A Matter of Perspective

by Elias Scott

Chapter 21

Frank wrote me and asked me about what I thought of his plan of sending me an autographed copy of his mainstream book, having me read it, and then introducing him to my parents and family through the book. I was so stressed I really didn't want to think about any of that. There is already too much to deal with because school is going to start in just over a week. I'm scared shitless. Split personality. I want him to come to graduation and when he comes up with a plan, I'm too damned stressed to think about it.

Frank sent me a copy of the painting he bought, but I don't have it for some reason. He was all excited about it. I thought it was nice, but it didn't do as much for me as it did him. Maybe it's because he lives in cow country. Later he sent a copy of a notice that is posted in the dorms at the University of Massachusetts. I guess he thought he'd be funny after I told him I masturbated three or four times the other day.

Masturbation Notice

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