Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 15

"I'm going to pleasure you like you've never been pleasured before. I'm going to bring you to the brink before bringing you back. I'm going to do things to you that's going to make you squirm. Do you trust me?" He asked as he continued to stroke my thin lean love making machine slowly, and leaned in to give me a kiss.

Our lips connected briefly, and then parted as I just moaned and nodded my head trusting his judgment since he was older and more experienced. "Yesssss, my love." I hissed seductively surprising myself with saying such a thing. I've never said that before to anyone, and here I am for the first time ever, saying it to Ezra as the words just sort of slipped from between my lips. I've always heard older people talk about how easy those words seemed to come out when you are truly in love, but I always thought it was just mushy stuff until now. I guess this meant it was official now as I realized I really did love the boy with all my heart and soul.

It must have surprised Ezra too because he had paused for a moment, and then smiled at me. "I love you too Jackson." He whispered back as he leaned down, and took my two and three quarter inch hardened and tempered piece of blistering hot steel into his mouth making me gasp, and immediately buck into the air before he allowed it to slip from his mouth making me come back down.

He knew from past experience my sensitivity, and had been prepared this time allowing my penis to slip out of his mouth before I exploded too soon. My body settled back down on to the blanket, and he surprised me again as his mouth once more wrapped around my erection. I gasped, but this time it wasn't so intense as he slowly started to masturbate my penis with his smooth slippery tight lips. Slowly at first, before picking up some speed, I watched in amazement as he accepted my hard sleekness into his mouth over and over again. It was so damn erotic for me to watch his lips glide over the span of my short thin shaft. There was just something about seeing the length of my erection slide in and out of someone else's mouth.

Leaning my head back I started to enjoy the tingling sensations along my balls and shaft as he played around with them. I felt his fingers probing downwards so I spread apart my legs allowing him more access figuring he was going to slip them between my cushiony globes. It didn't take long for me to feel his fingers rubbing around the opening of my ring, which made me squirm as another wave of new unique kinds of feelings went fluttering through my stomach. At first I didn't know what to make of it, but soon enough I started to enjoy it, and relaxed even further. The tingling sensation of his tongue all along the shaft and ridge of my penis was starting to bring me up to the edge as my breathing became erratic. I knew I was close, and I was going to say something to him when I felt a sharp stabbing sensation, which made me yelp in surprise.

"Oh shit," I gasped out loud bewildered at what had just happened as I immediately came down from my impending orgasm with my penis going limp momentarily as well before ballooning back up; yet somehow I still managed to feel stimulated and charged up as if my motor was just warming up waiting to be revved up and put to the test.

Then I felt some moving around inside of me as I looked down realizing Ezra had inserted his finger into me. This was something new, and before I started to panic I remembered I had promised to trust him so tried to relax. It sort of hurt at first, but it wasn't long until it started to feel good as I groaned appreciatively.

"Oh fuck Ezra, that feels so amazing now," I moaned pleasurably as his finger slowly massaged my ass in a stimulating kind of way.

The feeling of his finger leaving my ass left me with sense of emptiness, and I moaned with disappointment as I looked down and noticed him coating two fingers now with pre-cum that had leaked out from the tip of my penis, which was also coating the length and breadth of my hard thin shaft. I thought it was a bit strange, but then it dawned on me what he was going to do. I was about to say something when I felt him pressing against my ring, and I once again yelped in pain and surprise when I felt two fingers slip forcefully inside of me.

This time the pain wasn't going away as I started to cry. "Shit Ezra two fingers is too much." I complained as teardrops started to puddle up around my eyes blurring my vision.

"Sorry my love." Ezra whispered to me, and I felt the pain go away replaced once again with that nice pleasant sensation, as one finger slipped back out while the first one continued to probe me gently. "I guess I got carried away and pushed things too fast." I heard my love whispering to me, and then felt his lips wrap around my sizzling piece of hardness once more.

"Oh shit yes," I belted out loudly getting used to being able to scream out like that without worrying.

For some reason being able to vocalize more seemed to intensify the sensual sexiness of the moment. "Yes Ezra, suck me good and long with that hot wet mouth of yours…and fuck me hard with that beautiful finger of yours." I gasped out surprising myself with how wonderful it felt to be so open and passionate by being able talk dirty as I continued to pump the older boy's face with my thin hard boy erection while at the same time humping his finger with my ass. A few months ago I would never had thought myself capable of such obscene vulgarity and lewd lustfulness, yet here I was being a naughty little slutty boy. It would appear as if my shy, stumbling, and naïve days were now behind me as I took another conscious step towards my sexual openness…at least with those I cared about.

We had a rhythm going now, and I was being overloaded with all sorts of electrifying currents coming in from all directions. This continued on for what seemed like forever as Ezra worked me carefully, yet with vigor, making sure I didn't unload too soon as I've done in the past. It was so enthralling having these intense sensations coursing through my small body sending electrical burst all throughout my insides, not to mention all along the surface of my skin making it tingle. If you were to attach a piece of wiring to my nipples, and then to a light bulb I swear it would light up with the amount of electrical current flowing all around my skin. The way I felt at the moment I had enough juice flowing throughout my body to light up an entire city for a year.

"Oh shit Ezra finish me off now, I…I can't take too much more sweetie, just finish me off." I grunted surprising myself once more with the term of endearment I used on Ezra as I felt the older boy's tongue lashing out all along the length of my shaft, and around the ridge of my glans.

He was driving me wild as I continued to thrust and hump sending a chill all along my insides and spine. His finger started to pump my insides furiously, and he began to wiggle it around when all of a sudden he bumped against something inside of me that jolted my body.

"OH, uuuuumph, oooooh, umph, umph, aaaarph," I yelled out unexpectedly as the most intense orgasm I've had to date sent me over the edge. Whatever it was he had bumped up against had sent a tsunami like shock wave throughout my entire body in a way nothing has ever done before. It had started deep down in the center of my core, and then just exploded outwards like an atomic bomb as energy seemed to leap from my toes and fingers, while my hair seemed to crackle with electricity.

My penis just seemed to insanely fatten up so much that I thought my skin would split open as a huge wave of orgasmic fluid immediately erupted from the end of my penis in a blast equivalent in intensity to that of the explosion from the all famous Mount Vesuvius that buried the ancient city of Pompeii. My head contorted backwards obscenely, my eyes rolled back, and my entire body lurched upwards and back as I buried my thin boy spike deep into Ezra's mouth, and actually felt the tip of my penis bump up against the back wall of his throat. I also felt my ass clamp around his finger tightly as he tried desperately to pull it free without any success.

The swiftness and intensity of my orgasm had caught him by surprise, and I felt his gag reflexes kick in when I bumped the back wall of his esophagus, but he didn't actually have time to react as my volcano dumped one huge dollop of hot lava down the tube that lead directly to his stomach. He started to swallow rapidly, and the tickling sensation further intensified my orgasm as I grabbed the back of his head, and yanked downwards. My penis started to quiver around wildly, and I felt another intense wave or orgasmic onslaught attacking my body. My body heaved, as I whimpered with another blast that was just as forceful as the original. The second heated dollop of lava literally exploded from the tip end of my penis, and splash forcefully against the back wall of his throat as a good portion of it ended up bouncing back to coat the entire length of my penis inside the warm confines of his mouth. My body crashed back on to the blanket as Ezra gently suctioned clean my penis before allowing it to slip from his lips.

I moaned completely spent as I gasped for air, and felt Ezra cuddling me as I wept happily while snuggling up my head in the crook of his arm and chest. He smelled all sweaty and heady, as his sex scent filled my nose making me light headed and forcing my vision to swim around in front of my eyes. My entire body felt spent at the moment as teardrops flowed down my cheeks, and I threatened to nod off for a bit.

"Stay with us Jackson." Ezra shook me gently snapping me back fully awake.

"I'm here." I moaned as I reached down and winced at my tender shriveled up spike. "Shit, how can it hurt so much after it felt so awesome," I whispered as I chuckled a bit. "I love you so much Ezra and I want you in my life forever no matter what happens. Promise me this one little thing." I asked him still basking in the drug induced stupor of my orgasmic high as I looked up into his soft dark eyes, and noticed him smiling back down at me.

"I love you too Jackson, so no matter what you will always be a part of me now and forever. So, does this mean we can do this all the time now? Also, what are you going to do about Suzanne? You can't ignore her forever." He asked me rapidly effectively bringing me out of my high, and making me realize we had a lot to discuss still before we head back to his house.

Shrugging my shoulders I just snuggled up closer. "I don't care right at the moment. Let's just snuggle for a while longer first." I told him as I reached down gently, and rolled his soft penis in my fingers enjoying how it felt in its soft state along with his smooth hairless boy pouch.

The boy just smiled, and spread apart his legs allowing me to explore his body freely. This wasn't a sexual thing, but rather just wanting to be close to him and his body. I wanted to see, touch, and know every little aspect and detail of his dark Greek God like statuesque body. His sex scent continued to intoxicate me as I began to explore him intimately.

"What are you doing?" He giggled as I leaned in and breathed him in.

"I'm just breathing you in because you smell so good. Did you know that boys smell so much different than men? And it's strange how even brothers sort of smell the same too. I mean Marco and Brendan smell almost alike, but just slightly different." I told him as I slowly brushed my fingers across his bare pubic mound enjoying the soft smooth feel of his tanned bronze body.

"Oh yeah, and what do I smell like?" Ezra chuckled as he looked down watching me curiously.

"Hmmm, you smell like Ezra with a dollop of sex mixed in." I giggled as my hand found their way back to his fleshy two and a half inch soft penis, well two and three quarter inches if you measured his tightly pinched foreskin.

Looking up into Ezra's eyes for a moment I glanced back down focusing on his soft penis as I slowly peeled his foreskin back. It slid over his soft glans, and I had to admit I enjoyed how his penis felt in its soft state. Him having foreskin just fascinated my sensibilities, and made me wish I had one too as I slid it back over his glans before making it retract all the way down this time. Something unusual caught my eyes. It was a sort of smallish little pen head sized beauty mark along the right underside of his penis. I pulled his skin back up noticing it disappear before I pulled it back down seeing that cute beauty mark once more.

"Wow, did you know you have like a little beauty mark on your penis?" I asked him as he just smiled giggling and nodding his head.

"Yeah, you are the first person that's ever noticed." He giggled because me fiddling around with his penis sort of tickled him even though it didn't make him pop an erection. For some reason knowing that I was the only person besides him to discover this sexy little secret about him made it all the more special to me.

"I wish I had foreskin," I whispered to him as I surprised myself by using the proper terminology. "Your penis is beautiful, and I'm glad it isn't huge like some of the other boys. For some reason it just looks perfect on you." I praised him as my hands released his small thin penis, and began to brush up against his smooth tanned skin once more. "I also love that you don't even have a tan line. Do you like run around outside naked all the time or something?" I asked him giggling, and felt the boy's body also jiggle around as he chuckled.

"No not always, but my cousins and I do come to the pond a lot and just swim naked after we do some work. After all there isn't all that much to do for fun around here after we finish our chores." He replied as he shifted and pressed me on to my back so that he could take a turn at exploring.

He began by brushing his fingers across my mostly bare pubic mound finding my two or three strands of curly light brown hairs at the base and on either side of my small thin soft spongy shaft. He tugged on them making me giggle as I watched my skin pulling with them.

"Don't tug too hard or you will pull them out, and they are the only ones I have." I laughed teasingly.

"Yeah, well at least you have some. Damn, I still can't believe you already have pubes and shoot spunk." The boy admitted to me.

"Well, I like that you are still hairless. It turns me on." I had to admit. "Besides, it makes your cum taste all the more sweeter." I giggled which made him chuckle too.

"Well, you don't taste so bad either." He told me as he leaned in and breathed me in. "Wow, I never really realized how nice someone can smell. I mean you kind of smell sweaty and funky at the same time, but I like it." He pointed out to me as he smiled and gently spread apart my legs so he could bury his nose in my crotch, and breath my scent in deeper. "Wow, I like that and you have the cutest little freckle here too right below the base of your shaft on the left side, and next to your ball sack that I didn't notice before while we were both having a bit of fun." He taunted me as he giggled knowingly and continued to explore my body.

It pleased me that he had found my beauty mark as well. It wasn't until a few years ago that I had noticed it for myself one time by accident. It happened during that time when I started to become curious about my body, and I started to look at myself closer one time while I was taking a bath. At the time it struck me as odd that I had never noticed before. Now Ezra had discovered my little sexy beauty mark as well, and I found it befitting that he was the only other one who discovered it on me.

It surprised me that I didn't get an erection with the way he was being so intimately close to me. In a way it was kind of erotic, but it also felt just wonderful opening myself up to the other boy. I enjoyed how he loved the way I looked, and in a way it seemed kind of flattering making me feel real seductively sexy like.


"Hmmmm." I responded back as I enjoyed just watching the older boy.

"I like that you don't have foreskin. It looks so damn alluringly luscious and delectably sexy cute on you. Also that white patch contrasting your tanned body is so fucking sultry hot looking too. Damn, you're so fucking striking and sexy. No wonder everyone wants to have sex with you." He giggled as he settled back beside me, and burrowed up closer to me.

"You really think I'm that sexy." I asked again still shocked that people felt that way about me.

"Oh yeah, you have no idea. I mean it just isn't how great you look, but I think also because of your personality. I don't know how to explain it." He told me as we both continued to just hug one another for a while longer as it got quiet all around us.

After a while Ezra spoke up again. "Jackson."

"Hmmm," I sighed softly with my eyes closed, my head lying on his chest, and just relishing the feel of his arms and legs wrapped around me. I could feel his soft penis snuggled up against my skin, and I had a sense of peaceful contentment at the moment.

"You know I don't mind if you do other things with people like Brendan and stuff. I mean I know how horny we all get from time to time." He whispered as he ran his fingers through my honey brown colored locks.

"I don't care about the others Ezra. I mean, of course I care, but not like I feel with you." I told him honestly not moving and enjoying how it felt to cuddle with him, and still be able to talk.

"Yeah, but I know Brendan gets horny and stuff. He's my best friend, and I really don't mind." He told me seriously trying to convey he was alright with me fooling around. "I know you fool around and stuff, and I don't want you to feel bad about it if something happens." He assured me. "I have to confess something to you too. Remember when we went camping?" He asked me, and I knew immediately what he was getting at.

During our camping trip he had admitted to me that he was gay, and of course it hadn't surprised me because I had overheard him and Brendan talking about it the night before in the tent. At the time I hadn't told him I had overheard his conversation, which had occurred right after they fooled around with one another. Now that it was coming up again I felt it was time to come clean.

"Yeah, I know Ezra. I heard you and Brendan, and I don't care." I told him as I felt him stiffen up for a moment in surprise. "I mean, you've been friends for a long time so of course you two mess around. I like Brendan, and he was the first boy…I mean he was the first one to teach me about sex, not to mention he was my first real friend. I love him and Marco as if they were my own family you know. Really Ezra, I don't mind." I told him as I looked up.

"Geeze, what a fucking pair we are." Ezra chuckled shaking his head. "Here we are totally committed to one another, yet at the same time saying go have sex with our friends." He finished off as he started to laugh.

When I thought about it I had to laugh too. I mean what person's lover tells the other person to go have sex with my blessings. Yet, we both knew instinctively that for some reason it was alright with our friends. After all we were horny kids muddling through puberty, and sometimes our urges just got the better of us.

"Oh Jackson you have no idea how glad I am that you guys moved here. You've made me so happy, and have done so much for me." He choked up a little as he just cuddled in closer to me, and wrapped his nakedness over my bare form like a blanket, which felt all warm and cozy like.

We stayed like that for a few moments longer just enjoying one another when I finally heard him sigh, and untangle himself from me. "Come-on Jackson, I think it's time you called up Suzanne, and cleared up that whole sex mess. She really is nice, and I know you like her as a friend even though she did something very stupid against you. She's probably feeling sick about the whole incident too you know. Besides, she took away your virginity and will always be your first, even though she might just be your last." He chuckled teasingly as he reached over for my pants, and fished out my phone from my pocket.

"I don't know if I can forgive her Ezra. It was just awful what happened to me." I shook my head admitting I just didn't feel right about it.

"Jackson, believe me I know how difficult it is, but are you really upset at what happened or because it was a girl? I mean would you have been mad if you woke up with me giving you a blowjob?" He asked me seriously making me think about it.

Biting my lower lips I looked at my friend before looking down as I recalled the incident when I had spent the night at Brendan's house the first time. Something similar had happened when I had awakened from a deep sleep with him straddling me, and jacking both of us off at the same time. It had been a wonderful experience, but I hadn't reacted the same way I had reacted with Suzanne. What Ezra said started to make sense to me. Perhaps I was upset with what happened between me and Suzanne because I finally realized I was gay; therefore, it had felt all wrong to me. Besides, I kind of wondered if maybe I had sent the wrong signal to her when we got hot and heavy the first time I had been over at her house. After all, I was the one that had taken things too far that day when I pushed my hands below her shirt, and groped her bare breasts. If nothing else this latest incident with Suzanne finally made me realize how I felt sexually, so in a way she had done me a favor. It still didn't totally justify what she had done to me, but in a way I thought it was possible for me to move forward from here regarding her.

Looking back at Ezra I just nodded my head as he handed me the phone and I dialed up Suzanne. It was a bit awkward at first, but it started to get easier as our conversation progressed. I could tell that Suzanne was relieved that I had called her, and had been really worried about what had happened between the two of us.

While I talked to her Ezra began to slowly explore my body again as I lay back, and kind of enjoyed his attention. It felt wonderful, but not in a sexual way, rather in a more personal way. I noticed he was breathing me in curiously as if trying to imprint my smell in his mind. His hands were all over my body as he began with my toes, and slowly made his way up my body before flipping me over on to my stomach so he could explore my other side.

By the time I hung up the phone I was feeling much better all around. On the one hand I was still mad at her for what happened, but was willing to let it go for now. Then in another way I kind of felt bad for her too because her mom had to work today and the rest of the weekend, and she was home all alone on Thanksgiving.

After cuddling some more we ended up taking a quick dip in the pond, which was surprisingly freezing and made my balls shrivel up inside of me real fast, not to mention shorten the length of my penis by half. Looking down at myself I groaned as I was now officially sporting a baby penis. Ezra laughed at me when I complained about how small my pecker was at the moment, but when I pointed out that his pecker was even shorter than mine for some reason now, he sobered up real quick like, and we got out before our nuts fell completely off of our bodies. Of course that wasn't a likely thing to occur, but boys at our age weren't going to take any chances. After drying off and getting dressed, Ezra took me around the rest of the small ranch before we made our way back to his house.

Both Tyler and Zachary greeted us as we walked our horses into the small barn and unsaddled them. Ezra started brushing down his horse, and Tyler showed me what to do.

"She's a real fine horse Tyler, and very fast." I told him noticing how proud he puffed up.

"Yeah," Ezra piped up with Zachary helping him out with his horse. The youngest Kostalini really seemed to know what he was doing as he ran his hands over the much larger horse lighter colored hind quarters where his blanket spots were located. "We raced to the tree and he won." The older boy chuckled.

"Really?" Tyler questioned me as I nodded my head. "I knew she was fast, but this is the first time she's beaten out the Arabian. How did you get her to do it?" Tyler asked excitedly.

Shrugging my shoulders I thought for a moment actually surprised that Tyler's horse never beat out the Arabian. She seemed really fast under me, and at the time seemed as if she had a lot more inside of her if she needed.

"I don't know Tyler. All I did was just tell her to go and head for the tree. I also eased up on the reins allowing her more freedom. She really responded, and ate up the ground passing up Ezra. She still seemed like she had a lot more in her, but it was like she only pushed and gave what was needed. She really is a fine horse Tyler, and I loved riding her." I told the older brother who just beamed at me proudly giving me a quick hug while Zachary smiled watching his older brother, and nodding approvingly.

When Tyler hugged me I breathed him in, and noticed how similar he smelled to Ezra. It was different, yet just somehow the same. It's something that is difficult to describe, and it made me wonder if this was sort of a family type of thing. Both Ezra and Zachary smiled at Tyler's display of affection, and the boy just blushed a little releasing me while looking at me apologetically. I just reached over and ruffled his hair, which made him smile at me.

Looking over towards the younger brother I gave him a wink. "But I bet Zachary's Paint over here is a fun ride too. She looks very powerful, and Ezra tells me she is very intelligent. I love her dark brown and white coloring, what would you call it?" I asked the younger boy who seemed to blush a bit now that I focused my attention on him.

"Um, she's a regular paint registry, and would be considered having Tobiano markings because she has rounded markings with white legs, and white across the back between the withers and the dock of the tail." He explained in a soft voice barely above a whisper as he went over to his stocky horse and patted her neck tenderly. The horse's head had the same dark brown color as its coat with a blaze marking between her eyes.

"She's beautiful Zachary. Do you think I could ride her sometime?" I asked the smaller boy who smiled, and nodded his head proud of his horse.

After finishing with the horses, we all made our way inside the house. The adults must have had a good discussion about us, because they were all laughing and stopped when we came inside. Mr. Kostalini coughed a little, but it struck me at how much better he looked at that moment from that of when we had initially arrived. The Elderly man caught me watching him, and smiled back warmly indicating for us to join them in the living room. We all tried to find a seat in the small living room, and Zachary ended up sitting in my lap but didn't seem to mind as he cuddled up with me. I breathed in the smaller boy's scent when I settled my head on his shoulders noticing the same basic familial Kostalini scent. His was on the lighter side of smells, but still intoxicating, and so similar to Ezra's older boy smell. I noticed Ezra just chuckling knowingly as to what I was up to, while my mom rolled her eyes.

"What is it with you and the little ones?" She chuckled. "They just seem to flock to you Jackson." My mom continued as she got up to finish up in the kitchen, and stopped long enough to give both me and Zachary a kiss on the cheek while she did the same for Tyler and Ezra. The smaller boy flinched a little while I just took it. Years of experience had taught me it didn't do any good to struggle when mom wanted a kiss. The other two boys took their cue from me and took it as well; although, it didn't seem like they minded all that much.

All the dishes and everything had already been put away, and mom had the boys help with the laundry allowing them to go out after they were done. My mom was separating out the rest of the Turkey, and the side dishes to leave a big chunk with the Kostalini clan so that they could have enough for the rest of the weekend. I didn't mind in the least because I knew this meant mom would just probably end up making a bigger batch of Schnitzel on New Year's.

Getting up and setting Zachary in my seat, I ruffled his hair affectionately as I wandered over towards my mom to help her out. "Hey mom?" I spoke up questioningly.

"Yes, what is it sweetie."

"Thanks for everything. This really turned out to be a great day." I told her honestly giving her a warm hug and smiling at her.

She hugged me back and nodded her head. "Yes it really was nice wasn't it? I'm glad you mentioned something to me. By the way why didn't you tell me about Ezra's trek up the mountain when you guys went camping?" She asked more conversationally.

Shrugging my shoulders I really couldn't answer why for sure. "I don't know. I guess I really never thought about it. So much went on that weekend, and I guess in a way it was just something kind of special between me and Ezra. It really was pretty cool mom, and unexpected, not to mention kind of special." I told her honestly. "You're not mad about it are you?" I asked her getting kind of anxious about it now.

"Of course not sweetie. I think you are right about it being kind of special. You know that your father and I have always tried to teach you tolerance of other cultures. The Kostalini's traditions are ancient ones, and I'm ashamed to say I never bothered to learn much about their ways and I grew up in these parts. But I am glad you are showing them respect, and I'm proud of you for that." She told me smiling as she continued to work separating out all the meat. "I'm going to take the bones home with me and make some soup tomorrow for Mr. Kostalini since he doesn't have that much of an appetite." My mom explained as I smiled at her thoughtfulness.

"Mom, do you think you could set aside some stuff for Suzanne?" I asked her as she stopped and just looked at me while I explained to her the situation.

"Oh, that's a real shame sweetie. I wish we would have known this before because we could have brought her with us." She stated, but I was glad I hadn't because it would have been awkward to say the least. "Of course I'll set some stuff aside for both her, and her mother. There's more than enough left over here still to go around. It's a good thing your father decided on a large turkey this year. At first I was afraid it would be too big, but I guess everything has a purpose. I'm sure Suzanne's mom won't have time to prepare anything special, so I'll add some extra for the two of them. Life is hard sometimes Jackson, so we must always be thankful for the people in our lives." She told me as she set aside a few disposable Tupperware containers, and set some stuff in them for Suzanne and her mom.

My mom amazed me sometimes. She even had the foresight to bring along extra disposable Tupperware containers, knowing she would be separating out food for everyone. I helped her finish up, and we continued to chat about just everyday things while in the background we heard the others talking and telling stories in the other room.

"So, is Suzanne your girlfriend?" My mom posed the question after a bit.

"Well sort of." I fidgeted and answered her after a bit of a pause because I really wasn't sure how to answer. "I mean she's a girl, and a friend, well sort of." I chuckled nervously as my mom laughed nodding her head.

"Well good then. I just had to ask because if it was more I'd have to send your father in to your room tonight to have a chat." She chuckled.

"He already had the chat with me mom." I whined as I rolled my eyes thinking 'mothers' to myself, and how they could be just so doggone irritating at times.

"I know that, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to have it done twice." She chuckled.

"Um…no…I think once was more than enough." I told her as we both just laughed together catching everyone's attention.

"What's so funny?" My dad asked.

"Oh nothing sweetie, just finding out if Jackson needs another talk regarding girls." My mom teased making me blush while everyone in the living room laughed.

"Oh yeah, why's that Jackson? Did you pick up a girlfriend without saying anything?" My dad teased.

"Geeze enough already dad. You're embarrassing me." I brooded while my dad just rolled his eyes.

"Take it easy Jackson; I was just teasing is all. I'm sure Ezra's had to go through the same conversation." He assured me putting the older boy on the spot who just looked over to his grandfather, and blushed while the elderly man just chuckled. Even Tyler giggled, but then closed his mouth when his grandfather gave him a knowing smile indicating he was next in line for the "man-to-man" talk in a few years.

We continued to chat and tease one another for another hour or so before we called it a day, and also not wanting to overstay our welcome. Besides, we didn't want to tire out Mr. Kostalini. On the way home I dropped off some of the leftovers at Suzanne's house. It was a little awkward, but I made it quick explaining my folks were waiting in the car. I could tell she wanted to talk, and looked like she really did feel bad about the entire incident, but one look at me convinced her now just wasn't the time. I was willing to let things go to a point, and I felt bad for her being alone and all, but it was just too soon right now so she just smiled and thanked me for our thoughtfulness.

The rest of the weekend went off without a hitch. My dad had dropped off the large pot of hearty turkey soup to the Kostalini household the very next day, and I was able to spend some more time with the boys. Zachary seemed to have made a connection with me as he clung to me the entire time. He sort of reminded me of Marco, yet seemed to be the total opposite of the other boy. Marco was more outgoing, and Zachary more reserved. What both had in common was their innocent like mannerisms. Tyler on the other hand was almost exactly like Marco, but instead of clinging to me he sort of let his brother have that time with me. I got the distinct feeling he always looked out for his little brother in these little ways like this. It kind of made me like him even more for it. However, there were moments with Tyler as well when he just sort of leaned in to me for some attention when I wasn't showering it on his little brother.

While we were there my dad made arrangements with Mr. Kostalini to pick up Ezra, and drive him to school first thing in the morning for at least the next couple of days since the older man still seemed to be under the weather and a bit loopy with the antibiotics and stuff. The elderly man really appreciated my father for it, and even though I had to get up early I drove over with him just so I could spend extra time with my secret boyfriend. We didn't have to worry about driving him home because one of the neighbor friends would pick him up on the way home from work.

During lunch Coop and I made arrangements to meet after school so he could come over to my house and work on our project. He could hardly wait, and seemed really jazzed up by the whole project. He still couldn't believe that I was willing to let him come over to my house, but I told him it should be fun. We met after school, and made our way to my house.

"Wow, your room is way cool." Coop told me as he walked around inside the large room, and just looked at everything in amazement.

"Yeah, I kind of lucked out." I told him as I explained how I managed to get such a large room. "Hey, I've got something to show you." I told the boy as I grabbed his hand, and pulled him up my ladder to the little cubby room above my walk in closet. It was so cool having a high ceiling room where this was possible.

Coop looked around, and his eyes got big as he walked over towards my small table that was set up next to the trophy hutch. On the table I had all of my father's metal soldiers set up along with a whole slew of them that Braxton had cleaned up.

"Wow those are like way cool." He stated excitedly as he started to inspect them closely.

"Yeah, Braxton just finished cleaning up a whole batch of them the other day. I told him about you, and he said he would love having you work on the diorama with him. Oh, and check this out." I stated unrolling the blue prints my friend and his father had drawn up.

"Oh whoa, this looks way wicked. They must have worked really hard on it. Do you really think he wouldn't mind?" He asked me as I shook my head, and we climbed back down.

"No, he really seemed cool with it." I explained to him as I continued letting him know what the plan was for the major project.

While I talked Coop continued to look around, and walked up to my sliding door that led out to a small balcony. "Whoa, you guys have a pool." He exclaimed as I walked up next to him.

"Yeah, we just turned on the heat too because it got cold all of a sudden over the weekend. You want to go for a swim before we start in on our project?" I asked him heading over to my dresser drawer.

"What…um…I can't. I don't have a bathing suit." He responded as I rifled through my dresser drawer.

We didn't have diving practice today or tomorrow as it would start back up on Wednesday. Our coach was visiting relatives, and wouldn't be back until sometime tomorrow, so practice had been put off giving us a long break from it. I couldn't stand not being in the water for so long so this gave me the opportunity to get some swim time in.

"Here." I said tossing him my white and light blue plaid Hurley Boys Puerto Rico Board shorts while I pulled out my snug fitting blue colored Force diving briefs with the white stars and the broad red and white stripes in front, and the eagle bust on my left butt cheek.

Turning my back to him I slipped out of my clothes, and started to pull on my tight fitting swim trunks that left little to the imagination. I heard him gasp for a moment, presumably because he saw me getting naked in front of him even though my back was turned, and then heard him rustling around behind me as if he was racing to get changed before I turned back around. I pulled up my swim trunks, and turned around as I adjusted my package. Coop had his back turned towards me, and was bent over sliding his foot through one of the leg openings. His legs were spread apart, and I could just make out his boy pouch from the back side as it hugged his body, and then between his legs I sort of caught a glimpse of the tip of his cut penis as it jostled around in my view for the briefest of moments. He stood up, and pulled up the white and light blue plaid Hurley Boys Puerto Rico Board shorts bathing suit over his pale white little globes before turning around. He was just a little bigger than me, but the swim suit wasn't a bad fit.

"Let's go." I motioned for him as we headed downstairs, but not before I saw him glancing down between my legs with his eyes bulging out as he saw how tight my bathing suit fit on me. Then as we bounded down the stairs I could feel his eyes on my ass, but I didn't say anything as we made our way through the kitchen where my mom was preparing tacos for dinner.

"Hey mom, we are going to swim a bit before hitting the books." I told her as she looked up and noticed me wearing my tight swim briefs.

"Why are your wearing those?" She asked me not in a condemning way, but more in a curious fashion since I was planning on just swimming around, and not working out with my dives or anything.

"Oh…um…Coop didn't have swim trunks with him so he's wearing my board shorts." I told her as she looked over towards the boy, and noticed him wearing my blue plaid swim trunks.

"Oh…of course he wouldn't have his swim trunks with him. Have fun boys." My mom commented as she kissed my head before turning to fetch some stuff out of the fridge.

I started to turn towards the other room that led out to the pool when I realized something. ""

"Yes sweetie." My mom replied turning back around.

"Do you think you could talk to Coop's mom, and see if he can stay for dinner? I mean since we are going swimming we will have to work on our paper afterwards, so he might as well stay." I asked her explaining we wouldn't have all that much time to do any work.

"Sure sweetie. Give me your mom's phone number Cooper, and I'll give her a call while you boys go swimming." She told the pasty white boy. "Oh and Jackson, don't stay out there too long. It's gotten colder, and I don't want you boys to get sick even though the pool is heated." She told me seriously as I nodded my head letting her know I heard her.

We ran outside, and the air had a bite to it. I made a straight line for the pool, and jumped in creating a splash as my head went under the water. Warmth surrounded me as my entire body submerged under the heated water. My head popped out of the surface, and I looked around for Coop finally spotting him at the edge of the pool with his arms wrapped around his body.

"I…is it cold?" He asked shivering as I just busted up at the irony of it all. Here he was worried about getting cold from the water when he was freezing just standing around.

"Damn Coop, jump in the water's warm. If you stay out there you'll freeze your balls off." I teased him splashing warm water on him.

He gasped expecting the water to be cold, but he soon realized the water I splashed on him was warm so jumped in. I watched and laughed at him as his head popped out of the water, and he sputtered. He could swim, but didn't seem like the best of swimmers.

"Can you even swim?" I asked him as I swam to him, and helped him towards the edge of the pool.

He just shrugged his shoulders. "Um…I…um…you know." He stuttered making me confused before he tried again. "I haven't really done a lot of swimming, and I don't go to the public pool." He told me just sort of looking ashamed, and I felt bad realizing that he probably missed out on a lot of things because of his family history.

"Well, it looks like you can swim a little, how about I teach you some of the basics so that you can improve?" I asked him as his whole face lit up, and he nodded his head.

"Um…alright let me think a moment." As I tried to recall what some of the basics were that I would need to teach him. "Um…do you know how to float? I mean if you learn how to float first, then you won't be afraid if you ever end up in the deep end." I explained to him as he shrugged his shoulders. "Alright, then it should only take a minute or two, but let's see how well you can float first." I told him as he tilted the back of his head into the water, and spread out his arms floating on his back for a moment. After about five second he panicked a little, and stood back up.

"I was starting to sink." He explained to me.

"No you weren't you just thought you were." I clarified to him. "Here, let me hold you up while you get on your back, and then I will explain what happens when you float." I told him as I place one hand under his back, and the other one under his legs. "Good now just close your eyes, and breathe air into your lungs and hold it for a moment before exhaling." I told him and he did. "You see how your chest area became lighter and sort of floated upwards when you breathed in and then sank a little as you breathed out?" I asked him as I noticed the water logged fabric of the shorts settling around his crotch showing off his large bulge.

My eyes were glued to the outline of his boy pouch, and thick long flaccid penis. From my angle, and the position I was holding him, I could see the entire outline of what he had beneath his shorts. I could feel the stirrings between my legs as I swallowed a bit embarrassed that I was perving on him like this. Damn, the Cuconato boys have turned me into a wild perverted sex maniac. Hell, I had even gotten changed upstairs in front of Coop without a second thought. It was only a few months ago that I would have never thought something like that remotely possible. Tearing away my gaze I focused on what I was teaching him, but his beautiful obviously cut penis kept popping into my mind.

"Alright, so here is what's going to happen. Since air is what keeps you afloat, and most of it is in your chest area, your chest will stay above water and actually feel lighter when you breathe in, and then sink slightly when you breathe out. That's natural so don't worry because you won't sink when that happens, alright?" I asked him noticing the boy nod that he understood. "Good, now when I release you don't freak out when your legs start to float downwards because that is always going to happen too. Just allow them to sink a little, and at some point it will stop when it finds a balancing point. It could float down quite a bit, so don't worry because that is natural too. The important thing is that your chest and head will remain above water…so here we go." I told him as I released him.

This time he didn't freak out as I watched his legs drift downwards taking the boy's beautifully outlined crotch with it making me feel a bit disappointed. After a moment or two Coop's equilibrium point had settled to its proper position, and he was floating around on his back. I let him stay that way for a few moments before I told him he got it.

"Wow, that was way cool. I always panicked when my legs dropped like that, but I didn't realize that happened with everyone." He admitted to me as I smiled at him proud that I was able to teach him something.

We stayed out in the pool for about another hour as I taught him how to swim better. He was able to swim a little to begin with, but after a while with some of the basics, he was getting much better. I heard some noise, and looked over my shoulder where my dad was standing on the edge of the pool smiling at us setting down a couple of towels on one of the chairs.

"Hey boys it's almost time for dinner. I think you guys have enough time to go upstairs, get cleaned up, and changed. Dinner will be ready in about a half an hour." He announced as we both climbed out of the pool grabbing a towel, and running for the house because the air outside was cold.

We left a damp trail as we hustled upstairs into my room. "Come on." I told Coop as I headed for my bathroom, and a hot shower.

Turning on the water, and adjusting the temperature, I jumped inside so I could get rinsed off. Coop hesitated a moment, but once he saw that I kept my bathing suit on he followed me inside the shower stall. I got under the water with my back turned towards Coop, and rinsed off before stepping around the boy allowing him some time under the warm water. While his back was turned towards me I peeled out of my tight swim briefs without really thinking about it so that I could rinse them out.

Coop turned around noticing me standing naked in front of him, and he couldn't help but stare at my small thin two inch flaccid penis and slightly sagging small fleshy boy pouch. "Are you going to stare at me, or are you going to let me rinse out my swim trunks?" I asked him teasingly as he just blushed, and tried to apologize.

'I…um…I shit Jackson. I…it's just I…um…haven't been in a shower before with another guy…you know…naked like that." He whispered apologetically as I stepped around him to get under the warm water rinsing out my bathing suit and my sleek body.

"Don't worry about it Coop. You don't have to get out of the swim trunks, and you can get changed in here when we finish up." I told him turning around facing him, and noticed he was staring again at my nakedness, and had popped a boner.

His erection looked huge beneath his bathing suit, and it created a large tenting affect as I just looked at him fascinated. He noticed me staring, and looked down realizing for the first time he had popped a boner.

"Oh shit…I…oh shit." Is all he said as he blushed, tried to cover himself up with his hands, and turned around. "I…um…shit I'm sorry Jackson." He tried to apologize, and I could tell he was just mortified.

"Don't worry Coop it happens." I told him honestly as my own little boy penis stood up at attention now inflated to nearly three inches. "Look at me Coop." I told him as the boy just shook his head no. "Coop trust me, and look at me." I asked him gently.

The boy turned his head, and looked over his shoulders at me. "See, even I pop them. All guys do, and it doesn't mean anything." I told him sincerely as he glanced down noticing my erection, and blushing as he swallowed a lump in his throat looking away quickly so that I wouldn't think he was staring at me. "I'm going to let you finish off alone here in the shower. I'll get dried off, and then toss your clothes in the bathroom so that you can get dried off and changed." I told him as I got out, and dried myself off.

Going back into my room I gathered up his clothes, and set them on the stool inside the bathroom before closing the door, and getting dressed. It took him about five minutes, but before long he stepped out into my room looking a bit self-conscious and uncomfortable. I could smell the taco meat cooking downstairs, and my stomach growled.

"Um…Coop…I…um…I'm sorry about making you uncomfortable like that. Shit, two or three months ago I was just like you, and now I sort of forget sometimes. I couldn't get undressed in front of guys if my life depended on it, not to mention hop in the shower with the rest of the dive team, but lately I've just sort of gotten used to it. Please don't be embarrassed." I asked him as I fidgeted with my fingers nervously.

"Um…it's cool Jackson. I…um…it just kind of surprised me is all, and when I saw you I don't know why I…um…popped a…um…you know. I'm not gay or anything." He added at the end to reassure me, and looked a bit frightened I might think it.

"Fuck, who cares if you are." I told him seriously.

"Oh…I just thought…you know since I…," he just shrugged his shoulders. "Jackson, you're the first friend…I mean…person who's asked me over to his house, and I don't want to mess things up." He told me apprehensively.

"Listen Coop, we're friends, and I don't give a crap about the other stuff. You know before I moved here I didn't have friends either so I know what it feels like. The guys at our table like you as a friend too, so don't worry so much. I like you for who you are, and not what happened because of someone else." I told him seriously as tears welled up in the corners of his eyes, and created a wet trail down the sides of his cheeks.

Getting up I walked over to him, and hugged the boy. At first he flinched, but then grabbed on to me, and started to sob heavily as he let out all of his emotions. I continued to hold him like this for a few moments until his crying started to subside. We both stood there embracing one another as I gently rubbed his back.

"Geeze, you must think I'm a blubbering baby." He sniffled as he just pulled me even closer towards him hugging me tighter.

"No, believe me I've done my fair share of crying too lately, and if it wouldn't have been for Brendan and Ezra helping me out I would have been a mess." I told him as I held him out at arms length.

Coop just smiled at me, and then looked down realizing he had popped another boner. "Shit, I don't know why it keeps happening." He told me a bit mortified, but not hiding it this time as he reached down and adjusted himself.

"Who knows?" I teased him as I shrugged my shoulders. "But one thing's for sure?" I stated as I took a step back from him.

"Yeah, what's that?" He asked wiping his face dry now looking towards me.

"That there is nothing to be embarrassed about. From the looks of things you have one hell of a monster down there." I laughed as he just looked at me incredulously. "No seriously Coop. You may be one of the smallest kids in our class height and weight wise, but most definitely not with what is hanging between your legs." I couldn't control myself as I just started to laugh hysterically with Coop finally getting caught up in the action chuckling as well. "Believe me when all the guys see that huge thing swinging between your legs they will all be jealous. Anyone that teases you because of your size you can tell them that at least you've got a bigger pecker than their little microscopic ones. That'll shut them up for sure, and if not just say 'we can prove it right here and now if you want,' and start to unbutton your pants." I almost choked I was laughing so hard, and started to cough.

"Holy crap Jackson, are you crazy?" Coop laughed shaking his head. "No way will I ever be able to get undressed in front of someone." He told me wiping away tears of happiness now, and laughing his ass off with me.

"Well, I might just have to extend my swimming lessons to giving you lessons on how to strip in front of people. I've recently earned my stripping merit badge in that department." I told him chuckling, and motioning for him to follow me. "Come-on, our stripping lessons can wait until later because right now I'm starving, and smelling my mom's cooking is driving me nuts." I told him as we continued to laugh all the way downstairs.

Just before we got to the kitchen Coop leaned in and whispered in my ear. "You're really not serious about…you know…stripping lessons?" He asked me solemnly.

Glancing at him wickedly, I winked, and just chuckled as I leaned towards him and whispered in his ear. "You never know my friend." I told him while I reached down, and tweaked his crotch eliciting a squeak of shock from him as he just looked wide eyed at me, then blushed while he automatically looked around making sure no one saw what had happened.

"So, I take it Coop is good to go for dinner." I asked my mom as we walked into the dinning room to see if we could help out with anything.

"Oh yes Cooper. I told your mother that Mr. Elborn will drive you home. She was a little worried about you being out alone, and I certainly understand her concern." My mom told us as she smiled warmly at the boy. "Don't worry Cooper I know all about what…um…happened, and it doesn't matter to us about it. Things happen in life, and hopefully things will get all straightened out. I know how tough it must be right now, but from what I've heard and read about the entire incident I'm convinced your father was innocent." She told the boy who just looked downcast about his father.

My mom seemed to notice, and walked over to him giving the boy a tender hug. "Oh sweetie, I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about it." She said stepping back, and running her fingers through his hair.

"No, it's not that Mrs. Elborn." He mumbled hanging his head.

"Then what is it son." My dad asked as he lifted up the boy's chin. "Never show any shame because there is nothing to be ashamed of Cooper. Always look a person in the eye, and be proud of who you are. Now, what is it then?" He asked for a second time.

Coop nodded his head at my dad understanding what he meant. "It's just that no family since the thing with my father has ever accepted me into their home." He told my father truthfully holding his head high as instructed.

"Well, it's their loss then. You and your family are always welcome in our home Cooper. Any friend of our son is a family member in our home. You remember this, and if you or your mother ever need anything, and listen to me carefully Cooper because I really mean it when I say anything, you give us a call immediately. If it is in our ability to do so, we will help or if nothing else, help to our best ability. Promise me this Cooper…that you will call, yes?" My dad asked which made me swell with pride at how my parents wanted to be there for one of my friends.

"I promise Mr. Elborn." The boy responded as my mom and dad nodded, and motioned him to take a seat at the dinner table.

The rest of our meal turned towards lighter topics as we chatted away and joked around. Our tacos were a messy affair, but it was so delicious. I always hate it when you get some of that grease leaking out from the shells on to your wrist, and I had to laugh when Coop had the same problem with it as my mom constantly pointed it out to us. You just can't feel it as the light oily juice slithers down your palm and your wrist.

We helped clean up the table and headed upstairs to work on our project for a few hours. About an hour into our studies my mom yelled up from downstairs if we wanted to take a break and have a snack. Looking at our research I walked over to my door and yelled out into the hallway that it was a great idea. A few minutes later I heard a light knocking on the door as I called out it was alright to come in. My mom came in with a couple of slices of cake on a small plate with a scoop of ice cream.

"I hope you like angel cake with strawberries, and vanilla ice cream?" My mom asked handing him a plate as we both sat back from the computer.

"Yes maam, I love it." He told her as he picked up his fork and dove in.

"It looks as if the two of you are making a lot of progress." My mom noted as she kissed the top of my head before doing the same with Coop. "I'll let you boys finish up then. Just bring down the plates with you when it is time for Coop to go home." My mom commented as I nodded my head.

We finished up eating, set aside our cake, and got back to work. About twenty minutes later I sat back in my chair, and nodded my approval. Looking over towards Coop I noticed he was just staring at me and smiling.

"What?" I asked him.

"Nothing." He shrugged his shoulders.

"I think we've got a lot all set and ready to go. All we have to do now is just get it organized, and written out." I stated and then felt something warm and damp on my cheek, which caught me by surprise making me flinch.

It had been Coop who for whatever reason leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. "Shit…I…oh shit Jackson I don't know what came over me." The boy blushed a bit embarrassed. "I'm sorry." He mumbled as I glanced at him noticing how lonely he looked at the moment.

Getting up from my chair, and scrunching my eyebrows in thought I didn't know what to say as I walked over to my bed and sat down. Coop seemed to notice the distance between us now, and he thought I had done it on purpose. That was far from the truth because in that one moment I just had to get up, and think things through. Still the boy looked hurt, and on the verge of tears, which is definitely not what I had intended to happen.

Motioning for him to come over, and sit next to me, I wrapped my arms around him as he settled down apprehensively next to me. "I'm not sorry Coop…you know for the kiss. It was nice, and means you care about me." I assured him, and he seemed a bit relieved.

"I don't know why I had the urge to do…" He started out, but was cut off when I leaned over and gently pressed my lips against his mouth giving him a kiss on the lips.

At first the boy flinched and recoiled back briefly, but then he sort of melted in my arms as he returned the kiss, and became more passionate. He had been alone for so long that he was yearning for some real human contact from others. I realized this when I had gotten up and thought about it for that brief moment after he kissed me on the cheek. In that brief moment I had noticed how alone, small, and forlorn he looked. It made me realize he wanted some sort of connection with someone outside of his immediate family.

We separated for some much needed air as we gasped struggling to breathe. "Wow that was really nice Coop. Have you ever jacked off before?" I asked him as he just closed his eyes, hesitated a moment debating whether or not he should admit it, and then nodded yes. "Good because you've gotten me all worked up, and I am hoping you will help me out." I commented as he looked at me a bit confused before realizing what I was asking.

The boy responded by leaning back in, and giving me a kiss while he hesitantly reached down between my legs, and rubbed my small little boy erection gently. I leaned back bringing him with me as I lay on my back while he continued to rub my penis through my shorts. Slowly, I lifted up my hips and pulled down my shorts just below my lily white globes giving Coop access to his very first penis that didn't belong to himself. He sat up, and looked down seemingly mesmerized by my throbbing two and three quarter inch thin erection.

Gulping down a lump in his throat he looked me in the eye for a moment, hesitating, before reaching out tentatively. Electricity shot through my insides as his fingers wrapped around my entire penis, and began to slowly stroke it. I must admit I almost shot my load again, but I was getting better at controlling myself.

"Wow." Coop whispered. "It feels so hard and hot." He acknowledged as he released me for a moment so he could pull my shorts off completely giving him better access.

Once my shorts were completely removed he began to work me again, this time also reaching out and playing with my slightly sagging boy pouch and large grape sized testicles. I could tell he was a bit inexperienced, but he seemed to enjoy it and so was I as he focused his attention on bringing me to a satisfactory orgasm. He's never given anyone else one before, and he seemed genuinely intent on giving me a proper one.

Slowly he increased his tempo as I squirmed around on top of my bed. "Oh shit, yeah Coop just like that." I moaned as he smiled at me all happy that he was making me feel good.

The boy adjusted his grip without loosing his rhythm, and it was stimulating enough to edge me even closer. "Oh shit, I'm almost there." I gasped out. "Get ready for me to shoot." I told him grunting between breathes as all of a sudden my whole insides seemed to explode as a huge dollop of my white viscous fluid shot out from the tip of my penis. I heard Coop yelp in surprise as I grunted.

"Umph, umph, oooh, umph." I moaned as my testicles contracted upwards in one quick jerking motion, and I shot my first load watching it splatter against my chest only to run down on to my stomach while I continued to contract with only a little more oozing out from the tip of my penis coating poor Coop's pumping fist.

With one final grunt, my body quivered against the bed as I gasped for air completely depleted. A sense of wellness washed over me as I sighed contentedly, and finally looked up at Coop who was just gaping at my mess.

"Shit, you can fucking shoot already." He gasped out as he just looked at the mess on his hands almost as if it was that greasy stuff from our tacos earlier in the evening. "Holy crap you can shoot." He repeated as I just laughed at him, and got up to get some tissues.

The boy cleaned up the cum from his hand while I wiped myself down. We tossed the tissue off to the side, and I sat back down next to Coop, and leaned in giving him a kiss.

"Thanks for that." I whispered when we came up for air. "It's your turn." I announced as I reached down, and rubbed his huge erection.

"Umph." He flinched and pulled back. "Jackson….I….um….I'm not so sure…," he started to speak before I leaned back in, and kissed him again. This time he reciprocated by leaning back into me as I once more reached down, and gently stroked his bulge.

Pushing my weight into him, I gently lowered him on to his back, and started to unsnap his earth toned plaid colored cargo shorts. I heard him moaning, but he didn't resist. With his shorts unbuttoned I slowly eased down his zipper, and slipped my hand beneath them on top of his underwear getting a better feel of what he had between his legs. I shoved up his shirt, and my lips found his nickel sized nipples as I gently nibbled on them making him moan even more while my fingers ran around his belly button teasingly. Sitting up next to him I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his cargo shorts and underwear looking down at Coop who had a dreamy like look on his face.

After a momentary pause the boy lifted his hips, and I slid down his shorts and underwear, removing them completely. He was now completely exposed, and I gasped at the sight in front of me. His thick large erection pulsed heavily against his bare pubic mound while his large boy pouch snuggled up tightly against his body. He had to be at least as big as Braxton, maybe even bigger, which meant pretty big for a twelve year old. If I were to guess I'd say he was about four and a half inches long, and maybe slightly thicker than Braxton. I reached out, and gently squeezed his pouch feeling chestnut sized testicles, and making the boy quiver with his very first touch by someone other than himself. He was circumcised, with short thick stubby glans.

My small thin fingers wrapped around the boy's large erection making my hands look almost like a small child's as I slowly started to jack him off. He had squeaked, and trembled the moment I had put his penis into my hand. It felt warm and sort of fleshy hard as my hands slowly started to bob up and down. Every once in a while I would rub my thumb across the tip of his penis eliciting a squeak from the boy as he tried to stave off his orgasm.

This was the first time someone else was touching him down there, and I knew he wouldn't last long. Hell, he was doing a way better job than I had done my first time around as I increased the tempo and felt Coop start to squirm around.

"You're doing good Coop, much better than me my first time around." I encouraged him as I continued to pump my right fist along the length of his thick shaft, and rubbing my thumb across his pee slit.

With my other hand I slowly massaged his testicles. I squeezed him a bit roughly and all of a sudden he yelped out, and his hips bucked upwards. I felt his large chestnut sized testicled slip from my fingers as they contracted wildly disappearing somewhere deep inside of him, while his penis seemed to quiver for a moment, and then all of a sudden jerk sporadically as his body tried to expel something instinctively, but there just wasn't anything yet at this stage of the boy's development.

"Oh shiii, ooh, umph, aaaarph, umph, umph, umph, umph," He continued to moan and groan as his orgasmic contractions continued to wrack his body.

"Holy crap," I gasped out loud as he continued to buck and writhe around without an end in sight before all of a sudden in one final heave he collapsed on to the bed his face completely red as he tried to inhale air, but nothing seemed to be happening. I started to panic thinking he would suffocate when all of a sudden he gasped raggedly sucking in air.

"Holy shit-shit-shit-shit," I continued to repeat totally freaked out until he finally started to breathe a little more evenly.

The boy slowly opened his eyes, and smiled at me reassuringly as he saw my look of concern. "Holy crap Coop…are you…um…alright?" I asked him a bit frightened as he nodded his head, and slowly sat up looking down at his now three and a half inch flaccid penis.

"Damn, that felt so fucking awesome." He gasped continuing to take inhale air deeply into his lungs.

"Shit, you scared the hell out of me." I admitted to him. "Are your orgasms always this intense?" I asked him wide eyed.

"Sort of. I mean they are pretty intense, but this felt way better than ever before." He told me as he lay back again relaxing while I just watched his large flaccid penis roll around on his pale bare pubic mound.

"Yeah, but it was like you couldn't breathe." I told him still a bit worried.

"I know, but it was only because I wasn't prepared for how intense it was going to be. It's happened before when I try something new, but then it isn't so bad after that." He admitted to me as I crawled next to him, and we cuddled for a bit.

"Jackson, that was way wicked…thanks...and I don't just mean for…um…this, or also letting me do you." He told me as he nuzzled up to me. "I also want to say thanks for being a good friend when no one else wanted me as one…but mostly…um…thanks for the…um…well you know." He finished off as he giggled in my arms.

"Yeah it was fun for me too." I told him chuckling at first until I just couldn't help myself as I shook laughing wholeheartedly at the entire episode with me still not believing how intense Coop's orgasm was, or how fucking hung he is between his legs. Who would have ever thought it possible for this little shy and unassuming kid?

"Jackson?" I heard Coop ask me when we both started to settle down a bit.

"Yeah Coop." I responded calming down, and breathing in his scent.

It seemed anymore as if I was just so turned on by how boys smelled in general. Everyone was different, yet in some ways so similar. It was as if I could detect who was who just by the way they smelled, and I had to admit that I enjoyed the intoxicating heady smell of young boys.

"I…um…what does this mean for us?" He asked me making me smile and chuckle as I recalled a similar question I had posed during my early introductory stage with sex.

"It just means that we are both horny guys who like to have a little fun." I responded as I heard a sigh of relief from the other boy.

"Come-on, let's get you dressed, and home before my parents begin to wonder how long we plan on doing homework. As much as I would just love to fall asleep like this with us both being naked together, we better not…if you know what I mean." I chuckled as I got off my bed, and pulled Coop up along with me. "See, I told you we would work on the whole stripping thing." I chuckled as he just blushed, and gave me a friendly shove.

"I think you tricked me." He pouted pushing out his lips, and giving me a puppy dog look.

"That won't work on me Coop. If you've ever met Marco, Brendan's little brother, he's got that puppy dog look down to a science." I chuckled as I watched him slip into his underwear and shorts. "Damn, you're fucking hung like a horse." I had to admit as he just looked up, smiled, and then blushed.

"Yeah, but your body is so fucking hot and sexy. Damn, I never knew a penis could get so damn hard. Mine feels like a soft fluffy pillow compared to yours." He giggled as he shook his head. "Not to mention you already shoot your load. Shit Jackson you surprised the hell out of me with that one, but I have to confess I loved seeing that goop come out of the tip of your penis like that. Way cool." He admitted to me as we fixed ourselves up, went into the bathroom to freshen up, and then made our way downstairs so my dad could drive him home.

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