Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 10

I sighed enjoying the view of the landscape spread out in front of me from my perch for a few moments longer before getting up and brushing myself off. I could sit here for hours on end content with just looking out over the arid region and colorful canyons. Making my way back to the rest of the group I paused a moment and watched my father with Ezra. My dad looked at his watch and nodded to the boy before Ezra waved goodbye, and started down a trail away from camp. I wondered what that was all about, and in a split second decision decided to follow my long dark haired friend.

At first it was fairly easy to track Ezra along the winding pathway that hugged a small watercourse, but soon we were making our way through a rougher trail system. We left the river behind as we began to climb upwards through the canyon and mountain side. Trails began to merge with one another, and I had to be careful about taking the correct one when Ezra seemed to veer off from one trail onto another at the oddest moments. Before long I realized that I was all turned around, and it was becoming extremely difficult staying hidden from Ezra yet keeping him in sight so I could also follow him at the same time from a distance.

We must have been walking for about twenty minutes when I entered into a very narrow ravine with the canyon walls seemingly rising up steeply, and disappearing from sight above my head somewhere. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as I pressed forward trying to keep up with Ezra. I rounded a corner and stopped cold in my tracks when the figure of the older boy unexpectedly came into view a mere two feet in front of me, and his scowling features told me more than what I needed to know.

"Jackson, what are you doing?" He snapped at me a bit harshly, and winced at the bite of his own words. "I mean…it's just…," his features softened a bit as he just shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm sorry Jackson, but you can't come with me." The older boy calmly finished.

"Why not…I mean where are you going?" I asked him while a shiver ran up and down my spine from the closed in feeling I was having as if the steep walls of the canyons were crushing in around me.

"Because…I…it's just you can't Jackson. I have to go do something is all?" The boy assured me as he scuffed his shoes in the dirt nervously.

It was chilly here in the shadow of the cliffs as a cool breeze made its way through the narrow gap. Despite the coolness in this canyon I had started to sweat for some reason as the walls seemed to continue closing in around me. All of a sudden this oppressive feeling seemed to dissipate when Ezra stepped forward and put a friendly hand on my shoulder.

Ezra noticed my hesitation so he smiled warmly as he tried to explain. "I'm going up to our sacred place Jackson, and I can't take you with me because there is something I have to do. You need to head back to camp, and when I get back I'll explain it some more to you." He told me sincerely.

Panic started to grip me as what he was saying started to sink in. "But…I…um…please Ezra don't make me go back alone." I begged as I looked back the way I came, and shivered knowing I was lost.

The older boy must have realized what was going on because he just smiled at me knowingly. "Don't worry Jackson. It's only difficult coming up because the trails get confusing, and people don't know which one to take at times. Going down is easy. Just take this trail back down, and when you come across another trail take that one to the left. Each time the trail you are on merges with another trail take it to the left until you come to the river. Then follow the trail along the river until you get to camp. You can't get lost Jackson, I promise." He told me reassuringly.

We stood facing each other for a few moments as I bit my lower lip anxiously. "Listen Jackson I have to get going because I don't want it to get too late. I'll be back in a few hours; probably just in time for dinner." The boy told me as he turned, and started his way back up the steady climb.

I watched him for a while until he disappeared completely from sight, and then turned around looking back down the trail. My body started to shiver as I looked up noticing how the sides of the steeply rising canyon walls seemed to lean inwards. All of a sudden I felt a sense of panic come over me as I began to perspire and whimper. Before I knew what had happened I was curled up in a ball as the walls seemed to close in on me, and I was bawling like a little baby. My whole world came crashing down on me as I cried, whimpered, and shivered for what seemed like hours until I felt warm arms wrapping around me comfortingly.

There was a gentle voice in my ear that urged me to get up, which seemed to help me get past the crushing feeling all around me. A few moments later I was sitting on a boulder in a clearing looking out over the expanse of a flat arid region. My breath quivered in my chest as I sucked the air deeply into my lungs, and finally looked over at my rescuer. It was Ezra who looked very concerned as he handed me a bottle of water. I held it up to my lips, and tried to drink, but my hands were shaking so much I gave up. Ezra gently took the bottle, and held it to my lips as I drank greedily until my parched throat was feeling better.

"Thanks," I croaked out. "H…how…I mean why did you come back for me?" I asked him as he looked at me kind of funny, and then turned away as if he was a bit embarrassed to answer.

"You…um…I heard you crying out. I'm so sorry Jackson…I mean, I shouldn't have left you alone, but geeze, what the heck happened?" He asked me still concerned about me.

Shaking my head, and scrunching my eyebrows I just looked at him for a moment not understanding myself. "I…I don't know Ezra. It almost felt as if the walls were falling in on top of me. I…um…panicked I guess. I've never felt that way before." I told him honestly as I shivered recalling the feeling.

"Oh…I see." He replied as he now started to fidget and look back up the hill. "Are you alright now…I mean can you walk?" He asked me.

"Yeah I guess, but Ezra I don't know if I can go back by myself. Just leave me here, and I…I'll wait for you." I told him as he just shook his head.

"No…I can't do that to you Jackson. Just come with me it'll be alright." He told me as he reached out to help me up, and then winced in pain when he pulled.

"What happened to you?" I asked him as he rubbed his arm.

"You're a lot stronger than you look." He told me giggling as he continued to massage his arm.

Unfortunately for Ezra, I must have grabbed him, and held on for dear life bruising his arm in the process. "I'm really sorry about that I told him seriously as I got up.

"Don't worry about it. I shouldn't have acted so selfishly when I saw you were a bit wigged out about going back alone. Come-on let's go." He told me leading the way as I fell in behind him.

As we walked I kept looking at him, and how his firm butt cheeks would wiggle around enticingly in front of me despite the covering fabric of his shorts. He was wearing an off white colored pair of plaid shorts with sky blue and navy blue stripes. His light blue v-neck style tee that hung loosely on his sleek torso looked wickedly hot on him. They were a bit faded, but still looked sharp. He wore ankle socks with short ankle high Rockport hiking shoes that had vibram soles, which looked to have many miles on them already. I could tell he did a lot of walking or other forms of exercise because of his strong calves and thighs.

Just watching him from behind like this made my own little boy penis jerk around and inflate at times as we walked along. It actually started to get annoying as my penis continually danced around inside my shorts. One moment it was extremely hard, and I would have to focus on something else trying to get it to soften up, and the next moment it would deflate making my shorts feel almost empty. After a while even my testicles began to ache. I never knew something like that was even possible without getting hit in some way, fashion, or form right in the ole ball sack.

We chatted casually along the way until he called for a break. We had been steadily climbing for a bit now so we took a seat across from one another as we shared some water together. I glanced at him casually, and noticed he had pulled up one of his legs forcing his shorts up tight against his crotch. It was all I could do not to stare at his little bulge as the seam from his shorts forced both of his testicles off to one side.

My mind wandered as I recalled how sexy he looked a few days ago at the pool, and how exciting it was to see the outline of his penis through the light fabric of his shorts. Seeing him sitting like that in front of me as he casually looked out over the dry open wilderness from his perch made me quiver with excitement. I wondered what he really looked like completely naked. Brendan and Marco had set my heart to pounding, but my balls were actually aching as I fantasized about Ezra's naked body moving around in front of me.

"Jackson?" Ezra practically shouted bringing me out of my daydream. "Geeze, where were you just now?" He chuckled as he got up shaking his head, and absentmindedly tugging on himself as he straightened himself out including his penis and pouch.

Looking away and smirking I too got up as I wiped off the dirt from my shorts. "What are you giggling about?" Ezra asked me curiously as he smiled at me quirkily.

"You," I laughed shaking my head as Ezra jiggled around a moment trying to get himself straightened out.

"What?" I can't help it he complained. "You know how it is when it…um…pinches the wrong way." He admonished me as he turned around, and reached inside his shorts to take care of the problem.

"Yeah I know, but it was just too funny is all." I admitted.

"Yeah, I suppose." He agreed as he motioned for us to continue. "Come-on, it's not too far now." He told me as I fell in behind him.

He was right because ten minutes later we rounded a corner, and it leveled off onto a deep ledge with a view that was breathtaking. I couldn't help but stop and look out at the open expanse that went on for miles in several different directions.

"Alright," I heard Ezra say as I turned back around. "Listen, I need you to stay right here, and don't move…please. This is important Jackson, just stay right here. Do you understand?" He asked me as I nodded my head noticing for the first time the canyon wall behind him that had a blackened smudged look to it all along the length, and all the way up towards the top about twenty feet up.

There were strange looking light colored figures scratched all along the face of the canyon wall in stark contrast to the blackened wall. It really looked old, and some sort of made sense, while others looked totally foreign. It sort of looked familiar, and then I recalled where I had seen something similar. It was in some of the brochure material my father had given to me just before we moved here. These were petroglyphs, and I don't recall having noted any having ever been found in this region.

The brochures mentioned there were probably many places still undiscovered or kept secret. I imagine this was one of those areas, and since Ezra's grandfather owned the property I suppose they kept it hidden for all these years. He had mentioned that it had been a sacred place for his people, and when the government stole it Ezra's great grandfather had managed to buy it back, and now it made even more sense to me.

Ezra sat down, and I watched him remove his shoes, socks, and shirt before opening his small day pack to extricate several items from it. Gathering up all the material he silently approached the canyon face wall and stopped several yards away. Ezra's golden brown firm body seemed to fit naturally in this setting, and I watched the boy closely completely fascinated with what he was doing as he reverently removed some wrapped items from several leather pouches, setting some of them gently on the ground in front of him while with others being careful to place them on top of the leather pouches. Picking up one of the items from the leather pouch, he placed it in the ground with a part of it sticking upwards. It almost looked like a small twig or something, but I knew it was something different, maybe a small bone of some sort.

Perspiration was already glistening on the older boy's body as he started to talk in his own language, and it wasn't long before I realized he was praying. I listened enraptured by the singsong nature of his tone, and admired his sleek body as he continued to pray, and move in a clockwise circle around the bone stopping at what seemed like specific points. During those specific moments when he stopped his prayers seemed to change before he proceeded once more in a clockwise direction. In all he stopped a total of four times along the way, and sprinkled items on the ground before pouring a little water as well. It took me a moment before I realized he was stopping and praying to what the Native American's referred to as the four sacred directions.

Next he knelt down, and it was then that I noticed the entire time he had been carrying a large feather in his hands that had a beaded leather cord attached around it and then to his wrist so that he wouldn't drop it. I recalled reading somewhere that Eagle feathers are sacred to the Native Americans and dropping one on the ground is not a good thing. Not knowing for sure one way or the other about what kind of feather he was holding, I just assumed it must be an Eagle feather since he had a cord around it and his wrist making sure it wouldn't drop by mistake. He carefully removed some sort of bundle that looked kind of like stalks of herbs similar to what my mother has in her garden. The bundle, which was about eight or nine inches long, and about the thickness that fit comfortably in ones hands, was wrapped up with some string. Ezra unwrapped some of the string, and then picked up a lighter. He held the lighter flame to the bundle, and then blew on it gently until it started to smolder and let off some smoke.

Even from where I was sitting I could smell the sweet like odor that emanated from the smoldering bundle, and it sort of reminded me of something similar in my mom's herb garden. Then it hit me, it had sort of the same smell as some of the sage in her garden. Ezra placed the bundle in a clay bowl, and seemed to cup his hand gathering up the smoke like he would water coming out of a faucet. He then seemed to wash his face and head with it then gathered up his feather and fanned the smoke around him before making his way along the canyon wall doing the same thing. The boy slowly made his way in an outward circle, his bare feet silently patting along the sandy ground, and ended once more in front of the bone he had sticking up from the red colored sand. He knelt down once again, and continued to pray and meditate for a while longer as I continued to watch him closely.

His body was all slicked up with perspiration, which seemed odd to me since I was shivering a bit cold from the cool breeze that washed around my body. I couldn't be sure, but thought maybe it was because Ezra was sheltered up against the canyon walls, and I was more exposed out here. Moments later the older boy seemed to get a very serene look on his features as he opened his eyes, smiled, and then looked towards me like something had just whispered in his ear. He waved his arms for me to approach.

Getting up I started to step forward before I realized something, then stopped so that I could remove my shoes, socks, and shirt just as Ezra had done. When I looked back over to him he smiled approvingly, and I slowly made my way over to him kneeling down next to him on his right side. He got up and taking the burning bundle started to pray, and slowly washed me with the smoldering smoke all around my body, head, and feet. The smoke didn't smell bad at all, and it didn't burn my throat or anything. For me it sort of gave me a sort of serene kind of feeling. Not in a drugged kind of way, just content with the world. He settled back down next to me on my left side, and then started to draw a large circle around the bone between the two of us with the quill end of his feather in the soft sand, and then spoke softly to me.

"I came up here to pray as my people have done for many generations for hundreds, maybe thousands of years." He told me softly. "I asked the creator to give me strength and wisdom so that I can honor those people who are important to me in my life, and to give me patience so that I no longer hurt people who do not deserve my mistreatment. I placed the Eagle bone in the ground, and offered up tobacco and water to the four sacred directions. I am burning white sage which is sacred to my people, and washed myself in it so I can cleanse all the negative energy away from me and this place, and so that the smoke can carry my prayers up to the creator. All these things, the Eagle bone, tobacco, water, and white sage are sacred in our traditional ways." He explained to me as he finished up and looked at me.

There was a sense of reverence to this area, and I could feel the heat from the sand and walls radiate outwards making me start to perspire. I felt honored that Ezra was including me in his personal ceremony, and it indeed did feel very sacred. Just knowing that people weren't normally allowed up here made it even that much more special.

"For your unselfish gifts, I now include you in the last stage of my prayer that will bond our friendship even further. I have washed you in the cleansing smoke of white sage, and I now ask the creator to bond us like brothers." He told me as he placed his right hand inside the ring just on the right side of the Eagle bone that sat in the center of the circle leaving a hand impression in front of me inside the ring. "Now with your left hand place it next to where I placed mine, and next to the Eagle bone, but be careful not to touch the bone." He instructed me.

Looking over towards Ezra I got the distinct feeling that this was something not taken lightly and that it was a way for him to show honor towards me. It was important to him so without any hesitation I placed my left hand right next to his on the left side of the Eagle bone being very careful not to touch it. Just as I placed my hand down making the imprint something seemed to happen as my mind swirled for a moment and my heart seemed to freeze in time. There was a sort of clicking sound that only I could hear deep within the recesses of my consciousness. It was an odd sensation, but somehow it seemed as if something sort of happened deep down inside of me. My entire being felt all tingly and the air seemed to shimmer around me momentarily. Shaking my head I figured I must be getting light headed from the heat and needed to hydrate.

When I finally came back to my senses lifting up my hand it amazed me how similar our hand prints looked in size and shape; almost as if they were made from the same person. Ezra seemed to notice it as well, and nodded his head as he smiled approvingly.

"We are forever more sealed together in a way that can never again tear us apart. Just as a marriage seals two couples together, so too does this one special act seal two together in the deepest ways as brothers. With this sacred act and ceremony we are now and forever more bound together through the Bonds of Brotherhood." He stated out loud as we both looked in wonderment at two hand prints that appeared to belong to only one person as if fate had brought us both together.

For some reason I got the sense his statement in some way was important, almost prophetic in a way. Not completely understanding I just shoved it off to the side of my thoughts for the moment. Instead I focused on the here and now as I continued to watch what Ezra was doing.

Quickly he said another prayer, and then removed the Eagle bone, and used it to rub away any traces of our imprint and circle. "So no one can make bad medicine when we leave." He explained to me.

Next, he extinguished the smoldering embers of the white sage in the sand, and rubbed the sand around it removing all traces of it as well leading me to suspect it was for the same reasoning. Slowly he started to gather up some of the items to put it away. I admired some of the intricate beadwork on some of the objects including several pouches. I was tempted to reach out and pick some of them up for a closer look, but wasn't sure how he would feel about it since he had been very emphatic about not touching the Eagle bone. Ezra seemed to notice, and smiled apologetically at me.

"I'm sorry Jackson, but it isn't permitted for others to touch our sacred items. We say many prayers over them to give them power, and if someone else touches them they can add negative energy to them without even realizing it. Only very close family members are permitted to handle another person's sacred items, and then only sparingly. It is just our way Jackson, and not meant to be insulting to anyone. Do you understand?" He asked me.

Looking up into his sincere but tender dark eyes, I smiled and nodded. "Yes I understand, and it doesn't offend me Ezra. It is your way, and not my place to judge. Thank you for including me, and I really am honored." I told him sincerely.

Ezra smiled, and leaning in close gave me a gentle hug which seemed to make my whole body tingle. "I meant what I asked in my prayer Jackson. I have never done this for anyone before, but I…I sense something different between the two of us. It is why I have asked the Creator to bond us as brothers so that I can honor you, and have you as a part of me. As such it will be my responsibility to teach you some of our ways. You do not have to believe in our ways, but I hope you will respect them. You have already demonstrated this by having patience, and not just reaching out to touch such sacred items without permission." The older boy responded getting up and then showing me around the petroglyphs.

He seemed to know a lot about them, and what they represented. While he showed me around my mind continued to play over some of the events of the rituals he had just performed. I suppose that for many westerners this was all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but then again so were many of our religious ceremonies to others around the world. In the end I figured it didn't matter as long as we all respected one another.

My mind focused on what he was saying about the petroglyphs. When I asked him how he knew what they meant he smiled slyly and said he learned it from his grandfather, who had learned it from his father, and so on down the generations. Of course some of the exact meanings might have been lost over the generations, but even those can be surmised as to their meaning if you understood such things. He explained to me that in his culture things weren't written, but rather it was handed down from one generation to the next in an oral tradition. One would think that such things would be lost in translation over the years, but research has shown how accurate such oral cultures really are, and even more so at times from the written cultures. It was so fascinating to me, and I sort of felt bad in a way realizing how much Braxton would have enjoyed being here.

"Ezra, are you allowed to bring others up here?" I asked him solemnly.

"No not usually. Such things must be protected from vandals and such. There are many people who do not even care about such things, and the more people who know of its existence…well…the more likely it will be vandalized and destroyed. It is happening all over the place. Petroglyphs that have been around for hundreds of years are being destroyed. Some of it through vandalism, some because people do not understand that even making rubbings of it or placing your hands on it can destroy these things." He told me softly as we admired a section of the scratched figures.

"How can someone placing their hands on these destroy them?" I asked him curiously.

"The oils from your hand can do this. Of course it takes time, and it takes many hands, but in some places that have petroglyphs that are very accessible you see people rubbing their hands along them, and these petroglyphs are starting to deteriorate. In some of these places it has taken only five or ten years, and whole sections have fallen away completely destroyed. Something that has been there for hundreds of years destroyed in just a few years." He told me sadly.

We both got quiet as we looked at the section of petroglyphs with what appeared to be a herd of dear with antlers, several birds flying overhead, some mountain peaks, people, and other symbols. It looked almost like it was trying to tell a story. There was so much going on in this image that I tried to decipher the story.

"So what does this section mean?" I asked him.

Ezra smiled and nodded his head. I know this one because it belongs to my great-grandfather from when he was just a boy. It tells of his first hunt with his father. See the two figures? The larger one is his father, and the smaller one is him, and he is holding a spear. It is his first hunt." He explained to me.

"Oh yeah, it makes sense now because the older man isn't carrying a weapon so it means the younger one is the one hunting." I stated looking at the scratched figures.

"Yes, they are hunting pronghorns as you see. There were eight in the heard, it was during late spring maybe early summer, and he managed to kill one. On the third day it rained, and you can see this by these three images that represent clouds with the third one having those lines indicating rain. These peaks over here indicate the location of the kill, and of course there are several more things in this particular story, but basically it is my great-grandfather's first big hunt."

"How can you tell when it was and that he killed one?" I asked curious.

"You can see eight here in the herd, and one of them does not have legs. That is the one that he killed. Also there are three little one's in the image, and pronghorns usually have offspring during June or so." He explained which seemed to make sense regarding the time of year.

"Follow me." He stated as he smiled and left the canyon wall behind.

Leaving our things behind for now, we walked barefoot back out into the open, and followed a smooth hard trail around the corner. It was a narrow trail that hugged the canyon wall before opening back up about thirty yards later. When we rounded the corner I stood there amazed at what lay sprawled out in front of me.

There was a small trickling stream that wound its way the length of a flat red colored plateau, and emptied into a shallow hollowed out pond about ten or fifteen feet in diameter before exiting the other end, and wandering out of sight. The hard red colored plateau felt warm as it soaked up the heat from the sun, and I could feel the heat radiating off the surrounding rocks. Ezra looked at me and smiled.

"Wow," was all I could say as the boy turned his back to me, and then shocked me when he slipped out of his shorts.

His deep brown and golden tanned body looked magnificent in the sunlight as I watched him gingerly stepping towards the water filled depression a few yards away. His smooth two orb halves rubbed against one another enticingly as I just stared at his naked butt jiggling around in front of me. What really struck me was the fact he had no tan lines what-so-ever, which could mean only one thing, he must walk around naked a lot outside. I could barely breath now when I saw Ezra finally turn around towards me the water only coming up his legs just below his sexy little boy organs.

My eyes bulged out as I saw Ezra naked in all his glory for the first time ever. His flaccid uncut penis seemed to be slightly larger than my own, and I figured it was probably about two and a half inches long with about a quarter of an inch pucker of skin extending past his covered glans. The tip of his foreskin seemed very thin and tight looking, a lot like the tip of an elephant's trunk.

It all made sense to me now why I couldn't tell where the head of his penis started when he was over at my house the other day. The fabric of his shorts didn't hide much in regards to the outline of his penis, but since he has a foreskin it had been difficult for me to figure out exactly how big he was, and the size of his glans. Like mine, his penis was thin, which to me looked so damn sensuously seductively hot on him; especially, with his foreskin seemingly wrapped tightly around the head of his penis. His smooth boy pouch dangled down slightly and enticingly between his legs just above the water with the outline of his two chestnut sized testicles prominently visible. I was completely enamored with the stunningly striking visual stimulation that was utterly breathtaking.

"So are you planning on just standing there and gawking at me, or are you going to come in too? The water is great." He assured me bringing my sluggish brain back to the moment forcing me to rip away my ogling stupor.

"I…um…shit…sorry Ezra. What did you say?" I asked him trying to peal away my gaze from his steamy and awesomely sexy looking body.

"I asked if you are coming in. The water is great." He told me.

Realizing I had popped a boner, and was covering myself with my hands I just shook my head. "I…um…I don't know Ezra." I blushed embarrassed.

"Geeze Jackson. So what…I mean who cares that you just popped a boner. You aren't the first one to pop one you know. I did the same thing over at your house the other day when you did a strip tease in front of me." He teased me as we both recalled that day, which made me blush even more. "It just sort of happens so don't worry about it, and just get undressed and come join me in the water." He ordered as he turned his back to me, and headed over towards the edge of the pool looking out over the expanse below us totally ignoring me.

My mind started to spin wondering what I should do. I mean there was still that twinge of embarrassment about getting naked in front of the others, but then again it wasn't as if the other boy hadn't already seen me naked before. Grumping admonishingly at myself, I quickly unsnapped my shorts, and in one motion removed both my underwear and shorts in one fell swoop before rushing towards the pool. I stepped lightly into the water, and realized it was like slipping between two silky sheets.

The water was just right, not warm or cold. It was almost as if I couldn't even feel it as the water settled around just above my little fleshy boy penis. I moved next to Ezra who just glanced at me raising his eyebrows. I must have looked completely silly because even I could feel my grin splitting open wide my facial features.

"Damn, this water feels so magical." I commented to him. "Why isn't it cold?" I asked him as I turned, and looked towards the other end of the small pooled pond.

The water cascaded about a foot down into the pool over a smooth shelf making a nice bubbling sound as it dribbled into the deeper pond. The deep aqua marine color of the water stood out in stark contrast to the bright red, yellow, and orange like colors of the surrounding rocks and flat hilly plateau. The air felt dry yet crisp at the same time being so close to the water source.

"Actually the spring water comes out about a quarter of a mile back in that direction." Ezra started to explain as he wrapped one arm around my shoulders innocently getting closer to me so that he can gauge his line of sight with his other hand pointing off in the distance towards the other end of the plateau.

"The surrounding rocks soak up the heat and almost act like an oven. By the time the water finally dumps into the pool it is actually warm, but then the deeper water here cools off a bit creating a sort of balance with this water temperature. Right around this time of day the conditions are just right for the water temperature. An hour or so before, and an hour or so after, the water is cooler. In about an hour from now the temperature in the pool will cool off and start to get cold until the next morning when the sun slowly heats things back up. It means for about two or three hours every day the temperature is just perfect." Ezra finished off explaining as he looked at me with his face only a mere few inches away from my own.

We both seemed to swallow hard at the closeness. "I…um…sorry," Ezra gulped apologetically as he stepped away from me, and we both flushed red in the face a bit embarrassed at having been standing so close together while we were naked.

"Um…sure." I replied as I felt my cheeks get warm and flush while he just looked at me a bit stupidly with a quirky kind of smile on his face. "What?" I asked looking down at myself, and realized I was standing up in a shallow area exposing myself completely to him with my throbbing erection basically pointing straight at him. "Shit," I exclaimed, and immediately sat down in the water as he just busted up laughing at me.

"Screw you," I scolded him as I splashed water at him playfully.

That was a big mistake as all of a sudden it escalated into a full blown water fight. Before long we were in a wrestling match, and in all honesty it was pretty much one sided. He was bigger than me, and I found myself pushed back against the little water fall area, and forced to sit down on a small ledge. We were both giggling and having a blast as he pressed forward splashing water up into my face.

"I give…I give," I sputtered in-between giggles, and swallowing what seemed like buckets full of water.

When he finally stopped his hands were on either side of my head as he leaned inwards towards me having slipped his body between my legs during the water fight. Our faces were once again only a few inches away as we stared into one another's eyes. My entire body tingled, and I could feel my flaccid penis once again stir between my legs as my head started to spin dizzily. Being so close to him like this made me giddy with excitement as my breath caught in my chest, and my heart seemed to pound loudly.

Before I could react Ezra leaned in, and lightly kissed me on the lips. My entire brain seemed to go blank for several moments as my eyes instinctively fluttered closed enjoying the physical internal sensations that exploded all up and down my body like little pin pricks. Somehow his lips seemed even softer than Suzanne's had felt to me, yet at the same time it most definitely seemed very electrifying. It was…well…in a word…magical. I almost whimpered when he pulled back from me, and he seemed kind of conflicted about something as he just stared at me with those sensitive soft brown eyes. Something seemed to change inside of me as I realized I had really enjoyed the sensation, and not because it was a kiss, but rather because it was Ezra.

"I…shit Jackson…I'm so sorry," He whispered, and looked as if he was going to cry. "Please I…," he began stuttering.

My mind was just frozen as everything seemed to be amplified all around me, and I didn't even know what I was doing until it actually happened. Leaning forward, and cutting him off in mid-sentence, I reached out wrapping my arms around him and pressed my lips against his electrifyingly soft mouth. He tasted like nothing I've ever tasted before. Sure I kissed Suzanne and kind of enjoyed it, and I've also kissed Marco, and even thought that was sweet, but with Ezra there just seemed to be more passion as he responded and pressed his body against mine.

We continued with our embrace, and I could feel his hands all across my skin making me tingle all over as the kiss deepened even further. Then all of a sudden my mouth seemed to fill up even more, and it took me a moment to realize what it was. He had inserted his tongue, and was flicking it around in my mouth and against my tongue. At first it shocked me, but then I began to enjoy the sensation as he seemed to start taking back over control of our interaction. I didn't mind, and even relished the feeling of someone taking command over me. It wasn't a bad thing, and he was very gentle as my body seemed to respond while we continued our mutual insanely intense passionate kissing. I never realized something so simple could have such a profound affect on my entire body.

My blood seemed to burn and radiate heat outwards through my pores, and it amazed me that I didn't set the water to boiling all around me. Even though my body burned hotly, I could still feel his warm smooth skin up against mine as he lifted me up to my feet, and our bodies seemed to press up against one another. I could feel his hard erection up against my bare pubic mound just below my belly button as my own stiff erection seemed to twitch and bump up against the underside of his soft fleshy boy pouch. My body shivered with excitement as he leaned in, and gently lowered me on top of the ledge. I could feel the cooler water from the little rivulet gliding around my heated body creating a slick steamy mess around me as Ezra's body slipped sexily between my legs.

The coolness of the water tickled my sensitive skin all along my torso as Ezra slowly worked his hands towards the top of my chest finding my nipples. I gasped when he pinched them gently surprising me at how sensitive they were at this stage. I felt frozen in place as the sexy nubile boy released my lips, and slowly moved his mouth along my throat until he was flicking his tongue up against my responsive nipples as they seemed to perk up even more and harden.

My body quivered, and I still couldn't move as he had his way with me. In retrospect this should have been a scary feeling for me, but to tell you the truth I wasn't frightened, and what he was doing to me felt so fucking sexy good that it seemed to thrill me even more. He was sending so many pleasurable signals all up and down my body as he slowly worked his lips down to my belly button while his hands slowly massaged my sides and chest. All that I could do for the moment was just lie there on my back, and whimper feeling my little hard two and three quarter of an inch erection twitching around on its own.

This was insanely intense, more so than it had felt with Brendan. I couldn't put it into words exactly because even though my first time with Brendan ended before it even really began it was still something I would never forget, and it had felt incredibly wonderful. Yet, with Ezra my insides started to boil with such passion and abandon, and then I felt something that was completely indescribable. It was a feeling of warm wetness and extreme delight as I gasped trying to suck in air while my body quivered uncontrollably threatening to explode prematurely yet again into orgasmic blissful tranquility.

Looking down I whimpered and groaned as I realized the indescribable warm wet slickness I had felt was his mouth wrapped around my quivering stiff penis that at the moment seemed to thrum around insanely. The sight of him engulfing me like that was almost too much as I watched him slowly move his lips down to the base of my shaft, and bump softly against my bare pubic mound. He slowly retreated back upwards, and I could feel his lips slithering around the ridge of my glans almost making me loose it at that point. It was all I could do not to explode so soon like I had done with Brendan. A week ago I wouldn't have been able to control myself; however, how things stood at the moment I was already at the precipice threatening to slip over the edge. Actually I probably would have exploded if right at about that point Ezra hadn't decided to pull his mouth off my torrid sweltering little boyhood.

"Fuck, that pecker of yours is so damn hard and stiff, not to mention steamy hot." Ezra commented as he looked up into my eyes for a second before once again engulfing my blue veined riddled shaft.

My mind almost exploded as he once more unexpectedly engulfed me the intensity of it all threatening to carry me over the edge. I tried to concentrate on his comment as I continued to watch what he was doing to me. Even I had to agree with the boy's assessment, because my penis at the moment felt extremely hard, more so than ever before, and it almost hurt it was so rigid. Once more Ezra's lips bumped against my pubic mound before retreating back upwards along the short length of my stiffness. His tongue slithered along the base of my shaft, and then flickered around my thicker corona ridge making me yelp in surprise at the intensity of our heated passion.

Before I knew what I was doing I grabbed the back of Ezra's head plunging my hips upwards, and once again gasped in surprise as my hips started to thrust in rapid succession as I face fucked his soft juicy lips like a rabbit in heat. It was like watching one of those nature programs with the rabbits mating as they thrust their hips rapidly before depositing their seed into a mate a mere few moments later.

Just like in the nature program my hips moved in a rapid series of forceful thrusts pounding up against the older boy's lips, maybe five or six times before I lost control way too soon, and climaxed depositing my precious thin runny substance into Ezra's mouth. It was so embarrassing and humiliating at how fast it all happened; however, it just felt too good, and I wasn't able to hold off as I immediately climaxed, and in one final thrust shoved my insanely hard, aching, and heart thumping penis as far as possible into Ezra's eager mouth.

"Oh shiiii…um…Ezra here it…umph….umph…aaaahhhh…umph…umph," I grunted as I felt the first sudden liquid expulsion come burning up through the inside of my shaft, and explode outwards splashing up against the back of Ezra's mouth.

I heard the boy initially mumble in surprise before he began slurping up my seed in earnest and swallow me up eagerly, which seemed to excite me even more as I writhed around with my body twitching in orgasmic bliss. It was so intense that I noted how the older boy was hanging on to my wild thrashing body tightly so I wouldn't slip out of his mouth. With one final thrust and groan I felt one last explosion come out the tip of my penis as a small dollop of my baby batter fired into Ezra's mouth before my body crashed back down into the stream totally spent.

My thoughts swirled around wildly in my mind as I gasped for air, and felt Ezra's body settle on top of me. I opened up my eyes, and smiled at the gentle face and eyes watching me intently. Those beautiful large soft brown eyes danced giddily in the boy's face as I leaned forward while the older boy tilted downwards, and we once again kissed passionately. His mouth tasted different this time, and I thought it was even sexier. Then I realized what it was as our tongues slowly danced around one another. He was sharing my precious cargo that I had offered up to him in exchange for my own pleasurable gains. In a way it was my payment to him for the services he provided to me, which of course I could never truly repay in full.

He wrapped his lips around my mouth hungrily, and I rolled on top of him kissing him back greedily. Slowly I released him, and worked my lips down to his nipples. He tasted a bit salty, but I loved it, and continued to work my way down to his belly button as my tongue flicked up against his cute little innie. This was exciting, and even though I had just achieved a huge climax I could feel my penis begin to twitch again and come back alive as my little soldier stood at attention waiting for a reply. It surprised me how quickly I responded so soon after my orgasm, but I shoved these thoughts to the back of my mind because this wasn't about me at the moment.

Ezra had shared something precious with me, and I was fully determined and prepared to return the favor and make payment in full. I was no longer self conscious and shy as my lips brushed up against his bare pubic mound, which I thought a bit odd for a boy his age. Brendan had some pubic hairs already, and in the back of my mind it made me wonder why it hasn't happened for Ezra yet.

The boy's smooth skin felt soft and silky as my fingers slithered across his bare chest and stomach. His gut was sucked in, and I glance up admiring his sleek brownish gold toned skin. It was exciting as I watched his body twitch and get goose bumps, while my fingers flowed around lightly against him. The boy seemed to gasp as my lips brushed by softly over his bare pubic mound. Despite the fresh water having rinsed his body clean, I could still smell the sweet and sweaty musky odor slip upward to my nose from between his legs. It was intoxicating, and before I knew it I was staring at his nice hard sleek three and a half inch erection. His foreskin had slipped partially over his sleek purplish pinkish glans as I eyed his pee slit greedily.

Reaching out I slowly took his warm hard yet yielding fleshy tube in my hands, and gently pulled back his tight fitting, but smooth retracting foreskin. I watched in wonder as a small acorn like wet glistening pinkish glans slipped out the rest of the way into the open air. It was mesmerizing to me as I slowly played with his skin slipping it up and down over his sleek like glans. It amazed me how even the head of his penis seemed sleek and smooth, the shape similar to the tip of a bullet. The boy moaned and quivered impatiently as I slowly played with his rigid shaft. His testicles contracted upwards slightly as he moaned excitedly, and I couldn't help myself as my hands slowly reached down and softly played around with his fleshy pouch and testicles. It was electrifying and new for me being so close to Ezra. Of course I had felt up Brendan, and jacked him off, but this felt so much more sensual.

My eyes focused back to his twitching penis as I once again slowly peeled back his foreskin exposing his pinkish purple acorn glans. It was compelling, and I felt myself leaning forward, and to my surprise I slowly wrapped my lip around the tip of his penis.

Ezra jerked forcing more of his penis into my mouth. I almost pulled away, but then realized I enjoyed how it tasted and felt inside of my mouth. It didn't taste anything like I thought it would as I slowly took more inside my mouth.

Ezra moaned and sighed appreciatively, "Oh shit Jackson that feels wickedly awesome like nothing I've ever felt before…oh…mmmmmph….shit." He groaned as he tried to keep from writhing around.

My body was situated between his dangling legs as they hung over the edge and twitched slightly in the pond. My own balls began to ache while my penis thrummed and jerked around in perfect timing to the deep thumping of my heart in my chest. I wrapped my arms around the nubile dark haired boy's hips holding him tighter up against me as his aroma wafted up into my nose. Before I knew it my mouth had totally engulfed the entire length of the sexy boy's three and a half inch erection, and I could feel Ezra literally shivering excitedly. My hands shifted positions as I wrapped them around the bottom of his thighs forcing his legs outward giving me more access to his crotch as he continued to gasp erotically.

My instincts seemed to take over control as I slowly retreated back up to the end of his shaft savoring how the ridge of his glans felt up against my tongue before his foreskin covered up his glans. My tongue slithered beneath the hood of his glans flicking up against his pee slit, and I was rewarded with the boy moaning excitedly at this new sensation I was providing him. Once more my mouth slid down the length of his shaft forcing his foreskin back over the boy's tender corona ridge of his glans as Ezra's body rose reflexively, and he once more moaned ecstatically.

"Oh fuck yeah Jackson. Your mouth feels so fucking awesome," he groaned as I started to slowly work my way up and down the length of his shaft as I held his foreskin completely back keeping the boy's sensitive glans exposed in my mouth.

Recalling how quickly I had gone over the edge and unloaded myself, I had to admit I was a bit jealous at how Ezra was able to control himself. Of course I had held off longer than ever before this time around, yet in a way I still felt a bit ashamed at how immature I continued to be regarding this whole sex thing. It made me wonder exactly when I would grow up sexually.

Focusing back on Ezra I started to experiment around as my fingers made their way down to the boy's soft fleshy pouch slowly massaging his testicles. I could tell he enjoyed the extra attention as his chestnut sized and shaped baby batter producing factory jerked slightly upwards making me excited as well at how much pleasure I was giving this sexy boy, not to mention that it was just plain erotically pleasing for me as well. Next I allowed my tongue to slowly waggle around the underside of his penis, and I was rewarded with Ezra's hips shoving upwards as he tried to shove himself a little deeper inside my warm eager mouth. My tongue continued to flicker around as I slathered it around his corona ridge noting how he started to writhe around wildly as the sensitive sensations started to burn hotly through his small sleek body.

My tongue lashed out eagerly, and flicked between his pee slit, and before I knew what was happening Ezra reached out instinctively grabbing the back of my head, and shoved his hips upwards. I almost gagged as the tip of his sleek shaft bumped up against the back of my throat, but I continued to slurp on his penis greedily like a little toddler sucking on a lollipop, while at the same time not wanting to disappoint the older nubile sexy boy.

"Oh shit Jackson, here it…oh shit." I heard Ezra gasp.

The boy shoved his penis even deeper into my mouth, and I felt it swell slightly thicker along the length of my tongue before it began to twitch around like a wild snake in a death match. My eyes bugged out when I felt his body jerk once, his testicles contract, and something sticky wet splash up against the back of my throat that for some reason seemed to surprise me. I don't know why it astonished me that he could actually shoot like that, and all I could think of was because he was still hairless.

"Oh…umph….mmmmm…..umph….umph." I heard Ezra grunt and moan as he writhed around like a stuck pig.

My gag reflexes started to kick in so I swallowed, and felt something warm and gooey slither down my gullet. At first I thought I would throw up, but then I realized it really didn't taste that bad as some more dribbled out the tip of his penis. I ran my tongue through the substance, kind of enjoying the texture and feel as Ezra slowly came down from his orgasmic blissful throes.

He was breathing hard as his penis slowly deflated in my mouth, and he was forced to shove my head off of his now flaccid and sensitive penis because I greedily lusted to keep him inside of my mouth for as long as possible. His small shriveled up and covered penis slipped out of my mouth, and twitched around a few times against his bare pubic mound before finally settling down.

Climbing up next to the older boy I hugged him to me, and gently kissed him on the mouth sharing his precious seed as he had done with me. His tongue flicked between my lips as we both savored our cum laced mouths. The taste was oddly sensual as we continued to wrap our naked bodies around one another enjoying the heat of the surrounding rocks.

Our lips separated as we looked into each others eyes. "Oh wow…that was so…oh wow." Ezra repeated gasping for air.

"Yeah…oh wow…" I responded as I sat up before slipping back into the water enjoying the sensation of the wetness all along my skin, and noticing I still had that annoying stiff erection.

My body quivered in the afterglow of the sensual euphoric and blissful unexpected sexual explosion between me and Ezra. My mind tried to wrap around what had just happened as I glanced back at the sexy boy. He was still lying on his back his thin sleek foreskin covered flaccid penis slowly rising and lowering in perfect timing with the beating of his heart. His boy pouch hung slightly loose between his lean muscular legs that hung over the edge of the pool his toes wiggling lazily in the water. His testicles seemed to sag heavily in their enclosed skin covered pouch. I was totally enamored now with the boy because at this moment he looked so damn sexy hot as the sun beat down lazily on his golden tanned body making him look so statuesquely stunningly perfect.

The water felt wonderful as I made my way to the other end of the pool, and gazed over the entire expanse of the desert as my own penis slowly started to deflate offering me up some relief. It was beautiful up here, and what had happened between me and Ezra was beyond words so I wanted to savor every single minute detail of these precious moments burning the imagery into my mind. I wanted to hold on to the vivid recollections of my encounter with Ezra, and those few precious and blissful moments. I thought the sex with Brendan was special, and it was, but I began to realize that it didn't even compare to how I just felt with Ezra. Maybe it was special with Brendan because it had been my first time, but with Ezra I just felt so wonderfully blissful wanting all of him without any hesitation. With Ezra my experience had been magical and special.

There was some movement behind me, and I knew Ezra had slipped back into the water as well and was working his way towards me. I flinched involuntarily in surprise when I felt Ezra's strong smooth arms wrap around me from behind as he snuggled up against my back. I could feel his soft chest and stomach press up against my nakedness as his face nuzzled up against my cheeks.

His hands slowly caressed my chest and nipples making my body tingle in delight. "Beautiful," he whispered as I nodded my head in agreement.

"Yeah…it is," I whispered in agreement as his fingers worked their way down towards my stomach and swirled around my belly button. "I like it up here." I nodded my head.

Ezra paused for a moment before responding. "No, not that…this," He whispered as he nibbled my ear and his left hand slithered between my legs cupping my little boy pouch while his right hand began stroking my little boy penis.

My entire insides roiled with passion as my blood boiled. I gasped out in surprise feeling completely disoriented as my body jolted and quivered uncontrollable. I felt my eyes roll backwards tightly as all of a sudden my entire world exploded as my body went rigid then started to buck around wildly. I felt Ezra instinctively clamp down on me tightly, which only managed to make things worse as a loud moan escaped my lips, and my body went into overdrive while I leaned backwards into the stronger boy.

Somehow I managed to reach down and force his hands from my sensitive boy organs as I continued to gasp for air and tremble in the aftermath of a second orgasm. I felt so mortified that it had happened so quickly and unexpectedly. It made me feel so immature that I couldn't control myself to some extent. I don't know why I climaxed so rapidly, but it did make me feel like such a juvenile when it came to sex.

"Holy crap," I heard Ezra gasp out in surprise. "Did you just…I mean…shit…again Jackson so soon after…you know?" He asked me curiously as I slowly calmed down, and just turned my face away in shame.

He still had his arms wrapped around my body from behind, and was nuzzling me while we sort of floated our way towards the middle of the pond. "I…I'm so sorry Ezra…I mean I don't know why…" I hesitated as I bit my lower lip in disgrace.

"What?" Ezra asked. "I mean, what's wrong?" He tried again sincerely.

"It's…it's just that…I don't know why it happens." I responded which seemed to confuse him.

"I…I don't understand." He replied honestly.

"I feel so ashamed that I just…you know can't control it. I mean it just happened so fast, and you can control it more…and…and it takes longer for you. I'm just such a dork with this whole sex thing." I shivered embarrassed to even admit it.

"Was this your first time?" Ezra asked me.

"No…I mean yes…I mean it was the first time I've ever had a blow job." I admitted.

"Me too." Ezra responded.

"Really?" I asked a bit surprised as I twisted around so I could face him.

Somehow we had made our way now to the other end of the pool, and Ezra sat down on that small ledge he had forced me against when we had the water fight. The water was at chest level as I turned around in his arms, and sat on his lap so we were facing one another. His stiff penis tickled the inside crease of my two round globes, which almost made me giggle.

"What…I mean…does that surprise you?" He asked me sincerely.

"No…yes…I mean it's just that it seemed like you knew what you were doing is all." I told him honestly, and a bit ashamed that I had assumed something about him.

"Well the whole blow job thing was a first for me too…besides, you didn't do so bad yourself." He pointed out to me.

"Yeah, but that was because I had a good teacher." I managed to tease him a bit. "I mean I've heard about this sort of thing, but never in a million years thought it would happen to me much less…you know…give one to someone." I blushed red as he giggled seeing how embarrassed I was about it. "What…it's not like I have sex all the time and stuff." I punched him in the arm.

"What, and you think I do?" He asked me seriously.

"No, that's not what I mean…but you are older, and are probably more experienced than me." I told him knowing I've only had sex once before.

"Oh I don't know…maybe," He admitted, "but just because I'm older doesn't mean I have a lot of experience either. I'm only thirteen you know."

"Oh," I responded a bit disappointed.

"What's with the long face? I thought you would be happy that I don't mess around a lot." He stated a bit confused.

"No…yeah I guess so but it…it's just if you don't have a lot of experience what does that mean for me?" I wondered more to myself than it actually being a question for Ezra.

"What do you mean?" He asked me still confused by our conversation.

"You know…my orgasms. Does it mean I will always just explode as soon as someone touches me? I mean yeah it feels great, but its just….you know embarrassing is all, and I want it to last longer because it feels so good." I protested as I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly.

He responded and gently stroked my back affectionately. I don't know why it happened, but all of a sudden I just started to cry because I was hurt by this, and felt so ashamed that in regards to sex I was inadequate. He seemed to sense my dismay, and just held me as he continued to soothe my ego.

"I'm such a dork and so immature," I cried softly in his arms as tears welled up around my eyes before finally running down my already damp cheeks like a little rivulet.

My mind was like mush, and for the life of me I just couldn't understand why I was acting so emotional like a big blubbering baby. Ezra continued to hold me, and I could feel his nakedness up against me, and despite the situation I still ended up popping a boner with the sexiness feel of it all.

"Shit Jackson, you have no idea how beautiful you are. It didn't matter to me that you got off so fast, and blew your load. Besides, I thought you held out pretty well all things considered." He chuckled good naturedly. "Hell, I wouldn't even worry about it so much…besides…you surprised the hell out of me when you squirted in my mouth. I just started squirted only a few months ago, so you are way ahead of me than I was at your age. I don't know of anyone in our school that has started squirting when he was only eleven years old." He told me affectionately.

"I'm almost twelve." I told him as I sat back, and whipped away my tears.

"Alright, eleven…and going on twelve. My point is that I don't know anyone who has started squirting so young. Maybe this is happening because you are so young, and it is all new to you. Hell, I know that when I started squirting it seemed a lot more intense and all." He admitted to me.

"Really?" I asked him.

"Yeah, haven't you ever had a dry orgasm before? I mean it's different."

"It is?" I asked again.

"Shit…you're serious aren't you? I mean you've never had a dry orgasm before? Hell, no wonder you are bouncing off the walls." He giggled and tickled my sides while I twitched and squealed for him to stop.

The older boy just giggled and hugged me to him again. His erection was back, and so was mine as we just snuggled together like that with me sitting on his lap. I never wanted this feeling to end, and it felt so natural to me. It felt good to have someone other than my parents hold me affectionately.

After a few moments the dark haired boy gently pushed me back so he could look into my eyes. "Don't worry Jackson…um…next time we will take things slower, and maybe it will help with your…um…problem." He smiled encouragingly at me.

"Promise?" I asked him.

"Of course. We will take it slower." He responded.

"No…not that you ninny. Do you promise we will do this again some time?" I asked him as I giggled like a little girl with a knowing secret.

"Geeze, for someone who doesn't fool around a lot you sure are being pushy aren't you?" Ezra laughed as well shaking his head in disbelief.

Shrugging my shoulders I slipped off his lap, and made my way over to the side so I could get out. I could feel Ezra's eyes on me as he watched me closely, and it made me blush. Turning around I looked back over at him and smiled.

"Turn around." I commanded.

"What?" He asked surprised.

"I said turn around so that I can get out, and into my shorts."

"You're not serious." He commented as he turned his back to me. "I mean for real Jackson…we just…you know….sucked each other off. I mean it's not like I don't know what you have." He pointed out to me as I slipped out of the silky like water of the pool, and made my way over to my shorts.

There was no rhyme or reason to my shyness because he was correct. I don't know why I still felt the urge to keep myself concealed like this. I just couldn't explain it, and maybe it had to do with me being shy for all of these years. It is difficult to overcome something like this overnight even if he had just sucked off that little hard boy sized penis of mine. I guess I was also still a bit shy about my size…you know in the pecker department; although, I had to admit that Ezra's wasn't all that much bigger than mine, and he was older. It was also strange how the other day I had stripped in front of him, and now I was so shy about being naked in front of him. How the hell can I be so damn inconsistent about when and how I get naked in front of someone?

My mind came out of its musings as I continued listening to Ezra's complaint. "Hell Jackson, what about at your house. I mean you totally stripped in front of me, and by the way that was so damn sexy. Your body was so smoking hot and sexy that it made me hard for you." He pointed out as he finally turned around to look at me just as I tucked my underwear over my little boyhood.

"Hey…no fair peaking at my little boy package." I complained.

"Geeze Jackson, its not like it is all that small and stuff. Is that what this is all about?" He asked me climbing out of the water as I slipped on my cargo shorts, snapping closed my button, and zipping up my fly.

"No…," I lied to him, but realized it was a part of it. "I mean, maybe a little, but it's just…I'm still a little shy about myself, and I have no idea what got into me at my house. I've never done that before." I told him honestly a bit ashamed about the incident.

"Well believe me it is something I won't soon forget." He laughed out loud. "You really are so damn gorgeous Jackson. Don't you see that?" He asked me while I watched him squeegee off his arms and legs with his hands.

My body quivered excitedly as I watched him shake the water off of his sleek dark tanned body. Even his two and a half inch flaccid penis wiggled around enticingly, and seemed to be tanned. I smiled recalling how I had my mouth over that cute thing that now jiggled around lazily between Ezra's legs.

"What?" Ezra asked looking down at himself.

"Oh…nothing…I…I just noticed that you don't have a tan line. Do you walk around naked a lot outside?" I asked him curiously.

"No of course not…well maybe a little, but that is only when my cousins and I go swimming in the pond on our property. The water isn't as nice as here, but it does feel good to swim in it; especially, naked."

"Oh cool." I told him as he slipped on his shorts, and my heart sort of sank when his cute nakedness disappeared from sight.

We gathered together our things, and made our way back down towards the rest of our group. When we got to the closed in canyon walls Ezra draped his arm around my shoulder, and we made it through without incident. I don't know why it had been such a scary episode for me, but as we made our way back through this time it didn't seem so crushing, and I breathed a sigh of relief when we made it to the other end.

My father had been a bit concerned when I disappeared, but thank goodness Two Dogs had seen me following Ezra, and had set my father's mind at ease. I felt really bad about the incident, and also felt bad because I hadn't helped set up camp. Brendan, Braxton, and Marco didn't mind though saying it really hadn't taken all that long, and afterwards they had gone scouting around. They even found a great spot for some fishing and caught enough trout to feed everyone for dinner. My dad had set them up with fishing gear, and Two Dogs had even joined in pointing out the best spots to catch some of the trout. Evidently the boys had a great time.

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