Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 19

"You saw mine so now it's my turn little faggot. I think it's time for you to learn what all you little faggots are in for, I'm just going to give you what you want," the voice of an older boy who was obviously a patient at the hospital was saying.

I slammed open the door and was confronted with a boy about seventeen years old who had Mattie cornered and had reached out for him. He was in a hospital gown with his right arm in a cast, but was still ominous looking. He stood close to six feet tall and probably weighed around three hundred pounds, a big brutish kind of looking kid, not unlike the imposing figure of Sean from camp.

"What the hell are you doing," I demanded as I entered the bathroom letting the door close behind me. "Let him go or I'll kick your ass," I stated taking a threatening step forward.

"This is none of your business," the older boy stated as he wrapped his left hand around Mattie's throat and lifted upwards until Mattie was on his toes.

Just then I heard the clicking noise of the bathroom door being locked behind me and I turned facing a second boy about the same age. He had a nasty grin across his features, and his belt was unbuckled with the top button of his pants unsnapped.

"We were just about ready to have some fun with each other when this little luscious thing walked in on us and just stared so we figured he wanted to have a little action too. Since my buddy over here was the hurt one I figured I'd let him enjoy the new boy toy, but now I see both of us can have some fun with our own sweet tasting little treats." The new boy stated as he stepped forward.

Mattie's eyes bulged out and he whimpered looking pleadingly at me for help while at the same time had a look of not wanting me to get hurt. We were in a bathroom in an out of the way kind of place, probably not frequented that much so this probably made the boys much bolder. The new boy was just as big as his brutish friend, but for some reason my demeanor didn't reflect any fear and the larger boy hesitated. To tell you the truth my very first fight was just a week ago at camp, and now it looked like I was in for the ass kicking of my life, but I just didn't feel the panic of fear trying to overwhelm me.

Instead I just heard the soft reassuring voice of my father, and all those years we spent together having fun sparing and learning new moves. It had never been any kind of serious training just father and son having something in common and sharing time together. I heard him clearly stating that fear is a good thing because it keeps you sharp in times of danger, but you must learn to harness this fear and face any threats calmly. If you let fear control you then you truly are lost. Recalling his instruction, I became totally focused with the last thought on my mind being why it always has to be the big brutish lugs in these situations.

Using my years of training with my father I wrapped a calming warm blanket around my fears, and started to calculate my next move. I turned towards my assailant and looked him calmly up and down sizing him up. I could tell the large boy had seen my calculating assessment, and for a moment he actually showed a little fear. It was then I realized I had the upper hand for the moment.

I knew I could take care of myself, I found that out at camp, but it was those times with my father that gave me the real confidence. There were times where he would use his strength and skill when sparing with me and I had learned to protect myself during those moments. He would warn me ahead of time that he wasn't going to hold back when we did specific moves, and this taught me that I could handle people much bigger and stronger than me.

"If you let my little brother go, and let us walk out, we won't report you and we can all be on our way. If not I can promise you this much, there will be a lot of pain involved once I am through with the two of you." I told the boy blocking my exit.

My smoldering eyes must have spoken volumes because the boy took an unwanted step backwards. For a moment I thought we would all be able to go our separate ways, but the boy holding Mattie spoke up at that moment taunting the other boy.

"You're going to let a little piss ant ruin our fun. What a pussy." The other boy spat out.

Then all hell broke loose as the large boy lunged for me. Instead of backing away as the boy thought I would do I stepped forward and angled off to the side as I swung my arms up deflecting his outstretched arms and slid past the rushing boy. He tried to stop but my foot came down on the back of his knee forcing him down. The older boy yelped in pain and started to turn, and that is when I struck him in the face with all the force I could muster. My elbow jammed into the bridge of his nose between his eyes, and I heard it making an awful crunching noise. I knew immediately it was broke as blood came gushing out.

As soon as my elbow connected I continued in the circling motion, and then snapped back up under his chin with my fist which literally picked him up off the floor and sent him hurling to land at the feet of his friend who looked on in amazement at his knocked out friend. Blood continued to ooze out of the other boy's nose and actually made a sort of rasping sound when the boy breathed creating sort of a red frothing foam. Realizing the first threat had been neutralized, I turned my attention to the boy who was holding on to Mattie.

"S…stay back or I…I'll snap his neck." The other boy threatened.

"I don't think so. It would take a lot of force to break someone's neck, and I noticed you have a cast on your right arm and you don't look quiet used to using your left hand so I'm guessing you are right handed leaving you at a disadvantage. Release my little brother now or I'll break your other arm," I promised menacingly.

The other boy's eyes got huge and he slowly released Mattie who scrambled to my side and hugged me as he started to cry. He was starting to loose control of himself and I had to get his attention quickly before he lost it.

"Mattie, listen to me. I need you to go out and find the authorities and bring them back in here." I told the smaller boy, but he just shook his head no. "Go do it now," I snapped at him loudly bringing him out of his state of shock.

He looked at me then back to the boy lying on the floor and started to back away. He tried to open the door, but it didn't budge. He tugged a couple of times and then realized it was still locked so unbolted the door and ran for help.

"Please, you…you said you'd let us go." The other boy pleaded.

"That was before you fucked it all up. Now this will have to be reported and if your father is active duty it could mean a lot of trouble for him." I declared.

This had a clear affect on the boy as he started to cry and hold on to himself. "Oh hell my dad is going to kill me for this, please isn't there anything we can do, please." He pleaded.

My resolve started to crumble, but then I remembered how he had looked at Mattie as if the boy was his personal toy. There had been an evil lustful look in the older boy's eyes, and I knew he would probably have raped Mattie if I hadn't intervened. At that point it really didn't matter because a team of medical staff members and army security came storming in and handcuffed all of us while the medical staff tended to the patient with the broken arm making sure he was alright along with administering aid to the unconscious boy. I could hear Mattie screaming for them to let me go, but the security people weren't taking any chances until everything could be sorted out.

"Damn," I heard one of the male nurses tending to the unconscious boy exclaim as he shook his head. "The kid's nose is all smashed up pretty badly. We better get it checked out to see if he will need surgery or not. We might just be able to fix it without surgery, but we better get him admitted.

Security acknowledged the situation, but stated someone would have to stay with the injured boy as well until everything could be cleared up. They were carting all of us away when my dad finally showed up and Mattie was screaming trying to explain everything to him all in one breath. My father was wearing his uniform because he had some things to do on post, and had said a quick hello to Aunt Liz before leaving so we could continue with our visit while he took care of some business. He had just finished up, and was coming back so he could visit some more when he stumbled onto the scene. Mom and the rest of the boys came rushing around the corner at the same time, and everyone milled around the scene creating havoc as mom forced her way over to my side.

All of a sudden a booming voice could be heard above the melee and everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Mattie who had been hanging on to my father swiftly took a frightened step backwards while my father stood tall and proudly advanced towards everyone.

"You will take those handcuffs off my son," my father demanded not bothering with asking.

One of the army guards stepped forward hindering any further progress from my dad. He was a big huge guard who just snickered at my father looking all smug and crossed his arm defiantly.

"Sorry Sergeant but until all this is sorted out neither you nor anyone else will be making any demands despite you being Special Forces." He stated in his own confident booming voice recognizing the insignia on my dad's uniform before taking a step back when Sage seemed to appear out of nowhere brisling and growling ominously at the large man.

"That would be Sergeant Major to you." My father replied calmly as the man kept glancing at the imposing figure of the dog standing next to my father. As part of the military police the man was very familiar with the use of dogs on the military police force, but this dog seemed somehow a little different from the other dogs he had worked with.

The Sergeant bristled a little at having his authority challenged like this and barked a typical command for the dog to break off. Sage just bristled even more and took an ominous step forward growling and snapping his teeth at the man who instinctively took another step backwards.

"That won't work on the dog Sergeant." My father stated simply. "He's a war dog fully trained and extremely good at what he does with several combat tours and special assignments under his collar already, so I suggest you back down and do as I suggest." My father told the man in a calm but commanding voice.

This was getting to be a bit of a mess, and I didn't want my father to get into any trouble over this. I knew once things were straightened out they would take off the handcuffs. I was about to say something when another smaller army guard, a corporal, stepped forward at that moment, and whispered into the giant hulking man's ear. After that you could literally see the blood drain away from the man's face. He stood a foot taller and had about fifty more pounds of weight over my father, but he now looked truly frightened not knowing what he should do in light of what the other soldier had just whispered in his ear.

"Um…listen, Sergeant I'm…," he began when my father interjected again.

"I told you that it is Sergeant Major to you Sergeant, and you…will…accord me my due." My father reiterated pointing out the obvious. The other man had used the more minor term trying to get an upper hand as he was trained to do so, but my father was a highly trained and skilled soldier understanding the type of psychology that is used in these situations. By correcting the military police sergeant he was in his own way asserting his own authority.

"Um…of course…Sergeant Major…I'm sorry…really…but…rules…you understand," the large man stuttered before my dad spoke up.

"I don't care if it costs me my career Sergeant, you will remove those handcuffs or I'll break every bone in your body that is if Sage doesn't do anything worse first." My father stated flatly without moving a muscle, but you could have cut the tension with a butter knife it was so thick. The only ones who didn't even seem fazed by the apprehensive nervousness in the air were my father and Sage whose muscles were bunched up ready for action, which didn't get unnoticed by the large Sergeant.

The other smaller soldier looked towards his fellow guard and shrugged before turning towards me to un-cuff my hands before the larger confrontational guard could say anything. "Sorry Sergeant," The smaller guard stated to his security partner. "But I'd rather not have to deal with all the paperwork and questions when they admit you to this hospital," the smaller guard explained to the larger one as he shrugged his shoulders again before stepping off to the side.

The boy with the broken arm also held out his hands to be released but the corporal just sniggered. Grabbing on to the cuffs he pulled the other boy along as we all filed into a smaller room where all hell seemed to break out again as various sides to the story were given until finally it was Mattie who had convinced everyone as to what really had happened. He explained that he needed to go pee and entered the bathroom only to stumble on the two older boys having sex. He mumbled the last part a bit embarrassed by having witnessed something like that, while the older boy had immediately denied this saying Mattie was lying, but the smaller boy pressed forward finishing up his side of the story. He explained that the other boys then threatened to do nasty things to him and that was when Kyle came in and saved him.

In the end everything was straightened out, and the army guard talked with my father and they seemed to work things out between them. My father told him no harm no foul, and apologized himself, but said he wouldn't have done anything different. The Sergeant said he understood and told my father that he was honored to have met him, which once more seemed odd to me, but then remembering our conversation in the car it began to make sense. Still, it just seemed strange to me that no matter where my father went on base soldiers seemed to gravitate towards him and act a bit strangely. In the end the Sergeant, the other guard, and my father parted on good terms.

While we were at the hospital my parents took Mattie for his appointment with the doctor about his medication. The doctor was a bit upset and wondered why Mattie was on the current set of allergy medication. Clearly this wouldn't be a first choice, for that matter it was way down on the list of choices.

We all left the hospital after visiting with Aunt Liz some more and telling her about Mattie's medication. That is when we found out that Don had told her that the other doctor had recommended the other medication. After further investigation later on we also found out that Don had never told Liz about the side effects of the new medication, and that there were other medications that had actually been suggested instead by the other doctor. Once again Don had duped Liz into getting his way.

We said goodnight to Evan's and Mattie's mother with no one having told her about the incident in the bathroom as we all agreed it was best to tell her later when she got back home and was feeling better. No charges would be filed against anyone, but the two older boys got hell from their parents, and an investigation would be launched into the boy's conduct. They would also be required to undergo a psych evaluation to make sure they weren't a threat to the community, and then attend mental therapy from a psychiatrist on base.

When we arrived back in town later that afternoon we stopped by the Prescott's home and gathered up the boy's things that they would need for now. We would return throughout the week to start packing up the house and get it ready to be sold so that there wouldn't be a foreclosure on the place and maybe the Prescott's could get a little money out of it. Until Aunt Liz could get back on her feet the entire family would be staying with us.

After getting home we ordered some pizzas for dinner, and Evan asked if Jaden could spend the night. In light of what all had happened today my folks thought it a good idea to have this sort of distraction. Jaden and Evan would spend the night together in the attached guest house so that they could enjoy each other's company. Evan wanted me to join them, but I told him it would be good for him to spend some time with a friend his own age. In the end he gave up trying to convince me, and trotted off with Jaden while Mattie and I played some board games before bedtime.

My dad came in to talk with Mattie to make sure he was alright explaining how dangerous it can be sometimes, and that he needs to be more careful so he doesn't get into a similar situation in the future. The little boy looked at me recalling our earlier discussion about something similar. He shuddered realizing what a close call he had in diverting something potentially dangerous and harmful. After my dad left he snuggled up to me and cried. I held on to him and just soothed him comfortingly until he settled down before helping him get ready for bed. He put on his cute soft cottony pajama shorts that left little to the imagination as it seemed to cling to his modest boy package. He was in that spider man craze as he held up his pajama shorts showing me the cartoon before slipping his slight frame into them tucking away his modest sized Twix bar and milk duds. The boy had looked so adorably cute skipping around naked with his little candy treats wiggling around between his legs, and I couldn't help but laugh uproariously while popping a boner at the same time before tucking him into bed.

My mom and dad had already retired downstairs so I just hopped in the shower and got cleaned up. I crept into my room pulling on a pair of baggy shorts, and decided to download the pictures from my camera onto my computer. When I looked up Evan and Jaden entered my room and sat down on my bed.

"Is Mattie already in bed?" Evan asked me as I nodded in the affirmative. "Oh alright, I guess I'll take a quick shower then before crashing out in the guest house. I'll be right back Jaden." Evan stated as he entered my bathroom and shut the door.

Jaden looked longingly towards the bathroom door, and I looked over towards him leaning back into my chair. The poor boy just sighed and pulled on his little tackle box making me chuckle catching his attention as he just looked at me with a blank stare.

"What?" He asked as he smiled.

"Oh nothing just wondering how that whole boner thing is going for you?" I requested.

"Ah…yeah…still getting them, but they don't hurt anymore."

"Oh I see, but I've noticed you're still jonesin after Evan."

He just sighed, "I just can't get him out of my mind. It's like I really need to see him…you know what I mean?" He asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders, "can't you wait until school starts. He'll have to take showers, and I'm sure you'll be able to see him then."

He just flushed realizing how desperate he was starting to sound, "I guess you're right."

"Or, you could just hop in the shower right now and see what happens." I stated naughtily.

Jaden's eyes bugged out for a moment, and then he turned several shades of red before he too smiled and looked towards the door. I giggled as he nearly tripped and fell peeling off his clothes. The boy really was adorably handsome with his cheese balls and summer sausage swaying between his legs as he walked towards the door. By the time he reached the entryway to the bathroom his sausage had grown and practically stood straight up making me smile appreciatively at his beauty. He opened the door and took a quick peek inside before slipping through the doorway. He didn't even bother closing the door behind him as the last of my pictures finished downloading on my computer so I got undressed and just crawled into my bed.

"What the fuck. What are you doing? Get out." I heard Evan snap at Jaden, sounding a bit shocked at the intrusion.

"I needed a shower too, and just figured we could share."

"I don't know it's kind of…well weird."

"Oh come-on, besides I'm just kind of curious with how you look…you know. At least take your hand away so I can finally see you." Jaden pleaded.

"Why does everyone always want to see me naked?" I heard Evan ask as he giggled not sounding too offended anymore at his friend's intrusion.

"Well, maybe because you won't show anyone. Come-on, just take your hand away." I heard Jaden pleading again, and then there seemed to be a little pause.

"Oh fuckin no way. That…that just looks so damn hot Evan."

"Hey, watch it. I didn't say you can reach over and try to grab me."

"Alright, but shit I'm getting all boned up looking at you. Here at least jack me."

"What…no way."

"Ah come-on, I'm so damn horny. If you won't let me touch you at least help me out." I heard Jaden pleading once again as there was another pause.

"Oh Fuck!" I heard the blonde boy yelp.

"What!" Evan responded.

"Nothing, don't stop now, it's just that it feels so damn good. Here put some soap in your hand and let's do it this way."

"What…why do you want to do it this way?" I heard Evan asking.

"I don't know I just kind of like the idea of you being behind me with your arms wrapped around me. Also if my knees buckle you can at least hold me up."

After that I didn't hear them talking any more, but started to hear other sounds…familiar kinds of noises you take note of when two people are having sex. I heard what sounded like the squishy noises you hear when a dick is being jerked off. The water and slickness from the soap made it even more distinguishable. Soon after that I started to hear what must be Jaden grunting, and then all of a sudden I heard him exclaim.

"Oh shit, here it comes." He grunted several times.

Jaden hadn't lasted long. I figured it had been less than twenty seconds. It didn't surprise me though with the sexual tension having built up in the blonde boy and finally being able to see Evan naked for the first time. Add to that being jacked off by the brown curly haired youngster and it was just obvious as to the outcome.

"Shit, don't fall down. Damn, you got spunk all over my hand." I heard Evan complain followed by the two boys giggling.

Again there was a period of silence. I heard movement going on and what seemed like some cleaning up of the mess. Then I heard the boys speaking up again.

"Thanks Evan, are you sure you don't want me to…"

"Hey, stop that. No, I'll take care of it later."

"Awe, come-on, you're all boned up. Admit it; at least I got you all excited." I heard the blonde boy plead again, but this time it didn't work.

"Sure it was…kind of fun, but I…I just can't Jaden. Please, it's not you, it's just…I can't, can you understand, please?"

"Yeah, I understand Evan, but can you at least…" Jaden sort of trailed off.

"What now?"

"I've got to see you with your skin pulled back. Seeing you all boned up like that is one thing, but I just have to see what's up under there, please." Jaden pleaded once again with another period of pause.

"Jaden…I…I'm not sure about this." Evan finally stated.

"Please Evan, I won't jack you or anything, but please let me touch it and pull it back." I heard Jaden pleading as another long pause seemed to take place.

"Holy shit…that looks so…um…so…damn awesome, and fuck…it feels wickedly cool the way your skin slides back like that." I heard Jaden gasp excitedly.

"Th…that's enough," Evan exclaimed a bit too late as all of a sudden I heard him grunting unexpectedly. "Oh fuck," Evan's voice yelped resoundingly along the inside of my bedroom as I knew he had just suddenly exploded.

"Oh fucking no way," Jaden gasped in surprise and seemingly happy about the situation. "Oh shit, hold on Evan," Jaden yelped with what I was sure him reaching out and propping up his friend before he collapsed as Evan continued to grunt.

After another short pause I heard Jaden speak up again. "Holy crap you spew out stuff like a fucking volcano or something. That was wickedly awesome." He complimented Evan.

"Shit Jaden, just let me go already. Damn, why did you do that?" Evan complained.

"What…all I did was to take a look. How was I supposed to know you'd blow your cork." Jaden responded a bit put off, but then seemed to soften his tone. "Really Evan, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pressed you to go that far. I don't want us to have bad feelings about this because I really care about you as a friend." He told the other boy seriously while there was another short pause.

"Yeah I know Jaden. It…it's just…" Evan sighed before he continued. "You don't understand what's going on Jaden. I mean you sort of do, but remember at camp…I told you I have some things I wanted to tell you. Well…I think I have some explaining to do after we get cleaned up." I heard Evan tell his friend as I detected some movement going on in the bathroom as the boys started drying off.

"Thanks Evan…for…you know…everything." I heard Jaden giggle before stopping. "Um…sorry Evan…I know you are a bit sensitive about it for whatever reason." The boy apologized to his friend.

"Bunch of damn perverts…all of you." I heard Evan reply sounding not all that upset about it as before since he just began giggling setting his friend at ease about it as Jaden joined in the giggling fest.

A few moments later both boys entered my room with towels wrapped around their torso. Evan looked over towards me and gave me a look that just set me off as I busted up laughing. I could tell he was sporting a hard on so figured he must have enjoyed being naked with Jaden even after he exploded as I sat up and motioned him over.

"You're such a fucking twat," Evan punched me teasingly while Jaden looked on and then started to put on his clothes. Damn that sandy blond boy was sexy hot with his two inch limp asparagus jiggling between his legs.

"I just wanted to help you out a little with the whole embarrassment thing. I mean he's your friend so figured it would be alright. How was I to know he'd make you blow a gasket?" I laughed as he stepped in front of me and then looked at me seriously.

"How's Mattie doing?" he asked me as Jaden slipped on his shorts.

I looked over to Jaden and caught his attention, "Hey Jaden why don't you wait for Evan back in the guest house." The other boy looked over at us and nodded his head.

"Come on Evan sit down." I patted the bed next to me as I wrapped my arm around him. "Mattie seems to be alright, but dad and I had a chat with him. I think he is starting to understand what we all are talking about. That was a close call and I'm a little worried about Don as well. We all need to keep an eye out for him just in case, alright?" I asked him.

He sighed as he looked at me and leaned in closer. "Yeah, I know. What happened was real creepy and I'd have died if something had happened to Mattie."

We sat there together for a little while and then I looked down into his eyes and gave him a peck on the lips. He smiled back and got up to get dressed. I grabbed his wrist and turned him towards me looking at him eagerly.

"Not now Kyle, Jaden is waiting and what if he comes back?" He asked looking towards the door.

My response was to unhook his towel pulling him towards me and suckle in his semi-erection into my mouth. It immediately inflated and I heard him groan in pleasure as I started bobbing my head up and down the length of his thickness. It didn't take long for him to explode a second time because he had been so worked up by Jaden, and I knew he was capable of multiple orgasms so a few moments in my mouth was all it took before he spewed his second load into my waiting mouth. I suckled him some more being rewarded yet with a sort of mini orgasm as some more of his precious seed dribbled out and into my mouth only a few seconds later after the other one.

"Oh hell Kyle I love that mouth of yours," He gasped as he tried to recuperate. "But shit, between Jaden and now you I'm afraid I won't be able to walk straight." He moaned as he just leaned his weight into me.

I wiped him clean and he quickly got dressed. He looked over towards Mattie's room and snuck inside to check on his little brother. He approached quietly and leaned down to give his brother a kiss on the cheek. The smaller boy opened his eyes sleepily and smiled up at his older brother.

"I love you Evan," He whispered.

"I love you too Mattie, sleep tight and if you need me I'll be in the guest house. Just come over if you need to see me, alright." Evan responded to his little brother.

The other boy just nodded and faded back to sleep. Evan was glad they finally changed his brother's medication. He stayed another moment or two before slipping back into the guest house and his waiting friend. They ended up snuggling together with the television on and talking about some of the things Evan needed to tell Jaden. This was a hard thing for him to do, but he felt it was important to let the other boy know why he had issues with certain things. If the two of them were really going to be friends, the other boy needed to know some things about his past.

It was early morning when my father poked his head inside my room and I heard him whisper jokingly, 'Boner boys.' It didn't register what he meant at the time as he leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. He was heading for work and would see us later.

Evidently, sometime in the middle of the night Mattie had gotten up and snuck into my room and draped his body over me. Evan soon followed settling in on the opposite side with Jaden following a few moments later to snuggle up next to his friend. By the time my father opened up my door all four of us were huddled together with me on my back, Mattie half on top of me and his hips against my thigh, Evan on my other side laying on his back with my arm around him and his leg stretched over on top of mine, and Jaden laying on his side next to Evan with his hips snuggled up against the other boy.

It was hot in my room so my bedcovers were pulled off to the side exposing our fit and trim half naked torsos. Thank goodness we were wearing shorts because all of us were sporting erections when my dad stepped into the room to give me a see you later kiss. I remember mumbling something to my dad along the lines of 'I love you too dad,' before fading back to sleep.

My eyes fluttered open to a dimly lit room that was just starting to lighten up with the oncoming of the new day. I dimly remembered the moment when my father had given me his usual see you later kiss, and I seemed to recall glancing around me at all of the bodies intertwined amongst one another with everyone sporting a boner that was sticking out every which of way before closing my eyes and going back to sleep. I was too tired at the time to think anything of it, but now I seemed to remember dad had come in and seen us like that. I didn't know if I should be mortified or just laugh at how funny it must have looked to him as I now gazed around noticing not much had changed since that earlier moment. In a way it was kind of sexy seeing all the guys with their differing shapes and sizes bulging at the fabric of their shorts, underwear, and pajama bottoms.

It sure left little to the imagination as I silently untangled myself from Evan and eased my body off the nice comfortable mattress making as little noise as possible. It wouldn't really have mattered because truth be told both Mattie and Evan were exhausted from all the worry and problems that had plagued them recently. I knew they would be sleeping in a bit today so padded my way into my bathroom and silently shut the door behind me.

After relieving myself I had decided it would be a good idea to get cleaned up and ready for the day. I was going to skip my morning run since I had soccer practice later on this morning. Evan would be coming with me to try out for the junior league, and I was sure he'd make the team. While at camp we had taken a little time from our already overloaded schedule every day to work on some of his moves and improve his skills. It amazed me how Evan seemed to blossom physically and mentally with his game in a very natural kind of way. The boy was reluctant to go to the tryouts at first because his mom was hurt and in the hospital, but she insisted that he went. She told him that she'd be coming home soon, and would love to go see him play in some of his games. This seemed to spur on Evan even more because she had never gone to watch him do anything. Of course that was mostly due to the fact he had never tried out for any sports before, but still her renewed interest sort of saw another change in him as he realized his mother truly did care about what he was involved in. I watched him swell with pride as he gently hugged her to him while she gently caressed his cheeks wiping away the dampness of his tears.

The hot shower felt good pounding up against my body as I put shampoo in my hair scrubbing it vigorously before rinsing it out. Next I put some liquid soap into the palm of my hand and started to soap myself up. My penis was throbbing between my legs and I ran my hand between them to gently cup my heavy sagging boy pouch before starting to play with my hard erection. I sighed contentedly as I ran my soapy hand along the length of my shaft and slowly started to masturbate myself. Even though my pecker's been getting a lot of action lately I knew it wouldn't take much for me to take care of my needs as I slowly worked my hardness.

Then I felt someone wrapping their arms around my waist from behind, and I shuddered enjoying the sensation of another hand taking my hardness into their fingers softly stroking it. The presence of a new person didn't surprise me and I figured Evan must have woken up despite being totally wiped out with the last couple of days. His hands felt wonderful as they began to work my hardness and I leaned back in total contentment letting my angelic angel work his magic.

All of a sudden my knees buckled and I shot out my load as my benefactor continued to pump his fist along the length of my iron four inch rod. "Oh fuck," I gasped out spewing my load up against the tiled walls of the shower cubicle. "Umph, uuuuumph, uuuumph," I gasped as my hips rocked upwards and another round or my orgasmic cum oozed out of the tip of my penis. It was intense as always, and I leaned back against the small boy standing behind me as I let my emotions wash over my body.

Slowly I regained my composure and sighed in relief as the pumping fist released my now sensitive flaccid penis from its grip. "Oh fucking shit, that was way cool," I heard a familiar voice. "I never knew someone could cum that much," Jaden gasped making me realize for the first time who it was standing behind me.

"What the fuck," I exclaimed turning around noticing the cute twelve year old blonde as he stood there completely wet and naked his own adorably sweet three inch cut erection swaying around in front of him.

"Shit sorry Evan, I…I just couldn't help myself. I just wanted to…you know…return the favor ever since…um…you helped me out with my problem last week. Please don't be mad." He stated a bit taken aback at my reaction to him having jacked me off.

"N…no Jaden it's alright. I just thought you were someone…um never mind…it just caught me by surprise is all." I responded as he seemed relieved I wasn't mad at him for being so bold.

"Oh cool," He smiled at me as he looked down noticing my flaccid nakedness and admiring my body. "Wow, you look hot," He gulped before looking up at me. "Um…you don't think you could…you know?" He smiled hesitantly at me before looking down at his three inch erection still bobbing up and down expectantly.

"Shit Jade, I thought you said that problem of yours was fixed." I told him teasingly as I took a look at his sexy hot naked body.

He noticed me staring at him and shrugged his shoulders. "Um…yeah…you did…but still I've been kind of…um…you know…hoping you might be willing to…um…help out some more." He giggled looking at me hopefully.

"Shit Jaden if your brother ever found out he'd probably kill me." I told him honestly.

"Why does he have to know? Please Kyle. Jacking off on my own just isn't as much fun." He sighed seriously as I just looked down and swallowed hard not able to control my desire for having his young sexy body to myself.

Smiling at him he seemed to swallow noticing my lustful look as I pushed him gently so he was sitting in the corner on the marble ledge in the shower with part of his back leaning up against the glass wall and the other part against the tiled wall where the two came together in the corner. He really was a very luscious sexy looking twelve year old boy as I eyed him hungrily noticing his three inch erection bobbing up and down as blood pumped through his body forcing his penis into its erect state. The blue veins seemed to puff out along the length of his shaft making my heart thunder in my own chest. He really was one of the most beautiful boys I've ever seen naked or otherwise.

Kneeling down in front of him I spread apart his knees scooting closer as Jaden's deep blue eyes glittered in the soft dimness of the bathroom lighting. Looking up into his ivory pale white face with ruby colored cheeks I gasped at his utter beauty. How I lucked out with so many beautiful boys lately was just beyond me, but if Jaden needed some help I was willing to give it to him.

My own penis never has had so much action, and the stimulation of so many other boys in my life lately kept my heart pumping and juices flowing. Sometimes I wondered if being with so many boys was unfair to Evan, but deep down I guess we both knew that no matter what, in the end we belonged to each other. All of my friends that I've been with had turned me on and made me feel so sexy, but it was always Evan who seemed to fulfill my desires the most. Besides, to be honest I really didn't mind if Evan experimented around with other boys…or girls for that matter. I kind of felt he should have that sort of experience under his belt just so that he wouldn't regret our time together. He's been so closed off with his body that I was glad when Jaden had finally done some sex stuff with him. In a way I was hoping it would bring Evan completely out of his shell once he realized that it truly was alright to fool around like that, and to be a little bold at times.

Reaching my hand out towards Jaden I softly stroked his almost flawless face with the palm of my right hand. He was just so fucking beautiful as he shivered expectantly placing his left hand over mine and rubbing his face up against my hand before kissing my palm and waiting patiently for me to pleasure him. Of course he had no idea of what I was about to do to him, but since he was willing to have some action I was going to give it to him in a way he's never experienced before.

"Damn, I still can't believe you're a virgin and haven't gotten any action of any kind from a girl yet Jaden," I told him my voice rasping a bit shakily because truth be told he probably was the most stunningly striking looking boy I've ever known.

Evan was also beautiful and angelic, but in a different kind of way, one that made my heart thunder and yearn for him like no other, but when it came to just pure simple beauty, Jaden's face and body personified what those words truly meant. It was like his body was perfect in every way, and when you looked into his face all you could think of was that he was just pure boy through and through. In his naked state even his penis and boy pouch just epitomized what perfection truly meant despite or maybe even because of him being circumcised.

He just shrugged his shoulders and blushed. "I…I don't know why either?" He giggled apprehensively feeling a bit self conscious about the entire issue.

"It's nothing to be ashamed about Jaden; it just surprises me is all because you really are smoking sexy hot." I sighed making him blush even more at the way I was talking and looking at his naked body as if he were my personal toy. I could see it turned him on, but at the same time also made him a bit self conscious.

The honey blonde haired blue eyed boy sitting in front of me truly did have the perfect penis in both its hardened or softened state. The few wisps of hairs along the base of his shaft let one know that he was at the cusp of change where his boyish qualities struggled to maintain their dominance in an ever deliberate and measured process of evolutionary transformation. Yet this too seemed to embody the perfection of boyhood within him. Even his fleshy boy pouch, which had hung tightly against his body the last time I had sex with him, jacking him off to a resounding orgasm several times, now hung slightly loose between his legs as if his statuesque body was just now entering the final stage of complete exquisiteness.

Jaden truly was an amazing specimen of a boy in the phase of flawlessness perfection that is rarely seen and only lasts fleetingly before adulthood finally settles in steeling those unique qualities away. Jaden sitting there in front of me all opened up like that made my whole body quiver with extreme lustful desires. While Evan held my heart and soul completely and without any reservations, Jaden made my lustful desires within my hormonal teenage body smolder with longing and wantonness as my blood burned hotly in my veins throughout my entire body.

Our eyes connected as he gently kissed the palm of my hand making me quiver with shameless desires. His soft ruby red lips were just too much as I shifted my hand sliding it along his neck and cupping the back of his dampened silky hair. I leaned my body forward resting my thighs and erection up against the coolness of the tiled ledge between Jaden's legs as I pressed my head forward. Gently pulling on the back of the boy's head our two lips connected as I passionately kissed him.

The move had caught Jaden by surprise as he stiffened up reflexively. I knew what he was thinking as the consuming passionate fire burned hotly throughout my body. He was perfectly fine with some boy action to satisfy natural teenage urges, but actually kissing another boy bordered on the verge of 'gayness,' and he was a bit stunned by the boldness of my kiss. The shock didn't last long however because I felt him give way to his own yearnings and desires as any doubts seemed to crumble away his resolve. He returned my kiss as he opened up his lips and allowed my tongue to enter. I heard him moan as he slid forward wrapping his legs around my hips and locking his ankles together behind me allowing his body to press up against mine while our tongues danced around inside his mouth. His erection slithered across my stomach, and I felt his little fleshy pouch bumping lightly up against my mostly bare and sparsely hair covered pubic mound.

My left hand wrapped around his waist along the small of his back while I pushed my right hand beneath his left leg forcing his ankles apart and hitching his leg further up along my upper arm. His right leg still rested around my hips as my right fingers slithered between his soft cushiony orbs and slowly rubbed around his tight little virginal opening.

The boy jerked and winced when he felt my fingers rimming his grommet, and he let out a soft moan of pleasure as his body began to quiver. I felt a warmth sort of spread over my stomach and pubic mound as I realized he must have either let loose a copious amount of pre-cum, or had accidentally released some of his seminal fluids. Jaden grunted as his legs clamped around me tightly with what I knew was him trying to stave of his orgasm. I gathered that he must have been caught by surprise with the intensity of feeling of my soft wet fingers rimming his pink puckered eyelet.

My finger relaxed from rubbing up against him and I felt him start to settle down a little as we came up for air. He gasped inhaling deeply as I leaned down and buried my nose in his crotch savoring the heady boy scent wafting up between his legs. I knew he was extremely close and if I inhaled his penis into my mouth now he would most likely orgasm on the spot. His body arched upwards as my lips tenderly kissed the crease between his left leg and his fleshy boy pouch while he tried to hold back the tide. It lasted only a moment as he got himself back under control slowly lowering his hips. As soon as I felt him relax I inserted my finger all the way inside of him in one smooth motion hearing him yelp in surprise and a little bit of pain. It was moist and steamy inside the shower so there was plenty of lubrication that it didn't hurt him very much. It was more of a surprise than anything else, which also allowed me to slip my lips over his copiously sweet pre-cum tasting coated bulbous mushroom sized head with just a hint of more salty tasting seminal fluid of the orgasmic kind.

"Oh fuck," he hissed in surprise and ecstasy at what I had just done. "Oh shit Kyle…th…that feels so hot…umph," he grunted as a small quiver ran up and down his body forcing him to gasp back an impending orgasm. "Oh shit Kyle…it…it's almost too much," he hissed as I lowered my lips completely around his erection feeling his hardness quivering and spewing out more pre-cum as he held back the impending orgasm.

It was just too much for him and I knew he was about to blow his gasket so inserted another finger making him gasp and wince in pain. "Oh shit that hurts," he moaned but pushed down on my fingers indicating he liked it at the same time.

The move had managed to stabilize him a little, but I knew it wouldn't for long so got busy with it as my lips retreated upwards towards his fattened up glans. I could feel his pulsing veins up against my lips as they slid up along the length of his shaft. The heat of his warm blood seemed to pound thunderously along his shaft making it quiver and writhe around like a little snake. He was very close now as I began to fervently bob my head up and down feeling his fingers wrapping around my hair while his breathing rasped loudly in his chest.

It was time to finish him off so I wiggled around my finger bumping up against his little pleasure button while at the same time running my tongue along the bottom side of his shaft before circling them around the tip of his sensitive pee slit and around his ridge. Jaden gasped and shoved his hips up into my face allowing his quivering penis to delve deeply into the damp cavernous pleasure giving orifice. All at once I felt his penis elongate even more and then his glans fatten up obscenely as a forceful blast erupted from the tip of his glans making Jaden moaned in rapture.

"Uuuumph, uuumph, uuuumph, uuumph, oh shi…it, uumph, umph," he moaned and writhed around in my arms as his orgasm forced his body to contort in a previously inconceivable manner.

His penis sent out one large volley of sweet saltiness into my awaiting mouth as it splattered up against the roof of my maw before his snake continued to writhe in a death roll oozing out its hot venom coating its body in the sweet salty tasting substance. I was already immune to this type of toxin as I continued to suckle on his little garden hose feeling it twitch and squirm around even more as if someone had just turned it on and left it lying on the ground.

We were both perspiring now as the hot water from the shower combined with the heat of our bodies sent steam into all corners of the bathroom. Jaden jerked a couple of more times and then settled his hips back onto the ledge completely spent as I pulled out my fingers from his tight little boy hole. I continued to suckle on his now flaccid penis a bit too hard one last time feeling his body jerk in a small convulsive manner before Jaden slowly pushed my head off his now very sensitive shriveled up little pride and joy. He sighed contentedly as I let his soft vegetable stalk slip from my mouth, and I couldn't help but smile and admire its still visually stunning perfection before leaning up kissing the spent boy passionately on the lips.

He eagerly returned my kiss and then gasped in surprise once more as I fed some of his own seminal boy seed into his mouth. He giggled and then ate at my mouth hungrily as he sought out more of his salty sweet juice.

"Mmmmm, I taste so fucking awesome." Jaden sighed and giggled.

"Yeah, you sure do." I whispered back to him enjoying how his body felt up against mine. "Damn, you are so fucking sexy hot Jaden." I told him as I stood up in front of him stroking my own now once more hardened piece of steel.

The boy had worked me up into a frenzy, and I needed release one more time. Jaden smiled at me wickedly before looking at my now four inch hardened endowment and pushing away my hand. He leaned forward and I gasped as he suckled up my erection into those beautiful soft ruby lips. The sight of my own penis slowly disappearing into the perfection of visage sitting in front of me was almost too much as I quivered trying to hold off my impending orgasm. I knew this was Jaden's first experience in both receiving and giving a blowjob, but his lips and tongue felt divinely sensuous as he slathered wetly along the length of my rigid shaft.

"Oh shit Jaden your lips and tongue feel so fucking hot." I told him as he smiled up appreciatively at my compliment without slowing down forcing me to place my arms against the glass enclosure and lean up against it to get a good angle for him to take in my hardness.

His lips felt wonderful and even though I had just spewed only moments earlier I knew I was right at the threshold. Jaden was taking too long and I knew I was close so grabbed the back of his head and started to vigorously pump my hips into his face and mouth. Jaden choked for a second but then adjusted his angle on me taking all of me inside his mouth with ease. I was being forceful with him, and I was going to slow down just because I didn't want him to feel used, but then I saw him looking up at me his blue eyes glittering fiercely and hungrily wanting more. I smiled and gave him what he wanted as the rush of my orgasm exploded inside of my body and I rammed my hips hard into his face forcing his nose into my soft fleshy pubic mound.

"Oh shit here it comes," I gasped in an almost too late kind of a warning as my orgasm racked my body for the second time within a five or ten minute span.

My penis expanded and exploded expelling one huge rope of cum down the back of Jaden's throat which he eagerly and hungrily swallowed followed by several smaller dollops that just oozed out the tip of my blood engorged glans.

"Uuuumph, uumph, umph, umph, shiiiii, ummph, umph," I moaned and groaned allowing my orgasm to run its course.

My knees buckled and I felt Jaden's arms clamp reflexively around the back of my thighs holding me up. My soft penis slipped from his lips flopping down over my sagging pouch as I shuddered and exhaled noisily leaning up against both the glass wall of the shower stall and Jaden who was still supporting me upright.

"Damn Kyle, that was fucking awesome." Jaden giggled as he let me go so I could sit next to him panting and gasping for air trying to recuperate.

"Yeah, it was really hot," I told him honestly.

"Shit Kyle, I can't believe you gave me a blowjob. Shit, I can't believe how fucking awesome it felt too. I mean…way better than jacking off." He admitted looking over towards me as I just nodded.

"Yeah, way better for sure." I responded as he just giggled at me before getting a little quiet.

"Kyle?" Jaden sort of looked down and inspected his soft penis.

The innocent question made me giggle because it was so much like Evan. "Yeah Kyle," I replied as he looked up when I giggled and just smiled at me wondering what was so funny. "Sorry Jaden it isn't you. It's just that Evan does the same thing…you know with the questions."

"Oh yeah, I was going to ask you about that. I mean earlier before we…um…you know right after I jacked you off you seemed kind of surprised. I mean not at getting jacked off just about it being me. I didn't think anything of it, but now I am just sort of…wondering." He told me as he blushed looking away.

My mind raced around because I got the distinct feeling he sort of knew about me and Evan now. 'Shit…first Mattie, and now Jaden.' I thought to myself.

"Um…yeah…and?" I asked him as he just glanced towards me.

"Nothing it's just I was thinking…um…if you weren't expecting me…and if you were expecting someone else…then there are only two other people here that would…um…you know." He whispered as he looked away.

'Fuck I was right.' I thought to myself as I sighed. "Um…Jaden…I…I…shit." I stuttered not knowing what to say as my mind raced for a way out of it and not finding anything. In the end I decided to just let him in on it. "Yeah you're right. It just sort of happened, but Evan and I are finally sort of…you know…together…in that way." I told him as Jaden just nodded his head thinking for a moment.

"Oh," he responded and nothing more as I looked at him a bit stunned by his reaction.

"That's it…just 'oh'?" I asked him as he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

"What do you want me to say? I mean I like Evan and he's my friend so I was just wondering is all." He told me simply.

"So you don't think its too weird…you know the age difference and everything?" I asked him as he just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders again.

"No…not really. I mean…shit the two of us just had sex together…and…um…we kissed and everything. Do you think that makes me gay too?" He asked seriously as I just chuckled.

"No Jaden it doesn't make you gay, just horny is all. Besides, I'm not even sure if I'm gay or not. This is pretty new to me too." I teased him as I leaned my body into him giving him a nudge.

The smaller boy just sighed and shook his head. "I just don't get this whole sex thing. It's so damn confusing." He admitted to me. "Shit Kyle I really liked what happened between us, and I loved seeing Mattie's penis last week, and then yesterday with Evan. I mean if that doesn't make me gay?" He just shook his head a bit bewildered.

"Listen Jaden you are just horny and you are enjoying having sex, even if it is with other sexy boys is all. Hell, blowing your nut is just that, getting off whether it is by jacking off, real sex with a girl, or having a bit of help from a friend who happens to be a boy. I mean I wouldn't worry about it too much until you've had a chance to be with some girls too. Then you can make up your mind if you like boys better or girls. Believe me I'm sure you will really like what it feels like sticking yourself up inside of a girl," I giggled making him laugh too, "but in the meantime if you can have some excitement with other boys then just have fun." I told him as he continued to chuckle and look at me quirkily.

"Damn, we must be a couple of sluts or something. Shit you and Evan are an item and here you are giving me a blowjob, and I'm no better. I didn't even hesitate with sucking up that hard dick of yours. I mean I've never done anything like that before and to be honest I loved it too. Fuck Kyle, are you sure I'm not gay?" He asked me chuckling at the absurdity of the situation.

"I'm sure Jaden. Come-on let's get up and cleaned up before the water gets cold." I told him watching the boy get to his feet enjoying his sweet perfection. "Damn, you're so fucking sexy hot." I stated getting up and receiving a shaking of his head.

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