Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 9

Yawning, I stretched my body and tried to snuggle up under my covers for another few moments. Reaching down I played around a little with my stiff petite boy erection enjoying the tingling sensation it gave me. This has sort of become my normal routine anymore as I woke up these days. My burgeoning bladder urged me to get up, but I just wanted a few more moments under my covers before I started the day.

My mind wandered over the past week or so as I recalled the whirlwind of events that seemed to have shaped me in a different way in such a short period of time. So much has happened to me, the biggest of course being my sexual awakening and blossoming body. It seemed as if all I could think about these days was sex. Brendan and Marco were always foremost in my fantasies as their sleek naked sexiness invaded my dreams just about every night. If that weren't bad enough, these last few nights even Braxton and Ezra were constantly in my thoughts. Finally, confusing things even more were my thoughts of Suzanne. I just didn't know what to make of that whole scenario.

All of my life I had been so shy about my body, well not only my body but things in general. Yet here I was doing all of these sexual things lately, even with Suzanne. I mean never in a million years would I have thought I was so bold enough to go over to another kid's place who was a virtual stranger, much less a girl's place. Then when I got there I just didn't know what had come over me. Even know I blushed with shyness and awkwardness that I had even kissed another girl like that, much less groped her soft warm yielding breasts.

My penis was starting to twitch excitedly now as these thoughts whirled around in my mind. Lately it was really getting a workout with all of my dirty fantasies. Mostly they were of my sexy guy friends, but even Suzanne seemed to invade my sexual fantasies at times when my hand went to work bringing me to the brink of sheer blissfulness before sending me over the edge. Most of the time I managed to hold off until I took a shower, but at times this wasn't enough as I found myself jacking off at the oddest moments throughout the day.

Moaning and then grunting, I threw off my covers and headed towards the bathroom to take care of my bladder issue. My naked stiff shaft sort of swayed around leading the way. Any more I just couldn't help being this hard first thing in the morning. It was still very early, but it was going to be a full day and I started to get excited now that I was fully awake. Even though I was eager about the day I also felt a bit nervous because of what happened the other day.

It was Saturday today, and we were off on our little expedition. My father had talked to Mr. Cuconato letting the man know our plans and making him promise not to say anything to the boys. He had also talked to Mr. Kostalini extensively about the trip, the two of them talking in hushed tones over the phone as if there were some sort of secret. It made me a bit nervous because it seemed as if our relationship had taken another turn for the worse due to what had transpired the day after Ezra had come over to apologize.

The day after Ezra and his grandfather had visited us at home, I had waited at school for Mr. Kostalini to drop his grandson off. The boy had said goodbye to the older man, and I had stepped around the corner and flagged down the old truck. Mr. Kostalini saw me, and pulled over allowing me to climb in so I could have a chat with him about Ezra.

Evidently the boy must have seen me because after Brendan had left for class I almost yelped in shock when I had slammed shut my locker, turned, and nearly ran Ezra over. "What were you talking about?" The older boy had hissed at me angrily catching me by surprise.

"What…I…what?" I had managed to get out caught completely off guard.

"I saw you with my grandfather. So now you are talking about me behind my back?" The older boy seemed a bit angry and confused at the same time.

"I…no…I mean." I stuttered as I blushed brightly at having been caught so to speak.

"Never mind, just leave me alone." Ezra spat angrily as he turned to storm off, but not before I saw tears threatening to overwhelm him.

"No Ezra please…" I shouted out after him, but he was already rounding the corner in the hall. "Fuck," I moaned at myself kicking the lockers angrily as the first bell rang warning everyone that our school day was about to begin. "Shit-shit-shit" I muttered out angrily as I headed off towards my first period class. Somehow I always seem to fuck things up, and Ezra had looked really hurt about the incident.

The older boy avoided me for both school days, and each time I wanted to approach him he either just walked away or gave me a glaring look warning me to stay away. It was awful, and even Brendan had commented a time or two about my sulkiness. He inquired about it several times, but I just shrugged it off telling him I was just fine. He tried to cheer me up by talking about the trip, and it worked at times as I got excited because of the surprise that was in store for him, but then I would remember Ezra and it would once again make me nervous. In the end though I wasn't so worried because I knew that by the time we reached our destination over the weekend Ezra would understand and come around. He had to because there is no way he would be able to avoid me all weekend. Ultimately Brendan's conversation would end with him begging me for information about where we were going, but I refused to answer him.

For one thing, even I wasn't exactly sure where we were going, but my dad told me that Ezra's grandfather had made a suggestion for a location, and that he decided to go there instead of where he had initially intended to go. To me it didn't matter because I was looking forward to spending a couple of nights in a tent with some of my favorite sexy looking boys, even Ezra couldn't avoid me then. I didn't think much would happen with Brendan considering that there would be Ezra and Marco in the tent with us, but I was hoping maybe in the middle of the night we could get in some mutual pleasurable groping or something. I don't know why, but just the idea of having Brendan's thick silky firm sausage in my hands sent shivers up and down my spine getting me all sexed up and bothered with my fantasies running wild. This would end up making me feel all worked up sexually throughout the school day until I could get home and take care of the problem. I truly was turning into some sort of wigged out sex fiend. Well, at least in private that is, I chuckled to myself.

Sighing, I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts as I spit out the toothpaste from my mouth, and rinsed with water. My dick was still semi rigid, and I looked over towards the shower deciding if I should take a quick one before leaving. I had taken one last night before I went to bed knowing I might not get the chance first thing this morning. I stepped towards the shower door, and just as I was about to open it I heard my dad knocking on my bedroom door.

"Hurry up Jackson. I'm sure Brendan and Marco should be here shortly, not to mention Ezra." He shouted through my closed door as I looked down and moaned with frustration knowing I would have to wait until way later in the day when I could sneak off to take care of the problem.

"Yeah, I'm almost done." I hollered back as I groaned again thinking maybe I could try to get a quick one done, but decided against it and headed back into my room to get dressed.

We had already packed our things and loaded it into our SUV last night so all I had to do was get dressed and eat breakfast. I had also set out my clothes for today, and walked over to my chair retrieving them now in the process. I slipped on my tighty-whities noting that my still semi-erect penis was creating a bit of a tenting action against the fabric. Reaching inside I just adjusted myself so that it lay flat against my mostly hairless pubic mound and pointing upwards. Next I pulled on a light blue polo style shirt with a logo on my left chest and my light tan colored cargo shorts. I pulled on a regular pair of ankle socks, and then into my lightweight pair of hiking boots. We weren't heading out for any big hiking trip or anything so I didn't bother with my heavy boots.

By the time I got downstairs dad had some toast and jam ready for me to munch on. I got out some milk, and sat down for a quick breakfast. Just as I was finishing up the doorbell rang and my dad let in the Cuconato boys as he slipped out and packed up their gear into the SUV. Marco spotted me at the table and ran over giving me a big hug as if he hadn't seen me for years. A few moments later my father entered back into the house with Ezra in tow.

"Ezra," Marco squealed as he slipped off my lap and leaped into the boy's arms hugging him tightly. "I've missed you so much, and I'm glad you are coming with us." He sniffled as Ezra smiled warmly at the boy.

"I…I missed you too Marco." The older boy managed to get out even though there was a look of pain and guilt along his features. "Hey Brendan, how are you doing?" The older boy greeted his old friend as he smiled awkwardly.

"Hey Ezra, I'm glad you are coming too." Brendan replied as he stepped forward to bump knuckles with his friend.

Putting away my plate I smiled at the two boys glad that we were all going on this trip together. Ezra glanced over my way, but didn't say anything to me. I guess he was still a bit sore about the other day, and I didn't say anything to him about it not wanting to create a scene before we were even on our way. I knew that once we got to where we were going things would end up working themselves out one way or the other.

Before long we were all packed into the SUV and making our way down the road. "Um, Mr. Elborn?" Ezra commented from the back bench seat.

"Yeah, Ezra what is it?" My dad asked as he looked in the rear view mirror. "I…um…noticed that you don't have all that much camping gear packed up." He commented as he looked in the back section of the SUV taking a mental inventory.

"Oh yeah, well a lot of our stuff came in from oversees, and I have to pick it up on post. It got flown in from Ramstein Germany by one of my buddies who had to make a trip over here as a routine mission flight. I'm glad he came in over here to the closer one at Randolph Air Force Base instead of the main post closer to San Antonio. I've already checked out all the gear the other day. I didn't want to hassle with shoving all the stuff in my small compact car that I normally take to work, and figured since you were interested in the military that I'd take you on post, and show you some of the planes." My dad responded as I smiled back reassuringly to every one.

Fifteen minutes later my father pulled over in a side parking lot not far away from the guarded gate that entered Randolph Air Force Base. "Why are we pulling in here?" I asked my dad who just smiled at me knowingly.

"Well, we have one more person to pick up." He announced as he pointed towards two figures standing in the parking lot.

"Is that Braxton," I spoke up in surprise.

"Yup, I talked to his dad, and asked if his son could come along as well. It seemed as if you four boys got along well enough, and I figured he'd get along well enough with Ezra as well." He replied as Brendan and Marco yelled out to the older boy since they knew him from the other day.

We loaded up Braxton's gear, said goodbye to his father, and pulled out of the parking lot and into the waiting line to enter the military base. It only took a few moments before we pulled up to the gate, and my dad handed the security guard his military I.D. These days there were so many soldiers assigned oversees and in combat zones that the gate was now guarded by a combination of a private company along with military personnel.

The private guard looked at my father's military I.D. and the military tags on the car, and then at all of us piled into the vehicle. "Sir, I noticed your military tag on the car is for Ramstein Germany and that your I.D. is a retired military I.D. Normally I wouldn't say anything, but I also noticed you picking up a youngster in the parking lot. I'm going to have to ask you to pull over and check in so that we can inspect your vehicle, and also check things out concerning the discrepancy. Just pull over and turn off your vehicle, and the report inside so someone can help you" He smirked at my father indignantly. I rolled my eyes knowing this wasn't an uncommon occurrence when someone retires from the military with the tags being different and all. I knew my father would be taking care of all of that over the next few weeks as he got time, but right now the private security guard was just exerting his muscles so to speak in order to have the allusion of power.

It was a bit irritating, but my father understood how things were these days. "Sure, no problem." He told the man as he pulled into the small parking lot off to the side alongside another vehicle that was waiting there.

A young corporal was kneeling next to the passenger side with the door open, and was talking calmly with a pregnant woman who seemed pretty flushed. "Is everything alright Corporal." My dad inquired as he leaned back inside our car, and told Ezra to open up the cooler and hand him a bottle of cold water.

"Yes sir, I think we are alright, but it is a bit hot for my wife and they won't allow us to keep the car running." The man answered as he got up and turned towards my dad.

"Here you go son. This should help." My father stated handing over the cold bottle of water. "So how long have you been just sitting here?" My dad asked casually.

"About fifteen or twenty minutes. Evidently they are on some sort of lunch break inside." The Corporal snorted disgustedly before apologizing for his behavior.

"Nothing to apologize about young man." My father stated as he smiled reassuringly at the couple.

My gut did a flip flop as I noticed that look on my father. Outside he appeared very calm, but I knew this just didn't sit right with him as he looked at me and winked reassuringly. Unbuckling my seat belt I hopped out of the car, and told everyone to stay inside as I followed my father inside. He just looked at me a moment, and then smiled as he ruffled my hair.

It was a little cooler inside the small building as we entered since it had one of those small air conditioners that sit inside a window frame, and there were two people chatting behind the desk as they ate some sandwiches. "You'll have to wait for another fifteen minutes until our lunch break is over with." A pudgy middle aged man stated as he brushed off some crumbs from his private security uniform.

My father smiled as he walked over towards the telephone and clipboard hanging on the wall opposite from the door. "No worries guys, I just wanted to check up on something anyway." My father commented as he took down the clipboard from the tan colored wall.

The security guards looked at my father a moment, but then ignored him as he flipped through some of the pages until he found what he was looking for. Picking up the telephone receiver on the wall my father dialed a number while he looked at one of the pages on the clipboard. The guards frowned at my father, and the pudgy one started to get up to protest when evidently someone on the other end picked up.

"Yes…," my father spoke up. "This is Colonel Elborn out of Ramstein Germany; I need to talk to the officer on duty." My father stated as he paused for a moment. "Yes immediately." My father snapped which made everyone in the small room jump. "Yes, who am I speaking with?" My father asked as there was a slight pause. "Yes, Captain Jerome, this is Colonel Elborn, and I just wanted you to know I am currently being detained at the front gate, and waiting for two private security guards to finish lunch. First off you are breaking all regulations by having both of them taking a break at the same time. Someone is to remain on duty at all times. Secondly, there is a pregnant woman sweltering here in the parking lot now for about twenty minutes. I suggest you come down immediately to rectify this situation because in about two minutes you are going to have two severely handicapped security guards you are going to have to haul off to the base hospital." My dad stated calmly as he hung up the phone.

"Just who the hell do you think you are mister," the pudgy security guard ambled over to the high retaining desk wall that separated the small lobby from the office area. "No matter what you think, we are a private company, and have our own rules and regulations." The man continued smugly.

My father handed the man his military I.D. before responding. "My name is Colonel Elborn, recently retired who has served my country with honor and distinction. This however is not the point. What is at issue here is that you are within the confines of a military facility so are subject to all rules and regulations within these boundaries. Secondly, I don't care if it is a lowly private or an officer, you will accord us all the courtesies due to us; especially, within the boundaries of our facility. Thirdly, if one of you do not move immediately, and take care of those two individuals outside there will be two less private guards working here in the future." My father stated plainly and simply.

The pudgy man just looked at my father's I.D. card, and handed it over to the other security guard who typed in my father's information. "Well now it looks as if we are at an impasse doesn't it." The man told my father smugly as he pressed the button under the desk. "I don't think you really understand the situation," the man stated curtly as he pointed out the window towards an armed military guard who rapidly approached the building and stepped inside.

"What's the problem here?" The Sergeant asked looking my father over briefly before stepping behind the counter, and heading over to the other security guard who was at the computer so he could see my father's information on the screen.

"Holy crap," the private guard muttered under his breathe as he immediately got up grabbed his clipboard, handed my father his I.D. card, apologized, and headed out the door to take care of the Corporal who was waiting outside.

"Jim, what the hell are you doing?" The pudgy security guard called after his partner as he looked over towards the Sergeant. "I need you to arrest this man for threatening me Sergeant." The man protested.

"That's not going to happen." The Sergeant responded as he stepped passed the man, snapped at attention, and saluted my father before exiting the building.

My father wasn't in uniform, but the Sergeant did the courtesy for him based on the information that had popped up on the computer screen. I had a sneaky suspicion that his Medal of Honor had a lot to do with it. Leaving the pudgy security guard just gawking and sputtering to himself behind the counter, my dad and I followed the Sergeant out the door as the uniformed military man made his way over to the Corporal.

"I'm sorry you had to wait so long Corporal. That shouldn't have happened. When these guys go on break they are supposed to contact me, and let me know if someone is waiting." The Sergeant apologized to the young soldier and his wife before he looked at my father, then leaned inside the car whispering something to the young Corporal.

The young soldier inside the car stiffened looking shocked and embarrassed before getting out of the car, standing at attention, and snapped a salute towards my father. "At ease Corporal," My father returned the salute. "I'm not in uniform, besides I'm retired now." He stated casually.

"Thank you sir…for everything. The cold water really helped my wife." He told my father appreciatively. "I…I'd like it if you met my wife." The man stated as he leaned over to his wife whispering in her ear, and then started to help her out of the car. She looked at her husband with her eyes bulging out as he nodded to her indicating the importance of such a meeting with my father. It isn't every day that someone gets to meet a Medal of Honor recipient, well at least one who is still alive.

"No, it's alright Corporal. It looks like she is just fine where she is at for the moment." My father stated as he squatted down in front of the Corporal's wife and smiled warmly at her. "So, when are you due?" He asked her casually as a jeep pulled up by the gate and the Sergeant made a straight line for the Captain who was climbing out with several Military Police in tow.

"Any day now, Sir." The woman proclaimed. "I wish he would hurry up already." The lady announced blushing embarrassed she had even said that in front of my father, but he chuckled appreciatively.

"So it is a boy then? Your first I take it?" My father inquired.

"Yes Sir, it's a boy, and yes my first." She beamed with pride.

"Well then, congratulations. I won't keep you waiting it looks like the security guard is ready with your paperwork." My father announced as the Corporal took his papers, thanked my father again, and drove off.

While my father went over to talk with the Captain I hopped back into the SUV and settled into my seat. "What's going on?" Brendan asked me wondering about all the commotion as all of a sudden the Captain snapped at attention looking extremely nervous.

"Not much, my dad was just getting some things squared away concerning the security guards. He didn't much care for how they were treating people." I told them somberly.

"Oh, I see." Brendan stated not really understanding as I turned to explain it to him.

"You see, usually the gates are manned by military personnel, but with so many deployed now these days over seas and in the war zones, they hire private security firms to help out. Well some are pretty disrespectful, and my father didn't appreciate how they were handling things; especially, towards a woman who is obviously pregnant. Just because they are a private firm they still have to follow the guidelines on this facility set forth by the military. For the most part they get away treating regular soldiers like filth, but with someone like my father, it can be a bit disastrous for them." I explained.

"Because of his rank." Brendan commented.

"Yes and no. My father is retired now, so technically not much he can do." I replied.

"It's because of his medal, isn't it?" Braxton pointed out.

"Yes, it is kind of hard to ignore someone who has been awarded the highest honor achievable, and who has received it personally from the President of the United States." I pointed out.

"Whoa, I didn't realize that point." Braxton admitted to me. "Did the President really give it to him personally?

"Yes, the honor is reserved so that the President can award this medal in person. Sometimes it just isn't possible for them to do it, but I think they try whenever possible out of respect and courtesy. It isn't often they actually get to award one who is still alive." I responded trying to explain it to them.

"Yeah I can see what you mean. It's kind of cool he got to meet the President and everything; although, I know he would rather still have his friends around instead." Braxton commented. "But I can see how there are some advantages though."

"Yeah, at formal functions even generals will salute my father even though they outrank him. That little medal carries a lot of weight. I'm afraid that offensive security guard inside the office in there is in for a rude awakening here soon. It wouldn't surprise me if he gets fired and the entire security firm chewed a new ass." I replied just as my dad climbed back inside, buckled up, and we were off on our way.

It was still really early in the morning not even eight yet, but my dad had made some plans for the other boys since we were on post. Randolph Air Force base was a smaller base, actually it was part of the joining of two other bases now in the San Antonio area, but it was also a base for flight training so the first stop was the flight simulator. We parked our car at a non-distinct large facility as my dad ordered everyone out.

"What's over here?" Marco piped up looking at the large plain building not all that impressed with it.

"You'll see soon enough." My dad informed the boys as we were met in front of the doors of the building by an officer my dad knew from one of his earlier postings on another base.

After a quick introduction the man ushered us inside the facility as the boys just stared wide eyed all around them. Inside it was like a huge hanger with all these different platforms with cockpit like replicas. In short order each one of us was given an opportunity to sit in the pilot's seat as the computers came to life, and we were put through our paces with flying a plane. Of course it was all computer simulated, but it seemed so real as we all ended up crashing and burning our planes when the computer presented us with various situations that might come up in real life.

While one person was at the controls of their plane the rest of us watched from the control room, and just laughed and giggled looking on as the supposed pilot actually yelp and fretted at the controls. Not only was it so realistic for the person in the simulator due to the computerized graphics, but also because the platform which held the simulated cockpits actually moved around at different angles giving you the sensation of movement. I could tell Ezra was in heaven at the controls of his plane, and he paid close attention to all the instructions and did fairly well before crashing and burning just like everyone else. He was having so much fun that I told them to give him my time slot as well so he could give it another go.

After about an hour in the simulator my dad took us over to the base museum where there were real life planes on display that everyone could climb over along with choppers, tanks, armored vehicles, the whole nine yards. Everyone was having a blast as my dad snapped off pictures with his camera so he could have something to give to everyone's parents. He even had arranged for videos to be taken at the simulator so that everyone could get a copy to show off to the rest of their family members.

Braxton of course was totally enamored with the museum asking the curator numerous historical questions. The older boy was completely into the private tour from the curator, and I could tell that it even pleased the elderly curator that someone actually took such an interest. He could have spent hours at the museum, but we were in sort of a timeline so my father promised to bring him back again whenever he wanted to. I watched the older boy as he smiled broadly thanking my father which made my insides tingle he looked so handsomely gorgeous. My little boy penis threatened to explode so I tore my gaze off of him, and looked over towards little Marco and his cute antics as he continued to climb around excitedly.

The smaller boy was like a little spitfire the entire morning, and by the size of his continual tenting in front of his shorts there was no doubt he was excited about everything. Brendan caught me staring at his little brother, and when our eyes met both of us just busted up laughing as the older brother sidled up next to me and whispered in my ear.

"I told you. He's like a walking hard-on." He giggled as I just shook my head admonishingly at my friend.

"Geeze Brendan, give the little guy a break. It's not as if he can help it or anything." I told him as I couldn't control myself and giggle as well. "Besides, if I'm not mistaking, you managed to pop a boner a time or two as well. Hell, I could have sworn you almost had an orgasm just before you crashed and burned your plane in the simulator." I teased him.

"Hey, it's not every day that I get to fly a fighter jet. Shit, I didn't realize those things can really fly like that in real life. Damn, for a minute there I thought it was all real. It was wickedly awesome. By the way that was really nice of you to give up your slot for Ezra, but I guess you get to do this all the time." He laughed as we watched Marco pull on his little pecker while he scurried over the wing of a disabled F-15 Eagle fighter jet.

"No, not really…maybe only like twice. It's not an easy thing for someone to schedule something like this for civilians. I'm sure my dad had to cash in some chips in the favor department." I sighed at the missed opportunity with the flight simulator, but then again it was nice seeing Ezra light up like that when he got some more time in.

After the museum dad took us over to the Officer's Club, and treated us all to an early brunch. It was buffet style, and I was amazed at how much food little Marco seemed to suck up into his tiny gut. The boy was like a machine, which made me wonder why he wasn't heavier.

Then recalling the day's events I realized he burned off a lot of calories as energetic as he had been all morning. I had to admit though that the boy really was well behaved, and did what he was told. When given the opportunity he played hard, but yet he was so well behaved that when he had to sit around patiently he did so without complaining. Not many little eight year olds where so well behaved, hell for that matter not many kids my age could say the same thing as well.

"Geeze Marco where the heck do you put it all?" I asked him seriously.

"It all goes right into my hollow leg of course." He replied as he knocked on his right leg, and made a pretend thumping noise while the rest of us giggled.

"Yeah, and when that one fills up it spills over into his other much smaller hollow leg. You can tell when it is full because it stiffens right up." Brendan giggled making me roll my eyes as well all busted up laughing.

My father was also chuckling as he leaned in to say something, presumably to scold us for being so mean to poor Marco, but we were interrupted. At that point an officer who recognized my father came over and started to chat with us for a bit. He introduced my father to a few of his fellow officers, and once they found out who he was seemed to get all stiff and proper like. My father told them to be at ease because he was now retired, but you could still see the awe in their faces as they finally left us alone again. I could tell the boys were watching the exchange closely.

"All right boys, if any of you need to go to the bathroom you better do it now before we take off." My father announced as all of us got up, and went to take care of business with Brendan teasing his younger brother about how he needs to go empty out that small hollow leg of his. Of course Marco took it in stride as we all pushed him around teasingly while the boy just giggled and tittered to no end loving all the attention he was getting from everyone.

It was just past ten when we drove up to the hanger where all of our stuff had been dropped off from my father's buddy who had flown in from Germany. We all crawled out of the car with full bellies, and already a lot accomplished in such a short period of time.

"Man, this has been awesome already." Brendan commented to me as everyone agreed except Ezra who sort of was still ignoring me.

"What's wrong Ezra?" Marco piped up wondering why the older boy was so quiet all the time as he gave the older boy a small hug.

Ezra just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Not much just some things I have to work out I guess." He replied as he glanced over my way.

Brendan seemed to notice as he looked at me questioningly. I just shrugged my shoulders, and let it go for the moment as Marco seemed to unravel himself from Ezra and make his way towards me. He held my hand as we walked towards the hanger where my father had disappeared. Just as we were about to walk inside my dad reappeared, and motioned us towards the SUV.

"Alright boys I need everyone to unpack the car so we can get loaded up." He ordered us as everyone just sort of looked at him like he was crazy or something.

"Um, I don't understand?" Ezra pointed out as he just hesitated.

"You don't think we are just going to drive to where we need to go do you?" My dad chuckled as I tried not to laugh.

"Um…how else are we supposed to get there?" He asked looking towards the others making sure he wasn't the only one confused.

"Fly of course. Now hurry up and get the rest of our gear packed into my plane. I've got a lot of stuff already packed inside so all we need is the rest of our gear and food that we are taking with us." My father stated as he herded everyone back to the car.

We all grabbed not only our gear, but extra stuff as well so that it would only take one trip. Loaded down with our things my dad led the way into the hanger as we all filed in after him. Everyone was looking all wide eyed inside the hanger at some of the planes sitting around as my dad came to a stop in front of his personal plane that had finally made it back here from Germany.

As soon as his personal red, white, and black colored DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver plane had arrived last week my father had gone over it from prop to tail and wing to wing making sure everything was in working order. This was his little baby, and he had put many hours into restoring it and upgrading it with newer technology such as a Garmin GMX 200 which provides GPS data and navigation aids, Iridium sat phones which work even in remote locations, and emergency locator transmitters that pinpoint downed planes. My father was very safety conscious when it came to the plane since my mom and I flew with him quiet often.

With a very reliable stout nine cylinder R-985 Pratt & Whitney radial engine it was a very dependable plane that produces 450 hp and could cruise at speeds approaching 140 mph depending upon how they are equipped and pilot technique. These stout engines fly over emitting a roar evocative of steep mountains, unruly bears, and true wilderness where they have a history in the out of the way rugged wilderness of our country.

In general this plane was designed as a serious, no-nonsense bush plane with a very functional, though rugged cockpit. As part of this rugged functionality this plane's oil filler spout and dipstick were located right inside the cockpit itself. It was possible to add oil to the engine with one hand while flying the Beaver with the other. Many of these planes were built for the Unites States military, and even my father had been trained on one of these when he first started out.

It's a large barrel-chested plane that makes it appear clumsy, but time after time it has proved itself worthy of respect and performance. Another great feature of this small plane is that it has a large cabin and can seat up to eight people. It features an aluminum, semi-monocoque design, which means it incorporates a construction technique that utilizes the external skin to support some or most of the load. Depending on equipment the useful load can be 2,100 pounds.

The boy's were stunned as they looked over the plane before we began loading up the rest of our gear under my direction. While we loaded up the plane my dad went and talked to one of his buddies, a mechanics here in the hanger who was going to return the car back home for him after work. Since my dad couldn't store the plane here on post, when we returned he would be taking it to a private airfield, and storing it in his company's private hanger. Mom would pick us up there along with Braxton's father. We would drop off Brendan and Marco at their house, and then meet up with Ezra's grandfather.

After we quickly loaded up the plane, and while everyone else was admiring my father's plane, I ambled over towards my father. "Hey Jackson, you remember Sergeant Rick don't you?" He asked me as I smiled at the Sergeant we had known in Ramstein.

"Yeah I remember him. He showed me how to change out the carburetor on the Beaver one time. It was pretty cool that he allowed me to climb inside that engine." I replied shaking hands with the Sergeant.

"Wow Jackson it's been like what two years. You've grown a bit and thank goodness you have your mother's looks. I bet you have all the girls swooning over you." He teased me. "Well anyway I'm looking forward to your wife's home cooked meal. That alone is worth driving your car back for you." The Sergeant quipped as he shook my father's hand, and left us alone.

My father waved good bye to the man, and then looked down at me as I handed over the ledger I was holding. Flipping open the book and frowning for a moment, my father looked back over towards me. "Are you sure about this?" He asked me as I nodded my head. "You know what this means." He emphasized as I just nodded my head.

"Yeah I know and it's alright." I assured him as he smiled and ruffled my hair.

"Alright everyone let's get everyone into their seats. That means the two of you as well." My dad shouted out over towards Ezra and Brendan. The two boys were off to the side, and seemed to be in some sort of passionate discussion. When my father called out to them they jumped having been so intent in their conversation that they hadn't heard him the first time.

Everyone gathered around as my father gave some basic instructions, and then smiled at everyone. "Alright, now that I have all that nonsense security type of stuff out of the way I just want to say let's all have fun, but make sure to be safe. It really is a tight fit as you can see, and although the instrument panel with the old style dials and gauges looks like it came out of the WWII era I assure all of you that they are very reliable. So are there any questions before we climb aboard?" My father asked everyone and noticed Marco scrunching up his eyebrows. "Yes Marco what is it." My father chuckled.

"Um…what if…well you know…I have to take a leak or something." The boy asked innocently, which of course set us all to giggling and laughing at the poor boy's expense.

Of course his older brother just couldn't pass this opening up. "Well that's easy Marco. You see that metal clip on the wing, well that is where you clip your safety harness that is tied around your waist so that you can step out on the wing and pull out your little pecker and…well…you get the idea." Brendan hooted as we all tried to contain ourselves, but it was just too much picturing Marco strapped to the wing with his dick in hand taking a leak at an altitude of ten thousand feet.

"Yeah, but make sure you aren't facing into the wind Marco." Braxton added with a straight face as Marco looked over at him questioningly even though he knew we were just kidding around.

"Why not?" The smaller boy asked innocently not able to help himself even though he just knew it was some sort of setup.

"Because you'll end up having a cold yellow shower." Braxton roared out loud as we all continued to laugh at Marco's expense.

After a few moments we managed to get back under control as even Marco had started to giggle at the absurdity of it all. "Geeze you guys, I'm serious. How long are we going to be inside that thing before we land?" Marco asked getting everyone's attention now as they too wondered how long this trip was going to last.

"Don't worry Marco. We will be up around an hour maybe longer. Our location we are heading towards is about a hundred fifty or hundred seventy five miles so maybe a little over and hour. I'm sure you can hold it in for that long, if not you can always pee in a bottle or something." My dad pointed out.

"Oh, alright." Marco stated a bit relieved about it now.

"Alright, Jackson you help everyone into their seats, and Ezra you head up front with me as my co-pilot." My father commanded as everyone piled into the plane.

A few moments later with the help from some of the people inside the hanger, our plane was rolled outside the large doors, and onto the tarmac. Since the plane was cold my father utilized the cold start method by using the wobble pump to pressurize the fuel lines before flipping the start switch as we all shouted with laughter when the engine roared to life. The engine was loud in a rumpling sort of way drowning out our voices, but we put on our headsets so that we could talk to one another.

My father radioed the control tower, and got permission to take off. Five minutes later we were airborne as my father climbed and then banked the plane once he dialed in the heading on his controls. Everyone was excited as we watched the military base and all the buildings in the surrounding town get smaller while the plane ascended gaining altitude.

Once we were situated with our altitude and heading my father came over the headsets and spoke to all of us. "Alright, since Ezra is really interested in flying we are going to let him experience it first hand. I will be giving Ezra instructions on the instruments. If you guys want to listen in that is just fine, but try not to interrupt. You can also switch over to the alternate channel on your head sets, and talk without it interrupting us." My father stated as we listened for a bit while he gave Ezra some one on one personal instructions even letting the boy take over the controls.

From where I was sitting I could see the boy smiling from ear to ear. It made me happy seeing him so cheerful. Brendan turned in his seat looking towards me, and seemed to smile knowingly. "Shut up," I mouthed to him as I just shook my head and smiled back. After a while we switched our headsets over to the other channel so that we could talk for a while amongst ourselves without disturbing my father and Ezra.

"Hey Jackson, do you think your dad will allow me to fly on the way back?" Marco asked me from the seat right next to mine.

The boy had insisted on sitting right next to me. Since I wanted to give Brendan and Braxton seats with a better view of not only outside but the cockpit, it meant he sat with me in the bucket seat next to mine in the back row. Since it was narrower back here our seats were almost touching. The smaller boy didn't seem to mind being in the back row as he managed to see enough through the little porthole next to his seat anyway. As soon as we had started to taxi down the runway he had snatched up my hand, and placed it in his lap refusing to let go. I didn't mind and even enjoyed how it seemed to keep us connected. I hadn't thought about it much lately, but it seemed as if the boy was starting to become attached at my hip.

Looking over at the smaller boy I smiled admiringly at him, and how adorably cute he looked in his short sleeved yellow and blue polo shirt and loose fitting yellow soccer shorts. My hand was lying right on top of the boy's small bulge, but Marco didn't seem to notice and I didn't want it to become an issue so just left it there for now.

"Maybe in a few years when you get a little older squirt." I told him endearingly which he accepted.

Brendan turned around in his seat, and looked towards me again as he smiled and shook his head noticing how Marco was holding on to me. "I told you." He just stated reminding me when I first spent the night over at his house how Marco had a crush on me, and also not making an issue of where my hand was currently situated in Marco's lap.

Laughing I just stuck my tongue out at him, and shrugged my shoulders indicating I didn't mind as Brendan settled back down into his seat. My eyes wandered over towards Braxton who was sitting in the seat in front of Marco. The two seats in front of us had a wider space between them giving me a good angle of the older boy from where I was sitting. Braxton was daydreaming as he looked out the window on his side, and my breath caught in my chest when light filtered through the small window on his side making his hair light up and get all glittery.

The boy was really handsome I had to admit to myself as I continued to look him over. He was slouched back in the chair with his seatbelt snuggled tighty against his lower abdomen, and pressing down against him which sort of pulled his shorts up tightly against his crotch. There was an obvious bulge that clearly outlined his two walnut sized testicles and what seemed to be a fairly thick penis.

Glancing around quickly I noticed that everyone was now deep in their own thoughts as they looked out the window at the landscape rolling by below them. Looking back over towards Braxton I allowed my eyes to study his body, and in particular that nice bulging outline between his legs.

For whatever reason Braxton's hand all of a sudden dove between his legs as he pinched the tip of his penis as if there was some sort of itch. Glancing up again I could tell the boy was still daydreaming, and probably didn't even realize what he was doing. My eyes darted back down, and I stared mesmerized as the boy started to lightly stroke the length of his shaft with his thumb running lightly over the top of his shorts.

My breathing became erratic, and my own little soldier twitched between my legs as I watched the material of Braxton's shorts stretch a bit because his penis fattened up and elongated with an erection. It was absolutely beautiful even though he was completely clothed. It didn't matter as I could clearly see the outline of his thick penis. From what I could tell it had to be at least four inches long if not more, and it seemed very thick. Even thicker than what Brendan's had been.

My eyes fixated on Braxton's crotch as the boy slowly stroked himself, and he didn't even seem to know he was doing it. I was breathing heavily now with excitement as I continued to watch his thumb slowly moving up and down the length of his shaft. I could almost feel it myself as my mind seemed to go off into fantasy land. It felt so real in my fingers as I continued to visualize the sexy boy's large thick sausage in my fingers.

There was a slight movement next to me as my mind snapped back into focus, and I glanced over towards Marco who seemed to be drowsing a bit. Looking down I realized that I had my thumb and two fingers wrapped around the fabric of the boy's soccer shorts and his small hard penis slowly stroking him. All of a sudden Marco jerked as his body twitched, he gasped out, and his eyes seemed to roll back in his head.

Fuck, I thought to myself releasing Marco's small little boy penis from my fingers, and looking around in shock. Braxton was still busy working on his own erection looking out the small port hole, and Brendan had nodded off his head rolling around lazily. My cheeks burned with embarrassment as I glanced back over to Marco who seemed to be calming down from his dry orgasm, and slowly waking back up. I felt so guilty at having jacked him off for the second time now.

Marco's small body twitched once more for good measure as his eyes finally snapped open, and slowly came back into focus. Looking straight ahead, and not wanting to make a scene of things I tried to remain calm. From my peripheral vision I noticed Marco glance over towards me for a moment completely confused. Evidently he had dozed off deep enough that he really didn't know what had just happened to him. He looked down at his crotch, and tugged on the soft material of his soccer shorts taking a peak below the material. Reaching his hand inside his shorts the boy adjusted his now soft penis while trying to figure out what had just transpired. I watched the entire episode from my peripheral vision.

At first the boy did appear a bit shocked, but then he just seemed to shrug it off as he reached over once more for my hand. I looked over towards him as he yawned tiredly into his free hand. Reaching over I unsnapped his seat belt and mine as well. Lifting him up on my lap I turned sideways, and put my back against the wall of the plane and draped my leg over Marco's seat. I wrapped my arms around him, and allowed him to stretch out so he could take a small nap before we land.

I did feel guilty about the whole incident, but there really wasn't anything I could do about it now so just let it go. The entire thing had been just an accident, once again, and I hadn't even realized what I was doing. My thoughts were so firmly focused on Braxton and how sexy he was stroking his thick erection that I hadn't even realized I was masturbating little Marco while he was off on his own daydream.

The boy almost immediately started to doze off in my arms, and there was such a feeling of contentment coursing through my body as he seemed to slowly fade deeper into a sleep-full state. I was feeling such intense love for the little boy, almost as if he really were my very own little brother. I couldn't help myself as I gently squeezed him to me, and softly ran my lips along his cheeks and neck kissing him tenderly. The boy seemed to sigh blissfully in a state of contentment as I breathed in his essence.

There was just something about the way he smelled that made me just want to crawl inside his skin. He had a way of making my body quiver with excitement that threatened to overwhelm my sensibilities. Brendan had mentioned to me that the boy had a crush on me, but I began to wonder who really had a crush on whom as I nuzzled him some more relishing how he felt so close to me.

"I love you so much Marco." I whispered to the boy who seemed to smile and respond back in his half state of sleep.

"I love you twice as much Jackson." He whispered back to me using my phrase as he breathed in deeply, kissed me lightly on the lips, and faded deeper into his slumber.

The small kiss on the lips didn't even seem to shock me as I ran my tongue along my ruby colored lips savoring the flavor his soft mouth had left behind. The kiss had been brief in nature, and I'm not even sure he was conscious of what he was doing. To tell you the truth I really didn't care one way or the other at the moment. All that I cared about was this precious little boy in my arms.

Marco slept peacefully in my warm embrace now as I softly caressed his arms. My eyes wandered back over towards Braxton, and I noticed him unsnapping his seat belt as he lifted his hips and tried adjusting his shorts. His erection forced the fabric outward creating a large tenting affect against the material of his shorts as he settled back into his seat, and tried to adjust his boner into a better position. He glanced over his shoulder noticing me watching him, and completely froze as his face flushed red with embarrassment at having been caught with an obvious erection.

The older boy didn't know how to react, and neither did I as I flushed crimson in the face as well. All I could think of doing was to just smiled and shrug my shoulders. "It happens, don't worry." I mouthed to him as he hesitantly smiled back at me while I tried not to turn completely red in the face.

Looking around quickly he mouthed. "Please don't say anything," which really made me scrunch my eyebrows perplexed.

Hell why would I even say anything to anyone about him popping a boner, and then it dawned on me that what he meant was how he had been masturbating himself. At some point he must have come out of his daydream, and realized what he was doing to himself. Then when he looked back toward me knew that what he had been doing was completely visible to me. Realizing this for myself now I couldn't help but turn beat red in the face with the information that he knew I had seen him doing this sort of private act.

This was now embarrassing even for me, and not knowing what else to do I just rolled my eyes, "it's no big deal," I mouthed to him, and then giggled nervously at what I had just said desperately trying to let him know I was just teasing him about the whole "big" thing.

My mind went into overdrive trying to find a way out of this embarrassing situation. Hell, only a week ago it was all I could do trying to figure out some things regarding this whole sex issue, and rather shy about it all as well. Now here I am walking around naked in front of boys, having sex, and even watching other boys masturbate. Hell, I couldn't believe that I had even copped a feel from a girl's soft warm breasts the other day, much less stripped naked in front of Ezra. What kind of kid was I turning into these days I wondered to myself not for the first time? I mean for the most part these things still embarrassed the hell out of me, but it was like sometimes I just couldn't control what I was doing as if it were someone else completely who had taken over my mind. It made me wonder if this is what people always talked about regarding puberty and hormones as once more the idea of stripping in front of Ezra popped into my mind.

After the boy and his grandfather left I had fretted hours over it. I kept blushing the rest of the night completely mortified that I had exposed my little boy penis and marbles to another boy like that. Sure there was that whole incident over at Brendan's house, but that was kind of like mutual, and sort of happened slowly, but even that made me fret a bit with worry. This whole sex thing was really kind of freaking me out in many ways. I loved how it made me feel, but I was still uncomfortable, and at times very frightened with how I acted when my hormones took over.

It seems as if my hormones were wreaking havoc inside of my tiny body. At the oddest moments I lost control and did things I would never even consider in a million years. Brendan jacking me off was fantastic, and off course exploring the older boy's manhood was also exciting. What I learned from him that night in both practice and theory is something I will always remember, but still it sort of makes me blush when I look at the older boy sometimes because of the intimacy that had occurred between the two of us.

My mind had wandered a moment, and I came back in time to notice Braxton wag his finger and smile in understanding as he mouthed, "You're a very bad boy." He chuckled which made me really blush because it was almost as if he had been reading my mind when in reality he was just talking about my insinuation a moment ago concerning his large endowment.

I decided the best way out of this whole embarrassing situation was to just play along so I gave him my innocent puppy dog look. "You have no idea," I mouthed to him as I giggled.

He rolled his eyes, glanced over towards Brendan real quick, and then grabbed his crotch as he stuck his tongue out at me. I couldn't help myself as I just giggled at Braxton's antics. The boy had just been mortified about being caught handling his private's yet here he was just grabbing himself teasingly. Evidently I must have set him at ease about it which eased some of the tension I was feeling as well. Damn, this whole sexual thing was just so complicated. One moment I felt so mortified about it all, and the next moment so damn turned on and completely out of control.

Marco shifted in his sleep, and I clamped down my hand over my mouth as I looked down at the smaller boy making sure he was still asleep. "Awe, you two are just so cute." Braxton mouthed to me as I just blushed and shrugged my shoulders rolling my eyes.

With that the older boy shot me one more glance giving me a sly smile as he buckled up, and settled back into his chair. I turned my headset back on, and switched the channel so I could listen in on the conversation between Ezra and my father. It was all business like as the two continued to chat about the various aspects of flying. I could hear Ezra asking my father some very good questions about the instrumentation and what each one of them was for. My father took his time, and explained everything to the boy who listened intently.

The plane rocked a little as I opened up my eyes. I must have dozed off for a few minutes and felt really good for it. It was kind of amazing how sleepy I could get when I'm back here in the passenger part of the plane, and not up front in the cockpit with my father taking turns at the controls. The droning noises back here from the planes engines and the gentle rocking lulls me to sleep every time.

Marco was still snuggled up in my arms completely stretched out and looking comfortable while my back had a little kink in it since I was slumped up against the wall. Wincing a bit as I slowly eased into a different position I looked around and noticed Braxton had dozed off as well. It had already been an exciting morning, and with the gentle rocking and the incessant droning noise from the engine it had lulled us all to sleep back here.

Of course from my angle I could clearly see Braxton as he slumped in his seat with another obvious erection tenting his shorts. I had to admit that I was really getting turned on by Braxton, and I had to giggle as the older boy's hand shifted in his sleep and seemed to grab on to his erection. Shit if I kept this up I would embarrass the older boy to no end, not to mention what might happen to me as well.

Seeing Braxton in that state made it painfully obvious to me that I too was sporting an erection. Reaching down, and carefully shifting Marco's weight off to one side, I managed to grab on to the front of my crotch as I tugged on the front of my cargo shorts trying to get my boner to shift. After working on it for a few moments I finally managed to take the pressure of my poor tiny stiff boy erection. Of course both Brendan and Marco had told me I had a nice sized stiffie for my age, but of course I still felt I was a bit on the small side. I guess they were probably right, but still it is difficult to stop being so self conscious about my body almost over night.

Looking back down at the sleeping Marco I noticed he was sporting a boner and his eyes were rolling around under his eyelids. I knew he was dreaming and in this state it was normal for boys to get an erection. He looked so adorably sweet all curled up like that in my arms. I couldn't help myself as I lifted up his shorts and peeked inside of them. His hard two inch penis twitched a little, and his glans glistened wetly as if it had been too hot confined inside his shorts. I could just make out his soft pouch as I slowly reached inside and cupped his entire package in the palm of my hand.

It just felt so natural holding him like this and I felt him shift a little as he moaned softly. My fingers stroked his hard erection slowly and he seemed to respond even more so I released it from my fingers and slowly worked my hands around his small pouch enjoying the feel of his olive sized testicles while the seemed to roll around. My middle finger dove down deeper between his legs and I felt Marco quiver as my finger rubbed against his pucker ring. I could tell the boy was getting stimulated again and I didn't want to give him another orgasm, so sighing sadly I removed my hand from beneath his soccer shorts. The small boy stirred up emotions inside of me that were very confusing. I felt ashamed for feeling him up like that while he was asleep, and I felt that somehow it had been wrong of me, even inadvertently as it had been, to give him his first orgasm last week. Now I have to also contend with the fact I had given him another one here just a little while ago.

My father voice came over the headset as he talked to Ezra, and I could tell we were getting close to our location. Looking down at Marco I smiled tenderly at the vision of pure blissfulness spread across the younger boy's features. Once again the breath caught in my chest at the sheer innocence of this little boy I held in my arms. He was all that was good in this world with his youthful exuberance and innocent boyish mannerism. There was nothing fake or pretend about the little tyke as he went through every day life being who he was without shame or a second thought.

With the back of my fingers I lightly brushed them across his cheeks as I leaned down towards his ears and whispered softly, "Wake up my little snuggle bug. We will be landing soon." I told him softly as I nuzzled him affectionately.

"I love it when you do that," the boy responded softly as he opened his big brown puppy dog eyes and smiled warmly at me.

Our faces were only inches away from one another as he shifted his head and lightly kissed me on the lips. I blushed a little at the intimacy of the act, but I couldn't help myself as I returned his kiss without blinking an eye. It was innocent on the boy's part, but for me it sort of gave me a tingling sensation inside my body as I could feel my face getting hot and flush red with excitement.

"You taste so good," I whispered shocking myself that I even said something like that.

Marco just looked at me and fluttered his eyes innocently. "It's probably the left over breakfast." He managed to get out before giggling at his snide remark making me chuckle in the process as well recalling how he had managed to scarf down all that food.

We both just stayed like that for a few moments enjoying our cuddle time. "Thanks for letting me stretch out to take a nap." Marco softly spoke as he just hung on to my arms.

It made me feel really good that we had this sort of brotherly connection, but it was also a bit unsettling. What had started out as a crush for Marco towards me seemed to be turning into something a bit more…somehow deeper not only for him, but for me as well. At times it was almost overwhelming the feeling I got from being so close to him. It was sort of brotherly in nature, yet it seemed to be much more, something that was just below the surface waiting for the right moment to reveal the full breadth of its nature and intent upon us. There wasn't anything sinister about it at all, but it still managed to invade the edges of my thoughts from time to time.

This realization sent a shiver up and down my spine as I pondered what it may portend. I wasn't frightened or threatened by the sense I got from these feelings; instead, I almost felt as if I wanted it revealed so that I could finally put a name to it and embrace what it meant for the two of us. When all was said and done I knew it couldn't be anything bad in nature, but right now I was still confused by our relationship so instinctively understood that only time would allow this understanding to fully take form.

My mind seemed to diverge and fracture into the oddest spectrum of thoughts when I was up here flying around in the skies. It was almost as if the freedom and open spaces I experienced up here in this environment expanded a new aspect of my wakeful contemplation allowing another part of me to enter the realm of my consciousness. During this brief moment of time my boyish observations seem to flitter away as if left behind within the firm confines of the solid earthly matter, which allowed my more mature mannerisms to expand in the empty spaces of the atmosphere.

Shit, where the hell did that come from I thought to myself. Hell, what eleven year old kid ever had thoughts so deep in nature, yet here I was contemplating these adult like situations.

Allowing my eyes to come back into focus I smiled at Marco as the look of concern in his eyes reverted back to a state of giddiness again. "Where'd you go just now?" The boy asked me innocently as if he had been trying to reach out to me, and was somehow blocked. Sometimes he made me wonder if he could really see what lay behind those oceanic blue eyes of mine.

Smiling reassuringly, and shaking my head, I just leaned my forehead against his while he wrapped his arms around me tenderly. "Oh I don't know snuggle bug. I guess sometimes when I am up here in the plane my mind sort of wanders around a bit." I told him honestly.

Marco just smiled at me conspiratorially. "Yeah I see that, but why do you have the long face when you go off like that. I mean it can't be all that bad, and could even be fun if you let it." He told me as he yawned and sat up leaving me to ponder what he had meant.

My mind went into over drive as I buckled him back into his seat and then me. Damn, the kid had the weirdest way about him. He was just so damn adorably cute, cuddly, and innocent that it tugged at your heart. Then out of the blue it was as if something old and ancient enters that tiny body of his, and then spouts out all this crazy stuff. He doesn't even seem fazed about it either as if it were the most natural of things.

"Alright Ezra why don't you take a quick look in the back, and see if everyone is still buckled up and in place so we can get ready to land." My father told the darker haired boy as I unbuckled and first shook Braxton awake before doing the same to Brendan.

Braxton sat up, and looked around noticing me as I nodded down at his crotch before I shook awake Brendan. Braxton's face flushed as he nodded his thanks making sure he concealed himself. Brendan woke up just as Ezra managed to turn around in his seat. His seatbelt was a bit different so it took a little effort in getting it undone; especially, if you weren't really all that familiar with how it worked.

Ezra pointed to his headset as everyone shifted around in their seats, and put them on switching over to the proper channel. "We are getting ready to land." The boy smiled excitedly at us.

He hesitated a moment as my eyes locked on to his, but he just continued to smile because he was so happy with the entire day so far. The boy did end up nodding at me appreciatively, which kind of shocked me because until now he had been ignoring me. Then I remembered him and Brendan talking before we got on board, and figured the older Cuconato boy must have said something to Ezra that perked him up a bit.

Just that little gesture of acknowledgement from Ezra towards me made my body quiver with excitement and anticipation. Sure Brendan and Braxton also managed to make my heart flutter breathlessly, but for some reason it just seemed different. If anything the feeling I got when I was around the long dark haired boy was almost similar in nature as when I was with Marco. It was comparable yet still different which confused me even more.

Ezra made my whole body tingle with delight, which also managed to fluster me because I didn't know exactly what that meant or why he had such an affect on me. He had bullied me, apologized, and ignored me, yet he still managed to confound me beyond all reasoning. There was an air of suspense and anticipation when I was around the dark haired boy.

We looked out the window noticing a lush greenbelt of sorts surrounding rolling hills and canyons. The myriad of earthly tones such as reds, yellows, and oranges seemed to leap out at you before the bright colors slowly faded towards muted ones in the distance. My father made a pass over the area where we were planning on landing keeping a sharp eye out for any large boulders that might do some damage. Evidently this small stretch had served as a landing area in past years for the small community that used to live around here. However, it hasn't been consistently used for years.

After the initial pass my father banked the plane, and kept a firm eye on his air speed as he descended and made a somewhat bumpy landing of the uneven ground. The plane roared even loader as my father throttled it down bringing the plane to a complete stop before taxiing it off over towards the side in a shady area.

We made it unscathed and in good spirits as we all climbed out of the plane. "Where are we?" Marco inquired as the relative heat from the outlying desert area blasted in towards us until the wind shifted, and a cooler breeze from the canyons and lush surrounding greenbelt managed to offset the heat.

"My grandfather's mountain." Ezra replied.

"What?" Braxton asked a bit confused.

"This is sacred land that belonged to my people many generations ago. When the government came in they stole much of it, but many years ago my great grandfather managed to buy the most important land back. Our family has been protecting it ever since. We come here sometimes to…um…for special occasions." Ezra responded.

"Wow that is so cool." Marco piped up as he looked around admiring the lushness that surrounded the canyons and some of the peaks.

My bladder was screaming at me, so while Ezra pointed out some areas where we could set up camp to my father, I headed off to the side so I could take care of business. Finding a decent enough spot I unzipped and pulled out my damp little boy penis. I heard a noise behind me, and it was Braxton settling in a few feet away to do the same thing. I subconsciously turned slightly away from him keeping enough privacy between the two of us.

"Um…Jackson?" Braxton started out as I heard the stream start coming out from his general direction.

"Yeah," I replied as my own urine started to flow from the tip of my little two inch softness.

"I…um…you aren't going to say anything…you know?" He asked me as I looked over my shoulder towards him as he did the same.

"Of course not," I replied to him as I blushed recalling how sexy his erection looked pressing up against his shorts, which immediately made my own pecker twitch in my fingers as it elongated and fattened up.

"Thanks I appreciate that. I…I don't know what came over me. I mean I was just looking out the window and daydreaming, and before I knew it I was…um…you know." He blushed at the admission.

Turning my head back around to the front, and looking down at my own erection pulsing in my fingers, I blushed realizing I had been perving on the older boy in the plane. "Um…don't worry about it Braxton. Shit, part of it is my fault too…I mean I shouldn't have been looking but I…I just couldn't help it." I admitted to the older boy.

"Hell Jackson I probably would have freaked out too if someone started to play with themselves like that in front of me for no apparent reason. Damn, I still can't believe I did that." He stated as I heard him zip up.

Shaking off the last remnants of fluid from the tip of my extremely hard penis I tucked it back inside my shorts adjusting it so that I could move around before I too zipped up and turned towards the older boy. "Come-on, we better get back. We can just forget about what happened in the plane. Besides, in the size department you sure don't have anything to complain about." I teased him as I chuckled.

"Hey, stop that." Braxton blushed with embarrassment as he chuckled and gave me a gentle shove. "From what I could tell when you wore that cute bathing suit of yours at the diving tryout, you don't have all that much to complain about either for an eleven year old." The boy teased back.

"Liar," I responded. "You must not have had a good angle because I sure ain't got all that much down there." I chuckled as the older boy just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

As Braxton and I made our way back to the group I noticed someone approaching us on horseback. "Hey Ezra, I thought you said this property belongs to your grandfather?" I asked the older boy who just looked at me.

"Yeah, why?" He asked cautiously.

"Because we have company." I pointed towards the man on horseback.

My father motioned for everyone to gather around as Ezra continued to look out towards the visitor on horseback. "Don't worry Mr. Elborn, that's Two Dogs and he must have been in the area and heard the plane when it landed. We allow him to stay in one of the adobes on the property." Ezra commented putting us a bit at ease. "Just so you know though, he has gone back to our old ways, well at least when he is out here. He's a bit…well…um…let's just say he is unique. Don't be offended by him if he does not want to speak any English at first. I'll talk to him, and set him at ease. He's had to chase trespassers away before so is a bit cranky at first."

"Oh alright, but you do know him right Ezra?" My father inquired.

"Of course I know him. It's been about a year since I've seen him last, but I know him." Ezra responded confidently.

The man stopped about ten yards away, and started to yell in a language I didn't understand, but sort of sounded similar to what Ezra and his grandfather had spoken the other day. Ezra held up his hand and spoke back calmly. It kind of took the other man by surprise at first until he shielded his eyes from the sun, and looked closer at the boy.

"Ezra, is that you boy?" The man spoke up in English.

"Yes cousin, it's me?" Ezra replied.

"Why are you here, and where is your grandfather? You know we don't allow people on this land; especially, not here so close to the mountain." The man protested.

"Grandfather has given his blessing to Mr. Elborn and the rest of us to be here. He has set a…" looking over towards us Ezra continued in his own language as he held down his head in shame.

Looking over towards us the man climbed off his beautiful paint horse, and walked up to the boy. "There is no shame Ezra. That is why we come here from time to time so we can cleanse ourselves from the corruption of the commercialized world. Come…let me meet our guests so I can welcome them properly on your grandfather's behalf." The man stated as he clapped Ezra on his back.

"Is that your horse mister, and is it a real life Indian horse?" Marco piped up as soon as Two Dogs was in range.

At first Marco's boldness caught the man off guard as he just stared at the small boy who gazed back unflinchingly. "Geeze mister you're not as mean as you want us to believe you are." Marco responded almost as if he was looking right through the man.

Two Dogs just looked over toward Ezra who spoke in their language and motioned to the side of his head, and then pointed at the man's heart. "Really. He has the gift?" The man responded, which made Ezra a bit nervous that the man continued to speak in English.

Shrugging his shoulders, Ezra simply responded. "Grandfather seems to think so, and you heard him."

Looking back to the smaller boy Two Dogs responded back to him. "Yes it is my horse, and since I am a Native American, then yes it is an Indian horse as you say. But stay away from him because he really is mean, unlike me, and likes to bite. I've been trying to break him of the habit for years now, but he keeps ignoring me." The man stated as he turned to his horse, and started speaking in his native tongue as he scolded the horse.

We all watched the exchange and giggled as the horse just lifted his head and gave his master a sideways look before huffing as if in disagreement. Two dogs stated something else and the horse just huffed again, and turned his back on the man as if in rebuke, which of course made us all laugh.

"Aiyee, all of you stop laughing." Two Dogs commanded as if a bit perturbed. "You will only encourage the nasty beast even more." He scolded us as we clamped shut our mouths trying to stave off our giggles. "See what I mean?" The man stated as the horse ripped off a loud fart that seemed to echo down the canyon walls.

It was just too much as I busted up laughing, which of course set everyone off as well. "I'm sorry cousin." Ezra gasped in-between laughs. "Why don't you just get rid of the ornery beast? Everyone in our tribe knows you've been trying to teach him for years now without success."

The man just huffed in indignation. "It is the principle of the matter. That horse was a gift from my sister. She said it is the smartest horse around, but when I talk to the beast it is almost as if he doesn't understand a word I say." He emphasized this by snapping at his horse in his native tongue, and waited for a moment before he just exclaimed. "See, he won't even come over to me when I call him." Two Dogs stated in frustration.

My father motioned for Two Dogs to come join us for some lunch as we all calmed down a bit. My mom had packed various kinds of sandwiches in bins so everyone could grab what they wanted. There was more than enough to go around along with some chips, apples, and plenty of cold drinks. We all sat around and chatted for a bit enjoying the company. I kept looking over towards Two Dogs pretty paint horse, almost as if drawn to the animal. I don't know why, but whenever I saw a horse in real life I was always drawn to them. After a few moments I grabbed a couple of apples, and made my way over towards the horse.

Fishing out my pocket knife I cut one of the apples into quarters, and held one out to the horse. It looked at me for a moment before taking the piece of apple. In short order the horse reached out for the final piece.

"Hey…be careful." I heard Two Dogs shout out when he saw me by the horse. "Remember he bites," the man stated as I started to turn, and then was shoved off my feet. "See I told you." Two Dogs stated as I got up brushing myself off.

"Hey," I scolded the horse. "What'd you do that for?" I asked him as the horse just shook his mane.

"He did it because he's ornery." Two Dogs replied shaking his head.

"Well that wasn't nice of you." I responded to the horse for no particular reason as everyone sort of chuckled at me.

The horse sort of pawed the ground, and looked towards my pocket where I had shoved the other apple. "What?" I asked. "Is this what you wanted?" I inquired as I pulled out the apple and the horse seemed to nod his head. I knew everyone was watching me now. "Well all you had to do was ask nicely. You know this one is for me?" I told the horse who seemed to hang his head down sadly. "Well, I guess I could share it with you." At this the horse perked up, and lifted his head as if he were waiting. "Alright, here let me cut it up. Half for you and half for me, alright?" I asked as I started to cut the apple in half and the horse seemed to nod his head at me.

Handing over half of the apple to the horse I munched down on my half as the horse seemed to suck down his in one gulp, and then eyed me critically as I continued to eat. "Hey, this is my half." I told the horse who just hung his head and snorted at me indignantly. "Geeze, are you really that hungry?" I asked as the horse once again seemed to nod his head. "Alright, if you wait here I'll see if there is another apple for you." I told the horse as I turned, and started to head back to the group.

After a few steps I could hear the horse following me so I turned back around forcing the horse to stop as well. "I told you I'd bring you one, but you have to wait here. I don't want you stepping on anyone or trampling over our gear." I told him seriously.

The horse seemed to roll his eyes at me as if trying to say he would do no such thing, but when I didn't budge the horse shook his head and turned heading back under the tree where he had been before. I walked back, fished out an apple, and made my way back to the horse slicing it up for the beast.

Two Dogs just started scolding his horse in his native tongue while we all laughed. "Geeze cousin, the horse seems smart enough to me." Ezra chuckled as he looked over towards Two Dogs who seemed to be blushing.

"I just don't understand that ornery beast. Why is he acting like this?" He inquired of no one in particular.

"Maybe he doesn't understand Indian." Marco piped up innocently as he munched on his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"What?" Two Dogs gasped.

"I said maybe…" Marco started to say before getting interrupted.

"I heard what you said, but I just don't understand why he wouldn't understand Indian…I mean Kickapoo?" The man stated.

"Why would he?" Marco asked seriously.

"Because he was a gift from my sister, and she hardly speaks any English. She's lived on the reservation all her life so just speaks Kickapoouian." Two Dogs pointed out.

"Oh…well did the horse belong to her first, or did she buy it from someone?" Marco asked innocently.

"What…I don't know…I mean…I think she bought it from someone else." The man answered, "But what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well duh, if she bought an American horse then of course it doesn't understand Indian." The boy pointed out.

"It's not Indian Marco, it is Kickapoouian. We are Native Americans and not Indians." The man pointed out gently to the boy as his words started to sink in.

"Oh sorry Mr. Two Dogs. By the way what kind of name is that?" The boy asked.

"What, oh it's the name my elders gave me when they gave me my Indian name." Two Dogs pointed out.

"You mean Native American name." Marco corrected the man.

"Yes…yes, I suppose if we are to be correct." Two Dogs chuckled as he began to like the boy more and more. "Anyway, I received my name when I was maybe a few years older than you. I owned two wonderful horses, and was still so young, which is a big thing you know. So in honor of such an achievement the elder's named me Two Dogs since I owned two horses." The man stated to the young boy as everyone listened in on the conversation.

"Well, that's kind of dumb. Why didn't they just name you Two Horses?" Marco asked which made the man jerk a bit off guard.

"What of course it isn't stupid. Horses aren't native to our lands, and when the Spaniards first brought them over from Europe some of the horses escaped going wild so from time to time we caught them and trained them. We don't have a word for horses in our own language, so we thought they were some form of large dogs. Well, that is how we named them. We called them dogs so in my language they call me 'Niiswi Alemwa.' Of course it literally means Two Dogs in your language, well it does in ours as well since horse means dog in our language, but for all practical purposes it is Two Horses." The man explained to Marco.

"Oh, alright, but why not just make a word for horses. I mean once your people found out the difference why not make a name for it?" The boy asked.

"Because our language doesn't do that. It's been spoken like that forever, and well it was a long time before we found out the difference anyway so we just left it like that."

We all got quiet when my dad remembered something. "Oh Ezra, I almost forgot…here this is for you." My dad stated handing the boy a ledger and a handbook.

"What's this?" Ezra asked my father while I petted the paint horse affectionately.

"The ledger is your flight log so I can keep track of any hours you fly in the air. The book is an instruction manual that you will need to learn for your test." My father explained as Ezra flipped through the pages.

"Test…what test?" The boy asked as he now opened up the ledger.

"Well, if you want a pilot's license you need to take a written test and also be tested while in the air. You also have to have so many hours of flight time, and we keep track of that by using the flight log. I already added this day's flight time into the log." My dad explained.

"Wow really, I mean I can't believe it. You're going to teach me?" Ezra asked.

"Sure, your grandfather signed the permission slip so I don't mind teaching you when we have time. It will take a while, and will involve commitment from you, but I think you will be able to get your pilot's license." My father answered the boy.

"No way…I mean you actually got him to sign this?" The boy asked incredulously. "I mean you don't understand Mr. Elborn, my grandfather doesn't sign any contracts with any white man. Everything has to go through the tribe first. No offense, it is he just doesn't trust the white man, and for him to sign this for you is just…well…unbelievable." Ezra stated as he looked at the permission slip his grandfather had signed.

"Well actually…Jackson is the one who got him to sign it. I didn't even know about it until just before we took off. Usually Jackson sits up front with me, but he wanted you to take a whirl at the controls for this trip so you could get some flight time in." My father pointed out.

Before Ezra could say anything the boys had all gathered around asking Ezra questions, and looking at the log book. The boy kept shrugging his shoulders trying to answer their questions as they huddled around together, and started to look through the pilot's manual for some information. I smiled at the small group excited that Ezra was so happy by this turn of events. Patting the horse affectionately, I stepped away and took a little stroll enjoying the scenery.

There was a small little river that I could hear gurgling not far off so headed towards it and stopped as the breathtaking view overwhelmed my senses. Off to my right was a myriad of red colored ravines and trails that meandered along a small mountain or hill, depending on ones perspective. This was the only large rise around for miles, and the red, yellow, and orange toned stripes produced a picturesque like scene of warm splashing colors as if created by a heavy handed painter all along the gentle rising behemoth as it proudly stood up against the elements that nature threw its way. It was nice and breezy here in the shade, and with the cool water meandering alongside the trail made for a wonderful lazy spot to just sit and look out at nature's wondrous creation.

Finding a nice comfortable boulder I took a seat and brought up my knees to my chest wrapping my arms around them, and then just looked out at the wild desert like colored expanse. It was breathtaking and refreshingly different from what I was used to back in Europe. The temperature was comfortable, and the fresh air so much different than the air from where we used to live. Everything seemed so different here, and I relished the open expanses of this countryside.

My reverie was short lived as I heard a noise soon followed by the feel of firm but gentle hands on my shoulders as my father wrapped his arms around me. The familiar scent of his subtle sweet odor of Paul Sebastian cologne filled my senses. I loved how my father smelled, and it reminded me of a quiet soothing comforter.

"Hey dad," I whispered leaning back up against him and breathing him in.

"Hey Jackson…I was wondering where you had gotten off to. Why aren't you with your friends?" He asked me casually.

"Oh, I just needed some alone time. I…I'm not really used to having so many people around for long periods of time…you know what I mean." I told him honestly as I continued to look out at the rich earthly tones all around me.

"Yeah I know, but it appears like you've made some wonderful friends. They all seem really nice Jackson, and well friends like this are hard to come by." He responded.

"I know dad, and I'm glad I've made some friends. It is nice having other kids around close to my age." I told him as I looked up into his face and smiled.

It felt great having him around more at home. He was always busy in the military, and had a lot of responsibilities. Of course his new job kept him busy as well, but at least his hours were fairly regular, and he was also able to work at home starting to get into the habit of doing just that at least once a week.

"I'm very proud of you son." He told me as his arms held me a bit tighter in a warm embracing hug.

"For what?" I asked totally at a loss as I scrunched up my eyebrows.

"For today of course. Don't go thinking I didn't notice how you gave up your spot at the simulator to Ezra. I know how much you love those things, and I wish I could get you on them more often, but I am proud of how you gave it up for Ezra considering how much he wants to learn about the military. Not only that, but to also give up your flying time as well to him. You do know what that cost you…don't you?" My dad praised me.

"Yeah I know, but it was worth it. Did you see Ezra's face light up when you handed him the flight log with his grandfather's permission?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it really was priceless." My dad responded chuckling. "How did you manage to get his grandfather's permission?" He asked me seriously.

"I just asked him is all." I told him seriously. "I didn't know his grandfather didn't sign contracts with us white folk." I giggled at using the terminology as my father laughed as well right along side of me.

"Yeah well, I can't blame some of the Native American people. They got a rotten deal from our government, and we lied and cheated their people out of a lot throughout our history with them. So I do understand where he is coming from. I guess it makes me even prouder of you to know that such a man has respect for my son." My dad stated as he got up, and turned to leave so that I could enjoy some alone time.

"Oh…uh…hello Ezra. Sorry, but I didn't notice you following along. Did you need something or have a question?" My father asked the boy.

"Um…yes Mr. Elborn…I…I need to ask a favor…but…um first is it alright if I talk with Jackson for a minute?" Ezra requested.

"Oh sure, I'm going to head back to organize everyone to set up camp. Just get my attention when you come back, and we will go off to the side for a chat." My father told the boy as he walked away leaving us alone.

"Hey Jackson." Ezra commented as he walked up and stood next to me. "I've always liked this location. It is almost like looking at a painting." Ezra commented.

"Yeah, it really is." I replied enjoying how the sun cast shadows creating deeper tones in some areas and lighter ones in others.

"What did your dad mean just now…you know about it costing you?" Ezra asked me as he sat down on the rock next to me, and looked straight into my eyes.

His straightforward gaze caught me by surprise as I just shrugged my shoulders and looked away. "Don't worry about it Ezra. It wasn't anything really tangible, and nothing I can't undo." I told him as he continued to look at me, and not budging still waiting for an answer. "Geeze Ezra, don't make such a big deal out of it." I told him trying to get him to ease off, but he just sat there waiting for an answer. Knowing he wasn't going to relent I just gave in. "Alright already, I would have had enough hours to get my pilots license if I had flown both ways this weekend. It's not a big deal…it just means I will have to wait a while longer is all." I told him.

"Oh, and the simulator. Is what Brendan told me correct as well?" He pressed me.

"Yeah, that too." I told him turning my head away really embarrassed by having to reveal this to the older boy.

"Oh…," Ezra sighed as he too looked away. "I take it you got grandfather to sign the permission slip." He shook his head now.

"Yeah, I guess." I told him as I started to fidget.

"So the other day, when you got in grandfather's truck at school…you were talking about the flying lessons?" He inquired.

"Yeah," I nodded my head as I looked down and played with my fingers trying to distract myself from feeling so self conscious.

It got really quiet as the breeze continued to blow all around us. I looked over towards Ezra with his back partially turned towards me, and enjoyed how the gentle breeze teased his hair as it fluttered around effortlessly. Even from this angle it made the boy look so sexy. The dark haired boy must have felt my gaze on him because he just looked over his shoulder at me, and it almost seemed as if he had been crying.

"What's wrong Ezra…I mean are you alright?" I asked him as I reached out touching his shoulder.

We both seemed to jerk a little as if a bolt of lightening had shot through us, but I didn't flinch as I rubbed his back soothingly. "No, nothing is wrong Jackson…just…I feel so ashamed at how I've been acting. You are a lot better friend to me than I've ever been to anyone, and I've been so mean to you. I don't know why Jackson, and I feel so bad about it. Please forgive me?" He asked as his eyes started to well up.

"Of course I forgive you…I mean there isn't anything to forgive. I wanted to explain to you, but I didn't know how. I mean I wanted all of this to be a surprise for you because it just seemed like you needed it…is all." I told him as he just nodded his head.

Without warning the boy wrapped his arms around me, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheeks. We both blushed in surprise by the quick innocent reaction, but didn't move as we held on to one another as if our lives depended upon it. After a few moments Ezra pulled back and smiled at me.

"Thanks for everything. I mean it Jackson…and…I promise to make it up to you. I…I have to go and talk to your father about something important before it gets too late in the day." He told me as he picked up his small day pack, and walked away turning briefly to wave at me before disappearing around some trees and boulders.

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