Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 18

Our group mingled for a while and we all made sure we had each other's information because we all planned to stay in touch with one another. Riley's nurse lady dropped by and handed him her niece's name and phone number to the boy's delight. I looked at the name and told him I knew her and that she was a real looker which seemed to make him happy. Benji made a suggestion and I thought it was a good one so we all got our folks together to ask them if it would be alright.

"Um…mom…dad, we were all wondering if maybe we could all get together…um…like maybe next week. Riley has to leave for California in a couple of weeks and Tim's dad is being transferred, and we want to have a weekend together or something before we are all broken up for good. I thought since we have a lot of room maybe everyone can stay with us next weekend?"

All the parents sort of looked at one another and then towards my parents who were thinking really hard about it. This wasn't like them because in the past they would have immediately said yes to the offer, but now I got the sense something was going on at home. Tim's father saw the hesitancy and sort of spoke up to give my folks a reprieve.

"Oh guys that sounds like a good idea, but I don't know if that would be fair to the Schonefeld's. They might have other plans." He offered as a way out for my folks.

My mom looked over to my dad and then smiled. "I tell you what boys, why don't we plan for next weekend, but we will give everyone a call on Wednesday evening to confirm. How does that sound?"

Everyone agreed excitedly, and so did all of the parents. We finally said our goodbyes and headed to our vehicles and packed everything up. Mom had the boys go with her in the SUV, and since I hadn't seen dad for over six months I climbed into his small pickup truck to drive home with him while Sage settled down on the floor of the cab between my legs. I was looking forward to having some alone time with my dad, but little did I know how troubling the drive home would be.

It started out just fine as we just did our usual small chit chat to catch up on things, but then the conversation shifted a little as I began to become curious about some of the things I saw happening at camp with Tim's father and also Riley's interest in my dad's military career. I've seen little things throughout the years, but just never was able to bring it up. In a way maybe I was a little afraid to ask because of what I might hear, but lately for some reason it's been on my mind more often.

"Dad?" I inquired as my dad glanced over towards me noting my more serious tone.

"Hmmm?" He responded simply.

"What did Tim's dad mean…you know at camp about meeting a real hero? I mean, it seems like people are always…somehow different…you know…around you; especially when we are on base?" I asked him as I noticed his eyes furrow for a second as he seemed to mull my question over in his mind.

"Um…well…do you still carry that challenge coin I gave you several years back?" He began with what I knew would be a roundabout way of answering my question. "You know that one year when I had to leave and you didn't want me to go? You just latched on to me and wouldn't let go so I gave you that special coin of mine that I always carried around with me." He told me as I reached into my back pocket pulling out my wallet and then fishing out the coin that I knew so intimately.

Looking at the one and a half inch diameter bronze coin in my hands brought a flood of memories. Memories of sleepless worrisome nights while he was deployed and me falling asleep with it clasped tightly in my fingers. It brought a sense of comfort to me because it was the one he had always carried around with him, so in my mind it was a part of him.

"Do you remember what I told you about the challenge coins and the rules applied to the Special Forces coins?" He asked me as I nodded my head recalling his explanation years ago and recited it back to him.

Evidently coins have been around for historical reasons or another throughout history beginning back during the Roman Empire when soldiers were awarded coins for various accomplishments. However challenge coins sort of came into being during World War I. American volunteers from all parts of the country filled the newly formed flying squadrons. Some were wealthy scions attending elite colleges like Yale and Harvard who quit in mid-term to join the war. In one squadron a wealthy lieutenant ordered medallions struck in solid bronze carrying the squadron emblem for every member of his squadron. He himself carried his medallion in a small leather pouch around his neck. Shortly after acquiring the medallions, the pilot's aircraft was severely damaged and he was forced to land behind enemy lines and was captured by the Germans. They took all of his personal identification except for the leather pouch around his neck. He was taken to a small French town near the front. Taking advantage of a bombardment that night, he escaped. However, he was without personal identification. He succeeded in avoiding German patrols and reached the front lines. With great difficulty, he crossed no-man's land and eventually he stumbled onto a French outpost. Unfortunately they thought he was a saboteur since they had been infiltrated like this before from soldiers who masqueraded as civilians wearing civilian clothing. Not recognizing the young pilot's American accent, the French thought him a saboteur and made ready to execute him. Just in time, he remembered his leather pouch containing the medallion. He showed the medallion to his would-be-executioners. His French captors recognized the squadron insignia on the medallion and delayed long enough for him to confirm his identity. Instead of shooting him, they gave him a bottle of wine.

"That's good Kyle, now do you remember how the coin became a challenge?" He asked me as I began to tell him about that as well.

Back at the young lieutenant's squadron, it became a tradition to ensure that all members carried their medallion or coin at all times. This was accomplished through a challenge in the following manner: a challenger would ask to see the coin. If the challenged could not produce his coin, he was required to buy a drink of choice for the member who challenged him. If the challenged member produced his coin, the challenging member was required to pay for the drink. This tradition has continued on throughout the years now with many of the different squadrons and units.

"That's right Kyle, and our Special Forces group has done the same thing and basically has our own rules regarding the challenge." He reminded me as I recalled.

A challenge can be made for a single person or to a group by pulling your coin and making the challenge. The response consists of all those persons being challenged drawing their coin in a like manner (other organizational coins are invalid). Everyone involved must produce a coin with a Special Forces Logo on it. If the person challenged is unable to properly respond, they must buy a round of drinks for the challenger and the group being challenged. If everyone being challenged responds in the correct manner, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for all those people they challenged. Failure to buy a round is a despicable crime and will require that you turn-in your Coin to the issuing agency. These coin checks are permitted Any Time, Any Place. There are no exceptions to the rules and apply to clothed or unclothed alike. At the time of the challenge you are permitted one step and an arm reach to locate your coin. Now this is the tricky part because a 'coin is a coin' after all, and the last part of this always seemed to befuddle me, but I guess it sort of makes sense when I truly thought about it. Coins attached on belt buckles are considered 'belt buckles." Coins on a key chain are considered 'key chains. Thus the term 'a coin is a coin.' Here is the rub of things though, and an exception to the rule I suppose, as long as it is properly done. Coins placed in a 'holder or clasp' and worn around the neck like a necklace are valid and considered a coin; however, you are not allowed to punch a hole in the coin or it no longer is a valid challenge coin. I suppose this stems from the original person who had it in a leather pouch around his neck.

My father nodded his head happy that I had paid attention years ago. "Yes so the advice we always give is never, ever be caught without your Special Forces Coin." He replied as I agreed with him, but still not understanding what this had to do with my original question.

"Yeah, I get it dad, but what does this have to do with my question?" I asked him as he glanced my way.

"Have you ever really looked closely at your coin?" He asked me as I nodded my head. "And?" He pressed me forcing me think about it trying to find out what he was getting at as I looked down at the coin in my hand while he waited for me to work it out.

"Well I do know there are two different Special Forces Challenge design coins out there that I've seen all the other people in your unit have and produce at one time or another but…" I scrunched up my eyes looking down again at the coin.

"Yes?" He encouraged me.

"Well, yours is the same as those two other designs…but different. I haven't seen any other Special Forces Design like the one you have." I told him as I looked down at the coin he had given me noticing his had features from both of the other two coins.

On the front side his coin it had the typical shape of a shield with the semi-circular base and was completely black with a white border around it and copper accents. On the plain black shield was the Special Forces insignia in a combination of black, white and copper coloring beginning with a pair of white arrows with copper accents and tips in saltire, meaning the points up, and surmounted at their junction by a white dagger with copper accents and handle point up; all around the emblem was a black motto scroll arcing to base and inscribed with the words "DE OPPRESSO LIBER" in copper letters. The motto is thought to translate from Latin to mean, "To liberate the Oppressed." Across the top part of the shield done in a bronze scroll and wording was the phrase "The Professionals. Along the left side of the shield down around the bottom curve of the shield and back up along the right edge of the shield was the Motto "To Fight So Others May Remain Free," also done in bronze scroll work.

Flipping the bronze coin over to the back side I gazed on its design which was equally as nice as the front. On top in bronze on bronze with an arching curve he had his Special Forces Group Unit and number inscribed. Below that was the Special Forces coat of arms, a gold sword with three gold lightning bolts inside a blue field in the shape of an arrowhead. Above the coat of arms were two written scrolls. The top one on a field of blue with bronze highlight stated 'Special Forces' and below that on black with bronze accents the word 'Airborne.' Below the coat of arms was a blank spot where I've seen many of my father's unit members either have their names inscribed or their ranks. In the case of my father there were just three simple letters, 'MOH,' done in the same blue ceramic coloration of the blue arrowhead field above.

"Yes, very good Kyle. The one you have combines some of the features from both of the other coins." My father nodded as I took note of the combinations of both coins into this design.

"Why is yours different from everyone else's? I thought you could only get one or the other since those are the only 'official' challenge coin design for your Group?" I asked him looking back down at the coin. "Also, I don't understand what 'MOH' stands for. I mean it isn't your rank or your initials. I thought everyone just put down their rank, initials, or name?" I asked him pointing this out as well.

"Yeah, you're right. Officially I am only allowed to select one of the two legitimate challenge coin designs, but there is one exception that is allowed." He informed me as I looked at him wondering what he's talking about. "Kyle, people who have earned the Medal of Honor are allowed to design their own Challenge Coins. Mine is different because I designed this one. I didn't want it to look completely different from the rest of the Special Forces Group, so I just incorporated both into my design and added the 'MOH.' Mine is unique and the only other people who have this coin are the ones that I've personally given out. I only do that to people who I feel really deserve it because this is not something to be taken lightly." He told me as it finally began to sink in the importance of this coin, and the importance of his medal that was awarded to him.

Most everyone who has to deal with the military knows about the Medal of Honor and what it means. It's the highest military honor of all, and very few have earned it, and those who have only half of them were alive to receive the honor personally. It involves the highest standard of bravery during combat, which in turn usually is at the ultimate price, your life. Those who have survived and received the honor were very fortunate indeed to be still alive and receive this honor personally by the President of the United States.

"Where the hell was I and why the hell didn't I even know about this?" I asked a bit perplexed and blushing at having used a swear word in front of my father who looked down at me a bit admonishingly before shrugging his shoulders..

"Because Kyle you were still very young when I got it. I was hurt really bad and was in the hospital for a long time. I don't want to scare you, but I almost died Kyle, and we didn't want you to be exposed to this and the ravages of war at such a young age so your mother and I decided to keep that part of things from you. We've felt it important you have a normal life without constantly having to worry about the ugliness of war. Of course we know that you knew where I was and what was going on to a certain extent, but to let you in on the ugly side of war was something we felt important to shield you from. We know you are getting older now so have questions and that is perfectly normal. Some things are finally alright for you to know so we are starting to share some things with you." My father told me as he sighed shaking his head. "We are very proud of you Kyle and you have shown us how you've matured in the last year or so. Do you understand what I'm getting at?" He asked me as I nodded my head looking down at the coin as it took on a whole new meaning for me.

"But what did…I…do," I emphasized the word 'I', "to deserve the challenge coin dad?" I asked him shaking my head.

"Because you are my son and you are making the ultimate sacrifice Kyle. You remain behind so I can go do what is necessary. You suffer because you don't have a father who is here with you for half of your life, and you have sacrificed so others do not have to. For that you deserve the coin, and it is yours to keep and to do with as you wish." He told me while I had looked out the window watching the hills roll by us.

"What does that mean?" I asked him curiously regarding his last statement as he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Some day you may decide to pass the coin on to someone else who you feel deserves it; perhaps your own son or daughter, and then you can tell them what it means. In this way the tradition, memory, and importance lives on. I always carry two coins with me at all times. I never know who might come along who deserves one. It is my way of honoring them as well for who they are and what they contribute to others. I've given out only a handful of these coins Kyle, and it not only honors me, but those who receive it as well. Do you understand?" He asked me as I nodded my head again while I looked down and safely tucked away my coin in my wallet thinking maybe I should have a holder made and convert it into a necklace since it was allowed according to the rules.

If I had a holder made and put it on a necklace it would always be close to me as a reminder of the real sacrifices made by others. My father's Special Forces Group slogan began to make sense: "To Fight So Others May Remain Free." It did make me wonder though if it were all worth it in the end. I'm proud of my father and what he does, but the risk he takes, and the loss my mom and I feel when he isn't home is unbearable sometimes. I shuddered thinking about what all he might have done while in combat. I just couldn't allow myself to think about it so just looked out the window as the hills continued to fly by.

It got quiet in the car as a deep seated heaviness seemed to fall over us. My dad was beginning to squirm around in his seat, and I could feel a sort of dread overwhelming me. There was something he wasn't saying, and I thought it had something to do with when he got hurt and almost died, so I just waited patiently not really wanting to know about those details anyway. In a way not knowing seemed to insulate me from the harsh realities of war and the actions men have to take during those times. I was getting older and knew the realities of war, but I just didn't want to think about it because he was my father: kind, gentle, and loving to a fault, and this is how I wanted to know him.

By the time we got home I was pale as a sheet and bolted out of the truck literally bursting through the front door heading inside towards the bathroom so I could throw up. We arrived home first so I managed to clean myself up before Mom and the boys arrived. I was quiet and somber as we unloaded the SUV, and even Jaden mentioned something about it. I shrugged it off and told him I would talk to him later. The boy got the distinct feeling something was up so after helping us unpack he announced he had to get back home for dinner. He gave me a look of concern, and I just nodded to him letting him know I'll give him a buzz later.

Once he left, my parents turned to the boys just as Evan asked "why are we staying with you guys tonight?"

Teardrops started to flow from my mom's eyes as she told us all to take a seat. Evan was shook up by this point because he knew something dreadful was about to be revealed. He held on to Mattie who just looked around wild eyed wondering what all the fuss was about.

My dad looked at my mom and then sighed. "Boys there just isn't any way to say this proper like so I'm just going to say it. Don and your mom got into a big argument yesterday, and if it hadn't been for Kyle's call it could have been even worse. Evan he told me your mom was meeting up with Don, but the truth is that we had already confronted Don earlier in the week and told him to pack his things and leave. Kyle told your Aunt Judy about how that animal was beating you, and the two of us decided it had to stop one way or the other, and we couldn't take the chance he would hurt Mattie too."

"What…why did you say anything?" Evan shouted at me as he started to cry really worried now.

"Evan please you have to understand, Kyle did the right thing." My mom spoke softly trying to calm the boy down. "This was too big for him, and we couldn't let that creep continue to beat you, besides this set off alarm bells so your Uncle Kevin did some more investigating and found out he was steeling from your mom's investment portfolio. We think your mom might loose the house." My mom interjected with large droplets of wetness creating a river along the outline of her cheeks. Mattie got up and snuggled next to her as she wrapped her arms around him.

"There's more Evan," my dad said as he held a trembling hand up to his temple trying to rub away the throbbing headache I could tell had cropped up unexpectedly.

"No…no…no…I don't want to hear it, please don't…please," Evan started to cry afraid of what was coming.

"Evan…Mattie…Don beat up your mom really badly, and she's in the hospital. If Kyle hadn't called and told me…it could have been even worse. I got there just in time, but he must have heard me pull up and waited until we came inside where he knew Sage was secured inside the house before he went out the back door getting away; otherwise, I might have killed him, or Sage if he had gotten to him first," my dad finished as he sat down and looked over to me.

Evan was shedding tears hiccupping and started to hyperventilate so I got up to comfort him. I wrapped my arms around him and for a second he started to calm down, and then all of a sudden he exploded and shoved me away. The rejection was cold and there was no denying the look of hatred in his eyes that stabbed me clean through my heart.

"No…stay away from me. I…I trusted you…with…with everything and this is how you treat me. The whole thing is your entire fault, why did you say anything? I trusted you and because of you my mom got hurt." He spat as he ran into the extra bedroom and slammed shut the door.

I was stunned and Mattie was crying not really understanding what was going on so my mom just held him and tried to explain it to him. He listened intently and his crying began to subside. After a minute or so he looked over towards me wiping away the wetness from his cheeks.

"But why is Evan so mad at Kyle? If I had known about it I would have told you too." He hiccupped from the aftereffects of the intense emotions.

The small boy hopped off of my mom's lap and climbed up into my lap snuggling up to me. "Please don't worry Kyle because Evan can be such a little ninny sometimes, but he'll come around…you'll see." The boy tried to comfort me making me feel even more horrible since his mother is the one who bore the brunt of my actions.

"Thanks Mattie, but I'm not feeling so good right now. Is it alright if I go to my room?" I asked looking at my folks.

"Kyle, really this wasn't your fault," my mom reiterated. "If anything we are very proud of you for coming forward. You've grown into a fine young man and I never even saw it coming."

She was just trying to help, but right now it didn't do any good. My eyes watered up as a salty wetness began to flow freely down my cheeks, and I didn't even bother to hide them as I sighed, set Mattie down off my lap, and got up. No matter what, Evan was right about one thing. His mom getting beat up was my fault. My stomach roiled inside of me, and I thought I would puke, but I managed to hold myself together as I closed my bedroom door heading for my balcony with Sage whimpering by my heels. I looked over towards the bathroom that had another door leading into the extra bedroom where Evan was, and noticed my door had been shut closed tight. I guess Evan didn't want to be bothered.

The dark purplish lighting on the horizon was slowly fading away to darkness as the evening became quiet. I sat down in my chair on the balcony and looked off into space taking scant notice that Sage had settled down beneath my chair. I just zoned everything out of my mind. I could here Mattie yelling at his brother, but it just sort of went into the background not really registering. I thought I detected some movement beside me instinctively knowing it wasn't Sage, but I just ignored it and after a while it just sort of went away.

Mattie knocked on the extra bedroom door and was rewarded by his brother yelling for him to just go away and leave him alone. He could tell his brother was crying and he just didn't know what to do about it. Kyle was in his room just sitting on the porch staring off into space. No matter what he tried he couldn't get the older boy's attention and it worried him.

Returning back to the living room he noticed that his aunt and uncle were in a deep discussion, and he didn't want to disturb them so he went to sit down on the couch all by himself. He noticed Kyle's cell phone sitting on the table and he picked it up scrolling through the names until he found what he was looking for and pressed the button. He held his breath until he heard someone on the other end respond.

Mattie knocked on Evan's door and was rewarded with another rebuking shout from his brother. This was just too much, and the younger boy stubbornly opened up the door stepping inside fuming at the treatment he was getting from his older brother.

"What the hell do you want? I told you to leave me alone dickwad." His older brother spat at him venomously.

"Don't be such a jackass," the younger boy spat right back at Evan surprising the other boy, and even himself at his use of profanity.

"Do you think you're the only one who is hurt by all of this? I love mommy too, but if Don was beating you and hurting you, then Kyle did the right thing. You're such a dork if you don't know he's one of the best things in our lives. He would die for us. Just look at all he did for you at camp while I was stuck here alone. You're so lucky to have such cool friends; although, the way you are acting I don't know why they even bother. Here," he stated as he threw the phone at his older brother hitting the boy in the chest.

"Ouch…what the hell…that hurt Mattie. Why did you throw the phone at me?" The older boy asked as he picked it up off the floor.

"Sometimes I even wonder if you've got any brains inside that hollow head of yours. I threw it at you because it's for you…you…little ninny." The boy stated as he turned and slammed the door shut behind him storming back into the living room.

Evan looked at the phone in his hand and heard a familiar voice. "Jaden is that you?" He asked as he held the phone to his ear.

It was almost as if my other senses picked up the entire episode between Mattie and Evan, but nothing really registered in my mind because I had retreated so far and deep into my own thoughts. After the exchange between the two brothers everything seemed to get really quiet around the house. I just sat there in my own thoughts not hearing anything else around me anymore. It was as if the night had swallowed up all the sounds around me. I didn't even notice when my mom came over and wrapped a blanket around me, or when Mattie came up to me and kissed me on the cheek to say good night.

All around me the world seemed to slowly fade into darkness. I was lost in a realm of shadows and even my thoughts seemed to fade away into obscurity. I don't know how long I sat there all alone in the murky gloomy depths of a foul and vulgar muddy swamp that seemed to cling at me trying to suck me ever downwards. Just when I felt that I was completely lost I thought I detected a hint of light. There was some sort of sound calling for me in the recesses of my mind. Slowly my mind wrapped around the small glimmer of light and hope as I continued to climb out of the dank dark awful place I had slipped into.

Then all of a sudden everything seemed to come crashing in on me as I blinked and looked up into the sweetest face in the world. For a moment I felt at peace, and then all the memories came flooding back as my stomach lurched inside of me. I bolted up out of my chair and leaned over the railing emptying out what was left of the contents in my stomach. Even then I continued to heave as my entire insides seemed to want to lurch out of my bowels. It took several minutes for my stomach to settle down as I shakily sat back down into my chair.

"Oh Kyle, I'm so sorry. I had no idea," the angelic voice pierced through the cobwebs of my mind. "Please forgive me. I know I don't deserve it for everything I said, but please give me a second chance," The voice pleaded.

I looked up trying to make sense of things. Why would anyone ask for my forgiveness? If anything I am the one who should be asking for mercy.

"See, I told you." I heard another voice say. It was similar yet different…younger.

"Yeah, you're right Mattie, but don't worry he'll be alright now. Why don't you go back to bed? I'll take it from here."

"I…I don't know Evan, maybe I should get Aunt…" the other voice, Mattie, commented before he was interrupted.

"Trust me, he will be alright. You should go take your medicine it's really late now and I think Aunt Judy and Uncle Kevin probably forgot all about it."

"I hate that stuff, maybe I should just…" The younger voice started to ask before being interrupted again.

"No, when we get a chance we will take you to the doctor and get new medication. This stuff was Don's idea, but you just can't stop your medicine outright Mattie. That's too dangerous." The older boy snapped testily before calming down and shaking his head apologetically. "Listen Mattie, trust me on this please. I'm sorry I yelled at you, but I can't take care of you and Kyle if you get sick because you stopped taking your medicine. It is dangerous doing something like that." Evan gently told his little brother.

What he had said must have convinced the younger boy because before long I was alone with this adorably cute angel. I smiled weakly at him as he urged me on my feet and we headed off to the bathroom with Sage tagging along not looking all that happy with the state of my mind. Evan helped me get cleaned up, brush my teeth, and then go to the bathroom before he turned me around and shoved me into the bedroom with a huge king sized bed. The boy helped me get undressed, before he stripped out of his own clothes, he was beautiful I thought to myself making me wonder where that came from, and then slipped under the covers with me scooting up closely next to my body. I saw a shadowy figure hop on top of my bed and then settle down after circling around a few times at the foot end of it remaining close to me yet still out of the way.

The young boy smelled divinely as he snuggled up close to me. I automatically wrapped my arms around him, which felt completely natural for me to do, and ran my hands along his silky smooth torso. I was exhausted as I closed my eyes, and before I knew it I had fallen into a deep restful and peaceful slumber.

The firm comfortable mattress felt amazing to me after a long week spent on the small cot at camp. I was feeling so fantastically delicious with such superb feelings coursing through my body as I lay stretched out on my large bed. My entire body tingled with emotions, and warmth seemed to glow deep down inside of me as it radiated outwards. I felt so happy and content from the tingling sensation, which in turn made me feel so wonderfully delectable.

My eyes fluttered open and it was still dark outside, but a little movement caught my attention as I looked down and immediately gasped at what I saw and what I was experiencing.

"Umph, shiiiiiit," I groaned as my hips automatically hitched upwards with a wonderful feeling engorging my inflated love tool. My entire insides roiled with such electricity as I looked down in disbelief at the little vixen making slurping sounds and bobbing motions with his head. I saw a flash of bright eyes gazing up at me as all of a sudden I came crashing back down on the mattress and my entire insides seemed to explode with euphoric blissfulness.

I grabbed the back of the brown curly haired boy's head reflexively and shoved his face down into my pubic mound while my hips thrust upwards forcing my entire hard four inch quivering rod deep inside his mouth. I felt the young boy gag a moment, but I was deep in the throes of a huge orgasmic explosion to back off now.

"Uuuuuuumph," I gasped as I felt a smoldering sensation start deep within my testicles and then burn all the way up my inflated penis before exploding outwards and deep down Evan's throat.

My back arched painfully and my toes literally curled in response to the most intense experience my young fourteen year old body has ever felt. I've heard how wonderful a blow job felt, and have even witnessed a couple over the last week or so having given a few to other's myself, but until you've had one for yourself it is just indescribable how fucking awesome it feels.

My hips continued to thrust up and down on their own as I forcefully face fucked Evan without any mercy as my orgasm continued to roil around inside my body until I slammed into his face for the last time and my final blast of seminal seed dribbled down the boy's gullet. I gasped and shuddered before I came crashing down onto my bed. My penis slipped away from the damp warm caress of softness and twitched on its own for a few moments before completely deflating. I lay there gasping for air completely covered with perspiration as my toes finally uncurled and I could stretch out a little more comfortably.

"What are you doing?" I gasped looking down at Evan while he smiled back up at me. Oh how I just loved that sweet smile of his.

He crawled up beside me and lay down next to my damp body. "Just trying to give my boyfriend the best blow job he's ever gotten." He replied.

"Oh," I breathed trying to catch my breath. "Well for the record that was the best blow job I've ever gotten and my first," I whispered as I hugged him tightly to me.

He looked up thinking I was messing with him, but when he saw I wasn't he got quiet. "You mean you've never…I thought with all your girlfriends that...," he trailed off silently knowing I didn't like to gossip about the girls I've had sex with.

I just shook my head, "no…I mean I've had a few chances, but it just never really felt right…you know?" I paused contemplatively. "I've always thought my first blow job should be with someone special…you know. Something that intimate should be with someone…very special." I reiterated indicating the importance of such an intimate act.

Evan looked away, "I…I didn't know Kyle, I'm sorry if I ruined it for you."

His response surprised me as my head snapped over to him and I looked down at his sweet countenance. "Evan look at me," I whispered as the boy slowly turned his head and gazed at me with those fiery glittering hazel green colored eyes. "Don't you know by now that you are the special person I was referring to? I care for you so much Evan and…and earlier I thought I had lost you forever."

Evan sniffled and cried in my arms. "Oh Kyle please forgive me for the awful things I yelled at you? I didn't mean them and I'm so ashamed that I've ever doubted you. Mattie and Jaden are the ones who made me realize what a jackass I've been. I…I understand if you don't want to…be with me." He stated as a new flood of salty wetness flowed freely from his eyes.

He was breaking my heart and all I could do was to roll him on his back and lean in to press my lips against his sweet tasting mouth. I kissed him passionately as my hands groped his sexy hot body. Just moments earlier I blew my biggest load ever, but my penis responded once again as my youthful energy sprang back into action. How my desires yearned to turn him over and shove my love tube up his tight smooth hot virginal narrow canyon, but that would have to wait for another time; that is if and when he wanted that kind of relationship. I restrained my selfish lust because it was my lover's turn to experience the next phase in our relationship, and I fervently hoped he was ready.

His body responded to the familiarity of my touch and I could feel his hardness pressing up against my stomach. My hands reached down and behind him to gently squeeze his smooth dimpled spheres, and pull them apart. He quivered with the erotic sensations and I slowly made my way down to his dime sized rough brown colored nipples. I suckled on them for a moment before gently nibbling on one of them. I was rewarded with a little squeak before I continued down to his cute little inney belly button. I rimmed my tongue around it and felt his penis twitching below my chin.

I looked up and saw he was watching me with an intense gaze. "Are you ready for this?" I asked him and he just nodded knowing exactly what I meant with me witnessing another subtle change coming over him as if he seemed to open up a bit more offering a part of himself over to me.

A salty wetness welled up at the corners of his eyes, but I knew it wasn't because of fear, sadness, or regret; rather, it was another transition in his acceptance of our relationship and budding sexuality towards one another. It was like chipping away at a wall he had built up all around him one brick at a time. I was making slow steady progress, but it seemed almost as if most of his walls had been brought down with just a few layers left staving off his ultimate sacrifice and willingness of giving himself over completely to me. This didn't bother me because I knew at some point the two of us would finally become one. If not today, soon, that much I knew for a certainty because I was ready to give myself over to him as well when the time finally came for the both of us. The idea of us finally completely opening up in heart, mind, and soul sent a shiver of excitement all up and down my body. We continued to look at one another and I could almost hear his thoughts and emotions in my mind, as if I was looking at me through his eyes.

Evan looked down at the older boy in front of him and smiled affectionately. He had felt guilty about the way he had treated the love of his life. Deep down he knew that Kyle had done the right thing, but it had hurt when he found out what had happened to his mother. He knew it wasn't Kyle's fault, but it just took a while to accept it. Then when he saw how hurt the older boy had been, it almost broke his heart. Kyle had been so upset and felt so guilty that he had closed himself off. When Mattie had fetched him and shown him the state Kyle was in, Evan knew what he had to do. He helped clean up the older boy, put him to bed, and then snuggled up against the older boy allowing sleep to work its magic.

Then sometime during the night he had awakened feeling the older boys protective arms around him, and another small dam seemed to break loose as he began to truly appreciate Kyle's sacrifices on his behalf. There was such an overwhelming surge of love that filled his heart as he turned and gazed upon the older boy's naked perfection. No longer able to hold off his desires he finally allowed himself to cave in to his needs as he leaned down and took Kyle's soft thin three inch fleshy tubular perfection into his mouth.

It was amazing how natural it felt to him as he slowly started to bob his head up and down sliding the older boy's soft cut penis between his lips feeling it come alive and enlarge in both width and girth within his mouth. The older boy had suddenly woken up and within moments had emptied out his seed inside his mouth. Evan continued to suckle on the hardened shaft swallowing the salty sweet contents before allowing the now soft fleshy tubular appendage to slip from between his lips. He was truly beginning to enjoy being able to pleasure the older boy like this, and knew that it would happen many more times here on out. It was something that seemed natural to him, and he finally accepted the fact that he was head over heels in love with the older boy and just couldn't get enough of Kyle's hot sexy body.

It amazed him how the older boy was able to break down the barriers he had carefully erected around him over the years. Now the older boy was looking up at him asking if it was alright to return the favor. He loved that about Kyle knowing how the boy had waited patiently not pushing him too fast for more until he was ready. It really did show how much the older boy truly cared about him, and that their relationship was about more than just the sex. Evan could feel the stinging wetness bubbling up behind his eyes as he gave permission for the next phase of their intimacy together feeling the surge of emotions well up inside him as another one of the small dams he had erected over the years gave way and crumbled.

When Evan finally nodded his head to me indicating he was ready and willing to give this part of himself to me my heart began to thunder in my chest in earnest. I realized my love was ready for the next stage of such an intimate act, and I planned to make him enjoy every moment. My tongue and mouth slid across his bare pubic mound and I licked his cute little beauty mark before nuzzling up my mouth against his soft sagging pouch. Licking my lips and spreading them open I sucked in his testicles running my tongue around his chestnut sized milk receptacles. I heard him gasp and moan from the intense sensation as his fingers wrapped around the fabric of the sheet beneath him.

I let his ball sack slither out of my mouth and I slipped in between his legs placing them over my shoulders so I could get more access to him. I dove down and started tracing his perineum following the small little line all the way to his rosebud and slowly started rimming my tongue around the entrance. Evan was moaning and twitched when my tongue flicked outward and poked inside his small tight opening. I felt it clamping around my tongue and I pulled back feeling it tug free making me quiver in anticipation that one day it would be my burgeoning teenage pulsing penis gliding past those closed off gates. My lips went to work as I kissed his tight ring making sure to lubricate it well with my saliva. I thought it would be nasty, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed having my lips puckering up against this sensitive area.

Evan was enjoying himself immensely as I worked my way up to his firm rigid three inch long and very thick shaft. I quivered with anticipation wanting…no needing to feel his thickness inside of my mouth. My wet sweltering lips parted and opened up as I inserted his entire shaft. I felt his thickness in my mouth twitch erratically as Evan's hips literally exploded off the mattress.

"Oh Gawd…umph," He grunted as he tried to insert his shaft deeper into my mouth.

Leaning my weight on top of him I forced his hips back down as he just groaned and I felt some of his pre-cum dribbling on my tongue. It tasted delectably delicious, and I loved how his rigid thickness felt inside of my gaping lips. I knew right there and then I would never get enough of feeling him inside my mouth. My tongue flickered along the thickness of his shaft as my mouth lifted up off of him. He groaned in protest as I slathered up one of my fingers on my right hand and wiggled them between his butt cheeks. His right leg slipped off of my left shoulder coming to rest at an angle on the mattress while my right hand continued to work between his soft downy like cushions, his left leg still draped over my right shoulder. If anything this positioning gave me even more access to his rose bud as my fingers started to rim his tight opening.

With my left fingers I skinned his thick hard rigid boyhood back slowly pulling his tight foreskin over the ridge of his glans. The deep wet blood engorged purplish blue glans popped out as clear pre-cum coated him making it glisten. I lowered my head and flicked my tongue along his pee slit and pressed the tip of it up against his tiny cum hole. Evan shivered as more pre-cum escaped his unyielding love tube. My left hand grabbed on to his testicles and squeezed gently. Between my stimulating fingers along his rosebud and my fingers squeezing his smooth pouch invigoratingly I almost sent my little guy over the edge as his toes curled and his body clenched in forewarning. I eased off a bit getting him to settle down a little before starting in on him again.

My tongue slavered along the base of his penis running up his raphe, the thin line that ran along the underside of his shaft. I looked up for a moment noticing he was watching everything attentively as if he wanted to absorb it all, to learn, to experience, so in turn he could please me better.

His foreskin was still pulled over his corona as I gently wrapped my lips around his glans, and slowly came down on his thickness. Evan moaned gleefully, and I could feel him quivering in my arms excitedly. He knew this was the moment I had been waiting for, and he was ready, or at least he thought so.

Slowly I slid his three inch shaft inside of my mouth until my nose bumped up against his pubic mound. Evan was breathing rapidly as I opened up my mouth even more and slurped up his soft fleshy pouch and testicles inside of my mouth. The boy gasped as my tongue bounced his testicles around a little while my fingers massaged his little pucker hole. I allowed his smooth boy pouch to slip back out of my mouth and noticed them flopping down droopingly between his legs weighted down by his fully loaded heavy testicles.

His body relaxed a little when I released his boy purse, and that is when I pushed my finger against his opening slipping it inside of his warm tight hole. Oh hell his tight pucker hole felt deliciously divine around my finger and it made me wonder what it would feel like wrapped around my own rigid stiffness someday. Deep down I knew slipping my finger inside of him was probably going a bit too far for him, but I also knew that once it was done he would appreciate me giving him that sort of pleasure.

Evan yelped at my invasion of his virginal boy grommet, and automatically lifted up his hips trying to get rid of it. When that didn't work his little boy grommet clamped down tightly trying to force it out or at least stop it from further invasion. He was starting to panic so I ran my tongue along his shaft and then twirled them around his corona ridge sending a new set of sensations coursing through his tiny body. He forgot all about my invasion for the moment as he just allowed his body to absorb the newest stirrings of emotions beginning to bubble its way up from deep down in the depths of his bowels.

He was getting close, but I just didn't want him to have his usual orgasm, I wanted to make this special by giving him a new set of passionate feelings that would gush to the surface. My fingers dove down deeper inside of him and I heard him whimper with indecision as to whether he was going to ignore it or focus on the other wonderful feelings he was experiencing.

Evan was squirming in my arms now as I started to work his tubular thickness in my mouth. I felt his penis start to twitch in my mouth and tasted more of his pre-cum as it oozed slickly across my tongue providing more lubrication along the hard thickness of his shaft at the same time. My finger was completely buried inside his long narrow virginal chasm as I started to wiggle it around and bumped up against the little nut sized lump inside of him, knowing I had located his prostrate. As soon as my fingers hit this new erotic zone Evan jerked and twitched not believing how wonderful his insides felt.

"Oh shit Kyle, please don't stop," he yelped as he now tried to shove himself further onto my finger.

I kept wiggling my finger and each time it brushed up against his nut sized love button he gasped excitedly. He was really getting into it as my mouth continued to work on his juicy boy pole. I knew he was close now as my finger started pumping harder sliding deeper inside of him, and my lips clamped down tighter around his thick hardness. I loved how his fleshy appendage felt and tasted in my mouth along with his sweet tasting pre-cum. My tongue continued to flicker wetly along his shaft as my head bobbed up and down. Then it happened quickly and without prior warning as I felt his penis inflate even larger, while his mushroom sized glans expanded, and all of a sudden spit out a copious amount of seminal boy batter. It blasted against the back of my throat forcing me to swallow rapidly while I continued to pound his small tight little back entranceway with my finger and milk his boyhood with my mouth. He continued to buck and grunt in euphoric blissfulness as more sap oozed and trickled out of his tiny cum hole, which seemed to have expanded to twice its original size as his testicles contracted upwards squeezing out as much baby making milk as possible.

"Oh shii…umph…iiiit Ky…ile, I'm cum…in," Evan gasped as his body continued to jerk upwards in an obscenely contoured manner while his viscous boy fluids coursed up through his pipeline and exploded outward. "Uuuungh, umph, umph, umph, oh, oh, f…f…umph…uck, umph, shi…it," He hiccupped, moaned, grunted, twitched, bucked, and writhed in my arms. He was like a wild animal caught in a net trying to escape.

He shot his last small velvety smooth clear boy juice, or rather honestly just sort of trickled and dribbled more like than actually squirted from his rigid hardness, before collapsing onto the mattress while I continued to try milking him for more. He just moaned as I sucked him raw before he exploded one more time giving up the last of his youthful boy like energy drink. I pulled out my finger from his still extremely tight virginal love canal, and finally released his completely drained and soft wrinkled up penis from my mouth as he just lay there sporadically twitching now and then whimpering in euphoric pleasurable afterglow. He was completely covered with perspiration and breathing raggedly as I settled down next to my love, the light of my life, and held him to me.

Teardrops of joy flooded the corners of his eyes as I gently kissed them away. He leaned into me and flinched a little as his tender exposed glans bumped up against my thigh. I noticed his sensitivity and reaching down carefully pulling his protective jacket back over his sensitive tip. The now deflated penis twitched in my fingers, but settle back down.

Evan sighed in blissful contentment as he snuggled up closer to me. Slowly his breathing calmed down as I gently ran my fingers through his damp hair feeling his moist soft curls wrap around them.

"I love running my fingers through your curls my sweetness," I whispered to him.

He looked up smiling at me, "Yeah, I noticed, but it isn't the only thing you like," he giggled.

Soft fingers gently caressed my nipples and I sighed at the sensation of his hand on me. For someone who didn't have any real sexual experience less than a week ago, he sure had come a long way knowing exactly what my body desired. Even his blow job had been fantastic for someone who's never been blown himself or with no real knowledge of what to do other than what he had seen done up close to Benji, and then a bit of a further away glimpse of Tim and Chase. Even though he had witnessed some of the nuances of giving a blowjob to someone else it had still been mostly instinct on his part, and boy did he have great instincts. How I so loved and admired my little lover boy.

"Kyle?" Evan finally spoke up.

"Yes my little sweetness, my light, my life," I stated giggling at his usual way of asking me questions while I hugged him to me and looked down.

I could see his eyes shed some more of the salty wetness behind his eyelids, but these weren't from sadness rather more from happiness. They sparkled in the dim light that was spilling in from the hallway. My mom had put a small little night light in the hallway for Mattie so he wouldn't bump into anything if he got up in the middle of the night. The small light was just across the hall from my door and cast a small glow into my room. It was then that I noticed Sage wasn't on my bed. Looking around I spotted him lying by the open doorway almost as if keeping an eye on me yet also giving me a bit of privacy with Evan. Smiling at how clever Sage truly was I diverted my gaze back to the adorably sweet handsome boy snuggled up in my arms.

"That was so…um…so damn amazing. I lo… know…" He whispered not able to say the words. Why this was so difficult for us boys to say I don't know, but I knew that someday it wouldn't be so awkward between the two of us anymore. "Um…I really care for you a lot Kyle. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought I would get to…you know…have you for myself. I've dreamed of you for so long and prayed that you would be mine." He sighed as he continued to play with my nipples.

"I'm so happy too Evan. Never in a million years would I ever have thought I would fall for a boy, but you've stolen my heart and soul. No matter what happens in the future Evan, you will always have a place in my heart; I will always…care about you…um…deeply." I told him as I leaned down and kissed him softly on the mouth.

The kiss wasn't a passionate one, but rather just a tender loving one. He returned my kiss warmly as we just suckled on one another's lips. He tasted so sweet to me and his heady scent was almost too much. I was so in love with him that my heart literally ached to have him near. We separated and ran our tongues over our own mouths tasting each other and smiling.

"Promise me Evan that we will always be friends and brothers no matter what happens in the future. I really do care about you a whole lot, so much so that I don't ever want to lose you no matter what, so please promise me." I asked him seriously.

"Alright Kyle, I promise. No matter what we will always be close. Who would have thought that my heart would ache so much for you." He promised me.

"Do you forgive me for earlier?" I queried. "I never meant for your mom to get hurt."

"I know Kyle; I'm just frightened about Don. He's still out there, and I'm afraid he might hurt Mattie now too if he's really mad. How could someone be so mean…how could he hurt my mom like that?"

"How could he hurt you Evan? It's because he's a horrible person, someone who is a complete scumbag. None of this is your fault or your mom's, all the blame falls on Don."

"What's going to happen to us now? We are losing our house because of Don, and I'm so afraid he will hurt us." Evan started to sniffle and I gave him a gentle squeeze.

"You will stay with us until your mom gets back on her feet. It's not as if we don't have the room or anything, and if he shows up anywhere near you guys he'll pay the consequences, besides I'm sure the police are looking for him." I replied.

"Yeah but…" he began before I cut him off gently.

"Stop Evan, there's a lot of ifs and buts we don't have answers to. You are with us now, and nothing will happen because my folks and I will make sure of it, I promise. Have I ever broken a promise to you?"

"No," Evan had to admit. Even with me telling my mom about him I really hadn't broken my promise to him. He had asked me not to tell anyone, but I had simply told him I'd figure something out instead of outright promising him not to tell anyone.

"Then problem solved. Besides, I think this sort of covers several rules," I chuckled shaking my head as he just looked at me for clarification. "Well rule number five is about taking things slowly and tackling one problem at a time. You guys will be staying with us for now, first step. We will tackle some of the others one day at a time. Rule six never promise anything you aren't one hundred percent sure you can keep. We will keep you, your mom, and little brother safe; especially, with Sage around. Rule eight is always be truthful or don't say anything at all." I stated as I covered up our naked bodies and rolled on to my side looking at Evan for confirmation as he just sighed and nodded his head making me think he had accepted the situation.

After being quiet for a moment or two he looked back up at me earnestly and shook his head. "I'm not sure you can keep that promise Kyle." He told me honestly.

"Yes I can, and yes I will." I told him stubbornly as he just sighed at me, but nodded his head not in the mood to argue any more, but I could still see his worry. "You will see my sweetness, it will all work out I promise." I whispered in his ear giving it a nibble in the process.

"I…I know." Evan quivered finally relenting and letting some of the worry ease out of his small body.

The small boy yawned and rolled over with his back to me as we spooned together affectionately. I wrapped my arms around his smooth body and slowly slid my fingers between his legs. I wanted to feel and hold his boyhood, so gingerly cupped his boy pouch and penis in my small warm hand, and scooted even closer to him.

"That feels so amazing," Evan whispered as he stifled another yawn and shifted so I could hold his bobbles even better. "Who would have thought last week that you would be holding me like this?" Evan giggled.

"Yeah who would have thunked…huh?" I teased him as I gave his testicles and pecker a slight compression.

The boy chuckled and I continued. "Now all we have to do is get you to show off that nice little ass of yours in public, not to mention your sweet endowment.

"Never," he giggled.

"Oh yeah, believe me it will happen my young strapping little man, and you will love it too." I promised as we just giggled and lay together.

Slowly we drifted off to sleep in each others arms. It felt so wonderfully natural holding him close to me like this. Morning was only hours away and I couldn't wait because I knew we would make love to one another again. The thought made me pop a boner in my sleep as my penis slipped into the smaller boy's butt cheeks and rubbed up against his little boy grommet. In the back of my mind I knew that some day this part of his virginity would also be mine as I gently rocked my hips against him and felt his body respond by slightly pushing back. Yes, it would be mine, and even if Evan didn't know it consciously, he instinctively knew deep down inside of him.

Soft bright morning light filtered through my window in the early morning hours of dawn. The soft sleeping form of my lover lay snuggled up warmly against my body sleeping contently. He looked so adorably beautiful as the yellowish glow filtering through my curtains splashed gently across his boyish features. His face shimmered radiantly with the kind of soft golden illumination spilling through my window, and his hair seemed to glow silkily making him look so delectably angelic.

Careful so as to not wake him, I gently eased myself between his beautiful shapely strong legs and spread them apart. His soft fleshy dangly bit between his legs lay sideways along his pubic mound as I slowly skinned him, and gently suckled him into my mouth. His softness felt delightfully exciting to me in my mouth as I slathered my tongue around. It didn't take long for his thickness to completely come awake and fill my wet damp orifice. It is indescribably how lusciously delectable he feels to me when his penis fills my mouth with its fatness and rigidness.

My love started to moan in pleasure as I slowly worked his tool in my mouth. I felt his hands lightly fall on my head as his fingers gently twirled around my hair.

"Oh yes please Kyle suck me, let me make love to your face," Evan sighed as his hips slowly started to fuck my mouth.

He started slowly in perfect timing to my bobbing head as I inserted my finger into his small back entryway. He jerked momentarily and then eagerly settled his tight grommet around my finger as I started to gently finger him. In the meanwhile he continued to slowly and gently make love to my face. Once my finger found the magic spot it didn't take long for him to explode his sweetness inside my mouth. Our love making was gentle and sweet, the way I know he loved it, no wildness about it just pure simple tenderness.

After recovering he gently returned the favor as he fingered my virginal love tunnel and gently blew me off to full orgasm loving every moment as he seemed so in tune with my needs. He was gentle and soft as he fondled, suckled, and made love to me. Some people love the rough stuff, but for us it was the closeness and tenderness that made us excited, and the pleasure we each could provide to the other. I got just as excited about pleasing him as I was for him to please me, and I knew he felt the same way.

In a way I actually felt bad at how I had pumped my four inch erection into Evan's mouth last night, but he had caught me off guard and I was too far gone to control myself. We both lay there snuggled up together now in the glowing aftermath of our love making.

"I'm sorry about last night Evan," I apologized.

He looked at me questioningly, "for what?"

"Being so rough when you gave me my first ever blow job. That's not how I wanted to treat you. I love being gentle with you in tune to your emotions, and feeling your excitement. Last night I only felt my own excited needs, and couldn't control myself."

"I know Kyle and don't worry about it. You were such a magnificent stallion last night. Every once in a while spicing things up is perfectly alright you know." He giggled.

Right at that moment we saw a wobbly Mattie enter our room, stepping unsteadily over the dozing figure of Sage who didn't seem the least bit concerned about Mattie's unstable state, before climbing up between us still a little out of sorts from his medication. He was wearing a pair of red spider man boy's underwear that left little to the imagination of what he had beneath them.

"Are you two like boyfriends now?" Mattie whispered as he snuggled up next to his brother noting that he was naked, and making Evan blush a little self consciously about his brother seeing him so exposed after all these years. "You feel so nice Evan," he stated as he reached down and touched his brother's soft penis making the older boy yelp in surprise before he settled back down shaking his head at his younger brother's boldness.

"What makes you think we are boyfriends?" Evan asked wincing again when Mattie touched his still tender flaccid penis for a second time. "Stop it Mattie." Evan whispered tenderly to his little brother not wanting to make a big issue of it, but also feeling a bit awkward about the situation. After all he hasn't been naked in front of his little brother for a long time now, and it kind of felt weird being so exposed to the boy like this.

Mattie yawned and closed his eyes. "Didn't you just have sex with Kyle? You two look so nice together; especially, after you've had sex together." Mattie stated a bit groggily fighting off the urge to go back to sleep, and sort of making Evan a bit uncomfortable with how he was bandying about the whole sex thing as if it were no big deal, not to mention what he should tell or not tell his younger brother about him and Kyle.

Evan looked at me questioningly, and I just shrugged my shoulders indicating why not. "Yes Mattie we are now boyfriends, but maybe we shouldn't say anything to anyone, o.k.?"

Mattie nodded his head in agreement. "I'm glad for you Evan. I wish Kyle was my boyfriend." He stated as he drifted off to sleep making Evan giggle a little at his brother's comment while making me a bit concerned.

Evan just looked at me and began to giggle making me feel a bit more at ease about the comment as I chuckled along realizing how absurd the whole thing was regarding Mattie. "I hope he gets a girlfriend instead," the older curly haired boy said as he looked tenderly down to his little brother. "He really is cute, isn't he?" He whispered as he reached down and gently caressed his younger brother's tummy.

"You ought to know, the two of you look the same." I replied. "I think we should get a picture of the two of you together," I commented.

Evan thought about it a moment and then shrugged his shoulder indicating why not. While I got up to get the camera Evan peeled off his little brother's snug bikini style little boy's briefs so we could get a couple of nude shots with them together. It sort of surprised me that Evan would even do that, but then I guess with everything else going on he trusted me with this sort of private venture. It really was amazing how sexy the two little brothers looked together and how similar they were. Evan was really getting into it, and Mattie woke up for a couple of minutes and smiled at me while I took pictures of the two brothers together.

I'm sure Evan enjoyed the sensuality being so close to his little brother because he popped a boner, and as soon as Mattie saw his older brother's hardness he popped one of his own. I snapped a few more like that as the two boys finally snuggled together giving each other a much needed hug. Evan even kissed his little brother on the lips in a tender brotherly manner making me smile affectionately. Mattie was still awake and hard when I leaned in to kiss him gently as well. Evan watched intently and I noticed he started to stroke himself. For the older brother it was like watching himself giving me a kiss when he was eight or nine years old, the age he had fallen head over heels for me.

Mattie's lips felt hot and he opened them up slipping his tongue inside of me as he greedily sucked the air out of my lungs. From the corner of my eye I saw Evan watching us intently almost as if it was turning him on in a way as I forced our passionate kiss apart. The smaller boy whimpered and reached out towards me wanting more.

"Mattie…I…this isn't a good idea." I whispered to him softly.

"Please Kyle. You promised." He sniffled as I knew he was aching for me.

"No Mattie, I told you we'd talk about it. You know I'm with Evan now and you are still so young. Besides, if you really want to do something like that maybe it should be with one of your friends who are your age." I told him honestly as he just looked at me with pleading eyes.

"I did…I mean…well me and one of my friends…um…I sort of fooled around while you were gone, but it just isn't the same. I don't feel the same way when I'm with someone my own age. Kyle, just this once…please?" He pleaded and then looked over to his older brother. "Please Evan tell Kyle it is alright…let him suck on my dinky. It feels really good when he does that, and I promise I won't tell anyone. I…I won't ask him to do it again?" He promised.

"Mattie boy I don't think that's such a good...," I hesitated for a moment feeling Evan's hand on my arm. "Um…good idea." I finished off as I looked over towards Evan questioningly.

The older brother just looked at me and sighed nodding his head giving me permission, but to be honest I still didn't think it such a good idea. "Evan, I…I don't think this is a good idea for real." I told him looking down at the sweetness of Mattie lying there looking at me expectantly.

"It's alright Kyle. I know how it feels to want someone so badly at his age. I only wish you would have done something back then because maybe things would have been different with what happened between me and Don. Mattie wants this Kyle, and I really don't mind." He told me honestly as I looked at him my heart swelling with such love for him that he was so willing to share a part of me with his little brother.

Looking back down at the smaller brother I just sighed. "Mattie are you sure about this?" I asked him hesitantly some of my resolve giving way as the smaller boy just smiled happily and nodded his head. "Mattie this is really serious and after this we will have to stop because I don't feel right about this." I told the younger boy who nodded his head that he did understand.

"Tomorrow we will all sit down and talk about this, but tonight we forget everything." I whispered tenderly getting a bit excited myself even though I still felt it wasn't a good thing.

Looking over towards Evan for permission one more time just to be sure, and receiving it from my love, I gently reached down and fondled the small little hard penis belonging to Mattie. The older brother watched excitedly as I slowly lowered my head and suckled on the smaller boy's hard tent spike. Just having had Evan's own hardened erection recently in my mouth, Mattie's hardness felt very familiar yet also different. His smaller rigid boy-ness slid between my lips and quivered excitedly in my mouth just like Evan's did and in a similar fashion. It was just the small nuances of how both boys reacted to the stimulation that was eerily familiar. Mattie was just more aggressive though as his hips began to thrust wildly into my face. I suppose it was because he didn't have the same inhibitions of his older brother making me wonder if I had done this to Evan at Mattie's age if it would have been the same. I was fairly certain it would. My mouth opened up some more as I slurped up Mattie's soft boy pouch swirling around his olive sized testicles for a moment before letting them slip from my mouth. Mattie had yelped and his body had quivered excitedly when I had slurped up his small little boy bag playing around with his marbles. He sighed contentedly and then suddenly jerked upwards making a little squeaking noise when my tongue swirled around his exposed glans. He was really close now and I finally brought the small boy to a dry orgasm when the tip of my tongue flickered up against his little pee slit.

From the corner of my eye I noticed Evan was right on Mattie's heals with his own climax as he masturbated himself off to the visual stimulation he was receiving with me giving his little brother a blow job. For Evan it was like he was receiving his own blow job when he was only eight or nine years old. The older boy's hips lifted up off the mattress as a small glob of his clear liquid like ejaculate sort of sputtered out the tip of his penis. It amazed me that he had anything more to offer up at all, so the small amount really seemed like a lot to me. I could see Mattie looking over at his older brother and smiling as he reached for his older brother's hand. Evan looked over to his little brother and smiled giggling as the clasped hands together in the euphoric glowing aftermath of their orgasmic eclipse together. It was really a precious moment for me to see the two brothers having shared something so intimate at the same time. In a way it made me feel better about what had just happened, and also appreciate how Evan was slowly shaking away the inhibitions that Don had instilled inside of the twelve year old boy.

Both boys lay panting on the mattress as I reached over to Evan and scooped up his precious small load he had deposited on his tummy. I licked my fingers while Mattie just looked on, and then scooped up some more offering it to the little boy. He hesitantly opened up his mouth and accepted his brother's juice. He slathered it around his tongue a little before smiling his approval of the taste. Between the two of us we managed to clean up Evan's spunk, and then all three of us huddled back together under the covers fading off to sleep in each other's arms.

I hadn't intended to do what I had done to Mattie, but at this point I was through with being so self conscious about the whole age and sex thing. If Mattie didn't mind, and if Evan didn't mind, then why should I mind if it was done in a tender and loving way. I knew that at some point I would need to sit down with both Mattie and Evan so that we could establish some boundaries figuring out together if this was something we should be doing or not. For me I felt that yes for this one moment it was alright, but here in the future it was something that I truly should avoid having happen again. If things continued who knew where it could lead to, and I wasn't sure if I was ready for those types of consequences.

My feelings were much deeper with Evan, one of true love, but with Mattie it was more because he reminded me of a younger Evan, and I'm sure for Mattie it was just the newness of intense feelings that this sort of activity tends to bring to someone as they are introduced into the realm of sex. Everyone seemingly benefited from the experience, but at what cost I wondered. In the end it had happened, and there would be time to work this all out I thought to myself allowing my body to finally relax and fade off to sleep.

A little while later I heard some movement in the kitchen and then sensed someone looking in on us. I just lay there for a little while before slowly extricating myself from the two young luscious boys in my bed. I pulled on a pair of shorts and made my way into the kitchen. My dad was sitting at the counter drinking a cup of coffee. I poured one for myself and added cream and sugar. My dad arched his eyebrow and I just shrugged.

"So you drink coffee now?" My dad inquired.

"Yeah a few months back now, but I like it with cream and sugar."

"I see you two made up last night. I was a little worried for both of you, but your mother said to leave you guys alone and it would work out."

"Yeah, I was a little out of it, but Evan and I made up. I don't know what happened to bring him around."

"Huh, it was Mattie. He really gave his older brother the what for. That little guy reminds me more and more of his father while Evan is more and more like his mother." My dad commented.

"Well he seems cool now, but I know he is really scared about what is going to happen to them, and he's also worried about his mom."

"Hmmm, I suppose he would be, but we will be visiting his mother today and things will be getting better from there. We have to be careful though Kyle because Don is still on the loose. I don't think he will come around anymore, but we will still have to be careful."

We both sat there quietly pondering in our own thoughts. I noticed my dad looking at me every once in a while, and I could tell he was pleased with what he saw. I was athletically fit and my lean body showed off some of my muscle tone.

"So, anything you want to talk about?" He inquired as he looked over my naked torso.

I knew what he meant as I glanced in the direction of my bedroom. I wasn't ready to come out to him about Evan, so I just told him about how the boy had a nightmare the first night at camp and how he ended up sleeping with me. It seemed to help so he just crawled in with me and we've been sleeping together ever since. The boy must have just felt lonely last night so crawled into my bed, and then Mattie must have woken up sometime in the night and crawled in beside his brother I had explained to him.

"Oh, I didn't see Mattie there as well," my dad admitted seeming to relax a little more.

I don't think he would have minded if Evan and I were together in that way. I think he just felt it could lead to other issues if something went wrong. After all we were still young and teenage love usually doesn't last as we bungle our way through the jungle of dating and finding the right one. For my parents and Evan's parents they had always known they would be together from the beginning, but that usually isn't the case ninety nine percent of the time. In most cases people fall in and out of love until they finally find the one, and then there is still a high rate of falling out.

"Well, I think I need a shower," I told my dad as I set down the now empty mug, and headed into my bathroom to get cleaned up.

Taking a quick shower I finished up and made my way into the bedroom to have a chat with Evan and Mattie about what happened. We were all emotionally charged up with all that has happened, and needed each other for comfort, but this couldn't happen again with Mattie and us. Also we needed to have a chat with Mattie and really talk to him about sex and how dangerous it could become to be so sexually active at a young age. I knew it was a good feeling for the younger boy, and was such a wonderful experience, but he needed to be aware of dangerous predators and some of the medical ramifications of being so overt.

I woke up the two boys and giving Evan a meaningful look sat down and started our talk. Evan understood what I was doing and backed me up as we gently eased into the conversation with Mattie about having sex. Of course he was interested in experimenting more with this new activity, but we tried to discourage him and cautioned him about some of the issues involved. In the end we could only hope he would be careful and slow down with everything.

Mattie seemed to understand as I sighed and looked at him seriously for the next part of our discussion. I told both him and Evan that what happened last night can't happen again. Of course the younger boy tried to protest, but I tried to explain to him that I was with Evan and it wasn't right for me to be with him too at the same time. There was also the big age difference. I apologized to him for doing what I did last night, but once more I had gotten caught up in the moment and really wanted us to try not to do things like that anymore.

Mattie started to cry and said it wasn't fair, so I just held him to me and rocked him gently. He insisted that he was just fine with everything, and begged me not to abandon the idea entirely even though he had promised me last night that he wouldn't ask again. He was relentless and in the end I sighed shaking my head giving in just a bit on the total ban. I was finding it difficult to refuse Mattie as he reminded me so much of Evan, and I truly did love the little boy with all of my heart. In many ways my love for him was just as deep as they were for his older brother, but also in some ways very different.

In the end I told him that maybe it was alright just to agree that for a while we would not have any sex together at all. I was hoping that as enough time went by he would move on with his fixation of having sex with me. Evan patted Mattie sympathetically, while the younger boy just smiled at his older brother understanding how awkward this situation must be for him. He apologized to Evan as they each sat there hugging and comforting one another.

After we all seemed to calm down a little I announced to them we were going to the hospital to visit their mom, but also cautioned them it might be a bit shocking. Of course I hadn't seen her yet, but from what my father told me it could be pretty bad. We chatted a little more, and then I told the two brothers they should take a shower and get cleaned up. The two boys were going to go into separate bathrooms, but I explained to Evan about the situation at the doctor's office with Mattie, and told him he should take his brother with him to reassure him about washing his penis.

Evan hesitated a moment a little shy about it. Hell it was one thing to finally come out of his shell allowing his brother to see him naked for the first time in a long time, but to just hop in the shower with him and to actually touch his…thingy…well that was just going a bit too far in his opinion, and he told me so with Mattie just giggling at the exchange. I looked at Evan a bit admonishingly and reminded him what we did together last night was even more private. His mouth opened as if he was going to protest, but in the end his shoulders slumped, and he sighed giving in knowing that I was right so took Mattie's hand in his and headed off into the shower.

Just before they went into my bathroom Evan turned around. "Uh Kyle, do you think we could drop by my house on the way over to the hospital? I want to get some better clothes to put on."

"I'll ask my folks, but I'm sure it won't be a problem."

We were just about ready to head out the door when Jaden and Gabe knocked on the door. I told my friends that we were getting ready to head for the hospital, and Gabe wanted to know why. Jaden had been filled in with what was going on with Evan's mom because his friend had confided in him, but Gabe was still in the dark about it so I just told him that Mattie's and Evan's mom had gotten hurt. I felt kind of bad about keeping my best friend in the dark, but it wasn't for me to go around telling Evan's personal issues to anyone. Gabe didn't ask for any details, but I got the feeling that he sort of sensed something more was going on. He didn't say anything about it though, but did ask if we could catch up later since he had to go to work here in a little while and couldn't come with us. Jaden on the other hand wanted to come to support his friend and be there in case he needed something. My parents agreed as long as Jaden's parents were fine with it. We made a quick stop at the Prescott home so that Evan and Mattie could get into some nicer clothes and then we were off to the hospital.

It was hard for the boys to see their mother in the state she was in, but they were brave and got to spend a good amount of time with her. Aunt Liz was proud of Evan when he told her the news his painting made first place in the camp group he was in, and that he was in the overall finalist selection. He told her all about camp and how wonderful I had been to him, and the sacrifices I had made so that he could go to the painting course.

"Oh, that is so nice sweetie. I'm so glad you made several friends at camp. I've been so worried about you for a long time now because you haven't seemed to be able to make any friends. I'm very proud of you." Mrs. Prescott told her boy.

They chatted some more before she asked Evan and Mattie if they could send me in because she wanted to talk to me. The boys came out into the hallway to let me know that their mom wanted to talk with me. We all had already visited with her, but after a while left the room so that the boys could get some alone time with their mother. I entered the room with a little trepidation and winced at her state.

She had bruises all over her face and was hooked up to all sorts of tubes and machines. Her left arm was in a splint and her left leg in a cast. Evidently Don beat her pretty good along her left side which sort of made sense because the man was right handed so the more severity of her wounds would be on her left side.

"Um…hey Aunt Liz, Evan says you want to speak with me?" I asked hesitantly as she motioned me to her bedside.

"Yes, your parents tell my that Evan blamed you for this and that you feel you are responsible." She started out as I got real quiet and nodded my head.

"I…I'm so sorry Aunt Liz," I started to cry as I held her right hand in my own.

"Now…now Kyle you know it isn't your fault if anything you saved our family. I want you to promise me you will continue to look after my boys. Don is still out there and since both boys are so close to you I want you to promise me if you see anything at all you will get help immediately, can you do that for me sweetie?" Aunt Liz asked me.

I nodded my head, "Yes of course Aunt Liz but do you really think…"

She just looked at me sadly, "No I don't but Don, as I've discovered, is a very mean vindictive person. If your father catches him anywhere near you boys he will probably kill the man. I don't want your father in any sort of trouble so keep an eye out, just in case. And sweetie I love you with all of my heart and thank you so much for what you've done for my little angel. I can't thank you enough Kyle for everything."

I gave her a quick hug and left the room to see if Evan and Mattie wanted to talk with their mother again. The older boy was ready and got up to go inside the room when I looked around noticing Mattie wasn't there. I asked him about it, and he said his brother had to go pee and should be back any moment now. I nodded my head and started to sit down. I got a nagging feeling at the back of my neck and decided to go find the boy.

I asked the nurse where the boy's room was, and she pointed off down a side hallway. I saw the men's sign indicating the male bathroom and reached out to open it up when I heard some noise going on and Mattie's voice telling someone to stop it.

"Stop it please, just leave me alone," Mattie yelped jumping back out of the older boy's reach.

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