Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 13

My days started to tick away into a sort of routine that is pretty much similar to most kids our age all across the country. Of course these routines might differ from one kid to another, but due to the constraints of our age they are similar in nature all over. Several things did happen after our special weekend.

Right when we got back there was a message informing us of a diving coach willing to come and train us. At first it was a bit awkward because our new coach was a woman, but she was tough as nails with us and new her stuff. Her toughness with us was different from that of coach Konnikov. Where the old coach used intimidation and mental abuse with his strictness, the new coach was also stern and strict, but used encouragement and communications in her teaching methods. As competitors we all knew it was our coach's responsibility to prepare us and be tough, but she never abused her position. She was firm with the team, but never tried to manipulate, intimidate, or bully us.

There were a total of five in our group since four of the previous divers, including Braxton, left coach Konnikov and joined our team. Next, our new coach opened up our diving team to the local schools in our area, and in the end there were ten of us on the team. Some were new, some had a little experience, and some of us were more advanced. It didn't matter because in short order everyone had improved tremendously under the new coach's tutelage. She also put out the word that she would be forming a female diving team, which to tell you the truth kind of created a buzz with people in the community. Not in a bad way, but in an exciting manner, considering that initially this diving center had started out as a female swim and diving venue.

By the time our first tournament rolled around we ended up taking second place in the overall team, which wasn't bad and made all the more sweeter because Konnikov's new team didn't place in the overall team or individual standing. I placed second in my division, which really wasn't all that bad considering I had been bumped up to the seven and a half meter platform. This meant I was competing against boys one or two years older than me. Also, it marked my first individual award. Braxton placed third in his age division beating out Konnikov's son, which of course didn't sit well with the man. In the past the jerk had held Braxton back allowing his own son to advance to the medal rounds, but now the ones with true talent started to shine, and his son wasn't one of them.

Coach Konnikov protested to the officials regarding the scoring, and made a point of letting everyone know his displeasure. When he made a move towards our team to scold some of those who had bailed on him, our coach intercepted him. She tried to calm him down, but let him know under no circumstances was he to approach any of us. In that one moment I saw him glance over towards me with pure hatred. It made me take a pace back a bit fearful, but then our coach once again stepped in front of him letting him know how highly inappropriate he was acting in front of all the young competitors, judges, and spectators. This didn't sit well at all with the man as he tried to stare her down and intimidate our coach.

Then something unfolded in front of me that was just amazing. When his posturing didn't have the desired effect on her, the man tried to demean her by demanding to know who she thought she was taking away his team members. Everyone in the arena was watching now as he ranted and raved saying he researched her, and she never amounted to anything in the diving arena. He started boasting how he was in the Olympics, and that her diving career hadn't amounted to anything.

Our coach just shrugged her shoulders dismissing him, stating being as that may be he is to still stay away from her team, and then turned to leave. It was at this point that he lunged at her, his eyes filled with hatred. Several of us yelled out a warning, and started to panic fearing for our coach's safety. What happened at this point stunned me, not to mention the judge panel, and most of the arena. She easily fended him off, and before he knew what had happened he was on his back gasping for air as she restrained him. However, this isn't what surprised me; instead, it was what she told him.

"Yes, you are correct Mr. Konnikov that I didn't medal in the Olympics for diving, but I did get a Silver medal for Taekwondo in my weight division, which if I'm not mistaken is a medal more than what you received in your diving attempt. If I'm not mistaking you were in the back of the pack of other divers not making it past the first round of eliminations." She told him as security approached and she released him.

Once security arrived our coach immediately went to the panel of judges and apologized to them for her behavior. She asked that if anyone were to be punished that they punish her and no one on the team. When Mr. Konnikov arrived he just smirked at her, and demanded they do something for her outrageous behavior. The judges did do something by informing our coach she had done nothing inappropriate; whereas, Mr. Konnikov's behavior was completely unacceptable therefore he was banned effective immediately from all local competitions sponsored by the USA Diving LDA (local diving association) for this region. He was also informed that video tapes of the account would be submitted to the main USA Diving association for consideration to be banned for life with the organization.

To say that this immediate ruling caught everyone by surprise would be an understatement. It stunned everyone, but then again Mr. Konnikov's behavior over the years towards the judges made them finally react swiftly once he showed signs of violence. As they were escorting the man out of the facility he protested vigorously vowing to dispute the claims, and that he would be back vindicated. In the end this never came to fruition because once the evidence was shown not only from this event, but at many other events the USA Diving association upheld the ban.

There was also another development that had our world turned upside down for a while. The water park had caught the two bullies that had been sneaking into the park; the ones that had accosted both me and Marco. Evidently instead of cleaning up the brush along the fence line they decided to install hidden cameras to see if they could catch the culprits red handed. The following weekend the boys once again entered through the opening they had created, and had been caught both on video and by security.

What ensued afterwards were family court dates in which Brendan, Marco, and I all had to testify as to what had happened at the water park, and the threats against us from the older boys. It was nerve wracking, and I could tell it had upset Marco when he had to testify against the two boys who had lured him away, not to mention how he had to run to safety leaving me behind to fend for myself.

As things progressed during the court testimony it became obviously clear that David, the second bully who had held me for his friend Luke, was most definitely sorry for everything. I did testify that when Luke had threatened me with the knife that David did try to talk him out of it; although, he still had been a part of it, and had hit me in an attempt from trying to prevent me from getting away. In the end both of the boys' parents had to pay the park restitution in repairing the fence, and also paying what a season pass would amount to since it wasn't clear how often they had snuck into the park.

In addition, both boys were sentenced to perform three hundred hours of community service. David was put on two years probation, and would have to report back to court every three months so they could assess his progress. Luke on the other hand was placed into a juvenile retention center for one year, would have to complete his community service when he got out, and then would be on probation until he was eighteen years old having to report back to court on a regular basis for an evaluation. The final stipulation the judge imposed was that each boy would have to seek professional counseling for as long as it was deemed necessary. If all went well with both boys, when they reached the age of eighteen their records would be expunged.

All in all I thought it was a fair ruling. It was severe enough to have consequences for the boys, but also gave them an out if their behavior changed. I could tell that Luke wasn't happy with the ruling, but David actually came up to all of us and apologized saying he had acted stupidly, and that he would stay away from his friend here on out. He no longer wanted to be so angry all the time, and wanted a change in his life. We could tell it was a sincere apology, and I felt better for it. Hopefully, Luke would see it as a positive outcome as well some day, but I got the distinct feeling he had a long ways to go yet before he realized how fortunate he really had been with the court's ruling. The judge could have simply written them off, and locked them up until they each reached their twenty first birthdays.

September and October disappeared, and we were rapidly approaching Thanksgiving as the bell rang signaling the end our school day. For the first time since I could remember school was actually fun for me, and no one picked on me anymore. Our friendly red headed bully tried one more time, but I think both Ezra and Brendan managed to convince him it was in his best interest to never bother me again.

Over the months I managed to make several new friends; although, my tight circle of friends remained with Brendan, Marco, Ezra, Braxton, and in some ways even Cooper who shared his table with us at lunch time. Since he was now considered a part of our group his standing in the school had also improved, and he no longer felt so alone. My new larger circle of casual friends also included those of the female persuasion. It seemed as if my run in regarding the whole diving team incident had sort of made me a bit of a celebrity in my school. This seemed to be cemented even further as word got around of my second place medaling at the recent diving tournament, made all the more exciting since I had beat out most of the other divers who were a year or two older. At one point we were getting a lot of female spectators who seemed to constantly giggle at our skimpy outfits, which made me blush with embarrassment each time one would point towards me. Of course I wasn't the only one being ogled by our spectators, and it got kind of distracting until our coach put an end to it sending the girls scurrying away in all directions when she confronted the large group giving them the evil eye as we called her stern gaze.

Making my way to my locker I stashed my books and greeted Brendan on my way towards the pool building. Since the diving team had to wait for everyone from the surrounding area our practice time started forty five minutes after Brendan's swim practice. We entered the building and headed towards the lockers. I was still a bit shy so our lockers were the furthest away from the showers in the last row kind of hidden away. Braxton also had a locker here, but he wouldn't be arriving until shortly before our practice started. I took a seat on the bench, and chatted with Brendan while we both started getting changed into our Speedo style swimwear. We were the only ones there yet, and people wouldn't be showing up for another ten minutes or so.

As I slipped into my tight fitting diving briefs I caught Brendan checking me out with a cute little smirk on his face. "What?" I asked him knowing full well he was getting all horned up looking at my body.

"Nothing, it's just I miss that sexy little toy of yours," he giggled as he stood up to slip out of his underwear.

"Yeah, so I see." I chuckled as he turned towards me with his hard erection pointing upwards and angling towards his left shoulder.

"Shit, I can't help it you know. Are you sure you can't…you know…help me out real quick like?" He asked with a wicked grin on his face.

"What…fuck Brendan you know I've been trying to cool my jets. Besides what if someone walked in on us?" I asked him seriously as now I had to make an adjustment in my tight swimwear since my penis inflated into a full blown erection, and shaking my head at Brendan admonishingly when he just eyed me hungrily.

"Oh come on Jackson. You know we've got about ten minutes before people start showing up, and when they do no one ever comes back here anyway." He whined giving me a serious look.

"Shit, no way Brendan…I mean…geeze are you for real? Why not just go into one of the stalls and take care of…you know?" I asked him jaunting to the end of our row, and looking down towards the other end of the locker room making sure no one was around to hear us.

"Damn Jackson, no one's here yet why are you getting so freaked out?" He asked me seriously while I looked down at his crotch, and his throbbing hard four inch erection that seemed to bob around enticingly.

"Are you serious…you know exactly why. Hell…I don't want people…you know." I told him shocked at how casual he was about all of it while he stood there in front of me displaying his nakedness. Damn, he was making my knees knock with weakness as a thrill ran up my spine with how fucking sexy hot he looked at the moment. "Geeze Brendan…just…um…will you put that thing away already?" I asked him as I tried to gulp down the dry lump in my throat while admiring his few strands of hair around the base of his shaft, and then noticed him smirking at me as he ran his right hand along the length of his shaft. "Shit, stop it already what if someone comes in?" I asked again reflexively looking around. "Besides…you know I'm with Ezra, and this isn't right Brendan."

"Yeah, well I've been jonesin for a good jacking for a while now so asked Ezra if you were willing if it would be alright. He said it was cool with him if it was with you." Brendan pointed out as I looked back at him a bit shocked. "Oh come on please Jackson. We both know you've got the best hands around, and fuck I've been getting blue balls lately that won't go away even after I jack off. I think it's because I keep thinking about the time we jacked off together when you spent the night. Shit, that was so fucking awesome." He told me looking at me pleadingly.

"I…I…shit Brendan I don't know. Yeah that was great and all, but I…shit Brendan." I stated exacerbated as I eyed his nice smooth looking body excitedly while he stood in front of me completely naked and exposed.

"Come on Jackson how long are you going to stay away from having a bit of fun. I still can't believe you haven't been getting down hot and heavy with Ezra. What is the hold up anyway…I mean it isn't as if you two haven't already done anything together. I know he is missing that part of the relationship Jackson, and you can't tell me you don't want more with him either. I see it in your eyes every time the two of you are together." He stated as he sat down straddling the bench with his legs spread apart, and his heavy slightly sagging ball sack jiggling around as he fidgeted his legs.

My eyes were glued to his sexiness as I continued to gaze intently at him. I watched as he leaned back, and settled down on the bench in a laying position before he started to stroke himself slowly with his left hand. His boy pouch swayed enticingly between his legs, and his penis seemed to swell even larger in his hands. I was so mesmerized with what he had between his legs that I hadn't noticed him reaching out with his right hand until it was too late. I felt my small hardness being wrapped up and squeezed, which made me yelp and jerk away.

"Shit, you fucking dweeb. What the hell was that about?" I at first gasped out heatedly before just shaking my head and giggling at his silliness.

"Fuck, just being near you is making me hot. Please do me it'll be a lot quicker." Brendan pleaded again.

Rolling my eyes I kneeled down next to him and slapped away his hand. "Alright, but I'm telling Ezra about this, and if you are lying about it being alright I'll make sure he gives you a proper ass beating." I admonished Brendan as I wrapped my fingers around the thickness of his blood engorged shaft squeezing a bit, and watched the head of his glans turn a deep shade of purple before loosening up once more noticing his mushroom turn more pinkish.

"Shit," Brendan gasped as a wave of electricity coursed through his veins when I touched him. "It'll be worth it." The older boy grinned at me fiercely before his eyes rolled backwards, and his hips lifted up into the air slightly when I started to stroke his four inch length.

My own penis between my legs twitched excitedly as the familiar sensation of Brendan's large penis slithered around in my fingers. He was already leaking pre-cum, and I knew it wouldn't take him long. I didn't want him to go over the edge too soon, but I also didn't want to hold off too long fearful someone might walk in on us. My eyes were glued to his sexiness as it slithered in and out slowly from my pumping fist. I squeezed him tighter, and watched his pinkish purplish glans once more turn to a deep bluish purplish color as Brendan moaned softly and rocked his hips up and down. I had to admit it was erotically pleasing seeing him all spread open and naked like this in front of me.

"Damn, your dick is burning hot right now." I pointed out to Brendan.

"Oh shit, that feels so good Jackson. Yeah, it's burning up because it's been like over two months since anyone's helped me out." He grunted enjoying the sensation I was giving his hot piece of rigid steel.

Slowly I worked my fingers around his penis trying to stimulate him to varying degrees. My right hand stroked his slicked up erection while my left hand slowly caressed his stomach and pubic mound. I enjoyed how it felt to have my hand pressed up against his smooth mound. It was exciting and stimulating as I felt my own little soldier start to twitch between my legs. I looked down to be sure I wasn't leaking as well because it would be a bit embarrassing to get caught walking around with a little wet spot on my bathing briefs.

Brendan was starting to breathe erratically as I slowly increased my tempo. For one brief moment I thought about giving him a blowjob, but then felt this was something I wanted to have just between Ezra and myself if we decided to start things up sexually again. It had happened only once with Ezra, up on the mountain in that magical pond, but it had been really special, and I wasn't willing to share this with anyone else anymore. Right after Ezra I had shoveled my penis into Braxton's mouth, and he gave me a blowjob too, but it just wasn't the same. Of course it had felt wonderful at the time, but with Ezra it truly had been something very special so I knew that I would never have that done to me again unless it was from my dark haired angel.

Brendan was very close now, and I could even feel his veins pulsing wildly as my fingers slid along his slicked up shaft. It felt warm, soft, silky, and rigid all at the same time. I let go of my inhibitions with what we were doing as I watched his boy pouch bouncing around between his legs. His heavy testicles jerked around a bit building up for the impending explosion.

Then it happened as he gasped out giving me warning. "Oh shit, here it comes." He croaked out as his hips bucked upwards and his orgasm hit him like a huge tsunami wave. "Aaaargh, uuuumph, uuuumph, uuuuuhhhhhh, uuuumph," he grunted and moaned as a large white opaque glob of hot goop spewed forth sailing through the air to splatter up against his chest and chin, with a second and a third smaller volley landing on his stomach.

My eyes watched him completely enthralled as I realized what ejected out of the sexually maturing boy was much thicker and more solid in coloration. The last time I had seen his ejaculation it was very runny, and not so thick. I guess his baby producing factory was in the beginning stages of conversion from that of child like youthfulness into the prime of manhood despite the realm of his pubic hairs still lagging behind. However, I suspected before long even this last clinging aspect of his childhood would finally take the last step with his body sprouting hairs in all of the appropriate places.

In a way it was kind of appealing to me as I reached out and scooped up some of his baby batter bringing it up to my lips while he just watched me unable to move at the moment gasping for air. Taking some into my mouth I noticed how it sort of had a stronger taste than what I had tasted with Ezra. It was kind of slimy and gooey as well, and stuck to the back of my throat when I tried to swallow it down. At first it sort of had a repulsive tang to it, but then it started to grow on me taste wise. I found that although it had a heavier flavorful undertone to it, and was more salty, it ended up not tasting bad at all as I leaned over and slurped up some more off his stomach.

"Shit, that tickles." Brendan giggled as he watched me and scrunched up his nose before using his tongue to lick some of it off his chin. "Hmmm, not so bad I guess. I never really thought about actually trying to taste it." He admitted as he scooped up some more on to his fingers and licking them clean before sitting up again. "Damn, that's thicker than I've ever shot before Jackson…thanks it felt awesome." He sighed contentedly as he grabbed one of his old towels, and began cleaning himself up before tossing it over allowing me to wipe off my hands.

"Well don't get too used to it." I told him seriously as I checked making sure I hadn't leaked all over myself. "Damn, I can't believe I actually did that I grumbled as I sat down on the bench next to Brendan.

"Well I'm honestly glad you did. I don't know why, but my balls have been aching lately even after I finish jacking myself off. I can't believe how much better they feel at the moment. It's almost as if I haven't been able to empty them out properly." He groaned as he reached out, and wrapped his arms around the front of me from behind.

My heart raced in my chest as he held me close and placed his chin on my shoulder his face nuzzling up against my own. I could feel his hands rubbing my chest as I leaned back into his chest and allowed him to have more access to my body. Slowly his hands made their way down my chest, and then to my stomach swirling around a bit before dropping down to my crotch as he cupped my small package securely snuggled behind the polyester like material of my bathing briefs. My body quivered at the intimacy of his touch as he nibbled my neck a little, and my penis twitched when he gave it a little tweak. I felt his hands slithering towards my waistband, and I struggled for control.

"B…Brendan please stop." I managed to croak out as I felt his hands stop for a moment before they started to slither under my small briefs. "No…stop….please." I begged feeling him stop and slowly remove his hands while his breathe sighed softly against my neck.

"Sorry Jackson…it…it's just I love how you feel…you know." Brendan spoke softly in my ear before we both jumped when we heard the locker room door open as a group of swimmers started filing in to get changed.

No one bothered us back here, but it did signal it was time for Brendan to get dressed into his swim trunks. I sat on the bench and watched him as he tried to shove his athletic body into his tight fitting swimwear. In a way it was comical to observe someone get into those taut fitting contraptions, but with Brendan he made it look so sexually appealing. His now flaccid three inch penis and slightly sagging boy pouch looked so enticingly alluring on him as he slipped his trunks over his pale orbs. With a final bending of the knees, and reaching inside the briefs to adjust his boyhood into a more comfortable position, the show was over. He took a seat next to me, and smiled happily while I just shook my head admonishingly.

"What?" He asked sheepishly.

"You know what." I whispered back not able to help it as I chuckled softly. "Damn, you make me so horny." I told him honestly as he looked down between my legs at the hard bulge that stretched out the fabric of my swim briefs. "Hopefully the cold water will keep me in check." I admonished him as he just giggled.

"Well maybe I should just help take care of that." He teased as he tugged at the waist band of my swim trunks exposing my erection for a moment before I slapped his hand away.

"Damn, you are just too much." I laughed nervously at him motioning for him to head to the pool without me so that I could calm down.

"Are you alright…you know with what we just did?" He questioned me looking a bit fearful for a moment that this may affect our friendship.

Biting my lower lip, but nodding my head I just shrugged my shoulders. "Yeah, I'm cool with it I just don't want to mess things up between me and Ezra by doing something stupid…you know." I responded as I looked into his eyes.

"Ezra's my oldest best friend Jackson, and I would never do anything to hurt either of you. We did talk about it, and he just wants to be able to have more of you, if you know what I mean. You know that Ezra and I have done things together since we were ten, so he really doesn't mind as long as you are cool with it too." Brendan emphasized to me. "He just wants you to be happy, and knows that messing around is just natural at our age so he doesn't mind a little fooling around. I'm sorry for doing that other thing to you, but I just lost control. I promise I won't do that again because I know you want to be with Ezra. He feels the same way, and told me he didn't want me to do anything to him anymore either." Brendan assured me as he smiled warmly at me, and kissed me on the cheek before leaving me to calm down.

Practice was a grueling one, and helped keep my uncontrollable urges in check. I was going to need to take care of myself for sure as soon as I got home. Brendan's swim team finished up already now over half an hour ago, so they were all gone by the time our diving team filed into the locker room. Braxton and I headed towards our lockers in the back while all the other guys headed in the opposite direction.

My friend had been all giddy throughout the entire practice session, and several times he had looked as if he had something to tell me, but remained quiet. Now I was just on pins and needles wanting to know what was up with my friend. I grabbed some of my stuff out of the locker, and sat down on the bench seat. I watched Braxton as he gathered his stuff as well, and slowly pealed out of his damp bathing suit. I couldn't help myself as I watched his large flaccid but damp wrinkly penis sway around on top of his tightly water logged crinkled boy pouch as he lifted first one leg, and then a second one out of his swim briefs.

He started drying himself off between his legs, and noticed me watching him as he just smiled and shook his head. Over the last couple of months I've been noticing how thick his pubes were getting, and I yearned to reach out and touch them.

"Geeze Jackson, if you stare any harder at me I'd think you were perving on me." The older boy teased as he gave me a gentle shove his penis swaying a mere few inches in front of my nose making me giggle as I slapped at it lightly. "Hey," he yelped as he giggled not in the least bit worried about anyone hearing us.

To tell you the truth I wasn't all that worried either because I could hear the rest of the guys jostling around with one another as they headed towards the showers. "Well, that's what you get for waggling that huge thing in front of my nose." I told him as I reached out again and gently ran my fingers through his pubic hairs as he just looked at me questioningly. "What…I've wanted to do that for a while now. Geeze, it's gotten a lot thicker, and I like how it feels. I hope my pubes come in hear thicker soon." I told him as I withdrew my hand away from his downy hair, and peeled off my own pair of damp swim trunks taking a look at my still pretty much bare pubic mound, and now shriveled up little penis.

Braxton just looked at me, and giggled as he shook his head. "So are you going to take a shower with the rest of us?" He asked already knowing the answer.

Shrugging my shoulders I just looked up at him and shook my head. "Nah, you go ahead." I told him.

Sitting down next to me with his towel in his hand he just looked over at me. "Geeze Jackson I don't know what you are so worried about. It's not as if you have anything to be ashamed of." He told me as he wrapped his arm around me in a friendly manner.

Trying to switch the topic I fiddled with my fingers not feeling uncomfortable that we both sat naked next to one another as he hugged me. For some reason I felt comfortable with my friends like Brendan and Braxton. I've gotten used to getting dressed and undressed in front of them, but I was still shy around other guys. Yet, occasionally it was also strange with my personal friends. At times I was alright being naked with them, but then at other times, like now, I got a bit shy about it.

"So, what's going on with you?" I asked him as I glanced again at his crotch.

I just couldn't help myself and it didn't seem to bother Braxton as I caught him sneaking a peak at my package. We both looked up, and just laughed as he leaned his shoulder into me shaking his head. Since I had groped him running my fingers through his pubes he must have figured it was payback time as he reached over, and tweaked the tip of my penis, which caused it to inflate immediately having been awakened up earlier due to the sex play with Brendan before our practice session.

"Shit," I sighed as I heard Braxton just laughing at my expense before asking him again what has him all giddy today. "So, what's going on with you? I mean, you've been walking on cloud nine during the entire practice session while the rest of us were just trying to get through it." I inquired as Braxton just looked at me with a glitter in his eyes.

"I've got a girlfriend now, and she is so fucking hot." He admitted to me as I smiled happily and hugged him forgetting we were sitting there naked.

When I threw my weight against him it knocked him off balance making him slip backwards onto the bench taking me with him as he yelped in surprise. I ended up on top of him as I hung on for dear life afraid of tipping off the bench. By the time we regained our balance we were both giggling wildly as our hips ground together, and we both popped a boner when our poles rubbed slickly against one another.

"Damn Jackson…I thought we both agreed this wasn't for us." Braxton chuckled as I got up off of him blushing a bit embarrassed while he just continued to giggle.

"Well, I think that was your idea. I never agreed to it." I teased him as he sat back up too, his penis deflating rapidly while mine took a bit longer to calm back down. "But for real Braxton, I'm so happy for you. So how long have the two of you been going out now?"

"Well, actually we've kind of gone on a few unofficial dates for about a month just to see if we like each other. Then over the weekend things kind of…um…well…let's just say we had some fun together." He told me blushing, which made me smile.

"You mean…you know?" I asked him as he flushed and turned away. "Exactly how far did things go?" I asked him seriously getting a bit curious, but also happy for him.

He just shrugged his shoulders as he screwed up his eyebrows. "I…um…I don't think I should have said anything Jackson or talk about it like this. I mean…it isn't right to her, and I don't want to literally have a locker room conversation about it." He told me seriously as I nodded my head understanding.

"No, you're right, and I shouldn't have asked something like that. My dad's talked to me about that too telling me the same thing. I'm really happy for you, and hope I can meet her sometime. I'm sure Brendan and Ezra will be happy for you too." I assured him as he got up and reached into his locker getting out his wallet.

He handed me a couple of small wallet size photograph with both him and his girlfriend from one of those photo booths. She really was pretty with long brown hair, big brown eyes, and a figure to die for with all the curves in the right places while I slowly rifled through the pictures handing them back to him one at a time as I looked through. Braxton looked so happy in the last picture I currently held in my hand as she tenderly had her head on his shoulder.

"Wow, she's really pretty Braxton." I told him handing back the picture to him as he just held up his hand shaking his head.

"Why don't you keep it, and let Brendan and Ezra see it. I don't know when I'll get a chance to talk to them with Thanksgiving coming up and all. I was hoping sometime before Christmas maybe all of us can have a sleepover. I've been missing you guys." He told me as I smiled nodding my head putting away the picture into my locker.

"I'll let them know, and maybe we can plan for the weekend after Thanksgiving." I told him as he nodded his head thinking it a good idea.

"Oh, I almost forget." He stated as he reached inside the locker, and handed me a couple of bags.

Opening one of them up I noticed several hand wrapped little bundles inside of it. Grabbing one of the wrapped items, and pulling it out, I slowly unwrapped the small bundle. A confederate officer on horseback plopped into my open palm. The last time I had seen this it was all grimy and faded looking, and I couldn't tell if it was a confederate or union officer. Now it gleamed brilliantly in my hands, the old paint coming to life.

"Wow Braxton…this is like…way cool." I told him honestly admiring how almost new like it looked. It must have taken him a long time to clean it all up.

"That's not all." He told me as he handed me over a fat PVC tube, the kind that holds drawing and everything, as I looked at him questioningly. "It's a draft of what the diorama is going to look like, you know the battle field. My dad and I put it together from the research you and I did on it, so that we will have an idea of what it is going to look like once we are done." He told me seriously. "It'll be a lot of work, but my dad and I are looking forward to it.

"Man, if you need help just let me know. I'm looking forward to taking a look at the plans. Oh shit, that reminds me. There's this kid who sits at our lunch table. He's really cool in my opinion, but you know how it is, not really liked all that much in our school. Anyway, I told him a while back about these, and he's a history nut just like you." I told him as Braxton just laughed at the whole history nut thing. "Shut up, you know I don't mean it in a bad way." I told him laughing. "Anyway, I told him maybe one of these times I'll get you two together. Maybe he could help you out with research and stuff to get things right." I asked Braxton who nodded his head.

"Yeah, that would be cool, now come on. Today, you are going to take a shower with the rest of us." He told me as he laughed, and pulled my arm making me wince. "What's wrong?" He asked a bit concerned.

"Oh nothing," I responded as I grabbed my towel wrapping it around my waist. "I'm just a bit stiff and sore from our workout. I think I must have tweaked my back and arm. Maybe I hit the water a bit wrong." I told him as I rubbed my shoulder, but followed him a bit apprehensively towards the shower.

Braxton smiled at me encouragingly knowing I was a bit shy, but reassured me I had nothing to worry about. I knew he was right, but it still was a bit difficult for me to just expose myself in front of a lot of guys, well most anyone for that matter. It was somehow different in front of Braxton, Brendan, Marco, and Ezra; although at times I seemed to even get timid in front of them too. When I thought about it, not for the first time I might add, I realized it was kind of strange with my friends. Sometimes it wouldn't bother me one bit when we were naked, while at other times I seemed to get all shy, and had to really work at not blushing too much with bashfulness.

We could hear everyone in the shower goofing around with one another as I watched Braxton step past the dividing walls into the larger opening where all the shower heads were lined up. I hung up my towel on a hook next to several other towels, and stepped in right behind the older boy. As we made our way over towards a couple of shower nozzles that were unoccupied it got kind of quiet. When I looked up everyone was throwing glances our way as we started up the water and adjusted the temperature.

"Hey guys, no staring and checking out other guys." Braxton teased as he turned towards our team mates, and waggled his dick at everyone, which got everyone giggling and doing the same thing in retaliation.

"Well, we just can't help it." One of the guys, Larry who was thirteen, laughed nervously as he pointed towards me. "We've all been wondering what he's been hiding for a while now." He teased as everyone just chuckled, and the guy standing next to him punched the boy in the arm. "Ouch, hey just saying is all." He quipped.

"Yeah right, as if we don't know what each one of has between our legs because of our skimpy outfits." I responded back pointing at the thirteen year old who had made the comment. "But then again, I expected yours to be a bit bigger Larry so I guess we just don't know do we?" I commented with a straight face as the boy just looked down at his shriveled up two inch flaccid penis with extremely tight boy pouch hugging his body and blushed.

"Hey, that's not fair. I've been swimming in cold water now for over an hour." He grumped at me a bit hurt before I just busted up laughing, and he realized I had been just joshing with him.

"Yeah, so have all of us." I retorted as some of the guys around Larry just laughed, and actually held him down so they could inspect him more closely.

"Hey, knock it off already." Larry complained, but just giggled not really minding so much making me wonder if this happens to him on a regular basis.

"Hell Larry, you're still bald too. When exactly do you plan on entering puberty? Maybe if you got a little action with the ladies it will kick start your stunted little manhood into actually growing." One of the boys teased him as he squeezed the boy's ball sack laughing when Larry yelped.

They let him go, and the boy just gave each of his tormentors a punch in the arm before he actually bent over inspecting himself making sure no real damage had been done. "Geeze, I didn't mean anything bad by it guys. I was just wondering why Jackson never took a shower with us is all." He complained as he turned towards me and smiled curiously waiting for a reply. "I mean it's not like he's got anything to be ashamed of…if anything he's really got a pretty nice looking body." The boy quipped making me blush.

"Come on Larry just leave Jackson alone already. Hell, remember he's only eleven. I bet you were a bit shy at that age too." Braxton spoke up for me.

"Yeah, I guess so." Larry responded. "Sorry Jackson, sometimes I forget you are a year ahead in school, and the youngest one on the team. You really do look nice though, and shouldn't be ashamed or anything. Look at me I'm two years older than you, and about the same size down there." He admitted as he walked over and stood next to me comparing himself against my body.

"Well actually Larry, I think he might just be bigger than you." One of the older boys, Johnnie, quipped with a straight face, and who had remained quiet during the entire exchange.

While Larry continued to compare himself to me a little put off, the sixteen year old just winked at me knowingly as he continued to play the game. I couldn't help but glance down at him for a second seeing a monstrosity swaying around between his legs. It had to be over four inches long if not larger, with large sagging testicles, and thick dark colored curly pubes that looked extremely bushy even though for the most part they were plastered wetly up against his skin.

"You really think so?" The boy asked as he started to reach out towards me innocently so he could grab mine to get a better sense of how big I was down there.

"Hey," I yelped taking a step back and pushing his hand away before he could latch on to me. "You just don't go around grabbing on to people's pecker's like that. I'm no little floozy you know; besides I'm out of your price range." I teased Larry who just looked at me a bit baffled before looking around at the others.

The boy wasn't stupid or anything, just a bit inexperienced like me in many regards. The guys constantly teased him, but he was easy going, and he never really seemed to mind all that much. He always had a quick smile, but sometimes I wondered if the other guys went too far at times with him.

"Price range?" He asked a bit confused as everyone just busted up, and laughed at the boy who was totally perplexed trying to figure out what I was getting at. Then it seemed to hit him as he just smirked at me. "Well then, I guess Braxton must be totally broke by now. No wonder you are in here looking for more clients." Larry teased me, which made me blush to no end, but I still had to smile because he had one upped me.

"Well, just don't tell his new girlfriend about it." I winked at Larry whose eyes got really big.

"No way!" He exclaimed, and smiled at Braxton who blushed while giving me a wicked look.

"Geeze thanks a lot Jackson…some friend you are." He told me trying to maintain a straight face without much success.

"Hey, you never said it was a secret or anything." I replied smiling broadly as my friend just rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"So it's true." Larry laughed as he shoved me aside jumping under my shower, and forcing me to start up the other one while he plied poor Braxton with questions.

After I got my shower adjusted I looked back over towards Larry, and my eyes bugged out. "Holy crap," I belted out a bit surprised getting everyone's attention as the other guys just laughed at poor Larry.

He had popped a full blown erection and he didn't seem to mind, but it was the size that made me gasp in surprise. "Geeze Larry not again." One of the other boys giggled just shaking his head. "Yeah, I know how shocking it is. I guess Larry is a grower if you know what I mean." The boy chuckled, with me being a bit confused by the statement, but having a good idea what he meant. "Just ignore him because every time a girl or anything sexual comes into a conversation he pops a boner. For real Larry, we are going to have to get you laid here soon considering how often you are popping that boner of yours." The older boy continued to tease Larry who just looked down at himself and smiled broadly.

"Well, who says I haven't boned a girl already?" Larry quipped back as everyone including him just laughed good naturedly.

"Yeah, well you do know that fantasies and dreams don't count, and you actually have to be awake with a physical girl." The boy teased Larry while everyone continued to laugh at the boned up boy who just rolled his eyes at everyone.

"At least I fantasize about girls, and not guys like some of you twats." Larry retorted jokingly as everyone now started in with the bantering.

It was all in fun, but as for me I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Larry's erection had elongated tremendously belying his short flaccid state. It looked like it was almost as large as Brendan's was when he was sporting an erection, which really kind of surprised me considering how small he was without an erection. Not only did it elongate tremendously, but also thickened up a lot. No where's near as thick as Brendan's, but still very respectable.

Soon enough we were all finished with our shower, and I had to admit I really didn't feel all that uncomfortable with the incident. In a way I felt kind of flattered as some of the guys nodded appreciatively at my body indicating to me that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. It was also a bit exciting since I got a chance to see everyone else naked, which allowed me to size them up. It was amazing at the varying sizes, and stages of puberty everyone was in. Some had a lot of hair; some very little or none at all. Other's had large penises despite them not having a lot of hair while others were smaller. There was an assortment of sizes and development on everyone that I felt comfortable with where my current developmental stage was at this point in time. However, seeing what happened to Larry gave me a newfound respect and perspective with what people had between their legs. It truly was an amazing piece of equipment us boys had and enjoyed.

The truth of the matter was that I enjoyed looking at all the naked boys surrounding me in the shower, and quiet frankly I was surprised that I hadn't popped a boner; especially, considering seeing what happened to Larry who had been standing right next to me. Other than the thirteen year old, I did notice a time or two where some of the others sort of sported one for a short period. They just ended up turning their backs for a bit until it went away. No one ever said anything or teased them for it, and I surmised it was due to the fact that at one time or another it just happens to everyone.

Of course it seems like this rule didn't apply to poor ole Larry who seemed to be the butt of everyone's jokes. In a way it did make me a bit concerned, and I wondered if he really didn't mind, or if in some ways he was hurt by it. Sometimes it was so difficult to tell how someone felt about these types of things. He seemed to take it in stride and tease the other guys back, but still it seemed as if he was the focal point all the time. In a way I felt it wasn't fair, and decided right there and then that I wouldn't fall into the trap of making him the butt of jokes again. Thinking back I had to admit that I've never heard Brendan teasing Larry in any way, and wondered if my older friend had noticed how everyone seemed to pick on the thirteen year old as well.

The weather was unseasonably warm even here in the San Antonio area of Texas during this time of year as I pedaled my bike away from school. It was a little after four in the afternoon as I made my way along some of the side streets wearing a pair of grey cottony Tapout shorts with large logos on either thigh and a blue polo style shirt, but without the chest pocket. It was warm enough that as I pedaled along I started to sweat a bit. In a way I enjoyed the warmth because back in Germany the weather would be damp, cold, and wet by now.

As has become my normal routine I stopped along the way and knocked on the familiar door. Suzanne answered wearing a very light fabric cottony skirt that came down to mid-thigh. It had alternating navy blue and white horizontal stripes all the way to the bottom, which ended with a peach colored stripe. Along the left side of the waist was a three or four inch diameter little peach colored fluffy layered bow. Her short-sleeve cottony top was a matching peach color as the bow and bottom stripe of her skirt. It fit snugly on her showing off her girlish figure and curves, with a round neckline and short sleeves that had a slight ruffle to them. Along her neckline and chest was a randomly patterned area with small dots in varying shades of whites, pinks, and peach. In a word she looked really sexy as her outfit really showed off her small perky breasts and cute figure. It sort of made me wonder if she was wearing a bra because I didn't notice any strap lines or anything under her shirt.

Ever since our little incident a few months back we had been meeting up at her house so I could help her out with her math homework. She was having problems understanding Geometry so she had asked if I could tutor her. We had come to a mutual agreement that what had happened would remain in the past, but I had a feeling she still liked me more than just friends. In a way I felt bad for her because over time she had opened up and explained how she was at home a lot on her own. Her single mom had to work long hours as a massage therapist in a health clinic to make ends meet, and I got the feeling Suzanne was lonely for some companionship.

We made our way to the couch where her books were spread open on the long coffee table. Ever since I started tutoring her she had been putting more effort into her school work, and her grades reflected her hard work. I sat down in front of her books taking a look at what she was working on at the moment.

"Are you thirsty or anything? I've got some iced tea or some coke so can I get you anything?" Suzanne asked me as I nodded my head.

"Yeah sure, just a bottle of water will be fine." I told her knowing I had to hydrate some more.

She nodded her head and walked away while I watched her cute little butt jiggling around beneath her skirt. I shook my head wondering just what I was doing. In a way she turned me on, but it seemed somehow different with how I felt around other boys, and especially Ezra. I could feel my own sexy toy start to stir beneath my shorts as I shifted around trying to calm myself down. I had to admit that Suzanne really was pretty, and in a way I felt all tingly inside when I was around her, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to do anything about it. Besides, I had a connection with Ezra that somehow seemed so much more than what I was feeling with Suzanne.

Trying to take my mind off of her I picked up her Geometry book and opened it up to the appropriate section. When I looked up she settled down next to me holding out a cold bottle of water. I reached out and winced with pain still a bit sore from today's workout. I really must have tweaked something as I rolled my arm trying to ease the tension. I didn't think I had done any serious damage, but I'll have to tell our coach and keep a close eye on it.

"Are you alright?" Suzanne asked me looking a bit concerned.

"Yeah, I think I tweaked something today in practice." I told her as she reached over taking my arm and rubbing my shoulder where it was a bit tender.

"Ouch, yeah right there." I told her as she scrunched up her eyes and motioned for me to get up.

"Here, take off your shirt and lie down on the floor so I can try seeing if I can loosen up that knot you have." She told me sincerely as I just looked at her a bit shocked.

"Do what? I mean no Suzanne I don't know about this." I fidgeted a bit apprehensively.

"Trust me Jackson. I know what I'm doing. My mom has taught me a lot of things with how to massage away some of the knots and stuff people get with their sports injuries. It really works so take off your shirt, and lie down on your stomach." She commanded me as I just rolled my eyes with how insistent she was behaving.

Relenting I peeled off my shirt and blushed a bit embarrassed by my near state of nakedness. My little boy penis threatened to rise up trying to shame me so I hurriedly got on the floor, and lay on my stomach as she had instructed me. I started to look over my shoulder towards her, but felt her settling on the back of my upper thighs. She started to tug on the waistband of my shorts so she could pull them down some more, but I yelped in surprise as I reached back and held them up.

"What are you doing?" I asked her a bit surprised.

"Don't be such a fuddy duddy, I'm just pulling them down a little so that I can start on your lower back, and then work my way up to the knot on your shoulder." She informed me as she firmly shoved away my hand.

It felt a bit awkward for me as she shoved the waistband downwards, and I could tell that about a third of my lily white orbs were exposed as the waistband of my shorts also settled just above my now fully inflated erection across my bare pubic mound on my front side. In essence she had peeled my shorts about halfway off of me, and I started having second thoughts as I once again reached back to pull them up. At least I was lying on my stomach so that she couldn't see my obvious erection.

"Stop that Jackson." Suzanne griped, and pushed my hand away.

"I don't think this is such a good idea Suzanne." I complained as I grunted because reaching around like that had sent a sharp pain up my arm.

"See what happens when you don't listen. Just relax, and let's see if I can take care of the problem with your shoulder and arm." She commanded as I relented.

She began working her fingers and thumbs along my lower back just below where I usually wore my shorts. It felt kind of strange at first with her literally touching a portion of my buttocks, but then another sensation started to course through my body as the tension seemed to evaporate. She began by gently but firmly applying pressure, while she slowly ran her hands up the small of my back all the way up to my shoulders, and then outwards along my arms. My whole body seemed to unwind in her capable hands as my breathing started to slow down, and I moaned contentedly while she continued the motions lulling me into a state of light drowsing.

My body tingled and seemed to come alive as her hands worked on the areas were my muscles had become stiff. She never pressed too hard where it got to the point that it was painful; instead, Suzanne applied an even pressure that was just enough to work out all of my soreness and aches. I could feel my erection pressing up against the floor, and with all of the excitement today it was sending shivers all throughout my body. At first I was a bit self-conscious about it, but then just shrugged it off because I knew she couldn't see my excited state.

Before long my mind started to drift as I recalled how I had jacked off Brendan earlier in the locker room. It had been a bit naughty, which seemed to make it even more exciting. My mind drifted from one scene to another as Braxton made an entry into my daydream along with Larry who seemed to make me smile when his obscenely large erection from such a small flaccid penis wormed its way into my fantasies. I started to wonder what it would feel like to have that small penis in my mouth only to feel it enlarging so rapidly in size and girth filling up my mouth.

This brought me to the memories from a couple of months ago with Ezra and me in the pond. I smiled fondly at the memory recalling how he had lifted me up onto the ledge before I settled down on my back allowing him to manhandle me while my body swayed and rolled around a bit before settling back down. It was exciting and I could even feel his soft damp lips wrapping around my torrid piece of steel making me quiver. There was a sensation of wet warmness as my rigid shaft disappeared from sight.

My body quivered, and I heard myself moan as the euphoric kinds of feelings washed over my entire body setting it on fire. It was such an intense dream that I gasped and opened up my eyes only to see Suzanne looking down upon me with her unwavering gaze as her hands worked on my chest and shoulders.

"Mmmmm," I moaned out loud as I looked down a bit puzzled somehow getting the feeling something was out of place.

My eyes settled on Suzanne's skirt, which had shimmied upwards around her thighs. My gaze continued downwards as I noticed her light brown curly pubic hairs pressed up in dark contrast to my whitish bare one. She wasn't wearing any panties as she rolled her hips forwards grinding up against me which made me quiver and gasp for air before she slowly rocked backwards lifting up her hips slightly with the base of my shaft becoming visible.

It still took me a moment to realize what was going on when all of a sudden alarm bells started to go off in my mind. At some point Suzanne had managed to roll me over in my sleep while pulling down my shorts tucking them under my heavy sagging testicles. There was an intense feeling welling up inside of me at the same time I realized that my penis had been buried deep inside of the girl.

Slowly I watched while more of my shaft was being drawn out as she lifted her hips slightly, and slid her pussy up the walls of my penis towards the tip of my glans. Just when I thought I was going to slip out of her she stopped making me gasp for air as the intensity inside of my testicles started to roil around with excitement. The stimulation was too much as my animalistic instincts took over and I grabbed her hips while I shoved my penis upwards ramming myself up against Suzanne's slippery warmness. It didn't end there as my hips thrust wildly with the speed of a jackhammer. In a matter of a few seconds I managed to slam my groin up against her at least ten times before my body tensed up, my toes curled, and with one final heave my body released its precious seed deep inside of the girl sitting on top of me gawking in complete shock.

"Oh fuck," I gasped out loud surprising myself before I lost all control. "Uuuuumph, uuuumph, ooooohhhh, umph, umph." I grunted and moaned while my orgasm ran its course, and just as quickly as it all had started, it was over leaving me to moan and grunt with a few last spastic contortions before crashing back to the floor completely spent.

My now shriveled up penis slipped out of her looking as angry and upset as I felt, while my mind started to wrap around what had just happened. "Oh shit Suzanne. Fuck-fuck-fuck," I gasped as I slithered out from beneath her, and rushed to pull up my shorts over my now shriveled up nakedness while at the same time picking up my shirt with shaking hands.

When I had slithered out from beneath Suzanne she had ended up sitting upright on the floor with her legs spread apart, and her skirt hiked up around her waist exposing her nakedness. I could see a small amount of my semen slithering along her little girly slit, which had presumably dribbled out when my penis had slipped away from inside of her.

"Oh shit…this is bad…this is really bad…oh shit-shit-shit." I mumbled in a panic as I looked around a bit dazed before sitting down on the couch and placing my hands on either side of my face. "Oh shit Suzanne what did we do? Oh fuck-fuck-fuck, Suzanne what did we just do?" I repeated in a panic as I started to rock back and forth while I wrapped my arms around myself.

"What…I mean what's wrong Jackson? Didn't you like it?" Suzanne looked towards me as she got up and straightened out her skirt looking hurt and confused.

"No…I mean…shit Suzanne. It's not whether I liked or not. I mean it felt really fantastic and all…but shit…I…I…oh shit Suzanne…what if you get pregnant? I mean…I…um…you know I…um…fuck Suzanne I already produce…well…you know…I…um ejaculate already." I whispered to her as sheer panic settled inside of me realizing she could end up pregnant.

Of course I didn't understand the intimate details regarding the whole timing issues with girls, and when they are at risk of getting pregnant, but my father had been very emphatic about using a condom all the time when having sex with a girl. It hadn't occurred to me that this would happen to me so soon, but here I was loosing my virginity, and not wearing any protection.

"Really…I mean you already produce semen?" She asked me as I looked back at her nodding my head almost in tears.

"Yeah, and my dad warned me to always use protection not only for preventing pregnancy but also you know…just protection with other things." I pointed out in a whisper.

"What…you think I might give you something. Just what kind of girl do you think I am? You're my first Jackson." Suzanne shot me a glare that kind of frightened me.

"No…I…um…it's just to protect both of us." I told her trying to explain, but still reeling from everything that just seemed to have propelled out of proportion.

"What…you mean from you. Are…is there something wrong with you?" She asked me a bit shaken now too.

"What…um…no…of course not, I'm just saying." I told her.

"Oh, but if you are worried about me getting something does this mean you've already done some things with other girls?" She asked me now looking a bit disappointed that she had given away her virginity to someone who wasn't one.

"No…of course not…you…um…were my first girl too." I told her honestly not wanting to even let her know I've fooled around with other boys. "It's just…oh shit Suzanne why did you do this? I…I'm just not ready for something like this. It happened so fast, and I wasn't prepared…it just sort of happened." I started to rock back and forth again on the couch while Suzanne just looked at me biting her lower lip looking a bit ashamed for what she had done.

"I'm sorry Jackson it just sort of happened for me too. You looked so peaceful asleep, and when I rolled you over and saw…well saw you like that…you know…down there." She pointed then looked away while my eyes bulged out realizing what she was saying. "Well, it was just too much for me, and I wanted to be with you like that so badly. I knew you'd probably say no because of the last time, so I just…you know did it." She finished off as I just stared at her while my stomach did flip flops making me feel queasy.

"Suzanne," I moaned as I started to rock again starting to feel sick. "I…geeze Suzanne what are we going to do if you actually get pregnant?" I asked her seriously trying to calm down while she just shook her head.

"Don't worry." She told me as she motioned for me to stay put while she disappeared into the back hallway.

My mind started to spin, and I got a bit dizzy. For a moment I thought about just making a run for it, but in the end decided against it because it wouldn't solve our problem at the moment. Just when I convinced myself to stay put, my mind started to think it was just better to go ahead and leave. By the time I debated with myself it was a mute point because Suzanne reappeared carrying something in her hands. She sat down next to me, and handed over the contents.

"My mom took me to the doctor when I had my first period, and they put me on the pill. She was afraid that with her being gone all the time I might end up doing something sexual with another boy so just wanted to take precautions. She also gave me one of these." She stated as she held up a pill before placing it in her mouth and swallowing it with some water.

"What was that?" I asked her a bit curious.

"It's a pill we take after we have sex to make sure we don't get pregnant. Between being on the pill, and taking this we should be safe." She told me as she reached over to give me a hug.

My body flinched reflexively, and I backed away from her. I could tell it hurt her feelings as she held her head down, but right now I didn't care because I was still so freaked out. We both sat there for a few moments while I calmed down a bit, but I was still a little mad and confused about everything. It amazed me that a nice girl like Suzanne would fall for someone like me to the point where we had sex together.

Glancing sideways at the rebuked girl I glanced away fiddling with my fingers when she looked over to me while I just shook my head sadly. "Suzanne, this was a bad idea. I…I'm just not ready for something like this. I really like you a lot, but I just can't be like that with you. I…I just wanted us to be friends, and nothing more. I don't think I should come over anymore since both of us just can't control ourselves. I feel real awful about it Suzanne, but maybe for now we just shouldn't be alone like this again." I told her as I got up to leave.

"Wait Jackson please. I'm so sorry about everything. Please don't go." She begged me as I turned and shook my head.

"I have to Suzanne. I can't explain it to you, and believe me this isn't entirely your fault, but I just can't do this. It's just too much for me right now." I told her as she nodded her head, and tried to give me an understanding smile.

"You…um…you aren't going to…um…you know…say anything to anyone?" She asked me as she bit her lip a little worried now that I might go bragging about my conquest to other kids at school.

"No way...I mean…um…I would never spread gossip about you like that. That'd just be a rotten thing for me to do something like that to you." I assured her as I left her alone, and pedaled home.

By the time I got home my body and mind felt sluggish and worn out from the day's emotional chaotic turmoil. After a shout out to my folks, it was all I could do to drag myself upstairs before collapsing on my bed as I tried to wrap my mind around what had just happened to me. I smiled as I recalled my time with Ezra earlier in our day when we snuck a quick kiss in a secluded spot between classes. These times were far and few in-between, and we yearned to be alone with one another, but it's been weeks since we've had any alone time together of any significance. Being under the radar with our relationship complicated things between the two of us, but I had such a strong connection with him that every moment we could be together more than made up for any lost time.

My head started to pound a little as I felt a headache coming on. I tried to take my mind off the pressure at the back of my neck by thinking about my friends. I had to smile at how damn sexy Brendan really was, and also how I just enjoyed having his hot throbbing four inch piece of steel in my hands. To tell you the truth it seemed to have gotten a bit larger over the last couple of months, not to mention he seemed to be squirting thicker stuff now too. I knew I had surprised Brendan by actually tasting his cum, and although a bit stronger than I preferred, it still hadn't been so bad.

Braxton just was a steadfast friend letting me perv on him even though he had made it clear he wasn't into the boy on boy scene. In a way I felt lucky that I got to fool around with him at least one time; otherwise, I would be jonesin for the sexy boy for sure making a fool of myself. He had admitted he enjoyed his little tryst with me, but in the end we both had agreed it just wasn't meant for us sexually. Instead, we had become very close friends despite the fact he lived further away.

He had helped me out today by nudging me into finally freeing myself from being so shy about taking showers in front of the other boys. Well, I guess I should say that it was at least the first step because it was still a bit awkward for me, but in time I knew it wouldn't be so bad after all. It was obvious that we were all different with what our boy bits looked like, and of course I knew this, but actually being surrounded by all those sexy looking naked bodies finally seemed to drive it home for me. This was made obviously clear to me when Larry just plain ole surprised me with that erection of his. Just the thought of him sporting that erection made me giggle, and also reminded me that I didn't have to be so worried about what the other boys thought about me because overall I was an average typical kid my age with what I had bouncing around between my legs.

All in all it had been a pretty good day; even going over to Suzanne's place shouldn't be such a downer. After all I just lost my virginity, and to tell you the truth it had felt wonderful. Yet somehow it just didn't seem right to me. I couldn't put my finger on it exactly as I thought back on that brief moment when she brought me to my orgasm. It had ended almost before it even begun, which was no surprise considering it wasn't the first time I had spewed my load so quickly. I could still see my little boy penis as I thrust myself into Suzanne, and I thought it would be exciting, but all of a sudden I felt such a nauseous feeling inside of my stomach.

My whole insides lurched turning topsy turvy as I held my hand to my mouth, and bounced off of my bed running into the bathroom. I stumbled to the toilet as my insides heaved, and tried to expel something that just wasn't inside of me. I had several dry heaves as I tried to gasp for air. I couldn't get the image of my boy penis shoved inside of a girl's pussy, and for some reason it made me queasy with disgust and feeling somehow dirty. It took me a good ten minutes with my head in the toilet bowl to finally feel well enough to get up off the floor.

Sitting on the toilet with my head buried in my hands I started to shake uncontrollably at what I had done with Suzanne today. In a way I had betrayed Ezra even if it hadn't been completely my fault. The incident with Brendan really wasn't an issue because deep down I knew this wasn't a betrayal because Ezra would want me to help out our friend like this. Besides, it was just a quick hand job for him to appease his sexual needs. However, with Suzanne it felt somehow different, and most assuredly a betrayal to my boyfriend. It wasn't just the unfaithfulness though that made me so upset, it was also the fact that somehow the act itself was disgusting to me. Sure I had been sexually turned on by it, but after the fact it just seemed repulsive. The sexual encounter with Braxton on our camping trip had left me with a feeling of emptiness afterwards as if we were just wrong somehow together, but with Suzanne the sexual act left me with a feeling of repugnance, almost as if I had just banged my own sister and committed incest.

That thought of incest once more sent me to the bathroom as my stomach heaved leaving me with a feeling that my whole insides would come out. After several more times with the heaves and head buried in the toilet I was finally able to get my stomach under control. Getting up with my legs wobbling now, I managed to make it back to my bed with sweat dripping off my forehead and body shaking.

The entire incident had been a bad experience from start to finish. I liked Suzanne, but as a friend and nothing more. She was very pretty and sort of turned me on, but when things came right down to it I started to realize that I had a deeper connection with boys at this stage of my life. I still wasn't sure whether this meant I was gay or not, but it sure started to feel that way to me. In a way it made sense and for some reason I didn't seem so upset about the idea of being gay. However, the thought of my unfaithfulness to Ezra did weigh heavily on my heart now as I sat there all alone and buried my face into my pillow silently crying about the betrayal. After a while I was feeling so dirty that I peeled off my clothes dumping them on the floor, and stepped into the shower literally scrubbing away the filth of Suzanne's scent off of me.

By the time I was finished my little boy penis and pouch were literally rubbed raw as I had seriously washed and scrubbed myself as clean as possible. With a towel wrapped around my waist I stepped back into my room, and changed into something light and airy. Mom would be calling me down for dinner here shortly as it was already getting close to six in the evening.

Putting my towel back on to the rack to dry I looked down at my clothes lying on the floor with disgust. Picking them up I tossed them into a small sized trash bag, and headed down the stairs. I stepped outside and tossed the contents into the garbage can without a second glance. Once I got back inside I just couldn't help myself as I scrubbed my hands clean before heading into the dining room to see what was for supper.

By the time I finished dinner my body seemed to have recuperated a little, but there was the beginning stage of a pounding sensation along my temples. I asked my parents for some Tylenol for the headache, and after finishing up my homework went right to bed. I slept fitfully that evening as bad dreams tried to invade my mind. I tossed and turned all night, and by morning my eyes were all puffy with me feeling completely exhausted.

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