress. They even enter their first observations into the database regarding Jamie's reaction to my gift, and how he un-wrapped it by himself. They also enter the fact that he was engaging in the games on his new ipad.

Making my way to the eleven year old boy I kneel down in front of him. "Hey buddy it's time for our shower now. I will have your Aunt and Uncle set this in your room, and once we are done you can play some more before going to bed." I tell him softly holding out my hand and waiting.

He seems to hesitate before turning off the power and handing it to me. I in turn hand the device over to Mrs. Weiler before getting up and walking towards the bathroom. Jamie doesn't even hesitate and follows me into the small room. I'm no longer shy about my body around Jamie as I slip out of my clothes exposing my nakedness to him. I still get hard when I do undress in front of him, but it no longer bothers me because I realize it is due to the sexiness of it, not to mention my feelings towards the eleven year old boy.

Stepping into the shower I begin to lather up. A few moments later Jamie joins me and to my surprise he is completely naked his four inch erection bobbing around in front of him making me smile. This is an exciting moment because it's the first time the boy has actually gotten out of his clothes since we started the whole process. The next step was to teach him how to clean himself, and after that to see if he could actually take a shower on his own.

It's a good thing that the area we were crowded in was a relatively big space all things considered because I most definitely didn't want him to have a melt down because we accidentally brushed up against one another. That would be disastrous for sure as I face Jamie showing him how to use the hair shampoo. I specifically choose the baby shampoo that didn't burn the eyes while I lathered up my hair before rinsing it out. Then I turned to the soft soap and began lathering up my body.

I'm extremely methodical showing him how I apply the soap on my entire body in different stages making sure to rinse myself off each time before proceeding to the next area on my body. I even made a point of including how I lather up my boy bits. Jamie seems mesmerized with the process; especially when I spend time cleaning my penis and leathery boy bag. It was a little embarrassing, but important because I knew his body would be changing here over the next couple of years, and hygiene between a boy's legs and under his arms were a very important part of the process.

After I finished I urge him to change positions with me and to my amazement he actually begins to clean his body like I had shown him starting with his hair. After that he began to scrub himself clean using the soft soap. When he got to the part with cleaning his privates he seemed to hesitate a moment and actually blushed making me wonder if indeed he had certain feelings before he proceeded to soap up his hard tube.

The boy visibly shook enjoying the slippery sensation of his fingers gliding over his hardened shaft when he soaped up his penis and ball sack before rinsing it off and moving on. In my opinion that was like one of the sexiest things I've ever witnessed even though it happened quickly. It most definitely was going into my memory filing cabinet to be used during one of my masturbation sessions. This one would have me blowing my cork in short order. This was also going into my private journal that I've been keeping. My journal was beginning to read like some slutty novel considering all the personal sexual information I've been adding. It wasn't only about my resounding jacking off sessions, but also my deepest sexual desires. Then of course there was that bit of naughtiness between the Lorenz brothers.

Sighing I finally turn off the water noticing that Jamie was finished. Leaning out I grab a towel for me and one for Jamie before toweling myself dry. Jamie seems curious about the act of drying off at first, but then something seems to click and he begins to do the same thing making me smile. Finishing up I hang up my towel and slip into my pajama bottoms before glancing towards the boy noticing him looking around as if confused.

Then it sort of hits me and I begin to laugh while Jamie continues to look around. "I guess we sort of forgot something." I chuckle. "Well I guess next time we will have to bring some fresh clothes for you, or maybe just a robe since you like to go to bed naked. For now just wrap the towel around your waist like this Jamie." I show the boy who hesitates not understanding.

It takes several tries, but the boy finally manages to wrap the towel around his waist getting it secured while I pick up our dirty clothes and head upstairs. Jamie immediately removes his towel and crawls under his bed covers reaching for his hairbrush so he could get all the tangles out of his wet hair. Setting down the brush he notices the ipad and picks it up turning it on. A few moments later Mrs. Weiler comes upstairs and when she starts to stoop over she gasps in surprise.

"He did it?" She asks while I nod my head.

"Yeah he did. I'm not sure why, but he simply got undressed and into the shower. He even shampooed his hair and used the soft soap on his body. After we were done he even managed to dry himself off with a towel. He did really good tonight." I praised the boy who was engrossed in his game.

"The only hitch was we didn't have anything for him to wear when he got done." I chuckled. "I'm thinking the best thing is to get him a robe." I added while Mrs. Weiler agreed.

"This is amazing Sam. Walt come up here." Aunt Harriet yelled out as we heard the man climbing the stairs looking at us questioningly. "He did it. Jamie took a shower without his clothes on, and Sam said he shampooed himself and everything. Jamie even used a towel to dry himself off." She emphasized while Uncle Walt walked over towards me and gave me a big hug.

"That's really fantastic Sam. I'm so proud of you…of you both." The man praised us.

After the Weilers left I walked over to Jamie sitting on the edge of his bed. The boy paused a moment, but I made sure I didn't get any closer before he continued to play his game. Then he suddenly stopped and held out the ipad to me.

"You want me to play too?" I asked him scrunching up my eyes taking it from his hands and looking down on the screen smiling.

"Oh…yes I understand." I tell him looking at the section where it explains how one of the chores is to take a bath and a shower as I flip through a few more pages noticing pretty much the things I had shown Jamie.

"You did really good Jamie. I knew you could do this and I'm glad you are enjoying the game. Thank you for showing me this so I understand. I'm going to turn it off now and set it down right here for you. When you wake up it will be right there and you can play it if you want." I tell the boy setting down the ipad on the little end table at the foot of his bed sighing in relief when he snuggles up under the covers.

I hadn't been sure if he would have a meltdown because he couldn't play anymore. I suppose him knowing it would be there in the morning set him at ease. Reaching over I turn on the little rotating light that's on a timer so he could go to sleep.

"Good night Jamie, and Merry Christmas." I tell the boy before making my way over to my own bed.

Firing up my laptop I check over my emails, jot down some notes into the shared database that we are now accessing via the internet, before opening up my private journal adding the day's events. I've begun enjoying this part of the day as I jot down my most intimate thoughts and feelings. By the time I finish up it is getting late so I encrypt my journal and shut off my laptop.

Slipping out of my pajama bottoms I slide under the blanket enjoying the way it felt being completely nude under the covers. Lately I've been experimenting with sleeping naked at night in bed as I snuggle down further trying to get warm. Shivering slightly from the coldness I realize I had forgotten that new electric blanket. Sighing I promised myself to give it a try tomorrow night when I went to bed. It was too late now because I was settled under the covers and didn't want to get out of bed as I closed my eyes fading off to sleep.

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