Bonds of Brotherhood

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 11

"What did he think?" I heard Two Dogs ask Ezra as the boy shifted his gaze towards me and shrugged his shoulders.

"He really enjoyed it, and liked the Petroglyphs. He stayed off to the side like I had instructed him while I did my prayers." Ezra told Two Dogs as they seemed to talk softly to one another, but I was still able to hear them.

"It is good that he was respectful, and a good sign." Two Dogs nodded his head appreciatively.

"Yes I thought so too, and he even made sure not to touch any of my sacred items. While I was saying my prayers something came over me." My friend whispered to Two Dogs who just looked back patiently. "Jackson is now my brother." Ezra finished off looking at Two Dogs for a reaction.

The man just looked at him for a moment and nodded his head. "Did it feel right to you when you performed the ceremony?" Two Dogs asked looking intently at Ezra who seemed to ponder it over not wanting to come to any conclusion unless he really thought about it.

Finally, he looked at Two Dogs, nodded his head, and smiled. "Yes, it felt right, and at one point something seemed to happen. It is strange and difficult to explain, but somehow it felt truly right at that one moment. As if it were meant to be. Something inside of me said this was the right thing to do." He told Two Dogs who smiled back, and continued to nod his head reassuringly.

"Yes, this is what I wanted to hear, and if you felt this, then yes, it was meant to be." He told Ezra as he wrapped his arm around the boy's shoulder, and brought him back to the rest of the group.

"So where did you two go?" Marco asked innocently as we sat around enjoying the savory trout with baked potato, roasted corn on the cob, and some biscuits.

The meal was fantastic in any situation much less a camping trip, and I saw Marco eyeing the large cast iron Dutch oven where my father was making some Peach Cobbler. He had built up the fire trying to create plenty of smoldering coals from the burning wood, and then had spread around the wood coal placing the cast iron Dutch oven on top of them while also putting a good heaping on top. Inside the cast iron kettle my dad had emptied out several cans of peaches, and then added cinnamon and sugar. He mixed up a batter made with pancake mix, butter, egg, sugar, and water spreading it over the peach mixture inside the Dutch oven. He started cooking the dessert when dinner was ready, and we now sat around almost finished with dinner as it cooked up for us. I could smell the savory scent wafting around us when my dad lifted up the lid to take a look. It normally takes about twenty or twenty five minutes to cook up.

"Just up the mountain a ways." Ezra commented pointing off in the general direction where we had been.

"Oh…why…what's up there?" Marco asked curiously. "Can we go up there too maybe tomorrow?"

"I don't know Marco…maybe not this time around. There are still plenty of things to do down here. I bet Two Dogs didn't show you the secret swimming hole, did he?" Ezra commented.

"Really, there's a secret swimming hole…cool." He spoke up excitedly at the prospect of maybe getting to do some swimming out here. "But I didn't bring a bathing suit." He complained as he recalled what he had packed up for the camping trip not thinking there would be any swimming.

"When did that ever stop you?" Brendan busted up laughing. "Hell it is all we can do to keep you from showing off that little pecker of yours." Brendan continued to chuckle as everyone else sniggered at the boy as well behind their hands trying not to embarrass the little guy.

"So what…I mean I can't help it if I'm so cute." Marco countered which definitely set everyone off as Brendan just rolled his eyes. "Mr. Elborn is it alright if we go swimming tomorrow…I mean…you know without bathing suits?" Marco asked not so sure about it ever since the talk at his house last week concerning this whole nudity thing, and thinking this was one of those odd ball types of sports rulings.

My dad just looked up at the boy, and shook his head as he chuckled. "I suppose so Marco if you aren't embarrassed about it. You could wear your underwear though if it makes you uncomfortable." My dad pointed out.

"Oh no…I don't mind. It's not like there are any girls around or anything." He pointed out to my father as if that were explanation enough.

"Then I guess it will be alright, but I don't want you to swim alone. That goes for all of you. If you guys go skinny dipping tomorrow you do it together. Also, I don't want any teasing of any kind. If I hear someone teasing someone else about…you know…then we all pack up and we are gone. Is that understood boys?" My father emphasized.

"Geeze Mr. Elborn why not…I mean Brendan teases me about things all the time, and it's no big deal? Besides, it's no fun if we can't goof around and tease each other." Marco spoke up seriously while the rest of us just laughed knowing that isn't what my dad meant, and also because of the word "BIG" that he used.

"Yeah, we know that it's no 'BIG' deal where you are concerned." Brendan teased his younger brother while we chuckled good naturedly.

My father looked at Brendan a bit reproachfully, but then just shook his head and chuckled as well along with Two Dogs who also smiled knowingly. "That's not the kind of teasing I was talking about Marco. The older boys know what I mean…so yes go have fun and goof around, but none of the mean spirited type of teasing." My father looked knowingly at the rest of us while we all just rolled our eyes wondering why he was making such an issue over it. Our thoughts about the entire matter was short lived though because my father lifted out the large Dutch oven from the coals, and our mouths watered as we waited for him to dish out the dessert to everyone.

We sat around savoring our peach cobbler, and laughed jovially at one of the myriad of funny stories that Two Dogs seemed to have an endless supply of. Afterwards we all pitched in and cleaned up putting everything away. Once everything was set Ezra took us around, and began schooling us in the art of tracking. I was really amazed at his knowledge as he slowly took us around to various locations pointing out some of the animal signs that were left behind. These included things like prints or tracks in the dirt, droppings, drag marks in the sand, fur or hairs, and broken branches and stems.

The boy was a wealth of information as he continued to point out various hiding places for certain animals. There were a countless types of birds all around us, along with several smaller animals such as squirrels. With the nearby water source he told us that this area was rife with all manner of animals. He slowly took us around in an ever larger circle, and pointed out tracks to all sorts of animals in the area. Some of the tracks we came across included squirrels, snakes, lizards, raccoon, fox, ringtail, opossum, skunk, civet, and badgers. Some of the predators included coyotes, bobcats, and cougars. Even larger animals such as deer and pronghorns had visited here at some point or other.

By the time Ezra finished showing us around it was getting dark so we headed back to camp. Our noses led the way as something delicious seemed to waft our way, and we all laughed when we heard Marco's stomach rumbling in protest.

"Geeze Marco you just ate not all that long ago." Brendan told his little brother as we continued to chuckle.

"I know, but I'm hungry again, besides something smells good." He commented and I couldn't agree more as even my stomach started to growl.

Two Dogs and my father were chatting easily amongst themselves sitting in chairs around the campfire when we trudged back in, and then sat down on some logs they had placed around. I took a seat on the ground noticing it was starting to cool off and thankful for the heat coming out towards us from the small fire. Two Dogs seemed to sense our chill and got up to work on the fire tossing on a couple of wrist size logs forcing it back to life. It was cozy as we sat around a while telling my father about all the tracks we saw in the area.

Not able to take it any more Marco finally piped up. "What smells so good?" He asked my dad looking around trying to find the source.

My father looked over towards Two Bears questioningly and raised his eyebrows. "I don't know what you are talking about." The Kickapoo man replied.

"What? Can't you smell that?" Marco asked questioningly as he looked at a small covered pot next to the smoldering section of the fire.

"Oh that…I don't know if you would want to eat that, Marco." The man responded looking towards my father and shaking his head.

"He's right Marco; I don't think what's in that pot is something you would want." My dad pointed out seriously.

"Sure I would…please." Marco pleaded as he batted his eyebrows endearingly.

"Alright, but remember I warned you." Two Dogs replied as he grabbed a stick, opened the lid to the pot, and fished something out of it holding both the stick and item towards Marco who just back pedaled away from it.

"Ooooh, what's that." Marco gasped pinching his nose.

"My dirty sock, which hasn't been washed in over a week." Two Dogs hooted busting a gut while my dad chuckled shaking his head teasingly at the smaller boy.

"Oooh, yuck," the rest of us complained in disgust as we watched Two Dogs put his sock back into the small pot of water.

Two Dogs and my dad stopped laughing long enough to point over towards the covered Dutch oven. "We baked you guys some brownies in one Dutch oven and cinnamon apples in the other so go get some, but be careful the lids are still hot." My father emphasized as we all got up and started shoving each other to get to the goodies. "Alright boys enough of that. There's plenty to go around, and if you are still hungry we have plenty of things to snack on…other than the dirty sock." My father chuckled shaking his head at us.

As promised there was plenty to go around as we all enjoyed our delicious treats. "Thanks dad this really is great." I complimented him as the rest of the boys agreed.

My dad never ceased to amaze me with his cooking. Every time we went camping together he always manage to cook up some great stuff. He once told me he used to go out camping with some of his friends when he was just a kid, and they would spend days out there alone so they had to learn how to cook over a fire. It was different back then when kids would be able to go off on their own for a few days without parents going ballistic. I had paid close attention over the years, and managed to pick up some of the trade secrets so to speak.

We all sat around the fire enjoying our evening, and after a while my father and Two Dogs wandered off towards the plane. I could see them out there with the light from the lantern as my father showed off his pride and joy. After a while the two of them climbed in, and I could hear voices on the radio as some ball game was played.

Ezra gazed over towards the plane, and then looked towards me as if he had a question before dropping his gaze back on to the ground. "What?" I asked him as I shifted cautiously into a more comfortable position since Marco seemed to have snuggled up in my lap, and had his head on my chest while he drowsed.

"Nothing…I was just wondering is all." He replied looking at me as I stared back urging him on. "Just…um…is your family rich or something? I mean you guys have a nice home with a pool, and your dad owns a plane." He continued and then looked down as if ashamed he had even asked me.

Everyone else around the campfire looked towards me. "No, I don't think so. I mean my dad is a retired Colonel, but only had twenty years in so doesn't get as much for retirement. As for the house you'd be surprised what we lived in during my father's military postings. Sure my father was an officer and all, but like I told Brendan the other day his house is way bigger than anything we lived in before." I explained.

"Yeah, but still. You guys own that nice house now and everything." Ezra pointed out.

"Sure, but that is because my parents saved up for years, and then we did without a lot of things for a long time because we didn't have any extra money. Now with my dad's new job, the extra money they saved, and the V.A. loan through the bank we can afford the house we live in." I explained to the older boy as I thought some more about our situation.

Ezra seemed to nod his head in understanding as I continued. "As for the plane…well…my dad spent years rebuilding it on his own, and it wasn't like how you see it now. The entire plane was a mess, and he had to rebuild the entire engine and fix it up. He had a lot of help from his military buddies that knew their way around the mechanics of planes. We would never be able to afford to pay for something like that in its current state. So I guess I have to say no we aren't rich, but we are doing alright." I told him as I bit my lower lip wondering if this is how people thought of my family now.

"Oh just wondering is all." Ezra pointed out.

"Geeze Ezra, I mean it's not like he owns an entire mountain or anything." Brendan pointed out teasingly as we all busted up laughing.

"Yeah isn't that the truth." Braxton agreed. "This land really is beautiful Ezra, and I'm sure your great-grandfather had to sacrifice a lot to keep it in the family. I bet your family still does with taxes and everything else." The boy pointed out as we settled down a bit.

"Come-on Jackson I'll take Marco and get him tucked in." Brendan grunted as he started to get up.

"No…" Marco whined still half awake, but drowsing all cuddled up in my arms. "I want Jackson to tuck me in." The smaller boy yawned. "Can I snuggle up with you tonight? Brendan and I brought the two man sleeping bag since it is warmer, and you feel so cozy when I sleep next to you." Marco asked as he snuggled up to me even closer.

"I don't know Marco, maybe you and your brother should sleep together in the sleeping bag." I pointed out and heard Braxton's teasing voice.

"Awe, isn't that just so adorably sweet." He mocked me and giggled, with Brendan and Ezra following suit making kissing sounds while I just rolled my eyes at them.

"Maybe it would be better if you stay with Brendan." I pointed out again.

"Yeah, but I get to snuggle up with Brendan all the time." He piped up as it was now my turn to giggle at the older boy while Braxton and Ezra made kissing sounds towards Brendan.

"Fuck you guys," The older brother just chuckled, and motioned for me to go ahead and tuck in Marco. "Do you mind?" He asked me.

"Sure no worries. I'll tell him a story, and hopefully he'll fall right asleep." I stated as I gently pushed the smaller boy off of me before climbing to my feet and brushing myself off.

"Thanks Jackson. I have a feeling if I did it he would only complain and want you." He told me as he smiled appreciatively.

"Come-on squirt let's go grab your stuff and get you tucked in." I told Marco as I wrapped my arm around his shoulders.

We walked over towards the plane and climbed inside to fetch his bag where he had it stored. With five of us sleeping in the tent there wasn't a lot of room. My dad had a separate tent that he would be sharing with Two Dogs tonight.

"So I see it must be your turn to tuck in the little guy." Two Dogs teased while Marco rummaged through his bag, and got out his pajamas along with a change of clothes for tomorrow.

"Yeah," I chuckled as Marco handed me his things, and climbed forward towards the cockpit.

"Good night Mr. Elborn and thanks for a great day. I had a blast." Marco told my dad as he gave my father a hug and then kiss on the cheek.

"Good night munchkin and you are very welcome." My father told the boy ruffling his hair and then letting the boy give Two Dogs a hug as well.

Slipping inside the tent I noticed that all the sleeping bag had already been arranged with each one unrolled on top of a thin foam like pad. Ezra's sleeping bag was off to the left, with mine next to his, followed by Brendan's and Marco's larger one, and then finally Braxton all the way to the right. To me the sleeping arrangements didn't really matter all that much as I zipped up the tent behind us to keep out the bugs. The tent was a large domed shaped one, and Marco could stand up inside of it without any problems while the rest of us had to stoop over.

Motioning Marco to sit down on his sleeping bag I untied his shoes removing them from his feet before tugging on his socks getting them off as well. He stood back up, allowed me to peel off his shirt, and then unbutton his pants. I slowly pulled them down noticing the small lump pressing up against his blue colored Avenger's boy's briefs. He was delightfully endearing, and was sporting an erection as usual. It always seemed to happen when I touched him even if it was innocently.

"I can't help it." Marco complained as I just shook my head, and giggled at him while he held on to my shoulders so I could get his shorts off from around his ankles. "Besides it doesn't always get hard, but seems to do that a lot when you are around." He admitted to me, which kind of shocked me that he would respond this way when I was around.

The little boy really was adorably cute as I reached out for his pajamas. "What about my underwear?" Marco asked seriously.

"What?" I asked.

"I don't wear my underwear with my pj's." The boy explained to me as I just shrugged my shoulders, hooked my thumb in his waistband, and tugged them off from his waist as they got caught on his rigid little two inch erection.

Laughing quietly to myself, I just lifted the waistband over his erection, and then got them off of him completely as he lightly stepped out of them. Grabbing his pajama bottoms I looked up, and almost bumped into his hard penis with my nose. I couldn't help myself as I just busted up laughing at how that thing seemed to point straight out at my nose and waggle around in perfect timing with his heartbeat.

Marco giggled too, and all of a sudden jumped on me his weight pushing me on to my back. We wrestled around a little as I tickled and kissed him all over like I had seen his older brother do to him. My mouth slathered along his dime sized perky little nipples, and he squealed and squirmed in my arms as I continued to tickle him and even took some grabs at his fleshy stiff little cocklet. He just seemed to love the attention as he writhed around for all he was worth.

Before I knew it my lips were plastered next to his small little pistachio sized testicles along the crease of his legs. His burning hot erection brushed up against my cheek, and my body quivered with excitement as I breathed in his light heady scented boy aroma. It took all of my willpower to stop myself before things went too far. His little boy penis looked so seductively alluring to me, and I was tempted to take it into my mouth and work it for all it was worth. Shaking my head I grunted and settled in next to the boy as he watched me looking a bit disappointed.

"Hey snuggle bug." I grinned at him toothily as we both just giggled while he burrowed further up under my arms trying to get closer to me.

"Your so silly." He replied holding me tight while I ran my fingers along his naked back and sides.

"Me silly…what about you." I told him sincerely. "Geeze, aren't you embarrassed at all just nuzzling up to me naked like this?" I asked him seriously.

"No, I just wish you'd be naked too." He giggled as I felt him reach down and tweak my little boy pecker, which at the moment was a bit stiff because of the situation.

"Hey, stop that." I admonished him as he just looked up at me with those pouting lips and puppy dog eyes, and I just couldn't help myself as I chuckled while I rolled my eyes at him.

"Can you make my dinky feel good again like you did last week?" He begged me.

"Marco!" I gasped surprised. "I…um…that was a mistake, and it shouldn't have happened. Didn't your brother talk to you at all…you know…about what happened?" I asked him seriously as I peeled him off me, and slowly got him into his pajamas.

"Yeah sure. He explained what had happened to me, and that it had been an accident. Still it felt so good Jackson so could you please do it again?" He asked once more while he crawled inside his sleeping bag.

"I don't think it would be right Marco. I mean…I know it felt great and everything, but I just wouldn't feel right about doing that to you. If you were older or I was younger maybe it would be fine…but Marco I'm so much older than you. Has Brendan…you know said anything about how to…um…you know do that with yourself?" I asked almost hesitantly not knowing how much Brendan really wanted his brother to know about the whole self pleasuring thing.

"Sure, but it doesn't feel as good as when you did it. Even when Brendan first showed me himself it just didn't feel the same." He told me.

My mind went into overdrive at what Marco had just admitted. "You mean Brendan actually…um…you know…touched you down there?" I asked him surprised.

"Sure…he's touched me plenty of times; especially, when I take a bath and stuff. You know when he cleans me and all." He answered a bit confused at how I seemed surprise. "Is…um…is it wrong or something?" He asked a bit concerned now.

"No…of course not my little snuggle bug. I just mean he actually touched you down there when he was telling you how to get those special feelings…you know that ticklish feeling inside?" I asked him trying not to show my surprise.

"Yeah of course. He told me about it, and then showed me how to do it when he started to rub himself. Did you know that his dinky spits like cobra just like you?" He asked me getting off topic and giggling remembering how I had shot my load in the shower, and now evidently his brother when the older boy was teaching him about the good feeling sex stuff.

"Um…yeah sure." I chuckled as well remembering the incident in the shower, and not feeling so self conscious about it with it only being Marco with me in the tent at the moment. "Um…did he tell you that it will happen for you too when you get older?"

"Yeah, he told me the same thing you sort of mentioned in the shower when I asked you about it."

"So, he showed you how to…um…you know…make yourself feel good by doing it to himself right?" I asked confused how Brendan ended up jacking off his little brother.

"Yeah, I watched him, and he seemed a little nervous about it at first, but then he started breathing really weird and stuff. All of a sudden his body jerked, and that sort of white stuff shot out. I thought it was kind of cool." Marco replied.

"Then what?" I asked.

"He said it was my turn, and I started doing the same thing he did. At first it really didn't feel different, but he told me to go faster, and maybe hold my dinky tighter. It felt better, and I got all tingly inside, but then all of a sudden it felt like I needed to pee so I stopped. He surprised me by grabbing my dinky, and started to rub it making it feel good again. I liked it, and then I needed to pee again. I told Brendan, but he didn't stop, and it made me a little scared because I didn't want to pee on him. I just couldn't hold it any more, and then it happened…you know that tingly feeling, but I didn't pee. Nothing came out at all, and it felt really great, but still not like it did with you." He told me as I lay down next to him, and stroked his cheek tenderly.

"That's alright snuggle bug. It still felt good though didn't it?" I asked him.

"Yeah it did," he smiled at me and giggled knowing what had happened to him was naughty. "Brendan says I have to do it by myself from now on, and says I should do it only in private. That's not fair." Marco pouted.

"Yeah, I know Marco." I chuckled. "But he's right. This is something you should do in private. Maybe if things work out you will find a very good friend, and you can do things together. Then when you get older it might even happen with a girl." I told him as I kissed him on the cheek tenderly.

"Oooh, yuck, not a girl." He assured me.

"You never know Marco. A lot of boys when they get older like to do those kinds of things with girls." I assured him.

He rolled his eyes at me shaking his head. "Yeah I guess, but I'm not so sure." He responded.

"Um…Marco…what are you doing?" I asked him as the boy wiggled around even though I already had a sneaky suspicion what the answer was, but hoped it wasn't so.

"What?" I heard Marco grunt a little as the activity beneath his sleeping bag seemed to increase.

"That…" I pointed to the movement beneath his sleeping bag.

"Well since you aren't going to help me I just need to do it by myself." He giggled mischievously as he wiggled around a bit.

"Marco…stop it." I hissed a bit shocked that he was actually masturbating right here in front of me as I looked around reflexively even though I knew no one was inside the tent. "Didn't we just talk about doing that in private?"

"Yeah sure, but you don't count." He started to moan a little as I saw his legs under the sleeping bag start to twitch involuntarily.

"Marco…really I think…" I began to protest getting a bit anxious about the situation.

"Shhhh…," the younger boy hushed me as he focused on what he was doing.

At first it just stunned me with what he was doing as I just stared at him for a few moments. Then I noticed that my own penis had flared up into an erection because what he was doing seemed so erotically exciting. Not able to hold off my curiosity any longer I lifted away the top of his sleeping bag, and stared at his small pumping fist as it worked the little boy's rigid two inch erection.

It amazed me that the boy's hand fit around his small penis and wasn't too big for it, but then I realized he had small hands as well so it was like a perfect match. Marco's tongue now hung out the side of his mouth as he looked down concentrating on what he was doing. I could tell it was taking some effort for him to bring himself over the edge so with my left hand I gently rubbed his nipples which immediately perked up and got hard. Slowly my hand slid downwards as I gently massaged his stomach and belly button, careful not to get in the way of his right hand which furiously worked that little breakfast sized sausage link of his.

All of a sudden Marco's hips raised up into the air, his toes curled up, and his body quivered before he crashed back down on top of his sleeping bag breathing incredibly hard. It had happened so fast, and was over almost immediately, which made me wonder if he even did have an orgasm or not, but from the blissful contended look on his face I had to assume it had happened for him. I watched the boy let go of his tender little pink looking breakfast link as it shriveled up.

Watching Marco masturbate like that had been visually erotically arousing for me as I had to adjust my own erection into a more comfortable position. In a way I sort of felt ashamed at having watched the younger boy like some sort of perverted peeping tom. It made me wonder if this was how it felt for those guys you hear about who go to those strip joints or even those nasty little display booths where they feed a machine money. After the machine eats the money a window opens up, and someone does sexual things on the other end. Thinking about that sort of made me feel dirty inside now for what I had just done.

We curled up together some more, and when he begged me to sleep in his sleeping bag tonight I told him I'd talk to his brother. He smiled giving me a hug while I told him a story with the sound of gentle music in the background that sounded like it was coming from a flute. We hugged and cuddled together while I finished up the story. It felt so right to be there with him as I gently stroked him, and held him in my arms enjoying the comfortable music off in the direction of the fire where all my new friends sat. It really felt as if Marco was my very own little brother for those precious moments. My whole insides tingled with the realization that I really was falling for the little tyke, and that I'd do anything for him. Before long he had fallen asleep as I gently extricated myself from him, and slipped out of the tent.

Making my way back to the campfire I finally noticed where the source of the sweet sounds of flute music was coming from. It was Ezra who was playing a Native American style flute, the sounds carrying across the starlit night. One moment he made his flute sound like a gurgling stream, and the next moment the light pattering of paws as it stalked a prey. It was mesmerizing watching the dark featured boy's nimble fingers flittering across the holes along the length of the flute. The sound was soothing and different from anything else I had ever heard. He finished off on a smooth quiet tempo as he lowered down his flute setting it off to the side.

My father and Two Dogs had joined the group now by the fire so they too could enjoy the beautiful soft tones that emanated from the flute that a talented Ezra seemed to create without much effort. I settled down next to Braxton and smiled at Brendan who for some reason had situated himself between the older boy's legs, and was leaning back up against him with a blanket covering both of them. I guess they must have gotten a bit cold, and had snuggled up beneath the blanket.

My eyes watched Ezra as he picked up another Native American style flute that looked kind of awesome. It was intricately carved, and on top there was a small carved wood piece right in front of the air hole. Later I was told the wooden pieces that sit on top are referred to as birds, and they help with the flow of air making the sound of the flute. Without it there would be no music from the instrument. The block of wood had been carved into the image of a wolf with his head slanted upwards as if it where howling with the air chimney from the flute hole coming up between the wolf's two paws.

The boy started to play, and this particular flute had a deeper resonating sound to it than the other one he had set aside as he slowly ran his fingers in different combinations over the six holes on the top side of the flute. It was amazing how talented Ezra was, and my mind started to drift as images of birds flittering through the branches and leaves of a tree started to form in my imagination. How sounds from a flute could create such imagery in one's mind was beyond me, but sure enough there it was clearly visible as my imagination seemed to take shape and sharpen even further. We let Ezra continue to play for about an hour before we all reluctantly agreed it was time to go to bed, but not before making the boy promise to play some more for us tomorrow night.

Making sure the fire was completely out we all made our way back to our tents. It was getting a bit chilly as I started to peal off my clothes. I told Brendan to go ahead and take my sleeping bag because I promised Marco to stay with him. He didn't complain or say anything as I watched him pull down his shorts and slide into my sleeping bag wearing nothing but his regular white colored underwear. Just before he slipped inside the bag I noticed his nice fleshy boy pouch slithering out the side of his leg opening with his walnut sized testicle forcing the skin to stretch taut. The sight of it made me quiver excitedly as I recalled our sexual encounter together from last week. Marco's body felt warm and cozy as I snuggled up next to his half naked body with my now erect penis smashing up against the boy's soft pajama covered pillowy orbs.

Braxton was still getting undressed as I casually watched him. He pulled off his shirt, and I had to admire his tight muscular chest. It was smooth and pale, and looked so silky soft in this lighting. He didn't seem to pay me any attention as he lifted his hips up and slid out of his cargo shorts revealing a pair of loose fitting red flannel style of boxer shorts. I was a bit disappointed hoping that I would get a better idea what he had between his legs, but with boxer shorts it made it a bit difficult.

My disappointment was short lived though once he sat up, and started to pull off his socks. At this point the wide leg openings of his boxers flared open, and I had an almost unobstructed view of his nice large sagging pouch holding two Robin egg sized testicles. His plump soft fleshy penis hung lazily over his heavy sack which looked a little longer than Brendan's and it was most definitely thicker than the other boy's with a sort of short stubby glans. Between all of us boys, Braxton's penis was for sure the biggest in length and thickness. My heart started to thump loudly in my chest, and I was surprised it didn't wake up Marco as I continued to stare at my first glimpse of the boy's voluptuously hot sultry and seductively sexy pleasure giving equipment.

Tearing away my gaze not wanting to get caught staring at the older boy, my body quivered excitedly as I tried to calm down. I couldn't believe how my lust was seemingly bouncing around from one boy to the next. I've never felt so overwhelmed with such sexual tensions, and I felt completely inadequately lost trying to control my body and the intense feeling inside of me as my blood seemed to boil hotly.

Looking back towards the older boy he caught my eye and smiled at me as he slipped inside his sleeping bag before turning towards me gazing at Marco snuggled up in my arms. He reached out and stroked the boy's cheek affectionately with the back of his fingers which made me smile.

"He really is charmingly sweet." Braxton whispered as I nodded my head.

"Yeah, and I think he knows it too." I responded as I giggled. "Is everyone all set?" I asked in a loud whisper looking around, and getting the affirmative from my friends. Reaching out I turned off the battery operated lantern casting a shadow of darkness over the interior of our tent.

We continued to shift around for a while before everyone settled down, and before long I could here the rhythmic breathing all around me as one by one everyone drifted off to sleep. My mind seemed to flitter around on today's events as my dreams seemed to carry me from one friend to another as I excitedly watched their naked bodies glistening with wetness as we all went skinny dipping in a cool refreshing pond.

The sky was a brilliant color of blue as I gazed upwards with my body floating lightly in the water my flaccid penis angled off to the side sitting snuggled up on top of my white bare pubic mound. Somewhere in the background I could hear Ezra and Brendan goofing around along with splashing noises followed by some odd guttural voices as well, which I couldn't seem to make out clearly. In a way the guttural like noises almost sounded like a low moaning sound. Their goofing around forced waves towards my body as I continued to float leisurely on my back forcing cool water over my penis, which just seemed to shift around a little on top of my bare skin. These waves seemed to rock me around, and all of a sudden my eyes snapped open and I could feel the gentle motion of Marco's chest rising and falling as he breathed evenly in his sleep wrapped up soundly in my arms.

It took me a moment, but I realized it wasn't the normal rhythmic breathing and motions of the smaller boy in my arms that had awakened me. Instead I could feel someone bumping up against my back in an almost rocking sensation. It took another moment to realize what it was as the ragged breathing of Brendan abruptly became more explosive, and I heard him suddenly grunting with excitement. His body bumped up against me in a rough manner before I heard the familiar sounds Brendan makes when he is in the grips of euphoric orgasmic bliss as it finally took hold over his body. It lasted only a few seconds, and then it was over.

Trying to remain calm, and not bust up laughing I stayed completely still not wanting to embarrass my friend in what was obviously him getting his rocks off while everyone slept. Knowing everything that I do now about jacking off and stuff, I couldn't blame Brendan for getting a little bit of late night pleasurable action in. Hell, even I started to think maybe I should do something about my extremely hard just shy of three inch erection that seemed to throb painfully between my legs at the moment.

My mind went into overdrive making me wonder if maybe I could get some action with Brendan since he was awake at the moment. Sure he had already taken care of himself, but maybe he would be willing to help me out as well. If I talk to him I just might get him to try doing this slowly so I just don't blow my wad in one fell swoop. Coming to a decision I started to turn when something made me freeze in my current position.

"Damn, that felt good," Brendan stated in-between gasps for air. "I've forgotten how great it is with you," I heard him continue to gasp in barely a whisper, which sort of confused me making me wonder what he was referring to.

My puzzlement was short lived when I heard another familiar voice respond. "Shit, you've gotten a lot bigger, and you even have hair now. Not to mention you shoot a pretty good load." I heard Ezra reply as the dark haired boy giggled somewhere behind me in the shadowy darkness of the tent.

"Yeah, well you've gotten bigger too and squirt now too." I heard Brendan point out making me wonder if he had done something to the other boy as well, and I had been asleep at the time.

"Liar…," Ezra countered as he giggled. "You know mine still has hardly grown yet, and I'm even surprised I shot anything considering…um…that I…um… already took care of myself a little earlier." He stuttered a bit, but continued to laugh softly.

"Whatever," Brendan stated as he sighed. "That thing of yours still turns me on to no end…you know…how it slips in and out like that. Shit it makes me wish I still had my skin." The boy chuckled quietly so as not to wake anyone.

"Yeah I noticed," Ezra giggled. "Are you sure you're not gay?" He laughed quietly as if this were an inside joke between the two of them.

"No, and if I were you'd be the first to know." Brendan countered as the two boys giggled quietly at their inside joke.

Ezra stopped giggling for a moment. "Do you remember our first time?" He barely managed to get out as another round of giggling set in with both boys.

"Yeah…I remember. One of your very distant cousins' told you all about sex and shit, and you couldn't wait till you had a sleep over so you could tell me all about it." Brendan chuckled at the memory.

"Shit, we were funnier than fuck back then as we each took a hold of our little peckers, and worked it for all we were worth." Ezra continued to laugh softly. "I couldn't take my eyes off of you, and that small boner of yours. Geeze, your pecker was probably just as small as Marco's is now. How you've…um…matured." Ezra teased his friend who must have punched him or something because I heard a thumping noise followed by a quiet ouch sound from the darker haired boy.

"Tell me about it, and yours wasn't all that big back then either if you recall." Brendan retorted in a teasing kind of way. "But, it was also the first time I ever saw your skin slide over the tip of your penis, and I remember thinking how way cool it was back then." Brendan told his friend seriously.

"It really was a lot of fun wasn't it? But it seemed to take forever as we both tried to get those tingly feelings my cousin told me about. I thought we were going to rub ourselves raw until you suggested we try doing it to each other to see if it made a difference. Boy did it ever. I nearly jumped out of my skin when you touched my little pecker, and if I recall it was only a matter of seconds before we both had a dry orgasm doing it to each other. Damn, we were dumber than a doorknob weren't we?" Ezra couldn't help but giggle again reflectively.

"Hey, what do you expect? We were all of ten years old…and it was our first time to boot." Brendan pointed out as they both fell silent for a moment. "So, you and Jackson…you guys make up yet?" Brendan asked his friend switching the subject.

"What?" Ezra replied almost defensively.

"You know what I mean…do you like Jackson now, and is everything cool between the two of you. I mean you were kind of giving him the cold shoulder earlier today, but when you guys came back it seemed as if the two of you were buddies. I mean you do like him, right?" Brendan pressed his friend.

There was a few moments of silence as if Ezra was thinking about something. "Oh come-on Ezra…Jackson's really cool you know. I mean sure he's younger than us, but hell he's really cool and all. Besides, I told you that he even gave up his spot at the flight simulator for you, and evidently that's a pretty big deal you know. His dad just can't get people on it every day, and he had to cash in a lot of favors to get us on the simulator to begin with. I think it was pretty cool of Jackson to give up his time slot so you could have more time on it." Brendan pointed out to his friend.

"I know Brendan, you already told me that, and yes Jackson's pretty cool. Shit, I feel so awful at how I've treated him; especially, with all that's he's done. I didn't tell you that he's the one who got my grandfather to sign the permission slip. What's worse is that he gave up his seat as the co-pilot today with his dad so I could get some real life flying time in." Ezra moaned as he thought about it.

"What's so bad about that…I mean that's pretty cool?" Brendan noted.

"Yeah it was, but…"

"But what?"

"Well, he only needs a couple of hours at the flight controls himself to get his pilot's license. He's already passed his written exams, and has everything else done except the in-air and landing requirements. If he wouldn't have given up his seat to me today, he'd be getting his pilot's license." Ezra moaned in shame.

"Shit, that's like….well totally considerate on his part. So why don't you still like him?" Brendan asked a bit shocked.

"No, you don't understand…I do…it's just that…" Ezra paused not knowing how to proceed.

"What? Are you ashamed because of how you acted towards him?" Brendan asked seemingly totally confused by the tone the other boy used.

"Of course I'm ashamed of my behavior it's more than that…it's just you know…"

"What, the whole gay thing? So who cares that you're gay. I'm sure that it won't bother Jackson to have a friend who is gay. Hell, I don't and we even…you know, do stuff together, and I'm not even gay or anything. Damn, why is it so tough with girls?" Brendan replied honestly regarding the whole gay thing and throwing in the girl part more as a talking point for himself.

The bombshell information hit me like a ton of bricks. Ezra was gay and we…um…shit I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and didn't know how to feel about it now. I really like Ezra, and what had happened between the two of us felt awesome. Of course when Brendan and I had fooled around that had felt great too, but with Ezra, it felt different, and I don't mean just because it was a blow job. No…what I experienced was definitely special, and knowing this kind of freaked me out now.

"No…yes…I mean I don't know?" Ezra responded quietly moaning as if he were battling his emotions.

"I don't get it then Ezra. Shit, if you're afraid how he is going to act if you tell him about being gay just don't tell him. I mean it's not as if you guys can't be friends or anything without him knowing that about you. Besides, you can always tell him later." Brendan pointed out.

"You don't understand Brendan…I…I have…um…," He stuttered trying to explain something to his friend.

"Oh shit…you mean that you…um…shit Ezra. Do you like…I mean you know…like Jackson in the…well as in really like him?" Brendan gasped in shock as he started to understand now.

"Oh fuck Brendan. Maybe we shouldn't be talking about this." I heard Ezra gripe trying to switch the subject.

My mind went into overdrive as I almost panicked. Shit, Ezra liked me more than just a friend. My stomach started to do flip flops inside of me, and I just didn't know how to feel about this whole thing. I liked Ezra, but knowing that he liked me in this other way was just too confusing for me at the moment. Something like this has never happened to me before, and I just didn't know what to think.

"Oh don't you dare," Brendan told his friend. "You're not going to switch the subject. I mean when the hell did all of this happen?" The boy asked his friend.

"I don't know Brendan, it just did, and I'm not sure how to handle it. I mean it's not like I've had this type of feeling for another boy before. I know I'm gay, but still I've never…well…you know…been interested in that way with someone else yet."

"Well, it's not all that bad Ezra. I mean the two of you can just be friends for now. It's not as if the two of you are jumping in the sack together, and doing the nasty or anything…so at least you don't have to worry about that yet." Brendan pointed out.

There was a long pause before Brendan spoke up again. "Oh shit…you mean…the two of you already…I mean how…when?" Brendan gasped in complete surprise.

"What do you mean how…shit Brendan I don't want to talk about this." Ezra grumped trying to put this conversation to an end.

"What…why not? I mean shit Ezra I'm like your best friend?" Brendan pointed out.

"Yeah but still…this is…well…kind of private you know…I mean hell, how would you feel if I went around telling people about the two of us." Ezra pointed out to Brendan. "Then there is also what happened between you and Jackson last week. You can't tell me nothing happened, when I can tell something did. How would you feel if I made you tell me about it? Shit…as it is I feel bad that I told you…well…that something happened between me and Jackson to begin with." Ezra moaned again as if ashamed. "What's gotten into me lately Brendan? I mean how is it even possible for Jackson to like me as a regular friend when I do such horrible things to him?"

There was some movement, and I could tell that Brendan had reached over to his friend giving him a supporting hug. "Listen Ezra you didn't tell me anything. If you recall I'm the one who figured it out and you're right, it's none of my business what happened between the two of you." The boy pointed out to his friend.

"Yeah, but I'm still ashamed for how I treated Jackson and he's been nothing but honest and kind to me. I don't even know how or when all of this happened, but he managed to steal my heart." I heard Ezra grumble at this admission. "What am I going to do Brendan?" The boy asked his friend.

"I'm not sure Ezra. For now just be friends. It's not as if you have to rush into things from here. After a while you can decide what to do. I mean if you are going to want to tell him or not." Brendan stated which seemed to make sense even to me. "Oh and Ezra please be careful with him. I mean he's a really nice guy, but he's had it pretty rough in the friends department. I don't want him to get hurt by us because I really like him as a friend." I heard Brendan tell his close friend, which made me tear up as I realized I really did have friends for real now.

It got quiet once again in the tent as Brendan settled back down into his sleeping bag. It was as if we were all in our own thoughts. I had kind of freaked out a bit over all of this disclosure, but now I seemed a bit calmer about it. Brendan was right, and we could just be friends for now. I mean what happened up at that little pond between me and Ezra was totally wicked, and I had felt a sort of special connection to him, but now I just didn't know how to react about it since there was a lot more to it than just innocent play and gratification. For Ezra it most positively was more for him, and deep down I didn't want him to be hurt either. I really liked Ezra a lot, but I had to try and figure out what that really meant for me.

I continued to think about what all had just been said, and I instinctively knew that there definitely was something more for me as well, but I just didn't know what to think of it. I mean, does this make me gay too. I don't think so, after all look at what happened with Suzanne. I almost lost control with her…in a sexual way. I certainly had feelings for girls too. Yet, I also had to admit that what I felt afterwards from the experience with Suzanne was a bit odd too. My head swam with all of these thoughts that were in all honesty too much to handle for an eleven year old boy.

In the end I just had to let everything go. For now I was happy just to have Ezra as a friend. After I thought about it some more I came to the conclusion that this whole sex thing with the older boy could still go on in my opinion. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I didn't mind Ezra being gay because to tell you the truth I enjoyed being with him like that…sexually. Yet, what does that mean for Ezra because I knew he had deeper feelings for me, and this complicated things. I just didn't know what to do about that so in the end I just let everything go and finally fell asleep with Marco snuggled up next to my body keeping me warm.

This time around my dreams weren't filled with the visions of playfulness and fun like the first time I had fallen asleep this evening. Instead, my dreams seemed to turn darker, and I found myself all closed in as the walls seemed to press down on my sensibilities. It felt smothering, and I was having difficulty breathing as I panicked and looked around for an escape. There weren't any doors or windows, nothing at all as the smooth walls turned to a rougher shape as if canyon walls were springing up all around me. I looked around, and I was transported to the same smothering cliff walls from earlier in the day. The walls loomed over my head, and started to lean inwards threatening to come crashing down on top of my head. Then it started to happen as cracks formed along the cliffs, and huge rocks started to tumble down towards me threatening to crush me into oblivion.

My eyes snapped open as I struggled to breath. My chest felt heavy, and when I looked down I noticed Marco had crawled on top of me. Desperate for air I shoved him off me none too gently hearing him moan in his sleep, and gasped sucking in oxygen, but it still wasn't enough as my body shivered in fright. I felt confined…smothered, so with shaking fingers I unzipped the sleeping bag, and crawled out sitting up as I continued to gasp.

The cold evening air bit at my bare skin, and I shivered uncontrollably, but I didn't care at the moment. I looked over towards Braxton, and noticed he was staring at me wide eyed full of concern. My thrashing around must have woken him up as I quickly glanced around feeling a sense of relief that no one else had been disturbed.

"Are you alright?" I heard the older boy whisper as I clutched my chest, and nodded my head while I continued to suck in the cool night air.

Braxton reached out towards me, and I flinched involuntarily as he put his arm around my shoulder sympathetically. "Shit, you're damp, and your skin feels clammy." The older boy noted as he unzipped his sleeping bag and pulled me towards him forcing both of us into the warmth of the small cramped space of his sleeping bag.

At first I almost panicked not wanting to be confined again, but he wrapped his arms around me tenderly making me feel safe in his embrace. I could feel his strong arms all around me as he gently stroked my back with his fingers. It felt safe and warm for me, and soon I began to calm down as my other senses finally started to kick in. The older boy smelled comfortingly familiar as his sweat and soap intermingled giving him that boyish smell I was becoming used to. His odor was headier than I was used to, but it was still boyish in nature. His smooth firm skin felt warm against me as our stomachs and chest rubbed against each other when we breathed.

It didn't take long before I noticed my little soldier was standing at attention wanting some action, and I started to panic again when I felt the older boy's erection rubbing up against me as well. Somehow knowing he was also excited seemed to make me feel better in a way as I let my head snuggle up against his chest. He rolled on to his back trying to get into a more comfortable position, but hung on to me practically forcing me to lie on top of him. We both wiggled around a bit, and I ended up draping my right leg over his thighs and my right arm along his body allowing me to use his chest as a pillow. I could feel Braxton adjusting the sleeping bag so that it covered me up completely.

We both remained like this for what seemed like a long time as he continued to gently rub my back. I knew he could feel my little boy erection up against his thigh just like I always felt Marco's when he snuggled up against me, and in a way it sort of embarrassed me, but I was glad the older boy didn't say anything. Every once in a while I would adjust my leg, and it would bump against Braxton's privates, and on more than one occasion I noted it was rigid as well.

"Are you feeling better?" I heard the older boy ask me in a hushed tone.

"Yeah, a lot better." I whispered back as my fingers slowly twirled around his nipple, and I was rewarded with him quivering in response.

"Jackson I don't think…" He started to say something, but gasped when my tongue slithered around his soft nipples as they seemed to immediately get stiff.

The older boy moaned softly as my fingers gently stroked his chest, and slowly made their way down towards his stomach. He felt so wonderfully sexy as my fingers slithered across his firm sleek body. It was almost like someone else had taken control over me as I now nuzzled my lips up against his neck, and suckled on it softly while my fingers continued to make their way further downwards.

Before I knew it my right hand was rubbing up against his large hefty stiffness as I wrapped my fingers around his penis and cottony boxer briefs. Braxton jerked at the unexpected contact, and moaned while his hips instinctively rose a little off the thin foam rollup mattress as the wondrous sensation seemed to course through his body. I could feel the heat from his body rise as he responded to me while at the same time he started to also run his hands along the length of my back. It was sensuous, and my body tingled all up and down as I finally started to realize what was happening. For the first time I was initiating the sexual play as I took command, and started to slither my tongue down the length of his body until I reached his belly button.

My right fingers slipped between the leg opening of his boxer shorts, and I quivered expectantly as I cupped his heavy ball sack in my hand surprised how heavy the felt. My mouth started to suck on his belly button while my tongue flicked along the rim as Braxton now lay completely still trying not to moan so loud in case it would wake someone up. I couldn't wait anymore, and needed to feel Braxton's hardness in my hands as complete lust now took over my emotional control. They boy's penis felt large in my hands, and I was surprised at just how thick it really was as I gently stroked him feeling it quiver in my hands responsively.

The strong scent between his legs wafted up to my nose making my senses reel with dizziness. It made me even hornier as I finally slithered my body between his legs, and he didn't resist as he spread them apart giving me even more access. Instead of pulling down his boxers I simply pulled them over to the side completely exposing his penis and large boy-man pouch to the elements. It was cold in the stillness of the night, and our bodies seemed to be surrounded with steam as our sexual play continued.

Braxton's erection was a good four and a quarter inches long and extremely thick as I looked at his nakedness closely while my fingers slowly stroked his length making him squirm a little while I watched. The older boy's gaze was fixated on what I was doing as I slowly jacked his thick juicy penis with my right hand while I gently massaged his large testicles with my left. It was exciting to be so close and in control of the older boy. It amazed me to no end how large he felt in my fingers, and how hard yet fleshy soft it felt as well. Even though he had a large erection, his glans seemed kind of short and stubby compared to the rest of him, and in a way it kind of turned me on because it was a bit different.

He was starting to breath hard and get tense so I released his erection from my fingers. I heard him softly moan in protest, and I couldn't help but smile at how much control I had over the boy. My fingers twirled around his small patch of pubes as I bent down, and in one fell swoop swallowed up his stiff penis into my mouth. I heard him gasp delightedly, and when I glance up his head had snapped back and his eyes had rolled back into his head.

Slowly I took all of him in my mouth as my lips slid all the way down the thick long pulsing shaft to the base of his erection. His pubic hair tickled my nose before I slowly eased my way back up while slowly wiggling around my tongue along the underside of his penis. This seemed to appeal to the older boy as he tried to shove himself deeper into my mouth by lifting up his hips. I place my hand on his pubic mound, and gently forced him back on to the mattress while my tongue continued to swirl around his short but fat corona ridge. I don't know why this appealed to me, but it did as I felt his penis quivering in my mouth before I once again sucked him in deeper.

Gently I worked him as my senses keyed in on him making sure I didn't bring him over the edge too fast. This was all instinctive, and I didn't know how I knew this but I did, so I continued to play with him because I could. The boy was writhing around barely able to control himself as I continued to make him climb to the top before easing him back down a bit. Before long it was finally time to give him what he needed as I slowly bobbed my head up and down then increased my tempo while I sucked, slithered my tongue around, and contracted my lips varying the sensations I was providing him.

He was getting close now, and I knew it so all of a sudden I changed tactics and flicked my tongue up against his pee slit, which immediately brought him over the edge. The older boy reacted instinctively as he grabbed the back of my neck, and thrust his hips upwards forcing that monstrosity deeper into my mouth. I tried to relax so that I wouldn't gag, and then he surprised me because my mouth seemed to fill up even more as his penis thickened inside of my mouth. It felt as if it had gotten twice as fat, but I didn't have time to speculate as all of a sudden his precious seed exploded out from the tip of his penis splattering against my tonsils. I nearly gagged, but managed to gulp it down, which seemed to affect him even more as my swallowing reflexes seemed to stimulate him even further.

It surprised me that the older boy hardly made a noise as he twitched wildly in my hands. He must have been forcing himself to be quiet afraid of waking someone up as his gasps seemed to sound off deafeningly in the stillness of the night.

"Uuumph, uuuumph, uuuumph," I heard him gasp as quiet as possible while his penis twitched wildly against my puffed out cheeks.

His thick shaft filled my mouth to capacity as I drank up his salty yet subtle sweet tasting nectar, and enjoyed every drop as I sucked him dry like a wet-vac. I was sucking him so hard that I could feel him trying to pull my lips off of his throbbing penis, but I wasn't having any of it as I continued to hold on and siphoned the last remnants of his baby batter from the small tube opening at the tip of his glans. His body twisted and writhed around in my grip as his orgasm ran its course. He pleasantly surprised me one more time because in one final upward thrust, and soft grunting ecstasy he expelled the last of his seed into my mouth as it dribbled out of the end of his short stubby glans, only to disappear as I vacuumed it all up greedily not allowing one single drop to be wasted.

It was only then that I released him, and watched his soft shriveled three and a quarter inch penis slither from my warm lips. Without waiting for him to recuperate I straddled my legs across his chest and slipped the waistband of my white briefs below my now heavy drooping testicles. I could feel Braxton's warm breath up against my bare pubic mound as I shoveled my two and three quarter inch erection into his gaping mouth cutting off his flow of oxygen that he was trying to suck up.

Instead of air he ended up sucking in my extremely rigid penis, which made his eyes bulge out in surprise once he figured out what was going on. At first he seemed to flinch away, but I shoved myself deeper into his mouth and started to face fuck him for all I was worth. His mouth felt extremely warm and wonderful as his lips reflexively wrapped around my sensitive boyhood almost sending me over the edge so soon once again. I think the only thing that saved me was the wonderful experience with Ezra earlier in the day, which had forced a copious amount of fluid from my factory producing small chestnut sized boy orbs. Well I say copious, because for me it had been. I felt Braxton respond as he wrapped his hands on my fleshy white pillowy globes and squeeze them seductively.

My thoughts flittered back briefly to Ezra, and I felt a twinge of guilt as if I was somehow cheating on the other boy, but then my lust took over my senses once more as I continued to thrust my hips into the older boy's face. I was still in complete control as I slowed down my pace wanting to hold off for as long as possible. It was working too until Braxton took a cue from me that I had done to him earlier, and started to flicker his tongue along my small ridge which made me gasp and almost loose it. Just when I thought I had gained control of myself I felt his tongue flittering up against my pee slit, and before I knew what had happened I was expelling my meager amount of reserve fluids into the older boy's mouth as I shoved myself completely into him.

I didn't have much to offer him; especially, since I gave up a lot to Ezra earlier in the day, but Braxton didn't seem to mind getting what he received as he swallowed up my meager portion, and suckled my penis as if he was looking for more. I winced at the sensitivity of my glans as my penis immediately shriveled up, and slipped from his mouth while I collapsed on top of the poor boy in complete exhaustion burying his nose in my fleshy pubic mound.

He gently eased me off of him, and I rolled next to him on my back as we both gazed up at the roof of the tent, and continued to breathe in heavily from our mutual exertion. Neither one of us spoke a word, and after a few moments I looked over towards him while he looked back at me. I glanced down and noticed his boxer shorts were still pulled off to the side with his now soft penis sitting on top of his small patch of pubic hair. I couldn't resist as I slowly ran my fingers along the soft fleshy length of his penis and silky downy hair. It was only briefly before I removed my hand, and looked over towards the older boy who seemed to have a bewildered look on his face as if he were thinking about something.

Shivering now a little from the cold air, and not wanting to disturb the older boy further, I slipped into my own sleeping bag with my back to Braxton, and curled up with Marco who seemed to respond in his sleep at my closeness. A few moments later I heard Braxton sigh, and then heard him zipping up his sleeping bag as he shifted around a little before settling down.

It didn't take long before the older boy was sound asleep in his sleeping bag breathing evenly, and leaving me alone with my own thoughts curled up next to Marco. I couldn't believe this just happened, and I started to feel guilty about it now that my sexual high was ebbing and my hormones had settled down. The passionate sex had been fantastic at the time, but now it left me feeling completely empty inside as if it didn't have any real meaning behind it other than to satisfy my lust. Of course I was able to hold on a little longer for the first time before I actually had my orgasm, but it felt different than it had with Ezra up at the pond.

Earlier this afternoon Ezra had seemed to fill my needs in a way that was indescribable, and now I started to feel guilty about taking advantage of the situation with Braxton. I liked Braxton a lot, and when I was having my panic attack he had only wanted to comfort me, but I had taken things too far. The older boy had wanted to stop; I heard him start to protest, but I went ahead with it anyway as my unquenchable desire seemed to take over all of my sensibilities. I couldn't believe how bold I had become in less than a week.

As I began to think over this week's events I started to realize something, and I didn't like it in the least bit. I had already done something sexual with everyone in the tent, which made me feel as if I was turning into some sort of a slut, and I didn't even know how it happened. This realization coupled with the aftermath of my heated sexual forcefulness was too overwhelming for my sensibilities as I began to cry softly in the stillness of the darkened tent. I started to shudder as sobs of sadness and confusion took hold of my tired, weary, and exhausted body. Initially I had wanted to know all about sex, and had yearned for it, but now all of my pubescent hormonal internal imbalance and lack of control left me feeling emotionally drained, and even my mind felt sluggish as my vision seemed to become blurry. I don't know how long I cried, but my entire body ached all the way to my core, and my head seemed to pound incessantly in the back of my mind. The only thing that seemed to save me was the innocent little boy curled up in my arms. I held him in my arms gently focusing on his rhythmic breathing as I slowly calmed down, and finally drifted off to sleep.

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