A Matter of Perspective

by Elias Scott

Chapter 22

I didn't hear back from Frank. He must have been busy because he always gets back to me. Well, not always, but most of the time. I wrote him Friday morning after we were on the raod. Said, "Rainy crappy weather. We're stopping for lunch soon. Then I get to drive. I'll get back to ya tonite when I get home." Frank wrote what I'd call a sex ed email. I can't find it. Only know it happened while I was driving because I talked about it in the next email. I wrote. "I'll get back to you when I get home. Got some interesting questions n comments about the sex ed stuff!"

Let me see if I can piece it all together. Frank thought I should know about girls in case I got in sex talks with the guys. I sure wish I had that email.

I remember a lot of it and I'm too embarrassed to write it here. Ha. Embarrassed. Hell, after everything else I've shared, why should I be embarrassed? But girls aren't my thing and I prefer not to go into it. All you have to know is that I know lot more about how girls work than I did before.

He wrote me a quick note back in response to my email. "Thanks for the update about getting on the road. Have a safe trip and enjoy your driving. Say hello to Max for me when you get home. Love ya. Frank.

Frank was a bit worried about saying he loved me since he's never met me, but I'm always telling him I love him and how much he means to me so now he doesn't seem to mind saying he loves me. I'd be hurt if he didn't.

After feeling so unloved for so long, I need to have someone else tell me they love me. Thanks to Frank, I finally know my parents do. The thing is, would they love me if I was still gay. (Well, you know what I mean. I am still gay, but they don't know it.) He's always worried about what someone would think if they saw these emails. But I never once felt Frank was a pedophile or had any interest in me sexually. He just wants to help me get my life back on track, and so far everything is going pretty well. Yeah, there have been some rough spots, but I finally realize, the quote Frank sent me a while back is really true. "Life is difficult, and once you accept that, you'll be a happier person." My problem is I always expected life to be perfect, and it sure as hell wasn't or isn't or whatever. I didn't expect people to react the way then did when I came out. I actually thought people would respect me for my bravery and honesty. Boy, was I full of shit and filled with high expectations.

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