Knots, Book 2

by Elias Scott

Chapter 7

Dinner with the Parents

Neither Matt or Andy were too excited about spending a few hours locked in a restaurant with their parents making small talk.

Matt went home to get dressed in slacks and a sport shirt and visit with his parents before going to dinner. They were a little early so they sat around the dining room table to talk.

"How'd your week go with Andy?" his father asked.


"Did you do anything interesting?"

Matt smiled. "You know Andy. He's always fun. Loves to play tricks on me and tease me. It was great being able to spend all that time together. It was good for him. We appreciate you and mom letting us spend time together."

Mrs. Spence reached out to grab Matt's hand. "Andy needed you. How's he doing? We were really concerned."

"Fine. He still thinks about Dillon. Hard to forget all that I guess. Thomas and Randy came by. We went out, shot hoops, and talked. Thomas is really cool. Gina and Emily brought our homework by this afternoon. You already know Alan and Ernie came by on Thursday after practice. At least now, we know who our friends are."

Mr. Spence cleared his throat. "Your mom and I talked and we think you should come back home tomorrow."

Matt winced. "Not now. Andy still needs me."

"We know, but we want you home. Your mom and I talked to his parents and they agree."

Matt snapped. "I don't want to come home yet. Andy and I have things to work out."

Mrs. Spence sighed. "Like what?"

"He's still hurting. It's important to be there for him."

Mrs. Spence continued. "We think maybe he's beginning to rely on you too much. He's needs to learn to get by on his own."

"Can't I stay over tomorrow night?" Matt pleaded. "He and I have dates with Gina and Emily."

Matt's dad grinned. "That's good to hear. We thought maybe after Andy's experiences with Dillon he might not want to have anything to do with girls." The grin slowly slipped from his face. "We were a little concerned about you two spending so much time alone."

Matt scowled. "What do you mean?"

"Don't misunderstand us," his dad replied. "But Andy and Dillon did things we hope you would never do. It's possible Andy can't help it. We're afraid he could influence you."

Matt's face turned red with anger. "You think Andy and I have been having sex?"

Matt's mom sighed. "We didn't say that. We're only saying we're concerned."

"And what if we were?" Matt hissed. "Would you love me any less?"

Mr. Spence squeezed his hands together. "Of course not. We'll always love you. But you're both too young. You haven't been fooling around, have you?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course not. Andy and I have been best friends since we were kids. It's not like that with us."

"Are you telling us the truth?" his mom asked.

Matt played with his fingers. "I wouldn't lie to you. Anyway, you didn't answer my question. Can I at least stay tomorrow night after our dates?"

Matt's parents glanced at each other and after a long pause, Matt's dad said, "Okay, one more night. But we want you home first thing Sunday morning. Is that understood?"

Matt saluted and smiled. "Yes Sir, and thanks."

Mr. Spence glanced at his watch. "Looks like it's time for dinner."

Andy's dad made reservations for them at the Black Cow Restaurant. Each dining area was set off by Plexiglas partitions with an opening where a door would normally be to provide privacy while still giving the feeling that you were in the restaurant with a lot of other people.

The Spences, Bill and Gail, and the Gibsons, Joy and Larry, had known each other for years, so the atmosphere was relaxed except for the turmoil tumbling within Andy and Matt. Andy's parents had a similar conversation with him before heading to dinner. He acted offended just like Matt. While Matt was more concerned that they'd have to end their 24/7 sex lives, Andy was more concerned about what it would be like to be alone. The sex had consoled him, and for a time, took his mind off of the reality of his life. The past kept rearing its head every now and then, putting a strain on Matt and Andy's friendship. Andy felt like he was ready to burst.

They sat at a round table. Matt and Andy sat next to each other. Andy's Parents were to his right and Matt's to his left.

"So boys," Mr. Spence started. "We wanted to take you out to dinner to let you know how much we love you. We know the week ahead is going to be hard and thought it would be good to do something with just our two families that was fun." He looked at Matt and then everyone else. "Like Matt said just before we came over, 'Andy and I have been best friends since we were little kids.' But still, none of us expected how your lives would be changed by Dillon Burke. We want you both to know we're behind you no matter what."

Andy's mom said in a low voice. "You were both raped and it's a tragedy. We're all concerned about how it's affected you. Sometimes the trauma doesn't show for years."

Andy began to squirm.

She continued. "Having someone force themselves on you is a terrible thing for anyone."

Andy bit his lip.

She went on. "The images of what happened to both of you keeps me awake at night. I sometimes find your dad wide awake too and we talk. Many a night we've cried together."

Everyone around the table looked uneasy.

Matt's dad cleared his throat and turned to Andy's mom. "We all suffer. But we're here to enjoy ourselves, have a good dinner, and relax. Let's just leave all this behind us."

Andy whispered so quietly that he could hardly be heard. "I wasn't raped."

The table went silent. "What did you say?" Andy's dad asked.

"I wasn't raped."

Mr. Gibson slapped his hand on the table and patrons in the booths around them glanced over. "Sorry." Everyone went silent again, and he spoke in a low tight voice. "What do you mean you weren't raped? You told the police you were. And why are you telling us here? This isn't the time or place."

"I knew you wouldn't kill me in the restaurant," he trailed off with a small smile.

"This isn't funny," Mr. Gibson said. "What else aren't you telling us?"

Andy paused and looked around the table, pausing on Matt. "I'm gay."

Matt's insides tightened.

The parents' faces went blank. "Are you sure?" Andy's mom ventured.

"Pretty sure. Dillon tried to seduce me, but I was willing."

All eyes turned to Matt. Andy quickly added, "I'm gay, not Matt."

Mr. Gibson was afraid to ask and the Spence's afraid to hear. "What's been going on all week while you two have been home alone?"

"Recovering. I was ready to kill myself when I found out about Dillon, Thomas, and Randy. Matt saved me."

The waitress approached, stopped just outside the door, and looked around the table. "Would you like me to come back later?"

Everyone nodded.

Andy's dad ran his hand over his face. "Besides trying to keep us from killing you for lying, is there anything else?"

"Dillon and everything that happened since his arrest made me hurt all over. I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know why, but I still have feelings for Dillon. Finally, I realized my lie was only going to make things worse. Matt and I talked about it and he hasn't been too happy with me. He didn't know I was going to tell you, but I knew when I was called as a witness against Dillon, I couldn't lie. I only lied because I hated Dillon when I found out. I figured it was better if you found out now."

A calm settled over the room.

Matt's dad narrowed his eyes. "Maybe we should go back to our place and talk. We can order pizza."

The parents and Andy stood. Matt sat too shocked to notice. Andy put his hand on Matt's shoulder. "Matt, we're going."

Matt looked up at everyone, stood, and followed them to the car. Mr. Spence stopped to tell the hostess something came up and they had to leave.

Both cars were as silent as a hearse on its way to a funeral.

The Spences had a round kitchen table and everyone sat as they had at the restaurant. Matt's mom stood. "Let me make some coffee. Do you boys want anything?"

They shook their heads.

"I don't know where to begin," Andy's dad started. "This changes everything. Do we call the police and tell them? Do we let the school know? Do we just say nothing and let it ride until Dillon's trial? Andy, you really screwed things up."

"Maybe we should start with pizza," Matt's dad offered.

Matt spoke dully. "Forget the pizza. I'm not hungry."

Everyone nodded in agreement and looked at Matt. Mr. Gibson glanced at him. "Were you raped?"

"Yes. I think that's where Andy got the idea."

Both mothers began to cry as Matt's mom sat at the table. The smell of brewing coffee began to fill the kitchen.

Matt's dad sighed. "I suppose it was never a good time to tell us, but I'm glad we know. At least we won't be blindsided later. But I'm with you, Larry. This is a dilemma; probably more for you than us. My suggestion is that you say nothing and let it come out at the trial, if it goes to trial. The Burkes are wealthy and have hired an expensive lawyer, so who knows what will happen. It's going to be hard enough as it is on Monday. The last thing they need is more attention."

Joy spoke through her tears. "I think you're right." She turned to Andy. "How long have you known you were gay? You dated a lot of girls until Dillon."

"I like girls." He stopped to choose his words carefully. "But Dillon came along and it changed everything."

"I hate that boy for what he's done to you."

Andy decided to let it drop and said, "Matt and I have dates with Gina and Emily tomorrow."

Hopeful looks passed from parent to parent.


I don't know what got into me. I spilled the beans about lying about Dillon and being gay. Something had been gnawing at me all week and I couldn't quite figure it out. That's why I talked to Matt. And all it did was cause trouble between us. But it was the lie all the time. Sometimes we beat all around an issue and don't know why. Yeah, I was thinking about sex with Thomas and Randy, but some of it was still about the lie. I knew it was going to come out and figured the longer I waited the worse it would be. Dinner at the restaurant wasn't probably the best place to tell them, but the lie kept pushing its way out. I tried to make light of it, but that didn't work. The funny thing is, my parents were more concerned about me lying to them than my being gay. Or at least that's the way it seemed.

They still don't like it much. Most parents want to have what they consider a normal son who falls in love with a girl, gets married, and has children. My parents later said they were most concerned because they knew being gay would be hard for me. That's what most parents say. Of course that's a lot better than telling their son they make them sick and to get out of the house. The one thing I've finally learned is life can be hell, and it's just a part of living. Life isn't always fair no matter how much we wish it to be. It's how we handle it that counts. You see hetero couples all the time who are married and don't have children. Why should it be any different for gay men and women? Can't we still love each other and be committed to each other? I guess things are changing in places other than the little town where I live. But I can tell you, I'm not ready for any commitments and I know that's going to cause trouble between Matt and me.

Matt and I didn't realize how having dates with Gina and Emily would help make things right. Matt later told me his parents were a little suspicious that we were having sex, but thanks to me, their suspicions were removed when I told them Matt wasn't gay.


I couldn't remember the last time I lied to my parents. What I did was tell a bold-faced lie with a straight-face that night when I told them I wasn't having sex with Andy. They'd love me no matter what, but I just didn't have the heart to tell them. Thank God for Andy. For one time in his life he didn't try to take me down with him. I began to realize that everything that happened seemed to be changing Andy. Yeah, he was till a little wild and crazy. (Of course, that's what I loved about him). He'd do unexpected things like tell his parents he lied about Dillon and was gay, but there was a seriousness that began to come to him that he didn't have before. I suppose the old saying, "What does not kill us makes us stronger," is true.

I expected my parents to tell me I couldn't stay at Andy's after our dates on Saturday, but they didn't say anything. If they thought we were having sex, I'm sure their answer would have been for me to come home.

We got to Andy's around eleven on Friday after the meeting with our parents. What a night. Andy and I headed to his room exhausted from everything that happened that night. We locked the door as usual, thinking his parents were more likely to come in and check on us. But they left us alone.

We stripped and climbed into bed next to each other. We hugged and kissed. It was loving and tender. I guess I'd call it a quiet passion. So much had happened that week. Normally, we would kiss and lick and rim and suck and fuck, but that night we just cuddled. I'm smiling because the word cuddle sounds a bit gay. But that's what we did. We lavished kisses on each other. Our tongues slipped in and out and then we just lay there looking in each other's eyes in the dim glow of the nightlight.

"I'm all talked out," he said.

"Me too."

I put my arms around him and pulled him into me as he did the same to me. We tenderly squeezed each others ass cheeks and savored the hardons that sprouted between us until we were soon asleep.


You just never know what will happen. Matt and I spent that night in each others arms. We fell asleep that way.

The clock was glowing 3:38 AM in red when I woke up. I kissed Matt on the neck, threw the sheets off us and worked my way down his chest to his bellybutton. I licked around it and in it. He groaned. I kissed and sucked each of his nipples and his eyes opened.

He smiled. "Don't you ever sleep?"

"Not when I got some hot guy in my bed."

He kissed me. "I love you Andy."

I pinched his nipple. "You seem to forget, you can't say you love me just before sex."

"Who said we're having sex?"

"Sorry, I didn't want to have sex anyway," I whispered. "Since we're not having sex, I guess it's okay to say I love you too. I wanted to say that at the restaurant last night. You've always stood by me and put up with my shit. You even sucked my cock to show how much you love me. That's sex, but it's more than sex. It meant you love me. I can count on you. My only worry is whether you can count on me. There are just too many temptations for a guy who's been through what I've been through. Dillon's relationship with Thomas and Randy still hurts me, makes me want to fuck their brains out to get even. At least that's what I want to think."

Matt touched the tip of my nose with his finger. "I worry too, Andy. It hurts and it scares me. But it doesn't lessen my love for you. After all, you're Andy Gibson, the great running back at Edison High and most of all, my best friend."

Matt squirmed under my fingers.

Then I said, "Let's forget about love for right now and just fuck. I'm horny as hell. How 'bout you?"

"Keep your hands to yourself. I'm not horny, just sleepy. Go back to sleep."

"Liar. I can hear your hard cock calling me. Do you hear it?"

Matt laughed. "I thought it was my asshole that did the talking."

I gave him a flirtatious smile he may not have been able to see in the dark. "Well, I'm happy to tell you that all parts of your body are talking now. Your nipples say, 'suck and bite me'; your tongue yells, 'wrap your tongue around mine like a snake'; your dick bellows, 'suck me and run your tongue up and down my shaft'' your balls scream, 'take me in your mouth and spit me out'; your asshole whispers. 'lick me and fuck me.'"

"You can hear all that?" he asked. "I don't hear anything, but if I wasn't horny before I sure as hell am now."

I rolled away from Matt with a hidden grin. "I'm tired. I think I'm ready to go to sleep."

"Fuck you, Andy."

I turned back, gave him a quick kiss, and said, "You're on."


Like I said before, I wondered if Andy ever got a good night's sleep. He never lets me sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night. It was worth it though. We bantered back and forth, he made jokes about all the parts of my body talking to him, and then attacked each part one at a time.

He kissed me and did his best to wrap his tongue around mine like a snake. I did the same as our saliva lubricated our tongues and they lashed out at one another. We hugged tight as we pushed our cocks into each other.

"I hear your nipples," he murmured. He moved his mouth down to my nipples, licked around them, he sucked them, and then took his teeth and lightly pulled on them before letting them pop free. The blood in my cock was straining to get out.

He whispered in my ear. "I hear your cock." He moved down with a quick lick of my bellybutton and took my cock into his mouth.

He sucked just the tip as I moaned. "Fuck, Andy."

He went all the way down and then came off to lick up and down my shaft. He gave the tip a few licks before taking it back into this mouth and running his tongue around it and then going down all the way. "Oh shit," I squeezed out, fearing his parents might hear.

"Matt, I hear your balls. They want me to suck them and spit them out."

I squealed as quietly as I could. "I think I'm beginning to hear them too."

He moved down to take each of my balls in his mouth. He whirled them around and then actually spit them out. We both laughed. He licked them and did it all again. I wanted to close my eyes, but also wanted to watch his every move in the dim light.

He grinned. "Oh my God, your asshole's screaming, 'lick me and fuck me.' It usually whispers. It must want it badly."

He rolled my ass into the air and put his ear to my ass and said with a quiet laugh, "Damn, it's so loud I think it shattered my eardrum."

He spit on my asshole and then licked around the edge, then over it, and then in it. "Andy, I hope you never lose your hearing. I hate the thought of you not being able to hear all my body parts telling you to ravish them with your tongue, your mouth, and your cock."

"Don't worry, Matt. I understand sign language."

He continued to lick until I finally said. "Damn, Andy. I love your tongue, but even I can hear my ass yelling, fuck me."

He stood above my ass, pushed his cock down, and slid his dick in slowly. We'd never done it like this before. It made me feel submissive and out of control. His cock was deep in my ass as he moved up and down. My cock was looking me in the eye. I wanted to suck it, but it was too far away. I grabbed it and began to jack off. "Andy, fuck me harder. Fuck me harder."

"I'm trying, but one can only fuck so hard, and you're getting everything I got."

The feeling of his dick sliding in and out of my ass, filling me with it's presence and then leaving my ass empty before filling it again made me plead for more.

He was sweating and dripping all over me. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum," he said it a low passionate voice. "Shit, I forgot the condom."

"Pull out."

"I can't. This is too fucking good. Anyway, you don't have to worry about getting pregnant."

He slowed and hardly moved before his warm sperm filled my asshole and I felt his pulsating cock in my ass. I started jacking faster and came on my face and in my mouth. I'd never tasted my cum before, but I took it in and swallowed it.

Andy removed his cock as I rolled my ass down, he fell beside me, and we lay next to each other fully spent.

I kissed him. "I'm not sure I have enough in me to reciprocate."

"That's alright, Matt. You owe me one."

"You didn't use a condom. Too bad my asshole didn't yell, 'put on a condom.' We'd better both get tested like we talked about. Hope it's not too late."

Chapter Quote 1: "Integrity is telling myself the truth. Honesty is telling the truth to others." – Spencer Johnson

Chapter Quote 2: "If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide." - Mahatma Gandhi

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