Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 20

"Damn Kyle, after everything you're still horny?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I'm a teenager so always horny, but for real Jaden you are so fucking sexy hot. If you don't lose your virginity soon I might just have to take it for myself." I teased giving his two sweet pale dimpled melons a firm slap making him yelp in surprise as we stepped under the shower head to rinse off while he just looked towards me a bit quirkily wondering what exactly I meant by taking his virginity, which made me smirk at him in return mischievously.

We finished up and got dried off before heading back into the bedroom. We didn't even bother getting dressed as we both slipped under the covers; me next to Evan and Jaden next to Mattie. I was kind of tired, and snuggling up with Evan for a quick nap would have been nice, but I knew we would have to get up here soon anyway in order to get ready for my soccer practice and Evan's tryout.

"Hey you two," I whispered as I brushed my lips up against Evan's mouth. The smaller boy just reached up and returned my kiss passionately as I felt his hard uncooked noodle press up against my hip. He was still in his shorts, but that didn't prevent me from feeling it up against me as I reached down slipping my hand beneath the fabric of his underwear to wrap my fingers around the stiff warm smoothness. Jaden was snuggling up to Mattie, and with a bit of hesitancy leaned down giving the smaller boy a gentle kiss on the lips as well. His eyes bulged out when Mattie slowly woke up and returned his tender kiss with a bit more passion, and I was also sure the smaller curly haired boy slipped his tongue inside the older boy's mouth.

"Damn Mattie, where the hell did you learn to kiss like that?" Jaden asked a bit shocked making Evan jerk in surprise because he hadn't realized that the other boy was close by.

Evan swiftly reached down removing my hand from beneath his underwear glancing towards Jaden to see if the other boy had noticed. He really didn't have anything to worry about because Jaden was more focused on Mattie at the moment.

"From Kyle," the smaller boy giggled as he yawned and stretched noticing that Jaden was lying next to him completely naked. "Wow Jaden you look really nice. Can I touch it?" He asked reaching out not waiting for permission.

Jaden flinched and looked over towards Evan a bit worried, but his friend didn't seem mad at him; instead the curly haired boy seemed a bit put off by his younger brother's blatant boldness. "Geeze Mattie you really need to be more careful about things like that. I mean most other boys wouldn't like it if you did that sort of thing to them. They'd probably make fun of you and call you names." Evan reprimanded his little brother.

"I know Evan, but Jaden isn't just any boy, he's our friend. Besides, he's the one who's naked in bed just like Kyle." The smaller boy pointed out to his older brother as Evan first looked at me and then Jaden before rolling his eyes when he noticed noticing our wet hair and figured out what must have transpired.

"Geeze, you two have fun already or what?" Evan giggled as he just shook his head. "Come-on Mattie let's get up and take a shower since these two bozo's are already done with theirs." Evan chuckled giving me a knowing look yet also shaking his head seemingly a bit put off, before getting up and turning his back to Jaden so he could adjust his morning erection.

To me the move was kind of silly, but I did understand it. I mean sure, Jaden's already seen him naked and even made him blow his gasket last night in the shower, but he was still a bit shy with his body, and not ready to completely go naked in front of others just like that. He turned back around and noticed Mattie had gotten out of bed and had stripped out of his pajama bottoms his little two inch rigid fatty pointing outwards from his fleshy pubic mound at a forty five degree angle a couple of feet in front of Jaden who was just gawking at the little boy's hardness.

"Would it be alright if I touched it?" He asked Mattie making me glance towards Evan noticing he had sort of taken a step towards his little brother protectively.

This was an awkward moment for Evan, but I just motioned for him to take it easy as he just looked at me a bit worried for a split second before relaxing realizing that it was only Jaden after all. "Is it cool?" Jaden asked turning towards Evan looking for permission from him as well.

Both brothers looked at one another and Evan could tell Mattie was alright with it so shrugged his shoulders. He knew his friend had been dying to get a closer look at Mattie ever since that sleepover last week, but the smaller boy had been totally out of it back then, and he hadn't felt comfortable with it. Now since he was awake it didn't seem to bother him as much to allow it to happen. He watched his little brother step between the older blonde haired boy's legs giving Jaden a closer look as he pushed his hips outwards.

"That tickles," Mattie giggled as Jaden reached out to run his fingers over Mattie's hard plump stubby. "Can I touch yours again? It is really beautiful Jaden." Mattie asked and reached down to touch the boy again when Jaden got up on his knees and nodded giving permission.

Evan watched the exchange noticing it was more about curiosity for both of them than anything else. "Does it pull back like Evan's does?" Jaden asked curiously as the smaller boy just giggled.

"Of course it does, go ahead and see for yourself." The younger boy stated letting Jaden skin him.

"Wow, that's like way cool Mattie." Jaden told the younger boy slipping the foreskin back into place and releasing the boy's stubby stump plunger. "Thanks Mattie." He finished as he smiled at the smaller boy who just leaned down and hugged him.

"You're so awesome Jaden. I'm glad you're Evan's friend." The smaller boy stated as he released the older boy and walked over to his older brother reaching out letting Evan take his hand and smiling when his brother ruffled his hair. He seemed to be enjoying the change in his older brother as Evan seemed to be more involved in a tender way with him lately.

"No Mattie, you're the awesome one." Evan told his younger brother sweetly. "Come-on let's get cleaned up before someone blows a gasket." He teased looking meaningfully at me and Jaden.

Walking hand in hand the two brothers headed towards the bathroom, stopping long enough for Evan to pick out some clothes, before closing the door behind them. I was watching Jaden chuckling to myself because the blue eyed boy continued to stare at Mattie's backside as his two cute little pale golden delicious apples jiggling around playfully.

While Jaden watched Mattie disappear behind the bathroom door he had been slowly stroking his hard pre-teen twelve year old smooth three inch knob knocker. His glans seemed to get darker as blood rushed throughout his erection making it bob around a little. Damn, he really was so fucking hot, I thought to myself not for the first time.

Jaden shuddered briefly once the bathroom door closed, and then leaned back on the pillows releasing his hard tool sighing to himself as he watched it bob up and down on its own. His slightly sagging soft lambskin satchel with his two heavy chestnut sized testicles snuggled up between his legs settling just above his butt cheeks. I was amazed at how just over this past week or so his little boy pouch went from hugging up tightly against his body beneath his penis to them now sagging slightly between his legs. My body quivered excitedly as I reached over to my end table where I had set down my camera last night and picked it up.

Jaden noticed the movement and smiled as I got up taking a few pictures of him laid out on my bed all boned up. He even stroked himself a few times his body quivering and responding to the stimulation before he released himself allowing his erection to slowly calm down. It was so sweet watching his erection fade away until it was completely flaccid. I kept snapping pictures of the various stages of his transition making sure to zoom in for a few as well until his spongy two inch penis draped lazily over his soft little boy pouch. I took a few more pictures before setting my camera down off to the side.

"Damn Kyle, what are you planning on doing with all the naked pictures of me?" He asked me curiously as I just shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know." I told him honestly. "It's just so hot seeing you like this and it's kind of nice to have some pictures as a keepsake. You really don't mind do you?" I asked him as he just shook his head.

"Nah, it's cool. Just promise me you won't put it on the internet or anything, or for heaven's sake show my older brothers. That would be a bit…um…embarrassing." He told me seriously.

"No way Jaden, I wouldn't ever do something like that. You know that right?" I asked him seriously. "Besides, if Gabe ever found out we were…um…you know…doing stuff together he'd probably kill me." I told Jaden honestly.

"Screw him Kyle…for real. Hanging out with you, Evan, and Mattie…and um…messing around a bit with you guys has been the most fun and best thing ever…in my entire life." He sighed seriously not caring what his older brother thought about it. Besides I guess the pictures might help you sometime…you know…when you can't get it up." He giggled as he made that jacking motion with his hand.

"Jack ass," I retorted glaring at him teasingly as I continued. "I guess it could, but why look at pictures when I can get the real thing in person." I mocked him as I jumped on him and reached out latching onto his vegetable tuber and fruit basket giving them a firm squeeze making him jerk and squeal before all hell broke loose as we ended up in a wrestling match.

If anyone had been watching us I suppose it would have been a funny sight seeing two naked boys' little bits jiggling around as we tossed, turned, and twisted around with one another. After several minutes of grappling with one another we finally broke off and settled down on to our backs lying side by side gasping for air as we just giggled like two silly little girls. Jaden reached over and held my hand giving it a squeeze.

"Thanks Kyle," He whispered to me.

"For what?" I asked.

"You know…for just caring about me…like an older brother." He responded as I released his hand and wrapped my arm around his shoulder.

The boy sighed and rolled over on top of my left half draping his left leg over me and snuggling up closer. I could feel his soft doughy corn dog and floppy bean bag settling on my thigh as I just held him to me. I knew there wasn't anything sexual about this and that Jaden was just looking for the closeness of gentle brotherly contact as he rested his head on my shoulder sighing contentedly while I softy rubbed his back.

"Why can't Gabe be more like you," he whispered as he sniffled a little.

Sighing I just shook my head and held him tighter. I knew what he was referring to because he had hinted at it before I left with Evan for camp. I had talked to Gabe on the phone telling him to back off a little on Jaden regarding the whole pantsing thing and all in front of others. I had also mentioned he should be more gentle with his little brother trying to hint at being a little closer with him without outright telling him to hug his little brother every once in a while. I knew that Jaden saw how close I was with Evan and Mattie giving both of them hugs out in the open, and that this is really what Jaden wanted with his own older brothers. When we talked about it the last time I had told Jaden he would have to try to talk to Gabe, and his other brother, about that situation on his own.

"I don't know Jaden. Both of your older brothers just feel differently about things is all I think. You know they love you right?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I know." He admitted, but I could tell he was still a bit sad about it.

The young blonde boy was different than his two older brothers. He took more after his mother, being more of a sensitive kind of kid, and truth be told he really was a unique kind of boy. He excelled in sports, academics, and was extremely popular; all boy in a sense, but he had another side to him that was very caring and sensitive. I just hoped that his brothers wouldn't squash that out of him, because to be honest that quality is partly responsible for what made him so adorably sexy and popular. We both got quiet and then heard the bathroom door open. We didn't bother untangling ourselves as I continued to cuddle with the smaller boy who seemed so at ease and relaxed at the moment.

Evan glanced over towards us noticing the somber mood, but when Mattie saw us lying there on the bed he climbed up and draped his small naked body over both of us giving us a warm tender hug. "You smell really nice Jaden," the smaller boy complimented his older friend.

"Um…thanks…I think?" Jaden giggled making me wonder what was so funny, but then noticed Mattie had popped a little boy stiffie as he sat back up and climbed off the bed.

Evan noticed as well and just rolled his eyes at his younger brother. "Geeze Mattie, do you have to constantly pop a boner. I mean you're only like eight going on nine so shouldn't be constantly sprouting a stiffie all the time. Hell, even in the shower you got one, and for Pete's sake I think you know how to wash your own pecker by now, so from here on out you do your own." Evan scolded his little brother, but not in a harsh kind of way; rather, more teasingly as he let Mattie know its all good yet still a serious enough matter.

"Awe Evan…no fair." Mattie protested, but Evan just shook his head firmly at his little brother letting him know it was time as he continued to lay into his brother playfully.

"For Pete's sake already Mattie, get dressed and tuck that thing away. It's bad enough that Kyle and Jaden are still lying there naked, but since you keep popping a boner you should at least get dressed." Evan taunted his little brother who just stuck his tongue out at his older brother, grabbed his little hard willy skinning it back, and thrusting his hips out at his older brother in a sort of 'fuck you' kind of response, which made all of us bust up including Evan. Let's face it where the hell does an almost nine year old boy get something like that from?

"Come-on Jaden, Evan's right." I sighed rubbing Jaden's back tenderly. "We better get dressed before my mom sees our little fence posts hanging out in the open and all lined up. Believe me you don't want one of her conversations about the whole letting it all hang loose out in the open for anyone to see and sex thing." I told him making Jaden jump up a bit self conscious now about possibly being caught naked by my mom, which prompted another round of chuckles from me as I pictured him turning beet red in the face as my mom gave him a very pointed lecture.

We all put on something to cover up our lower half, except Evan who was already dressed in a pair of jean shorts and button up blue plaid shirt, as Jaden sort of looked around for a moment. "Damn, I left my shirt in the other section of the house. I gotta go get it." He stated as he moved towards the door.

"I'll go with you." Mattie offered as the two of them disappeared.

Evan walked over and sat next to me on the bed. "So what's up with Jaden…you know…he kind of looked a bit bummed." Evan asked a bit concerned for his friend who had been there for him when he was feeling down in the dumps.

"Yeah he kind of is. I mean he sees how I treat you and Mattie…you know hugging and cuddling…and sort of wishes his two older brothers would be more like that instead of so rough all the time. I already talked to Gabe letting him know he shouldn't be pantsing his brother now since he's getting older, and I tried to sort of talk to him about being a bit closer with Jaden, but I don't think he's got it in him. I know he cares about Jaden, but he's a bit…I don't know…um…I guess you could say a bit colder in the way he displays his affection towards other family members…and Jaden…well he's more…um…well sensitive about things despite being good in sports, academics, and very popular in school." I tried to explain to Evan who just leaned in snuggling up against me.

"Thanks Kyle…you know for caring about me and Mattie. I don't know what I would have done without you." Evan sighed as he took my hand in his and kissed my palm affectionately.

We both just sat there for a bit savoring being together. I could hear some noise out in the kitchen, and knew it was Mattie and Jaden getting some breakfast together.


"Yeah Evan."

"Did you and Jaden…um…you know…have fun together?" He asked me a bit hesitantly as I just looked down at him.

"Um…yeah…sure." I responded a bit tentatively. "Does it bother you? I mean…you know that I've sort of been messing around with some of the other guys?" I asked him feeling kind of bad since Evan and I were now sort of together.

The boy just shrugged his shoulder and bit his lower lip. "I guess not…I mean…maybe a little…but…um…you know." He sort of looked up at me making me frown and feel bad about how I had just been going around doing things with other boys in ways that I never thought I would.

It was really kind of strange because I had never been like that before. Even with friends my own age I never ever wanted to do those sorts of things, but lately it's almost as if being so turned on by Evan had sort of charged me up sexually, doing things I normally wouldn't even have consider doing before. I mean, it's like I've just been so carefree about sex in general. Now that I'm supposed to be with Evan I was almost being a sex whore, and I started to feel bad about it all now; especially, considering what I've been doing with Mattie. Even though Evan wanted it for his brother last night, I still thought it was a bit out of bounds, and I now felt rotten about it on top of everything else.

Shaking my head I gave my sweetness a quick hug and kiss on his forehead. "Yeah you're right Evan, but to be honest I didn't realize it was Jaden at first…you know." I tried to excuse myself a little, and to be honest that really was the truth because I had originally thought it was Evan and didn't know until after the fact. "I mean…I…um…well I thought it was you, and once I did realize who it was…well…um…it was too late to stop. Then afterward…well…I thought it only fair to repay the favor." I explained to Evan, but it still didn't excuse me from taking things as far as I did.

"It's alright Kyle…I mean I know we are sort of together…but still…um…I guess it should be alright for you to do things with other people. Besides, I know I'm much younger than you and all, and you even want me to mess around a little too, but it's just…I don't know." Evan tried to explain his feelings.

"No…you're right Evan…maybe it's wrong to mess around if we are supposed to be together…so why not make it official then. Let's formally become boyfriends…you know…us together…and for real…well as real as we can be without it getting around." I stated chuckling nervously about others finding out.

"Really…you mean it Kyle. I mean being boyfriends for real?" Evan looked at me hopefully.

"Yeah, boyfriends for real." I told him as he jumped on me forcing me down before leaning in for a passionate kiss. Damn, how I loved the way he kissed.

After a minute or so we broke off not wanting it to lead to other things and getting caught since both Mattie and Jaden were just down the hall in the kitchen. So instead, we continued to snuggle for a bit longer savoring our time together. We just sort of lay there on the bed cuddling up, with him leaning his head up against my chest, while I ran my hands through his hair without either one of us saying or doing anything. After a while I saw some movement in the doorway and watched Jaden enter the room looking towards us and smiling a bit hesitantly, almost as if he were yearning for some more cuddling as well.

"Um…Mattie is eating some cereal, but I didn't know if you guys were hungry?" He asked us glancing our way before looking down a bit blushing at sort of having interrupted us.

Evan untangled himself from me and got up walking over to his friend giving the boy a warm tender hug making Jaden stiffen a bit in surprise before he relented and returned his friend's hug. "Thanks for everything Jaden. You're the coolest friend ever." Evan whispered to his buddy who had seemed to melt into him.

"Um…yeah sure…what are friends for anyway?" He told the curly haired boy clinging to him and refusing to let him go.

"Yeah, but you really were there for me when I needed a friend, and before you I really didn't have any. You're my best friend ever Jaden." He whispered.

"What about Kyle…I mean he's really the best ever." Jaden interjected still hanging on to the warm embrace from the other boy relishing the comforting hug.

"Um…that's different." Evan noted making Jaden chuckle.

"So it's true then…you guys are like…um…you know…together." Jaden chuckled making Evan take a step back releasing their hug.

"What…how…um…I mean…you're alright with that…you know…me and Kyle?" Evan stuttered a bit stunned that someone else had figured it out now as well. "You…um…you won't say anything to anyone. Please Jaden." Evan started to get worried.

"Of course not you goofball. I don't care about any of that stuff. You're a cool friend to have and Kyle is awesome too. I wish my own brother was as cool as him. Besides, it's no one's business who you like…um…you know…in that way, or what you do." Jaden told his friend this time stepping over and initiating the hug.

Evan responded and wrapped his arms around his pal pressing up against him. "Damn Jaden, you really are sexy and if I wasn't with Kyle who knows." Evan teased his friend who looked at him mischievously and reached down giving Evan's package a little grope.

Evan didn't even wince or bother pushing the boy's hand away. "Yeah, so I can tell from what you've got getting hard between your legs." Jaden teased as he shifted his hands. "You sure we just can't mess around a little?" He asked allowing his hand to dive down Evan's shorts as he stroked the other boy's sleeve covered stiff tube eliciting a shudder from the curly haired boy.

"Damn, that feels so hot Jaden…but no." Evan whispered gently leaning his head on his friend's shoulder looking down between them watching Jaden slowly stroke his extremely hard torrid sprout. "Please Jaden…I…I just…I don't think…" Evan pleaded but leaving it up to his friend.

He owed his friend that much, and other than Kyle, Jaden was the only one he really trusted in that way. Evan shuddered as he realized another one of his little dams had broken knowing he wouldn't mind in the least if things went further between him and Jaden. He realized that slowly he was starting to feel more comfortable about his nudity and sexuality with others, but he was still a bit shy about it, and blushed when he noticed Jaden looking down and skinning him exposing his blood engorged glans.

Jaden looked up into Evan's eyes and detected his friend's willingness to allow him to go forward because he trusted him, but there was also a look of sadness if things continued. It was almost as if Evan was finally willing to share himself to him, but it was because of their close friendship and trust. The curly haired boy most definitely was in love with someone else, and truly didn't want anything sexual to happen between the two of them…at least for the time being. He sensed that for Evan it was a bit too much too fast. With all that's been happening to the other boy, Jaden could understand why his friend felt the way he did so was willing to give Evan time.

Sighing Jaden slipped Evan's foreskin back over his slicked up acorn shaped glans and removed his hand. "Sorry Evan…I…I just…I don't know." He whispered back to his friend.

"I know Jaden, and I don't…you know…really mind us doing things together…it's just…I don't know…too soon. For now, I wouldn't mind cuddling together sometimes though. I'm so lucky to have Kyle, and if you ever need someone to be there or just want to have a hug, I really don't mind that either Jaden. Both Kyle and I really care about you, and we don't mind having you in our lives. I haven't done enough of that with Mattie either, and I want to be a better brother to him too." Evan breathed out softly as he once more hugged his best friend for a few moments before breaking off and softly announcing we should probably get a bite to eat.

Jaden chuckled and wiped away some of the dampness on his cheeks with the palm of his hands, noticing Evan was doing the same thing, before punching his friend in the arm. "Owe, what's that for?" Evan protested.

"For getting all mushy and making me cry." Jaden glanced at his friend with a smirk on his face. "But I do appreciate it. I couldn't ask for a better friend Evan…for real, both of you." He admitted to the other boy before glancing at me with a look of gratitude before wrapping his arm around Evan's shoulder leading the way out to the kitchen.

We were sitting around in the dining room when my bleary eyed mom finally wandered upstairs giving us all a warm kiss on the forehead. "So guys what's the plan for today, she sighed and looked over at me appreciatively for having made a pot of coffee.

"I've got soccer practice today mom…remember, and Evan's going to go try out for the junior team league today right after my practice session. Today's practice is going to be a short one though so that Coach Peterson can take a look at some of the younger kids." I reminded my mom who nodded her head remembering.

"Do you think I could try out for Coach Peterson's team too?" Jaden asked getting interested now too. "I mean I usually play with the Ravens every summer, but if your coach is putting together a new team I'd prefer to play on that squad instead; especially, if Evan's going to be on it?" The boy pointed out.

"Geeze, what makes you think I'm any good?" Evan piped up looking down at his bowl of cereal a bit embarrassed by how everyone seemed to be assuming he would make the team.

"Oh for Pete's sake already Evan, I keep telling you that you are good enough…better than most who will be trying out. You have to stop listening to what that ass…," I paused catching myself in regards to the expletive getting a scowling look from mom before I continued more calmly. "Um…listen to me Evan, all these years Don's been trying to drag you down for whatever reason. He was wrong for doing that, and we all know he's a jerk and a real piece of work. One of these day's he will get what's coming to him, but you really do have to start believing in yourself more. I do, and so does everyone else. You are better than that." I bit my lower lip hoping I didn't open up any wounds; especially, in light of what just happened to his mom.

"You have to listen to what Kyle is telling you Evan." My mom chimed in pulling a chair over to the boy so she could sit next to him and look at him eye to eye. "I know it is difficult Evan, but we have to try to move forward from here. What Don did to you, Mattie, and your mom was wrong…very wrong, but if you don't move forward he ends up winning. You're mom will be coming home sometime next week. You're Uncle Kevin and I have talked it over, and all of you are going to move in with us for a while. We will put you boys in the extra rooms, and your mother will stay in the master room in the old portion of the house. I wish there were rooms over there for you boys too, but like you all know it was only a small farmhouse to begin with. Before we bought the place it was all farm land and orchards with it belonging to just the farmer and his wife who had no children of their own so didn't need a big house. Anyway, there is still enough room over there though so you boys and your mom can have some privacy together away from us when you need it. We will clear out the extra work room and one of you boys can have it. Whatever we can't fit into the bedrooms and the old section of the house we will store in the old barn for you guys. It's in good shape so why pay for a storage unit. You will see, it will be a nice home for you boys and your mom for as long as you need. Once she is on her feet again, we can work out a permanent solution for you." My mom laid out the plan of action.

"P…please Aunt Judy…you really don't have to go through all the trouble of clearing out the other bedroom for us. I…I mean Mattie and I can share a room together no problems…really." The boy interjected not wanting to be such a hassle making my mom smile at how sweet and giving the boy truly was towards others.

"We won't hear it Evan. You are getting a little older and need your own space too. Your Uncle Kevin and I don't need the extra room for now, and you guys do, so we won't hear anything more about it. You are family Evan, and we will treat you no differently than we would Kyle. Is that clear?" My mom pointed out to the boy who just nodded as he began to shake a bit overwhelmed.

Evan sat there for a moment trying to quell his emotions and then leaned over hugging my mom tightly as he hiccupped trying to hold away the tears. Mattie got up too and my mom wrapped him up in her warm embrace as well. "You boys will see this will all work out. What are families for right…if not to be there in times of need?" My mom whispered in their ears holding on to them for a while longer before releasing them.

"By the way Kyle…you're father and I have agreed to allow you to have your friends from camp come over to the house on Saturday. We figured you guys all need the distraction for a bit because next week will be a busy one for everyone. You boys will probably be tied up with your practice and upcoming games for the summer season, but we have to get everything done next week if we are going to get your Aunt Liz from out under this big elephant of a mess Don left her in. You're father already has a potential buyer for her house with a nice family from base interested in it. If they decide to buy it on the agreed price it will get her out of hot water with the bank saving her credit rating for the most part. It will also provide some additional funding as a cushion for her until she gets back on her feet." My mom sighed hoping it was all going to work out.

"Thanks mom that's great. Tell dad we will help with the house in putting it all in order to make it look really nice so that it will sell." I told her smiling encouragingly.

Both Mattie and Evan seemed to feel much better now about what was going on. With my mom laying out a plan, they were able to feel as if things were relatively stable once more for them. The prospect of their mom getting out of the hospital with an actual place to come home to seemed to lift up their spirits. My parents were sacrificing a lot, but like my mom stated what are families for if they aren't there in times of need. It was going to be a couple of hectic weeks until things got settled in, but I'm sure that was another reason why my parents wanted us to have a weekend to get our minds off of the pressing matters ahead. We will be dragging everything over in the next couple of days from the Prescott home and getting the boys set up in the two extra bedrooms. My father and mom would be clearing out their stuff in the extra room storing it in the old barn for now. There was an old work room in barn too, and I wondered if dad would get it cleaned up and make it workable for himself.

My mom brought me back to the moment when she spoke up again. "That would really be appreciated Kyle. I know your father will be asking some of the guys in his unit if they can help out. As close knit as we all are with the families I'm sure there will be plenty of help. If there's one positive thing with your father's occupation, it is that we do all form a tight friendship with all the families. After things get settled down a bit with everything we plan on throwing a big party inviting everyone over from your father's unit for some barbeque, games, and fun time at the lake. We will have to see what the schedule is like for everyone here in the next month or so, but at least we can give everyone a proper thank you for helping out on such short notice." My mom nodded to herself thinking it a good idea.

"Sounds like a lot of fun." Mattie interjected. "But no one answered Jaden's question. Can he try out for the soccer team?" The boy asked stepping up for the older boy who smiled at him and ruffled his hair appreciatively while the rest of us just laughed quietly getting out of the somber mood.

"Yes Mattie, I don't see why not. Besides, I'm sure the coach would love to have Jaden's talents on the junior team so he can recruit him for the older league later on." I chuckled noting Mattie leaning up against Jaden with his arm wrapped around the boy's shoulder as if they had known each other for years.

Looking at the two of them being so close and comfortable together, I was glad to see Jaden becoming a sort of fixture in both Evan's and Mattie's daily routine. Evan really needed another friend his own age, and for some reason both him and Jaden had really hit it off well. It made me happy to know that when school started these two would be fast friends through thick and thin. You could already see how well their friendship was becoming cemented to one another, and Jaden also seemed to be getting attached to Mattie as well. He was already displaying the tenderness and kindness of an older brother type of figure towards the younger boy, and Mattie had sort of latched on to the other boy as well accepting him almost as if he were like a close older cousin to him or something. It was just nice to see how Jaden was fitting in as I watched him rubbing Mattie's back in a brotherly kind of fashion.

We continued to talk for a little while getting the boys involved as well with the plans. In a way, it helped them cope with the upcoming huge changes, and set their minds at ease. Jaden called home to let his mom know he would be home soon, and explained his plans to her. His mom talked with mine to make sure her son wasn't being a pest, and my mom assured her he was welcome over anytime; especially, now that Evan and Mattie would be staying with them for a while. Our parents talked for a good while on the phone, and I could tell my mom was filling Jaden's mom in on some of what was going on.

We still had a couple of hours before soccer practice and tryouts, so mom dropped off Jaden at his house while we went to the store to pick up some soccer cleats and protective gear for Evan, and just some regular sporting clothing for Mattie so he wouldn't feel so left out. The boys were really excited about getting some new clothes, and I had to admit I really enjoyed watching the boys try on some new outfits to see how they looked. At one point my mom told Evan that he needed to pick out a protective cup, which made him blush to no end as my mom held up a couple towards him as if she were going to place them against his crotch to see what size he needed. I just about busted a gut at the look my poor little Evan gave my mom before he glanced pleadingly towards me for help.

"Um…mom…I think maybe you should just let Evan figure this one out." I told her in-between giggles as she just looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"I still don't understand why these things are such a big issue for you guys." She insisted as she just shrugged her shoulders and told Mattie that maybe they should go look at some swim trunks for him as well since he would probably be doing some swimming at the lake this summer.

"Thanks," Evan sighed as I just shook my head.

"Believe me I totally understand." I told him seriously. "Last year I needed a pair as well, but managed to sneak it in with the rest of my clothing before she even realized anything or else she probably would have wanted me to go try it on so she could make sure it fit properly." I responded laughing.

"No way Kyle, she'd really do that?" He asked a bit shocked.

"Oh yeah, but we sort of had it out last week before camp about her getting a bit too…um…well…nosey about those kinds of things anymore. I seriously don't think she really gets it Evan, but at least she's trying you know. It's not too bad though…really. I mean I get enough privacy and all, but sometimes she can be a bit too forward and all. Then again it isn't totally her fault either since I still walk around the house naked and all at times without a second thought, so in a way sometimes she just doesn't know about certain boundaries. Don't worry though, because I talked to her about not going over the deep in with you since you seem to be a lot shyer about those sorts of thing." I responded to Evan reassuringly. "Come-on, let's find you a proper size cup before mom comes back with Mattie. I want to make sure it fits properly." I teased him making him smile slyly at me.

"Hmmm, sounds like a lot of fun." He told me expectantly making me look back at him in shock.

Hell, he's never been so forward before, making me wonder if I'd created a monster. I followed Evan towards the change room and started to get hard at the prospect of seeing him slip into that jock strap with the cup in it. I looked around to make sure mom wasn't heading back this way, but figured it would be a few minutes before she came back with Mattie.

There weren't that many people in the sports department for now so we had the change room to ourselves as I followed Evan into the larger handicap stall at the end of the hallway. It was one of those booths that had a door that was about six feet high, enough to keep you concealed with about a foot of clearance on the bottom so that all you could see was someone's feet if you passed by it. Since we were inside the last booth in the hallway we didn't have much to worry about.

Sitting down on the small bench against one wall I watched eagerly as Evan pulled down his navy blue and white adidas striker 13 soccer shorts. It was completely blue except a diagonal white strip along the lower left leg, which also had the adidas logo on it. He looked sexy hot as his shorts dropped on to the floor leaving him in his white briefs. His erection pressed up against the white cottony fabric and I couldn't help myself as I reached over and pulled Evan into my arms burying my face in his crotch. I breathed in his intoxicating boy scent while also giving his chubbed up dill, fabric and all, a friendly little nibble. My sexy little vixen hissed and jerked in surprise when I snacked on his herb, and gently pulled away from me shaking his head.

"Behave yourself," he whispered mockingly while pulling out his waistband to check himself out because my tender nibble hadn't been all that gentle and actually kind of hurt.

My eyes watched him hungrily as he reached inside his underwear to rub his still intact and rigid tube where I had snacked on it, and I couldn't help myself as I started to laugh at his comical look. He glanced up and frowned not at all that happy about how I had sort of chewed on him a little, but then smiled knowing it really hadn't hurt all that much. Turning his back to me he pulled down his underwear, which made me laugh even harder because there was a mirror along the right wall giving me an excellent side view of everything.

"Shit," Evan hissed blushing when he noticed his own naked reflection in the mirror. Shrugging his shoulders he just turned around and stood back up as he juggled around his jock strap trying to get it all the straps straightened out so he could get into them to see how it fit. My breathing increased as I gazed upon his nakedness shifting my gaze every once in a while towards the mirror getting a side angle as well. I could feel myself leaking a little now at the sensuous luscious salacious sexy hot boy standing in front of me. Evan looked up for a split second and smiled noticing the effect he was having on me, and why not since his hard three inch bobber seemed to nod up and down with each of his heartbeats. I could see his thick blue vein on the underside of his shaft as it pulsed in rhythmic timing only a foot away in front of my nose making me swallow hard; especially, when I glanced in the mirror getting a profile view of him.

Evan finally managed to get those legging straps straightened out and slipped into his jock strap and cup. "Shit," He hissed trying to adjust himself but having problems since he was hard.

Smiling at the younger boy I pulled him between my legs and leered at him lustfully. "I'll help you out with that problem," I whispered to him as his eyes got big once he realized what I was up to.

He was about to stop me, but it was too late as I pulled aside his cup exposing his boy baubles to me and swallowed his thick skin covered thumping trombone into my lips. I heard him grunt and hiss as the sensuous feeling engulfed his horn. Evan's intoxicating sexy boy scent wafted up to my nose setting me off in a frenzy as I slurped him up feeling his hard three inch stiff musical instrument begin to twitch and vibrate inside my mouth. I started to nod my head up and down rapidly while I watched the profile image of me giving my sexy boy a blow job. Seeing myself in the mirror giving Evan a blow job as his shaft slipped in and out of view was such a turn-on. I let his erection slip out of my mouth and skinned him back watching as I slid his slicked up acorn knob between my lips. Fuck that was so sexy hot as his entire shaft slowly disappeared into my mouth while his sagging little leather boy satchel and chestnut sized testicles slowly bounced around beneath my chin.

Evan was gasping for air now trying to hold back, but I knew it was too late for him as I ran my tongue along the bottom length of his shaft feeling his large blue pulsing vein as his boy-ness swelled up inside my mouth. All of a sudden my sexy little guy grabbed the back of my head, thrust his hips forward, and let loose as he exploded inside of my eagerly awaiting yogurt receptacle. Evan sucked in some air and quivered trying to keep the noise down as the tip of his penis flared expelling his precious life giving seed. I felt, smelled, and tasted his runny boy milk hit the roof of my mouth as I began to swallow it all down not wanting to waste a single drop of his priceless liquid white gold.

"Uuumph, uuumph, uuumph, uuumph," he hissed out clamping his left hand over his mouth to muffle any noise he was making while his body contorted in my arms and I continued to watch the entire scene unfold in the mirror. Damn, that was the hottest thing being able to watch it all unfold like that.

All of a sudden his hips jerked outwards one more time when I flicked my tongue against his pee slit trying to lick up the last of his pearly jam forcing him to expel some more into my warm damp glass jar. I had almost forgotten how he was able to manage to unload himself twice if I sort of eased it out of him. His second blast was much smaller, but just as delicious as I swallowed it down allowing his now flaccid penis to slip from my lips.

Evan was still breathing hard when I put his jockstrap and cup into place forcing him to take a step back. "There you go…looks like it is a perfect fit." I giggled as he just looked at me a bit reproachful before glancing down for himself. "Damn, you look sexy hot in that Evan. Tonight I am getting pictures of you in that little sexy outfit." I whispered to him as I leaned back against the wall wincing at my own extremely hard wood like erection.

Evan noticed and smiled as he knelt down in front of me tugging on my shorts. 'Damn, he is just so fucking sexy,' I thought to myself as I lifted up my hips while he pulled down my tango red colored Umbro Rio Check Soccer shorts. I loved these soccer shorts because they were a more old-school classic style with a relaxed design that provided me with maximum airflow so that I remained a lot cooler when I was working hard during my practices or games. They also had a comfy kind of elastic waistband that didn't pinch on me with side vents on each leg to help cool me down. These vents also helped with my mobility in addition to it just looking plane ole cool. I also enjoyed how my shorts felt all silky smooth like since it was made with one hundred percent checkerboard satin nylon, which sort of gave it that checkered look. The double diamond and Umbro logo were stitched in gray on the side of my left leg giving it that finished flair.

Evan tugged on my shorts and looked up into my eyes when he noticed me wearing a jockstrap and cup as well. He giggled as he tugged those down too releasing my hard asparagus that had been bent out of shape pressing up painfully against the cup. My body quivered as I watched him bury his face onto my rigid shaft and I glanced in the mirror getting a good view of his mouth opening up to allow my sleek four inch piece of vegetable to slip past his smooth red colored lips. I quivered being able to actually see my entire thin rod disappear before Evan retracted his head a little exposing the length of my shaft.

The sight of my stiff shaft appearing and disappearing was exciting and new for me. I've never really seen myself like this and having sexy little Evan come down on me made me quiver in delight as his soft damp lips continued to send wild sensations all up and down my small teenage stalk. I could feel my testicles churning inside of my little leathery bag, and then felt Evan's gentle fingers caressing them, teasing them to loosen up and release his salty sweet treat. He was swirling his tongue around my mushroom shaped glans, and I knew it wasn't going to take long because I could already feel the burning sensation build up inside of me as I wrapped my fingers around Evan's brown silky curls.

The air was rasping in and out of my lungs as I gasped for more oxygen, then all of a sudden I couldn't hold back any more. I didn't give him any warning because I knew he was already waiting for the inevitable and what to expect.

"Oh, shii…, umph…umph…aaaaah…umph…umph," I grunted as silently as I could, but it was so intense I didn't know how quiet or noisy it was, and to be honest it didn't much matter to me at the moment as I saw the flashing hazel green eyes belonging to the sweetest angel of all glancing up at me in the mirror.

My hips jerked upwards as I sucked in air and grunted releasing my glorious salty flavored yogurt milk deep down Evan's throat. His lips reflexively clamped down around my shaft as he began to swallow in earnest with a second smaller blast of my precious seed erupting from the tip of my glans right on the heels of the first larger one before I began to dry up with nothing but a bit of splooge oozing out of my contracting hardened tube. In the mirror I had watched in awe as Evan's cheeks puff outwards a little when I exploded making it a sweet moment for me and a new experience. My eyes were riveted on the unfolding scene in the mirror as I watched the curly haired boy's face intently noticing how much he was enjoying this precious time as well. It made me happy to know that he enjoyed this part of our relationship as much as I did.

With one final gasp and jolt, my hips settled back down on the bench as my body quivered and relaxed against the solid wall. It was a good thing that this booth was all the way at the end, and the wall I was leaning against a solid cement one, instead of the flimsy fabric covered booth wall that belonged to all the other stalls along the narrow hall.

"Holy crap," I whispered hoarsely as Evan sat down next to me and smiled affectionately at me while he ran a finger around his lips before sticking it in his mouth. "Wow that was wickedly hot." I told him softly as I reached down pulling up my jockstrap and settling my cup back into place before reaching for my soccer shorts.

"Yeah, wow," Evan giggled with his eyes glittering happily as he watched me pull my shorts back into place.

"Shit Evan, if the cup feels comfortable on you, maybe you should take it off and get dressed. Who knows when mom will show up and if she catches us walking out together she might just get a little curious." I told him as I watched him stand up and slip out of the jockstrap and back into his underwear and soccer shorts.

We both got up and looked in the mirror adjusting our clothes and headed back out into the store. The sexual interlude had been a bit on the daring side which made it all the more exciting not to mention having the mirror so we could watch each other. That was a fresh experience for me, and I wondered how I could implement a mirror in my room so that I could watch us having sex together. Now I knew why I always hear about bachelors having mirrors on their ceilings. It was an exciting way to witness the action. Evan busting my nut made me feel a lot better and raring to go for practice now. In the past I would always have to find a bathroom and make quick work of myself to release some of the tension, but this was way better in my opinion, and I could see from Evan's face that he felt a lot more comfortable about going to the tryout now as well.

We waited for my mom and Mattie to show up, and about two minutes later they came around the corner with an armload full of swim trunks. Mom laid out several different styles and I ended up selecting a pair of black backing Cherokee boy's surfer swim trunks that had a big splash of yellow, green, and blue curling wave with a silhouette of a surfer punching through the tube. It looked pretty cool and reminded me of Riley. I thought it would be a cool swim suit that Riley might end up commenting on when he came over for the weekend.

Mattie had picked out a pair of Cherokee Angry Birds swim trunks that had the images of various colored angry birds plastered all over them with a dark navy blue waistband, royal blue leggings and a lighter pale blue and white mix in the middle part where all the images of the angry birds were imprinted. Evan decided on a pair of Cherokee boy's flame trunks that was black with red and orange flames coming upwards along his legs. What I really liked about them were the flames coming up on both of the inner thighs all the way up into the crotch area with actual images of sparks in red and orange all over the bathing suit giving it a more complete look than just having flames coming up the legs. To be honest I could tell he would look just scorching hot in that bathing suit.

"Well boys…do we have everything?" My mom asked as she sort of took a quick inventory reaching over to pick up Evan's jockstrap.

Evan squeaked and snatched it up holding it to himself looking around and blushing while my mom just rolled her eyes. "Um…sorry Aunt Judy," the boy flushed beet red while Mattie just giggled, and I just smiled knowingly.

My mom sighed and nodded her head. "I know sweetie and you will just have to try to forgive me with these things. After all I used to change your diapers you know?" She told the younger boy as we started to make our way to the front of the store so we could pay for everything.

"I know Aunt Judy…it's just…well I'm not a little baby anymore you know. Um…some things are just kind of private like." He told her honestly.

"I see, so what are you going to do about laundry?" My mom asked trying not to smile or laugh.

"What?" Evan asked a bit confused.

"Well you do know I am the one who does the laundry…and well…I'm sure your jockstrap will show up." She joked ruffling Evan's hair making me laugh while she continued to chuckle teasingly as well because of the look she got from the boy since he hadn't thought of that.

After paying for everything, we swung by and picked up Jaden and his mom before heading over to the soccer field. There were several parents milling around as they watched the first official practice for the older boys and the tryouts for the younger ones. This was the first season Coach Peterson would be instructing two different age groups. In the past the younger age group had combined with one of our neighboring towns to form one team, but our two communities had grown enough to warrant two separate squads now making the league a bit larger with more games involved. Jaden had officially tried out for the other team already, and had been accepted since he was on the same team last year, but now that Evan was trying out for the new team he decided he would love to be on the same one as his friend.

Our team assistant coach, Mr. Henderson, began our session for me and my fellow team mates by putting us through the motions of warming up in an informal fashion since this first one was just to get together and lay out our schedule for the summer, plus getting all the paperwork in order. It was going to be a short session for us older boys today so that the two coaches and some of the volunteer team staff members could start the grueling process of putting all the new boys through their paces of the selection process. After the typical calisthenics, Coach Henderson began putting us older boys through some of the lighter warm-up drills like the typical obstacle course where we have to dribble the ball with out feet between cones as fast as possible while maintaining control. Then of course there was the typical body part dribble where the coach placed all the players in a random formation and had us dribble without touching other players. When he called out a body part such as left foot, right foot, thigh, head, and so on we had to try stopping the ball with the particular body part he shouted out. It was a quick session and after about thirty minutes he called it a day and dismissed us. A few guys had to leave but several of us remained behind to watch the new boys going through their paces.

Climbing up the bleachers overlooking the practice grounds I settled in next to my mom. "So how are they doing?" I asked her looking out on the field before getting distracted by Mattie.

The smaller boy extricated himself from my mom's embrace and climbed over to me settling on to my lap. I automatically wrapped my arms around the small little bundle hugging him to me and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. I noticed Jaden's mom glancing over and smiling warmly at me for the display of affection I showed towards the younger boy.

"Well Jaden of course is doing just fine and seems to have made an impression on, Jim, I mean Coach Peterson, but Evan sort of had a rough go at the beginning because it looked as if he wasn't too familiar with some of the different types of drills. He was sort of all over the place with being better at some while sort of lost on the others. They've broken everyone into smaller groups and he seems to be holding his own now that he can sort of show off some of his natural talents and instincts in the more freestyle type of action against other boys. I think he also sort of settled down a bit after Jaden talked to him." My mom explained as she glanced over towards me noting how Mattie seemed so at ease cuddled up with me, and how I didn't seem to mind.

"That's cool." I responded. "I knew he'd do alright once he settled down and actually just got a chance to show off some of his natural talents." I responded as Mattie looked up at me and smiled before easing himself into a more comfortable position on my lap while I gave him a quick nibble on his ear before pressing my left cheek up against his right one and enjoying the closeness of his small body pressed up against mine. I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed him in noting the subtle hints of similarity to his brother's fragrance. He smelled all boy that's for sure covered in sweetness with just a hint of dirt.

Opening up my eyes I gazed back down on the field watching Jaden and Evan go through their paces. It was exciting to watch both of them as they were put to the test; especially, when they were paired up together for various drills. Coach Peterson seemed to notice it too, and began pairing them together against other players several more times. I could see Mr. Peterson jotting down notes and referring to other notations on his clipboard furrowing his eyebrows as he scrutinized Evan for a while longer. The other coaching staff members also had their clipboards making various notations as well while they put all the other boys through their paces. However, what caught my attention was how Coach Peterson seemed to specifically start focusing his attention on Evan and Jaden.

"There it is," I whispered softly to no one in particular.

"There is what?" Mattie asked as my mom looked over at me questioningly.

"Coach Peterson…he's impressed with how Evan and Jaden interact together. It's as if both of them can read each others mind anticipating ahead of time where one or the other one is at any one moment. Coach Peterson sees it, and I can tell he's impressed." I replied as my mom looked back towards the field assessing the situation and then smiled nodding her head as if she saw it too now.

About forty five minutes later with a nod from Mr. Peterson, the other staff members called all the boys together thanking everyone who came out to try for the newest team in the junior age group league. While Mr. Peterson remained off to the side looking over his notes, Coach Henderson took over informing the boys to go get some water or sports drinks, then take a seat on the bottom row bleachers. While the boys encircled the coolers the staff members gathered around Coach Peterson to compare some notes. There seemed to be a bit of confusion between Mr. Peterson and some of the other staff, and I noticed all of them swiveling their heads glancing towards Evan and Jaden before looking back at the gray haired man and shaking their heads as they all started to flip through their notes consulting with him further. After a few moments of heated discussions, there seemed to be some sort of consensus, as they finally made their way over to the bleachers.

Coach Peterson stopped in front of the boys and smiled warmly at them. "So boys there is just no getting around this moment is there? Of course some won't make the team because we can only have so many people on the squad, but I do want everyone to know what I saw made me proud. You all showed a lot of heart, which is essential for a strong team, but at some point I have to make hard choices. I have everyone's number and if there is an opening I will be sure to call someone up to replace that individual if I haven't selected you." With that being said he read out a list of names that he and the other coaching staff had selected.

There was an air of excitement in our little group with the news that both Evan and Jaden had made the cut for the new team. While some celebrated the news they received from the coach, others were of course a bit disappointed. Several of the boys who weren't selected slowly made their way to waiting family members with others sticking around a little longer forcing some of the staff members to stay put and console some bruised egos answering questions.

Meanwhile, Coach Peterson took the rest of the group off to the side with further instructions. First he announced the new team name, which was going to be called the Howling Timber Wolves. He had selected the name himself noting that wolves succeeded as a group because they acted as a team for the good of the entire pack. There was the alpha male who leads the pack just like the team captain, and the rest of the pack who made a coordinated effort as a whole to ensure success for their group. They were compassionate within their own unit, but ferocious against opponents in the heat of battle.

After some paperwork and schedules were handed out, Coach Peterson dismissed everyone letting them all know that he would be seeing them first thing tomorrow morning. Evan came bounding up the bleachers and nearly knocked me and Mattie over with a big hug. Mattie yelped and laughed before managing to extricate himself letting his older brother have this moment with me. The smaller boy smiled at his older brother for a minute before making his way with my mom back down the bleachers.

"Thanks for everything Kyle." My curly haired sweaty little boy chirped as he quivered in my arms and tried to keep his emotions in check. "I couldn't have done it without your help." He told me seriously as I gently pushed him back so I could get a good look at his face, and then smiled down fondly at him ruffling his hair teasingly with my fingers catching in his damp curls.

"It's alright buddy." I responded giving him a quick kiss on his forehead before totally releasing him and standing up. "You worked hard and deserve it." I told him honestly as we started making our way down the bleachers.

Jaden was standing down below watching the exchange between me and Evan while his own mom congratulated him affectionately giving her son a quick hug and kiss. She looked up noticing how Evan still clung to me as we made our way down, and smiled at me cordially. I could tell that Jaden was still missing that type of contact from his own brother so when I got to the bottom of the stairs I leaped over at him making him yelp in surprise. He instinctively turned his back towards me as I picked him up from behind twirling him around like a centrifuge with his legs flying outwards in front of him.

"Put me down…put me down." Jaden yelled half heartedly and giggled like a little girl while I flung him around dizzily.

"Nope…rule number two, remember?" I teased him referring to the hugs and kisses rule as I held him tightly to my chest for good measure before finally setting him down.

"That was only half the rule," Jaden mocked me sticking his tongue out at me nt expecting me to lean over and kiss him on his forehead out in the open and in front of several people.

The poor boys' face turned crimson red at that moment, and I thought he'd just die on the spot when Mattie came to his rescue.

"What about me?" I heard the distinct squeak of the smaller boy's voice as I turned just in time to catch the little tyke in my arms when he leaped up wrapping his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist.

The force almost knocked me over and I grunted from his weight. He wasn't all that big, but neither was I so he was kind of heavy for me. I hugged him twirling him around real quick, and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek before setting him back on the ground.

"Geeze you're growing leaps and bounds Mattie boy. Pretty soon I won't be able to lift you up anymore." I teased him ruffling his hair making the boy beam with pride while he also seemed to be a bit sad about the comment. He was happy about getting bigger, but sad I wouldn't be able to lift him up and hug him like that anymore.

I released Mattie from my grip and then wrapped my arm around Jaden's shoulders. "If you think you can get away that easily you've got another thing coming." I told him as I leaned in giving him a quick squeeze while Mattie wrapped my other arm around his shoulder cuddling up against my hip. "Jaden, you were brilliant out there with Evan, and you guys look great on the field together." I complimented him sincerely as he wrapped his arm around my waist looking up at me.

"Thanks Kyle." He smiled back appreciating my attention. "I wish Gabe could have been here too…you know." He sighed a bit sadly.

"I know Jaden, but I'm sure he will be here for your first game." I stated encouragingly.

"You think so?" He asked me as I nodded.

"Yeah, if not I'll kick his ass for sure." I taunted mockingly finally releasing him so he could go back to his mom who just smiled and mouthed a thank you to me.

The impression that I got from her was that she too wished that Gabe got more involved with Jaden like I was involved with Evan and Mattie. I could tell that Jaden and his mom were very close, and somehow she had sensed Jaden's conflict concerning his older brother.

Just before we left Coach Peterson approached us and smiled at both Jaden and Evan. "Well you two seem to work well as a team." He noted to the excitement of both boys over the compliment. "I'm looking forward to working with you two, and I know there will be some good things coming out of you both." He told them before looking over towards me and then smiling down at Mattie.

"Well young man, do you think I could borrow Kyle here for a moment?" He asked Mattie for permission as if the smaller boy was in charge.

Mattie just giggled and nodded his head. "Yeah sure…I guess…as long as you only borrow him and not steal him." He teased the older man who just busted up laughing as the joyful noise just seemed to easily roll off the Coach's tongue.

It really did catch me by surprise because as my coach all these years I usually only saw the serious side of the man. Very rarely did I ever catch him during his mirthful moments. Coach Peterson's laugh was infectious as everyone around joined in and chuckled at Mattie's exuberant comment.

"What's up Coach?" I asked him as we finally stepped away from the small group, and I watched the others heading towards the car.

"Listen Kyle, I'll be honest with you. The other staff members didn't want Evan on the team because they didn't see anything there during the drills." He started off as he held up his hand staving off my protest.

"Don't worry Kyle; I understand that the drills were all new to Evan, and that you've been working with him to improve his skills. The others didn't see what I did, and that is raw talent. I want you to continue to work with him, and if possible get Jaden involved as well during your off hours. I know it will take time out of your busy schedule, but I see a lot of promise in those two. I've also decided to have the younger group practice with you older boys. A part of their time will be interacting with you boys and another part I will keep them separated out. I'm hoping it will be good for both age groups. For you older boys it means mentoring the younger ones taking on more responsibilities, for the younger ones it will mean actual interaction with a group that is much better than them hopefully improving their skill level along the way. It is also the only way I will have time to coach both teams." He explained to me as I nodded my head.

"Yeah, no worries coach. Evan's family is staying with us for a while anyway, and Jaden is starting to become a fixture around our place too so I don't think it will be a problem." I told him honestly as I gave him just a small rundown of the situation regarding Evan before I made my way back to the car and we all headed home.

When Jaden and Evan asked what the coach wanted I just told them that he talked to me about both age groups practicing together, and as the team captain I was responsible for helping make things work out. Of course they thought it was cool that they would be practicing alongside the older group, but I reminded them that we had a much more grueling practice session, which meant they would need to up their game.

We dropped off Jaden and his mom at their place, and went home ourselves so that we could all get cleaned up. While mom kept Mattie occupied Evan and I retreated to our rooms so we could get cleaned up. I was slowly peeling off my sweaty soccer clothes when the curly haired boy stepped inside of my room shutting the door behind him. My heart skipped a beat as he gave me a sly grin and started to do a nice little strip tease for me.

"I think I promised you something a little sexy when we got back." He teased me as I just gawked at him while he slowly started to pull off his shirt over his head revealing his nicely butter cream colored torso.

There was a pounding sensation between my legs that made me quiver as I sat down on the edge of my bed and reached over opening up my small night stand drawer so I could pull out my camera. Evan smiled knowingly as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his navy blue and white colored adidas striker 13 soccer shorts. I watched him hungrily as he eased his shorts downwards before allowing them to drop around his ankles leaving him wearing nothing but his cup and jockstrap. I trembled excitedly as I snapped some pictures of him while he posed sexily for me. I set the camera over to the side and pulled him between my legs as I leaned my forehead up against his stomach wrapping my arms around his waist breathing in his musky sweaty boy scent.

"Damn, you make me so fucking hot for you." I whispered as I gently kissed his stomach.

He moaned softly and I could see the tip of his hard sleeved tube sliding out the side of his cup trying to gain some release since the strap was too tight for it to go anywhere else. In the process his foreskin slid backwards a little revealing the tip of his purplish colored knob. I knew where this was heading as I slowly caressed his bare soft pillowy butt cheeks. Things were starting to heat up when I heard Mattie's voice in the other room calling out for his older brother. We both jerked in surprise as Evan scrambled picking up his clothes and jumping into the bathroom just before his little brother burst into my room.

"Where's Evan?" Mattie asked me looking around.

"He just stepped into the bathroom Mattie to take a shower." I informed the smaller boy who just looked at me a bit funny.

"Oh, I thought he would take a shower in the other bathroom." He told me seriously noticing how I was only half dressed.

"Well both our rooms share this bathroom so he must have not been thinking is all. I'll let him use this one and I'll use the other one down the hall." I told him standing up gathering together some of my other clothes before heading down the hall into the other bathroom. Mattie didn't think anything more of it as he just slipped out of my room and went back in search of my mom to see if he could watch some television.

It was still dark in the midnight hours of the evening when my eyes snapped open and I saw Sage standing up looking at my doorway. Something had awakened me, and Sage had detected it as well as I just sat up in my bed listening for what it had been. Mattie and Evan were sharing the other bedroom together, marking this as the first night since camp that Evan and I weren't sharing the same bed. We didn't want things to look so suspicious, and had decided it was best that Evan start sharing the room with his brother until the extra bedroom was cleared out.

After dinner Jaden had come over for a while and we ended up kicking around the soccer ball for a while with Mattie joining in on the fun. After that the boys played some video games while I talked with Gabe a little on the phone since he was at his dad's hardware store doing inventory. He had convinced his parents to give him a part time job to earn some extra money, and his father had readily agreed thinking it a good idea. For me it meant a summer without him being around so much, which was a bit of a bummer, but I could understand him wanting to earn a bit of money. Even though I was enjoying Evan, Mattie, and Jaden's company it just wasn't the same without Gabe around.

My head snapped up and I jumped out of bed slipping into my dirty pair of shorts lying haphazardly on the floor next to my bed before running down the hall with Sage leading the way excitedly as we quickly made our way towards the two Prescott boys bedroom. I heard the now familiar voice of Evan's cry realizing another nightmare must have invaded the poor boy's dreams yet again. I had thought he would be over it by now, but I guess I had underestimated how much of a hold that the creep Don still had over the poor innocent adolescent boy.

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