Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 14

It was lunchtime as I made my way to our usual lunch table outside. The weather's been so fantastic in the region this year that I just wanted to remain outside for lunch until it changed. I noticed most of the other kids did the same thing, and the lunch room was fairly empty these days with us all lounging around in the grass, or the tables sprawled around under the canopied trees.

Our lunch table was in a sort of secluded spot, which I kind of liked since our group of friends tended to be a bit rowdy at times. Spotting Cooper, or Coop, as we've nicknamed him, I made my way towards him with my pounding headache in tow. My morning hadn't gone so well because when I woke up from a restless night's sleep I had a splitting headache, and I felt nauseous. It had been bad enough that when I woke up I didn't even have my morning erection, or feel the urge to give it the usual workout, which always left me gasping for air and quivering in delight before starting off the day. My symptoms seemed to have retreated into the background for the moment, but it had left me in a foul and brooding mood. The only thing that seemed to have perked me up today was spending time with Brendan first thing this morning, and then the brief time spent with Ezra as we snuck away for a few minutes snuggling together fleetingly before heading our own way making it to class just in time before the tardy bell rang.

Squinting my eyes, and looking towards Cooper I had to smile because he looked pretty cute from my perspective. He was already taking food out of his little bag and setting them on the table. He was wearing a light blue button up plaid shirt with his sleeves rolled up along his arms, and completely unbuttoned in front exposing a regular bright white t-shirt. He had on a matching pair of loose fitting light cottony fabric plaid shorts. As his legs swayed under the table I noticed him wearing a matching pair of slightly faded blue plaid vans, and just regular white ankle socks.

"Hey Coop, how are you doing?" I asked him casually as I sat down next to him groaning in the process as the pounding in my head threatened to start up again.

"Geeze, you look like crap." Coop stated to me as I settled in next to him.

"Yeah, I feel like it too." I admitted to him as I put my lunch bag on the table. "But at least one of us is looking all cute and dapper." I teased him complimenting his choice of outfit as I reached my arm around him giving him a quick squeeze without thinking before releasing him.

It caught my friend by surprise as he stiffened up a bit. I hadn't really meant anything by the hug, and it had just been a reflex, but I still blushed because we just don't do things like that in public, yet it also sort of felt right with him. Lately I don't know what's gotten into me, but I've been starting to get used to giving and receiving hugs with my friends. In private they were more heartfelt, but in public like at school the hugs were more of the manly kind of hugs. You know the type where two guys wrap their fingers around each others thumbs, and then sort of come together as their chests and right shoulders bump together briefly while with their left arm they pat each other on the back before pulling apart.

Normally I just do the typical knuckle bump kind of greeting at school, but sometimes first thing in the morning, like when Brendan and I greet one another, we do the ole manly hug thing and it's no big deal. I've never done this with Coop before, so it was just a surprise I suppose for the both of us.

"Um…sorry Coop, I wasn't thinking." I replied as the boy looked around making sure no one had seen us.

"I…uh…it's cool Jackson, but you are the one who looks like they need a hug." He countered smiling at me jokingly as I nodded my head and chuckled.

"Yeah, I suppose I look like a poor wretched little creature." I retorted back trying to get all fancy like with my talk, which made both of us giggle. Wanting to switch the topic I decided to tease him a bit and something had caught my attention that opened up the door. "So, did you get yourself a girlfriend yet, or is that hard thing between your legs just looking for some regular type of attention?" I teased him nodding down towards his crotch as an obvious bulge had made its presence known.

The boy just looked at me with his mouth gaping as he instinctively covered himself up while I started to bust up laughing. It took a moment, but Coop started laughing as well. There's always been a good amount of teasing going on at our lunch table that had a lot of sexual undertones to it, and usually I was the butt end of those jokes being the youngest. We never teased Coop about those sorts of things because we all knew he got harassed too often by the other kids in school. He seemed to try to remain unobtrusive with us, but he did smile and laugh along with our jokes so it was all cool. So when I teased him a bit just now, at first he appeared a little humiliated, but then understood I was just joking around.

"What's so funny?" I heard a familiar voice, and I looked up noticing Jim approaching us with Ezra, Frank and Brendan following close behind him. When I saw the love of my life my world seemed to brighten up a bit.

"Oh nothing much…I was just commenting how frisky Coop seemed to be today." I replied knowing I was setting things up against the poor boy.

"Really?" Jim quipped raising his eyebrows. "You mean to tell me our shy turtle here is finally popping out his head and coming out of his shell to take a look around.

"Yeah I guess you could say that because at least one of his heads' is popping out." I told everyone knowingly with them catching the drift as Coop just looked at me while his jaw dropped down to his chest.

"Hey, fuck yeah." Jim chuckled. "Our little guy, or rather our little guy's little one, is literally growing up." He teased as he knocked away Coops hand from on top of his crotch so that he could sneak a peak, and sure enough there it was making a nice little bulge in his shorts.

"Stop it already." Coop groaned as he covered himself up, and looked around a bit mortified noticing other kids were starting to look our way.

Jim just shrugged his shoulders, and sat down across from the other boy, while Ezra sat down next to me with everyone else finding their place around the table. "Hey, I don't know why you are so ruffled up about it. Shit, I walk around half the school day popping one all the time." Jim stated teasingly while Ezra stroked my leg unobtrusively under the table without anyone catching on.

"Yeah, but unlike Coop over here no one can see yours because it's way too puny." Frank interjected sending us all into a bout of laughter as we all settled into our typical teenage bantering.

"Well, none of the girls are complaining about it any." Jim jibed back a bit sore about it because truth be told he was a bit on the small side of things where his family jewels were concerned.

"Of course not because none of the girls even knew you were doing anything to them since there isn't anything there." Brendan retorted getting into the game while Ezra looked at me and rolled his eyes knowingly, but laughed along with the rest of us.

"Alright already." Jim chuckled shaking his head. "How the hell did this go from Coop popping a boner to my sexual prowess with the girls?" He asked us grumpily.

Frank just shrugged his shoulders. "Because we normally don't tease Coop, and don't want him to feel uncomfortable." The boy replied setting up the trap.

"So instead you are going to dump on me?" Jim responded seriously.

"Of course." Frank smiled over at Coop giving him a wink before springing the trap on his friend. "We all like Coop and care about his feelings, where we really don't give a fuck about yours." The boy finished off keeping a straight face as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

We all sat there trying not to bust a gut as Jim just gazed around the table looking a bit wounded by the snide remark. "Geeze, that really hurts, and it's so nice of you to say that you know." Jim griped as he bit into his own sandwich when Brendan just couldn't hold it in any more, and just laughed his ass off almost falling out of his seat.

Of course this set the rest of us off as well with our entire table erupting into a roar of laughter including Coop who I noticed had finally lost his boner. The boy just looked at me, and wiped away some tears from the corners of his eyes. It was the first time we really had included him in on this type of conversation, and I guess he seemed to realize it, appearing genuinely happy to be more inclusive with our group. It wasn't like we ignored him or anything, but I guess in some ways he had still felt a bit like an outsider in our company, and this seemed to signal him being officially accepted into our circle. I winked back at him, and smiled happy for him because I knew what that felt like.

Ezra put his arm around me, and leaned towards the other boy giving him a friendly shove as way of showing how glad he was for the boy as well before releasing my shoulder. That short embrace around my shoulders conveyed so much to me as I felt him snuggling up closer to me briefly before resuming a more composed seating position. While he had leaned in to me I took the opportunity to give his crotch a friendly squeeze under the table, and could feel his sleek penis twitch in response. We were taking a big chance doing these little things, and thank goodness we didn't do them too often, but the way I was feeling today it made me feel happy to have just this little thing. Ezra looked at me and smiled before kind of frowning at me looking a bit concerned, but I smiled at him and shrugged.

After a few moments of joking around about various things Brendan just looked towards me a bit concerned as well. "Geeze Jackson you kind of look a bit frazzled. I hope you aren't coming down with anything." He told me seriously as some of the others; especially, Ezra looked at me a bit worried as well.

"Yeah, you should have seen what he looked like just before you guys showed up." Coop told Brendan. "He really looked like shit then, but not so bad anymore." He commented as he looked over towards me still a bit worried though as well.

"Yeah, that's because he perked right up when he saw that boner of yours." Jim pointed out as everyone seemed to chuckle while Coop flushed red again.

"Well I just couldn't help it because he's really got a nice looking boner." I teased before reaching over to the boy sitting next to me, and giving his balls a squeeze before he could react and stop me.

I was rewarded with him yelping out in surprise with juice pouring out of his nose as he started to cough and hack. I knew Ezra didn't mind me goofing around like this with our friends since our group did this on a regular basis, but I had to admit that what I felt kind of surprised me because Coop seemed to have a rather large boy package from what I could feel in that brief moment. As I glanced downwards I noticed that even though poor Coop was coughing erratically my brief groping had made him pop another boner, and I could clearly see the large outline of his erection pressing up against the cottony fabric of his shorts. I noticed that Ezra seemed to have witnessed it as well as we looked at one another and laughed.

While we all were laughing at poor Coop's expense I started to whack him on his back to help him out. "Besides, it feels like he's got a nice large pair on him." I continued to joke around.

"Really?" Jim queried as he glanced under the table towards Coop's crotch. "So how big would you say he is down there?" He asked me seriously.

"Way bigger than yours so don't even bother." Coop replied in-between coughs getting his own dig in, while the rest of us just continued to laugh at Jim who just glared at all of us.

"So what's really going on? Is this pick on Jim's pecker day?" The boy quipped back.

"Yeah that would be true if there was anything actually down there to pick on." Frank managed to get out as he in turn reached over giving Jim's crotch a quick squeeze making the older boy yelp in surprise just like Coop had done only moments earlier.

"Hey, stop that Frank. If you want to get frisky why not just ask and we can go somewhere private like." Jim taunted his friend as he gave the other boy a friendly shove.

"Yeah, I guess some nice pussy action from you would be nice right about now." Frank teased back as this time Jim just froze and looked at him in disbelief.

"Alright, I give already. No way can I keep up with you guys today." Jim stated as he laughed and shook his head. "You just remember this day Coop because one day it will be your turn." The older boy just chuckled as he peaked under the table for emphasis while Coop automatically clamped his hand over his balls with the rest of us laughing our asses off at the antics.

If there is one thing you have to understand about kids our age, and not appearing gay regarding sexual situations is that we do this in one of two ways that aren't harmful to anyone concerned. First, we can ignore any sexual circumstances that might arise and pretend it isn't even happening, or secondly, when we get together in small groups of friends we go overboard with the whole sexual innuendo things. This is done in ways such as teasing one another copiously and loudly, or blatantly and overtly grabbing at one another in a teasingly like manner. Ever since I was propelled into Brendan's circle of friends our sexual overtures seemed to have gone over the deep end. If our parents were to see and hear us now, they would have a heart attack with the antics and sordid ways we were behaving against one another.

We continued to joke around until Brendan, Jim, and Frank had to leave for their meeting just leaving Coop, Ezra, and myself. Once the other guys left our table it became a lot quieter as all of us who were left tended to be more on the reserved side of things. It was amazing how certain people can affect the entire mood of a group.

"Hey Coop I hope you don't mind me getting you and your boner mixed into the conversation?" I teased the boy who just looked at me and shook his head while he just giggled.

"Yeah, well it did sort of embarrass me at first, and what the hell was all that groping about?" He whispered to me tauntingly as he leaned in while Ezra and I just chuckled. "But nah, I guess it was cool."

"Well Coop I wouldn't worry about it too much. Jackson here was worse than you until the rest of us miscreants got a hold of him and corrupted the poor guy. Now he is just as bad as the rest of us." Ezra commented as he ruffled my hair meaningfully.

"Yeah Coop; I guess hanging around us would get to you sooner or later." I quipped back while I wrapped my arms around the boy's shoulders and sort of gave him a man kind of hug…you know…kind of quick like.

We chatted some more, and our conversation quickly got around to Coops and mine Civics class. There was an upcoming essay due in a few weeks, and we could either pair up with someone and work on it together, or do it on our own.

"Hey Coop, how about the two of us pairing up on that Civics Essay?" I asked the boy who just looked at me incredulously.

"Really, you want to work on it with me?" He asked a bit flabbergasted that anyone would even consider working on a project with him.

It wasn't that he was stupid or anything. Actually, quite the opposite as he did pretty well in all of his classes. No it was just that up until he started to hang around us everyone sort of kept their distance from him. I really couldn't understand why at first because even though he was kind of the smallest kid in the class, it still shouldn't have affected him with his popularity in school. Then Ezra told me that a few years back his father was convicted of a horrible crime, and went to prison leaving behind his wife, two daughters, and Coop to fend for themselves. His mom had to go back to work trying to support their family, and they ended up moving into a run down trailer. If that wasn't bad enough the stigma of his father's crime sort of stuck on Coop and his two sisters.

To tell you the truth I sort of felt bad for Coop that he had to go through the ostracism from the community. When I had found out I went on line and did some research discovering that even though his father was convicted of murder that presumably it was entirely possible he was innocent. Currently there was an ongoing legal battle trying to get the conviction overturned, but things didn't look so good at the moment because Coop's family just couldn't afford the mounting legal costs. Financially their family was pretty much ruined. I could tell that Coop was having a hard time with all of this, and it's been going on for several years now.

To me I didn't care what his father may or may not have done. It had nothing to do with who Coop was, so I just treated him like I would any other kid who became my friend. I never talked to him about it, and I did notice that a time or two he seemed to want to mention something to me, but just seemed a bit scared to do it. Things did seem to be turning around for him now that he had been accepted into our little circle of friends. Rarely was he ever bullied anymore because both Ezra and Brendan had discretely squashed any of those sorts of behavior towards the boy. At first they were hesitant to hang out with Coop because of the stigma, but when they noticed I wasn't going anywhere they slowly started to accept him into our group, and even began to like him.

"Yeah, sure why not? I mean you seem to be doing pretty good in the class, and I think we could put out a good report on something. So how about it?" I asked him as Ezra seemed to smile at me approvingly.

"Because…um…well…no one ever wants to work on something with me. I guess we can do work on it in the library or something. You know somewhere in public, and then work on certain parts on our own." He piped up knowing that most kids wouldn't want to be left alone with him at his place much less invite him over to their place.

Shrugging my shoulders I had other ideas. "Yeah sure I guess, but it would just be easier if you either came over to my house or I come over to your place. Whatever works better?" I told him honestly.

"Really…I mean you'd want me to come over to your place?" He asked me a bit taken back.

"Yeah sure. I've got my computer all set up, and we can go in and do all the research we have to on the prerequisite websites that's approved for our class. Any stuff we get done I can put on a flash drive for you or email it to you. Whatever is easiest?" I responded thinking out loud, and getting some of the planning in order.

"Wow, sounds cool. When should we start?" He asked me.

"Well, Thanksgiving is coming up, and we don't have to actually hand it in for another several weeks. I think maybe if we work on it during the week after Thanksgiving we can have it done in no time way ahead of the deadline. So how about we work things out for next week sometime?" I scrunched up my eyes as my head started to pound again.

"Yeah, sounds way cool, but are you sure it's alright for me to come over?" He asked me seriously. "I mean…," he just looked at me hesitantly debating something. "Jackson I think maybe I should tell you something before we do this." He told me sadly as he looked towards me with some tears welling up in his eyes.

My heart started to break for my poor friend. I could tell it was eating at him that maybe I didn't know about his situation, and that he might just be destroying his chances at finally being accepted. Of course the others knew, but I was new to the area, and maybe since I didn't know the others had accepted him at the lunch table.

Looking towards Coop and holding up my hand indicating for him to stop I just looked at him straight on. "Don't Coop, I know all about it, and frankly I just don't give a crap. What happened or didn't happen has nothing to do with you so let's just forget about it. You're our friend now Coop and none of us at this table give a crap anymore about what others are saying. Isn't that right Ezra?" I asked getting the other boy into the conversation.

"Sorry Coop, but Jackson was pestering me and Brendan about why people hated you so much. We told him, and he really got pissed about it. He told us he didn't care, and to tell you the truth neither do I or Brendan so we all decided it was high time we stopped the whole bullying and rumor thing." Ezra told the stunned boy who started to wipe away the wetness from the corners of his eyes.

I knew the feeling well so just reached out and rubbed his back not caring who saw me. Ezra got up and forced us to scoot over as he sat on the other side of Coop, and did the same thing. It was all so casual that nobody around us seemed to notice; besides most people had finished up their lunch already anyway and had wandered off. We sat there for a couple of minutes letting Coop get himself back under control.

"Thanks guys, I really appreciate it." He finally managed to get out after he calmed down a bit. "You have no idea how much this means to me."

"Sure, no worries. Just talk to your mom and you can come over to my place on Monday after school. Then we can decide from day to day what will work best, and maybe I can come over to your place a time or two as well, alright?" I asked him as he nodded getting up because he had to get to his music class early, and set up the equipment.

This left just Ezra and me sort of alone for a few minutes. Since our table was really off to the side, and a bit in an inconspicuous place it almost felt as if we were truly alone. Most people had already wandered off just leaving us alone from any prying eyes. Ezra looked around real quick before leaning in and kissing me softly on the lips. My whole insides quivered, and all of a sudden my headache and nausea seemed to fade away. He released my lips, and I smiled at him before looking down because I could feel him massaging my hard erection.

"Damn, that feels so good Ezra, but we better stop before we get caught." I told him as I moaned enjoying the pleasurable feeling he was giving me with my headache and nausea now completely gone.

"I just can't help it Jackson. You turn me on so much, and I just want to please you. The way you helped poor Coop made me so happy inside because you have the kindest heart and belong to me." He beamed proudly at me as he let go of my pulsing penis making me shudder and almost whimper.

"You really didn't mind that I felt him up?" I asked Ezra seriously since we had agreed to take things slow.

"Of course not Jackson." He replied truthfully. "In a way I thought it was kind of sexy, and man it really does look like he's got a huge set on him." My lover boy giggled at me.

"You noticed too, huh." I laughed as we both just shook our heads.

"You're looking a lot better. So what's really going on?" He asked me as I just looked at him blankly, and afraid to tell him what happened yesterday.

The more I thought about things the more I felt like a slut. Not only did I do things with Brendan, and flirted around a bit with Braxton, but then afterwards with what happened between Suzanne and myself it just made me feel a bit overwhelmed. Deep down I knew it was this last observation concerning Suzanne that was making me feel so awful today.

"Come on Jackson, it can't be all that bad. I promise I won't get mad so just tell me." Ezra assured me.

Hanging down my head in shame I started to tell him what happened yesterday. I told him about my encounter with Brendan, and Ezra smiled at me nodding his head. Then I told him how I had perved on Braxton, and how he finally coxed me into taking a shower. At this point I paused a little not knowing how to proceed from there, but Ezra spoke up for the first time giving me a bit of reprieve.

"Listen Jackson I told Brendan that it was alright. He's my best friend, and you already know we've done things together. I don't mind you helping him out even though you wanted us to take things slowly together. As for Braxton, I'm glad he finally got you comfortable with taking a shower in front of other boys. We all sort of go through this shy stage, and it is kind of freaky at first, but we all end up getting used to it and then it doesn't bother you anymore." He told me earnestly.

"Yeah, but I feel so awful about it when I'm supposed to be with you. I mean I feel like such a hypocrite by doing things to them, and not with you. I sort of feel kind of slutty too by doing all this sex stuff with so many others." I answered honestly knowing this is why I wanted to take things slow with Ezra even though we've already been sexual involved with one another.

"Come on Jackson don't be so hard on yourself. It's not like there have been that many, and they are your friends after all. I've messed around with a few people too Jackson, so I don't mind as long as we are together. But I think it's something else that is bothering you." He pointed out as I started to tell him about Suzanne.

Just when I opened my mouth the bell rang for classes. Ezra looked at me, and just laughed while I shook my head, rolled my eyes, and sighed. I started to speak up again when he just shook his head and got up.

"Listen, we can talk about it later, but believe me Jackson whatever is bothering you won't make me feel bad. Not considering some of the crazy things I've done before as well. I don't mind if you want to fool around a bit, just be careful." He told me as he helped me up. "Besides, to me what happened yesterday doesn't count. If you are helping out like you did with Brendan, then that is just fine, so long as your body belongs to me." He teased as he slapped my backside making me yelp.

The rest of the day seemed to go off without a hitch or too much drama, and my headache and nausea went away completely. I was feeling much better by the time the school day was over, and my team diving practice began. Brendan seemed to be alright today, and we just proceeded with our usual routine without having to take care of his personal needs. I suspected that yesterday wasn't going to be the norm, and I was kind of glad about that. Not that I didn't enjoy pleasuring Brendan because he was just drop dead gorgeous, but still it was just way too risky in my opinion. I also took a shower today, and I didn't feel as self conscious anymore.

There were some overt glances coming my way from Larry as he continued to check me out, but I didn't mind so much. Of course the poor guy kept popping semi-wood, which of course he got teased about by the rest of the guys who basically told him he should take care of his problem before jumping in the shower with the rest of us. As usual everyone laughed including Larry, but I started to get a feeling it really wasn't right to be teasing the other boy all the time. I noticed Braxton and our oldest team member both kept quiet, and didn't bother with joining in.

The ribbing started to get even heavier until I couldn't take it anymore and told everyone to back off on the poor guy, and then asked them why they constantly picked on him. There was some grumbling, but for the most part I think they got the hint, and knew I was telling the truth. I glanced over to the boy who seemed a bit relieved even though he had joined in. I've been in those situations so knew that for him joining in was just a coping mechanism. Braxton smiled approvingly at me as we finished up.

On the way home I stopped on the street corner where I normally turn that takes me by Suzanne's house. Instead of heading up the street I decided to go around the block, and avoided her house altogether. I just couldn't deal with it today, but knew sooner or later I would have to really sit down with her and talk to sort out this mess we had gotten ourselves into. I liked Suzanne as a friend, but sex had complicated things between the two of us. I enjoyed the feeling it gave me, but felt really awful about it afterwards, and truth be known this reaction confused and frustrated me to no end. I don't know why it bothered me so much, and I was constantly debating this issue with myself, but it was just something I knew that I would have to resolve and come to terms with at some point.

The following day was Wednesday, the final day of classes until next Monday because of Thanksgiving. The day started out as usual, but then I noticed Ezra hadn't made it to school today. It concerned me a bit because I was looking forward to seeing him. With this being Thanksgiving weekend I wasn't sure if I would see him again until Monday, so had wanted to see if we could set up something, and maybe get together over the weekend. However, now that he wasn't here I was getting a bit concerned, and I couldn't do anything until I got home so I could call him up.

The day just seemed to drag on forever, and I had been tempted to call or text him, but figured it was just better to do that when I got home. The school kind of frowned on cell phones, and really kept an eye out trying to keep us from using them. Unless it was an emergency the school had a policy of confiscating any cell phones from people. All parents or guardians had to sign a no cell phone agreement before their kids could start with classes. Call our school old fashioned, but in many ways it kept us all more focused. Of course some parents and students had rebelled, but the school board had stuck to their guns, and had prevailed because it had become part of the school's policy.

By the time I got home after diving practice I was a nervous wreck as I ran upstairs to my bedroom and closed the door. I quickly dialed Ezra's number and waited. After a few rings he answered the phone, and I nearly cried I was so relieved. Come to find out Ezra's grandfather had pneumonia, and couldn't drive him to school today. Evidently his grandfather had been sick for about a week now, and finally got it checked out. At least his most contagious stage was over with, and none of the kids had gotten sick. I asked about Thanksgiving, and he informed me they usually don't celebrate that holiday anyway so it was no big deal. Come to find out there are a lot of Native American's who really don't celebrate it. He also told me that since his grandfather was sick he probably wouldn't be able to do anything this weekend with me since he had to pick up on the slack at home. To say this was a disappointment to me would be an understatement, but I did understand.

This was shaping up to be kind of a bummer weekend because the Cuconato's would also be out of town. They were driving over to their Aunt's house, their mom's younger sister's place, and would be there all weekend goofing around with their cousins. They've been doing it every year since they could remember, and last year had been tough for them because it was only a few month's after the accident. However, family was important so they were off for a visit once again this year.

By the time Thanksgiving morning finally rolled around I was pretty much in a bad mood all around. It is amazing how in just a few months I had become so attached to my new buddies, and especially Ezra who was constantly on my mind. Before, since I really didn't have any friends, it didn't bother me to have a long weekend like this to myself. Mom had started preparing stuff for our big feast since yesterday when I came walking into the kitchen all moody like.

The huge turkey cooking in the oven for about thirty minutes now started to smell delicious, and she had gone all out this year again. We always got a big turkey because mom ended up making soup out of the bones afterwards, and also froze half of it so we had it for New Years to snack on along with Schnitzel that she made. Now Schnitzel that was something I always looked forward to, and my mom had learned how to make it when we lived in Germany. It is strange, but depending on the region in Germany and Austria it is fixed slightly different. I liked the more Bavarian style of Schnitzel, and so did the rest of our family.

"What's wrong Jackson?" My mom asked me as I sat at the counter brooding. "You've been moping about since you got back from school yesterday." She told me while she got the pot ready so she could start cooking up the potatoes for mashed potatoes later.

Shrugging my shoulders I started to fiddle with my fingers nervously while watching my mom continue working with the food. "Nothing much really…it's just that it is going to be a boring weekend. No one is going to be around." I explained to her as she looked up briefly motioning for me to continue. "The Cuconato's are off visiting relatives for the long weekend and won't be back until Sunday, and Ezra's grandfather has pneumonia so he can't come over either." I told her as she just looked over towards me.

"Oh my, I didn't know Mr. Kostalini has been sick. How has Ezra been getting to school?" She asked me.

"Well I guess Mr. Kostalini's been kind of under the weather for about a week now, but didn't go to the doctor until yesterday. Ezra didn't make it to school yesterday, and must have gone to the doctor with his grandfather instead. I don't know about next week, but I suppose he might be feeling better by then." I told my mom who had stopped working so she can give her full attention to me.

"It must be difficult for Ezra to take on a lot of the responsibilities when his grandfather is sick. After all he has two younger cousins he needs to take care of too. I wonder what they are doing for Thanksgiving, and if maybe we should just invite them over. I'm sure they won't be preparing anything." She mused out loud getting that planning look I was so familiar with.

"Um, actually he says they really don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and that many Native Americans don't for obvious reasons. Besides, I don't know if their grandfather should be driving around in his current state anyway. He's probably not feeling so well, and who knows what kinds of medication he is on." I told her as she sort of looked at me a bit weird.

There were several emotions along my mom's facial features before she started nodding her head. "Well, I guess I can see it from their perspective, you know with celebrating this holiday and all, and it makes sense. Anyway, it doesn't matter one way or the other. Jeff, sweetheart I need you to come in here for a moment." My mom yelled out to my dad, which made me wonder what she was up to.

"What's going on?" My dad asked entering the kitchen.

"Well, I'm going to need you to go into the garage, and get me some more bread crumbs and aluminum foil because I need to make more stuffing. Then I need you to pull out the turkey from the oven so that I can tie it up more securely, and also place in the stuffing that I am going to put in the aluminum foil around the turkey inside the pan." She told him getting into command mode.

"Oh alright, any specific reason why we are going to need that much stuffing, and why we need to tie up the turkey even more?" My dad asked casually not really caring, but just curious.

"Because Mr. Kostalini is under the weather, and we are going over to their place to share some company and a meal." My mom told my dad who still didn't understand.

My mom looked at my dad and gave him the rundown with what I had told her. She wasn't going to leave the younger boys to fend for themselves over a long weekend like this. Also, she wanted to check in with Ezra's grandfather to make sure he didn't need anything else; especially, where the youngsters were concerned.

"Oh, I see." My father stated as he sort of got a bit nervous about something. "Are you sure we should go over since they don't celebrate thanksgiving, and do we know where they even live?" He asked her seriously.

"Well of course it doesn't matter. We will celebrate thanksgiving, but they don't have to. We will just share a meal together as friends. Besides Jeff, I want to make sure the kids are alright. They don't have anyone except for their grandfather, and we can't let Ezra shoulder the entire burden. If nothing else at least they will have a warm home cooked meal. We can also help them out with some of the other things like chores, laundry, or even some house cleaning if it needs to be done. Even though the man gets around fairly well for his age I'm sure there are things we can help him out with." My mom explained with my dad telling her that when put that way he thought it was a good idea after all.

A couple of hours later our car rocked slightly along a long gravel road as we approached a small adobe like house on a tract of ranch land. Ezra's house really wasn't all that far away, only about a twenty minute drive, but it was still out in the middle of nowhere without any sign of civilization around anywhere. When we stopped the car the front door opened up, and Ezra stepped out looking a bit confused as to who it could be. He knew our car, but we had never been over to his place before so it just didn't sink in for him at first.

Opening up my car door I ran up to him, and hugged him tightly as he looked around bewildered. He got his composure back, and ushered all of us inside the small house. It was quiet inside the small adobe as I looked around at all the Native American artifacts giving the place a sense of age. The place was clean, and things put in their place, but you could tell that some of the normal chores had sort of been suspended with dishes not being washed and put away, and a laundry basket full of clothes sitting off in the corner. Just little things that caught your eye letting you know that household tasks were starting to pile up.

"What are you guys doing here?" The boy asked as he shook my dad's hand, and gave my mom a quick hug.

"We just came to see how you are getting along Ezra." My dad replied. "Jackson told us your grandfather is feeling a bit under the weather so we just wanted to make sure you and your cousins are doing just fine. Is it alright if we see your grandfather, or is he too under the weather?" My father asked Ezra who just shook his head, and showed my father into his grandfather's room while my mom headed over towards the kitchen to start washing the dishes in the sink.

Both my mom and I were elbow deep with the dishes when Ezra came back out and looked mortified. "Mrs. Elborn, you and Jackson don't have to do this. We would have gotten around to cleaning up." Ezra stated as he started helping by putting away the clean dishes for us.

"Oh, it's just a mother thing Ezra." My mom assured him.

With the three of us working at it, the dishes were done in no time flat. Right at about this time my father came walking into the living room area with Mr. Kostalini in tow. The older man did look under the weather, but overall he seemed to be doing just fine. My father helped him to a seat while Ezra ambled over and smiled at his grandfather.

"Hey grandfather, are you feeling alright?" Ezra asked concern showing on his face, but also talking in our language since we were guests in his home.

"Yes, of course. Just a little shaky is all, but I'm feeling better; especially now since we have company." The elderly man smiled fondly at his grandson with his English having improved a lot since we last spoke, which made me look questioningly at my friend.

"Oh, yes grandfather's English has improved a lot lately. I guess since school's started for me he's had to go and talk with them on numerous occasions, and has volunteered for some of their activities, which sort of forced him to speak more. I guess it has been coming back to him after all these years." Ezra explained as he chuckled shaking his head at his grandfather.

"Well, it wasn't as if I didn't know the language just that I had gotten away from it for a while." The older man explained as he smiled warmly at us.

My mom came into the living room smiling and wiping off her hands. "Good to see you up and about Mr. Kostalini." My mom greeted the elderly man as she gave him a warm hug.

"It's just Kostalini. You are our friends after all." The man sighed as he leaned back. "So your husband told me you insisted on coming over, and sharing your holiday meal with us." The man smiled warmly at my mom.

"Yes of course. When Jackson told me you are feeling under the weather I said we have more than enough. I know you don't celebrate thanksgiving, so instead we will celebrate our friendship. So, now where are those other boys of yours? I've been dying to meet them." She asked the elderly man.

"Oh, I sent them over to our neighbors so they can spend some time with their friends. I already called them up, and told them to come home since we have company. They are eager to meet you, and should be here in fifteen minutes or so. It wouldn't surprise if those two scoundrels are racing their horses against one another." The man chuckled while my mom motioned for me to go out, and start bringing in everything from the car.

Before heading out I heard my mom exclaim about the horses. She hadn't realized the two young boys rode horses. With Ezra's help I managed to get everything transferred from our SUV into the kitchen, and my mom got busy. She put the turkey back into the oven to finish up cooking. My mom was in her element as she just went into mom mode. It was a small cramped space but functional, and it didn't faze her since she's been in similar situations over the years. Let's face it sometimes our military accommodations weren't up to date during some of my dad's postings, but she always made the best of the situation. While my father kept Mr. Kostalini company, my mom put Ezra and me to work helping her out. We got laundry started, and got the house in order.

While the turkey finished cooking up Ezra's cousin finally came wandering into the house. Even though Ezra and I were close this was the first time I've ever been over to his house, so also the first time I've ever met his cousins. The older boy, Tyler, looked to be about eight or nine years old and maybe a little bigger than Marco standing at about four feet two inches, and weighing in at about sixty pounds.

He had the same darker complexion as Ezra along with the same long dark hair with matching dark colored eyebrows. The boy's dark black almond shaped eyes glinted mirthfully as his watchful gaze didn't miss a beat in his heart shaped face. He had a beautiful smile with his two larger upper front teeth looking out of place only because his other teeth hadn't developed fully yet. In a way it made him even cuter, and didn't distract from his soft features. His small nose that had a slight outward flaring looked adorable on him. Even his plain rough and tumble clothing looked endearing on him as he strolled inside the house with just a plain pair of worn jeans and flannel shirt.

The younger brother, Zachary, who seemed very quiet and shy had similar familial features, but truly was just as cute as can be. I think my mom just fell head over heals in love with the little guy immediately. The boy was around seven years old, and a little smaller than Marco with a height of three feet eight inches, and weighing about fifty pounds. He had an adorable round face that wanted you to take them in your hands and kiss him all over affectionately. His small light brown eyes, petite nose, and small adorably thin lips fit with the rest of his small face adding to his cuteness. He wore his dark brown hair long as well that settled around loosely on his shoulders, and had some lighter colored brown highlights. He had a lighter complexion than his older brother and Ezra's, but still had that glowing bronze tint as if he had a permanent suntan. Like his older brother he came strolling in wearing a pair of worn jeans and flannel shirt.

My mom couldn't contain herself as she first hugged the older brother affectionately, and then just laid into the younger boy as she kissed him all over his face while the poor guy tried not to squirm around too much. Living in an all male household the smaller brother was just beside himself not used to so much affection lavished his way. Mr. Kostalini just laughed shaking his head while Zachary looked towards him for rescue. Not knowing what else to do the smaller boy just patted my mom's back hugging her lightly.

"So, I need you boys to go get cleaned up because the Elborn family have worked hard to prepare a wonderful meal for all of us." The elderly man stated as the younger boys disappeared around the corner to get cleaned up.

When the boys came back we gathered around the small table and took our seat. It was a bit cramped, but none of us seemed to mind as we chatted away almost like one large family. All the boys were very polite as my mom did her job, and grilled them about school and their grades, not to mention if they were being good boys and helping out their grandfather since he was feeling under the weather. Little Zachary never uttered a word, but his brother Tyler spoke up for him, which made my mom look towards Ezra who just shrugged and explained that his cousin rarely ever spoke, much less to people he hardly knew.

During the conversation we discovered that Mr. Kostalini was technically Tyler and Zachary's Great Uncle, but Ezra's cousins treated and referred to him as grandfather. I seemed to recall them telling us this before when we first met over at our house. The two boys were the grandsons of his deceased sister in-law, and they had no other relatives to take care of them. Their mother had passed away from cancer, and their father had become a drug addict leaving the family years ago when Zachary was still a baby. When that happened their mother had immediately taken legal actions getting a divorce, and relieving the man of all legal rights to the boys now and in the future. In addition, she had set up legal guardianship of the boys to be with the boy's great uncle, Mr. Kostalini. She had already been diagnosed with cancer at the time, and was afraid what would happen to the boys if she wasn't able to overcome her illness. When she passed away Mr. Kostalini took them in with open arms, and never regretted the decision for one moment. Ezra was the only grandson and living relative to carry on the Kostalini line, but the boys were treated as if they were the elderly man's grandsons as well.

After my mom's initial motherly duty the conversation shifted back to the lighter side as everyone enjoyed the scrumptious meal my mom had prepared. She had made all the fixings to go along with the moist tender turkey, which consisted of stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, yams, corn on the cob, corn bread, and cranberry. Later for dessert my mom had baked both a pumpkin and apple pie with whip cream and ice cream.

"So Jackson," Tyler asked getting my attention as he reached for some more mashed potatoes, and smiling at my mom appreciatively as she handed him the bowl. "Ezra says you have the gift." He stated as he poured some gravy over his mashed potatoes before reaching for some more turkey.

"What?" I asked a bit confused.

"Ezra told us all about Two Dog's horse. How you talked to him, and the horse talked back. Grandfather says it means you have the gift with horses." He told me earnestly as my mom nearly choked on some corn bread as she just stared at me questioningly.

"I…uh…um…well the horse didn't actually talk to me." I told him blushing a bit wondering what stories Ezra was feeding his cousins. "I mean you do know that horses just don't talk, right?" I asked not knowing for sure since the boy had been very serious with his query.

"Well not like us, but they do talk if you know how to understand them. I mean we sort of understand our own horses because we ride them everyday, and they are almost like family. But Ezra said Two Dogs' horse actually did as he was told, and that you had a regular conversation with him. We all know how famously stubborn that horse of his is, but with you the horse did exactly what you told him to do. Grandfather says only a person who has the gift with horses can do that. He says you have good medicine since horses trust you." The boy continued making me blush even more as I just shrugged my shoulders a bit embarrassed.

Looking over towards my mom I noticed she was just staring at me a bit strangely, while my dad just seemed to smile recalling that day. "I…um…I don't know Tyler. I mean I've never really been around horses before so I'm not sure." I responded looking at my dad for help.

"Don't look at me." My dad chuckled. "All I know is that it was hilarious watching Two Dog's reaction when you just started talking to his horse, and then it did what you told him to do. I do have to admit that it looked like the horse really responded to you though." My dad admitted as both he and Ezra just laughed recalling the incident. "Man, poor Two Dogs grumbled and complained almost all night long about how his horse was two faced after he brought him into his home and treated him like family. It was hilarious how he went on and on about his horse. I think he was a bit jealous." My dad chuckled shaking his head.

"Yes, the boy has the gift." Ezra's grandfather spoke up nodding his head. "I can see it in him. It is plain to see for those who know what to look for."

The man hadn't eaten much, but did manage to have a little food and seemed to enjoy it. He also looked older than the last time I saw him as if the pneumonia had taken a bit out of him. He seemed happy and enjoyed our company, but I could tell that he was a bit worn out from his illness.

"So Ezra, after dinner you take Jackson out to the pond, and show him around the ranch a bit." Mr. Kostalini told his grandson.

"Ooh, can we go too grandfather?" Zachary asked all excited speaking up for the first time that evening.

"No, I think maybe you two should stay behind and help Mrs. Elborn clean up. After all Ezra and Jackson already did a lot before you two came home, so it is only fair you two help out now." The elderly man explained without any complaints coming from the boys; instead, receiving only smiles as they agreed. Tyler once again thanked my mom for the tasty home cooked meal, and Zachary nodded agreement as the older brother promised that they would help out, which made my mom smile appreciatively at the well behaved boys.

"You can take my horse Jackson," Tyler told me which shocked me.

"What…I…um…I don't know Tyler. I mean I've never really been horse back riding before." I answered honestly.

"Really, wow. I don't know anyone who hasn't ridden horses before." The boy told me candidly, and I guess in an area where they lived this would be pretty typical for them. Besides the boys lived just outside the small reservation and actually went to school there riding their horses. "Oh well, Ezra will teach you. Besides, horses like you so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to get the hang of it." The boy responded confidently not giving it any further thought as Zachary surprised me by reaching over and taking my hand in his giving it a gentle squeeze as he nodded reassuringly that his older brother was right.

My mom looked a bit concerned, but Mr. Kostalini put her at ease. He stated it is the only way to get around on the ranch, and that Ezra would be careful with me. Besides as my brother it was his duty to teach me, which made my mom look at me again questioningly reminding me that I hadn't explained to her about what happened up on the mountain. I gave her that I'll tell you later look while Mr. Kostalini assured her that Tyler's horse would be perfect because the horse wasn't so high strung like some of the other horses and very reliable.

Before long Ezra had me on one of the back trails of the ranch as we thundered across the open spaces. At first I had been a bit leery, but soon enough I had settled in to the rhythm of the various gates from the horse, and felt naturally comfortable enough on horse back that I was laughing hysterically at the exhilarating freedom I experiencing as the chestnut colored Arabian horse beneath me ran full out. I was racing Ezra on his darker blanket with spots Appaloosa horse that was slightly larger than Tyler's Arabian down the trail. It was amazing how the horse's powerful strides felt beneath me, and how it just seemed to come naturally to me. I wasn't even afraid of falling off as if the horse and I were connected in some way.

The older boy was just in front of us, and I could see the large tree looming a short distance up ahead that we had set as our goal. The trail widened a bit, and I urged Tyler's horse onwards as I leaned in giving the horse his head leaving the reins a bit slack. It was a good thing my mom had insisted on me wearing pants before we left the house or I could imagine how raw my thighs would be by now. I had put on a pair of khaki colored Dockers, with a sky blue colored polo style short sleeved shirt. Ezra had on a pair of regular jeans with a loose fitting t-shirt, but even though his clothing was well worn, he still looked so damn sexy hot to me as I my eyes focused a moment on his strong legs and nicely formed ass.

"Let's go." I urged Tyler's horse. "To the tree, let's go." I encouraged her and felt a new surge of power beneath me as we slowly came abreast Ezra. The tree was closing rapidly so I urged her even more. "You can do this. Show me what you have girl, and let's go for the tree." I continued to praise her excitedly. I could tell that the horse felt my excitement as she stretched out even further, and slowly we took the lead from Ezra and his horse.

Finally we crossed over the imaginary winning line as I tossed up my hands in victory with the horse continuing to thunder past the tree. My exuberance could have had a disastrous affect since I was still new to horse back riding, but I wasn't afraid of falling or anything as I balanced myself on the horse's back easily as she slowed down before finally coming to a walking gate. Ezra pulled up beside me, and just smiled wickedly as he laughed heartily.

"Damn, how the hell did you do that. She's never beaten me out before." Ezra laughed all excitedly and giddy from the race.

Shrugging my shoulders I just patted Tyler's horse, and praised her for a good job. "Come on let's get down, and walk the horses the rest of the way so they can cool down a bit." Ezra suggested as he stepped off from his horse and helped me down. "That was way cool Jackson, and I think grandfather is right. You have the gift because I've never seen someone who's never been riding before take to a horse's back so quickly." He told me seemingly more excited about the experience than I had just been.

"Damn, that was wickedly awesome. I wish I could do that every day." I had to admit to the boy.

"Yeah, it is cool and I love my horse, but she is a lot of responsibility Jackson. She has to be cared for everyday, and I also take her out for her exercise and so do Tyler and Zachary with their own horse. We treat them like family and it is a lot of fun, but like I said a lot of responsibility too." He assured me smiling and patting his own horse affectionately.

"Well I know it would be worth it." I answered honestly as we made our way to the pond.

It took us about ten minutes to arrive at our destination. Along the way Ezra held my hand as we walked and talked enjoying one another's company. It was amazing how it felt to be so free and open out here without worrying if anyone saw us. At the moment I felt so alive and overwhelmed with such a happy glowing feeling as we crested a small hill, and looked down along a sandy like area with a small creek tumbling into a deeper pool that looked inviting. We allowed the horses to wander a bit along the stream bed so that they could get some water while Ezra pulled out a blanket and spread it out on the sandy bank so we could take a seat.

As I sat down Ezra pulled me into him, and we snuggled up closer as he wrapped his arms around me. It felt cozy, and I enjoyed leaning my back into him as he held me fondly rubbing my chest from behind. It was in the low seventy degree Fahrenheit range temperature wise, unseasonably warm for this time of year, but I enjoyed the heat as I let the sun bathe my face and body. The early morning hours and evening hours did cool down a lot, but the afternoons seemed to always remain warm these days. I knew that soon the temperature would start to cool down to its normal range for this time of year, but until then I would enjoy every minute of it. I was so comfortable and didn't want it to end, but I needed to talk with him so I just picked up his hand and kissed it gently.


"Hmmmm?" He responded.

"Something happened the other day." I informed him.

"Yeah I know…you told me all about Brendan and Braxton remember." He responded softly seemingly enjoying the closeness with me.

"No, something else happened." I told him as I swiveled my head and looked at him.

The boy just smiled back at me, and didn't seem so concerned. I twisted around so that I could get into a better position, and then just told him all about Suzanne. By the time I finished I was feeling so awful that I started to quake and cry as I laid my head in his lap. All the emotions I've been holding in over the past several days seemed to pour out of me as I just bawled my eyes out with how I had betrayed my boyfriend. I could feel him holding on to me, and start to rock me gently as I just let it all out. After a while I managed to calm down, and sit back up wiping away the wetness from my face with the back of my hands.

"Sorry Ezra, but it's just that I feel so awful about it all." I told him truthfully.

"Why Jackson…I mean it's not like you did anything wrong. Suzanne is the one who came on to you, and you didn't realize it until it was too late. Besides, didn't you like it? If anything I'm a bit jealous." He told me as he half heartedly laughed not wanting to upset me thinking he was literally laughing at me.

"Jealous? Why would you be jealous?" I asked him having calmed down.

"Because, you're no longer a virgin, and I don't know anyone else at school who can say the same thing silly." He chuckled as he gave me a friendly shove. "How did it feel?" He asked me seriously seeming a bit curious about it.

Looking at him a bit baffled wondering why he was so curious since he was gay I just shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know how to describe it. I mean it sort of felt like getting a blow job, but way better. As soon as I realized what was going on it was like I lost total control and something just seemed to happen to me. It felt almost as if I had to finish because it was so intense. It happened so fast Ezra, and before I knew it I was thrusting myself up inside of her until I exploded. It felt all warm and wet like up inside of her, and it was like her whole pussy had engulfed my entire penis and was giving the entire thing such an intense sensation. I could feel her tightness all around my penis, just like your lips, but way more intense." I tried to explain to him not really able to gather my thoughts together coherently.

"Wow, sound like it was really nice." He stated as he smiled at me quirkily.

"Yeah, I guess it was, but afterwards I felt so awful, and by the time I got home I had to puke. Thank goodness my stomach was empty at the time. I've been thinking about it too since then, and I don't think I got sick because it was a scary moment for me. I mean it scared the crap out of me because I was worried about her getting pregnant, and also because my dad always tells me to use a condom, you know just in case of other things. Not that I think she's got something, it was her first time after all, but still Ezra." I looked down just shaking my head.

"So, why do you think you got sick then?" He asked me carefully as I looked up.

Biting my lower lip I looked up shifting around uncomfortably. "I…I'm not sure." I lied shrugging my shoulders before coming clean with him because I just couldn't lie, not to Ezra. "I…I think maybe because it just didn't feel right. You know what I mean? It's hard to describe Ezra. Shit, it felt awesome while I was inside of her, and while I was…um…well you know…fucking her." I whispered the last part as if someone might overhear us. "It was so wonderful, but right after it was over, and my soft penis slipped out of her everything sort of changed. It felt so wrong, and not just because I wasn't wearing any protection, and also not because she had taken advantage of me, no it just felt wrong overall." I told him as I started to sniffle again feeling bad about the entire incident.

Ezra scooted closer to me, and just wrapped his arm around my body so he could comfort me. I flinched at first, but then just gave in to my feelings as I leaned in to him and allowed him to console me. I felt so safe and comfortable in his arms, and couldn't help notice that this is how things should feel between two people.

Closing my eyes I allowed the exhilarating feeling of contentment to course through my body as Ezra slowly ran his fingers through my hair. I've done this with Marco, and it was interesting to note just how good it really felt.

"Well Jackson…um…I think you might have to consider that you may just be gay for sure." He whispered to me tenderly not wanting to upset me.

The words came out of his mouth, and it surprised me how at the moment it really didn't sting or anything. Maybe it was just because it came from him, or maybe I just knew it was true deep down, and it no longer mattered to me.

"It doesn't bother you…I mean that you may be gay?" Ezra asked me as he stopped, and held me out at arms length.

"No, not really." I admitted to him as I just leaned in, and gave him a tender kiss.

His lips had a hint of saltiness to it from the sandy arid trail that had been kicked up during our horseback ride before it sort of changed to a sweet like taste as our tender kiss turned more passionately. My body trembled as Ezra pressed his weight into me easing me on to my back. The older boy settled on top of me, and I could feel his hips grinding into me as my hands wandered down his back, grabbed his tight orbs, and pulled him harder on top of me as I ground my hips upwards forcing our two hard erections to rub up against one another through the fabric of our pants.

It didn't matter that we were both wearing pants because I could feel the heat of his sexy little hardness burning through the fabric of the material making me quiver with anticipation. Ezra pushed his tongue into my mouth, and I allowed him to probe me enjoying the tickling sensation. He was turning me on, and I could feel my little soldier pressing up against my Dockers looking for relief as my hands wandered under the older boy's shirt, and slowly massaged his back. I heard him whimpering in my mouth, and felt his skin get goose bumps, which excited me even more. His hands roamed down my sides, and I could feel him lifting his hips slightly giving his hand access to my bulging hardness. He squeezed my rigid boyhood tenderly through my Dockers sending me into orbit as I just shook enjoying the sensation, and forcing me to whimper with pleasure this time around. All of a sudden my sexy hot boy rolled off from on top of me, and lay panting on his back as he swallowed hard.

"Shit Jackson, it's getting too intense, and I don't want us to get out of control." He groaned as he reached down, and tried to adjust his burgeoning erection while I sat up dizzily from the intensity of it all.

This was just too frustrating trying staving off what I only knew was the inevitable with the love of my life as I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my socks, and stood up. "W…what are you doing." Ezra asked a bit confused as he now sat up with his eyes locked on to my obvious bulge.

"I can't take it anymore." I told him honestly as I pulled off my shirt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and in one fell swoop dropped them and my underwear around my ankles before stepping out of them.

The older boy gasped audibly as he watched me strip out of my clothes, and now stood completely naked in front of him. No longer afraid of the consequences with the boy who I knew with all certainty that I loved, I kneeled down in front of him and pulled off his shirt before pushing him on to his back.

"Are…um…are you sure about this?" Ezra asked me as he panted heavily when my hands reached out, and tenderly massaged his chest and stomach.

"Yes, but just this once I want to be in control, please." I asked the older boy who just nodded his head already enjoying what I was doing to him.

Slowly my hands twirled around his bronze colored nickel sized nipples, and I watched as they seemed to perk right up while his entire body quivered with dimpled like little bumps all over his skin. Ever so slowly I allowed my fingers to travel down to his navel before wandering down even further. His stomach rose and fell erratically as I leaned down swirling my tongue around his belly button.

"Oh fuck," Ezra moaned loudly as his hips rose slightly, and his hard bulge bumped up softly against the underside of my chin and neck.

The sensation of his hardness so close like that sent chills of excitement up and down my spine. While his hips were raised up in the air I wrapped my arms around beneath his covered globes, and hugged him tighter to me while my tongue continued to lash out all around and inside of his navel cavity of his tight muscled tummy. This elicited an excited like writhing and wriggling motion on the part of the dark haired boy as he squeaked and purred out loud not caring how far his voice carried. Being out here in the middle of nowhere we could scream as loud as we wanted without fearing being heard. In a way it made things even more exciting.

Allowing him to calm down a little I lowered him back down, and gave his obvious bulge a not so gently squeeze, which elicited a sharp yelp and intake of breathe as he jerked and groaned at the same time excitedly. I unsnapped his jean button, and slowly eased down the zipper as I watched his stomach rise and fall in a quick cadence. He was excited, and even though I've seen and had that cute thin tight foreskin covered penis of his in my mouth, I was still entranced in a state of captivated anticipation. Slowly I unzipped him, and then gasped realizing he wasn't wearing any underwear as his extremely hard hooded three and a half inch long erection all of a sudden snaked itself out from behind concealment. The tip end of his foreskin was closed around the head of his penis tightly, but this didn't stop me from reaching out and slowly skinning it backwards allowing the pinkish purplish colored acorn like head to breathe a breath of fresh air.

Ezra had kicked off his shoes, so now I released his foreskin allowing it to pop back over the head of his penis as I removed his socks, and then pulled off his pants. We were now both naked as I settled between his legs, and slowly lowered myself back on top of him while grinding our two thin hard erections together. My little sagging boy pouch settled between the older boy's legs, and I could feel my testicles gently bumping against the top of Ezra's two walnut sized orbs that were held in place with his own brown colored fleshy smooth pouch.

My body quivered enjoying the sensation of both our torrid hard thin rods grinding against one another. Ezra's penis wasn't all that much bigger than mine, and would probably be considered a bit on the small size for his age, but to me I thought he was just perfect size wise. His smooth slightly sagging boy pouch also turned me on because they looked perfect on him. From a few months back I knew that they hang down just enough to allow me to play around with his two large sized marbles in his pouch, and just the idea of doing this to him here soon was driving me wild with anticipation.

Lately I've seen a lot of naked boys, and the ones who seemed to have loose boy pouches without them sagging too much was just a turn on for me. I was also discovering that I preferred boys who were a bit smaller and firmer regarding their penis length and girth. Not that any of the boys I've had intimate contact with so far turned me off who were bigger sexually; rather it was more just a preference sort of thing. With Ezra he just seemed perfect in all of these categories. I knew that eventually he would mature more, but this didn't seem to faze me in the least, and I knew as he developed so too would my love for this handsome sexy boy.

Our two almost hairless pubic mounds rubbed up against one another as our crotches continued to grind together, and our erections slithered around one another. It excited me to realize Ezra still hadn't produced any pubic hairs. I've been keeping an eye on mine as well, and it appeared that for the moment my pubertal advancement had also slowed down a bit as I hadn't noticed any further development in the hair department. It was as if the two of us were in some sort of sexually developmental suspended stage, which didn't bother me in the least because I loved this stage in Ezra.

We continued to kiss passionately as our hard erections unrelentingly danced and slithered around one another like two garden snakes in a mating ritual. I could feel the slickness of pre-cum allowing our hardness to writhe around one another with further ease. I didn't know if it was his pre-cum, mine, or a combination of both, and I really didn't care because it increased the stirring excitement and sensuality of our foreplay.

Sliding my body further down between his legs I could feel his slicked up erection pulsating erratically against my stomach as I began to nibble and tease his nipples. "Ouch…oooh…oooh…oh shit that feels so fucking hot." Ezra barked out loud, and started to moan as I felt his penis jolt when I bit his nipple not so gingerly.

The boy was all worked up and hot, so I eased my way down further. I took his hard torrid piece of three and a half inch erection slowly peeling back his foreskin effectively shortening his length to only three and a quarter of an inch as his pinkish purplish bullet like glans were revealed to me. For some reason it was exciting to watch how his damp slicked up looking knob slithered in and out from beneath its covering. What a masterpiece of creation Ezra's piece of iron rod truly was, and knowing that it belonged to me made me quiver with anticipation and greed.

Slowly but methodically I continued to masturbate him watching as his pre-cum slowly leak out allowing for a smooth gliding sensation all along the length of his shaft and slicked up acorn knob. His foreskin seemed so tight against his thin hardness, but it was amazing to see how it smoothly slipped over the ridge of his glans exposing it to the elements before it reversed direction to slither back into place.

Leaning down I now inhaled his entire smooth fleshy boy pouch into my mouth, and was rewarded with a pleasurable moaning and purring noise from the older boy. I slithered my tongue around both of his chestnut sized testicles allowing them to roll around like marbles in my mouth, and felt them contract reflexively when my tongue flickered against them.

The older boy was now quivering and writhing around beneath my pumping fist and the rolling around of his testicles in my mouth with my tongue. I could tell he was close so slowed down the pace before finally released his twitching penis. "Please don't stop now." Ezra complained, and then gasped as my fingers were replaced by my soft warm wet lips.

My heightened sexually aroused senses quivered in anticipation as his heady scent assaulted my sensibilities. The realization that this one little act belonged only to the two of us seemed to excite us even more. Sure, I've given a blowjob to someone else, and received one in return, but there seemed to be an unspoken agreement between the two of us. Just knowing that from now on only Ezra's mouth would ever grace my solid piece of hardness, and that only my mouth would grace his made me even more possessive over that foreskin covered masterpiece that was currently slithering swelteringly hot and damply between my lips.

His hips rose slightly, forcing more of his hardened length to slither inside my mouth as I slowly slurped him up while at the same time pressing my tongue up against the underside of his penis. I could taste his sweet, yet salty undertones of pre-cum as more leaked out from his tip. Slowly and methodically just like I had done when masturbating him with my hands, I allowed my lips to continue the process, which elicited an excited and pleasant moan from the dark haired and fine specimen of a boy. Ezra bucked slightly, and for a moment I thought I had accidentally sent him over the edge, but it had just been a sort of reflex as his penis pulsed once before settling down. Still, it signaled he was close, and I wanted to finish him off in a flurry of frenzy before he accidentally shot his load prematurely like I tended to do.

The tempo of my bobbing up and down increased as so did my suctioning pressure along the length of his shaft, which was having the desired effect as he slowly started to writhe around, and lift up his hips trying to face fuck me. I placed my hands under his soft pillowed like orbs, and helped him shove his hips in timing with my bobbing motions. It allowed him to enter my mouth much deeper as I took in more and more of his rigid hotness. Before long we were both working hard as I continued to force his hips upwards plunging his penis deep into my mouth while my tongue slathered all up and down, and all around his penis.

His penis began to quiver, and it would just be a matter of moments as I now ran my tongue around the ridge of his wet slicked up acorn, and between the opening of his pee slit, while with my left hand I squeezed his testicles with a slight pressure. "Oh…oh shit here it…Oh." I heard Ezra trying to warn me that he was close.

With one final thrust Ezra grabbed the back of my head, shoved upward while I bobbed downwards forcefully against his naked pubic mound, driving his small thin penis deep towards the back end of my mouth. All of a sudden his walnut sized testicles lurched upwards in my hand as they contracted, and a large copious amount of his sweet nectar like baby batter propelled past the end of his penis tip, and to the back of my throat while he yelled at the top of his lungs. To me it seemed like it was a huge load, and I gulped it down eagerly no longer surprised by the taste.

"Oh shit Jackson…oooh, oomph, oomph, aaaaah, umph, umph." He grunted and moaned while he just pounded the hell out of my face before ending in a loud groan, "Aaaaarph, umph." He finished off as his depleted body collapsed back on to the blanket while I continued to suck and lap up any remaining residual of his salty sweet tasting honey.

His penis began to deflate, and normally I would release him, but at the moment I was greedy as I continued to suck, and bob up and down on his penis while tugging on his depleted cum factory. Ezra began to squirm and wiggle around now since his penis was so sensitive, but I refused to stop as he began to whimper and writhe around. I felt him start to push me away, and then all of a sudden he gasped as his penis seemed to enlarge and fatten up, and all of a sudden jerked once releasing another blast of cum towards the back of my throat before shriveling up again.

"Ouch, oh shit, oomph." He yelped in shocked surprise as his penis came back alive, unloaded its cargo, and once more shriveled up allowing him to collapse back on to the blanket completely exhausted.

Ezra was spent, and didn't have anything more to give. He moaned in pain now so I release him allowing him to come back to earth as he just panted and moaned. His penis looked angrily red, and even his foreskin hadn't slipped back over the head of his glans, almost as if it was afraid to do so on its own because it would be painful. I slid back up against the older boy, and just hugged him to me while my own penis twitched around wanting some attention as well.

Slowly Ezra opened up his eyes, and looked down at his angry looking two and a half inch peeled back and bare flaccid penis. Gingerly he reached down and winced in pain as he eased his foreskin back over his reddened and raw bullet like shaped penis head.

"Shit Jackson what the fuck was that?" Ezra winced again, and sighed in relief once his foreskin was protecting his tender glans. "Shit, I'm not sure I'll be able to touch it for a week." He giggled as his raw soreness started to dissipate.

"Sorry Ezra I just got carried away and I just wanted it so badly, but damn, that was so fucking hot you getting hard like that and just shooting right after your first orgasm. I guess your cum factory has a reserve load waiting just for emergency situations." I giggled at how surprising it was for him to shoot like that when he was coming down from his orgasm.

"Fuck Jackson I don't know if it hurt or felt good. It was too fucking intense that second time, and I thought I was going to faint it started hurting so much when you continued to suck on me. Then all of a sudden I just exploded, and it felt so damn good, but now the damn thing sort of burns." He told me as he looked down at himself, and then noticed my own needs.

"Um…would you like me to…you know." He asked hopefully wondering if this meant I was willing to do both ways, or if I just wanted it to be a one way street.

He didn't want to overstep the boundaries I had set in place, but now he was a bit unsure as he looked at me, and reached out taking my erection into his hand. I gasped, but didn't explode as I managed to control myself, and smiled warmly at the older boy. Rolling on to my back I gave him more access to me giving him the signal it was alright to proceed as he gently started to masturbate me. He was careful because he knew my history of exploding too soon, and this time he was bent set on making sure I didn't cum prematurely.

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